Beneficial Home Baths


I knew Aajonus well enough that he could be sharp with me when needed but that always passed quickly. He was a very honest and forthright person. In 10 years of working together, we amassed over 1000 pages and hundreds of hours of nutritional wisdom. Aajonus was my friend and mentor. His advice has vastly improved my life. His sudden death from a fall last summer left a void - and I wish to honor his memory with this book. Aajonus was a believer in the PR strategy of 'any attention to get people to see his work was good attention'. I would never have done or recommended some of the ways he allowed himself to be presented - for instance the “Ripley's Believe It or Not” footage,where one would get the impression his dietary recommendations all revolved around eating rotten meat. In truth that is only a remedy for certain conditions, as covered in his books. He was a brilliant nutritionist, and a controversial man. My aim is to make available healing strategies he shared generously with his patients, and friends. He had two major strengths, from my point of view. One was his amazing precision and accuracy when doing nutritional consultations. A mini-consult was done in front of a group, usually while observing a person's hands and body. A full consult was done using iridology, from which Aajonus could see amazingly clearly what was going on in the person's body. Combined with his raw foods protocol, spectacular results were achieved from patients who often had nowhere else to turn. His other main strength was his courage and perseverance to present this vital information in layman's terms. He would choose to work very hard, very long hours, and to take on toweringly giant institutions and businesses when he knew their products and actions were just plain harmful. That was his choice. His work did not die with him. Several of us are carrying it forward. One project is well underway to provide subscribers on the site with written transcripts of intimate 'Question and Answer' sessions which were recorded over a ten year period in Los Angeles and in San Diego. There has been a fair amount of labor involved. We thank several volunteers for their participation. Regarding baths, Aajonus considered for years that since he put that in his book “We Want To Live: the Primal Diet”, that readers would see the value and just take lymphatic baths from that point forward. He later realized that human nature was not that way and that people could say they were 'doing the diet' but omit the baths. That was true for me. I have known of these for 13 years but have only been taking them twice a week for less than two years. When I realized their importance, I was too embarrassed to tell Aajonus that I hadn't been taking them. The results from taking them since then have been life changing. I know I am not alone in that regard. I have personally seen others release toxins which were overwhelming their systems. So I am presenting here what Aajonus said about baths, not only in his books, but layer by layer, detail by detail right up through June of 2013, giving a more complete view in the Question and Answer periods of more recent years. -Jim Ellingson June 24, 2014


Baths for health have been around for millennia. European spas (and some in the US) still flourish, with many reversals of disease and many testimonials to their credit.

This is great for those who have a disease requiring urgent handling, and for those who can just take off for some months.

Aajonus originally covered the subject of lymphatic baths well in his book “We Want To Live: the Primal Diet”. Then, as many of us did not immediately feel the necessity to start taking baths nor even fully understand them, Aajonus gave updates and more info in informal Question and Answer sessions. He developed this so someone can truly take these baths at home without poisoning themselves further from water-quality or food practices. He speaks of the results that can be achieved within the pages of this book.


There is no promise of healing any specific disease or condition. You read this motivated by your own free will. The Nutritional Foundation makes no representations or warranties of any kind, stated or implied, related to the collection of information contained herein. Some of the views expressed are controversial, and are expressed in conjunction with a comprehensive nutritional strategy. The Nutritional Foundation will not be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages.


Our lymph system is part of our circulatory system. We have been poisoned to the point where it does not work properly without cleaning and maintenance. Aajonus has researched long warm baths as the safest and easiest way to eliminate the poisons so the lymphatic system functions properly. He has specified the frequencies, temperatures, recipes for before, during and after, etc. He gives various case specifics and associated remedies in response to live questions during various Q&A sessions.

Table of Contents

Chapter One – Aw teacher, do we really have to? What lymphatic congestion is and why we should bother handling it. Pages 6 - 8

Chapter Two – Specific problems such as back trouble, hot flashes, previous chemical exposures. An example of a detox. Pages 9 - 13

Chapter Three – Details of what to do, exactly Pages 14 - 21

Chapter Four – Foods/recipes before, during and after the bath Pages 22 - 23

Chapter Five - Bath tub vs Jacuzzi vs hot tub – the pros and cons Pages 24 - 30 and the 'how to's.

Chapter Six – Other types of baths – what for and how to... Pages 31 – 36

Afterword Page 37

Appendix Pages 38 - 41

Note: any questions, comments etc. other than by Aajonus appear in italics.

Chapter One – Aw teacher, do we really have to?

Aajonus broke some accepted raw foods 'practices' in his development of a very specific raw foods diet which he trademarked as the Primal Diet ™. What he termed 'Lymphatic Baths' covers a procedure which – along with specific dietary recommendations – has the potential of fully restoring damaged lymphatic functioning. This chapter contains the really important part, showing how we have been inadvertently set up for cancer and other diseases. He wrote this in his expanded version of “We Want To Live: the Primal Diet”, in 2005 however he continued to make it known and to refine the details over more recent years.

What lymphatic congestion is and why we should bother handling it:

When and where did this subject of lymphatic baths first appear in print?

Give it to us in a nutshell, please.

We Want To Live: the Primal Diet page 286 – 287 Lymphatic bath

LYMPHATIC CONGESTION is caused by toxicity accumulated in the lymphatic system, especially glands and nodes. The lymph system feeds every cell in the body except red and white blood cells. Additionally, the lymphatic system is responsible for neutralizing toxins, reducing toxins to smaller substances and eliminating them through tear ducts, ears (wax), mucous membranes, bowels, vagina, urinary tract and especially skin. Reversing lymphatic congestion takes time.

Symptoms: muscle and/or bone soreness, skin problems including psoriasis and eczema, chronic fatigue and chemical sensitivity.

From laboratory analysis, I observed that much lymphatic congestion results from chemicals such as medications, preservatives, pesticides and herbicides, in combination with hydrogenated oils such as margarine, soy, flavoring additives, safflower oils, and peanut butter.

Those oils and combinations harden over time (5 – 20 years) and are not fluid at body temperature. Eating a balanced Primal Diet is important for slowly reversing lymphatic congestion (see the book The Recipe For Living Without Disease, Chapter 12). To help our bodies melt and dissolve hardened lymphatic congestion, I suggest taking 1 - 1 ½ hours hot baths every 3 – 4 days. Continued in chapter 3.

Why do we, in the 21st century, need lymphatic baths when our ancestors did not?

Aajonus with important info – Q&A of September 11, 2011- Part 1

The lymphatic system is responsible for dissolving most of our bodies’ dead cells and placing the waste under the skin to be perspired, eliminating the waste. The natural cure for cancer is to get the lymphatic system fed properly and working. Cancer always occurs because the lymphatic system is not fed the fats it needs to make the biological solvents necessary to dissolve dead cells, and the lymphatic system and/or skin is blocked and malnourished. Most blockages that cause cancer are from hydrogenated-vegetable oils, and any hydrogenated oils. The hydrogenation process turns oils into liquid PLASTIC called trans-fatty acids. The words “trans-fatty acids” should be stricken from vocabulary and the understandable term to all should be utilized: PLASTIC OIL. 99% of all oils are hydrogenated, turning them into plastic so that shelf-life is almost eternal as long as it remains in the container.

Do you have more warnings about the oils in processed foods?

Q&A September 11, 2011

There is a falsehood about oils in everything. Labels claim food does not contain trans-fatty acids but if it was fried, it is a lie. The food manufacturers that use the oils do not hydrogenate the oils but use oils that were already hydrogenated. Nearly every donut, chip, French fry as well as every fried food in every market, even the health-food stores, are fried in plastic oils. They are replete with plastic oils, plastic fat. To use truly natural cold-pressed oils would reduce profits to minimal. Plastic oil is nearly impossible to remove from most bodies without exceptional “natural” therapies. I use quotes for natural therapies because disease is not natural. Therefore, the therapies are not technically natural. In my laboratory work, the only way to rid the body of plastic fats that have solidified in the body was to have people soak for 90 minutes daily in a hot bath that is 105-110 degrees F. [note: he later says 105 degrees F is the hottest he recommends] every day prior to bedtime for at least 20 years. Additionally, consuming truly raw cold-pressed oils that have not exceeded temperatures of 96 degrees F. provides the body with fats to make solvents to dissolve dead cells. In my experiments with over 3,000 people, the most effective fat for this was coconut cream. Coconut cream is the juice from the hard pulp of mature coconut meat. That is, you grind and juice fresh mature coconut meat, separating the pulp from the cream.

Can I handle lymphatic congestion through exercise alone?

Primal Diet Newsletter #29 July 7, 2012

Q: Trampoline/rebounding and lymphatic flow

A: You could jump all day and it’s not going to help if the lymphatic system is jammed, clogged and hardened; great idea if already fluid and working properly. You have to melt it in the bath and then do your exercises if you want.

Chapter Two – Specific problems such as back trouble, hot flashes, previous chemical exposures. An example of a detox by way of lymphatic bath is given.

Aajonus interfaces with health seekers presenting some ways the lymphatic baths pertain to specific problems such as back problems, menopause with hot flashes, anyone with concern about body temperature and how it works for someone who does not eat raw meat. The pH factor applies in very specific ways and with very specific foods for a person on the Primal (raw) Diet.

Is there something I should know in order to use lymphatic baths as part of a regimen to restore my back?

To relieve tension and pain in the spine and back, I suggest the following yoga postures. They should be attempted 2-5 times daily AFTER applying hot water bottles to painful areas of the back for 30 minutes, or after 30 minutes in hot bath: Plow, and Spinal Twists.

Q&A February 22, 2009

Papaya helps clean the back, helps clean it. Pineapple helps rebuild vertebrae and cartilage, and any bone. So if you want to clean the back, just remember anytime you have pain you have toxins stored somewhere. You really want to clean a little bit first and then rebuild. So you can do a couple of days of custard and a couple of days of coconut cream and pineapple, with a little bit of dairy cream, and just keep doing that every week, you know four days with that routine for the back.

As long as you heat... did you have damaged vertebrae? You wanna make sure your back is relaxed and all the muscles are stretched first, so they’re warm and relaxed. That mean either getting to a bathtub for twenty or thirty minutes before you do stretching, or getting a hot water bottle back there and let it heat for about ten or fifteen minutes. Then you do your stretching.

When I had the back trouble after I did the radiation therapy, I was in such severe pain that I couldn’t move the lower part of the my body, and crawled on the floor with my elbows and dragged the lower part of my body. Then when I learned I could sleep, I was only able to sleep about ten minutes at a time, so I’d wake with excruciating pain after every ten minutes. I lived like that for a year, suicidal as hell ‘cause I couldn’t sleep, and it was very painful. So I took baths, I learned that if I got into a bath, and I couldn’t get out of the bath, and I had to just keep warming it, and I realized I was becoming buoyant in the water, so it took all that pressure off my back.

It alleviated almost 80% of the back pain, and then when I got out I did yoga stretches. I’d do the spinal twist on both sides and do the plow. Does everyone know what the plow is? When you lie on your back, you raise your legs and your buttocks and your back in the air, and then you either put your knees to your ears or your toes out on the floor behind your head. So

you’re like, you know this is your head, and this is your shoulders. You’ve got your back going up like this and your arms over, and your feet down here, and it’s over your head like that.

Do lymphatic baths work differently on women?

Q&A September 11, 2011

Q: What is your take on hot flashes?

A: Menopause is changeover in hormones that you produce. Instead of reproductive hormones for reproduction, you produce growth hormones. This is another reason women live longer than men. The sweating is a form of detox; you’re getting rid of a lot of those old hormones. Let’s say endometriosis is when your body uses a cell that belongs in one location somewhere else because your body is not reproducing a cell in that area. So your body will borrow cells from one area and heal another area when you’re not producing cells fast enough and that area needs a lot of help. So if you have a lot of endometriosis with ovarian cells used throughout the body, your body will go into periods in other areas of your body elsewhere like a woman having a pain in her ovaries and her shoulder, heart, lungs back because of ovarian cells that go into period along with the ovarian cells that are normally located. When your body needs to get rid of those you’ll have massive heat spells – hot flashes – and immense amounts of perspiration. Remember, the lymph system is responsible for breaking those down into a liquid that is perspired through the skin. Hot (105 degrees) baths reduce the burden on the lymphatic system.

Sport drink: 2 cups watermelon (pink and red from the seeds down to rind), 1 cup of milk, 1 tablespoon APV vinegar, 1 ½ tsp moist Terramin clay, 1 tbsp each lime juice, lemon juice, 2 tbsp coconut cream, 2-3 eggs, 20 blueberries (to pull out metals) ... blend and sip. Watermelon = perspiration & body heat (can add ½ cup tomato 1 cup cucumber, whey). Whatever you like.

* See Appendix for other versions of the Sports Formula as stated by Aajonus at different times for different individuals

What if I don't want to eat meat? Can I still detoxify?

Later in the same Q&A Q&A September 11, 2011

At hot springs, I’ll spend 10-12 hours there. The minerals help pull toxicity out of the body. Those molecules of minerals are too big – rock size – and only plants can break them down and absorb them. We can’t absorb them into the skin. When I do hot baths in the Philippines I use ice on my head as brain hates to be hot.

Perspiration and heat melt the toxicity out of the body. You can never get over 100.1 degrees no matter how intense the exercise – Bikram yoga or any other kind you will never get over 100.1 unless you’re in a fever – with heavy detoxification. You need to eat the meat – you have to replace cells.

Q: I feel awful eating meat. I’m not going to go through the rest of my life feeling awful so -

A: I know 8 women over the age of 16 who live just on raw milk and they’re fine.

What do I do about dry skin? What about the swelling of my feet and legs, called edema?

Q&A February 2, 2013 in San Diego

Q: I do have a huge craving for mineral water after I do the bath.

A: And that's why your skin is still dry.

Q: Me too.

A: You don't see my skin dry.

Q: So the edema, how do they get rid of that? That's from toxins pulling?

A: It was diluting toxins under your skin, you need those hot baths.

Q: The bath that draw the water yeah like....

A: Melt it out of your system

A: Yeah, you need a 90 minute bath a day.

Q: And that pulls out the existence of edema the best? Is there anything else?

A: No. There's nothing - well, grapefruit helps you eliminate excess water.

Q: You got the lymph baths with pineapple mixture?

A: Oh that pineapple that doesn't help with edema. That helps you break down the toxicity and the congestion in the lymphatic system.

Q: So could that replace the hot baths with the pineapple?

A: No, you've got the plastic fats in the body, plastic oils in the body that are jamming it; they don't move unless it's 105 degrees. And even if you're exercising you never go above 100.8, 101, if you can ever get that hot. Athletes, marathon runners, still never get above 101 degrees. Just can't get there. You need to get to 105 degrees. And stay there for 90 minutes. 110 is wonderful if you can take it. Beyond a 110 you damage your skin.

How would the lymphatic bath reduce excessive body heat?

Q: The question is the meditation. All that heat... in the body...[unclear ...] very uncomfortable. I am not going to give up that aspect...So when I diminish the meat aspect, it seems to subside significantly.

A: But I don’t think that’s a good thing

Q: ... but there has to be another solution. I’m not going to walk around with that kind of heat.

A: Well, then stop meditating. Because when you excite the kundalini, you raise the blood, the body’s temperature. There’s no way around it. At least I never met a yogi who taught otherwise. It always increases heat. But to me, that’s a good thing because it causes more discharge. You’ll do more cleansing of protein levels, cellular levels if your body heats more. And vegetarians will raise their temperatures even more in meditation because their bodies are trying to adapt to an herbivorous diet – herbivores have a body temperature of 101-105. If the lymphatic system is jammed, it will cause a lowering of body temperature.

[Q: unclear]

A: Well, you’ll reduce the heat if you’ll take the baths. You’ll be doing most of the perspiring and breaking down of toxicity in your system – clogged fats in the bath – in the bath so you won’t have to be as hot while you’re meditating with rising kundalini. With kundalini you have a kriya kundalini which is a cleansing.

Q: Yes, well, again with the watermelon. Would that help? I never perspire in my life.

A: You should drink some watermelon and take baths regularly. Watermelon will help you start perspiring more. If you were a vegetarian, it means you have a lot of vegetable oils – safflower oil, sunflower oil... So, if you do the baths you should be able to reduce the heat when you’re not in the baths.

September 11, 2011 Part 2

A: The way you need to clean the body for the proper cleansing is to get into a hot bath and be consuming enough milk and other things that will stabilize you while you clean. The pineapple is your best friend, not alkaline water; pineapple is still acidic so it’s in harmony with the body. You have to remember that we are carnivores, not herbivores, so we want a 5.5 pH blood, urine and saliva. We don’t want any alkaline event going on. If you’re eating cooked foods – that’s a different matter. You will need a lot of alkalinization because you’re over- acidic. And, when you’re eating everything or most things cooked, the calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium which help clean the body of neutralized poisons and take the charge out of toxic ions of mercury, cadmium and things like that, are heavily damaged.

At just 141 degrees you damage 50% of the calcium; you cauterize it. It’s hardened and can no longer absorb. Just like clay. It’s malleable, it will absorb. You fire it at even cone 2 [see pottery/ceramic chart] it’s going to be a hard substance that will no longer absorb or have very little absorption and when you get up to cone 9, you’re into porcelain. How much can you absorb with porcelain? Nothing.

How did Aajonus use a pool to exercise his leg without much pain, while recovering from a serious motorcycle accident?

March 18, 2008, Primal Diet newsletter

I convinced the hotel owner that she could reduce the chlorine in the pool without causing algae problems to pool surfaces. She agreed and I walked at the deepest end of the pool where my body was so buoyant that my leg received very little pressure from my bodyweight.

What do I do about aches and/or stiffness?

It is a fact that our bodies ALWAYS act beneficially toward our better health whether we feed our bodies the proper nutrients or not. When we give our bodies the proper nutrients and take long hot baths daily to remove waste and toxins, our bodies act most efficiently toward better health.

Aches and stiffness are caused by accumulations of waste stored in the tissues, usually muscles and tendons. Waste collected in muscles and tendons results from congested lymphatic system and blockages in pores. Long hot baths gradually help relieve those symptoms. Mixing about 1-2 tsp. raw apple cider vinegar with 2 ounces raw milk and 2 ounces of whey 2-3 times daily can help remove accumulations from the muscles, and very gradually from tendons.

Chapter Three – Details of what to do, exactly

Aajonus spells out what to eat and drink before, during and after the bath. He tells ways to minimize the damage from chemicals in the bath water, the correct temperature, and answers other questions. This shows Aajonus' way of finding something important like this, then getting feedback while continuing to refine it to its best, optimum method. A report of results is given by a husband and wife team. They started taking the lymphatic baths at the same time they started the Primal Diet. Several completed detoxifications are given in this example. Also, he warns very thin people to put on weight before starting the lymphatic baths. We Want To Live: the Primal Diet page 286 – 287 Lymphatic bath

Drinking the following blended mixture immediately upon entering [later amended to consume as fruit meal during day but not immediately upon entering] a hot [102º F (39º C) to 110º F (43º C] [later amended to 102 – 105 F] bath helps prevent the melted lymphatic congestion from hardening as much when the body temperature later normalizes: ¼ - 1cup of unripe pineapple, 3 – 6 tablespoons coconut cream, 1 – 3 tablespoons unsalted raw butter, and 1 – 2 tablespoons raw dairy cream.

Measured ingredients should be equal for suggested amounts, that is, for

a person who is 4’ - 4’6” tall, the smallest amounts of each ingredient to be blended are ¼ cup pineapple, 3 tablespoons coconut cream, 1 tablespoon butter, and 1 tablespoon cream.

A person who is 4’6” - 5’2” tall should blend ½ cup pineapple, 3 tablespoons coconut cream, 1 tablespoon butter, and 1 tablespoon cream.

A person who is 5’3 - ”5’9” tall should blend 2/3 cup pineapple, 4 tablespoons coconut cream, 1½ tablespoons butter, and 1½ tablespoons cream.

A person who is 5’10” - 6’2” tall should blend about ¾ cup pineapple, 6 tablespoons coconut cream, 2 tablespoons butter, and 2 tablespoons cream.

A person who is 6’3” - 6’10” tall should blend 1 cup pineapple, 6 tablespoons coconut cream, 3 tablespoons butter, and 2 tablespoons cream.

After the bath, the bather will be weak. The bather should leave the bath slowly, and sit to dry. Then bundle in very warm natural clothing and take a 30 – 45minute easy walk. Standard lymphatic massages that are offered by alternative practitioners are brutal, causing internal lacerations, and dried and hardened lymphatic networks to break and leak into connective tissue. The best lymphatic massage is to touch the skin so lightly that it almost tickles, causing great neurostimulation between the brain and whole body that stimulates and relaxes all circulatory systems.

The Pineapple Formula for Hot Baths – an Update

The following is an answer to a Primal Diet subscriber question: “I stated [ in a recent Primal Diet potluck party ] that I found it better to have the pineapple at afternoon fruit meal or in the Sport Formula sipped throughout the day.” Aajonus

How do I minimize the toxicity of my city water supply, without installing filters, and still get the full benefit of the bath?

From We Want To Live: the Primal Diet

BATHS/SAUNA/STEAM promote circulation and health. However, chlorinated water vapor is toxic because it kills cells and bacterium necessary for good health. Chlorine vapors are toxic to sinuses, bronchi, lungs, blood, brain and nervous system. Baths, including Jacuzzi, are preferable because the toxins that are perspired drift into the water, away from the skin.

I suggest adding 2-3 cups raw milk, 3 tablespoons raw unpasteurized apple cider vinegar, and 2 tablespoons sundried sea salt to the water. Or add ½ cup sundried clay, 2 ounces raw unpasteurized apple cider vinegar and 3 tablespoons raw coconut cream. The coconut cream is optional but it is beneficial because it keeps the skin from drying as a result of the clay. Those ingredients in both bath formulas will help pull toxins from the skin and hold them in the water so they are not reabsorbed into the skin during the bath.

Also, they will bind with toxins in municipal water and prevent them from entering the skin and body. Municipal waters contain many harmful chemicals. One example is the water in Los Angeles that contained 192 toxins when I had it analyzed in 2003. When fluoride was added to the water, the chemical toxins rose from 157 to 192. As you can surmise, there are many compounds that are part of fluoride. Fluoride is a toxic byproduct of industrial processes including the manufacturing of aluminum.

Can you put goat milk in the bathtub?

Absolutely. She asked if you could put any kind of milk in the bath. Yes you can. Raw.

I have a dry mouth and dehydration after lymphatic bath

A: You drink a cup of milk or sport drink* (see appendix) before you get in, two cups while you’re in the 90 minute bath, and a cup when you get out – a quart. You would have lost three cups of fluid during the bath and you’re going to perspire another cup during the night and you need to replace those. It doesn’t matter what time you take the bath. If you’re doing the baths only 2x a week, the pineapple-coconut cream mixture against lymphatic congestion (in book) needs to be taken then. When you’re taking them every day, pineapple every other day is fine.

Q: Yes. My question is about the lymphatic bath program. What is the difference between the long ones and the short ones done intermittently? What is the purpose of the short ones? What do they accomplish compared to the long ones?

A: Okay. The lymphatic baths in the We Want To Live second edition – the revised edition of 2005 – talks about lymphatic congestion and lymphatic baths. Lymphatic baths are when you take a bath for sixty to ninety minutes. That‘s one to one and a half hours. You have to keep the water at least a hundred and two degrees - no hotter than a hundred and five - and you have to keep it steady within that range for that entire sixty to ninety minutes.

Now the reason for that is you’ve got congested – everybody has – congested lymphatics. The lymph system cleans out the body. When your lymph system is healthy and flowing properly, the lymph system feeds every cell in the body except for the mature red and white blood cells that travel in the blood stream, until the blood – red and white blood cells – are mature in the bone marrow. The lymphatic system is still responsible for feeding them.

The lymph system, when it has to clean the body out, gets jammed. It starts collecting all of the hardened fat. Especially all of those hydrogenated vegetable oils. Vegetable oils in general. Vegetable oils in the human body crystallize. That‘s what causes hardening of the heart and arteries. Not animal fat. That‘s a myth. A fiction. An herbivore that eats vegetables and vegetable oil in their vegetables has a body temperature of a hundred and one to a hundred and five degrees. Ours is ninety eight point six and lower.

So when we eat vegetable oils, if it’s made a part of a cell, it’ll store in the body and crystallize over about a year to five year period. Once it is crystallized, you cannot get it dissolved unless you can get the body temperature high enough and that‘s a hundred and two to a hundred and five degrees.

So you have to stay in it that long before it gets deep enough to get into those lymph glands and lymph nodes. It takes an hour to get there. Well it takes about fifty minutes to get there. So in an hour you’ve spent ten minutes starting to dissolve some of it, melt some of it. You stay in a full hour and a half you’ve melted at least a thousandth of an inch. It’s not much but you figure each time you take a layer and dissolve it you’re going to melt it and get it out of your body and start releasing it from the body, otherwise you are not. Your lymphatic system will stay congested for your entire life, I don’t care what diet you’re on.

Even if you’re on this diet. I don’t care if you do trampoline for the lymphatic system. It will not move if it’s hardened. It has to be softened. It has to be softened. So what you do is, before you get in the bath like it says in the book, you have a combination of pineapple, coconut cream, a tiny bit of dairy cream, a tiny bit of butter, a little bit of honey and you blend that all together and you drink it right before you get into the bath or as soon as you get into the bath. Then, when you get out of the bath in an hour to an hour and a half, you get out of the bath, you are going to feel like a wet noodle. A limp noddle and you’re not going to want to move too fast and you want to keep that door closed. You want that bathroom to stay hot and you want to towel off gradually. Then you want to dress with winter clothes – I don’t care how hot it is – and then you take a forty-five minute walk. By the time you’re taking that walk, that pineapple coconut mixture’s going to be in your lymphatic system moving in there. While that little bit of lymph space is still fluid. So when it moves in there, it can’t harden when you’re body reached ninety eight point six and lower again. It will not harden. It’ll keep that little space, that little fine little area fluid. You do that, and you don’t do any more than two a week.

If you’re very thin you shouldn’t do any until you’ve put on weight. You have to be at least ten to fifteen pounds overweight before you do those because when that stuff dumps into the system you better have enough fat to protect you if you are dumping something like mercury or thallium or lead into that tissue. If you don’t have the fats in the tissue, you are going to be damaged. What happens if you damage your connective tissue? You’re either going to develop lupus or MS [multiple sclerosis] ...not a pretty picture. So you’ve got to have at least ten to fifteen pounds overweight before you do those hot baths.

Once you start doing them you can do two a week. Never closer than three days apart. So if you went on the same day of the weeks... So if you do it on Monday, then you do it on Thursday. It should be done between one thirty and four thirty in the afternoon so you do one on a weekend or even only do it in the afternoon on the weekends you just do it one day a week, on the weekend. Then each day you can do a thirty five to forty minute bath and you don’t have to have the pineapple and coconut cream mixture. You don’t need that. That thirty five to forty minute bath is to release the toxins that have dumped from the lymphatic system and the connective tissue to perspire it out of the body and pull it out of the skin so it doesn’t collect in there. So that‘s the answer, okay.

Q: Does a steam bath work? Or does it have to be...

A: No, a steam bath will damage your lungs and your mucus membranes and it will cause your mucus to get thinner and thinner every time it burns your lungs and your sinuses.

Q: Because it’s chlorine or just any steam?

A: Just the temperature, the steam. Steam has to go to two hundred and twelve degrees or higher. That steam, by the time you are inhaling, is a hundred and sixty degrees. A sauna’s the same way; it’s too hot. It’ll damage the vitamins and enzymes in your lungs and sinuses. It’s too hot. A hundred and two to a hundred and five is ideal, immersed in water.

Q: How do you keep that water hot?

A: Well, what I do to keep the water hot: I have a hot tub now back there so I don’t have to

worry about that so it’s a consistent temperature but when I used to use a bathtub I would fill the bathtub with scalding hot water half way. Let it sit for about seven to ten minutes and it would heat the entire tub. Then I would put lukewarm water in to fill the rest of the tub and then my water would be warm and my whole tub would be warm. The water wouldn’t cool quickly. Then I put my milk, my vinegar, my sea salt and coconut cream in that water to get rid of any toxins if you are using municipal water. If your using well water like I have, just a little milk or coconut cream and that‘s all you need just to keep the skin from getting dry. In the book We Want to Live under lymphatic baths it tells you how much of those ingredients to put in the bathtub to neutralize poisons. So then when you have the bath, when you get into it you go to sleep. Just set a little alarm because every twenty minutes, twenty to twenty three minutes, you’re going to have to let about two inches out of the water and then you put scalding water in and just keep it rotating. You don’t have to put any more ingredients in but you just reheat the water about every twenty minutes and you do that consistently for as long as you’re in there and you will keep the temperature regulated.

Q: So what’s the top temperature?

A: A hundred and five.

Q: A hundred and five?

A: Yeah. There’s a misprint in the first book. In fact all the way up until this last print there's a misprint. It says a hundred and ten. It says a hundred and ten; it should be top a hundred and five.

Q: How do you know if it’s gonna be a hundred and five?

A: You can have a thermometer.

Q/A: [Laughing]

Q: Not very accurate...

A: Well, get one that‘s for cooking. I use a temperature one where you take the temperature on your tongue. Those are usually pretty accurate.

Q: The swimming pool ones are not accurate. They are often two degrees lower than what they should be...

A: Yeah.

Q: You can’t go by them.

A: No, you can’t go by that.

Q: Are cooking thermometers reliable?

A: ... unless you use them for cooking. They will be reliable unless you use them for cooking.

Once they’ve gone through a high temperature change, they go off about two or three degrees.

Q: Okay.

A: Even up to six or seven degrees.

Can I cool off somehow during this?

Q&A of February 3rd, 2013 in San Diego

A: Yeah, well what I suggest is taking a cold bowl of water with ice sitting on top so you have ice water. And you take a cold rag - somewhat moist. You put it on top of your head, and put your wrists in, not with your fist closed tightly, so the water gets inside. You leave your wrists in for two minutes and the whole body starts tingling to the brain.

Q: You put ice in your hands? that what you are saying?

A: No you're putting your hand in the bowl

Q: Oh, in the bowl ...

A: And of course the ice cubes are going to hit you here. So you've got your hands here and you're going to hold them for a whole two minutes. Not easy to hold in, its harder to stay in that cold water than it is to be in the hot water. And it chills the body to the brain and then your bones and that's don't care about the bones. Its the lymphatic system, the skin and the blood you want hot.

Q: And then on top of them you could put the-

A: The cold yes.

Q: But its actually good to be hot if I can stand it to it.

A: Yep. Absolutely, if you can stand it.

Q: It doesn't shock you to the cold, it doesn't shock your brain?

A: Oh and then it makes you want stay in that water all day.

Could you give an example of someone completing a major detoxification with one lymphatic bath?

Success with the Hot Water Baths (Lymphatic Baths) Written on January 21st, 2012. After hearing Aajonus speak on interviews about the hot baths, we were convinced that we needed to do this therapy. We have a big, deep bathtub. It’s 25 years old, and we've never used it. So, we got a candy thermometer to check the water temperature. We keep the water temp between 106 and 108 degrees. It takes 2 loads of hot water to fill up the tub. We drain one hot-water-heater load into the tub, cover the tub (with a make-shift cover) to hold in the heat while the water heater heats up another load — then we drain that load into the tub.

It registers around 108 degrees when we get into the tub.

We just slide the cover back and get into the tub, with our heads sticking out. (Only one of us can get into the tub at a time.) You stay very warm that way. We also heat up the bathroom with our electric space heater, so it’s warm in the room to begin with. I have only worked up to 10 to 15 minutes, and Keith up to 20. But, we go a second step. Right after we get out of the tub and dry off, we immediately get into a bed in a warm room, and wrap ourselves (including our heads) in towels and blankets for half an hour (or more if we fall asleep). We look like mummies with a small breathing hole over our face. Boy do we sweat! We have a regular infrared sauna that we used to use, and we never sweated like we do in the hot bath and bed. We switched over to the hot bath after we heard Aajonus say that he felt the sauna was too high a temperature.

Keith has had some amazing detoxes through this. During his third hot-bath-bed session, he was smelling the organic solvent toluene coming out of his breath. He started smelling this while he was in the hot bath, and it continued on during the bed-sweating session. Over 35 years ago, my husband worked for several years in a plastic manufacturing plant as a chemical engineer. Without mask or fan, he breathed in toluene and other bad chemicals 8 hours per day. This stuff was detoxing out of his body. It was amazing to us, after all these years, — to the point where he could smell it. It’s funny — he hasn’t smelled it since, during any of the subsequent hot-bath-bed sessions. Another amazing detox episode was this past week, during his weekly hot-bath-bed-sweating session. He started feeling bad when he was soaking in the water — just feeling yucky. Shortly after he got wrapped up in his “mummy” outfit in bed, he started violently chilling and shaking. I turned up the heater in the room, and put a lot more blankets on him. His forehead was not hot to the touch, so I knew he wasn’t running a high temperature. He started having an “acid” stomach, which is not normal for him. He said he felt like he was getting a Dengue Fever flashback. (He contracted Dengue Fever — a mosquito born infection like malaria — while he was in high school in India. At that time, he had violent chills and shakes for 2 days. That was 47 years ago.) He has never had chills and shakes in all these years until this episode. This lasted for about 5 hours. We figure he was detoxing the Dengue Fever, because it was the same symptoms. Between the Primal Diet and Hot Baths, we are seeing quick results. We remember that Aajonus said that sometimes the body will dump it’s toxins into the stomach to be neutralized by the stomach acids. During the 5 hours of chills and shakes, his stomach stayed very acid — almost feeling like throwing up. He stayed in bed much of the next day, feeling wiped out and not hungry. But, the chills and shakes and reactions were over. So, we feel he had gone through another major detox.

The reason we get into bed to sweat after the hot baths is because of an incident I had when I was in High School. One time I had flu symptoms real bad. I took a real hot bath, because I was aching so bad. And then got into my bed...and I started sweating in the hot bed. After this I felt so much better. So, when Aajonus talked about the hot baths, I thought about my experience in high school, and thought we should add the bed-sweating session to the hot- bath session.

Happy, healthy New Year! Linda and Keith B.

Here is another example given by Aajonus in the Q&A session of June 16,


Q: The temperature you're recommending on the baths is 105?

A: 105, sometimes 110 if you can handle it. I've seen people go in at like 63 years old when he started doing the hot tubs. And he took it up to 110. Every day for 90 minutes. You know he was still like a couch potato and he called me and said “I still have absolutely no energy, I've been on the diet a year and 9 months and last three months I've done the baths every day you know; I've done them for 90 minutes a day, sometimes a little longer.”

And I said at what temperature and he said “110” and I said “Oh my God, a 110?!” I said “Well stop doing it for three weeks and see how you do.” At the end of that three weeks he was a different man. He had melted out everything and just needed to cool his body and let it recover. So he started an international stem cell company, he works 14, 16 hours a day. And now he's 76...77.

Chapter Four – Foods/recipes before, during and after the bath

The pineapple drink is well covered in Chapter 3, quoted from We Want To Live. The most recent Sports Formula is given here, with several earlier ones in the appendix given to specific people over the span of a few years.

“My athletes go through a quart in 5 hours and they don’t get weak or tired.” Aajonus

The Sports Formula (no longer called the Sports Drink) has evolved some over the years. The most recent Aajonus’ Sport Formula (not Sport Drink) is next. One earlier and more specialized versions for a specific person is below. Other versions are in the appendix.

Sport Formula, May 2012

3 cups of at least 2 of the follow foods: cucumber tomato watermelon raw milk and/or fresh raw liquid whey. Cucumber, watermelon and tomato are to be pureed not juiced; the whey is liquid byproduct of making cheese, milk is whole raw milk. You may have any combination of those to equal 3 cups. Remainder of the ingredients are: 1 T. raw apple cider vinegar 2 T. lime juice 2 tsp. lemon juice 2 T. coconut cream 2 T. dairy cream 2-3 eggs 1-2 T. Unheated honey (optional). That makes about 1 quart when all ingredients are blended together. Sip throughout day for hydration.

Here is a sports formula given to a woman during a Q&A ...

Sport drink: 2 cups watermelon (pink and red from the seeds down to rind), 1 cup of milk, 1 T. APV vinegar, 1 ½ tsp moist Terramin clay, 1 T. each lime juice, lemon juice, 2 T. coconut cream, 2-3 eggs, 20 blueberries (to pull out metals) ... blend and sip. Watermelon = perspiration & body heat (can add ½ cup tomato, 1 cup cucumber, whey). Whatever you like.

(Ref: pages 202 & 253 We Want to Live) Aajonus has tailored it for specific individuals. See page 253 of We Want To Live: the Primal Diet.

See the appendix for five versions with the date at which it was given in the question and answer part of a Primal Diet potluck party.

Use of pineapple smoothie before a bath:

We Want To Live: the Primal Diet page 286 – 287 Lymphatic bath

Drinking the following blended mixture immediately upon entering [later amended to consume as fruit meal during day but not immediately upon entering] a hot [102º F (39º C) to 110º F (43º C] [later amended to 102 – 105 F] bath helps prevent the melted lymphatic congestion from hardening as much when the body temperature later normalizes: ¼ - 1cup of unripe pineapple, 3 – 6 tablespoons coconut cream, 1 – 3 tablespoons unsalted raw butter, and 1 – 2 tablespoons raw dairy cream. Measured ingredients should be equal for suggested amounts, that is, for

a person who is 4’ - 4’6” tall, the smallest amounts of each ingredient to be blended are ¼ cup pineapple, 3 tablespoons coconut cream, 1 tablespoon butter, and 1 tablespoon cream.

A person who is 4’6” - 5’2” tall should blend ½ cup pineapple, 3 tablespoons coconut cream, 1 tablespoon butter, and 1 tablespoon cream.

A person who is 5’3 - ”5’9” tall should blend 2/3 cup pineapple, 4 tablespoons coconut cream, 1½ tablespoons butter, and 1½ tablespoons cream.

A person who is 5’10” - 6’2” tall should blend about ¾ cup pineapple, 6 tablespoons coconut cream, 2 tablespoons butter, and 2 tablespoons cream.

A person who is 6’3” - 6’10” tall should blend 1 cup pineapple, 6 tablespoons coconut cream, 3 tablespoons butter, and 2 tablespoons cream.

Chapter Five - Bath tub vs. Jacuzzi vs. hot tub – the pros and cons and the 'how-to’s.

Attendees of Q&A’s have a lot of questions for Aajonus in order to arrange their baths without any of the dangers or pitfalls they might inadvertently run into. These questions are about hot tubs (construction and operation of), community jacuzzi maintenance, special spa/hot springs advice, use of hot water bottles when a bath is not feasible, avoidance of EMFs, and other vital information

Can I get a hot tub at a reasonable cost?

A: You can get an ofuro, a very nice looking Japanese wooden hot tub, which takes up about 5-6 square feet of the corner of a room. It can be inside rather than a hot tub outside which are more costly .It used to cost me $250/month to use my hot tub. If I kept it on 24/7, it was $375/month. In Canada, I have a lot of patients who have them. The ofuro has a pump, sand filter and heater in pocket hidden from view. If you go to, that hot tub that used to cost $6000 is now $1850. Don’t buy your heater and filter or anything else from the same company, those are sky-high. You can get a good, small water heater that will heat that very nicely for about $300. Then you get a Hayward sand filter for a small pool or outdoor hot tub and that’s $120. Then you get a small pump about ¼ HP. That’s all it takes – have a plumber come and put it together. Remember your filter goes before the heater so you don’t plaque it up with dead cells. If you’re on city water, you’ve got the sand filter and you can add vinegar and sea salt. The vinegar will keep the sea salt from corroding the heating element so use together.

[Note: Aajonus was consulted many times by one person regarding full details of how to build a hot tub. That person has written this all down. This info is available in book form as a PDF, for $40. For more info, email ]

What is better than chlorination in a community pool and/or hot tub?

Q: Is there anything you would recommend like I my association, I went to them and said can you not put the chlorine in and they said sure give us a better solution...

A: Yes.

Q: I don’t know what is a better solution.

A: You get salt chlorinators.

Q: Salt chlorinators?

September 9, 2007

A: Salt chlorinators. Their called electrical chlorinators when you put in salt, you know, like rock salt. Good you know...just sea salt. Rock salt is sea salt it’s not cleaned, it’s not sterilized like your table salt is and had chlorine added to it. So you just put that rock salt in the pool and it sends an electrical charge through it and it converts some of that salt into chlorine that is non-chloroform vapor producing.

Q: That‘s okay for the skin as well? What about natural hot Beverly hot springs?

A: Wonderful.

Q: Would that count as a lymphatic?

A: Well you’d have to check the temperature. It fluctuates because it is not...its from the underground thermal pool and that even adjusts. So you just check the temperature.

Q: Would that count as a lymphatic bath?

A: If you stay in for an hour to an hour and a half.

Q: Let you put all your coconut cream in there.

A/Q: [Laughing]

A: No, at Glen Ivy, they have several hot tubs there that have no toxic minerals. Your skin’s just going to get dry so take the coconut cream with you and put it on your skin several times throughout the day to oil the skin.

Q: But then you have to...can just dress up and walk. You’re not gonna be walking for that.

A: Well you can. You can leave. You’ve got your pass you can go take a walk around the area and come back in.

Q: Dressed up that warm?

A: Yeah, you can do that.

Q: I’m going to tell anyone who’s going there first of all to ask...when I go there and it's too cool - which has happened twice recently - you just ask the attendant to come and check the temperature of the pool. I said it was a hundred and one and they said no its not it’s a hundred and three so I said no its not...So you can put it up, so they will do it. I was really nice, I was really sweet to them I said you know I’ve come all the way from San Diego and it’s only a hundred and one and I have to have it for my healing. He said okay and then they went and put it up and all the other people complained because it was too hot.

A/Q: [Laughing]

Q: They didn’t like it at a hundred and three but they will do it because they are advertising it at a hundred and three to a hundred and four. So you just have to be nice to them and then they’ll come and do it, at the beginning of the day...

A: Yeah there’s a way to control the heat. They have a thermal that comes out of the ground but then they filter the water and then control the heat.

Q: They have two heat sources, one cooler and hot. They both come from mineral.

Q: Both hot and cold are good for the body?

A: Yeah. Just don’t stay in the cold too long. Stay in the cold maybe three minutes at a time.

A: It’s great. My landlord Fred Segal just built a pool down here and that‘s where I go swim now. Q: ... you were talking about they have an ozone generator in the unit and you’re saying that’s no good? So how am I going to clean the water to go in it every night instead of using my bathtub because I want to get well but I need to have that temperature hot so I don’t have to do the bath all the time? Is what you told me so I can do it days a week? I mean ...I’m trying to make this easy for myself.

A: It’s not going to be easy.

Q: Well I’m trying to at least have it there and available, I mean you told me to get the hot tub so I’m trying to...

A: I said get the hot tub. I said you can get a hot tub but you’re going to have to rearrange it depending upon the hot tub.

Q: Alright so tell me how to do that.

A: I just told you.

Q: Okay you put the motor aside but you didn’t tell me how do I clean the water?

A: Well ozone doesn’t clean the water; it just keeps the algae from growing.

Q: Tell me what we put in it so we can keep the water in there for four to six months and not have the pipes have some kind of film on it or whatever we have to worry about. I don’t know anything about this so...

A: You’d have to have an electrical chlorinator.

Q: So you’re saying that’s the only thing that would work?

A: That’s if you want it small and compact; that’s going to be the only way it’s going to work.

Q: The chlorinator, does it create EMF’s?

A: Well, the electrical chlorinator isn’t right there. It goes through a system so the water goes through that system where the charge is and send the water back in.

Q: So that has to be separate also?

A: Yeah.

Q: I mean with the whole...the motor and...

A: Anything that generates - anything that has a motor - you’re going to have to...

Q: And how far away should it be?

A: Should be about three feet.

Q: At least three feet.

A: Yeah

Q: Okay...

A: If the...the only way you’ll know for sure is if you get an EMF field meter and you test it and see how far it goes to where its zero.

Q: ... and that electric chlorinator is going to be sufficient not to use any other...I don’t know I’ve talked to pool guys and its either... They say the ozone or its eighty percent and then you have to shock the system with either hydrogen peroxide or some kind of natural two enzyme or non-Chlorinated...

A: This is getting way to complex.

Q: Okay.

A: and this is too complex of an issue to take up here so you’ll have to call me for the rest of it, okay?

Q: Okay.

Q: Can I just ask you about a Jacuzzi Tub when it comes to that? Like you’re not supposed to use a Jacuzzi tub.

A: Jacuzzi tub’s fine.

Q: Where is the motor on a Jacuzzi tub?

A: Ah...usually it’s about a foot and a half, two feet away.

Q: ...and that’s okay?

A: Yeah.

Q: Okay

A: Well, what you could do is turn it on while know have a low amount of water in it and see where your EMF field is. If it’s at one corner you just keep your feet away from that edge.

Q: Why not turn it off? What would you put in the water?

A: That’s for...some people who like the jets, the air jets, but that would be the thing to do is turn it off.

Q: Well I usually do...

A: But then you have to heat it every few minutes to keep that temperature regular for how long you’re going to be in it. When you get out of it, your body’s going to cool down and it won’t work.

Also about the use of a jacuzzi, from the Q&A June 16, 2013:

Q: Okay, what about a jacuzzi?

A: A Jacuzzi has no heating system. And it's very toxic because when I register the EMF field reader for Jacuzzis, EMF field is up to 112 to 130 miligauss - constantly as long as the motor is on. And we can handle maybe two and a half minutes of that before it starts altering the human cells. I have people who put - like a fellow who left his farm in Stockton that's on the diet - the whole family, when he was building his house. Thank God I got there. He was building his house a year ago, and I put the meter on I said you can't have the motor with your Jacuzzi. You know, and I showed him when he turned the meter on, and the field was up to 8 feet away. So he put it in the basement. Through the Jacuzzi. So he can be in the Jacuzzi and run the motor and have all the air currents in there because the motor is in the basement away from him, away from the others in the bathtub. But it had to be 8 feet away.

Is there a substitute for baths if baths are not feasible, for instance while traveling?

Remember that the body must have swelling when there is detoxification. Swelling is increased circulation of blood and lymph to the troubled area, increasing nutrients to the area for detoxification and healing. Because I was traveling so much, lecturing at the time, I did not take many hot-tub baths to help perspire the toxins from my tissues. I remind you that 90% of toxins are supposed to leave the body through skin as evaporation and perspiration. Usually but not healthfully, skin is blocked with lymphatic waste and congestion that must be melted and moved with heat. Instead of hot baths to help move the plastic-congested/blocked lymphatic system with all of the poisons remaining from the forced injections, I applied 7 hot water bottles while I slept. I did not use electrical heat because electrical heating devices emit enormous harmful electromagnetic fields. I filled each water bottle with hot water and placed each one inside a separate flannel pillow case and wrapped the excess pillowcase material around the bottle. I took them to bed. With the covers drawn, I spread three beach towels over the sheets on the area where I would sleep. The towels caught my profuse perspiration while I slept with the hot water bottles against my body. I laid myself on my back or face, and placed one hot water bottle at each of the following locations: between my calves, between thighs, at each hip, in each armpit and one at left-side of the neck and head. Then I placed another beach towel over me and the bottles to tent the heat into my body and catch rising evaporation from getting into the down quilt cover and making it wet. Then, I drew the down quilt over me, the towels and hot water bottles. With the bottles inside the pillow cases and under the covers, the bottles remained hot for 6-7 hours. Sometimes, I did not consume my usual 1 cup of fruit with fat daily because I did not want to increase detoxification. However, when I began smelling acrid chemicals emitting from my skin, especially my hands, armpits and under fingernails, I began making and consuming one quart of smoothie with vinegar daily. The smoothie helped chelate with the metals from the forced injections. The amino acids in raw apple cider vinegar are excellent for bonding with toxic metals, that is, with the help of berries and a combination of other foods. Here was my daily metal/industrial chemical chelation formula: 3/4 cup each of raw raspberries and blueberries, 1/2 cup raw cream, 2 ounces coconut cream, 1-3 tablespoons (T.) raw apple cider vinegar, 4 T. fresh raw lime juice, 1 T. fresh raw lemon juice, 2 ounces pineapple (whole not juice) and 3-4 raw eggs to fill the jar to one quart, and blended all together. I sipped it throughout the afternoon and evening, sometimes into the night. Sometimes, to insure I harnessed as many toxins as possible, I consumed at least 1/2 inch cube of cheese while I sipped the smoothie. To help eliminate any of the toxins that may have made it to stomach and intestines, I ate 1 or 2, 1/2 inch cubes of no-salt raw cheese every 20-30 minutes through most every day.

What if I have access to a sauna but it is not as convenient for me to take baths?

When using saunas to perspire toxins from the body, it is healthier to shower and rinse toxic perspiration every 3 - 4 minutes so that perspired toxins are not reabsorbed into the skin, eventually reentering the body. Steam baths are the least desirable form to evoke perspiration of toxins from the body. Steam burns mucous membranes, including those in the lungs, bronchi and sinuses. If using steam baths, use good mineral water to produce the steam. Do not use municipal water.

Shower and rinse often. When showering with municipal city water that is chlorinated, it is best to have nonchemical filters installed that will eliminate chlorine and some other chemicals. Chlorine vapors (chloroform) gradually weaken and damage lungs, blood, thyroid and brain, predisposing people to pneumonia, other respiratory conditions, and meningitis of spine and brain.

The spleen mainly regulates the body’s adaptability to cold and hot temperatures. It removes red blood cells from the blood stream to thin the blood and cool the body. It adds red blood cells to the blood to thicken the blood and heat the body. People who do not have spleens should ease into hot baths and drink more fluids immediately prior to entering a hot bath.

Chapter Six – Other types of baths – what for and how to...

Aajonus gives specialized information about using baths as a way of easing child delivery. He gives data about handling itchy skin and specifically about handling hives. Baths can be a way of stopping and controlling a severe detoxification without inviting the detox back another day. Anyone who may be experiencing aches and stiffness or who needs assistance in relaxing muscles should see his use of hot baths to alleviate those problems. Aajonus also tells who should not take the baths that he otherwise recommends (thin people or anyone about to do sunbathing), and why.

Q: In the sense of relaxing those muscles in the nervous system, is there anything other than cream, milk... frozen raspberries, that helps that?

Hot baths. Any kind of warmth will relax the nervous system. Any kind of warmth. Hot water bottles in your bed, and... or wearing a robe. Just keeping warm all the time will relax your body, your nervous system.

Q: The daily baths – do they have to be a hundred and two to a hundred and five too or can they be less?

A: No it can be less but it has to be at least a hundred and one.

Q: Oh, okay.

A: You know a hundred and one is still pretty lukewarm you know, it’s not very warm.

Q: Do you walk after those baths?

A: You don’t have to.

Q: Just sweating on a daily basis. If you sweat a lot in the summer, that won’t do it...

A: It helps.

Q: It does?

A: It helps.

Q: Yeah.

A: But most people don’t perspire everywhere. In the baths you perspire everywhere.

Q: Is it okay to take them at night those thirty minute baths?

A: The thirty – thirty-five you can take anytime of the day.

Q: Now if you are thin and you want to perspire all the toxins out do you just do the short baths?

A: You can do the short baths together. That’ll just dump the toxins out of the connective tissue that you throw there on a daily basis.

Q: ...and that‘s safe?

A: That‘s safe, yeah.

Q: If you did like a hundred and ten would that be okay? Is that a good idea?

A: It’s not a good idea. A hundred and ten is pretty hot. You’re going to start cooking the enzymes and vitamins in your skin.

Are there other types of baths, besides the lymphatic bath, that I might find beneficial?

Baths for common cold : page 250 We Want To Live: The Primal Diet

As soon as fever begins, taking warm baths relaxes us and stimulates perspiration and circulation to cleanse and nourish us.

For delivery of a baby (birthing) page 239 We Want To Live: the Primal Diet Kneeling or squatting works with gravity, causing milder contractions and less stress. Birthing in a warm bath with 2 cups milk, 3 tablespoons coconut cream (optional but keeps the skin from drying) and 3 tablespoons raw unpasteurized apple cider vinegar helps prevent muscle cramps, keeps muscles as relaxed as possible, and eases bruising. Remaining in the bloody warm bath, lying back and holding child for at least 45 minutes soothes and relaxes the mother and eases baby’s entrance into the dry world. [See Pregnancy, page 336.]

For Itchy skin pg 281 We Want To Live: the Primal Diet Eating plenty of raw fat gradually lubricates the skin. Topically, blend ¼ cup of good mineral water, 1 small tomato, or ¼ cup of melon with 1tablespoon unsalted raw butter, unheated above 96º Fahrenheit, fermented coconut oil or 1 tablespoon stonepressed olive oil. So that the oils are properly homogenized, blend until ingredients are warm to the touch. Pouring this mixture into a hot bath no hotter than the body is comfortable in and soaking for 15-30 minutes usually bring immediate relief. If suffering with hives, pour into a not too hot bath the mixture of tomato or melon blended with butter, coconut or olive oil (recipe given above), then add ½ cup sundried clay or corn starch, and soak in the bath for 20 minutes. That will draw the toxicity from the skin as well as soothe it. The warmth of the bath increases circulation and hydrates the skin which is usually dehydrated from excess adrenaline or drugs, pesticides and preservatives. [See Baths/Sauna/Steam, page 326].

Some people would be relieved of itchy skin simply by pouring 1/3 cup raw unpasteurized apple cider vinegar into a hot bath and soaking for 15-30 minutes. To lubricate the skin, add 34 tablespoons of raw coconut cream to the bath water.

Baths for Pain Management from Q&A session of February 22nd, 2009

When I had the back trouble after I did the radiation therapy, I was in such severe pain that I couldn’t move the lower part of the my body, and crawled on the floor with my elbows and dragged the lower part of my body. Then when I learned I could sleep, I was only able to sleep about ten minutes at a time, so I’d wake with excruciating pain after every ten minutes. I lived like that for a year, suicidal as hell because I couldn’t sleep. It was very painful. So I took baths, I learned that if I got into a bath, and I couldn’t get out of the bath, and I had to just keep warming it, and I realized I was becoming buoyant in the water, so it took all that pressure off my back. It alleviated almost 80% of the back pain, and then when I got out I did yoga stretches.

Detoxification, Stopping it. pg. 255 We Want To Live: the Primal Diet A person who needs temporary relief from a continually heavy painful detoxification may discourage that detoxification by taking 102º - 107º Fahrenheit, 1½ hours baths 3 days apart. Immediately before each bath, the bather should drink a blended mixture of:

¼ -1 cup unripe lime juice, 3 – 7 tablespoons coconut cream, 1 – 6 teaspoons raw dairy cream or 2 – 6 tablespoons avocado.

Measured ingredients should be equal for suggested amounts, that is, for

a person who is 4’4’ - 4'6” the smallest amounts of each ingredient to be blended is 1/3 cup lime juice, 3 tablespoons coconut cream, 1 teaspoon dairy cream or 2 tablespoons avocado.

A person who is 4’6” - 5’2” should blend ½ cup lime juice, 4 tablespoons coconut cream, 2 teaspoons dairy cream or 3 tablespoons avocado.

A person who is 5’3” - 5’9” should blend 2/3 cup lime juice, 5 tablespoons coconut cream, 3 teaspoons dairy cream or 4 tablespoons avocado.

A person who is 5’10” - 6’2” should blend about ¾ cup lime juice, 6 tablespoons coconut cream, 5 teaspoons dairy cream or 6 tablespoons avocado.

A person who is 6’3” - 6’10” should blend about 1 cup lime juice, 7 tablespoons coconut cream, 2 tablespoons dairy cream or 7 tablespoons avocado.

After the bath, the bather will be weak. The bather should move slowly from the bath, and sit to dry. Bundle in very warm natural clothing and take a 30 – 45 minute easy walk.

The hot bath routine above works by instigating the healing cycle that relaxes bacteria, putting them in hibernation, and discouraging cells from producing virus. Those are the same effects produced by fever.

Fever is an important and beneficial feat of the body. Fever ends microbe and viral proliferation and initiates intense healing (cellular division/reproduction). Usually, fever is accompanied by necessary lethargy that transforms into tiredness. Rest, relaxation and sleep are important because most healing occurs during those states.

When not to take a bath – [sunbathing pg. 334]

It is imperative that we do not shower or bathe the morning of a day of sunbathing. Washing removes the body’s natural oils that are a natural sunblock. Rubbing a little unrefined cold-pressed, below 96° Fahrenheit coconut or peanut oil into the skin the night before sunbathing promotes tanning and reduces the likelihood of burn.

From June 2013 Primal Diet newsletter #30

Advice to one person: Q: Hot baths, how often should you take them?

A: In your condition, do them every day for 90 minutes, if you have a hot tub or a way to heat your bath tub. I was going to build a system that people could put in their bathtub, but I could not get a license for it because it has to be set up in a way that it would be too intrusive in your bathroom. Now I can lead you, I can tell you which ones to buy but you have to hook it up yourself, if you know a plumber. So that could work.

If you just take a hose it just goes in, dumps the water at the feet and one that takes the water from the bath right around your chest. Somewhere it pulls it out and circulates it through a filter, then a pump, and then a heater. You know a stand-alone instant heater. And those are very good for just a small bath tub. So a medium bathtub or a large bathtub and you can circulate that. But all those appliances, especially the pump, have to be three feet away from the bathtub.

So you've got to have a thermostat on it to control it - to shut off and turn on - so your bath doesn't get too hot. Just like a hot tub does. And if you want to have a remote control, you could probably jerry rig up one on a remote control to it. But if you have a thermostat, it’s hard to put a thermostat reading into a bathtub when you’re... unless you're completely still all the time. You know if you're still sleeping that's good. You could do your first 90 minutes of your sleep period in the bathtub or your hot tub. If you do what I used to do, I'd go sleep for 4 to 6 hours in my hot tub and that's where I did all my sleeping. And the people who do that kind of thing get well faster. It's like the cheese thing, you know. Speeds everything up nicely.

Q: What about an infrared sauna?

A: Infrared sauna is too hot. It damages the eyes and mucous membranes and the lungs the bronchials – everything - throat, ears and if you're naked, the vagina and the penis, and the urethra, because it will heat up inside.

Q: In the hot tub, obviously you wanna stay away from chlorine and fluoride. How do you keep... because you've got to fill it with some sort of water...

A: Like I said in the book under 'health modalities/baths'. You put milk, vinegar, some sea salt, or epsom salt in it, and if you've got a filter going through it, like I said you have a sand filter, little canister of sand in it, and it goes through there. And then to your pump and then to your heater, you're going to be filtering it all the time. But you put those ingredients in the water to neutralize those poisons. And if you're not putting new water in all the time, and you're circulating it, with this pump, you're not going to have any more contamination get into the tub.

Q: Okay. I thought clay does the cleaning.

A: Clay does too. But if you have clay with a heater, its going to cake on to the heater and its not going to work anymore.

Q: And the milk doesn't grease it up or something?

A: No it doesn't.


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Sports formula

March 18, 2012

3 cups of any combination of cucumber, tomatoes, water melon 3 T coconut cream 3 T dairy cream 2 T lime juice 1 T lemon juice 1 T ACV 2-3 T honey 4 eggs Makes 1 qt.; if not quite a qt,, may add a little water to make it 1 qt.

Sports drink, given to a woman in a Q&A session September 11, 2011 Sport drink: 2 cups watermelon (pink and red from the seeds down to rind), 1 cup of milk, 1 T. APV vinegar, 1 ½ tsp moist Terramin clay, 1 T. each lime juice, lemon juice, 2 T. coconut cream, 2-3 eggs, 20 blueberries (to pull out metals) ... blend and sip. Watermelon = perspiration & body heat (can add ½ cup tomato 1 cup cucumber, whey). Whatever you like.

SPORT DRINK (10 July 2011)

1 cup whey 1 cup watermelon puree 1 cup tomato puree OR cucumber and watermelon puree instead of tomato and watermelon OR tomato and cucumber – these 3 are interchangeable: cucumber, tomato and watermelon. OR all three can be combined too. 2 tablespoons lemon juice 2 tablespoons lime juice 1 tablespoon raw apple cider vinegar 1 – 2 tablespoons honey 1 – 2 tablespoons coconut cream 1 – 2 tablespoons dairy cream (if intense athlete, 2 – 4 tablespoons cream) ½ cup sparkling mineral water Blend it altogether and you sip on that. It makes about a quart and lasts for 5 hours of sports. Water will slow you down because it leaches nutrients out of the body.

SPORT DRINK (9 Jan 2011)

My athletes drink: 1 cup tomato puree 1 cup cucumber puree 1 cup whey 1 tablespoon raw apple cider vinegar 1 tablespoon lemon juice 2 – 2 ½ tablespoons honey 2 tablespoons dairy cream usually 2 – 3 eggs Blend that together and sip on that. It makes a quart. My athletes go through a quart in 5 hours and they don’t get weak or tired.

SPORT DRINK (22 Feb 09)

2 cups cucumber puree (some of my tennis players use 3 cups) 1 cup tomato puree 1 tablespoon vinegar 1 tablespoon lemon juice 1 – 4 tablespoons honey 2 – 4 tablespoons coconut cream 2 – 4 tablespoons dairy cream 2 ½ oz sparkling mineral water Blend that altogether. Those who are actually performing, doing like 5 hours of sports in a tournament, I have them put an egg in every cup of that: whip an egg into it and sip that. But they add the egg into that right before they drink it.

SPORT FORUMULA (14 Dec 2008)

Q: What is a sports drink?

A: Oh, the sport formula, I've given it many times. Yeah, it's two cups of... In the We Want To Live book, I had the hydration formula. When you're doing a heavy sport you perspire, you need more cucumber than tomato. So I altered that recipe to have two to two and a half cups of cucumber puree, and one cup of tomato puree so what you've done is just flop it around. Instead of having a lot of tomato, have more cucumber puree. And then they like a tablespoon of vinegar, a tablespoon of lemon juice, two to four tablespoons of coconut cream, two to four tablespoons of dairy cream, two or two and a half to four ounces of sparkling mineral water. Blend all that together and you sip it throughout the day.

Q: So it doesn't matter where it's eaten? 50 minutes after juice or anything like that or you are not going to wait an hour between anything else to eat?

A: Well, any time after juice probably about 15, 20 minutes. After meat it would have to be probably after an hour.

Q: In a straight whey by itself, and then an hour nothing, nothing in that whey?

A: Before meat, an hour. If it's juice your're going to have after the whey, then it could be 20 minutes.

Q: Right.

A: Yep, and what you could use is whey, instead of the water in the sports drink. Two and a half to - well you are a big guy – four ounces of whey instead of four ounces of water.

As a recipe: 2 – 2 ½ cups cucumber puree 1 cup tomato puree 1 tablespoon vinegar 1 tablespoon lemon juice 2 – 4 tablespoons coconut cream 2 – 4 tablespoons dairy cream about 2 ½ – 4 oz. sparkling mineral water or whey. Whey can be added to the Sport Formula instead of vinegar or along with the vinegar. You blend that altogether and you sip it throughout the day.

SPORT FORMULA (24 Aug 2008)

If you’re doing sports you want nutrients. 1 – 1 ½ cups tomato puree – leave skins on 1 ½ – 2 cups cucumber puree – peel the cucumber 3 – 4 tablespoons coconut cream 3 – 4 tablespoons dairy cream 1 tablespoon raw apple cider vinegar (2 tablespoons maximum if you’re an athlete; 1 tablespoon maximum, if not; if sedentary worker, maybe ½ tablespoon) 1 tablespoon lemon juice 3 – 4 tablespoons honey (some athletes have problems with that much honey, so you can cut it down to just 2 tablespoons) 1 cup water – If you’re doing a high sport you add a cup of water because you will need a little bit of water in there. 1 egg – If you’re a sports person you put an egg in it. If you’re not a sports person you don’t have to put an egg in it. Blend it all together. That’ll take you through 5 hours of hard activity. I have tennis players that are playing 5 hours on that one quart of fluid and their competitors are drinking a whole gallon of water in that 5 hours.