Repeated Surgeries Resulted In Thick Scars

I'm scheduled for trachea reconstruction surgery. I don't want to have it, I know my body can heal itself if given the right environment and nutrition. + I had a triple osteotomy 12 years ago on my left hip. During this surgery my trachea was injured when I was intubated. [An iatrogenic problem.] It's a rough bumpy violent looking injury, according to my surgeon. The good thing (according to him) is that the scar tissue is in a single location of around 1/2 - 3/4 inch section below my vocal chords. + I've had 2 bronchoscopes with laser surgery and stretching to open my air passage. The scar tissue always grows back and I'm told it always will. The doctors advise me to have this surgery (trachea reconstruction) to solve the problem once and for all. They would cut out the section of the trachea with the scar tissue and sew the trachea back together, shortening my trachea by about an inch. I would be in ICU a week, mainly in case of swelling. + Today my airway is about half the size of its normal diameter, in the affected area. It's hard to breathe. I can't walk and talk at the same time without getting winded. It's very disabling. I sound like I have emphysema. Phlegm gets caught on the scar tissue and blocks my airway even more or completely, which causes me to cough it away. So it's often hard for me to have conversations, because I'm constantly clearing my throat with a dry sounding cough, or swallowing hard to try and clear it. It's embarrassing. I'll start talking and it will sound like I'm gurgling. Gross. + I've needed the laser/stretch bronchoscope every 3-4 years to keep my airway open. In between, I have had 1-1.5 years of being disabled physically because of a blocked airway. I always wait as long as I can before having it, but this is bad because I can't exercise like I need and want to. I'm very active, love to windsurf, bike, hike, ski, etc. + In my first laser surgery, I woke during surgery and was very traumatized. When I had the laser surgery, they gave me a paralytic so the reflexes in my throat wouldn't cause damage. The anesthesiologist had to manually control my breathing. The surgeon and anesthesiologist had to take turns with my airway, since laser and oxygen together would create fire in my throat. + I woke [during surgery] and was completely paralyzed and suffocating with no way to tell them. It was extremely painful to feel my body suffocating and traumatizing emotionally. This is another reason I don't want the surgery. I'm afraid for this reason and the obvious reasons of cutting into my breathing passage. + What do you think? I'm up to 3 raw eggs a day, 1/4-1/2 cup of raw honey, I've only had raw meat once, but I'm going to try some recipes. I had sashimi twice last week. I haven't located raw butter or cream yet, but I'll find it asap. + I normally eat mostly raw fruits and vegetables, but have always cooked my meat and eggs. I've never had raw unheated honey until I just read your book. I didn't know! My point is, I already juice daily and eat all organic and I WAS taking LOTS of vitamins, but it sounds like this isn't good, so I've stopped them. + Another thing is, I've been on Nexium for 10 years, 1-2 x daily. I'm trying not to take it. Last night I seared some organic hamburger and ate it mostly raw. I had quite a bit of burning in my esophagus. I don't know how to deal with this. I need help. + Can you help me? I'll eat anything if I can keep it down and if I'm convinced it will heal me. Do you think my body can get rid of the scar tissue somewhat quickly? I need to breathe. It's uncomfortable, I get dizzy a lot, and it's very hard to live like this.

Every time you had surgery, your wound keloided, that is, it grew many layers of uneven scar tissue. One of the main reasons for that is that during and after surgery, medical practitioners swabbed your throat with iodine, Merthiolate and/or Mercurochrome.(the last two are liquid mercury) used as antiseptics. They are not only antiseptic to bacteria, they are antiseptic to live cells and prevent cellular regeneration and division. They poisons cells and your body does not want to dissolve those cells when they die because those contaminated cells would release the poisons again. So the body gradually builds those poisoned cells into scar tissue when they die.

Doctors use those antiseptics because they prevent white blood cells from trying to clean the area damaged by surgery. Normally, during surgery, many cells are killed and the body must dissolve or consume them. Normally, that is the job of the lymphatic system. However, under such a mass cellular destruction as surgery, white blood cells leave the blood stream and enter the fluids in tissues that have been injured. There, the white blood cells consume dead cells but not just red blood cells. When the white blood cells have consumed some industrially toxic or venom contaminated cells, the body throws them off as puss rather than allow them to stay in the body.

Normally, it is the job of white blood cells to eat only dead red blood cells to keep the blood clean of organic waste. When antiseptics like toxic iodine and/or mercury are used, often white blood cells will not try to help the body by eating those surgically destroyed and poisoned cells, thus preventing cleansing (detoxification) of the area.

With their antiseptics, doctors prevent proper detoxification, preventing the consequential intense swelling and puss that would likely and necessarily occur. The swelling would result in more pain, puss and slow mending of incision(s), complicating medical treatments. With antiseptics, doctors save themselves the tedious task of having to deal with complaining patients. However, patients suffer harmful long-term side effects that could easily lead to cancer. That is, the inability to dissolve dead tissue and instead collect dead cells to form tumors.

Additionally, those antiseptics contaminate surrounding live healthy cells. Those cells cannot reproduce. Because of the medical contamination with antiseptics, those healthy live cells are poisoned and quickly die (compared to normal cellular lifespan).

Since those cells are contaminated, the body cannot easily dissolve them because dissolving them would release those toxins and damage more healthy cells. As the dead cells accumulate, the body has no alternative but to store them, creating tumor(s). Keloidal tissue is a tumor, most often fibroid-like tumor. All tumors are the body's collection of dead cells that it cannot dissolve and discard until the health of the body is significantly improved.

When dead cells collect in the mucous membranes as a tumor, the body tries not to let the tumor get too large. The mucous membranes will create mucus and discard some of the dead cells into the mucus, preventing for as long as possible the building of scar tissue (tumor) to the extent that it blocks the passageway.

Note that dead cells in the mucous membranes do not manufacture mucus; they are dead. Only live mucous membrane cells can create mucus. Therefore, the scar tissue is usually very exposed without mucosal protection. Often, that causes dry cough.

The possible remedy to prevent need for surgery that I suggest is gargling with raw apple cider vinegar diluted by half in fresh liquid whey 3-6 times daily. The exposed dead cells, that is scar tissue/fibroid tumor, will be gradually dissolved and discarded. However, if the mucus members become too sore, please cease the remedy for 24 hours each time excessive soreness occurs.

Vinegar, whether raw or distilled, strips mucus from the membranes but the distilled causes much destruction and havoc with live cells. Use only the raw unpasteurized apple cider vinegar.

To ensure that your body makes enough mucus to protect live areas, I suggest that you drink 1-2 milkshakes daily. Milkshake recipes are in my recipe book, The Recipe for Living Without Disease.

Should that remedy not work, you may have to have surgery. If you have surgery, I suggest that you demand that the surgeon only use alcohol as an antiseptic rather than iodine or mercury or any other antiseptic. Also, I suggest that you tell him not to stretch the area, only scrape away the layers of scarring because stretching often causes more scarring, that is, stretch marks. The ideal natural antiseptic is raw lime juice but I do not know if you can convince your surgeon to use lime juice during surgery with his microbe-phobia of raw foods.

Although alcohol can cause a lot of damage, it does not cause long-term toxicity like other antiseptics, especially the poisoning caused by mercury and iodine. I suggest you demand that your surgeon absolutely, under no circumstances use anything as an antiseptic or antibiotic other than lime juice or alcohol on any tissue of your body, inside or out. You would have to put that in writing and have someone video tape the surgery to insure that he does not use iodine or mercury-based antiseptics.

Doctors will often lie like a parent to placate their child, persuading the child to calm and then do what the parent wants. Doctors, like parents, think that they know what is best for the patient. However, most doctors do not have clear discernment or wisdom because of their pharmaceutical indoctrination.

Pre- and post-surgery dietary regime and lifestyle can prevent keloidal tissue from developing after your next surgery, if surgery is necessary after trying vinegar/whey gargles above for 3-4 months.

If surgery is necessary, I suggest that you allow the surgeon to only scrape the uneven scar tissue and not take a section of your esophagus. A shortened esophagus has caused much pain to patients.

I knew one man that had to take morphine many times daily because of the pain of the stomach pulling on the esophagus. With morphine he could not function and was often depressed. He took medication upon medication for all of the pain caused by his shortened esophagus.

Following surgery, to directly help prevent scarring, I suggest that you gargle with fresh lime juice. If you have to dilute it that is okay but it is more effective undiluted. Also, sipping/licking no- salt raw butter/unheated honey/lime juice mixture from a spoon helps soothe the throat and promote healing without much scarring. The ratio of butter to honey to lime juice I suggest is 4:1:1 respectively.

Raw protein is very necessary to accomplish repair of damaged cells. Most often raw eggs will accomplish that however, most often it is impossible to get perfect eggs because people do not understand the dietary needs of chickens.

Profits prevent them from exploring, experimenting and knowing that chickens are vultures and will consume mostly raw and decaying meats if they have the opportunity. If they do not have meat, they will eat as many worms and insects as possible. If there are hundreds of chickens, there will not be many insects or worms. When desperate, they will eat another chicken.

Chickens are always frantic and panicked when fed grain and processed-food diets. They need meat or insects. Since good chicken is difficult to acquire, it would be better to consume grass-fed meat or ocean wild-caught fish. I give suggested diets for humans on pages 40-41 in my recipe book.

There are other things that I could suggest but I would not know without knowing either your history, or photographing your irises.