Q&A Of September 11, 2011


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Q: When temperature goes below 70, I get a persistent cough even though I’m on the diet 95%

A: Usually when you have a repeating cough like that it means your lymphatic system is not working. It needs to move; if it doesn ‘t move, you’re going to be detoxing through the lungs, the mucus membranes, when 95% of the toxins are supposed to leave through the skin. The lymphatic system takes the toxins and dissolves them into a fluid to be perspired out of the body. Only about 10% makes it out of the mucus membranes including the intestinal and urinary tracts. Our lymphatic systems are very toxic if you were raised on margarine, Crisco, hydrogenated vegetable oils that are plastic. So they harden, solidify blocking the lymphatic system. If you have a repeated problem, the body is trying to clean out through the lungs instead of the skin. You need to put hot water bottles around your neck, groin under your arms at night, too, if you want to speed it up. I used to take 7 hot water bottles to bed with me and 3 beach towels to sweat into and I used a down cover to make it really hot.

Q: My question is on radiation in north Pacific fish.

A: Need a Geiger counter and check after you skin it. More stored in skin and in scales. Three days after the Fukushima accident, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, put together five aircraft carriers full of boron. The CIA and NSA stopped those planes from taking off. She was going to have them fly over, dump the boron on to the sites and that smothers – you bury it in boron, cement it over, and that contains it. NSA and CIA stopped her. Japan was taking over a lot of industry, was coming out with a hydrogen car this year – water-driven car. The people in gov’t are locked heavily into oil and will not let any one country take that away. Could have been sealed over and done with and we could have been done with it. Rockefellers, Bush – 13 families in three organizations.

Q: What is your take on hot flashes?

A: Menopause is changeover in hormones that you produce. Instead of reproductive hormones for reproduction, you produce growth hormones. This is another reason women live longer than men. The sweating is a form of detox; you’re getting rid of a lot of those old hormones. Let’s say endometriosis is when your body uses a cell that belongs in one location somewhere else because your body is not reproducing a cell in that area. So your body will borrow cells from one area and heal another area when you’re not producing cells fast enough and that area needs a lot of help. So if you have a lot of endometriosis with ovarian cells used throughout the body, you’re body will go into periods in other areas of your body elsewhere like a woman having a pain in her ovaries and her shoulder, heart, lungs back because of ovarian cells that go into period along with the ovarian cells that are normally located. When your body needs to get rid of those you’ll have massive heat spells – hot flashes – and immense amounts of perspiration. Remember, the lymph system is responsible for breaking those down into a liquid that is perspired through the skin. Hot (105 degrees) baths reduce the burden on the lymphatic system.

Sport drink: 2 cups watermelon (pink and red from the seeds down to rind), 1 cup of milk, 1 tbl APV vinegar, 1 ½ tsp moist Terramin clay, 1 tbl each lime juice, lemon juice, 2 tbl coconut cream, 2-3 eggs, 20 blueberries (to pull out metals) … blend and sip. Watermelon = perspiration & body heat (can add ½ cup tomato 1 cup cucumber, whey). Whatever you like.

Right now I’m dealing with cancer a lot from those injections. You can see the scar right here. For 4 months the tumor was rising and shrinking and rising and shrinking – about 7 days to get as big as my palm. Then I would soak it in hot water for 3-5 hours with vinegar, sea salt and milk or coconut cream in it and the next day the tumor would be completely dissolved. Finally stopped and is scar.

Q: Vaginosis. You mentioned 2 tbl clay and douching with kefir. I was wondering about raw coconut oil.

A: Vaginal infection could be bacterial, fungi or viral. If severe itching, would be fungal, yeast. Pain and burning would be a virus. Odor and little itching would be bacterial. Yours (pins and needles) is viral which is very, very toxic substance. Usually the body will use bacteria, fungi and parasites to break down toxic substances in the body. If the substance is so toxic that it kills the bacteria, fungi and parasites, your cells will make a solvent – and that’s what a virus is – it’s not alive. It’s solvent to dissolve tissue that burns. So you’re not producing enough mucus to handle that kind of situation so make yourself a 2 oz. milkshake for the vaginal cavity. Your body will be able to form more mucus that way that will protect the lining. So your body will use mucus to absorb poisons that discharge through the mucus membranes – especially acids around the stomach and esophagus.

Q: 20 years after menopause and there’s lots of facial hair. Been plucking.

A: Better to shave. Body gets rid of a lot of heavy metals in the hair. That’s why when you have a hair analysis you always find lots of metal. Don’t pluck because it damages the follicle and then a week goes buy without passing heavy metals and your skin is going to get thick and hard. Nothing to do with hormones – but toxicity. I suggest you shampoo your hair with fermented coconut cream (turns pink). Will be able to pull toxins from brain, scalp. Once fermented, it will have enough alcohol. Hair will be oily but will feed the follicle and protect scalp. Fat to defend itself against the poisons getting into the follicle.

Q: Wrinkles.

A: Take bone marrow and rub into wrinkles every day. Allows you to absorb more fats rapidly. You’ll notice in most elderly people the wrinkling starts around the mouth first. That’s because most of the poisons that leave the brain leave through the gums. That pulls all the fat around the mouth out so the whole area gets dry so the only way you can replenish it is to have butter or cream in your mouth frequently or have milk in your mouth and then putting it on the outside. When I have a massage, I have 50% bone marrow and 50% butter and tsp pineapple juice. I take a piece and squeeze it in there.

Q: Rosacea.

A: Rosacea is when you’re detoxing a lot of poisons out your skin. From your brain, from dental injections that damage the tissue all around because it causes a hardening. When your body breaks down the anesthesia like novocaine or zylocaine down it becomes caustic and that causes a rupturing of the capillaries and it’s very acidic. Again, bone marrow is the way to go to protect the skin from the outside. Of course you can eat it too. I eat bone marrow with my meat.

Q: You told me to alternate vinegar, pineapple juice with marrow for wrinkles in my neck.

A: Heavy tissue wrinkles: alternate bone marrow and pineapple juice. Bromelain break down dead cells that have filled in the tissue in your neck. That’s a good thing you have your neck like that because it shows that you’ve discharged a tremendous amount of poisons from your neck that were in your brain. You can see how dangerous they were to your brain and now it’s come out and damaged your skin. To repair your skin we have to break down the dead cells so you can replace them with live cells and that’s why you have the vinegar and pineapple juice. One day you use vinegar, second day pineapple, and third bone marrow or bone marrow with butter - repeat.

Q: Kidney dialysis – should you eat raw meat.

A: Pharmaceutical/Medical profession tell people don’t eat meat because you have a lot of ketosis that occurs and protein in breakdown of kidneys. Creatine – you wan’t it. If you don’t break down the dead tissue in the kidney you can’t replace the cells. So you’ve got to have a lot of creatine in your blood if your kidney is going to heal. As I tell everyone, whatever you hear from medical professional, do the opposite and 99 times out of 100 you will be right. So in order to heal the kidney, you’ve got to eat the raw meat. Eating kidney helps, even though it’s high in ammonia and nasty tasting. Heart or liver with milk strengthens the kidney. Any part of the body that is breaking down is usually because the lymphatic system is not cleaning. When they came out with margarine right after WWII that was the big era for jamming the lymphatic system. They knew if they jammed the lymphatic system everyone would be seeing the doctor at least 4x a year. Before that, people were seeing the doctor once every 4-5 years. Hydrogenated vegetable oils have the same molecular structure as plastic. Can’t dissolve it, no bacteria to break it down; they collect, solidify and turn into crystals and jam the lymph nodes and glands and circulatory system. When that happens only way to get those removed are baths at 105 degrees for 90 minutes a day. I’ve had people do it for 40-45 minutes a day and it works but for most it takes 90 minutes. Distinguishes between lymphatic system congestion (long baths) versus lymphatic waste dumped under the skin (shorter baths).

At hot springs, I’ll spend 10-12 hours there. The minerals help pull toxicity out of the body. Those molecules of minerals are too big – rock size – and only plants can break them down and absorb them. We can’t absorb them into the skin. When I do hot baths in the Philippines I use ice on my head as brain hates to be hot.

Q: Brain aneurisms.

A: A brain aneurism is either a clogging breaking or just breaking. If ganglia, axon or dentrite walls get thin (not enough collagen or protein) and you get high blood pressure or eat something that increases pressure like salt or garlic that can cause an aneurism (rupture/bleeding in brain). If that’s a problem for you, just drink ½ cup of green cabbage every 3-4 days. If you tend toward ulcerations, open wounds, skin rash should have at least 1x week. An ulcer is tissue so toxic it doesn’t allow adhesion of cells. You need to detoxify that area so the ulcer will mend. Cabbage allows you to build blood clots to block bleeding, even though you’re not sealing the ulcer. If you’re bleeding internally, out the rectum, you’re losing red blood cells = a lot of nutrients – takes energy from the body.

Q: [inaudible]…I do intense meditation…

A: Not a good thing; you don’t want it to diminish. Perspiration and heat melt the toxicity out of the body. You can never get over 100.1 degrees no matter how intense the exercise – Bikram yoga or any other kind you will never get over 100.1 unless you’re in a fever – with heavy detoxification. You need to eat the meat – you have to replace cells [Q: I feel awful eating meat. I’m not going to go through the rest of my life feeling awful so -] I know 8 women over the age of 16 who live just on raw milk and they’re fine. [Q: The question is the meditation. All that heat… in the body…unclear …very uncomfortable. I am not going to give up that aspect..So when I diminish the meat aspect, it seems to subside significantly. ] But I don’t think that’s a good thing [Q: but there has to be another solution. I’m not going to walk around with that kind of heat.] Well, then stop meditating. Because when you excite the kundalini, you raise the blood, the body’s temperature. There’s no way around it. At least I never met a yogi who taught otherwise. It always increases heat. But to me, that’s a good thing because it causes more discharge. You’ll do more cleansing of protein levels, cellular levels if your body heats more. And vegetarians will raise their temperatures even more in meditation because their bodies are trying to adapt to an herbivorous diet – herbivores have a body temperature of 101-105. If the lymphatic system is jammed, it will cause a lowering of body temperature. [Q: unclear] Well, you’ll reduce the heat if you’ll take the baths. You’ll be doing most of the perspiring and breaking down of toxicity in your system – clogged fats in the bath – in the bath so you won’t have to be as hot while you’re meditating with rising kundalini. With kundalini you have a kriya kundalini which is a cleansing kundalini. [Yes, well, again with the watermelon. Would that help…I never perspire in my life.] You should drink some watermelon and take baths regularly. Watermelon will help you start perspiring more. If you were a vegetarian, it means you have a lot of vegetable oils – safflower oil, sunflower oil... So, if you do the baths you should be able to reduce the heat when you’re not in the baths.

Q: Heavy metals and skin tags and moles.

A: No. Skin tags, moles and warts are tumorous dead cells. Sometimes if a mole will bleed, it’s not a tumor of dead cells, it’s a tumor cells that were liver, pancreas, gall bladder or spleen. Dark cells that are no longer functional as the gland or organ so the body will build it into the skin. You can put pineapple on it every 4-5 days, vinegar on it every other day and it will reduce, peel off. 5-6 days before the first layer turns into a scab. [shows his?] I’ll get it wet and peel it off …every day I’ll peel another layer off until it’s flat. When it grows again because this is where my pancreas was so damaged from all the insulin I shot up before I was 21 years old. It will still build up here from all the pancreatic cells because it doesn’t want to dissolve them because that insulin is responsible for degenerative limbs. You know there are a lot of people that are diabetic who have deterioration of their extremities. They have gangrenous dissolving of their toes and feet, their legs their fingers because of that toxic insulin – it’s not a proper insulin…My pancreas and my prostate are my only two glands and organs that are not clean yet so I have to keep working on that.

Pineapple only every 4-5 days or that bromelaine will start eating into your good skin as well and you try to put it right on the spot. If you’re using it to get rid of wrinkles - like the heavy wrinkles in L’s neck, you just rub it on every 3-5 days. Otherwise, your neck will burn because you start damaging the live cells. If when you apply the pineapple you start burning, take some milk and rinse it off. Milk is great – I shave with milk and it’s the best shaving cream in the world and very good for the skin. If you haven’t been on a good diet for a long time, then butter and bone marrow are a little more important because you need more tissue concentrated fats but after you’ve been on the diet for a while, milk is your best skin moisturizer.

Q: So you just rub milk on like shaving cream?

A: I’ll leave it on for two minutes and then I wipe some more one and shave. At the end, I put more milk on. You don’t rinse it off after unless your skin is burning. Better than coconut cream which will jam up the blades.

Q: Electric shavers

A: Tear my neck to pieces. If you’re going to use them, electric shavers are 135-170 milligaus of emf field so can’t use for than 3 minutes. Cordless doesn’t make any difference. Vibrators too, damaging nerves over 3 minutes.

Q: Chronic fatigue syndrome

A: That means your body is broken down in all areas: liver isn’t working, lymphatic system isn’t flowing, and even your glands are non-operational. A lot of times, I have found people with chronic fatigue syndrome have some kind of severe impairment in their body that their body cannot afford to have energy. If it does, it can cause brain aneurism and death, heart attack, kidney failure. There are problems where the body says, “You can’t be active. You’re going to have to be tired and take it easy.” Once you take care of that sensitivity, that extreme part of the body, you can start exercising again. But that usually means, any time a body is in chronic fatigue it’s had a lot of abuse internally for a very long time. So, it takes a long time to get over chronic fatigue.

Q: [inaudible]

A: Yes. Like she was a lab technician and absorbed all kinds of mercury and became chemically sensitive – it’s called Multiple Chemical Sensitivity – that exposure to anything would absolutely impair her from breathing. Now she’s functional and looks pretty good. Before she went on the diet, she was very weak, very depressed, very sensitive – almost agoraphobic.

Q: People were prodding me and would ask “Why aren’t you working” all this stuff and I would say “I can’t. I can’t do it. That was my body telling me to rest.”

A: She had no fats to arrest the poisons so she got active that mercury, that formaldehyde, all those chemicals would go and start doing damage to her body weakening the tissue. She could have had a brain aneurism, heart attack, kidney failure, liver failure all kinds of things if she had been active. Now that she has the fats in her body, she is healthier and can be active. You have to be careful and know why you have chronic fatigue.

Q: [inaudible}

A: It depends upon the individual; what their problem is. Let’s say somebody has a lot of formaldehyde from injections and benzene from airplane fuel from being around airports. So you have all that in the system, very tired, skinny – a lot of problems. I have him on what I call the solvent extractor which is a little bit of mango, kiwi, vinegar, honey, coconut cream, dairy cream, eggs, and a little bit of sparkling mineral water – all blended together. They take that only once or twice a week; otherwise, there’s too much detoxification. It all depends. Now she had more mercury and formaldehyde so I had to adjust that – mainly with the berries.

Q: Is there a basic general formula that you use?

A: There is no basic formula when someone is really sick. I tweak it for the person and for the time. When I first had her on the diet, I could only give her so much and so many things at a time. Now I can load her up with a lot of things and she can enjoy it more. And it varies. When I’m going through this cancer stuff from those injections my diet has to be very strict and rigid: the time I eat, what I eat, how much I eat. When I’m not dealing with that, I have little more sport drink than normal, I have more cream than normal, I have my meat meal or meals at different times of the day – I’m not as strict. So it depends upon the body’s cycles.

Q: [inaudible]

A: Oh, yeah – she doesn’t work in a lab any more.

Q: Every time I went back into the lab trying to finish my PhD – six months from finishing my PhD - when I couldn’t work any more – I got so nauseated that I couldn’t stay.

A: You have to understand that even liquid mercury will vaporize and causes crystals in the formaldehyde and it’s airborne all the time so you’re inhaling that every moment.

Q: Who is working in the labs.

A: Very sick people and they don’t live long. The longest I’ve ever seen is Elnora van Winkle and she was the neuroscientist responsible for cataloging all of the chemicals in cells in the brain and she did it for 52 years at Columbia University. When she came out of that at 72 years old or 74 when I met her, she was a very toxic human. I put her on the Primal Diet and she recovered very quickly even with that. She did two years on the Primal Diet. She was also the one who took my list of 242 people with whom I worked over six years with cancer and she called every one of them and found that 96% were still alive over six years and some as long as 12 and 14 years. That’s why I have that testimony from her on this diet. I said it was 95% - that was my calculation. She came up with 96%. Any way she went on the Instincto Diet. That means you have to like the before you eat it. They eat 65% fruit – way too much and it killed her in nine months. Remember her body was already broken down with all those laboratory chemicals and then they have all that fruit dissolve the body. She got weaker and cranky, irritable. When you’re in that state, how many people know they’re assholes. How many people that are irritable and nasty know it? They’re so involved with their anxiety and discomfort that they don’t acknowledge what they are and where they are usually. And she didn’t. I used to say, “Elnora, at least eat fat with all of that.” And, she’d say “No, no, the Instinctos say you need to be thin.”

Q: Unclear

A: Lost pigment in his skin. That’s a vitamin D deficiency. As soon as the body gets the sunshine, it makes the vitamin D in the skin. It’s absorbed immediately. This is severe vitamin D deficiency. It usually means this person is not using calcium and other minerals properly in the body, not metabolizing using oxygen properly getting rid of the carbon dioxide so the person has to put bone marrow and butter combination on their skin and get out in the sun. Get as much sun as they can, as much vitamin D as they can. After I ate the poison mushroom, I had all kinds of white spots like that one lady that’s here… severe, severe vitamin D deficiency. I had white spots all over. Yeah, like that. I had bigger patches, those are smaller and look more like accident, like scar tissue most of it. Whatever was put on the scar - iodine, mecurochrome, liquid mercury caused that vitamin D deficiency in the area. So, you need to get a lot of sunshine. You need to pack moist terramin clay on it and pull those toxins out of the body.

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Q: Insomnia.

A: That’s a very good question for some people. Normally, it’s just a protein deficiency. Eating a milkshake is very, very good for it. Most insomnia comes from dental injections – xylocaine, novocaine – you can have other kinds of injections like penicillin – any of those can cause a severe protein deficiency in the brain and can cause inability to sleep, insomnia. And it’s very difficult. You have to pack the gums with clay every night to remove as much as you can. You can even put it on your face but you have to keep the clay packs wet. If they dry out, they’re going to damage your skin. You won’t be perspiring. So the clay always has to stay wet to be active. These cosmetic companies say put the clay on, let it dry, and rinse it off. What happens? You rob all of the fat out of the cells so you have to use their moisturizer. That’s the whole Catch-22. Keep that clay wet and it will pull poisons out of your body without depriving the cells of fat.

Q: How do you keep it moist during the night?

A: What I suggest people do any time they use a clay compress is they make the clay not dripping wet but not as hard as molding clay – in between. You lie down, put it on your face, try to keep it from running, and then you put a moist – not dripping wet - towel over that. Then plastic to keep moist. Finally, you wrap an Ace bandage over that to hold it in place.

Q: How long will insomnia last?

A: Usually if a person that will eat a lot of eggs and fish in the evening, 80% of the people can sleep. If someone has constant dental work, it could take years. And it will go into cycles – cycles of sleeping, not sleeping as they’re detoxifying. But if you’ll use the clay in the gums, it will help draw it out every night, every day so you won’t be so overloaded .

Q: So this is in your mouth?

A: Yeah, you put in on your gums and leave it in all night. If you dissolve and swallow it, that’s OK. Only way would be to pack it moist into sterilized or organic gauze.

Q: Would olive oil keep it moist?

A: No, olive oil would take away the activity of the clay. Now you could do oil pulling. That’s very helpful, too. I prefer coconut oil, as long as it’s unheated. Olive oils very acidic and some of the other oils a little harder. You put about a tablespoon in your mouth and swish it around. Some do it for 10 minutes. Some people do it for half an hour and your mouth just gets full in that time and they expectorate it. I’ve only done two laboratory tests. I’ve checked the saliva before and after the oil pulling and the concentration of toxins in that oil was very, very high. It will actually pull it because your body because your brain dumps most of that out your gums, tongue and salivary glands. So you’ve got the oil doing it and your body’s going to work with you. Now somebody who isn’t on the diet – I haven’t experimented with people who haven’t been on a good diet – their body may not be healthy enough to know what it’s doing. But on this diet, the cells are pretty smart so the body knows you’re oil pulling, you have that oil there to draw the poisons out of the brain just like it pulls the fats out of the face and mouth. You only have it in your mouth so it’s drawing it out and brain will take full advantage.

Q: Coconut cream OK, too.

A: Coconut cream has 7% oil. I haven’t tested it but probably.

Q: How long swish?

A: Up to you. My mouth fills so quickly with so much saliva, I can only do it 10 minutes or I’ll be choking. I have to spit out a little every 10 minutes to keep it going.

Q: Sesame oil? Flax? Olive?

A: No. Coconut oil. Any of those oils have a tendency to be overly acidic: coconut is not.

Q: I have a lot of toxicity in the brain – heavy metals – is this something good to do regularly?

A: Yes. I know people that do it every day. It does help; I see it helping. I’ve seen the movement of metals out of the brain and then when they start oil pulling at least 5x week, there’s a remarkable difference. I can see a change in 3 months when normally it takes 6 months to see a drastic change.

Q: Is there a danger of detoxing too quickly doing this?

A: Possibly. I’ve never known anyone to do that.

Q: Dental plaque.

A: Those poisons - Yes, your body uses calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium from your food and that plaque – like white tongue – that’s your body using your good alkalinizing minerals to bind with the poisons coming from your brain out the tongue. So the Chinese say that’s an awful thing. Sure – it’s not good you have poisons coming out your tongue but if you don’t have a white tongue – you don’t have the minerals to bind with the poisons coming out the tongue, you’re going to have a bleeding, sensitive tongue and you can’t eat. I’ve seen people with that – give them a glass of milk and all of a sudden their tongue is white-coated. They can just brush it off and eat. Don’t want to swallow that plaque from the tongue. Same thing happens on the teeth. It will build up because usually your mercury and formaldehyde and liquid aluminum, thalium – things from vaccines, canned food – dump along the tooth under the gum. So the body takes the alkalinizing minerals – mainly calcium, the most concentrated of it – and causes plaque on the teeth to prevent it from damaging dentine and going to the tubules. But yet if you read the (unclear) diet, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium is only 50% or less functional. So you can have a lot of plaque on your teeth and not prevent the damage that mercury can do. If people want to see how much damage mercury can do, enter “youtube Alberta neurons mercury” in search engine and you’ll come up with a video. You’ll see these brain neurons growing in a petri dish and an eyedropper coming in with mercury drops. Within 2 seconds, these nerves over here on this side are deteriorating, disintegrating. That’s how dangerous mercury can be. You don’t have to be up against it; the gas alone can cause severe tissue damage to the body.

Q: ALS – amyotrophic lateral sclerosis – aka Lou Gehrig’s disease

A: ALS is a very difficult one. I’ve helped them live longer but not stopped any one from dying. ALS is a deterioration of all the tissue in the body. A lot of doctors think it starts with MS. It doesn’t. I’ve never seen the hardening of the nerves first like happens with MS. It’s like lupus but it deteriorates all the tissue – not just the connective tissue as happens in lupus. Everything dissolves. But – I’ve mitigated – people on the diet lose very little weight but still die within 7-8 years – better than 6 months. Like spinal cancer is one of the worse cancers you can have. People usually don’t live very long with spinal cancer unless they’re on a strict diet and do everything but Barbara lived 7 years with very severe spinal cancer – advanced before she went on the diet and that was pretty good. It gave her time to write a book, make better communication with Jim and other people. She had a much better life because she was a fighter…surviving.

Q: Anyone with experience of melanoma.

A: I do. As recently as two weeks ago. Right here.

Q: At the Cancer Control Conference this past weekend. There was a theme about detoxing the body and shifting from acidosis to alkalizing cells. The kangen water machine seems to be able to shift the pH values…

A: That’s an entire hoax if you go on a raw diet. If you‘re on a high cooked acidic diet, that would be helpful. If you do that water or any heavy water and try to alkalinize the system, you prevent your digestive juices and bacteria which are acidic. Ninety percent of our intestinal bacteria and digestive juices are acidic. They are putrefactive bacteria. That water will neutralize and alkalinize your digestive juices. T hat's not the way to do it. The way you need to clean the body for the proper cleansing is to get into a hot bath and be consuming enough milk and other things that will stabilize you while you clean. The pineapple is your best friend, not alkaline water; pineapple is still acidic so it’s in harmony with the body. You have to remember that we are carnivores, not herbivores, so we want a 5.5 pH blood, urine and saliva. We don’t want any alkaline event going on. If you’re eating cooked foods - that’s a different matter. You will need a lot of alkalinization because you’re over-acidic. And, when you’re eating everything or most things cooked, the calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium which help clean the body of neutralized poisons and take the charge out of toxic ions of mercury, cadmium and things like that, are heavily damaged. At just 141 degrees you damage 50% of the calcium; you cauterize it. It’s hardened and can no longer absorb. Just like clay. It’s malleable, it will absorb. You fire it at even cone 2 [see pottery/ceramic chart] it’s going to be a hard substance that will no longer absorb or have very little absorption and when you get up to cone 9, you’re into porcelain. How much can you absorb with porcelain? nothing.

Q: Reverse-osmosis water

A: No water is good water. Even water taken from an actual spring is not good water because water dissolves the mucus membrane, the mucus that lines and dilutes your digestive acids and causes over-alkalinity. There’s no such thing as acidic water unless there’s a chemical plant or some kind of dairy around where they have a lot of run-off into the water. Now when I lived outdoors, I only wanted acidic, high-algae water – the dirtiest-looking water I could find. Otherwise my skin would dry out and I would lose weight very rapidly. So I had to drink water that was very dirty with clay, mud or algae.

Q: Wine

A: The alcohol helps break down cooked and processed fat. But the French had it down. They had all of their raw milk, raw cheeses, raw creams. They made lots of really fatty sauces and that’s what they had before they drank wine with their appetizers. They had crackers with butter or creamy cheese or something like that and then they would start sipping their alcohol. The alcohol would get into the fat and use it as a fuel – as an energy source. But now everybody is skinny conscious so even in France you have a tremendous reduction in healthy fat consumption and they’re getting as fat, weak and bad as the rest of the world. The only ones who still eat tremendous amounts of nasty, awful, stinky cheese – raw cheeses that are great for building strong bodies – are the Germans. They consume more steak tartar than anybody else – 172,000 tons a year. In this country, you’re looking at about 30 tons of steak tartar a year: big difference. Steak tartar is usually ground or finely chopped beef with egg yolk. A lot of them will eat the egg white on the side like I do. I used to call ahead to restaurants and talk to the chef directly saying, “Listen. I’m on a special diet, I’m diabetic, have cancer and have to have a special tartar meal. No salt, ground pepper OK but no peppercorns, and chop a little cilantro or parsley into it, a little tomato, an egg yolk and put the egg white in a little cup on the side.” The chefs cope with the egg white on the side more easily than mixed in. Usually, these chefs enjoy preparing something different and come out to serve it. I’ve never been refused. This way you avoid the general manager and waiter having issues with raw meat. I do carry in my glove compartment a copy of the California law that says they are allowed to serve raw meat if it’s on the menu or the patron asks for it raw.

Q: Hepatitis

A: The medical profession wants you to panic think it’s an attack. But whenever you have hepatitis it’s viral. That means the liver is so toxic with industrial chemicals that the bacteria, parasites and fungi cannot break the tissue down and the body has to dissolve that tissue with a solvent created by the cells. That’s what a virus is – just a solvent – just like we have muriatic acid to dissolve grease compounds off your garage floor. Very toxic substances but whenever you have hepatitis you have a very severely damaged, chemically toxic liver.

Q: Unclear

A: Beet juice is good for that. You can add a little bit of pineapple with the beet juice but it has to be a little amount or you could dissolve the liver too fast. That would be a situation where I have someone with both lymphoma and liver cancer –and that would be a harder person to get through the cancer if it goes from the liver to the lymphs or lymphs to the liver because I’ve got conflicting things going on so I have to watch a person like that more frequently like every week.

Q: Carrot juice

A: Well, yes it is. Hepatitis also has a lot of bile stuck in the liver. The bile is supposed to be created in the liver and sent to the gall bladder where excess is stored. But sometimes when the bile is heavy in the liver, carrot juice is good to remove bile. Carrot juice helps remove bile from anywhere in the body especially with a little bit of lemon, tiny bit of vinegar, some honey and coconut cream.

Q: Gallbladder removal

A: It doesn’t need to come out – ever! Without the bile stored in your gallbladder, you could only eat as much fat as there is bile produced by your liver. If the gallbladder is removed, you would only be able to eat small amounts of fat at a time. If you eat ice cream with your gallbladder removed – any thing with heavy fat – you’re going to have diarrhea.

Q: Gallbladder blockage and unbelievable pain

A: Put a hot water bottle there every night all night long. Wrap it so that it stays in place. Your body will place circulation in there. More circulation means more nutrients to cleanse and heal the area.

Q: My diet for gallbladder blockage

A: That’s a whole different subject – too specific for this Q&A session.

Q: EMF levels

A: They either put a smart meter in or a tower. There’s no way out of it. I have some people in Iowa. I had them put magnetic patterns on each wall and it has helped the children. You make three concentric circles with magnets and fabric and hang above the bed. This is something I designed for my hybrid Prius which pumps out a lot of electro-magnetic field. If in the car for two hours at a time my right thigh on the leg using the gas pedal would ache. This is a pillow I made to sit on that draws all the electromagnetic field up my leg right into the down pillow so it doesn’t bother me. So I thought what worked in my pillow might work for the wall so I had this one woman who lives near an electrical tower and the EMF field was up to 13 in some of the bedrooms so I had her make one twice the size of that pillow for above the headboard in each bedroom. The kids are sleeping better and everything is working. You’re most poorly affected by it in your sleep patterns.

You have energy that runs up to the brain all the time - flowing down and up, down and up. Magnets are arranged N-S, N-S, N-S so you don’t get too much of your own energy field pulled into the pillow. So it mitigates that. That’s the way Nikken did it when I studied magnetic healing properties with them from 1989 to 92. However, a lot of the product they put out was absolutely, completely contrary to their science, like their beds. Their magnets were up and down in lines instead of in spirals and not flipped from north to south. It was like, “Hey, you’ve got all of this science and you’re not using it.” Selling all these thin pads with magnets on them for $1000 – no integrity.

Q: And farther away from the smart meter.

A: It doesn’t matter. Some of those meters can shoot fifty feet. You have to test and see. Gauss meter is a good one to measure the effect on you. You have to be within its range for harm. I have one from Germany and it’s a $1300 detector. I can detect it 60 feet away but that doesn’t necessarily mean it would affect me at that distance. [TriField 100XE EMF meter from Amazon is $117 as of 4-20-14.]

Q: [Unclear]. He says there’s nothing that stops it [EMF]. It can go through concrete, steel - can travel great distances and, if it hits another EMF, it re-energizes and goes further, goes into the ground.

A: Yes, but you have to be able to measure three milligauss to alter the molecular structure of cells. It has to be that high. It’s passing through us at 3 all the time. The earth has it. I’m picking up my gauss if I’m touching a computer or any electrical device. If I’m only touching the meter and my feet aren’t grounded, it won’t read anything. But if I’m touching anything, or if I’m grounded that meter goes to a 3 just by touching it. I have a high electrical field. In doing TV shows, I have put more cameras on the blink than anybody on the planet.

Q: I’m making the magnetic pillows for cars.

A: Doesn’t matter what car you have. Beamers, jaguars are worse. It’s the computer chips. Instead of transistors, they’re using another element that causes the magnetic field. Fifty cents more they could reduce it all. Older cars – fewer computerized elements, less field. Now everyone is driving around with 135 – 200 milligauss of electromagnetic field exposure.

Q: Magnetic pillow for computer

A: Absolutely. Any time you’re around an electro-magnetic field it’s helpful.

Q: Persistent eye infections

A: Yes, your eyes were red, swollen and oozing all the time and the skin was full of rosacea and sores. Now it looks great.

Q: During that time, I made the mistake of putting lime juice in my eye and now everything is blurry.

A: You scarred the cornea – probably only have one layer left. When I had the cancer that ate 1/3 of my nose away – put a hole right here and burned through the bone - one night the acid from the melting of the tumor got into my eye and burned my cornea – 8 layers of scar tissue. I was blind in that eye. That was a few hours in one night damaged the eye. That’s how bad the compounds are when you start dissolving tumors. You have to have the nutrients and you have to protect yourself from those fluids discharging…eyes. So, I went to the optometrist and she said, “You have 8 layers of scar tissue at a minimum and you have to have a cornea transplant. That’s the only way you will ever be able to see out of that eye.” So, 7 years later I went to have my driver’s test and my vision passed. I was actually able to read the chart with that left eye. When I went back to the optometrist, she said, “You only have one layer of scar tissue left.” Egg white and butter. Egg white in the morning and butter at night. Take the egg white and tap it onto your little finger, pull your lower eyelid down and look up and rub it along the white. Roll your eye around to get the egg white all over the eye. Then, at night, you do the same with a dab of butter that you have melted in your palm. Make sure you’re already in bed because you’ll have a fog over your eyes for 10-20 minutes. Egg white is mostly protein and will strengthen the eye for the day against pollution. Butter at night will soothe and strengthen the eye in a different, cleansing way. It would if they did it long enough because the retina is very deep. We’re mainly talking about the cornea, the iris and the sclera.

Q: Dry mouth and dehydration after lymphatic bath

A: You drink a cup of milk or sport drink before you get in, two cups while you’re in the 90 minute bath, and a cup when you get out – a quart. You would have lost three cups of fluid during the bath and you’re going to perspire another cup during the night and you need to replace those. Doesn’t matter what time you take bath. If you’re doing the baths only 2x a week, the pineapple-coconut cream mixture against lymphatic congestion (in book) needs to be taken then. When you’re taking them every day, pineapple every other day is fine.

Q: Chocolate and strokes

A: The only people who have strokes on this diet are the people who continue to eat processed chocolate. Raw chocolate wouldn’t cause that problem. In processed chocolate, you have hydrogenated vegetable oils. It’s not butter or cream like it used to be. You’ve got plastic fats and you’ve got stimulants – theobromine, caffeine – and that stimulates the flow in the brain, in the nerves and you get a block with the plastic. But you can eat raw chocolate but may not sleep well. I can only have it once a month.

Q: Trampoline/rebounding and lymphatic flow

A: Could jump all day and it’s not going to help if the lymphatic system is jammed, clogged and hardened; great idea if already fluid and working properly. Have to melt it in the bath and then do your exercises if you want.

Q: Red and brown age spots

A: Usually dead cells the body puts into the skin. Darker ones are from the liver, spleen, gallbladder or kidneys. Mostly your elderly people – octogenarians – they may have 25% of the cells in their bodies alive. If only 25%, that’s a serious problem. You can’t afford to get rid of a lot of dead cells so you just build them as bricks in the wall. But every time your body does that as your cells die as you get older and you’re not eating raw meat or anything to regenerate cells for more cellular division to keep up with that loss, you just get weaker and it’s harder to function. Let’s say the body can’t reproduce any more cells at all in the skin. Any cells it can borrow from the liver – if they’re dead cells rather than throwing them out of the body through the bowels or dissolved through the lymphatic system, it will build it into the skin. Otherwise they’d have ulcerations, psoriasis, eczema, something like that. Steak tartar with lube formula.

Q: Psychological health

A: Remember, anybody that has depression – that is a matter of low bacteria in the colon. E. coli is the main bacteria that breaks down the fats and the proteins into the finite molecule that feeds the brain and the nervous system. If you have depression, it is always a low bacteria level and your brain is not being fed. That’s why you can eat high meat and high eggs and be giggling in 10-20 minutes; the bacteria is already broken down into those finite molecules. So you eat it and it goes right into the nervous system. That’s why high meat and eggs work. If you are suffering anxiety, that’s a matter of exercising. If you’ve got physiological hormones for physiological activity and you don’t spend them, your body is going to spend them in anxiety. So, either force yourself to exercise or be an asshole. If you don’t have the energy – are chronically fatigued – sing. Twenty minutes of singing is like an hour on the treadmill – the most strenuous exercise you can do - controlling the air, volume, tone. You never see a skinny opera singing because it takes a tremendous amount of energy.

Q: Baths

A: You can get an ofuro, a very nice looking Japanese wooden hot tub, which takes up about 5-6 square feet of the corner of a room. It can be inside rather than a hot tub outside which is more costly .It used to cost me $250/month to use my hot tub. If I kept it on 24/7, it was $375/month. In Canada, I have a lot of patients who have them. The ofuro has a pump, sand filter and heater in pocket hidden from view. If you go to cedartubs.com, that hot tub that used to cost $6000 is now $1850. Don’t buy your heater and filter or anything else from the same company, those are sky-high. You can get a good, small water heater that will heat that very nicely for about $300. Then you get a Hayward sand filter for a small pool or outdoor hot tub and that’s $120. Then you get a small pump about ¼ HP. That’s all it takes – have a plumber come and put it together. Remember your filter goes before the heater so you don’t plaque it up with dead cells. If you’re on city water, you’ve got the sand filter and you can add vinegar and sea salt. The vinegar will keep the sea salt from corroding the heating element so use together.

Q: Eating organs to rebuild glands

A: Kidney has a lot of ammonia – so does shark or stingray that is old; it can make you dizzy, nauseous. Depends how your body handles ammonia. The kidney is responsible for getting excess fluid out of the blood stream. It does this by manufacturing ammonia which prevents red and white blood cells from entering the kidney – the ammonia is a repellant to the red and white blood cells. Otherwise, you would be anemic every time you peed. So when you eat the kidney you can stop the exchange of the oxygen if the ammonia gets into your blood, act as an oxygen barrier. Most people can handle it but some can’t and get dizzy, nauseous and feel like passing out. If the lymphatic system uses the ammonia – fine. Some might use the ammonia as virus and solvents to dissolve toxicity. Liver and heart are good. Heart is a Viagra food. The penis is a muscle. The clitoris is a muscle. The heart and liver are muscles; the heart pumps and the liver undulates. If you have them together, you create swelling in the muscles. A lot of blood into the muscles and that’s what an erection is. If I combined liver and heart, I would never sleep. Combining would help if you’re chronically fatigued – as long as your body can afford to have energy.

Q: Afford to have energy

A: When you first came to me, every tissue inside your body was thin. If you had pumped your energy level up, raised your blood pressure, any tissue could have torn – even in your intestines, you could have had internal bleeding, could have had an aneurism in your brain, your heart. Now all of your tissues are stable. I can tell that by the tissue around your eyes especially so you can exercise now if you like, have the liver and heart and milk and honey extra.

I only trust Whole Foods for grass-fed. The liver is not supposed to be a filter; that’s just because we’re so toxic. Every part of the body is a filter, not just the liver. Every place you can store poisons is a filter and your body stores it everywhere. The liver is one of the last places it wants to store. It’s one of the last places to get toxicity. The liver is supposed to do one thing: make bile to digest fats.

Q: Adding milk to high meat

A: It’s OK but will take longer – an hour instead of 10-20 minutes. I eat it, rinse my mouth with an ounce of milk, and then swallow the milk. My milk gets foul at the end of the week but I don’t mind it – the fats are predigested and the proteins will follow quickly.

Q: Sip milk a lot and drink milkshakes

A: Not necessary. Most people do not form good mucus so they need the milkshake to form mucus when starting the diet. If on the diet a long time, they can just sip the milk. If you go through a period with a dry nose and throat, you need a milkshake.

Q: Cheese and Honey

A: Thirty-five minutes after a meat meal. That is your mineral supplement. You will not digest raw, no-salt cheese unless there is honey with it, or pineapple or something like that.