Benefits of Raw Eggs


Aajonus Vonderplanitz was without question an extremely controversial activist in the fields of nutrition and health.

The way he presented himself to the public eye (Ripleys or the Doctors) may not have created a lot of confidence however the many people whom he reached through his books, Primal Diet newsletters, Q&A sessions, Primal Diet Workshops, interviews and consults saw the real Aajonus – an extremely caring and competent person.

He did not make a big point of the years he spent researching before his books came out, but did occasionally mention details in Q&A sessions in private homes, to people he knew. Then after his books came out he continued to research and do private consults, constantly gathering data. When he found a better way to accomplish something (such as a more effective remedy or faster road to recovery) he was generally quite pleased. He would mention these in Q&As, Primal Diet Workshops or private consultations.

It was up to a small group of enthusiasts to somehow get Aajonus’s amazing findings and remedies out to those interested all over the world. That was and is the purpose of the website and it is the purpose behind any compilations or recordings being distributed through that website. There have been attempts to stop him and to minimize the flow of his information out to the world but those of us who realize the importance and potential for much better health are still here and working through the Optimal Ways of Living trust to make Aajonus’s information available worldwide.

Thus we present to you Benefits of Raw Eggs and Cheese. Even those who are Aajonus-scholars will find some new and vital information herein.

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There is some ‘new’ information that no one has yet seen! This data has not appeared in any publication, Q&A or workshop; this was gathered from one of Aajonus’s hard drives. It is included right along with other selected quotes from available talks and writings.

This e-book is designed for more than an interesting read. The information here may be viewed and reviewed as in a normal book; additionally you are encouraged to copy and paste into your own text document to create your PERSONAL health plan. This can be repeated every few months, as things change and you have different priorities.

The words of anyone except Aajonus are in italics. A bold heading gives a topic being explained by Aajonus when it is not a direct answer to one person’s question.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: How did Aajonus start on this path?

Chapter 2: Is a dietary regimen necessary?

Chapter 3: Aajonus’s Standards for food



Chapter 4: Updates to Aajonus’s recommended daily plan

4A. Sequence

4B. Midnight meal

4C. Cheese and honey

4D. Combinations

4E. How it works

4F. Weight loss and/or gain

weight loss

weight gain

4G. Special cases

Chapter 5: Remedies and Recommendations Using Raw

Eggs and Raw Unsalted Cheese


A. General information

B. Primal Diet Newsletter

C. Recipes with eggs and/or cheese

Chapter 1: How did Aajonus start on this path?

“I got on my bicycle and went around to the farms. Around there was a farming community. I made deals to shovel manure, to milk goats and cows, slaughter - to do whatever I had to do on the farms in exchange for food. And all I wanted was chickens, beef (unfrozen), butter, cheese, all the dairy I could consume and eggs. That is what I lived on - nothing but that - for 2 1/2 months. I gained 55 pounds. For the first time in my life, I was able to do physical work and enjoy it! ...with literally no pain! So, I was ecstatic. ...I can feel alive! I do feel alive!’

“And it is the first time in my life that I have ever felt this way. I was very happy. And I continued eating that way but only 3 days a week that I ate raw meat and sustained on raw dairy and eggs. And then I got better and better and got to the point where I could run up to 13 miles a day. ... For the first time in my life, I got athletic. But then, after about a year, I thought 'why am I doing this - because I could!’ But then I had no interest in spending my time running around. My brain seemed to be doing better than my body so I like to think a lot, read a lot, learn a lot and experiment - and do projects.” June 22, 2013

I'm just so happy because I thought it would take 40 years to get your body back into a state with the greatest amount of health -- minus that you couldn't get rid of because of vaccines because of too many poisons too much mercury too much fat needed to remove them. It's not that way with the cheese. It's spectacular and of course eating in this pattern helps. Other people who’ve done the cheese - and it works very well - but eat their own food pattern and it doesn't work as well and they don't get as strong so they don't move as quickly in every which way. June 22, 2013

...when I checked the fecal matter, I found a lot of toxins embedded in this dried matter that was coming out. ... a lot of constipation but high ratios of toxins in that dried food and I said ‘How about cheese! ...let’s try cheese; high minerals, dehydrated, can’t digest it unless it’s cooked or with salt, that fractionates it so you can re-digest the cheese. So, it has to be no-salt raw cheese so it goes through the system and collects poisons. So about three years ago, a little longer than three, I got a lot of people to do it. Before, I had a few people doing it. But 3 years ago I started doing it because the success was so great with 50 people, I tried it with probably 200 people. I said ‘When you get up in the morning, you eat a tablespoon or 2 tablespoons. If you are a guy this big, you eat three tablespoons of cheese. First thing in the morning absorb all the poisons that have dumped into the stomach and intestines. It will go through like a train and just pick it up. And it does! Then after then, suck some eggs; get the brain fuel going. June 22, 2013

Somebody got in my house and poisoned my milk. ..... And I started eating cheese to absorb it and collect it. And I noticed that it worked very very well, because it cut down on my nausea 90%. That was about six years ago, so now I ask other people that I was seeing frequently, once a year to me is frequent. Because you know I don't need to see people very often on this diet, they get well so I don't need to see them frequently. So I decided to ask other people to eat different amounts of cheese and all day long. And those that ate it once an hour did very very well, those who ate it every 45 minutes did even better, those that did every 30 minutes did even better, 20 minutes, 15 minutes, and the results were incredible. Even again, I just went to three cities, St Louis and Stockton, Missouri, and Omaha and everybody who has diligently done the cheese every 20 to 30 minutes, the amount of detoxification is sped up like 2 to 6 years in 1 year, I mean it's astounding. So thank God the people who can't take the hot tubs or you know, aren't taking enough baths, at least I can get them to side track them going out the skin and going into the intestinal tract to remove it. June 16, 2013

Since I’ve had people doing it [ lymphatic bath ] at least five days a week, 90 minutes a day, plus eating the cheese every day – anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes daily – the increase in lymphatic activity and cleansing and healing has tripled. May 27, 2012

I've seen in people who were diligent who were eating cheese every 15 minutes, and I had one fellow whose entire intestinal tract was black and I thought this guy is going to take a long time to get well. And he was on his way out. He was very skinny, and I saw him a year later and his digestive tract had cleaned by two thirds. He got the mercury out of it from the cheese. June 16, 2013

Chapter 2: Is a dietary regimen necessary?

Two factors cause the rampant, modern progression of afflictions such as cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, heart disease, chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia.

The first factor is eating cooked and/or processed food that is devoid of live nutrients and full of the toxic byproducts of cooking, pesticides and other chemicals. If you are interested in the names and research on those toxins, purchase and read The Recipe For Living Without Disease.

The second factor is environmental pollution. The industrial and chemical revolutions have created over 6,000 bizarre foreign chemicals that our bodies have not succeeded in processing as food or air. Toxic accumulations within our bodies cause more deterioration. Some chemicals cause immediate death, but most cause the gradual degeneration that leads to poor-quality health. Article: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia.

Chapter 3: Aajonus’s Standards for Food


... any kind of raw cheese or even a cottage cheese It does not matter. Cottage cheese ok? Cottage is fine – as long as it’s not too wet. Not too wet. Yeah. Does it have to be unsalted? It has to be unsalted. Salt is an explosive – it starts fractionating your food, so if you have raw salted cheese you’re going to reabsorb your poisons. If you have pasteurized cheese you’re going to reabsorb your poisons. If you have salted pasteurized cheese you’re going to really not synthesize, as well as reabsorbing your poisons – toxins. October 14, 2012

The reason that I say don't add salt to cheeses is because when it goes into the body, it starts breaking up the cheese and then causing your body to digest it. The problem: what happens to you in the blood is that if you have salt in there of course your body will take the sodium chloride, or the sodium potassium or however you're getting the sodium, and separate it. It will isolate because it’s in rock form. We don't eat we rock, plants eat rock. June 22, 2013

Does cottage cheese work the same? Yes. Cottage cheese is still dehydrated, although not as much as hard cheese. If you want to get your minerals with cottage cheese, do you still take it with honey? Yes, with honey. September 26, 2010

Does it matter if it's the soft cheese or the hard cheese? If it is cottage cheese, you need to let it dry more than you get it from the farmer. It is a little too soft. Just remember, any soft cheese has a certain amount of enzymes in it. You do not want to digest the cheese. You want the cheese to absorb poisons and get it out of the body. June 16, 2013

How about feta, raw goat feta, is that good, or is that too salty? It's too salty. Salt for you is absolute poison. May 6, 2000

What about moldy cheese? Moldy cheese I scrape the...the outer white layer off because that has all the spores in it and you can get to much mycelium generating in your system and you can get very lethargic. So, no moldy cheese? Yes, you can eat moldy cheese; just scrape the white top off. September 9, 2007

Spores on cheese

Cheese, though, grows white spores off the top. The spores are aerobically incited like tiny microscopic mushrooms that let out all these spores for mycelium. Mycelium is like the mother... like salmonella on the body. It goes into the ground and eats dead roots – whether grass or trees, whatever. In the woods the milky substance oozing all over a dead felled tree is mycelium. When the mycelium is finished working, it will grow mushrooms whose spores will find dead roots and take effect there. Mycelium will grow; you’ll have this milky substance in the ground eating and decomposing the roots which become nutrients for other plants. When you eat that even from a cheese, it can incite heavy detoxification (decomposition) of any part of network in the body that’s dead – neurological, blood stream, lymphatic branches. [ That is a ] good thing but can sometimes be very debilitating. It is OK to eat the mycelium mold on the inside of the cheese but when you eat the spores, it can go rampant so just scrape them off on the outside of the cheese. May 20, 2012

Does cottage cheese count as cheese or is that more like a kefir? It's more like a cheese. So the same thing applies to cottage cheese? Right. It’s just that because it still has some of its fluid in it you will have some bioactive enzymes in cottage cheese that you won’t have in dry cheese. September 9, 2007

But you’re saying the harder cheese...the softer cheese is actually better for you or they're not... It depends on what you need. If you need the molds to help break down toxicity in your body then the softer cheeses are better. If you need a magnet and a sponge to bind with toxicity and then remove it from your body then harder cheese is better. So which is the harder cheese? Farmer’s cheese? Farmers cheese is soft. The dry cheese is the brick cheese. Cheddar is hard. Cheddar yeah, Jack...any of those. September 9, 2007

... keep cheese from molding? That’s the process of cheese, you know if you get American cheese. The process of making cheese is you take the dairy, you make it into curds and whey, you filter it out, you dry out your curds, and you put it in cave. That’s the way cheeses are made. Instead of putting active acidophilus in the milk, you’re introducing a mold to predigest it the same way as bacteria. So that’s the only way you can eat hard cheeses, that you can digest them, is if there’s mold in them. Well there’s one way: you can eat a litle bit of honey with your hard cheeses and you’ll be able to digest them. Or you can pasteurize them - make it from pasteurized milk - of course when that happens you’re going to absorb toxins in the body and then re-digest it, reabsorb those chemicals, those toxins, back into the body. When cheese is raw and unsalted the body does not digest it, it uses it to attract toxins out of the neurological and lymphatic blood stream; even as it passes out of the mouth it pulls it out of the system all the way through, till it leaves the body. If you eat honey directly with the cheese then you will digest the cheese, and if there are any toxins in it you’ll reabsorb those toxins. So I say eat cheese only twice a day with honey, maybe thirty minutes after a meat meal, and that’s to give your calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, potassium, all those good concentrated minerals, supplementation. Otherwise the cheese won’t be as digestible without having fungus or mold in it. If you don’t want it to mold don’t refrigerate it. Molds grow in cold environments, so if you leave the cheese out to get warm [it won’t mold]. February 22, 2009

I came back from France: they say to mold the cheese, is that a good idea? That's a very good idea because we've all eaten lots of cooked cheese in our life, that American stuff, Velveeta, how much Velveeta I ate, no wonder I was so sick. That stuff was awful. May 6, 2000

I also found that if you put it in a dark place, it seems to...the mold is faster. Right. If you leave it out at room temperature...if you'll take it out of its package and then let air in a plastic bag, like a ziplock bag with air in it, it will mold very quickly. There are all different kinds of molds. That may be a difficult one, so only a little bit, cause I've seen people get fatigue, so eat only a little bit. Maybe a little, let's say molds on the outside first, then work its way in over the month inside, so when it gets on the outside, if you want it to go blue, to blue cheese, you need to let it sit a longer time. If it's just the white mold, that'll happen within a few days. Shave some of that off. But I wouldn't have any more than a thin shaving like this, about as wide as the brick is, and no more than 1" long, per week. May 6, 2000

Should I stay away from cheese because of all the mold? Let me tell you, these therapists don’t know their butt from a hole in the ground. All they do is listen to doctors. They think the same way as doctors. The body is attacking itself. If you’re eating raw cheese that’s molded, and that’s how you make cheeses - the molds predigest the cheese just like lactobacillus predigests your yogurt, your milk to make yogurt and kefir. It’s not a bad thing. If it is mold grown on pasteurized cheese, you’ve got a problem. But my people with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue – it depends on what’s caused it – all eat cheese and honey and some fruit. They just have to eat it with a lot of fat. July 10, 2007

Cheese will pull those toxins out of the body. It has to be raw, no-salt cheese and if it’s moldy on the outside – if you see some white – just scrape it off. The mold inside is fine but if you look at the white hair/moldy stuff under a microscope you’ll see hundreds of thousands of microscopic mushrooms with spores. You can get too many spores at one time in a sick body. Just scrape off the surface; there are no mushrooms inside; only on the surface. If your body is not sick, you might be able to use the mold. July 10, 2007

Water with meat and cheese? Cheese doesn't have a lot of enzymes. So I would say eat some honey, just little bits of honey just to get the enzymes in there so you can utilize it. It's better when you're first starting out like that, to eat the meat with just very very little cheese. And then you'll probably have no trouble at all.

Did you drink anything, or have anything with it other than the cheese and meat? Water? Never EVER EVER drink water with meat and cheese. It will completely dilute your acids. And then that stuff will sit in your stomach for quite a while. At least 40-50 minutes, and usually meat and cheese should be gone out of the stomach in 20 minutes. May 6, 2000

When you gulp, most of the water is going to go right into the kidney and all those nutrients have no way to get to your cells. So, it causes dehydration because the body wants to replace that water ...impossible. By drinking water you cannot get that ion activity between the nutrients and the water again. If you blended water with some cottage cheese, put a little honey or some fruit in it, February 3, 2013

I recommend that people eat small amounts of cheese to absorb the poisons that are constantly dumping into the stomach and intestines. That’s not the normal route; that’s not the healthy route for toxins to leave the body – 90% of toxins are supposed to leave through the skin. October 14, 2012

How long do you store cheese in room temperature? Until it gets very; cold in your house and you know mold will start growing. I’ve had it up to six months in my experiment. Heat restricts it more from getting fungus, from getting mold, it’s tastier. Just remember raw dairy never goes bad, it just turns into cheese. Well when you’ve got hair, fussy stuff all over the outside, those are mushrooms, those are the spores. That can cause a heavy detoxification. So you just scrape the outer stuff off. February 22, 2009

So if you wanted heavy detox you could eat it [moldy cheese]? Absolutely! Right. Or you may get strong fatigue, you may get diarrhea and vomiting, so if you’re ready for it, do it - If it doesn’t bother you. I know people who’ve been eating the moldy cheese for ages, who simply say it never bothers me. Well, they’re Germans, they’re really healthy with all that raunchy stinky awful smelling cheese, and that’s all from mold. February 22, 2009

A good cheese

is one that’s been predigested with molds. Germans love those stinky old cheeses that have been broken down with the raunchiest molds in the world. Look at their strength when they used to eat so much of it. Look at the 1800s and 1900s when they thought they were the greatest race. Part of that was because they ate so much steak tartar, even more than France and they ate all of this raw moldy cheese. So they were an incredibly healthy country of people. September 13, 2009

Can you leave that cheese out and dry it? Will it change the properties of the cheese? Yeah, the dryer it is the more it will be absorbent. September 9, 2007

Importance of cheese

He was one of those skinny, skinny individuals that absorbed all those poisons and couldn’t throw them off because he had no fat to throw them off. So here he walked up, I photographed his eyes. I can see his entire digestive tract. 90 percent of the metal is gone. And he looks it. And I said what planet are you from? This isn’t natural or normal. He said I am doing better. I’m feeling good and he said I don’t see the difference but I feel the difference, I feel happy now, I feel energy. He went from bone thin like Jim was and a lot of other people, several other people who are here, bone thin, thinner than he. So he was big, his waist... he probably went from a..., he is about 6 feet 2 inches. He probably went from a 31 waist to 42. But he was strong; he had red skin, not all gray except around the eyes. It was just like a miracle. I’ve seen that a few times. But the people were not honest with me. I said O.K., I want you to tell me what you eat. Take me through a day. He said I am going to be honest. I have been eating maybe 10 times more [ raw unsalted ] cheese than you told me. I said I gave you a minimum. I don’t care if you eat 10 pounds a day. I just want you to eat a minimum of a little cube of cheese, of a half a teaspoon every 15 minutes. He wouldn’t stop eating it, he just kept eating and eating and eating it and going through a pound, a pound and a half a day. I tell people, that’s what vacuums. It absorbs the poisons out of the stomach and intestines and in 7 months he did that. You have to understand when I give you something, it is a minimum not a maximum, it is a minimum. Pig out on the cheese if you have intestinal poisoning and you want to get rid of metal poisoning faster. Get fat for a while on cheese. Cheese will make you fat. You don’t digest it - the raw cheese - you won’t digest but it will allow you to utilize all your other foods to completely build and detox and heal, while the cheese goes through and does the main detoxification. So you are able to use all those foods that I tell you to eat. And I tell everybody to eat a lot with a lot of butter. So if you want to move fast through your poisons, do it. ...lots of cheese. Article: Cheese to Detox Heavy Metals

I have 20 pounds of butter up there to last me up through December or January. Why? ... Because I want the yellow butter with more vitamins in it. I put it in the refrigerator, and if it gets a little blue, it is just blue cheese; it’s delicious. I make Roquefort dressing with it. September 13, 2009

I use a little cheese on the meat with some mustard with some vinegar and I use that twice a day. Uh-huh. ...t he mustard with a little vinegar. Yeah, right. Is that okay? Yeah, you’re talking probably about a very small amount. July 20, 2008


Refrigerated eggs...

Just take them out of the refrigerator, put them in the sun in a brown paper bag to get that bacteria growing. I take them in at night but put them out two days – not in direct sunlight which would break down stem cells. Yellow and watery rotten eggs stimulate intense detox? That’s just barely fermented. When they’re black, they’re really rotten eggs - that’s the way the Chinese eat them. They’re as good as they’re predigested. No detox – just feeds the brain and nervous system. I talk about rotten eggs in my newsletter. January 27, 2013

Eggs should not be artificially heated above 98 degrees F (37 degrees C) nor stored below 68 degrees F (20 degrees C). The Recipe for Living Without Disease

What does refrigeration do? Refrigeration will destroy the enzymes and protein responses, the longer it's refrigerated, the more it's destroyed. And if you take it out, in room temperature, it'll start building up again. When you get this fertile egg then, it's already been refrigerating. That's why I said, you leave it out, and it'll build up again. So you can buy refrigerated eggs and leave them out? And if you do what I do sometimes, I'll stick it in the sun so it stinks. And it's full of bacteria. And let me tell you, if I got a lot of work to do, and I'll eat that, I can move mountains. 1999

...Blending vegetables instead of juicing? ... terrible, because - what those will do is - the pulp stays in there and alkalinizes your intestines. So you don’t digest your dairy and meats well, and eggs. ...e ven if it’s done separately from your eggs? It doesn't make any difference because those particles lag. May 26, 2013

Happy chickens

These Amish chickens that are fed my way -

[ Aajonus’s way: Feeding a chicken a vegetarian diet is the worst thing you can do. Chickens are not vegetarian. They’re mainly scavengers and eat rotten meat and bugs. If they eat rotten meat – which they prefer, they won’t eat bugs. They eat carcasses like vultures. That’s why I have Amish farmers butchering their animals and leaving what they don’t use for the chickens who eat it as it rots as well as the ensuing maggots.]

are walking around rubbing against your leg like a cat and never pecking each other – none of that... You are going to get very excellent eggs from Amish farmers. January 27, 2013

Chickens on sprout diet? Again, it’s a vegetarian diet and not that great. Animals that live on sprouts die young. January 27, 2013

When I go to the farmer, I take out all the eggs with shit on them. In Asia they don’t clean their eggs and I take the ones with most shit on. Where I poke it, I’m eating the shit. May 23, 2010

Unwashed eggs vs washed eggs?

I get unwashed eggs whenever I can because they use a detergent that destroys some of the bacteria. It deprives the egg of the ability to reproduce and it does stop the bacterial growth inside the egg, from the outside in. I like bacteria; it’s 99% of any organic function in any animal. I want bacteria, I want as much as I can get. In Asia, people see me, I go and I buy these chicken shit eggs and I suck it out and they go eeeeek you’re gonna die! 1999

How much better are Amos' [Amos Miller is an Amish farmer using Aajonus’s farming principles completely] eggs than regular unwashed eggs? Well, Amos raises chickens the way I want. He takes the guts from a butchered animal, throws them out on a pallet. He lets the flies lay all their maggots, the birds peck on the rotten meat and the guts and everything in them along with the maggots. His chickens follow you around like cats; they’ll rub up against you - they never peck each other. They have everything they need; they are a happy, wonderful healthy chicken. He gives them buttermilk, whey, kefir, or sprouted grains like oats. How good can a typical pastured egg be compared to a chicken like Amos’ that eats that much meat and other foods. Like compared to the eggs we get around here from Rawesome and the farmers markets? Considerably better. September 13, 2009

Why do you not refrigerate your eggs? Because you will destroy the vitamins and enzymes in your eggs and you will assimilate and absorb less and less protein. When you leave them out, they grow bacteria in them. I will leave some out in the sun and rot them till they are old and stinky. They taste like a rotten Easter egg. It doesn’t hurt at all but the smell is horrendous. But you know the Chinese have the century old egg which they rot from 5 to 25 years. They rot them buried in clay. They can be from anywhere from $25-$100-$1000 an egg. Old Chinese men who are 80-90 years old will pay $ 1,000 for black eggs that are rotten to the core and they will go out and screw 30 times in a night for up to 5-6 months. It is worth it for them. We now know why you eat those eggs. It leads to vitality, to good feeling. All that good stuff... September 19, 2000

High eggs feed the brain and nervous system. I’ve had eggs up to six months in a cool house that never went high. The way to do it is to make sure some oxygen gets into it but you don’t want to make a big crack in it as it makes them stinky and hard and when you go to break it open, it’s all over the place. You want to get hairline cracks in it that you almost can’t see unless you’ve got a magnifying glass. The way you do that is tap with the rounded back of a spoon [ sound of tapping ] and you can hear it when it cracks. You can’t see it but it’s cracked. Another area [ more tapping ]. I do it in at least three places. Now I’ve cracked it too much and that means it’s going to come out really black. And that’s OK. That’s the way the Asians eat them. Put it back in your carton. How long does it take? Three or four weeks, if it’s in a warm place. It pre-digests just like yogurt and kefir pre- digest. It feeds the brain and nervous system. Isn’t it already so easily digested that it doesn’t need to be high? Yes, but it won’t get to the bowel. The bacteria in the bowel feed the brain and the nervous system but it’s the last to be fed. Most of the best fats are already digested and gone. The way you get some bacteria that predigest your protein and your fats into your brain and nervous system as soon as you eat, so it doesn’t have to wait to get to the bowel, is you make it decay on its own. Its own bacteria will break it down the way your colon bacteria would so you’re feeding your brain and nervous system. That’s why eating high meat turns chronically depressed people into laughing, giggling people in 10- 20 minute. High eggs are the same way. What’s it going to look like? It depends. It’s usually very runny and the yolk is mixed to some extent with the egg white. If you let it go a very long time, it could turn black. That’s the best because it means it’s all completely digested. That’s the century egg. The Chinese let it go up to 25 years. It’s all black or white inside. Sometimes it can be hard, depending on the egg and the soil they put it in. The bacteria in the egg start the pre-digestion and the fungus [ in the soil ] will finish it. That’s why when you open it you have powder – it’s a fungal powder – whether black or white. It’s an aphrodisiac and these 25-year-old eggs cost about $1000 apiece. It’s like Viagra for 30 days. There are a lot of elderly people in Japan and China and Taiwan and Asia that eat those eggs. When they make those, they’re not cracked just buried in clay or some other type of earth depending on what they’re trying to generate. And, can we also make them without cracking them? Yes, but they’ll take forever unless you’re living in a tropical environment where the temperature never drops below 80 degrees. I have a couple eggs I keep in a high cupboard that I haven’t touched in a couple years. Are these still good? They are still good, but you won’t get much out of them as most of the moisture has already evaporated. When they bury them in the ground, they don’t lose their moisture. Do you have to be careful how many you eat? No. February 3, 2013

Century eggs

In China, if you go to China and buy the century eggs, they’re either black molds that have converted from... you have bacteria, that breaks down first, and then the mold eats the bacteria. It’s breaking it down into a finite powder. So whenever you buy those eggs, it’s either all black mold or all white mold. That’s normal; that means you’ve gotten a very advanced one. So they might be 3 or 4 weeks older than the other one. ...right ...even longer. Yeah So, so it’s ok to eat those eggs? Absolutely! Just remember that mold breaks down eggs the same way as bacteria. So it just predigests it for you, just like acidophilus and bulgaricus. All of those break down the different elements within foods, so they just predigest it for you. December 14, 2008

Leave the eggs for 6 months, and then eat them? There's a Chinese century egg, they bury them from 1 year to 25 years, 25 year old egg, you pull it out of the ground, it is completely bacteria-mold, black or white, and it costs you $1000 for one of those eggs. And it is great for longevity. Some of those Asians reach it. And it's only the wealthy ones because they're the only ones that can afford $1000 an egg. 1999

The Chinese successfully used “century” eggs, rotten eggs aged up to 25 years with high- bacteria and molds, for remedies and disease-prevention, and as an aphrodisiac. The conclusion that the elderly, infants and the ill are more susceptible to harm (at-risk) from “pathogens” is speculation and false. I have observed many cases in which so-called at-risk individuals ate bacterial rich, aged and decaying raw food. They regained health of bowels, digestion, glands, sanity, and in many cases reversed disease. It worked favorably in all situations with only 6 of 32 experiencing minor loose bowels, or nausea and/or vomiting. Those people considered their discomfort well worth the beneficial results. Bacteria, virus and parasites are naturally present in the company of degenerative tissue but are not the cause of degenerative tissue. According to retired Neuroscientist Elnora Van Winkle from Millhauser Laboratories of the Department of Psychiatry, New York University School of Medicine, “pathogens” are the clean-up crew for degenerative conditions. They appear as a response, not as the cause. “Pathogens” respond to decay within the body, reversing or preventing more serious disease. They appear as vultures and crows do; they find the dying and carcasses and eat them to prevent the atmosphere from becoming a toxic gaseous environment. Eliminating them is dangerous to the environment. Eliminating microbes - such as, E.coli, salmonella, and campylobacter forces decaying tissue to remain in the body, endangering the inner-body environment. As a result, the body gets sicker over time. Article: Recipe for a Health-giving Paradigm

I happen to have this really good egg supplier for five or six years. He gives the unwashed eggs, I buy them buy the case. He doesn’t feed them any soy - just corn and he says he gives them worms also. But I had a problem last August. You know, I buy a case, and usually I finish the case and a couple go bad, and you know, I love... Raw eggs don’t go bad, they just go stinky. Well they would go to become a rotten egg, the classic rotten egg. And I love the classic rotten eggs. But in August I was quite slow at eating my case of eggs and something rather strange started happening to this case of eggs. Instead of going bad, cause they were sitting, (it was August, it was hot) - they were in my kitchen, I don’t have air conditioning in my place, but it’s not direct sun or anything like that. It sure is hot but instead of becoming a classic rotten egg, it would like just like break open and become this smelly brown and full of maggots. And now I’m wondering whether I can still, I’ve still been buying eggs from this guy since August. Is there a problem with his eggs? Every time you crack a shell and you get it warm enough, there are those little bitty fruit fly worm, fruit flies that will lay their larva, and then get into the cracks because they’re very tiny; they’re not like a regular fly. But instead of going bad, all these eggs, dozens of them turned into this stinky, uh, brown thing of like, just full of maggots. Good stuff. I could have eaten that? Yeah, absolutely!

All that brown stuff is the maggots predigesting all those nutrients. Their waste is usually brown. There are some funguses in China when you have the century egg, it turns black inside and not brown, but see white brown or black, depending on which egg you’re buying. That’s a classic bad egg. But that stinky, smelly, completely brown.. Those are the maggots predigesting. They predigested the whole darn egg? What do your bowel movements smell like? I don’t smell them very often. But if you shit in your yard, what would it smell like? It smells like shit. It smells pretty foul. Well that’s the food that’s most absorbable. Once the bacteria and E. coli have broken everything down, the body holds the fecal matter up in the sigmoid colon in order to absorb all that foul stinky stuff, because that’s reducing to the molecules, to feed the cells in the body. Would it have been healthy to eat that brown smelly... With the maggot too. With the maggots! So I could have just thrown it into a jar and gone around eating one of these a day... Absolutely! No, that’s normal in the summertime, if the egg shell got cracked. How do I know it got cracked? It just sat there. You wouldn’t know; you have to have a magnifying glass - a pretty powerful one - and see if the eggs got cracked, and all they have to do is bump each other and they’ll put hairline cracks. They seemed to just explode on their own. I do that. I do that. I’ll take - if it’s a hot summer - I’ll take a spoon and just tap them, and I hear that crack go through them, and then I know. But sometimes I’d like to have a whole plate of these things, and they’d all go bad, the whole thing. Well that’s a week of good predigested egg. But there’s a difference between a rotten egg and these smelly brown things, or are they the same? Well, they’re not the same because you’ve got the parasites eating one, and you’ve got fungus eating the other, and bacteria and fungus.

So I know you’ve always talked about how we should get parasites in our body, is this a good way to get parasites in our body? That parasite is not an internal parasite. Okay so that parasite is just going to be ingested by our bacteria. This is like that tribe that lives on maggots. They hunt, they slice the meat very thinly; they lay it on a grill of twigs. Then the maggots come and lay their eggs, their larva, and it grows. Then they’ll eat the maggots on the fifth day before they grow wings, and they get big juicy maggots. That’s all they eat, and they can run 30 to 35 miles an hour. Everything is liquid and finely digested when it’s in a maggot. So that’s good stuff to eat? ... absolutely good stuff to eat. February 22, 2009

Eggs will never get to the bowel – no matter what form they are – high or not. Eggs are assimilated in the stomach and small intestine? Yeah, but if you’re eating eggs alone, they’ll only go about 5” in your intestine before they’re all absorbed. Feb 3, 2013

Chapter 4: Updates to Aajonus’s recommended daily plan

4A. Sequence

Has your eating schedule changed since the recipe book? Yes, you eat cheese first thing in the morning and have butter with it if you have a tendency towards constipation. So let's say for a big guy - like your size - I'd say two tablespoons of cheese, a teaspoon of butter. ... first in the morning? Next after that, to get the brain going so you don’t have a lot of sugar in your nervous system and so the brain functions and focuses properly, you eat eggs, two to three eggs, five to ten minutes apart. And then go into the regular schedule? Yes. Then throughout the day, in between the meat meal and your fruit meal, you are sipping on the milk and sport formula... and eating cheese periodically, to absorb the poisons all day long. So the cheese is added and the sport formula is added. Early in the morning, why do you have the cheese? It will absorb all the poisons that have dumped into the stomach and intestines. ...And what quantity of cheese per person? It is all different; it depends on your size and level of toxicity. May 26, 2013

What do you usually eat for breakfast? I wake and have cheese. After that I suck an egg or two. After that I eat my meat. I thought you had juice in the morning. I don’t do much juice anymore because it disturbs my balance of everything so I have my juice later. For almost everybody else, you have your cheese, your juice with egg or egg and then juice then egg again, depending on your condition. Then you have your meat. September 26, 2010

Fat after protein

Should fat - butter and cheese - be eaten simultaneously with meat? It depends on quantity. If you're a weight-lifter or body builder and want to develop big fast, have a full lubrication formula: 3-4 tbl with the meat and the rest 10-15 minutes following because the protein will help you digest that fat. Fat takes 3 times longer to

digest than proteins. So it’s better to have most of the fat 10-15 minutes after the protein, if you’re having a lot. If you’re a weight-lifter and burn a lot of energy, you can just gulp stuff like that. I can’t. I’ll sip it. If you’re only having 1-2 tbl of fat, have it with the meat as a sauce or however you want. But you want all the fat within 40 minutes. September 26, 2010

How often should I consume the cheese/honey mixture? Three times a day, and two times after a meat meal. If you have osteoporosis I usually suggest that people do eating schedule #2, which has three meat meals instead of one. Thirty-five minutes after you finish the meat meal you have your cheese and honey together. September 13, 2009

If you’re having the lube formula you might want to wait to have the lube formula after you’ve finished the meat meal. 10 minutes after? And then you can have – 35 minutes after that – you can have the cheese and the honey? Yeah. Well, what I’ve done – I’ve changed that a little bit: 25 minutes after you’ve finished the meat have a little sugar-cubed size amount of cheese; 10 minutes after that you have your cheese and honey ... because I don’t want any poisons getting into the honey and cheese. May 27, 2012

Importance of cheese

Yeah. And let’s say I’ve got construction workers who are heavily toxic and laboratory personal who deal with a lot of formaldehyde and mercury – I have them eat a cube every 15 minutes. So, they’ll take that and wait seven minutes, drink some sport formula or milk, or milkshake and then seven minutes have that piece of cheese again – and they do that all day long. When it comes to a meal of course they don’t eat that cheese during that half of the meal, but they eat it 10 minutes before the meal and then about 25 minutes after the meal they have cheese again, then 10 minutes after that is when you have honey and cheese together. When you have cheese without honey without fruit you do not digest the cheese; there are no enzymes in dehydrated food, no matter what it is. So, you have to have honey or some kind of fruit – like an acidic fruit – like pineapple or papaya – to provide the enzymes to digest that cheese. So, twice a day I recommend that 25 minutes after your meal you have a little piece of cheese, 10 minutes after that you have your cheese with honey and that’s your mineral supplement. Ok? I’ve seen women with 32% bone loss and osteoporosis reverse that in nine months by doing that, in nine months. October 14, 2012

Can you eat the cheese about a half-hour before? That won’t work. The stomach works in 40-minute cycles, just like we have dream states and go into REM [ rapid eye movement ] every 40 minutes. So if you eat your cheese and wait 10 minutes, you have 30 minutes to eat your meal. If you eat cheese first, your body will start dumping poisons from the stomach that it needs to get rid of. If you stop eating for ten minutes, it stops dumping poisons with the hydrochloric acid. So, then you can eat your meal so you get the hydrochloric acid without poisons. At 40 minutes all of a sudden your stomach starts dumping poisons with the hydrochloric acid again. So that’s your boundary: you have your cheese, wait 10 minutes, you start eating your meal and you have 30 minutes to finish. September 26, 2010

What about before you have your cheese? Is there a period of time you can’t eat or drink anything before you have your cheese? Because I’ll be sipping milk and five minutes later I’ll have my cheese – is that OK? I sip all day long. OK. ...five minutes before cheese - as long as you’re just sipping. Don’t drink half a cup and then take cheese five minutes later. September 26, 2010

Should you do the cheese before you do a sip of milk? Or the sport formula that’re doing cheese every 20 minutes you say.....but you also want us to be sipping milk when it is hot or sport formula. How much time.... Ten minutes, you have a sip, five minutes you can have cheese again. OK. ... But it's sipping the milk, it's not guzzling it. June 16, 2013

Do you eat the cheese and honey 10 minutes before a cheese? You eat the cheese – it’s always the cheese 10 minutes before you have the cheese and honey. Yeah, but even in the middle of the night do you do it? Yeah, still I have a piece of cheese first but you don’t have to wait a full 10 minutes – 5 minutes is fine during the middle of the night. And when you have that cheese with honey it should be about a three to one ratio – maximum. So, let’s say you’re having a tbsp. of cheese, you have a tsp. of honey only; you have three tbsp. of cheese, you can have two a half to three tsp. of honey. October 14, 2012

Okay so I switch over to the eggs, so I can drink milk in between the eggs, I drink about a gallon of milk day, especially in the summer - I get so thirsty. You need the cheese to absorb the toxins. If you’re having burning, you need something to absorb the toxins so do the cheese before you have the eggs. September 13, 2009

Cheese before juice

I was on the diet before, was really a lot of juice, maybe I just got a little bit tired of it. I'd like you to have 60% celery, 20% carrot, and 20% green cabbage. What might help you enjoy that juice a little bit is to have a little cheese before you drink the juice. November 7, 1999

After you have that little sugar-cube – you wait 25 minutes after you finished the meat meal - you have a little sugar-cube amount of cheese, and then 10 minutes after that you have your cheese and honey together for your mineralization. I just want to be sure that you don’t get any poisons from the stomach lining or the intestinal walls into the cheese that’s going to digest and get your mineral supplement when you eat it with the honey. Just like I have you eating cheese 10 minutes before everything – absorb the poisons. So, when you eat your meal – whether it’s fruit or meat, or milkshake, or whatever – the poisons are not going to get into your food that’s going to be digested. So, if you have the fruit meal – it’s the same thing again: 10 minutes before the fruit, have the cheese? You have the piece of cheese – yeah. May 27, 2012

cheese during bath? I do, absolutely. It’s a good idea, even if you’re not waiting to drink, to have some cheese. You can be throwing off toxins in that hot bath. Poisons galore are going to come out. So, I don’t have to wait ten minutes after the cheese before drinking in the bath? In the bath, the rules can change. Just drink. March 26, 2013

What about before you have your cheese? Is there a period of time you can’t eat or drink anything before you have your cheese? Because I’ll be sipping milk and five minutes later I’ll have my cheese – is that OK?

I sip all day long. OK five minutes before cheese - as long as you’re just sipping. Don’t drink half a cup and then take cheese five minutes later. September 26, 2010

So after you finish the meat meal - 20 to 25 minutes after that - you have the cheese, small amount of cheese, 10 to 15 minutes after that you have cheese and honey together. So like if you're a tiny person it could be about 1 and 1/2 tablespoons of cheese to 1 teaspoon 1, 1 and 1/2 teaspoons of honey. Use 1/3 or less honey to the amount of cheese. Remember there are three teaspoons to a tablespoon so if you're having one tablespoon of cheese that means 3 teaspoons of cheese to one teaspoon of honey or less. Then you can have 1/2 teaspoon of honey with 3 teaspoons of cheese - very small amounts. That's to provide the enzymes to digest the cheese, all the minerals in the fats and the cheese. That is where you get your mineral supplement. Now 2 tablespoons of cheese is worth how much milk, minerals and milk and fat. Quart and a half. Pretty good - not your cottage cheese but your hard cheese - that's pretty good - that's a lot of minerals, a lot of good fats. So you're going to digest that. If you do it after the meat you're going to re-mineralize the body, you’re going to strengthen your bones and muscles. June 22, 2013

I have my cheese every 20 minutes. October 14, 2012

...just the way I said So let's say that after you finish your meat meal and the cheese and the honey you go 2 hours or two and a half hours eating the cheese however often you wanted -- and then sipping. Then you have your vegetable juice then... if you haven't had it before your meat meal. Then you wait two hours after that and then you eat the cheese and sip in between. If you had your vegetable juice before the meat meal, then you go 3 to 4 hours with just cheese and sipping. Then about noon - depending upon what time you awaken - you have your fruit meal between noon and 2 o’clock. You're eating cheese again -- every time before you’re going to eat anything you have cheese. So you have the cheese and then 10 minutes after that you have your fruit meal. June 22, 2013

So after you have your cheese again then after that you have your vegetable juice or your meat meal. You have your vegetable juice you're going to have to wait for at least 45 minutes to have your meat meal after that from the first time. At least 45 minutes. So I say after you have your vegetable Juice after you finish it 15 - 20 minutes later you have a cube of cheese. 10 minutes after that another cube of cheese --- I mean 20 minutes after that another cube of cheese, and then 10 minutes after that your meat meal. So you’ve gone 50 minutes after you finished your vegetable juice to have your meat meal. If you go right into your meat meal you can go about 20 to 25 minutes after you finish the meat meal you have one or two cubes of cheese. 10 to 15 minutes after that you want to have cheese and honey together. June 22, 2013

If you’re going to have a meal – let’s say it was at a certain time and your cheese is supposed to fall in the midst of it – always eat cheese 10 minutes before that meal or drink your milkshake, whatever it is. So, you’ll absorb the poisons into the cheese and they won’t get into your food because if it gets into your food you’re just going to recycle your poisons – and that’s what 99% of people do: Recycle their poisons. What do you when you’re sipping milk every 10/15 minutes? Let’s say you take a little sip and – Still stick to your cheese every 15, 20, 30, 45, 60 minutes – still do that. Do you mean do the cheese and wait 10 minutes for the milk? Yeah – uh-huh. October 14, 2012

I am doing the mercury formula 5x a week. It will help, but make sure you’re constantly eating the cheese. Ten minutes before.

. .. but also every twenty or thirty minutes in between. March 26, 2013

So then you know you have the coconut cream to put with it, you have to squeeze some lime juice with it -- and that fruit meal is coming up next. Some people can have their meat meal and wait two and a half hours and eat their cheese and sip sport formula, milk or milkshakes in between. Let's say you're doing the cheese every 20 minutes -- at the top of the hour you have the cheese and 10 minutes after that you sip ounce or 2 ounces of fluid, either the milk, milkshake or sport formula -- 10 minutes after that cheese again -- 10 minutes after that, sipping again -- 10 minutes after that cheese again - 10 minutes after that sipping again. So that’s an hour, if you're doing sipping 3 times an hour and you're having your cheese 3 times an hour. If it’s every twice an hour - every 30 minutes - then take the cheese - 10 minutes after sip -- it's 20 minutes after cheese -- 10 minutes after sip -- 20 minutes after cheese again, so that's the way you rotate it. How much toxicity in your ring around your pupil -- how dark it looks the less time you take between cheeses. That's how you determine it -- how many poisons are in your stomach and intestines. So you make the choice. Some people have it every once an hour. That’s up to you. The people in this last year which I've seen now more people doing it. June 22, 2013

So after you have the honey and cheese and you know you can have 3 tablespoons of cheese with 2 and 1/2 to 3 teaspoons of honey. Then about every -- this depends upon you and what you're willing to do - cheese going through like a train picking up the poisons up all day long. Because when I look into the irises, that intestinal belt all around the pupil is everyone's darkest area. That's because of the mercury and all those poisons have tattooed into the intestinal lining and everybody's throwing off mercury, formaldehyde and aluminum constantly into their food. Well if you have cheese going through there every few minutes, every 15 minutes, every 20 minutes -- 15 minutes would be 4 x’s an hour you have a little cube, every 20 minutes would be 3 x’s an hour a little cube, every 30 minutes would be 2 cubes an hour. 45 minutes would be two cubes every 2 hours -- so you pick how you want to do it every half hour would be two cubes. So you pick how you want to do it. June 22, 2013

How many eggs should people eat in a day? That depends on the size of the person. For someone very short maybe 6 a day, to tall 12 a day. Some men who are very tall eat up to 28 eggs a day. If you whip or blend an egg by itself, you destroy 3 enzymes which prevent cancer from developing or maturing or continuing, so it is best to not whip or blend it at all. Just break it into a glass and eat or suck it out of the egg with 2 holes in each end. !0 minutes later either have a tablespoon of cream or half tablespoon of honey and butter mixture. If you blend the eggs with butter, milk or cream, it coats that protein enzyme so it doesn't get oxidized. May 2, 2004

The cheese will absorb it, depending upon the toxicity of the person. I recommend people eat a little sugar-cubed size amount of cheese with just half a tsp. every 15 to 60 minutes, depending upon the individual. October 14, 2012

4B. Midnight meal

You set your alarm for three hours and then you sleep five hours. Or you set your alarm for five hours and then get up and sleep three hours. Some people if they're hyper active they wake after five hours and they drink a half a cup of milk or suck an egg for the protein, they can't go back to sleep so they set their alarm for three hours. Then they eat and they get to sleep five hours. 2000

I wouldn’t eat eggs and meat if I go to sleep with it. Cheese with honey, might be okay, because you’ll digest some of the protein, but probably I wouldn’t do that. I would eat cheese and an egg, cheese in a milkshake, or cheese and meat. February 22, 2009

You can eat cheese, butter and honey together and go back to sleep. Cheese on its own won’t be digested. Vegetable juice is fine and you can have cheese first. If you’re really hungry and you’re not thinking well - you’ve got brain loss from protein, or it makes you hyper, it makes your heart pound hard, it makes you nervous, you start shaking and it gives you blood pressure, then put an egg in. June 22, 2013

What’s the best middle of the night meal? The best middle of the night meal is something with protein in it. No vegetable juices. It isn't going to satisfy your protein need. So eat eggs, meats or milkshakes. February 22, 2009

So you're going to be tired and smoking and caffeine and theobromine, chocolate and all those stimulants are not taking care of anemia. They are just masking the symptoms; eating takes care of anemia. So in the middle of the night have something to eat - a couple of eggs, some cheese honey and milk, half a cup of milkshake, cup of milkshake, whatever it is - and go back to sleep. If you're a hyperactive person very physically oriented, set your alarm for 3 hours after you go to sleep, eat then and go back to sleep. Nobody but me is energized after 3 hours; everybody wants to go right back to sleep; three hours is not enough sleep. If you wake after 5 hours and eat and you are highly energetic, you’re going to have too much energy to go back to sleep on this diet. So it’s better you wake after a few hours’ sleep for a longer period, 3 hours 5 hours sleep then get up and eat again and that's the process. Rather than talking about each thing individually, I decided to put it all in the diet - about the lime juice, the cheese and everything - so you understand how it works. The cheese going through you cleans up the garbage so it doesn't get into your food and back into your body. June 22, 2013

Eat more eggs, and more meat, and calm down.

So how can you blend the eggs without oxidizing? Can you just like take a fork, and slowly...? No, if you want to blend them in something, then add a little bit of cream or milk or something that will coat the egg white so it doesn't oxidize. Is it better to have the whites and the yolks separately in separate meals? No. It's better to have them together, except for one person I suggested to have them separate. May 6, 2000

I eat up to fifty eggs a day - never had a biotin deficiency. So it's only in a laboratory and its bullshit. So it's a bunch of bologna then? Ab solutely. Egg is the most digestible fat and protein on this planet. You can digest an egg in twenty seven minutes. Milk is the next most quickly-digesting nutrient in six to ten hours. Twenty seven minutes for an egg; that's phenomenal. So your body is only using about two to five inches of your small intestine to absorb and digest all that protein and fat. So your body gets all these rich nutrients without having to labor in digestion, August 24, 2008

In the recipe book I give several plans for what the best cycle plan is for your body, starting with the vegetable juice to get the enzymes and vitamins and minerals going in the body which will alkalinize the blood after a long period of sleep - because after 5 hours out, blood becomes cannibalistic and becomes very acid after 5 hours, so I recommend that people set an alarm, wake themselves after 5 hours and eat an egg or something, and go back to sleep. May 2, 2004

4C. Cheese and honey

The mucus is what draws those poisons out – it chelates with it; binds with it; helps remove it. So, lots of cheese is always the first thing to do. Draw the poisons out – absorb them. So, cheese with the honey at the same time to re-mineralize? Yes, you utilize the cheese as a nutrient when you have honey with it. So, that all day long? No, you can just have that twice a day. Let’s say after a meat meal. You just need a small amount to do that. July 20, 2008

It is always one third honey to the cheese. So it’s one tablespoon of cheese to one teaspoon of honey. Sometimes I tell people they can use even less honey. But that’s the highest ration, three to one. February 22, 2009

Cheese and honey as a remedy

Fresh grapefruit juice gave me sharp pains. I took cream and that helped but still hurts. You just stripped the nerves of fat around the kidneys. That’s why I say never drink fruit juices. Put hot water bottle on the area and sip at least a tablespoon of cream every hour. Clay won’t help that. Cheese and honey will help. ... a tablespoon of cheese with half a teaspoon of honey every hour. You could alternate with cream. Cream with the juice would have avoided the problem. You were a vegetarian for a very long time – why didn’t you drink the cream first? May 20, 2012

Bone broth? Eat your cheese and honey together. There’s nothing in a bone that will do anything different or better. Marrow is different. It’s the only place you’re going to get a lot of stem cells. March 26, 2013

4D. Combinations

I s there anything I can put with meat to make it taste better? No, you've got to eat it just the worst it tastes, and you’ve got to let it rot for 5 weeks before you eat it. Ha ha ha. No, you can need tomatoes, and you need them on a daily basis. Blend tomatoes and cheese together, put onion in it, garlic in it, whatever sauce you like, throw it together. Tomato and cheese is a good one for you. And like I say, the garlic or onion too. This makes a very tasty meat. 1999

Eggs with fruit?

Not a good idea. You are not going to digest the egg very well, except for specific combinations like the papaya custard in the recipe book. Papaya has papain that helps digest the protein in the egg. Pineapple’s OK, too. With eggs I don’t suggest many other fruits. Blueberries sometimes help to detoxify certain conditions but then we’re getting into specifics of metal detoxification where you need the egg fats and egg protein along with it to keep from doing damage to the body when the cream and butter won’t do it alone. There’s a lot of fat in an egg and some people that are very dry, have psoriasis, eczema or nerve damage like MS or MD [ multiple sclerosis or muscular dystrophy ] –- I’ll ask them to put half a teaspoon of cream with each egg. But that’s very specific for certain people. January 9, 2011

... pears are good for you, apples once in a while... cantaloupe... most of your melons, not so much watermelon. Have cantaloupe, muskmelon, honeydew in small amounts. Don't have any more than a thin wedge of it at a time. And make sure it's with cheese or something to really slow it down. November 7, 1999

Cheese with meat

I would feed animals toxic substances with and without...that was in food. I wouldn’t purposefully poison them right off. I would take foods from a regular supermarket like meats that had hormones and other toxins injected into them for growth and for so- called immunity. I would find that if the group that I fed only the meats, a lot of that toxicity remained in their bodies that I analyzed in that meat that I was feeding them. And in the animals that I fed either butter or some cream or cheese along with the meats discarded most of those toxins out the feces. Interview: Joanne Unleashed

Eggs and milk

Eggs and milk act together as the best [ way of ] mucus forming, because you can make lots of mucus. But it would have a short fiber. May 21, 2000

Egg yolk by itself

Doesn’t the fat in egg yolks make the bile? Can you just eat yolk by itself? Not a good idea. You won’t digest much of the fat as it takes protein to digest fat. Your liver makes bile to digest fat...and vice versa.

Eggs with Honey or Meat

When the bees collect the honey, they swallow it in their stomach. In their stomachs, they produce an insulin-like substance which converts 90% of the carbohydrates, which is sugar, to a protein catalyst... good to eat with meat, good to eat with eggs. January 22, 2000

Cheese, dates and butter together will pull out poison even better. September 26, 2010

Butter with cheese

Could you add butter with the cheese? Adding butter to the cheese is ok. You should do it since you’re so thin. So, that will absorb the toxins. October 14, 2012

Figs with cheese

Figs are the highest alkalinizing fruit. And if dry, won’t have enough water to incite detoxification. A fig will act like a date as long as you’re eating with cheese and/or butter again... So dates can be used as milk as long as eaten with cheese and/or butter. May 20, 2012

I’ve become very addicted to dates. That's probably the worst thing I could eat, right? Actually, it isn't. But if you'll eat it with butter or coconut cream or avocado or whole coconut, some intense fat with it, you won't eat many. But if you're eating dates alone, you're going to eat and eat and eat and eat and eat. Almost like a candy bar. Yes. Well if you have it with the fat, then a very little will satisfy you. Or even cheese, eat it with cheese. Eat it with cheese and butter, cheese and coconut cream, anything, or cheese and coconut. It will make you satisfied. November 7, 1999

Can you eat eggs with a meat meal? Yes, most of the time I mix them, like steak and eggs, and honey and butter, or hot sauce and eggs, I almost always eat eggs with my meat. May 2, 2004

If I start eating any cheese at all, I find myself binging on it. It's a brick at a time. But that's because you're going for the cheese like that. I was just going to say, if you grate some with your meat, then that'll be fine. That's not necessarily a bad thing, because you just need a lot in there to chelate with the toxicity that dumps into the stomach. But binging on it is probably not a good balanced diet for you. No it's not. So if you shave it off and have it with your food, you won't be able to eat more meat by grating your cheese on it but just let that be the condiment on your food ... to entice you to eat more food, but not cheese. It'll even taste better that way. May 6, 2000

Apples? If you're eating it with cheese, I would say it's okay. May 6, 2000

What about pineapple? OK, if you're going to have small amounts. Let's say you had ¼” circular slice, half of that, once a day, with cheese or cream or something like that would be OK. But I wouldn't have it every day. I'd have it every other day. Otherwise you're going to have swelling there and any swelling is going to cause rupturing. May 6, 2000

[ Reminders from The Recipe for Living Without Disease :]

Fruit with fat

As I stated, high-carbohydrate fruit should always be eaten with a raw fat, such as raw cream, raw coconut cream, unsalted raw butter, avocado, or a combination of unsalted raw butter and no-salt-added raw cheese. The Recipe for Living Without Disease

Alkaline fruits

such as bananas, peaches and figs, should not be consumed more than once a day, and should not be consumed with meat. They should be eaten with coconut cream, coconut, avocado, unsalted raw butter, raw cream, no-salt-added raw cheese or occasionally raw eggs. The Recipe for Living Without Disease

Acidic fruits

such as lemon, lime, pineapple and tangerine, may be consumed with fowl or fish when in combination with an added fat, such as raw cream, unsalted raw butter, no-salt- added raw cheese, coconut cream, coconut or avocado. The Recipe for Living Without Disease

Cheese with honeycomb

Yeah. And if it becomes too dry if you're chewing it, put a little cheese in your mouth to eat with it, or any food. And it'll chew, and it'll go down. November 7, 1999

Okay. You should not drink vegetable juice, with any kind of protein. Vegetable juice should be had alone or with fat only. Like raw cream or coconut cream. If you combine vegetable juice with milk, where there's protein in it, with any kind of meat, no matter whether it's seafood, fowl, or red meat, you're going to have an acid and an alkaline in the stomach at the same time, and they're going to neutralize each other, and neither are going to digest. The only time that I recommend that they're eaten together is like eggs and milk and vinegar and cream is when someone gets really backed up, stopped up. None of that digests together. So it'll just flush right through. So you don't even combine eggs and milk? Yeah, ... eggs and milk; they're both acids. And they're both proteins. Right, they're both acids, so they're great together. May 6th, 2000

4E. How it works

For those people, like I say in the book, have only two to four ounces [ of milk ] daily for three months and it [ body reaction from earlier pasteurized dairy ] will go away. Probably I have talked with 50 people who have been like that out of probably 20,000, and all of them drink milk now without any problem. Well, really in cheese you don’t digest much of it anyway unless you eat honey with it. It’s mainly a vacuum and a magnet to pull the poisons out of the body. When you eat honey with it, it’s a great mineral supplement. It’s your best mineral supplement there is. Interview: Joanne Unleashed

You can regenerate cells that are already alive, with eggs and milk, but you cannot cause rapid cellular division like a child does unless you are eating raw meat. August 24, 2008

What is the purpose of eating chicken as part of the flu formula regime? Well, that’s because usually the body is trying to heal itself and it needs some extra proteins. Usually the proteins in the eggs are enough because you are having lots of milkshakes and a smoothie - two to three milkshakes a day and one smoothie. That’s a lot of eggs. It should be enough protein. However, if the body needs to restructure a cell and start healing quicker you need meat to do that. The body does not produce growth hormones with egg protein for some reason, November 18, 2007

Honey can be eaten with cheese, but if you're pigging out on both, just remember that the honey works on proteins. And you can't count cheese as a protein, even though there's protein in it, because when protein has been dehydrated like in a cheese, the fat and the minerals become the predominant active ingredient in cheese. Honey isn't going to help you digest very much of the cheese, because it digests protein well. May 6, 2000

Small amounts of cheese to absorb poisons

Regarding the raw cheese regimen that you recommended for me and others: nuts and bolts – how much leeway? For instance – do you always eat the cheese before a drink or a meal? Do you always eat it a half hour regardless of when you eat that sugar-cube that you’ve mentioned? No, I recommend that people eat small amounts of cheese to absorb the poisons that are constantly dumping into the stomach and intestines. That’s not the normal route; that’s not the healthy route for toxins to leave the body – 90% of toxins are supposed to leave through the skin. Because the lymph systems are so blocked – the connective tissue is so jammed with trans-fatty acids which are plastic fats that you’ve all been raised on – donuts, chips, french fries – anything that’s been fried and heavy with carbohydrates then fried in a trans-fatty oil. Trans-fatty oil means the oils that have been hydrogenated and hydrogenation is a process of making into plastic. So, trans-fatty acids are plastic fats, plastic oils. 99% of all oils used to fry foods – no matter what they are – are trans-fatty acids because they have an indefinite shelf life – 100 years – they’re dead. That’s why they are plastic – they are not alive anymore. They will not help you – they will jam your lymphatic system – jam everything in your body. October 14, 2012

Just cheese to absorb, so you’re using the cheese without honey to absorb the toxins, February 22, 2009

The cheese is medicinal. You lose the ability to digest it but it acts as a magnet as it goes through. It starts in the mouth with your blood stream, your neurological system and your lymph system. It moves throughout the entire intestinal wall and digestive tract walls. The cheese acts as a magnet and will draw poisons out of those three fluid systems. September 9, 2007

That raw, unsalted cheese – what exactly does it do? It absorbs the poisons [ stored in your stomach lining ] that are dumping in the hydrochloric acid so you don’t digest them. Can you add butter to the cheese? You can add butter but wait 12-15 minutes after that to eat. September 26, 2010

I went on the Primal [Diet] and I did really well. Because I gave up gluten this back pain that I had had for 30 years went away. And recently it’s coming back when I eat cheese, so now I think I have to give up dairy because I’m afraid I might have an intolerance to the casein in the dairy. ...o nly if it’s cooked. ...only if it’s pasteurized and homogenized. I’’ve heard that even if it’s raw, if you have... ... not true. I’ve never met anybody who’s truly allergic to raw dairy. A lot of people who have symptoms of it, even when they drink the raw dairy at first it’s because the old casein and lactate that was cauterized from pasteurization is still in their body, usually in the liver or in the pancreas. Joanne: So just go for it, huh? Eat cheese often, so your body is not using your key minerals to bind with the poisons. When you’re eating the cheese and honey together, you’re filling your body with tremendous amounts of ... If you’ve got a real serious problem at any particular time, you do that three times a day: twice after a meat meal because you’re only having one meat meal a day – that means you have to take it two other times – and the middle of the night is the one time in the middle of the night that is best. And that’ll help if you stick with it. October 14, 2012

How do you remove the bodily burden of toxins? Aajonus: Loooooonnnnggg process. Cheese will act as an attractor. So let’s say you put cheese in your mouth and you’ve got all of your fluid systems passing through all tissue at all times. So in the mouth the circulation of blood, lymphatic, and neurological fluids are passing through. So while you eat the cheese or butter or anything, you can attract these poisons out of the systems. The cheese will attract it all the way through the intestinal tract until it’s out the rectum. And it will just collect all along the way. If you’re very, very toxic, you have fibromyalgia, cancer, anything like that or arthritis, rheumatism, then eating cheese on an hourly basis—and it just takes a small amount, a sugar-cubed size amount like a half a teaspoon. For some people who are larger, of course, they may need up to a teaspoon or more every hour—it will help pull these toxins out of those fluid systems. Interview: Joanne Unleashed

I have a client - another one in Massachusetts - who is a very wealthy, influential woman, and both a public nature, and she's on the diet, and I was telling to eat the raw eggs, and she has a scientist friend who is a very elderly doctor and is 80. And he's done all this research and he said that is true, people should eat raw eggs, why didn't I think about it? We found enzymes and protein in a raw egg white that is destroyed by oxygen, and we've been trying to figure out how to...and it dissolves cancer. Cancer cannot live in an environment with these enzymes and proteins. So if you just eat the egg without whipping it, it won't be destroyed by the oxygen. If you blend it with cream or milk or something like that, that'll prevent it from oxidizing. But when you have it alone, you should not whip it. Article on emphysema

I’d say 87% of the people I see have that chemical soup in their stomach lining. Every time you eat, your body is going to get rid of a little bit of that at a time and it’s going to poison the rest of the body as the food digests. However, when you eat raw, no-salt cheese ten minutes before, it will not digest; it comes out almost exactly the way it went in, in my laboratory analysis of feces. ...unless you eat honey with the cheese. When you directly mix cheese with honey, it doesn’t come out but stays in the body. Then you’ll be reabsorbing, re-ingesting, the poisons. September 26, 2010

I leave my cheese out at room temperature. All the oils come out; it is not dry. My body absorbs everything it can. And sometimes you take water and you mix cement and what happens? It absorbs and dries the water. So the oils do the same thing; you’ve got lots of these toxic minerals; they're being thrown into the bowel. And all this fatty cheese, absorbs it. It hardens it. The other reason you have a lot of firm feces is because you’re absorbing everything you're eating. It’s a good thing. June 16, 2 013

[ The dryer the cheese is, ] the less you will digest of it. That acts as a magnet and a sponge and will carry toxins out through the fecal matter. If you eat honey in the same mouth bite with cheese, the cheese will digest because you're adding enzymes to it that are lost by dehydration. So if you need a good mineral supplement, you don't go to rock; some mineral supplement, its rock. Plants eat rock, you don't eat rock. [Laughter] So you take a mineral supplement that’s rock and you’re not going to digest it; you’re not a plant. It’s the most absurd thing in the world. I see tons of people with rusting iron, iodine, patina'ed copper in their systems because they're taking these supplements and it’s ludicrous. Take cheese and honey and eat them together in your mouth at the same times. Don't think of that as eating something with honey in it - like if you’re having a milkshake with honey in it, you have cheese with the milk shake. No, the honey is already working on the fats in the milkshake. They combine immediately so eating something with honey in it and eating the cheese with it will not help the cheese digest. Cheese and the honey have to be together in your mouth at the same time then you will digest the minerals in the cheese and it will be a concentrated mineral supplement. Sept 9, 2007

Remember, when you’re detoxing cheese it is not to be digested; it’s to absorb the poisons and move out. So, if you’re using raw no-salt raw cheese you won’t digest it – there are no enzymes in it. But, the body will use it to absorb those toxins and move out the bowels. If you eat honey with it, that’s to digest the cheese. You don’t want to digest your poisons – re-digest your poisons. So, when I tell you to have cheese for detoxification it’s without fruit or honey. With that volume of cheese that you’ve been talking about for a couple of hours here – I’ve tried eating cheese with butter; it doesn’t seem to do anything. Cheese just creates a kind of... Jim, you were one of the most fat-deficient persons I’ve ever met. It’s going to take you another 10 years to catch up on getting the fats that – the butter in your system – the fats that you need. October 14, 2012

You told me to do eggs two days a week. Can I drink anything with those eggs or eat any fruit? If you do, you’re not going to gain on your weight loss. Remember eggs eaten with other food causes weight gain, eggs eaten alone causes weight loss. November 18, 2007

Raw milk and cheese production

It would be naive to assume that all raw milk used for production of cheese is always free of pathogens. However, there is good evidence that any pathogens present are unlikely to survive the cheese production process. This conclusion is supported by work in Switzerland in which Campylobacter jejunum, Staphylococcus aureus, E. coli, Listeria monocytogenes and Salmonella typhimurium were inoculated into raw milk at the beginning of cheese production along with the starter. The cheeses were hard (Emmenthaler-type) and semi-hard (Tilsiter-type) manufactured individually in a special cheese-making system that was completely self- contained. In this exercise the most resistant strain for each species was selected and the amounts were added to obtain 104 - 106 cfu. [ colony-forming unit ] The results showed that none of the inoculated potentially pathogenic bacteria, except for a low number of Staphylococcus aureus could be found in the experimental hard cheese one day after manufacture. All subsequent determinations were free of potentially pathogenic bacteria and toxins. It is important to have an effective starter culture both to provide good quality cheese and to prevent the growth of pathogens. Lactic acid is especially effective in combating pathogenic bacteria. It should be apparent that the case for requiring all cheese to be made from pasteurized milk does not stand up to rigorous examination. Article: Raw Milk and Cheese Production

The blood is the fastest moving, the neurological is next and if you look at the impulses in the neurological with the transmission of light and electricity and of course that is the faster moving. But the flow of the fluids is fastest in blood, second in neurological fluids and third in lymph. Lymph is very slow. And all of those get sticky and slow even more and in the neurological system, the synapse fire and they skid because they keep sticking to the axon or ganglia walls so the thought process isn’t good. Suck a few eggs! ... My size, I will have 3 – 4 in the morning. I could have 5 – 6 in the morning just to make sure that you have all that brain fuel that has no stickiness to it. And the most concentrated and best nutrients for the whole body are in eggs. So it does perfectly. That is what we want to do: get the brain and nervous system going and focused. That will all take care of your energy level too. You’ll see that it goes up. You don’t need coffee, you don’t need anything like that. If you do, just have some vegetable juice after you have your eggs. If you are highly toxic, you will need vegetable juice. If you feel blah..., lackadaisical – the have some vegetable juice. About 20 minutes after you finish your eggs, have a little piece of cheese one or two cubes of cheese. I call a cube of cheese the size of a sugar cube which is a half a teaspoon. 2 cubes would be a teaspoon worth of cheese. So you have this going in and again you can have it with butter, a little bit of butter - half the butter to cheese. If you have tendency to get your fecal matter gets... too hard and it's difficult to pass them then have a little bit of butter when you have the cheese -- but do not have honey with the cheese at those times. Do not have fruit or anything high in carbohydrates with those cheeses and eat cheese 10 minutes before you eat any meal. So what I'm going to give you is a plan that works the best. After you have the eggs you wait 20 minutes and then you have the cheese. You said when you started - I thought you said cheese first. Yeah, you’re doing the cheese, then you have the eggs, cheese again -- okay, and then we go for either vegetable juice or meat. June 22, 2013

What I don’t understand stand is we have toxins that are distributed throughout our body, right, because they get past the intestinal wall into the bloodstream or whatever. So how does consuming fat in your mouth that’s in your digestive tract pull out those toxins from the body?

It doesn’t pull them out necessarily. Well, cheese will. But what happens is the body is wise. Your white blood cells are fatty cells basically. That’s why they call them white blood cells, because they’re predominantly fat cells. And they consume toxicity. They’re phagocytes. Phago means “to eat,” and they eat toxicity. They consume it. So that is fat. Also, your body uses fat molecules to attract and bind or capture toxins and hold them. Interview: Joanne Unleashed

Your body secretes hydrochloric acid that’s to dissolve larger pieces of protein meats, so you’re eating cheese to help you break down clumps of protein. May 27, 2012 I did in autopsies – I put the hydrochloric acid from the stomachs of 32 cadavers and I put it on different foods to see what it would break down – it did not but barely etch vegetables and fruit. When I put the hydrochloric acid on meat it went right into it. Put it on nuts, it barely etched. Softer nuts it helped a little bit, but not a lot. Only on dairy products and meat and eggs did it react almost completely and thoroughly. Aajonus’s hard drive

Hey, Aajonus – you said that the fat will absorb some [poisons]. Now by some – do you mean ¼, ½, ¾? That depends on how concentrated the poisons are. You’ve got five times the pesticides - that’s normal in commercial. In your organic, you could even eat probably five tbsp. butter with a ½ pint of berries and not clear it all. You have cheese with it you’re likely to clear it all. Oh, really? Oh. ...cheese and butter; cheese and cream. October 14, 2012

RAW EGGS, Free-Range, are one of the best compact foods in nature. Eggs are the ultimate complete fast-food. However, the protein in eggs is not utilized for cellular reproduction. They are utilized for regeneration and maintenance and cannot be substituted for meat except occasionally. The Recipe for Living Without Disease

You said we use metal to transfer light in the body? Is that like negative or positive heavy metals? It is light that makes communication in our bodies, not just electricity. Just remember when metals are properly absorbed in food with all the other ions other minerals and vitamins, none of them are free radicals. Mercury, iron, lead - no matter what - in trace amounts they’re all utilizable for benefit. Anything that’s industrially chemicalized and concentrated is a free radical and causes heavy damage. [ A free radical is any atom or molecule that has a single unpaired electron in an outer shell ]. So you have a free radical damaging everything it passes through. So to help neutralize that you need things like pineapple, vinegar, coconut cream, berries, eggs - any of the chelators that have certain amino acids. That‘s in the newsletter coming out, all those ingredients. Anyway, you mix those like in a sports formula. I don’t exercise so the sports formula is no big deal for me. I make a quart with almost the same ingredients but with a mixture of berries – blueberries, whey, milk, vinegar, lime juice, eggs –make it almost a smoothie – to chelate.

Is this the same formula you mentioned last week against mercury in vaccines? This is the same formula but with the coconut cream and four eggs. I’m making a quart. The formula I gave you is not a whole quart. February 3, 2 013

4F. Weight loss and/or gain

Weight loss

So for weight loss should I have this first thing in the morning instead of juice? I would say always have cheese first thing in the morning no matter what, to absorb the poisons dumped from the stomach lining. Then juice after you have the cheese. Then sip all day but let at least a half hour pass between sports drink and meat. Have a half- cup of milk before bed. If wake up at night, suck an egg. The body has to go five hours before protein deficiency and the red blood cells start eating each other. If you can’t get back to sleep, have another half cup of milk. May 20, 2012

I've been doing the juice and egg and juice and meat rotation. ... coupla things....The first coupla days I lost like a whole size and was incredibly hungry all the time. Is this just caloric restriction or what exactly is causing the weight loss? The body begins to utilize its toxic carb-storages along with the enormous water- retention involved with carb-storages. Then it begins to dissolve the toxic fat storages that don't require as much water-retention. Aajonus’s hard drive

After you gain all the weight you start a diet of minimal food. You start off with a cup of vegetable juice. Then you wait until you are very hungry, not stupid hungry or irritable hungry but very hungry then you have one egg rocky style. I do not want to hear wipe- outs here. Can I whip it with something? No. Eat the egg raw straight down. Then when you get hungry again you have another vegetable juice and you do that all day long until you go to sleep. So it is juice-egg-juice-egg-juice-egg-juice. Then ready for bed. Some people only get through 2 eggs a day and some only get through 3 a day. The next day it is juice and meat (a golf ball sized amount of meat). It is juice-meat-juice- meat-juice-meat... the same thing again. So it is 1 day with the egg and juice and 2 days with the meat and juice. Then you are back to the egg and juice again. ...2 days with the meat and juice. And you continue that for as long as it takes you to drop that weight. Aajonus’s hard drive

The second one [ weight loss program ] that I give to a lot of people is: juice-egg-juice-meat- juice-egg day. The next day I give: juice-meat-juice-egg-juice. You know one day you will start with the egg after the juice and one day you will start with the meat after the juice. Some people are so toxic and their lymphatic system is so congested that I will have them eat two days of the egg and then two days with the meat. Or, one day with the meat and two days with the egg, depending upon – but that is an individual thing for those weight loss programs. November 17, 2000

So you eat lots of eggs and meat without much fat to pull the fats off of the body, if you want to lose weight. November 18, 2007

I've been doing raw eggs every half an hour, the last four weeks. Uh, and since then, I've been 100%. But how do I... I'm not doing as much butter and cream since I been doing this way, and I want to do butter, especially butter. Where do I put that in there? I do the custard at night time, but during the day, where I have all this egg stuff.....cream..? Are you doing it just to lose the weight, all the eggs? And to bring your digestion up to par? Well, I couldn't get into.... and I was always hungry, and I didn't, I should have meat all the time, but I thought this way I could do it, by having egg every half an hour so I can, I was just going to have no desire to eat any quick food or junk food. But I want to have the butter and cream with it. And.... how would I do that?? Well, I would just make the lubrication formula. That's always the way you'll digest the quickest and the best. September 9, 2007

In the recipe book, under weight loss, you have meat without any kind of fat with it, except for a little bit just so you don’t dry out completely. So you eat lots of eggs and meat without much fat to pull the fats off of the body, if you want to lose weight. November 18, 2007

Simplified weight loss: juice–meat–juice–egg– juice... and when you get down the last few pounds that you cannot lose then do juice–meat–meat–juice... Aajonus’s hard drive.

First you lose weight then you gain?

No, first you just stay where you are for about 8-10 weeks. And then you take it off. Now to put it on, milk and eggs together, lots of eggs, eggs and meat together, fat with everything. That'll help you put it on. That'll stabilize your system, relax your nervous system, stabilize your nervous system, your brain function, everything. And when you detox, there are several methods. But basically what you do is, one day you'll drink a cup of vegetable juice, when you're very hungry, 1 egg, when you're very hungry, another cup of vegetable juice, when you're very hungry, another egg. So what you're doing is egg, juice, egg, juice, etc, until you go to sleep. But you always wait until you're very hungry. The next day, you have the same thing, only instead of egg you have an egg-sized amount of meat. You can have the meat with a sauce if you want. Like a salsa which doesn't have fat in it. Blend tomato and onion, maybe 1/4 tsp of lemon juice in that. May 6, 2000

...It means when you get hungry [ during weight loss ] whether it is mental or physical. Only an hour has to go by. Nobody usually gets hungry within an hour eating the raw foods. Sometimes after the first juice an hour can seem like forever. But once you have either your raw egg or your golf ball size of raw meat that usually makes the transition. So every hour you can be eating. From Aajonus’s hard drive

You said you eat eggs with a meal to gain weight right? Yeah, but sometimes when you can’t digest, you have to just eat a lot of eggs... Okay. themselves. For me it’d be twenty two eggs a day, I lose weight. If I eat twenty four a day I don’t lose weight but I force my body to heal, to cleanse and heal rapidly and only focus on that so that I can go back to eating meat and I can digest it. So when he has a situation like that he needs to eat as much eggs so he doesn’t lose weight, maybe even gains a little bit of it if he eats enough of them, until he can digest properly and can eat properly. So you just eat the eggs and nothing else? Well, he might still want, you know...usually when you’re having eggs you’re going to get very dry. The body starts using a tremendous amount of H2O with it. So you may need to just sip on you know like a tablespoon of milk every twenty minutes just to keep hydrated and the coconut cream on the lips, little bit of honey with some coconut cream on the lips and on the tongue, just to keep moisturized. November 18, 2007

When I'm recommending for somebody who's ill, I recommend a routine, a schedule: usually 3 meat meals a day, sometimes more. But there's a pattern. ...Juice, egg, meat, juice, egg, meat, juice before you go to bed. But 3 cycles of that is best. However people who are working can't do that. So they'll just do a 2-cycle. And they'll just have more of everything at a time. That's great for the putting-on-weight cycle. But for the taking-off cycle, that's difficult, because you're only allowed to have no more than 2 eggs at a time, it's preferable to have only one egg. Because you want to just keep the blood level fine so that it has something so it doesn't starve. But you'll take the weight off, start using old fats. [ I recommend this ] because I don't like to panic the body. 1999

Then after 3- 4 - 5 days you will break it. Then you will find that you go 2-3 hours between meals. It just means that you will be doing the weight loss 4-5 days longer. Aajonus’s hard drive

Like I say to people, I like people to gain 15-30 lbs overweight in a 3 month period and to take it off in a 3 month period. Also remember that in the last session two months ago, I was told of people who were doing it in a 6-9 week period. They gained the 15-30 lbs. in a 6-8 period and took it off in a 6 - 8 week period. Those people have been getting well faster. So it is time for me to start taking it off? Take it off. Taking it off means just eating less fat? Well, I would not say that. It is eating less food period. What I do, depending on the individual, is basically you have some juice until you are very hungry. You have an egg. Wait until you are very hungry again and have some juice–egg–juice–egg–juice, with the juice having lime juice in it. Juice the rind and all. So you are having juice-egg-juice-egg- juice and waiting until you are very hungry until you eat. The next day it is juice and either a golf-ball-to-egg sized amount of meat. So it is juice-meat-juice-meat-juice. And depending on the individual it may be one day juice-egg-juice –egg and the next day juice-meat-juice-meat. Other people I will put two days of juice-meat and one day of juice-egg. And no cream and no milk? Have a glass of milk every 4 days if you are getting whacked out – if you are getting unstable or unhappy. One glass of milk will stabilize. Is it because of the calories you burn?

Yes, it is because of the calories. I would put the egg into the milk. On the detox [ weight loss ] diet, it is about having the egg alone. Or else It will take you a lot longer to lose the weight. On the weight loss program do you use honey to digest the proteins? You only put the honey in the juice. You do not want any help now. I want your body to do it. Can you take that egg that you eat and chase it with milk? That is fine when you are on the detox [ weight loss ] diet. But you are only eating one egg at a time. Aajonus’s hard drive

This is for taking it [ weight ] off. Taking it off, you have nothing but juice and eggs or juice and meat, and never together. You have to do the eggs rocky style. That means you take a cup of juice, when you get hungry, hour or two later, you suck an egg or two, usually one if you want to lose the weight faster. If you want to do it slower, have 2 eggs at a time. Then wait until you get hungry again, then you have juice, and then you have egg again. Or, you have juice, and then you have a golf ball size or an egg size of meat then juice. When you get hungry again, meat again. And just keep alternating. And that's all you eat for months. The healing is incredible. The detoxification and the weight loss is incredible. 1999

One way to take it [ weight ] off is to eat 1-2 eggs blended with 5 oz of vegetable juice. The vegetable juice should be 80% celery and 20 % parsley. 1-2 eggs depending on if you are a male or female or large person. If you are a small person, eat one egg. If you want to lose more weight then 1 egg. The next day eat only meat and water - as much meat as you like with a sound mind and sound body. You need to put a hot water bottle on your tummy at night, not too hot, but you got a lot of congestion in there and the circulation is poor in your intestines and that will help put it back together. Watermelon is also good for you in the summer. 1999

Weight gain

Gaining weight when it is time to gain weight? If you eat foods alone, nothing is going to be slow in digestion. It will be easily assimilated and you will not put on weight. So when you are on the weight gaining cycle it is good to mix your milk, eggs, butter with the meat, etc. All that fat will help to chelate with those toxins out of the rooted tissues where they have been stored for years and then you take it off. May 21, 2000

Always eat lots of extra butter with your meat. You’ll know that the meat won’t go into fuel to burn. Eggs? Okay. Cheese? Doesn’t help to gain weight that much. May 23, 2010 -

4G. Special cases

Vegetable salad

A vegetable salad should not be eaten sooner than 1 hour after any other food. No other food should be eaten within four hours after eating a vegetable salad. Non-acidic fruits are alkaline and should not be consumed with meat, however, it may be consumed with other animal products, such as, unsalted raw butter, raw cream, no-salt-added raw cheese, raw eggs, and avocado no more than once a day. Article: The Recipe for a Health Giving Paradigm

Karl wants to know what he can do to mitigate his violations during the Thanksgiving era ...yes, poisons and enjoying it temporarily! Umm. I hate giving people those things because then they do it more often. I would rather them to just go ahead and suffer, so they know what is really going on. That is my desire, but I am going to go ahead and give you the information and then you can make an intelligent choice about it. ... lots of proteins and fats before you go and eat something like that. The day before stay away from fruit and have lots of meat; various kinds of meat – fowl, red meat and the seafood... lots of fat the day before and that day. Eat and eat. And if you want to become a bulimic for the day, that is your best way out. If you do not then the next few days you better eat a lot of eggs and a lot more fat and protein afterwards. November 17, 2000

Eat before exercise?

How much should I eat and how long before exercise? That depends on what activity you’re doing. If you’re going to do a high-end activity like soccer, it’s a good idea to finish eating at least 20 minutes before playing. Now my athletes – take Walker Kehrer, the number 1 high school tennis champion in the US. He had asthma when they first brought him to me at 8 years old. When we were fighting the county for raw milk when we lost it, he gave testimony in his weak little raspy voice. Now he’s number 1 champion. The number 1 female athlete is also on the diet: Valerie Ngauamo Adams. When they go to work out, they have my sport drink and that’s usually a cup of tomato puree, cup of cucumber puree, cup of whey, a tablespoon of raw apple cider vinegar, 1 tbl lemon juice, 1-2 teaspoons of lime juice, 2-2 ½ tablespoons of raw honey, 2 tablespoons of dairy cream, and usually 2-3 eggs – all blended together. They’ll sip on that quart while their competition will sometimes go through two gallons of water in five hours. The competitors will get weak and tired as the water dilutes nutrients in the body and dehydrates them. January 9, 2011

On the protocol, which is going well, sometimes at night I get so exhausted that I miss my, it's like a choice, 'do I do vegetable juice or do I do meat?' because both of them aren't going to happen because I'm so tired. In that case what should one choose? I'd say the next day, if you've had vegetable juice and you've had no energy, I would do the meat meal. And maybe have the vegetable juice in the middle of the night with an egg and some cream. OK ... Cheese...vegetable juice, egg and cream in the middle of the night. June 16, 2013

You told one of my daughters that her brain was toxic and so some of the enamel on the front of her teeth was missing. What can she do for that? Well, she has to eat lots of cheese. She has to eat cheese like every 30 minutes – a little sugar-cubed size 9 ½ tsp. May 27, 2012

Well, he is also a carpenter and a builder so until up to a week ago he did not use a mask when he was doing wall boarding, or sawing, or anything. He is going to be bringing that stuff up for years. Of course he needs lots of eggs and lots of milk together to create more mucus to get it up. November 17, 2000

Chapter 5: Remedies and Recommendations Using Raw Eggs and Raw Unsalted Cheese


Wine is the only one that they do not – mostly – they do not pasteurize... Your brain, of course, shuts down when you have alcohol – even raw alcohol. It shuts off your discerning centers because it doesn’t want to damage those. You’ll lose your controls. So, that’s why people get uninhibited because it shuts off those control centers. And uninhibited is fine if you’re anal retentive, but of course we’re all anal retentive because we’re trained to be that way. But, we’re also overly cautious in the wrong way. So, like I said in my book: two oz., four oz., as long as you’ve eaten a lot of butter and cheese like the French used to do. The French would always have appetizers with the little cakes or crackers or something like that, and then put butter on that or a cheese/butter sauce on top of that. And then they would have their wine during the meal. So, they had all of this cheese and fat there to bind with that alcohol so it didn’t do nerve damage and didn’t damage the pancreas, the liver, and the heart and brain. So, alcohol is not a good thing. You can eat some without having too much damage if you’re eating the butter and cheese before you drink it, but you have to be very careful. October 14, 2012

I have business meeting where we go to sometimes eat food. I have as much meat as I can eat two hours before I eat the cooked meal, along with a couple of raw eggs. ... after the cooked meal more raw eggs. That way you are not as hungry, so you do not glut as much on the bad food. It provides lots of proteins and fats to bind with all the toxins. So, you will minimize the amount that will store in the tissues. will store in the tissues and the beer? There is no way out of that one unless you have lots of fats in the blood. ...lots of the eggs. That is the best thing you can do. That is a good solid cholesterol that will collect the alcohol. Lots of eggs if you do alcohol because alcohol is one of the most destructive foods you could eat. It damages liver cells. November 17, 2000

Can I have wine? You can have that; just make sure you have cheese or egg. You know, a lot of people put an egg in the beer and their wine or down an egg before. June 16, 2013


You need mucus to keep pollen and dust from going into the tissue or you’ll have problems, allergies. You need mucus not just for lungs but everywhere inside the body. Is there anything besides milkshakes to produce healthy mucus? That is the only thing I’ve found. And to detox the lungs, you have that egg and orange juice formula? That helps. It’s an orange Julius so it is milk, egg, honey, cream and orange. It’s not orange juice; it’s taking an orange and after removing the rind, blending it. You can have it once a day. March 26, 2013

What's it mean when I have like a wheezing sound in my lungs? It means you have no fat. You're too dry. Also could mean that the mucous isn't forming properly. More eggs? Yeah. Definitely. How many eggs about should I be having per day or week, do you have any idea? I didn’t tell you? Let me see your hands again. 8 – 12 a day; I’d say 10-12 probably. Thanks. May 6, 2000

Allergic to eggs?

In your recipe book everything has got eggs. I’m severely allergic to eggs. Not raw. I’ve never met a person who is allergic to raw eggs. ... but I had salad dressing with raw egg white... ... but you’ve got salt in that dressing, and all sorts of other crap in it. Rocky style is breaking an egg into a glass and eating it that way. This is ‘Aajonus style’ - first damage the fatter end of the egg by hitting it flat on an eye tooth - without making a hole in it. Then hit the other end down on a tooth to make a hole. Make sure the egg white is liquid, not slimy. Suck slowly. Breaking this allows the membrane to move up and the egg white to come out without the yolk bobbing up. If you feel the yolk come up, relax it, shake it a little to free up the egg white and do it again. When you get to the yolk you won’t see any residue because I allowed the membrane to collapse. May 23, 2010

Anemia or leukemia

I have a semi-constant problem with sighing and yawning. Not asthmatic. This is an Indication of anemia or leukemia. Your red blood cells aren’t transporting oxygen well. Eat meat and cheese, meat and bone marrow and butter. Have cheese and honey 30 minutes after meat meal. May 20, 2012


Cheese will help absorb poisons, absolutely. It should be pretty simple, because he’s not going to digest well because he’s had a lot of antibiotics, probably intravenously too. So the liver shakes, milk shakes, eggs, cheese. February 22, 2009

... when you take antibiotics, you've destroyed all of the bacteria that is ninety percent of your digestion. So my father couldn't eat, he vomited anything you put into him that was cooked. So what did I give him? I gave him a half a cup of Papaya and a milk shake. Got better every time, didn't throw that up at all. Milk shake with eggs and milk... Eggs and milk and honey and cream. Extra cream. So that's the remedy for extreme... Papaya. Papaya and milkshake. Papaya yeah, cheese to help get rid of some of that antibiotic because antibiotic sticks around a while. Don't take it. August 24, 2008

Antibiotics - Stopped eating

They put my mother on antibiotics for a year and I didn’t know about it. I got a call. They said ‘your mom’s going to die, come, she’ll be dead in 5 days’. She stopped eating because she couldn’t digest. When I found out about it I knew right away what to do. I fed her custards, with papaya to help the enzymes start working again, and the butter, the honey and the eggs - everything very easily digestible. I gave her ½ cup of that early morning, 6am. At 10 o’clock I gave her the other ½ cup and she ate 3 meals that day.

Hospitalized, with antibiotics

Milkshakes and cheese. Milkshake and cheese, milkshake and cheese. Lots of eggs. So let’s say, 2 milkshakes a day and let’s say, 8 – 10 eggs a day and 1 meat meal. Cheese every 20 minutes. Just ¼ to ½ teaspoon of cheese every 20 minutes. Keep absorbing the poisons. Have a train of the cheese going through. And a little bit of food at a time because you’ve had antibiotics which destroy the digestive tract first. July 10, 2007

Antibiotics after surgery

...milkshakes and cheese ...milkshake and cheese, milkshake and cheese. ...lots of eggs. So let’s say, 2 milkshakes a day and let’s say, 8 – 10 eggs a day and 1 meat meal. Cheese every 20 minutes. Just ¼ to ½ teaspoon of cheese every 20 minutes. Keep absorbing the poisons. Have a train of the cheese going through. July 10, 2011

Back deterioration

When the body neutralizes most toxins, it will use concentrations of minerals, resulting in mineral collections (deposits) that stiffen a contaminated area. If a good diet is maintained, those mineral deposits will gradually dissolve and normal mobility will be restored. If proper minerals and fats are not supplied, the body will suffer severe cellular damage and mineral deposits will remain. In most cases of Ankylosing Spondylitis, toxins are not harnessed and neutralized so deterioration of vertebrae and mineralization (permanent stiffness) occurs. Now for nutritional suggestions: Cheese provides minerals for neutralizing toxins and fats to absorb those toxins. Cheese is relatively easy to make, especially very dry cottage cheese. You let the milk separate into curds and whey. Then pour all through a sock made of white organic cotton cloth such as t-shirt material. Let it drip for at least 8 hours but as much as several days until it is fairly dry. I suggest that Tom eat 1 tsp. cheese every hour, alternating 1/2 tsp. butter, and 1/2 tsp. honey. That is, he would eat 1 teaspoon cheese with 1/2 tsp. butter then one hour later, he would eat 1 tsp. cheese with 1/2 tsp. honey, continuing that rotation throughout day and night (when awake). 10 minutes after eating the cheese with its accompaniment every hour, I suggest that Tom consume 1-2 eggs. 15 minutes following every egg-consumption, I suggest 1-2 T. pain formula. Here is the pain formula I suggest for Tom: 3 eggs, 4 1/2 T. butter, 1 1/2 tsp. coconut cream, 3 T. milk, 1 1/2 T. lemon juice, 1 T. honey and 2 T. cheese.

Once daily whenever he wants, I suggest Tom consume 1 cup either chicken or fish with 1/4 cup boiled rice with its liquid and 2 T. butter. Forgo raw eggs and pain formula for that hour. I may not have to write this but, all the above listed foods are to be eaten without salt, and unheated except for rice. Article: Back Deterioration


...2 eggs, and some milk, and some honey, if you do that, you won't binge on anything. It's when you let yourself get too hungry, and then you start binging, you're going to binge on whatever you're eating at the time. August 24, 2008


... exercise for the anxiety. ...cream to help calm the person and the nut formula or lots of cheese to lower the hormone level. ... for the depression part of it, high meat, high eggs and suppository. February 3, 2013

Bi-polar and where to get coconut oil. Not really a single condition. If someone gets hyperactive, it means he produces a lot of hormones for physical activity: adrenalin, testosterone, estrogen. Those three produce energy for the body to be physically active. So people who produce a lot of those hormones need to be physically active or they can get high anxiety. Exercise is the remedy when you’re at that end of the bi-polar. If you’re depressed, it means you have low bacteria in your colon and you’re not feeding your brain and nervous system. So, high eggs, high meat or do those suppositories with the fat. February 3, 2013

Blood clotting

Take about 1 tbsp of kiwi and mash it with 2tbsp of banana, and 3 drops of lime juice. And I'd like you to mash that all together, and have it with an 1” by 1.5” cube of cheese - Monterey or Cheddar. Monterey is a little bit preferable. That is going to create a chemical reaction in your blood that'll stop the cells from sticking together so much. Because they're clumping, and when they're clumping, they're not able to get to the capillaries as well. It helps circulation. May 6, 2000

Bone problem or gout

When I’m having bone problems - because I had cancer of the blood and bone (multiple myeloma) - sometimes I don’t eat meat for three or four days and I’ll eat dairy, dairy, dairy, dairy. Lots of eggs and dairy and then my body will break with the meat but that’s mainly people who have bone problems. Most people don’t need to abstain from meat unless they have a bone problem or a gout problem; that’s fine. November 18, 2007

Burns – First Aid

Aajonus responds to an article 'BURNS about’ which is quoted here:


A young man sprinkling his lawn and bushes with pesticides wanted to check the contents of the barrel to see how much pesticide remained init. He raised the cover and lit his lighter; the vapors ignited and engulfed him. He jumped from his truck, screaming.

His neighbor came out of her house with a dozen eggs and a bowl yelling: /"bring me some more eggs!"/ She broke them, separating the whites from the yolks. The neighbor woman helped her to apply the whites onto the young man's face. When the ambulance arrived and the EMTs saw the young man, they asked who had done this. Everyone pointed to the lady in charge. They congratulated her and said: "You have saved his face." By the end of the summer, the young man brought the lady a bouquet of roses to thank her. His face was like a baby's skin.

Here is Aajonus’s response:

It depends on the degree of burn. 1.5 degrees it works well without scarring. 2-3 degree burns will be soothed but usually scarring occurs. It is always best to apply a cloth with cold milk in it to stop burning. Egg white does not stop burn unless they are refrigerated but then they lack nutrients to feed skin cells to prevent scarring. Cells under each layer absorb heat and are burned. Immediate cold- milk-compress stops deeper layers from burn. When no more burn is felt apply egg white. From an article First Aid for Mild Burns from Aajonus

Burns – more about

Keep in mind this treatment of burns is being included in teaching beginner fireman. First Aid consists of first spraying cold water on the affected area until the heat is reduced which stops the continued burning of all layers of the skin. Then spread the egg whites onto the affected area. One woman burned a large part of her hand with boiling water. In spite of the pain, she ran cold faucet water on her hand, separated 2 egg whites from the yolks, beat them slightly and dipped her hand in the solution. The whites then dried and formed a protective layer. She later learned that the egg white is a natural collagen and continued during at least one hour to apply layer upon layer of beaten egg white. By afternoon she no longer felt any pain and the next day there was hardly a trace of the burn. 10 days later, no trace was left at all and her skin had regained its normal color. The burned area was totally regenerated thanks to the collagen in the egg whites, a placenta full of vitamins. From an article First Aid for Mild Burns from Aajonus

Chocolate addiction

I remember when, 38 years ago, I first began eating the same combination made with raw carob pods instead of raw cocoa beans. I craved it to the point that someone could have called it an addiction. However, since carob does not have any addictive chemicals in it, it could not have been an addiction. Consider instead that my body craved all of that butter mixed with some cream, protein in eggs and digestive enzymes in honey. When my body had had certain deficiencies satisfied intensely and repeatedly for about 3 months, the craving subsided. My skin, nerves and entire body were much healthier. October 30, 2007 Primal Diet newsletter

Most people who crave raw chocolate to the point of wanting it daily are people who are very deficient in raw fats and the egg-proteins and honey enzymes help to digest those needed fats. October 30, 2007 - Primal Diet newsletter

Most people on a raw diet could consume safely about 2 tablespoons of pure cocoa beans weekly blenderized with raw egg, 6 tablespoons of raw fat and some unheated honey without any harm. Eating it only occasionally, they might benefit with increased energy, mental activity and creativity as well as the physical benefits mentioned earlier. October 30, 2007 – Primal Diet Newsletter

Raw chocolate

Since I have been making my homemade chocolate from whole raw cocoa beans blenderized with raw egg, raw fat (mostly unsalted raw butter and a little raw cream) and unheated honey, I have not experienced any addiction to it. October 30, 2007 Primal Diet newsletter

Raw chocolate recipe


Makes 1 cup to be used in many recipes

Blenderize cocoa beans in an 8-ounces jelly jar until they become powder. Add butter, honey and egg and blenderize until smooth but do not let it get hot. If you would like a slightly rum-tasting chocolate, let stand at room temperature in a warm dark cupboard for 5-7 days with lid on tightly.

Cold hands and feet

If both your hands and feet are cold at the same time, you’ve got a mineral deficiency, and you eat cheese and honey together for several days all day long, a little bit at a time all day long, and that’ll usually get the warmth of the feet and the hands going. February 22, 2009

Colds or flu

With the new bath system, you're detoxing very little out the sinuses any more. You have very few symptoms because you're pushing the poisons out though the skin. And if you’re not pushing them out through the skin, the cheese is pulling them out through the intestines and holding on to it so you don't have to have side effects. You don't have to have symptoms of that poisonous detoxification. So the people who do the cheese and the baths almost have no colds or flu anymore because it's not necessary. You're not breaking it down and having to eliminate it all at once with mucus and sweating with fevers because you're doing it every day. Taking it out with the cheese instead of the mucus and you’re perspiring it out with hot baths, simple. You just have to take the time to do it. June 22, 2013

My suggested dietary regimens for influenza are:

1/2 to 1 pound fowl daily

2 to 3 MOISTURIZING/LUBRICATION FORMULA DRINKS daily (preferable), see page 146, or 2 to 3 MILKSHAKEs, see page 57 1 SMOOTHIE, see pages 58-59*

Or the following regime works the best but may not be as convenient: From the moment we awaken, I suggest consuming: 1 raw egg every 30-60 minutes After each raw egg, eat 1 teaspoon MOISTURIZING/LUBRICATION FORMULA DRINK, see page 146 [ of The Recipe for Living Without Disease ]

At about 3 PM, eat a grapefruit with either avocado or raw cream At about 7 PM, eat 1/2-1 pound fowl or ocean-caught fish. Immediately before sleep, consume 1 cup warm raw milk or raw kefir. Once every 3 days, drink a green vegetable juice consisting of 85% celery, 5% carrot and 10% parsley first thing in the morning, followed 30 minutes later with the first egg.

Either regime, or alternating them daily, should be followed until symptoms have subsided and normal functions resume.

Flu - Viral Tools Improve Health – article by Aajonus


Cabbage juice is the only thing that will stop the bleeding but you can’t drink alcohol; have nothing too fermented. You can have fresh kefir. Milk should be warm, never cold. You can eat cucumber – lots of raw eggs. Milk shakes are second-best, if she won’t eat raw eggs by themselves. Things that aren’t difficult to digest – that are more liquid than solid, except for the cucumber. January 9, 2011

She needs cabbage juice, a cup one day -.I mean half a cup of cabbage juice for about four or five days. ...after that just a half a cup a day. Cup first day, another five days of a half a cup, four or five days and she needs lots of eggs and then do the diet I gave her back then, okay? September 9, 2007


I have a new constipation formula because I have had some really hard cases. These cases are so difficult that if I can find something that works for them, then it works for

everybody. And the new formula is 1 egg (if it is a really hard case then 2 eggs) 3-4 oz of vegetable juice, 2 oz of milk or 2 oz of cream, tsp vinegar, and tsp-tbsp of honey. If you are not moving in 24 hours have it again. But most people have it less than 24 hours. Aajonus’s hard drive

Cheese makes me too constipated. Eat it with butter. Put that injection up your butt. You’re too lazy. One key thing is cheese because that cheese can pull that stuff out so it doesn’t stay in your brain easily. In your case, you need to put that suppository in there every three days. I know, it’s a pain in the butt. Leave it in all night. It’s to be digested and absorbed. That’s why you roll your belly like a belly dancer to get it to move up in there. Once a week for the average person but he needs it every three days. July 10, 2007

Combine cheese with at least an equal amount of fat, especially butter, to prevent constipation. The Recipe for Living Without Disease

Cholesterol concerns

Do you have any objective number measurements about how the ingestion of the large quantity of raw fat affects things like cholesterol, homocysteine levels, and does it even matter? It doesn't matter at all because your body...I've got lots of blood analysis for it, I'll give you some of the extreme examples. A banker who had a 267 cholesterol level - I put him on a stick of raw butter a day. He was about 6'3”. So he's a big man. snd very overweight. So I had him on a stick of butter a day, about 4oz of cream a day, and about 10 eggs - raw eggs. So you know the cholesterol involved in that. His cholesterol...and he had the test done 3 weeks later; his cholesterol was down to 167. Okay. September 9, 2007

Crohn’s disease

The Crohn’s disease is mainly that you do not have enough mucus in your intestines. So your body is trying to digest itself. So what can I do? Eat lots of eggs... lots and lots of eggs... Lots of eggs... Lots of eggs. You have it with eggs and milk but you need eggs by themselves, and fresh aloe juice. I would down 10-12 a day if I were you. I would concentrate on that for about a 5 to 6 week period. Also eat some meat and milk... all of it raw. Raw eggs will be the best and smoothies are

wonderful. I am not going to ever advise anyone of their children of taking drugs but I would never do it. I would never allow my child to take prednisone and if I were the child I would never take it. It would go down the toilet or be buried in the back yard. It would never get in my body. And if I had to sneak down into my closet to drink down 4 eggs a day I would do it. And it would get rid of it pretty quickly. You never want to refrigerate it. For some people you never suggest more than 2 eggs at a time? That depends on the individual. For her, I would never suggest having more than 2 at a time. September 19, 2000

I have a relative who had Crohn’s for many years and it seems to have evolved into Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Eggs? Absolutely! ... have to take raw eggs Rocky-style or like I do – sucked out of the eggshell. If you mix with milk, slows it down and it will take 6-10 hours to digest and it’s complicated. Can take much longer 5-20x longer to heal if mixed with milk. Eggs are so pure and absorb so fast, there’s no difficulty. Let’s say the milk finds a spot where it’s already torn and there’s an ulceration; it’s not going to heal. You’ll have leaky gut every time - it will tear every time it reaches that area. You’ll have digestive juices, acids and bacteria working on the food in that spot. An egg, however, is absorbed within five inches of the intestine, so the intestines don’t have to work. October 24, 2010

Who can benefit? Absolutely everyone - especially Crohn’s Disease – people with digestive problems. You have to give them a break in their digestion. I always tell people to eat lots of eggs, if they have access to good eggs. You’ve got to go out there and make it happen [ find sources ]. Go talk to some farmers and say, “Hey, this is what we need and there are a lot of interested people.” October 24, 2010


Imagine this, your body needs 6 vacuum cleaners to clean your body and with your lymphatic system jammed that means your bags are all full. How are you going to get rid of your daily waste if your vacuum bags are full? You're not. You're going to keep filling that up until they explode. Then what are you going to have? All contamination throughout the body everywhere not just in the connective tissue and in the lymph glands. You’re going to have it in the blood, in the neurological fluid, you're going to have it in the bones, connective tissue from the bones, you’re going to have it in the tendons, you're going to have it everywhere and some people do because they're just backing it up everywhere through the whole system. So -- hot baths, the cheese and those systems will make you functional. I work 20 hours a day, 20 hours a day and I can stay fresh and alert. And I tell people you need to call me you got an emergency call at any hour. If I wake I'll go right back to sleep you know. No problem. June 22, 2013


Grapefruit juice in a smoothie? Yes. If you have eggs and cream in it, it will help. You can use it as fuel. But still don’t drink it fast. Remember, when you gulp, most of the water is going to go right into the kidney and all those nutrients have no way to get to your cells. So, it causes dehydration because the body wants to replace that water. Impossible. By drinking water you cannot get that ion activity between the nutrients and the water again. If you blended water with some cottage cheese, put a little honey or some fruit in it, you would get it to reconstitute the water. Not 100 per cent, but you will get it into shape more like fresh food that will nutrify you rather than dehydrated re-hydrated substances. February 3, 2013

If you have coconut water, what are you going to do with it? What else do you with it? Mix it with milk, and cream and cheese – something to re-mineralize. Water is just a negative substance – even if it’s coconut water. May 27, 2012

Dental novocaine

That’s injected deep near the bone structure so it won’t circulate. That’s why it causes so much mouth cancer. So eat a lot of eggs, have a lot of heat around the face. Will coconut cream or oil pulling help? Definitely. You can pull with anything. I pull with cheese and spit it out after about five minutes. Then, I’ll down an egg or a little cheese and an egg or two after that. Then, back to cheese-pulling. Would oil pulling help with that? [getting rid of novocaine] Coconut oil, coconut cream pulling? It would definitely help. Oh okay Absolutely help. Coconut cream you could pull with anything. You need to do that on an empty stomach you said right? Before you eat anything you? Pull?

Yeah but first thing in the morning? It's a good idea if you pull first. Eat cheese beforehand so that... Well, have some; I pull with cheese. Oh. I get the cheese all melted. Liquidy. Just keep it so I know it's locked in there. Then I will spit it out. After about five minutes I'll down an egg or I'll down just a little cheese and then I'll down an egg or two after that. And then go back to the cheese pulling. May 26, 2013

So, no need to do it [oil pulling] at night? Well, morning is the best time after you’ve had your cheese but before anything else. February 3, 2013

I've got it coming out here, since those [ dental ] injections [ after a violent incident ], and this is the time first the teeth will hurt, here and here and then it'll swell then it hardens here. I take a little jar, like a twelve ounce jar, smooth jar or a sixteen ounce jar with hot water in it and I put it - a hot water bottle is too big - on my face. So I take a little jar, glass jar full of hot water and I put it there and will just sleep with it next to that area and it softens that hardened stuff so I know it's not going come out as a boil; it's going to be leaking down my gums. So I eat enough cheese, some clay, to absorb it a little bit throughout the day, to absorb those toxins. August 24, 2008

She has an infection in her tooth and she was scared and the doctor thought she needed a root canal – she was in so much pain. So, she took the pain formula, but what else can she use? That is probably the second worst pain in the world – dental pain. It is a problem because it takes a long time to get into the roots and the bones. The latest pain formula from the book is two eggs; five level tbsp. of bee pollen; one tsp. honey; one and a half tbsp. of lemon juice; three to four oz. of either raw cream, raw coconut cream or raw butter. Blend that together for 30-50 seconds and then eat a one inch by one inch by three inch slice of cheese as you drink it. And that usually mitigates it. Now, someone who is having dental pain may have to have two of those a day. And that may not do it by itself. When I went through my pain I had to have protein – I had to stay completely away from fruits.

So, I did not eat eggs unless it was with meat - to make sure it did not get made into a solvent - and that would mitigate my pain until it was bearable. November 17, 2000


Remember, anybody that has depression – that is a matter of low bacteria in the colon. E. coli are the main bacteria that break down the fats and the proteins into the finite molecule that feeds the brain and the nervous system. If you have depression, it is always a low bacteria level and your brain is not being fed. That’s why you can eat high meat and high eggs and be giggling in 10-20 minutes; the bacteria are already broken down into those finite molecules. So you eat it and it goes right into the nervous system. That’s why high meat and eggs work. September 11, 2011 part 2


When celery juice is green like that I get diarrhea like crazy. Yeah ... cleaning you out. Then you need to eat an egg or cheese with it, before you eat it. Well, I was going to have cream afterwards. Would that help? No, if you’re having diarrhea you do not want cream – you have cheese. How do you know if it’s diarrhea or just detoxing? Well, diarrhea is always detoxing, but you can detox too much. Because you can eat a lot of cheese and you’ll still detox a lot, but it’s just the cheese that will absorb the toxins, so they don’t irritate the intestines. And you don’t need to have the diarrhea; diarrhea is when something is so toxic that it enters the intestinal walls and discharges into that intestinal environment, that the body uses a lot of fluid to rush it out so it doesn’t cause damage to the intestinal tract – to the flora and the digestive juices and the intestinal walls. July 20, 2008

Diarrhea – explosive kind

If you have enough cheese, you won't have the gas one. That's the gas - that's what is causing it? That's gas. Oh, OK. The poisons are mixing with your digestive bacteria; it creates a gas. Oh, OK. If you eat enough cheese, then that poison is going to be absorbed into the cheese, it’s not going to affect the bacteria. Well, I thought I was eating a lot of cheese but obviously I'm not. You have to eat it with your food too. Some people actually have to eat it with their food too. June 16, 2013


Usually, if I put someone on a raw dairy and meat diet with lots of raw eggs, their diabetes symptoms are gone in six weeks. October 24, 2010


It’s digestion that I’m lacking. My stomach bloated like a balloon one time when I had a little vinegar and oil salad dressing. Even after months, my stomach didn’t go back to normal. Yeah. Cut up some pineapple in a jar and have a chunk about every 2-3 hours. With that small amount you don’t need butter or honey with it. You could have half a teaspoon of butter or cheese with it. May 26, 2013

Some people have really bad digestion, without having Crohn’s disease. I’ll tell them to take a little cube of pineapple or papaya with their meals, especially meat meals to help digestion. If you've got a spell of very bad digestion, you may be detoxifying from the stomach, the esophagus and the intestines. This is not a time to eat other foods other than egg and cheese. Cheese goes in first to absorb the toxins, egg follows to give the easiest most digestible food that there is. Proteins in the egg white are easily digestible and assimilated because there are no clumps of food for your digestive juices to have to work on. All you have to do is work on getting your bacteria to infiltrate and eat it. September 13, 2009

Now when I eat meat, like it’ll just sit there for like four hours, I can feel it kind won’t go down and digest as well, like ...even like with milk and like cheese and stuff. It’s not... What did I just say? When you have a problem like that, you need the eggs... all day long, for days, until it stops ...until you’re rebalanced. Okay. Remember eggs only take twenty three minutes to digest, so you get to utilize all those proteins and fats to heal and cleanse the body. November 18, 2007

If you have a digestive problem, eggs, eggs, eggs, eggs, eggs, because it doesn’t take much to digest them. Your body can spend its energy and those nutrients for cleansing and healing. November 18, 2007

People who have psychological problems like depression (anxiety is different – lack of exercise), always have a lack of bacteria. They’re not going to be breaking down into finite particles to feed the brain and nervous system so they need to eat rotten eggs or rotten meat to supply it - like my episode on Ripley’s Believe It or Not. October 24, 2010

Digestive problems

In penicillin-fungal poisoning and other pharmaceutical antibiotic-induced problems, food cannot be digested. However, we must eat to nourish our bodies and heal. The most easily and quickest digested food is raw egg. Most often, a raw egg digests in 16- 23 minutes, after passing only a few inches into the small intestine. I have known digestively challenged people who have eaten raw eggs as 90-95% of their raw diet, drinking milk at bedtime and during the night. Other people and I have eaten up to 50 eggs per day without any side effect except dry mouth. Dry mouth is not remedied by drinking water. Applying a mixture of 6 parts raw coconut cream and 1 part honey to our lips and a little in our mouths whenever they feel dry, restores fats lost in the mouth and face that cause dry and cotton mouth. Eating mainly eggs allows the body to spend its nutrients and energy on cleansing and healing, not digesting food. In the 38 years that I consumed raw eggs, I have never experienced a biotin deficiency. Also, I have never observed anyone else with a biotin deficiency even when they practically lived on raw eggs. Therefore, that should not be a concern.) Depending on the severity of illness and need for nutrition, a person could eat a raw egg every 15-30 minutes. The number of eggs to consume would be the number that prevents weight loss and/or promotes weight gain. Preventing blood over-acidity is necessary when on most animal-based diets. Therefore, while eating mainly eggs our blood usually requires green vegetable juices to keep it from over-acidity. Article: Digestive Problems; Causes for Most Intestinal Diseases, Including Colic, Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Crohn’s Disease

I’ve been making clabbered raw goat's milk and putting eggs in. And I can't handle the eggs, I don't know why, I just don't digest them well, and I like the idea of it, it's not that I'm resistant to it. Do you have people with that problem? Yeah, some people can't handle eggs right away.

Especially the egg white. Well, it's not the egg white. It's actually the combination, the egg white and the yolk, that causes the intense detoxifications. And if you just had...if you've gone through a series of antibiotics, your digestion... It was even before that. You tried the eggs? Yeah. I just can't... But you were taking the herbal dewormers? Not at that point. It's not worms, they're not the big guys. The big guys I think are easier to deal with. They're the microscopic one-cell... Still, flukes. They're not flukes, they're protozoa. And they actually get into the cell, into the walls of the intestines and cause diarrhea and that's the main thing...pain, diarrhea, and gas. They're not good. Yeah, they are. But yours weren't, because you were not eating a diet that allowed them to do their job properly and you were not able to regenerate and protect yourself from the byproducts. The byproducts cause the diarrhea, and in some people, bleeding. When people eat properly, eat lots of raw fats, especially meats, the fats in meats and dairy fats, they don't have that problem. Some people have a problem if they have a digestibility problem. If they have intestinal problems, do not handle eggs well. When people eat properly, eat lots of raw fats, especially meats, the fats in meats and dairy fats, they don't have that problem. Some people have a problem if they have a digestibility problem. If they have intestinal problems, do not handle eggs well. For a while. One time I saw it take 2.5 years before the person could eat eggs. Then you don't suggest they try the eggs? No, I tell them to stay away from eggs, but maybe couple a week. That's all. May 6, 2000

I had some people eat only eggs because they don't digest. When you eat an egg, an egg is the easiest food in the world to digest. It takes twenty three minutes to digest an egg. Only three inches of your small intestine are utilized to digest and absorb that egg. That means your body gets all this small, pre-digested or easily digested liquid fat and protein. It goes right into the system to heal - cleanse and heal - the body. So if you've got a bad digestive tract you eat lots and lots of eggs, now not enough to lose weight. You have to eat twenty five, fifty a day so you don't lose weight for somebody your size. I've eaten up to fifty a day but if I eat let’s say only eggs all day long. Twenty five and I won't lose weight. If I eat twenty two I'll still lose a little weight. So I just need to find my level when I'm just doing an all egg and when I do an all egg diet it’s because something is dumping into my intestines poisoning the bacterial environment in there so they are not digesting food particles anymore. I need to digest...I need to eat things that don't require much bacteria and that's the egg, egg's the only one. It takes milk a minimum of six hours to digest and that’s if its kefir. If it is whole milk, un-kefir'd or yogurt...yogurized, then you’re looking at nineteen, twenty hours to digest. Even twenty four hours to digest. November 18, 2007

Yeah, I’ve been experiencing - more than normal for me - diarrhea, nausea, bloating... Just lack of appetite - and for me that’s not normal. ... Intestinal detox. Cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese – absorb all that stuff. Remember, when you have gas and you have swelling like that, it means your poisons are mixing with your digestive juices. Cheese will absorb those. October 14, 2012

Well, bloating and gas is an indication that you’re dumping a lot of toxins into the digestive tract and those toxins are messing with your digestive juices and bacteria – and that causes a gaseous reaction. So, eating a little bit of cheese every hour helps neutralize some of that toxicity – so you don’t have so much, but you’ll obviously have a little bit. I do the cheese with a meal. Yeah, but you can do it every hour – every 30 minutes if you’re having tremendous gas because you need to absorb it, so it doesn’t mix with your juices. Because it will neutralize your digestive juices and cause a toxic reaction when the toxins mix with the digestive juices and causes the bloating, the swelling and the gas. So, add a little butter with that cheese or just the cheese? You don’t need to. Do you have any kind of constipation or diarrhea? No. Then don’t worry about it. If you get constipation you can add some coconut cream or butter. If you don’t have a problem there then just have cheese. It’s much more effective if you just have cheese anyway. July 20, 2008

Dread when eating eggs

I’m encouraged to eat more eggs, rocky style but whenever I do it I feel a sense of dread, like it’s not going to be a good day.

Are you eating cheese before you have the eggs? Sometimes but not all the time, when I do it doesn’t seem to make a difference. And I’m not sure if I have enough acids to digest them. Then just have a little bit of honey with it in your mouth, at the same time. The proteins and the fats in eggs are liquid so they are easily digestible, so you don’t have to have a lot of acids to digest it. If you have trouble digesting eggs you’re bacterially deficient in your digestive tract, so you need to eat foods to help digest it. Honey is a quick fix, but it’s really bacteria that will help digest the eggs in the final stage. Eating high meat, rotten eggs is how you build your bacteria. September 13, 2009

Emphysema – late stage

I have people eating all the way up to 33 eggs a day. Raw. Let me give you an example. In January, an MD called me from Massachusetts, and she said I read your book about 5 months ago. And..... I think it's a fascinating book, and I'm ready to try something. I have a patient who is emphysemic.' And I'm saying to myself,oh, here it goes.' I've got a patient who's emphysemic, she was diagnosed 4 years ago. She's been bedridden for 2 years, she's 72 years old, she's on a respiratory system, she's going to die probably in the next 2 days, is there anything I can do?’ I saidyou're calling me a little late, aren't you?' She said well, you know I'm an MD, I have a protocol, I have my license, I have a family, I can't take a risk.' I saidwell, that's your conscience. But the only thing I can suggest for you from my experience is that you get her 16 dozen eggs, free range, do not refrigerate them, you put them by her bed, and you tell her to eat as many as she can eat rocky-style, do not whip them. Break them in a glass, or stick a hole in each end and suck them out or just swallow them down.' She says well I don't know if she's going to do that.' And I saidthat's the only thing that I even remotely think could help her in that stage.' This was on a Friday. On Monday morning, the woman calls me herself. She says Hi, I is this Aajonus? (raspy voice)' And I saidyes,' she says this is Mary Jones from Massachusetts, and I want to thank you, I'm out of bed for the first time in 2 years.' She was out of bed for the first time in 2 years, from eating...guess how many eggs she ate? 66 eggs in 2 days. 33 eggs a day. Ha ha ha. We both were crying. Because it didn't make her well, but it gave her what she needed to start recovering. She saysI'll eat anything you want me to eat.' I said `okay, here's what I want you to eat.' And I told her, lots of meat and eggs, and milk if she could get it. That's all I wanted her to eat. And that's what she ate. She's alive today, and she's still able to be on her own. She's not well, she's not over the emphysema, that'll take years and years, but at least she's on the road to recovery. 1999

The point of that [ emphysema ] story is that eggs digest so quickly, take so little of the body’s energy to digest, that the body has all that energy and wonderful nutrients to liquefy proteins and liquefy fat -doesn’t take any enzymes only the bacteria to invade and eat it. So in 27 minutes it’s absorbed into the body and working. That is the only food you can give people in that critical condition to pull them through. October 24, 2010

Energy loss

Sometimes digestion is impaired and a loss of energy results. In such a situation, I suggest making 1 blended mixture of 1 cup good drinking water and 1 cup unheated honey each day for 1-2 days only. For that 1-2 days, I suggest that you eat 1 raw egg Rocky style (or Aajonus style of sucking the egg out of the shell) every hour, and 30 minutes after each egg, sip a little of the honey water mixture (1-1½ tablespoons). Because eggs require only 13-26 minutes to digest, that brief diet allows the body to focus all of its time on balancing digestive environments and other tasks. Article: How Much Energy Should I Expect to Experience?



... egg whites. Hold down lower eyelid and rub a bead of egg white along the white of the eye. Then roll the eye around to coat and it only takes three minutes to absorb. You can do it as many times a day as you like. Almost same chemistry as your tears but has more protein so it feeds and strengthens the eye. You can also take butter – especially sheep’s butter which is a little bit more effective than cow’s butter – and put it in your eye at night before sleeping. It will blur your eyes for maybe an hour, so you want to do that before you sleep. I’ve had people with coke bottle thick glasses and doing the egg white every day and butter 2x a week go to very thin glasses in a five-year period. May 20, 2012

With my vision, it's really impairment, because I can't see, I can't read,... That means that you' every situation where I've advised eating lots of protein when that happens, usually within an hour the vision is restored. So it means you need protein immediately. And not eggs. You can put egg white in your eyes and that'll help. ... but actually eating meat. May 6, 2000 -

Eye burning

Sometimes when I feel it [ eye ] burning and it turns red, I will use the egg white. Like on my way here, all of the sudden it started burning and was irritated so put in some egg white. January 22, 2000

Eye Cataracts

...Coconut cream with the lime juice. I would alternate them using the egg white in the eye for cataracts. Yes? So the egg white. How long do you use that? I eat the rest of the egg white; I'm eating eggs all day long. September 9, 2007

Eye laser surgery

...As long as you’re on a good diet. I’ve had many people do laser surgery. They heal 3x faster. Their eyes are completely healed and they can go out in the sun in 10 days. It’s not a problem. I tell them not to take antibiotics or put antibiotics in their eyes. It destroys bacteria and creates keloid tissue. About 90% of people who have laser surgery have difficulty and that’s because they’re using antibiotics. The eye doesn’t heal properly. What happens is your cornea warps – whether it flattens or extends depends on whether near- or far-sightedness. To be on this diet long enough and put enough egg white in your eyes every day – sometimes a tiny bit of butter with a drop of pineapple juice in it to rework the cornea will take years. And the first people I recommended Lasik to – Lisa/Niki Ying did it in 1994 at about age 37 and Louis did it in 1989 – their eyes are still in great condition. glasses or contacts any more. October 24, 2010

Eyes itchy

During that time [of extreme eye infection], I made the mistake of putting lime juice in my eye and now everything is blurry. You scarred the cornea – probably only have one layer left. When I had the cancer that ate 1/3 of my nose away – put a hole right here and burned through the bone - one night the acid from the melting of the tumor got into my eye and burned my cornea – 8 layers of scar tissue. I was blind in that eye. That was a few hours in one night damaged the eye.

That’s how bad the compounds are when you start dissolving tumors. You have to have the nutrients and you have to protect yourself from those fluids discharging...eyes. So, I went to the optometrist and she said, “You have 8 layers of scar tissue at a minimum and you have to have a cornea transplant. That’s the only way you will ever be able to see out of that eye.” So, 7 years later I went to have my driver’s test and my vision passed. I was actually able to read the chart with that left eye. When I went back to the optometrist, she said, “You only have one layer of scar tissue left.” ...egg white and butter. ...egg white in the morning and butter at night. Take the egg white and tap it onto your little finger, pull your lower eyelid down and look up and rub it along the white. Roll your eye around to get the egg white all over the eye. Then, at night, you do the same with a dab of butter that you have melted in your palm. Make sure you’re already in bed because you’ll have a fog over your eyes for 10-20 minutes. Egg white is mostly protein and will strengthen the eye for the day against pollution. Butter at night will soothe and strengthen the eye in a different, cleansing way. It would if they did it long enough because the retina is very deep. We’re mainly talking about the cornea, the iris and the sclera. September 11, 2011

Eyes: Conjunctivitis

means that the cornea has been damaged in some way and the body is trying to get rid of that toxicity that has gotten into the cornea so the body is working directly on the cornea to take care of that and egg white corrects it. January 22, 2000

Eyes: contact lenses solution

Yes, a lot of them have thimerosal in them; that is liquid mercury. But they make it without it with glycerin. You can put aloe vera juice in your eye and contacts over that. You can’t do it with butter or egg white because they create a film. I tell people to just take distilled water and put a few grains of sea salt in it. You’ll have pure, saline water. If you’re putting egg white, butter or aloe vera in your eye, you’re coating and nurturing it.

Eyes, itchy and watery

Put egg white in your eyes 2-3 times a day. Put about ½ a tsp in an eye cup. Hold your eye open like this. Hold your head back. Do that about 4 times. Bring it back down. Hold the head back again, stretch the eyelids back again and then roll the eye for about a minute.

And then take a damp cloth and rub excess off around the outside or it is going to crust and it will look like you have sleep all over the place. It is usually acids dumping out through the mouth area, dumping out the eye sockets out the tear ducts causing burning. January 22, 2000 -

Eyes red

She says I put my glasses on, I still can't see a thing.' So I saidgo to them optometrist and see what he has to say.' Her prescription had to be reduced by 50%. But what I told her to do, because she was an expert witness, her eyes were always bright red, the whites were always bright red, and she wanted to know what she could do to remove the redness of the eyes because ... and all of that didn't work and of course they were poisoning the eye. So I said apply egg white to your eye, take about 1/2 tsp and put it in an eye cup, put your head back, and stretch your eyelid up, roll it all the way around, and do it to your other eye. And do it once a day. And do not rinse it out, just wipe it off. You'll look like somebody who just woke up. So wipe it off, do not rinse it out. So that's what she was doing and her eyes improved. Anybody who does that, their eyes usually improve just from the egg white. And it will remove red eyes within about 20 minutes. 1999

I had him put egg white in his eyes 2-3 times a day. Within a week he was eating raw meat because that worked so well. And they had given him drops; they'd done everything. They said he was going to lose his eyes. And I just saw him for the first time the day I left. And his eyes were just as white as white. He had a little red on this side of one eye, and that was it. And he was putting the egg white in his eye 3 times a day. May 6, 2000

Can you use egg whites to clean out your eye? Yes. If you have red eyes, put it in. I have a lot of actors and actresses who do that. They put that other over the counter stuff in their eyes and they get rid of it but it causes vision blurring problems so they just use the egg white and it takes the red out of their eyes and they can go in front of the camera in two minutes. February 3, 2013

Eyes twitching

Yeah. She went to the clinic doctor they said there's nothing wrong, its normal.

Well, they can't find anything wrong. Yeah If you're giving into a vitamin supplement, which I don't agree with because all the natural ones are made with kerosene and all the unnatural ones are made with gasoline. And those that are synthetic are made from chemistry. Vitamin B6 usually stops twitching. Where you can get vitamin B6, usually the nuts and eggs, so if she has lots of eggs, milkshake that will help. Oh Eggs by themselves will get enough B6 into her that it will stop it. June 16, 2013

I love egg whites and butter in the eyes. I wore glasses since I was 12. I had my eyes examined and had to go down three levels on my prescription – this is after may be 4-5 years [on diet]. Butter really works but gives me blurry vision and red eyes for a couple days. That is a sign you’re not building enough tears to protect the eye. It’s like mucus. Have one milkshake a day. And, make sure the butter is fresher so it’s not so acidic. A lot of times I do leave my butter out. Not for the eyes because that will cause that acidic bacteria to pre-digest and it’s very acid, especially if you don’t have good tears. Butter and egg white in the eyes? Yes, it helps heal the cornea and improves vision. Butter works a little bit better. Melt it and [ gently ] tap it like this ...pull the lower eyelid down, rub it along the bottom of the white, and roll your eye around. With butter, you will have foggy vision for about 30 minutes, with egg white for about 2 minutes. You could alternate days or do egg white in the morning and butter at night before bed. January 27, 2013


is when you have aching everywhere in the body. That's because toxins are storing in the nerves, in the muscles, in the tendons, everywhere. To relieve that, the best thing to do is just suck eggs and have little bits of milk at a time - like a half a cup. So have an egg one hour; the next hour have a half a cup of milk. Skip two hours then an egg, next hour a half a cup of milk and just keep doing that for a couple of weeks to help relieve it. You can also add a little honey and then milk. If you're eating kefir it's even better. September 9, 2007

What is fibromyalgia and why are the muscles so tense and hard?

What you have is chemical compositions that have collected in the muscles and in the joints - uric acid....uric acids, lactic acids, crystals, mineral crystals - and they collect in the body and they cause cutting. They slice the veins, the nerves, the muscles - everything - all the tissue that's in there. They actually cut, cause soreness and bruising and Internal bleeding... very microscopic levels, but it happens all over. Vinegar is very helpful to dissolve those compounds, whey helps remove it also. Drinking it? Yeah - goat whey, cow's milk whey, any other. Is that where they process it into powder? No it's got to be the raw stuff. Okay and that causes soreness all over. I had fibromyalgia from the age of two and a half all the way up till uh about seven years on a raw diet. When I started eating a lot of raw milk and eggs and meat most of my fibromyalgia - I would say eighty percent of it - went into remission. I mean still for me to get up out of bed as a child, to get up out of my desk at school, it was a major effort because I was just sore and stiff all over. I was like an old man as a boy, now I'm like a boy as an old man. August 24, 2008


Gastritis happens a lot of times when you have gas. You have toxins that dump into the intestinal wall and there’s not enough mucus to harness them - in the mucus lining. It’s almost always in people who are too thin, especially when you have Crohn’s disease or any kind of inflammatory bowel system. They don’t create mucus properly, enough to protect the lining. So the poisons don’t get locked into the mucus, they get into the digestive tract where the food is. Then your digestive juices mix with those poisons and it creates gas. Gas can cause severe pain, diarrhea, headaches. You have to eat cheese until you're relieved. You have to eat a lot of milkshakes to get your mucus producing properly. May 23, 2010

Your honey acts as your enzymatic... I have a problem with the honey too. Too much honey, it makes me light headed. Too much if you do less... you're talking about 2 ½ ... Do less. Just do less. But if you're having two tablespoons of cheese and only two teaspoons of honey then you're mashing the cheese together and mixing it in your mouth before you swallow it, you're never going to have that reaction. I wasn't doing that. You're right. So the gas is from not eating enough of the cheese?

Yeah, well, it is from your digestive juices mixing with the poisons that are dumping into your stomach and your intestines, that creates gas. OK? If the cheeses are in there absorbing the poisons they're not going to mix with the enzymes and your bacteria, so you're not going to have gas. June 16, 2013


Uh-huh. My mother has had it for many years and has recovered a little bit, but now has tremendous pains still in her legs, to where she takes pain killers hourly – every two to three hours. Right. Is there anything that can help her if she won’t eat raw meat? No, I just do not know any way you can get rid of it without eating raw meat. I mean, you could try to ease that by having lots of raw cream and eggs, but cream is not available easily. What about avocados? Avocados won’t do it. Fat? Just good raw fat. Yeah, raw eggs and raw cream – raw cream is about your best for that. Ok. How many eggs a day? It depends upon the individual, yeah. March 26, 2000


...cheese and honey. May 26, 2013


Usually the toxicity is in the nervous system when it’s in the brain, as in migraines. Cluster headaches - it’s in the nervous system. Those remedies don’t work with the nervous system; they’ll only help a tiny bit. So you’ve got to eat a lot of cheese, got to eat eggs, got to make sure that you don’t go to sleep at the time when the nervous system kicks in to do its detoxification, at midnight -until you get better. May 23, 2010

Heart palpitations? If you're having heart palpitations like that, you drink cream. I have it, if I have a juice in the morning - if I have more than eight ounces - my heart will go like this. I'll get a little sugar reaction. But it's not a diabetic reaction. It doesn't mean I don't... I'm not utilizing my sugars. I'm utilizing too many sugars which is the opposite of diabetes. Plus all the minerals that are pulled out. I'll put either an egg in my juice or a little cream in it the next day. It only happens if you try it first in the morning, one out of fifteen days. If I can tell it's going to happen I'll put my egg in it, and cream in it, and then I won't even worry about it the next day. September 9, 2007

Okay, whenever you have heart palpitations or pounding hearts after a vegetable juice, you have to whisk an egg into it. What’s happening is the enzymes that you’re getting in the vegetable juice are pulling out heavy metals. The heart does not want to allow those heavy metals to lock into the tissue part or any other glands, so it sends the blood more racing through the body. So the blood passes through the intestinal tracts more often and that poison will hopefully dump into the intestinal tract and not the heart, brain or one of the glands.

What do you mean, do you just stir it? You whip it with a spoon or a fork. November 18, 2007


How long will insomnia last? Usually if a person that will eat a lot of eggs and fish in the evening, 80% of the people can sleep.

I know the lymphatic baths help with insomnia – what else helps? Eat protein before you go to sleep. Milkshake, meat. Eggs probably not a great idea unless you’re going to down about five eggs in 20 minutes because you get hungry too quickly. Milkshake – milk, eggs, honey, little bit of cream - better. Most people need eight hours of sleep. You can nap. July 10, 2011

For those who had raw milk available, slowly drinking a blended mixture of 1 cup warm raw milk and 1-3 tablespoons unheated honey immediately before bedtime relaxed them for the night. For those who did not have fresh raw dairy, a smoothie made with 2-3 raw eggs, ½ to 1 whole unripe raw unripe banana and as much unheated honey as desired usually took them through the night. If bananas were not appealing, another fresh unripe raw fruit mixed with 3-4 tablespoons unheated honey worked. Do not make a smoothie with berries or apple. Berries mixed with raw egg often causes drugs and toxic minerals to detoxify from glands, and apple excites adrenals. Either combination may interfere with sleep. For people who felt wired, eating raw fish a few hours before bedtime, and then drinking one of the suggestions in the paragraph above near bedtime got them through the night. Another choice was a piece of toast with plenty of raw jam made of equal parts fresh raw berries and unheated honey. Berries, especially raspberries, eaten with the Nut Formula made without egg, or eaten with unheated honey and toast supply minerals that relax the body, and do not cause detoxification as berries do when eaten with egg or coconut cream. We Want To Live: the Primal Diet

Intestinal cramping

In your book you have all the symptoms except for intestinal cramping. What causes that? I get that a lot. It’s all in the abdominal area in and around the navel. That’s the small intestine. It isn’t the bowel. That’s usually mercury or some other toxin leaving to the intestines. You have to eat little pieces of cheese every 30-45 minutes. That should arrest that. You’ll still have a little cramping as it passes out of the intestinal wall. February 3, 2013

Irritable, also a skin condition

You are just not utilizing fats very well any more. Do you exercise? a little. Not a lot. Because these overactive adrenals, and those overactive testes, that's a lot of hormones that'll make you, if you don't do it, you're going to be irritable. So I should exercise? Yeah. Unless you want to take it out on other people. You can be irritable. You have very good regenerative abilities, once you start eating lots of raw meat and raw fats. You'll go fast. I suggest you eat about 8-10 eggs a day. Okay. Raw? Yeah. And I would have maybe 4-6 of them Rocky-style. Just down them without whipping them up. And that'll be easier to eat, and you'll be able to eat more of them that way. The others you can have with milk, if you can get the milk. Because you have these skin conditions, you know a lot of people, if you listen to these, you will get a lot of information out of it. Because you have some skin conditions, I suggest that you do not have eggs and fruit together. Because it'll be made into a solvent, you're already too dry right now. You want to lubricate your system, before you go making solvents. Your body will make what it needs to when it needs to but if you mix fruit with eggs it's going to be made into a solvent. Toxic body? Well, you've got lots of toxins, but they're all...most of the toxins are fat-bound. But you have no fat left to lubricate your system, it's already bound in toxins. So you need to go on a detox program, and I'm going to take a few minutes right after I finish him to give everybody some basic detox regimes so that you can detox easier. One fruit I recommend you have, to break up some of that fat and eliminate it, is a little pineapple once in a while. And if you're going to eat fruit, no more than 1 piece a day with some kind of fat. Coconut cream, raw cream, milk, cheese... something like that. Okay? May 6, 2000

Knee sore

What if somebody is in a lot of pain with the meniscus [torn cartilage in the knee]? The heat will take care of it, yeah. And, you know – eating plenty of cheese and butter, a lube formula – a moisturizing lube formula – will help a lot. May 27, 2012

Knee swollen

I have a swollen knee and am sick with something going around. Just put hot water bottle on it at night for any discomfort. And with flu, you need to take hot baths; perspire to throw off toxins. Sleep with hot water bottles if you can’t take hot baths or only have a shower. You can go to page 147 of my recipe book that has my cold and flu regimen which is mainly just one smoothie a day and at least one milkshake a day... no meat, unless may be fish or chicken. But mainly you need to eat eggs, dairy, honey and cream. January 9, 2011

Junk food at school

Well, the only way you can counter that is to get him to eat a lot of cheese to absorb those poisons and he needs to exercise. October 14, 2012

Leaky Gut

Eating liquid food is paramount. Raw milk and raw eggs are ideal foods for leaky gut because they are liquid and require only intestinal bacteria to digest them. In fact, raw milk and raw eggs are resplendent with bacteria that help our intestinal bacteria digest. The bacteria in those foods are helpful not harmful. I suggest that people suffering leaky gut eat lots of whole raw eggs from chickens that are fed meat scraps, crushed raw bones, worms (maggots) and fermented dairy. Eggs are the most easily digested food. Because they are already liquid and contain lots of quick- reproducing bacteria, eggs digest in about 30 minutes. Although liquid, one cup of raw milk still requires about 6-10 hours to completely digest. Eggs and milk provide nutrients for the body to produce necessary mucus. Milkshakes (raw milk, raw eggs and unheated honey blended together) help build the mucus necessary to protect and heal stomach and intestinal linings quickly. However, the digestive tract may be so compromised that a person may get cramps from drinking milkshakes. If continual cramps occur, it would be best to sip milkshake all day long. I suggest sipping on a quart of milkshake throughout each day but taking a break from milkshakes one day of every 12 days. If there is too much suffering when drinking milkshakes, then consuming many raw eggs by themselves and sipping raw milk separately is a preferable solution throughout each day. Aajonus’s (undated) answer to subscriber question, [ subscribers search “ thyroid cancer” in quotes on ]


How do eggs heal lungs? I can only give you a theory based on the fact that it works. All the proteins are already in liquid form, so there is no digestion necessary. All you have to do is realign the enzymes for the human system, which the pancreas can do. And with the proper insulin hormones - not just the insulin, but the other pancreatic hormones that could be released all throughout the body - the body can utilize them anywhere, so it doesn't have to deliver them to the pancreas and the pancreas then has to deliver it back to the stomach like it does with cooked food. But with the raw food, the transition and transference can happen all over the body. Also all of the fats in the yolk are completely dissolved and ready for instant digestion and absorption and utilization. There is no digestion required, there is just a little transformation in the structure; that's why eggs work so brilliantly. May 2, 2004


For mascara, just use egg white. Brush it on. It thickens and hardens and darkens. November 20, 2005

It thickens them [ eyelashes ] and darkens them and if you want to make them even darker you could put some blackberry juice with an egg white and put it on there. It'll darken it.

November 20, 2005


Eat no starch, eat no fruit, eat lots of vegetable juice, vegetable salads at night. Maybe once or twice a week, lots of protein and lots of meat and lots of eggs... cheese and berries. ...cream if you can get it, to relax the body and just enjoy those heat waves. September 19, 2000

Mental focus

What you would say are the most important nutritional factors for mental focus and maintaining like a good, mental well being, kind of you know focus and... ... raw eggs and raw fish and raw chicken. Those are what I use to keep on. And in a pinch you know, an egg will do it. But I could eat eggs all day long and with that, without eating any fish or beef or any kind of flesh food, and then I would find that I still had more difficulty recalling. Those particular foods are the most important for clarity and not eating high carbohydrate foods for the first 6 hours that you’re awake. December 14, 20 08

The cheese works wonderfully. For example, I was going to write that email the day before, I couldn't do it, so I ate like a pound and a half of cheese. My mind cleared and I was able to write it, but still was in and out. June 16, 2013

I need to suck an egg... the natural hydrogen peroxide. All I do is I start sucking eggs and my brain goes Hey!. December 14, 2008

When I lose words, I know I don’t have enough blood sugar in my brain so I eat an egg. I eat the white first. [ Aajonus demonstrates how to eat raw egg .] I break the integrity of the shell at the fat end but don’t tear the membrane inside as don’t want it to collapse yet. At the pointed end, I make a hole with my eye tooth in the shell and membrane. I first suck out the white shaking it loose a bit if it’s bound to the yolk but not tilting it completely upside down because the yolk is heavier and would come out first. Membrane collapses as it empties. It will digest quicker and easier and get to my brain faster, if I eat the egg white first. The egg white will nutrify my liver to make bile to digest the egg yolk. That way, it will only take 27 minutes to digest the egg and it will turn into glycogen very quickly. The protein from the white that doesn’t go into the liver will go right into the digestive tract and form glycogen to feed the brain and nervous system. That’s why when I start losing words I know I don’t have enough blood sugar my brain so I’ll suck an egg. You have most of your bacteria in your mouth – more bacteria than cats and dogs. So don’t bite anybody as you’ll cause break down in their tissue. August 24, 2008

Every time I go to a lecture or something, I fall asleep. Only one fruit a day. Just suck an egg. Fruit will make you sleepy. May 20, 2012

Metals in the air

Where did you grow up? New York. Well, you must have been allergic to all those heavy metals in the air because they're all throughout your lungs and chest cavity - the bronchials, everywhere. And it's just sitting in there. Tomatoes, eat tomatoes with cheese, maybe 3 days a week. And I recommend that you have about 8-10 eggs a day, right around 8. May 6, 2000 -

Mercury poisoning

You're a person who was exposed to a lot of mercury, so still that mercury is going to take most of your nutrients. In order for you to get enough minerals and fats with those minerals into your teeth in your jaw area, you have to eat a lot of cheese and honey together, three times a day. Probably three tablespoons at a time, with two to two and a half teaspoons of honey, followed with two ounces of milk each time. If you have two meat meals, after you finish your meat meal, make sure you are having butter with your meat. Twenty five minutes after you finish the meat meal, you have about two cubes of cheese - which is about a teaspoon - to absorb the poisons that are starting to dump into the stomach acids after the meat meal. Not from the meat, but from the toxicity that's in the intestines and the stomach lining; then ten, fifteen minutes after that, your cheese and honey. And follow that with two ounces of milk, almost immediately. And middle of the night is when you have the third....cheese and honey together with milk. June 16, 2013

The mercury that went to your hands and into your stomach, the milk helps pull it out. And then you're reacting to the mercury and the aluminum is getting to your digestive tract. So whenever you have milk, you should have cheese not only before the milk, but a little grated cheese in the milk. June 16, 2013

I had one fellow that he had so much mercury and aluminum and sulfur and from sulfur- based medications from when he was a child in his intestinal tract almost black as his pupil. I thought this guy's never going to have clean intestines -- he’s going to have to eat cheese every day of his life all day long -- to keep from poisoning himself. He came back the next year we were comparing photos of last year’s eyes, to this year’s irises and 60 percent of the mercury and that metal was cleaned out of his intestinal tract - and he was one person who did it meticulously every 15 minutes every day of that year. It was a year and two months since I had seen him the last time. He removed 60 percent of those toxins in just a year - when it used to take 10-15 years to remove them before I figured out this method.

That cheese is so phenomenal that everybody has improved 2 to 5 times faster and there are very few people who are so disciplined as that one person who does the cheese. They will spend an hour and have another one and then a ½ an hour have another one, then an hour and a half have another one. That’s not a routine that will work as quickly as you're having it and your timing it.

I got one construction guy, on his belt, his tool belt he has one pouch for his 2 cup jar of his sugar cubes sizes of cheeses, cheese bits. So he’s got his watch that will go off every 15 minutes that tells him to have a piece of cheese. He'll be drilling away and then pop and then going right back to work and then you know he's got these water bottles with the straws in them he's got belts for those down on his hips he'll pull one of those offs and take a sip take a sip of the other one or just one at a time; so he's doing this all along and he cleaned out 50% of his in one year.

So the people who do it meticulously have the best results. Everybody who's doing the cheese frequently throughout the day has good results but those the more they do it the more results they have and it’s exceptional. June 22, 2013


How about mineral deficiency? The cheese will help correct that... and the milk. And I recommend 1-2 quarts a day plus lots of milk and lots of eggs. I would say concentrate on those for about 6 weeks, 6 days a week, and maybe ½ lb. of meat every day, of various types of meats, I'll get into what percentage in a minute, and then after about 6 weeks, increase it up to about 1 lb. of meat a day, and cut the eggs down to about 12-20 a day. But for 6 weeks, go 20-28 a day, ½ lb. meat. And keep up your juice, vegetable juice. Maybe you can let it go one day, 2 days a week, but never 2 days in a row. Berries I would wait until maybe August before you start eating berries because that's going to pull them out even quicker. And I would just like to make sure that your body is stabilized everywhere, so when that solvent and those metals come out into your system, that your system will be protected. So the chance of damage will be minimized. May 6, 2000

I have really bad mineral problems since I was young so I eat cheese with honey to mineralize. Would your cheesecake be similar in re-mineralizing? If you’re putting the honey in the cheese butter part simultaneously, yes; if you’re mixing the honey with the butter first, then it won’t work. It will realize the minerals in the cheese. You still need to eat raw cheese alone [ or just with butter ] to remove poisons. If you eat cheese with fruit does it still act as a poison sponge? Does it act as a detoxifier? You will digest some of that cheese and maybe re-digest the poisons, unless it’s a fruit with high pectin in which case it will detoxify you and won’t reabsorb. Dates, figs, all berries, and some apples and pears are all high in pectin. May 20, 2012

Mineralize after vinegar

Just remember: if you have a lot of vinegar, you’re going to decalcify, demineralize, your system. So you have to eat enough cheese to keep up with that. What's enough cheese? ... enough cheese? If you are having a teaspoon of vinegar, I would say you need at least three tablespoons of cheese in a day.

if I wanted to make lemonade – if I want to take fresh lemons let’s say and put some raw honey in it and just drink it. Is that ok? It is not a good thing to have very often. You can put cream in it – maybe eat some cheese before you drink it - so you don’t demineralize, because lemonade with the honey and the lemon will cause de-mineralization in the system. If you eat cheese before you eat and a little dairy cream in your lemonade, it’s ok. It’s still going to do more taking- apart in your body than rebuilding – it’s going to dry your skin out; it’s going to dry your insides more. May 27, 2012

Morning sickness & cheese during pregnancy

If she has a lot of toxins in the body you want to eat a lot of cheese often so you don’t go into morning sickness. Morning sickness is the body detoxing very toxic substances that dump into the stomach. Vomit, vomit, vomit because the body does not - or the baby, the placenta does not - want this poison going into the baby. So the mother has to vomit and vomit and vomit, so if she’s eating cheese regularly, like a little piece every hour, it’ll help keep the baby strong. February 22, 2009


Eating this cheese will absorb those poisons as the body dumps them into the stomach rather than out the skin and it does that. The lymph system takes its waste and dumps it under the skin to be perspired out of the skin. If it’s jammed it won’t do it, so it dumps it into the mucous membranes and if you get a cold or a flu or you’re spitting up mucous regularly – that’s elimination through your mucous membranes; the mucous membranes of the intestinal tract also – that’s where most of them get dumped. Whenever you get nauseous that’s an indication that something’s toxic you’ve just eaten, or somewhere else stored in your body is going to the stomach and dumping into the stomach. October 14, 2012

You're talking about the lactate is...the lactose is a sugar. Right, and that digests okay, because whenever I have eggs with the honey, I get nauseous, kind of dizzy,... It may be causing a liver detoxification, or even a gall bladder detoxification. So then I would cut out the honey. May 6, 2000

Nerves - stabilizing

I haven’t been able to eat any fat since 1995. That’s because you didn’t have raw butter and unheated honey. I had each of those things but not together. What about cheese? I think I can’t possibly eat cheese. Unsalted raw cheese and honey will stabilize your nerves. Where [do I get the cheese]? You have to mail away for it. Some stores carry, I think, an unsalted cheese – Organic Pastures. March 26, 2013 [ later, shipping applies only in California ]

Nervous system and brain – how to feed them

High meat and high eggs - do you eat those on an empty stomach? Should it be separated from every other thing? Like meat, on an empty stomach and nothing eaten afterwards or you can eat it with a regular meat meal or.... You can combine it with a normal meat meal. How many times do you crack the eggs to get them high? ...

All the way around ... get it cracked all the way around, then you put it near the sun where it stays warm. What do they do? Feed the brain and nervous system. I've got people who only do high meat, only do high eggs. They don't eat anything fresh. And they are the funniest, happiest people in the world. One fellow reached two pounds a day and he is the greatest person I know. May 26, 2013

Is high fish best for neurological problems? No, because if you have too much of that too often it will cause neurological detoxes of those drugs that you have been taking for years. And that could cause problems. So, it is best to have a little bit of fish every other week but mainly have chicken high. ... once in a while high eggs. Stick your eggs in the sun for about three to four days and when it is rotten and stinky, eat it. How can you stand the smell? The smell is horrible, but it tastes really good. It actually tastes like what you have after you have chewed a hard boiled egg for a few minutes. It does not turn into a hallucinogenic, but it makes you feel really good. November 17, 2000

Nervous system detox

Usually my recipes in the book handle toxicity in the blood. They do not handle it in the nervous system. Usually the toxicity is in the nervous system when it’s in the brain, as in migraines or cluster headaches - it’s in the nervous system. Those remedies don’t work with the nervous system; they’ll only help a tiny bit. So you’ve got to eat a lot of cheese, got to eat eggs, got to make sure that you don’t go to sleep at the time when the nervous system kicks in to do its detoxification, at midnight -until you get better. May 23, 2010

Nervous system disorders

Can this help somebody who has had shock treatments? Shock treatments. Shock. Usually they have a hard focusing and concentrating. Is that part of the myelin? Well, what they're doing is, they're destroying the ganglia.... Oh that's different....the egg... Yeah...the egg. Well that would help that too. That would help restore. Right - that's what I'm talking about

Yeah that will help restore because it has the meat; it has fish with it. If it didn't have the fish with it, you may not get the protein to replace the myelin properly. But it will also help restore the ganglion axions if they're damaged..... is this for people who have MS or Lou Gherig's disease? Absolutely. They need both. MS is being, their nerve cells are destroyed because of the mercury and other metals including lead and cadmium. And they need to restore the nerves. So that's an excellent thing for them to have.... So Lou Gherig's disease too? Anything that involves nerves and muscular dystrophy.... June 16, 2013

Cheese with honey... Do you spit it out? No that’s oil pulling. When you have honey with cheese it’s to digest the cheese. You don’t digest no-salt, raw cheese. There are no enzymes and it’s just going to absorb poisons. So, to get your concentrated minerals, you mix a slight bit of honey with the cheese like 1:3. So if it’s three tablespoons of cheese, it’s three teaspoons of honey. I do less: only one and half to two teaspoons of honey to digest my cheese. Then you get all this mineral concentration to help the nerves and the whole system. I have to eat a lot because of all the mineral loss from those poisons in my body. March 26, 2013


All nuts have enzyme suppressants in them. If you eat them by themselves, it will prevent you from digesting proteins. It could also make you depressed or sluggish; it manifests differently for each person. That is why I always suggest you blend them to a powder, mix in an egg or some kind of fat – cream, peanut oil, coconut butter, butter...

...4 oz of nuts (either pine nuts, walnuts, pecans halves – any combination) and 3 oz of your given choice of fat, 1 egg, 1-2 tsp of honey (depending on how sweet you like it) and blend that. That way the butter and the honey will convert the enzyme suppressant into an enzyme active ingredient. May 21, 2000

Most people do not digest nuts. There is an enzyme suppressant in all nuts. So the formula I gave which breaks that down which is: four oz. of nuts (pecans, walnuts, filberts, pine nuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds) – any one of those or any combination of all six of them. Blend them to a powder. Blend one to two eggs; two tbsp. of honey, three to four oz. of cream, raw coconut cream, butter, of the Spectrum peanut oil which is light yellow in color. Blend that for about 30-50 seconds and there you will digest just about everything. That formula took me years to come up with that. It neutralizes the enzymatic suppressants in nuts without germinating them. Once you germinate them – soak them – you turn them into a vegetable, so you do not digest them very well. You are caught between a rock and a hard place. When you eat that formula it neutralizes the enzyme inhibitors in the nuts. November 17, 200

Does sprouting seeds and nuts help with digestion? It makes it worse. It turns it into a vegetable. So if you want to take nuts and do what I do, I make a paste of it, I'll make a nut butter sauce, or like a pudding, I'll take 1/2 cup of either walnuts which are very soft and the oil's pretty good, and/or pecans, rarely use almonds because they're so difficult to digest, pine nuts, and macadamia nuts, if you can find them non-kiln-dried in the shell, otherwise any already-shelled macadamia is going to be kiln-dried at 110 degrees or more. It makes it very difficult to digest. What I do is take 1/2 cup nuts, one of those four, and I'll blend them into a powder, and then I'll add peanut oil or butter and egg, definitely put an egg in, if I have butter I'll use butter first, raw cream second, peanut oil third. And I'll add 1-2 tbsp honey. And sometimes tsp of raw carob powder and blend that together and have myself a little pudding treat. And I found no ill effects from eating the nuts that way. And it does not promote detoxification of nerve tissue the same way. 1999 -


Yeah, so if you want to do that - if anybody has osteoporosis - you have at least about 2 ozs of cheese and that’s a lot of cheese at one time and you have half that amount of butter with it and a sixth that amount of honey, so you’d have 1 tablespoon honey for 1oz butter, 2ozs of cheese. May 23, 2010

When you want to restore bone – if you have osteoporosis, that’s what she has – you need to eat cheese with honey after each meat meal. This is usually recommended if somebody has osteoporosis: 2 tablespoons of cheese – raw, no-salt cheese – with about 2 teaspoons of honey, maximum. You can cut it down to 1 teaspoon per 2 tablespoons of cheese. A small amount of honey is all it takes. That way you will digest the minerals in the cheese and you cannot get any higher concentration of minerals than you can in raw, no-salt cheese. So, that’s your best mineral supplement. July 10, 2007

So, your body starts leaching from its own bone – that’s osteoporosis. To relieve that, you eat three times a day. I’ve taken people who’ve been as much as 32% bone loss – women mainly – 32% bone loss, which is considered severe. That’s when you start cracking everything – you have a fall and you break your hip bone. What I have them do is have two tbsp. of cheese three times daily with one ½ to two tsp. Honey. Can you repeat that again? It is two tbsp. raw no salt cheese with one ½ to two tsp. honey. And the honey and the cheese have to go down the throat together, so you can mash them or put the honey and the cheese in your mouth at the same time. Now, when you eat anything dehydrated there are no bio-active enzymes. Food will not digest properly without leaching nutrients from some other area of your body. However, honey is mainly enzymes for digestion. So, when you eat the honey with the cheese you provide yourself with the nutrients to digest the cheese. Because it is so concentrated it’s like taking this much milk and reducing it to this and concentration of minerals. When you eat it with the honey mainly it’s the minerals – it’s a mineral supplement. It would be like taking a bottle of rock minerals that you will never digest anyway because we don’t digest rock minerals. But in cheese form, those minerals are already in food form. We just add the bioactive enzymes of honey back to it and then we have a digestible food which should replace the bone very quickly.

Now, the one person I was talking about that came in – the 32% bone loss – she reversed it in 20 months. October 14, 2012

What causes osteoporosis? Your body is eating its own minerals. You need to eat cheese with honey, twice a day thirty minutes after a meat meal: one to two tablespoons of cheese with a very small amount of honey. The honey and the cheese have to go together. To digest a dry food substance you have to have honey or some other enzyme with it that will allow it to be digested. Cheese eaten without honey directly in it, like in cheesecake, will be digested. But without honey directly in it, it acts as a magnet and a sponge for poisons and it goes off and you discard it. You don't digest any cheese unless you have honey directly with that cheese. So most of the cheese you eat should be the sponge and the magnet for drawing all those poisons out of the body and take them out. Two times a day, thirty minutes after a meat meal, you have the cheese and the honey together; say you have one and a half tablespoons of cheese. You'd have a half to a three-quarter of a teaspoon of honey - a very small amount of honey to a greater amount of cheese.

August 24, 2008

Cheesecake – cheese and honey - bad for you? If you’re trying to re-mineralize the body because you have bone deterioration – osteoporosis – you can eat cheesecake – wonderful. But 10 minutes before you eat cheesecake, have a piece of cheese without honey. September 26, 2010


Blend that [ the pain formula – see appendix page 1 19 below ] for 50 seconds then eat it with cheese. Now I've been telling people to drink 5oz every few hours as necessary, after 2- 5 hours drink 2-3oz more and eat a little cheese with it. We have potlucks in LA every 2 months. We have a potluck, maybe 40-50 people come and we share all this, everybody's recipe for raw meat. It's a great celebration. Every 2 months. And they asked me to speak, and I'll speak. One woman got up and gave her testimony about the pain formula. But she wanted to address how she took it differently than what I recommended. She was a woman who was 39 years old. She has had menstrual cramps, since the age of 12, that put her in bed 3 days a month. Literally in bed, she cannot move, the pain is so severe. She woke that morning with the pain, the cramping. She went to the kitchen, forced herself up, made the pain formula, drank it all at one time, with the amount of cheese that I told her to eat which was for the whole thing, 1/4-1/3 brick of cheese. Cheddar works a little bit better if you're a person who gets migraines it's better to use the other cheeses. And only cuts it down maybe 5% of its value of its therapy. She drank the whole thing at once and ate all the cheese at once. For the 1st time in her life she did not have any cramps for the rest of that time. They went away in 20-40 minutes. So it's a great formula, everybody loves it, it even works for migraines, I couldn't get it until I had the cheese and other things involved. It didn't work for migraines before, this now works for migraines. May 6, 2000

Pain formula details

You can add honey to it, right? You can add 1tsp of honey if you like - only a tsp. What kind of cheese? ...Cheddar - the raw no-salt-added cheddar cheese. You can use any of the other raw no- salt-added cheeses like the Munster or the Monterey. But the Cheddar for some reason works a little better. May 6, 2000

[Here is] my formula for any kind of pain except for migraines, and it works. I have even refined what I have in the book. The one in book works 85 % of the time. Now it works 95% of the time. At least that is what I have been exploring in the last 1 ½ years: 2 eggs, 3 - 4 oz of cream, tsp lemon or lime, 5-6 heaping tbsp of fresh soft bee pollen. My suggestion is that, if you have pain, do not go 5-6 hours without having another 1-2 oz. Now that formula will work for 80-90% of the pain. The way I got it up another 10-15% I got them to eat cheese with it. So with the first 3 oz of that formula if you take an 1” by 1 ½ “ which is the thickness of the brick of cheese and eat that along with your 3 oz the first time, then after that with 1-2 oz per oz you eat 1 sugar cube sized amount of the cheese. If you eat more cheese does that throw it off? Sometimes it can but most often times it does not. And it can cause a little dehydration because it is not getting into the blood as quickly. If you had a little drink of water, or milk, that will help elevate that if you have a little more cheese. This works for any pain except migraines. Jan. 22, 2000

if you're having pain, cheese and this pain formula are your best bet. It doesn't work in some cases like migraines, but it works in joint and tooth problems, bruises, knee injuries, any kind of injury. It does not work more than 50% with headaches. And with the cluster headaches, it still only works maybe 30%. But in every other case, it works anywhere from 60-90%. It will mitigate the pain. Sometimes it will relieve it entirely, any pain, even tooth abscesses. And those are the worst in my opinion except if you split a bone. One egg, preferably 3oz cream - if you don't have cream, cow's cream, use coconut cream - 3oz of milk and 6 heaping tbsp of fresh bee pollen. Now it has to be the bee pollen that's refrigerated, and crumbles in your fingers, just comes apart - very soft. If it's pellets, it's been heated, kiln-dried, and cooked. It will not have the same effect. ALSO ADD LEVEL TSP OF LEMON OR LIME JUICE. Blend that together, and drink at least 4oz right away and about 1-2oz every 3-4 hours as you need it for pain. And keep re-making it as you need it. It doesn't make very well in larger quantities. It doesn't blend as well for some reason. November 7, 1999

...1-2oz every 2-4 hours as you need it for pain. And what you do is, you take a bite of cheese, about the size of a sugar cube, any of the raw unsalted cheeses, bite that off, have a sip of it then chew them together. It will improve the pain relief by about 20-40%, just by having the cheese with it. I'm always working on this, folks - always trying to improve. November 7, 1999

Pain Formula, Drinking Too Fast

Okay. I kind of chug it [the pain formula]. Well, I drink it rather quickly.

If you drank it in 3 minutes you chugged it. The liver with that much heavy fat – you have two eggs in there, 5 level tbsp of b-pollen, ½ tsp of lime juice, 1 tsp honey, 4 oz of either raw cream, coconut cream or butter. That fat in there all at one time - that liver has to deal with it all. And guess what gets thrown off. The liver wants the stuff you have given it. But what is going to happen to the other fat you cannot hold? It is going to throw it into the blood. September 19, 2000

Personal body care

Have you stopped using egg white for shaving?

Yeah, I stopped using egg – probably six years ago. Then I went to coconut cream, and now I’m on milk. May 27, 2012

If I don’t put it in my mouth I will not put it in my skin because the skin eats live cells. For my soap and shampoo, I blend one egg, 3-4 oz of green vegetable juice, about 2-3 oz of milk and a tsp honey and a ¼ tsp of vinegar. January 22, 2000

If we are using a razor to shave with, does the metal get into the skin?

You would have to be using coconut cream as your lubricant when you shave and it would have to be on the blade for about 10 minutes. When I shave I use a whole egg, whip it with my finger and leave it very slimy and mucousy and put it on the skin and then shave. I get the razor and shave with that and never cut myself. When I finish, I put the whole egg on again and let it dry and it is a good facial. September 19, 2000

Can you put butter on your skin when you want to shave? I have found that it really does not make the blade glide properly. When I use butter, cream, whipped cream on my face it still causes me to cut myself. When I use the whole raw egg, the slimy, slimy stuff it works perfectly. I never cut myself. That includes the yoke and all. You can use just the egg white to shave with but I have found that the yoke actually does a facial number.


So I've been using vegetable juice as a wash for hair but my white hairs in my beard pick up the green and.... I started using the lemon juice and do you have any other suggestions? I use fermented coconut cream. I let it turn pink and then I know... I dilute it. I use 10% coconut cream and use 90% water and then use it, I wet my hair first, get all the dead cells out of it. Put that mixture in there and then my whole body..... How long does it take to ferment? If you leave it in a warm place....with not direct sunlight....could be a week. You don't use eggs anymore, you can't... Yeah, but it stinks, too many people say oh, you smell like rotten eggs. Yeah the egg and.... I experimented with several things and I found that coconut cream is the best. June 16, 2013

What’s the best way to help re-mineralize your teeth?

Just the way I said it: Eat cheese often, so your body’s not using your key minerals to bind with the poisons. When you’re eating the cheese and honey together, you’re filling your body with tremendous amounts of... If you’ve got a real serious problem at any particular time, you do that three times a day: twice after a meat meal because you’re only having one meat meal a day – that means you have to take it two other times – and the middle of the night is the one time in the middle of the night that is best. And that’ll help if you stick with it. October 14, 2012

As far as re-mineralizing teeth is the cheese a substitute for the fermented milk and egg shell formula that you recommended to me last year? Yeah, it works a little better. The cheese is better? Yeah. Good, I like it better. I do too. Do you eat the cheese and honey 10 minutes before a cheese? You eat the cheese – it’s always the cheese 10 minutes before you have the cheese and honey. Yeah, but even in the middle of the night do you do it? Yeah, still I have a piece of cheese first but you don’t have to wait a full 10 minutes; 5 minutes is fine during the middle of the night. And when you have that cheese with honey it should be about a three to one ratio – maximum. So, let’s say you’re having a tbsp. of cheese, you have a tsp. of honey only; you have three tbsp. of cheese, you can have two and a half to three tsp. of honey. October 14, 2012

I have a problem with my teeth because I’m losing bone in my lower mandible. Eat cheese and honey to increase the minerals in the body, sipping on milk all day long. This helps restore bone. September 13, 2009

Plaque [ affecting nervous system ]

To get rid of that kind of plaque, I suggest you take a piece of unsalted, raw cheese and ten minutes later drink the following mixture: about 2 oz coconut cream, half a cup of pineapple, and ¼ tsp vinegar (raw ACV), 1 tbl butter, 2 tbl dairy cream, and 1 tbl honey. Drink slowly – take 30 minutes. It will start taking it out a little at a time. Do this five days a week taking two days off – they don’t have to be consecutive days. After maybe six- seven months increase to ½ tsp vinegar. September 26, 2010

Poisons from chemtrails

To deal with that, I eat chlorella and clay with milk. Also vinegar and milk - anything that’s going to pull the poisons out of the body and neutralize them. Cheese is also a great binder of poisons. Eggs help build the mucus to bind with the poisons. ... I put the vinegar in the milk, the clay I just eat and the chlorella I mix with egg and cottage cheese. I have 1-2 heaping teaspoons of chlorella a day. I have 5Tb of cottage cheese, egg and chlorella with my meat meal. I’ll also do sour cream with chlorella and meat, when they’re bombing us. September 13, 2009


Dates are about the only dried fruit that’s OK... but eaten with butter or butter and cheese – not alone. September 26, 2010

Radioactive material

Sounds like radioactive material. Did you have barium for upper or lower GI? There you go. Eating enough blueberries? Blueberries, coconut cream, cheese and a little dairy cream at least every other day. May 20, 2012

You said that eggs turn into a solvent at times. Are the eggs okay for me even with the radiation?

You need those eggs to bind with the radioactive acids and the cancer acids. And the ones - Rocky style - are better for me? Yes. November 17, 2000

Rotten/high egg

Is rotten egg OK? I was buying a basket of 200 eggs from a village while in China

Absolutely! However, those eggs are put in clay and dirt. They don’t have a lot of bacteria and are mostly broken down with fungus. So, to make a high egg do you just poke a hole and put it outside? No hole or you’ll have maggots and tiny flies. They would digest differently and would feed the glands a little bit but wouldn’t necessarily feed the brain and nervous system. When I really want an egg to rot well and predigest, I take the rounded side of a metal spoon and tap it until I hear a big crack. Then I’ll keep turning and tapping all the way around getting big cracks, not tearing the membrane. Then the oxygen isn’t really getting in. More light is passing in - not enough to cause it to harden but to blacken with bacteria. Outdoors, it needs to be above 80 degrees. Indoors it could take six weeks. [ Rotten eggs ] don’t really smell until open and then only within 6 inches. The taste is like a really salted hard-boiled egg. You have to put blinders on because it looks ugly and the smell is not too good. Use swimmer’s nose clips. This is something you should eat if you have depression, your mind isn’t clear and you’re not thinking well. January 27, 2013 - -

Ruptured veins

I'm going to take 10% off the celery and give you 10% green cabbage because you have some cells on the left side of your body, some veins that are rupturing. You got a lack of vitamin K and vitamin U. And that'll correct it. They're bursting, which would lead you to thrombosis and varicose veins later in life. You can take care of pretty quickly because it hasn't gone very far. Honeycomb would be a good thing for those veins too. Beeswax. Fruit -- not too much at all. ...banana, maybe 1/2 banana a day. That's a very slow-moving fruit, and there's starch in it, so, and make sure you have some cheese with it. November 7, 1999

Salt craving

Okay, your body is craving minerals and digestibility. All you do is take cheese and honey three times a day. 2 Tablespoons of raw unsalted cheese, ½-1 a teaspoon of honey only, eat them together in your mouth. Raw cheeses do not digest in the human digestive tract. The body uses it as a sponge for chelation to draw out poisons and passes them out through the feces. Cooked cheese does the same thing but, it will absorb all of those poisons but then it gets reabsorbed into the body because it’s been cooked, it’s all fractionated. But somehow the body knows with the raw cheese how to handle it and just passes it out. Unless you eat honey with it, in which case it’s all absorbed and digested. You get to use all the minerals to resupply. It’s a mineral supplement September 13, 2009

Skin – soothing and protecting

Only butter will do that, cream won't do that. Cream won't even get near the skin; cream is all absorbed by the glands and the organs, and nervous system. Butter is the only thing that will get to the skin from ingesting - especially if you are using the lubrication/moisturizing formula - because it allows it to be slowly pre-digested with the lemon juice and the egg in it, so it allows the liver to handle it easily and get it to the skin. May 2, 2004

Skin lesions

What do you recommend for mild lesions? I have had a few fever blisters and mild acne. That is usually toxicity coming out of the tissues like the byproducts of your hormone supplements. And there is no way you can get around that without eating lots of raw eggs, tons of raw eggs - maybe 6-10 a day. Your sex glands are just drying out. So eat lots of eggs and raw fats. Anywhere from 80-90% of your depression will go away as long as you are eating meats. 19 99

Sleep apnea

That is when breathing shuts down suddenly and then wakes you up. If you have that, you have toxins stored in your nervous system. High adrenalin, caffeine, soda pop, chocolate cause that. If you have that caffeine in your brain and it drips down into your throat, it’s going to paralyze your throat temporarily. If you’ve gotten injections of novocaine, it can cause sleep apnea. Those masks aren’t going to help. You need to sleep on your side or your face. On your back, you’re forcing those poisons to go down the back of your throat, and that causes the cessation of the muscle reaction until thyroxin hormone is produced to start you breathing again. Put hot water bottles on your neck and eat cheese and honey together twice daily to make sure you get enough minerals. September 26, 2010

Staying up late at night

If you’re going to stay up late, you have to eat cheeses and butter - something that’s going to absorb the poison. It’s going to pull them out of your blood so they don’t get locked into the brain. Also, when you’re up that long sometimes the nerves can build up and then when you’re heavily into detoxifying the nervous system, between midnight and 5 AM, you’ve got too much going on in the brain. May 23, 2010

Survival foods

When I went hiking for nine days in the Waipi’o Valley on the big island in Hawaii, I took a mixture of 1:5 honey and butter and put it in a half-gallon Lexan container. Lexan doesn’t leach easily. Didn’t start fermenting until the ninth day and I was backpacking all over the big island – 25 miles to a store. I did go into markets and get organic beef. I didn’t jar it to take with me. I was living off avocados, some meat, and honey and butter. You can take dates, lots of no-salt cheese butter and honey. May 20, 2012

So if we were to go out ten days without having a resupply, like if we just had to carry it with us for ten days... Like I say butter and honey is your best thing to take. As your only food? Well, I'd still take some cheese. So for breakfast, lunch and dinner you'd say just butter, honey and cheese?

... and you could take nuts, seeds. Seeds are a little bit better. You know pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds are good nutrients but you have to eat them with the honey and butter and I would take an egg, at least one egg, a day. So let’s say you're going ten days, that's at least ten eggs, you know for each person. August 24, 2008

How do you use foods in survival kit - such as cheese, butter, figs, dates - instead of raw milk?

Very differently, as I drink a lot of milk. Well, you wouldn’t have milk in a situation like that unless you had a cow or a goat. One main thing would be lots of butter and if it turns into blue cheese it’s even better as you’ll digest more of it. Normally, when you eat butter you’re digesting about 70% of it. If you let it mold into a blue cheese, you’ll be digesting almost 96% of it. Some people don’t like the taste but can make a dressing out of it. It’s fine to have moldy cheese and moldy butter. I’ve kept them up to a year out of the refrigerator. Cheese, though, grows white spores off the top. May 20, 2012

TB Testing, Remedy for

Immediately after injection, leave the doctor's office. Have a raw egg and glass ready. Break the egg into the glass and whip white and yolk together vigorously. Suck the fluid from the lump at the enlarged puncture wound, and expectorate it. Lightly apply the egg on and within 2 inches around the lump. That is all there is to preventing mass toxicity from your TB test. Article: TB Testing

Toxic intestines

What do you do? Landscaping. Oh, that's very active. Yeah, then you can definitely eat 20-28 eggs a day. That's the only way I see you're going to get rid of that bile. You don't have to do it every day, all the time, but you need to just load your body up with it, you need to get fat around here, and then take it off, and get fat around there, because if this bile with that kind of metal toxicity and solvents gets to your intestines without enough fat around here, it's going to put holes in your intestines. And then you'll find yourself not able to function. So, you want to make sure you can build that up. Cheese is going to be very helpful too, because when your body takes some of that, it's going to dump it right into the stomach, and the cheese will help absorb it, so you won't have so much nausea. There'll be times when you probably will have to vomit it up. May 6, 2000

Some people are so toxic in their intestines I say even with your meat you need to grate a little cheese in there with it... cheese throughout the meat. I noticed you said have cheese with your milk. Grated cheese in there? Uh huh. I've never heard that. You have it with everything. If you have gas, you have it with everything. Ah ha..... ... a little bit of cheese with everything. And that's not with the honey? Cheese and butter right? Cheese and honey will never cause gas because your body doesn't have to rely upon enzymes to react with bacteria to digest it. June 16, 2013


I’m still thinking about traveling. You told that story about the eggs. And I can’t go through the airport with the eggs. And I feel I need an egg. I feel wonderful that I learned how to crack an egg. Well I assume I can take two eggs with me? Yeah, you probably could – they’ll just think it’s hard-boiled. That’s what they do. They ask you: “Are these hard-boiled?” And I say: “As hard as I want it.” ”As hard as you want it.” I remember last time you said that. I take two of these because it really makes me feel very energetic when I eat this. That’s because eggs digest in about 27 minutes completely and it takes very little effort of the intestinal tract to digest that protein and fat – the proteins in the egg white and the egg yolk is all the fat. July 20, 2008

While traveling, I always take a minimum of enough meat to last 36 hours. That is usually enough time to get to a store, preferably a health food store. For every 14 days of travel, I take 2½ pounds of no-salt-added raw cheeses, 1 quart of unheated honey and 3 pounds of unsalted raw butter. When I backpacked in Hawaii and did not have refrigeration,... My cheese was fine without refrigeration. The Recipe for Living Without Disease

Upset stomach

...cheese or milk.. a little kefir. September 26, 2010

Vaccines, recovery from

I'd probably say if somebody had a vaccine, one vaccine, probably three tablespoons of vinegar a day... but one at a time. So space it and about three tablespoons of coconut cream and two tablespoons of dairy cream – to protect the nerves - or about two ounces of milk. And have that three times a day if you've been in the military, I would suggest two tablespoons three times daily for about nine days. But you have to - if you're going to have that quantity - you have to eat about three tablespoons of cheese, with two teaspoons of honey four to five times a day to make sure you don't demineralize. May 26, 2013

How would you take ACV for vaccines? It is probably best with coconut cream and a little milk. For one vaccine, probably use three tablespoons of vinegar, three tablespoons of coconut cream and two of dairy cream, three times a day, to protect the nerves... or about two ounces of milk. If military, would suggest upping to two tablespoons, three times a day for about nine days. But if you’re going to have that quantity, you’re going to have to eat about three tablespoons of cheese with two teaspoons of honey 4-5 times a day to make sure you don’t demineralize. March 26, 2013

If by chance you are abducted and given vaccines, I suggest eating lots of cheese, butter, butter/honey mixture, cilantro leaves and juice, plenty of eggs, meats and milk, and berries with cream. January 9, 2011

What are you doing to combat the vaccines that you got? I’ve had to eat a lot of cheese, take a lot of baths, do clay packs, eat a lot of clay. I’ve eaten chlorella. I’ve been doing a lot of that with cottage cheese in sour cream when I got back here. September 13, 2009

Now since I was subdued in that hotel room and injected with those three shots my mercury levels – my aluminum levels are off the charts. Same with vaccines – I’ve had two vaccines. So, that’s obvious to me what they have injected me with. Now, my hair has gone very gray and I’ve lost six teeth now since I was injected. And I have berries with eggs and vinegar and pineapple almost every day to get rid of those poisons faster and lots of cheese to help remove that. And after those injections my skin was bursting open and bruising and bleeding. It happened over again when I headed back – and it looks like I was hit with a grenade – the shrapnel from a bomb. Eggs, berries and what else? Pineapple, vinegar and berries – all of those chelate with those metal toxins. Does it get out the vaccines? ...and heavy metals. October 14, 2012

Vaginal itching

Now, if you have a low mucus formation in the vaginal area, you need to do it with a milkshake, not with plain milk. So have egg in it and a little extra cream with the milk because the body cannot form a lot of mucus simply with milk. It takes egg and extra cream with the milk to do it. ... It usually takes a concentrated protein from the egg white and the egg yolk, combined with the milk to really strongly produce enough mucus to protect you. July 10, 2011

Chapter 6: My daily action plan

This chapter is written by you.

Open a word document, copy and paste the excerpts above that apply to you. Then treat that as if you had just consulted Aajonus. Make your plan and start in your own new healing program.

After some time, do this again as different things may be important to you.


A. General information

Eggs and cholesterol

Los Angeles Times researcher Emily Green wrote, “My foray through Salmonella literature going back to World War II did reveal a remarkable phenomenon. In the last 12 years, what was perfectly legitimate speculation by CDC doctors concerning the possible origin of [Salmonella] enteritis somehow transmogrified into fact once it reached the pages of political reports. It should be stressed that CDC speculation concerning S. enteritis remains unproved. This is not surprising. Scientific and medical journals are not tablets of stone. Much of what appears in them is guesswork. This also explains the recent turnaround over cholesterol in eggs [now viewed by the scientific community as benign].” (The Great Egg Panic, LA Times, Jan. 4, 2000.) The Recipe for Living Without Disease

Meat, Eggs, Milk, Cheese, Nuts and Seeds require an acidic digestive environment for proper digestion. The Recipe for Living Without Disease

Hot-cold hydrotherapy

If you’re staying in 120-degree water more than 7-8 minutes you’re causing brain damage; if you’re in cold water more than a minute, you’re going to cause some serious damage. Swedish know this and go into the ice-cold water for one minute maximum and they time it – usually for 45-58 seconds and jump out. They’ll stay in hot water 108 to 110 maximum for 45 minutes. Back and forth. Very stimulating. Very taxing on the body; causes massive detoxification. Good, if you’ve got enough fat in your intestines, in your nerves. Eat butter, cheese and honey. September 26, 2010

Shipping out of the country

About the only raw food I could get to my son in China is cheese. Why not butter? OK I’ll ship it, too - cheese and butter. I have plenty of people living in foreign countries – Aruba, Philippines... Their families ship them 20 pounds at a time. If he’s not getting good local food at least give him something that’s going to build his system honey with cheese and butter. May 20, 2012

Some people have a problem if they have a digestibility problem. If they have intestinal problems, do not handle eggs well for a while. One time I saw it take 2.5 years before the person could eat eggs. Then you don't suggest they try the eggs? No, I tell them to stay away from eggs, but maybe couple a week. That's all. D o you worry at all about probably think it's nuts, but they say that biotin is bound by egg white... The spell check when my book was done, and I talk about that in my book, it substituted the avidin for albumen. So when you see albumen when I talk about the biotin and the albumen, that's supposed to be avidin. That happens in a test tube and not in the human body. Not in an animal's body. And when they check the feces and find a high rate of avidin and biotin together, it's always in the accompaniment of bio-carbons. May 6, 2000

Raw Egg Safety

I did the testing. Phytic acid [ a controversial acid ] wasn’t active. It had no activity when it came out of the bowel and there was no problem with mineral absorption and protein utilization. They say that the avidin in the egg white will bind with the biotin in the egg yolk. However, in raw eggs I have never had that happen. Sometimes I eat up to 50 raw eggs a day, I’ve eaten at least 100,000 raw eggs in my lifetime and I have never had a biotin deficiency. What they do in the laboratory has nothing to do with what happens in the human body. May 23, 2010

Avocado with orange? Stay away from eggs with orange? Avocado and fruit go together fine. When I have avocado, I still have a little bit of butter. Stay away from eggs with orange, unless you’re having an Orange Julius with cream and honey. Orange Julius used to be orange juice and ice cream made with eggs, dairy and cream. January 9, 2011

Steak Tartar in a restaurant

Steak tartar is usually ground or finely chopped beef with egg yolk. A lot of them will eat the egg white on the side like I do. I used to call ahead to restaurants and talk to the chef directly saying, “Listen. I’m on a special diet, I’m diabetic, have cancer and have to have a special tartar meal. No salt, ground pepper OK but no peppercorns, and chop a little

cilantro or parsley into it, a little tomato, an egg yolk and put the egg white in a little cup on the side.” The chefs cope with the egg white on the side more easily than mixed in. Usually, these chefs enjoy preparing something different and come out to serve it. I’ve never been refused. September 11, 2011

My cousin doesn't have muscles. His father was very athletic when he was young and it surprised me that he didn’t have... Well, he stopped digesting his proteins, he digests his fats: lots of eggs, eggs, eggs, eggs. November 18, 2007

Dog or cat paralysis

I have many people call me and say my dog or my cat is completely paralyzed, they're dragging their back end, they won't eat, they won't do anything and I said you just have to see this through. Sometimes if you have to squirt some milk down fine; get cheese down them, mash it up with some yogurt. Get the cheese down to absorb that stuff so it can get it out quicker and it usually takes five or six months for that cycle then they're back to normal and they wonder how they could be crippled. August 8, 20 08

How to get stem cells

Have you eaten unrefrigerated, fertile eggs with developing chick for their stem cells? I’ve eaten bunches of them in China. They eat a lot of those in Asia and usually go older so that when you open it, the chick is more developed - sometimes with cartilage and bone developing – rubbery. Stem cells is a theory that hasn’t been proven. You’re not going to digest most of the egg when it is developing into a chick unless you’ve been eating a Primal Diet for 20 years, know how to generate a lot of hydrochloric acid, or you blend it into a solution. In an egg, you have every nutrient on this planet. You can let it start developing but once the sinew and tendons start developing you’re just not going to digest it well unless you’ve been on the diet a long time. Are there other ways to generate stem cells? Well, you can eat eggs, bone marrow, testes or sperm but have to find a healthy animal or person. Feeding a chicken a vegetarian diet is the worst thing you can do. Chickens are not vegetarian. They’re mainly scavengers and eat rotten meat and bugs. If they eat rotten meat – which they prefer, they won’t eat bugs. They eat carcasses like vultures. That’s why I have Amish farmers butchering their animals and leaving what they don’t use for the chickens who eat it as it rots as well as the ensuing maggots. Usually you see chickens going around pecking each other – because they’re starving. These Amish chickens that are fed my way are walking around rubbing against your leg like a cat and never pecking each other – none of that. If you have to buy eggs, buy eggs from New Zealand. You will get very excellent eggs from Amish farmers or

[ now a part of ] January 27, 2013

My question is about egg shells. Should we put them in with our smoothie? No. In the experiments I have done with egg shells it takes a gizzard to break them down. We do not do it well. I found a lot of cellular bleeding and a lot more blood in the stools when eating egg shells. Dogs have a hydrochloric acid which can melt it down. Dogs do okay with eggs but we do not. There are some tribes that can do it but they take lemon or lime and dissolve it first but I have even found that dissolving the egg shells it still creates lacerations in the intestines. If you want to put extra minerals in your food, grow some plants – let’s say some celery or parsley - put lots of egg shells in your compost and put that in there and it will put concentrated minerals to your vegetable juice. November 17, 2000

[ Note: recipes and the following Primal Diet newsletter are copied from The Recipe for Living Without Disease and other sources for your ease in creating your own action plan (in chapter 6)].

How to avoid toxicity in chicken and eggs

B. Primal Diet Newsletter #1

Soy Toxicity In Poultry Meat And Eggs;
Ask your grower to select better feeds.
by Aajonus Vonderplanitz

(Remedy to remove soy toxicity is in last paragraph)

Eliminate Soy Toxicity In Poultry Meat And Eggs: Many poultry feeds contain antibiotics, hormones, arsenic and toxic soy protein. The reasons that arsenic is used in feed are to keep insects and rodents from eating feeds, and as an antibiotic. Antibiotics are used to suppress symptoms of and hide diseases. Hormones and soy proteins are used to hasten and increase growth. All of those compounds are toxic and dangerous, causing diseases, including cancer, heart, osteoporosis and diabetes. I covered Arsenic in my accompanying article, "Arsenic In Poultry Meat And Eggs; Another Cancer Connection". Here, of course, the topic is soy.

Soy must be treated to alter natural substances in it that cause sickness or death to poultry and humans when eaten. The beans must be bathed in acidic baths and heated at extreme temperatures. Then they spray-dry it with nitrates to produce protein powder, and add artificial (chemical) flavorings, MSG, preservatives, sweeteners and other synthetic ingredients to trick the pallet of poultry and humans to eat the toxic matter.

According to Dr. Jonathan V. Wright, MD, nitrates have been known for decades to cause cancer, yet the FDA allows them in many foods. Soy contains many phytoestrogens, IGg and trypsin inhibitor that have caused cancers and inhibited growth in hundreds of animals. There are many websites that site toxicity and tests utilizing soy chemicals. Search: "Soy toxic".

Poultry, especially chicken fed high ratios of soy protein to increased meat and egg production, taste unappetizing. The more soy in the feed, the blander and oddly unappealing is the taste. Fifty years ago, the population would have rejected eggs and poultry meat that tasted like that. Poultry grown on mainly corn and other grains is rich and healthy-tasting, as well as health-giving.

Very often, poultry meat and eggs that are labeled organic are fed mainly soy, such as Rosie Organic Chicken. It is not only a misnomer, it is an outright advertising fraud. Even though the soy that is fed to its chickens was organically grown, when the soy is processed with chemicals and used as feed, it fails to be organic. Rosie "Organic" Chicken feeds its chickens up to 75% chemically-treated and processed soy.

To get your poultry and eggs producers to grow tastier and healthier meat and eggs, I suggest that you write to them, give them this information and ask them to feed their poultry raw meat scraps (fresh or rank poultry love rank raw meat because they are omnivorous scavengers) for protein, and corn and other grains for delicious, flavorful and healthy meat and eggs. If they need a good mineral supplement to make eggshells stronger, suggest that they add a little Terramin clay ( to their feed.

To gradually remove soy byproduct toxicity from within the body, I suggest eating a combination of 23 ounces coconut cream, 1inch cube no-salt-added raw cheese, 1 tablespoon unheated honey, 23inches section of unripe raw banana and 13 raw eggs. Eating enough raw meat daily helps remove body-stored soy protein toxicity.

Arsenic In Poultry Meat And Eggs; Another Cancer Connection;
Avoiding arsenic in poultry and eggs, and how to remove arsenic from the body
by Aajonus Vonderplanitz

Many laboratory tests have proved that arsenic causes cancer even at low levels currently found in our environment. Also, evidence suggests that arsenic contributes to other diseases, such as diabetes, heart, and decline of mental function. Humans are exposed to arsenic directly from its natural occurrence in the earth’s crust but arsenic is mined and then used commercially. Drinking water, rice, and playground equipment are a few of the daily exposures to cancer-causing arsenic. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finally lowered its long-outdated arsenic drinking-water standard by fivefold in 2001.

Arsenic contaminates many of your favorite foods, including rice and chicken, intentionally. In this article, we focus on chicken meat and eggs. For many decades, chicken farmers have been feeding chickens arsenic to hasten and increase growth and conceal symptoms of disease at youthful stages of chicken development. Of the 8.7 billion American broiler chickens produced each year, at least 70 percent have been fed arsenic.

Some of that arsenic remains in chicken meat; the following chart shows how much by brand and cut.

Brand of Chicken # of Average packages Arsenic tested ppb

Smart Chicken Breast, nonorganic 5 1.7

Smart Chicken Thighs, nonorganic 5 1.5

Smart Chicken Breast, organic 5 2.0

Raised Right Leg quarters 5 1.6

Raised Right Breasts 5 ND (none detected)

Gerber's Amish Chicken Breasts 5 ND

Gerber's Amish Chicken Thighs 5 ND

Gold'n Plump Breasts, boneless 5 20.2

Gold'n Plump Leg quarters, thighs or drumsticks 5 12.0

Gold'n Plump Livers 5 221.8

Perdue/Roundys Breasts, boneless 5 21.2

Perdue/Roundys Leg quarters 5 20.1

Kadejan Breasts, free roam 5 2.1

Kadejan Thighs 5 5.3

Kadejan Liver, free roam 5 ND

Tysons Chicken thighs, frozen 1 ND

Tysons Chicken breasts, frozen, skinless 1 ND

Rocky Jr. Petaluma Breast, natural boneless skinless 5 ND

Rocky Jr./Petaluma Range whole leg 5 ND

Rosie’s Whole leg, organic 5 ND

Rosie’s Breasts, organic 5 ND

Foster Farms Fryer thighs 5 4.0

Foster Farms Breasts, boneless 5 ND

Trader Joes Thighs 5 8.7

Trader Joes Breasts, boneless skinless 5 7.4

Tysons Thighs, boneless, skinless 4 4.0

Tysons Chicken strips 5 ND

Farm Harvest Breast, boneless skinless 5 4.2

Farm Harvest Thighs 5 5.5

Spring River Farms Breasts 5 6.6

Empire Kosher Broiler chicken, whole 5 4.3

Foster Farms Livers 5 5.1

Popeye Breast, mild 5 32.4

Popeye Thigh 5 33.1

McDonald’s Chicken select premium breast strips 5 16.8

McDonald’s Chicken grilled sandwich 5 15.0

Jack in the Box Fried chicken strips 5 9.8

Jack in the Box Chicken club sandwich, patty only 5 29.5

Church’s Fried breast 5 27.7

Church’s Fried thigh 5 46.5

Carl's Jr. Fried breast strips 5 15.9

Carl's Jr. Santa Fe

Chicken Sandwich, patty only 5 11.0

Subway Chicken sandwich 5 4.9

Arby's Chicken sandwich 5 15.3

Wendy's Chicken grilled chicken breast 5 15.9

Wendy's Chicken pieces, breaded, fried 5 5.6

KFC Breast, mild 5 3.9

KFC Thigh 5 2.2

Hardee's Chicken breast, no bread 5 7.5

Hardee's Chicken strips, breaded, fried 5 7.1

Removing Arsenic Through Combinations of Raw Foods

Removing bodily storages of arsenic may be accomplished by eating combinations of raw foods, such as 1/3 cup tomato, 2 tablespoons no-salt-added raw cheese and 57 leaves of cilantro, or 23 ounces raw coconut cream, 1/2 tablespoon unsalted raw butter, 1 tablespoon raw cream (dairy cream) and 1/2 - 3/4 cup of organically-grown dark berries (such as blackberries, blue berries and boysenberries.

Simply choosing a poultry that is not fed arsenic does not resolve every toxin-issue regarding poultry. See Soy Toxicity In Poultry Meat And Eggs.

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C. Recipes with eggs and/or cheese


Caraway Cottage Cheese 4 Servings

1 quart raw milk 3 ounces raw cream 1 1/2 tablespoons caraway seeds

Pour milk into a wide-mouthed quart jar, add caraway seeds and let stand in a dark high cupboard until the liquid completely separates from the solids (2-4 days). Pour into a cheese-making cloth-pouch, or make a pouch from gauze-cloth or several layers of cheesecloth. Hang and let strain until milk solids are firm but not too dry. (Use the whey to pickle, or in place of raw vinegar to prepare sauces and spices, or mix whey with 5 parts water and feed to indoor or outdoor plants.)

Put firm cheese in bowl and gently stir in 3 ounces raw cream.

Sour Cottage Cheese 4 Servings

1 quart raw milk 3 ounces raw cream

Pour milk into a wide-mouthed quart jar and let stand in a dark high cupboard until the liquid completely separates from the solids (2-4 days). Pour into a cheese-making cloth-pouch, or make a pouch from gauze-cloth or several layers of cheesecloth.

Hang and let strain until milk solids are firm but not too dry. (Use the whey to pickle, or in place of raw vinegar to prepare sauces and spices, or mix whey with 5 parts water and feed to indoor or outdoor plants.)

Put firm cheese in bowl and gently stir in 3 ounces raw cream.

Sweet Cottage Cheese 4 Servings

1 quart raw milk 3 ounces raw cream

Pour milk into a wide-mouthed quart jar and let stand in refrigeration until cream separates to the top. Skim the cream off of milk, place cream in an 8-ounces jar, cap and place cream in refrigerator. Let milk stand in quart jar in a dark high cupboard until the liquid completely separates from the solids (2-4 days).

Pour into cheese-making cloth pouch, or make pouch from gauze-cloth or several layers of cheesecloth. Hang and let strain until milk solids are firm but not dry. (Use the whey to pickle, or in place of raw vinegar to prepare sauces and spices, or mix whey with 5 parts water and feed to indoor or outdoor plants.)

Put firm cheese in bowl and stir in separated cream and an additional 3 ounces raw cream. TRFLWD

Spiced Cheesy Paste 4 Servings


Mash and stir together until thoroughly mixed. Will keep in refrigeration for 2 weeks.

Creamy Cheese Pepper Sauce 1 Serving

2 tablespoons grated no-salt-added raw cheese 2 tablespoons raw cream 1/2 medium tomato 1 teaspoon MUSTARD 1/3 jalapeno

1/4 hot red pepper 1 teaspoon finely chopped fresh bay leaves, (optional)

If a thicker sauce is desired, slice a deep and wide cut in tomato. Over a bowl, gently squeeze tomato to remove juice and seeds. Drink tomato juice when thirsty. Place all ingredients in an 8- ounces jar and blenderize for 5-10 seconds.

Egg/Cheese Basil Sauce 1 Serving

2 tablespoons unsalted raw butter, or raw cream, or raw milk 1 egg

4 tablespoons grated no-salt-added raw Monterey cheese 2 tablespoons finely chopped fresh basil leaves 1 diced tomato 1 teaspoon PICKLED PEPPERS (PIMENTOS), (optional)

Blenderize egg, 1 tablespoon basil and cheese together in an 8- ounces jar on medium speed until smooth.

Slice beef thinly lengthwise, and slice again to make small rectangles. Place meat and diced tomato in a decorative pattern on plate. Pour sauce over meat. Sprinkle with pimentos and remaining chopped basil.

Mornay Sauce 1 Serving

2 ounces BECHAMEL SAUCE 1 tablespoon raw cream 1 raw egg 2 pinches ground white pepper 2 tablespoons grated no-salt-added raw cheese

Blenderize egg, cream, and pepper together in a 4-ounces jar on low speed for 10 seconds. Add Béchamel Sauce and cheese, and stir/marbleize. Spoon over slivered raw meat.

Mushroom Cream Cheese Sauce 1 Serving

1 large mushroom 2 tablespoons raw cream 3 tablespoons no-salt-added raw cheddar cheese 1 raw egg

Chop mushroom and set aside. Cut cheese into small chunks. Blenderize all ingredients, except half of the chopped mushroom, together in a 4-ounces jar on low speed for 10 seconds. Stir in remaining chopped mushroom.

Sour Cream Quick 1 Serving

4 tablespoons raw cream 3 tablespoons grated no-salt-added cheese

Blenderize cream and cheese together in a 4-ounces jar on low speed until thick and firm (10-15 seconds).

Thousand Island Meat-Dressing, Two 4 Servings

2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice 1 1/2 teaspoons unheated honey 3/4 cup cherry tomatoes 1 teaspoon vinegar 2 tablespoons olive oil 1/2 - inch cube of no-salt-added raw Monterey cheese 1 teaspoon fresh red onion, (optional) 1 slice fresh garlic, (optional)

Cut cheese into thin slices. Blenderize all ingredients together in a 12-ounces jar on high speed for 10-15 seconds. This dressing will keep in refrigeration for several weeks in closed jar.

Tomato Cream Cheese Sauce 1 Serving

2 tablespoons raw cream 1/2 diced tomato 1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice 1 - inch cube of no-salt-added raw cheese 2 tablespoons grated no-salt-added raw cheese

If a thicker sauce is desired, slice a deep and wide cut in tomato. Over a bowl, gently squeeze tomato to remove juice and seeds. Drink tomato juice when thirsty. Blenderize all ingredients, except grated cheese, together in a 4-ounces jar on low speed for 10 seconds. Pour over meat and top with sprinkled grated cheese.

Tomato Sauce 1 Serving

1/2 tomato 4 tablespoons raw unsalted butter, (or stone-pressed olive oil) 1/2 - inch cube of no-salt-added raw cheese 1 slice fresh garlic

1/2 to 1 tablespoon chopped fresh red onion Favorite fresh herbs to your taste , (optional)

All ingredients should be room temperature. If a thicker sauce is desired, slice a deep and wide cut in tomato. Over a bowl, gently squeeze tomato to remove juice and seeds. Drink tomato juice when thirsty. Warm butter in an 8-ounces jar, capped with blender washer/blades/base, immersed in bowl of warm water until butter melts. Add rest of ingredients to jar and blenderize on medium speed for 10 seconds.

Carpaccio (pronounced carpachio) 1 Serving

5 tablespoons stone-pressed olive oil 2 tablespoons grated no-salt-added raw cheese 1 tablespoon finely chopped fresh bay leaves 1 tablespoon finely chopped fresh basil leaves 1 tablespoon chopped fresh parsley 1 slice minced or crushed fresh garlic, (optional) 1 teaspoon chopped fresh red onion, (optional) 5 to 8 ounces meat (beef, lamb, fowl, seafood) 1 mushroom

Vigorously stir olive oil, bay, basil, onion and garlic together for 1 minute.

Slice meat into thin luncheon meat-sized slices in food processor with slicing plate. In a covered bowl at room-temperature, marinate meat slices in sauce for 1 to 3 hours.

Spread meat and sauce on plate and sprinkle with cheese and top with parsley.

Lamb Shanks 1 Serving

5 to 8 ounces lamb shanks 2 tablespoons unsalted raw butter 1 teaspoon bone marrow 3 tablespoons stone-pressed olive oil 1 to 2 tablespoons grated raw unsalted Monterey cheese 1 teaspoon chopped fresh basil, (optional) 1 teaspoon chopped fresh bay leaves, (optional) 1 tablespoon chopped fresh parsley 1 spear asparagus 1 teaspoon chopped red onions, (optional) 1 slice minced fresh garlic, (optional)

Scoop marrow from shank bone. Warm butter, oil, basil and/or bay leaves and garlic together in a 4-ounces jar, capped with blender washer/blades/base, immersed in bowl of mildly hot water for 5 minutes. When butter has melted, blenderize ingredients for 5 seconds at medium speed.

Slice lamb into strips. Dice asparagus. In a covered bowl at room temperature, marinate lamb strips and asparagus in sauce for 1- 3 hours. Spread marinated ingredients on plate and top with cheese, onion and parsley.

Meat au Gratin 1 Serving

4 tablespoons unsalted raw butter, (may substitute stone- pressed olive oil) 1 slice fresh garlic 1/4 red bell pepper 1 1/2 - inch cube no-salt-added raw cheddar cheese 5 to 8 ounces raw meat (beef, lamb, fowl, seafood)

Grate a portion of room-temperature cheese and set aside. Slice remaining cheese thinly. Warm cheese slices, garlic and room- temperature butter in a 4-ounces jar, capped with blender washer/blades/base, immersed in bowl of mildly hot water for 5 minutes. When butter is completely melted, blenderize ingredients until smooth.

Cut 1/8 bell pepper into circular slices. Chop remaining 1/8 bell pepper. Slice meat thinly lengthwise. Arrange meat on plate in overlapping circular pattern. Pour sauce over meat. Cover with slices of bell pepper like spokes of a wheel. Sprinkle grated cheese on top. Finish by sprinkling with chopped bell pepper.

Cheesy Chicken 1 Serving 5 tablespoons stone-pressed olive oil 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice 1 - inch cube sliced no-salt-added raw cheese 1/4 to 1 fresh hot pepper 1 teaspoon fresh red onion, (optional)

Blenderize all ingredients, except chicken, together in a 4- ounces jar on medium speed for 10 seconds. Slice chicken into narrow strips, baste and marinate for 20-60 minutes.

ALTERNATIVE: Instead of blenderizing onion, dice and gently stir into sauce before basting and marinating chicken.

Macaroni & Cheese-Tasting Chicken 1 Serving

6 ounces chopped or ground raw chicken 3 tablespoons SOUR CREAM 1 egg 1 red hot pepper

3 tablespoons grated no-salt-added raw cheese

Blenderize egg, pepper, cheese and sour cream together in an 8- ounces jar on medium speed for 10 seconds. Fold sauce into chicken.

ALTERNATIVE: On a plate, form chicken into a plateau, indent and fill with sauce. TRFLWD

Hot Buttered Salmon 1 Serving

5 to 8 ounces fresh ocean wild-caught raw salmon 3 tablespoons lemon or lime juice 1/8 to 1/2 hot pepper 3 tablespoons raw unsalted butter 2 tablespoons grated no-salt-added raw cheese

Warm lemon and lime juices, hot pepper and soft butter together in a 4-ounces jar, capped with blender washer/blades/base, immersed in a bowl of mildly hot water for 5 minutes. Blenderize on medium speed for 10 seconds. Pour mixture over salmon and top with grated cheese. TRFLWD

Oyster Sauce & Pasta 1 Serving

1 serving PASTA SUBSTITUTE 3 oysters 2 mushrooms 2 tablespoons raw unsalted butter 1 1/2 - inch cube raw unsalted Monterey or Muenster cheese 1 slice red or white onion 2 tablespoons fresh sweet red pepper, (optional)

Make PASTA SUBSTITUTE (see recipe). Blenderize 1 1/2 oysters, 1 mushroom, butter, 1/2 of the cheese, 1/2 of the onion and 1/2 of the red pepper together in an 4-ounces jar on medium speed for 10 seconds. Dice remaining oysters, mushrooms and onion. Fold diced ingredients together with sauce and pour over PASTA. Grate remaining cheese. Top dish with grated cheese.

ALTERNATIVE: Follow recipe above but do not blenderize onion in sauce. Chop onion and fold into sauce. TRFLWD

Oysters Over Cheese 1 Serving 5 fresh oysters 2 mushrooms 5 tablespoons unsalted raw butter 6 tablespoons grated no-salt-added raw cheese 1 teaspoon chopped red onions 1 to 2 circular slice(s) fresh sweet red peppers, (optional)

Blenderize 1 1/2 oysters and butter in a 4-ounces jar on high speed for 10 seconds.

In a food processor, chop with pulse-action the sweet pepper, mushrooms and remaining oysters. In a serving bowl, fold all ingredients, except cheese, together.

Sprinkle a bed of cheese evenly over plate. Spoon oyster/pepper/mushroom mixture evenly over cheese. Top with oyster/butter sauce. TRFLWD

Reminiscent of Mexican Chips 1 Serving

3 tablespoons soft unsalted raw butter 1/4 to 1/2 fresh hot pepper 1/4 tomato 2 tablespoons grated Monterey Jack cheese 1 slice fresh garlic, (optional) 1 tablespoon red onions, (optional) 1 serving PASTA SUBSTITUTE

Blenderize butter, tomato, hot pepper, garlic and/or onion together in an 8-ounces jar on medium speed for 10 seconds. Add cheese and blenderize on medium speed for 15-20 seconds, until smooth and warm to the touch. Pour over Pasta Substitute and eat before it gets soggy. Eat with a serving of meat. TRFLWD

Cheesecake 10 Servings

3/4 pound no-salt-added raw cheddar cheese 1 pound unsalted raw butter 1 cup raw walnut halves 3 tablespoons unheated honey 1 drop organic vanilla extract

TOPPING, (optional) 1 1/3 cups raw cream 1 tablespoon unheated honey Let cheese and butter stand at room temperature to warm for 4 hours before making cheesecake.

Slice cheese into 1/8-inch slices. Into each of two 16-ounces jars, warm half of the cheese, half of the butter and 1 tablespoon honey immersed in a bowl of mildly hot water while making the Crust.

Crust: In a food processor (not blender), place nuts, two tablespoons butter and 1 tablespoon honey. Blend ingredients until they become a large ball.

Butter bottom and sides of an 8- or 9 - inch pie plate. Evenly spread nut mixture and press on to bottom of pie plate. Chill in freezer while making Filling.

Filling: When butter is nearly liquid, blenderize both jars of butter/cheese/honey mixture on high speed for 60-90 seconds until ingredients are smooth, not grainy. Do not let it get too hot while blending. Pour both jars of Filling into chilled piecrust and refrigerate for several hours. (If making a Topping, place back in freezer while making Topping.)

ALTERNATIVE TOPPING 1: Blenderize 5 ounces cream and 1 teaspoon honey in an 8-ounces jar on low speed until it is fluffy and stiff. Repeat with remaining 5 ounces cream and 2 teaspoons honey in another 8-ounces jar. Remove pie from freezer and top with whipped cream. Let stand in refrigeration for 8 hours. The flavors blend better when it stands for 20 hours.

ALTERNATIVE TOPPING 2: Choose fruit with low carbohydrate, such as cherries, berries and/or unripe fruit. Remove seeds or stones. Chop fruit, if necessary, and blenderize 1 cup fruit and 1 tablespoon honey in a 12-ounces jar on medium speed for 10 seconds. Spread over chilled cheesecake.

ALTERNATIVE TOPPING 3: Remove stones from 4 dates. Chop dates. Blenderize chopped dates and 1 cup fruit(s) in a 12- ounces jar on high speed for 15 seconds. Spread over chilled cheesecake.

Cheesecake, Miniature 2 Servings

3 ounces no-salt-added raw cheddar cheese 3 1/2 ounces unsalted raw butter 2 ounces raw walnut halves 2 teaspoons unheated honey 1 drop organic vanilla extract

TOPPING, if desired 3 ounces raw cream 1 teaspoon unheated honey

Let cheese and butter stand at room temperature to warm for 4 hours before making cheesecake.

Slice cheese into 1/8-inch slices. Warm cheese, butter and 1 teaspoon honey in an 8-ounces jar, capped and immersed in a bowl of mildly hot water while making the Crust.

Crust: Blenderize nuts, 1 teaspoon butter and 1 teaspoon honey together in a 4-ounces jar on high speed using pulse-action for 5 seconds.

Butter bottom and sides of 4-inch glass or ceramic pie-dish. Evenly spread nut mixture and press on to bottom of pie plate. Chill in freezer while making Filling.

Filling: Blenderize butter/cheese/honey mixture on high speed for 30-40 seconds until ingredients are smooth, not grainy; do not let it get too hot while blending. Pour into chilled piecrust and place in refrigerator for several hours. (If making a Topping, place back in freezer while making Topping.)

ALTERNATIVE TOPPING 1: Blenderize 3 ounces cream and 1 teaspoon honey in an 8-ounces jar on low speed until it is fluffy and stiff. Remove pie from freezer and top with whipped cream. Let stand in refrigeration for 8 hours. The flavors blend better when it stands for 20 hours.

ALTERNATIVE TOPPING 2: Choose fruit with low carbohydrate, such as cherries, berries and/or unripe fruit. Remove seeds or stones. Chop fruit, if necessary, and blenderize 3 ounces fruit and honey in a 4-ounces jar on medium speed for 5 seconds. Spread over chilled cheesecake.

ALTERNATIVE TOPPING 3: Remove stones from 1 date. Chop date. Blenderize chopped date and 3 ounces fruit(s) in a 4-ounces jar on high speed for 10-15 seconds. Spread over chilled cheesecake.

The Recipe for Living Without Disease

Pain Formula

3 to 4 level tablespoons refrigerated fresh soft bee pollen

1 to 2 ounces no-salt-added raw cheese


[Moisturizing/Lubrication Formula Drink

1 to 2 raw eggs 2 to 4 ounces unsalted raw butter or coconut cream 1 to 2 tablespoons lemon juice 1 to 2 teaspoons unheated honey All ingredients should be room temperature. Warm all ingredients in an 8- or 12-ounces jar, capped with the blender washer/ blades/base, immersed in a bowl of mildly hot water for 5 minutes. Blenderize on medium speed for 10 seconds. It is most effective when consumed with, or shortly after, a meat meal.]

Add pollen to the Moisturizing/Lubrication Formula above prior to blenderizing, and then blenderize. Eat cheese as you drink the formula. Usually, this formula reduces pain 80- 100% within 10 minutes to several hours. It is 5-10% less effective if the cheese is not eaten. The Recipe for Living Without Disease

Sport Formula

The most recent Aajonus' Sport Formula (not Sport Drink) is next. Other earlier and more specialized versions for specific people are below.

Sport Formula, May 2012

3 cups of at least 2 of the following foods: cucumber tomato watermelon raw milk and/or fresh raw liquid whey.

Cucumber, watermelon and tomato are to be pureed not juiced, the whey is liquid byproduct of making cheese, milk is whole raw milk. You may have any combination of those to equal 3 cups. Remainder of the ingredients are: 1 T. raw apple cider vinegar 2 T. lime juice 2 tsp.lemon juice 2 T. coconut cream 2 T. dairy cream 2 - 3 eggs 1 - 2 T. Unheated honey (optional).

That makes about 1 quart when all ingredients are blended together. Sip throughout day for hydration.

(Ref: pg 202 & 253 We Want to Live) Aajonus has tailored it for specific individuals. See page 253 of We Want To Live: the Primal Diet.

Here are five versions with the date at which it was given in the question and answer part of a Primal Diet potluck party.

SPORT Formula March 18, 2012

3 cups of any combination of cucumber, tomatoes, water melon 3 T coconut cream 3 T dairy cream 2 T lime juice 1 T lemon juice 1 T ACV 2 - 3 T honey 4 eggs

Makes 1 quart; if not quite a quart, you may add a little water to make it 1 quart.

SPORT DRINK (10 July 2011)

1 cup whey 1 cup watermelon puree 1 cup tomato puree OR cucumber and watermelon puree instead of tomato and watermelon OR tomato and cucumber – these 3 are interchangeable: cucumber, tomato and watermelon. OR all three can be combined too. 2 tablespoons lemon juice 2 tablespoons lime juice 1 tablespoon raw apple cider vinegar 1 – 2 tablespoons honey 1 – 2 tablespoons coconut cream 1 – 2 tablespoons dairy cream (if intense athlete, 2 – 4 tablespoons cream) ½ cup sparkling mineral water

Blend it altogether and you sip on that. It makes about a quart and lasts for 5 hours of sports. Water will slow you down because

SPORT DRINK (9 Jan 2011)

My athletes drink 1 cup tomato puree 1 cup cucumber puree

1 cup whey 1 tablespoon raw apple cider vinegar 1 tablespoon lemon juice 2 – 2 ½ tablespoons honey 2 tablespoons dairy cream usually 2 – 3 eggs

Blend that together and sip on that. It makes a quart. My athletes go through a quart in 5 hours and they don’t get weak or tired.

SPORT DRINK (22 Feb 09)

2 cups cucumber puree (some of my tennis players use 3 cups) 1 cup tomato puree 1 tablespoon vinegar 1 tablespoon lemon juice 1 – 4 tablespoons honey 2 – 4 tablespoons coconut cream 2 – 4 tablespoons dairy cream 2 ½ oz sparkling mineral water

Blend that all together.

Those who are actually performing, doing like 5 hours of sports in a tournament, I have them put an egg in every cup of that: whip an egg into it and sip that. But they add the egg into that right before they drink it.

SPORT FORUMULA (14 Dec 2008)

In We Want to Live I had the Hydration Formula. When you’re doing a heavy sport you’re perspiring a lot and you need a lot more cucumber than tomato. So I have altered that recipe to have

2 – 2 ½ cups cucumber puree 1 cup tomato puree 1 tablespoon vinegar 1 tablespoon lemon juice 2 – 4 tablespoons coconut cream 2 – 4 tablespoons dairy cream about 2 ½ - 4 oz. sparkling mineral water

You could use whey instead of the water in the sport drink: 2 ½ to 4 oz. of whey instead of water.

Whey can be added to the Sport Formula instead of vinegar or along with the vinegar.

Blend that all together and you sip it throughout the day. it leaches nutrients out of the body.

SPORT FORMULA (24 Aug 2008)

If you’re doing sports you want nutrients.

1 - 1 ½ cups tomato puree – leave skins on 1 ½ - 2 cups cucumber puree – peel the cucumber 3 – 4 tablespoons coconut cream 3 – 4 tablespoons dairy cream 1 tablespoon raw apple cider vinegar (2 tablespoons maximum if you’re an athlete; 1 tablespoon maximum, if not; if sedentary worker, maybe ½ tablespoon) 1 tablespoon lemon juice 3 – 4 tablespoons honey (some athletes have problems with that much honey, so you can cut it down to just 2 tablespoons) 1 cup water - If you’re doing a high sport you add a cup of water because you will need a little bit of water in there. 1 egg - If you’re a sports person you put an egg in it. If you’re not a sports person you don’t have to put an egg in it.

Blend it all together.

That’ll take you through 5 hours of hard activity.

I have tennis players that are playing 5 hours on that one quart of fluid and their competitors are drinking a whole gallon of water in that 5 hours.