Q&A Of September 10, 2006

(1) Are Organs More Concentrated In Nutrients [2006],[Aajonus]

There's a big philosophy about that

There are groups out there that say eating organs and glands are much more concentrated in nutrients.

Not necessarily, it will help the like glands and organs in your body because there are like substances that are produced.

So, it would help those particular cells, and if you have a problem there, that will be more helpful for you to eat.

Let's say you have intestinal problems so eating healthy tribe from an animal would help your intestines correct more efficiently and quicker.

But if you're talking about restoring muscle tissue by eating liver, that's not proven.

Yeah, but that's to manufacture hormones.

It doesn't mean you're going to be able to utilize it in your body for other processes.

Cause once you've got a chemical lock in a bridge, it's hard to unlock it with our poor system.

Now let's say the Messiah, the Samburu or the Fulani or the Inuit.

Now they may be able to make use of all that very well, but your digestive track isn't.

Nobody in this society will digest that well enough to be able to disassemble that and fragment it into some other part of the body.

That's the whole problem.

Cheese, you can do it.

Cheese and honey together.

You can remineralize the body quicker than anything else.

I've seen lots of those people who eat nothing but glands and organs and never eat muscle meat, and they're manic, they're illogical and they're skinny as hell.

So, they haven't proved to me that it's more efficient, that it's healthier, or that it's better.

Give me a person who's fat and relaxed, and I'll take that them any day as evidence.


(2) Ascorbic Acid [2006],[Aajonus]

Once they chemically process it to extract the vitamin C, it's a chemical

Doesn't matter where it came from once you process it, is a chemical.

If you ate the berries, that would be different.

You have to understand that once they bind it in a binder like that, t's not going even be absorbed and it's going to cause plaquing in your intestinal tract and cause malnutrition, malabsorption.

Anything in a tablet form is going to cause plaquing in your intestines or in your body, it has a binder.

If you're going to take some kind of a powdered dry food, it better be an untreated, powder.

No, I'm not saying it's good, but if you're gonna do something, that's a better way to have it.


How about drinking urine.


Well, no?

If he is from vaccines, you don't want to drink your own urine own.

He's gonna be in trouble.

You have more bleeding.

The best you can do is get cabbage.

Nothing you can do for him, unless he can take some coconut oil.

Ship him some coconut oil, butter, or something, but they're not gonna let him.


(3) Aspestsos and Fiberglass [2006],[Aajonus]

Home magazine, you can I subscribe to it


Oh, really?

But the worst would be fiberglass?


No, asbestos would be the worst, fiberglass would be next.


What about fiberglass that they have it encased in plastic.


Doesn't make any difference, you get plastic gases.


Even in the houses that's got the sheet rock.


Gas penetrates, even though it's slowly, it will still penetrate through walls?


What is he talking about fiberglass.


Insulation in the walls?


(4) Based On Pottengers Work Everyone Is Going To Be Dying [2006],[Aajonus]

Howell's and Pottenger's work with the cats and the rats by 2017, 2020, 2/3rds of the population is going to be diseased and dying, all at one time


(5) Black Plague [2006],[Aajonus]

And at that time, London, on every block you had a silversmith and on every other block you had a blacksmith

Silversmith and blacksmith.

What do they make molted.


And you got it in the fog in England, holding in the fog and people are breathing it.

This that's why they got black lung, The Black Plague, generation of inhaling that stuff.


(6) Bladder Stones [2006],[Aajonus]

I had surgery 10 days ago

[Attendee],[Aajonus] Not you!

Yes, I had surgery.

About two years ago, I started having blood in my urine and then I got to the point where two weeks ago I had to lift my leg like a dog to urinate because I had a stone in my bladder.

So, I went to a urologist and he did the sonogram, says the biggest stone he'd ever seen, 4.

2 millimeters by 2.

7 millimeters.

Biggest stone he'd ever seen.

He said it would take about 30 minutes to blast it apart.

There wasn't actually any cutting.

He put a tube up my urethra and the camera up there and he showed the canal.

Now, ever since I was a child, my mother was very upset with me because I used to take a long time to urinate.

Take me 3 to 5 minutes to urinate, so she'd slap me on the back of the head, "Hurry up".

She didn't realize that I had a deformed urethra.

It was very thin and very small where it went through the prostate.

So, all these years, I've not been emptying my bladder completely.

She always got me into the habit of as soon as the flow stopped, and the sensation of having to urinate stopped.

I would stop my flow, but that causes crystals to form and stones to form.

So, when he went to blast this, I went into surgery on Tuesday, a week ago, so that was like 12 days ago.

He said it would take probably 30 minutes to blast it apart.

Took him two hours.

He said that stone had been forming for 45 years minimum.

So, it's that long to affect me, but he said he had never seen it.

He's blasted- anybody know James Stewart.

He had 10 of those from being a vegetarian, eating all that soy.

He had 10 of them.

He went to the same urologist.

Urologist blasted his in an hour and a half, 10 of them.

My one took two hours to blast out of the system.

He said the core was completely black and an analysis showed it was mainly thimerosal from vaccines.

So, when I was a child and got the vaccinations, that mercury had gone to my urethra and because I wasn't emptying completely, it was collecting in there, and that was the core of it.

Mercury solid core center.

So, while he was there, I said, wouldn't be a bad idea if you cut the urethra, opened it up into a V shape and let me heal around it, so I could pee like normal.

Because when I urinate and there's a couple people that watch me pee to the side over here, when I do the hot tub, there's just a little child stream and it's always been.

Now I pee like a race horse So, there are situations where this diet cannot help you and you will have to have medical.


(7) Bladder Surgey, Empty Your Bladder (8) Blurry Vision, Red Meat Or Eyeballs [2006],[Aajonus]

I was doing my experiments with people who had blurry vision

The thing that changed that blurry vision vision the most was red meat believe it or not.

Don't know why.

I put 'em on chicken, I put 'em on fish.

I put 'em on high chicken, high fish to get to the nerves in the eye, but nothing stopped the blurred vision like red meat.

I don't know why.

It doesn't make any logical sense, but it's the way it is.

Carrot juice is very helpful in combination with your other juices, carrot juice and coconut cream and cream together helps correct the damage in eyes to help improve eye vision.


What about beef eyes.


That's great?

Eating eyeballs is very helpful, but I haven't seen a great- the Indians used to eat eyeballs if any of 'em were having a deficiency and yes, it helped them a lot.

But on this program, people won't eat enough eyeballs.

You just can't get enough of them, you've got a huge animal and two eyeballs.

Just not enough eyeballs to go around for me to experiment enough, to see how well they will work if they have a diet high in eyeballs.

But there's not many people who eat eyeballs, so if you can go to North Star Bison, and ask her to send you all the eyeballs.

Not many people order them, and you can see how much it will change your eyesight.


(9) Brain Detox [2006],[Aajonus]

It's all those vaccines sense, it went to the brain

The brain and nervous system use tons of metallic minerals to relay light and electricity as their function.

So, where's the body store most of those heavy metals, the brain and nervous system.

Where does the brain detoxify.

Mainly through the tongue, gums and salivary glands, ripping her metal apart?

Making it a very toxic, Doesn't make any difference.

As long as she's had heavy doses of vaccines, when you go into the military, you get like 27 to 35 in a week period.


(10) Can Bacteria Be Toxic [2006],[Attendee]

Bacteria could be harmful if you're not eating properly

I mean, if you don't have the, the nutrients to support yourself.



Let's say you eat a food that has been cooked and it's been sitting out and you got lots of bacteria that's fed on it.

The, the verotoxins that are their experiment, you have to deal with and if they're highly toxic and they're concentrated in heavy metals, it's going to be a poison.

You're going to have diarrhea and vomit.

It's your body getting rid of it, t's not about, I'm gonna show I'm so tough, I'm gonna hold in this garbage.

No, the body's saying I don't want it.

This is going to harm me, so I'm going to have vomit and diarrhea and get rid of it.

The body's not saying, I'm going to eat this because I'm real tough.

No, you are doing it.

You're eating it because you've been programmed to eat that garbage, eat cooked food, but it's cooked foods that's aged and old, and as the bacteria gets into it and feeds on it and mutates and puts off highly toxic verotoxins.

The verotoxins become highly charged, highly caustic.

You got a problem, but it'll usually be just diarrhea and vomit, unless the medical profession gets hold of you.

Makes you take steroids and antibiotics and all stuff like this, then you damage your intestines more and then it becomes a process of trying to get rid of more poisons and it'll be an endless process.


(11) Can Diet Break Down Stones [2006],[Attendee]

Now is it possible that being on the diet, the diet will take care of stones


No, it won't?

I've tried with many people trying to dissolve their stones and because heavy metals do not break up easily, you'd have to drink probably a quart of grapefruit or lemon juice a day, and then you'd demineralize your body along with the stone.

So, there's no way.

I've tried with many people to help them dissolve their stones over years, even my own.

Yeah, but yours was an early stage and it wasn't forming over a period of years.

It works if you caught it in the beginning, but I was 45 years minimum, I was 45 years into it.

There was no way it was gonna dissolve.

James Stewart.

He waited a year and a half, tried the formulas and none of them worked to dissolve his stones.

He had his blasted and removed, he was a changed man after it also.

So stones, you need help with stones.

Most people will need help with removing stones, unless it's a very small stone and you've just begun to form them.

Then you can use beet juice, grapefruit juice or a combination of the two and eat lots of cheese.


(12) Cancer and High Meat [2006],[Aajonus]

Jim, do you have a question


Yes, I do?

How would a person diagnosed with cancer determine if high meat is appropriate for that particular person or not.


Well, it depends upon what kind of cancer they have and what's causing the toxicity?

If they aren't digesting well, of course they need to eat the high meat.

If they're digesting well, high meat isn't going to especially help them, unless they have some neurological problem.

Then they'll need it.


(13) Cancer Survival Rate, Lung&esophogus Cancer [2006],[Aajonus]

Well, you look on the back of The Recipe for Living Without Disease, the bottom blurb is from a 57-year neuroscientist, Dr

Elnora van Winkle.

I gave her the names of 300 of my cancer patients, their addresses and telephone numbers.

She spent a year calling, and interviewing all of them.

And that little blurb says that the statistics on cancer reversal by Aajonus method is scientifically accurate, and it's 95% of the people who go on this diet with cancer reverse it and live beyond seven years.

I've lived 38 years.

I have many patients who are 27, 16 years beyond.

So, that's it, 95%.

Lung and esophageal cancer are another subject.

It's only about 60% survive on this diet, because the lungs fill up, and most of those people cannot stay away from the doctors.

So, they'll, they'll go get aspirated, they'll have the liquid removed.

Every time they go for aspiration, the doctor automatically gives them antibiotics.

Their digestion is destroyed for at least 25, 27 days, they're going downhill in that time.

So, the reversal rate for lung cancer is only 60%, which is poor.

Better than the medical profession, which is 5%, but still, it's not the greatest.

Esophageal cancer cuts off swallowing and breathing.

Not much you can do there.

If somebody comes to me to the point where it's already grown, so not much I can do to help somebody.

You can't swallow, you can't eat.

Well, I have one patient who lived for 3 years through a tube, and now he's outta the hospital and functioning and eating fine, but he lived for three years out of a tube.

But his son was going four times a day, injecting the good food into him.

That was the whole kid's life, his life was injecting the food in his father and work.

And that was his whole life.

His family relationship broke up, lost his kids, lost his wife and everything to keep his father alive.

You know, I'm not sure that was worth it.

He doesn't live with his fucking father, his children, he doesn't raise his father.

You know, his whole family may have been more important than his father living.


(14) Cant Sleep From Low Protein [2006],[Attendee]

Difficulty sleeping at night

Give us a dissertation on what not to eat, what to eat, night sweats.





90% of insomnia comes from protein deficiency and there are specific proteins that are formed by the E.


So, if you have a history of antibiotics as a child, you are one of those people that's in the category who will always have trouble sleeping well.

Also, has the tendency to cause Crohn's disease.


(15) Carrot Juice With Dairy & Coconut Cream [2006],[Aajonus]

When you have carrot juice with dairy cream and coconut cream, doesn't have that blood sugar problem

If you have four to six ounces of carrot juice in the afternoon, instead of a fruit meal.

So you're having this high carbohydrate in place of a fruit meal in the afternoon, and you have 2 ounces of dairy, and 3 ounces of coconut cream, you are not going to have a sugar problem with that.


(16) Cheese & Milk For Heavy Metals, Hair Mineral Analysis [2006],[Aajonus]

Lots of cheese, lots of milk

Stay away from vaccines like the plague, any kind of medication.

What's bloodwork gonna tell you.

Bloodwork is not what's happening in the skin?

If you wanted to test something that might tell you what's happening in the skin is have your hair analyzed.

You'll see what you're throwing off.


(17) Cheese Enzyme Def, Butter With Cheese [2006],[Aajonus]

Remember, cheese is enzyme deficient, so like any dried food, there are no bioactive enzymes

Sure, there are all the particles of enzymes in it, but none of them are bioactive when a food substance is dried, it's dehydrated.

So, if you eat cheese, it's a dried substance that will not digest, unless you eat it with honey.

So, as a good mineral supplement, it's fine to eat cheese and honey, if you want a good mineral supplement.

So, you have osteoporosis or you have cancer and people who have cancer are always eating their own bones to get enough minerals to bind with the solvent byproduct of dissolving tumors, so the body will eat its own bone to do that.

Eating the cheese with honey prevents that from happening.


What about butter.


Eating butter with the cheese?

That's fine if you have a tendency toward constipation, you should eat equal amounts of with butter with the cheese?


For constipation: butter, honey, and cheese.


Well, if you're gonna eat cheese and it causes constipation, you need an equal amount or more butter with your cheese, and that'll keep you from getting constipated?


You don't have to add honey to it.


You have to have the honey with it?

The honey is your enzyme supplementation.


(18) Chelation [2006],[Attendee]

I have a nephew that's had these stents put in twice in two years

What about chelation for- just thinking about that.

[Aajonus] Chelation is one of the worst poisons that you can do in the body?

What it is you're taking a chemical magnet, which is a chemical poison, and you're hoping that it'll go into the soft tissue, like the arteries and pull the plaque and the heavy metals out because plaquing mineral buildup is like a kidney stone or a bladder stone, any kind of stone.

Problem is that it doesn't exit the body.

I've only found 24% of it left the body within a 48-hour period.

After that, no sign of it leaving the body again out the urinary and fecal matter.

So, they're lying when they tell you it leaves the body within 24 hours, 48 hours.

Say do it to my urine and check it in my feces, and you'll see a doesn't.

The chemical itself, where's it store, it stores in the lymphatic system and bone.

And you'll notice that people who've had chelation therapy, their skin is like taking aspirin, it starts getting thin and translucent.

It starts demineralizing the body and system.

If you're getting those heavy metals out, your body needs calcium and a lot of other minerals to bind with it and harness it and control it.

And that means demineralizing the skin and the bones and other tissue.

However, it does help keep some people alive, and it makes them more vibrant for a shorter period.

It shortens their life, but their life is better temporarily, so that's the tradeoff.

Again, unless you have a fat-controlled environment, it is not going to leave your body.

It is all wishful thinking, everybody wants to deliver a magic bullet, but nobody's doing the exact empirical test that prove it.


(19) Chemical Sensitiviyt [2006],[Aajonus]

When a person gets chemically sensitive, that means they have so many chemicals in their body that even one little bit is the straw that breaks the camel's back

Every time it enters the body.

So, anytime something enters the sinuses, the mouth anywhere, it automatically has to discharge, and there's a chemical reaction there.

They're that sensitive.

They're that so full of toxins in their system.



I'm on this special diet boring.


Of course.


It's just so boring.

My diet, not your diet.


Very boring.

And it will be boring until you stop having that sensitivity.

Well, when you have that kind of a problem, you have mainly eat eggs every hour.

Well, you're still gonna have that, and you better have that.

If you don't have that, you're not gonna have the hormones to heal.

I just hope it doesn't come at a bad time.

So, you have to look at it differently.

What you have to do is every time you go ahead, say, my body's having internal sex and it's loving it, and I'm going to be younger and vibrant because that's exactly what's happening.

Cellular division causes.


(20) Chicken Pox [2006],[Attendee]


Kids get that, don't they spread it to all the other kids in their class.


That's a farce?

It's like, do all the roosters bring up the sun because they crow before the sun rises.

Then if all the roosters die, you wouldn't have a sunrise?


(21) Coconut Cream Juicing [2006],[Attendee]

The coconut, is that accessible to us



If you wanna spend $9,000.

The juicer is this big, so we can do 50.


Can we rent time on it.


Uh, you'd have talk with James?

I sold over it to him.

He's now juicing for the lot, so now you can buy coconut cream.

So, coconut cream is now available at the lot.

That big machine also juices vegetables, so he will be able to juice vegetables in 1/16th a time that it used to take it.

So, he can do like probably about 10 gallons an hour with the coconut cream and with juice he could probably do about 30 gallons an hour.

[Attendee #2]

How do they open the coconuts.


I bought a machine that has a wheel with teeth on it and a pin that sticks up, and what you do is you put it near one of the eyes and it just rips it right off?

The people in Thailand who are used to doing that, they can shell a coconut in three to four seconds.

Takes me about 10 to 15 seconds to rip- well, no, Thursday, before last I was down to about probably probably 10 seconds per coconut, ripping the shells off.

And then there's a grinder which grinds it all into grated coconut, and then that goes to the juicer and the juicer is huge.

It's like this long, this high, about this wide.

It looks like a, a champion juicer that's stainless steel and huge.

[Attendee #2]

When will it be available for sale.


It's already available for sale.

So, it's $12 a pint, but that's in glass.

They only put it in glass.

He could save a dollar and a half by putting in plastic, but let me tell you, it's better to have it in glass.


(22) Cotton. Wool, Silk [2006],[Attendee]

Do we wear 100% cotton

Is that what we're supposed to do?


100% cotton or silk?

Wool is difficult for some people, very difficult for some people to break down.

Bamboo's very difficult because they have to use a fiber, just like with rayon when they use pine needles.

They use a polymer to glue it together.


[Attendee #2]

What about them hemp.


Hemp's the same way?

Also, you have those fat molecules that dry out in our system.

No, not a good thing.

All natural is not really all natural.


Where are we shopping at now then.


Everything I gets Territory Ahead, but now their women's division, half of the stuff is no longer cotton?

Some of the stuff for men is no longer cotton, but Territory Ahead used to be 100% cotton, two years ago, but I still get everything's 100% cotton from them.

They're not organic cotton, but they get their cotton from a better source.

They do sell polyester material mixes, so you have to look and see what's all cotton and all not.


So there's a website called the green loop.


They sell organic cotton.

It has great men's and women's clothing.

They also have shoes.


There are several websites that also do that, but if you want to be in style and fit and still want cotton, you are not gonna go to those companies.


(23) Cream For Athletes [2006],[Aajonus]

Some athletes have problems digesting the cream near a sport time, so that can bog them down, also make them sleepy

So, it's hard to camouflage it without the extra cream in it, cream and honey.

It's a good thing to utilize, but sometimes it causes sleepiness, so you have to, you have to be careful.


(24) David Wolfe [2006],[Attendee]

That whole raw food thing


Well, I've only seen eight who survived without that kind of thing?

David Wolf is just now seven years into his.

But you know, all the super foods he's creating.

Ton of stuff, just so he doesn't demineralize.


He doesn't eat any dairy.




Just straight vegetables and fruit.


Most of those people foam will foam at the mouth?

When my book first came out in 1997, I went to a health convention in San Diego.

This is in 1998, the book came out in the fall of 1997.

So, I was sitting down there and a lot of these people knew me from when I was a fruitarian, and now I was a Renegade fruitarian, eating all this meat and dairy.

So, they were charging against me and I'm sitting there very calm and there were five of them and then another came 6 and another came 7, and they were around me for about an hour and a half.

They were intense about it, and when you get that intense when you're a fruitarian, you will actually start foaming at the mouth You will actually start producing this white substance that comes off the lips, so basically foaming at the mouth.

And I said, "Now you tell me that eating meat will make me violent.

I'm sitting here very calm this whole time in the conversation with you".

I knew this was gonna happen, so I brought a mirror with me and I said, "You take a look at your mouth, tell me who's not in control and who's not calm".

And what's likely to make you angry.

Fruit made me very high strung and easy to anger, meat makes me calm and relax.

And then they stood there all dumbfounded, and walked away and I never heard from them again.

That was seven years ago, and David Wolf had just joined them.


(25) Detox, Brain Toxins, Cellphones [2006],[Attendee]

I wanted to ask you about detoxification pertaining to clogged up nose, perspiration, headaches, face on fire

I'm new on the diet and I'm doing very.

I'm experiencing these and I wonder if these are all detoxifications.

[Aajonus] Anything that's uncomfortable is a detoxification.

[Attendee] Like right now, my face is burning up and it's not from the sun.

[Aajonus] Your brain and nervous system have the highest mineral concentration.

When they discharge, they discharge out the tongue, the gums and the salivary glands, sometimes tear ducts and ears.

And if that's mercury or some other hot metal that's coming down, it will cause a radical burn or temperature raising in the face.

[Attendee] Okay.

I thought perhaps I was having eye strain, so I bought a higher eyeglass for reading, but I don't know if that's true because I was getting headaches while I was reading.

[Aajonus] Also, cell phones can cause those same symptoms.

[Attendee] So, the headaches are from detoxifying.

[Aajonus] Yeah, but then it's from discharging high radioactivity from the head?

So, wear an earbud.

Do you use a cell phone.

[Attendee] Once in a while?

Not a lot.

[Aajonus] Okay, it's not from that.

It's from your brain discharging poisons.

[Attendee] So, it's not eye strain from the headaches.


(26) Divirticultis [2006],[Attendee]

I can't eat raw nuts because of the little tear in the colon

What's good fiber to replace it with.



She has diverticulitis and the medical profession says that you need to eat a lot of fiber to keep things moving through your body if you have diverticulitis.

That's like saying to somebody who has vertigo to go up onto a house and jump off.

If you're eating raw food, peristalsis naturally happens.

If you're eating cooked food, peristalsis stops.

That's why they want you to eat fiber.

Just push things through, or eat a vegetable salad with your cooked meat to push it through it through.

If you're eating raw food, peristalsis happens.

Unless you've had a lot of antibiotics in your lifetime and peristalsis is pretty nonexistent and that takes a lot to help things.

Then you need lots of parasites, need lots of trichinosis, needs lots of bacteria to do all of the work, even to move things through.

So, eating fiber is the exact opposite you wanna do because that collects in the diverticuli and causes infection.

If you're eating raw food and any particle gets stuck in there, it still has its enzymes to react and it'll move out.


So, fibers not good.


You shouldn't have fiber?


(27) Do People Agree With Aajonus On Bacteria [2006],[Attendee]

Like a few months ago, I was doing hot yoga pretty intensely, and I got a rash, and so I went to a naturopath and he sent me to an MD who declared it staff

And of course, they want to give cortisone shots in the foot, antibiotics, the whole thing.

And I refused everything.

She thought I was totally mental.

But it was after that that I read your book and started to understand your concept that the body uses bacteria to help clean up the toxicity, dead cells and whatnot.

That resonated with me that that made sense.

I want to know if there are other people that corroborate your findings, if there's other people that agree with you.

[Aajonus] If you read The Recipe for Living Without Disease, you'll see Yale, Harvard, all of them are starting to use viruses and bacterias to reverse diseases.

I cited 18 of them in that book.

[Attendee] Well, my other question is you mentioned if you cook meat or something, then that it becomes susceptible to harmful bacteria.

[Aajonus] No, the same good bacteria that normally gets rid of dead tissue, rotting.

Leave meat out here, it's going to rot.

If it's in the sun, there are bacterias that are gonna form on it, and start eating away unless the sun bakes it and cooks it and dries it, dehydrates it before anybody can eat it.

[Attendee],[Aajonus] So, is there such thing as bacteria that-

Bacteria will mutate on cooked food.

Then its byproducts are toxic.

Just like the poisons from you.

You have more toxins in you if you eat cooked food.

It's like the Pottenger's test of that cat.

What happened when they took the feces from the cooked food animal.

The vines that they grew, they grew beans?

No matter from what animals the feces came, the beans always grew.

It always grew a vine and always produced beans.

However, the foliage on it was very different.

Those animals that ate raw, their feces grew very lush, full leaved plants, vines.

The more processed the food, the feces created 1 - 2 two leaves on a whole vine that would run 10 feet long, not a very healthy plant.

So, the more toxins that you discharge, the bacteria eats in us, the bacteria eats the cooked food.

It discharges more poisons, just like we do, which interferes with other biological process.

[Attendee] So, conventional wisdom always says that the immune system needs to be strong in order to fight the bacteria.

So, what does that mean?

[Aajonus] That's like saying the Russians are coming, the Russians are coming?


(28) Docotors and Celebrities On This Diet [2006],[Aajonus]

She was responsible for cataloging all the chemicals of the brain and nervous system, Columbia university

So, she was a doctor, but not a MD, but probably there are about 40 MDs on this diet all over the world.


What are their names.


I can't give out that information?


I mean in case you wanna visit the doctor's.


I can't even do that.

They will be ostracized.

A lot of your movie stars are the same way.

They don't want anybody to know they're on the diet.

The only two that I know were Mel Gibson and Christina.

They were the only ones that advertise that they ate raw meat.


Are they still on it.

They both eat yeah?

He got off and got drunk again, o now he's back on the raw meat again.

That's the way until it gets busted.

just say frequently.

Am I thing before I, no, just go ahead.

What about.

Well, the only time I seen parents take it to court when one of the parents took the other parent to court.

That was the only time I've seen it in court.


(29) Does Aajonus Eat Pork [2006],[Aajonus]

As long as the pig has been raised organically, I'll eat pork

I eat pork several times a year.

I'll pig out on it for three, four days in a row.

I just was so hungry for it.

I'll eat it .

(30) Dont Take Antibiotics [2006],[Aajonus]

And a broken bone and they said they wanted to put antibiotics in my IV and I refused

I told 'em, I'd take 'em orally.

So, he gave me the antibiotics to take and guess what I didn't take.

Because I don't need that, I can take lime juice or something if I want to keep bacteria down, and I don't want to deal with a bacterial detoxification or infection right after a period of medical help because they just freak out when it happens?

So, I just avoided all those chemicals.

However, as I was going to sleep, I did see the anesthesiologist pumps some antibiotic into the IV and I was already half gone and couldn't say anything and that's what this is.

So, I had constipation up until yesterday.

So, finally it cleared my system, but I ate tremendous amounts of cheese.

I ate a whole loaf of cheese in 10 days.


(31) Dyes From Cat Scan Stay In Body Lifetime [2006],[Aajonus]

Not only that, it will stay in your body a lifetime, unless you know how to get rid of it

If you have an x-ray, certain kinds of x-rays, cat scans, they put a dye in you of barium, which is a toxic mineral that's radioactively charged, can be radioactively charged or iodine, which can be radioactively charged.

Once they're charged, they live for 58,000 years.

Anybody gonna live that long.

Then you need to get it out of the body?


(32) Eating Bugs [2006],[Attendee]

Are bugs healthy to eat


Yes they are, and these, these little bugs, if you eat them, they taste like a little sugar droplet?

Very sweet.


Yeah, right.


They are.


Are you serious.

ajonus] Very serious?

They're very sweet.

I eat them all the time.

They stopped buzzing me.

I just catch them like that and then eat them and they're very sweet, just like a sugar droplet.


(33) Ecoli Part Of Digestive System [2006],[Attendee]

In one of your lectures, you talk about how you'll say E coli killed someone or whatever, and you joke because E coli is a bacteria that we have in our intestines

[Aajonus] They got away with that bullshit for 50 years, and then when they got enough people educated and people realized, wait a minute, E coli is the major part of my bacterial system in the colon.

So, then they came up with the 87157 E coli mutation.

Where does a mutation like that come about.

Only from industrial poisons?


(34) Egg Allergy, Detox [2006],[Aajonus]

Nobody's really allergic to the egg itself, unless they're eating it cold and eating it with other food

So, if you're eating an egg alone, you'll never have an allergy to it as long as it's room temperature.

Well, sometimes what happens is the body will use the liquid protein and the liquid fat to have a liver, gallbladder, pancreas, detoxification.

If that happens you might have diarrhea.

You might have some cramping or vomiting that'll occur, but is not from the egg directly.

It's what the body's utilizing the fat and proteins for, the detoxification.


(35) Eggs & Cabbage Juice For Ulcers [2006],[Aajonus]

It's gonna cause more problems

What she needs to do is eat eggs and cabbage juice together.

Stinky nasty farts, but that's okay.

They'll leave her alone in the military, but that'll help seal up the ulcers.

What she could do is drink about a half a cup of green cabbage.

It has to be green, not the red green.

Green cabbage juice with 1 or 2 eggs.


(36) Eggs and Milk For Respiratory Problems [2006],[Aajonus]

What's your symptoms


Lungs, lots of phlegm, coughing, weakness the body, loss of air and hard to breathe?


Yeah, but you could be just detoxing through the lungs.


He's diagnosed with it.

He's on a prednisone.


It'd be too hard for me to diagnose something like that without seeing the person, seeing the condition, I'd be guessing.

Anytime anybody has any respiratory problems, the things that they can do before they come and see me is suck eggs, 25 to 30 eggs a day, just suck eggs all day long.

Best way.

Remember, in eggs the protein and fats are all liquid.

Very little digestion, less digestion than with milk.

Milk is twice as complicated to digest as a milk.

The only problem is when you eat eggs alone like that, it causes weight loss.

So, you have to have some milk at night before you go to bed and milk during the middle of the night, just to keep the weight on.


(37) Eggs Before Surgey [2006],[Aajonus]

So, I let them put me under, and that means an IV

[Kathy] So, take bee pollen.

[Aajonus] Yes, it does, but I took it before and after, and they said no food after 12 o'clock?

I was sucking eggs every hour up until two hours before surgery because remember eggs, there's no solid to it.

It's going to all be absorbed and you don't have to worry about it.

They're looking at people who eat cooked foods and water and all that kinda stuff.

It never assimilates and processes properly, so they're vomiting, defecating on the operating table and that they don't want.

So, it's not a problem if you're eating raw foods, especially raw eggs because all the protein and all the fat is already liquid.

I had my last pain formula with cheese and the bee pollen, everything about 5:00AM So, from 5:00AM until 11:00AM, I had nothing other than eggs.

No water, nothing but eggs.


(38) Eggs Dotn Regenerate Cells [2006],[Aajonus]

Eggs do not deliver the amino acids that will allow you to regenerate growth hormone

The protein and fats in the egg can be utilized to regenerate cells that are already alive, but they do not increase cellular division, only raw meats do.

So, if you want to stay as old as you are and not get younger, eat eggs.

If you don't want to increase your cellular production, get stronger and healthier and heal more, eat eggs.


You're not going to build muscle.


You'll build some muscle, but it'll be just muscle that will grow very gradually?


(39) Eggs With Milk [2006],[Aajonus]

It's more complicated to digest eggs that are mixed with other foods

But people who need to create more mucus, they need to have eggs mixed with dairy and butter or cream to have more mucus.

Eggs will not create mucus on their own, has to be mixed with the dairy.

Otherwise, you'll dry out.


(40) Electroyltes [2006],[Aajonus]

Just put honey and lemon juice or lime juice with it

Also, grapefruit juice is the quickest way to re mineralize electrolytes.

So, whey, grapefruit juice, little lemon honey in that, you make it sweet and delicious.


Oh, you put grapefruit into the whey.


Grapefruit, lemon juice, lime juice, and honey into the whey?

That'll also help them break down uric acid, byproduct of muscle metabolism.


(41) Endometriosis and Eggs Wont Regen Cells [Aajonus] Endometriosis is the utilization of cells that don't normally belong in one place in another

It happens in everybody because, um, we don't have enough protein in the diet in the form that can be utilized.

So, everybody has endometriosis, it's only used Endometriosis relating with ovarian cells.

So, if you have ovarian cells that are utilized somewhere else in the body, that's the general medical term.

When the woman has her period and she goes into cramps, those cells that are ovarian cells that are not in the ovary will go into the cramping also, and that causes severe pain outside of the ovarian area depending upon where.

I knew one woman that had ovary cells in her brain.

Every time she went into her period, she had a spot in her brain that gave her cramping.

Another woman who had it in her elbow, she was a tennis player.

She was such an avid player that her body was very low on protein and nutrients and started borrowing cells from other areas of her body and putting it in her left elbow.

So, then when she had her period, her elbow had a period.

So, endometriosis isn't only related to ovarian, but that's where it's used most commonly because people can identify.

They can't tell if you've got an elbow cell in your uterus.

No way to tell.

They can tell if the area goes into aa spasm on a regular cycle with your menstrual cycle, you have ovarian cells in that area.

Your body will borrow cells from any kind of an area and utilize them anywhere in the system.

To reverse it, you just have to eat enough meat to replace cells that are localized, eat enough raw meat.

So you reproduce cells, so cells will divide, not just regenerate.

That's why meat is so necessary.

Eggs won't do it.

Eggs will help those cells that are already alive become healthier, but if you want to help cells increase.

If you wanna help cellular division speed and increase, you have to eat meats.


(42) Fluoride In Concentration Camps [2006],[Attendee]

I had read that the Nazi's not used fluoride in the water in the concentration camps

Is that true.

[Aajonus] Yes?

Fluoride is the smallest molecule in the world.

It can penetrate and enter anywhere.

It's a byproduct of mainly military machinery, military industrial complex.

That's why it gets into government programs because the military needs to get rid of it and they don't want to build huge storage places to hold it underground.

[Attendee] So, how do you get rid of fluoride then.

[Aajonus] You drink water that has fluoride?

You don't drink tap water ever.

So, you drank the water, so it's in your body.

Removing that takes cheese, lots of cheese over your whole lifetime.

Because the government wants to get rid of it.

It's a marketing tool to get rid of it.

They use the tests from Massachusetts.

Do you know what those tests were.

The children had less cavities who had the fluoride because they were losing teeth?

So, they had less teeth to have fillings in them.

So, they had less fillings because they had teeth that were falling out and they used that as the barometer that fluoride is good for them.

These government people are not nice.

Even your good Senator is on the wrong side of the fence as a matter of necessity.

He does the best he can, unless he's a Republican, then he does the worst he can.

If you're like Reagan, you're gonna rob the till as long as you're in office, and every Republican robs the till every time they're in office.

How many trillions of dollars are we in debt.

When Clinton left office?

, we were $6 trillion in the black.

Bush Senior left $4 trillion deficit.

Now we're $8 trillion in deficit.


(43) Gettign Athletes To Eat Raw [2006],[Attendee]

I've got two pre-teens that are real active in sports and not eating raw, but I wanna try to- I don't know if you have any suggestions for getting kids into healthier diet

[Aajonus] Well, I always get them by telling them a story?

There's a 14.

5-year-old that was forced to come to me and go on the diet when her mother and father divorced and the mother was very ill and she decided my children are gonna go on it with me.

So, she put her 14-year-old on it.

Now the 14-year-old was a B+ student.

She also wanted to be a dancer.

In one year of being forced to be on that diet, she went from a B+ student to an A+ student, plus became the top dancer in 1 year on the diet.

T hat young girl, that 15.

5-year-old came to me on her own free will the next year.

I tell them that story and they want to be the head.

They want to be smarter; they want to be better in the sport.

This will give it to them.

This will deliver them the ability to do that.

So, it's really easy to sucker in sports athletes, easiest people to get into this diet as far as teenagers.

[Attendee] Do they need vegetable juice.

[Aajonus] It depends upon the toxicity level, but usually anybody under 16 should not have vegetable juice because it over alkalizes the system and it lowers their growth hormone level?

[Attendee #2] For a teenager, if they're not willing to, how do you fool them.

[Aajonus] I would give them milkshakes, things that are they'll eat easily and just hopefully your example will lead them into eating meat?

If not, they're their own people.

They're gonna go their own way, whether you like it or not, they are not you.

[Attendee #2] So under 16, you shouldn't have any juices like carrot or celery or anything.

[Aajonus] Carrot's okay, but celery?

parsley, things like that.

Not too much of.

[Attendee #3] What would be the most important thing for them because we've been putting the raw milk into the regular milk carton and dumping the regular milk.

[Aajonus] I have a lot of parents who do that, and that's a good thing.


(44) Go To Doctor To Put Bones Back In Place [2006],[Aajonus]

So, there are situations where this diet cannot help you and you will have to have medical help

Like if you break a bone and you're dislocated and you can't get that bone back in place, go to a doctor.

Now I broke seven bones in my foot, but never went to a doctor because I found a little 14-year-old girl who used to love to crack people's knuckles.

She'd just go around and pick you up and go snap, snap, snap, snap.

She just loved doing it.

So, when I broke all those bones in my foot, right foot.

What I did was I went out very early, I was in the desert and riding my bicycle and somebody left a sprinkler on all night, so they had a slick algaeic spot near the curb, and I went from the curb and the wheels were right out from under me, so my toes caught on the curb.

Each toe out, so it split the bottom one an inch and a half in, broke the bones here and in the toes, seven breaks.

So, I went to her and she set them all, so I didn't even have to go to a doctor for that, but this, there's no way it was going to leave my body.

The walls he showed with a scope growing up in there, the walls of my bladder are usually smooth.

They were.

lumpy, like the stone that was in it looked like coral.

So, there's some cases when you just have to go to a doctor, and that's in case of kidney or bladder stones, ruptured or inflamed appendix that might ruptured.


(45) Goat Milk Vs Cows [2006],[Attendee]

Would you recommend goat milk over cow milk


Okay, difference between goats milk and cows milk?

Goats produce a lot of proteins and hormones that cause hormone precursors for adrenaline.

If you are a thin person, you should not look at goats milk.

Stay away from goats milk.

If you are overweight, goats milk is fine, goats milk is fine.

If you have a sugar problem, if you're diabetic, goats milk is wonderful.

Cows milk is always the best, calms nerves and relaxes.

Has anybody ever heard or seen of a relaxed goat.

They eat everything?

They, these poor creatures are so imbalanced in life, they eat everything.

They will eat your fence, they will eat rock, they will eat aluminum, they will eat anything that is in their fights.

Anything, absolutely anything.

Poison they will eat, they will eat anything.

Not a good thing to have, unless you're terribly overweight and very lethargic, like most diabetics.


(46) Hair Fall Out During Detox [2006],[Aajonus]

Just remember, when your body's detoxifying, and if it can't find enough fats, it's going to utilize hormones because hormones are made mainly a fats and protein

So, your body is going to use the hormones to discharge, and if it's going to the hair follicles to discard and discharge the heavy metals.

Guess what's going to damage.

It's going to damage the follicles and then you may not regrow hair if the RNA and DNA are damaged?

If fluoride is going out with mercury at the same time, you can better believe that the RNA and DNA will be damaged in the hair follicle, and it will not grow another hair.

It could be lead, it could be aluminum.

Usually if there's gray hair involved, it's aluminum, toxic cauterized aluminum from canned foods and other sources where we get aluminum.

Screen doors with aluminum, that dust, if you breathe that in.

It's all cauterized aluminum, and when that discharges, it causes greying and hair loss, but that's usually just temporary.

Get fat, get fat, get fat, fat.

Well, for the hair, butter is better.

The moisturizing, lubrication formula is the best thing for that following meat.


Men going bald?

What causes that.


I just said what causes that?


Oh, okay.

Even young men.


Oh, yes?

Even young men.

What happened when I had chemotherapy, I lost all my hair.


(47) Headache From Bowel Movement Bowel movements


Oh, bowel movements, same difference?

From there all the way up to the brain.

Suck an egg right away and eat cheese.

Eat about a teaspoon of cheese to a tablespoon of cheese and then eat an egg right on top of it.

That should stop the headache and the toxicity should drop out of the system pretty quickly.


(48) Heart Worms From Vaccines [2006],[Aajonus]

Very normal thing because see, these animals are getting heartworms because of all the injections of vaccines, especially rabies shots that are going to the heart and damaging heart muscle

The thimerosal, the mercury and the aluminum and the formaldehyde are damaging heart cells.

Those heartworms are necessary.


(49) High Meat Vs Fecal Matter [2006],[Aajonus]

Eating feces is very helpful

The bacteria in high meat is predigesting the high meat.

It doesn't really relate to the bacteria that works in your intestines.

However, breaking that meat down into a predigested form helps speed your own bacteria i your intestines.

So, it's helpful, but eating shit will deliver the actual enzymes in bacteria that are necessary for your digestive tract.


Is there a store here you recommend.


Go to some Amish farmers, unless you want to kill some gophers?


So, when they said eat shit, they were telling you something good.


Laughs eat shit and die, it isn't true?

Eat shit and live.


(50) Honey For Diabetics, Temp, Protein Digestion [2006],[Attendee]

if you're have chronic fatigue is goat milk better than cow's milk

[Aajonus] Probably?

Well, you're on the thin side, so you're gonna have to add cream to it, some cows cream to the goat's milk.

Do you have a question.

[Attendee #2] Some of the things you're discussing, what is the impact on insulin resistance, blood sugar?

[Aajonus] Well, no, I'm trying to understand specifically what you're asking?

[Attendee #2],[Aajonus] Well, some of the areas like more protein, honey-

When you say insulin resistant.

What do you mean?

[Attendee #2] High blood sugar?

[Aajonus] Let me give you an example.

I have a 72-year-old that went on the diet and she's been taking insulin for 42 years.

I put her on a minimum of a half a cup of a honey a day.

You know what her blood sugar level does after she has honey.

It drops?

That's the way it works.

Remember, when the bee collects the nectar, the bee swallows the nectar, it creates an insulin-like substance, which converts 90% of that carbohydrate into enzymes for disassembling, which is digesting the proteins and the fats, mainly proteins.

Once you heat that honey above 93°, it alters that insulin-like substance.

When the bee gets back to the hive, he vomits it and they're all he's.

[I'm pretty sure worker bees are actually she's] He vomits what is then honey.

It's no longer nectar because it's predigested and it is now honey.

So, honey is bee vomit.

Enjoy it.

It has lots of insulin in it, so it takes care of all the insulin needs and it will lower blood sugar levels.

[Kathy] It helps you heal the pancreas.

[Aajonus] Protein is very necessary to rebuild the pancreas.

The most important nutrient is protein to rebuild a pancreas, so it functions properly.

[Attendee] Does the honey have to be crystalized.

[Aajonus] it should not be crystallized?

It doesn't matter.

Eggs or meat will help rebuild it.


It's as long as the pancreas is not producing the proper insulin to regulate the sugar levels Juice will raise the blood sugar level because you have to have the insulin to help utilize those sugars properly.

Well, that's okay if it's crystallized, but if you're a diabetic, it'd be better not to have too much crystallized honey.


(51) How Much Honey With Cheese [2006],[Aajonus]

It's just a small amount of honey

If you have a tablespoon and a half of cheese, it's only a teaspoon of honey.

That's the ratio.

Now there are three teaspoons to a tablespoon, so that's like four to one, four teaspoons of cheese to one teaspoon of honey.


You're feeling better today.


Two days after, I was at the lot juicing coconuts with that big machinery that I bought from Thailand?

They kept a catheter in me for two days, so I had the catheter out, an hour later I was at the lot juicing, worked for hours.

I wouldn't say I was painless.

I was in pain, but it wasn't enough to cause me to cry.


Would a cube of cheese, which is about an ounce or something, would that be less than a teaspoon of honey.


Half a teaspoon is about a sugar cube sized amount?

So, two sugar cube sized amounts of cheese is about a teaspoon.


(52) How To Detect Kidney Stones [2006],[Aajonus]

Well, what they can do is they do a sonogram, they do ultrasound and they can see if there's a stone there


So, you can ask them to do that without being in pain or being dying or whatever.


Yes, absolutely?

You can go have it checked.

In fact, after what I went through, if anybody has ever had any kind of difficulty urinating and it's a pattern, go have it checked because it's noninvasive, it's just an ultrasound.


But it also be caused by kidneys too.


Kidney stones?

That you'd have to have surgery for that because it can't go all the way up to the urethra through the bladder and to the kidney.

They have to go through microscopic surgery through the stomach, but still you want them removed because I've discovered that some skin cancer is caused by stones.

Obviously in me, I started developing skin cancer.

I'm constantly arresting, except for this one right here, but as soon as that stone was removed, my body's processes were restored.

That tumors started just shriveling and shrinking and drying up.

[Attendee #2]

Is that related to a prostate problem too.


Well, no?

Well, if the prostate is so tight like mine was, my urethra was so small and so tight going through the prostate hat I wasn't able to empty or I probably could have emptied, but my mother taught me to be impatient, even with myself.

So, as soon as the flow was gone, I stopped the urination, and then I left about an ounce, maybe an ounce and a half of urine in my bladder, and then stones will start forming, crystals will start forming from the minerals in the urine.

If most people let your urine sit in a jar for about three or four days, you'll see crystals forming at the bottom with crystals.

So, that's what happens if you don't empty yourself, so be patient.


(53) Impotency From Not Eating Raw Meat and Fat [2006],[Lewis]

How long can you hold an erection


Well, last night, six hours, all night long?

all night long.

I woke up all night and it was erect every time I awoke, like my old self again.

I like that.

Oh, he is not raw.

80, 85% of the time, impotency is a matter of not having the raw fats and not having the raw meat?

Lots of people in their 40s and 50s, all the way up to 90 years old have gone on this diet.

, and all of a sudden, my God they're feral again.

And that's mainly the problem, a lack of raw fats and raw proteins.

If they won't do that, they're not even forming the hormones to ejaculate anything.


(54) Instincto Eater (55) Insulation [2006],[Attendee]

I'm wondering if you could say something about insulation, like that's your house

Thermal insulation, I know most houses have got fiberglass.


Very toxic.


Versus Styrofoam, and would old Styrofoam, for example, be not as bad as like new Styrofoam.


No, because if the heat hits the house, it's going to regas.

Plastic constantly will cause gases to react when heat and cold changes.

I've studied a little bit of that.

I found that straw bale is very good, straw is excellent, old clothes, old jeans material is a good insulator.


(56) La Water, Sparkling Water (57) Leon Vs Lime Juice [2006],[Aajonus]

Remember lime juice is an antibacterial

Lemon is a fermentation; lemon juice helps break things down.

Lime juice kills things.

So, if you need to get rid of an infection, lime juice is the way to go.

Lemon will not kill an infection; it'll increase detoxification and add to infection.

[Attendee] What if you marinate in lime.

[Aajonus] You're destroying all the bacteria in the foods?

Well, it's not good if you're eating that all the time.

Well, with your infection here, it's probably good you're doing it all the time.

You have enough bacteria already working for you, you need to lower yours.

So, you're okay that way, but see, you're overweight and that's fine.

People who are thin and children shouldn't be eating it all the time like that, and when you get thin you won't be able to eat it all the time.

It'll be just the contrary to what you should have.


(58) Lime With Coconut Cream [2006],[Aajonus]

You only really need just a little bit

Now, when I did it in the book, it's overkill, that much lime.

I put as little as a half a teaspoon per cup, and it keeps it for a very long time.

In fact, I found that even the less is better, half a teaspoon per cup of coconut cream.

Half a teaspoon of lime juice per cup of coconut cream.

[Kathy] This is a cup, one cup.

[Aajonus] That's what I said?

No, the container it comes in is two cups.

That's a two-cup container.

That's a pint container.

Pint jar.

So, you need one teaspoon per jar.

It's better to break it down into smaller jars, unless you're gonna drink it all in one week.

[Kathy] And another thing is you need to have it melted before you can mix it.

[Aajonus] Usually this coconut cream does not solidify like the other coconut cream.

This stays soft the entire time.

[Kathy] So, you can still mix it through.

[Aajonus] You can still mix it through?

It's better to blend it and you don't have to worry about it.

When it's in plastic, the plastic gases and causes the coconut to solidify harder.

For whatever reason, the chemistry, I don't know, but that's what happens.

[Kathy] How did you blend it if it's in those big wide mouth jar.

[Aajonus] You pour it into different jar?

[Kathy] Oh, we have to take it out from there.

[Aajonus] You have to put it from the big jar into a smaller mouth jar?

[Kathy] Just to put a certain amount in, I wouldn't put the whole thing in it.

[Aajonus] You can't put a whole thing in an eight-ounce jar.

[Kathy] Just half of it.


(59) Lower Back Pain, Kidney Stone, Papaya [2006],[Attendee]

Lower back pain, and it seems to be connected to my insomnia

When I manage to get a fair night's sleep, the back pain doesn't seem to be as severe.

It's was not an accident, it's just kind of become chronic over the years.




Lower back pain?


You might have kidney stones, so go have that checked.

That'd be the first item of elimination.

Next, it would be a lack of fats and proteins to lubricate and clean the back.

If you have problems with your back and it's not stones eating a custard would be helpful every other day.

Every day might cause too much detoxification and lower back problems as I said in my book.

So, eating papaya helps clean the spine.


(60) Lyme Disease [2006],[Aajonus]

Let's say he got stuck by a nail, they would've blamed it on the nail

They would blame it on anything other than what's in the body causing the problem.

Think about it.

A tick bites you.

You you've got all kinds of red, white blood cells there attacking any kind of foreign substance.

That's what the little redness is and the blister and all the pus, 95% white blood cells.

Whatever contamination, 95% of that has been decontamination by those white blood cells.

What the hell's going to get over and take over a body in a few weeks from one bite of an animal give me a break.

The science is there, don't be stupid.

[Attendee] Well, what is malaria.

[Aajonus] Malaria is a body dumping from the liver, and usually the pancreas into the bloodstream?

[Attendee] Has nothing to do with the bugs.

[Aajonus] No?

That can add to the detoxification.

[Attendee] When they kill all of the mosquitos, they claim there's less malaria.

[Aajonus] They always claim shit like that.

Remember when they claimed less Polio.

When the Polio vaccine came out, the graft on Polio was way down at the bottom?

1958 when they told you to take it, guess what shot up.

All the way up here, that quickly in one year?

[Attendee] But the idea of the Explorer going into the rain forests on Africa and getting malaria, that's just what happens when we have a detoxification.

[Aajonus] Yeah, that's a detoxification causing liver and pancreatic detoxification.

It's the climate, the body's not used to that high heat, the moisture, the bacteria naturally being able to grow and, and thriving.

We're here in pollution.

We inhale this antibiotic every day of pollution.

We eat this pollution.

It poisons the body.

The bacteria can't work.

We can never detox.

Then you go down into a jungle where there's clean air and there's moisture and there's oxygen, and everything's alive.

All of a sudden, the body's gonna start cleaning itself because you look when you don't go through that shit.


(61) Lymphatic Bats, Walks, What Time [2006],[Lewis]

Regarding lymphatic baths that you have me on every three to four days

[Aajonus] The next day.

[Lewis] Not tonight, but the next day.

[Aajonus] Not unless you are working and you can't do it the next day.

But it's always better to do it in the afternoon.

If you look in the We Want To Live, the new primal diet version under lymphatic congestion, you'll read about lymphatic baths and taking the lymphatic baths.

I always suggest that it be done in the afternoon, so it doesn't disturb sleep at night.

And what the idea of that all of the cooked oils that you had, the Crisco, the margarine, all that garbage you were fed as a child hardens in the body, locks the lymphatic system.

It takes the body's temperature, 101.

6° and higher to 105° to melt that, to be able to make it liquid, to move it and get it out of the system again.

And I suggest that people do that at a certain time of the day, so they don't disrupt their sleep patterns.

And that's sometime in the afternoon, not in the evening.

[Kathy] But with my bath, it's different because you said anytime I have to take it cause it doesn't disrupt my sleep.

[Aajonus] That's not the lymphatic bath.

Lymphatic baths run from hour to an hour and a half, staying at a hot temperature from 60 to 90 minutes, it's a long time and a hot bath.

You come out like a wet noodle and then you have to take a 45-minute walk 10 minutes after that, bundled up and hot, but it's a slow walk.

You could walk like this, I don't care.

I don't care what you look like.

[Attendee] I don't think I can do that.

Has anyone ever physically done that.

[Aajonus] Well, yeah?

I have a 72-year-old man who had prostate cancer and was basically on his way out, and for doing that for three months, he's a new man.

He's pleasing his 40-year-old wife.

[Attendee] What was temperature.


[Aajonus] 101?

6° to 105°, it's all in the book.

Tells you how to do it, what to eat with it and everything.

[Fred] If you're already detoxing a lot, would you still do that or would it be better to wait till you're not.

[Aajonus] Wait till you're not detoxifying something else, unless the lymphatic system is the thing that's detoxifying, you can help it?


(62) Margelins Disease [2006],[Kathy]

He has Morgellons disease


Morgellons disease is a so called a new disease where they find that fibers are passing through the skin with a parasite, a microscopic parasite.

Guess what those fibers are.

Synthetic material fibers?

It's finally hit and coming out, people are so toxic.

They're not able to break it down to the lungs, so the body's passing the entire fibers completely through the tissue and a parasite is transporting it, eating its way and carrying it through.

They haven't put it all together yet.

They say we have these fibers in this parasite.

Oh my God! No reason for it, and the answer is very logical.

This parasite is eating its tissue all the way through to past this huge, it's like having a bunch of electrical line attendants as you're passing a whole house on a trailer through the streets and you have to disassemble the wires as you go through and then reassemble them after you get it through a certain part of the street.

Well, the parasites are doing that for you to get them through.

Stop wearing synthetic material.

Some people's digestive systems are so poor that they can't even get wool through the system, and that's passing through the skin too.

Our state of health is terrible when we can't even break down hair protein and get them out of our system if we inhale them and breath them, very frightful state of health that our society is in.

And the people on this diet are the only ones who are going to be resistant and healthy enough to pass through and watch everybody else pass out and go on the wayside with serious disease, serious debilitating things.


(63) Meat and Lube Formula For Weight Gain, Meat Makes U Younger [2006],[Aajonus]

People who eat lots of raw meat with, let's say a lube formula like Lucky here

I mean, when he first came to me, he was very, very skinny and he never didn't have any muscles at all in his body.

He'd been on the diet about two years and he says, "Can I weight lift on this diet.

" You didn't know I had that good of a memory, did you?

He said, "Can I weight lift on this diet?

" And I said, "Yeah, just eat a pound of meat and a lubrication formula"?

And for women that's the moisturizing formula after each meat meal, do that twice a day and you'll blow up, and they all accused him of taking steroids and all kinds of other protein powders.

And he says, "No, I was just eating raw butter or raw eggs and raw meat".

They wouldn't believe them, and look at him/ Well, maybe the women don't, but that's a gentleman who wants muscles.

So, if you wanna pump up, you need the meat to do it if you want to get large.


(64) Menopause Is A Change Of Hormones [2006],[Aajonus]

There's nobody that goes through it more than women in menopause because like I said in the book, women who are going through menopause, it isn't the cessation of hormones

It is a change of the type of hormones that's being produced, and that's a great healing stage.

Men go through a different kind of menopause and it's a detoxification.

Whereas women at the same time, go through a healing stage.

It's a very comfortable thing, a very happy thing, not comfortable, but the happy thing for women to go through.


(65) Mercury Experiment, How To Get Rid Of [2006],[Aajonus]

Now, as an experiment, I stopped eating swordfish for a year to see if my mercury levels would drop

I'm still at a 4.

[Kathy] Is that good.

[Aajonus] No, 4?

9 is bad.

You're supposed to have 0.

I got a 4.

8 - 4.

What I did was I had seven analyses done just to measure different sides of my scalp, parts of my scalp, to see where there was the most mercury.

Of course, back here, and here were the most mercury and the sides in the back, up on top there was lower amounts of mercury, but back here, around here, head up to a 5.

1 and up on top as low as a 4.

So, mercury, just remember every vaccine that you've ever gotten, there was 76 zillion molecules of mercury 76 zillion molecules of mercury.

Did anybody count that.

Nobody could count that in their whole lifetime, could not count to 76 zillion?

[Lewis] Zillion's not a number.

[Aajonus] That's right.

That's why I used to say 760,000 thousand trillion molecules of mercury is 76 billion, but you can find zillion in a dictionary.

[Lewis],[Aajonus] But it means a lot!

Yes, but it means beyond a million.

[Attendee] What's the best way to get mercury out.

[Aajonus] Cilantro, dark berries, any kind of squash juice, coconut cream?

Coconut cream dissolves it quicker and better than anything else.

Cheese, cilantro, berries help remove it from the body.

[Attendee] So, your levels are much higher because you've been on the diet a long time.

[Aajonus] Yeah.

That's right, but you have to understand each vaccine has that many molecules of mercury, it will take five lifetimes to get rid of all of it, and my body discards it 5% at a time, at all times, never goes above a 5.

So, that's safe for me, for somebody else a 2.

1 could be bad.

But for me, I can tolerate up to a 5.

2 without symptoms.

Chlorella helpful to remove it also.

Chlorella's not digestible, chlorella is an algae.


(66) Mercury In Kidney Stone [2006],[Aajonus]

After I had the stone taken, I said to my doctor, "Now I want some of that fluid that you have after breaking that soup, I wanted to analyze it"

He said, "Oh, we'll analyze everything".

And I said, "Okay".

So, I got an analysis back that I had no tumors, no cancer.

I said, "What about what the stone was made of.

" That's what I want to know what that was?

"Oh, well, we didn't have that examined.

" I simply then give me the fricking stuff so I can examine it myself.

So, I examined and it was one quarter, 25% mercury.

25% mercury, and it was a liquid mercury from vaccines.

Only can come from vaccines in that form.

See, they're not gonna test for the important things.

What caused that stone.

Of what was that stone made?

No, zeolites wishful thinking again?


(67) Military Is Terrible [2006],[Aajonus]

Where the fuck are the Russians

They never made it here?

It's a ploy to keep the military in business.

Eisenhower, probably the only sensible president we've had this last 100 years.

Listen, he was a general, a five-star general, nd do you know what he said.

Our worst enemy is the military industrial complex?

You cannot plan for war and expect peace.

This came from a general who lived war, who lived defense.

Forget that whole concept.

Immune system, forget it.

It's an absurdity.

As you eat bacteria, you become equipped to commingle with them, to work symbiotically with them.

It isn't a war thing.

It's like saying I marry you because you're, a man and I don't like men.

I like women, but I'm going to marry you because I wanna be a strong asshole.

I mean, hello.


Is that the way you wanna spend your life, preparing for the things that you don't like.


(68) Milk and Blood Unrefridgerated Has Growth Hormones [2006],[Aajonus]


As long as milk is unrefrigerated and straight from the animal and you drink it, the growth hormone factors are not altered Once it's refrigerated, it does the same thing.

Well, you could have the milk and the blood together mixed and sitting for days and it would still be active as long as you don't refrigerate it or the temperature doesn't fall and drop it below about 70°.

It obviously doesn't work all that well for very long because the Messai don't like doing it.

They do it three months a year when the calves are suckling from the cows, so they don't have enough milk.

So, what they do is they bleed a bull and they mix half blood and half milk, but as soon as the calves are not suckling anymore, they stop eating the blood and go right back to the milk.

[Attendee] You suggest leaving milk out for five hours.

[Aajonus] I leave mine out for 24 hours?

[Attendee] Is the issue with fermentation or the temperature that you were talking about.

[Aajonus] If you drink cold milk, it contracts the stomach, you don't secrete hydrochloric?

The milk moves into the duodenum and casein and lactase will get into the blood undigested.

[Attendee] Regardless of how fermented it is.

[Aajonus] No, if it's already predigested, that's fine?

So, you can take your predigested milk and put.




(69) Mineral Supplements [2006],[Lewis]

If I understand, sometimes like 10 minutes before a meal, you can eat just a little bit of cheese, but for a snack, you have to have it with honey

[Aajonus] I wouldn't say as a snack you have to with honey.

If you want to absorb the minerals in the cheese, you have to have it with honey.

That is a mineral supplement.

People sell you mineral supplements, you're eating rock.

You could do better by eating dirt than you will assimilating any kind of rock in those tablets or in powder form.

It's also poisonous.

Those minerals are what trees and plants eat.

They digest by causing fungus, which is rust, rust breaks down metal, they eat metal.

That's their process, we don't.

That's highly toxic to us.

Rusts are toxic.

The worst-case incidents of disease created by rust is what.

Lock jaw?

Rusts are not for human consumption.

So, every time you take a mineral supplement in a tablet form, or powder form, you're eating rock, that is not on our diet.

There are some chairs there.

You can just open them up, open them, open them down.

So, used to those preposition phrases.


(70) Night Sweats, Fever [2006],[Aajonus]

Yeah, night sweats are great

Night sweats release a lot of poisons out through the skin.

They're wonderful.

It's also a sign that you're ending the process of a long-term of detoxification.

Cause when the body gets that high in fever, bacteria cannot proliferate, propagate beyond 100° in the human body.

Plus, your cells stop manufacturing virus.

Remember virus are not alive.

They are protein bodies that destructure tissue, whether it's bacterial or animal cells.

They are just solvents that the cells make they are not alive.

So, the body stops manufacturing solvents as soon as it hits 100°.

So, that's the end of a heavy detoxification and a promotion of healing because once the body hits a 100°, healing is flushed.

So, never wanna stop a fever, unless you wanna get old and dry and wrinkled.


(71) No Milk Mineral Deficient, Detox, Mucus [2006],[Aajonus]

That's not an allergy to the protein

That means you got something in your brain or sinuses that's dumping, and its usually nerves.

The nerves detoxify at nighttime.

As soon as that sun goes down, nerves start detoxing.

They're in full force by midnight, and it goes full on from midnight till five o'clock in the morning.

So, if you're having a response like that, you're having a nerve detoxification and trying to dump through your sinuses, so you need more mucus.

You need to make sure that you're flowing properly to discharge those poison.

[Attendee] And you never recommend to not have dairy for a while, and to have only have butter or something.

[Aajonus] Yeah?

You can do that for a little while, but you know, you're gonna lower your mental intake.

You're going to be fasting to some extent for nutrients that are needed in the body.

Because our system, our environment is so toxic with heavy metals that we need a phenomenal amount of minerals to chelate, magnetically attract to them.

Lock onto them, so they don't do damage in the body, and if you're not eating milk and you're not eating cheese, you're going to be mineral deficient.

There is no way we can get enough minerals in our bodies that we can digest and assimilate if we don't eat milk and cheese.


(72) Non Refridgerated Eggs [2006],[Aajonus]

By themselves Rocky style

Never refrigerate eggs.

If you get your eggs from the store, the only time that that egg is refrigerated is when it's put on the truck for delivery.

No egg company has refrigeration.

No egg grower has refrigeration except on the truck.

So, soon it goes out for delivery it has to be delivered to the store at 45°.

So, it's hit 45°.

When you go into the store, the eggs come down to about 36° to 39°, so it's even lower.

So, if you get your eggs from a regular market, find out when the delivery is, and go that afternoon or evening and get those eggs, so they haven't been in.

Because when they unload it at the dock, they're not gonna go into refrigeration for several hours.

People are delivering to these health food stores all the time, so they get to certain things in certain times, and let me tell you, eggs are one of the last things to hit the refrigerator.

They're not too worried about them except on the news, and salmonella.

So, just know when they come in and that's when you pick them up.

So, there's very little refrigeration because what happens is the refrigeration destroys the enzymes, which promote growth and digestion.

So, you need to leave them out for 24 hours before they're back up to that bacterial level again, but you can eat them right away.

Just less digestion, less assimilation, utilization, as long as you're within 24 hours of refrigerating.


(73) Ocean Is Toxic [2006],[Aajonus]

Well, like I said, in The Recipe for Living Without Disease, the ocean is 4% toxic, overall, 8%, 8% if you're within a half a mile of a shoreline, unless you're in Japan, and then it's up to 15% waste products within a half a mile of the waterline, the shoreline


it all depends on where your fish comes from.

I prefer ocean fish; your fresh water lake fish is 35% polluted minimum.

So, I won't eat anything wild caught from even a river, ocean wild caught deep sea is what I go for, even though the tuna and the swordfish are high in mercury.

I'd still prefer those over the PCBs and everything else that's in the fish that's closer to the shore.


(74) Only 8 Vegans [2006],[Aajonus]

I've only met eight people who do it well

One man did it for 47 years and then his spine started deteriorating.

Guess what diet he went on.

[Attendee] Well, my birth certificate says 72, and I'm going to be 30 (years fruitarian) on Monday?

[Aajonus] Congratulations, but it doesn't happen for many people.

Most people demineralize on a fruitarian diet.

Yeah, but out of all the fruitarians that I knew and vegetarians and instinctos, that I know, 98% attrition rate because they couldn't hold onto it because they demineralized their system.

Attrition means they weren't able to stick with the diet.


(75) Parasites Present N Muscle, Dewormers [2006],[Aajonus]

I did a test about, uh, 24 years ago

I took a lamb, a very healthy young lamb, and we sterilized him with vinegar, everything natural.

So, we coated it with vinegar, it breaks down bacteria, alcohol, but the natural alcohol.

We sterilized the whole room, the normal way for sterilization, which is steamed the room.

We steamed the room.

It was all glass, there was two sides, and we had a pedestal that was also glass and on that pedestal, after I slaughtered the lamb, took a slice of that lamb, completely sterile environment.

Put that slice of lamb, brought down the glass container over it.

A glass container went over to the outer room and there were three HEPA filters there, so there's no way that any parasite or bacteria could have passed through into that.

That came through to a small room that was about 3x3, and it contained 6 dracaenas, which produce a lot of oxygen.

So, oxygen got through clean into that meat, kept that room, the hermetically sealed environment where the meat was.

We kept it at the sheep's body temperature, which was about a hundred, 101.


Guess what appeared in three days.


Parasites and bacteria are a natural product of every animal tissue in this world.

Just like worms are in the earth.

Let's say your cell is the earth in every cell, in your skin, in every cell, which is soil.

You've got parasites, you've got worms, you've got everything you need to make life ecologically balanced and recycle.

So, your tissue, all animal cells contain parasites, and when you need them, they will flourish.

However, if you're so metal poisoned, they will not survive.

They'll eat tissue and they'll die, it'll kill them.

That's why the medical profession wants to keep poisoning you.

[Kathy] They wanna get rid of the parasites.

[Aajonus] They don't want you to have parasites.

They want you to say, I don't have parasites, I don't have bacteria, I must be healthy, and that's the way they look at it.

But they don't look at the process of those bacteria and those parasites being healthy to get rid of degenerative tissue to make you healthier, and that's what happens.

They make you healthy.

In the animal tests that I did, the animals who had parasites got very well.

The other animals that we gave a dewormer and we dewormed, they stayed lethargic, and when we performed autopsies at their death, they were all very old animals, and we got rid of the parasites of some animals, fed the other animals good raw foods, so they maintained through the parasites, even though they had lethargy and problems for up to six months, one of 'em almost seven months.

They all at the time of their death were so much healthier.

Their organs were rich and red and the animals that we gave dewormers and got rid of their parasites, their tissue was black.


all the evidence is there.

[Attendee] Didn't primitive people use clay and stuff to help get rid of parasites.

[Aajonus] No, they just helped get rid of the veratoxins that were produced from parasitical activity?

They knew the parasites were good, so they ate the clay to help eliminate the discharge, but parasites eat a 100x their weight in 24 hours and discard only 1%.

That's like you eating a hundred pounds of food a day and having a one-pound turd the next day, that's very efficient.

My body only has to handle 1% of waste.

Bacteria eats about 50x their weight in a 24-hour period, but discards about 5% waste.

That's 10% waste on the whole.

So, let's say they're eating 50 pounds and they're having a 5 pound third the next day.

That's pretty good.

That's pretty efficient, but still not as efficient as a parasite.

So, I prefer a parasite.


(76) PCBs In Plastic (77) Pharmaceutical Drugs Used For Anything [2006],[Aajonus]

They were giving me AZT, and then a year later they claimed it was too toxic to use for cancer

They pulled it out of the vaults when aids came around to get rid of it, no testing at all.

And they said, "Oh, AZT is good for aids", just because they want to get rid of it out of the vaults.

Nothing to do with human compassion.

If they've got it in their vaults and they've paid for it, they will definitely market it.

It will be marketed eventually.

You know that most of these compounds for erections, Viagra and all of those.

These were for heart conditions, mainly created for heart conditions and for bone cancers.

And what they do is create just the opposite, create heart conditions and bone cancers, but they found that everybody was getting an erection.

So, now if you read the literature, it says, if you have a heart condition or if you have bone cancer, or if you have bone marrow problem or leukemia or anemia, don't take these.

The medication will poison you, but they're gonna market that, they don't care what happens to you.

They've got a product to sell and they're gonna make a fortune on it, until there's so many people that are so sick, then they'll take it off the market and pull something else out of their hat.

And that's the way it goes.


(78) Plastic Too Hot Or Cold Outgasses [2006],[Aajonus]

Well, none of them are good if they're subjective to very cold temperatures or very warm temperatures

They will all gas, whether it's polyurethane or Lexan is the harder plastic that they say is less volatile, but you put anything near heat and anything too cold where it starts to freeze.

It breaks down the dioxins and they gas into the food.

Even into water.

Well, just take the sparkling mineral water and let the gas expire.

I had to do that for a while.

I had the same problem.

I just kept getting gassy.


Do you get milk in plastic.


I don't?

That's why I have all these glass bottles.

I ship them back.

I don't like anything with plastic.

I get some things with plastic in, soon as I get home, it's out of the plastic.


(79) Poisons Dumping, Eat Cheese [2006],[Aajonus]

Those are symptoms of somebody that's been poisoned

So, what happens is every time you eat, especially protein, you start removing the chemical toxicity stored from the poison.

Vaccine poisoning, a lot of military people go through that.

What happens is those chemicals dump from the stomach lining into your food.

Sounds like you have phosphorus in there.

I only eat fruit that is unripe because the high sugars will turn into alcohol in the digestive tract.

That cause massive detoxification and it lowers the blood fat level.

There's not enough fat to bind with the poisons.

You need to eat cheese before you eat.

So, that cheese goes in, poisons will dump from the stomach and esophagus into the cheese and lock into the cheese.

Then you eat your meal.


(80) Polyester [2006],[Aajonus]

No polyester because that will gas again

Just remember, anybody who's wearing polyester clothing, the lint that comes off of it, you're breathing it.

That goes into your lungs.

Your body has to eat it and digest it, the plastic.

So, you're getting PCBs, you're getting polymers.

You're getting all kinds of dioxins.

Lung cancer is gonna be out of this world in the next 20 years.

Probably the worst country that will be hit will be Vietnam because all women wear polyester clothing, all of them.

Men don't, all of the women wear polyester suits.

Looks like they're in the pajamas all the time, polyester pajama.


I was just gonna.


(81) Poor Diet, Low Protein, Less Detox and Growing (82) Poor Vision Is Red Meat Defiency, Coconuts and Carrot (83) Protein Deficiency [2006],[Aajonus]

And high meat is the best way or eating fecal matter to infuse the E coli into the system to make sure that the E coli is breaking down the proteins

Now you digest protein all throughout the intestinal tract, as long as you're not too alkaline.

As long as you haven't eating vegetables along with the meat or dairy or eggs.

Your system will be acidic enough to create the acidic bacteria, and the hydrochloric acids all throughout the small intestines.

So, that by the time you've got the smaller molecule of meat getting into the colon, the E coli can do its job.

90% of the amino acids that are digested by the E coli, go to the brain and nervous system, some to the glands, but most of it to the brain and nervous system.

If you have a problem sleeping it's because of that protein deficiency for the nerves.

So, you always need to eat your meat a little aged or very aged, or eat a heck of a lot of eggs to get that liquid protein in your system that can get down to the E coli.

Now I've done experiments and I found that six eggs in the average diet will not do it.

Six eggs will not reverse insomnia.


Is that a day.


That's a day?

It takes 12 to 16 because the protein is all liquid and the white of the egg, the body absorbs, and utilizes it everywhere else.

It takes 12 to 18 eggs to satisfy the body's need for protein even if you're eating meat.

To get to the point where the E coli gets to break some of that egg white down, that protein down for the nervous system.

So, if you have insomnia and you're eating meat, you're eating eggs, you're eating dairy.

Then you know you have an E coli problem.

You're just gonna have to down a lot of eggs.


(84) Protein Removes Poisons [2006],[Aajonus]

Your body will discard a lot of poisons from proteins

Protein helps remove poisons and neutralized toxins.

You won't do it without protein.

So, meat's very important to discharge toxins, but it depends on what the protein is removing from the body, which will determine stickiness or acidic, or tartness that comes out the skin.

What it's carrying, not its nature itself.

Because pyruvate only has a byproduct of 7% to 8%.

Whereas fruit, vegetables, any cellulose, grains, nuts have 70% to 90% carbohydrate byproduct.

Protein has only 7% to 8%.

So, that doesn't cause your stickiness, it's what the protein was removing from your body.

It was sticky.


(85) Rejuvaluc and Fermented Foodsto Detox [2006],[Aajonus]


That's not a bad thing.

Rejuvelac is a good detoxifier.

Just remember anything that you've eaten in your life cooked.

If you eat it fermented and bad with alcohol, it's going to help clean out.

It's going to deliver bacteria and alcohols that are specific to breaking down the products that you've eaten and cooked.

Because when you eat something cooked, you've broken down all of the bacteria that naturally clean it out of your system when the body's finished with it.

Then the waste can be removed naturally, that's what happens.

When you cook, you've destroyed all of those natural abilities to break down those substance and eliminate them.

So, if you want to detoxify those substances, you ferment, you've eaten breads all of your life.

Make Rejuvelac, drink it, but it will detoxify you not heal you.

There's a difference between detoxification and healing.

Healing means you are regenerating cells and getting healthier.

Detoxification is the elimination of toxins from the body.

Rejuvelac helps detoxification, not regeneration.

Not directly regeneration.


(86) Reverse Osmosis Only Removes Minerals [2006],[Aajonus]

Reverse osmosis takes out the minerals

It does not take out any of the chemicals.

I want minerals in my water, I don't want chemicals.

So, osmosis doesn't serve me.


(87) Saiva, Blood Alkalinity, Too Much Fruit [2006],[Attendee]

A healthy pH in the intestines is in acidic reading

So, healthy saliva pH.

[Aajonus] Should always be acid, and urine should always be acid?

Fecal matter should always be acid.

Blood, mine's 5.

5 all the time, so it's acidic.

[Attendee] So, basically everything's acidic.

[Aajonus] Yeah, if you're a carnivore, everything should be acidic, but because we are over acidic from eating cooked foods and all the pollution, you need to help alkalize the blood by having some little fruits and vegetable juice to help keep the alkalization a little higher?

Also, the Terramin clay helps that because it will help bind and cheese helps bind and hold onto the acidic, caustic metals that cause all the problems, and helps discharge them through the body.

[Attendee],[Aajonus] So, if you have an alkaline saliva pH, does that mean then basically-

That means you have poor digestion.

[Attendee] It means that you're getting too many vegetables or drinking too much vegetable juice.

[Aajonus] Absolutely, or you have diabetes, and the pancreas is not working?

That would cause an over alkalinity.

[Attendee] So, a lot of nutritionists that talk about having an alkaline pH are completely on the wrong side.

[Aajonus] Those are the ones that are out in Lala land who are trying to be vegetarians or that think that you should alkalanize everything?

That came in the 1890s with people like Walker and Eli and those people that thought, "Oh, well, if we eat fruits, we get cleaner.

So, that means alkaline".

They just made this correlation that stuck that has no science behind it.

They said alkalizing the system makes people well, because if you eat vegetable juice, you eat fruits, you get healthy.

That's the entire correlation.

[Attendee] So, if you have an alkaline pH, you're saying it's due to poor digestion.

[Aajonus] No, I'm saying if you have an alkaline pH, you will have poor digestion.

[Attendee] Oh, okay.

So, where's the alkaline reading coming from.

If it's a saliva pH alkaline reading, where's the alkalization colonization coming from.

If it's not coming from high content use of vegetables?

How is the pH going alkaline.

What's making it go alkaline?

[Aajonus] You've eaten a lot of alkanalizing minerals that are over on the alkanalizing side in your lifetime?

A lot of vegetarians will for a very long time have an alkaline pH.

Owanza had an alkalanizing pH for 12 years.

She had been a vegetarian for 15 years and she still doesn't digest well because she keeps eating too much fruit.

She still keeps to alkaline, she's hyperactive.

She cannot concentrate for more than 15, 20 minutes, but like me, she was so sick that when you feel the charge and all that excitement, it feels like health compared to that.

So, she still embraces all of that hypermanic feeling and activity.

I gave it up because it didn't make me think clearly, and also, I was fanatic.

So, I gave up that high fruit, high alkaline diet because I didn't want to behave that way.

She still embraces it.

She can't sit still for more than 20 minutes.

She can't read for more than a page.

She's too hyperactive.

She's too high up on a level of activity, that isn't where I want to be.

That's where I loved being after being so sick for so long, and I related it to health and a lot of people who get healthy or get hyper eating a lot of fruit, they think that's health.

They don't realize that they're demineralizing their body every day, every time they eat a fruit.


(88) Saunas [2006],[Aajonus]

Remember when you're detoxing through the skin, a lot of poisons are coming through the skin

If you're hitting a dry heat or a steam heat, what happens.

You burn it into your skin?

You damage the skin.

If you were in a sauna like that, and every three minutes you went out and took a shower, but then it wouldn't be helpful would it.

It's not gonna get into the lymphatic system deep.

You have to be immersed in the water, perspiring into the water, so the water carries the poison right off the skin.

It's the only way to do it safely.


(89) Should U Exercise [2006],[Attendee]

Since I saw you last time, I've been eating three pounds of butter a week and a pound of meat a day

When I wake up and I look at my cell phone, it's dark.

It looks like I have a magnifying glass.

[Aajonus] Your eyesight's getting better.

Your skin is looking a lot better.

[Attendee] Also, I've been getting photographic memory.

[Aajonus] Good.

[Attendee #2] So, is weight lifting recommended if you just prefer to be more muscular.

Because I used to like to lift weight?

[Aajonus] It's all individual.

If you create a lot of hormones for physical activity, you need to exercise, you need to be active.

Doesn't mean you have to go out and pump weights, just means you need to be active.

Now me, I don't create any hormones for physical activity, unless it's sex.

Those are the only ones that I ever have enacted to spend and burn, and when the right girl comes along, a lot produces just automatically.

Otherwise, this is my exercise on my computer keyboard, and that's it.

That's all the exercise I do.

Once every two months, or once a month, I stand up in front of people and do this.

Or, you know, if I'm doing a lecture, I will stand one day, every week or two, and this is my exercise.

That's literally my exercise, but other people produce a lot of hormones for physical activity and if they don't utilize that those hormones in physical activity, they're going to go into anxiety and utilize it in anxiety.

So, you've got your choice.

Here's two doors, anxiety or activity, which do you choose.

[Attendees] Activity?

[Aajonus] The anxiety makes hell with relationships.

Everybody hates you and you hate everybody, but the body's got to utilize them.

It's got to spend those hormones.

So, if you have an anxious body, you better be active and exercise.

Now I can tell activity circles in the eye.

I call them worry circles.

Other neurologists call them stress rings.

What they do is they tell me is how much hormones you produce for physical activity.

So, when I do someone's health with them, I look at the iris and say, you need to do so much activity a day, and you need to be that active.

If you aren't, you're going to be in anxiety, and that's your sole reason for being in anxiety.

If you like anxiety, knock yourself out.

If you don't exercise, be active, you'll be okay.


(90) Small Pox A Hoaxe [2006],[Attendee]

And Smallpox was rampant according to what I've read

[Aajonus] That's that's a hoax.

They were poisoning the natives' waterholes.

Same thing that the Germans and the Scandinavians did in Brazil.

[Attendee] How did such a big part of the native population die.

[Aajonus] Poisoning their waterholes?

Poisonous warfare has been going on since Egypt, we have it on record, and even in China, 8,000 years ago.

[Attendee] Poisoning with like chemicals or disease.

[Aajonus] Chemicals?

Can't poison with disease.

Disease don't live.

Disease is a detoxification.

Poisoning with chemicals, they were putting formaldehyde.

They were putting potassium chloride, which is tasteless in the water.

[Attendee] Is there records of this.

[Aajonus] There's some?

The one that I read, the one that they did in Brazil, I can't remember the author's name, but he wrote Savages.

It was about the annihilation of the natives in the jungle by the British and German, it was a play called savages.

[unclear] in 1971, and through his work, I looked at the rest of his work and he had documentation that showed that Coca-Cola, the diamond in the street, and the German companies were going down paying people in bars, $1,500 a week to poison and murder the Indians and blame it on smallpox.


(91) Stiff Arm From Vaccines [2006],[Attendee]

Don't know what the core source is, but I've had stiffness in my right arm and did some traveling this summer, pulling luggage, pain increased

I don't know if I tore something or something else was already started and, played tennis in a lot of pain because my ego and ever since then I had, I've had a lot of pain in my arm.

The classic tennis elbow, but it's gotten better, but I'm at the point now where it's not getting better, and it swells and flares up.

Can't play tennis or golf anymore.

When I do yoga, I have to be careful in my right arm, and it's not getting better.


It's very common, very common.

Like I said earlier, you get poisons that go into the bone marrow.

She used to be very heavy, very heavy, and she had a lot of fat to protect her.

Then she got on the too thin side for a little while, and what happened was the poison started going into her bone marrow, like I said, a few minutes ago when it exits, it exits a joint.

As long as the poison is in the hard bone, it can go out through the muscles, and the tendons, and now through the skin.

But once it gets into the bone marrow, the only exit point is a join.

Poisons go out the joint, they burn the joint.

They cause all kinds of pain and problems, minerals collect, and that's what causes soreness and stiffness.

Whey is the thing to drink to help break that down and alleviate it.

So, drink a whole cup a day, half a cup at a time, twice a day.

Let's say, somewhere around 11AM and somewhere around 8PM, and then after about 10 days, cut it down to a half a cup, a day, quarter cup in about 11AM and about, uh, quarter cup at about 8PM.

And just keep on that until the pain goes away.

Then if it returns after a few months, and you're still discharging out that joint and you need to keep it up until the pain goes away, until it stops.

It could be 50 years depending upon if you ever got an injection in this arm and the shoulder and the thimerosal and aluminum went into the joint and into the bone marrow through the bone.


Sometimes my entire arm is sore, it's all through into the shoulder.


That means it's coming out the shoulder and out the joint.

And when it comes out the shoulder and the joint, what is to come out, what's around the shoulder and joint.

Not a lot of muscles, most of the muscles are down here?

What along here.


So, it has to discharged through the tendons, has to travel all the way down into the muscles before it can get into the lymphatic system, into the connective tissue and out through the skin.

So, you're gonna have a soreness all the way up and down the arm.


Can a hot water bottle help.


Hot water bottle helps increase circulation and move it faster?

The whey will help break down the minerals collecting that causes the stiffness and the soreness.


(92) Sugar With Yeast Infection [2006],[Aajonus]

In case of vaginitis, is it okay to eat honey in fruits and other things that yeast thrive on

Just remember that any kind of a vaginitis that is yeast active is breaking down starches in your system, mainly starches, not sugar?

So, it's from the old times of eating bread, and peanuts and all the cooked starches that you had, and that is a discharge.

The only thing that you can do to help that discharge become easier and less odorific is to implant some coconut cream in a combination with yogurt.

Coconut cream, yogurt and a tiny bit of honey and implant that and leave it.

Once a day, once every other day and let the discharge happen.


(93) Sushi Bars [2006],[Aajonus]

And I ask, when I go to a sushi bar, I say, "Did this come from a fish farm rr did this come from the ocean

" I always ask?

And they know.

If it comes in that day, they will serve it fresh.

If they keep it overnight, the LA restriction is they have to freeze it.


So, which place do you recommend.


All of them get it fresh overnight?

However, I ate at a sushi bar twice last year and got sick both times because they were using MSG on them and I got MSG poisoning twice.

So, I stopped going to sushi bars.


He said he knows a guy who runs the sushi plays here in LA, and if this guy told James two sushi joints here in LA, that you have only served fresh fish, he knows for sure that they never serve frozen.

Now you'll have ask James where they are.


I will.

Cause I stopped going sushi bars in this city because of that.

There's a great place in Phoenix, Arizona, I can I get, get a whole platter of raw fish for a $100 that would cost me $600 here.

$100 for a whole platter that it takes 4 - 5 of us to eat this whole platter.

So, for $100, I can feed four people.

Here I can't even feed myself for $100.

I leave a sushi bar hungry.

They're so expensive.

It's just outrageous.


(94) Terramin Clay Isnt Cauterized [2006],[Aajonus]

Terramin clay

A lot of people are upset because of the high aluminum.

I tell them that Terramin clay is not mined at a low level where it was cauterized or molten.

It was from an aqua bed, not a lava bed.


Natural products that are transformed by man are highly toxic.

My heat, electricity, electrical separation becomes toxic.

The lead in the ground is not the same lead in the battery of a car.

When you separate the aluminum in the ground in the manufacturing of aluminum, you heat it to 1900° - 2000°, you hit it with 18,000 to 20,000 volts.

You separate out other metals.

That's when it becomes toxic.



That's what I say.

This is non cauterized, was not even affected by volcanic activity.

There was a thermal bed and they don't mine it where it was 700°.

They mine it at an area where it didn't approach anywhere around 97°, 96° degree, and none of those minerals, except for phosphorus are affected at 98°.

Phosphorus is altered, cauterized at 98 degrees, but that is the only mineral that's affected at that low of a temperature.


(95) Tick Bite [2006],[Aajonus]

How many people get bit every day

[Attendee] They call it Lyme disease?

[Aajonus] Lyme disease is another farce.

They go through six measurements to determine that maybe you have such thing called Lyme.

[Attendee] There was a yellow round thing around it.

[Aajonus] Yeah, it sounds like a localized detoxification.

There's no such thing as Lyme and they're blaming again, poisons that are in the body that are discharging and causing fibromyalgia, lethargy, and chronic fatigue.

They wanna blame everything on something in nature.

Like the bird flu, the Avion flu.

Remember in the 70s, it was the swine flu.

We're always blaming it on some animal, aids from the green monkey.

You know, it is a joke.

They're always blaming something in nature, but if you analyze the tissue and the excrement's, the discharge of any of those areas of the body that are going through detoxification.

There is always some kind of heavy metal.

[Attendee] Even from malaria.

[Aajonus] It's a toxicity that's collected in the body, could be from many different sources?

It's just collected in the blood.


(96) Trichinosis [2006],[Aajonus]

I have patients that get the intestinal worms of pigs and get trichinosis If you read the Recipe Book and Joel Weinstock's work, the trichinosis parasite, the whipworm is what he's giving people, and it reverses inflammatory bowel syndrome

These are people who can't even drink water without severe cramping and pain and as soon as they got the trichinosis worm in their intestines, within five to seven days they were completely asymptomatic.

Trichinosis is something you want.

I give it to my clients who have Crohn's disease or inflammatory bowel syndrome.

First thing I tell them is go get some pig intestines and get trichinosis.

They go well like that.

Just like that from eating it one time.


(97) Trichinosis In Mongoose [2006],[Aajonus]

Mongoose is an animal that can kill and eat a cobra they're so fast

They're a little rodent, like a squirrel, and they're supposed to have had trichinosis, but I've examined the intestines of the mongoose and never seen a whipworm in them.

The only whipworm I've ever seen were in humans and pigs.

I know this one fellow who claimed that he got a case of trichinosis from eating a raw mongoose.

So full of shit, I don't know where he's come from.

There's no laboratory test on that mongooses' intestines, or anything to show that there's any kind of trichinosis.

He got trichinosis from his own deteriorations of his intestines.

He was an instincto eater.


(98) Vaccine Toxicity Passed On Generationally [2006],[Aajonus]

It's common now because of vaccines

[Attendee] Oh, we've always had that.

I've had vaccines, all of us.

[Aajonus] I know, but the second, third generation now on vaccines.

So, the metal toxicity is accumulative, passes from the parent to the child and the child gets theirs, then they pass even more to their children and those children are getting more vaccines.

Do you know that a child in California will receive 92 vaccines by the time they're 15.

5 now.

In Illinois, 128.

The pharmaceutical industry knows that vaccines are a hoax.

There is no evidence that they work, but there's billions of dollars in it and they don't give a shit about your health.

They're in the they're in the money-making industry, the sicker you are, the more money they make, whether it's vaccines or any kind of medication.

You are their bread and butter and they don't give a shit about you dry and cotton clear.

They're just like the army, they're out for they're out on their mission, and everybody who isn't in the military is an enemy.

Everybody who's not in the military is an enemy.

We're enemy to our own military government.

[Kathy] And that's why we call it fascism.

[Aajonus] Yeah, that's right.

Doesn't matter.


(99) Vegans Cold, Bugs Get U If U Eat Fruit [2006],[Aajonus]

And another thing when I was a fruitarian, if the temperature dropped below 50°, I was paralyzed in pain, so I was very sensitive

Now I can go out in the snow and roll in the snow, jump into a freezing lake.

I can enjoy this reality a lot easier, ad also when I eat a lot of fruit, the bugs get me.

If I'm in Thailand, I'd stay away from fruit, unless it's unripe.

Bugs don't touch you.

I eat one slice of watermelon; I will have five insect bites that night.

All these people eat a lot of fruit, they're easily consumed by insects.

The insects like sweet blood because their larva grow fast.

The mosquitoes don't eat for themselves, they don't eat our blood for themselves.

They take it back to the larva and that's what the larva feed on, and they grow fast with a high sugar rate.

Also makes some crazier insects, or bees eating all that sugar.

Thank God they put that insulin-like substance in it before they eat too much, but while they're traveling, they eat the nectar undigested sometimes.

They'll swallow it and process so much of it so fast they can't build enough insulin quickly enough, so they can get very hyper and when they're fed syrup on their hive as well, then you've got some really crazy bees.

[Kathy] They put syrup.

[Aajonus] Yeah?

They wanna sell all the honey, so they feed 'em cheap syrup, which is a byproduct of manufacturing.

[Kathy] But I mean the ones that come in and containers in the market.

[Aajonus] Yeah?

Not, not the honey we eat.


(100) Vitiligo Is Heavy Metal Detox [2006],[Attendee]

Could those same things cause vitiligo on your face

What would cause that?


Well, any kind of heavy metal coming out and detoxing through the skin would cause that?

There are two periods in humans where the body tries to throw heavy metals off in the biggest concentration.

That's a puberty, that's why I have all the acne, and when a man hits around.



men and women, mainly men, women have the discharge here, the changing hormones, so they still get to deliver theirs out through the uterus, and out the mucus there.

But men will go through a skin breakout between the age of 50, and 56 usually, and they'll have a heavy detox just as if they were a teenager.

Sometimes it's on the back.

There are other parts of the body, but sometimes it's on the face like a teenager.


(101) Vomited Fish (102) Warts [2006],[Aajonus]

Warts are dead cells that are being thrown off, mainly cartilage

Well, not necessarily dead cells, but cells that are damaged, cartilage cells that are damaged.

[Attendee] Mostly people have them on the bottom of their feet.

[Aajonus] Coming out from the joints in their feet.

That's why most people get warts on their hands and feet, cuz all the cartilage in every joint in the body, you bruise and damage that cartilage, and if your body can't dissolve those cells, that's what it makes, a wart.

No, moles are usually harder, like tendon tissue, sinew.

Well, I've got several remedies for that in the book.

There are different things, you can put lemon, you can put pineapple, you can put potato skins, pineapple skin on there.

Something I've been experimenting with with some people, I'm always experimenting when I can find some Guinea pigs, anybody wants to be Guinea pig, let me know.

But I always use natural substances.

So, the thing I've been utilizing for the last year is putting whey, and it's very acidic and it will dry out warts a little quicker.

When you are using citric acid, it can cause the other surrounding tissue to get very sore and painful, but when you use the whey, it will pinpoint it on there.

It'll help dry it out and flake off quicker.

It does leave more scar tissue, but that will go away eventually also.

Also, what about someone's callus.

[Kathy] What about calluses?

[Aajonus] No, you don't wanna put whey on a callus?

Callus is a large scar tissue.

A large area of scar tissue will harden and dry it and make it worse.

[Kathy] So, you can put coconut cream if you want to soften a callus.

[Aajonus] It will help soften a callus?

You have to apply it once every day.

If it's elevated, you want to deteriorate it.

So, you can use some form of acid to help dissolve it, to lower it.

Then at that point you don't want to use whey because it will harden it more acid.

[Kathy] Acid lime lemon.

[Aajonus] Acid like lemon, like pineapple and like whey, those are highly acidic foods?


(103) Water Brands [2006],[Aajonus]

I drink Gerolsteiner, San Pellegrino, San Benedetto

Any of the waters that I can get that are naturally carbonated or Mountain Valley, which comes right out of the ground, which in glass.

[Attendee] What about Perrier.

[Aajonus] Perrier's good, you notice it on their label, it says natural carbonation added?

They went back to it.

Natural carbonation means that the carbon's coming out of the well, it's got a gas in the water and they fuse them in together.

That's natural carbonation.

They just say sparkling mineral water.

Like Calistoga, Coca-Cola.

Chemical fizz and chemical product.

A lot of the chemicals in Coca-Cola are made from petroleum.

[Attendee] What about water purifiers.

[Aajonus] That takes out some substances?

Holds it into that magnetic property, but then again.

Let's say it binds with all the magnetic minerals.

Fluoride bypasses it, aluminum bypasses it.

They're not magnetic.

So, your waters even more toxic because you have no minerals to help bind with.

So, treated water's not a good substance.

I don't care if they say, "Oh, well.

It just takes out some bad toxins out of the water.

" I'm still not going to drink it because they've reduced the toxins, but some of those toxins are even more radical and cause more damage.

They will.


(104) Weston Price, Grains [2006],[attendee]

You know Dr

Weston price.

I read his book, he actually was curing people with sprouting grains?

Do you ever suggest using healthy grains.


Price was not an experimenter or he was an extrapolator and an exaggerator?

He was not a scientist and he did not experiment.

Pottenger was an experimenter, Howell experimenter.

Price was a theorist, a researcher and theorist.

He didn't do any controlled experiment.

He had a belief because a lot of people told him sprouting will heal.

It has not proved to do so.


(105) What Aajonus Eats In Asia [2006],[Attendee]

If you're out of town, and you don't have your food



[Aajonus] What do I eat.

I eat lots of eggs, avocado and coconut, and let me tell you, I find the fattiest meat I can?

Like when I'm in Thailand, I go and they'll have fat just hanging.

They don't sell anything like that here.

It's hanging, dripping, big chunks of fat with flies all over it, that's what I get.

I'll eat probably a pound of that a day, at least a pound of that a day or else I'll lose tremendous amounts of weight.

[Attendee] What about in a modern city.

[Aajonus] Well, I go for coconut, avocados, but I always take enough butter with me?

I rarely run out.

[Attendee] How do you bring it.

[Aajonus] I just put it in a cooler?

[Attendee] Oh, you ship it to yourself.

[Aajonus] I can do that, but most of the time I've been carrying it with me?

[Kathy] What about the x ray.

[Aajonus] As long as it goes to that small x-ray one time, you're okay?

More than that, not good.

So, I take enough to take me.

I know I put in the book that I was backpacking in Hawaii for 9 days with my butter honey mixed, and it kept without fermentation, without spoiling.


(106) Whey Gets Rid Of Stiffness, Acidic [2006],[Aajonus]

Let's say stiffness and you drink a half a cup to a whole cup of whey a day to get rid of those mineral deposits that cause stiffness, and achiness in joints

Even arthritis and rheumatism, where they have mineral deposits.

The mineral deposits that will collect in joints from bruised tissue.

That's what arthritis and rheumatism is.

It's usually toxins that are leaving the bone marrow and passing through the joints cause that's the only exit point from the bone marrow out the joints.

99% of all arthritis and rheumatism is caused from heavy metals poisons leaving the bone marrow, going out through the joints, damaging the cartilage on the way out.

Mineral deposits try to bind with it and lock with it, and it causes all kinds of crystals and then scraping and cutting of the cartilage, which causes what.

Bacteria, and then they blame the whole problem on the bacteria?

Viral or bacterial arthritis or rheumatism.

The bacteria's going in there to dissolve the problem, not cause the problem.

The problem is always medication and industrial pollution caused from metallic poisoning in the first place.

So, if you're having that whey to help reduce those symptoms, you will notice that you have to urinate and evacuate the bladder sooner because it's highly acidic, so just be conscious of that.

It's not something you want to continue with without some kind of break.

It dries out the system, unless you're gonna take it with a little coconut cream or coconut oil.

Coconut cream's always better because you have the water-soluble fats.

Is that a misnomer.

It is not a misnomer?

You have water soluble fats in the coconut cream that is not in the coconut oil.


(107) Whole Foods [2006],[Attendee]

Can we get pork from whole foods

[Aajonus] I don't touch much from whole foods?

I go to wild oats and some of the others, but whole foods is a liar.

Whole foods all-natural beef is fed 15% bakery waste.

I said, wait a minute.

No freaking cow eats donuts, but they eat degraded grains the donuts are made of.

I said, but they don't boil them in oil and eat donuts.

They're still eating their all-natural food.

That's their logic.

They have no logic.

They're out there to make money, and that's it.

And that company is, I don't know if you know the Bass family from Texas, they're like the Bushes from Texas.

They are all about money and that is it.

Well, get it in writing from the home office and you won't get it.

They'll lie to their employees, but you ask them to put it in writing and you won't see it.

They won't do it.

[Attendee #2] There grass-fed beef isn't really grass fed.

[Aajonus] I haven't investigated their new grass-fed beef?

[Attendee] It's still probably a, a slight step above a conventional injected beef.

[Aajonus] Oh, yes?


That doesn't mean it's completely clean or all natural.


(108) Women Live Longer From Period (109) Zoelite [2006],[Aajonus]

Take each person that they give it to, they will measure the amount of zeolite that they put into the body, and how much is secreted and excreted in a 24-hour period

And if they get rid of 90% of it, I'll say that the rest goes out in perspiration, then I'll buy it and I'll go with it, but when only 24 to 30% is removed in a 48-hour period, it is staying in the body.

So, remixing and unearthing, mining that stuff out of your tissues and getting it recycling, it's gonna cause more damage, unless you get it out of the system.

The point is to get it out of the system.