Q&A Of April 16, 2006

(1) 40 Years To Clean Out, Detox Pain [2006],[Attendee]

Three and a half years on program, and I'm a point now where all the things that are toxic are starting to leave, and my left hand has been one barometer I use to determine how effective the program was

I'm now starting to get pain of all the toxins that I had before I started the program, all this stuff's coming back and it's going away.

I had this area right here, it got dehydrated and it turned into the leather , for about three weeks, and now I feel the pain there.

It's starting to rehydrated, and so all this whole hand is start transform itself.


Well, it takes 40 years to clean all the cells out of the body, toxicity out of the body, 40 years according to Howell's and Pottenger's work.

Took five generations to get to healthy, five generations of cells is 7 - 7.

5 years for the entire body's cells, especially the bones.

So, five times that's about 37.

5 years.

So, it takes about 40 years for us to clean out completely if we're 100%.

Well, I've got another 16 years to go.

[Attendee #2]

What happens.

You become or younger or more healthy?


Well, every day I get healthier?

It's just, it's gonna take that long for me to have all the toxins out my system, and you can still see the mercury from this incision and the injections still coming out.


(2) Aajons Thin Cuz Eating Raw Fat [2006],[Aajonus]

People say, well, you're pretty skinny

Well, I'm thin because I've been eating raw foods since 1972.

So, the fat molecules, when they're raw are very small, very powerful, very concentrated.

When you cook a fat, it swells 10 to 50 times its normal size guess.

Look at this.

I have a little bit, not much, tight legs, no fat appearing anywhere else, but a little bit right here.

You know what my body fat level is.

Normally people, when they're men and they're my size what do you think that that level normally is?

Yes, that's right?

7% to 15%, usually 7% to 12%.

I am 22% body fat.

So, I'm really bigger than he is if I had cooked foods, cooked fat molecules still in my body, I'd be about his size.

He's about 22% to 27% body fat.

So, that's what I would look like if I still had old swollen fat, cooked fat molecules in my body.

[Attendee] Didn't they say you're supposed to be around that 7%.

[Aajonus] Athletes say that for performance?

[Attendee] Is that true.

[Aajonus] t's not true at all?

I've got athletes who when they go on the diet, they take all this time off and they gain 5% to 10% bodyfat.

It's the quality of fat that's important and the concentration, you can get so many more fat molecules into a small space if they're raw.


(3) Aajonus Being Poisoned By Government [2006],[Aajonus]

I'm getting harassed and poisoned by the government, and I'm afraid to say it looks like it's happening

Had my house broken into twice, nothing missing.

Also, I've got the telephone number and a telephone.


How do you know they broke into it.


Because when I'm going away just to make sure that nobody's in my house, and sometimes when I leave, you can take a piece of hair and you glue it, and nothing could break that if it's a certain type of hair, unless the door's been open and twice it's been open, and nothing's missing?

Computer, I can see it's been played with, so I know that they are starting to watch me.


What are you gonna do.


Well, I'll die if they kill me?

I'm just gonna try to get all my work done in the next two years, so if I die everybody will have everything that I know.


Why would they break in.

You have the right to write what you want?



That's why so did Kennedy from going against the system.


Was it because of me with the chemtrails?


Well, it's been since the chemtrail incident, since I got my face in that?


They're watching all, all of us as well.

That's all your fault.


I doubt that they're watching.



You can just drop out now, if you don't wanna be a part of it.


Shit, I faced death so many times I'm not afraid of death.

Death does not concern me, but while I'm alive, I wanna be healthy.


(4) Antiobiotics and Bacteria [2006],[Aajonus]

You've destroyed your intestinal environment, you've destroyed the bacteria, you've destroyed E coli

E coli is responsible for the final stage of digestion.

It is the bacteria that synthesizes most of the B vitamins, included vitamin B12 from meats.

So, if you do enemas with colonics or antibiotics, you had reduced your immunity to everything and your strength and backup.

So, E coli is very important.

The E coli also discharges veratoxin enzymes, which prevent and dissolve brain tumors.


(5) Bell Peppers, Vit C Burns Fat (6) Berries For Metals [2006],[Lewis]

You can use it with any fruits you desire, you've emphasized berries in the past


That's not what I said, I said dark berries for heavy metals, the lighter metals like aluminum and iodine using raspberries is good to eliminate, raspberries and coconut cream helps eliminate that.


You use the sports formula with coconut cream and blend it with some raspberries.



Well, it depends.

I give people specific recipes.

I'm giving you a general, when I give it to somebody it's specific.

I'll give them three quarters of a tablespoon of butter and maybe a table of spoon and a half of cream or a half a tablespoon of cream and a tablespoon and half a butter.

It depends upon their digestibility, but I'm just giving you a ballpark area to play with.

a ballpark area that you won't hurt yourself.


(7) Best EMF Earbuds [2006],[Aajonus]

So, as long as you're not on a call, it's not going to be sending radiation into your body

So, whenever I get a call, I've got an ear plug and the phone goes somewhere else.

I do not touch that phone.


Not in your pocket because then it gets in your genitals.


It'll go right all through your hip bone and cause cancer down there



Speakerphone would be fine too?

You're not touching it.

[Attendee #2]

What about the Bluetooth ones.


Bluetooth are nasty?

Right up into your head.

It's not the battery.

It's the radioactive signal.

So, even even a cordless phone, if it's over 900 megahertz, if it's a two gigahertz, your radiation level's a 4.

So, I don't even use a cordless phone in my house that's over 900 megahertz.

Almost all of 'em are 2.

22 to 2.

5 gigahertz, instead of megahertz.

I bought a whole slew of them and I have 'em in my storage cause they don't make the light ones anymore.

You may find them on eBay or something like that, but you have to search.

Or go to Hong Kong and get them out of a store there.

Cause they still have them in Hong Kong.

I just bought something in Hong Kong that had low megahertz that they don't make in this country anymore.

Don't sell in this country, but they do sell in the Asia.


(8) Bird Flu & Swine Flu [2006],[Aajonus]

Is everybody worried about the Avion flu

Should I think about it at all?


They're talking about people should be worried about what might happen?

They're worried that it might mutate.

A hundred people have died out of 200 people in the whole world that have contracted it.


Out of 6 billion people laughs.

It's just like the swine flu, if people remember in the 70s.

Rockefeller was our vice president, the owner of five pharmaceutical houses, and we paid his company $7 billion to make the swine flu.

Consumer advocate and Doctor McBean an MD from San Diego filed suit for Ford, Rockefeller and the federal government for buying and issuing those vaccines, and it got tht news reporters at the polling places, cause they were giving it to people "free" with our tax dollars, $7 billion worth.

2300 people died in the first week, within three days of getting the vaccine, so it got shut down and it's still in the vault.

So, guess what's getting relabeled, the swine flu vaccine and they resold it again.

$8 billion we paid for it this time.


And of course it's because of the mercury.


Oh yeah.

Mercury, and aluminum.

Don't they, is it coming from this?


What is it called?


Tamiflu is what it's called?

[Attendee #2]

Roseville owns that.


Yes, absolutely.

Well, you know, it's part of it.

[Attendee #2]

I'm surprised they didn't turn it into a chemtrail.


The birds are getting sick from those sprays too.


All birds have a flu if they're raised in toxic environments.

Pigeons have a lot of flu because they grew up in cities eating cooked bread and stuff like that.

So, they don't utilize bacteria, just like we do.

We don't utilize bacteria as well.

The contaminants in the food, the pesticides, the herbicides that are in food damage the bacteria in our bodies so that we can't cleanse ourselves in the normal process.

So what happens.

We have to resort to flus, uh, which are viruses?

Viruses are solvents, their soaps that clean the body.

So, they don't reduce contamination, they spread contamination.

So, unless you have a very good diet, any kind of a viral detoxification is going to be difficult.

So, don't worry about Avion flu.

It's just another hoax to get us to spend 8 billion, so they can stuff it in their pockets, which they did.


But if they spray from the chemtrails, let's say an example, the birds are flying up, they inhale that spray.


Anything that causes pollution is going to make birds and everybody else sick.

So, that's part of the damage that causes the bacteria and parasites to be destroyed, so we don't have the natural processes of cleansing.

So, in the last three weeks, I decided to do a heavy cleanse.

Sulfur is a nutrient when it's high in a food to get some of the heavy metals out of the body.

If you understand cancer, they say that when you're in the throes of cancer beyond the 3rd stage or 4th stage, you'll start demineralizing your own tissue, and your own bones.

You'll start getting osteoporosis because your body needs so much calcium and the other minerals in a good balance to bind with those poisons.

So, since I had chemotherapy and radiation, and I still get experiences of detoxing about every 18 months to about 30 months, 34 months, I'd have a detox.

So, I thought, well, I've got a whole month in town, so I decided to do it.

So, I put a half of cup of honey and two quarts of milk, and I'd been drinking that a day.

Within a week of beginning that, I started getting all of these hives and started crusting and turning black and look at it under a microscope, I can see the different compounds that they use.

They used mercurochrome during my stomach surgery, so that was coming out.

I've got a black spot right here that burned, I had a hole right in it right there, and I do the scrapings and then look at it under a microscope.

So, I've got it coming out everywhere I got injections, on the butt, the arms and anywhere they coated me with the mercury on the stomach during surgery.

But there were a lot of them.

This is just one of them, and they will just pop out within a few hours.

If you understand what happens with mercury, if you go to the website of Calgary University, they did a DVD and they showed neurons growing and all dispersing and growing, it's a time lapse photography.

And then you drop a 2% solution of thimerosal into that, and then you see that the neurons disintegrate and that's what happens when it comes out through the skin or internally it can cause internal bleeding, it can cause many problems.

Every vaccine contains 76,000 trillion molecules of mercury.

96% of all vaccines have thimerosal, which is mercury.

So, you can imagine how much of that is in your body if you've had a lot of vaccines, even tetanus shots, antibiotics like penicillin, all have mercury, aluminum, and formaldehyde, and that's just some of the base chemicals in them.

The reason for that is, people say, well, why did they do that.

They put on it as a purification system, and antibacterial?

Like you put methylated mercurochrome on yourself, methylated mercurochrome is a liquid mercury.

Iodine is another one that will destroy things, it's very caustic and burns.

So, they use it because it shocks the body into trauma.

Every animal that Pasteur injected died.

He didn't ever have one in his laboratory survive a vaccine, not one survived a vaccine.

But there was so much potential for money in it, they decided to throw formaldehyde in there and see if it would stop the anaphylactic shock because when the body registered a sterilized or live bacterial disease in thein the quantity that's injected, it causes the body to think it's going to die.

So, people die of anaphylactic shock, animals die from vaccines.

They found that if they put in either strychnine or formaldehyde, any other chemical, they would keep the person alive or the animal alive, it didn't go into anaphylactic shock.

So, it is all just to sell drugs, and there can never be any evidence that a person would've gotten a disease.

However, we do have the critical evidence that the vaccines cause the very diseases and more diseases.

If you look in appendix D in my book We Want To Live, you'll see that the rate of polio went up to 400 and some percent after forced vaccination, and that's pretty critical, but there are three states that kept record of it in one city in Los Angeles, and they were told to stop keeping record, they were ordered to stop keeping record because they didn't want that information out.

So, vaccines are very, very deadly, toxic substances that will give you no benefit.


Why did they do it.




That's all.


That's all it is?


Just ask for donations.


Laughs It's also a way to annihilate welfare people.

[Attendee #2]

Annihilate means what.


Annihilate means kill?

They gave it to the world health organization and the country of Britain, United Kingdom and the United States paid for and gave 75 million vaccines of smallpox to Africans.

Guess what happened to those 75 million people.

80% of them came down with aids, so it was a way for genocide in Africana?

It's another type of war where they can take the resources of a country and rob them and they don't have to use all those big military things.


(9) Cehlation Therapy [2006],[Aajonus]

Okay, let's take for example chelation therapy

People are toting that it's the big great thing.

Now, when I've taken fecal matter and I've tested it, I say, okay, I should see lots of this toxin plus the chemical that they're taking, plus heavy metals in their feces and urine.

I found 20%.

You're saying it's going to evacuate.

It's not even getting out what they're drinking or they're getting injected into them.

That's not all leaving, and they're making this claim that it is.

They said, "Oh, pigs did it in, and they got rid of 90 some percent".

And I said, "What pigs do you know.

What pigs are you giving chelation therapy to?

Did you get some LA policemen on your diet?

[Attendees] Laughs So, that's about it?

If humans are doing it, then they better be checking human feces and human urine and see what's happening.

It doesn't happen, and what I see in iridology is all of those heavy metals leave the soft tissue and go into the bones, connective tissue and lymphatic system, and you see everybody who's had chelation therapy within 7 years after, their skin gets thinner and thinner and thinner because these chemicals are coming and demineralizing their tissue.

I remember the first person I watched go through chelation therapy in 1971 through 73.

He did it because he had congestive arteries.

His skin thinned out in those three years, it was like just paper thin, and he was dead six months later.

You've got all those chemicals that are constantly leaving the body.

[Attendee] What about they're there to dissolve toxicity, right.

[Aajonus] Yeah?

They're gonna break down the plaque.

You think they're gonna limit to the arteries.

It's gonna dissolve your tissues, your connective tissue and your skin.


(10) Cells Phone Brain Damage [2006],[Aajonus]

Well, they found out last year in the tests that came out from Switzerland that rats that were subjected to 40 minutes of radioactivity from a cell phone a day, shrunk their brains by 30% in one year, 30% in one year


What cell phone do you have.


I use an earbud?

So, when you're on a call, whether you're receiving it or you initiated it is when the radiation is blasting.


(11) Cheese Without Butter Dry (12) Coconut Cream As Dairy Substitute [2006],[Aajonus]

She wants me to reiterate the benefits of coconut cream

You take the hard mature pulp of the coconut and you juice it, you separate the pulp from the cream.

We're not talking about the coconut milk or the coconut water as it's called, talking about the coconut cream, the white fat and oils that come out of the meat of the coconut.


What's the oil then.


That's coconut oil?


And that's squeezed out of the same white stuff.


That's fermented out of the white stuff on centrifugally spun?

The coconut cream, see this piece of metal right here, these pieces of metal.

If I put coconut cream on these, within an hour it turns gray?

Starts ripping these metallic substances off of metals, very quickly starts dissolving them.

So, it's very good to dissolve a lot of different compounds in the body.

Excellent for detoxification.

But coconut cream can substitute for dairy cream and butter, 15 to 20% only, but it is mainly solvent oriented.


(13) Coconut Cream To Clean Body [2006],[Aajonus]

So, coconut cream, when I'm giving it to somebody as I suggested in my book, it goes before cilantro, something like that

If you want to clean the heavy metals out in the body, let's say a tablespoon before a juice with cilantro in it.

If you want to clean your system out, I'd recommend 2 to 3 to f4 ounces, depending upon your body size and weight in the afternoon with some kind of fruit, just trying to get rid of heavy metals.

Dark berries and coconut cream are very good to help detoxify heavy metals that are in the glandular system, and those that are already freed, loosed, and traveling in the blood lymphatic system or neurological fluid.

So, it helps the bind with it, dissolve it, neutralize it, but I always suggest that when you're having a large amount of coconut cream like that that you also have at least 3/4 of a tablespoon of butter and about a tablespoon of dairy cream with it.

So, you have some animal fats to make sure you've got enough animal fats, your own fats to bind with any kind of byproduct that would come from the coconut oil dissolving the metal to protect yourself.


So, we have 3 - 4 tablespoons.


No, 2 -3 ounces, 2 ounces is 4 tablespoons?

So, it's 2 to 4 ounces.

So, you're looking at eight 4 to 8 tablespoons of coconut cream with a fruit.


You never said eight tablespoons to me before.


That's because you're not big enough.

It'd be 4 for you.

4 to 5 max.

And like I said in the book, if you have banana with coconut cream, it helps dissolve hardened tissue, like cirrhosis or sclerotic tissue for Ms or anything like that.

If you have any fibroids in your mammary glands or your vaginal area, coconut cream and banana help dissolve that Not concentrated enough.

The cellulose will not free up enough for it to make a big difference.

It'll work on a minuscule level, but we're too toxic to work on a minuscule level.

Just won't see much progress.

There would be some if you ate it, but it's not gonna be anything like the concentrations of which I'm speaking.


(14) Coconut Oil Detox and Energy and Protect Skin [2006],[Aajonus]

Now the coconut oil does not

Coconut oil is purely an oil, causes a lot of heat in the body.

You can use it to let's say generate energy, to burn as fuel for energy and for heating the body, and for protecting the skin from the sun, sso you won't burn.

Coconut oil is great for that.

The coconut cream is very different.

Coconut cream has a lot of water soluble fats, not just the oil soluble fats that coconut oil has.


(15) Constipation [2006],[Aajonus]

Doing a pretty good job now because of all that complex trouble that I had, I had constipation since I was two years old

So, every time I went to the bathroom, which was every 2 to 5days, the first that came out would be the size of my fist, so of course it ripped my rectum.

So, I was bleeding every time I had a bowel movement, sometimes at fourth to half a cup of blood every time I had a bowel movement.

So, then I went onto a raw diet, I went almost every day, sometimes several times a day, but that first part out would be huge still.

It would be like granite, just rip me.

So, even on this diet, I would move every day, sometimes several times a day, but always have to always have bloody stools because of the tear.

Once I got the tapeworm, disappeared.

So, I was having nice small rounded ones.

Biggest one was probably this big, and it was enjoyable having bowel movements for the first time in my life, so I loved that tapeworm and all of a sudden, I got this craving after about three weeks, I got this craving for an onion and I just sat down ate a half an onion.

I don't like hot stuff, burns my tongue, and the next morning I shat out that 47 feet of the tapeworm.

I thought, oh no, my first friend, and I got rid of him, you know.

So, then I saw little pieces of sections that were alive come out over the next few months and I know I kept it?

And then about three months after that period, I had another bowel movement and passed about 45 to 48 feet again, and that was it.

Haven't seen him since, and that was over a year ago, year and a half.


(16) Cooked Meat With Vege and Raw Meat With Vege [2006],[Aajonus]

Fruit and vegetables today and eating that with a balance of meat and I heard you talking a lot about eating raw meat, which sounds fine

I just am more concerned with the ratio, and I'm sure that it's in the book of the vegetables to meat, and I would always think that it would be more fruit and vegetables.

I just wanted a little bit of understanding on that.

Because it's in the book, so I'm not gonna go over it here, but if you have a lot of vegetables and I don't suggest that people eat whole vegetables, unless just a little bit of flavoring with some meat, no more than 2 tablespoons in a meal, and that's diced, not full concentrated, it'll over alkanalize the intestines.

When you're eating cooked meat, that's fine.

You want to eat a raw vegetable salad with a cooked meat meat, cause you've got a high acid and it's going to putrify in your system.

It's not going to move it, it stops peristalsis.

There's nothing to cause peristalsis in cooked meat.

Raw meat there is, there's lots of enzymes and it reacts to the hydrochloric acid.

So, you put an alkaline food in with an acid food, and you're gonna neutralize the acid and alkaline, and you're not gonna digest either.


(17) Cows Milk Better Than Goats (18) Dont Detox On Weight Loss [2006],[Attendee],[unclear]

Wondering, do I leave out the oil for fruit and coconut cream if I am on a weight loss


Good question?

When you're on the weight loss, it's to remove the fats that are already chelated with a lot of poisons in your body, it's not to do more detoxification.

So, if you're gonna eat foods that cause detoxification, your blood, and your neurological system and your lymph are gonna be too low in fat to protect you from damage.

A lot of those toxins may go right into your cells and damage your RNA and DNA and the cells in general.

So, you do not want to eat detoxifying substances while you're on the weight loss.

Well in the book, you're eating eggs, meat, and some honey and butter, a little bit of butter, very little bit of butter.


(19) Eggs and Milk Chelate With Uric Acid [2006],[Jim]

Anonymous person who's been trying to get on the diet and trying to get off a medical drug, which is, if it doesn't take it about every three days or something like that, then the whole thing just comes back on in extreme pain and all that

I finally gave up and I took pill they recommend, and I started pretty intensively and the swelling went down and I got everything under control, except now I'm on a drug basically, and I've gotta smooth out.

I've gotta get off the drug someday.


So, why didn't you call me.


Well, I had your recommendation, but it, I mean, I was in the kitchen all the time with the pain formulas and soaking in hot water and doing all this stuff?


Yeah, but maybe I'd come up with something different.

I found out that the calcium and sulfur in eggs and, and milk will chelate with the uric acid that causes gout.

Some people who eat cooked meat cannot discard the uric acid that accumulates and that causes gout.

So, a good milk diet for about 4 to 6 weeks can get rid of it.

A heavy egg diet.

Eating an egg every half an hour, eating 2 to 3 quarts of milk a day.

All the foods with high sulfur can help pull out a lot of different chemicals and drugs in the system.

So, you might want to do it diet like that.

Like for me to get rid of this, I've only been eating meat once a day.

Sometimes up to a pound at a time, but I usually eat two pounds a day, eating a pound twice a day.

But right now I'm just eating one meat meal a day and drinking two quarts of milk with a half a cup of honey in it to detox and get rid of that toxicity.

And I always warm the milk.


How do you warm it.


I put it in a bowl of hot water or take it out in my hot tub?

My hot tub's warm, I'll put it out there.

and it works a lot better, it helps relax the body.


(20) Eggs Per Day [2006]

[This is for a special diet of milk and eggs for gout, and uric acid


How many eggs.


If you're doing one every half an hour, it could be up to 30, 40 a day?

I've had up to 50 a day in my experiments.

[Attendee #]

For what conditions.


I'm just talking about gout, but there's a lot of conditions that can get rid of toxic metals and chemicals in the system and the egg diet and the milk diet will do that?


(21) Elderly Dont Produce Hcl [2006],[Aajonus]

As long as you're not eating cooked foods, there's a lot of people that hit their 80s, octogenarians, that don't produce hydrochloric acid because of their cooked diets

But even the Hadza, Maasai and Samburu who lived up to 150 years, they produce hydrochloric acid their entire lives.



(22) Fat Is Good (23) Fat People Liver Longer [2006],[Attendee]

There's a guy at UCLA him, and he's been advocating this for years and they've done experiments with rats and mice, which prove this out

[Aajonus] Yeah, but the rats of mice are not normal.

They're using chemicals and the animals will react differently than we, and a lot of those, those animals are raised on their natural diet before they are used for laboratory work to raise their resilience.

And then they'll throw 'em off into these experiments and get a whole warped sense of what's going on.

[Attendee] Supposedly, they divided them into two groups, and one group ate whatever they want, and the other group was restricted30% or 40% of their calorie intake.

[Aajonus] Yeah, but do you know what they're feeding those rats in the laboratory.

I know what they're feeding, they're feeding them pellets?

They're feeding them cooked foods.

[Attendee] Okay.

So, what.

[Aajonus] If they lived outdoors, it wouldn't be that way, but living in a cage in a bad environment, it's depressing?

It would make a big difference because you know how how fat people get depressed.

There's a lot of fat people that get depressed because they don't get outside and they don't get in the fresh air?

They don't move around, if they do their whole psyche changes in the way they utilize nutrients.

Some of your oldest living people are fat people.

No, we're talking about rats.

The rats are fed cooked, processed pellets in the laboratories.

They're not fed their normal diet.

[Attendee] I know, but supposedly both groups get exactly the same thing.

[Aajonus] Doesn't make any difference.

The only way you gonna know for sure is to let them overeat their normal diet.

Well, it wouldn't even have to be in their natural environment, but that would give a better picture of what happens on the normal diet.

Rats are omnivores, they'll eat almost everything, but they thrive on bugs and insects.

They eat lots of cockroaches, so if they're fed good healthy bugs and creatures and they ate more than another group, it wouldn't be a problem.

Take the Fulani for instance, the Fulani tribe lives 90% on dairy.

To become a shaman or the leader of the Fulani tribe you have to be the fattest person.

You have to be the fattest male.

So, these males will eat nothing but gallons and gallons of milk a day, and at the end of that year the fattest one becomes the Chief or the Shaman and they live the longest.

So, you have to watch some of these tests.

[Attendee] Milk makes you fat.

[Aajonus] If you're eating two, three gallons a day?

Can you imagine.

You're not allowed to move; you have to sit there in one spot and drink?

Sometimes they'll drink 10 gallons, a day.

It's like the Sumo wrestlers, keep eating and eating, get bigger and bigger and bigger.


(24) Fat Protection [2006],[Aajonus]

This group, they're all hippies, and that's the type that's there, and all of a sudden, about two years ago, a fellow who looked like he came out of a motorcycle gang came in for a private consult

So, it was after the workshop and the next day I see patients the next few days, and he was one of the people who had signed up for a private consult and he was maybe 20 pounds overweight, 23 max.

So, he wasn't skinny, not quite as large as you are, but close.

He had all this thick skin from drug damage and alcohol damage, and I photographed his irises and looked at him, and his glands and his organs were very clean, and he is like 48 - 50 years old, something like that.

And I could see all the drug damage and alcohol damage to his skin, and I said, I know you abused drugs and alcohol for at least 25, 30 years.

He said 30.

And I said, I don't understand it.

I've never seen anybody this clean yet have skin like yours.

You're just not that fat.

He said, three, four months ago, before I went on your diet, I was 300 pounds.

So, here he had all this fat, even though it was bad fat, he had enough of it to protect him from all of those years of drug damage, his organs and glands, but not his skin and lymph.

So, even the toxic facts is protective.

So, when anybody gets after anybody is fat, I said that person's better off than you skinny.

Put 'em in their place because they ridicule people who are fat and they're much better off.

You should be fat and happy.


(25) Fat With Protein, Fruit With Fat, Detox [2006],[Aajonus]

Always better to have a fat with any kind of fruit, always

Remember fruit, no matter what it is, is going to force detoxification.

The tribes who don't eat cooked food like the Maasai it's illegal to eat fruit because it detoxes.

They don't need detox cause they don't eat anything polluted and it causes the children and the people to get erratic behavior.

So, they do not eat fruit, even in its green state.

Other tribes will eat lots of green fruit, and like I say in the book, anytime you eat fruit, you either have a hell of a load of fat in your stomach already, or you eat fat with it and you don't have a hell of a lot of fat on your body.

So, you definitely need the fruit with it.


(26) Fish Swims Up Penis [2006],[Aajonus]

The only one that I saw that was real was the one in South America that if you urinate in the rivers, a small fish will go up inside your penis or your vaginal area, your urethra

If you urinate, it locks itself in.

It's called a Silverfish and it's a parasite and it gets into areas where there's ammonia.

The likes the ammonia environment, and it doesn't kill anybody, but it's a very painful one.

It has to be removed with surgery because it locks itself in with all these spines, and it'll go in and let's say it's this small when it goes in, and if you leave it for let's say a month, it can grow this long and that wide instead of just very, very thin.

So it'll just keep getting bigger and bigger.

So, your penis may get bigger and bigger, but it's a painful experience.


What country.


South America?

Jungles, Amazon.

I think the one that I actually saw was in Argentina.

Your orifice has to be open and the urethra is never open, unless you're urinating.

The rectum is never open unless you've gotten in after adding anal sex or you have a bowel movement.

So, that's not really a big problem, but if a female goes in nude and she's open, she's in trouble.


(27) Flash Freezing [2006],[Aajonus]

If I flash freeze you, and I thawed you out, would you go work for me

Flash frozen means it's frozen to the core?

Just means it's done so quickly.

Normally when something freezes slowly, it's like you, you will die slowly.

Chemical changes will occur in your body.

So, if you freeze yourself quickly, you've prevented all of those chemical changes from happening while you're freezing, but when you thaw out, they're going to happen.

That's ideal.

Yes, but still, we do the best we can, and it's a lot better than eating poison cooked food.


(28) Float Tanks Bad [2006],[Aajonus]


It does absolutely cause a chelation.

You have to understand the magnetics on your skin is pulling all these minerals out of your blood and lymph and everywhere.

So, it's dehydrating your system.

It's not a good thing.

If you float, don't put all that salt in it.


But you don't float.


Put sea salt.


A little bit.


Yeah, you don't need much, what I do when I used to use the float tanks, I would put a cup of vinegar in, and a half cup of sun dried sea salt?

That was still a lot of brine, but those float tanks, depending upon how long and big they are, they can hold a lot of gallons.


Where can you find those float tanks.


Well, I used to do them in Santa Monica?

[Attendee ]

They're full of salt, 800 pounds of salt, 11 inches of water, but you float and you feel like you're in the womb.



Well, what I would do is I would just float enough to where I didn't feel myself touching the bottom very much or barely touching and that's the same sensation.


(29) Freezing and Refridgeration Food, Eggs and Mil [2006],[Fred]

In your second book, you give temperatures, like around 38° or 40°, 45° degrees are about the coldest you ever want to have your food at

I was kind of wondering what happens to food exactly below that temperature.

[Aajonus] It starts altering, when it's frozen it alters it critically.

[Fred] Did you lose nutrients.

[Aajonus] Absolutely?

[Fred] Does it become toxic food.

[Aajonus] Uh, well it depends upon your digestion?

Sometimes let's say, if you can't handle those byproducts from the freezing, you will have some problems.

[Fred] It's not anything compared to like heating food.

[Aajonus] No.

[Fred] It's like a minor thing, so you lose a little bit of nutrients.

[Aajonus] Well, let me put it this way.

When I fed animals the same meat, part of it frozen, part of it cooked, one group frozen, the same meat unfrozen and frozen.

That's all that I gave them.

They didn't get any milk, they didn't get any other dairy, they didn't get any dairy at all and they didn't get any honey and nothing else.

All they got was the frozen meat, the animals who ate it raw, no problems all the way into three months.

The dogs and cats who ate the meat frozen all got skin disease within six weeks.

To experiment that further, I gave them raw butter to help them heal because butter goes to the skin pretty quickly, especially on carnivores.

So, I gave the half of the group that were sick frozen butter, and unfrozen butter.

The ones that got the frozen butter took 3 to 5 times longer to heal.

I stopped feeding them frozen.

I didn't feed them anything else but butter, that's all they got.

[Fred] So, if you kept your fridge, I usually keep mine at 45°, but let's say if it went down to 35°, nothing froze, would a significant amount of nutrients get lost.

[Aajonus] 45° is really the low-end point where damage starts happening, but if keep it at 48°, you're likely you make a mistake?

It's only 3°.

Eggs and milk are damaged as soon as they go below 70°.


(30) Fruit Damages Too Much [2006],[Aajonus]

Instinctive diet, you only eat what smells good to you

How often does raw meat smell good.

It doesn't, so these people eat 60 %to 80% fruits, and they just start wiping the fat out of their body and demineralizing?

She died six months after starting that diet died, she lost all this weight.

Elnora Van winkel.

She was the one that wrote The Biology of Emotions.

[Kathy] I saw Daniel and he looked really thin and dry skin.

I couldn't recognize him.

[Aajonus] Daniel went another way, but you get to see.

It's good because you get to see what it does.

[Attendee] Why didn't Kimberly recover.

She was 100% raw?

[Aajonus] She never could gain enough weight.

[Attendee] Pretty good.

Pretty chunky.

[Aajonus] She needed more weight.

She had thallium all in her body.

We're talking about a woman who was pretty skinny when she went on the diet, pretty sick, and she got breast cancer.

She went on the diet very strictly, gained about 27 pounds, when you're that skinny 27 pounds is okay.

She didn't gain that much fat.

I wish she had, probably about 7 or 8 pounds less than you are, but she put it on compared to what she was.

She was stocky, she carried it thickly all over, and then when she started dissolving the tumors in her body, she started doing like all people who have cancer when it starts dissolving the dead cells in the body, the chemicals that are in those dead cells that have killed those cells that have caused the accumulation of the dead cells that is tumor and cancer, they dissolve with it.

And you better have a lot of nutrients to handle that cause you vomit and you vomit and you have diarrhea, and if you don't have enough fat on you, you will not catch up.

You'll get behind, and it was just to the point where the breast cancer was going away.

Two weeks before she died, all the breast cancer had resolved, but it had gone to the liver.

So, the liver was highly contaminated.

So, I took one of her vomits and had it analyzed for $2,200 for one vomit, per vomit, and I had several of them analyzed.

The head of the lab called me and said, "Somebody's poisoning your patient".

And I said, "What are you talking about".

He said, "She has 3000 times the lethal dose of thallium in her vomit"?

And I said she was a jewelry maker.

She never used a mask and she never wore gloves.

Seven years of inhaling burned thallium and all the other heavy metals and getting it into her skin never using gloves.

It absorbed into her liver and into her breast on the right side.

It's too poisonous, she didn't have enough fat.

If she had had, let's say another 10 pounds, she probably could have made it through the liver detoxification like she did the breast detoxification, but it's too late for her.

She just didn't gain enough weight.

She couldn't eat, when you were vomiting like that you can't eat.


(31) Gallbladder and Breaking Up Stones, Vege Oils R Rocks [2006],[Aajonus]

We have a gallbladder only when we were primitive

When we'd slaughter an animal, we'd eat sometimes 50 pounds in two days of meat with lots of fat and eat all the fat first.

Your liver cannot produce enough bile to digest that much fat in a 48-to-72-hour period.

So, the gallbladder for when we were primitive and add, eat a tremendous amount of fat and meat at one time.

If you ate two pounds of meat with about probably a half a cup of butter a day with probably two dozen eggs, your liver, even if it has a stone in it, can produce enough bile to handle that much food.

Your liver produces enough, doesn't have to store it in the gallbladder.

That's just a reserve.

That's why people can have their gallbladders removed and there's no problem.

[Attendee] Can you break them down.

[Aajonus] If they're made from soy chips and soy foods, no?

They turn as hard as stone and there's nothing I can do to dissolve it.

Normally you could take some sparkling water, some lemons, some vinegar, and some clay and mix that together, and with some kind of coconut cream or olive oil and it'll break up stones.

But when they're made from soy products, they're as hard as rock.

Can't break them up.

That's why James had to have the bladder surgery cause his stones, they had to blast his stones with more force than that surgeon had blasted anybody's before in his life.

And this surgeon's not a young man and they had to blast with a laser.

His stones took 50 times more blast than they've ever had to utilize, and James was a vegetarian for 30 years.

He lived on soy chips.

[Attendee] What are soy chips.

Are they potato chips?

[Aajonus] Potato chips are made from soy and boiled in soy oil, it's like rock big?

[Kathy] They're pushing them.

Even at Whole Foods, a lot of soy products.

[Aajonus] Absolutely, big money.


(32) Gorillas Eat Meat, Fruitarians [2006],[Aajonus]

They're theorizing from no experience

Your gorillas, every 28 days they eat 14 pounds in a 24-hour period of meat.

So, these people didn't observe them very well.

Most of your monkeys all eat meat, even the chimpanzee.

The only monkeys that don't eat much meat are the killer monkeys.

[Attendees],[Aajonus] Laughs

They go on a fruit binge.

They'll eat all these fermented guavas or figs or overripe bananas, and they'll just binge for 24 hours, and then they'll go on a killing spree for 24 hours.

Hitler was a vegetarian, a diehard vegetarian.

You saw what happened to his mind.


(33) Grapefruit For Itchy Skin [2006],[Attendee]

Put a cream on the itching

[Aajonus] Well, it would smother it and I didn't want to smother and lock those chemicals in my body?

So, what I did was I coated myself with urine and that stopped the itching, it stung.

And if it started itching so badly, like when I used to have eczema and all kinds of problems when I was a kid taking a lot of medication, especially insulin.

Insulin caused a lot of things like this.

I would take a Listerine and put it on my body, it would sting and burn so badly, at least it was better than itching to death, you know.

Well, I found that if you take white grapefruit and you rub that on, it'll do the same thing?

It'll sting and stop the itching without preventing the chemicals from coming through the skin without smothering the skin.

[Attendee] What about lemons.

[Aajonus] Lemons too abrasive?

You know how it marinates chicken and fish.

You damage your skin pretty badly if you do that, I burned a hole in myself when I was experimenting with it, actually burned a hole right my flesh when I woke up the next day?

I used lemon on one spot to break it down for two days in a row, and I wake up one morning, I had a hole in my body and that was very painful.

So, lemon's not the thing to use, nor is lime.

I was saving experience with the year.

Oh, I did.

I've been at home.

been at home.

The grapefruit doesn't for some reason.

[Attendee] What about pineapple.

Aajonus] Pineapple will burn a hole right in your skin?

I've tried everything, and grapefruit is the only thing I found it worked in a condition like that.


(34) Honey and Eggs Together [2006],[Aajonus]

I wasn't able to eat milk, eggs, and honey together for many, many years, I got stomach cramps

I could eat eggs and milk together, or I could eat honey and milk together, but never honey and eggs.

Probably because of the surgery that I had had.


(35) How Long Weight Loss [2006],[Lewis]

How long should I do the weight loss this time around, what's your estimate

[Aajonus] Uh, let me punch in the stomach and see laughs It all depends?

Usually, you go on the weight loss when you go a week with only losing a pound, and your body doesn't wanna lose anymore, and that's usually where you should stop.

When you go a week and only lose a pound, then stop it.

[Attendee] On the weight loss you're eating only eggs, meat and honey.

[Aajonus] You're having very little honey and very little fat, but in The Recipe Book, I have the weight loss program and, and it's mainly eggs and meat, basically just about it?

And some juice and some people because you are eating very small amounts of meat during the day, like 1 to 2 to 3 golf ball sizes of meat, 3 or 4 times a day along with a little bit of butter or no butter, and then you're having some vegetable juice and you're eating raw eggs, it doesn't work for some people.

It works for about 80% to 85% of the people.

The people it doesn't work for need to eat about an egg every hour.

Followed by a quarter of a teaspoon of honey butter mixture, equal portions of honey, butter.

So, every hour and I guarantee you everybody loses weight with that one and have one meat meal a day, maybe a half a cup a day in the evening and a cup of milk before you go to sleep and a cup of milk at night, so you're relax and feel good.


(36) How Muchmercury I Nvaccine [2006],[Aajonus]

We have mass poisoning, an injection of vaccine, like I said is 76,000 trillion molecules of mercury

How many injections have you gotten in your life.

How many molecules of mercury are in your system?

Some people are never gonna get all the mercury out of their bodies?

Kids are getting 128 shots by the time they're 16 years old in some states, mandatory.

It's a crime.


(37) How Often Lube Formula (38) Milk Above 70 Replicate Cells [2006],[Fred]

Below 70°


That's right?

If I get milk straight from the cow and never chill it, I can use it like meat.

It will help regenerate cells.

Anytime that milk is chilled below 70°, it loses its ability to help you regenerate cells.

So we need to eat a lot more meat.

It won't help you divide cells, but it will help you rebuild cells that are already alive.

So, meat is the only thing that you can get it down to 45°, 40°, and it will still help you regenerate, but once it goes under about 36° for meat it's affected that way too.


(39) Milk and Honey Routine [2006],[Jim]

So, if I'm gonna do this, how do you keep the honey from just being just solid honey at the bottom of the milk

[Aajonus] I take an eight-ounce jelly jar?

I fill it halfway with milk, warm milk halfway with the honey.

I blend it and then pour it into the two quarts.

I get these half gallon glass jars.

That's how I get my milk.

Most people get the plastic, it's good idea to remove it from the plastic and put it in the glass when you get it home, if you're going to do that.

But I got these half pound glass jars, my milk's in there.

So, I take some out, I'll drink a half a cup and then a half cup of honey with 1/2 cup of milk and then pour it into the half gallon jar.

[Attendee] So, one question about that is, so if he's doing all of this, is he still eating meat.

[Aajonus] Just one time?

One meat meal a day.

[Attendee] A 12-ounce meat meal.

[Attendee] Well, it depends?

Um, I was eating two cups at a time, some people can just get by with one cup.

[Jim] When we talked about this before, you said, anytime I eat meat I have to have an equal portion of fish.

So, I've been doing that in that stage.

[Attendee] That's fine.

That's your system.

[Attendee] With butter, right.

[Attendee] Don't need butter with that?

Oh, and I also 2 to 3 ounces of cream of extra cream to the 2 quarts of milk.

Make it a little richer.


(40) Pesticides [2006],[Aajonus]

Yeah, this is the worst country for the most adulterated foods

Even England won't allow the pesticides at the rate that we do.

However, our government has overthrown the Chilean government and some other, the Central American governments, and there shipping all of the chemicals, pesticides that are bad here, selling them to them and using them on them and their agriculture.

And then those foods are coming back into the states.


(41) Picked Up A Parasite [2006],[Aajonus]

You picked up a parasite where


In Nepal?


Do you like him.


Not at all here?

I was very lucky to have it, but I didn't feel I needed it.

I ended up taking antibiotics.


Lots of lime and lemon juice together, equal parts of lime to honey lime.

And that will pretty much destroy.

Did you had a tapeworm or an intestinal fluke, which kind of did you have.

That's an internal fluke, that isn't a fluke that runs around in Nepal water, although it does, it runs around water everywhere, all over the world?

So, it's doubtful you got it from there.

It's probably just time for you to detox cause you were in a humid climate Humidity causes lots of bacteria and parasites to come active in the body.

That's why tropical areas have more parasites and more insects because it breeds them.

It's good weather for them, but that doesn't mean they're bad.

You know.

I got my first parasite almost two years ago and it was while I was in the jungles in Vietnam, and you don't get tape worms from the jungles, this is an internal thing?

So, I was delighted because that's my first worm.

I've been trying to get parasites.

I've eaten so many different kinds of parasites and parasite invested meats to get the tapeworms and to get parasites, but was never able to take hold because I had had so much chemotherapy and radiation in my body and other heavy metals from all the injections and medications that not much bacteria, and no parasite could ever feed on my body because if it ate a cell it would die, it was so poisonous.

So, I got my first one about two years ago and I was on the toilet constantly and I thought, oh my gosh, I get to really detoxify quickly.

Maybe it'll help you that surgery that I had a little compound in there.


(42) Remove Teeth Fillings, Teeth Regeneration [2006],[Attendee]

So, about six years ago, I got fillings

Not the non-mercury fillings, but like the white veneer, like healthy ones.

I called them and asked them what substance was in it and is called Herculite.

Sounds great, doesn't it.

I really wanna like go to the dentist and get it taken outta my body because I think it'd best to get it out?

This one here, your opinion would it be best to get it out.

Could you talk a little bit about that?

[Aajonus] The only people that I've ever seen regenerate dentine and tissue when their teeth didn't rot were under 22 years old and they ate a tremendous amount of raw milk?

Like three quarts a day.

So, it took them three years to repair one cavity in both of those people.

How many are you gonna have taken out.

[Attendee] I think like two?

[Aajonus] You're asking for trouble.

Everybody else that I've seen has done that and let the tooth exposed ended up with decaying, rotting, teeth, it oxidizes.

What I do is I keep having fillings and they'll pop out after a year or two and they grow out, the filling will actually grow out because my tooth is filling in on the inside.

And the dentist is amazed because when he goes in to put the new one in, it's a smaller area and he doesn't have to do any drilling anymore.

But when I tested and left the filling out completely, the tooth oxidized and rotted and fell outta my mouth.

This is the last one I tested and it is doing the same thing.

It's rotting.

[Attendee #2] What are you getting your teeth filled with.

[Aajonus] Composite?

[Attendee #2] A particular composite.

[Aajonus] One that I'm biologically not allergic to?

[Attendee #2] You can get yourself tested.

[Aajonus] Yeah?

[Attendee #2] Doesn't it still have mercury and bad stuff in it.

[Aajonus] There's so little in that, and when you got an enamel, unless you've got rust in your mouth, it's not going to break down?

[Attendee #2] So, if I just eat good enough of a diet, maybe a bunch of milk like you said, then I can count on my tooth maybe just pop it out and then I don't have to worry about it.

[Aajonus] If your body is re-growing and re-healing, it'll pop out on its own and then consider leaving it exposed?


(43) Replacing Cells and Blood [2006],[Attendee]

We regenerate all these cells within so many days and we're brand new every seven years

[Aajonus] It's all in his imagination?

It has nothing to do with chemistry.

You have to understand, he's an MD.

He was only taught disease and chemicals and not healthy chemicals, drugs.

He was not taught chemistry, o he knows nothing about chemistry.

If you look at the blood, it takes 45 days to replace every cell in the blood.

A lot of people think it takes 10 days.

That's if your body is taking the spleen and using the blood out of the spleen, which is already built up, but if your body doesn't have the spleen, if the spleen's cut off, cut out, it takes 45 days to regenerate every cell in the blood.

And it does it in the bone marrow, the bone marrow is a breeding ground for red and white blood cells.

They divide their and become their own cells, grow up, and go into the blood.

[Attendee] So, if you're 20.

So, you've been 20 years of eating the American diet, so even 40 years to get it out if you're only 20.

[Attendee] That's right?

She'd be 60 years old if you do it 100%, but still, you have to look at it this way.

You're getting better every day that you do it because you're not adding toxins to your system.

If you're adding toxins to your system, you're going to get worse.

If you're adding good nutrients to your body every day, you keep adding to your health.

So, you have to look at it like that, you can't look at the end of the tunnel.

You're not there.

It's so far away.

You're gonna think I'll never make it to the tunnel.

You just have to be happy with your progress every day.


(44) Scientologists Detox [2006]

In the late 70s, I was working with a lot of Scientologists and they had a detox program for radiation

They take a lot of niacin and B vitamins and a lot of other supplements and they get them to sweat.

Well, back in those days, they weren't using any fat, and I would see all these Scientologists and these are great people.

I loved every one of 'em that I ever met.

The most rational group of people that I've ever.

I mean more rational than anybody I've ever met as a group and it's something about their clearing and how they adjust their psychology to narrow behavior.

It'd be nice if we just do it physiologically with diet and we could do that, and that does help, but they've got trainings to help do that.

But when they would get off of these detox programs, they'd be all flushed for a few weeks.

Within three to six months, they were going into chronic fatigue, and I watched this year after year.

So, I got together with a lot of scientologists and talked them into putting the fat.

, and now they're using olive oil.

That wasn't my choice.

My choice was to use raw butter and raw dairy cream, but we were having a lot of trouble with the milk commissioners at that time, so they settled for the olive oil.

It works, but they're not using the kind of chemistry that they're using for chelation therapy, but I still see detriment physiologically from doing it.

It helps, but like I say, anytime you're using vitamin, niacin, it is a chemical, you're going to have imbalances and you're going to have damage.

Who's the most famous scientist and teacher of life of life extension.

[unclear] , and what's the other fellow.

You look at them, they're all dried up and skinny.

They're not happy people and they're hyperactive and they can't sit still.

Terrible, terrible system.

They think that they can live on chemicals instead of food, and it's not healthy.


Jerry Nolan?

There's another one.

He's wife couple.


And They look like dried up leather and Zuni dolls.

Worst looking people I've ever seen.

Oh, in person, those pictures are touched up.

If you see them in person, they look like Zuni dolls that have been dried up in the desert for 40 years.


(45) Soaps Were Made From Coconut & Lye [2006],[Aajonus]

60 years ago, even 50 years ago, about 90% of all soaps were made from coconut

They had a coconut base to them because they were great for cleansing: shampoos, body soaps, everything had coconut in it, laundry soaps, kitchen aids.

They all had coconut in them.

But you have to grow coconuts.

You have to have people to cut them down because you can't have machines do it.

So, it's a people-oriented industry.

It's a lot of work.

So, companies decided, "Oh we can make chemicals to do this.

Not caring about what it does to your body and your skin.

We can make these cleansers, these solvents from unnatural substances that are poisoned and we can make a lot more money.

And that's why they shipped it away from coconut.

There are still countries that use coconut, but they're not ours and they're not Britain, unless they're specialty health food, or health minded stores or companies that will make coconut soaps available for you.

[Lewis] So, you're saying coconut itself are healthier to use if you can get them.

[Aajonus] If you can get them naturally made?

It's coconut cream, not coconut oil, coconut cream mixed with lye.

That's how they used to make soap.

Put lye in like you do with the cement, that hardens the fat, dries it out.

Then when it gets wet, it acts as a soap and the lie will even help do that, but you just have to know to keep the lye down at a very minimal level, just enough to dry the coconut cream, so it will harden.

If it gets wet, it lathers nicely.

It cleans nicely.

[Fred] So, the lye's not toxic.

[Aajonus] The lye is toxic, except when it's bound with the fat, the oils.

Now, they used to do it with take pig lard They used to make soaps out of any kind of fat, they would render it.

Wood ash was another way that they did it.

They would use the light woods, burn it so the ash would be light, and then they mix it with some kind of fat to make soaps.

But lye was the chemical way to do it.

The industrial way, put lye with it instead of Ash.

But an Ash of course would be probably a little bit healthier, but in my lab, experiments with lye in oils, the lie doesn't get free.

Once it's bound in the fat, it's locked in.

I've never seen it show evidence of absorption into the body.


(46) Stainless Steel Fine, Radioactives Battery Bad [2006],[Attendee]

A lot of watches have stainless steel bands


Stainless steel is fine.

It's the radioactive battery that propels it.

So, if you've got one that winds, the old style type, you wind it with the shaking of it, that's a good one.

You've got a radioactive battery in batteries.

You know how much radiation that puts into your body.

Tremendous amount?

It's like wearing a low dose cell phone on your wrist.


(47) Supplements Cause Damage [2006],[Aajouns]

Very toxic, they're chemicals

They're just gonna create more imbalances in the body.

When the body puts a nutrient combination together, it's not just vitamin C or it's not just vitamin B6 six, it's a whole conglomerate.

You've got a whole array of b vitamins that always work together.

You've got a whole conglomerate of bioflavonoids with the C, with fat, with vitamin a, with vitamin D.

There's always that coupling of so many nutrients, and if you broke them down, you'd have at least 30 identifiable nutrients in each combination, and when you're taking a supplement, it is a die hard in the wool concentrated substance.

It's a chemical, it is not a balanced food substance.

So, your body's gonna have to re-counterbalance itself, and it's gonna do damage.


(48) Tapeworms Live On Sugar [2006],[Aajonus]

The trichinosis, the whipworm that all humans used to have up to about 10,000 years ago, and many still had, the Africans still had them produces three enzymes, which prevent pancreatic cancer and one that prevents brain tumor

So, we're finding out all these parasites are good for us, not bad for us, and we'd be a lot healthier and all the animals in humans who have them are healthier in digestibility and digestion, everything.

They do a lot better.

So, parasites are your friend, if though you were so toxic with decaying tissue from pesticides and all of that will kill so many of them, you will be fed on by a lot of parasites.

It's like third world children.

The World Health Organization says, "Oh, we're gonna help these poor starving children in Ethiopia and everywhere".

You know what they give them.

They pay the cereal industry billions of dollars to get them shipped garbage and denatured food?

So, these children eat these cereals, which are highly toxic, and most of them are fried.

So, what happens is you have all these acrylamides that build up, with all these acrylamides it poisons the children.

So, they get these tapeworms that try to reduce the sugar in the body, in the intestines, and that's what the tapeworms are eating.

They're eating sugar damaged cells and excess carbohydrate byproducts.

So, they're necessary.

They're not causing the starvation of these children.

They're putting little smoke streams up and and saying that's what's causing it, the tapeworm.

No, it's the toxic food, non-food that they're being fed.

You're causing them to disintegrate, the human body needs meat, milk, some kind of animal protein to sustain itself, especially tribes in Africa who were that's what they've lived on for ages.

They are not cereal oriented individuals.

Kellogg's is one of the biggest, and Purina.

Their whole bodies are decaying because of this food substance that they're getting.

Then of course, you can have parasite to eat up your body.

Let's say your liver's completely damaged, and the parasite goes in to help you clean it.

Well, if the whole liver is bad, then the whole liver's going to be eaten.


That's not a normal scenario, but it's a possibility.

So, you may have 20 people out of 100 people die from it.

That's not a lot of people.

Um if you're looking at average, but it's still, that's a big chance of dying.


(49) Tired On Detox, Sleep Good, More Meat (50) Tomatoes and Peppers Are Fruits [2006],[Attendee]

Do you call tomatoes and bell peppers fruits or vegetables




(51) Too Thin Causes Sickness [2006],[Aajonus]

Well, it depends

You're very thin, so what happens when you have a toxin that gets freed and loosed from the system: mercury, lead, thallium, cadmium, no matter what it might be, if you don't have the fat to arrest it, it can damage cells in your body and they will die.

That's why I like people to be fat.

I like people to be at least 20% body.

I like sick people to be 30% body fat.

That's a difficult one.

You know, it just depends.

People can screw around and screw around and screw around, until it's too late.

They say well, I'll do it when I can do it, and you've done that for years for, I known you for what, six years, eight years.

Eight years now?

And many times have you said, " I can't do it right now".

I just can't do it right now.

And I said, I kept telling you Burt, there's gonna be a time when it's too late, and I don't know what that's going to be.

But I've seen some people just it's too late, especially if they're skinny, if they're fat, I'll never say it's too late.

If they're skinny, I've seen it too late.

I've seen people drop off and die.

Take for example, Elnora Van Winkel.

That neuroscientist who spent her whole life for like almost 50 years cataloging all of the compounds, the chemicals that were in the brain and nervous system.

She discovered this diet; she went on it.

She did research with it, backed up a lot of my findings, and she went on the internet and sent a letter to the New York times about my work and diet and how she was able to prove it chemically.

And she did very well, when she started, she was skinny as a beam ball, skinny as when Twiggy was 20 years old.

And she went on the diet, started gaining all this weight and then somebody told her about instincto diet.


(52) Vaccines Required For Going In Jungle [2006],[Aajonus]

Funding from Britain and the United States went in and said, "Oh, we'll give you all this money and support, but we need this as collateral", their natural resources

They gave them money to treat the aids with Western medicine.

That's what gave it to them in the first place.

So, here these African countries, not knowing any better.

Not having the science that we do said, "Oh, we accept your help".

But when they accepted the help, the collateral was the resources, and their government.

So, now the world health organization is set up puppet governments through the US and in the United Kingdom and were running those countries and all the resources.

Just two years ago there was South American country where they did that and they got the water resources.

So, nobody was allowed to even collect rain water because this company that funded the country owned all the water rights.

You could not even collect rain water.

So the people rebelled, they started killing the government and within six months they completely wiped out that company.

The company was out of the country.

You see what big business is doing.

People are greedy and they're going to use whatever tactics and you're just like an ant to them.

You're very expendable, they have no remorse about stepping on you.

I think Oliver stone is doing a film about that right now.


Don't you get vaccinated when you go to Thailand and stuff.


The only time you have to get a vaccine is if you go into a jungle?

So, let's say you fly down to Peru or some other jungle where they say you have to take a yellow fever for the mosquito bite.

All you have to do is don't tell 'em you went, show no records of going into the jungle.

You fly down to the Chito or some big city in South America, and then you take the bus or private excursion.

So, your name doesn't show up as going into the jungle, then when you come back, You're not required to do it.


(53) Vegetable Juic With Eggs [2006],[Aajonus]

A vegetable juice about once every three days if you're doing the eggs

Don't necessarily need it with the milk, but you will need it.

If you're eating a lot of eggs about 8 to 16 ounces once every three days.


Sounds like a weight loss.

Aajonus] No.

Well, if you're eating an egg every hour that'll cause weight loss, but one every half an hour won't cause weight loss.


It will cause weight gain.

Aajonus] No, it'll just stabilize it?

It's very difficult to gain weight on eggs.

Cooked eggs you can gain weight quickly.

When the mercury was coming out in huge spots, I had one come out this morning.

I just felt it getting a little sensitive last night, and I've had many injections here, penicillin.

And all of a sudden it felt like I had just gotten an injection, and the next morning I woke up and there was a huge head on it with a black center.

All these white cells around it, black center and it smelled just like the mercury and under a microscope, and that's what it was, it was mercury.

You can see it.

It's a little hard to see when something is crystallized, but I caught this in mine.

Now they turn so quickly I don't even get to see them as far as when they're in the postulation stage.

This one because it hurts so badly before it came through the skin and burned my skin, I was able to arrest it before it got to the crystal state.

But most of 'em come out as crystals like you saw this one here, it just flaked off in all these crystals, black and dark brown crystals.

Then I had crushed them and mixed 'em with distilled water before I can tell what they are.

And still because they're so conglomerated with all these other minerals and, and substances, it's difficult to distinguish what all compounds are in it, but this one was very easy to tell.


(54) Vegetarians Are Sick [2006],[Aajonus]


Some of were 70 years old, old hippies from the 60s, and that's almost about 60% to 70% of this community is old time hippies that have been vegetarians long term.

We're talking 25, 35 years as vegetarians, sickest group of people I've seen, and another side to that is 50% of my cancer patients were long term vegetarian.


(55) Virus Dont Come From Mosquitos [2006],[Aajonus]

The whole idea that that infection comes from mosquitoes is pretty bizarre in the first place

Mosquito, which is a female, and the female is about like 10 to 15 times larger than the male.

The male eats bee pollen and so does the female.

Just like bees, they live like bees only they don't store the honey, the nectar or the bee pollen, that's what they eat.

And they feed on the very, very tiny little flowers that the bees can't feed on cause the bees can't suspend themselves in those tiny little flowers.

Really tiny little flowers, so that's what mosquitoes pollinate and eat.

The female collects blood, not for herself, but for her offspring, the larva.

So, what she will do is collect the blood.

She sticks her proboscis deep into the skin and bites every cell in the area makes a pool of blood and then she'll suck it up.

So, she could destroy somewhere like 50 cells just by biting them.

And you saw The Alien where that thing comes out, it's got all those teeth in it.

Well, at the end of the mosquito's proboscis, that's what it looks like.

And it just starts chewing all the surrounding cells so the blood pools.

They suck it up, they take it back to the creek or the water pond or even if it's a little water that's caught in a leaf on the ground and that's where she's laid her offspring, the larva, then she will just have a little bubble and put it in the bubble and they swim up, and they just keep feeding out of that blood bubble in the water, and that's how the larva eat.

When she does it, she doesn't contaminate that blood, the bloods to feed her offspring.

So, if you think that there's some kind of malaria, it isn't.

That's how they get you afraid, so that you can imagine an enemy and that enemy is the mosquito, but there's no evidence that you can get any kind of disease from mosquitoes.

It is the diet, no matter what it is.

And if you go down and they tell you to cook everything, when you go down there, they'll tell you to boil water, steam, or cook all of your vegetables.

And it is a ludicrous process because you're more likely to get a disease, a detoxification.

Example in point was in the mid 80s, they made a movie called Latino.

It's about our involvement in Nicaragua in the 80s, and there were two soldier leads and one of 'em was on my diet.

And he brought this long list to me, it was about a legal-size paper.

It was everything that he was not supposed to do.

If you're gonna take showers, use lots of soap.

Dry yourself very well.

Use distilled water for your shower even better.

Boil your water If you're not gonna distilled, distilled is best.

cook everything.

If you're in the swamps, do not touch your face before you wash your hands, take all of your clothes off and have them bleached and and heavily laundered before you wear them again.

This whole list.

I said, Tony, you do everything just the opposite it says, and you'll be fine.

Drink the swamp water because Nicaragua is one of the great lakes of the central American countries.

It has more water per space areas, so there's lots of swamp, as well as the lakes there.

So, of course, during the shooting they had to go through the swamps.

So, he was drinking the water, he was eating the raw meat in the restaurants.

Out of all the 43 to 46 people who were in the set, on the in the crew.

He was the only one who didn't get sick.

Robert Beltran who's the star got so sick he lost 50 pounds and they had to shut down the film for five weeks.

Tony did not get sick.


(56) Weight Loss Is For Losers [2006],[Aajonus]

That's why I say the weight loss in the book is just for women and men who are paranoid they're not gonna lose the fat

So, I tell them every six months to do the weight and gain loss, then after they do it for a year and a half or so, then they don't worry about not losing it cause they see that they can lose it.

I'd like people to keep the fat on for 2.

5 years before they lose it.

That way, if you go into a pneumonia or a meningitis, whether it's spinal or cerebral, you'll get through it easily of you have enough fat.

Burt, you just put it off all these years, you just kept telling me, you know, I can't do it right No, you said I can't do that.

I'm traveling.

I can't do that.

I can't eat that way.

I'm in rehearsals.

You've said that to me many times.

And you also times you couldn't afford it.

I've heard that a lot from you over the years, but that doesn't mean you can't do it.

You just have to force yourself.

You have to deal with nausea.

You have to deal with that.

You have to force it down, just like I did after the poison mushroom.