Email from Aajonus Summer 2012

On Tue, Jul 31, 2012 at 6:46 AM, aajonus wrote:

Hi, health lovers,

Unfortunately for everyone, our liberties have narrowed to a frighteningly dangerous state. Industrial giants like banks, agriculture, pharma, oil and government are out of control. Some people who speak out against them are threatened and/or harmed.

Several of my clients have asked me to be more careful, to not speak the truth of food, industrial contamination of everything, and liberty. I just cannot sit back and keep my mouth shut or stop my pen.

It boggles my mind that people can accept, sit and watch injustice and assaults as if they were just unreal TV soap opera. I will die for my health and liberties before living as a diseased slave to this industrial oligarchy protected by the bureaucratic oligarchy (our government) in this country and most of the industrialized world.

I cannot sit and watch 100s of millions of children being poisoned daily at birth to adulthood, if they live, by toxic potions called vaccines. There is nothing more sinister than 99% of our politicians defending the medical fraud of vaccines because they have stock and financial interest in pharmaceuticals.

It astounds me that parents can so easily be persuaded to allow their children to be injected with any vaccine that has no nutrient value and is full of only toxic ingredients. Most parents do not research and demand to know specifically everything that is in vaccines and how it might effect their children.

Because of my stance on vaccines and specifically my international and domestic broadcasts about the Swine Flu H1N1 hoax from February through March of 2009, in April 2009 I was abducted and injected with three hypodermics full of poison. I am still affected by those poisons. I will probably be affected by them for another 40 years. If they caused genetic damage, I will be effect for life.

On July 1st, just 30 days ago, I was riding in my Toyota pickup truck to my farm in Thailand. The steering wheel began to shimmy at about 85 kph (53 mph). Since I would be traveling to Finland in 3 days, I asked my girlfriend Pawadee to have the front end aligned while I was away.

I returned to Thailand on July 15th. My truck had had a complete checkup and wheel alignment at a respected Toyota dealership while I was in Finland. However, Pawadee was as surprised as I that between 95-105 kph (59-65 mph) the truck slightly shimmied. It hadn't for the few days she drove it while I was away after she had it aligned. Since I was going to be in Thailand for 5 days only, we decided that she would return my pickup truck to Toyota dealership right after I left Thailand and have the truck's wheels and axle properly aligned again.

However, 3 days later, the day before I was to leave Thailand, we were traveling a narrow road with many sharp curves in late evening. At the seventh curve at about 25 kph (15 mph), the car veered off road, stopping about 2 meters from the roadway on a steep embankment. Even though we were not going fast, the truck traveled off road about 10 meters (30 ft.). WE should have stopped before the car left the pavement but the truck veered off road. It should not have veered at all.

My truck rolled on its side and landed on its roof, crushing the roof a little and shattering the windshield. Pawadee and I were upside down, secure in our seats by harnesses and seatbelts uninjured. Water began shooting through the floor above us. I realized the truck was slowly sinking under water.

I released my seatbelt and fell headfirst to the ceiling and shattered windshield. I braced my fall with my hands but cut my right knee on the shattered windshield; I was wearing shorts and teeshirt. Pawadee began to panic. I lowered her window. The water began pouring into the car and the car began to sink quickly. I released her seat belt and she fell into the water filling the car. I asked her to move fast out the opened window before the water trapped us in.

I decided not to open my window because the water would fill faster and I might be trapped in swamp sludge or quicksand. It was dark and I could not tell where we were. Dashboard lights were all we had to illuminate the cab.

Pawadee moved out the window and stood on the doors window edge, keeping half of her body above water. I tried to follow her but the truck had sunk so far that the force of the intruding water forced me back inside the cab. I grabbed the edge of the top of the door that was upside down and did a fast and strenuous pushup. However, the force of the incoming water was too great.

I was trapped underwater where I could not breathe. I tried another pushup but was stopped partially through the window-opening. I reached for the running board outside the car above me, grabbed it with one hand and turned my body around facing the door that was completely under water by then. I wanted to breathe but was still under water. I felt a urge to panic but decided not to panic. I reached upward and grabbed the running board with my other hand. With both hands and great force, I pulled myself above water and caught my first breath.

Pawadee and I crawled on the underside of the car that was still above water by few inches. The truck did not sink more. We were in a swamp. Since we were so close to the swamp's edge, I leaped from the truck to the edge of the swamp. Pawadee followed. My suitcases and brief case were all in the truck being soaked in the murkiest swamp water. I was thankful that those were all I had to worry about.

Several cars had stopped and shined their headlights into the swamp below. People had gathered and watched us emerge from the truck and swamp, alive. We climbed the embankment and saw only one skid mark, revealing that not only had the steering of one wheel been lose and misaligned but that the breaks had failed on the same side. That was the reason we did not immediately stop as we should have when the car began to veer.

The possibility that the mechanic was so negligent that he did not tighten the wheel to the axle and failed to connect the brake was farfetched. To me, there was no other explanation than someone had purposely sabotaged my truck, trying to seriously or fatally injure us. If the wheel had veered at a great speed, we would probably be dead.

A tow truck was called. It arrived within 20 minutes. It wenched my truck from the swamp. Because it was not a crash accident, very little structural damage resulted to the pickup. Mainly, the roof and windshield were somewhat crushed from the tumble. However, my computer, camera, lenses, cell phones, numerous electronic surveillance equipment I carry for protection, and documents were destroyed.

Soaking wet, we went immediately to the nearest police station and filed a police report. Afterward, we went to Pawadee's family's home, only 20 minutes away from where we veered and toppled. It was her mother's birthday and we had missed the party but everyone was happy we were alive and significantly uninjured.

It took 4 technicians and me 10 days in 3 cities to recover my email files and email address book from the harddrive of my unsalvageable laptop. For those who contacted me during the last 10 days and did not receive my help, please understand and accept my apologies.

Interestingly, just 5 weeks ago, I made a short video on the toxicity of all vaccines, appealing to parents not to vaccinate their children. The video was supposed to go on YouTube last week. The file was destroyed in the water. However, a friend has an unedited copy and it will go online as soon as I can edit it again

As I stated above, the last major attempt on my life immediately followed my international and domestic interviews about the Swine Flu H1N1 hoax and the toxicity of the vaccine. Of the 240 million vaccines produced, less than 20 million were reported to have been injected. I feel happy that I was part of the H1N1 vaccine's failure.

I cannot keep quite while children are being poisoned everyday by the edicts of senseless medical personnel and lawless government employees. How can you?

healthfully and appreciatively, aajonus


In an email received August 8th, 2012, Aajonus says:

“Because of what happened to my truck in Thailand and the fact that my FJ Cruiser in Philippines also shimmied, I looked at the car and found two engine mounts gone on the passenger's side and brake damage. It is in the shop getting fixed. They have to pull the engine to get to the motor mounts and that takes 3-4 days to complete. What is telling about this is that, I had all of the motor mounts changed last year. They should have lasted at least 5 years. This time, I am having them reinforced with double the steel. Someone is definitely trying to kill me or cause great bodily harm. I will have to regularly check my vehicles.”


In an email received August 10th, 2012 Aajonus adds:

...Visited Toyota repair yesterday and found both rocker arms were also bent, and something cause a crawling crack in the body frame. I have not been in an accident with this vehicle and have not gone off road on rocky/boulder terrain that would have caused such damage.

healthfully and appreciatively, aajonus