Athletes And Longevity On Primal Diet

Are [there] any athletes who eat this diet or any cultures of long lived people. Any ideas where I might try to find out?

There are many athletes on my Primal Diet. Some follow it exclusively and others up to 60%. There are 2 high-school tennis champions who predominantly follow Primal Diet. I am not at liberty to identify the professional athletes or movie stars on my diet because they or their agents, coaches and managers have asked me to keep it confidential because of probable media and public ridicule.

Senior martial artist Pem Wall recorded and charted his heart rate within minutes of concluding an hour of intense jump rope prior to and after eating Primal Diet. His heart-beat rates within minutes after exercise before PD averaged 176 and while eating PD averaged 108. That is remarkable savings to his heart and metabolism. Gaining and maintaining muscle tone is very easy on PD.

The last time I saw an article that mentioned longevity of primitives was in 1971 issue of National Geographic. They interviewed people who lived to between 128-150 years old. They asked questions of couples who had lived together for up to 118(?) years, showing that both men and women lived healthful long lives with wonderful relationships. I believe that our present authorities do not want us to know what is possible for health and longevity because it contradicts everything we are told and lead to believe about health and longevity.

There are many tribes on the 7,107 islands of the Philippines. The government threatens to jail people who visit primitive tribes. Government employees claim that many tribes are dangerous and/or cannibals. It appeared to me as I searched for tribes that that government used the same tactics to possess and usurp indigenous resources as those used by the USA government, claiming Native American Indians were savages who deserved to be exterminated.

After 5 weeks of trying to get government permission and trying to find primitive tribes, in November 2008, I found a tribe in Philippines. Without government permission but with the help of a former tribal member, I visited members of a tribe. That was possible because I had helped a leukemic Philippine baby within 3 days recover on raw milk.

I was privileged to meet and interview 4 members of the tribe for one day. My translator had learned English after leaving the tribe only 7 years prior to our meeting. The man with whom I interviewed most said he was about 80 years old but looked a stunning 40-something. The 3 women said they were about late 40's but looked late 20s to early 30s. They had impressive stalky constitutions and strong white teeth that looked flawless. For some bizarre reason, I expected to receive information about their diet that fit Weston Prices description. However, he told me that they ate only RAW food and only three foods: fish, coconuts and occasionally either banana or mango. Raw fish and coconut was their primary diet.

I was shocked. I had imagined that any tribe who lived on raw fish and coconut would be slender. However, these people were thicker and taller than most Asians. I think that that was the most exhilarating validation of longterm rewards of my Primal Diet, even though their fat-enriched food was coconut rather than animal fats. Since we are so toxic, coconut pulp is most often indigestible and the juices and fats detoxifying rather than building. From 1980-1982, I observed 16 people whose diet were mainly raw meats and coconut. They suffered frequently and were relatively malnourished. In our toxic world, I found that we get well better with less pain when we eat raw animal fats.