TB Testing for Teachers and Health Practitioners

Call around for a doctor who will administer the Mantaux II vaccine. It is injected into the skin, not subcutaneously, leaving a large lump in the skin. I have found that because of inexperience, most nurses do not know how to inject into the skin and “accidentally” inject it in under the skin. Then it is too late and none of the following can be done. Therefore, insist that the doctor inject it into your skin. When injected into skin the fluid is slowly absorbed from the skin into the body (blood, lymphatic and nervous systems and local tissue), giving time to remove it. The injection leaves a very large-looking puncture in the skin.

Immediately after injection, leave the doctor's office. Have a raw egg and glass ready. Break the egg into the glass and whip white and yolk together vigorously. Suck the fluid from the lump at the enlarged puncture wound, and expectorate it. Lightly apply the egg on and within 2 inches around the lump. That is all there is to preventing mass toxicity from your TB test.

You will have to return in 2 days to have the doctor inspect the skin site of injection. If there is no sharp redness to the area, you will receive your TB-clear document from the doctor.