My Research And Experiments Questioned

Some people have expressed disappointment that I have not published my research. That always confuses me because I thought that my books did that. If they mean, why I have not published the details of my animal experiments, I tell them that I lost license for it because I failed to make a contract of ownership with the laboratory I PAID to do the research. When the owner untimely died, his family took over the lab. They demanded and I refused to pay them $200,000 + for the details of those results. I did not realize that a laboratory could make the argument that like Microsoft, using Windows does not give you ownership of Windows. However, my argument is that the work that I do on Windows belongs to me but arbitration said that the lab's claim was worthy of litigation. Money, money and time, time. To me, it still does not make sense that if I paid almost a million dollars over 11 years for those experiments that the license for them belongs to the lab. I will tell the results without specifics on each animal experiment in my next book. However, the proof of my information is in the pudding. Call it anecdotal or whatever, the diet works exceptionally well with up to 31 years of applying it, even for those who did not follow it as I best suggest.

There seems to be an attitude in information- starved individuals who are unwilling to do their own experiments and criticize the works of others, that I owe them my time and research. I ask them for the 4 million dollars that it would take to repeat all of my animal experiments to their satisfaction and they look at me as if I am insane. I gave up making a lot more money in the entertainment industry to help people. There are plenty of people who accept my work because when they tried it, it helped them when all other methods failed. Some people do not have such immediate results and they operate on faith with their belief in me. I adventured for 28 years experimenting with diets with people before I wrote my first published book (WWTL) of experiential knowledge and conclusions. Most people respect the tenure of my work and give me a great deal of credibility because I am conscientious. I hope that I have not abused that trust and respect although sometimes I know that it seems I have. To those few people, it was not you or me, it was the lack of time that I had to be thorough as your needs required. Most often in other circumstances, I extended myself beyond the time and money-arrangements to give whatever was necessary but I am only one man with limited time and resources. Please accept apologies for your situation and please accept my limitations. I do the best that I can to remain positive and humorous in the midst of suffering, disease and panic.