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The Food Book

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Aajonus Vonderplanitz

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Copyright © 2021 by James Ellingson, compiled from written works of Aajonus Vonderplanitz.

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“I will have all the information in books. They won't need me when I have all the information; that's what I'm working on. Everybody will be able to take care of themselves if I give everybody enough information." - Aajonus Vonderplanitz


Aajonus himself selected the contents of this book.

He noted and quoted certain questions, answers and subjects that were important to communicate to Primal Dieters.

He placed these in a folder on a hard drive to further prepare at a later point. These are labeled as he labeled them. He named this collection of data: The Food Book.

As is the case with his books We Want To Live: the Primal Diet and The Recipe for Living Without Disease , this information is meant to be used to regain and improve health. One point can be significant at one time and another point can mean a lot at another time. Personally, I have had some realizations and have made some important and very beneficial changes in my regimen as a result of covering this material. We present this to you for your benefit.

Note that clicking on a point in the Table of Contents takes you directly to that subject in the text. Note also the glossary is there to assist you.

-- James (Jim) Ellingson Editor and Publisher



Q: Organic wine – is it permissible on the diet?

A: Growing up in the world today, one is bombarded with ‘If you have a liver problem, you do not even want to touch it’. People who have a very strong liver or have enough weight on them can get by with 2-4 oz a week. Raw un- pasteurized wine with no formaldehyde in it – that means no wines out of California.

Q: Next, I have had two half glasses of wine over the last six months and on both occasions within a half hour of each my right side begins to shut down. I am interested in the underlying problem that this may signal and I do not intend to have wine again. Is this a brain problem and what to do?

A: Alcohol destroys nerve cells. Your loss of function likely indicates that MS [multiple sclerosis] may be developing. Do not drink any alcohol. Get raw cream!


Alcohol in a body that consumes cooked fats is beneficial to a limit because it helps produce solvents to liquefy cooked fats that normally harden, causing circulatory blockages in nervous system, including brain, veins and lymph. On a raw diet, anymore alcohol than 2 ounces a week causes liver and neurological damage.



When you cook food, minerals cauterize. You destroy potassium at about 100 degrees, calcium is only half utilizable if you take it over 104 degrees. When you take cauterized minerals, then they’re toxic heavy metals. When you eat cooked sea vegetables you’re going to get more metal poisoning and free radicals in your body. I have not seen any form of these in fish. The fish have particular systems to digest these complex cellular structures. It takes a specific intestinal bacteria to break it down.

I am going to be doing some tests. I need 15 people or more. I am getting liquid form spirulina active bacteria – blue green algae. I am going to test to see if it has any significant difference. It takes about 8 weeks to consume it. It won’t hurt you because it won’t be cooked and it might benefit you because you’ll get a certain amount of sustainable minerals if we can digest them. The test is to see if we can. You would have to drink about a gallon of this a month or two months – drinking about 2 oz. a day in place of 2 oz. of vegetable juice. You have to keep it refrigerated. It will cost about the same amount as the veg. juice. He’ll look at the nails, eyes – certain identifications that will tell him if there’s an influx of minerals i.e. nail layer. It takes about 6 months to grow a nail out. Thumb and big toe takes about 9 mos. to a year. Small toe about 6 months. If you take the spirulina for a couple of months, I’ll be able to tell if there’s a change in the nail layer. When you freeze dry it you cannot rehydrate it again in your body. I have not been able to get the algae fresh and live. Kathy found it. It has taken about 1 year.


Q: Aloe vera juice. I heard that there is not much aloe vera in those commercial juices.

A: I am not talking about those commercial juices. There is one that you get refrigerated. The brand name I don’t recall. It is perfectly fresh and it is done a few days before. It is scraped, not juiced – it is very thick like mucus or gelatin. [This was only available to a few health food stores in Hollywood and West Hollywood. It is no longer available.]

Q: Can you juice Aloe vera leaves?

A: No. What you do is scrape them. Slice them and then scrap them out with a spoon. The green peel has a poison for most people. It will cause a tendency for liver cramping in some people.

Q: Would it thin my blood out too much to have the aloe vera?

A: She is asking if having the aloe vera would thin her blood out too much because she is having a problem with bleeding. It is not a constant bleed as it was before she came on the diet but there is still a little bit of discharge, and membrane and a little bit of spotting. She is wondering if taking the aloe vera juice will cause more bleeding. It is possible if you get the green in it, any of the peel. And it could cause more bleeding so you just take the gel out of the inside.

Q: Is aloe vera good for everybody?

A: Well, that would be good for a chemical reaction that is causing the bleeding. Let’s say Iodine was causing the burning in her body, causing hemorrhaging inside the cells or extra- cellularly in the system somewhere. You want to stop the bleeding. It would all depend on the individual. It would probably help that because the iodine would be burning the tissue and aloe vera is great for reversing that, for minimizing the damage of a burn whether it be chemical or heat.

Aloe Vera from the store has a shelf life of 2 weeks. Once opened, separate and put into 4 oz jelly jars for preservation. However if the aloe vera is juiced and not scraped off, it will only last a few hours.


Avocado is difficult to digest for people with a compromised liver. Every cancer client I have seen has had a compromised liver, and probably a direct link to cancer. I suggest a half avocado and half an acid fruit every day.


Eating some bones is very beneficial to the skeletal integrity. I have found that bone conditions respond more rapidly on my diet (called Primal Diet™ ) when fresh bones are included. Because of slow digestion of bone, I found that it is wise to consume no more than a ping pong ball-sized amount per day. Some people have been able to digest and utilize more for short periods and many can only digest and utilize less. As you do, I regularly consume chicken and fish bones. Digestion and utilization become more difficult if the bones are dried and pulverized. Many people take a hunting knife and shave off several tablespoon at a time.


Q: What guidelines do you follow about bone marrow? We can get it from free range beef that had some antibiotics at a month old and are killed after at least a year.

A: Free-range beef is able to counteract a small amount of antibiotics. If I experience any swelling within 36 hours of eating bone marrow, I will not eat anymore from that particular animal.


The cinnamon. I have never seen cinnamon that has not been cured with chlorine or strychnine. So cinnamon is normally black. But to sell it as a product they bleach it out and lighten it to a red. So that is your problem there. If you can get black cinnamon, terrific.


Q: Explain the difference between clay and why that is digestible and why the plant based colloidal minerals would be toxic.

A: Very different. There is a very high activity of bacteria in the clay. It contains bodies which are not identical in nature to - but similar to - bone marrow. These cells in a clay can actually shape shift. They can turn into amoebas. They can turn into parasites. They can turn into any bacterial form that your body needs. Just like a bone marrow cell can become any cell in the body. It can completely change its identity to a liver cell. But the Clark mine water I think is clay. The TJ Clark minerals are shale from Utah. It has been boiled in the sun at 140 degrees and was not a real clay bed. It was a salt water sea bed. And the salt water and high sodium content completely rips out any bacteria. If it were not salt water but mineral deposits were actually a clay bed it would be different. A lot of people call it a clay bed when it is not an actual clay bed.


I am reminding most of you with another email, and informing some of you for the first time, about the latest information on healing clay.

First, I must digress. When I was ill and traveled the continent on a bicycle, I learned that Native Americans used clay to absorb poisons and help healing. Pregnant natives ate a little clay daily to prevent poisons from the mother's blood from entering the fetus. I found that whenever I came across a clay bed and ingested some, my acne reduced or subsided for days or even weeks. My trust in the healthy attributes of clay were reinforced when I read the account of the famous man who had ingested enough arsenic, all in one guzzle, to kill several horses. Before his death, he revealed how he had survived the poisoning without harm; he had consumed an amount of clay that he knew would absorb the amount of arsenic that he drank.

Without scrutiny, I assumed that all natural clay promoted health. I have learned that my assumption was incorrect.

The rozbod red clay that I had suggested [around the year 2000] is being treated with additives. If you are going to use clay, make sure that it is not treated with chemicals nor has additives.

After visiting Hawaii and being injured in the volcanic rock, I learned that the molten metals in it caused me pain and scarring. Subsequently, I learned that some popular clays are from bentonite from volcanic ash. The other clay that I recommended was Aztec Secret Healing Clay that is bentonite clay from volcanic ash.

I recommend that any bentonite clay be avoided because of the risk of molten heavy metal- poisoning. I experimented with it several times in the last 18 months on wounds and found that scarring was absolute. However, working with the French green clay and another untreated clay, they prevented scarring and pain.


Q: However, this interesting reference to a low- cost, healing clay came my way. It was recommended to me by a cooked-food eater, but it looks like it might be helpful to anyone: I was wondering if you had ever taken it or heard of it.

A: This clay is not active in the beneficial soil organisms we want in moist clay that has been moist for centuries. It is basically powdered rock.


Q: Coconuts have to be organic?

A: Palms have their roots as deep as it is high. The toxicity gets built into the pulp. If they plant bananas, etc. between the trees and spray them... but otherwise they don’t have to be organic. The ones wrapped in Saran wrap aren’t any good because the wrap releases dioxins and permeates into the nuts and spoils it. That’s why it stinks and has a funny taste. Saran wrap is the worst one. It’s like glue. It constantly releases, like the mercury amalgams in your teeth.


Q: Young coconuts are good?

A: You don’t get the concentration of fat that you get in more mature coconuts... not from coconuts wrapped in cellophane. Cellophane causes dioxide poisoning. The ones from China and Thailand – dioxide.

Q: Also, a person just recently told me that all young (green) coconuts are irradiated because they all come from Asia and are zapped at the border upon arrival. Have you heard this??

A: I do not eat the young coconuts that are wrapped in cellophane because the phthalates and dioxins from the wrap seep into the

coconut. All coconuts from Asia are cellophane- wrapped. I do not know about the radiation.


Q: I forgot to ask you today about coffee. I love to drink it. You'll probably say it's bad, but I am curious if it's affecting me adversely in a particular way that you can see.

A: It affects the nervous system, including brain. It causes plaqing in tissues. It causes extreme hunger in some people and makes their blood too acid, then meat is repulsive.

Q: What does drinking a cup of coffee or eating my morning bacon do to me?

A: Coffee is very acid and must be neutralized during digestion, and that requires calcium- based buffers. Coffee also stimulates your adrenal glands which respond by causing increased blood pressure and rapid heart rate. Both of those symptoms are adjustments which require enormous amounts of enzymes and nutrients, and energy to correct. Bacon, which is cured with high concentrations of salt, requires an expansion of your body fluids in order to dilute the added salt into a large enough volume of fluid to enable your kidneys to filter out the excess and return your red blood cells to a normal. Aspartame, the patented artificial sweetener manufactured by Monsanto, contains phenylalanine. These amino acids both contain Phenyl, a form of formaldehyde. In solution at 86 degrees, formaldehyde separates from the amino acid. The free amino acid is perceived as sweet by receptors on the tip of your tongue. Who, knowingly, would daily ingest formaldehyde, including the mouthwash Listerine?


Q: ... ate 4 or 5 Costco chocolate chip cookies.

A: ... many chemicals in Costco cookies.

Q: ... horrible headache for days--I never get headaches--and have been feeling unusually anxious and overwhelmed. Further, I have had some very unpleasant heartburn. In fact, I have this negative taste in my throat and, when I cough, I experience a very bad taste and like an acid burn in the throat or esophagus.

A: Crisco, rhymes with Costco, is hydrogenated oil. Costco's cookies contain it and other oils which are rendered plastics. It requires many white and fatty cells to harness and detoxify those and other chemical substances in those cookies; approximately 55 to 1. Since you have been on the Primal Diet your system was healthy enough to facilitate immediate detoxification but not healthy enough to do it without some symptoms of harm to the nervous, and other, systems.

Q: I have learned the lesson, but think I may still be feeling the after effects. Is that possible? It has been two weeks now.

A: Yes. If there were a toxic waste-spill in the water system of Los Angeles, how long do you think that it would take for clean-up?

Q: Also is there anything that might help at this point? I am very much back on the program.

A: For 3 1/2 days from now: at least 12 eggs daily, 2 sugar-cubed-sized portions of cheese every 1 1/2 hours, at least a half pound chicken, and 2 oz. raw cream 4 times per day.


She asked me if she should alternate the ingestion of soured butter and soured milk.

Any time you sour a dairy product, you are predigesting it. Those bacteria, like for the baby, the calf - its system is geared up to digest properly. The milk has all of the bacteria so the cow does not have to do much. It will teach the digestive track of the calf how to eat, how to break things down because when the mother cuts them off they have to depend on their own digestive tract to do everything. So anytime you are souring a dairy product, you are predigesting it; it will be easier for you to utilize. So if you need more butter, let’s say you are drier in your bones, in your joints, connective tissue, in your skin or your lymph, butter is always better for that. Milk is better for the immediate glands, the blood, the organs, it will help sooth that better. You can never drink enough cream - and you can never get enough cream out right now with the situation we have - to get the bones and the joints and lubricate them. The butter is about the only way with the lubrication formula, which is on the top of page 163.

Q: What about olive oil?

A: All your pressed oils... you are asking questions when you shouldn’t be, because every body has not gone around,... but that is such a good question I will answer it anyway. The cold pressed oils as I said... some 90 % are always used for detoxification. They do not soothe or lubricate the body. The body uses 90% or more of that in solvent reaction. It is just like that general in Russia during WW I who wrote in his diary: “My men’s hair and skin stayed supple and brilliant as long as we had our dairy.” And at that time in WW I there was no pasteurization in Russia. He said, “As soon as we had to rely on cold pressed oils like olive oil within 3 months their hair and skin dried out.”


Q: What is raw clabbered milk?

A: Well I have been experimenting with it for years. If you take milk and you take about 6 oz out, you can do it. He said it took him 8 hours less than 3 days in his room temperature to clabber to the point it looked like yogurt.

Q: Curdle you mean?

A: No, clabber. If you let it go longer, then the water will completely separate and you will have curdled milk which you can make cottage cheese with.

Q: Does it have the acidophilus in it?

A: No, the bacteria are more important in the animal. Acidophilus is not natural. All of those are created to help digest the proteins, sugars, and fats. Each one of those will break down one of those substances. The milk naturally has those substances in them so if you let them work on the milk before you ingest them you will infuse them into you. This will help you generate your own. If you take acidophilus supplements, even the kefirs, it will not help you regenerate your own. It will just predigest it for you so you get the milk but still will not break it down into the most appropriate molecular disassembling that is for you the individual. So let the milk do it.

Q: How do you make kefir?

A: Just let the raw milk sit at room temperature.

Q: You can get it overnight if you leave a bottle on the stove if it has a pilot light on. Do you cover it?

A: Yes. The reason I do not like to leave it on the fridge is because of the EMFs that come off the fridge are put in it. They broadcast like 3 feet. EMF’s change the RNA and DNA structure of the milk. The only things you can mix with vegetable juice are coconut cream and raw cream.

Q: Does clabbered milk get eaten with meat?

A: Yes.

Q: Do you recommend the clabbered milk all the time?

A: You know I do not digest it well when it is fresh. I do it [clabber milk] all the time. And when I drink it fresh, I tend to drink more and I dehydrate easily.

Q: What do you mean by keep it going?

A: It takes 3 days to get it to the clabbered point.

Q: Do you refrigerate it afterwards?

A: Yes. If you are not going to drink it all I will. See I stagger it and take two out a day. As I drink 2 I will put 2 more out.

Q: I received my viili today (no kefir is available till after Thanksgiving). Do I just follow the instructions except use raw milk?

A: I do not use bought viili to culture my milk. I simply let my milk stand outside of the refrigerator until it thickens without separation. The bacteria that naturally exist in the milk are prime for pre-digestibility, climate and freshness.


Q: By doing that you are just keeping your milk out on the counter for 2-3 days.

A: Correct.

Q: You are making it like a yogurt?

A: Correct. The first day it is off, it has a sour taste that I am not comfortable with. My body isn’t anyway. After the second day it is still thin but it is palatable. But on the third day, somewhere along the day it solidifies.

Q: Do you get the same effect with yogurt?

A: There is no raw yogurt.

Q: Raw buttermilk?

A: Raw buttermilk will not do quite the same because it is not cultured. If it is cultured buttermilk, well then, yes it is allowed to age and let its own bacteria grow.

Q: There is no raw yogurt available?

A: No. Kefir used to be available however it was made with gelatin. I tried to get Stueves over the past 12 years to use agar-agar and they are thinking about it now that they have a new producer for them. But they may not until they make more money and get back into it because they are so much in debt. The kefir you would buy has lactobacillus, vulgaris, and acidophilus in their kefir. Those are all great bacteria. They will digest similar to your own bacteria but not the same. So if you just let the milk sit out, its own bacteria grows its own environment which is identical. That is what milk is all about: preparing an infant for digestion of bacteria to carry on proper digestion. If we got it right out of the cow, we would never have to let it sit, sour, because it goes right into refrigeration and has to reach a temperature of 38 degrees at the plants where they hold the milk. It destroys bacteria and takes 3 days to regenerate it to get it back into full bacteria content in order to help us create a good digestive environment. So those bacteria that you will create like yogurt, kefir, are good but not as good as your own body will create by souring milk. I eat it any time and every time except with my juice. I do not drink any milk within about 20-30 minutes of my juice. Otherwise I will drink milk with meat, with anything else, soured.

Q: Do you put the milk back in the refrigerator when it is clabbered?

A: Yes, after the third day when it is completely solid like that if you leave it, it will completely ferment and separate. The only thing you can really do with it, if you do not want too much alcohol, is not having it or make cottage cheese with it. That means just straining the whey out and adding some cream to it - coconut cream or whatever cream you like with it. Then you have cottage cheese.

Q: It is not too solid to drink after 3 days?

A: After 3 days or after the point that it is solid.

Q: So how do you drink it?

A: Shake it up until it is a little thinner, put it in a different container or do whatever you like.

Q: Refrigeration does not kill that present bacteria?

A: No, it will not. If it did, it would melt down again more than half a day in the refrigerator.


Q: What about soured milk?

A: You know, your body digests milk by souring it. Nothing wrong with it. It does not putrefy unless you cook it. When you cook anything, it putrefies. When you let the meat rot... the Eskimos let their meat rot, the Turks let their meat get green before they eat it because it is predigested. It is naturally with its own bacteria.

Q: And they eat it raw?

A: They eat it raw. They used to eat it raw. They do not eat it as raw anymore. Kibbeh is raw lamb mixed with bulgur. Steak tartar. Carpaccio. Every culture has had their raw meat specialty.


Q: When I gave her the raw goat milk (with honey), a few hours later she complained that her tummy hurt and then cried all night that her hand and foot hurt her. Now, she had not hurt them and all I could think was that she had cramps in them.

A: Those are symptoms of allergies but they are rarely, if ever, irreversible allergies to the raw milk. There are 3 basic reasons those symptoms may have occurred:

  1. Her pancreas may not produce proper insulin to digest and utilize milk sugar. That is most likely a temporary allergy. On this diet it may take 3 months to correct the pancreas' condition.
  2. The milk was cold, allowing the milk protein and sugars to pass from her stomach into the blood without proper digestion. Some people are especially sensitive to cold substances in the stomach that restrict the stomach's natural flow of digestive acids and enzymes.
  3. Toxic milk protein and sugar may have been and may be stored in her stomach, hands and feet that the raw milk caused to recirculate resulting in cramps. In children and adults, it may take up to 3 months to detoxify the toxic substances. Eating unheated honey with raw milk may result in such extreme detoxification but is not the cause.

I suggest that you warm the raw milk by placing it in a jar with a tight lid and immersing it in a bowl of warm water until it reaches body temperature, that you give her only 4 ounces per day until the symptoms subside and then increase by 1 ounce per week, and no more than 2 drops of unheated per 4 ounces of milk. I do not know of any case that did not resolve the temporary reactions when drinking raw milk.

Q: I really intuitively feel like she just cannot tolerate the dairy. What are all the possible good fats besides dairy?

A: I have never seen a case where those symptoms occurred by eating raw butter and raw cream which have only trace amounts of protein and lactate (milk sugar). Raw butter and raw cream are the most effective fats toward reaching better health.


Q: What if you can’t eat the dairy products? I can’t drink the raw milk.

A: What reaction do you have from the raw milk?

Q: I get terrible headaches.

A: Have you tried to let it sit out and sour? Maybe you just do not have the enzymes to digest it cold and the proteins are allergic to it because they do not digest them. They get past the duodenum without being broken. Goats milk does not have as much casein, that particular protein in it is the one that is hard to break down when you try to drink it cold.

If those undigested proteins pass through they can cause the skin to break out.

Q: I am consuming raw goat milk but still cannot digest cows milk.

A: In order to digest cow's milk you may be one of the many individuals who needs to consume it at room-temperature when enzymes and bacteria have become active again. Refrigeration destroys and/or makes enzymes and bacteria dormant that would normally provide for proper digestion.

Q: I have tried to follow your advice to lower my milk intake to 2 portions of 1/2 cup during the day, but I continue to experience problems related to the milk. At times when I lie down my chest feels so heavy that it scares me. It's a feeling like my chest may not be able to expand enough to get air, because of the heaviness and laboriousness.

I'm wondering if milk could be contraindicated for me --- maybe this problem could be explained by the fact that I am gluten intolerant (and casein intolerant)probably causing the autoimmune problems, insulin problems, and many more of my symptoms, and signs shown through the iridology. My instincts are telling me to stop drinking milk, and maybe cream.

A: In the years when I performed laboratory tests, raw milk never produced fractured casein- related and lactate-related molecules. The raw milk will, however, help detoxify stored casein- and lactate-related toxins from cooked foods from previous diets. If your discharge is too frightening, I suggest that you reduce milk intake to 1/2 cup per day and have it early in the day. You might want to abstain completely from milk 1-2 days a week until you feel more comfortable with your processes.


He is asking whether it is good to chug milk. No. If you are drinking it at room temperature and it is starting to sour, it is okay to chug it. But if you are drinking it straight out of the refrigerator cold and you chug it, a lot of proteins are going to pass into your duodenum that are not properly digested and you are going to have some protein toxicity. You see me chugging milk but you better believe it is milk that has been out of the refrigerator quite a while and already sour.


Q: Kefir. Once it sits in the bottle for a couple of days the curds and the whey separate. Does it become more potent to let it set for another week or so?

What he asked was when he lets the milk sit for a few days it separates. The solids separate from the whey. Will it be better and stronger if you left it longer is what he is asking. Now what I have to ask is do you add a kefir culture to it?

Q: No.

A: You are letting the milk clabber on its own?

Q: Yes.

A: Once the milk separates, that whey turns very alcoholic. It is not very good for most people. It will damage digestibility. Instead of encouraging bacteria it will destroy bacteria. You can use that whey to make pickled foods if you like, in place of vinegar. It is better for people who have overly acidic systems. It is better to use the whey as your pickler. I suggest once that the milk solids separate from the whey, to not drink it. Make cottage cheese. When that happens to me, I pour it through a gauze cloth and I get the cottage cheese out of it. If I like a scrambled egg like taste I will take a raw egg with an extra raw yolk and I will drink the egg white and then the mix two egg yokes with one egg white into the cottage cheese and it tastes like scrambled eggs. The whey is the liquid that is too much alcohol at that point. ... only because I have seen that it causes a destruction and lowering of bacteria following within 2-5 hours within urine and also within fecal matter within 34-36 hours afterwards. So it does destroy bacteria and we do not want to destroy bacteria unless you are with the health department.

Q: If leave my milk on the counter for 3 days, when does it change so that the liquid is bad?

A: It depends on the heat. If it is warmer, it may do it during 2 days like in the summer when it was up to 90 degrees. The milk would clabber into kefir within 36-48 hours. You are supposed to catch it before it goes.

Q: Is that before the thick feeling?

A: No, at the thick feeling is fine. Then it will go into yogurt – sour. Then after that it goes right into the separation. When you see the different color on both ends – that is when there is separation.


Q: What about putting the honey in the milk?

You always put it in before because blending will destroy the bacteria. You blend it in there and then shake it up and then let it sit.

Q: How about if you spoon a little in your mouth and then take it in?

A: That is fine.

We were talking about letting the milk sit out. And somebody asked about putting honey in the milk. Can you do that before or after blending it with the milk? My response was as soon as you get the milk, blend it with the honey if you are going to let it sit out. Because if you start blending it with the honey before you drink it you are going to alter and oxidize some of the bacteria and oxidization destroys some of the bacteria. You want the full potential of the bacteria; do not blend it before you let it solidify.


I forgot to mention your burning. Milk often causes chemicals to be removed from the tissues and dumped into stomach or intestines. If the chemicals are abrasive, or have been stored with bile, they are caustic and most often will cause burning and/or stinging followed by numbness until cells regenerate. But meat is needed for cellular regeneration.


Q: Lactose intolerance – when you do get cramping do you have any ideas?

That all depends on the individual. Do you mean cramping from the raw milk? Have you tried it? Sometimes when I was getting over my problems - like my liver poisoning from the poison mushroom - if I mixed eggs with milk, I got instant cramping and gas. I could not stand it. I had to have milk separately and egg separately. I could not mix egg and honey together. I would have the same reaction and that lasted up until 2 years ago. So I have not been able to have a smoothie with honey like everybody else until the last 2 years. So you just have to find your way. Like I showed you I always leave my milk out so it ferments but not so it is full of alcohol. I was wondering if there is there anyone else here who have problems with their large or small intestines? Is there anyone here besides me who has had those experiences. Anyone today with stomach disorders?

Q: I don't understand how he can not be allergic to raw dairy.

A: Most people require the manufacture of very little lactase to digest raw milk. An abundance is necessary to digest the cauterized lactate in pasteurized milk. Many people cannot manufacture much lactase.


Q: Many people on this diet regularly complain on e-groups about the raw-dairy aspect of the diet. I, for example, improved slowly on the Primal Diet for 4 months, and then stopped improving. I then got rid of all the raw-dairy in my diet, while sticking 100% to the rest of the high-fat diet, and I no longer have noticeable detox reactions any more, and my health has improved considerably ever since. I can only say that dairy, as it's not a Paleolithic food, is a poison, raw or pasteurized.

A: It is a misconception that dairy is not a Paleolithic food. There are many primitive tribes who eat raw dairy and thrive excellently on it. The lives of the Fulani, Maasai and

Samburu discount that dairy is evil. The American Indians used milk to draw poisons to the stomach after poisonous bites. As I stated in my book, butter has been the greatest food to help people stabilize, recover and strengthen.

Yes, raw milk causes more detoxification because it allows the body to dump vast toxins/poisons - especially from the gallbladder, spleen, pancreas and liver - into the stomach and intestines. That is beneficial.

How can you be on a high-fat diet without butter or cream? Olive oil and flax are certainly not Paleolithic foods. No primitive tribes lives on pressed oils except for coconut.

The Paleo rhetoric that eating raw dairy in all their forms had the same effect on the body and mind as taking drugs, has no scientific basis. My lab tests 10 years ago showed that the fats that were chelated to chemical residues from pesticides had very little indications of digestive activity. The lab technician was able to confirm that 98% of those chemicals discharged in the feces without absorption in the body. Whereas, the animals who ate pasteurized dairy and meat absorbed 95% of the chemical residues, only passing 5% in the feces.

Continuing to consume raw butter and minimizing milk and cream intake may serve your health better.


Thank you for your comments regarding milk. However, my documented experience in my book WE WANT TO LIVE proves that raw milk tremendously increases health and helps eliminate disease. In fact, I eliminated my blood and bone cancers, my arthritis, diabetes and 3 other incurable diseases by daily ingesting raw dairy products. The argument that no other animal drinks milk after weaning is elementary. The mother simply does not allow her young to continue. Place a bowl of milk down for them and they will continue to drink it.

I have seen that raw dairy aids the body in toxic elimination and soothes the systems while detoxifying. If we weren't so ill, we could probably do without it. The research that you have done regarded pasteurized and/or processed milk, not raw. The Maasai tribe in Africa has lived for thousands of years on raw milk, raw blood and raw meat, almost exclusively, and until 20 years ago, before white man introduced garbage food, as the healthiest, happiest (equal to the Eskimo 150 years ago), most intelligent and tallest race in the world. They drink raw milk their entire lives and they have none of the diseases that you cite that milk causes. Again, it is processed milk that is the problem, as in all food.


Q: I have never heard of this before, and I don't believe it is true, yet I would love to know what your research has to counter this idea that protein in cow's milk, even raw milk, not being good for human consumption. Apparently there is a lot of research that supports this.

A: Mr. Cales does not seem to have any experience to support his conclusions and points to other people's research. However, if you observe the Fulani tribes in Africa, 90% of their diet is milk. The Maasai tribe consumes milk as 30-50% of their diet. Neither suffers disease and both are incredibly healthy and peaceful. The argument that milk is for infants only is like arguing that nectar is for plants only and bees have not business eating it. Certainly, then, humans should avoid it! That logic seems sub-academic. The Fulani tribe eat approximately 90% raw dairy. We nor they had to evolve to drink raw milk. All mammals were born to drink raw milk. The assumptions and conclusions above regarding evolving to drink raw milk are basically ludicrous. Some people simply decided to continue drinking raw milk beyond infanthood such as the Fulani and Maasai, and me.


Q: Do you know how to make raw kefir? If not, any ideas on who might?

A: The best cultured milk for you would be to place 1 tsp. of your spittle in a quart of raw milk and let it stand for 2 ½ - 3 days at room temperature. It is a good idea to gently turn the bottle upside down a few times a day to mix the cream into the milk. After it clabbers, refrigerate it, or drink it all that day. You do not have to use spittle for the milk to turn kefir and clabber but it is an old homeopathic remedy and works wonderfully to build enzymes and bacteria perfectly for whomever the spittle belonged. Enjoy! Some information, such as spittle to clabber milk, is for the seasoned highly enthusiastic raw fooder like yourself. Others may judge you or may be turned off. My suggestion is that you be discreet with some of what you know.


Excessive mucous production, congestion and headaches are not symptoms of milk allergies when raw milk is consumed. It is an indication that toxic milk protein and sugar - stored in the body from having eaten pasteurized milk products - are detoxifying from tissues and discharging through the mucous membranes.

Milk causes poisons to detoxify, mainly to be drawn into the blood and dumped in to the stomach. That sometimes results in nausea, high blood-pressure and headaches but those symptoms are not allergies to raw milk. When available, Native Americans drank milk to draw poisonous snake or insect fluids from bites to the stomach where it was neutralized by hydrochloric acids produced by the stomach. If you choose not to tolerate the detoxification that raw milk affords, I suggest you do not drink it.


Q: Maybe I should learn how to make my own raw butter, huh?

A: I do it sometimes. Step 1, I have prepared a pint of ice water, although not frozen, that I use in Step 4. Step 2, I blend the cream in a jar with a little less room for the cream to swell to its normal volume, and blend past the point of whipped to when I can see swirl patterns of alternating liquid and butter. I continue to let it blend at this point for about 30 seconds. Step 3, I drain the whey from the butter. Step 4, I place the butter in a larger jar and pour the ice water into the jar with the butter and blend for only 5 seconds. Step 4, I drain the ice water from the butter and with a spoon I press out any excess water.


Q: I think I read in "Healing with Whole Foods" by Paul Pitchford that milk should be ingested separately from meat. Do you believe this is true? Why or why not?

A: They are both acid foods, usually from the same animal. Only in individuals with extreme digestive difficulties have I experienced a problem with mixing RAW milk and meat. To those digestively challenged individuals there are many foods that I suggest they not mix. Cooked milk and meat is another issue.


Q: In the article I sent you, a case is being made for the health value of organic butter (even if not raw).

A: True, it is better than the hydrogenated fats but still contains lipid peroxides and destroyed vitamins, enzymes and cauterized minerals. It will not prevent degenerative tissue as raw will.


Q. On my specific program, am I allowed to have colostrum? If so, then when in relation to my program, how much and with what other food, if any?

A: Yes. In place of milk. I recommend only one cup per day. The colostrum should be consumed after it reaches room temperature. If drinking colostrum within an hour after eating a meal, the meal that precedes you drinking colostrum should be meat.

Q: I read that Bovine Colostrum has pathogens and E. coli antibodies That is it weakens them I'm a bit confused about it. Does it mean we should not drink Colostrum? Or are they misinterpreting the research?

A: It means that certain types of bacteria are unable to grow in the colostrum. It does not mean that they eradicate them from the body; they do not.

Colostrum provides nutrients for calves to develop digestion. If you have faulty digestion, 1 cup per day would be helpful. If not, 2-4 cups per week when available.

In powdered form, colostrum is unstable protein and does not promote stable cellular reproduction.


Q: Please choose which of these you prefer: Colby, sharp cheddar, mild cheddar, smoked cheddar.

A: The raw no-salt-added cheeses in the U.S. only come in Low-Sodium Cheddar, Low-Sodium Monterey, and Low-Sodium Muenster. Smoked cheeses are not raw and cause many people, including me, headaches. If you have a source that supplies no-salt cheese with the flavors I would like. [For an update, contact Amish farmers listed in Primal Diet ™ Raw Foods List 2020 to find the flavors they now offer.]


Those who have had the benefit of Claravale, even though illegal by county statue, know its value to make detoxification and coping with life much more relaxing. Those who have not been without it since starting the diet will learn its value as they continue without it. Yes, the argument that cow's milk is for baby cows has been heralded for centuries by some people. Life on this planet is a process of one life-form consuming another life form. We may scavenge from any food chain and usually do okay with it. I tried for years at time, one period lasted nearly 6 1/2 years, to do without fresh dairy products. Without them I lived and gained in health because the foods I consumed were raw, however, I have always done much better with fresh raw milk products than without. While working with clients during those fresh-raw- dairy-free periods, it was much more difficult to balance my patients', and my bodily well-being. Raw dairy makes most bodies function much better. Raw dairy is a wonderful absorber and chelator of poisons. The American Indians used it to absorb snake poison into the stomach, and then vomited to expel it. The Maasai and Samburu drink it as their mainstay and they are considered to be the healthiest, happiest, smartest and strongest tribes on Earth. Your argument that cow's milk is for calves seems one dimensional and academic. When an individual reaches their optimal state in 40 years after eating a perfect diet, then dairy may not be as necessary. However, for now I view humans as not only infants but as toxic infants who would benefit greatly from the attributes of nature's simplest and easiest-to-digest food on earth: raw milk; until they are well. We will see what is necessary then. Yet, again, the Maasai and Samburu go to their graves drinking raw milk daily.


Q: Is it possible to do this without dairy?

Yes, but won’t be as calm or happy ... might have a tendency towards irritability. I tried to do it without dairy for 6 years. Milk draws poisons out of the system and dumps it into the stomach; prevents it from going into the lymphatic system or tissues or glands. No other fat is as useful as the butter in recovering.


Butter has a tendency to mold after 3 months. I make blue cheese that way. I let the butter go to 6 months. I have to have air in the container or it won’t become blue cheese. I remove half the butter, put the lid back on with a crack in it and put it back in the refrigerator and let it sit 3 to 6 months. I’ll have it with apple.


Q: If you drink the milk cold, there is less bacteria?

A: I don’t do that. I let it sit at least 10 hours, preferable over night for 24 hours in a dark cupboard so that the light doesn’t alter the fat into a bitter substance. If you put the milk back into the fridge after it’s been out it will go dormant again. When you drink it cold, undigested protein and lactate (milk sugar) are going to pass into your blood undigested and you’ll have toxins and bloating, less energy, interferes with digestion. If you’re going through menopause, its worse because if it will give you a boost of heat. It takes a couple hours to get to room temperature then time to multiply the bacteria.


Q: If raw milk is not available is it okay to use pasteurized kefir or yogurt?

A: No. Use coconuts and drink the milk out of them. Juice the coconut meat. You can mix the coconut milk with the coconut cream and it’s a good substitute. It has been fed to orphan infants in South America with no signs of abnormalities – going for over 2000 years. So that’s your best substitute. With anything pasteurized, you’re dealing with cauterized minerals, no ionization involved so it causes osteoporosis, diabetes. See the report in Dr. Douglass’ milk book. Pasteurized milk causes a lot of diseases.


Q: I wanted to elaborate on our discussion about the kids in PA getting sick, but we were cut off.

A: The issue with accepting the reports that the kids all drank the raw milk and then got sick is something that can be researched further. What else did they all eat or drink that day? They didn't just have raw milk. It is assumed by the health officials that it was the raw milk that caused the GI [gastrointestinal] distress. How can we know for sure? By interviewing the people who went on that field trip to get the details of the day without bias.

I have real doubt that the raw milk was the culprit.

A: After having dealt with many health departments, including the CDC, I learned that rarely, unless forced, does anyone contradict the findings of health officials and supervising employees. They keep their mouths closed and fear for their jobs/livelihood.

After one of the Milk-Commission-meetings, one of the health-department employees approached me outside the building where no one else from the commission-meeting could be seen. He spoke very softly and told me that he believed that raw milk is better and not harmful even if not clean. He told me in almost a whisper that he had been a health official in his native country and never had a problem with unpasteurized unclean raw milk. He also said that he had to do what he was told and that all health-department employees had to sign a contract that they could not speak against any decision or policy except if it were political.

In the 80's, a little girl died while swimming. Autopsy proved that she died of drowning. The autopsy-report stated that she had salmonella in her stomach. The Chief of the California State Dept of Health, Dr. Werner, seized the opportunity to see if the child drank raw milk. It was supposedly established by interview with the mother that the family drank Alta Dena raw milk. The health official told her that if they had drunk raw milk that she could sue Alta Dena for the death of her daughter and that the health- department would testify in her behalf. During trial, she was unable to say where she purchased raw milk even though she claimed her family regularly drank it until her daughter was killed by the raw milk. It was apparent that the health- department, led by its official, had conspired against Alta Dena's raw milk and had suborned perjury from the woman. No charges were ever filed against the health-department official because he was protected by state-law immunity.

If anyone is going to parrot anything that health- departments conclude, the facts should be diligently scrutinized and proved but never accepted on face value. As any scientist does, he not only proves that something is correct, he does everything possible do disprove it.

I spent 5 days in jail for contempt of court in 1972. I was transported to Wayside minimum security prison where, at that time, prisoners milked the cows and churned the butter. They were not careful; dirt and fecal matter often entered it. If hair floated at the top, they scooped it out with a strainer. All prisoners were served raw milk and raw butter. No one got sick, no one feared any sickness from it. I must assume that if there had been a problem, it would have been stopped. It was not.


Q : Now the other question I wanted to ask was about the eggs. Now the Lilly eggs are the only ones that are pasture feed?

A: They are the only pasture fed.

Q: Okay they are never refrigerated?

A: They are never refrigerated.

Q: If I buy the ones at the grocery store you just take them out the refrigerator?

A: Yes.

Q: Will I lose anything?

A: You will lose a little bit but they will regain a little after you let them sit. If you eat them right away it takes 24-48 hours to build up the bacteria up again. The only requirement in LA County and the state of California is that they refrigerate them from the packing house to the store.

Q: And Lilly’s too?

A: No, Lilly does not go through that network. It is sold at farmers markets so it does not go through that. But for the regular it goes from the packing house to the stores the first time they are refrigerated. So if you know when they get the eggs in, then you get there as soon as possible.

Q: What about the variety of colors?

A: That is the chicken itself.

Q: What about the green ones? They are a lot more expensive.

A: They are exotic chickens.

Q: Not one is better than another?

A: No.

Q: Do you eat the green eggs?

A: Yes.

Q: Why are fertile eggs better than non-fertile ones?

A: ... more enzymes and growth-hormones. The most important factor when buying eggs is that they are free-range. All fertile eggs are free- range.


Q: What is your opinion of commercially sold eggs...are they safe to eat raw?

A: No. Some use hormones and all use antibiotics in the feed. My experiments have shown that eating eggs produced by hens fed antibiotics increase swelling, destroy digestive bacteria and reduce enzymes.

Q: How about "organic eggs" also sold by some supermarkets (A&P in the NJ area)?

A: Organic eggs means that they have not been fed antibiotics or chemically produced feed. My concern becomes: do they get exercise? If they also say "free-range" they will be very good eggs.


Q: My question is about egg shells. Should we put them in with our smoothie?

No. In the experiments I have done with egg shells, it takes a gizzard to break them down. We do not do it well. I found a lot of cellular bleeding and a lot more blood in the stools when eating egg shells. Dogs have a hydrochloric acid which can melt it down. Dogs do okay with eggs but we do not. There are some tribes that can do it but they take lemon or lime and dissolve it first but I have even found that dissolving the egg shells still creates lacerations in the intestines. If you want to put extra minerals in your food, grow some plants, let’s say some celery or parsley, put lots of egg shells in you compost and put that in there and it will put concentrated minerals to your vegetable juice.


Q: Why do you not refrigerate your eggs?

A: Because you will destroy the vitamins and enzymes in your eggs and you will assimilate and absorb less and less protein. When you leave them out they grow bacteria in them. I will leave some out in the sun and rot them till they are old and stinky. They taste like a rotten Easter egg. It doesn’t hurt at all but the smell is horrendous. But you know the Chinese have the century old egg which they rot from 5 to 25 years. They rot them buried in clay. They can be from anywhere from $25-$100-$1000 an egg. Old Chinese men who are 80-90 years old will pay $ 1,000 for black eggs that are rotten to the core and they will go out and screw 30 times in a night for up to 5-6 months. It is worth it for them.

Q: We now know why you eat those eggs.

A: It leads to vitality, to good feeling. All the good stuff. ...

Q: How did you find all this out?

A: ... experimentation and laboratory tests.

Q: I am curious of how you maintain your eggs. I assume you don't keep them in a refrigerator and if so how long will they last in a normal environment?

A: I mentioned them in my books. Raw eggs do not spoil, they become bacterial rich. I have kept them for up to 6 months and eaten them stinking and black. Bacterial-rich eggs are prized food in China.


Q: I have read that bought eggs create biotin.

A: In my book there is a mis-print. A spell checker went through and changed avidin to albumin. So it is the avidin that binds with the biotin which only happens in a chemistry lab and it does not happen in the body.

Q: Are you saying that it does not happen in the body?

A: It does not..

Q: People who are saying that are saying that because...

A: It happens in a laboratory but it does not happen in a human body. You use a lot of biotin in the process of changing over biocarbons in the body. So when you get raw eggs you are going to use that biotin in it to change over, and you are going to find avidin present in that complex, but it is not a deprivation but a utilization to transport biocarbons. I mentioned that in the book. Just remember when you get to that part that talks about albumin it is supposed to be avidin.

EGGS – EATING THE WHOLE EGG – avidin-biotin issue

I have been arguing with Sally Fallon of the Weston Price Foundation, over the suitability of eating whole raw eggs. She maintains that you should eat only the yolk. I believe (based on years of experience) that the best way to eat raw eggs is whole, with the yolks unbroken & intact.

Many people rely on conclusions drawn from past research. I mentioned the union of biotin and avidin in my first book but the spell-checker changed "avidin" to "albumin". The union of the two appears to rid the body of biocarbons. The human body has an immense quantity of biocarbons from cooked-food diets and pollution. I have seen respiratory diseases benefited with mass consumption of eggs, exclusive of other food. In my second book, I mentioned the elderly women who suffered with 4th-stage emphysema, alive by machinery and bedridden, eat 33 eggs a day for two days and was on her feet and ready to take on the world again. My experience has proved to me that the negative conclusions about raw eggs are flawed. My experience proved to me that it is healthier to have less biocarbons and not worry about the union of biotin and avidin. Plenty of biotin can be consumed in other food on a raw diet. It is eating cooked food that causes the immense deficiencies. It is my conclusion that it is better to eat plenty of health-promoting raw eggs and avoid cooked food than to eat cooked food and avoid raw eggs.

I explained my lab tests with animals that showed that eating the yolk without the white, or the white without the yolk caused major imbalances. If anyone were to redo my tests, they would probably draw the same conclusions as I did. But people seem to be satisfied with borrowed conclusions that the biotin-avidin union and enzyme inhibitors are harmful. If it were, my clients and I would be in big trouble because most of us eat many.

She goes on and on about how avidin binds with biotin, blocking its absorption, how raw egg white contains "enzyme inhibitors", according to Edward Howell's "Enzyme Nutrition" (which I have read). Howell claims that eating large amounts of enzyme inhibitors results in an enlarged pancreas, as well as accelerated aging and degeneration.

The enzyme inhibitors in eggs are easily neutralized by hydrochloric acid. A person would have to eat 20-30 eggs a day and almost no other food for 8-9 months to cause a potential problem in some people. The only seemingly negative symptoms I witnessed with a diet of mostly raw eggs were with people suffering spinal, dental and joint problems. It increased swelling and noticeable mineral deficiencies that were easily corrected by adding cultured milk products, including raw cheese with raw butter and some bee pollen.

I think that the problem arises when eggs are homogenized (blended, stirred, mixed, and so forth). I have experimented for months eating raw yolks, whole blended eggs & whole eggs with yolks intact. I noticed that energy, mood & healing were always best with the unblended eggs.

Eggs oxidize easily if blended with a non-fluid food. However, many people's digestive systems are unable to easily digest cold low bacterial milk that they blend with eggs, which can make the eggs harder to digest.

Q: What is your response to Edward Howells "enzyme inhibitor in raw egg white" theory?

A: My belief is that breaking the yolk and mixing it with the white reduces the value of the protein significantly (49% according to a study comparing raw and cooked eggs). I also believe that avidin can only bind with biotin in the yolk if the yolk is broken by blending or stirring it.

As I stated above, I have found no harmful symptoms as a result of those enzyme inhibitors in human or other animals. In the tests that I supervised, feeding the yolk and the white separately resulted in high levels of biocarbons in animals blood, urine and sometimes feces, and appetites were more grossly affected than those that ate yolks and whites together.

Digestibility of Cooked and Raw Egg Protein in Humans

Homogenization creates another problem. The fractured fat molecules coat many of the nutrients in eggs and cause them to be undigested and cellularly unabsorbable.

Q: How would you respond to Mrs. Fallon, and others who naively believe that raw egg yolks are healthier than whole (unblended) eggs? Your first book addresses the avidin-biotin issue, but not the enzyme inhibitors in raw egg white.

A: I have observed that humans, racoons, crows, dogs, hawks and owls have benefited greatly from a high intake of eggs, whites consumed with yolks, and other food were consumed in the diet. Theorizing that something is bad does not hold weight no matter how strong the argument if, empirically, reality does not repeatedly and consistently manifest the theory in a large number of people.


Q: You mentioned in your lecture about eating a stick of butter a day?

No, I eat two sticks of butter a day unless I have raw cream. If I have raw cream I may eat 16 oz of raw cream and eat no butter.

Q: Well, I did macrobiotics before.

Q: I did macrobiotics for a year and a half.

Q: My impression of it was that it was too much butter and that it will eventually cause, in women, ovarian cysts and clogging.

A: There is no way it could do that unless you cook it. It has to be raw. I am talking about raw butter that stays soluble and malleable, fluid at body temperature. Once you heat it to pasteurization temperature, it never exchanges ions and it will dry out and harden in the body.

Q: I thought raw butter looked like regular butter.

A: It does, except at body temperature it melts. At 80 degrees it will get soft and melt. If you have been a macrobiotic for a while you are going to have a problem with any diet change. ...

Q: If we can not get raw butter can we use olive oil?

A: Oils, no matter what they are, are mainly solvents. They will break down toxicity in your body, degenerative tissue and scar tissue. They will break it down. They will not lubricate you and protect you and make you strong. There was a Russian general that wrote in his journal in WW II, “As long as my men were able to eat the dairy, (it was only raw then,) their hair and skin stayed supple and resilient. As soon as we had to resort to olive oil and other pressed oils, their skin and hair dried out within 3 months.” They are great oils to clean out your system but remember they are remedial. They are medicines. They are not to be consumed too much at a time.


Q: Is there a correlation between fat deficiency and paranoia?

A: Yes. If cells do not have a protective coating that is mainly fat-based, the entire body will feel vulnerable and threatened, even with normal simple living.


The concept of fat from the detoxification obviously pasteurized butter even if it is organic it is still a toxic solvent ... lots of lipid peroxides.

Q: When one can not get access to raw butter is there an order of preference to the most favorable of the raw fats.

A: Coconut cream.

Q: ... over animal fats?

A: No, you should have both - whether it is cheese, milk or the cream off the top of the milk. You should have it all but coconut cream will be your supplement because it is the only fat that I know that can do what the butter does – that is getting deep into the tissues, deep into the lymph system, the joints, the bones.

You have to run the coconut meat through the juicer. If you eat the pulp, it will turn almost every bit of it into a solvent. For some reason that pulp contains enzymatic reactions. If you take that dry pulp after you have juiced it and rub it into your hands, your hands will get dry like you have rubbed dirt and clay in it... solid dry. But if you take coconut cream put it on your hands it will not do that. So if you eat the whole coconut it is more likely to dry you out and cause a solvent reaction with the fats once it has leaches them. So if you take the coconut meat and run it through a juicer and get the coconut cream out if it, that is what you are after.

Q: Without the water?

A: You can mix the coconut water in the milk.

Q: Is coconut cream good to put on your body – to just put it on it?

A: Put it on it. It is not a good thing to put on it very often unless you live in the sunshine. If you live in the sunshine, coconut cream is great for the skin. Otherwise it will smother it like honey will.

Q: What about coconut oils like you get in the health food store?

A: There is no coconut oil that is healthy. They heat it at high temperatures and they render it. That means they boil it and press it. [Aajonus later helped develop a truly unheated coconut oil product that uses an 8 hour ferment process that can be ordered at this website: []( .]

Kokonut Pacific operates out of Canberra, Australia - not Malaysia. Their oil is dried "between 45°C (110°F) and 60°C (130°F) immediately before pressing." The workers test the dryness with bare hands, while the meat is in the dryer. David Wolfe has tested coconut meat and found enzymes are not damaged until 170°F dry-heat. Only a WET-HEAT of 118F will damage enzymes, in general. DRY-HEAT must be 150F or more. In that case, the Kokonut Pacific oil is well within safe limits. (It's 110-130, not 110-155.)

I have contacted Quality First, which makes the oil from India, inquiring about whether the meat is in fact roasted prior to the wet-milling and cold centrifugal extraction. All of their published information says it is NOT roasted or heated in any way - before, during, or after extraction. Are you sure you're talking about same company? Unless you have tested the oil for enzymes, and studied the effect of eating it, how can you be so sure it is not in fact a healthy raw fat?

I asked the company: Is the coconut heated when producing DME [a brand name] Oil?

The company replied: Our process DOES involve heat in the sense that we semi-dry the raw material before pressing out the oil. This heating process is gentle in that the material is constantly turned and tossed in the air to speed up the drying process. This stage takes about 30 to 45 minutes (depending on the humidity, temperature, breeze etc). The "chef" in the team of 3 to 5 family workers tests the material (that is ready for pressing) by squeezing it in her (usually it is a female) hand. Thus it is not subjected to the high temperatures of most other oil extraction systems. It is usually between 45°C (110°F) and 60°C (130°F) immediately before pressing. This is "cold" by oil standards.

Virgin Oil de Coco-CrèmeT: Literally 'untouched oil' extracted from coconut milk. Raw material for oil recovery is high grade fresh coconut meat (not copra). Oil Extraction achieved via 'coconut wet-milling' process which uses cold pressing to obtain an emulsion and centrifugation to separate oil from water content. At no stage in the entire process from pressing to purification are heat or chemical treatments used.

Wet Milling' Process: A technology designed to produce a fresh pure oil on a large scale while preserving all of its natural functionality. Several methods have been proposed and so far only one, 'coconut wet-milling' has been developed for large scale production. Wet process technology extracts oil by mechanical means only; without high temperature, chemical, or enzymatic treatment. It is a natural process, as the physical or chemical characteristics of the coconut oil is not altered in any way. The result is a high quality, unrefined virgin oil which conserves all of the functional qualities of coconut oil. The disadvantage to the wet process is that the yield tends to be lower than that of other methods like solvent extraction. This, along with the need to use high quality raw materials, translates into a higher product cost.

Visual: White solid / Colourless and crystal clear when melted

Visual: Melts evenly and more easily than RBD coconut oil. [RBD coconut oil is a type of coconut oil that is refined, bleached and deodorized.]

Olfactory: Light, fresh coconut aroma (not an added scent)

Taste: Natural unprocessed sweet (NOT ROASTED) Coconut taste

Touch: Melts very easily on touch

Touch: Quick absorption

Touch: No oily after - feel

Touch: Very light viscosity (lighter than "fractionated" oil)

A: My research returned from the plant was that in India they heat the meat before juicing between 150-210F. The dryer in Malaysia heats the meat between 118- 155F.

I worked with mainly coconut as my fat for almost 6 years. In my experience coconut heated above 96F caused indigestion and acid- reflux in several clients. I, too, was that sensitive. Several experienced acne only if the coconut was heated at 105F or above. It is a belief, not fact, that coconut is not altered until temperatures above 170F. The visual properties may seem unaffected however, the results achieved prove that destructive alteration occurs at a much lower temperatures.

For your reference: raw cream from cows is similar. The Dutch chemist, Willem J. Van at Oregon State College, confirmed the Wulzen findings that pasteurized dairy creates calcification and stiffness. He found that guinea pigs with calcification of the tissues could be relieved with raw cream but not so with heated cream. The active factor is transmuted and rendered ineffective by even low heat. (The Milk Book; Dr. William Campbell Douglass, Jr., MD; 1994.)


Cod liver oil is an animal product. It is not a pressed oil. It is an extracted oil but not a pressed oil, not from vegetation or fruit. It is actually an animal fat. And it is wonderful where ever you can get it. But you have to talk to the chemist wherever it is made and make sure they extract it at no higher than 82 degrees and they can not use a solvent to do it.

Q: Do you know of a brand that they do it that way?

A: Not anymore. I have not investigated because I do not use supplements any more. It is better to just go out and get the fish and have the protein with the fat.

Q: Bob Marshall might have it?

A: But I would still check into it. Check with the chemist.


Oil will not work it dries out the tissues.

90% of oils are made into solvents and that is for detoxification to break down fats, congestion and degenerative tissue. It is a drying compound. Pressed oils do not lubricate the body. The byproduct of it is almost identical to turpentine and it is just as toxic so it can create low grade nausea and sometimes a little depression. It destroys virus and bacteria and they are the quick way to get ride of toxicity. So eating rotten meats...

Peanut oil seems to work with the glands a little bit better including sexual – the Africans use it as an aphrodisiac. If you have it in your nut mix it will stimulate your sexuality eventually if you have enough of it. 2x’s a week will stimulate that.

The olive oil is more scar tissue oriented and helps dissolve it.

The flax oil (very unstable) is more related to the intestines and glands

You should always have the oils with other meats – you can have a solvent in there but if you do not have a good fat along with it, it will cause you to be irritable, dry or have flaky skin. It is better to have it with milk afterwards. I enjoy the nut mixes with chicken and turkey, sometimes with meat – not so much with fish.


Q: How much olive oil do you put in your meat?

A: Well, when I am detoxing heavily like this I do not add to it. I have been staying away from olive oil for a whole month since I have been detoxing but normally I have ½ cup a week. ½ a cup means 8 tbsp of olive oil. So I might have 2- 4 tbsp of olive oil with one meat meal. But I usually have more at one meal so you not always making solvents.


Q: I heard that hemp oil is supposed to be really good?

A: Hemp oil can not be pressed under 176 degrees. Everybody is trying to jack up a new product. It does not work.


Q: Do you know anything about palm oil? I was reading about it last night in a book about coconut oil. It said they have many of the same benefits as coco oil but isn't generally commercially available and it didn't go further than that.

I know palm oil is used in cooking in the area of Africa I am going to. I don't know how they prepare the oil before they cook with it, if it is heated. I am not even sure if it can be eaten raw. I wondered if you knew anything about it. Maybe it is an interesting new raw fat?

A: Tree oil is always sap. Sap is a very difficult fat to digest and requires a long intestinal track, or gizzard, or special liver enzymes, such as in herbivores and birds. I have seen that eating raw, unheated maple syrup (sap from maple trees) causes loss of appetite, indigestion and severe sugar reactions.

Propolis is tree sap from various trees. It is difficult to dissolve and digest but a little can be beneficial. The bees use it to ward-off mites, ants and other creatures that are affected by sap vapors.


The sesame oil can not be pressed under 167 degrees. And they usually do it at 178 and that is much too high. Even the Spectrum oil. The only oil that is under 96 degrees is the olive and the peanut. (Now even the peanut oil is being heated up to 125 degrees.) Anytime you do not see it light yellow, the heat is too high. Whenever you see the peanut oil darker than when it’s an amber color, it’s too hot. If it is yellow it’s fine.

Q: ... and the flax seed oil?

A: It’s fine. It’s never heated above 92 degrees.


Normally, fat digests slower than any other food except whole vegetation. Too-slow digestion of fat indicates a sluggish and/or impaired liver. Too much fat consumed without enough meat causes impaired fat digestion, assimilation and utilization, sluggish lymphatic, blood and neurological systems - unless a lot of exercise is performed.


Q: Why do they believe that greater quantities of fat cells equal greater toxicity? The Primal Diet™ point of view is that the toxins are bound and held in the fat, right? And then released in a benign way over time?

Q: Yes, fats bind with toxins. If fats are clean and unadulterated, meaning raw, when eaten, most toxins that are bound in animal fat will not be released into the human body. Mostly it will remain bound in the fat and pass through the digestive system unabsorbed, unless an individual has been starving. Fats that are cooked are fractionated without cellular selection, losing their ability to bind with toxins. Toxins are released into the body of the person eating the cooked fat plus the toxins formed from the cooked fat. These toxins may be re-bound by fats processed in humans eating them and stored as cellulite. If enough clean fat is eaten and very little toxins are introduced by food and environment, over time the body will dissolve the cellulite and remove it and the toxins bound in it.


Q: As for refrigeration, my butter goes sour in a couple of weeks in the refrigerator. I do rinse the butter when making it.

Rinse it with very, very cold water and it will remove the lactose that causes souring. The souring simply indicates that the nutrients in the butter are readily available, that is, predigested.


In my travels to the Pacific islands among the natives, I never found a method of extracting coconut butter/oil that prevented the butter/oil from fermenting and souring within 5 days at room temperature.

In 1997, I contacted several companies that claimed to sell "Raw" coconut oil/butter, or labeled cold-pressed that did not ferment or sour. It was very similar in body and texture to Crisco. I insisted that their sources supply me with written statements of the entire process and that the coconut never meets unnatural temperatures above 96 degrees F. After 3 months and many calls, I was told that the coconut butter was rendered. That is, the coconut is first cold-pressed completely raw, then the pulp is immersed in water and heated to as high as boiling temperatures, cooled and re-cold-pressed. This is done up to 15 re- pressings. Therefore, the coconut butter/oil was not truly cold-pressed or raw.


I worked with mainly coconut as my fat for almost 6 years. In my experience coconut heated above 96F caused indigestion and acid-reflux in several clients. I, too, was that sensitive. Several experienced acne only if the coconut was heated at 105F or above. It is a belief, not fact, that coconut is not altered until temperatures above 170F. The visual properties may seem unaffected however, the results achieved prove that destructive alteration occurs at a much lower temperatures. [As mentioned earlier, Aajonus later recommended coconut oil from this company: []( .]


There are no brands of cod liver oil that are not solvent-extracted and/or purified and/or heat- treated. It is best to eat fish.


Flax seeds are pretty much indigestible. The oil, when pressed and consumed, is mainly used by the body as a solvent and will dry all body systems. Flax seeds are a rich source of omega-3 oils.


I eat the one with the most mercury, swordfish. When they eat the plankton it is full of mercury. We are not talking about PCB. [A polychlorinated biphenyl is an organic chlorine compound]. We are talking about mercury that naturally exists in nature. When the plankton are high in it, it is a natural substance. The swordfish can do lots of things because the mercury is not contaminated. When you cook it, you contaminate it. When you eat it raw you get it healthy – it is bioactivity charged within tissue.

Q: Is that the best fish that is out there?

A: No, it is whatever appeals to you. It is just that I like swordfish the best.

There is organic mercury, inorganic mercury and vapor mercury that crystallizes to become inorganic mercury. The later two are toxic.

Most of the mercury found in deep sea fish, such as swordfish, is organic. If eaten raw it remains not only organic but bio-organic and is nutritive. It facilitates buoyancy and dexterity in the creatures who utilize it within their bodies. If the fish is eaten raw, organic mercury is beneficial.

When fish is cooked, the mercury becomes inorganic and vaporous, causing it to be toxic. The toxicity depends upon the health of the individual eating it. The mercury becomes a released radical, disturbing, poisoning and damaging cells and cellular structures.


I have not found mercury in fish to be harmful as long as the fish is eaten raw. Cooking of any kind causes the fat that fish-bodies used to protect themselves (from poisons) to detach, resulting in the poisonous mercury being created and released (free-radical). The mercury in swordfish is a natural element in that species that helps its mobility. Eating raw swordfish will educate a body on how to utilize mercury efficiently. I eat mainly swordfish without ill incidences.

Fish contain alkylglycerols that remove toxic mercury from their bodies. When we eat fish, alkylglycerols remove mercury from our bodies. (Udo Erasmus)

What the story is not telling us is that the FDA has allowed millions of pregnant women and children to be poisoned with mercury from vaccinations and other injections. Does it make any sense that the poisoning from medications exceeds that of their estimate for eating fish by thousands of times, and they are so hysterical over food poisoning?

It appears to me that this "fish story" is a smoke screen to throw people off the track that they suffer mercury-poisoning from medical therapies rather than eating fish. Did you notice that this story follows the lawsuits filed in the last year regarding mercury-poisonings from medication and the FDA's decades of approval of the medical and dental mercury poisoning?


Fish is the scapegoat of mercury-poisoning caused by the pharmaceutical and medical industries. The amount of trace mercury in fish is minuscule compared to the mercury in medication. One injection containing thimerosal contains more mercury than we could absorb in cooked fish if we ate it everyday for 20 years. If we eat the fish raw, the mercury is not rendered a free-radical and remains chelated to fat and minerals, preventing it from being absorbed, except if needed. Trace amounts of mercury are beneficial when bio-organically utilized by vegetation-plankton-fish-animal, usually in that order, just as are trace amounts of bio-organic strychnine and naturally formed body formaldehyde. Trace amounts of bio-organic mercury facilitate buoyancy and dexterity. Cooking fish makes the mercury in fish free- radical and mildly poisonous.

The pharmaceutical and medical industry have prepared the courts and public with misinformation that suggest that eating fish is the culprit rather than mercury-containing medications and amalgams. Anyone attempting to sue the pharmaceutical and medical industries for mercury-poisoning will have to prove that they were not fish-eaters. Most people will simply think that they became mercury-poisoned from eating fish and not even think to blame and sue those industries.

Q: So many people I have gotten on the diet are afraid to eat fish like tuna and swordfish because of the mercury that's being talked and written about. I have heard organic minerals from plants are harmless and good for you, so I guess this is the same from the fish who eat the seaweed, but just wondered if you have something to send around with that data in it so I can calm their fears.

A: Metal toxicity can be attributed to a childhood of eating canned, processed and chemically treated food. My tests showed, 10 years ago, that - if meat (seafood, fowl, white and red meat) were consumed raw - 98 percent of the toxicity that existed in it passed through the body contained within relatively unaltered fat molecules.

My tests also showed that toxic minerals from cooked and chemically contaminated food store in the bones. It takes at least 7 1/2 years to replace every cell in the bones. Logically, according to Pottenger's work, it takes at least 5 generations to cleanse all of the toxicity out of tissue. Since most toxic minerals store in bone, it is probable that it could take as long as 40 years to clean out all of the metal poisoning stored in bones.

The oceans are only 1% polluted, and that is usually within 1/2 mile from shore. Land is over 37% polluted. Mercury in fish I have not found to be harmful as long as the fish is eaten raw. Cooking of any kind causes the fat that fish- bodies used to protect themselves (from poisons) to detach, resulting in the poisons (mercury) being released (free-radical). The mercury in swordfish is a natural element in that species that helps its mobility. Eating raw swordfish will educate a body on how to utilize mercury efficiently. I eat mainly swordfish without ill incidences or ill-symptoms of mercury toxicity.

Foods that are high in raw minerals and fats help the body detoxify toxic minerals in bones. If someone eats foods that are high in minerals and fats, like seafood, s/he is promoting this detoxification.

While living on Jekyll Island, I consumed up to 7 pounds of raw seafood a week, including shrimp. The waters were known to have been contaminated to some degree, including mercury. The raw seafood helped me recover from the poisonous mushroom. It helped Owanza recover from 63 tumors.

The best detox a person could do to rid her/himself of metal toxicity, including mercury, would be to eat raw fish. I have observed that eating lots of raw cream and coconut (or coconut cream) helped soothe tissues disturbed during toxic metal detoxification. Those creams also protected tissue from mutation.

I wonder - if we expect the body to cleanse and repair itself in less than the projected 40 years that it may require to cleanse and heal to optimal - are we too impatient? Instant gratification is not logical concerning the body. The FDA publicizing the dangers of mercury in fish seems suspicious at best and conspiratorial at worst. What the story is not telling us is that the FDA has allowed millions of pregnant women and children to be poisoned with mercury from vaccinations and other injections. Does it make any sense that the poisoning from medications exceeds that of their estimate for eating fish by thousands of times, and they are so hysterical over food poisoning?

It appears to me that this "fish story" is a smoke screen to throw people off the track that they suffer mercury poisoning from medical therapies rather than eating fish. Did you notice that this story follows the lawsuits filed in the last year regarding mercury poisonings from medication and the FDA's decades of approval of the medical mercury poisoning? I hope that this clarifies the mercury/fish dilemma for you.


[On August 22, 2011, Aajonus said: “Wild salmon is all GMO now. I haven’t touched salmon for 6 years because every time I have 3 bites, I just have to vomit. And there was always some GMO type reaction”.]

[The following is Aajonus’s view stated by someone else but included by Aajonus in The Food Book. ] Salmon is a very heavy oil one of the hardest to break down. He had some milk with it and some onion. Then you have a gaseous reaction. His liver started detoxing and it couldn’t handle that combination. Vitamin A in salmon is difficult to digest. If you have a lot of salmon you do not want to drink a lot of milk. Aajonus later discovered that farmed salmon hatcheries were mixed into oceans and bred with wild Salmon. The offspring of those salmon can be toxic to eat and he suggested staying away from salmon overall.


Q: What types of fish do you recommend?

Anything that’s wild caught, preferably seafood rather than fresh water. Most fresh waters are 30 to 35% polluted. The ocean is only 2% polluted. Unless you know where the fresh water fish is not from a polluted area. I will not eat fresh water fish unless I know the lake it came from.

I stick with seafood. All oysters, clams, mussels, scallops are all farmed. That means they are allowed to fence off areas in the ocean. No one is allowed to go in and mess with it. They don’t add any pellets or anything like that to the water. They spread them around so they’re not growing on top of each other. So they’re fine.


Q: Are oysters and shellfish OK for me? I seem to want them and perhaps the minerals and fat in them are helping to pull out some of the toxic minerals in my body.

A: They are wonderful. Most of the toxins are built into the shells. The rest passes through the body unless cooked.


And I have lots of clients and here they can say they have called me when they have been emotional, suicidal, off the wall. Then I say how much fruit have you been eating. Oh, I have been eating a lot and I love the fruit. And I say stay off it for a day or two and see how you feel. They will call me in 24 or 36 hours and say wow I feel great. They will forget to call me for a couple of months and then call me and say how terrible they are doing. Then I ask what are they eating? Yeah, for about 5 days all I craved was fruit. So cut out the fruit, they go right back to being normal. So there are things that Owanza and I see differently about, for different reasons. And I love her dearly. She is one of the sweetest spiritual people I have ever met. But I have to bring it back down to earth just a little bit. I like to be social, functional. I do not think that is such a bad thing.

Q: I get a headache from eating fruit. I can’t take carrot juice, anything.

A: Well, I suggest most people do not eat much fruit because I found it nothing but bad all the way down the line, especially for women and moods, men and moods too. It cuts way down on that moodiness.

One chronic fatigued individual, she had been chronic fatigued from 16 until she came to me at 26. She had been on the diet for about 2 years. Very slow progress. Finally got her moved to a warm climate from Oregon where it is always a raining and she is well affected by sunshine. So I got her moved down to San Diego. She is doing better. She got in touch with someone else I work with occasionally who thinks this of any carbohydrate or fruit or anything: she says that it is poison. In the bible, the apple is the poisonous food. Fruit is the poisonous food.

I thought it was a little crazy but then I started hearing stories that I had not heard before, getting to places that I had never heard before, by doing such a thing. Fasting only on meat. That is feasting. You do not eat anything but meat and water. And it is working in some situations. So I could not deny it. I started cutting out most fruit and I find it works well - incredibly well in most situations. You know, carbohydrates, even carrot juice – keeping it way, way down.

Q: Eating a lot of fruit and vegetables?

Both over alkalinize the digestive system and make it difficult to have an appetite for meat. In fact, an over alkalinized digestive system will more often be repulsed by meat. Also, too much fruit causes mineral imbalances that deteriorate teeth and bone, resulting in greater cravings for cooked food, or a lot of raw cheese to balance the mineral loses. However, for most bodies transitioning from cooked food, lots of fruit would be a welcomed change, even if it makes them very emotional. I have found that too much fruit, for most people that is more than one piece per day, causes deep emotionality.

One of the greatest problems with a fruit diet, or any high carbohydrate diet, is that humans are not equipped to process it properly. This is the strongest argument I have against high carbohydrate diets: Advanced Glycation End Products, a byproduct of the body using glycogen from carbohydrate, store at a rate of 70% in a healthy individual and 90% in people with health-challenges. This causes molds and yeasts (candida and herpes) to grow in our bodies to dispel some of those carbohydrate waste-products. As I wrote in an earlier email, the degeneration of bone and teeth is significant on high carbohydrate diets.

Q: I‘m surprised you don't see this as cleansing of the emotional body.

A: I am not one to always apply the blanket detoxification-theory to any and all detoxification as normally conceived. Yes, it is basically a detoxification, however, I have found that stressful emotionality produced by over- consumption of fruit is a detoxification of excessive sugars, sugars that irritate the nervous system and destabilize minerals and proteins, causing the emotional body to feel insecure and panicked. I have not found that one has to get emotionally stressed to detoxify stored emotional poisons. On the contrary, I have found that stressful emotionality produced by excessive sugar simply adds to exhaustion of wonderful nutrients, as well as being hell on relationships.

Q: Maybe the lack of fruit prevents emotional healing?

A: If unhappiness resulted I might consider that a valid question. However, most of my clients who were often stressed because of large fruit- consumption and understood the connection, reduced their fruit intake to minimal. Everyone, approximately 180 ex-fruit-aholics, admit to being much happier almost all of the time, and that when stress hits they do not easily get caught up in it.

With my patients, 90% of their stressful emotionality has been resolved when it occurs by eliminating fruit for several days.

Q: I'm not sure since I haven't met you or others who practice your diet, but I'm just wondering what you mean by "very emotional" and why you consider it a problem.

A: Emotional joy is not a problem. Stressful emotional irrational and aggression, whether passive or aggressive - that is induced by too much fruit-consumption - is avoidable, unnecessary and, as I said, hell on relationships, especially trust, loyalty and support.


Many nutritionist tell you to eat fruit alone.

Most nutritionists come from a vegetarian /fruitarian background. When you are a vegetarian/fruitarian you have very little protein; that means you will develop very few enzymes of an unusual nature. The longer you are on that kind of a diet the less you will be able to digest. So it gets to the point where you have to start eating mono meals.

I know. I was there. But once you start eating protein, then you can mix just about anything. I do not recommend to people to eat fruits of any kind with red meat because it mainly turns it into pyruvate which is a protein sugar and your body can not use it for regeneration. Red meat is very important for regenerating the glandular tissue, especially the liver.


Q: Dates and raisins – are they fruits?

A: Yes, they are fruits however since they are not high fluid they digest slower. Dates are great brain food. I had a lapse there a moment because my blood sugar got low and if does not kick back in, I would go eat a date and butter together. 2-3 dates and butter together and I would not eat any more fruit for 3-4 days. And that will be enough to carry me through.

Q: What about figs?

Figs are great. Dried but not fresh. Fresh figs are good too but have a tendency to alkalize the blood more than any kind of fruit. That is not so good in my state of raw foods. So if I eat a fig I do not eat many if they are fresh. I can eat more dried figs.


Q: What's the difference between a steamed and non-steamed date

A: Steamed dates looks very glazed, almost shellac-looking. They have been heat processed and cause the same sugar problems that other processed sugars cause, including damage to intestinal flora and bacteria, blood, nerves and glands.


Q: Bananas? I eat them mainly as quick fuel before a workout.

A: Quick fuel usually results in fatigue. Best to eat fat with some meat and honey for quick, long-lasting and strong fuel.

Ripe bananas stimulate increased emotionality. It is preferable to minimize the intake of banana.

The main problem that I see is eating the banana with cream before you sleep. This forces the liver to work very hard during sleep and forces the pancreas to detoxify. This will cause toxins to dump into the stomach. These symptoms and the cause are not bad things but if you want to feel better, I suggest that you cease eating banana with cream before going to sleep. I suggest that you stop eating bananas. They often, in body-systems such as yours, cause a repulsion to meat. Even though I love bananas, I eat no more than 1/3 of a banana at a time and usually with cheese and butter. I eat no more than 6 bananas a year for the very symptoms that you experience. I never never never have bananas with cream because it creates many of the symptoms you are experiencing.


Q: My family member has since yesterday morning had his left side go numb. He does not have control over it. It started with the hand, then leg, today it is also the face somewhat the face is lopsided and one side drooping. The only thing he has done differently recently is that he went on a fruit fast dried fruits and no liquid for 2 days and then another day of fresh fruit.. this is a fast according to Professor Ehret in the 30s he does say it is a horse fast

A: There are side-effects to fruit-feasts (fasts). Advance Glycation End Products form and collect, blood-fat levels drop dramatically causing lesions to the nervous system, muscles and sometimes glands. Dried fruit is all sugar with few, if any, active enzymes, and severely taxes the pancreas, kidneys and nervous system. Collectively, this causes dryness of tissues, creating lesions in all tissue which can result in temporary and partial paralysis, especially if it occurs in the brain.

Q: How have supposed experts on fasts done so well with their health... eg Shelton, Ehret, Fry they have all written on it extensively and helped, healed thousands of patients this way with fruit fasts and then a lifelong diet of green raw vegetables, fruit and nuts and seeds how have they managed to do so well and look so well and get rid of their illnesses like this??

A: If you knew them in person, you would not want to have been around them. They were hyperactive, impatient, often irritable and sometimes extremely scattered thinkers. They had no fat on their bodies to allow natural relaxation and too much sugar in their systems that over-excited their nervous systems. They all had forms of osteo degeneration.

Fruit overtaxes and stresses the pancreas. Raw fat and protein are the only foods that allow the pancreas to rest.

Q: My family member went to the hospital today on the insistence of his fellow workers at the church as they are all worried

A: That is a shame because they will prevent him from proper healing as they explore him. X-rays can prevent proper healing for up to 18 months. Since he has had some neurological damage, that was not a good idea. If he scars rather than heals properly, he will be slightly paralyzed for a long time.

Q: At the hospital they say he has had a stroke... is this true?

A: Any paralysis is a break in the flow of neurological transmissions from the brain to the body, whether caused by a clot that breaks off from a wall during detoxification or by the temporary shutdown during detoxification. Regardless, the only proper way to address the condition is to nourish the body so that it may continue to detoxify the brain and properly heal.

Q: They obviously feel it is from his high blood pressure and that he has not been taking his blood pressure medication or not all the time (he does sometimes when he feels it is bad)...

A: Half to a whole a grapefruit normally resolves high blood-pressure. How much does he follow the diet? As I mentioned, a fruit feast is counter- productive, especially during fall and winter.

Q: No clogging on brain but they want to do a neurological test tomorrow, etc. Do you really feel it is from the fruit fast... dried fruit and no liquid not his high blood pressure or stress??

A: Sugars, natural or not, clump together when dried. High blood-pressure is necessary for people with plaque in or on the arteries. It stretches the arteries. If they weren't stretched, very little blood would pass through them.

Q: He feels it is pressure and stress... how can he get off those high blood pressure pills safely forever?

A: The pills are more damaging then the high blood-pressure. The blood-pressure is high for a good reason.

Q: He is on the diet 85% and has been for 2 1/2 years.

A: For his condition, I don't think he should do anything less than 100% until his arteries are clean enough.

Q: Would he need to do it 100% or have more of something to get off them completely..

A: Whether he gets on the diet 100% or not, the pills could cause neurological toxicity that can cause the problem he now faces. Go to and enter the medication that he is ingesting and discover the side effects.

Q: I started eating lots more fruit. All in all my sugar intake is way up and you did say to me initially that I should probably not eat more than one piece of fruit per day.

A: You may need extra carbohydrate to digest the fat. It is an indication that you are low on enzymes to digest fat. However, usually meat helps provide a better variety of enzymes for fat digestion. As long as you eat the fruit with lots of fat it will not harm you, but if you have too much fruit you might get more tired and lose your appetite for meat. This may result in a feeling sluggish, but if it doesn't, it is probably okay for a while.


Ginger will help pull off weight for some people. But it also causes other detoxification. Ginger helps digestion, helps break down substances, allows pores to open better – sinuses, skin - allows everything to relax more and you don’t want to do that.

I use ginger and honey sauce with fish and chicken. ... butter mixed with it. Some people can have ginger in their drink; others shouldn’t. Makes you irritable. You can have it on the weight gain but not weight loss. Take about 3oz. of butter (6 T), 2 heaping T of grated ginger, not pressed but lightly grated (can also squeeze it if you want but the fibers are good for keeping it in your mouth), 2 T of honey – can use it as a throat lozenge for dry, scratchy throat. You melt it and blend it. Keep it in your mouth and swallow it a little at a time. You can also have it as a sauce for any meat like a ginger candy.


In the lab tests with animals we found that eating the raw glandular tissue helped increased healing and energy. So anybody who has a glandular problem, it does not have to be the organ that you are eating, it happens with other glands. If you eat a thyroid gland it can help the pituitary, the pineal, the liver and other glands. The liver in experiments felt muscle tissue was harder than other glands and other organs but not necessarily increasing the health of glands. But the brain, the thyroid, the thymus would help any other glands to regenerate quicker. And those people who have chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia, these will be a healthy boost for you to give you back your energy quicker.


If the body is using the glandular tissues to replace your toxic glandular tissue, then yes (it will clean you out more) and most people cannot replace glandular tissue because they do not have the nutrients to reproduce it. So that is why I suggest eating glandular tissue whenever you can. I think I have told this story now twice before that I was taking Armour Thyroxin T3 & T4 - [T4 and T3 are important hormones produced by the thyroid gland.] - everyday to not have hypothyroid systems – to either delay them or get rid of them. When I started taking the freeze dried glandulars, I stopped having the side effects, which was nice, but I was still having to take the freeze dried thyroid tissue regularly. When I began having the fresh glands from the animals I went three months before I had any hypothyroid systems. The next time it was 6-9 months. The next time it was a year and a half. The next time it was 3 years. So by eating the glands so it allows some how the body to regenerate its own glands. This is the only way I have ever seen. Usually people will build their glands very gradually over 40 year period. If you eat the glandular tissues whenever it is available, it will help you have more energy and bring your body back to life quicker. ... eating to replace it. Let some of it rot.


Q: Glandular supplementation. I remember reading something about that in your book.

A: I did experiments with freeze dried glandular supplements. If you take them 5 days a month they work very nicely. They are very helpful. However since then I have done work with the actual glands. Because I said the last time; the first time I ate it to try it. I went 6 months without having to take any t3 or t4. Instead of the freeze-dried supplement I went for more of the thyroid. Then the next time I went 9 months before I had to take it again. Then the next time I went 18 months and the next time I went 3 years. So eating glandular tissue will help you rebuild your gland so you do not have to take supplements.

Q: I was just thinking about supplements because I tried an experiment with the thyroid and I really could not get it down me. It just rotted away in the fridge and that was the end of that.

A: Well, try it less concentrated then. See what I do is put an equal amount of thyroid with an equal amount of milk, some red onion and it tastes like clam chowder.

Q: Can you do that with liver too?

A: Yes

Q: Where can you get thyroid?

A: Whole Foods. You can order it from Whole Foods. But make sure that it is not salted. So what you might do, Joanne, is take a smaller section. Use 1/10 glandular tissue to 9/10 milk and some onion and drink it down. Or do what Lori does and just slice it and swallow it down. She will just take a slice of it and wash it down with milk.

Q: Does liver fall into this same classification?

A: Yes it does. Lori will do it that way but I hate my liver in milk. I will put it in a food processor with onion and make a pate out of it. And love it. However I hate it with the milk.


a. Clabbered milk equal portion of
glands and 1-2 tablespoons of a salsa
b. Salsa – 5 cherries tomatoes, 1” of red
onion, fine sliver of garlic, ¼ tsp
honey, 1 tsp of lemon or vinegar, 1
jalapeno pepper ( a few slices)
c. After blending all together – use a
tablespoon or 2 with the clabbered
milk and the glands.


A: I do not like the liver shakes either. I can not eat it either. It is blending milk with liver. My girlfriend loves it that way and other people do too. I just take the liver and put it in a food processor with some red onions and make a pâté and it digests very easily that way.

Q: Why is the liver so strong? Is that because it is a detoxifier?

A: No, it is because it is 60-80% fats. I never use veal liver because the veal livers they normally use are very anemic because they water down the milk. And keep them in tents where they never move. Now with the Coleman calves they do not do that to but I have never been able to get the Coleman liver except on rare occasions.

I do not buy any liver from Whole Foods. I only buy it from Wild Oats. Whole Foods carries Manning’s Beef and Manning liver and Manning’s feeds their cattle 15 % bakery waste which are stale donuts. Wild Oats carries Harris liver of Coleman’s liver. They are mainly grass and grain feed. I called and talked with the distributor of Vintage meats. He said that they used to own Manning’s and they got out of business with them because they started feeding them 15% bakery waste and stuff like that. So this fellow is very respectable and saying that it is the same quality as Coleman’s but I have not been able to get a hold of the owner because he is on vacation. I am saying do not eat Manning’s meat.


For some people I will recommend that they eat liver and eggs but Daniel was chronically fatigued and has lots of bile stored throughout his system. Liver is a gland that is 60-80% fat already. Then he puts an egg with it with lots of fat. Then what happens? Too much oil in the liver, so the liver has to reject some of the oil that the liver has stored in it. So what kind of oil do you think it is going to reject? Bile!


Q: I am interested in finding out if your research into herbs has led to any evidence that herbs can be effective in combination with a raw diet.

A: I have done very little to document the use of herbs in conjunction with my Primal Diet. However, most herbs that are utilized are processed and dried, debilitating the usefulness of the healing properties. Herbs should be juiced fresh for effectiveness without toxicity. Herbs that are processed and cooked create more toxins than benefits.


Honey, unheated above 93 degrees F., provides nutrients for digestion, utilization and assimilation of amino acids that quickens healing.

... There are two reactions from that. When the bees collect the honey they swallow it in their stomach. In their stomachs they produce an insulin like substance which converts 90% of the carbohydrates which is sugar to a protein catalyst. This is good to eat with meat, good to eat with eggs - as long as you can eat honey with eggs. I can’t stomach it. 10% will still go into carbohydrate and sugar. If that honey is heated above 93, it starts the destruction of that insulin like substance. Diabetics can eat honey that is produced under 93 degrees with no problem mostly. If it goes above 93 degrees and reaches 99 degrees or 100 degrees, it is all destroyed.

The sugar is not destroyed. A good sugar is not a radical sugar until you go over 105 degrees. However, the insulin like substance is destroyed by 99 degrees. It starts to be altered by 93 and is totally destroyed at 99.

So a diabetic will have a real problem with honey that is heated at 93 degrees. People who have candida, if they do not know that that honey is heated above 93 degrees, will have a problem because - although it is not a destructive sugar - it will go help them clean out AGE products that have created their candida experience. Those yeasts feed on toxic sugars. That is not a bad thing. It is a cure.

But most of the people who have that are very slender people who have no fats in their system and women who want to stay model like. So they get so dehydrated that when those yeasts feed on those toxic substances there is no fat buffering anywhere. So their skin starts drying out. The by-products of the yeast start causing rashes or eczema on the skin and the skin dries and falls off. And then they are itching all over.

Those people even with the 10 % in the honey may have a detox reaction so they should have some kind of fat – butter or cream. Butter is preferable because it gets into the skin and will carry some of that honey to the skin so at least when it neutralizes yeast that are there or helps them draw out the AGE products that are stored there, that are plaqued there. It will have some lubrication with it so it does not destroy the surrounding tissue.

Q: What is the proportion of the honey to the cream or the butter?

A: It depends on the person’s condition but with someone with candida I suggest 1/6 honey to 5/6 butter. So if you have 5 tbsp butter you have one tbsp honey.

Q: Can you use coconut cream?

A: Yes you can, however the coconut cream still has a little carbohydrate in it so I would make the proportion 1/8 honey and 7/8 coconut. So if people have a destabilizing effect from honey similar to fruit, either the honey is over heated or they are not taking enough fats with them. Natural Rush still has not contacted me. They are heating it or doing something to it. They are processing it. Honey will naturally crystallize. If the honey is coming from the desert, the honey is no good. The bees will fan it to try to keep it below 99 degrees. But it gets so hot that the bees start dehydrating and the honey alone cannot keep them cool. They go down to a lower level and let the honey burn. And they will not eat that honey unless they are starving.

Bees ingest nectar to transport it. They produce an insulin-like substances that alters 90% of the nectar into protein catalysts for better protein digestion, assimilation and utilization – called honey. Heating honey above 93 degrees F. gradually destroys the insulin-like substance, rendering the honey into a common stable sugar that can be deleterious to people who have difficulty digesting or processing even natural sugars. Bees fan the hive to prevent the temperature from exceeding 99 degrees F. If the temperature reaches above 100 degrees for more than a 20 minutes the bees will not use the honey to feed their young. Nor will they eat it unless they are starving. Heating honey above 104 degrees F. damages the sugars and renders them the same as any processed sugar that has deleterious effects in almost everyone, including the destruction of intestinal flora and villi.

Q: What is the maximum amount of honey you can eat in a day to not cause a sugar detoxification?

A: It’s not really the honey causing the sugar detoxification if you’re eating unheated honey.

A bee collects the nectar, it swallows it and produces an insulin like substance that converts 90% of the carbohydrate into enzymes for digesting and utilizing protein. That doesn’t show up until after it passes out of the duodenum through the stomach. It will not trigger a candida detox. It you eat too much honey on its own it creates a protein deficiency because it’s looking for protein to act on. It will go into your own tissues and eat your tissue looking for protein. It will go to tissue where some kind of fungi is active. If there’s candida, the yeasts will start going though the skin and start itching. You can suffer a protein deficiency if you’re eating too much honey. If you’re under 5’8”, more than ½ cup a day is too much. 6’ – ¾ cups a day.

Q: How do carbons get onto honey that is sealed in the comb, and sealed with fresh propolis?

A: When beekeepers extract the honey, they cut away only the top layer of wax (not much propolis) to free the honey. Then most spin the frames centrifugally to extract the honey. They reinsert the old beeswax-frames back into the hives and the bees refill them. Beekeepers leave frames that are not full enough to extract and, if they have smoked the hive, those frames that remain from the last collection will be contaminated with honey. If your beekeeper starts with new frames and refrains from smoking the hives, there will not be any carbons in the next batch of honey. I mixed the chunky sample with some of the gallon so at this point I don't know if it could be one or the other.

Q: Is there any worry about ingesting bees’ wax?

A: Bees’ wax is a beneficial food. It is easily dissolved by hydrochloric acid in the stomach and throughout the small intestines. It especially helps kidney and bladder tissue.

Q: Does eating unlimited amounts of unheated honey cause problems for people with pancreatic problems or candida?

A: Unlimited amounts of honey is beneficial as long as a person’s body has a taste for honey. When nectar is gathered by bees, they eat it. In digestion they form an insulin-like substance that converts 90% of the nectar sugars into protein catalysts, and it then becomes honey and regurgitates it into the comb.

The pancreas does not need to produce insulin to properly assimilate and utilize UNHEATED honey. As soon as the temperature of honey exceeds 93 degrees F. in processing, extraction and bottling, the insulin-like substance produced by the bees becomes inactive, converting the honey into a concentrated sugar. Sometimes unheated honey will cause detoxification of Advanced Glycation End Products (glycotoxins) that are stored along with the acid pools on which candida yeast feed, and sends them out of the body through the skin, causing sensitive itchy sores. Therefore, unheated honey may seem to exacerbate candida, however, it is usually a cleansing of candida, a detoxification that gradually eliminates the substances on which candida feeds.

Q: I have tried Really Raw Honey, Apithery Honey, even an upstate small bee keeper's honey and was adversely affected by every one of them. The one and only honey, which I have been able to receive benefit from is Honey in the Rough. It is thicker than the others. It is not translucent. There is a tremendous amount of white particles in it. From what I understand this is pollen.

A: Not necessarily. Often, it is the center of crystallization; crystals grow. Some people, at first, have better success with crystallized honey.

Q: This just might be the influencing factor. I talked to a bee keeper and he said that they actually have pockets for the pollen which they pick out. The Honey in the Rough company (Moorland Apiaries) doesn't produce the pollen separately (to the best of my knowledge) so perhaps they just include it with the honey along with the propolis and comb.

A: If the concentration of protein in pollen is responsible, you can test it by adding raw fresh soft refrigerated bee pollen to a honey with which you do not do well. If it helps, you will know that pollen honey assimilation.

Q: The propolis is antibacterial and antiviral, which would make the honey much more energized.

A: Propolis is dried tree sap and is very difficult to digest much at a time.

All these factors create a whole honey. It allows me to digest any fat without feeling like I even ate something sweet.

Unheated-above-93-degrees-F honey is mainly responsible for protein digestion. Honey helps fat burn.


Too much honey will cause a protein deficiency if you continue the binge too long. If you begin getting easily irritable, getting the shakes or lose concentration, you have symptoms of protein- deficiency. There is nothing wrong with an occasion milk/honey binge.


Honey butter combination – the butter is mainly a fat that is so easily utilized and broken down in the body, rapidly. It can get into the tissues and protect you very quickly. It is there to bind with the toxins. It is there to lubricate the system. It is there to give you energy and will do all three. It does not sooth the nerve tissue as much. Cream is better for that. Butter can be utilized in 3 hours. Cream in 6-8 hours

The honey provides the body with enzymes to search out proteins able to utilize the fats properly, either as a lubricant for protection or as fuel for energy or as detoxifier as a solvent. It delivers it and makes it available instantly and there is about 10% sugar in the unheated honey so it gives it that proportion that is necessary to make a slight bit of alcohol to utilize the fat as a fuel or solvent. The only time I recommend 50-50 is in an emergency situation otherwise I recommend it 1honey to 4 or 5 parts butter.


Q: I want to know if bee’s wax has benefits to any of your organs.

A: Yes, ... to kidneys and all the tissues in general. It helps strengthen and helps make resilience towards penetration of any acidic cells. The wax that is dissolved by the HCL - the body can use it along with fats to make a sealant with the cells. It is especially beneficial for the kidneys because of all the ammonia that the kidneys manufacture. Now, in the wax there is a sheet and all the squares of honeycomb there is a sheet in there which is heat cooked pressed.

Q: So that is toxic.

A: Yes. So I suggest that you just scoop off the top and then flip it over and give the rest to the ants.

Chunky honey helps stabilize, lubricate, and protect the liver and kidney cells by forming a protective coat around the cells so they will not be damaged.


Q: Can you tell me if it is ok to freeze bee pollen as well?

It is better not to keep frozen for more than a month and it should only be refrigerated one week prior to consumption. The hull on pollen is extremely difficult to dissolve. If eaten without thaw it will be relatively indigestible.

Q: Aajonus, I remember talking to you a while back about storing bee pollen and you said to keep it in the fridge. I talked to the guys from Honey Pacifica and they said they do put it in the freezer, but it does not freeze. My point is that or I should say my question is does it matter and if so is there a pollen that is not frozen? I was told that all pollen has to be frozen so it does not get mold. Any comments?

A: Many nutrients in pollen are damaged by freezing. Honey Pacifica will supply us with unfrozen pollen but believe that pollen should be frozen. Mold on bee pollen is beneficial. Pollen is like a nut with a shell. Once it is dried, it is very hard and difficult to digest. That is why it should be fresh soft and refrigerated. The shell is more easily broken down in digestion when moldy. The inner nut is rarely affected by mold. I do not freeze my pollen.


Q: Now you mentioned that eating meat and avocado are great energizers, what would you recommended for regenerating tissue that relates to ingestion of protein and meats?

A: He asked what helps for you to regenerate tissue. Eat royal jelly with any of the meats. And you only need a small amount. Only the size of a pea every couple of days. If you want to regenerate nerve tissue or intestinal tissue have it with chicken. If you want to regenerate liver, muscle or blood, have it with red meat including liver. If it is muscle meat you are after have it with steak or ground beef.

Q: The size of a pea every other day?

A: Yes.

Q: Is this like the lubrication drink?

A: No. The lubrication drink goes in deep to the tissues to stabilize and lubricate and protect the body. The royal jelly helps the regeneration of tissue when it is eaten with the meat. It helps people become alive, become younger, have more cells alive in their body.

Q: How could Pure, Raw, Unheated, Unsmoked etc. etc. Honey destroy the value of the Royal Jelly?

A: Mixing honey alters the regenerative value of royal jelly.


Q: I also do not understand how honey, even raw unheated honey, could be good as, doesn't that feed candida?

A: Yeasts feed on stored sugars that could not and cannot be properly digested or utilized. Yeasts, including candida, are a detoxification of those sugars. When the bees collect the nectar they ingest it. It becomes honey when their bodies convert the nectar into protein catalysts (90%) with an insulin-like hormone. Temperatures above 93 degrees F. begin to damage the insulin-like hormone. At 100 degrees F. the hormone is completely destroyed and the honey becomes 100% sugar again, although not a honey on which yeast can easily feed unless the temperature of the honey reaches above 105 degrees F. Unheated honey often detoxifies undigested and/or unassimilable sugars, freeing the sugars on which candida feeds. But, at the same time it is a cleansing that is quicker and less symptomatic.

Attacking the body's symptoms will only advance disease. As long as non-utilizable sugars are a constituent of the tissues, yeast will flourish. The idea is to mitigate the side effects to where it is not noticeable, or at least tolerable.

Q: I read what you wrote about yeast but I was wondering if you included live yeasts when you said they were not prepared properly. I have heard they eat it alive in Europe but people here worry about the swelling. I am wondering if the live organisms would clean up the gut and provide valuable nutrients as they multiply.

A: Body yeast feed on stored sugars that could not and cannot be properly digested or utilized, such as candida. Yeast, including candida, are a detoxification of those sugars.

Eating live yeast can aid detoxification. However, consumed yeast is usually not the yeast that the body uses. It manufactures, or breeds, a variety specific yeast for itself.

Q: What would live yeast do for me?

A: Provide creatures who feed on carbohydrates. Yeast are mainly protein even though they feed on carbohydrates.

Q: If the swelling is too much, could I deactivate the yeast with garlic or other foods just to get the nutrients in the yeast?

A: Swelling is usually the result of eating processed yeast, or eating yeast that have been fed processed food.

Q: What company feeds the yeast the best?

A: I do not know of any. I suggest that you grow your own in raw milk.


Q: If unheated honey freezes, are the enzymes, or anything else in the honey altered or destroyed?

Frozen honey has had its insulin-like substance altered to a minor toxin. Diabetics and people with blood-sugar problems will not do well with it.

Q: I have a question for you re freezing of honey. Honey doesn't freeze until way below 0°F due to the antifreeze properties of the sugars. The colder I store honey, the less it granulates, and the better the quality remains as far as enzyme breakdown, flavor, color, aroma, and desirability to the bees. Plus, my low-moisture desert honeys granulate rock hard!

A: Although honey does not solidify until below 0° F., certain properties of the honey are destroyed, such as enzymes and the insulin like substance.

Q: My question is, what is the coldest temperature I can store honey at and not destroy the insulin-like properties? Have you run any actual tests after cold storage? Honey granulates most rapidly at 57°F; cooler temperatures retard granulation. When honey granulates, the liquid between the sugar crystals drops in sugar concentration, and no longer behaves like pure honey (it can spoil, degrade, or ferment).

A. Yes, if stored in barrels or plastic at temperatures above 70° F. I have not found it to ferment in glass out of sunlight even at 75° F. Honey should never be stored in plastic except lexane. Honey stored in barrels begins losing enzymes between 40° F.- 36° F, that is, I can tell that the enzyme activity has been impaired because of the way honey affects certain people. I suggest that 40 ° F. should be the lowest temperature that my clients receive honey.


This is cooked. It is like the sap, which has to be cooked to thin it out. It is also difficult to digest.


Q: I am finding myself unable to tolerate ANY honey (I have the Really Raw brand) – it creates symptoms of rage and inflames candida for me, just as fruits do (even eaten w/fat).

A: That is an indication that your nerves have been dried raw, however these symptoms will diminish with time on the diet. I suggest that you always eat the honey with fat, especially cheese, until you no longer regularly experience those symptoms, and eat the honey at times that you can afford to experience those symptoms.


Q; A good story is how I cured my hypoglycemia with Aajonus’s diet. I started on the diet almost 2 years ago and the one thing I did is eat bunches of honey. I could not stop eating honey. It almost broke me. I have eaten 1-2 cups a day and this is over a period of 1-2 years. Now I took my blood sugar a lot because I have a friend who has diabetes so I used a little machine so this is totally scientific. Before I started the honey I would notice my blood sugar would be in the 60’s or 70’s which is quite low. After I ate the honey for a while I checked my blood sugar everyday and it was always around 100 or 95. I think it is absolutely because I overdosed on the honey. And now I really do not want the honey anymore. It is funny now that my blood sugar is fine now I am not fanatical about the honey. Do you agree with that?)

A: Yes, that makes a lot of sense because a lot of people say that you are suggesting half a cup of honey for someone that is diabetic. I would say yes. When the bee collects the nectar, he swallows it So you are eating his puke. When it is in his stomach, he secretes an insulin like substance which converts 90% of the carbohydrate into sugar into enzymes for digesting, utilizing, and assimilating protein. So every time you eat unheated honey, you are supplying an insulin like substance into the body which gives the pancreas a break. Also it gives nutrients to help the pancreas rebuild, if you are eating the raw meat. Eating a lot of honey is very helpful to healing a diabetic or someone who has hypoglycemia.

Q: Do you eat it by it self or with something else?

A: It does not matter. Any way you want.

HONEY – (fermented) Tropical Hawaiian Honey

Q: I just spoke with someone from the Volcano Island Honey company and the honey that they are selling for $165/48 bottles is fermented honey.

The fermentation is caused by moisture mixed with the honey and ambient yeast. It changes the consistency and smells a bit like alcohol or vinegar.

Currently it is kept refrigerated (well, she wasn't very clear on that. She says refrigerators are kept at 52 and this is kept at 60. Who knows.

She suggests keeping it refrigerated to stop this fermentation process.

First, I thought you said at a Q&A that refrigeration of honey was a no no?

Second, Is fermented honey okay, beneficial or just not harmful?

A: It depends on how fermented. Eaten with lots of cream or butter, it creates tremendous energy. Taken alone, it might cause irritability, dryness and/or too much detoxification. Since it is winter, there is probably no need to refrigerate it. I suggest you keep it stored in a low cupboard.


Q: What about eating raw insects?

A: There are Instictos that do. Now I met some people from Peru who lived in the jungles and that was their protein because in those concentrated tribes, animals were over hunted so they had to resort to insects. I had one girlfriend from Peru who up to 10 years old lived in the jungle and she just takes caterpillars off the corn and just pops them. Down there in the Amazon she said they had worms this long and this big around and she just popped them. Those were considered a specialty. I am sorry I have not been able to do that.

I have eaten red ants with dates and that is all that I could do and I did not do that purposefully. The ants got into my dates during a very hot time in the desert and I was sitting there chewing them thinking oh these are really good. They taste like caramel. Why do they taste so good? And I break it open and all these ants are crawling all over. But at that time of the day it was 140 degrees so the ants just kind of stay where they are. And I had taken them up to this old coyote den because it is cooler in the caves but the dates were still hot and the ants did not know until I broke it open. So I made sure I ate my dates at that time of the day because those red ants were delicious.

Q: You ate them again?

A: Oh yeah, everyday that I was there. It seemed that when it touched the fluid in your mouth it paralyzed them. They never bit me once and I ate a lot of them.

I do not know if I ever finished answering the insect thing. Some people do very well with insects. I have such a problem eating insects. If I were starving and had no meat I might eat insects.


Q: Lube formula – in book he says use whatever fat is available because not all people can get the fats we can here. Question is can you use half butter and half cream?

A: You can, but the point of the lubrication formula is to get the fat in the skin and the connective tissue, in the lymph. The cream will be absorbed readily by the glands and the available organs instantly. The cream will never get to the outer tissue. The butter is harder to utilize except for the outer tissue. Butter is best, coconut cream after that, then cream.

Q: Lube formula and coconut cream – does it really matter when you have it? Can you have it

in the middle of the day?

A: No, if you’re having it once a day it’s better to have it in the evening. Nerves detoxify and rebuild after the sun goes down – about 3 to 4 hours after that. So somewhere around 10:30 pm.

Q: A woman hates the lube formula. She still has very dry skin.

A: I said her skin is the best I’ve seen. It doesn’t matter if you like it or not, just do it. Everything should be room temperature. You can put it warm water. You want it for the skin, bones and lymphatic system. If you add more honey, it becomes more fuel or for sexual energy. I put the blades in hot water so when it hits the butter it keeps liquid. Metal heats faster than anything.

Drink lube formula. Your body needs every bit of food you eat because it’s been starving so long. The glands are going to take it first, the muscles, the organs. Connective tissue, bones, skin and lymph are last to be fed. Skin dries up. Body uses up fats and does not leave anything for the skin. It happens to about 60% of the people on this diet. It’ll go through phases. The way to get the fat into the skin and deeper tissues is the lubrication formula (egg, a fat – coconut cream is a substitute – not the best; butter is best to get to the deeper tissues, or cream, lemon juice, tiny bit of honey / proportions somewhere 1 egg to 2 1/2 oz of butter to 1 T of lemon juice to 1 t of honey. For bigger people double that). Have it once a day.


Q: I used to eat a lot of seaweed salad before I started you diet years ago. I get the good quality seaweed, Maine coast and I soak it in lemon juice. I wanted to see what you thought of that.

A: Well, you see cows out there grazing on the hay. Do they digest that very well?

Q: Do cows digest hay?

A: When a cow is eating fresh grass and herbs, their stool is a just a patty. When they are eating all kinds of dried stuff in the winter you will see all kinds of fibers going everywhere. Vegetation is impossible to digest whole except for a fraction, 10 % at best. So if you put stuff you can not digest in your body, your body is going to work very hard to try and do it but it is never going to happen. Seaweed is very difficult. It is almost the same ratio of mineral concentration including sodium that is in our blood. So our vegetable secretions do not get near breaking that down. Then when you dehydrate it on top of it, there is no way you can break down seaweed.

Q: Even if you reconstitute it?

A: You can do that, but it would take whey, vinegar or lemon juice and it would have to soak for 24-36 hours to break down enough to get some nutrients but then you are not going to have any enzymes in it. You are just going to get a high mineral content that could cause mineral imbalances because it is not in a whole food anymore. I mean if you went out and got fresh algae and ate it, you might be able to get some use out of it. Whole vegetables will cause you to be over alkaline in the intestines and bowels; that means you will not be able to digest any other foods properly. Also the bacteria are in the colon; you are supposed to have 3-5 lbs of bacteria in your colon. It feeds on acid material. If you put alkaline material in the colon those bacteria can’t feed on it so what happens – constipation. Just the opposite of what happens on a cooked diet. Cooked diet meat is overly acidic so you eat some raw vegetable with it and it helps neutralize it so then it balances out.

But on this diet the vegetation does not get digested in the small intestine. A vegetarian animal has 2-4 stomachs and have 2 ½ times longer digestive tracks than we do plus 60,000 times more enzymes to disassemble the cellulose molecules. To break down the fats and protein it takes them 48 hours to pass that through. In a human, raw vegetables can pass though in 24 hours with less than 20% digestion in it. Those alkaline fibers constantly secrete alkalinity into the bowls. The bacteria in there, the E. coli, the salmonella, the campylobacter can no longer feed on that matter in the intestines so what happens – the fecal matter is very small, it is very hard like granite and slit you to pieces if you pass it, or be very uncomfortable. 60-80% of fecal matter are bacteria. The by-products of bacteria or vero toxins prevent you from getting cancer and will also help reverse it so all this fear about E. coli is absolutely garbage. Now for the last 20 years the University of Toronto has been using vero toxins from E. coli to completely shrink brain tumors in 7-15 days. ... not only the tumors but the vessels going to the tumors. A company called Vion has put an attenuated salmonella that does the same thing. But you know what Vion did? They attenuated the salmonella so it would not eat the tumor away. It would just isolate them. Now they are putting a chemical into it like a chemotherapy to go in and dissolve it. So they want you to buy their salmonella. If you get good whole salmonella and eat it, it is going to go in there and do the whole job of getting rid of your whole tumor. With their brand $8,000 a shot. Great business. Eat the high meat and take care of that. Eat foods properly and you will generate enough of that to protect you from cancer or reverse it.


Q: Question related to the different digestive tracts and the structure of a human versus an omnivore.

A: ... herbivores and what we are basically – carnivores. We have a digestive tract about 2 ½ times longer than an herbivore. They have 1-3 stomachs more than we do. They chew their food, they swallow, they regurgitate it after they mix enzymes to break the cellulose down; they regurgitate and re-chew it sometimes 5 times before they finally let it pass through. Plus that pulp passes through 48 hours in their digestive tracts. It goes through us in 24 hours. We have 60,000 times less enzymes to disassemble the cellulose and get the protein and the fats from the cellulose.

So basically we exhaust our system and do not get much from whole vegetables. Cats and dogs and other types of carnivores have 15 times the HCL we have in the stomach. They dissolve it all right there. Our digestive tracts are 3 times longer than theirs. But we secrete the same amount of HCL. We just do it in different chambers throughout the small intestines. We do the same as they do just on a slower basis. Also dogs and cats do not have very powerful adrenal glands so they have to hunt and chase their prey, knock them around to get the adrenaline flushed in there or they will not be able to hunt the next time. We do not have to do that and that is part of the process of the high bacterial content of us moving the meat through a little slower – 16 hours as opposed to 3 hours. A dog and a cat, if you feed them raw meat, can break that totally down in 3 hours and it will pass through in 10 hours completely in their system. We have an entirely different process of doing that but we do it well.


Q: I know that any kind of vegetable matter with the meat creates an energetic result for energy.

A: Wait, you mean vegetable with meat?

Q: Yeah, like your green juice or avocado with meat if you want sexual energy.

A: No, green juice and meat will give you a problem. Green juice will neutralize your ability to digest the meat and the meat will neutralize your ability to digest the green juice. All flesh food is acidic. If you go putting an alkaline juice with the acid food neither of them will digest and you will neutralize it.

Q: So do you put any kind of condiment with your chicken like cut up onion?

A: Bell pepper will do. Just a little to flavor it. But an onion even though it is a vegetable is an acid. So is garlic

Q: So is a tomato.

A: It is a fruit. It is an acid fruit and can be eaten with cheese. As long as you keep it as a flavoring you will get away with it.

Q: So, eat separately avocado and meat?

A: No. You can eat avocado and meat together but my experience is that eating meat and avocado together will create more energy. Either sexual or whatever you are doing to let off your adrenaline. You will just have more energy. It is be used as fuel verses regenerating cells.

Q: Seaweed with meat is all right?

A: Seaweed for a human is almost impossible to digest. It is like any vegetables.

Q: The seaweed I am talking about is juicy from the Japanese market.

A: It is almost impossible to digest in the human digestive tract just like vegetables.


Q: I would like to know how you know if you should eat red meat, fish, etc. I do not know much about it so I do not know which I should be doing the most. The other question is how do you check you pH if you are using a litmus or when you check you blood, urine or saliva – what numbers you look for?

A: We are not looking for numbers. We are not looking for anything from the scientific community at all. You can take all those tests and shove them because they do not apply. The acid I am talking about is the acid that is immediately in the blood. If you have acidity in the blood you are likely to be anorexic, not have an appetite or be irritable.

If you have any of those symptoms, you are acid; then you want to eat more of the white meats and less of the red meats.

If you are very sluggish, lethargic and have no energy, red meat stimulates the adrenals and muscles to give you more energy. The white meats are much more relaxing so that is how you do it.

Looking at you, you need a lot of red meat because there is still a lot of anemia. I would say if you are very white or yellow you need lots of red meat. The yellow indicates you are jaundiced, that you have bile in your tissues. That represents that your liver is not very well. The only food that repairs liver quickly is red meat.

Q: If you eat the red meat how long will it take for you to become irritable?

A: It depends on the individual how well they digest it. Could be 10 minutes.

Q: What if you are irritable and sluggish?

A: That is the way I was. I mixed it. I could have chicken alone but if I had beef I had to have fish every time. So if I had 4 oz of beef, I had 2 oz of fish.

Q: I have not eaten much fish yet; should I get some Ahi?

A: As long as whatever you eat is not farmed. I could not tell you especially unless I saw you. I can read certain things by looking at you but what is on the inside I can tell to a certain extent but not all. So I would not want to lead you off into an area where I would subvert your instincts that would probably be more than my advice without my full knowledge of information.


A: Are you mostly drinking your 4 cups of juice a day?

Q: Yes mostly I do it.

A: For a system like yours that is that thin, you are going to get acid very quickly because your system is basically anorexic. That means it eats itself if it can not find the protein. You will get twice as much acid as other people. You will be repulsed by meat. Especially red meat.

Q: So what do we do?

A: You eat chicken and things like that. Chicken and fish. You do not need to eat it all at one time. Break it up into 3 meals.

Q: The other thing is ...acidophilus?

A: Candida is there to eat up AGE products that are sugar. You can not get rid of the candida without getting your body clean of those AGE products. That sugar garbage. That is it. So you have to live with your candida.


Q: Is pre frozen grass-fed meat worse or better than organic fresh grain-fed meat?

A: Freezing destroys most of the CLA and enzymes in grass-fed. It would be better to eat organic grain-fed.

Q: Are there any source books that explain how the protein of meat is damaged when it is frozen?

A: There are a few places where you could find this information but you will have to search for it. It was brought to my attention that there was a typo in my book regarding protein loss from freezing. It should read that there is only a 25% loss in protein when frozen.

Most of my research was done from observing the difference in animals fed unfrozen raw meat and frozen raw meat. Glandular development and growth was slower. Tissues broke down easier; symptoms of aging were increased by 25% after mid-age.

A couple of raw fooders out here use the example of the Inuits eating frozen fish, etc., as an OK for eating meat that has been frozen.

Normally, the Inuit ate the fish frozen no longer than 5 minutes to 24 hours. Given the longevity of other animals on non frozen raw diets, the Inuits should have lived to 140 years. The Inuits lived to the same ages as we do. This frozen- factor may be the entire basis for a shortening of lifespan.

Q: I hope this finds you well. I've read your books and have been easing into the Primal Diet, yet I'm having trouble finding fresh organic chicken. I've only found frozen here in Kansas. Would it be okay to up the portions of a frozen chicken to get the required nutrients?

A: Frozen meat cannot be used to promote cellular division. Try to find a farmer who has pastured chickens.


[ CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) is a naturally occurring fatty acid ]

Q: A couple of times now I have gotten a really iron-like or mineral rich tasting meat from Northstar bison. I have gotten it in both round roast and sirloin tip. Not too much different than liver. Part of me is telling me that this mineral rich meat is good for me, so I have been plugging my nose the same as I do when I eat high meat and eating it. Another part of me thinks if it tastes so bad (I gag if I don't plug my nose) I shouldn't be eating it. Have you ever run into this?

A: This is common for people with some glandular disorders/toxicity. When CLA-rich meats are eaten, the glands discard toxins that often include free radicals, causing a repulsion to metallic odors and tastes. I use a sauce to combat my repulsion.


Q: We are struggling here without our dear butter – yet I am doing my best with plenty of meat..

A: Eating meat without plenty of fat sometimes causes you to lose energy. Sometimes it causes the proteins to be used for intensive regeneration that makes a body go into an intense healing state, that is, sleep. Fat provides the fuel for strength and energy. I suggest that you eat coconut cream, as described in my book, and other fats with your meat. Drinking green vegetable juice that is 80% celery and 20% parsley with a little slice of lemon or lime (juiced with rind) helps stimulate energy when enough fats are consumed.


Q: I have been eating rabbit recently. I read somewhere, though, that some people who ate only rabbit in the wilderness after being shipwrecked etc., nearly starved because of the low-fat content of rabbit meat.

A: Rabbits are mainly fed processed alfalfa pellets which have no live vitamins or enzymes and much toxicity. Rabbits raised in this way produce deficient and diseased meat. It has nothing to do with the fat-content.


Q: If you’re eating tough meats...

A: You have to eat it just like that. It is good exercise for your teeth. The Italians and other tribes slice lunch meat thin and it will just tear to pieces. Then grind it. I put it in a food processor. I will slice it in slices. Then put it in a food processor and pulsate it. Just leave it on for 30 seconds and you are going to have minced meat. It will be like a pâté. I do not care for it like that unless it is liver with onions. But if it is regular meat I like it a little bit chunkier so I will pulsate it for maybe 15 seconds.


Filet mignon is too fat deficient. Most often the body develops weak cells from it. You might try slicing sirloin steak very thinly and eating it. Your body may want the meat separate from the fat. In ground, the fat is nearly homogenized and absorbs much of the enzymes from the meat and then the meat does not digest as well. You can always chop it each day in a food-processor, such as a Cuisinart.


Q: Do you eat pork?

A: Yes if I crave it. But you can get organic pork. You can go to health food store and get organic pork. And there is no trichinosis. Trichinosis again is something you naturally have in your body. Whether you have pork cooked or raw you have trichinosis in your body. It is just waiting for enough decay of that particular tissue to become active.

Q: I would say if you are cooking it at 300 degrees that all the bacteria are dead?

A: It is dead for that particular period of time. But once the meat absorbs moisture and other fluids it goes into degenerative tissue again and it will create bacteria again, even trichinosis. I have seen this over and over again. If you cook at 700 degrees it will not. It will mold and degenerate after that. That is the highest temperature between 600-700 degrees that I cooked meat and could not get meat to re- flourish. And it is leather at that point. Who is going to eat leather? So you are going to get bacteria.

Q: So this is not some pre-pressed generation you are talking about? This is just that 212 degrees for 15 minutes really does not sterilize your meat?

A: It does temporarily. Once it is out, then it starts to rot and decay again.

Q: So you are saying that organisms really survive the heat in some sort of state?

A: Either that or they are introduced.

Q: Introduced from where? You talked about ...

A: That was one test. That was not cooking the meat first. The other tests that I did were not as extreme as that.

Q: So you are not sure where these organisms appear from?

A: Well, lets say that I go out and kill a goat and he rots in the field. We have worms that will show up. We have vultures that will show up and crows that will show up. The crows and the vultures are not indigenous to the tissue to that animal. But they will come and eat it. But do you blame the crows and the vultures for the dead carcass? No. That is why you can not blame the E. coli, salmonella, and trichinosis for the dead carcass. They just feed on it. It is there job to feed on tissue that is in degeneration.

Q: My question after you heat at 300 degrees for x number of minutes where does any life appear from?

A: It could appear extemporaneously.

Q: It could just come out of nothing kind of like fruit flies.

A: From what I understand about a fruit fly, they are spontaneously part of fruit for some reason because you can hermetically seal that and have the fruit contained in an isolation chamber and never exposed to any insects and all of a sudden the fruit flies will appear. So that to me is like the worms and the parasites. They are natural and indigenous to the fruit tissue just like parasites and bacteria are indigenous to animal tissue. But the crows and vultures are not but they will come and feed on it.


Q: I cook my steak for 10 second on each side and looking at it I can see only 5 per cent of it is cooked. I wonder if that would ruin the remaining 95 per cent uncooked.

If you were to burn 5% of your body, what do you think the effects would be? How well could your body reuse your burned tissue? Cooking meat creates heterocyclic amines and lipid oxides that are poisonous. Of course you will receive benefit from partially cooked meat. It is entirely up to you the degree of health that you want to create.


Q: Have you noticed a difference in ground beef? Last week I went to Wild Oats in Pasadena. I noticed the beef was dry and brown. I asked the meat cutter. He didn't seem to know anything.

A: It sounds like not many people are buying the ground beef quickly enough, if it looks dry. The brown is usually indicative of being too cold. If it turns red after minutes at room temperature, it is fresh but too cold. If it does not turn red then it has oxidized.


Q: I have one quick question. When I chew and chew, chicken or beef, there is usually a white piece of something left over that will not break up. Is this something I should swallow or throw out?

A: It isn't necessary to chew meat. As long as it is raw, it dissolves easily in the stomach and intestines. Chewing meat too much can cause over acidity in the mouth causing blisters or sores in the mouth. The gristle should be swallowed, too.


The omega-fat business is business; selling a product. Marketers separate the differences and sell them. Every product needs a pitch. But because certain chemical reactions occurred in test tubes does not mean they happen in the body. The health benefits and superiority of omega fats are speculation and have had no long-term empirical proof.

The comment in the email below (a comment on Elnora Van Winkle’s email extolling that animal- fats were health-giving) that "More harm than good comes from eating the fat of grain-fed animals" is idealism rather than science. Thousands of people and I have mainly eaten grain-fed butter, cream, eggs and beef-fat and have reversed diseases. That is empirical fact and evidence. Only recently have we been able to acquire grass-fed dairy, beef, lamb and eggs. I am conducting some empirical tests to determine any physiological differences that develop by eating grain-fed and grass-fed beef.

I will conclude the initials tests and make the results known in 3 years. However, after one year, I have noticed a marked difference in sexual energy between the two. In many people who ate grass-fed beef, sexuality decreased over time. However, when grain-fed beef was re- introduced to their diet, sexuality rapidly increased. In some people, I have noticed that they are not as mentally acute on grass-fed beef. This may be because their nervous systems have been conditioned to utilize mainly carbohydrates as fuel. This may change as a person adapts to grass-fed. Thus far, those are the only differences I have noticed.

I agree that grazing is more natural but I do not know, and evidence has not shown me, that cows and chickens are sick because they are fed mainly grains. Healthy animals like cows and chickens live very well on grain because they have systems to handle it. I noticed on my grandparent’s farm that chickens fed mainly grain tended to be more excitable and anxious but were healthy generation after generation. My grandparent’s sheep and dairy cows, during the winter, tended to have the opposite reaction on mainly grain – they seemed to me more timid - but strong and healthy.

That you have reduced disease eating raw animal food is exciting, but cannot be solely correlated with eating grain fed animals vs grass fed. It might be a good idea to reread my book. I qualified my findings in it. In it, I qualified many diseases that did not reverse without eating raw animal food. The reversals were entirely based on grain-fed animal products. I do not know yet, if eating grass-fed beef will increase the reversal of disease.

It is not good science to correlate one particular function with one particular shift in diet.

If repeated shifts back and forth present the same results, it is. Of course, combinations may be the causative factor.

Q: Certainly grass fed animals have been shown to have flesh with fewer bacteria which is a strong indicator of generally healthier cells. Bacteria don't survive in healthy cells. They eat junk. You can age meat from grass fed animals, and wild fish, so there is lots of evidence the flesh is healthier. It's effect as PART of a diet may show in the future that it is more useful than grain fed flesh.

A: Your conclusions may be true, however, I do not correlate the volume of bacteria with health. I watch people eat and filled with bacteria that increases their joy of life and health. I have not had enough experience to determine that disease is reversed better or prevented better with grass-fed creatures. I worked long enough with wild and farmed fish and have concluded the same as you did regarding wild and farmed fish. However, the toxic processed substances fed farmed fish account for the differences. I do not know that whole organic grain-fed animals are less healthy than grazed animals. I have seen the eatwild website and have read her information, however she has not been an empirical scientist. I am and I want to know and not simply take others conclusions based on particular chemistry. I want empirical evidence.

Also, conclusions about increased sexual activity being related to grain fed animals cannot be made. This is also bad science, i.e. trying to correlate one factor with another. Only holistic science brings the truth, an overall view of many factors.

As people eat foods less toxic, which MAY include grain fed animals – we don't yet know – they are helping to detoxify endogenous and exogenous toxins. The overall detoxification of endogenous toxins will reduce sexual activity, although not sexual pleasure. Many people are addicted to sex, and would find a decrease in sexual activity as they detoxify their nervous systems of endogenous toxins.

Ellie, you seem to assume that I do not consider as much as you. I have been in the science of diet for 33 years. I am very aware that there are times when decreased sexual vitality results from detoxification of gonads, liver, adrenals, spleen, and nervous system. As I stated above, if repeated shifts back and forth present the same results, correlated with eating grain fed animals vs grass fed can be considered and it is good science, only if empirical evidence agrees. Of course, combinations may be the causative factor, but, if the combinations of foods that I advise cause a shift, I must consider them.


Q: Difference between eating ground beef and steak?

Yes, if you’re having ground in a supermarket, they put it through a high pressure grinder 3 times. That homogenizes the fat. That means that the protein is pressed into the fat and it’s going to start a decomposition of the meat. That is an early stage of high meat which means it will mainly go for detoxification, not rebuilding the body. Steak will rebuild the body.

Or if you ask them to put it through the grinder only one time, that will not homogenize it. If you put it in your food processor, it will never homogenize it because it will not put it under high pressure. Pâté it. Chicken is the same. Wild Oats and Whole Foods only do it 2 times but still it’s too much. You can run it through the food processor as long as you want. You can pâté it. But you should eat it quickly because it oxidizes it and if you wait more than 2 to 13 hours it’s going to cause more detoxification.


If you’re eating cooked meat, it’s good to have an alkalizing food with it like a vegetable salad. Because meat, when it’s cooked, starts to putrefy in the intestines, by the time it gets into the small intestines it is putrefying and will not move through the system easily. The body is still waiting to get enzymes to deal with these proteins. The fats and lots of liquid peroxide form; it becomes highly concentrated in acids. So, veg. salad moves it through.

But on a raw diet you never want to mix those two because they will neutralize each other and will not digest either. One’s acid and one’s alkaline. Each needs its own environment to digest properly. Don’t worry about an acid/alkaline balance on this diet.

If you’re feeling irritable, urine burning then you’re probably over acidic. Then it’s a good idea to eat some fish with your meat. Say you’re having 4 oz. of red meat, add 1 oz. of fish. That will balance it. You can eat it as long as you have that feeling. Chicken will do it also but need almost equal proportion of meat and chicken. Fish, because it’s a high concentration of minerals, works better to balance that acidity. Ear ringing does not signify over acidity. There could be five different reasons for tinnitus.


Mixing salad and meat is terrible. Tomato is not a vegetable nor is cucumber. Too much cucumber is alkalizing. ½ of a cucumber is too much. Vegetables are leaves, stalks and root. Bland foods are not a problem. Onions and celery for flavoring is fine.

Avocado and beef are okay however, avocados are difficult to digest. When you eat them with meat so often what happens is it turns it into pyruvate. So instead of using your meat for regenerating tissues and building cells, it will go to burn as fuel. That is a way to waste your meat. Eat avocado with a fruit. If you eat it by itself it won’t digest well. You can have a little of your meat with it, not a lot. Avocado and fish is the same problem as with meat. You can eat tomato and avocado. If you have 3 meat meals a day, one meat meal with avocado (one half) is fine.


Rosie is all organic and Rocky is not organic. The Rosie is fed mostly processed, cook soy beans. I did this for years. I don’t eat it. I went back to Rocky. It’s fed off of corn and good stuff not processed like soy. Not organic – they don’t feed them hormones and they don’t get antibiotics but the food they feed them wasn’t necessarily grown without chemicals. Coleman also. The chemist for Rosie said there was no GMO soy but by the time you finish processing soy, it’s worse than chemical anyway. He feels 75 to 80% good. By good he means clarity of thinking, good digestion and the by products are not distracting. You’re getting chemicals but with the clay and juice you offset those things. A chicken that eats a natural range and you eat that chicken you will feel better. A chicken that would never naturally eat soy. They don’t have the enzymes to digest the soy properly so they have to process the soy or it’s poisonous to the chicken. Just like a human fed raw soy beans, it will get sick and die if has very much often. If you ate a cup of soy for about 3 weeks you’d die. Unless it’s processed you cannot digest it. If you ate enough raw soy beans in 2 days you’d have a severe case of diarrhea and vomiting. I choose a chicken that eats raw, natural food even though it’s not organic rather than a chicken that’s been fed processed soy beans that they would never eat anyway.

Q: If you eat the Rocky chicken every day, how much clay should you eat to offset the non organic stuff fed to the chicken?

A: It depends if you’re drinking your juice. If you’re drinking your organic juice, then ¼ teaspoon every other day. You can put it in your juice. If you’re not drinking the juice, you’re going to need more. If you’re drinking 2 cups of juice a day, every other day, ¼ teaspoon would be preventive. If you’re drinking 4 cups of juice a day, don’t need to worry about it. You can put the clay into the juice or have it any other time. Lily’s chicken is hard to get. It’s the best. They bring them into Santa Monica market. You have to order it ahead of time and you have to buy the whole chicken.


Q: Lastly, sometimes in restaurants the only raw alternative is smoked salmon or cured beef or ham – although all are uncooked, they have a lot of salt. I have been choosing these items instead of eating cooked food, but am I doing myself more harm this way?

A: They will promote disease.

Q: I do have a question. I could not find in your book info on cured meats; us Italians like to hang the sausage in the cellar. Are these considered raw?

A: Cured meat has lost most of its enzymes. It is best to eat non-dried.


Q: It said on the group, as well ,that you said one must get most animal fat from dairy and not meat fat as this can contain toxins. I have not seen any reference to this in your book. Did you in fact say this? Can you elaborate please?

A: If an animal is lean, the fat will contain more toxins. When eaten raw, tests have shown that the fat passes relatively undigested and binds the toxins to the feces. We may obtain the much-needed large amounts of animal fat from cream and butter.


Mushrooms are the fruit of mycelium; it helps break down toxic connective tissue. Let’s say you have capillaries, all kinds of connections circulating through your system where there is blood and lymph. You have all these places to circulate lymph blocked and neurological information and fluids. If these get jammed and locked up, the mushrooms produce a substance that breaks those down readily. That is what they do in the ground and what they do to roots. Should we eat mushrooms on a regular basis if on the raw diet? That all depends. If you want a heavy detox, then go ahead. If you eat it with the meat, it will help you digest the meat. It will help break it down. But if you eat a lot of it, it will cause a heavy circulatory detoxification which may not be bad. Shiitake will do it. They are highly genetically bred.

Q: What about kombucha tea?

It is all garbage – you have to cook it to make it. It is not a real mushroom.

Mycelium is a white, liquid fungus that eats up roots that have died. You’ll see white fluid if you dig up around a dead tree. The roots bind veins to the large artery type roots. When those propagate, they put out mushrooms; that is their spore. If it finds a dead root, it’ll go to work and that will produce mushrooms. Don’t eat it on the weight loss. Truffles just happen on the bark of a tree. It falls off and pigs dig them up. Truffle oil is all processed. Cream, little honey, blend half of mushrooms with that and an egg if you like it really rich then chop the rest of the mushrooms and fold it in – have that with the meat. Say take 2 large mushrooms, blend 1, chop the other.


Q: How much mustard can you eat?

As much as you want. Raw mustard causes peristalsis. Pasteurized mustard paralyzes peristalsis (action of the intestines moving foods through causes juices and bacteria to work on the food). Pasteurization stops proper digestion; raw mustard forces it. If you have so much to have diarrhea then you’re eating too much. Would that cause bad breath? That’s from toxic substances leaving through the lungs and as blood passes through the intestines releases gases and passes out the mouth. You have the lubrication with a little bit more lemon in it will help. Or rinse the mouth out with lemon juice or have ½ cup lemonade.


Noni has been proved to be remedial for cancer on a large number Native Hawaiians only when eaten raw. Noni processed and bottled has proved to be relatively non-remedial for cancer and other diseases.

Q: Noni juice?

A: Noni is a very pungent fruit grown in Hawaii and some other islands. I found it reverses a great percentage of cancer. When it is juiced it is pasteurized and does not have the same effect. It has a lot of sugar and is very toxic and will incite cancer. Cancer thrives in an area of the body that has been degenerated and lots of cells have died mostly because of sugar – advanced glycation end products. NYC Medical University proved that in a healthy body they store at a rate of 70%. In an unhealthy body they store at a rate of 90%. They means every time you eat a cooked carbohydrate, bread, pasta, etc. about 90% of that or more will store in your body for your life time. That breaks into an acid that will melt your tissue like sugar. As people get older, the tissue and muscle start sagging. Sagging is in people who have a more difficult time with their sugar. Noni juice, when pasteurized, creates a higher amount of those by-products of sugar when they‘re made into glycogen and utilized as glycogen.


No, it is very difficult to get any digestibility of the proteins in nuts because it takes a vegetarian animal to break the protein down properly even if you soak. It makes it worse because then it starts to react into a vegetable and starts to grow. Once you do that, there are enzymes that are prohibitive of certain digestive functions. For instance, if that did not react, all birds would eat all seeds and there would be nothing growing. They would not be eating insects or anything else.

Q: And there are enzymes in sprouts. There are books out on it now stating that there is an acid that prevents other foods from being digested. And you develop an allergy to those sprouts for that reason.

A: If you are going to eat fruit, I tell everyone to eat it with lots of fat – raw unsalted cheese, raw unsalted butter, avocado, peanut oil that is pressed below 96 degrees F, raw cream.

People gain weight with nuts because of the enzyme inhibitors so they just store up in the body.


Almonds are very difficult to digest. All nuts contain enzyme-inhibitors that restrict or prevent proper protein digestion or utilization.

Q: How does this affect their therapeutic value?

I have experimented with almonds on a wholly raw diet and have not found any therapeutic value of raw almonds. Squirrels and birds probably obtain therapeutic value from almonds.

Q: How toxic and what symptoms might show?

A; Protein deficiencies such as loss of appetite, especially for meat, irritability, nausea and lethargy.


If I crave a starch, I will go for nuts. I will eat walnuts or pecans because they are very soft and easier to break down. And I utilize the starch better. And most people I found can’t. Almonds are a little more difficult to break down even if they are germinated because the enzyme is created. Also pine nuts. Cashews are irradiated. They have the hardest shell on the planet. They fire a laser beam into it. Heats it on the inside and explodes it open. That is why most people who eat them can’t digest them. It just sits in the stomach. And they say raw and it is a lie. Macadamia nuts are great. They may heat the outside to 100-110 degrees. The inside usually does not get to over 105 degrees and that is okay if you can find a local farm. They do farm them up in Santa Barbara. If you can find some local people it is even better. Most of these from Hawaii are put into kilns and dried at about 110 degrees.


Q: I want to say that Hilarion recommends that you take a Cal/Mg source after your smoothie.

A: Theoretically that is a good idea but most people do not digest nuts. There is an enzyme suppressant in all nuts. So the formula I gave which breaks that down which is 4 oz of nuts (pecans, walnuts, filberts, pine nuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds) any one of those or any combination of all 6 of them. Blend them to a powder. Blend 1-2 eggs (2 if you want it richer). 2 Tbsp of honey, 3-4 oz of cream, raw coconut cream, butter, or the Spectrum peanut oil which is light yellow in color. Blend that for about 30- 50 seconds and there you will digest just about everything. That formula took me years to come up with that. It neutralizes the enzymatic suppressants in nuts without germinating them.

Once you germinate them, soak them, you turn them into a vegetable so you do not digest them very well. You are caught between a rock and a hard place. When you eat that formula it neutralizes the enzyme inhibitors in the nuts. If you germinate nuts like a lot of vegans do and fruitarians do and a lot of instinctos do it creates a vegetable molecule, more cellulose which we can not break down. So we are caught between a rock and a hard place. It took me about 11 years to create that formula before it would actually neutralize the enzyme inhibitors ... walnuts, pecans, filberts, pine nuts, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds.


All nuts have enzyme suppressants in them. If you eat them by themselves it will prevent you from digesting proteins. It could also make you depressed or sluggish – it manifest differently for each person. That is why I always suggest you blend them to a powder, mix in an egg or some kind of fat – cream, peanut oil, coconut butter, butter – 4 oz of nuts (either pine nuts, walnuts, pecans halves – any combination) and 3 oz of your given choice of fat, 1 egg, 1-2 tsp of honey (depending on how sweet you like it) and blend that. That way the butter and the honey will convert the enzyme suppressant into an enzyme active ingredient.

Q: Is there an advantage to taking walnuts and nuts?

Yes. There are a lot of people who take drugs over the years (aspirin, thyroxin) and that dumps into the body. The body requires a high protein starch to absorb it; the little bit that is in the juices you get will have a little bit but when your body craves a potato, bread, popcorn – then you need the nut butter.

Q: What is the purpose of the nut drink?

For most people, it is to chelate with excess hormones or toxic hormones improperly stored in the body – any drugs that may have stored in the body – and are coming out of the system. It arrests them and the fat binds with that and usually will get broken down in the lymph and discarded out the bowels or the skin

As I said, the body discards in any way it can because we are so toxic – of course we have the bowel, the skin, the sinuses, they eyes, the ear ducts, and of course the urinary tract, and of course women also have the vaginal cavity which is constantly throwing off mucus – that is my theory of why women live longer than men – because they have one more constant discharge to discharge poisons. Peanut oil seems to work with the glands a little bit better including sexual – the Africans use it as an aphrodisiac. If you have it in your nut mix it will stimulate your sexuality eventually if you have enough of it. 2xs a week will stimulate that

The olive oil is more scar tissue oriented and helps dissolve it.

The flax oil (very unstable) is more related to the intestines and glands

You should always have the oils with other meats – you can have a solvent in there but if you do not have a good fat along with it, it will cause you to be irritable, dry or have flaky skin. It is better to have it with milk afterwards. I enjoy the nut mixes with chicken and turkey, sometimes with meat – not so much with fish.

If you have too much of the nut butter mix it will affect your taste for meat and fruit will do the same. It is good to rotate your oils that way the olive oil will not be concentrated with meat all the time. If you are having the olive oil only with the red meat it will constantly go in and clean out your liver and muscle tissue and heart – and the heart and muscles need a break, so spread it out. Fish will be oriented towards nervous system. With fowl it will be connected with connective tissue, lymph, organs and neurological tissues.


I was asked recently, " If we can pulverize the anti-enzymes out of nuts with a blender, then why doesn’t chewing do the same thing? "

Pulverizing does not neutralize the enzyme inhibitors. Pulverizing merely exposes them. The combination of egg, fat and honey neutralizes the exposed inhibitors.

Q: My only thought would be that it is not the pulverizing that inactivates these anti-enzymes but the fact that the surface area is increased so that the ingredients mixed with the nuts can inactivate the anti-enzymes.

A: correct.

Q: If I'm wrong, then it seems chewing should do the same thing as the blender.

A: I wish.


Q: I am making pemmican from mixing dried powdered meats and organs with raw bone marrow or brains. Would any of your clients like this?

A: We do not eat dried meats unless it is an emergency. Many vitamins and enzymes are biologically inactive in dried meat. Like the American Indians in Canada in the 1800's, they made pemmican each year in case they did not find any fresh animal during the winter. Each year they buried it as waste if they did not have to eat it.

SALT - 1

Q: Why not salt and any other spices?

Salt increases the sodium ions heavily in the blood and the body eats by the process of ion attraction. So let’s say that you have a potassium ion maybe carrying a carbohydrate or a protein molecule. The cell opens up. Attracts that ion that is carrying that nutrient and gets to eat. If it is a sodium ion most of the time it is carrying water. If you eat salt, whether it is sea salt, Celtic salt, whatever it might be, it causes clumping of sodium ions. That creates such a magnetism outside the cells that often when the cell opens to get the H 2 0 instead of the molecules being drawn in they will be ripped out of the cell and the cell can never eat again. It shrivels up like a raisin and dies. So I even learned that in high school from my biology teacher. And he showed us that a grain of salt can kill 2 million RBC by that clumping no matter what kind of salt that is.

Q: Someone did a dark field and my blood cells were all clumping together. And I had no idea what that was about. I also had a feeling that this guy was generating an electrical field and that would clump cells that way.

A: That would happen too but there are many things that would cause cells to clump, thousands. It depends on what you ate, hours or days before. And even what electrical fields you have gotten into. Those blood cell analysis’s change every moment. How can you base anything on something that is changeable within moments?

SALT - 2

Q: I started using salt, especially on avocado, recently. I am pretty much a 100% raw eater and this is a recent lazy change. How bad is that? I know it is not part of your recommended diet. I used lots of salt for the first 63 years of my life. It was quite a bit an addiction. I had chronic high BP [blood pressure] before I got on your diet.

A: Salt destroys many cells, causes cells to dehydrate and concentrations of H 2 O in blood serum that cannot be utilized properly and causes bloating in many people. Using salt once every six months or once a year may be remedial, but continuously causes diseases.

Q: Hi, I realize you don't know me but please at your convenience go to When you get in go to whole foods. please look at Sol Saltz and Pulse and Parched Pulse. The Pulse is raw because the temp is not above 93.

I know salt is not good for us but I have been told it is what is in the salt that we buy and not the salt itself. This is supposed to be pure salt. I just ate some raw London broil and a tiny bit of salt would have been great on it. The Pulse is great (especially the carob) with heavy cream.

A: Any salt concentrates sodium, causing extra and intercellular edema and leeching of blood and tissue nutrients. My recipe book gives 87 sauce recipes for meat that can be made in 3-5 ways, equaling about 400 sauces.


Sea vegetable varieties are complicated to digest in whole form. They seem to hold up to digestive juices more rigidly than land vegetables. They contain many wonderful nutrients that would promote human health if they could be extracted in digestion. Therefore, occasionally juicing them is preferable, however, the taste is repulsive for many people.


Q: On the live food group it says that you are quoted as saying you drink a spirulina and some other algae mix a few times per week. Is this the algae water you referred to in our consultation or is it recommended to take powdered spirulina as sold in health food stores?

A: They failed to list that I had continual and repeated skin irritation, inflammation and itching as a result of drinking it.


The tea is dead and causes over-acidity; it will disturb digestive juices. The green drink IS your tea, live and active with enzymes and nutrients. To create the experience of tea, place the green drink in a jar and immerse it in hot water – not too hot! – and drink it warm.


Q: Over the same time period, the pipes/plumbing in my house have been root-clogged (a common problem); backing up and overflowing several times into my side yard where I now have some very healthy tomato plants!! Should one eat the tomatoes "of one's own making"?

A: If you eat only raw food, your waste-products are excellent compost. If not, the waste contains mutagenic bacteria produced by heterocyclic amines and other poisons that do not promote well-being of the consumer.


Q: You advise not to put oil on vegetables; does that mean leafy greens only?

A: All vegetables, leaves, stalks and roots are rendered more difficult to digest when eaten with oils.

Q: Can I have oils with vegetable juices?

A: Cold-pressed below 96 degrees F. vegetable oils do not un healthfully interfere with the digestion of vegetable juices. They may be consumed with or in vegetable juices.

Q: Can coconut oil or avocado be eaten with vegetables?

A: Coconut cream obtained from juicing coconut meat, as I recommended in my book, and avocado may be eaten with vegetables.

Note: Although one or two companies claim that their coconut oils are raw, they are heated and I do not recommend eating them [except for []( .]

Note to questions 4 and 5: The problem with eating whole vegetables on a raw diet is that it often causes constipation. Vegetables never properly digest because humans don’t have digestive tracts like herbivores. Vegetables secrete alkaline fluids throughout digestion, including in the bowels, neutralizing bacteria and digestive juices that are necessary for proper digestion of protein and fats. People who eat cooked foods will benefit from eating vegetables because cooked food is always too acidic and whole vegetables help neutralize some of the over acidity in the digestive tract. Raw vegetables help promote bowel movement in people eating cooked foods, however, raw vegetables often cause constipation in people eating a completely raw diet after being on a raw diet for approximately 3-6 months.

Q: My question is, given, say, half pound of raw egg versus raw meat, does that mean that I need to exclude vegetables (e.g. sprouts) from half-pound of meat but not half-pound of eggs?

A: In general, whole vegetables should be excluded. Vegetable juices are wonderful but should be excluded from drinking with meat and/or eggs; one hour should pass before and after drinking vegetable juices. Eating them together usually makes both the juice and the meat or eggs indigestible, which may result in lethargy - tiredness. Vegetable juices can be consumed with fats only, such as, avocado, raw cream, coconut cream, olive oil, flax oil. However, drinking too much olive oil or flax oil with vegetable juices may cause loose stools or diarrhea.


Q: While some nutritionists claim that vegetables are more healthful raw than cooked, research shows that that may not be true. A European study found that your body absorbs as much as five times the amount of disease-fighting antioxidants when you eat vegetables that have been cooked and mashed as opposed to eaten raw. Why? Researchers believe that cooking and mashing the vegetable breaks down the plant cell walls that contain the antioxidant vitamins, making them easier to absorb. You can get the disease-fighting benefits by steaming vegetables in a pot or in the micro-wave and then tossing them into a food processor to make a healthy and hearty vegetable soup.

A: This study did not consider that the bounty of antioxidants found available were predominantly inactive, nor the fact that the steaming created resinous matter that crystallizes in the body over many years causing and/or contributing to conditions such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, nor the fact that steaming creates more oxidants.


Q: What are the benefits of drinking the green juice?

To keep you from getting dehydrated for one. There is a lot of sodium in it. It alkalizes the blood so you can eat the meat. If you can’t, you will get so acidic that you will be repulsed by all meats, especially red meat. You can eat fish to help that. Fish is still acid but there is a high mineral balance and it will help neutralize... The high mineral balance in the fish when you are eating it with the red meat helps neutralize some of the ill acidity that might be created when the blood is over acid. But it takes the juice to alkalize the blood so you continue to have an appetite. The green juice has so many reasons, so many functions. The green juice, for one, has lots of vitamins, enzymes and minerals. It is basically your supplement. The only bioactive supplement. When you take 2-3 cups a day that is enough to take care of all the vitamins, enzymes and minerals that have deteriorated from the food not being right off the ground and right out of the butcher block. That will replace all the enzymes missing because your food is not as fresh. 1-2 extra cups a day will help revitalize and replenish and restore those leached from every time you have eaten cooked foods in your lifetime. Your pancreas has to send out hormones to every cell of the body and say give up what you have because we have to rob Peter to pay Paul. So basically your body is leaching from itself and is getting weaker and weaker every day by every time you have a cooked meal. So eating extra vegetable juice helps restore some of that leached out through the years. And it takes many cups of juice everyday to restore. I am still doing it and I am going on 24 years on raw meat and almost 18 years of eating raw meat on a daily basis. And I still have to have the juice. I may be a little different because I had all the chemo and radiation so that may be a problem that causes me to need it even more but I think most people will need it through the 40 year process. At the end of that time it may be like any dog or cat. You go out and chew on few blades of grass and that is all the alkalinity that you need. That is it. But right now you need a lot.


Any vegetable is best juiced. Cilantro can get rid of aluminum, mercury, and radioactive minerals but never do a lot of those herbs because it will put you into a heavy detox.

Celery, parsley... you can have a lot of those and it will never cause any extreme effect.

Q: With the vegetable juice, do you have a particular combination or is it different for each person?

A: With each person I give a different formula. But my main advice is that people drink 80% celery, 20% parsley. This is my general suggestion.


Q: Should I have any fat with my 4 vegetable juice drinks?

No, unless you want to increase detoxification (raw cream, raw coconut cream, cold-pressed olive, flax or peanut oil), and/or try to force a bowel movement (cold-pressed olive, flax or peanut oil).

VEGETABLE – Cabbage juice – Menstrual Spotting

A: ... White cabbage juice. 8 oz a day. Is it lot of flow or is it spotting?

Q: It is a little more than spotting.

A: Then I would do 4 oz twice a day.

Q: How can I get it down? It is so disgusting.

A: If you put anything with it, honey, lemon juice, lime juice it will cause it to do something else. It has to be by itself. I suggest you just chug it. Put a clip on your nose and just chug it.

Q: Couldn’t she mix it with 4 oz of the other juice?

A: To stop the bleeding right away, I like the cabbage juice to be alone. When it is just internal seepage and I see it in the irises, it can be mixed with other juice. It will help the clotting, if you have radiation in your body, birth control residues in there causing hemorrhaging all the time or if you have some chemical in there. Those toxins cause a lack of vitamin K and vitamin U in the body so you are going to bleed. So you need that cabbage juice as part of the healing process even though it is not part of the direct cause.

Q: How much do you suggest?

A: Half a cup twice a day, morning and night.

Q: Can it be fermented?

A: No. When it is fermented it makes the vitamin K and vitamin U inactive for what you want it to do, which is to stop the bleeding. It is light green but they call it white cabbage.

Q: Cabbage juice?

A: It helps blood clot and helps wounds heal, including ulcers and psoriasis.

Q: Kale juice?

A: I have not used it remedially because I could not find any resource for use, except to reverse scurvy and acne. In at least one book I discovered that it was the only vegetable that was high in Vitamin A and Vitamin C, extraordinarily high. When I do experiment with it in the future, I would initiate my use of it in cases of infection, virus, ulceration (with cabbage), and acne.


Herbs are medicinal and should constitute no more than 5% of your juice and no more than 2 ounces per day unless suffering severe illness.


Q: Can I juice apples & bland fruits with my morning green juice?

A: Apple juice and any fruit is not recommended. Fruit juices cause fatigue because little (5%) is needed in the citric-acid cycle of strength and energy production (for activity), and for solvent production (for dissolving and eliminating toxins). If the ratio increases beyond 5%, the body will either make the excess sugar into glycogen or it will seek and leech fats and proteins from the body's own constitution, most likely from glands and nerves, depleting them of protection, resilience and strength. Since most bodies are inundated with carbohydrates on most diets, too much glycogen is often the case.

Therefore, too much fruit, especially in the form of juice, causes leeching and depletion of glands, nerves and other tissue. The most fuel-efficient ratio is: fat = 80%, protein = 15%, carbohydrates = 5%. The same ratios are most often optimal for solvent-production.

Q: Can I mix apple cider vinegar and clay and flax seed oil and royal jelly into my green drink?

A: Vinegar in juice will defeat the purpose of alkalizing the blood; flax oil in juice will cause the juice to be too detoxifying to tissues and less blood-alkalizing; royal jelly in juice is a waste because royal jelly is effective in helping human growth hormone production mainly when eaten with meat.


Q: How do you preserve vegetable juice?

A: The way I preserve vegetable juice – everybody knows the canning jars. 12 8 oz jars. I will juice 3 quarts at time and that will last me 3 days. After I juice, I will take one of those 4 oz jelly jars and put 2 oz juice in it. I will bring the level of honey to above the first rim so I’ve got 2 ½ to 3 oz of honey in it. I screw the blender blades on that and blend it for 5 seconds so you do not oxidize while blending the honey into the whole 3 quarts. You are just going to oxidize that 2 oz of juice and it is not going to oxidize that much because it is going to be coated with honey instantly. So you only blend it for 5 seconds. I pour that around into the other 3 quarts. Stir it around just a little bit so it mixes in it. Then I will put one quart in a jar so I do not have my refrigerator overflowing with jars. So one quart goes into a quart jar. Fill it all the way to the top. Just slightly to the top. The lids are recessed so you need just a little space to get the lid on without spilling over. You put the lid on to keep the juice from oxidizing. That is the last quart that I eat. The others I put into the 8 oz jelly jars almost all the way to the top. They say they hold 8 oz but they actually hold 9 oz so you are going to be a little off. That last one is going to equal 7 ½ jars. Then I have that last one as the ½ cup. So now when I pull that juice out it does not oxidize. As along as it stays refrigerated for 78 hours it will only lose 7-8 %. Any juice that you buy from a health food store in a plastic container has lost 30 – 40 % of its value by the time it hits the shelf because of the porousness and the content of the plastic puts in acids that destroy the juice. So if you keep it in the glass jars without any air in it for 78 hours it is going to keep with only 7-8 % deterioration in it.

Q: Can you put a little lemon in it?

A: What I do to help the flavor sometimes is I put some nasty herbs in it. I will put a little bit of the rind, 1/3 of a lime for 3 whole quarts. If it is the

weight loss program I will use a lime or a lemon for the whole 3 quarts. It helps to lose weight. If you want to just put 1/3 of a lemon or a lime in while you are juicing your other vegetables and that will give it a little more tang. Also the oils in it with the high vitamin C will act as an antioxidant. Probably it will not even have 7-8% deterioration but I have not done that test.


Q: When you cannot always get organic, what about the washes and the peroxides or Clorox that is used to wash them?

A: All of those things have chemicals. Someone is selling you on killing things. You want to get rid of the chemicals – you do not want to put more chemicals on them. To get rid of the chemicals on your vegetables that you may not want on them, just use water and a little vinegar or water and a little lemon and lime juice.

Q: You do not want us to use a Reverse Osmosis filter do you?

A: If you are just using it to wash vegetables that is fine. Because then you want thirsty hungry water that is going to pull those metals. How long do you leave it in that solution? 3-5 minutes.


Q: What about that wheat germ that they had at the Expo? It is not pressed. They sell it in packages?

A: Wheat germ is a hull. It takes a vegetarian animal or bird to digest it properly. You will get very little from it. It is very sensitive to oxygen.


Q: In your book you specifically eliminate wheatgrass juice as being the only juice that does NOT neutralize acidity and volatile toxins. If that is the case, how come so many people seem to benefit from its "cleansing" properties? Do you think it is harmful?

A: It may be helpful to people who do not eat very much raw food. It does supply vitamins, enzymes and minerals. The problem I have with it is that it causes more blood-acidity. Symptoms are varied.


... Well I have been experimenting with wheat grass juice because of Owanza and other people who have been using GH [Growth Hormone]. Now a lot of people are using HGH [Human Growth Hormone] that is extracted from plants, grasses. And they were claiming incredible results. However, the people that I tested them with, the people it would help the most – with M.S. [Multiple Sclerosis], M.D.[Muscular Dystrophy], chronic fatigue – reacted so badly that there was something wrong with them. From the HGH. So I decided that in order to get some for people as an alternative, I was going to have to try to invent something. So I was looking at the wheat grass because it grows so quickly. They use the wheat grass because it grows so rapidly and has HGH. So what I did was stabilize it in milk. So if you add 3 oz of wheat grass to 29 oz of milk you will get a good proportion and that helps GH stimulation. I have only been working with it for a year now but it seems to be working pretty well. What you do is take a bottle of milk, drink 3 oz of it and then put 3 oz of wheat grass in it. Then shake it up and drink it over a day. The milk stabilizes the GH properties.

Q: With cancer would you want GH?

A: Well I have only been using it with one cancer client for fear of that.

Q: Do you drink a quart in a day?

A: I drink it over a day.

Q: Usually what they say is to take GH twice a day so this you do when ever?

A: I would do it maybe 2-3 times a week.


Q: There is not any limit on the amount of milk you can have with wheat grass is there?

Well, I have not done any tests on that. My lab technician died a year ago. So I am not going to spend another million dollars on research for something like that. So I am just using it by exploration and experience. And I use myself mainly. When this HGH stuff started coming out people were paying $125 for a month’s supply. It seems to have helped a few people. I tried it on 3 different cases that I knew could use the help. All of them had severe, almost deadly reactions to it. So I said okay if this can really help certain conditions and I can find it in a form that is in food and I can create a formula to do that then I can utilize it as a tool as well.

So I started looking at where they were getting the growth hormone and they were getting it from grasses because it grows so fast. Then they would isolate them and separate them. Even if they did it at low temperatures, once the isolation took place it became toxic to people and worked for some reason on a few people. So I took the wheat grass juice and asked what is the best complete food that I can mix it with that will keep it active and fresh for a longer period of time and not neutralize its activity. The only thing that I could come up with, and I tested it and it worked, was raw milk.

So I started using 1 oz per quart of wheat grass juice. And have the milk right away, the next day, the next night and then it still was okay. I could tell that the life in the wheat grass juice did not lose its tang or its vitality. And after 3-4 days it started to change a little bit which is the time I usually have milk consumed anyway. Then I tried 2 oz and that seemed very comfortable. I tried it with the 4 oz and it is really strong. It seems a little overbearing but I do not know that anything is wrong with it. So maybe I can let you know at the next pot luck after trying it again and letting it sit for a little while.

Q: What long-term effect is expected from it?

A: Just more rapid regeneration of cells.

Q: Then what do you recommend right now?

A: 2 oz per 1 quart of milk.

Q: Have that daily?

A: Well for my body, my system, that is maybe once a week. But having 4 oz at a time several times a day will be over a 3 day period.

Q: Regarding wheat grass, I lived with Ann Wigmore for years and what I learned is that wheat grass is really a detoxifier. It is not regenerating. You can only use that much for regeneration because detoxification does not go away. Like I used 32 oz of wheat grass a day to get rid of colon cancer and it did it and I have seen it used that way. But they did not regenerate. They were like living skeletons. They were not human being.

A: That is why I say vegetable juice by itself is all detoxification. That is why it neutralizes acidity in the blood and gives you lots of enzymes and minerals. And that is for supplementation for all those years of eating cooked foods with no life in it. This is to replace it. That is why I put the wheat grass juice – with GH in it – in milk so it could alter it and if there was a possibility of using those GH in the human body to regenerate cells, you would do it in that substance.

Q: Is that as a preventive measure?

A: No, it is an increase of stability.

Q: I have a question about the wheat grass. If they put the honey in that as well or will that throw it off if you mix the juice the milk and the wheat grass?

A: Because of the oxygenation it could cause a little problem; it might help the digestion if you are already using a tbsp per quart before you put the wheat grass in. He asked if putting honey with the wheat grass juice and milk formula work against the regenerative powers of the mixture. I would probably say no as long as it was a smaller amount. As long as you blended the milk with the honey previous to putting the wheat grass in, it would probably be fine.




Aajonus Vonderplanitz

was a nutritional consultant and a very health- conscious individual. He did his own research. His original work is made available through

He was also a very outspoken activist, speaking out and providing resources when he observed harmful actions being perpetrated under the guise of health.

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