Effects of Dietary and Environmental Pollution on Children's Sleep


Although this subject could be dealt with properly in an entire book, I will give brief summation of my research and experiments. Many food additives, pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers cause disruptions in brain and nerves. Only three of thousands of neuron and nerve disruptive toxins are: MSG (a preservative), aspartame (sweetener) and food colorings. Although this essay is geared toward children, it relates to adults. When sushi bars began using MSG to preserve their raw fish in Los Angeles in 2002, I began to get severe headaches and nausea that disrupted my sleep and in general, my life. I stopped eating at Los Angeles sushi bars. Depending on the makeup and health of a child, behavior modifications differ from various toxins. Often, many of food additives cause disturbances during sleep. Most often, heavy free-radical, cauterized metallic minerals are part of food additives, pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers found in foods. Because our brains and nervous systems utilize much metallic minerals from food and pollution to conduct electricity and reflect light, they store in the brain and nervous system causing disorders along with a myriad of neck and head diseases including tonsillitis and dental decay.

Most often, our brains and nervous systems detoxify during the night when we sleep. As children's bodies detoxify those chemicals and free-radicals, too frequently they cause bad dreams, night twitches and spasms. Those symptoms are caused by all of the many neuron-and-nerve-disruptive chemicals that cause excessive electricity and acidity, irritating neurons and nerves.

To alleviate those symptoms in children, it is important to eliminate all processed foods from the diet and prepare meals and snacks from organic foods, preferable fresh. As a remedy to reverse those symptoms in children and adults more immediately, drinking raw milk and eating raw, no-salt-added cheeses throughout the day helps provide alkalinizing minerals to bind with and neutralize those metallic free-radicals and chemicals. Often, simply raw milk is needed. When symptoms are chronic, both raw milk and raw cheese may be needed. Thereby, 95% percent of the time, I have seen children sleep restfully and peacefully after as little as one day eating raw dairy and eliminating any and all processed foods.