Primal Diet Workshop + Q&A Of May 6, 2000


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Primal Diet Workshop in Nevada City, California

Welcome to our workshop with Aajonus Vonderplanitz. He's here to talk to us about raw food, about becoming more healthy, about detox. Aajonus came into our lives a couple of years ago, and we've never been the same since, and we've been sharing these many blessings with our friends, and telling you all about it, and so here he is today to tell us some more.

Thank you Jill. [Clapping]Hello!

Has everyone read the book? Or are there some people who haven't read the book? Anybody who hasn't read the book? 4 people. Okay, I'm just going to then take a few moments for the people who haven't read it - I'm an individual who was very very ill since birth, almost died when I was 10 years old from a reaction to the polio vaccines. They gave me peritonitis, misdiagnosed as appendicitis, when I actually had perforated intestine. They treated me for appendicitis wrongly, shot me with antibiotics about every 3-4 hours plus pain medication, by the time I was 13 I started with angina pectoris, which are terrible muscle spasms around the heart. I would pass out, they let me lie down on the floor in classroom for about 20 minutes because they didn't know what else to do. By the time I was 16, I had to start taking insulin although I refused to until I was about 19. Few times I did take it, I didn't like it. By the time I was 19 I got a stomach ulcer. The treatment of that gave me stomach cancer. The treatment of that gave me blood and bone cancer, and the treatment of that gave me lymphoma. I did not go back for the ...ha ha ha...verification of the lymphoma. And they just said 'well you know, there's nothing really we can do, we can try to extend your life a few months by taking more chemotherapy, but it's doubtful it'll work.' I was already an invalid. To get from anywhere was a great chore because if I stood up I passed out. So what I'd do, is I'd sleep on the couch, live on the couch, and when I had to go to the kitchen to get something to eat or to the bathroom, I rolled off on the floor and scooted across the floor with my elbows. And sometimes it'd take me 1/2 hour to get to the bathroom. That's how ill they made me. And that was mainly from the treatments. In the book I talk about that.

The first part of the book is a story - how my son was in an automobile accident when he was 22 years old, fractured his skull, about 1/5th of his brain was damaged. They said no one had lived with that kind of brain damage, and that he would never recover. So the story is about how I helped him recover using raw foods, and how I came to understand and know what I knew to help him by going through my own health challenges. So basically that is the gist of what you'll get in the book.

Then in the 2nd part of the book are raw food remedies for hundreds of diseases. And they work 85% of the time. If it didn't work 85%, I didn't put it in the book. There are lots of remedies that worked less frequently, but I didn't put those in the book because there's just not enough room.

What I'd like to go over today is something that I haven't done in the last 2 workshops that I've done here in the last 2 years, is mainly focus on detoxification and the healing process. This diet is not a magic bullet. I never found a magic bullet. I've searched for magic bullets. Pills, and the particular one food that will do it. This bark. Or this herb. Or, this HGH. Some human growth hormone. This was the key that will change your whole life around. Never found such a thing in my exploration. And I haven't found anybody else who has, either. Some people have been helped tremendously because they were absent maybe just one particular nutrient, and they had those kind of miraculous reactions. But they are far and few in between. This diet provides the nutrients necessary to supply your body on a daily basis to regenerate and to re-supply all of the vitamins, enzymes, and minerals cauterized, lost, and destroyed from cooking processes or any kind of processing. Whether it's heat or dehydration. Because they destroy nutrients. And I remember one fellow was talking with a doctor and said 'well, your body has those enzymes.' Yea, your body has them. And it will leech from every part of your body, every cell in your body, every time you eat a cooked meal. It's absent in enzymes. Has heterocyclic amines, it has lipid peroxides. Has all these poisons which are carcinogenic over a period of a lifetime. To reverse all of this, it takes lots of enzymes, lots of vitamins, to be able to accomplish that. So I'm one of those 100% raw fooders. When you've been where I've been, and you've crawled around on the floor to get to anywhere you're going, and nobody's there to help, because you know if you ask anybody to help you, they're gonna end up putting you in the hospital if you pass out. So, I refused all help except for 2 days a week, a person from a hospice. A volunteer would come over and do some shopping for me, and another would clean the house. Basically that's how I learned about raw foods, with this one volunteer, came in drinking carrot juice and said 'I want you to read this book.' It was a very short book, maybe 82-86 pages. It was about this woman who reversed her cancer by drinking a gallon of carrot juice a day. That introduced me into raw foods. It changed my life instantly. How it did that, was because I had dyslexia. I had dyslexia so badly, that if I looked at the printed page, it swirled. And I got vertigo, and I'd vomit. Back in the 50s when I was learning to read, you were not allowed to follow your words with your finger. They said that slowed your reading ability. But they didn't understand that if I didn't use my finger to hold the page down, I'd vomit.

I was 22 years old before I drank this carrot juice. Within about 10 days of drinking it, my dyslexia disappeared. I had to cheat my way through schools, to get through college, I had to have oral exams, at all times. And all the professors told me, they said 'sure we can help you out, but if you can't read, you will never make it in this society.' Great support. There's nothing I can do. It's like...telling a cripple, 'you can't live without your legs. Sorry. You'll never be accepted in society.' But this carrot juice reversed that, and then I stopped drinking it, vertigo returned, drank it again, it would go away, it would return again when I stopped, and then it'd go away again every time I drank it. So, I learned at 22 years old that raw foods was probably a good therapy.

By 1972 when I was...25 years old, I made the commitment to totally raw foods. Feb 1972. And I do them completely now. According to Pottenger's work...does anybody know about Dr. Francis Pottenger? He did work with lots of raw foods, he did work experiment with 900 cats over a 10-year period, feeding them various diets. He found that it took...the cats who ate cooked foods got all the diseases of humans, and to get well again it took 5 generations. For us, getting well, to optimal from ill health will take 40 years. From the day you start eating a good raw food diet, 100%. That's not a bad average, that's about 2.5% a year. Let's say your body is NYC. Could you imagine revamping NYC at 2.5% a year? Impossible.

The body is pretty miraculous to be able to do it at that rate. It isn't 'the pot of gold is at the end of the rainbow.' As you go along, you get better. There are detoxifications all along the way, especially if you've been a cooked starch eater. Because the AGEs that form from all starches, whether they're cooked or raw, store at a rate of 70% in a healthy body and a rate of 90% in an unhealthy body. NYC medical university did research on AGEs which take carbohydrate, your body converts it into a glycogen, your body uses glycogen which is a blood sugar, and then the byproduct of that is AGEs, glycotoxin. The body reads most of cooked starches as already having been utilized. So instead of converting it from a carbohydrate into a glycogen, it goes right from a carbohydrate into an AGE. Which is a glycotoxin. So you're storing that immediately directly. What that leads to is candida, herpes, all kinds of skin problems in a lot of people. In other people, it will break down their glands. If those toxic sugars store in the thyroid, it can cause hypothyroidism. It can damage the liver. It can damage the pancreas. And lead to diabetes. Innumerable diseases. And that doesn't include, which I've already mentioned, the heterocyclic amines, which are protein toxins that are formed from cooking. Those are radically dangerous to the nervous system and to the hormone development, or the hormone synthesis of all glandular activity, even prostaglandins. Hormones are considered extra-cellular tissue. If you have...when your liver produces a hormone or your testes or your ovaries, that is a hormone. When you have an intra-cellular hormone-like development or secretion, that is called a prostaglandin. All of these sugars, these AGEs interfere with the cells being able to form their own hormones. Intra-cellular hormones. So the cells break down.

With all of our immense processing that we have today, McDonalds, everything's in a package, rarely is anything fresh, these toxins are accumulating at an advanced rate. And we have the chemicals, the processing, the preservatives, the pesticides, add that to it, and then we're pretty toxic. Cancer in 1955 was at a rate of 1 in 1000 died of cancer. Just read an article from the Sun Magazine, march issue. Can't remember the doctor's (physician's) name. He said that 1 in 2 males now get cancer. 1 in 3 females get cancer. That's up. Just from last 2 years. That's pretty extraordinary. And then you say well, you know, we've been cooking foods for at least 10000 years, we know that. Or at least 8000 according to Jewish heritage. 8000-some years. Cooking all along the way. Of course there were some raw fooders in the Bible, like Abel. Cain, his brother was a vegetarian. Slain his brother who was a meat-eater. Abel was a raw food meat eater. Very passive guy. His brother who was a vegetarian was not very passive. Slew his brother. Hitler was a vegetarian. I've known a lot of vegetarians, including...I was one for 6.5 years, and I had quite a temper. My sugar level would go off instantly, I had low blood fat level, to protect my nervous system, so I would get irritable very easily. Now you'd have to beat me into the ground to get me that. Ha ha ha. To become hostile. The whole idea that vegetarians are more calm and collective because they don't eat meat is an absolute myth. Now there are some people who are more affected by the poisons in cooked meat, yes, the heterocyclic amines and the lipid peroxides. It will irritate their nervous system or their glands, and cause them to be more irritable. Or just as irritable as most of the vegetarians I know. These collection of toxins is what I'm going to get to today, how can they be removed. The body uses 3 methods. It makes solvents, just like we have de-greasers. Soaps. 80% fat, 15% protein, 5% alcohols that it makes from eating carbohydrate that'll ferment. Turn to alcohol in the body. Go in and dissolve tissue. Now the byproduct is almost identical to turpentine and it is as toxic. So there's a low-grade nausea that's created from it and some depression. It destroys lots of bacteria.

The second method is bacteria and virus. Bacteria and virus can go in and feed on degenerative tissue. Breaking down the cellular toxicity. Not the chemical structure, because that still has to be done with solvent process. And if you don't have bacteria or virus, or parasites, your body has to use the solvent process which is very very slow. The bacteria and viral process works about 2.5 faster than your body can use a solvent. So bacteria is good. It's 2.5 times less toxic. I thought it was 50% less toxic but in the research that I've done in the last year and half, it looks like it's 2.5 times less toxic than the turpentine-like substance.

The third is parasites. Uhh...parasites, my God. Quickest workers you can have. Only time it's dangerous is when you're in 3rd world countries and you're dealing with people who only eat cooked grains, carbohydrates. Live on cereals like in India. Because those tapeworms do not live on the tissue, they live on the food. If those tapeworms did not exist, those people would die very quickly. Those children would die earlier. Because your body cannot store that much AGEs in your body without completely turning it into an acid like coca-cola and dissolving the body. So those tapeworms are even good. And they feed on AGEs or carbohydrates that aren't even converted yet, right in the intestines.

When raw food is adminstered to any of those people who have that, guess what happens? 3 months, the tapeworms gone. Minimum. If you cut out carbohydrates completely and put them on a raw meat diet, they're gone in about 10 days. They actually will just come apart, and you'll pass them out. Some people have vomited them, but not very many. Parasites are a wonderful thing. They work 5 times faster than your body can use a solvent to remove degenerative tissue. Most people don't even know they have parasites, until somebody diagnoses and tells them and they go have all of these dewormers. And they've just annihilated their best friend. Most people who have parasites don't even know that they're working because the byproduct is so non-toxic that the body doesn't notice it. The nervous system doesn't notice it.

With bacteria there is some identification because of the veritoxins produced by virus and bacteria. But that's all favourable. They found that at the university of Toronto in association with the hospital for sick children of Toronto that the veritoxin produced by E Coli will completely dissolve tumours and the blood vessels going to the tumours in 7-5 days with one injection. Dr. Low at Yale has done the same thing with Salmonella. Only he does it, he says, he's created a genetically different salmonella than our normal salmonella, because that way he can patent it.

But if you just ingest anything with bacteria and let your meat rot, stuff like that, you will be getting all the veritoxins you need to help reverse cancer. Now I use rotten meat to help reverse diseases. This is all about bacteria. A scientist named John Monroe just published some of his work. He used EDDSes - that's an electronic machine like a computer, they wire you up, they send in signals, and then they come back as biofeedback, and they can diagnose your situation, your conditions. They also have a paradigm of what some healthy individuals had and then they will send those electrical currents into your body to adjust your whole electro-magnetic system.

Now if those who have read my appendix X, that's the therapy I was talking about that wiped me out for quite a few months, because it doesn't look at you as an individual, and say 'you need this, because of this, because of this', it sets you up as a paradigm for about 8 incredibly unusual healthy people - astronauts, that this whole program was designed to facilitate. because when you're in a capsule, you can't deal with anything else. You need to go in there and violate the organic nature of things and take care of it, or else you're going to lose some 3 billion dollar, 4 trillion dollar apparatus that's floating up in the sky. When they identify you with these and send these electrical impulses in there, they are structured on the paradigm of a few individuals. And it doesn't match but a very very very few people, a rarity of people on this planet. So what it does is it confuses your entire system.

Now John Monroe, a man who's been working with this, working with programs in that neighborhood just found something out. - about his own machine. Now I don't know if it's because he heard about my appendix X, and what it did to me, but in one of his experiments, he took people who normally got 2-4 colds or flus a year. He worked on annihilating, inactivating the viral bodies that create colds and flus. For 1 full year, none of these people got a cold or a flu. The side effect was that they got clinical depression. He did not identify it as the lack of virus or bacteria. Kept plugging along, trying to find out what is was, nothing worked. So he re-introduced the viral bodies again. People got the colds and flus again, but the depression went away.

I've been utilizing high bacteria to take people out of depression - clinical depression - for a long time. About 4-5 years. I waited're the first group that gets to hear this. I've been waiting almost 5 years to utilize this to make sure that it worked in all circumstances. Not all circumstances, not all cases would eat the rotten meat, so those I can't tell you. But all those who did do it, and there were about 17 people who utilized in the last 5 years, whenever they got clinical depression or any kind of depression at all they ate rotten meat. They'd come to my door, 'got some more of that rotten meat?' It'd be so rotten that you'd wanna vomit if you smelled it. Up to 5 months old. In the refrigerator. In a jar. Take it out once a week, twice a week, let it air. You do it outdoors, don't do it in your house. Ha ha ha. And let it air. And these people will take just small amounts and just cut it like a capsule size and then swallow it down with milk. And if you plug your nose, you don't smell a thing and it doesn't taste. But that's what they will do. And it worked in every case.

One girl had cancer of the kidney, cancer of one of the adrenals, and cancer of the hip, and in her right breast. This girl had been in chronic fatigue since the age of 20 years old till she was 27, till she went on the diet. Still did not break that chronic fatigue for about 1 year and 9 months. It took her to break it on the diet. She still was irritable to an extent and she still had depression. The healthier she got, the more depression she got because the more energy she got, the more frustrated she was because there was still that certain amount of inertia that was built up for so long. All of a sudden she wanted to do something and didn't know what to do, and depression resulted from that. So finally after 2.5 years I persuaded her to try high meat. That comes from Eskimos. Eskimos ate a lot of high meats. That means bacteria-high, rotten, fish or beef. Or caribou is mainly what they had. So she took this, and I mean I had some...I had done a workshop somewhere and had gotten a fresh deer, so I took some of the glands home with me, lung, liver, spleen, pancreas, all those things. And I put some in some jars and let them mold. So they were about...some as old as 3 months when she started having them and up to 5 months. Within 2 months of taking this...she was about 2.5 years on the diet already. But only after 2 months of taking these high meats, this girl was the kindest, most affectionate, gentle, could not get her angry, could not upset her at all, never depressed. In just 2 months.

How often did she take it?

She took about a marble-sized amount every week for about 3 weeks. And that's all. Large marbles. One a week for 3 weeks, and then she let about 5 weeks go by, and then she did it again. About 3 large marbles worth.

Did she detox a lot?

Well, initially she got some headaches, migraines. That will result, of course, if you've got that bacteria going down eating all this degenerative tissue and all this bacteria's starting to make everything work again, and your body becoming rooted with nature again. There are going to be some

byproducts that need to be removed,. If it gets high in the blood, in the lymph, you're going to have some reactions whether it's dermatological, blood pressure for headaches, irritability, whatever it might be. Those transitions people will go through. Everybody goes through some kind of detoxification, some side effect of that process. Interestingly enough though, 95% of the time they're exactly the symptoms that you've already gone through anyway.

Let me give you an example...oh let me finish that conclusion of John Monroe who did the electrical dermal stuff. He concluded that virus are ways that all life forms can communicate rapidly. Because they get in and they can alter RNA and DNA. We know the virus do this. So from one species to another, it's the quickest way to communicate, because those virus can go to plant, animal, anybody. And he said it was like a process of symbiosis where everybody can stay in tune with what's happening. On a planetary level, ecological level. And that was a nice way to put it. I didn't make my conclusion that grandiose, I'm more focused right on what happens physiologically. But I thought that was a nice evaluation, or a nice conclusion from his work of what happens when you destroy virus and the depression that's created. And when you re-introduce the virus, the happiness that's created. So it's all part of you keeping in connection with everything. Because people mainly get depressed because they don't feel connected, and goes on a cellular bacterial viral level.

Now back in September I started going through a detox. I started eating a lot more decomposed nerve tissue. Like rotten brain. Rotten spine. Boy you talk about rotten, that is the worst stench of all. Now the reason I did this is because in my cancer therapies when I had all of the tumor growing here, they irradiated me back in 1968, there were no holds barred on the intensity and the rads that were utilized in radiation therapy. They completely burned my spine. I could not touch my knees. I couldn't bend over. In 1976 I began eating meat, 1977 I had my first spinal meningitis. I thought I was going to die. I was coughing, it was like an intensified flu, doubled with triple pneumonia and I was filling up, in 5 hours I could fill up an entire bath towel with mucous. This went on for about 5 days. I went into a coughing jag one night that lasted 6 hours. I was in a NY apartment, so I had neighbors, up above me and below on one side. Knocking on my door with bottles of antibiotics. Trying to help me. And after the 6 hour jag, they called the paramedics during it. And of course I'm coughing like hell and the paramedics are there banging on the door, and I'm saying 'go away, go away, I'm okay, I've just got a terrible flu. Go away!' So they left me alone. But there were times when it was just like after the radiation therapy and chemotherapy when I was so crippled that I was crawling on my elbows. My back was in excruciating pain. It took about 4.5-5 months to recover from that. I was sore in the back, I was sore everywhere. But when I finished the regeneration from that, I could touch my shins. I went through it again 10 years later, I could touch the floor. I could actually put my palms to the floor if I worked at it. Without bending my knees.

Last September my spine started again in the lower back. One place that it had never really gone. The spinal meningitises prior to that mainly stuck from my waist all the way up to my brain. And this one started in my lower spine. And I noticed it during sex. After 1/2 hour of the whole up and down, all of a sudden I started feeling very sore. And I could start feeling the pain. And I knew something was happening, I thought 'low grade', so went on and on and on and on...sometimes it was worse than other times, then all of a sudden in February 25-28th, it hit. All of a sudden I started feeling very very sore. And I have a crossbow that's 150 lbs, and the prod on it broke, so I had to re-mold and construct one because this is an old wood one that they don't make any more. And I couldn't get a part, so I had to do this whole artistic thing, and mold it and create this prod to go on it. I went to string it. When you string a crossbow that's 150 lbs, comes out to a 300lb stretch. So I went down to string this and the muscles right here in my lower back ripped out. I was on the ground instantly in pain. I knew that...I thought about that and I said 'wait a minute, I'm going through months and months of lower back trouble, I should know not to exert that'...I should've taken it to the bow shop and just had them string it. But I didn't. So the detox and repair became extraordinary. I had a black tie event that I had to go to 24 hours later. So I had hot water bottles that I put on the area just to get circulation in there, and I took a pain formula. Pain formula works 95% of the time, from last year I even got it up higher. Pain formula is:

2 raw eggs

4oz cream

If you can't get regular cow's cream, then use coconut cream.

5 level tbsp of fresh soft bee pollen, refrigerated.

If it's not refrigerated, it's dried, dehydrated, and won't work as well. Or

it's kiln-dried and won't work at all.

The juice of...1 tbsp-1.5 tbsp, depending on your particular individual need,

I suggest you use your intuition to decide that, of either lemon or lime


You blend that for about 50 sec. What I prefer doing is blending it in a 12oz jelly jar. If you get an oster or an osterizer blender, you know the bowl, the canister where you blend everything in? You unscrew the base of that, take the blades and the washer off, put that away forever. Unless you're gonna have a party and share smoothies with everybody. But you take these jars, you have 4oz, 8oz, 12oz, pint, quart jars that these blades will screw right on. Makes it very easy for blending. It keeps the oxygen level down so you're not oxidizing your food as much. So this 12oz container holds that particular recipe. Nicely. Blend that for 50sec, eat it with cheese. Now I've been telling people to drink 5oz every few hours as necessary, after 2-5 hours drink 2-3oz more and eat a little cheese with it. We have potlucks in LA every 2 months. We have a potluck, maybe 40-50 people come and we share all this, everybody's recipe for raw meat. It's a great celebration. Every 2 months. And they asked me to speak, and I'll speak. One woman got up and gave her testimony about the pain formula. But she wanted to address how she took it differently than what I recommended. She was a woman who was 39 years old, she has had menstrual cramps since the age of 12, that put her in bed 3 days a month. Literally in bed, she cannot move, the pain is so severe. She woke that morning with the pain, the cramping. She went to the kitchen, forced herself up, made the pain formula, drank it all at one time, with the amount of cheese that I told her to eat which was for the whole thing, 1/4-1/3 brick of cheese. Cheddar works a little bit better if you're a person who gets migraines it's better to use the other cheeses. And only cuts it down maybe 5% of its value of its therapy. She drank the whole thing at once and ate all the cheese at once. For the 1st time in her life she did not have any cramps for the rest of that time. They went away in 20-40 minutes. So it's a great formula, everybody loves it, it even works for migraines, I couldn't get it until I had the cheese and other things involved. Didn't work for migraines before, this now works for migraines.

You can add honey to it, right?

You can add 1tsp of honey if you like. Only a tsp.

What kind of cheese?

Cheddar. The raw no-salt-added cheddar cheese. You can use any of the other raw no-salt-added cheeses like the Monstro or the Monterey. But the cheddar for some reason works a little better.


I've never tried it with homemade. You can do that. Do you have pain at all anytime? No? You're not good for my experiment. Ha ha.

So, the pain formula works when you're going through these heavy detoxes. I had quite a few of those. Now this is before this girl got up and gave her testimonial, so I always did my 5oz, then 2-4oz every few hours. So I had that and had nothing else but some golf-ball sizes of meats in between my pain formula. I went to that black tie affair, I took an Ace bandage and wrapped it around my waist, and I actually...I had to get up slowly, and move slowly, but nobody really noticed. The next day I was laid up and in bed again for a week. And I was crawling around on my elbows, just like after all of the medical therapy for cancer. I was in pain. Headache, everything. And I had to crawl everywhere. To make my food, to do everything. The pain formula would bring it right down to a point where it's easily tolerated. I just wish I had experimented and drank it all at one time. Ha ha ha. Each day. Instead of spreading it out. And since that time, I went into...which was about 2 months ago, I was still going through it. Because 2 months ago is basically... we were still in the first few weeks of when I did that. So after I heard her give that testimony I tried it, I drank it all at one time. For the whole day. And for 2 days I'd go without pain. Except for little stiffness, just a little bit of ache when I got up or sat down in a particular position for a while. On April...almost 2 months to the day, I woke one morning, got out of bed, forgot I had the pain. Because every morning that I got up, 'uhh', it was back again. That morning I got up, no pain. It was all over. It's been a week now. I'm able to stretch again. For the first time since before the cancer therapies, I was able to sit on the floor and put my legs out and drop them to the floor. I've not been able to do that for 30-some years. I've still got 4.5-5 months to go to heal from that detoxification. But always, you have to understand that on this diet it doesn't stop your detoxifications, which you call illness, sickness, whatever it is. All illness, sickness, is trying to get rid of the toxins that are stored in your body. Whether it's your own degenerative tissue or pollution that you've put into it. If you panic, you'll run off to a doctor, get antibiotics, all this stuff, and then what you do is destroy your bacteria, then you don't enjoy life, other things break down, and then where are you? You're on the road to death. More degeneration. If you don't panic and know...I've been doing this for many many many years now. On the raw foods and raw meats, the high bacteria. When you detox on this diet you detox...

'...reducers, and it worked to get rid of the bacteria, but it didn't really help me as far as the energy level, I didn't really quite come back out of it, I was always low-energy, that led to a point at new year's where I'm always dizzy, couldn't hold urine for more than 15 minutes, very little energy, not clear at all, couldn't even pick up a job, and when I decided I wanted to live, I ran into Jill the next day. You turned me onto the book, and we've been a couple of weeks doing the raw food. Most of my energy was back. Within a month, I could hold my urine all day. And to be honest with you, I've never been able to do that my whole life. I always had a problem with that. So something we build stronger than it was when I was in high school. So I've got muscle all over my body I've never had, clear, a lot of things. I have a whole new body in 4 months. Thank you.'


Most of the time the reactions are not that radical. Most people do feel elevated experience once they start the raw meats, however a lot of people will go into...I'd say about 20% of people go into a detox right away. Panic. And leave the diet. And never give it a chance. All of those who remain on it always gain. I've got clients who've been on this diet for about 22 years. These people should've been dead ages ago. And they're still doing it. And they're healthy. One man's in his 60s and he had intestinal problems so badly that he basically was dying. Just in the stomach, looked like a pear. He had inflammatory bowel syndrome. Went on the diet, got rid of it, his hair was all gray, lost most of it. When he went onto the diet after about almost 2 years on the diet his hair came back in and red, and stayed that way for 15 years before it went gray again. And still, this man is approaching 70, and he's got the body of a teenager. Another case where a fellow had Alzheimers, 67 years old when he went on the diet. His wife put him on it because he really didn't have the faculty to be able to take care of himself. So wife put him on the diet, he ate the foods, thought nothing of it, he didn't have that faculty to discern. And he ate the foods, everything she put down, he ate. Within about 3.5 years he had the body of a teenager. I've never seen anybody reverse that quickly. I don't know if it's because his mind didn't have all that tension dealing with it, or he had hormones that occur in young people. HGH that usually by the time we're 25 we don't have any more. But anyway, when he died 7 years after being on the diet, he was...he was 67 when he went on it, so he was 75 when he died, somewhere around there.

Did he get his mind back?

No, but it didn't get worse. His wife never had to hospitalize him. So she...Ellie was just elated. Because he was able to stay home with her, and he was fit, she never had to put diapers on him or anything. So he was in stage 4 Alzheimers. Stage 1 and 2, I've seen the diet reverse. But 3 and 4, it stops the progression of it, but does not reverse it. And balding is the only other one that I haven't been able to reverse, but maybe 60% of the time. Or the diet, I don't do anything, the food does it. I'm going to take a few minute break just to have something, do you want to cut that for a minute?

Maybe you're gonna hit the gong one more time. Ha ha.

They're with the hens

They're eating the hens? Ha ha ha.

Okay, so through the spinal meningitis I was again detoxing using bath towels, not as much as that first time, the body will use any avenue it can to secrete these toxins. It will go out the skin. It will be built into the mucous, leave out the mucous whether it's in the bowels, urinary tract, the sinuses, the throat, anywhere the poisons can exhude they will excrete. The vaginal cavity in women, lots of mucous there, ears can drain, women have basically 7 bowels and men have 6. My theory for women living longer - the main reason is because they have that extra place to discard, and they discard a lot. Every period, and also every day that they're discharging mucous. They're getting rid of poisons. Men don't have that luxury. So they contain and hold about 20% more toxins, which accounts for the 20% of longer life in women than in men. Also it's 1 in 2 men that gets cancer and 1 in 3 women that gets cancer. More data proving that that theory of mine could be right. So all of these things that you get, the pain, is circulation going...nutrients getting into that area, tissue being dissolved, removed, carted out, new cells being regenerated, all of that is just like you were to gut a house and re-build it. It's not going to be very utilizable during some of those processes. Like I wasn't able to function at all for days at a time. One time it was for 3 days that I really could not do anything but be on the phone and help other people get well. Here I am crippled and I'm giving advice on how to get well! But the process is, that is the process - detoxification, and then regeneration following that. When you're decomposing degenerative tissue in the neurological network, often you'll do them coinciding together, symbiotically. You'll regenerate and as you detox. Otherwise your whole body could shut down. Now there were times when I couldn't even move, my lower body, for one time up to 3 days, several times one whole day. Maybe 4 individual days, I could not move. I mean they just didn't work. There was no communication between the brain and the legs and the feet. I felt like...I was going like this. And plus the pain in my back. I just didn't panic and I knew that this was a detoxification process, regeneration, and it took from september to february to april before it concluded. Driving...

I went up to Sacramento, went up to Mount Chester for a few days, up to Ashland, drove back down. After sitting for a long time, that much driving, I did have a little bit of tightness and pain in my lower back, but nothing like during the detox process. And because I could immediately put myself to the test, I had more stretchability, more flexibility, than I had in over 33 years. That is how you identify, and you can trust yourself every time you go through a detox. Is you wait till several months after your detoxification to see if there is any improvement in functionality or vitality, or basically your general better feeling. You just cannot panic. You panic, you go to some homeopath who will give you a remedy, and remember homeopathy is the early stage of allopathy. They give you something that will cause a reaction that's similar to the symptoms that you're having. And basically it's fighting fire with fire. It's causing a trauma and a toxicity, not a nurturing healing effect. Just like any drug or medication. So, taking antibiotics, anything like that, will destroy that process. People who, let's say, have surgeries, like Phil's father just had a bypass. A vowel job. As he called it. He's a mechanic, so he calls it a vowel job. He takes antibiotics now just so he won't reject and won't have a problem with that. But he has depression. Again, you destroy the bacteria, you destroy the virus, you're gonna have depression. And who do you know that takes antibiotics on a regular basis that's a happy person? I don't know anyone. Everyone I've ever known during the course while they are taking it, and sometimes for very long periods, for years after taking lots of antibiotics, get depressed. Clinical depression. Again they destroy the bacteria. It's part of their life. Part of giving them life. So I don't know how many ways I can say it, how many times I can repeat it, detoxification is necessary, healing is necessary, don't panic. You go through everything that you've ever gone through in your life, you'll go through it again. But this time when you go through it you'll detox properly and you'll heal properly.

I'll give you another example. In my early teens I started having athlete's foot to the point where I was bleeding. The only way I could stop it was to take Listerine and pour it on my feet and let my feet soak in Listerine. For hours. And then I could go a few days without the intense itching, causing my body just...I'd just rip my tissue to pieces and bleed and bleed. Well, about a week ago, it started the first time since my teenage years. When I got the cancer and all of that, of course everything, I had cirrhosis, and bursitis. So badly that that was just a part of it, so I didn't identify it differently. But when I started doing a raw diet and eating lots of raw fats, all of that subsided, I very rarely had a problem, except some places where I had impetigo on the face, those eruptions would come up again and go away. Well this week I started with the athlete's foot. On this foot. Now I think it was this foot reacting that way, not just because I had had athlete's foot and poisoned it with Listerine, the great antiseptic, but because in 1980 I was bicycling in the desert on a street that had moss on it, and I went around a bend, and the tires went out from under, and this whole foot from here down got caught on the curb, and it ripped the toes out, one by one. So it split the toes between the 2nd and 3rd toe, it split it about 1/2", the next one about 1", and the little one split all the way about 2.5", to the bone. It broke 7 bones in my toes. Now, I looked at that, and it's a mess, and I'm in excruciating pain.

Luckily the people I was staying with had a 14.5-year old girl, that loved going around cracking everybody's kunckles. Was going I waited until she got up, and I had her put my toes back in place. Ha ha. She didn't dare...she didn' me, because look at this mess, all this tissue hanging, so it took me about an hour to persuade her, literally took an hour to persuade her to do it. And I said 'listen, I'm in pain, you will help me, please please please', so she did it, and she got the 5 back into place, bones set right and everything, and there were 2 down here that I didn't know that were broken, way down there, until the next morning. I woke up in excruciating pain, touched around there, and of course they were out of place. So I had to get her up again, and then have her do it very very hard. So I packed it with mud, in fact right after she did that I packed it with mud and I hiked 3 miles. The next day after she set those other 2 bones, I packed it with clay again and went bicycling 12 miles. I knew that if I sat around I was gonna focus on the pain. I knew that if I got that foot moving, the circulation would get in there better. And all of the electromagnetic energy from exercise would make it work quicker. So I got over all of the pain literally in about a week. It still took about 10 weeks to heal it. But because I packed all kinds of mud in there and everything, I'm sure that part of that, and the fungus that remained in that foot from when I was a young child is coming out now, out of that toe.

It's a process. It's a process that everybody will go through, getting rid, detoxing the things that their body already tried to detox before, but didn't have the proper nutrients to do it. Just don't panic. And don't get discouraged, because a lot of people will get discouraged. ''s not working, I'm going...I'm getting sicker, I'm getting ill...I can't move, I'm crippled.' That's just a process. You'll get

through it. When you get through it, you'll be better. You just have to be patient to get to that point where you're better. And in 100% of the cases, I'm not exaggerating, 100% of the cases it's always been true. Whether I've had cancer...since I wrote the book, I started working with people who had medical therapies. Otherwise I stayed away from them because then how can you tell whether the medical therapy or the diet's working. So as I said in the book, 98% of the people who didn't have any therapies with cancer, reversed their cancers. Now I've been working with people who've had therapies, takes about 7 years before you know...12 years before you absolutely know according to Harven B. Jones' work, who was professor of medical physics and physiology at Berkeley, from 30s-40s all the way to the 60s-70s. About 60% of them looked like they were reversing their cancers. But I really won't know for another 2 years, 4 years, 7 years. Doesn't look as good at all. People get better than they were, they start surviving, all of their nutrient counts go up, their blood normalizes, doctors are thrilled and all this, but they've been so damaged with chemo and radiation and surgeries, that their bodies just cannot recover. And I noticed that when people have these therapies, especially radiation, it destroys virus and bacteria. It's meant to stop regeneration of anything. Virus, bacteria, parasites, anything. I ate pinworm-infested salmon, fluke-infested brain, tripe, I've eaten a lot of parasites, trying to get them to work in my body when I did those tests with the animals it showed that they healed...took longer, but they healed best and got to be like kittens and puppies again, even though they were very old animals. Once they got through their parasites. So I tried to introduce parasites into myself because that was the quickest way. But they wouldn't take. Only thing I could theorize was that the chemotherapy still stored in my body and the radiation therapy has created such a condition where the parasites can't thrive. I can use virus and bacteria, so I rot the meats and that works. But the parasites, I just can't work with. There's a Dr. Weinstock, that just released his information this year, the university of Iowa, that took a flipworm from pigs, it's a worm that lives in the gut of a pig, and gave it to these people with inflammatory bowel disease. What he did was gave them a liquid solution with...this is sugar water...with the eggs of the flipworm. He had them drink it. Now what he set out to do is to prove that the flipworm would not be harmful to these people even though they had inflammatory bowel disease. What happened was, that these people got well. From eating these parasites. Parasite eggs. And they were back 4-5 months later 'can we have some more of those?' He wasn't expecting that at all.

Were they on a raw food diet, or...?

No, regular diet. You can take...there's an African medical doctor, he uses maggots to get rid of gangrene. This one woman, National Georgraphic shot it and put it on TV, on the British broadcasting network, you could see her whole arm was going to have to be amputated. It was a mess. He took maggots, very young maggots, and then laid a layer of them all over that, wrapped it with gauze, about 5 layers, and when you could see that some of the maggots were hatching, he unwrapped it. And this tissue was all clean and new. No scarring. Australia has just made honey a medicine. So the doctors can prescribe honey as medication for burns. Because it reduces scarring by 80% and increases healing 2-3 times.


Yup. There are a few open minds out there in the medical profession, but there are not many.

Did he mix the honey with anything, or just as it is?

No, just as is.

I wouldn't use crystallized, though.

Unheated honey?

Unheated. Completely unheated. Yea. Someone asked me about eating a lot of honey. I've only found a few people, like maybe 2 out of 200, an average of 2 out of 200, so 1 out of 100 people, still has an allergy to completely unheated honey. And it's a temporary thing, usually takes them 3 months to get to the point where they're not allergic to it. There's no anaphylaxis, I've never seen anybody have anaphylaxis from it, child or otherwise, from completely unheated honey, but when the bee goes around collecting the nectar, it swallows it. In its stomach it produces an insulin-like substance that converts that carbohydrate into enzymes, not just protein catalysts as I thought before, but actual enzymes. Live active enzymes. And those enzymes are utilized for protein utilization, assimilation, even digestion. 90% of it. So only 10% is left as a sugar. That 1%, 1 out of 100, cannot utilize that insulin-like substance. It neutralizes it, so then it refers all that back into a sugar, even though it's not a radical sugar, it will cause damage, they still can't handle a high level of sugar. Just like they can't handle a high level of food, even if it's raw, because the pancreas doesn't produce insulin properly. Or an insulin that can't utilize the sugar properly. Because some people's pancreases are fine. They're manufacturing insulin, but still they have hypoglycemia or diabetic effect, because the insulin that they're producing is not workable. It's not able to be utilized properly. I would say 90% of all the diabetics that I've seen were not even diabetics. Their pancreases were completely working. It just may have been that day, that test that they had, it showed high level of blood sugar, and the doctor said 'you're diabetic, take insulin.' 9 out of 10. Had never been diabetic in the first place. Taking it 25-30 years. Put them on a good diet, take them off the insulin, they're functioning normally. Easily. It's a big racket. Drug industry loves it. The CEOs love it. Salesmen love it.

I'm gonna start taking questions now.

The thing with the...I have reactions too when I have honey, so it may disappear over time, maybe not?

What are your reactions?

Well I have...the brightness bothers me and I have muscle pain all over my body.

All over your body?

Mostly actually the shoulder, the neck, but I'm sore, my muscles are so sore, what else do I have...blurry vision, sensitivity to bright light, muscle cramp, that's it. But the thing is, then I get addicted to it. It's like I want more. I have to just stop.

Well your symptoms are not an allergy to it. Your symptoms are a detox of AGEs. Remember I said when the body has taken carbohydrates and utilized them as glycogen or cooked carbohydrates and turned them into AGEs, they store at rate of 70-90%? Her body's loaded with them. Honey helps her clean those out. And just like when you're exercising, you have a lot of lactic acid built up the next day you're sore all over? The honey's pulling out the AGEs and making them fluid and they cause the muscles to be sore. Sometimes tendons.

With my vision, it's really impairment, because I can't see, I can't read,...

That means that you' every situation where I've advised eating lots of protein when that happens, usually within an hour the vision is restored. So it means you need protein immediately. And not eggs. You can put egg white in your eyes and that'll help. But actually eating meat. And beef when you have blurred vision, for some reason,...not everything is logical. Not everything is linear. You figure that the eye is mainly neurological tissue and should go along with all the other reactions that I've had utilizing fish and fowl to regenerate neurological tissue faster than you can regenerate neurological tissue by eating lamb or beef or venison, any of those. However when it comes to the vision of they eye, when you start getting blurred vision, it's a low red meat substance that clears it. So if you start getting blurred vision, you know you need to eat red meat, real soon. Right away.

Do you get reports from people on the diet, reports of improved vision in general, like nearsightedness and...

Yes. The most radical one, there's a doctor in Santa Fe, New Mexico, who is a psychologist and works for the government. She's an expert witness. She has had asthma all of her life. And the whites of her eyes were always bright red, so it looked like she was always stoned. So here is a doctor up on the witness stand, looking like she's stoned on dope. And how credible is that? So she'd gone on the diet and went from using an inhaler every day, anywhere, she said up to 30 times a day, using an inhaler, and on prednisone, all the time, to utilizing prednisone only 4-5 times a year, 1 day, and her inhaler 4-5 times a year. And she had coke-bottle-thick glasses. After about 1 year and 3-9 months on the diet, she called me panicy. 'I can't see any more, this diet is ruining my eyes!' I said 'You're 53-54 years old, you've been on a cooked diet for up until 1.5 yrs ago, and it takes 40 years to regenerate everything so the diet's not going to be able to take care of everything all at once. So that's something that may take longer to get to, and also it may get worse before it gets better, because your body is very depleted and everything, if you've been taking prednisone, and inhalers all these years.' But I said 'if you want to find out, go see the optometrist, and see what he has to say.' So she went to the optometrist, called me when she got home, she said 'guess what! guess what! my eyes got so much better, I had to have the prescription reduced so I could see!' I have had that reaction only with the people who regularly put once a day, once every other day, egg white in their eye. Take one of those eye-cup size glasses, put 1/2 tsp in it, hold your eye open like this, like it's gonna pop out, put the eyepiece up in there so that the edges hold the eye open. Put your head back, roll it around about 5 times, drop it back in, remove it, open the eye again, and roll it for about a minute. It'll get all the egg white rotated and massaged into the eye. It does reverse eye stigmatism, everything. If your eyes are very bloodshot, it will reverse that within about 20 minutes.

You do this every day?

Yup, you can do it every day, several times a day, if you like.

My publiser's girlfriend's father is a painter. So he's been around spraypaints...oh my God, so you can see his eyes all the time were bright red. So about a month ago, publisher called me, and he said 'what can he do? He's not gonna eat a raw diet, he's from El Salvador, old-school'. I said 'well, that don't say that he won't, just give him this to do, put the egg white, have him put egg white in his eyes 2-3 times a day.' Within a week he was eating raw meat. Because that worked so well. And they'd given him drops, they'd done everything, they said he was gonna lose his eyes. And I just saw

him for the first time the day I left. And his eyes were just as white as white...he had a little red on this side of one eye, and that was it. And he was putting the egg white in his eye 3 times a day.

Is that good for inflammation as well?

Inflammation in the eyes?

Yes, like...yea conjunctivitis, pink eye, whatever you want to call it.

I've been sick for quite a while...


..and I tried...I was diagnosed with parasite, a certain kind of parasite from Mexico. And I was using herbs and using this and that, and I finally got so debilitated I decided to use an anti-biotic which I've never done before, which I'm on right now...but my experience with the symptoms from the parasite are much better and feeling stronger, and my experience is that...I know that what you're saying is what you're saying, but my experience was that I probably's not a successful parasite that kills its host, but I think this parasite and I were not getting along.

Were you eating a raw diet?

No, not on this diet, but I've always eaten...I've never eaten raw meat, but I eat a lot of raw stuff, and juice and stuff, just because that's how I eat.

Yea, but that won't do it. You gotta have raw fats and raw meat to deal with degenerative tissue. Because that's what they feed on. They feed on degenerative cells. And the only way you can replace and protect cells is with raw fats and raw meat. So the antibiotic will work for you because it'll destroy those that are feeding on you, if you're not supplying the nutrients. People who have problems with parasites are people who do not eat meats or proteins that will rebuild and regenerate their cells. Otherwise they'll ulcerate and have problems. So you probably had ulcerations all throughout your system, where the parasites were eating. And whatever you were eating was not regenerating the tissue well enough too keep up with the rapidity at which the parasites work, eat away at that tissue.

So you have no concern when you buy conventional, or buy beef, or fish, or whatever, with the parasites that could be in that meat?

No, no, no. Not at all.

What about someone who's debilitated, would it be a concern for them?

I give more rotten food to them than I do to anybody else.

Let me ask you another question. Since I've spoken to Jill, I've been making clabbered raw goat's milk and putting eggs in. And I can't handle the eggs, I don't know why, I just don't digest them well, and I like the idea of it, it's not that I'm resistant to it. Do you have people with that problem?

Yea, some people can't handle eggs right away.

Especially the egg white.

Well, it's not the egg white. It's actually the combination, the egg white and the yolk, that causes the intense detoxifications. And if you just had...if you've gone through a series of antibiotics, your digestion...

It was even before that.

You tried the eggs?

Yea. I just can't...

But you were taking the herbal dewormers?

Not at that point. It's not worms, they're not the big guys. The big guys I think are easier to deal with. They're the microscopic one-cell...

Still flukes.

They're not flukes, they're protozoa. And they actually get into the cell, into the walls of the intestines and cause diarrhea and that's the main thing...pain, diarrhea, and gas. They're not good.

Yea they are. But yours weren't, because you were not eating a diet that allowed them to do their job properly and you were not able to regenerate and protect yourself from the byproducts. The byproducts cause the diarrhea, and some people bleeding. When people eat properly, eat lots of raw fats, especially meats, the fats in meats and dairy fats, they don't have that problem. Some people have a problem if they have a digestibility problem. If they have intestinal problems, do not handle eggs well. When people eat properly, eat lots of raw fats, especially meats, the fats in meats and dairy fats, they don't have that problem. Some people have a problem if they have a digestibility problem. If they have intestinal problems, do not handle eggs well. For a while. One time I saw it take 2.5 years before the person could eat eggs.

Then you don't suggest they try the eggs?

No, I tell them to stay away from eggs, but maybe couple a week. That's all.

Do you worry at all about probably think it's nuts, but they say that biotin is bound by egg white...

The spell check when my book was done, and I talk about that in my book, it substituted the avidin for albumen. So when you see albumen when I talk about the biotin and the albumen, that's supposed to be avidin. That happens in a test tube and not in the human body. Not in an animal's body. And when they check the feces and find a high rate of avidin and biotin together, it's always in the accompaniment of biocarbons.

Which is starches?

No, biocarbons are when we have used something to utilize it as fuel and there's carbon left over, those biocarbons, no matter what it is we've used to burn whether it's carbohydrate or fat or proteins in the form of pyruvate, there's a carbon left over. Always those carbons, no matter what they are, are attached to that avidin and biotin mixture. So what they've done, is they've pulled out toxins. You'll have less of those carbons if you eat raw foods. You don't have an overabundance of them. But when you eat cooked foods, you've got a high rate of them. Because again, you go into an AGE that's very similar to the carbon, and then you'll find it bound in that binding process of the avidin and biotin. But it doesn't stop it from working. Means there'll be less biotin for the brain activity, yes. But there's no ill symptom from it as the conclusion was formed. Was a very ill-formed conclusion.

Well it's pervasive in the literature.

Oh yes, definitely.

So one last question, and I know it's hard for you to assess where I'm at since I'm not doing the full diet, but I have been eating mostly proteins and vegetables. And I find...


Well, I mean in my diet.

But are you eating them together at all?

Are you eating vegetables with meat and vegetable juices with meat?

I'm not eating meat at all. I'm eating eggs and dairy mostly.

Okay. You should not drink vegetable juice, with any kind of protein. Vegetable juice should be had alone or with fat only. Like raw cream or coconut cream. If you combine vegetable juice with milk, where there's protein in it, with any kind of meat, no matter whether it's seafood, fowl, or red meat, you're going to have an acid and an alkaline in the stomach at the same time, and they're gonna neutralize each other, and neither are going to digest. The only time that I recommend that they're eaten together is like eggs and milk and vinegar and cream is when someone gets really backed up, stopped up. None of that digests together. So it'll just flush right through.

So you don't even combine eggs and milk?

Yea, eggs and milk, they're both acids.

And they're both proteins.

Right, they're both acids, so they're great together.

So, what I was getting to, was that it seems like, but I'm not sure that, because I have such trouble with energy anyway, that I needed some kind of carbohydrate for energy that I wasn't...

No, you'd be lacking the protein. See, the main fuel that's the healthiest fuel, and that is utilized with the least amount of byproduct is 80% fat, 15% protein, 5% carbohydrate.

Carbohydrate meaning vegetables?

No, well, could be from vegetables, but that doesn't digest well as carbohydrate, could be fruit, could be the 10% of the honey that you eat, carrot juice, or something like that.

You don't use starches at all?

No. I recommend starches for people like fighters, who beat their girlfriends up, beat their wives up. I'd rather it damage them than they damage other people, because that cooked starch will arrest those excess hormones that cause them to be so violent. And that's the only time I recommend it. Like in the book when you read that I ate the cooked starch when I found out my son was on his deathbed, I couldn't sleep, I couldn't think properly, or anything. So for the first time in 13 years, I ate 1/2 baked potato, with a whole stick of butter. Raw unsalted butter. So it wouldn't...those AGEs wouldn't end up in my tissues. But after that I went for nuts, and a nut mixture to take care of that carbohydrate. Nuts in the human body will be mainly starch.

So is that good? Because I eat a lot of nuts.

It isn't good unless you mix it in proper form because in any nuts and seeds and sprouts you have enzyme inactivators. Protein inhibitors. Enzyme and protein inhibitors. So you eat a lot of them, you get still hungry, and you're more hungry and more hungry, and you can't get satisfied. If you take nuts, take 1/2 cup, better nuts are the softer ones like pine nuts, walnuts, pecans. Take 1/2 cup. Blend them into a powder. Add 3 oz of either raw cream, you can have up to 4oz, but if you're using the spectrum natural peanut oil which is pressed below 92 deg, use 3oz of that, one of these fats. Coconut cream, peanut oil, regular cream, butter. So it's...if you wanted to use 8tbsp of butter, that's fine. 2tbsp of honey, unheated honey. And blend that together. Now the combination of those oils and with the honey will neutralize those enzyme and protein inhibitors. If you eat the nuts by themselves or just with honey, you will bloat, and you'll stop digestion of certain things. And you'll inhibit the activity of the pancreas. Which has to supply the enzymes if they're missing. Or the pancreas has to take the enzymes that are in food, re-work them, which is normal, into enzymes which are utilized in the human body and send them back into the stomach and liver. That's a normal process. If you're eating cooked foods, the pancreas has to send out hormones to pull out, leech from your body, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, that's part of your natural constituency, and it's robbing from Peter to pay Paul.

We've got a lot of people here so I'm going to get started. Anybody who has to leave early? Because this'll be about 10 minutes per person, maybe only 5, but depending, so you have to go early? You have to? Who else? Does anybody have to leave early? Let's say, do you have about 1.5 hrs, 2 hrs? So just one gentleman, let's start with you. What's your name?


Doug, come on up Doug. Come on up, the price is right! Ha ha ha. We're going to have to open this up a little bit because the light's...because of the glum day, I have to look over here. Okay. If he have to resort to that, we will. Face this way. There we go, good. Okay Doug, you have very overactive sex glands, so if you don't have a partner, take care of yourself. Because that can make you irritable. Very heavy overactive adrenal glands. Pancreas is overactive too, but it's debilitating, it's probably about 40% active. Lots of swelling.

In the pancreas?

In the pancreas. It's mainly edema, not much fat in it. The left thyroid gland is okay, the parathyroids are overactive, the lymph glands in the throat are pretty good, did you have your tonsils removed?

It looks like you may have grown the left one back a little bit.

Tonsils and adenoids.

Yea. Looks like a little bit has grown back over here, here it's completely flat. Parathyroids overactive on the right side too, the thyroid's low. RBC count is good, you're not utilizing fats properly, so you've got a lot of clogging in the liver, in the kidneys. In the small intestine, a little bit in the spine, in the center. Looks like you're starting to...the adrenaline is starting to store at a rapid rate in drying out tissue...looks like you're on the road to ezcema or cirrhosis. You need to eat lots of fats, about 50-55% red meat, meaning beef, lamb, buffalo, venison. If I talk about red meat, I'm talking about that variety, not like salmon or tuna. That's seafood. That's white meat. And then the need about 10% fish (seafood) and 25-30% fowl. That'll help your skin and lymph system get back together. You're just not utilizing fats very well any more. Do you exercise?

A little. Not a lot.

Because these overactive adrenals, and those overactive testes, that's a lot of hormones that'll make you, if you don't do it, you're going to be irritable.

So I should exercise?

Yea. Unless you want to take it out on other people. You can be irritable. You have very good regenerative abilities, once you start eating lots of raw meat and raw fats. You'll go fast. I suggest you eat about 8-10 eggs a day.

Okay. Raw?

Yea. And I would have maybe 4-6 of them Rocky-style. Just down them without whipping them up. And that'll be easier to eat, and you'll be able to eat more of them that way. The others you can have with milk, if you can get the milk. Because you have these skin conditions, you know a lot of people, if you listen to these, you will get a lot of information out of it. Because you have some skin conditions, I suggest that you do not have eggs and fruit together. Because it'll be made into a solvent, you're already too dry right now. You want to lubricate your system. Before you go making solvents. Your body will make what it needs to when it needs to but if you mix fruit with eggs it's going to be made into a solvent.

Toxic body?

Well you've got lots of toxins, but they're all...most of the toxins are fat-bound. But you have no fat left to lubricate your system, it's already bound in toxins. So you need to go on a detox program, and I'm gonna take a few minutes right after I finish him to give everybody some basic detox regimes so that you can detox easier. One fruit I recommend you have to break up some of that fat and eliminate it, is a little pineapple once in a while. And if you're going to eat fruit, no more than 1 piece a day with some kind of fat. Coconut cream, raw cream, milk, cheese, something like that. Okay? Do you have any questions?

Good things. One thing I didn't know is the parathyroid. Everything else you've nailed right on.

All right. Okay, what I like people to do, as part of the detox process, I like them to get fat. Gain weight. Gain anywhere from 12 lbs minimum overweight to 30lbs overweight. 12-30lbs over what you should weigh. Now the reason for that is, those fats, like I said, your body will use them as solvents and for binding with toxicity. So as those toxins that are stored deeply in you are pulled out, with the solvents, the fats can bind with them again and then it's like old oil in a car. You put the new oil in, it takes the carbons, the shavings, it gets thick and black and you need to change the oil. You cannot remove old deep storages without this process. I tried for years. About 11 or 12 years. And the only way people can do it is by gaining that much weight. Now there's some people who will do it in a 3-month cycle, 3 months gaining, 3 months losing, one girl does it in a 6 week cycle. Gains it in 6 weeks, about 15 lbs, and loses it in 6 weeks. 6-8 weeks. Her body has cleaned faster than I've ever seen anybody. Her eyes went from dark brown to green in a matter of 2.5 years. I've never seen anybody's go from dark brown to that much clearer of a color in only 2.5 years. She's diligent about it.

What if you're overweight already?

Well, what I usually suggest for that is, you just eat the raw foods to stabilize yourself for about 8-10 weeks, and then you go take it off. And then once you take it off, then you start putting it back on.

First you lose weight then you gain?

No, first you just stay where you are for about 8-10 weeks. And then you take it off. Now to put it on, milk and eggs together, lots of eggs, eggs and meat together, fat with everything. That'll help you put it on. That'll stabilize your system, relax your nervous system, stabilize your nervous system, your brain function, everything. And when you detox, there are several methods. But basically what you do is, one day you'll drink a cup of vegetable juice, when you're very hungry, 1 egg, when you're very hungry, another cup of vegetable juice, when you're very hungry, another egg. So what you're doing is egg, juice, egg, juice, etc, until you go to sleep. But you always wait until you're very hungry. The next day, you have the same thing, only instead of egg you have an egg-sized amount of meat. You can have the meat with a sauce if you want. Like a salsa, which doesn't have fat in it. Blend tomato and onion, maybe 1/4 tsp of lemon juice in that.


Are we all going to have recordings of this whole...

If you buy them from him, yea.

So we don't have to worry about...

Yeah, right. So that way it's juice, meat, juice, meat, etc, all day long. But you always wait until you're very hungry. Don't wait till you're so hungry that your brain stops working. Cause that can happen. And don't wait till you're so hungry that you're shaking. Just wait till you're very hungry in the stomach, not in body. Sometimes you can not be hungry in the stomach, and be too hungry in body, don't wait to be hungry in stomach then. If you start shaking. That means you're getting dangerously low in protein. Dangerously low means that if you stand too quickly you can pass out and hurt yourself. For some people, I will tell them to have 2 days of meat in a row, 1 day of egg, 2 days meat, 1 day egg, etc. If somebody's very thin, I will tell them to do the opposite. 2 days egg, 1 day meat, 2 days egg, 1 day meat, etc. Sometimes if you're very overweight, I'll say go 3 days meat, 1 day egg, 3 days meat.

So you do this for a week, or...?

You do this 6-8 weeks, however long it takes you to take off the weight.

And you're taking weight off?

Yea, if you're on that...this is the detox program. Everybody's supposed to gain the weight, and this is how to take it off. So when you get up to, 12-30lbs overweight, then it's time to take it off.

What about the people who cannot gain weight?


I don't know. I try, but...

Well, you're combining a few bad things. Which may prevent you from doing it. You've discovered today you combine a don't remember? Yea you're having lemon with the nuts, lime...

That's anger remedy, I don't do that very often.

It's the anger remedy, yes, that is good that nut thing is good for an anger remedy. But do not put lemon or lime juice in it. Cause that will completely stop the digestion of the nuts. And then you will have all these undigested proteins floating in you blood. And that will cause allergies.

This put on weight, take off weight, however many weeks it takes you to get to a weight that you feel you've put on weight and then you take off that, and whether it's 2 weeks or 2 years, you go to the cycle again to a low point and keep taking it from a high point to a low point?

Yeah, I've been doing it for 20 years, 17 years. I've only been eating a diet of meat on a daily basis for 17 years. My 6.5 years of raw food fruitarianism, veganism, I don't even count. Because there was no protein to build my system. I give it 3, maybe 3 years if also I take the years from 76 when I started eating meat, to 82 when I started eating meat on a daily basis, there is about 5 years there that...about 6 years, I still only count 3 years with all of that 10-year period. Cause I was not eating meat every day. So I'm basically only half way, 20 years in. To being, toward my optimum, I'm half way. I'm already satisfied, I mean if I stopped right here, it'd be okay. But I know that I still have a lot to go. In my irises I can see the scar tissue that still remains in my spine, all my abdominal area and in my brain. 65% of my brain is scar tissue. That's why I'm such an idiot. We only use 5% of our brains for neurological thought processes. The rest is a garbage dump. Man is the only one who cooks his food and man is the only one who has a big brain, that mainly in everybody's eyes comes out to be at least 60% toxic. I met a girl, new client, about 2 weeks ago, that only had 40% toxic. I was amazed. But most brains are just toxic dump sites. And probably that's why the brain got so big. Cause man's been cooking a long time. In fact there was a scientist that came up with: 2 million years ago man's brain was this size and basically they also found that he cooked some of his foods. That may have been the start of it, who knows. That's just theory. Okay, so you know to put in on, take it off, put it on, and take it off. That's a process, it'll help you get through your stuff easier, you'll have less flus and colds, and if you have them, they will be less virulent.

What foods keep somebody from gaining weight?

Pineapple. Ha ha ha. This man eats a whole pineapple a day.

Oh, wow.

Usually when I have other clients that are as thin as he is doing that, they become so emotional and so irritable, they are unbearable. So I usually say 'stay off it if you're that thin, have pineapple just once in a while.' I suggest that most people do not eat much fruit at all. I only eat fruit maybe once every 3-4, sometimes 5 days. And a lot of times I'll go for tomato, something that doesn't have a lot of carbohydrate in it. Remember that fruit will make you emotional.

Very true.

If you have...are very weepy, and feeling sorry for yourself, stay off of fruit, stay away from it like the plague for about 5 days, and you'll come out of it. If you want to speed it up, rot some meat and eat that. In place of your fruit. And you'll be out of your depression quickly.

Can you eat too many eggs?

For you, no. Some people, yes.

How about too much meat, too much proteins?

It's all individual. But for you I would say there's no way you could eat too much of anything. Especially if you're eating a pineapple a day.

I could eat 2.

And you also eat tons more food, too. So remember that fruit only needs to be 5% of your diet at most. The body utilizes fat, mainly fat for everything, it's a solvent, to stabilize your body, and to give you energy, 80% is fat. 15% protein. 5% carbohydrates. The carbohydrate doesn't have to come in the form of fruit. Say I eat 1 piece of fruit every 4-5 days. That'll total up 5% of my need. I need to stay away from it because I was diabetic and my pancreas really hasn't healed much, maybe 10%. So I don't handle fruit well.

Doesn't the brain run on glucose?

Yea, but your body can make glucose from proteins, even. Pyruvate.

Isn't it the harder way?

No. Most of your animals in nature don't eat much fruit. Except for the bats and some of the monkeys. But those monkeys are hyperactive and crazy. Ha ha. And national geographic showed John Goodall, who was...Jane Goodall was this daughter of John Goodall, and he did a film called 'the Beginning', a full-length documentary in 1970-1971. It was nominated for an academy award and won it. And he showed that if you took monkeys and apes and in their natural environment they never ate ripe fruit. Never ever ever. They always ate it green, or there was hardly any sugar in it. Green bananas, green figs, everything was green that they ate. When they took ripe bananas and they took 3 bunches of them and threw them in the midst of these apes, now the apes normally would go up, pull a banana off, and that's it. But they were thrown out these bananas, the apes started eating the ripe, they had never done that before. Started eating them ripe. within 1/2 hour, they were all fighting over them, and they couldn't stop eating them. And they were fighting each other, they were screaming, they were hitting, and they weren't like that before. So fruit, you should be careful with. Not the great carbohydrate to use. You have the nuts, you have carbohydrate in everything, even in meat there's carbohydrate.

Can you talk a little bit about berries?

Berries I use for detoxification of toxic minerals in the system. And also to get rid of mutant antibodies from vaccines or antibiotics. If you'll take berries, and then you take the juice and put it on metal, you'll see it turn black, and the metal come right up and off that container. If you have one of those canning jars with the lid, and you get berry juice on it, with the pulp on it, it will just turn black and come up off. And you've ruined the lining of that lid, throw it away, get another. That's what happens in the body. I use them to help pull out lots of toxic minerals. The most toxic alternative therapy I've ever seen in my life is chelation therapy. And people who take colloidal silver and colloidal minerals. It poisons the system. They say it pulls out toxic minerals, like lead, mercury, and stuff like that. It may pull it out. But it's also, those things are full of metals already. That's what they are. And in a solution that's very fine. So what happens, it lodges in both the bones and the lymph. I've seen people turn their systems completely toxic from one bottle of colloidal silver. And cause chronic fatigue for up to 7 years, to get rid of it. So, anybody you hear say 'colloidal silver, colloidal minerals, chelation therapy', I hope the hair on you back bristles up. And tell them not to.

... as well?

Yup. Can't be utilized, it's impossible. If you go out and feed it to one of these trees or plants, a plant is geared up to take those inorganic minerals, and to make them organic. And then an animal eats the plant, and then certain animals eat the animals. To get those nutrients. But we are not plants. We cannot utilize those minerals, they are toxic to us. Poisonous to us.

What about supplements?

Same thing with supplements. But mineral supplements are usually bound in some kind of a starch or some binder, in a capsule or a pill, so usually they don't even get absorbed. You're just paying a lot of money for placebo, basically. All supplements are only 2-12% utilizable. Means you're spending a lot of money for nothing. The rest, the 82-92% that is toxic, is toxic. Non-digestible, and will cause toxicity, your body has to remove it. Has to use good nutrients to get rid of it. So, supplements maybe helpful to people who predominantly eat cooked foods. Let's say 80% cooked foods. Supplements might be helpful for them. In some circumstances. But mostly they're toxic, if you're eating any more raw foods than that, they will be more toxic than not. Unless you are deficient in one particular substance that's the straw that breaks the camel's back. Causes your problem. Then that one particular substance that you may get, only 2-12% utilizable, may be just enough for you to come out of it. But that's not the way to do it permanently. Cause there will be side effects.

Sulfur is what binds to toxins for detoxing?

The mineral sulfur is good to detoxify bones? Well if you want to have...when I did experiments with that over a long period, it's not new, it's just now marketed well. Sulfur drugs cause all kinds of skin lesions. Burns.

I wasn't thinking about drugs so much. Maybe sulfur food...

Well, sulfur food is eggs. Eggs and milk are very high in sulfur.

MSM is good?

No. All those things are poisonous. You've heard about the people who spontaneously combust? Anybody heard about those people? Everyone that interviewed took sulfur drugs for kidney problems or bladder problems. When that mixes with certain people, that sulfur mixes with body chemicals, and when it comes out through the skin and hits the oxygen, it causes spontaneous eruptions. People have burns all the time. All of a sudden something that'll look like they've been burned. That's sulfur drug coming out through the skin, having a toxic reaction. The one woman that I interviewed, where 2/3 of her body, she was in a trailer, sitting down drinking coffee, and her body went up in flames, 2/3 of her body was burned, she took sulfur drugs for 22 years. And in her burned tissue, guess what was high in there? Burned sulfur. Gee, now why doesn't the medical profession come out with that information, why didn't the news cover? This woman's body, her skin had high sulfur in it, because she took high sulfur drugs. They don't tell you that. Any of these supplements that you take, when they're inorganic and not in a food form, are not going to be utilized properly, and they're gonna cake in your system like plaster. And if your body tries to pull it out with a solvent, which has maybe the turpentine reaction after that, then you're coming up with some dangerous chemical reactions. And if it's exposed to oxygen when it comes through the skin, or out the nasal passages, or causing skin cancer, there are all kinds of side effects from it. This is all about marketing. Did you notice that the medical profession and pharmaceutical community have adopted all these vitamins and supplements now? Because they are more drugs they can sell. That's why they got into it. 20 years ago they were fighting them. Because they didn't have a market on them. They weren't selling them. Now that they're selling them, they want you to buy them. Okay, let's take the next person.

Shall we just go around the line, or do you want to...

She has to leave first.


What's your name?


Okay Marcy, you have very overactive sex glands, your adrenal glands are normal, your pancreas, almost looks non-existent, so looks like you have a diabetic nature. Doesn't look like you produce much insulin at all. Thyroid's in very good condition, parathyroids are overactive, looks like you had a tonsillectomy.

I did.

The lymph glands in your throat on the right side are very congested. Throughout the entire neck area. And even in the chest area, a little bit, especially on the left side. Poor circulation everywhere. Your RBCs don't transport oxygen very well, you need about 60-65% red meat. And about 35-40% white meat, and other than that, I would say 10% or a little bit higher should be seafood. I would vary it, sometimes I'd eat more fish and less fowl. You have indications of very low self-esteem. So you need to be very creative. I don't know if you've healed from that or not.

I am trying to get my creativity back, that's one of my big issues, and I've been low-energy, and I haven't been painting.

Well, it could be writing, it could be anything. While you're in this fatigue, you still need to be creative because your self-esteem is based in there. So writing, whether it's poetry, music, or prose, whatever it is. Will help you there. You have a lot of bruising. Were you a big salt eater?

Not particularly, no. You mean when you bang...then have a bruise...Yea, I do that.

Not high in adrenaline, and not much salt,...did you still use salt a little bit? Cause you just could be allergic to it.

Hardly ever, I used any extra salt.

It's in a lot of foods that are hidden like breads, soy sauce,...

Yea, I don't use much soy sauce, either. Could be hidden other places.

What kind of paint do you use?

When I am painting, oil paint.

Oil? It could be mineral toxicity from that. You know the cadmium, in the yellow, the cobalt in the blue, what I recommend that you do is put olive oil on your hands, all the way up to your wrists, so it doesn't absorb into your hands. Because it looks like actually a poisoning. Salt can do that. And it's causing bruised tissue all over. It's causing like a degeneration of the blood veins.

I've always had a very low immune system since I was a baby, and catching pneumonia, and heavy flus, that would go for months, things like that. I don't know if it plays into this bruising business or not.

Well you could have gotten some kind of medication at a very young age which caused the damage.

Tons of antibiotics.

Gonna recommend that you drink 1/2 cup of white or green cabbage, whatever you want to call it, not the red cabbage, the white cabbage. For about 1/2 cup every other day for about 6 weeks. To help stabilize that. Because it looks like there's hemorrhaging in your blood vessels here and there, some ulcerations, and the vitamin K and the vitamin U in the cabbage will help balance that. Stabilize that. You need to eat lots of ripe meat, you have very little bacteria in your system. In your torso. You do have the bacteria in your extremities, you have molds. But none in your torso. And you have them in your brain, but it's just in your torso, you hardly have any bacteria. I guess that's from taking the antibiotics. Your body protected your limbs from it. But not your torso. Basically I would only eat fruit when you absolutely feel you have to.

I'm not much of a fruit eater.

Like me maybe, once every 4-5 days, and always eat it with some kind of fat.

How about...I have done smoothies since I read your book, fruit juice with egg, blended up.

Even in my book I say do not use fruit juice.

I make my own.

Even if you juice it, you're supposed to use the whole fruit, if you're blending it with eggs.

I suggest that you have milk, honey, and eggs together. Mainly. Keep the fruit down, way down. Otherwise, with this kind of condition, you'll get very emotional and very depressed. From fruit. Of course if you go 5-6 days without it, then you might get depressed for the same reason. That you're not burning your fats. Do you exercise?

Occasionally. I'm trying to do more.

Well I suggest that you mainly walk. Do a little walking every day, at least 5 days a week, and that'll help. Your circulation is really damaged from the lack of bacteria. And then your bronchials and your lungs, looks like you have some scar tissue there, pretty heavy scarring in your lungs. Were you a smoker?

I had been for a while, and I almost died in pneumonia when I was 4, so that was...

...a deterrent to smoking, but you smoked anyway? This kind of scarring in the lungs means that you're going to go through pneumonia a couple of times. To clean it out. Rejoice, have a party. Be happy, because that's about the only way you're going to break up that kind of scarring, it's mainly in the left lung and bronchials. Very creative bone there, so you just have to keep creative.

Yea, that I know.

And, pretty head strong, you have to have things your way, so if you're going to have a mate, pick one that likes doing what you like doing. Okay?

I have a question. Do you consider when you say not to eat fruit, the half of a lemon in a lubrication formula, is that separate from other fruit?

Yes, definitely. Those formulas are set. Any additional fruit is what I'm talking about.

Okay, would you like to come up?

Well we've got somebody napping out here. Ha ha.

Are avocados fruits?

When I'm talking about fruits, I'm talking about fruits with high carbohydrate value. Fruit sugars. They are are fruit, but they're a bland fruit. High-fat bland fruit.

Are those okay to have?

Most people do not have a liver that digests it properly - avocados. I tell people, wait about 2 years after they've been on the diet before they eat many avocados. Other than that, maybe 1-3 per week at the most. Unless you have no other fat.


Hi, Carol. Okay, the right ovary is fine, it's overactive, good and strong, starting to debilitate a bit. The left ovary is almost 50% debilitated. Doesn't look like it's producing at all. The adrenal glands used to be very overactive, they're a little fatigued now. The right side of the pancreas is almost completely debilitated, the left is about 40% debilitated, and it's edemic. Which means it's retaining a lot of water, it's swollen. So you shouldn't use many sugars either, fruits. Keep the fruits down to maybe 1 every other day, and always eat it with fat. Circulation in your spine is good. On both sides. There's hemorraging there, so you have a little bit of hemorraging all over in you body too. So I'm going to suggest that you also have about 4oz of cabbage juice every 3 days for you. I forgot on those other 2 people that I read I recommend 4 cups of vegetable juice a day. And usually I give the amounts. And it's usually 80% celery and 20% parsley. Unless I suggest something else. And do not have vegetable juice with any foods other than fats - coconut cream, cream. In the groin area, looks like a tendency toward constipation. Poor circulation in that area. The extremities – good circulation there. But not in the torso and down in the groin area. Red meat should be 60%. White meat 40%. 20% of that 40% should be seafood. You may increase that at times when you don't have an appetite for fowl. There's a lot of congestion in the small intestines, it looks like the suet that normally is around the kidneys is not breaking down properly and it's filling with ammonia and it's sending it out to the intestines, blocking the small intestines. Thyroid is whole, just not functioning well, parathyroids are whole, functioning better, but not as well as they should be, do you have your tonsils?

Say 'ah'. Put your tongue down. You have some swollen glands here, almost looks like your tonsils re-grew...The right parathyroid is very overactive and fine, and the right thyroid is in pretty good shape. The left side - all of the glands on the left side are really low. And breaking down and deteriorating. So it's half of your glandular system. Not functioning like it should. It's odd because the circulation on this side is better, yet the glands are debilitated. And here the circulation is poor but the glands are stable. So it's your particular way of balancing it yourself. Because of this configuration, there's a tendency to be ultra-critical. You're right for you. Just know that, you're right for you and everybody else is right for them. And then there'll be less conflict. Very philosophical. Enjoy that, but again it's all theoretical stuff. All that criticism makes your low esteem hit bottom too. So be creative and then that'll pull you out of it. Because that's where your only enjoyment will be found, is in your creativity. I usually stay just into the nutritional and physiological properties, except when I see that mental properties will interfere with the healing process. You need to write out some of your philosophies. Because some of those that you've created are very debilitating to you. So I would just open up a little bit more some of those philosophies. Also your liver's not working very well. So you're storing bile all over your body. And that will cause sores and irritability and breaking down of bacteria. Because bile will destroy bacteria. And it'll also cause jaundice all over your body.

I had jaundice when I was a child.

And it never has re...

...raw ripe meats,...and a little,...take an 8oz canning jar, and let one jar, some chicken, and in another jar, some beef, and in another jar, some fish. Because you have toxic minerals in your system too, that are interfering with that, use swordfish for one of them. So you have 3 separate jars. And you have maybe 3 oz of each. Go outside, open it up to the air, 2 days a week, just open it, close it right back up, and take it in the house, put it in the refrigerator. At 3 weeks, start taking it, and taking it up till it's all gone. But only take 1 large marble sized amount of each a week, and rotate each week a different one.

Is that in the book?

No, no, my publisher would not let me put certain things in. That's for another book. Okay?

Thank you very much.

You're very welcome.

Yes! That one I got away with.

What else didn't get in the book?

A LOT. 2 books worth of material.

How do you know if you can eat avocados or not?

Well normally I can't tell unless I'm looking in the iris and blow it up, so I would say that if you eat an avocado and it sits a little heavily in your stomach for about 15 minutes afterwards, you don't digest it well. Of course if you eat it with something like pineapple, you'll never know the difference. Ha ha ha. Cause there's so much Bromelain in the pineapple, that it'll just melt it.

Would papaya have the same effect?

No, it doesn't have the intensity and the citric acid to help break down the fats. Very different. Papaya and pineapple. Let's say if after eating the avocado you get a little lethargy, you get a little sleepy, it's a sign you're not digesting it well.

I feel like that with what I just ate...

Well probably because you ate so much cheese with it, I would have said just the reverse - more meat, less cheese. Yea, because you're so enzyme-deficient. Cheese doesn't have a lot of enzymes. So I would say eat some honey, just little bits of honey just to get the enzymes in there so you can utilize it. It's better when you're first starting out like that, to eat the meat with just very very little cheese. And then you'll probably have no trouble at all. Did you drink anything, have anything with it other than the cheese and meat? Water? Never EVER EVER drink water with meat and cheese. It will completely dilute your acids. And then that stuff will sit in your stomach for quite a while. At least 40-50 minutes, and usually meat and cheese should be gone out of the stomach in 20 minutes.

Not just water but any...

You should not drink water with any food.

But other fluids?

Well you can drink milk with almost anything, except your vegetable juice.

How long after a vegetable juice can you drink milk?

After the first time, let's say you have vegetable juice the first thing in the morning, which I usually recommend to get everybody's enzymes going for the day, wait about 20-40 minutes, that's all. After that, it should be an hour either side. For any food. Before or after vegetable juice. An hour. Just to be on the safe side.

You recommend the high meat for everyone?

No, because some people may have such a violent reaction from it, may put them into such a heavy detox, that I may not.

Would someone who's relatively healthy with no specific symptom, just a maintenance dosage?

Absolutely, I would say anybody wants to eat rotten meat on a regular basis every week, go for it! You'll get better faster. The Eskimos, they would do it every summer. Getting ready for fall and winter. That's where I was introduced to it. They took caribou and beat it into a mince, rolled it in whale and seal blubber, wrapped it in a hide, and buried it in the ground. It was never deeper than 6", under the ground, and never 2" above the surface. So it was right in that 4" plane. Between 2" and 6" under the ground. And they let it rot until it smelled for 1/2 mile downwind, and then it was ready. And man did it stink. I couldn't get within 5 feet of the stench of it. I just wanted to barf. So I took cotton balls with musk oil, stuffed them in my nostrils, and then they shaved about a golfball size amount off, I went and stuck it and swallowed it quickly, so that I could get it down, and then ran again away from it, pulled the stuff out of my nose. It was okay, but you know I had blood and bone cancers, so I was always plagued with a cold. If it got 72 deg, I was already in pain in my joints. So after I ate that high meat, and I didn't know it was high meat, because it was green and black, I thought that it was herbs. Rotten. And I was a vegetarian at the time, and they were trying to get me to eat raw meat, I wouldn't do it. But they got me to eat this, because they made me believe, or I interpreted right away, that it was some herb. And I ate this stuff, and for the first time ever that I could remember, I was not cold and I was in Alaska. Sure it was late summer, it was September, but it was still already cold, in Alaska it's already snowing in September. Heavily snowing. And I was not cold for the entire time I was there for the month, into October. So they ate massive amounts of this. The kids come over, and this fish that you just would not believe that people would eat, these kids got smiles from ear to ear and they're just eating it as if it were a lollipop.

Just on a regular basis when you buy meat that's gonna be 2 or 3 days before you eat it, do you refrigerate it, or leave it out?

I usually refrigerate it, but for the day that I eat it, I usually leave it out. Cause I like it room temperature. Tastier that way.

But you could leave it out for 2,3,4 days?

Yes, Owanza who I talk about in the book, who had 63 tumors, took her about 11 years to recover from all that, she did something that even the Eskimos didn't do. She took 1 cup of meat, and she let it rot on the kitchen counter for 6 weeks in her apartment. Open container with nothing but cheesecloth over it. It stunk up the whole building. I mean this is in Beverly Hills. And this apartment building, there were 8 apartments in this building. And the 5th week I walked into the hallway, and I could smell it in the hallway and I was getting a headache. So I wouldn't even go into her apartment the last week. It was that bad.

It didn't ...?

No, it didn't. In fact she healed, in the next 18 months, healed quicker than I've seen her heal in the previous 6.5 years before she did that. There was worms in it, there were flies in it, she ate everything. She ate everything that was in it. Every bit of it. I don't even know how she did it. Probably because she lived with it every day, and the smell, she was living with it, I don't know. She was braver than I. But she did, and she got much better after that. I mean she was always in depression. And after she had that, she was not depressed again. Not known her to be depressed since that. Now she didn't eat it all at once, it took her about 3 days to eat it. She did.

How much did she rot?

About a cup. She had one of those wide-mouth ...type jars, with metal flip lids. And just put gauze cloth over that with a rubber band around it. I don't know what it prevented from getting in there, because it was all in there anyway. Flies and everything. Little bitty flies.

Why do you put it in the fridge, why not just leave it outside?

Because your whole house will stink.

Even if it's closed?

Even if it's closed. It will leak, it gets gas in it, it'll start pushing the top up a bit, it will bend it, it will crack it, it will bubble it. It will do everything. Unless you open it regularly every couple of days. And then that stench gets into your house. So I say, 'take it outside and do it outside.' Unless you want to prepare yourself for it.

Bacteria growing in it?

Yea, it creates gases. That's one of the reactions, the sulfur sets free. Okay, whos' next?

What is your name?


Let's turn this way a little bit. Wow, your liver stopped working properly about 22 years ago. How old are you?


You have bile all over the place. Everywhere. All of your tissues, all of your cells. If you have a lot of AGEs, and you do have some, in your body, you're a prime candidate for herpes and candida.

I used to have it. Stronger when I was 20.

You still have it, it's just that you're not detoxing it. Stand by when you detox it. It's all gonna come back. There'll be times when your whole face around in this area, you're gonna turn green and orange when it starts coming out. And then it'll turn brown. Sex glands are...the left one's pretty normal, the right one's overactive, the adrenal glands are pretty normal, the left one's a little overactive, the pancreas is okay, about 50% functional. Even though you can handle fruit sugars, you're just so thin, you lack proper fats all over, and you've got all this bile in there. So if you have the fruit, it's likely to make you very irritable.


Yea, so I would stay away from fruit for that reason. If you can get raw cream, and you can have a cup of cream, whole cup of cream with some fruit, you can probably get away with it. That's a luxury.

I've been doing 4 raw eggs a day, and that seems to really mellow me out.

Well you need about 10-12 eggs a day. To help get all that bile out of there. You're using fragrant oils?

It's starting to deteriorate your brain cells. So I would...wear a charcoal mask, something to stop those vapors.

Is it essential oils are fragrances? Cause we've always been doing essential oils and we just switched to fragrances. Doesn't matter?

Doesn't matter. It's the vapours, you can't handle those vapours. That also adds to your irritability. Because it's damaging those nerve cells. Even if you're exposed to the finished product, it's not a good thing, you need to stay away from oils. It's to hell with your career, right?

Hm, that's okay.

Lots of congestion in your torso, especially around the kidneys and liver. Spleen. Do you have back aches?

I have 2 spots on my back that are just sort of ...lower back once in a while.

You're concentrating some of the bile right there, in those 2 places. And they're actually eating away the nerve tissue. So you need at least 8 eggs a day. Minimum of 8 eggs a day. Up to 12 eggs a day. Cream if you can get it. I mean, do like I do, get some extra quarts of milk, and suck the cream off, and use the skim milk for a bath. That'll also help draw some of the bile that's in your skin out. I have never ever suggested this for anyone before, but 2 days a week, eat 2 egg whites without the yolk. You can have the yolk with some meat, red meat, at another time. And then have the 2 egg whites when you're having milk and a couple of eggs at another time. That concentrated protein in that form will help build some mucous around the liver to help protect that liver. Have you been diagnosed with hepatitis?

Because you have all the symptoms of having 3 types of hepatitis. That doesn't matter whether it's hepatitis or not, that's just severe liver damage. I'm gonna suggest that you have liver at least 2 times a week. I have liver, when I take liver, I like pate, I'll just put it in a food processor with some red onion, and blend it into a pate. And I like it that way. I came up with a new recipe last week, when I was eating a lot of new buffalo glands. Or just earlier this week. And I make a salsa with cherry tomatoes. Take 5 cherry tomatoes, one little sliver section of red onion, about 1" by 0.25", 1/4 tsp vinegar, blend that together, and then I'll take 1tsp of that and put it with liver or lungs or anything, 1/2 cup each, milk, gland, and 1tsp of that salsa, and just a little bit of garlic, a little sliver of garlic in that, blend that and the salsa, take a tsp of the salsa and put that in with the milk and the

glands, and blend that together, it tastes like an incredible soup. And that's an easy way to eat glandular tissue. If you have a particular glandular problem and you need to bring the gland back quicker, good fresh gland will get it back. It's the only thing I found that helps the glands grow back quickly, or the same glands that you're having a problem with.

Old is better than fresh?

Well to degenerate the old tissue in it, the toxic tissue, the rotted is better. But to re-build it, it has to be the fresh. So remember that a rotted food will help...

Let me finish this and I'll do that. The thyroid gland is almost non-functional. Both sides. The parathyroids are very overactive trying to make up for the inactivity of the thyroid gland. So if you can get thyroid, who was it? Can you get thyroid from the deer?

Where is it located?

Throat. You two live near each other?

Easy, you got a source! You get that thyroid. If you take that, and some milk, and some red onion, and blend it together, it'll taste like clam chowder. But if you like the salsy tomato-like Mexican flavor, then go with the salsa in with it. So you need liver, you need the thyroid gland, and predominantly...this is a confusing one, because you're over-acidic, so normally for over-acidic people I say less meat, because that has a tendency to make you irritable. So you're one of those people who needs a lot of red meat, but you will get irritable. So you have to stay on top of your juice, vegetable juice. You have vegetable juice, meat, smoothie, vegetable juice, meat, smoothie, vegetable juice, meat, vegetable juice. Make sure you get the 4 in, because you have to keep your system alkaline or you'll get irritable very easily. And if you go off that juice, even for 2 days in a row, you'll know it. And you won't be able to eat the meat, you'll get anorexic. And if you eat too much fruit, you're not gonna have an appetite for meat, the more fruit you eat, the less you'll be able to digest meat because it overalkalinizes the intestines. Sweet fruit. And I would say, I would wait about 3 months before you eat some rotten meat, just to stabilize. Because you start breaking down some of that liver tissue right now, and you'll go into fatigue pretty heavily. So wait about 3 months till you've gotten good and stable before you start eating rotten meat, and you do need some rotten meat. Cause that is...a lot of your depression.

And the recipes for juices and smoothies are in the back of that book?

No, yours should be 80% celery and 20% parsley. Everybody is 80% celery and 20% parsley unless I tell you different while you're up here. Smoothies – for you, like I said, have eggs and milk and honey only. Once in a while, maybe the fruit, but I wouldn't, because it'll make you irritable and emotional, and all wound up...try to stay away from it. Be balanced.

And that can be blended together?

Yup. So you can put as much fat in as you like, as you can digest. With your liver problem, you don't wanna overburden it. Because of that problem, it's going to be harder for you to get through, than most people. It's not gonna be like your brother, like that. Yours is gonna be slower because there's some severe damage there. And there's lots of scar tissue everywhere. But you can still recover.

Okay, what was that I was going to finish talking about?

Regenerative...moldy meats...

Oh, moldy meats. Moldy foods in general - molds are there to break down the substances that are clogged in your system, but there's no way to remove them and dissolve them and eliminate them. You eat cooked foods, you destroy the natural enzymes, everything in them, the bacteria, they're destroyed. Over. Finit. Nothing. So when that food dries out in your system, that substance dries out in your system, there's no way to dissolve it and remove it, except with solvents. To get molds and bacterias in your body, if you will mold foods that you ate a lot of cooked, you can eliminate them from your body. To help get rid of AGEs, I used to take wheat berries, rye berries, rice berries, I was a big rice crispies, captain crunch, all those things, I was a heavy cereal eater. So I was full of those AGEs. So I took those same grains and would germinate them and then let them rot. Black and white molds. And then I would eat them. To help get rid of mine quicker.

Do you still recommend that?


Should we do the same thing with potatoes too?

Yup, you can do it with potatoes too. Just remember, you don't want to have a lot of it, because there are 2 things that happen with that: sometimes a black mold will form, which is ergot. And you can get high, because it's LSD. And it can be a nice high, but it doesn't really ground you into reality. I haven't experienced anybody that's had hallucinations from it, except when it was pulling out, somebody who had intense LSD. People who had a lot of LSD, yes, it would bring it out, and they would have reoccurences of hallucinations. So grains is something you probably want to take with...less often than you would meat. Meat is something you can do every week, rotten meat, fine. The grains, I would do no more than one cycle of them about every 16-18 months. And no more than probably 2oz. 2oz after it's...if you took 1oz of berries, and they swell up, double the size, and then they mold and shrink a little bit, that's about right.

How long, the 2oz?

Well you want to start taking it, you'll take about maybe 4-5 berries that have molded every week, and you start at the 3rd week, and you go until you finish them. All molds have 17 stages that they go through. And you want to eat them at all those different stages.

You know the molding raspberries, they were staying red for the longest time, there's hardly any mold on them and it's been...

You didn't let them mold outside the refrigerator first?

When you're molding berries, you wash them first, you let them get wet, you can let them swell and get soggy, then you leave them out and they'll mold, the mold will grow quickly. Once the mold starts growing, then put them in a jar and put it in the refrigerator. And in the book I talked about having a lot at one time, and some people would go into chronic fatigue that could last anywhere from 30 days or a few weeks up to a year. Another way to do it - again like the grain berries you can use the raspberries and the other berries in the same way. You mold about a pint of them, you only take 3 berries a week. And very rarely does anyone go into a fatigue. And it'll only last for a few days. Again that's to destroy the mutant antibodies created either by antibiotics or vaccines that feed on the proteins in your blood. The somatids that make up the proteins. So you look like you have a lot of protein in your blood, but they're hollow, like an empty egg.

I ate a lot of soy. Can you do that with soy?

You ate a lot of soy? That's a difficult one. Because the soybean is poisonous raw. That's a very difficult one.

Could you mold soy sprouts?

Yes you could, that'd probably be your better way, but just remember that I would do that very very lightly and only once in a while, and no more than probably 5 grains, maybe 1 of them a week, and that's it, because...does everybody know the soy ploy?

Soy is one of the most poisonous foods there is. But it's high in protein, easy to grow, and great marketing. Even vegetarian animals, herbivores, cannot eat soy without getting sick. They cannot feed it to animals in any large quantity, an herbivore will not eat it in any quantity, even a goat. Because there are enzymes, which absolutely stop digestion. Protein inhibitors. Enzyme inhibitors. If you want to know about it, go on price-pottenger's site,, and put in soy. Soy ploy. And you'll come up with Dr. Enig and Sally Fallon's research on it.

What about the Japanese?

The Japanese only ate it in soy sauce. They never ate tofu. That was an industrialized thing that the japanese came up with later on, when soy started becoming a marketable substance.

What about miso?

Miso is again almost all salt and soy.

But the fermentation, isn't that good for enzymes?

If it were raw fermentation, but they don't ferment any of that raw, and then the salt counteracts some of the fermentation, yes. So, if you're going to make a rotten food, make it raw. If it's soy or grains, you need to germinate it or it's not gonna do you any good. And you need to germinate the grains until they mold in the germination process. Keep them wet. Not completely covered, but keep them wet so you see this white mold start growing and then when the blacks and the other molds start growing, you know there are different stages. And eat them at all those different stages. Yes?

I came back from France, they say to mold the cheese, is that a good idea?

That's a very good idea. Cause we've all eaten lots of cooked cheese in our

life, that American stuff, Velveeta, how much Velveeta I ate, no wonder I was so

sick. That stuff was awful.

What about cheez whiz?

Ha ha ha. That's plastic. Who said that?

Phil, of course.


I also found that if you put it in a dark place, it seems to...the mold is faster.

Right. If you leave it out at room temperature...if you'll take it out of its package and then let air in...plastic bag, like a ziplock bag with air in it, it will mold very quickly. All different kinds of molds. That may be a difficult one, so only a little bit, cause I've seen people get fatigue, so eat only a little bit. Maybe a little, let's say molds on the outside first, then work its way in over the month inside, so when it gets on the outside, if you want it to go blue, to blue cheese, you need to let it sit a longer time. If it's just the white mold, that'll happen within a few days. Shave some of that off. But I wouldn't have any more than a thin shaving like this, about as wide as the brick is, and no more than 1" long, per week.

Why would one...

And remember, don't mix these molds. Don't go having...let's say I have my moldy berries this week, and I have my rotten fish this week, and I have my moldy grains this week. No no, one mold a week, that's it. Or else you'll find yourself fatigued. This is a 40-year process. Do it intelligently.

So why would one be tired from this?

From the molds. The molds are there to decompose substances, that's what molds do. So you start molding, you got a lot of molds in your body, breaking down toxicity in your system, all of your energy and nutrients are going to handle that, and you're not going to have any energy to do things.

What's your name again?


There we go. Okay, the left teste is pretty normal, adrenal glands have been off and on overactive, the right teste is very overactive, right adrenal gland was pretty overactive. The adrenals right now are inflamed. The pancreas is inflamed and edemic. Pancreas is probably working only about 20-25%. One fruit with high carbohydrate in it, maybe only once every 2 days, always eat high fat with it. RBC count is very good, however, the oxygen is not being transported very well with the RBCs, so the RBCs aren't very strong. I'm going to suggest that you have 25% parsley and 10% zucchini or summer squash, you know the yellow, and 55% celery. For about 6 weeks. And then go to 15-20% parsley, 60-70% celery, and then zucchini or cucumber for the remainder. You have fat cells clumping like leukosis in your glands, thyroid, parathyroid, in the throat area. You had a tonsillectomy. Lots of scar tissue there from it. And the lymph glands and the thyroid aren't so good. You need lots of moldy meat. Or high meat. Bacteria meat. About 70% of your meat should be red meat. 10% seafood and 20% fowl. I would suggest that you do some walking. Maybe even do some push-ups. Because you have that congestion in your glands, it'll get that all moving if you do that kind of movement, or chin-ups, something that'll get that going a little bit better. The reason I said zucchini is because you have a lot of lead and toxic minerals stored in your limb and your brain. A little bit in your spinal cord, mid-back. When you do have fruit, I suggest you have pineapple. But not very much. You seem to have a hiatal hernia. Which is the membrane between the stomach and the lungs. It's almost all scar tissue and lots of congestion in there. Sometimes that creates a very acid condition in here, soreness, burning. Eating whole coconut can relieve that. It's about the only thing I've seen relieve it, when it's this pronounced. When I've seen it this pronounced, usually it takes 10-20 years to completely get rid of it, but it can be gotten rid of. Most people live with that all their life and it gets worse and worse and worse until they have to have almost everything removed. But you can reverse yours, just have to be patient. Have you ever had a hernia?

Not to my knowledge. I have had pain in those areas, but I never consulted any medical people.

Well you've got some ulcerations down there. And that's going to form into scar tissue like the hiatal is. I suggest that 3 ½ cups be that other juice, and then ½ cup the white cabbage, about ½ cup a day which is 4 oz, every 3 days, for about 8 weeks. And that should resolve the hemorrhaging. It's not gonna resolve the pain for a long long time, all of it, but it'll get rid of most of it. 80%. So it won't even be that noticeable. But you still may have a sharp pain every once in a while. Did you work around heavy metals like lead?

Where did you grow up?

New York.

Well, you must have been allergic to all those heavy metals in the air. Because they're all throughout your lungs and chest cavity. The bronchials, everywhere. And it's just sitting in there. Tomatoes, eat tomatoes with cheese, maybe 3 days a week. And I recommend that you have about 8-10 eggs a day, right around 8. Are you living where you can get milk?

Not really. Or no. I'll have to order it.

Go get it. The Clareville milk, it's a great milk. I recommend that you have a quart a day of milk.

What about headaches?

Well, if you let it sit and clabber like I do, let it sit out for 3 days at room temperature, and don't leave it in those bottles, you saw the quart jars with the wide mouth that Jill has, put it in that, and don't fill it all the way, put a lid on it, so some air will get in there, and it'll clabber quicker. You should use a natural clabber though. I would rather that the milk digest itself rather than adding rennet, because the rennet for you won't work. I need the milk to break down properly on its own, for your system. And the headaches you're going to have because you have the heavy lead and mineral toxicity, it's all in here, and when that dumps into the blood, you get high blood pressure. Go for the pain formula that I gave. That'll help counteract that. So two your eggs in that, some of the cream, the bee pollen, everything, that'll take care of most your headache. So you can still function, at least. But you can't go without that side effect. You need to eliminate it. (Long pause)

Boysenberries and blackberries will help you also get rid of those metals faster. And if you're gonna mold some, mold those particular berries. Do you have any questions?

I think that'll do. Thank you.

Could you put it on pause for a minute?

All right. What is your name?


Okay Andrew. This guy should be an athlete. Or a prostitute. Ha ha. Very very overactive sex glands and adrenals. I hope you have a very active partner. If not, you need to take care of yourself. Because that many hormones building up can make you a very irritable man. Or distract you entirely. The pancreas is about 60% functional, but not very healthy. So you can handle 1 piece of fruit a day, as long as you eat it with something. If you eat fruit without fat, it's likely to increase your sexuality, and make you more uncomfortable.


Very. Not necessarily more emotional, that will, it'll work up to that eventually. But you, will make more restless and irritable. Circulation's good in the spine and the limbs, lots of bile collecting everywhere. Your liver's not in good shape.

The lymph glands around the liver are very congested. The liver's done as much as it can do until its whole environment changes.


There's a lot of metal toxicity in your right teste. What that is going to do, eventually, when that starts coming out, that whole area, between your rectum and your scrotum is going to inflame, and could last for couple of years, and itch at times, who knows when that's going to happen in the next 40 years, but it will happen probably several times.


Mm-hm. Why they've stored mainly in the right teste, I don't know. Also in the sinuses on the right side, all up in here. Do you work with welding?

I've previously done a lot of welding. Also a lot of solvents. Metal work. Metal shavings, dust.

Well, it's really lodged, and it's basically poisoned your liver. So you need lots and lots of eggs, up to 28 a day.

That'll break my previous record.

Ha ha. And your record so far has been?

I could eat easily 8-10, without...

Nothing. For you, that's nothing. You need a lot.

Tip of the iceberg...

Are you working out, do you exercise?

I have physical work, I don't exercise purposefully, outside of...

What do you do?


Oh, that's very active. Yeah, then you can definitely eat 20-28 eggs a day. That's the only way I see you're going to get rid of that bile. You don't have to do it every day, all the time, but you need to just load your body up with it, you need to get fat around here, and then take it off, and get fat around there, because if this bile with that kind of metal toxicity and solvents gets to your intestines without enough fat around here, it's going to put holes in your intestines. And then you'll find yourself not able to function. So, you want to make sure you can build that up. Cheese is going to be very helpful too, because when your body takes some of that, it's going to dump it right into the stomach, and the cheese will help absorb it, so you won't have so much nausea. There'll be times when you probably will have to vomit it up.

How about mineral deficiency?

Well, definitely creates a mineral deficiency, but the cheese will help correct that. And the milk. And I recommend 1-2 quarts a day. Lots of milk and lots of eggs. I would say concentrate on those for about 6 weeks, 6 days a week, and maybe ½ lb of meat every day, of various types of meats, I'll get into what percentage in a minute, and then after about 6 weeks, increase it up to about 1 lb of meat a day, and cut the eggs down to about 12-20 a day. But for 6 weeks, go 20-28 a day, ½ lb meat. And keep up your juice, vegetable juice. Maybe you can let it go one day, 2 days a week, but never 2 days in a row. Berries I would wait until maybe August before you start eating berries. Because that's going to pull them out even quicker. And I would just like to make sure that your body is stabilized everywhere, so when that solvent and those metals come out into your system, that your system will be protected. So the chance of damage will be minimized.

It's an older exposure. It's not a day-to-day thing currently. This is...

But it's in glands. It's very fluid.

Luckily I'm not taking it in currently.

Yeah. Good. No, it would look differently if you were taking it in now. This is old and deep. It's all in your bones, in your arms, in your ribs, especially in the right teste, and in your brain. Sinuses. The thyroid looks okay, it's got some metal toxicity. Parathyroids are underactive. Tonsils and adenoids, looks like scar there, so they look like they've been removed.

No, I have them.

You have them? Where's my flashlight? Got a little one? All right. Say 'ah'. Way down. Put your tongue out and down. Now say ah. Quite a bit deteriorated. I want to get mine, mine's a little bit brighter. Because I need to see them again. Do you have a...? That'll work.

Did I swallow my tonsils somewhere along the way?

Ha ha. No, sometimes solvents will actually cause them to just deteriorate, disintegrate. Yeah. Say ah. Yup, that one's almost completely gone, and it's very dark. And so is this one. I can see that this one, the left one, is a little bit better, though. But there's no, you can't even see a gland. There's no scar tissue. It looks like the gland is just eaten away.

What do the tonsils do, what's important about them?

Well they break down certain toxicity and protect the brain.

How can people protect themselves from solvents and chemicals and things like that?

Wearing masks. And putting oil, like olive oil, peanut oil, on the hands.

I was a heavy equipment mechanic for years. So I've had enough, there's so many chemicals in used motor oil. Fuels, solvents, and lubricants, and it goes right into your cuticles, right into your nails, it soaks in. And that was a daily thing for me for years.

And breathing it.

And you breathe it all.

So there's no food that you can take to protect you?

No, well, you can eat lots of fats, which will help, like milk and cream and stuff like that, to buffer it, and then coating your arms, where you're touching it, and wearing gloves. That's about all you can do. But you can't really prevent it. Also you need to stay away from using any kind of oils other than a natural oil. Fragrant oils, any of them.


Aromatics, any of them. Are solvents again for you. If someone could create...

Something like citrus maybe?

Well you could use those. Rind, and just squeeze it on you.

Well, they're all heat-processed, even Young's which are distilled at 257 deg, he says in his book nature does it at 62-72 deg. Not 257 deg. So his oils are better than those that are done at 357 and higher. But still, his are done at 257 deg. That's too high. Turns it into plastic. And it has a very toxic vaporous reaction. So if you want real oils that will be fragrant for you, eat the flower petals. Early in the morning, before oils vaporize.

That means any kind of soap with any essential oil is inadvisable?

Right. I don't use soaps at all.

What do you use?

I blend 1 egg, 3oz vegetable juice, 2 oz milk, and 1 tbsp honey. I use that. I put it on my hair when it's dry. I didn't do that today because I didn't have access. Ha ha. I just put straight milk on my hair today.

Do you wash your hands after using facilities?

Yea. I recommend that you do not wash your hands after facilities. I recommended that you touch yourself with that E Coli and Salmonella and everything. Some of my cancer clients, believe it or not, and this is going to get out, because this is the first time I'm saying it publicly, I have them take rotten meat after they've gone to the bathroom before they wiped themselves, to take their finger over their rectum, and to rub it on the meat and let it rot. That way they'll ensure the high E Coli and the high veritoxins produced by it. And like I said, the university of toronto has shrunk entire brain tumours along with the vessels going to it in a matter of 7-15 days with one injection of veritoxin.

What about all those babies that died and mothers that died while giving birth before doctors figured out to wash their hands, that whole...?

Everybody likes to theorize what was responsible. A lot of women were not able to get access to meats.

So they were low on protein?

Very low on protein, and mainly lived on carbohydrates. And they were very thin, and had very low fat levels. So both they and the babies would die under high strain. A lot of women died that way just from being thin, from weather temperature changes, because it was not easy to build fires. Stoves were expensive, even potbelly stoves. So there weren't a lot of homes that had them. Women were considered healthy if they were fat. You couldn't get a wealthy man to marry a skinny woman 100 years ago. He would reject her in a flash because the odds of her dying in either heat prostration or hypothermia were about 90%.

You see it in the art too.

Oh absolutely. Now that we have heaters and we have all this convenience, skinny people don't die so easily. Ha ha ha. And a lot of them would die in childbirth because you need a lot of fats to have a good birthing. Yes Jon?

How about washing your hands after using facilities, what about in public restrooms?

I don't touch anything there, I just touch myself. They have all these electronic ones now, but I'll hit with my elbow or something like that. But I don't worry about germs. I want them.

It's not that I'm worried about germs, there's a lot of great germs in restrooms. Like at airports, and they come from all over the world.

You know I don't mind as long as they're organic germs. What bothers me is man-made germs. Like the war department's AIDS virus and stuff like that. They're not as easy to handle.

How would we protect against that? We've got these phenomena – chemtrails flying everywhere, one wonders what kind of fungus or bacteria is coming down, that are man-made, and war germs.

Well, I did about 5 months research on the chemtrails. And basically they're trying to handle the ozone layer.

That's what I've heard.

They're trying to deflect global warming. And what they're doing is they're spraying an aluminum compound, which is a neurotoxin. And it destroys natural bacteria that's in the atmosphere, that's suspended in clouds. You have lots of bacteria, you have protozoa, you have what they call sea monkeys.

They live in water droplets.

They live in water droplets, exactly. And when you release that aluminum compound, it kills them. Then more bacteria feeds on all these other animal type compounds. So that's why they're finding so many different levels and kinds of bacteria in it. It's because these aluminum compounds are destroying, poisoning the atmosphere, just like it poisons a human body.

Because we've been getting dosage after, oh gosh, months and months, almost every day.

What do you do to protect yourself?

Not easy. The only way you can protect yourself against neurotoxins is by drinking cream, milk, milk and cream. And eggs. But milk and cream are your best bet for that. But you need to get in touch with your congresspeople and say “hey, poisoning me is not the way to handle the atmosphere toxins, you need to cut out fossil fuel.” Period. That's the only resolution.

I'm just wondering what she was talking about, she knew that it was happening here...

Oh, I've been photographing it, going to the supervisors about it, doctors, …

What, is it in the air?

Oh yea,...

Well it's the airplanes. You see the airplanes making these white streaks and they don't go away, they don't evaporate, and they stay as clouds.

I didn't know what that was.

Yea, that's trying to deflect the sun rays back out of the atmosphere.

Because of global warming? Amazing...Amazing...

And it only works about 1-2%. And then the pollution is greater than 1-2%, so it's really stupid. Really stupid.

I've been trying to get that word out, that people know about it...

Oh, it's stupid. It's asinine. One billion dollars a year. Hughes aircraft has the contract. And they're using the military planes to do it.

There's a high level of cancer in this area, I mean extraordinary. I'm wondering if that's connected with that. Because one never has figured it out, really.

Well, it's low bacterias, high everything, it's happening everywhere. Cancer is everywhere.

Is there a specific meat I should be thinking of to clear some of those toxic metals and solvents and whatnot?

No, the things that are going to get rid of that, is lots of eggs, and zucchini along the line. And even eating some late at night. The last thing you have with your vegetable juice is a little zucchini, that'll help pull it out. But you really need to stabilize before you do it because your liver isn't real active, and you've got a lot of bile. Throughout your entire system, like his sister. Where'd she go?


Oh. Kathleen...

No meat in particular, not fish, or more red meat, or just...

Well, you need to just, like I say, didn't I tell you what proportion? No I didn't? About 65% red meat, about 25% fowl, and 10-15% fish.

For about 1.5 years, 18 months. Then you'll probably change at that time.

Are these percentages by weight?Volume?

Volume. Or weight, it's about the same.

Juice, it's fluid volume?

And when you say those percentages, you mean every day, or over a week?

You can work it out to a week's period.

So you can eat beef one day and...

Yeah, you can eat all beef one day, unless you're very delicate. And he's not delicate. Kathleen's delicate. So I would ask her to do it on a daily basis. To do those percentages on a daily basis, to have all of them. But other people who aren't fragile like that, they can mix it over a week and make it work out to those percentages. Okay, next.

You still have all that bile. Your skin's looking so much better though. You notice it too? Okay, you did get a lot of the bile out because now I can see why you are having so much fatigue and so many problems. You also have metals stored all up in your sinuses and in your brain.

Ah, that's why I have a constant open sore in my nose.

Yeah. So what metals, poisonings were you around?

Mainly on the left side.

Do you have metal fillings?

Not any more.

Usually metal fillings won't create that abundance of it. I'll find it just lodged a little bit, but this is tremendous.

How about lead from water pipes? They soldered with lead, or they used to.

Yeah. I've never seen it from that, this is usually some kind of exposure to some art medium, whether it's stain glass, or working with solvents, or being raised in a city where there's lots of heavy combustion pollution.

Yeah, I hate cities.

The left side of your small intestines are very very congested still. Oh, this is Pascal. I don't know if I've been saying the names each time. I'd like you to have 5-10% of your juice now as dandelion.

What is that?

Dandelion greens. Should help those intestines that are just...lots of scar tissue there. Those AGEs. Dandelion greens, because of the high vitamin C in it, will help go in there and dissolve it a little bit better.

I've been constipated most of my life, does that mean I will be constipated a lot again?

Well, you just have so much scar tissue there. There's low intestinal bacteria because of that, low intestinal flora, low digestive enzyme reaction. So in order to really get that moving properly we need to get rid of the scar tissue. As I told you before though, if you use the suppository of the...anybody who has constipation, they really want to help remove it permanently rather than the quick fix that I gave which was vegetable juice, the eggs, and the milk, and the vinegar, and the honey – all those things are indigestible together, so it'll just wash things through, loosen you quickly. If you want to heal that, you've got to increase the bacteria level in your colon. Fecal matter is normally 60-80% bacteria. E Coli, Salmonella, Campylobacter. The fecal matter, if we didn't have those bacteria, would be about the size of marbles, and it'd be the texture of granite, and they'd go through and just rip you apart every time you had a movement. Bacteria feeds on it, sponges it out. All its byproducts are the B-vitamins, the amino acids that they manufacture, the veritoxins that prevent tumor growth and storage of dead cells. It helps all of that. So all of that's good. There are even people who eat fecal matter. To re-utilize their proteins.

Animals do that.

Yeah. Does anybody know who Dr. Edward Howell is? He was the man who discovered enzymes and did the research on enzymes. He fed rats cooked diets and raw diets. The ones who ate cooked diets, all got diseases of man, the ones who ate raw, didn't get any diseases. Curious thing was, with all that disease, usually you would expect the lifespan to be shortened. But the lifespan was equal for the ones who ate cooked and the ones who ate raw. But one thing in his notes that he didn't become conscious of until after he's looking at the information, was that the rats who were eating cooked food ate all of their feces. The ones who ate raw food did not eat their feces. So the next test, he took the rats and put them on a screen, so they could not eat their feces, they'd fall through. They lived only 2 years instead of 3 years. So there's lots of animals that will eat their fecal matter when they need the bacteria to flush back into their system, or they're not finished digesting what they ate, to recycle it.

There's nothing left, if we're down to that.

Ha ha ha. But they use it as a remedy in some countries.

And urine too.

So when somebody says “eat shit”, you go “thank you.”

“Thank you!” Exactly. Oh please, you're causing me to blush. I suggest you eat from 35-40% fish, for about 3.5 weeks. That'll help get some of that metal toxicity out of there. And along with that, the dandelion greens will probably get your intestines working a little bit better. What I was going to say, is if you want to get the bacteria in your intestines going, in your bowels, take clabbered milk that you've clabbered for about 4 days into solid-like yogurt. Take an enema bulb syringe, put about 3-4oz in there, get on all fours, bark, and then insert it in your rectum. Then get down on your shoulders on your knees, and your butt still up in the air, and roll you stomach like a belly dancer to get it down, moving into the transverse colon, then roll on your right side, belly dance again, roll your stomach, and get it to go down into the ascending colon, so that the E Coli, the Salmonella, the Campylobacter will have something that's non-toxic to feed on. Because since you're so toxic, you're gonna be putting out toxins in your fecal matter, that the bacteria sometimes will not work on. Especially with heavy metals in their system. So the bacteria doesn't touch it, or it actually will destroy the colonies of bacteria, it will poison them. And the only way that you can re-introduce that and keep them fed is maybe once a week doing this clabbered milk suppository.

Is it the whey part, or the solid part, or both?

Well, when you've got it at a clabbered stage, there's no separation.

Because mine always separates.

That's because you've taken it too far. Before that, yes. And that'll help grow that bacteria so you'll move better. But until you get rid of that scar tissue, you're going to have to do that on a weekly basis.

I really like the fish, the tuna, and a friend of mine told me that in Hawaii, it has so much mercury in it, that it's really toxic to the liver, so I've stopped, and I was gonna ask you about that.

No. If you cook fish, it causes the mercury to be a free radical. When you do not eat it cooked, it will not be absorbed as a toxin in your body. The mercury in swordfish is a very healthy mercury, and helps that creature be very buoyant. It can dive and jump very high. Without that mercury it wouldn't be as buoyant. It wouldn't move as fast. It's non-toxic until you cook it. And then you've made it a free radical. And it is a poison. So as long as it's not fed high levels of toxic mercury to the point where the fish itself has tumors and is diseased, it's not going to be a problem for you. Because my tests showed that if you eat the animal raw, the toxicity passes out with the fat chelated with it, without any digestion. Without any breakdown of that fat. Or that chelative compound. So you eat that tuna. Enjoy it.

Your glands are in great shape now. Everything's working well. Your liver and your kidneys are not. And your intestines. Everything is working better.

What about the pancreas?

Pancreas is a little bit better. It hasn't regenerated, but that that you have is now at least working. So, your pancreas is probably working about 30%. And it's working very well for that 30%. So still no more than a piece of fruit a day. And, it doesn't have to be that often. You do not really need fruit. Some people do, but mainly, most people do not need fruit. Some people that have a lot of fat congestion, I do recommend having pineapple. And that's when I've said that to the individual.

You said to me if I have fruit, that's the one I should have.

Well also the pineapple can help break down scar tissue. But I would suggest that you start eating high meat in the next few months. But it looks a lot better. Your red blood cell count is still low.

What do I need for that?

Red meat. That's what I've been craving most. So you don't need a lot of chicken right now, you need mainly red meat and fish.

Yes it will now.

I hear that the fish have a lot of toxic metals and chemicals in them and that they're not good to eat.

I just addressed that. The ocean is only 2% polluted. The earth is 36% polluted. So are you safer by eating land food, or ocean food? And the freshwater pollution is like 48-50%. I don't eat any freshwater fish.

But what about animal fat?

Animal fat's wonderful.

Doesn't it have high pollution?

Well I will not eat fat from animals who've been fed hormones and antibiotics and vaccines, stuff like that.

But what about toxic metals, doesn't that store in the fat?

Yes, but as long as you don't cook them, they won't be released in your system. They'll pass through.

So the fat is not connected to the toxins?

Yes, they chelate with the toxins, but in my lab tests, it showed that the body could identify that when it wasn't cooked. It did not break that fat down, just passed it through with the toxins.

And the rest inside is broken down?

The animal already dealt with toxicity and encapsulated it, so it could deal with it.

Correct. And then when your body takes it in, as long as you don't cook it, it can identify that, and there's a symbiotic process, passes it through.

What about the idea that the big fish eat the little fish, the concentrations of toxic materials are larger in bigger animals?

Well if they're feeding on land creatures that will definitely be a response. But if you've gone around polluted areas, most of those fish won't touch those little fish that are so polluted and full of tumors. They won't eat them. You'll see them floating around dead. And no fish is eating them.

Aajonus, I have a theoretically simple question, and that is to do with water. Drinking water. We have a spring here in … called … and I had it lab tested and they said that it was 50-100 vegetal coliforms per the little thing I brought in. Would that be good water to drink, or what water would you suggest drinking?

No water.

No water? Really?

I'm very hard against water. Water is nothing other than minerals without any nutrients. And what do minerals do? Minerals attract nutrients. They pull them out of your blood, pull them into your intestines, and what are you doing? Washing nutrients out of the body. And they dry the system out. So I suggest a quart of juice a day, at least a quart of milk a day, and that usually handles it. Now some people do need a little water. So if you're craving water, then drink a little bit. I maybe have during the winter in this time, 3oz of water a week. And that's it. But I may go through 2 quarts of milk a day. Plus my juice.

...glasses of water a day...urine...

Well, before I was on a diet like this, I was drinking 2 gallons of water a day. And by drinking 2 quarts of milk and 1 quart of vegetable juice, it more than satisfies me. And I'm not over the toilet every hour.

Does that in any way mirror what animals do in the wild, how much water do they consume relative to their...?

It depends upon the animal, if you're a camel, you can take up to 25 gallons at a time and not drink for six weeks. But other animals drink very little water.

Depends on how hot it is.

Probably birds drink more water than any other creature.

They also consume grains.

Dry grains all the time. Yes, so much. You notice that when they feed on insects, they don't drink much water. But when it's season for seeds, they will drink more water. Okay.

Your name again?


Ursula. Okay Ursula, you have very very little protein in your system, everything is debilitated. Your glands, there's no rounding, everything is sunken. I only see hands like this on people who've eaten mainly grains in their life, or were vegetarians for a very very long time.

25 years.

You still maintain a pretty good RBC count, and that's because your system is basically over-acidic. Very overactive adrenal glands.


You used to have overactive adrenal glands. I can see that. Your ovaries at one time had been very overactive. Now everything's underactive. The only thing that looks like it's still overactive is your right parathyroids. Do you have your tonsils?

I'll use this end. Say ah. Put your tongue out. Say ah. Definitely scar tissue. Must be lymph glands that are very overactive around in your neck. Do you have swollen glands there? Okay. Thyroids basically are not very active. Parathyroids are trying to do the work. You need lots of chicken, lots of beef, a little fish. The fish you need...whenever you eat beef you need to eat a little bit, let's say for 5-6 bites of red meat you need one bite of fish, to help re-balance you, because you're over-acidic, and you're not gonna have a taste for it, and you won't digest very well. Because you're low in all kinds of digestive bacterias, it'll be easier for you to eat, if you eat, it's very restrictive, but more mono-meals, like meat with maybe a little sauce, like a salsa sauce, so it's not confusing your digestion too much. That's a problem with vegetarians that I've seen over the years, they lose so many digestive enzymes and so many digestive abilities that they have to reduce everything to mono-meals. And you're definitely in that category. So I would say, if you're going to have, a smoothie, have 2 or 3 eggs with only maybe 2-3oz of cream.

I can't digest the eggs very well. The raw eggs, I've been trying to do that.

Clabbered milk.

And? Just clabbered milk and eggs?

Yeah. I tried ½ or 1/3 of a banana just for flavor, but I've also done it without that. And I still had trouble with it.

Well I don't want you to have the milk. I want you to just have the cream. 2oz of cream with 3 eggs and some honey. Now sometimes you have a reaction with the honey with that mixture. Usually it doesn't happen because the 2oz of raw cream prevents that. And you can utilize the honey.

Can you have problems with the honey?

Well you're having it with enough fat, so there's enough fats in the egg, and all of that.

Coconut cream?

Yeah, coconut cream is fine. I prefer cow's cream for your system. But coconut cream is better than nothing. Better than no rich fat. Because your body has so many AGEs in it, you have yeasts growing in everything, even in your bones. You're going to have a reaction when it comes out your skin. So what I suggest that you do, is...and this is a great moisturizer for everybody who would like to help their skin. And when toxins pass through the skin. Take 3.5oz of cream. Juice ginger to get 1tbsp. So it's 1tbsp to 3.5oz of raw cream. Blend that for about 10sec, and put it on your skin. If you have good thick cream, then it'll whip into a whipped cream, and it's just like putting a cosmetic cream on. It's very nice. If it isn't a thick cream, then it will not whip and it's still good, it just doesn't go as far. And I would put that on your skin, so that when you have that, when your body's...the honey does not create a candida, an environment for candida, honey helps detoxify the yeasts that are candida. Get rid of them. So as they pass through, you have the itchy and the flaky and the dryness resulting from it. So if you have enough fats with it, like you have that many eggs, 3 eggs with 2oz of cream, and you're just having a little honey, when it comes out, it's not going to drive you crazy. And I would suggest that when raw butter if available, you eat a stick a day. You just need everything lubricated and stabilized. And then eat lots of chicken, when it comes to that, lots of chicken, and beef. And just a little bit of fish, just to keep you alkalinized. And I doubt that I would even...if I were you, I would suggest that you...even with chicken have a little piece of fish with it. Just to make sure you don't get too acid. You also have lots of metal toxicity in your sinuses and throat. Nasal bones. Bronchials. So I recommend that your juice be 70% celery, 20% parsley, and 10% zucchini or yellow squash.

...the timespan that I've given you, whether it was 6 weeks, to 18 months, you can add about 10% carrot juice in it to help get rid of the bile. But make sure that you stabilize as long as I suggest before you do that. And you have lots of bile everywhere too. So I suggest you stabilize before you start removing that bile.

So by stabilizing I eat just what you recommend?

Yup. And like I say, when the butter comes out, and cream comes out, I would consume a lot of it. And I would gain a lot of weight. And then take it off, and gain a lot, and take it off. The reason I'm saying this is because I've seen situations like yours go into lupus. And lupus is so difficult. You can't lift anything, you can't touch anything.

I had arthritis...

Well it's one more stage toward that. When that starts happening, between, the connective tissues. Swelling, everything's so sensitive, you can't pick up anything, you can't touch things, you can't do your clothes easily, at advanced stages of it. So. At some point you're going to need lots of bacteria. From meats. I don't suggest you use grain bacteria, molds, or berry molds, for a very very long time, maybe 3-4 years. Just meat bacteria. For a while. If you do do those, it could throw you into lupus. So I don't suggest that you do those. I recommend that you do 10-12 eggs a day, when you can utilize them properly. So you work up to that, when you can do it. Even if it takes 1.5 years. Do you like red bell peppers?

You can have that, make kind of a sauce with cheese, cream, you may have a lot of trouble with milk at first.

Not clabbered milk.

And you're able to handle the clabbered milk?

Yes, surprisingly.

But not with the egg?

Well, it's not the milk, it's the egg that's...

Yea, but it's the combination. That's why I want you to have the cream with the egg. You could blend egg, red bell pepper, and a little cheese to make a sauce for your meats.

How about feta, raw goat feta, is that good, or is that too salty?

It's too salty. Salt for you is absolute poison. And when you can get honey in the comb, eat the wax, except for the sheet in between. Scrape the wax off and eat it. Because the wax will help stabilize and protect your kidneys. Kidneys are very exposed, very vulnerable. Let me see your eyes. Pineapple is likely to make you very irritable, even if you have a little bit. So I would say that if you go into a store that may have a few pieces of pineapple out, you just buy a couple of pieces. Like 2 pieces only. Little squares or wedges of them. And maybe twice a week, have that. But no more than that. And always eat it with an egg, and some cheese, even if you've just downed the egg rocky style, and then eat the cheese and the pineapple together. Do you have any questions?

I'm overwhelmed by all of this...

I'm sure.

The fragility?

That's because you have no fats in your system. No protection, and you have all those sugars. AGEs stored everywhere.

Even though I don't eat sugar?


Not much...

Grains, breads, all that for over the years.

Then it's from the past, because...

Definitely. And you're just so fat deficient, you have no protection anywhere. And you have all these yeasts feeding on the AGEs. And you're exposed to all those acids, so they'll irritate your nervous system all the time. That's why I say, when you can get that cream and butter, just start drinking that stuff.

So the proteins...I have all these things in my mind that we've learned over the years, that protein is hard on your kidneys, excessive...

It is when it's cooked. Just remember that those things that damage the kidney are the lipid peroxides and the heterocyclic amines, that irritate and damage the kidneys. Those are only formed from cooking. Not from raw. Easiest way to stabilize your kidneys is to eat meat. Especially red meat and chicken.

How are steamed vegetables like broccoli, zucchini, any of that stuff?

No, because they create resins, that will block the system, that turn into plastic basically. That's in the book, so if you get to that...

I read it, I just don't remember it. Thank you.

You're welcome. I'm going to have to get some more milk. Oh no, I've got some here. Never mind. I drank that hours ago. Oh, that's it, okay. I look for some more juice, but that's all gone.

Okay, who's next?

I guess I'll go.

Can we have a fight here? I'd like to see some action. Ha ha.

Turn around this way.


Okay Lance, your testes are very overactive. If you don't have a partner, enjoy yourself. Because they will make you very anxious and unsettled. There are certain types of fat that you're not digesting properly. So it's causing an inability to use minerals and proteins together. So it's causing a buckling of the tendons, tightening of them. Tightening of everything. Coconut will be very helpful to dissolve some of the hardened matter. Coconut cream. Whole coconut too. You have heavy metal toxicity in your shoulders, in your neck, in your spine. Looks like a little bit in your pancreas. Your left thyroid, looks like it's very toxic, doesn't work very well, it looks stable, it looks like the tissues are all there, it doesn't look debilitated, but it's not functioning. The parathyroids are working overtime, they're very overactive, compensating for it. Looks like the tonsils are gone, but the lymph glands are working very well in the neck. Did you have your tonsils removed?

It's completely flat here. See this one looks like it's here. Tonsil's here, but over here it's not there. So it's probably deteriorated, and this one's fine. I always like to check this one. Wow. Yup. The right one's amazing, the left one is almost all deteriorated. 75% deteriorated. The other one's nice and formed. Parathyroids on the right side very active, overactive, compensating for the low activity of the right side of the thyroid. I think you should make coconut cream as a regular thing. Probably 12oz a week. And you should have them with your meats. So do more'll be good in the Polynesians, the South Pacific. Because they have coconut cream with almost all their meats. But do not have the lime juice with it, unless it's fish or chicken. Not with the red meat. I suggest you have coconut cream, even if it's only 1tbsp, every time you eat meat. Oh, and everybody, try to work up to a minimum of 1lb of meat a day. I didn't tell people that. Try to get 1lb of meat in a day, work up to it. And it's best if you don't try to do it all at one time. Some people yes, most people no. I'm going to suggest...I usually don't suggest it, but I'd like you to eat one salad a week, and have it as the last meal in the day with some vegetable juice, so that no other food comes in for 5-8 hours after you've eaten it. Are you a teacher?

No, I'm a sheet metal worker.

So that's why all that metal poisoning too. You'd be a great teacher.

I'm a I am teaching to a certain extent.

You have to go into teaching. Very good at it. Enjoy it. Teach shop. You need to eat a lot of shellfish. Probably the only way you're going to get that metal toxicity out of your system. Oysters, clams, urchin, scallops, and have it with some kind of a tomato sauce with some tomato and lime juice and coconut cream.

Sounds good.

That's not mine, that's a Polynesian recipe I got in Moorea...but it'd be very good for what you need to remove, some of that toxicity. I recommend that you have about 1.5 quarts of milk a day. Butter when it becomes available, about ¼ of a stick a day.

1.5 quarts of milk?

Yeah. And a quart of vegetable juice. You could even have 5 cups a day, sometimes, when it gets hotter. Especially if you're in a metal shop. It's really hot and steamy in there, you can go up to 6 cups if it gets...because you need all those vitamins and minerals and enzymes that you can get. And I would start taking some of the spectrum natural olive oil, and rub it into your hands several times a day. Before you put it on, take a clean towel, and wipe it off, and then put it back on. So you're not absorbing a lot of that here. And of course if you're shaving or grinding you need to wear a mask.

Yeah, I've been doing that these days.


Getting used to doing those precautions.

Now that you're getting older, you know better.

The feedback's apparent now.

Just want to say this about your relationships – don't take your teaching nature into relationships. If you're the martyr in the relationship, you're never going to be happy. So you have an affinity to try to fix your relationships. Fix the other person. And then you'll always be the one thinking that you're giving and not receiving. But you set yourself up for that if you do that. And that seems to be a pretty important thing to you. Is how you communicate in your relationships.

Yeah, it is important.

So I would say, don't be the martyr, don't be the teacher. Just be a sharer. 'My experience is this, you have to do what's right for you.' You'll be fine. Cheese – something you should have, at least a brick a week.

If I start eating any cheese at all, I find myself binging on it. It's a brick at a time.

But that's because you're going for the cheese like that. I was just gonna say, if you grate some with your meat, then that'll be fine. Ha ha. That's not necessarily a bad thing, because you just need a lot in there to chelate with the toxicity that dumps into the stomach. But binging on it is probably not a good balanced diet for you.

No it's not.

So if you shave it off and have it with your food, you won't be able to eat more meat by grating your cheese on it. But just let that be the condiment on your food. Entice you to eat more food, but not cheese. It'll even taste better that way. Any more questions?

Well I have this horrendous problem going on with, I guess it's Candida, and of course going on with that is endless craving for fruit, which I keep fluctuating, it's like I can get it reduced down to really small, and then pretty soon it's like I'm consuming a lot again, and it's like I just seem not to be able to get out of that cycle...

Well, it doesn't look like you have a real Candida problem. It looks like you have dryness everywhere.

I have a lot of gas, it's the problem, and then when there's a lot of gas, there's a lot of pain, and...

So, get myself lubricated with the fats, is that...

That's the way you need to go about it. Eggs, and the cream, coconut cream.

So what was it you said, how many ounces of cream a day? 10 I think of coconut?

Well, 12 a week, minimum. So you can divide that up. That's minimum.

Aajonus, any particular veggie juice combination for him?

For him? I thought I said, 70% celery, 20% parsley and 10% zucchini or yellow squash. Didn't I say that? Maybe I didn't.

Question on the coconut cream – how do Polynesians make that?

Well, if it's the young coconut, they just scoop it out and then wring it through a cloth.

That's when it's still pulpy. If the coconuts we get are so hard...

Yeah, if they take an old, mature coconut they call it, they will grate it. And then wring it.

Okay. Through a cloth?

Yeah. Like a muslin cloth.

If the coconut is starting to rot a little bit, is it still good to eat?

Yeah, I just...two that I made today, I let some go yellow. Start the fermentation, rotting process. Because I loved coconut as a child, but it was always steamed. So I need to clean a lot of that out. So every once in a while I'll eat some rotten coconut to help cleanse it. But the Mayans and the Aztec used spoiled coconut to help bowel problems and digestive problems.

It ferments, doesn't it?

Well there's not a lot of sugar in it. It's mostly fat. So it's not necessarily a fermentation. There is some sugar that will ferment in it, but it starts breaking down the fats. Creating a bacteria in it, and that's what will help the intestines.

How do you determine how much clabbered milk...

That's going to vary, but I would suggest that you have a quart a day.

It won't congest me? Because I always have constant...

You're going to have that because you're so dry. If you had the cream to drink, everything would just relax everywhere.

Sounds good. Look forward to that.

Definitely. If you buy extra milk and just suck the cream off the top with a straw like I do, because I need the cream, I have to have it.

Aajonus, milk that is...?

Clareville. Raw milk.

All throughout...

All of that's pasteurized.

We don't have raw milk that's organic... but pasteurized. They separate them, they pasteurize them separately, and they combine them back together. That's why the cream's on the top.

The only thing I can find in this county is raw cheese.

Clareville milk.

That's in Sacramento.

Oh, really?

One person drives to Sacramento each week.

Yeah, but you don't have to do it every week, because milk, let's say you leave in the refrigerator, and leave it out to clabber, I keep milk up to 3 weeks at a time. It's not a problem. In fact, the more spoiled, the better.

I need to go, can I...

Yes. Your name again?


Sandra. Okay. Relax. Okay, very overactive sex glands, Sandra, you're a naughty girl.

They've been active for a long time.

They are active, it's just that they're making up for the low adrenals that you have. This adrenal gland doesn't look like it's working at all. This one looks like it's working a little bit, but it can't keep up. So you're substituting your sex hormones for your absence of adrenaline. Very low thyroid on this side, parathyroid's fine. The glands in your throat are good. Here also. The thyroid's shape is okay, but it's not producing well. The parathyroid on the right side is very overactive again. So you have hypothyroidism. I'm not a doctor, I can't diagnose, but this is what it looks like in hypothyroidism. Pancreas looks debilitated over here, probably 25% active on that side and maybe 20% active on this side. This side's drying up and debilitating more than this side. This side's more edemic. This ovary is starting to debilitate a bit. Very toxic minerals in it. And in the left. More in the right. Lots of toxic minerals stored in the sinuses. Do you get headaches?

No, but I have a chronic post-nasal drip.

I'm surprised you don't have migraines with that one.

No, I don't get headaches usually.

You're very fortunate. Usually when I see this condition, these people have either migraines or cluster headaches.

There's toxic minerals there?

Toxic metals. It's a concentration, like it could be mercury from fillings. No, it's a little bit more than that, because it goes so high up. It's mainly on the left side.

Yeah, the left side.

Intestines – lots of scarring in the intestines, lots of AGEs stored in there. Worse on the right side than the left. ...kidney on the left, kidney is full of scar tissue and fatty deposits. RBC count is okay. Circulation and blood temperature – blood pressure seems like it's okay, but blood temperature is low.

Well I'm usually very hot. I don't know if that has anything to do with it, but I' all the time.

Are you getting hot flashes?

Yeah, but they're not as often as before. But still I'm always hot in the summer. Or even before the summer comes.

And in the winter?

I'm warm, I don't get cold.

So this is just something that's happening right now?

I'm not feeling cold. I feel warm most of the time, too warm. Sweat a lot.

I guess your hands are working as a radiator.

What about the rest of my body?

It's very warm. And your hands are just ice cold. My feet do that for me. So the RBCs look like they're carrying oxygen well, everything's fine. You're not digesting fats well at all.

So how could you...I eat so much fats, that I don't digest fats...You recommend fat, a lot of fat...

Well, if you're eating raw fats, and you need proteins to digest them. You're not assimilating the proteins that you've been eating to utilize your fats properly. Once you start eating the right raw fats, you'll be able to digest the fats that you are eating. And I would say stabilize for about 3.5 months before you go on the detox program. It doesn't mean you'll gain more, you'll probably lose some. But I want you to lose a lot. Gonna recommend 6-8 eggs a day.

Before you do that, what about my liver?

Liver isn't in great shape.


No, it has scarring in it, it has some rupturing in it, hemorrhaging in it.

Any mineral deficiency?

Well, you are mineral deficient in all of your minerals. Because you've eaten so many cauterized, from cooked foods. So you're deficient in all minerals. And that's what the juice will help you with. I'm going to recommend that you have 10% carrot juice, 80% celery, and 10% parsley. That should help stimulate your adrenal glands a little bit better and bring your body temperature down a bit. If you're going through heat prostration in the summer, have ½ grapefruit with some coconut cream, about 3oz of coconut cream. And that'll help the heat prostration. I recommend that you try to eat 12oz of meat a day, and then through a period of about 1 year and 3 months, work up to a pound. Various meats. You need a lot of red meat at first. I'd say 75% red meat, and 25% white. Split that up or chicken. And then after about 18 months, then you can lower the amount of red meat and increase the amount of white meat. Not by much, maybe only 5%. You need red meat for a long time. Lots of red meat. That juice, I would take for about 7 weeks. Then eliminate the carrot juice and add 10% more parsley for another 3 weeks. Then lower the celery to 70% and have 10% zucchini or summer squash, and then 20% parsley. One day a week, substitute your one cup of regular juice, one cup of the quart, for one whole cup of white cabbage.

Straight, one cup of cabbage...?

Well, don't drink it all at one time, you might have a lot of gas from it. So just sip it. Have it all at one time, but sip it over a 20-minute period, not mixed with anything else. Some almost thrombotic type reactions going on in your body with varicose veins. And it's a severe vitamin K and U deficiency. And the cabbage will help bring it back. But you need it in a concentrated amount one day a week. Probably in about 2 or 3 years down the line you could incorporate it into your juice on a daily basis. But right now you don't want to start detoxing those toxins right now. You want to concentrate on that. A lubrication formula, at the top of page 163, when the butter is available, have that.

How often?

Oh, I would have it as the last meal before your last juice in the day. You could have it with the fish or chicken, in the evening. Have it in the evening, only once a day. Last meat meal. Okay. Do you have any questions?

Yes, what about eggs and milk?

I said you need about 6-8 eggs a day. Milk – as much as you like. You would do better by clabbering it, because you're very low in enzymes in the intestinal tract. And the clabbering will help take care, predigesting it for you.

What about honey?

Have that as you like it.

Okay. And fruit, you didn't mention fruit.

Because even though your pancreas is working, you've got varicose veins and developing thrombosis. And fruit will cause more swelling and rupturing, so I really suggest that you limit the fruit if you're going to have it.

What about pineapple?

If you're going to have small amounts. Let's say you had ¼” circular slice, half of that, once a day, with cheese or cream or something like that, be okay. But I wouldn't have it every day. I'd have it every other day. Otherwise you're gonna have swelling there and any swelling is gonna cause rupturing. And more of a development of that. Maybe in a couple of years.

I'm giving everybody what I see is the optimal for them. You do what you're going to do.

May I be next? I've gotta go pretty soon.

I'm sorry. Ha ha. How many do I have yet to do? Seven.

They're all sweaty.


I pronounced it correctly? Laurie? Laurie, what an artist you are. Whoa, some control issues there. Ha ha.


What do you mean probably?

I've got all parts.

The left ovary is debilitating a little bit. Shrinking. The right is okay, fine. The adrenal glands are normal. I would expect them to be very overactive. With as thin as you are. But they're not. Left side of the pancreas is almost completely debilitated. Less than probably 5% functional, on the left side. Right side, maybe 10-15% functional. Mostly debilitated. So it looks like a diabetic-type pancreas. So, fruit I would say, only if you absolutely have to. RBC count is very good, excellent. So concentrate on maybe 50% red meat for a while until the liver is rebuilt. You've got a lot of blood going into the liver. Usually means that the liver is needing a lot of nutrients, good supply of nutrients. Also usually means that you're producing a lot of bile, and using bile in place of good fats. Which irritate and break down the system. Gonna recommend that you have your carbohydrate rather than in fruit juice, you have 10% carrot juice as part of your juice. So 10% carrot juice, 70% celery, and 20% parsley. Now you'll also have a huge amount of bile come out through your skin, and you're gonna get very yellow, and green, and brown at times. Thyroid seems to be very good, both parathyroids are very low. Not very active at all. Tonsil on the left side looks okay. The right side, it's debilitated. Do you have your tonsils?

I don't know.

Do you get sore throats on the right side at all? Earaches on the right?

Not really.

It's very unusual, with this pattern here. Well, now that you're getting good food, you might start cleaning out those areas, because it's very debilitated. The parathyroids on the right side are very debilitated and toxic. You have the appearance of arthritis developing in the joints. Kidney is fat-congested. That's just the left kidney. The right kidney looks like it's not functioning. The end of it. So I recommend the honeycomb for you too. Eating the wax with the honey. Would help. At least a quart of clabbered milk a day. About 6-10 eggs a day. I recommend that 4 of them be rocky-style.


That's a recommendation. Ha ha. A lot of people that have your feeling about that, usually they poke a hole in both ends and then suck a little at a time. It's easier to eat that. Sometimes somebody has your kind of repulsion, if they have the whole egg and try, they can't get it down. It wants to come back up. So you just take a little bit at a time. It's easier. And you don't have to look at the whole globby mess. And it's inside the egg you're sucking out. You never get to see the egg. It's easier. Okay?

I think that would be harder to do it that way.

I don't think so. Give it a try.

Coconut cream's gonna be very important to help get rid of this joint toxicity that you have. It could develop into arthritis.

I do a lot of that.

Good. And also eat some whole coconut. Circulation's good. No real congestion too much anywhere. Let me see your eyes. You have scarring in your muscles. Were you a dancer, or athlete, at all?

Active kid.

And your lymph system is pretty clogged. I would suggest, as I suggested for one other person, a few slivers of pineapple twice a week for you. Just a couple of them. To help break down that lymph congestion. Coconut cream will help with that a lot. So when you have the pineapple, have the coconut cream and the pineapple together. And I suggest that you have that with some chicken or fish. Or even beef. Once a week. One of the times that you have the two wedges or pieces of pineapple with coconut, one time have it with chicken preferably, and another time with beef. Chicken, you have a hard time with chicken, I can tell.

I haven't even begun...

Ha ha. I recommend at least 4 cups of juice a day, a quart a day, probably more. You're going to need a little bit of water. Probably ½ cup a day. I hope that's not somebody's stomach. Ha ha.

His pager.


His vibrator.

He's taking care of himself.

Ha ha ha. I like that joke.

What about my lungs?

They're not in real good shape, there's a green cast to it, almost like there's some gangrene. And I haven't brought it up because I'm still trying to figure out what it's from.

Well I have smoked off and on for 10 years various things.

Like marijuana and crack, or...?

Well not crack, but marijuana, DMT, …, cloves,... different things.

Well the only way I can...


It's the tissue that was substituted there better unless...

Well I'm...

The lung.

Oh really?

Yes. Really. That'll make a big difference. I was a heavy smoker. I smoked 2 packs a day of lucky strikes, no filter. And I smoked them down to the very end. I would burn my fingers. My mother called me a fiend. And I started about 13 years old, until I was 24. The hardest thing for me to give up. My lungs are still full of scar tissue. My bronchials. So, but I had some lung of a buffalo last week, actually on Tuesday, when arrived, and I took the milk, and blended it with it with a little teaspoon of salsa. It was the best gland I've ever had. With that salsa. And it was delicious. The next day...I had it that night. And the next day, I felt like I was absorbing and utilizing all of the oxygen I was breathing. And I haven't felt that since...probably never. So it's really delicious. And he brought some. They're gorgeous, they're pink and lavender, and (maven?). A beautiful gland. It's the most beautiful gland. In a healthy animal.

It didn't smoke.

Maybe its parents smoked. Ha ha. Yeah, so, eat lung, and chicken's the best way to remedy that. That usually means 2 or 3 spells of pneumonia in your lifetime. That kind of gangrenous look.

I had like (plurothy?) type thing once. When I was little.

And you probably took antibiotics to prevent it?

I took antibiotics once, maybe once in my lifetime.

Fortunate. Wow. Well then probably those 3 times won't be so traumatic.

You have any questions?

Don't think so.

Okay. Good.

I'm gonna tell you a little incident about...everybody knows what multiple myeloma is?

It's cancer of the blood and bone. It's what I had. I just looked at the statistics a month ago. The survival rate is 0.0001. That's what I had. Had a client about 1.5 years ago that was in fourth stage. She'd been in that for four years, or had had been diagnosed after 4 years. Had had lots of medical treatment, was on her death bed, had not been out of the bed in about 1.5-2 years, something like that. She'd had pneumonia 2 times before I saw her, in the 6 weeks before I saw her. She didn't tell me that, and I told her that she'd probably gonna have to go through pneumonia because it was a condition I saw in the lungs, the lungs were in, the bronchials. And she says 'well I just went through it twice in the last 6 weeks.' And she says 'If I hadn't gone to the hospital, I would've died.' And I said 'That's your belief.' I said 'But if you'll go through, if you'll bear with it, and even though you think you're going to die, say “it's okay to die”. Take your chances. Because your only shot is, to get through it and get well. And if you take the antibiotics, and stop it, there's no progression toward well. There's only more convalescing.' And I said 'You're already in bed. How would you not like to be able to talk? Or breathe without a respirator?' I said 'That's the way you go, every time you stop pneumonia. Or bronchitis, any of them.' So sure enough, 10 days later, she got pneumonia. And it was do or die. She was gonna get through it. There were moments during the nighttime when it usually hits the worst, when the nervous system is detoxing. That she just thought she wasn't going to be able to take another breath, and that was it, and she was gonna die. She got through it in 3 days and was out of the bed first time in 1.5-2 years. And everybody was all around her freaking her out, scaring her, but she stayed strong, and got through it.


Hi Gordon. Okay, very overactive sex glands. Very overactive. Adrenals are pretty normal. The right one's a little overactive. Was. There's fatigue in both of them right now. The pancreas, the left side, is about 90% debilitated, a little bit of inflammation, a little bit of edema. The right side is about 15% active. With edema and inflammation. I would treat yourself as if you were diabetic and have very little fruit, once maybe every 4-5 days. 4 days is probably about right. You do need a little fruit. So probably every 4 days would be best.

Any particular recommendation on that?

You need some kiwi, when you can get it. Berries – very good for you. Any of the berries. Strawberries not as much, but raspberries, mulberries, blueberries, blackberries, boysenberries, any of those. And when you have them, have a little cheese before you start eating them. Have some with coconut cream. Other creams – milk, avocado once in a while. Liver's not in good shape. Storing bile throughout the system. Thyroid glands are both good. Parathyroids are good. The glands in your throat look like they're very good. Well, the right one is. The left one's okay. Circulation on the left side of your spine isn't that great. Some kind of stomach problem.

Mm hm.

Looks like probably 60% of the stomach is scar tissue in the duodenum.

Where would that come from?

Probably your body not manufacturing mucous properly to coat the stomach, and the acids and compounds from eating, eating away at the stomach. And just kept getting scarred, scarred, and scarred over the years. I recommend that you have about 70% red meat, 30% white for maybe 6 years. You have some very toxic compounds in your sinuses.

Long-term exposure or more...?

This is very long-term. But it could be also present because it looks like it's active right now. Or it's coming out.

Any particular compound you can identify?

Well, it looks red in your system. And as it lodges in the tissues, it's causing a green and purple.

Now this is independent, I throw some carrots and some beets sometimes in my juice mix, that coloration you're seeing is independent of that coloration?

No no, that's not toxic. Unless it's pulling out some metal toxicity. You have just a lot of fat congestion everywhere. So it isn't that you have bad fat digestion, you have bad fat assimilization and utilization. I would suggest that you drink your urine after a meat meal twice a week.

Mid-stream or full?

Full. About 10-15 minutes after you eat meat, I suggest you have about 1 tbsp of honey.

That's any kind of meat, red or white?

Yeah, any kind. You have some good instincts going with the beet juice, I usually don't recommend beet juice because it cuts down bacteria levels. But if you mix some beet juice with some coconut cream, at the time you're going to drink it, not pre-mix it, and that would be like 1tsp of beet juice to about 3tbsp of coconut cream, and you have that with either chicken or fish, that will help you utilize the fats properly. And to break those down that didn't get utilized properly.

And specifically coconut cream rather than milk cream?

Yes. You will not have the same reaction of beet juice with cow's cream. I suggest maybe 5-6 cups of milk a day, preferably clabbered. You need lots of high meats, high fish, clabbered milk, need lots of bacteria. Usually when I see this kind of...there's a lot of depression involved. And that's because bacteria levels are low. Not all the bacterias, but just certain ones. And they're mainly for fats. So fish is a good high fat that can grow a lot of bacteria in it, quickly, chicken also. Because the oil's permeated in them. It isn't sectioned off in marbling. So those 2 high meats would be preferable for you. At least a quart of juice a day. 80% celery, 20% parsley, but per quart, use ½ small lemon or lime. Juiced, the rind and all. That's what I was gonna say. When you're on a detox routine, add 1/3 of a lemon or lime per quart, rind and all, it'll help you lose the weight quicker.

A quart of...?

Vegetable juice. You juice it with the rest of the vegetables.

When you're on the lose weight...?

Lose weight cycle, yeah.

Per quart, you said?

Yes, per quart. Yours is more. And you have it at all cycles, for about 6 months. There's some days you can take off if you don't want it. But 5 days a week. I would say you need 6 eggs a week with red meat, so 2 eggs at a time with some red meat, so 3 meat meals a week with red meat. Steak tartare there. Red onion would be very good for you.

I've had an allergy, or an intolerance to red onion, it can make me very ill.

What's the extent?

I get first a burning sensation and all my energy drops out, I become very very weak.

For how long?

If I get a piece the size of my fingernail, it can knock me out for a day, maybe two. Red's the worst for me.

And with what were you eating it?

Depends...any form...if it was cooked I don't have as much reaction, but raw, in any form, any place I would get it raw, it wouldn't matter what it's with, as far as I know. I haven't tried, I haven't experimented with different things, but for example, in a salad or just by itself.

In fact I avoid any kind of onion or things in the Allium family, scallions, white, whatever.

What about garlic?

I can tolerate garlic.

But it doesn't do the same. I'll just have to skip that then, because you do have a blood problem with that acid. Trying to see if there's something else that can do the same thing. Have you ever tried just a little bit with raw cheese? Blended?

I've never tried that. I'd be willing to try it once. On a day when I know I'm not gonna have to go to work.

Okay. Do that. What I'd like you to do is only take a section about like this, I mean a piece, square like that. And use this much cheese, and blend it with an egg. Blend it all together. And see if you have a reaction.

Can I just blend it with a fork?

Oh no. You need to blend that. Because you need those acids that you're having a problem with in your blood, because it's in your blood that it's happening, and that's why it's fatiguing you. For some reason it's causing your red blood cells to rupture. Like it's almost like that sickle cell anemia. It's almost identical to that. Maybe you have some black heritage there.

I don't think so, no. Not that I know of.

Ha ha. Right. Anyway, it's not identical to that, but it's similar to that. And that's the reaction you're getting from...

That explains why it's so violent, I felt it as such a violent thing.

So if you mix it with that, and then eat it with some meat, and you don't have a reaction, it'll be fine, but you need all of those acids absorbed into the cheese and the egg fats, so that it cannot get loosened into your system easily. So it'll already be bound and arrested in fat.

I'll give it a try.

Okay. I'd like you to call me and let me know.

Sure. I'll try to do it sometime in the next month.

Okay. Ha ha, it's a big risk. Because all you need is just a little amount like that, about every 2 weeks. Like a medicine. We'll try to get the medicine to where it doesn't cause the side effect. Cream will not do, it has to be cheese. Cheese and egg.

So I don't take any cow cream at all?

You can, but I mean with that onion, it's cheese and egg. For a meat sauce. I didn't describe it, I showed you a thumb size, my thumb size. So it's like maybe 2 of your first joint of your thumb, that much cheese. Blend it with one egg. And 1/4” by 1/4” cube of one thin slice of red onion. Now you say it happens with the red onion but not the yellow and white?

Red is the worst, the next would be white, the next would be yellow, and the least would be scallions, although I still react. But it's in that order.

How about chives?

Chives, again I can tolerate in very small quantities, if I get a few, it's okay.

Well, do it with the yellow onion.

How about leeks?

Again, very tiny quantities. Too much and it's a problem.


Yea yea, we got the point. Ha ha.

Also shellfish would be very good for you.

I've been eating raw scallops about once a week.

Great. Good good good. Good instincts. Okay, do you have any questions?

Yes I do. I have problems with my eyes, first I'm kind of an eye-strained company with developing far-sightedness, but I also have a serous retinopathy in my right eye. And it's an ongoing problem where I have a slight rupture and the serous fluid leaks behind the retina and creates a bulge. And I'm wondering if there's anything I can specifically do to try to address that.

Well, put the egg white in your eye. Two times a day. At least once a day, but twice a day would be more helpful. The eyes get nutrients so delayed, and it's last usually, in the cycle of where food goes chain. So that's why putting it directly into the eye helps.

So that will actually internally affect the retina?

Yes. Because it'll be absorbed into the white tissue, and even under, it'll be absorbed, in the tissue of the eye lids. And then the body can process and utilize it. So you're feeding it twice a day there, it will help the internal protein. Red meat, like I said earlier, is important to stabilize the eye condition for some reason. So eating red meat will help that a lot. Red meat and chicken together. Or red meat and fish together. That would also promote it. The healing of it quicker. Anything else?

I have some cardiac arrhythmia.

Look right here. The heart tissue looks fine. But the lymph glands all around the heart are just very congested. All the way out to the skin and bones. So it's basically a fat block.

So it's all related to this...

...this fat, not utilizing your fat properly.

And the last thing is, on intuition I've been juicing chard and beet greens along with my juice mix. Any reason why I shouldn't do that?

No. As long as they're greens, fine.

That's not recommended, just the beet root...?

Well the beet root has the high HCL in it. And that's what destroys it. The stalk doesn't have that kind of concentration of HCL.

What about oxalic acid?

You mean in spinach?

Yeah, juicing spinach.

That's not a thing I recommend very often. Because that's an antibacterial one.

Isn't that in beets also?


And chard too. For some reason I'm craving, wanting to do it, should I avoid that instinct?

No, no. You'd have to have it in a very large quantity. Chard doesn't have the same reaction like beets do. Okay.

And garlic will also have a heavy reaction toward antibacterial, so you should use it as a flavoring. I love garlic, but if I have garlic, my blood pressure shoots up, and I can't sleep, and I get horny as hell. So I will just take a thin slice and blend it in something, and it permeates the flavor, and still I feel like I'm eating a lot of it. Most people, it lowers their blood pressure. Me, it raises mine.

What about ginger, is that also antibacterial?

Yes, it is antibacterial. I don't mind using it on the skin very much, but it does help break down certain fats, it is something that you could use once in a while, some ginger. Some people have an allergic reaction to it. The best way to have it – if you're going to have ginger and use it in that way, if you do not have an ill reaction, is to make an ice cream. Ginger ice cream. And that's taking one egg, 5oz of cream, 1 tbsp of honey, and ½ tsp of ginger is all it takes.

Ginger juice?

Yeah, ginger juice.

Aajonus, I put the ginger in my (…?) for taste. Is that a good idea? Just a little bit.

Yes, you have a lot of fat congestion. Definitely. Because that's your main problem. Two of you have similarities there.

We both can take ginger?

… it, or should I really juice it?

You need it mixed with those things. Because that could cause an ill reaction.

You just answered one of my questions. Probably 2 months ago I started consuming a lot of ginger, and, just when you said, it's like 'aha!' About 2 months ago my intestinal problems got a lot worse, the gas problem. So I'm really disturbing it...already disturbed...

Environment, yes.

So the ginger, eggs, cream, honey mix is what...?

Yes. All together. You can just make that mix, I mean it's like an ice cream. If you were to add ½ tsp of carob to that, it would be like gingerbread ice cream. I love that. Delicious. It doesn't even have to be frozen.

You add carob, is that what you said?

Yeah, about ½ tsp of carob to that. I love gingerbread ice cream.

Okay, next.

He wants to stay and get as much information as he can get. Ha ha.

Overactive sex glands. You need a partner or play with yourself. Circulation is good all over. Lots of youth hormones. That's why you're reacting so quickly. Usually I don't see this kind of youth hormone except in somebody under 15. You're very fortunate. It's creating so much radiance that I can't see as many of your problems. Severe congestion in your intestines. And looks like spleen, lots of scarring in it. There's almost no bacteria in your intestines at all.

I drink almost a gallon of milk a day. Really.

It's not gonna do anything. Unless it's clabbered. What you need is, get some good high meat. Rotten meat. Rotten chicken would be the best for what you need. Rotten fish and rotten chicken.

How about rotten deer?

You can do that. What you might do is take some tripe, some deer intestines, and eat that. That'll probably reconstitute from that intestinal damage that you have. Probably reconstitute it quicker. Lungs, you've got some damage in the lungs. Heavy metal toxicity in the right lungs. And also the sinuses. On the right side. Metal toxicity all through the mucous membranes in the throat up. What were you doing?

You name it.

You did everything? Ha ha. Because you have lots of metal toxicity too. Lots of solvents, lots of chemicals, paint. I'm going to recommend that you have 60% celery, 20% zucchini, or summer squash, and 20% parsley. 1/3 of a lime per quart of juice, rind and all. I suggest 1.5 tbsp of honey with your juice, per quart. Were you a smoker?

Because the smoking is related to kidney damage. Does your left kidney back here, ever give you any soreness?

It used to hurt all the time. But not since the diet.

Good. When you start getting rid of some of that scar tissue in there, it's gonna hurt again, so...

In my lungs?

I'm talking about the kidney right now. Because the kidney is in pretty bad shape. The left one. If you're going to have fruit, I suggest you have berries. Any kind of berry. Cheese, cream, coconut cream, avocado. Avocados, you're not going to digest more than 3 a week.

Really? I gotta cut back. I love avos.

You need to eat at least 1lb of meat a day. Anywhere from 50-60% red meat, and 40-50% white meat. To help reconstitute those intestines, you're gonna need that fowl.

So I gotta do a bird?

I'm ready for your fowl recipe book.

Ha ha. The recipe that I gave earlier with the coconut, tomato, and lime juice, coconut cream.

I did that one with the cabbage.

No, no cabbage. Who told you to add cabbage?

I thought I got it from your book. A Polynesian recipe.

No, I don't have...I didn't have it in my book. At least I don't remember putting it in my book. Maybe I did.

Iceberg lettuce. From Moorea.

Yeah, iceberg lettuce is not cabbage. Cabbage will create gas and all kinds of ill reactions. It interferes...

I did that, it was very good.

I don't recommend much lettuce in that, that's a very small amount, just diced up in there. Otherwise it'll over-alkalinize it. The lime, it kind of, they balance each other, when you have a small amount. So did you have chicken that way?

It was good?

It was good. It was very good.

Okay, so just have more. Ha ha. Anywhere from 1-2 quarts of milk a day. With the intestines in that shape, I would say definitely clabbered. 90% of it clabbered. You could use some ginger too, because you have some fat clotting. That may have changed, looks like it's changed since you started the diet, so you won't have any trouble building any more of that, but the ginger will help get rid of the old stuff that's clogged in your system. Especially all around the intestines, you have these clots. Toxic fat congested clots.

I can see it in my eyes. The little fat rosary beads, they were around the outside...

That's the lymph.

...they're moving to the inside.

Good. Well that rosary means that you're at the brink of lymphoma, so if that's going away, that's great.

Okay, do you have any questions?

Yeah, is it okay to put lemon juice on my deer?

Aww, it's my quick lunch.

Ha ha. If you put lemon or lime juice, or pineapple, with red meat, it will turn it into a pyruvate to be burned as a fuel. Instead of utilized for regeneration of tissue.

What if you're about to go do like 3 hours of intense exercise? What would you eat before you went? Or during?

When I did that for 1.5 years of my life, when I did some exercise, I ran anywhere from 5-13 miles a day, I did 250 push-ups with my feet at least this high off the ground, and then I did 30-50 handstand push-ups. That was when I first started eating lots of fats and meats. The first time of my life I felt I could do something. It was hard getting into exercise, because I had never been able to exercise. But when I would do that, I would always suck 2 eggs before I went.

What's the difference between a blended egg and a sucked egg?

When you blend an egg, you mean without anything in it?

If I take 3 eggs and put them in a blender, and then I...


All by themselves.

You oxidize some very important proteins that can no longer be utilized properly.

When it's blended?

Yes, when it's blended. If you have cream in it, coconut cream, milk, it coats the proteins so that they don't oxidize. And if you're blending it in a small container where there's not much air, it'll even reduce it more.

Even if you have it right away, it's still oxidized?

The oxidizing is when the air passes into it.

So it's better not to put them in a blender then?

Aajonus, how can you tell if somebody has a really poor constitution?

Poor constitution? Well, it depends on where.

Like many years ago I had somebody look into my eyes, and he said that I had a serious problem, but I also had bad genetics, and...So I guess I was wondering if these things you can see, or...

Well, yeah, that's when I take a look at you, I can see, the degree of debilitation in your system. Now let's say your eyes are supposed to be blue or green, and they're brown. And you were born that way, that means that you came in with a poor constitution. If you came in with lesions or scar tissue, that means you came in with a poor constitution.

But all that is reversible?

All of it's reversible. I came in basically with diabetes like 5 of my cousins. And they all started insulin from about 8 years old on it, definitely between 8 and 15 years old. And I completely reversed mine.

Are onions antibacterial?

Yes, but I just use them for flavoring, just a small amount.

I have another question. When I was born, the hip bones were out of the sockets, so I had surgery, and although I can walk, and I'm walking fine, I have this pain on my right side that happens. Can this diet correct or help this?

Yeah, but it takes 7.5 years to replace every cell in the bones. And it takes 5 generations to do that. So it could take up to 40 years to remedy that completely. Now, both of my femur joints were almost completely gone from the bone cancer. So I couldn't walk. And I rarely have pain any more, and I'm only 20 years into it.


Michael. Say your last name so we know.


Okay Michael, very overactive sex glands, they're debilitating. Again, I see a condition where it looks like...were you a vegetarian for quite a while?

Long time.

How many years?


There's no stable protein anywhere in your body. You're very fragile. Very frail. Like the other lady here that was that long. You're in a little bit better shape. Relax your hand. There you go. Both thyroids are inactive. The right parathyroid is somewhat active. The left is barely. There's lots of swelling in the throat. In those glands in the throat. Did you have your tonsils removed?

This one looks okay, but this one looks like it's debilitated. And scarred.

I have throat...problems with my voice, losing my voice, would that be related?

That's a gland, it's trying to deal with the toxicity around. And it keeps trying to drain out your throat with mucous. So that will affect your voice. Any time toxins pass out to the throat, it will affect the vocal chords, because the mucous gets in the way of the chords.

You have no stable animal fats in your body. So everything is very very tenuous. Any compound that is of an acidic nature will irritate your system. Like her, I suggest, when you can get the cream and the butter, you eat a lot of it. Until then, eat as many eggs as you can, and I suggest anywhere from 10 to 18 a day. Lots of fish and beef and chicken. If you want to reverse some of this quickly, I would say work up to eating 1.5-2lbs of meat a day. I eat from 1 to 3.

Okay. And high meats?

High meats, I would say, not for about 2.5 years. If you have a little depression, I'd say maybe, you might think about eating maybe a pill-size amount of fecal matter to get your straight veritoxin right in there, to get the bacteria full force, rather than something that still has to go through to break it down in the meat, if you start with the high meats, you're gonna spend a lot of time detoxifying, and you're gonna have no energy. You're too vulnerable, and you have too much degenerative tissue that can be fed on immediately. And that'll put you into chronic fatigue for years. So what I suggest is you get stable, you get strong, get some cells regenerated, and then in about 2.5 years, start getting rid of some of that. But right now you can't afford to get rid of anything.

How about sunlight?

Oh, sunlight is very helpful. For everybody, sunlight is helpful. Do you handle sunlight okay?

Well I do now. I used to get herpes sores, and sunlight would aggravate that.

...are detoxif...

You have a lot of swollen arteries and veins. Like thrombosis, they've gotten very watery. Because there's a lack of protein in them. So that'll reverse with lots of protein. So I say you need 1-2 lbs a day of meat. Juice – 90% celery, 10% parsley. For about 6 weeks, then lower it to 80% celery, 10% parsley and 10% zucchini. Every other week, in one day's juice, one quart, use 1/3 lime or ½ lemon, rind and all, in the juice. That means juice with rind and all. And where do you live?

… Grass Valley.

Okay. You need a lot of glandular help. Thyroid, lungs, parathyroid, which are attached. So when you get the thyroid, you get the parathyroids with it. Testes, you need some glands. And that'll help you bounce back quicker. Your testosterone right now, and your overactive adrenals are basically what's keeping you going. Thank God you have that. Because some people don't. In your situation. Like this young lady over here. Who was there. It still looks like you have some growth hormone, which is something I usually don't see in vegetarians, that have been vegetarians for a very long time. So it looks like you could rebound better than most, on a good diet, like Michael. I would suggest that you drink some of your milk at an odd stage. When it goes just a day old. It's got more of a bitter taste, but that particular enzyme and bacteria is something you need. So let some clabber 3 days, and let some just go a day. And kind of mix them. So have 1-2 quarts a day, whatever you like. But I'd focus more on the meat, than I would on the milk. Because if you eat a lot of milk, you're not gonna crave as much meat. Sometimes concentrate on the milk, and sometimes concentrate on the meat. Predominantly the meat. Okay, any questions?

How about homemade sauerkraut?

That's great if you want to lower bacteria levels. You don't need that. You needed it while you were a vegetarian to keep the bacteria levels down because you have so much degenerative tissue. That if you started bacterias feeding on your system to degenerate it, you'd go into chronic fatigue. Homemade sauerkraut will prevent that. You don't get well. But of course you don't get stronger. And you'll have a certain amount of fatigue but at least you won't bottom out. So I suggest do not do it.

And avocado?

No more than 4 a week.

Does it take the presence of growth hormone to allow regeneration, and without it are you basically just gonna...?

Well, usually in the meat, when it's raw, it has growth hormone activity in it. If you have your own, it magnifies it. Like lucky guys like this.

So what did you say, growth hormone or youth hormone?

Growth hormone. Same thing.

Okay. But the idea is that for the various folks here who have had places where there's been organs which have degenerated significantly, the raw meat is the single biggest thing that's going to help to regenerate?

Correct. And if they eat the gland that's degenerated from an animal, it will increase that.

So for example should I be eating stomach?

Yes. Like I told...didn't I tell you? Who was it?

You mentioned that...

I told you to eat tripe. Eat stomach. Tripe is the intestines. You need intestines and some stomach.

So where do you get intestines?

See this man. He's got the connection up here.

He's the man with the glands.

But if you don't have access to organs regularly, then is the single best next thing is...

is any of the meats. Yup.

Red or otherwise?

Well, if it's an organ, it's usually white meat like chicken, turkey. If it's a gland like the liver, the spleen, and the pancreas and the muscles, it's mainly red meat. Will build them faster.



Can we pump up light at all? Okay, let me use this.

Do I need to hold the rim?

No, that's okay. Because I've got to move it where I need it to be moved. Thank you.

Okay. The spine looks like it's improving. The left ovary isn't but the right one is. The parathyroids are looking better, the thyroid still isn't. It's stabilizing, but it's just not functioning well. So that's probably... you still have fatigue because of that.

Yeah, I do. So do you think it's a good time to do moldy regimen, or still go with the fresh?

You mean the rotten meats?

Of the thyroid, particularly.

No because it's building, and that's really what I wanted you to do was build, first. And then when it's functioning we can do the rotten glands to get it broken down. You still have anemia. Do you get out in the sun at all?

I have been a lot more now.

Okay. You need about 70% red meat. For about 6 weeks. Okay, this is an odd one. I want you to have, I'm going to suggest that you have 60% celery, 20% parsley, and ½ orange, rind and all, per quart, do this for 3 weeks only.

Okay. What is that for, particularly?

I'm trying to figure it out. Sometimes some things come intuitively, and I'm trying to figure out why. Has to do with your lungs, your liver, and your pancreas and spleen. There are certain resins from cooked vegetables that have collected in that area, and they're like crystals. The oils in the rind, when combined with the acids in the juice, and in the high mineral content in the rest of the juice, in the vegetables, will combine to help, looks like free up those crystals. Trying to see if it's going to dissolve it. Doesn't look like it can be dissolved, it looks like they're stone. They're actually like jewels. Not precious being there. Far from it. Pretty. But not helpful. Your body's gonna try to pass them, like stones, out of the gall bladder. So you may have some cramping and some pain within 6 weeks after that 3-week period. So have the pain formula handy. It's a lot of sugar, you may get emotional during that period.

The orange juice? Oh great. I've been trying to get away from that.

Yeah I know. I would say, try to have like 3-4oz of cream within 20 minutes after having the juice. Well, 2-3oz each time, which is a lot of cream. You just have to go down to Clareville and get some, for that 3 week period. And sour cream is wonderful.

I wanted to ask you how to do that. Is it just outside the fridge, you just let...?

No, I let it sit inside,...well if you want sour cream, you can leave it in the fridge for about a month, sours beautifully. You can leave it up to 3 months if you like. Now I've had it up to 5 months and it's still delicious, so...beyond that I couldn't tell you because I haven't let any sit for more than 5 months.

Were you going to say something about the sour cream for me, or something?

No, I'm just saying that you can utilize cream even if it's sour. But I wouldn't have any other fruit.

Is a date a fruit?

Yes. High sugar. Definitely. Even though it's high in niacin and high in minerals to help bind with the sugars so they're aren't used so rapidly, it still can create emotionality. That's the only thing I would change, Jennifer.

Okay. Great. Here, I wanted to show you something. Remember I cut my finger rather severely and I did the mud. Just lately the nail is turning white right at the bottom. I don't know if you can see it. It's here. I didn't know if, I think the circulation and things are okay.

That's fine.

It's healing?

Probably just scar tissue being built in to that.

Because that's the way you can build out the scar tissue and get rid of it quickly.

I had a couple of other questions. I still have...I seem to have tightness or congestion right in here, in my small intestine. Is there anything you can suggest...?

Well that's just what I was saying, all that, those resins, they're locked in there.

And I tend to feel dehydrated, even though I'm drinking, that's just...

You're so dry, it's going to take you probably 6 years to feel non-dehydrated.

Okay. And for the kidney, you know my kidneys have been swelling up a lot and going back down, and I wonder, could that be a reaction to any of the foods that I'm eating? Or do you think it's a detox?

No. It's detox.

So not avocado, or milk, or anything? Okay. And then, I've gained like 14lbs, and I'm wondering how much further to go before losing weight.

You look very good. Ha ha.

Should I go up like another 10? Or something...?

Yea, I would say 10, definitely.

Okay. And then I also have heart arrhythmia and palpitations.

That's usually low protein level.

Okay. That's it.

Thank you.

My turn?

If you want to go...

Go ahead.

Oh, Phil too. And Ray.

Aajonus, on the juice, you said 60% celery, 20% parsley, and then ½ orange. Does that make up for the,...what is that, 20%?

Well, whenever I add the orange, it's like don't even consider the percentage,'ll just have a little extra juice.



Benjamin. Very overactive sex glands and adrenal glands. Very overactive on the right. The sex gland on the right is about normal. The one on the left is very overactive. Usually that means that you could be an athlete or somebody who's physically involved in life, unless your other glands above your chest do not function well. And your thyroid is under-active, both sides, your parathyroid is overactive, on both sides, but really not functioning that well. The one on the left is overactive, but not producing much. It tries. It looks like you still have your tonsils?

No, I had them removed. I think one's grown back.

Oh. The right one. Yup. Looks like the fat cells are clumping in your intestines, in your liver, small and large intestines. It's affecting your spine, right in this area right here, looks like it's even causing some hemorrhaging, some ulcers in there. So I'm gonna recommend that you have, you need to handle that, because if you go into spinal meningitis, when this is going on, it could be a long time to recover. I'm going to suggest, if that scares you, that's good, because I want you to take care of it. Take a whole cup of cabbage juice, the white cabbage, a day, 4oz at a time. 4 oz in the morning, and 4 oz in the evening. Okay?

And the rest of your juice...

That's green? White?

Yeah. Green cabbage and white cabbage are the same. Just not the red cabbage. Juice it.

How? Blender?

No, if you're going to blend it, then you need to strain it.

You don't want the pulp?

No. Don't want the pulp.

Is blending better?

No. Well, I would like the pulp removed, so if you blend it, you have to put some kind of cloth that takes the pulp out. And you wring out the juice.

Okay. How much...

Champion, Green Life, any of those juicers. Do you have a juicer?

I have an Omega.

That'll work for cabbage.

It doesn't squeeze it out very well.

No. Well then you can take it and press it.

I see.

Yeah. Once,...just open your Omega up, and press it against the side, and that'll squeeze out even more. Or put it in a cloth and wring it. That's what I did in the old days. Ha ha.

Have you been a vegetarian?

No. Not strict. Omnivore.

You say not strict.

Yeah, I tried to have a healthy diet.

Uh-huh. You're not reproducing...But that was cooked meat, of course, that you were mainly eating?

Okay. Because you're not...the connective tissue and the tendons are buckling on you. Which means that you're storing scar tissue there, and you're losing elasticity. White meat is best to remedy that. You're still a little anemic though, I mean, your RBC count is good, but your RBCs aren't as strong as they need to be. Basically you have a pretty balanced system.

It's just balanced low?

It just doesn't have the enzymes, everything it needs, and it has toxicity in it, but there's nothing that is exceptionally out of whack, except that you're not getting rid of the AGEs. The toxic sugars from cooked starches. That is stored in your body. And that's causing an acid reaction throughout. A high sugar and acid reaction, so it's damaging the blood, it's damaging everything, and causing swelling everywhere.

I do a lot of fruit juices.

Well that'll certainly help clean it out, but it'll also damage you at the same time. So, it'll also give you a hell of a craving for cheese and meats and fats. Or starches, if you eat cooked starches.

Like potatoes?

I don't care for potatoes.

What about breads, and grains?


Sprouts. That usually won't cause that, that'll usually cause more hunger. How much vegetable juice do you do?

I have done a couple of quarts...

A day?

For one meal. And fruit juices in the morning, and peanut butter in between.

Oh, so there you're going after the nut butters to balance it. Ha ha. I knew there was one food in there you had to go crazy over. Ha ha. And none of those nut butters are raw. Even if they say “Raw”.

I make them myself.

Oh. Great, good. Okay. But like I say, they have that, even if you're making it into a butter, it has the enzyme supressants, enzyme inhibitors, and the protein inhibitors, so it's better to blend that mixture I suggested, and you won't have to eat as much. You'll be much more satisfied. I suggest that you have 1-1.5 quarts of milk a day. A quart of the juice a day.

Along with the cabbage juice?

Yeah. Extra. So that's 5 cups a day.

Okay. And so, is that throughout the day, or just for one meal, or...?

No, that' need to spread it out throughout the day. Because if you have a lot of juice at one time, you're going to urinate out most of it. After it robs your blood of fats. I mean, the vegetable juice at least won't rob your body of fats like the fruit juice will. But you need to spread it out, so that your body can absorb and utilize it without urinating it.

What about apples?

Apples? If you're eating it with cheese, I would say it's okay, once in a while. I mean, your pancreas is okay. There's a lot of debilitation on the left side, but you can handle a piece of fruit a day, definitely. We were talking, not a piece of fruit like this man, who's eating a whole pineapple a day. I'm talking about what will fit in your palm half-closed. Ha ha. That's a piece of fruit.

So any kind of fruit? Kiwi, or...?

Whatever you like. There's no real...well, like I say, you do have some fat congestion, so pineapple once in a while, kiwi, basically whatever you're attracted to, pears would be good for you also, when they're in season.

Banana? Oranges?

Banana's not a great thing for you, it looks like...

I don't crave it but once in a while, but...

Well once in a while would be okay.

But oranges – like 3 big oranges a day.

I don't recommend having that much fruit.

That's basically my mainstay – oranges.

The problem with that is, is that if you eat a lot of fruit like that, it's going to alkalinize your digestive tract so much that you're not going to be able to eat meat. It will absolutely destroy your ability to eat meat.

Over a period of time?


Over a period of time that it's going to destroy my ability to process meat?

Or immediately?

Probably immediately. Because you're already doing that. So trying to eat meat is going to be difficult. You'll see, if you tried, let's say tomorrow...

I had a piece today, and I got cold.

Yeah, you're not digesting it.

So what can I do to...?

You need to get on the vegetable juice, eat lots of eggs, let's say, to build that, eat the meat, and let it clabber, because basically the fruit juice wipes out the intestinal bacteria that handles meat. And eggs and dairy. So what you need to do is have those, cut way back on the fruit juices, to build your ability to digest, and I would clabber all of your milk.

All of it?

All of it.

And how much per day?

1-1.5 quarts.

What percentage of celery, per quart of juice, would you say?

I think I said 80% and 20%.

20% parsley?

Peanut butter and honey, that combination?

Well, not peanut. Peanuts have an enzyme that's very difficult in the whole form. You can have the peanut oil, with pecans or walnuts or pine nuts.

With the milk?

No, with cream. Or with peanut oil and the honey.

Okay. I have another question. I have scar tissue that I've been trying to figure out how to turn that back into muscle. And also my brain, I have neurolateral temporal lobe dysfunction and right hemisphere dysfunction. Two thirds of my brain doesn't work.

Well that's normal for everybody. Ha ha.

Because it's so toxified?

Yeah. Because it's so toxic.

It debilitates my ability to function.

The best way to get rid of that scar tissue is to eat brain that...if you can get brain from this gentleman, and let it rot a little bit, and then also eat some healthy brain. Then the degenerative bacteria from the brain will go in and help break up the toxic areas of brain, remove the scar tissue. Eating the healthy brain will help restore it quicker. If you want to concentrate on brain.

Why are you alternating it?

Because neurological tissue is so important. Whenever I do anything for the spine or brain, I will eat the high bacteria one, one day, and eat the healthy one the next day. And I'll alternate them like that. And no more than, let's say,..I'll take a calf's brain, which is probably about this big, size of a softball or larger. And I'll spend 5 days eating that. And I'll let half of it get high, and the other half not. And the way I keep half of it from getting high, is I put it in a jar where there's no air, and the one where I let it get high, I put it in a big jar with a lot of air. And that'll work quicker. Also eating olive oil with chicken.

You said red meat, I mean white meat.

White meat. Chicken is white meat. Yeah. Olive oil with chicken will help dissolve some. Bacteria like I said works faster, parasite works even faster. But if you can get them to take in your system. Have you had a lot of antibiotics or anything in your system?

Probably some. Penicillin.


No. And antibiotics this last fall for the flu.

Don't do that. Don't do that anymore. Ha ha.


All right, next.

Everybody's falling asleep here?

Ha ha. Phil wants to hear all the information. If he came here, he's gonna take it all.


Hi Ray. Relax your hands. Are you eating a pound of meat a day?

Yeah, about.

Are you getting sunshine?

I'm gonna recommend that you eat 70% red meat for a while. The red cells are getting healthier, but not healthy fast enough.

You said that last time too.

I know.

I'm having the clay too,...

Do you have liver at all?

Probably that will bring it back quicker. I try to have liver twice a week, so about ½ lb a week minimum. The pancreas is still very debilitated. Swollen. Adrenal glands are looking a little bit better. Thyroid gland, left side, looks like it's functioning. Parathyroid's not. Thyroid over here looks like it's starting to heal. Parathyroids are working. Lymph glands in the neck are working. Are you having that nut mix at all?

I think you're lacking some starch. So I'd like you to have that once or twice a week, that nut mixture I gave.

Can you remind me?

The ½ cup nuts, walnuts, pecans, or pine nuts, 2 tbsp honey, 3oz of peanut oil or 3-4oz of raw cream or coconut cream.

That needs to be blended?

Yes. Blend that for about 50 seconds. And have that once or twice a week. I'd say for about a 6-week period, not much chicken, focus on fish and beef, and liver, as part of the beef. Are you still having other kinds of clay other than the Rosebud?

No, just the Rosebud.

And how long have you been taking that?

Between 3 months. Like a month after the last time I saw you.

Okay, I suggest that you stop taking it for about 4 months completely. It's created a lot of good bacteria in your system, but it's becoming too much. And then when you go back to it, have it only 2 days a week, for another 2 months. And then take 4 months off again. And do that pattern for about 6 years. 2 months on, twice week, 2 months, off 4 months. And you're letting it get moist, it's already moist, and you're keeping it moist when you're eating it?

Not so much, I mean, it's a clay, it's Rosebod clay, so...

It's already moist?

Yeah, a little bit.

Okay, that's fine. Some people let it dry out, and then they eat it as a powder, and that's exactly the opposite of what I want them to do. So I'm just making sure that you're having it that way.

Okay, what I'd like you to do, is take about 1 tbsp of kiwi and mash it with 2tbsp of banana, and 3 drops of lime juice. And I'd like you to mash that all together, and have it with an 1” by 1.5” cube of cheese, Monterey or Cheddar. Monterey is a little bit preferable. That is going to create a chemical reaction in your blood that'll stop them from sticking together so much. Because they're clumping, and when they're clumping, they're not able to get to the capillaries as well. It helps circulation.

This works like in energy and stuff?

It should help, yeah. Because the blood's not flowing properly, not utilizing oxygen well, then your energy level is always going to be low. So, see how that for about 6 months.

Do it every day?

No no no no. Do it 5 days a week for 2 weeks, then 3 days a week for 1 week, and then 2 days a week for the rest of the 6 months period.

Are you able to gain weight?

A little bit.

Yeah, he looks like he's got a little bit there, looks fine.

I've been having 10-12 eggs a day for a while now.

And how much meat?

About a pound. At times a little bit less. I haven't really done much with high meats.

Do you suffer depression at all?

Okay. The bacteria level looks pretty good. So that's not my concern, is bacteria level. It's the clotting. I mean the clumping of cells. There may be 3 stages to getting it to where we want it. So this is the next 6 months stage. But hopefully this will make a big break in it.

What about even filling out more, you know, muscles, to fill out more?

Well you'd have to eat more meat. You still have a lot of congestion in the intestines. That could probably use a little bit more bacteria. Also eating tripe, if you can get it from Michael, when you're up in this area, once in a while, you might let a little bit of that get ripe, that bacteria's completely absent there, like you took lots of oral antibiotics at some point, or de-wormers or something.

Yeah, when I was a kid, probably, I mean that's what people do.

Pretty destroyed on the left side. But everything else is working out pretty well.

I'm getting stronger.

Yeah. It's just that anemia, you've got an anemia that's hard to break.

I sometimes have blood in stool. It's hard at times.

You have low bacteria level in the colon and that's that scarring here. So use the clabbered milk to help encourage the...

Could be fun. It isn't like some colonic where they're putting 5 gallons of water in you. This is a nice kefir. It actually is very soothing.

Kefir in your keister.

Ha ha. And it's funny, it just all of a sudden, sometimes you can just be so irritable because you're constipated, and then you put that stuff in, it's like 'ahh', I didn't even have a movement, but I felt like I did. Because it just goes in there and absorbs all those acids and everything that's having a problem, that the bacteria will not feed on. Neutralizes them pretty much.

You know when I detox, it's usually through the knees and the joints. If I don't sleep, for instance, at times I'll go through like a lot of pain, and it goes...and I find that if I don't juice...

Get too acidic.

Really, that's what happens.

Acid in the joints and stuff. Yeah. Take the pain formula in place of a smoothie for 2 of your eggs.

And also how do you get rid of a long-time wart? And what is a wart from?

A wart is usually dead cells that are cartilage, that can no longer function as cartilage properly, but they're not completely dead, so the body builds it into the skin and makes it a wart, it's a viral activity, where the virus goes in and changes the RNA and DNA, so it pulls it out of the joint area and builds it into the skin.

So what's the way to let it go?

What did I use last? There's several things that I have in the book to get rid of warts, but they don't work as much as I would like them to, and I just found something that worked very well, and I can't remember what it is. I think I need to eat some meat soon.

Or some brain.

Ha ha ha. Precisely. But give me a call and I'll remember and I'll email it to you. Okay.

Okay, anything else?

No, that's it.

Okay, that's it, I'm finished for today. Phil, too bad. Ha ha.

You know you told me to have an orange and no other fruit, and you told me to eat ½ grapefruit every other day for ... swelling, should I stop that for now?

And then the thyroid, should I be eating the raw thyroid?

I would say no more than 2 days a week.

Oh, so that often?

If you want to get it well faster, it's up to you if you want energy sooner.

So every other week, twice a week?

Because I was usually eating it like 5 days in a row, and then off for like 2 weeks or 3 weeks.

It might be better if you have it more frequently, but less throughout that week.

Okay, thank you.

All right. This is good. Wow, your red blood cells are getting back together. Yeah.

Should he...Kefir up the...?

Ha ha ha. In his brain. Put into his ears. Wow, your blood's sure coming together. You have metal toxicity all throughout your system.

Yeah. How does it show up on the hands, what do you see?


...about 2 weeks. Just to stabilize.

No kiwis either?

That would be an okay fruit for you to have.

But not...?

One a day.

How long is a day?

Ha ha. 40 hours. For you. At least 40 hours. 40 Jewish hours. Ha ha. You know what that's like.

Is there such a thing as too much cream? I like that.

Okay, good.

I didn't say for anybody else, I said for him.

Because I could drink like 2 pints a day without too much trouble.

If you're eating a whole pineapple a day, probably use a quart of cream. That'll reduce, you won't need as much if you're not having all that fruit. How much meat are you eating?

A pound a day. Like 3 eggs a day.

You're only having 3 eggs a day? Ha ha ha.

Should I have more?

Ha ha ha.

No wonder you're eating all that pineapple!

Exactly. Yeah, you need about 10-18 a day.

And what about my juice mixture?

I'd continue with the same as you're having.

Okay. I'm juicing Alfalfa sprouts, is that a bad thing?

Yeah. It has an enzyme inhibitor in it, if you have too much. One day a week is probably all that you can handle. And no more than one of those little packages. And don't mix it up. Have it only one day. Don't mix it over a 3-day period. I can't get over how your digestive system,...I don't know if it's that pineapple, I've never seen this before... because your digestion is definitely improved.

I only eat one food at a time. I'm very careful about that.

That's easier to do that, yeah.

I tried having kiwis and milk product or something, and I was thinking, you know what, I'm going to be really careful. And no honey either, because honey was screwing me up too. Well, copious amounts, of course, I have a hard time having any not in excess.

Well that's because you're not having enough fat. You're eating the pineapple. That's going to make anybody crazy. Whole dietary regime will go nuts. So the more eggs, more fat, less fruit, you'll balance out a lot more.

Yeah, I cut down on the cheese too, the cheese and honey was difficult to digest.

Yeah, honey can be eaten with cheese, but if you're pigging out on both, just remember that the honey works on proteins. And you can't count cheese as a protein, even though there's protein in it, because when protein has been dehydrated like in a cheese, the fat and the minerals become the predominant active ingredient in cheese. Honey isn't going to help you digest very much of the cheese, because it digests protein well.

So how much meat should I have, should I have more than a pound a day?

Well, if you increase the eggs, you won't need any more than probably 1-1.5 lbs of meat a day.

I've been doing mostly red meat, a little chicken. Since...

Well, you could use some fish, because you have all this mineral toxicity, it would help neutralize some of that.

I have to go eat the fish in a merchant room parking lot since last time I had it, any hint of fish my throat swelled shut.

Oh yeah?

I haven't tried it raw yet, though. Which is the least fishy fish?

Ha ha. Is that a possibility? Probably tuna. To me albacore is very strong. But the tuna's less strong to me,...

Maybe trout?

...but I like the strong fish, I like swordfish, and I like yellowtail, and all those things are strong.

Cod is actually not too fishy, and also King Mackerel is the least fishy of the fish I tried, but it's hard to find...

Hard to find it non-farmed.

So what should I do to help out my thyroid?

Eat thyroid. Definitely.

Beef thyroid?

Beef, deer, whatever you can get. Get a hold of Michael, and when you're up this way. Ha ha. This guy's gonna have a hell of a business. Listen, I've got guys in LA that have businesses growing from this. Like the milk, the guy, he made arrangements, now he's supplying all of Southern California the Clareville milk.

So question – the ridges on the nails, any concern over that?

Well those ridges mean that you're putting out a lot of the toxic minerals from solvents that were in the hands, and that will go on for years and years and years. But there's a nice sheen on them. So that means they're good and strong.

What about the dry hair? What about that?

You're very dry. And if you're eating a pineapple a day, you're burning up all your fats, you'll be dry forever. Ha ha. A pineapple, if you eat a whole pineapple a day, that will burn up about 3 pints of fat.

Really? That's more than I can eat.

Just remember this – 80% fats, 5% sugar. That's all it takes. So you can take that big a pineapple and 5 times fat you will need to utilize that properly.

You know, now we just got this new …, say it doesn't do honey, it does vanilla, which has alcohol in it, I'm not crazy, but what do you think?

Not a good thing.

How about vanilla bean in its raw form, that's okay?

That's fine. That's better.

Not the processed vanilla?

Yeah. Not in a high amount, if you're putting 1 or 2 drops in, that's okay.

That's okay?

...maybe 3 or 4 drops.

That's double of what I just said. Ha ha.

How do my eyes look...?

Oh my gosh, they're lighter. Definitely. Definitely, yeah. Well I guess that pineapple is doing something good. Is he tolerable, eating that much? is horrible, but with me he's fine.

Oh. Ha ha.

...have to be that way...steal everything...

I have a question. In France everybody smoked...I was so...can we do something to clean out all that?

Tars are very difficult to break down. The only way that I've seen people can deliberately break down those tars is to eat raw tobacco. Chew on it and spit the pulp out. Yeah. Even chewing it up, and then letting it mold, and then eating it, also will help dissolve some of those tars.

Where do you get good tobacco, organic tobacco?

They sell it.

They do?

Yeah. American Spirit...

Do you get totally ripped on that?

You can get a little bit of a high because there's nicotine in it, it stimulates the brain, it's vitamin B niacin.

But it won't make you nauseous like chewing tobacco would?

Um...I've never heard of anybody getting nauseous on raw green tobacco.

Oh, raw green tobacco.

It's the better.

Oh, okay. So you gotta grow your own.

No, you can usually like go into a Jon's store and tell them you want green; they can get you green.

So what berries would I have, or should I have berries to get rid of the metals, the toxic metals?

Yeah, but I would calm down from the pineapple for a while. You know, it's funny, the other person I was talking about that detoxed, eyes went from dark brown to light green in 3.5 years, she was like that, she would eat 1/4-1/2 pineapple a day. She was a basket case, but definitely cleaned quicker than anybody else. So if you can tolerate him...

He's okay with me.

You just take it all out on your employees, right? Poor guys.

Customers too.

I mean I'm...the opposite...babes...I couldn't believe it, I've never seen him like that before...

That's what too much fruit will do for you. I think it's usually better to do it more gradually than that, but...

I'm not that way.

Well, become that way. Eat more eggs, and more meat, and calm down.

So how can you blend the eggs without oxidizing, can you just like take a fork, and slowly...?

No, if you want to blend them in something, then add a little bit of cream or milk or something that will coat the egg white so it doesn't oxidize.

Is it better to have the whites and the yolks separately in separate meals...?

No. It's better to have them together, except for one person I suggested to, to have them separate.

And what if our stools are green, is that mean there's poor digestion, or...?

That means that you're not breaking down all of the chlorophyll in the green juice, but that's okay.

If I take my smoothie and put the eggs in there in the middle of the milk, and whatever else I put in there, that's okay, the eggs won't oxidize?

Correct. Because it'll be coated.

What about putting like a piece of pineapple or strawberries, in the smoothie?

Then you're going to make solvents that will be for detoxification. If you want to detoxify more, that's fine. But if you do that often, get ready for a flu or a cold. That's why in the book I have the smoothies with fruit as a remedy for it, because it helps more solvents get in there and break everything down, so it'll flow out.

I have sneeze attacks every time I take that.

… causing you to dry out then. You need some cream with it or something if you're going to do that.

I put coconut cream in.

Yeah, but that's more of a solvent. If you need to soothe your tissues, you need cow's cream.

One more clarification – eating the thyroid twice a week, for one thing, can I eat it two days in a row, is that okay? It's hard to get,...

Definitely two days in a row is fine.

And how much at a time? Because I have a hard time...if I can get one of those, about like that, I feel lucky.

Well, like I say, if the new recipe that I gave, if you put 1tsp of salsa in with that, it is so delicious in comparison.

It's the texture which just is so disgusting to me.

Well, did you ever have potato soup, or clam chowder? That's what it's like. And with the new salsa recipe, it all of a sudden is like a soup.

Okay, I'll try that. I've been doing the new thing that you told me...the chunks and swallow it.

Oh – wash it down? Yeah. The coward's way. Ha ha ha.

You should see me in there, ugh...

No, that's very brave, anybody who's eating the glands, that's brave.

Is olive oil okay with beef?

I have another question. I'm trying to figure out why I have so much metal toxicity. And I grew up parents had a bar and a nightclub, it was always like a cloud of smoke, and I breathed that for many years. Could it be from that?

Definitely. Absolutely.

So I need to chew tobacco?

It would be helpful.

What about the homeopathic remedy for that?

Well, because when they use the alcohol, it destroys the bacteria that will help break it down.

I can't handle alcohol actually.

What about the little pellet?

No, once it's dehydrated, it doesn't do it. You need it in its raw form so that you can get the bacteria and all the enzymes to form bacterias and molds to break it down in your system.

How often would you recommend chewing tobacco?

Well, if you have too much, you can put yourself in pneumonia. Cleaning too fast. Or into meningitis, when it cleans out of the brain. So I recommend probably eating it, chewing and spitting out the pulp, about 1tbsp worth, or about 2” by 2” piece of the leaf, no more than 4 days a week.

What's it mean when I have like a wheezing sound in my lungs?

Means you have no fat. You're too dry. Also could mean that the mucous isn't forming properly.

More eggs?

Yeah. Definitely.

How many eggs about should I be having, per day or week, do you have any idea?

I didn't tell you? Let me see your hands again. 8-12 a day. I'd say 10-12 is probably better.

You're welcome.

You didn't say eggs for me either.

Let me see your hands again. 6-12.

Can I freeze raw butter?


So freezing anything really is out of the question?

Well, not out of the question, you just destroy some of the enzymes.

Ha ha. It flattens it.

Because the goat butter doesn't last very long, I mean, I can make it's so labor-intensive, I could just make a bunch of it and then freeze it.

Well, I'll show you how to do it easier and quicker.

I'd love to see that.

How long does raw butter last?

...still have some Steuve's..

If you do it the right...if you have the Steuve's - I've had last up to 12 months in the refrigerator.

How could you?

Where does he...what's his address? I better go home, that direction, and become a burglar! Ha ha.

It lasts over...probably a year is the longest I've kept it, it may last longer than that.

I have a couple of questions. One, I've heard pineapple discussed a lot, for some people it seems to be like burning fat, others, her recommendation about it, relieving fat congestion, I know you didn't mention it in my case, you mentioned kiwi rather than pineapple, should I avoid the pineapple for me?

Yeah, because it will cause too much fat depletion in your system.

The second thing is, because of the arrhythmia, I've been on a half-aspirin regimen for quite a while. Is that contributing to the stomach issue and should I see if I can...

That creates like a cement, it goes into a cement in your lymph system.

So, the question is, given that there's a risk for me if I don't take it, in terms of having a clot …, in what way can I address that until I can somehow manage to get rid of the arrhythmia?

I wouldn't worry about the arrhythmia. I had arrhythmia for...from the age of probably 13, up until I was in my mid-thirties.

What kind?

I don't remember what it was right now, what it was diagnosed as, I was so young, but it was serious. I had angina along with it. You know how serious angina is, basically like a heart attack every time you have it. My father, he came down with an arrhythmia. You know what I said? I said 'Don't count! Don't count!' Simple as that. And he hasn't done a thing about it, and he's fine. Most people don't need to do anything about it, it's again a way to sell a drug.

Yeah, I avoided any other medications, but this is one thing that I over and over again, was told was a risk, with atrial …, that you get a swelling of the blood flow through the atrium, and they say under some conditions, that can coagulate and it can...

It's so rare, and if you're on this diet at all, it's not... shouldnt matter? And I've been doing...I have a completely plant-based magnesium supplement I'm taking, it doesn't have any kind of magnesium salts in it, it's only using plant materials to get the magnesium.

Doesn't make any difference. Once it's dehydrated and once it's isolated...

It's in liquid form, it's a … forget it. I have a calcium supplement, forget it. Waste it. Okay.

Because what you get in that supplement, you will get and utilize every bit, in about ½ cup of milk. In a whole bottle of that supplement.

So rely on the milk and the juice to give me the minerals that I need?

Correct. And the cheese.

And CoQ10? Eliminate that as well?

Eliminate that entirely, that's very toxic to a lot of people that have arrhythmia problems.

Oh. And hawthorn leaf berry, eliminate that as well?

If you have the actual berry, fine.

No, this is a powder.

Yeah, no. He's got a hawthorn berry tree.

We have a hawthorn. It hasn't...flower...

So, you know, one of those a week is enough.

How about algae?

I did a lot of experiment with that, and I didn't find that it did much of anything in a person who's on a totally raw diet. I found that with people who were not on a good diet, it provided some minerals that were important to them. Also, because it was so high in sodium, it created lowering of bacteria, which I don't like. So probably the most remedial effect was that it was more of a balanced sodium that most people got, and it made them feel better because it stopped detoxification.

I tried it after going on a raw diet for a month, just one time, and it just destroyed my digestion, and I threw the stuff on the plants when I got home.

Exactly. They'll love it. Make a little compost with it. Yeah, and boy, the plants love it because it's perfect for them.

So what Howell sells us enzymes. Plant-based enzymes.

You know, everybody is trying to market something to make all of their time and research worthwhile, and he tried to do it, and he has this theory, and postulation that will work. However in actual practice, it doesn't work. For a few people in certain circumstances it may work, but it's not controllable. You don't know for whom it's going to work, and for whom it's not.

I was reading about two different studies, a soccer team in Australia, a football team in Oregon, that took supplemental enzymes, and they documented that their injury healing time was shorter when they had...

But those guys eat 99.9% cooked everything. So even those that are processed are better than what they're already getting. It's like people who use essential oils that are heated at 357 degrees, will not have as good a reaction as people who are using 257 degrees distilled. So there is an improvement, but on a raw diet, anything that isn't raw is not going to be an improvement.

Just like the supplements...?

It works well for somebody that has a similar processed diet that goes along with the processed item...?


That makes sense.

So honey would aid digestion of protein, is there anything that aids digestion of fat?

You mean a particular food?

Yeah. Food, or something like that, like honey...

Any of the fruits. Any of the proteins. It doesn't take much fruit; it takes more protein.- 15% protein, 5% fruit - to utilize fats properly.

I see. The diet you recommend.

I crave fat a lot.

You crave fat a lot. Yeah.

So if I don't eat any honey, is that okay?

Why, because you can't control yourself? Ha ha.


Oh, I can talk about that, I went through a period where I binged on honey, and I just let myself do it, and eventually it leveled out.

Yeah, it will level out.

Just have a little bit at a time.

But if you'll make yourself have meals at a particular...2 eggs, and some milk, and some honey, if you do that, you won't binge on anything. It's when you let yourself get too hungry, and then you start binging, you're going to binge on whatever you're eating at the time.

So milk – even though the lactose in the milk is okay with the carbohydrate and the protein together, the lactose carbohydrate in the milk is okay with the protein eggs, it digests just fine?

You're talking about the lactate is...the lactose is a sugar.

Right, and that digests okay, because whenever I have eggs with the honey, I get nauseous, kind of dizzy,...

It may be causing a liver detoxification, or even a gall bladder detoxification. So then I would cut out the honey.

I get that too.

I had that problem every time that I had it, because I had that poison mushroom. And after that, any time I ate honey with eggs, I got cramps, I got nauseous, everything, so I couldn't eat it for...let's see, I ate that in 1981, and it was just last year, was the first time I could combine honey and eggs together. Last year. So it took a lot of years.

So was it good to do the detoxification, or was it good until you could do it?

Well because it was so painful, it knocked me out. I had to do it gradually. 18 years. I've had enough pain, I'm no glutton for punishment. I want to get well quickly, but not that. I don't want to do it that way.

Do you have any objective number measurements about how the ingestion of the large quantity of raw fat affects things like cholesterol, homocysteine levels, and does it even matter?

It doesn't matter at all. Because your body...I've got lots of blood analysis for it, I'll give you some of the extreme examples. A banker who had a 267 cholesterol level - I put him on a stick of raw butter a day. He was about 6'3”. So he's a big man. And very overweight. So I had him on a stick of butter a day, about 4oz of cream a day, and about 10 eggs. Raw eggs. So you know the cholesterol involved in that. His cholesterol...and he had the test done 3 weeks later, his cholesterol was down to 167. Okay.

I have an olympic gymnast, 26 years old now, when she came to me, she had a 327 cholesterol level. And if she didn't keep that up to about that level, she could not work out. But the problem was, she kept having colds and flus every 2-3 weeks, and it knocked her out, she couldn't even work out for a week sometimes, 10 days, and she'd have to start her workout all over again. So they were going to drop her from the team. Because there's no way that they could keep up with that, no telling, the games came along, which cycle she would be on. So she went onto a raw diet, her level stayed at 327. But because they were good cholesterols, she didn't have a cold, and she could go right through and not have a problem with the cholesterol.

I've got a champion skater, figure skater - she had a high cholesterol level, right around 210, which is not real high, but it's still high for a female, she's about 5'3”-5'4” I guess, somebody who works out, skating, 6-8 hours a day. I gave her twice the amount of cholesterol that she was eating previous to that. Her cholesterol level went down to 187. And, she goes out there and works, and these other girls going out there 'huff...puff...', can't go on, she's going 5-6 hours, and she just keeps going and going and going. So, I can't say that the cholesterol level makes any difference, it's whether it's raw or cooked.

So is it when we're younger, you can pretty much get away with anything, your body just doesn't notice it, gets away with it?

You have growth hormones, you have youth hormones, you have lots of adrenaline, if you're healthy. If you're a child like me, I didn't get away with anything. I was born sickly. So, some kids, a lot of kids, get away with everything until their growth hormones fall off. And then it's all downhill.

So what would be good to rebuild my tendons and things? I still have some pain left in my right hip.

Rebuild your tendons, is that what you said?

If you could take tendons, and chop them up and grind them, in a meat grinder, you would probably, if you can digest it, break it down, and the best possible way is to grind it. Put it through the grinder about 3 times. To get it down into the smallest fragments. So when the HCL invades it, it will dissolve more of it. But it's a very hard substance to digest in a human system. With our lack of help. But that's the quickest way, the next best way is to eat a lot of chicken.


Can we do anything to help the Steuves...?

No, Steuve's now is at the mercy of the people who will process their substances, and what they want. So this company that they contracted to do it got threatened by the state to be closed down. That scared them for about 6 months, and then when that got all squared away, and everything was settled out with the health department, that no, that would be conspiracy, and that would be prejudicial. I'm glad that they did that, even though it canceled us being able to have the butter right away. It set a precedent that if they did go and do that and harass this company, then they would be facing a tremendous lawsuit, and definitely would lose it. So I'm glad that the one health official, one inspector that came to that, said 'you do Steuve's, and we're gonna really come in and do this to you, and do that to you, and do this to you, and do that to you.' It was bad because they backed out from Steuve's saying 'we won't do it', but now that it's cleared up, there's a threat to the health department, if they do anything out of the ordinary, they're in big trouble. So this company said that they're going to start manufacturing it this month, and it'll be out the 22nd. But we will see. Now they have up in Oakdale, everybody, that's near Modesto, that's where one of the Steuve's farms is. They have just increased their herd to 350, they're going to start producing raw milk, raw kefir, and raw butter. They do not have all the facilities together up there in Oakdale to do that. So it may take some time for them to manufacture it, so they don't have to ever rely upon anybody else again, and plus they will not be in Los Angeles county.

Milk commission.

Right. No medical milk commission. Medical milk commission has … since Stuve's stopped producing.

There's no...

Yeah. That's it. Yeah.

He's also growing organic beef now too.

Yes. He's doing all this, his milk will be organic when it comes out.

How...take to them to put together organic farm, they have to have good cows...

They're already organic. This particular farm established their organic a year ago. They just sell all their milk to Strauss, who's one of those organic producers. Their contract is only for so many gallons. And I think about 100 cows takes care of that. Now they have 350. So they're selling their milk to these organic pasteurizers, but they're not contracting that says 'we will agree that we will give you this much every week, or every month', or whatever it is.

They can just stop...?

They can stop at any moment and produce their own.

Why is Clareville not organic?

Because he doesn't buy the organic feed. It's a little bit more expensive.

He might have to change. The competition.

He might not be the only game in town.


What do the growth hormones look like on the fingers?

Oh, it's an aura thing that I see, that is not...when I taught nutrition, only about 3 people out of 15 could see what I saw, of that particular thing. There's a lot of other things that nobody could see, and that's when I realized that it was a particular faculty I had, to see all those things, what some people could see some, and most could not see. 70% of what I see. So it's an intuitional...

You see it in...eye...?

Oh I can see it in the hand, but other people don't see it. What I see.

So it's a gift you have?


Do you channel at all?

No, because there are too many people who can't get it. So I try to pull down the information to a perfectly physiological bare minimum perceptions, and when I finish a book that will help do that and give people some measurement to go on, like the mounds that everybody can see, the coloring and why it's not working. They can just see that, okay, the thyroid gland is okay, but not all of them will be able to tell whether it's functioning properly or not, unless they can see the coloring and identify the coloring. So, I will have everything that I can see in the book, but whether a person has the faculties to be able to discern that from their perceptions, depends upon the individual. But I will start teaching once that pedagogue is complete, because then somebody will be able to go away from the class and say 'oh yes, this is what he said about this, this is what he said about that.' Because people left my class after a week, 8 hours a day, for 5 days a week. They went back and said 'that was a lot of information, it's on tape recorder', but without the irises, without something to see to remind them of what they were looking at at the time, they didn't remember. Because what we did, is I'd take people out to Venice Beach, I would pay these homeless to let us look in their eyes. In kind of code-talk, point out to the different toxins and different conditions in the iris.

So in this case the liver's shot?

Exactly. Could you imagine what the poor guy would be like?

He had enough to worry about before you came...


What would you typically see when...would you see all varies of illness?

Oh, various. Incredible, how varied it was with each person.

Did you see somebody where you say 'hey, you need to go do this now, to keep from dying'?

I wouldn't say that.


To somebody that didn't come to me. If I were reading somebody's eyes, and they didn't come to me, and I was using them as a subject, I would never say anything like that. Unless they asked. One guy did ask.

What did he ask? What did you have to tell him?

He was in really good...he looked good physically, but he did his drinking, and he was a homeless person, pretty young, like in his late 20s, and thought he was infallible. Obviously he had some good growth hormones that continued with him. However he had severe caking in his eye, which means that he's binding - the AGEs were binding - with the adrenaline, and caking like plaque throughout his tissues. So the easiest way out is a heart attack, the hardest way out is multiple sclerosis. So he asked me, what his condition was, so I explained that to him. He says 'you gave me some real bad bad news, didn't you?' I said 'you asked, I never would tell you...I would've never told you that without giving you answers.' He says 'okay, what's the answer?'

Get ready...

Ha ha. I said 'stay off alcohol, eat lots of raw meat, and lots of raw fats.' 'You're out of your mind.' I said 'yup, I am.' Ha ha. And he stormed away. So I debate sometimes whether I tell somebody. Now what most of the time I'll say is 'you don't want to know. You don't want to know. You don't want to hear it.' That usually dissolves it.

What's the argument when you tell us we're on the diet, and you go 'hey, people used to eat this way 1000 years ago', and they go 'yeah, they lived to be 30 years old too.'

That's a fallacy. Complete fallacy.

That one is used over and over and over.

Yeah. Such a fallacy.

I read it was because they died at childbirth, that made the average lower, and if you got a broken arm, you'd die of it, and that sort of thing...

Not even that. People didn't die of broken arms.

Was it Napoleon...died of broken arms?

Napoleon? No...

Ha ha.

Who was it? Christopher Columbus?

Maybe they had...deficiency...sailors.

Right, they didn't eat very well on the sailboat.

Do you know of any cultures that lived on a diet similar to this one?

And it was mainly raw until the Germans brought cauldrons for them to cook in. Because they had no way of cooking. In that kind of climate. They had no metal containers. There were no cauldrons that existed.

Not much wood?

No. So everything was raw, basically. And they had no dental caries until 1886, and that was in one of the Eskimos that lived in one of the colonies, the white colonies, and had been eating sugar and breads for 50 years. That was the first case of cavity. And the first case of cancer wasn't until 1934.

And what was their average lifespan?

It was about what ours was. But you have to understand that if we took our white people and put them in Alaska, most of them would die within about 1-3 years in that kind of a climate. The Eskimo lived the exact age as we are, and to 110, in that extreme temperature.

And also, no sunlight...

Yeah. And the Masai eat nothing but raw milk, raw blood, they mix it together and drink it, and raw meat. And they have no disease, they're considered the healthiest, strongest, tallest, most agile race in the world. They're so smart, that they won't even let the white man get within 20 miles of their villages. Every day they will march 20 miles, to entertain the white people and do rituals for them. But then the government protects...they will white man is allowed within 20 miles of their villages. That's smart. Because they saw what it was doing to them. The white man was bringing candy, potato chips, and garbage, and they were getting ill. Having digestive problems. And for us, that's no big deal, but for them, with no illnesses and no diseases ever, never a case of diarrhea or anything like that, and all of a sudden you start having this, and you want to stop it right away if you're smart.

What color are their eyes?

Amber. A beautiful yellow.

What is your take on royal jelly? The product of the beehive?

Wonderful. It's what the bees eat for the first 3 days of their life. It's only what the queen eats. It's only that.

From what I understand, it stimulates the pituitary gland to produce growth hormones.

Well, actually it has some actual growth hormone stimulants within it, not just to the pituitary. Yeah, so if you take like a BB sized amount of it and eat it every time you eat meat, you're going to increase the regenerative effects of your meat.

How do you keep growth hormones alive in your body?

Well, I think that you would your entire life if you didn't leech from eating cooked foods.

Oh, so if you kept on a nice raw diet, you'd be abundant with growth homone.

Right. For your entire life, probably. You know, there are the fables of those people who did live on raw foods and they lived 1000 years. I don't know if that's possible, but we should be living to at least 147 because all other creatures live 7 times the time it takes them to finish maturation. For us, that's 21. So we should be living to 147. We're not even living half that. Most of the people out there.

The way you see, when you're looking at someone, so much like these medical intuitive...


So it's a gift some people have.

I think that everybody could develop it if they wanted to, because I certainly didn't have that faculty.

Do you feel like you can diagnose intuitively?

Well, I don't diagnose, I'm not a doctor. I analyze. Ha ha ha.

Do you feel like this diet has something to do with helping to develop those abilities?

Yes. It does in almost every person who goes on it, it develops their ability.

That's one of the reasons why I'm...that's another...besides the physical health reasons, I'm trying to pursue this...

Yeah. There was...everybody I've known has developed psychically that way. And some do it incredibly well. I think the longer you're on it, the more you're...your whole...the neurological system is intact, then the more you can receive.