Iridology is not mainstream-established science. ... I found that present day iridology lacks many aspects that I discovered when comparing iris photos of people with like/similar conditions from 1971 to about 1995. My iridology is not magical from my perspective because I see visual manifestations. However, many people cannot see the variances in patterns and coloration that I see.

If only I were to see them, then it would seem magical. However, when I taught an iridology course in 1998, half of the class was able to see what I saw. Half could not; probably because they lacked color and visual perceptions that I and the other half have. The half that could not see were very frustrated and unhappy at my class. That is another reason why I do not try to explain iridological science at my consults. Regardless, who asks any doctor the science of laboratory tests and chemical analysis when they have their appointments?

Color-correction is paramount when analyzing, and comparing old photos with new. In Heidi's situation, 9 years and a camera generation had passed between consults. It took me about 15 minutes to color-correct and match all four irises so that comparisons could be as accurate as possible. Analyzing the irises takes time and I take a person around each iris as I study it.

My consult-time is designed to deliver the information an individual requires to improve her/his health, not to teach iridology. However, if people want to ask questions about my iridological analysis, they can schedule extra time with me at the time we schedule their consults.

The charge for iridological explanations is $6 per minute in 5-minutes increments beyond normal consult-time.

Some people think that they can ask general questions at a consult. That is not possible on the time set for consults unless I am ultraquick in my iridological analysis. If I rush it, I could miss many things.

If anyone wants to learn an understanding of my science of iridology as I created it, someone would have to set up a days seminar with at least 40 attendants at $300 each with the agreement that they may not see what I see. Half of those may not see what I and the other half see.

Regarding consults, I charge 1/10th of what other established nutritionists charge for their services. Most of them require patients to buy thousands of dollars of supplements. Because ALL supplements are chemically processed to separate and isolate the substance desired, even if called natural, they are not the same as in whole raw foods. If they are called "natural," always they are saturated with kerosene or kerosene byproducts. Kerosene is the natural substance that is used to isolate substances in "natural" products but would you knowingly consume it in food?

Blood, urine and other chemical tests are Polaroids of a person's fluid systems and do not reflect anything other than an abstract moment in time. That would be like taking a Polaroid of someone and judging their entire life and behavior from the photograph taken in merely a millisecond in time in his or her life. That would be magical. Yet, 99.999% of the population believe the myth and accept those tests as proof positive with their medical and alternative doctors. That is nonsense.

Irises are stable and undergo gradual changes, reflecting general and specific tissue conditions everywhere in the body, not just the blood and urine that fluctuate every few minutes. ... I enjoy seeing people's lives improve with my assistance. That is a gift I cherish...


Excerpted from a personal letter answering a subscriber.