The FDA Approved 5 Viruses for Food Treatment

Reports state that the 5 viruses destroy one specific rare bacterium known as Listeria monocytogenes. Several writers claim that the viruses eat the bacteria. However, viruses are not alive. Viruses are specifically combined and organized proteins that dissolve specific parts of biological structures, whether cellular or bacterial. Several reports called them phagocytes, which is a misnomer and gives readers the impression that virus are alive and eat. Pity they can claim so much without proof, even logical proof.

There is danger by placing those viruses in food. Those viruses may disassemble intestinal bacteria and act much like antibiotics which destroy digestion, absorption and utilization of nutrients.

The tests studied for FDA approval were conducted over a short 5 years and were extremely limited in scope. That is far too little time and too narrow a view to know any long term effects to the digestive tract and digestion. Food manufacturers plan to spray those viruses on cold cuts, sausages, hot dogs, sliced turkey, and chicken. Notice that all of those foods are either blanched or completely cooked. Bacteria mutate and become diseased when they eat cooked food. That is why all bacterial food epidemics were from cooked food not raw. The rhetoric has been that the contaminated food was not cooked enough. If you read Chapter 31 in my book The Recipe For Living Without Disease, you will see that all of the bacterial food epidemics involving dairy were all from pasteurized dairy products, not raw. That applies to meat products and associative bacterial food epidemics. Additional rigid and rigorous testing should have been applied because those viruses were attenuated and man-made, not natural.

Primal Dieters do not have to worry about those viruses because the foods they are treating are not part of our diet. For those of you who waver from the Primal Diet, I suggest that you avoid prepared meats from any source, including delicatessens and airlines.