Q&A Of June 1, 1998

Q&A of June 1998

( Not quoted here is a description of all his health challenges that he overcame with diet.)

Cooked fats—minerals are cauterized and not absorbed. Cured of bursitis with raw fats. Experiments—combining fats with pineapple could mend bone breaks and marrow. 2-12% of supplements are utilized, the rest has to be altered and removed from the system and that requires nutrients from the body. Vegetarian diet—became manic on so much sugar. Urine is blood without red blood cells. Drinking urine recycles nutrients. People who fasted on urine were healthier than those who fasted on water. Vagus nerve was cut, no HCL to kill bacteria but still didn’t get sick. Bacteria is what gets you well quickly. Eskimos would eat rotten caribou meat. They would have landmarks to show if it stinks this far, it’s ready! Full of e.coli, would make them thrive with body heat. They also ate rotten fish. Anthropologists say they’re the happiest people. When white men came, they brought cauldrons and they started cooking, and had access to modern foods, became ill. Meats became a focus, slowly, introduced raw meat 2x/week. Deadly mushroom poisoning, ate 1- 1/1/2 lbs. butter for 10 days, recovered. Experimented with fats and protein for 20 years after that. As a child, usual Jewish high-carb diet. Pear shaped. When you reconstruct something, it takes time to disassemble and reassemble it. Even though your ailments seem to get better right away, it still takes a long time to completely reverse and heal. Went through meningitis without antibiotics. It cured the previous bone damage from the radiation treatment. Infection will help you remove toxins. Same with other people with syphilis and polio, as long as it was in the blood, they healed. When they had antibiotics and bacteria count went low, they didn’t progress. Lab did experiments with byproducts in the body when bacteria was high. Normally when the body requires a dissolution of tissue, the body forms solvents from fats and alcohol that the body makes from carbs. Takes that solvents and it dissolves that tissue or debris, the byproduct of that is almost identical to turpentine, highly toxic in the body. They used to give turpentine for certain conditions, which is like strychnine, to help poison the condition out of your system. But that poisons the system so it stops the detox in that area because it has to deal with that poison. When the bacteria were present, that turpentine-like substance was miniscule, yet the same amount of dissolution of tissue occurred. If parasites were involved, there was hardly any toxicity involved at all as a byproduct, of the parasites eating the decaying tissue. Their excrement was 1/100th less toxic than that solvent byproduct turpentine in the system. Because I had the vagus nerve severed, I had no HCL. HCL is not your savior from bacteria like the doctors and nurses like to postulate. E-coli, salmonella, trichinosis, campylobacter, all those they point the finger at, it’s like pointing the finger at the vulture and the crow and the worms. They didn’t create that decaying tissue they’re eating, they didn’t kill that creature, they’re defending the planet from becoming a gaseous, toxic cesspool. So pointing the finger at those bacteria and those parasites, is absolutely absurd. If you have decay in your body, let them do the work. Stop doing the things that are creating decay in your body that require the bacteria and parasites that don’t go along with feeling good. Nobody on major detox is going to feel well, but that’s part of the process of getting well. I tell people your body is like NY city, its been around a long time, needs re-plumbing, etc., so you take it apart piece by piece and put it back together piece by piece, takes a long time. I keep getting healthier every year, I’m 52 now. It’s fantastic, it doesn't stop. But I know I can still get healthier. So healing and regeneration is a lifetime process but it’s better to go toward health than away from it, so it’s your choice. Q: about major detoxes that look like diseases.. if a person ate 80% raw, doing an occasional cooked meal, how would they know if it’s a sudden clearing out, retracing, or something that they’re eating in that 20%. A: If something is a deep seated pathological condition, that’s from a long time ago. Nausea, low energy, fatigue for a period of time, that could be from what you’re eating at present. If you’re eating 80% raw, your body has enough nutrients to keep up with any amount of toxicity that’s going to be created, so it’s not going to cause degeneration, unless you’re poisoning yourself with something real serious, like too much salt, or drug or chemical that can damage the system. The amount of toxicity that’s formed from cooked fats is tremendous. The lipid oxides, they’re carcinogenic when they collect in a body for 40-60 years. And you have protein toxins formed from cooked meats too. So it’s basically true, meats are poison when cooked, but when they’re not cooked, they’re just the opposite. Q: What transpires with Ebola? A: I haven’t directly studied it, but I’ll theoretically approach it. Ebola is similar to the mycelium. Ebola is mycelium of the human system. Mycelium in plants goes around and melts dead roots. Ebola goes through your system and causes a melting of all tissues that have hardened like cirrhosis or MS. A lot of people have a lot of drying networks of veins that have hardened like your colon can become impacted. The veins and arteries and capillaries are so blocked they actually close off. Your body will grow veins all around. If Ebola gets in there it can melt all the old tissue. But if what you have in your body is not healthy, you’re going to melt your whole system anywhere where there’s decaying or hard tissue. Again of course although the endproduct of Ebola is less toxic than any other kind of body solvent related toxicity, it is still tremendous. I’d stay away from that bacteria until you’re really well.

Q: What about people getting e. -coli and dying? A: They’re pointing the finger at the wrong thing. Like that 125 people in the Jack-in-the-box incident. That meat was cooked. E. -coli according to science is destroyed at 179 degrees. If you take a hamburger and throw it on the grill even for 15 seconds, it reaches that temp. unless it’s frozen, but it’s cooked at a high enough temp. If you take that hamburger that you’ve cooked, and say it’s a little raw in the center, and let it sit for 24 hours, that ecoli that forms is not a natural e. coli. It’s like taking a herd of elephants, burning the hell out of them and watch them stampede. They will wreak havoc. They’re no longer a stable creature, so they storm through the body. Raw ecoli is not a problem, if it were, the Eskimos and cave men would have been dead, and man would never be around. Ecoli is 99% of the bacteria in your intestines. Without it you could not manufacture your b vitamins nor synthesize your amino acids you’d have no immune system without ecoli in your colon. They’re just wanting to point the finger at somebody they’re about manufacturing, drugging. They don’t want to point the finger at themselves, the creators of it, but at anything natural they can. Like you go to Beverly Hills and someone gets robbed and there’s a bunch of black people on the street. Who do you think is going to get blamed? That’s basically what the medical profession and science are doing, pointing a finger at the vultures, crows and worms.

Q: What’s making people sick? The toxicity that collects from cooked foods, or from preservatives, chemicals, pesticides.. let’s say you get a pinhead worth of preservative in a week’s period, to a system that has no good immune system, that can cause a poisoning to a particular area of the body, let’s say liver or intestines. Let’s say it destroys all of that tissue about the circumference of a quarter. Once that decay goes under way, ecoli, salmonella, campylocacter depending on the tissue there, isgoing to thrive on that tissue. But you don’t blame the bacteria that eats up the decay. It’s not the fault of the bacteria, it’s what caused the decay in the system. And there’s not looking at that at all. If you look at the work of Pottenger with the cats and with humans, feed them cooked feed them raw, great tissue health with raw, but disease and eventual extinction on the cooked. And my work bears out the same results, that it’s cooked foods and chemicals that are causing these reactions and they’re just blaming it on the bacteria.

Q: Why does syphilis come out, polio myelitis?

A: If you absorb that tissue, it’s because there’s decay in that tissue.

Q: Why then is the bacteria a problem?

A: It’s not.

Q: I’ve heard that phosphorus in red meat pulls calcium from the bones which is a problem for women with osteoporosis. A: With raw meat it’s not. If you look at Pottenger’s work with 900 cats, in all of the bones and organs, there was no leeching at all of any of the tissues including bone, cartilage or tendons, who received completely raw meat. The control groups that ate some pasteurized milk or cooked meat or some condensed milk, there was bone disintegration, degeneration in every one of those, but in the raw milk there was not. He worked with humans too, same results. And Price traveled all over the world studying different cultural groups, and because he was a dentist his focus was the teeth and bones and which groups had osteoporosis and dental caries and which didn’t. he didn’t focus on raw vs. cooked, but on indigenous people’s diet. If they changed their diet they had problems, toward cooking more and processing the foods more. Example: fellow 56 years old, maybe 9 teeth left, extensive decay. Vegetarian for 15-17 years. Went on the raw diet, lots of raw meat. Difficult thing, lives in a vegetarian house. His teeth have stabilized, and doesn’t have all the pain. In my situation, I was supposed to lose all my teeth by the time I was 24. After chemo and radiation my gums bled, my teeth were just hanging. They wanted to pull all of them. When I started eating meat on a regular basis in 82, all that disappeared, my teeth became stable. Only sometimes I had detox from a lot of mercury detox from fillings, tasting the mercury and getting nauseous, I may have a little abscess in the gum. The meat stopped the progression.

Q: Is this more of a healing diet if you’re in a problem situation, or a maintenance diet for all conditions at all times of your life? A: In my experience it’s the latter.

Q: Are there people who’ve been on the diet for a long time where you can see changes over a long period of time? Plenty, over 3,000. Some as far back as 20 years. Like Owanza had 63 tumors when she came to me in ’81. She was 35, she was white and her flesh just hung, and she shook. I thought, oh my God I can’t help this person, and it worked. So many times I said it will not work for this person, and it did. The only people it didn’t were those who had extensive medical intervention, chemotherapy or radiation or surgery of some sort. Just last year I ran across research by Hardin Jones, emeritus medical physicist and physiologist at Berkeley, he concluded in the 70’s, in cancer the ones who refused any kind of therapy, lived an average of 12 years. Those who received either chemo, radiation or surgery or any combination lived an average of 3 1⁄2 years. So when they tell you they’re going to extend your life, they’re absolutely lying whether they realized it or not. And they’re very mis-educated. They’re educated by the pharmaceutical industry selling a product. Most doctors really don’t know the truth, they stay stupid purposely, they don’t want to know. And this is published information. Hardin B. Jones went before quite a few court cases and through he legislature and testified what he documented, medical treatment should be avoided at all costs, it will shorten your life by 3 times.

Q: is it important to use organic meat? A: It’s always better, because if the animal has had to use its own fat to deal with toxicity, that means it’s not going to be available to us. When I was doing my lab tests, about 13 years ago on the difference between organic and non-organic, I found that in the organic meat there were a lot more protein and fats utilized. The individuals eating non-organic meats had a lot of fats combined with toxins. The body knew enough not to release those, not to digest it, it was almost as if the body passed it whole undigested. We were very impressed with that and ran that one 6 times in a 2 year period. That research was done 13 years ago and ended 10 years ago, so that research existed for the amount of pollution that was in those animals then. What it is now, and from what I understand the extent of pollution that’s being fed to cows now has increased 2-fold. So going back and doing the tests now, I don’t know how that would be.

Q: Could you share what your diet is now? A: In general I eat when I feel like eating and what I feel like eating at the time, so I’m pretty instinctive. When I was going through meningitis, I was more intellectual. Maybe I’m too anal retentive, because I know certain facts and subvert my own instincts and say, no you’re not going to have that, you’re going to have this, because I know this will work. Then I give my body what it wants later. Basically I evolved to a diet which is for the fall, winter and early spring, once piece of fruit a day, very little carbohydrate. I have a tendency to get manic if I get more than that. When I was a vegetarian I thought it was leading me to spirituality. But now that I know that it diffuses and confuses my thinking, I have a tremendous amount of difficulty, I like to diverge in my talks but I usually bring it back. Before I could never bring it back. One piece of sweet or acid fruit, anything with high sugar content, limit that to 1 a day, and eat it with a fat to slow it down. Not everyone has to go along with that, but anyone who has a sugar problem I suggest they do it. Diabetes, hypoglycemia, any type of sugar problem, mania, have fat with it, slow it down so it doesn’t cause the brain problem. I try to eat from 1-3 lbs. of meat a day. There are days I won’t eat any meat but it’s very rare. When I was more acidic throughout my tissues and wasn’t as clean, I couldn’t eat as much meat, made me nauseous, it would repulse me. This is where I am now, doesn’t mean everyone can get to that overnight. Some people can. And they progress health-wise very quickly. Q: How important are the raw vegetables? I find with the meat I’m not craving them. A: Whole vegetables, I’ve found over the years is that they will prevent an appetite for meat, any type of meat really. The human digestive tract starts off with an acid solution in the stomach, it’s 80% acid in the small intestine, and almost 100% acid n the colon. A vegetarian animal takes 48 hrs , 2-4 stomachs and 60,000 times the enzymes to disassemble the cellulose molecule to digest vegetation.

In the human body, we have less than half of all that. So we just secrete all these alkaline fluids into whole vegetables when they goes through, and when it reaches the sigmoid colon, it’s not even half digested. So what happens is those alkaline fluids neutralize the bacteria that would digest the food that you need, the meats. So you won’t be able to digest them properly, so you’re repulsed by them. So I say, stay away from whole raw vegetables.

Q: so if you end up with raw meat, raw butter and honey and an occasional piece of fruit, you’d be okay? A: Basically, yes.

Q: Who wants to do the salad things you think you should, anyway. A: It’s harmful, basically, unless you have an impacted colon, an impacted small intestine that could utilize that little alkalinity in a salad once every few days just enough to neutralize some of that over-acidity.

Q: Are you getting vitamin c in the meat? A: There’s vitamin C in everything. If you’re on a cooked diet, you need tremendous amounts of vitamins. On a raw diet you don’t need a lot. However there’s lots of vitamins and lots of elements, enzymes, minerals you need as a supplement, you can get them in vegetable juice. The veg juice goes in and alkalinizes the stomach for a short period of time, but because the vagus nerve going to the stomach, the body can acidify itself in 10 seconds. The veg juice is absorbed by the time it hits the end of the duodenum, so it doesn’t interfere with the intestinal tract at all. It alkalinizes the blood and takes care of all those acids being dumped into the blood and into the lymph system from your body removing toxicity, all those toxicity from cooked foods, or from damage, chemical damage or bruising or anything.

Q: How do you get over the psychological barrier of sinking your teeth into raw flesh? A: If you stay away from whole vegetables, it will take care of 75% of the repulsion. If you drink vegetable juices, lots of fat, you find you have an easy way of eating it, much more palatable. It’s eating the whole raw vegetables that causes the problem, neutralizes the acid bacteria in your colon. That addresses your whole body which says can’t handle meat. If you eat it and can’t digest it, it will putrefy in the intestines. then you have lots of bacteria that want to go to work to detox you. So you end up with diarrhea, all kinds of problems. About 12% of people who go on this diet, and it changes with my exposure to people, but right now it averages about 12% of everyone who starts on the diet with raw meat, has what’s called a bacterial food poisoning. It’s not a poisoning, it’s an intense detox. Most of the lab tests proved that the liver is heavily detoxed when you finally get meat proteins to allow the liver to cleanse. So it dumps those toxins into the bowels, and they’re highly toxic and highly acidic and they can burn the intestinal walls, so the body floods fluids in there and you have diarrhea, nausea, all those so-called bacterial food poisoning problems. But people who aren’t on a raw meat diet have those too. So every time they point at the guy who eats raw meat, they say he got that at the sushi bar. But the guys who aren’t eating raw meat have it more frequently. It’s a terrible prejudicial perspective. But not something to worry about. Also parsley juice will help increase your appetite for meat, a small amount of pineapple every day will help.

Q: In my experience it was just my willingness to try it and see how it felt in my body, and I was shocked. That’s how most people can do it, but you have to understand that some people are so compromised in their digestive tract with their bacteria, that they actually get repulsed when they taste them. Their body says not a good thing to do right now. I found that removing whole vegetables from the diet, within 2 weeks to a month, they’re really into the meat. One woman is a health professional had a difficult time on the diet, she had to have that raw salad every day, or else she thought she was going to get constipation. Her husband was completely on the diet, not eating veggies, had chronic fatigue and a stock broker lots of high pressure, and everything’s easy for him now. Got all this strength, developed muscles, different person entirely. And his wife the health professional is having all this difficulty because of all the brainwashing. What is feces, 80-90% bacteria, it grows and grows and acts like a sponge. So it takes that little toxic matter that would be like a rock in your system and aerates it into a substance that’s easy to move. That bacteria is destroyed, you end up with constipation. So she’d eat the salad every day and destroy that acid bacteria that would help blow up the feces, she had constipation. Finally after a year I said listen, you gotta stop, just try it. I don’t care if you suffer constipation for a week, inject some butter up there, anything you can do to make it easier to go, and see what happens. Two weeks her constipation was gone.

Q: So it’s not the fiber that does it. A: If you’re on a cooked diet, fiber helps as a broom, whish all that toxic substance through faster. There’s nothing to digest it well, so it sits.

Q: So the diet of primarily the raw protein and fats, keeps the bacteria as high as possible and that’s what keeps things moving? A: Correct. If you eat too much cheese you might have a problem, without butter or avocado or something else.

Q: finish telling about your diet? A: Very little fruit. I eat tremendous amounts of fat, and I eat fat every time I eat. I learned that from the Eskimos. 50% of their diet is fat. When I was doing my experiments with health, if you make 50% of the diet fat, you heal 5 times fat. Q: Is it okay to eat the raw fat on the meat? I have clients all over the meat who can’t get butter. I say, even better than butter, get the fat on the meat. It’s already been assimilated through an animal’s body in a way that constitutes it into tissue. Butter’s a little different, the calf has to take it and deal with it, then make it into fat within their body. They feel healthier, it’s easier to digest than the butter or the cheese and works a lot quicker.

Q: Don’t the toxins go into the fat? A: The fat still passes through.

Q: It’s like the fat is protecting you. A: Right. So I eat fat with everything. When I get raw cream, I go through a tremendous amount,16 oz a day. Still have a little butter, 1 half stick a day, or avocado, very fatty meats. If I don’t have the cream, I have almost a pound of butter a day.

Q: what about pressed oils? A: They’re great solvent makers. But they won’t stabilize or make you strong. 99% is made into solvents. remember that, if you want to detox all the time, eat those oils often. If you want to stabilize and get well, stay away from those oils. Do more of the animal fats. Everything can be mixed with raw honey, unheated honey. As long as it doesn’t go above 104.

Q: what’s happened with your liver? A: No pain, I digest fine, I go through a pound of butter a day, can go through 16 oz of fat a day. Completely restored.

Q: do fats still collect in your arteries? A: Only when you cauterize a cholesterol molecule, there is no longer an exchange of ions. Like if I take clay how malleable it is, that’s how fat is raw. Once you heat that, it’s no longer porous, it no longer exchanges moisture. It no longer can swell, change shapes. It’s solidly placed in that shape, a different shape. The higher temp you go, you can get it into glass. So when you heat a cholesterol molecule or a fat that can be made into cholesterol, you have a hardened substance that in 20-40 years in the body will be completely solid, and if it’s made up of lipid that’s lubricated your veins or arteries, that area is going to harden and crack. When it’s raw it always stays fluid in the human body. If that lipid is utilized for 90 years, it does not change.

Q: should someone in the tropics eat the same way? A: Interesting question,,, In south America they eat tremendous amounts of fats to cool themselves. People say that in cold climates, that’s where you eat the fats. It’s a coolant OR a heater. Q: so we’re basically carnivores. A: Yes. Our digestive system shows it. When I was in an island near Tahiti, they would take raw meat, chicken or fish and dice it, take coconut and wring out the fat, take half of a lime which is an acid fruit, mix that with the coconut cream, dice some tomato, acid again, mix it with the fish or chicken, dice up some head lettuce, regular iceberg lettuce which has the great opiates in it, it’s almost a neutral vegetable not highly alkaline. They call it a waste lettuce because it doesn’t have all the chlorophyll, but it has other substances which are wonderful. They make that it’s so delicious, all raw. The lime juice starts breaking down the meats. Marinates the meat exactly as your body would do inside. It’s incredible, delicious. I was eating it 3 times a day there.

Background— grossly autistic as a child. Family abuse set me up to be very afraid of this reality. Tonsils removed, tetanus shot every 6 months.

Thimerisol is in all vaccinations, 20 times the amount of mercury the FDA says is poisonous. [In] any flu vaccine, any vaccination, you’re getting thimerisol. The rate of autism in vaccinated children is astounding, 12-17%. It used to be one in 100,000, now it’s like 60 in 100,000. Mercury poisoning made me recede more and more. Cancer, chemo, radiation, had to go through bacterial and viral infections to detoxify. Bacterial theory says that bacteria, viruses and parasites are responsible for decay, and degeneration in the body. It’s not true. They are the symptoms of toxicity and degeneration that already exists. If we take a look at all forms of life that are natural and healthy, they are all loaded with bacteria. A wild deer, loaded with parasites, but never bothered by them, never ill, they work together. These creatures are natural to the environment and they help life. That’s why I wanted you to celebrate my colds and flus with me, because 70% of my brain for the last 20 years has been scar tissue, mainly from mercury poisoning from all the inoculations I had.

In the last year, I went through the roughest year since the mushroom poisoning. A viral and bacterial detox in the spine and the bone. I had had multiple myeloma, cancer of the blood and bone, crippled. Finally my left side started detoxing, but this time for much less time...if you have a lot of joint pain, go into a warm tub with sea salt and raw skim milk, you will create a float tank, it eases the pain. Not too hot or you destroy the bacteria in your body and you’ll have to have high meat to replace it.

“High meat”-- Eskimos gave it that name. They take caribou or fish, roll it in hide and bury it under ground and let it spoil, doesn't really spoil, it sours and gets full of bacteria, then they consume it. Almost 2 years ago I tried to get 2 patients to eat this high meat because they were depressed. One had been on medication for 27 years, Prozac, with side effects kidney damage, lung damage, neurological dysfunction. Keeps people in a cycle of using the drugs but never gets them well. This woman would eat anything with caffeine and theobromine in it, coffee, chocolate, would make her crazier. You have to understand, when someone’s in that kind of condition, they can’t help it. They have chemicals damaging the system, disturbing the person. So I had learned that according to John Monroe’s work, in the absence of bacteria and viruses in the body, clinical depression arises. Reintroduce the bacteria and viruses, you get the colds and flus but you don’t have the clinical depression! With one woman, it worked in 20 minutes, entirely different disposition. High meat (meat with high bacteria content) is effervescent. It tastes sparkly. A clinical psychologist and psychiatrist I invited over to try it, and he’s really scared but eating it after hearing the testimonials, and he said he definitely gets a high after 10 minutes, and now he uses it in his practice, and this is a clinical person! It’s like magic. These were my hardest clients, with psychological disorders because of the toxicity in their brains and nervous systems. That is such a wonderful key. But you have to have the high meat ready first. Take a jar that’s twice the size of amount of meat, chicken, lamb, even glandular tissue, anything. Let it sit in jar 4 weeks, take it out every 3rd and 4th day. It takes about 3 1⁄2 days to use up the oxygen. The bacteria has 17 plus stages, so you want all forms of those bacteria, so to keep them going through the stages, so every 3rd and 4th day take it out (not in the house, it will smell like someone had some bad gas and it will linger), so take it outside and waft it to put fresh air in, then close it, stick it in the fridge, do that for 4 weeks, then have one marbled sized amount once or twice a week. If you have severe depression, twice a week. Keep it in the fridge. If you do it at room temp, it will go through those stages too fast. I don’t know what it would be like to have it more than twice a week. If anyone wants to experiment with that, let me know.

Once the oxygen is used up, it stops, a year later it was fine. I haven’t tried it with anyone who hasn’t been on a good diet for at least a month. You should be on a good diet for at least a month prior to having high meat. How it works:

Most people are so full of toxins, they destroy the bacteria and viruses in the body. The body cleanses itself in 3 ways:

  1. Uses solvents made of 80% fats, 15% proteins, 5% carbs turns into alcohol in the body just like cleansers, compounds to dissolve matter, dissolve metal. This is a very slow cleaning process to dissolve degenerative tissue. Byproduct is similar to turpentine and just as toxic. So the body has to go through a slow detox that is debilitating, creates a lethargy.

  2. Bacteria can eat degenerative tissue more rapidly than the body can dissolve compounds with solvents, plus it’s half as toxic so you don’t have all the side effects as with the solvent process.

  3. Parasites—work 5 times faster than solvents. Toxicity is 50-100% less than bacteria’s byproducts. Byproducts of bacteria and parasites are anti-cancer agents. Vion is using them today to dissolve cancer. Biogenic salmonella shots are being made for $8,000 a shot—why not just eat it?! Salmonella isolates a tumor, cuts off oxygen to it, and eats it. But the drug companies attenuate its eating ability so they can give you chemo instead, at that point. Why attenuate it. U. of Toronto for 20 years has been using the toxin produced by e. coli to dissolve brain tumors in 5-7 days including the vessels going to it. Bacteria is pretty good. We are so ill and contaminated that bacteria and parasites don’t live easily in the body because of chemical poisoning. Otherwise they would thrive because you’d be giving them a lot to feed on. But because of the chemicals they can’t thrive. I can eat tons of parasite infested salmon, calves’ brain and chicken tripe and never get a worm, because I had had enough chemo and thimerisol to prevent my body from germinating that bacteria and parasites. I’m just now beginning to do it so I can get well faster. My bronchials had been 90% scar tissue since I stopped smoking. I went through a cold and flu, and 40% of scar tissue went away in a month. I got bacteria helping me. A virus is not an organism, but a particle that gets into a cell and turns it into a phagocyte, becomes cannibalistic, eats like cells, only degenerative cells, so they can eat a lot of tissue and get rid of a lot of decay in a short time. The only time people have a problem with parasites is when they’re not eating the proper protein for their body to regenerate cells. So they ulcerate, or a lot of white cells collect which is called infection, and then you have something like peritonitis. On this diet, you can have parasites and not know it, the secretions are non-toxic. Burn Hulda Clark’s book! She is way out of bounds.'

Candida feeds on sugars. People are not equipped to eat sugars. Advanced Glycation End-products (AGE) are the toxins resultant from using carbs as fuel. AGE’s store at 70-90% Candida helps get rid of AGE’s Grains are acidifying Sprouts too difficult to break down the cellulose. Human body doesn’t handle starch. The body will form whatever it can to help you get rid of those sugar based products, and yeasts are the thing to do it. We don’t handle starch, and AGE’s are stored, that’s the best argument that we’re not meant to eat high carb food. John Goodall, Jane’s father, made a movie in which he showed a group of apes who normally ate fruits under-ripe green (green fruits are 90% enzymes, very little sugar. Once a fruit ripens It’s 90% sugar. You see birds, all animals, always pick them green). So he took a big shoot of bananas, let them ripen, and threw it to them. They ate them, then they started fighting over them and killing each other, because of sugar. Not a good thing for any primate probably. Once the body gets chemically imbalanced, it’s neurologically impaired, you binge because of low blood sugar, like addiction to a drug, you can’t do without it because you’re going to go through a painful withdrawal. The way to allay it so you don’t have to feel so badly, is the lubrication formula. [described in the (recipe) book and later in these notes] Appendix registers all the disease you’ve ever had in your life, a memory bank for disease, very important tool for immunity. When appendix gets toxic, it’s usually protein toxins, heterocyclic amines, get in there and start dissolving the tissue and it causes it to swell, the white cells go in and try to pull it out, but it can’t do it because you’re not eating properly, so the body keeps throwing in more blood, more nutrients, more circulation, trying to clean it out, and you don’t have the nutrients so it just compounds the problem and it bursts. Candida infection—you’re already too toxic with AGE’s and other sugar compounds. Only way to get rid of them is yeasts. Bacteria mainly feed on cells, organic tissue Yeasts feed on undigested food, or byproducts of carbs, just as important as bacteria, but if you eat a lot of carbs including fruit you’re going to be plagued with yeasts Someone with candida or allergies to sweets, cut out the fruit. All you need is 5% carbs to function. 5% in the citric acid cycle which burns fat as fuel, 15% protein as pyruvate to help that work, so the major nutrient you need is fat. Next is protein, very little carbs. You get carbs from veggie juice and meat. Fruits help break down scar tissue, to help make solvents, or berries except strawberry to detox metals, in conjunction with raw cream/butter or avocado. To mix with the toxins to draw them out safely, or it will start eating away at your own tissue, and you get ulcers. Problems. Always have fat when you eat fruit. Green bananas, I’ll leave those to the apes, they’re so impossible to digest, even for healthier humans, but papaya is good, green pineapple, always with fat, you need to buffer it. Honey-- Bees manufacture an insulin-like substance which converts 90% of the carbohydrate into enzymes to digest, assimilate and utilize proteins. Once you heat it above 93 it starts altering that insulin-like substance. Over 99 degrees that substance is destroyed. Most diabetics can eat honey under 93 degrees without any problem because of the natural insulin from the bee. Only 10% sugar left. It’s still a little much for some people, because you should have only 5%. Better have it with something that’s fatty. The bees will fan the hive so the honey in the hive never goes above 93 degrees or the bees will abandon the upper layer, and will not go back up unless they’re starving. Bees that feed on that honey up on top are crazy, very erratic. I like people to be on the diet at least 60-70% for people to use honey this way. If they’re on a good diet, they’ll have the raw fats there to deal with any excess sugar. Raw fats are avocado, butter, cream, coconut cream, cheese, meat fat. Preferably organic, although the toxins go to the glands and bone marrow. Don’t eat nonorganic glands. Back to high meat.. if you use a swimmer’s clip on your nose, it’s quite nice. One batch could last 5-6 months.

The whole thing about this diet is you don’t have to worry whether you’re disintegrating. Every other diet you disintegrate. If you go through aches and pains, cold flus whatever, on this diet you will detoxify properly and heal properly. There’s no going backward unless you’re eating some toxic stuff. I ate buffalo brain thinking the animal hadn’t had vaccinations, but it had. Mercury poisoning will stay in the system an entire lifetime.. a buffalo that gets vaccinated, thimerisol locks in the tissue. If you eat this mercury poisoned brain, you get a neurological detox. Fortunately there was no residual toxicity showing up in my irises, but someone who isn’t as healthy, wouldn’t be able to handle it as well. If you’re going through a detox and eating properly, you’re going to clean that area properly to rebuild perfectly, so you get healthier every day instead of deteriorating on a SAD diet. That’s what this diet is about, always getting healthier instead of degenerating day by day. Chelation for mercury gives you metal poisoning. People doing chelation have toxic metal rings around their eyes. I’ve only seen one case of oral chelation that didn’t have that. Everyone else doing any chelation had poisoned skin, connective tissue and lymphatic system. Because what they give you is metal poisoning already. It’s magnetic theory—we put this stuff in you to pull the metal out of your system, but where is it going to put it if you don’t have the right nutrients? It’s going to pull it out of your glands and deposits it in bones, lymph and skin. The theory is it goes out the urinary tract, but from my experience it doesn’t excrete a fraction of what gets relocated into the system.

Use berries and coconut cream to dissolve any kind of metal poisoning, but make sure you have enough cream, that saturated fat will bind with it, keep it from storing. This diet has worked with everyone who’s done it and tried it and stayed with it. No one has failed. That doesn’t mean that someone in 4th stage complications of 5 different types of terminal cancer would live, but they got better while they ate it, before they died. And not many people have died on it, about 10 altogether and they were in advanced stages. But they all got better. Most of the people who died who I’ve been working with lately had chemo, radiation or surgery. Still they felt better, had more strength.

This woman 68. Had gone down to the clinic in Mexico, most renowned Swiss chemist MD who dealt with cancer, immunizations with a raw diet, raw meat. He could not get her cancer to turn around, so somebody handed her my book and said get in touch with this guy. So she flew to LA, in 30 days all of her markers were completely normal. So the whole idea of the diet got around quickly, so they wanted to throw the worst patients at me. After they’d mutilated them, cancer is already doing its job on the body trying to get rid of dead cells, collect them dissolve them and get rid of them, and the body doesn’t have the nutrients to do it, so it keeps collecting and tumors get worse, and they’re irradiating. I had one MD whose whole face was cut away from cancer. I asked her, do you want to live, because there would be no pussyfooting around if she wanted to live. I say listen, you have to make a decision, you may have 3 to 6,7 years of less happiness if you go on this diet, because it’s going to clean you out, we will gear it to clean you out to make your life better. But for the first 3-6 years it will be tough. And sometimes they say they’d rather drop this body. And you have these speakers without cancers telling a group of people in pain that the one thing to have is the will to live. And I got up and said, I’ve been listening to this all day long, and you do not have to have the will to live. I did not want to live. I wanted to commit suicide, I hated my life, I prayed to die because of the pain I was in. but I had many reasons I wouldn’t commit suicide, spiritual and other reasons I believed at that time, so I said I always did what I thought was best at the time that would reverse and heal it, with the worst odds.

Nobody has lived 30 years after diagnosis of multiple myeloma. Most live 6 months at best, with bone marrow transplants maybe 10-12 years. 99% die within 6 months. It doesn’t matter if you have the will to live or not, just do what works and you’ll recover. But that state you have to go through that shows you this diet is not a magic bullet, it’s something that will repair the damage and detoxify the toxins that are stored in your body and heal you, period. And it’s work. Every day it gets easier. I’m only half way. It takes 40 years to go from ill health to optimal health. According to Pottenger’s work, it takes 5 generations of cells, and 7-7 1⁄2 years to replace every cell in the body. So, 37-40 years. I’m only half way, eating raw diet with meat on a daily basis for 17 1⁄2 years. When I got to meat on a daily basis, that’s when I hit the right diet. I’m only doing it 18 years. If I stopped right here, I’d be satisfied, but I’m still getting better, every day I get better. So this diet is an option for those who want to get better every day instead of degenerating every day. All right, thank you for coming.

Discussion of the politics of raw milk in CA. Problem with almonds, you have to germinate them, and then it develops cellulose which is more difficult to digest. 30% assimilable. Animal fats are 100% assimilable. Nuts also have a lot of carbs, starch, lead to candida, etc. Meat is mature protein to regenerate tissue. Eggs are not enough. We’re mainly anorexic for good raw foods mainly meats. If you’re repulsed by meat, your system is too alkaline or blood too acid. Your digestive tract gets over-alkaline from eating veggies or too much fruit You’ll be repulsed by meats because of blood acidity, you need veggie juices to neutralize the acidity. If your intestines are over alkaline, you need to stop salads and fruits, then you’ll have more appetite for meat. Hemorrhoids are acid blood. Eat fish with meat for that. Uric acid is from cooked meats and not having proper fats and alkalinizing minerals to neutralize and eliminate it, leads to gout, osteoporosis. Have pineapple with raw cream for this. Restless leg is high acidity, too much vitamin c Vitamin C. citric acid cycle is only to burn fat as fuel. They use it mechanically but it needs fat in order to be used properly. Otherwise it causes lesions in nerves or glands and pulls the fat out, irritant to the nervous system. Cream neutralizes intestinal gas. Avocado is more detoxifying. Article on the web “The Biology of Emotion” by vanWinkle. There are toxins presented during depression and trauma, and when you detoxify those, you experience the same emotion you had at the time, coming up with those chemicals. Channel the energy of pain into singing, etc., will change the memory patterns and it changes the chemistry.

When you eat cooked food, nutrients are leeched from cells to handle it. Raw sauce—blend tomato, hot peppers, butter, lemon juice. Don’t eat berries in the morning or evening, only afternoon 2 cups veggie juice/day, and 2 extra will replenish all that’s been leeched out of body from cooked food. Takes years to replenish. Veggie juice keeps 3 days if in Ball jars with lids and blended (procedure in book). Add 1 1⁄2 tablespoon honey per quart. Vitamin e is made from by-products of Kodak. D-alpha-tocopherol is also solvent-extracted, petroleum product, distillation. Everything changed when she stopped bread (“rock” in her gut). If you get overemotional, stay away from fruit. Too much citrus will break down the bones. Get overweight. The fat leeches toxins stored deep in tissues. Fasting doesn’t detox—breaks down blood, liver and glands, gets rid of weak cells, but healthy cells eat the weak cells, not getting stronger. You don’t get energy, just hyper from hormones generated when you’re starving to go out and hunt and eat. Eat a lot, extra fat. Get 12-15 lbs. overweight then take it off. Eat a lot of eggs and fat. To lose the weight, over 3-4 weeks, formula: When you’re hungry eat meat, next time juice, then 1 egg, juice, meat, juice, egg, etc.

Dried herbs are good medicinally for a cooked diet. Juice is much better. Describes the weight gain/weight loss program: juice, meat, juice, egg, etc. Egg yolk by itself not good on a raw diet, okay on cooked diet. 100-year old eggs Woman with emphysema, ate 66 eggs in 2 days, recovered.[even he laughed when he heard that!] Blend eggs with honey and raw milk. Fats clean out lactic acid from muscles. Celery juice to relax adrenal glands 80 yr. old woman—eat 1⁄2 lb. raw meat/day, with butter, cream or avocado, or raw cheese Lime juice/coconut cream/diced tomato with fish—1/2 lb. day plus 1⁄2 lb. red meat eaten with butter or cream Blood transports oxygen but lymph system feeds everything He observed peoples’ palms and saw correspondences with health conditions. To get rid of starch cravings— Nut Butter recipe: 4 ounces walnuts, pecans, pine nuts, sunflower seeds, hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds, or any combination of those Blend to powder. Add 1 egg, 2 tablespoons honey, 3-4 ounces raw butter, cream or coconut cream Blend to nut butter. Don’t use veg oil, will cause neurological detox, insomnia Take the nut butter with 1⁄2 avocado and meat. Lubrication formula—egg, 3 oz raw butter, 1 tsp honey, 1 1⁄2 tablespoons lemon juice, blend

Not re-hydration, but re-lipidation—coat everything with fat not water Use milk veggie juices, minerals you can use. Bile attracts fluid without being able to utilize it. Body uses bile instead of fats to deal with toxins when fat intake is insufficient, and bile irritates everything Cooked or frozen fish is more mercury toxic than raw. Toxic mercury comes from thimerisol in all vaccinations Detoxing mercury causes gray hair and balding. Toxic/pain formula—once/week instead of smoothie, and nut butter once/week also. 2 eggs, 4-5 tbsp bee pollen, 3-4 oz raw butter, cream or coconut cream, 1 1⁄2-2 tbsp lemon juice, 1 tsp honey, blend 30-50 seconds. Eat with cheese. Bee pollen should be soft, refrigerated, not the pellet kind. Green papaya helps break down protein. Don’t use lemon/lime with beef, okay with chicken or fish. Anemia—eat 6 oysters with 1⁄4 lb beef, mixed White meat helps the brain. (chicken, fish) To raise body heat, have honey 10-20 minutes after a fat meal, to help body utilize the protein. The honey starts protein digestion and elevates body temp.

Variety—sauces are the key. Writing a book of recipes [The Recipe for Living Without Disease], many sauces. Tonsils protect the brain. Tonsils began to be removed after vaccines started. Became toxic. Hot drinks can scar the esophagus. Hyperactivity—sugar irritates the nervous system. Sugar demineralizes bones. Drink milk not with veggie juice—everything on diet is acid except veggie juice. Exception is cream with juice. Dark-skinned people generally are less anemic and need less red meat. Indian man says he has a problem with belching and mucus whatever he eats. Rice tradition — gave him mucus, he had to give up the entire starch family. AV says remember, in India the ruling class ate meat and fat. They gave the lackeys grain to keep them emotionally crazy and in turmoil so there’s always conflict within the family and no once could overthrow the government because they’re too busy. Same in Egypt and China. Belching—if you had a good mucus coating, your body wouldn’t have to be eating itself. Don’t eat fruit. Should have a coated tongue, just means you’re detoxing.

Veg juice keeps blood alkaline, need it to deal with detoxing acid poisons, even if you’re already alkaline. MSM causes water retention and deterioration of tissue, can store in joints like toxins. Arthritis—toxins stored in joints. Need lots of meat and fat. Msm breaks down scar tissue in joints, but you can’t eliminate the waste if you don’t have proteins and fats to remove it. Nezinscott farms—raw butter and cream Red meat stimulates adrenals and muscles—eat in morning Evening—no red meat, just chicken and fish, relaxes. Veg juice to replenish enzymes and keep you alkaline. Depression caused by poisoning of nervous system Poisons can irritate and cause overactive sexuality. Fruit addiction. One guy says he eats only 1 piece of fruit—1 pineapple! When poisons go to the glands, because that’s where most of the fat is, it stays there, causes the gland to break down, so the body will try to reject it with the hormones it makes. If a man in that state ejaculates into a woman, she receives toxins. When testosterone and adrenals are excessive, causes acid nature even though you’re alkaline. Hyperactive although deficient and sallow. Conflict difficult to balance—have a few bites of white meat with red also. Fat helps you eat more meat and meat alone creates acidity too quickly. Fat is neutral. All organs debilitated—looks like vegetarian or high-grain diet. Raw cream very calming. Too much carbs or fruit produces too much alcohol, burns the liver Liver can’t recover without lots of protein Buffalo liver incredibly powerful. Blend with butter and onion, tastes good. Glands blended with milk and red onion (brains and thyroid of buffalo or cow) Tiny bit of brain fueled me all day. Blended, makes it like clam chowder. Juice helps liver recover. Drink 5 cups/day, 1 at a time 2 1⁄2 years to get liver to recover properly. Juice for this person: 20-25% parsley, 60% celery, 5% carrot, 5% winter squash, 5% summer squash for 6-10 weeks. No fruit except green papaya, coconut [for this person and others with blood sugar problems]

16-yr old boy, vegetarian mother. Raised vegetarian, leads to kwashiorkor. Everything is dry and scarred, shrinking, glands are debilitating. Not enough fat to build any hormones. Eat lots of meat with fat. 13-yr old—took him 1 yr. to recover from vegetarian deficiencies. To help liver rebuild—70% red meat for 2 years, then 60% Lots of egg milk shakes Banana has to pass through the liver, not good. Custard—green papaya, touch of honey, eggs and cream Green papaya is sweet from high enzyme and mineral content, not sugars Juice for this boy: 80% celery, 20% parsley, w/ lemon, can add cream. Some scarring is due to vitamin C when there’s not enough fat in the system Some data on vit C is being suppressed He should eat 12 eggs/day in smoothies with honey, not fruit Carob powder is toasted and not digestible. Liver scarring from toxic fats or sugar damage. For anemia, 90% red meat, 10% white for 2 years. For menorrhagia or internal bleeding, white/green cabbage juice, 8 oz day for 6 weeks, works in 12 hours. Woman bleeding to death, uterine cancer, stopped bleeding with meat, fat and cabbage juice 90% women have fibroids from protein deficiency. Cabbage juice restores vitamin K and U, stops the bleeding right away, then meat allows regeneration of cells, you heal that. Stabilize the area before trying to remove scar tissue. To get rid of bile, 6-8 eggs/day, and milk. If you’re bleeding, no fruit. If you don’t absorb minerals, have butter if you have cheese. 60% celery, 15%parsley, 15%summer squash, rest cabbage. Excess bile from not having good fat. Get 12-15 lbs overweight, then take it off, repeat the cycle Young man, metal poisoning. Needs lot of meat to regenerate the tissues. If body can’t get rid of wastes, they burn the cells, cause scar tissue, leads to soreness and weakness 2 tbsp. coconut or other cream, per cup of juice, for metal poisoning. Suck cream off top, put skim milk in bath like Cleopatra. Cellular dehydration from lack of fat. His pancreas regenerated 50% since last time. Live cell analysis may be misleading, cells act differently outside the body. For 5’ 10” man, eat 1 1⁄4--1 1⁄2 lbs meat/day Oils dry the skin and glands out. Body makes solvents with them. If you’re dry, no pressed oils until glands are rehydrated. Unless you have scar tissue somewhere else, then olive oil okay, but not with egg, will be a solvent and will dry out wherever it starts cleansing. Pressed oils only with meat. Oil will get rid of scar tissue and you’ll have meat there to replace it. Horseradish—grate into 4 oz jar, pack with butter, 1⁄4 tsp honey, immerse in warm water, blend 30-40 seconds Eat a little with meat, help stimulate detox and help absorb fat. Olliflix—best olive oil, from Portugal. Peanut oil okay only if clear yellow color, not amber Ozone and other oxygen therapies destroy bacteria (not good) and creates free radical damage. SIDE 2 Fish—oysters are safe, also swordfish, sea bass good. She craves honey—okay if eating meat. If you’re a stable person your craving will take you to the meat. If not, you’ll go for starch or honey, creating protein deficiency. The honey looks for protein to digest, sometimes old protein compounds in your body. 5 parts butter to one part honey. When you’re eating proper amount of protein, your body will keep the honey with the fat until it finds the meat to utilize it with. When body doesn’t have the fats necessary to bind with toxins, it uses bile instead which is very caustic. Coconut cream with a bit of pineapple or veg juice. Coconut cream lasts 10-12 days in small containers. Eggs help get rid of the bile—6-8/day for 5’3 woman can have it with meat as in steak tartare, but not milkshake with meat, or you detox bile too quickly, leads to nausea. Raw cream and butter equal amounts, blend, use topically on skin for rashes. Body is never thirsting for water, but something to lubricate the system, and that’s fats. Water just dries it out more. The more water you drink, the more you need. All I’ve had today to drink is a couple liters of milk. Eat the proper meats, fats and juice, your body won’t crave high carbs. DES [?] babies—finds that these people have undeveloped pancreases. Green papaya is good for everybody. Skin is completely green. Varicose/spider veins—citrus juice with white part, run it through a few times Lemon or lime, for bioflavonoids. Use whole thing including rind. Also white cabbage juice for bioflavonoids. Weight gain/loss is a wonderful tool, a lot less detox symptoms. I get fewer desperate calls working with that system. RA—need lots of fat and meat to regenerate cells and lubricate everything. With vitamins, 99% of the extraction is solvent extraction Hype to sell you food industry waste. Soy is a ploy. Lubrication formula every 36 hours. Pineapple breaks down scarring of tendons. 1 lb meat/day for 5’5” woman to rebuild tendons, white meat, chicken best, also fish olive oil helps break down scar tissue soreness in neck/shoulders, use 5% cabbage juice Sauce: cheese, tomato, lemon, blended, may add hot or bell pepper tomato great reverser of RA tendency. Tomato reduces acid poisons Dryness is from lack of fat in tissues.

Don’t eat eggs alone if you’re dry. Loss sense of smell—lubrication formula works You can eat all the protein but if you don’t have the fats, you can’t handle them properly. Need butter. Butter gets deeper into the tissues even than cream. Muriatic acid—guy working with it has scarred bronchials and lungs Description of how to make butter in a blender. Kids die from meningitis because of the treatment—anaphylactic shock, and they can’t recoup from such a strong neuro detox without drugs. You go through it like pneumonia if you’re on a good diet. Usually the kids are on junk. They cal it an epidemic, but it’s an epidemic of junk food. Cream and butter lower cholesterol, may lower it temporarily only because it’s cleaning house, but tests don’t differentiate between old and new. Sour butter is good, predigested to an extent adrenals and pancreas weak, plus not enough bacteria—leads to depression let raw milk sour on its own, natural acidophilus and bulgaricus. Leave it out to sour for 2 days. 90% celery, 10% parsley, to let body absorb fluids. Q&A of April 6, 2002

Lab experiments, paid them a lot of money to do quite a bit of experiments over an 11 year period. One of them, we wanted to see the effects of parasites. We put an ad in a paper for animals that have already been diagnosed with parasites, worms of any kind. We got 32 animals, half dogs half cats. A variety of different worms, 12-15% brain flukes, lots of intestinal parasites. We put them in 3 groups. One group got canned food and kibble, all the regular stuff they sell including science diet which is a joke. Those animals were split into two subgroups, A was given pharmaceutical dewormers, B was given herbal or homeopathic dewormers.

Second group got all raw foods, split into two groups A got drug de-wormers, B got homeopathic or herbal de-wormers. Third group, not divided, just got all raw foods, no de-wormers. Raw eggs, raw meat and raw milk, a little raw butter. Once in a while, once a week I gave them a little honey too.

The first group, the A group 40% died, B 30% died. Second group, A- 12-15% died, B- 8-10% died. The group that got no de-wormers and ate only raw foods, there were no deaths. They took a lot longer to get well and get rid of their symptoms of worms, sometimes up to 6 months, but that group no matter how old, 12-16 years old, every one was like a kitten or puppy afterward. None of the other groups had that.

We followed them until their deaths and did autopsies and their organs were much cleaner. Wherever they had parasite infestation, the organ was much more vibrant. If liver flukes, the livers were so much healthier than the other groups. It was very obvious after those tests that parasites go in and eat degenerative tissue so you can replace the cells, IF the animal is given the food necessary to do it.

Most people can not regenerate cells without raw meat. They say that after you reach 25 years old, it’s all downhill. That’s because your body stops producing what are called youth hormones that allow for regeneration, in the midst of garbage in your system. At that point you stop producing growth hormones. But I found that on this diet, you rekindle that, start producing growth hormones again by eating raw meat. When I talk about meat, that means any fowl, seafood, lamb, buffalo, any flesh food is meat. Any canned food is always cooked. Tuna is blanched, half cooked. Food Combining

I’ll start talking about food combining first. If you look at the anatomical system of human beings compared to other animals, an herbivore has a digestive tract 2 1⁄2 times longer and larger than ours. It takes 48 hours for them to pass whole vegetation, grasses, through their systems. they have 2-4 stomachs, we have only one. they have 60,000 times more enzymes to disassemble the cellulose molecule to get the fat and the proteins. If we put whole vegetables in our digestive tract, we will only digest 1/3 of it, mainly vitamins and enzymes and minerals. Our body takes those vitamins, enzymes and minerals and turns them into enzymes trying to digest the rest of the cellulose, to get the fats and the protein. So basically it’s a big waste. If you’re a cooked food eater, it’s different. If you eat cooked meat you destroy the vitamins and enzymes, you cauterize the minerals, you cauterize the proteins and create heterocyclic amine and lipid peroxides, and about 40 different varieties of toxins. That causes overacidity, also causes the meat to sit in the intestines and putrefy. If you eat whole vegetables with it, you alkalinize the overacidity and provide some vitamins and minerals to help that move through. So on a cooked diet, whole vegetables are very good. On a raw diet, just the opposite, very harmful, they will create constipation. Because the intestinal tract has to be mainly acid to digest acid foods. All animal products. So if you put whole vegetables in there, it constantly secretes all this alkaline fluid, and all of the acid bacteria that normally digest, are neutralized. What it does is causes a repulsion to meat. A lot of people don’t like meat because they’re eating salads on a raw diet, that’s a problem, destroys the body’s ability to digest the meat. So you’re going to be nauseous, repulsed by meat because you can’t digest it. So you need to cut out the whole vegetables. Whole vegetables are a real no-no on this diet. It will interfere with a lot of things. Appetite for meat, will cause constipation galore. Because you have no overacidity in the system, so when that pulp gets into the colon in about 16-17 hours and guess what. The colon has to be intensely acid for the e-coli to feed on that matter. On a raw diet like this one, we don’t rely on pulp or fiber to move things through. Fiber is necessary for people who eat foods that don’t digest well. So something’s gotta push it through. But on this diet it’s just the opposite. If you have all that alkalinity in the colon, it neutralizes the e-coli. 60-80% of the fecal matter on a raw diet is bacteria. That bacteria is responsible for synthesizing B-vitamins and amino acids, it backs up your lymph system which is your immune system. When the medical profession talks about the immune system, it’s illusory. They never get specific. Your immune system is your lymph system, period. Your lymph system feeds everything and detoxifies everything. Your blood mainly transports oxygen to every cell in that body; that is its responsibility. It is also an emergency exit for poisons to get out of the system. The toxins dump into the blood, rush into the intestines, or urinary tract or out the skin. The blood is not responsible for feeding anything other than oxygen to the whole body, normally. If we weren’t addicted to carbs, blood sugar wouldn’t mean much. But because everyone’s eating so many carbs, we have this high blood sugar which is not normal. Our pancreases are 2 1⁄2 times larger than even the animals that feed on carbohydrates for a living. That size of the pancreas is very abnormal. The lymph system in conjunction with the lacteal system, it’s like a web network all around the intestines, it takes fats and proteins, and the reason they call it lacteal is because it looks like milk, it absorbs all these nutrients into it, feeds the entire lymph system, and the lymph system transports and feeds the whole body, every cell in the body, and also pulls out the toxins, holds it in the nodes to neutralize it, sends it to the glands for discharge. Can discharge into the bowels, sinuses, ears, salivary glands, gums, tear ducts, rectum, urinary tract. We are one big asshole because we’re so toxic, literally. Our bodies will use every part of itself to dump garbage. You do that through a dog or cat, they’re in trouble. That’s why they’re not doing so well. We have a whole body to be able to discharge poisons, but they can only eliminate them out their rectum, urinary tract, mouths and nostrils, that’s it. They do not perspire. Domesticated dogs and cats are doing very poorly in the 100 years of garbage foods, a lot of chemicals. So the lymph system is your immune system, takes care of you. If you have a congested one, you’re in trouble. The people I know who have the most chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, have a congested lymphatic system. I’ve seen in every case. A few cases I’ve seen of lupus where not only is the lymph system damaged severely but the endocrine glands are also damaged. A certain percentage of CFS and fibromyalgia have glands affected as well as lymphatic system. Occasionally in some CFS the lymph isn’t completely congested but the glandular system is affected by mercury from vaccines or some other medication stored in the gland system. Getting the lymph system cleaned is a very important process. The way we can facilitate it is with bacteria and solvents. The body cleans itself in 3 ways:

  1. It uses a very slow process completely dependent upon the food we eat and the cellular activity, and that’s solvents. We make solvents just like we make them industrially, mainly with some kind of oil compound, petroleum, and some kind of alcohol and some kind of protein. The body does the same thing: 80% fat, 15% protein and 5% alcohol, the body makes alcohol by fermenting carbs in the digestive tract. Alcohol and vitamin C are very important, the body can use either one of them to help ignite the combination of pyruvate and fat to cause that energy so the fat can be utilized. And fat is the strongest, most concentrated fuel there is. Take a look at weight lifters, they’re all fat. Body builders are all muscle and they’re not that strong. Wrestlers are fat, not all muscle. They need that fat to get that strength. The best solvents I’ve found the body can make, is from coconut cream. Take coconut meat, put it through a juicer like a champion or green life juicer, separate the pulp from the cream, mix that with some fruit, and there you have an incredible solvent. Mix in some egg, and you have an even better solvent. That helps dissolve the toxicity in the lymph system the best. It can get heavy and difficult to digest for some people, because it could cause too much detox of the liver before it even gets to the lymph system. Butterfat is your best stabilizer, stabilizes the bones, cartilage, connective tissue. Cream is best for the nervous system, helps sedate and relax. That’s why when people eat raw ice cream, they just feel so mellow. If you put coconut cream in that ice cream, you’ll find you’ll be more charged than relaxed. Because it’s going to start kicking up some toxins in the system and cause a bit of an adrenaline rush.

  2. The second way the body cleans itself is bacteria, viruses and molds, including candida. Candida is a very good thing to have. People who don’t have candida contain and do not eliminate products like advanced glycation endproducts (AGE’s), which are byproducts of the body using glycogen mainly as fuel, as neurological fuel. Columbia University found that AGEs’ store in a health body at a rate of 70%. Throughout your entire life, 70% of every carbohydrate you’ve ever eaten, the byproduct of that is storing in your body, IF you’re healthy, if you’re an athlete in top shape. People who have compromised health, 90% of it stores in your body. Well guess what happens when you’re 30, 40, 50 years old, the skin starts sagging, or you bloat, or the muscles start falling because it becomes concentrated, becomes an acid and starts dissolving the body. Elderly people have kidney problems because of all that sugar acid eating away at the kidney, damages the bladder, causes deterioration of the liver, which causes the body to throw it off into the skin and causes liver spots. Psoriasis, rashes, eczema, most everything that elderly people have symptoms of,it’s the sugars that are stored in the body. When I was doing research to find out what was best for humans to eat, I also looked at what do we know scientifically about dietary patterns of certain cultures. I noticed that American Indians when they were nomadic, were in perfect health. The tribes that settled around the Ohio river, for 15,000 years they would go into a particular area 3-500 years separation, they would populate a certain area, they started getting disease, then in 100 years would go back tobeing nomads. When they were stabilized and socialized and civilized into an area, they’d eat all the meat in the surrounding area, the population would grow, and then they’d be harvesting nuts, grains, eating a lot more carbs, started getting osteoporosis, cavities, bone deterioration. And then they’d start having other problems and then go back to being nomadic. Repeatedly. The excavations proved that, Dr. Streuver was responsible for 20-something years of excavation and research. Carbohydrate is worse than eating cooked foods. Even if you ate raw carbs it would be worse. When I was a raw fruitarian I did so badly. I already had blood and bone cancer, then I would put all this sugar into the system, even if it’s raw, you still have AGE’s. and if you don’t have any fat and protein to get rid of it, it’s going to start leeching fat and minerals from the bones and cartilage. Also makes creative people manic and crazy. How many people have met some die-hard vegetarians like I was, they believe so strongly like I did that we are non-violent. Yet they’ll foam at the mouth, yet they don’t see their violence. I didn’t see mine. I had to find a different place to be able to look at it. It was shocking to me when I went to give a lecture in Del Mar where the big fruitarian group is. I had a table set up selling my book at the Whole Life Expo. These people were ultra-thin, manic, women were puffy because their fats try to deal with the poisons and it causes swelling. Probably 50% on a fruitarian diet are swollen, the men are inevitably very skinny and manic. I’m not kidding, for 2 1⁄2 hours they were foaming at the mouth attacking me. I was just saying hey, if it’s right for you it’s right for you, you can’t convince me, I’ve already been where you’ve been, I lost half my teeth on this. I thought I was saving them, because after chemo and radiation, the bone rotted all the way around the teeth, so they dangled, so if I bit down, I would lose 1⁄2 cup blood. They wanted to pull them out, but I said I’m going to die anyway, I’m going to die with my teeth. So I left my teeth in, and the bone regenerated. But then after 6 1⁄2 years on the fruitarian diet, it started going the other way again. The teeth started decaying like crazy. So I said, if you can make a fruitarian diet work for you, wonderful. But you’re not very calm and happy right now. And you’re calling me violent. I’m not trying to push anything on you, just letting my information be available to people if they want it.

Q: Isn’t raw honey basically sugar, and how is that not deteriorating us? A: Because when the bees collect the nectar, they swallow it. They produce an insulin-like substance, just like we manufacturer insulin to deal with sugar. Theirs is much more efficient because that’s all they eat. They produce an insulin-like substance that converts 90% of the carbohydrate into enzymes for digesting, utilizing and assimilating protein. So only 10% of the honey you eat is sugar. Very different. And for some reason, the AGE’s are very minimal with honey. There’s some other factor in it besides the insulin. But there are so many factors in everything we don’t know about, we can’t decipher yet. But I found that honey heated above 93 degrees starts destroying that insulin-like substance. By the time you reach 100, diabetics can’t eat it anymore, they start having sugar reactions. It’s not a radical sugar until you go over 105 deg., but still over 100 it’s all sugar again because it doesn’t have the insulin-like substance in it. So, candida helps break down cells that have been damaged, bruised or cauterized by the sugar compounds in the body. It’s an uncomfortable experience, but the body tries to do what it can. When people go on the raw diet and minimize their sugars, they’re not feeding the candida, so their symptoms are more mellow. The candida are continuing to work, but you’re not adding to the feed that they’re eating. So it mitigates candida activity to just a normal, bearable detoxification until it’s over. There are lots of other molds, bacteria and virus that work for us. When we have a viral or bacterial detoxification like a cold or flu, it’s an intense bout. That bacterias is going in there and feeding on the degenerative tissue. Always has to be organic, the body can only use the solvent process for things that are not organic like pollution, chemicals, pesticides. But it has to use the slow solvent process to do that. When the body uses solvents, one of the byproducts is similar to turpentine and as toxic as turpentine and it creates low grade nausea, depression and lethargy. A very slow process. Viruses, bacteria and molds work much more rapidly, 2 1⁄2 times faster. The toxicity of their byproducts is 50% less than the solvent process. When you have a cold or flu, at the end of its cycle you have mucus and congestion, and you feel like you can’t function. On this diet, people function even with pneumonia. They can go to work, act normally. Meningitis, that usually puts people under for a few days or a week. But those are the only kind of things that will put people under.

  1. The third process is parasites. Parasites work 5 times faster than the body can use the solvent process. The trouble is when people have parasites, and don’t eat raw meat or the protein they can digest to regenerate cells, they ulcerate. Parasites eat so rapidly they leave holes in the body, paralysis, death. A number of problems. All the animals, dogs and cats, mice, and humans, all that I’ve experimented with parasites, none have died, all have gotten healthier as long as they eat the raw meat.

So all those things that are considered taboo are not taboo. They’re all our friends. I always thought there’s probably one. I was raised with a very violent brother, so I got to experience someone evil, and I always figured there had to be some kind of evil in everything, if it existed in people. But I still have not found an evil bacteria, not even a 157 H7. I’ve seen many experiments where it didn’t create any vomiting or diarrhea at all. So what I’ve learned is that the medical profession, scientific community, has no rationale when it comes to bacteria, viruses and parasites. None. When I was fighting the milk issue, I put 32 pages of documentation from the last 100 years produced by the Mayo clinic, top universities, they used raw milk to reverse diseases. St Joseph’s hospital in Illinois starting in about 1928 when their infant death rate was tremendous, the new doctor who ran the hospital said give the infant raw milk. Went from something like 50 to 5 deaths the next year, and stayed that way until 1947 when raw milk was banned in the hospital. and the infant death rate went way up again. 32 pages of documentation, every paragraph was a different test done at a different university. All the epidemics that were created by pasteurized milk—in one, 197,000 people were affected by this pasteurized dairy product. Raw milk has had no epidemics ever. So you have this information right here, and I gave it to the medical milk commission, and the health commissioners would not take the evidence. They said, you show us the evidence and we’ll come to a proper decision. You know what they used? When we went to the LA board of supervisors, they said well, they said the CDC put out an 82 page pamphlet that raw milk is bad. It gives no facts in it, no history, no statistics, no anything, just postulates this theory. And that’s what they used. They wouldn’t open their eyes and see that raw milk really is a good thing, and conclude that pasteurized milk creates all the epidemics. They don’t come to that conclusion. So, we had to go to the board of supervisors and threaten them. I wrote a 3-page executive summary that went with that, and said here’s the point: The health dept. has used one academic piece of evidence against raw milk, and that piece of evidence was nothing other than a statistical report which was biased and prejudiced. I got a biostatistician graduate of UCLA, who says that everything they’re saying is wrong, the analysis is completely improper. So she wrote an analysis of the analysis and gave it to me. My 32-page report on raw milk was exhibit A, and that letter from Dr. Mann the biostatistician was B. We’re talking about the most powerful health dept. besides the FDA. California is the strongest health department in the world besides the FDA, and they had no rationale, no sensibility, none. The board of supervisors, I got 2 ex-senators to hand deliver it to each supervisor, and they said to them, you better take a look at this, you may be in for a hell of a suit. By doing this, the man who was in charge of the LA health dept. was fired, because he couldn’t put together a good report against the raw milk. The next guy said if one child dies from raw milk, I will be completely against it. Not rational. There was an accusation there was one child. I got the documentation from the trial, the child died from drowning, unrelated to the milk. They did an autopsy on her and found salmonella in her stomach, so then the doctors blamed her drowning on the raw milk. This is what the health dept was using. So the health dept. Head said, we’ve had raw milk since the beginning, and two years ago according to this report, we’ve lost it. Did we do something wrong? He needed to know the answer to that. All the board of supervisors were ready to ask the questions that got the right answers, and voted against the banning of raw milk, and allowed us to have raw milk in LA county again. The medical profession is in fear, they are phobic and have no rationale when it comes to bacteria, viruses and parasites. Don’t expect them to be intelligent about it, they are not. They believe in the germ theory that germs are there to attack the body, they are not in a symbiotic relationship with the body. It’s completely inaccurate. If it were true, the bacteria in raw milk would create a problem and the pasteurized wouldn’t. I met a man in Oklahoma over 80 years old, and we got to talking about raw foods. He let me sleep in his back yard for the night. He said, let me tell me something about our science. When pasteurization first came in, we decided to prove that getting rid of bacteria would get rid of disease. So in 1926 through 1938 or 39, Purina, General Foods went together and did this whole incredible lab experiment using processed food and raw food. They spiked it with heavy bacteria to make it go even more in their favor. And guess what, the animals who got all the bacteria in all the raw foods thrived. And all the animals that got the processed food got terrible diseases. Do you know what happened to all those 13 years of papers and experiments? Shredded. So we didn’t get that information. It’s a very prejudiced perspective out there. Do you know it’s illegal to sell raw vegetables juices in any store now. It came after Odwalla. One e-coli can’t cause an epidemic. What it looks like to me is there was probably some pesticides, maybe some solvent that was left and not cleaned out of the machinery properly, and it gave some people some diarrhea and vomiting. That little girl who died, she died of HUS, kidney failure. Guess what antibiotic she was given—Cipro. And guess what cipro has a history of doing, producing kidney damage. So if every doctor admitted it was the drugs that created the problem, the therapy for the vomiting and diarrhea, guess what, there would be a flood of lawsuits, and the pharmaceutical houses, the hospital and doctors would be out of business. So guess what they blame it on, viruses and bacteria and parasites. They’re locked in. you just can’t expect anything rational from them. If you look at the history of anthrax including AIDS, those are man-made. You have to understand that in Hawaii, remember the epidemic, they said the Hawaiians weren’t exposed to our bacteria. But if you look at some of the material that you do not normally see like in Brazil, a man who wrote that they would blame these poisonings of the water supply with formaldehyde, then they’d have tuberculosis or smallpox, when they were actually being poisoned. So you have to look at that information pretty hard and don’t believe any of it. Anthrax had been around. One cattleman who was a cattleman for 51 years in Wisconsin or Minnesota, he said anthrax is a cold for a cow. Foot and mouth, it’s a flu for a cow. They always get them. When cows are grown in a climate where they get green grass all the time, they get no colds or flus, but when they’re living in a climate with baled hay with pesticides, they’re going to get colds and flus because it creates poisoning in the body which creates degenerative tissue, bacteria and viruses have to go in there and eat it up for them to expel it. So they get colds and flus because of the type of nutrition they’re getting in the wintertime. But you have to understand that the medical profession and pharmaceutical companies make trillions of dollars a year on injections that don’t mean anything, that don’t have anything to do with reality or rationale. They just have this fear thing going and say we have to vaccinate all these animals. [When there’s a death] they don’t search it out and look for the reason, they just found the bacteria and blamed it, there was no research done. So the FDA rules that all juices have to be pasteurized. I was on the phone with the FDA, because I’m writing a paper to get it reversed in CA, like I did with the raw milk. They said all juices have to be pasteurized, because we have this one incident. I beg your pardon, one incident? If a child dies in a car, you don’t ban cars. You have 32 kids in 10,000 that died of vaccines, you don’t outlaw vaccines. And here you’re saying one incident of alleged infection from juice is the reason to pasteurize? There’s no rationale to it, no science, none. So the medical profession holds themselves up there on this pedestal saying we are scientific, we are the authorities. Show me the science, they can’t do it. So bacteria and viruses, parasites, they’re your best friends. They’ll get you well faster. That’s why a lot of my clients will makehigh meat. Edward Howell, the father of enzymes, took rats and fed one group raw, one group cooked. The group that ate cooked foods got all the diseases of man, the ones that ate raw got no diseases. Just like Pottenger did 20 years earlier with 900 cats over a 10 year period. What confused him though, was that the cats who ate the cooked foods lived a considerably shorter lifespan than the ones who ate raw, but the rats all lived the same age. Took him a year to figure it out. The behavior is that the rats who ate the cooked food, ate their feces. So the next time he did the test, he put a screen down so the feces fell through and they weren’t able to eat their feces. They lived 66% shorter, 2 years instead of 3. All animals eat feces except humans. 100 years ago we didn’t have toilets, people were out their wiping their butts, touched their foods, didn’t get disease. The first person I talked into doing it, I was able to show her tests done at the U of Toronto where a doctor was using the veritoxin produced by e-coli to completely dissolve brain tumors that were growing in mice, dissolve those tumors in 2-7 days, including the vessels going to them. They used veritoxin produced by e-coli, the thing that’s supposed to poison the body, and they would inject it into the system. So I thought, sure! Eat fecal matter. Get the e-coli going in the body. So this girl was a young girl, 28 when she came to me, she’d been chronically fatigued for 8 years, her right breast was like rocks, 1/3 larger than the left, she had kidney cancer. She’d been on the diet almost 2 1⁄2 years. Almost all of this dissolved, and they felt more like rubber than rocks. But iridologically the contamination there hadn’t changed, so the whole basis for the problem was still there. So I talked her into eating an ounce of fecal matter. Within 2 1⁄2 months 1/3 of all of that dissolved. Nine months later she did it again. She ate a massive amount of sheep fecal matter including part of the bowel. After three months it was now dissolved by 2/3. Now she’s just eaten a massive amount of goat fecal matter, and I’m anxious to see what happens. Fecal matter works. I have one fellow who came to me with cancer of the lung, esophagus, liver, and I think intestines. When they come to me at that point, 4th stage with surgery and chemo, those people generally don’t make it on this diet. They show signs of getting better, but they don’t win the battle because there’s too much poisoning going on, too much damage from surgery. The surgery I’ve found isn’t as bad if I can talk the people into convincing the surgeon not to use merthiolate, mercurochrome or iodine as an antiseptic during surgery. This is liquid mercury that they use as an antiseptic, poison the body with mercury. You’re going to damage everything within 2 inches of that area. And if that’s where your cancer is, you’re in trouble because you’re creating more dead cells to have more cancer to create more tumors. So I found that people having surgery without those are recovering now. So to me surgery may not be such a bad choice for some people. Because they’re not going to be able to dissolve those tumors to get rid of them as readily. However with the mercury, it creates a very poisoned area. This fellow who came to me was in terrible shape, and I got a source of buffalo fecal matter. So I have it shipped down to me. I literally spend a lot of money to get this, and literally give it away to these people. I can’t prescribe anything because I’m not a doctor, I just tell them my experience and I give it to them. Normally this kind of individual will go down fast, not able to eat, but this guy ate the fecal matter and had an appetite. Appetite, appetite, was eating! I usually lose them because they’re on morphine, destroys their appetite and they can’t eat. This guy after eating the fecal matter, and then another woman with advanced cancer had it too. Then I ran out of it and the next person who came to me wasn’t as bad as the other people and she’s having a difficult time getting beyond the pain and morphine. So all the bacteria, e-coli phobia, don’t listen to it. It’s not scientifically based. Not an iota of it. Ecoli is destroyed pretty quickly as it dehydrates. Ecoli is active when it’s in the colon, in that environment. You’d have to have it pretty fresh, before it cools off and dehydrates. If you really want the good stuff, butcher the deer and eat the fecal matter. Mushrooms are the fruit of a mycelium. Mycelium is a solvent for roots, a white mold, a solvent for roots. If a tree or plant is dead or any part of the root system is dead, the mycelium will feed on it and dissolve it. Then the mushroom sprouts so spores can be distributed to find other roots that are decayed. But the mushroom does not work on a healthy root. Mycelium works on dissolved tissue. In the human body, if you’ve got decaying tissue networks whether it’s the veins or the lymphatic veins which are even more complex than the bloodstream, or the neurological “veins”, if any of those are hardened and you eat mushrooms, that mycelium can grow in your system. I ate a poison mushroom, the death cap, and survived. And it certainly did change my life. Took me 11 years to recover from it, but probably I wouldn’t have gotten rid of some of the toxicity in my body. I wouldn’t be sitting here 11 days from my 55th birthday feeling better than I ever did when I was a child, if I hadn’t gone through it. It was rough going through it and I would never do it again the way that I did. And I didn’t do it purposely, I misidentified a mushroom. But mycelium can help, people may be taking pills of it, it may be dangerous for them, could be very dangerous. Bacteria feeds on cells, degenerative cells, those that are dead or decaying or ruptured and are going to die soon. But mycelium feeds on hardened, dead canals, so someone with symptoms of MS which means the networks of the nervous system have hardened. Mycelium will go in there and dissolve that network so the body can rebuilt it. But if you aren’t eating raw foods, they’re just going to have lupus. The mycelium acts very much like lupus, it dissolves the connective tissue, and then there’s nothing connecting the skin to the muscles and the muscles to the bones, they’re just dissolving. That’s the danger of putting a mycelium in the body, if it has a place to propagate. Q: My dog likes horse poop, how much should I let him eat? A: As much as he wants. He needs that bacteria, definitely. Dogs are scavengers. I poop outside and the coyotes come every night and eat it. I have a natural septic tank, the coyotes! Q: couple basic questions on raw dairy. You’ve said how bad carbohydrates are, can you explain why the milk sugar would be good for you? A: Any type of sugar beyond a certain amount is too much. The fulani tribe lives 90% on raw milk. They have no disease but they do have pigment discolorations, and they do have over-emotionality, and those are symptoms of too much sugar. So even from drinking too much milk in relation to the amount of cream and meat you eat, can be an imbalance.

Q: ... when you sour the milk..? A: It helps, because it breaks it down into something that can be utilized quicker. Now, I don’t like to use foreign bacillus to make yogurt or kefir, because when I was doing tests with my fecal matter and some cats’ fecal matter, when we ate kefir or yogurt that was spiked with bacillus, the bacillus that was coming out in the fecal matter were very different and the properties of digestion were very different. And there weren’t as many b vitamins formed, not as much bacteria in the fecal matter. However when we used soured milk letting its own bacillus react in the food, we did find the natural bacteria in the fecal matter normal and high. So after that test I stopped, I used to be an avid kefir eater, then I stopped making it with foreign bacteria. Now I’ll just take the milk, put it in a dark cupboard because the light will turn it bitter, and let it sit a few days, it predigests itself. Nothing bad about it being bitter, I just don’t like the taste.

Q: I’m surprised that you recommend eating an animal’s fecal matter. Would you rather eat an animal’s vs. your own? A; Are you healthy enough? Am I healthy? No. I would trust any animal that lives wild to be much healthier than we are. When I was in Hawaii last year, I slaughtered a goat. We made a harness for the goat and we spun it from a tree, with a pulley, several drummers, it was very primal. They spun it around and I mesmerized it, took a knife and cut the jugular vein, and we used half milk and half goat blood, like the Masai do. When the cows are having offspring 3 months of the year, they don’t get much milk because the calves are eating it. So they don’t get much milk, so they will bleed one of their bulls and mix it with the milk so they have their nourishment. So this was in Pangaia community; they’re all on my diet now, since last year. They’d been Instinctos up until then, eating what appealed to them, their senses first, so they ate mainly 60% fruit. So they all had sores, staph infections, impetigo, very emotional, socially the person who built Pangaia left it because he couldn’t handle the people. When they went on my diet, the whole group changed dynamically and everything, emotionally settled and happy and cooperative. So he came back and he bought it back! Very interesting. There were other communities around who were still vegetarian or fruitarian, and saw the change in these guys. They came to my lecture and workshop and to watch the slaughter a few days later. A lot of them were vegetarians, from surrounding communities. So we mixed the goat milk and goat blood together and started passing it around for people to drink. Because it was all primal and social it was like they were mesmerized into being there, and they were going to partake of this having the blood and the milk. But you could see their eyes rolling getting ready, you could see the tension. And then they would just start glugging it. We had two gallons of it, and it was gone within about 20 minutes, all 2 gallons. It was like ice cream. I couldn’t believe it. I’d had blood mixed with milk before, but it was after it had already coagulated. But this, we put it in the milk as it was coming out of the goat, and it was just like ice cream. No gamey taste, nothing, like rich ice cream that had melted, just vibrant, delicious. So if you ever get a chance, do not miss that one!

Q: is the fecal matter comparable to the high meat? A; It’s different. Unless you take fecal matter and put it with the meat, then the e-coli will propagate in the meat. Otherwise, the natural bacteria that exists in muscle meat are bacteria that are bacteria that are natural to that body part. Like Bechamp believed that all the bacteria and all stages of bacteria are naturally innate within flesh, that they don’t come from outside like maggots do with flies. They’re innate within the body. Parasites the same way. So to prove this, I took a healthy animal from an organic farm and slaughtered it in a hermetically sterilized environment. There were corn dracenas to produce a lot of oxygen, and we made sure that the oxygen was filtered going into that slab of meat, kept at 98 degrees. The animal's normal body temp was 96.8. the meat was checked, no signs of any kind of parasites or disease or bacterial activity. Yet in 3 days in this piece of meat that was hermetically sealed, there were about 12 different varieties of bacteria and parasites spontaneously were produced in this slab of meat. Now if you take good organic raw meat and leave it out in a room like this, it will dehydrate and turn into jerky without producing parasites or bacteria, because of the temperature. But you keep it up at a high temperature, they incubate. If you go up to 100 degrees, then it starts destroying your bacteria. Someone mentioned to me he went through a 7-week detox. At the end of the 7 weeks he had a peak where he had fever and mucus and all kinds of stuff like that, the actual bacterial activity was going on for the entire 7-week period. It’s just that when it’s ending, that’s when you go through your healing crisis. That’s why it’s called a healing crisis, not a detox crisis. The healing begins at that point. The fever lowers bacteria levels. Anything over 100 degrees destroys bacterial colonies. Also, it produces regeneration of cells, so fever is very important for the healing process. So you start putting ice packs on, trying to prevent the fever, you’re basically preventing the healing cycle after the detox process. So being full of night sweats, that’s all part of the healing process, and a wonderful indication that you’re at the end of a down period in energy. Because so much of your energy and nutrients are going to go on the byproducts of bacteria and virus and parasites feeding on your body. The toxicity of the byproducts of parasites is 100 times less than the toxicity of the turpentine-like substance when your body uses the solvent process. So parasites are very beneficial if you eat raw meat. This is going to be on Ripley’s Believe it or not pretty soon, they’re coming out to film in a few weeks! One of the guys on the diet called them and said you’ve gotta get this guy! So they called me, and I said I’d do it on one basis, and that’s if you legitimize it and understand why I’m doing it, rather than make it a joke. They said well, you have to understand the nature of our show is to make this an unusual, irrational thing. So I take 3 quart jars, and I’ll take a pint of fowl, a pint of red meat, and a pint of seafood, and I’ll dice them up into bite-sized pieces so that I have half air space and half meat in each jar. Put a nice canning jar lid on it, the Ball jar lids because they’re enamel. It has a true rubber sealer. Seal tightly, put in fridge, every 3-4 days take it out of the house, open them, get air into it. That bacteria is aerobic. There are 14 or 15 stages of bacterial growth. If you refrigerate it, it goes through only one stage a week, and if you eat it every week, you get cycles. Even at the end, it starts over again. I’ve eaten high meat up to a year old. If you don’t open it, it just goes dormant at that stage, and when you start airing it again it picks up from that stage. Q: When should you start eating it? A; That depends on what you want to do. If you eat it between the 2nd and 3rd week, you might cause yourself a tremendous detox. For some reason, the 2nd and 3rd weeks create very radical bacterial reactions, maybe if you’ve been on the diet a long time it would be fine. I once ate 8 ounces of such fish and ended up with meningitis and spinal meningitis for 6 weeks. Sure it made me better in the long run; I got rid of a third of the scarring in my brain. I don’t feel any smarter, but maybe I am! But it crippled me with pain for 5 days, and I practically had to live in a hot bathtub to get through it. That’s the third time I experimented with that kind of thing. Unless you’re ready for it, don’t eat the meat at 2nd or 3rd week, unless you’re eating a very very small amount. I ask people to wait 4 weeks . Q: Is there a limit for the aging [of high meat]? A; I’ve only had it for a year and haven’t kept it beyond that, so I don’t know. Getting people to eat high meat and fecal matter has been the hardest thing. It’s taken me 20 years to get people to do it. My book is out and people think it makes so much sense, he can’t be completely crazy, on this one too. So I’m getting people to try it. I’m not a doctor so I can’t say, “You do this!” and get away with it. So I have to approach people to do it, but people are finally doing it in the last 5 years, and the results are pretty tremendous. As far as how much to eat, depends on you. The girl who was on psychotropic drugs for 22 years, 5 a day, depressed. It was like she hit a PMS button ten times worse than normal, that was what she was like every day all day. From the drugs. After a year and a half of working with her on the diet, I said I can’t work with you anymore unless you at least experiment with the high meat. They really work. You’re on and off the diet because you don’t feel well because you’re unhappy. I’ve seen this high meat turn people around. I’ve seen the Eskimos do it before they go into a heavy winter. And they stay happy all through this excruciating weather. These are incredible people. They did this high meat for a reason, and they would eat handfuls at a time going into the winter. And they do it every year in the summertime. And I said, just try once. If it doesn’t work, we’ll go back to other ways. So finally she did, and I get a call the morning after and she was giggling and whistling. This woman eats it every other day. She is completely a different person. Her meds are down to a fifth of what she used to take. And I think she only does that because she’s afraid to go cold turkey. I met her at a party and she was mellow and light. Just high meat, that’s all it took, and she was able to stay on the diet better. So the high meat is very wonderful. She eats a large marble sized amount every two days. Take a look at what I said about the 3 ways the body cleanses itself. The solvent process is slow and high in toxicity. Bacteria and viruses are very much helpers in the body. The toxicity is 50% less than the solvent process. It’s like if you have a whole room to clean up and it’s just you, but then you get some neighbors to come over to help you and all of a sudden you get extra energy helping you clean up, it’s much easier, and everything on a psychic, spiritual and physiological level changes. If two people walked into the room, your whole well-being would change. I wouldn’t have to do this on my own, I’ve got help, and then we become a community of people sharing, and you know how that works when you have a community sharing, they feel good about themselves and about working with each other. That’s how it works when you introduce bacteria into the body. And the body and psyche love it. And the medical community and scientific community are out there saying get rid of all the germs and bacteria. And we’re in such a sterile environment. And how much depression is going on now. 6 million children are taking drugs every day in this country alone. That’s below the age of 8.

No animals including humans have died on this diet from parasites, they’re only gotten healthier faster. Some people may see them coming out, indications of it, so people come to me with parasites, diagnosed with chlamydia or different amebas. Those people get well faster. They stay away from sugars and eat lots of meat and fat. I’ve eaten lots of parasites and have never been able to spike them in myself, but that may be because I have so much chemo and radiation poisoning, barium and cobalt, so I may be so poisoned that they get in there and are destroyed. But I’ve not been able to spike them in animals either. Dr. Weinstocks at University of Iowa took 6 elderly people with inflammatory bowel disease, a very painful disease, causes swelling of the joints. He took the whipworm from the intestine of a pig, took their eggs and put them in Gatorade, gave it to these 6 suffering individuals, 5 of them got the worm and all symptoms disappeared in 5 months, then they were back at his door wanting more parasites. That’s the only clinical study I know by an MD who’s done it. The swelling of the joints is an intestinal problem. The body doesn’t digest the toxic proteins, they get into the blood and cause severe swelling of the joint and intense pain. For the high meat, get a small refrigerator just for that, keep it in the garage. Why do people get parasites? Because they keep eating foods that are damaging the body and making an environment that’s rich for them. People who have consumed a marble size to a golf ball size of high meat at a time, it’s never been too much. You have to understand that part of the bacteria is going to be destroyed by HCL in the stomach. So how much of it is getting through depends on how much is absorbed in the mouth before you even swallow. The girl I was telling you about, she would chew it until it melts in her mouth. It gets into the brain quicker for a better effect. Back to solvents, pressed oils. Coconut cream, flax oil and olive oil pressed below 96 deg. 90% of that will become solvent reactive in the body, can make some people detox too quickly with the turpentine like substance accumulating too much. So it depends on how you react with it. Most people can handle 2 ounces a day every 2-3 days, always with a meat meal. If you have it with egg or fruit, you’re asking for a detox that will tear your system apart. You’re gonna be asking for some symptoms you may not like. So take the oil with any kind of meat. Rotate them. If you have them with beef every time, you may get too much of a certain variety of the byproducts, like the turpentine-like substance in one part of the body. One day have it with beef, two or 3 days later have it with fish, etc. Woman with nose cancer, on the diet the tissue is growing back (details on tape). With solvents like the oils, even a little bit can be too much in some cases. So spread it out. Food Combining:

No veggie juice with any other foods except for neutral fats: butter, cream, coconut cream. Leave an hour before or after veggie juice. Veg juices are alkaline. It will alkalinize your stomach, but stomach has to be acid for any kind of animal product to digest properly. The HCL will be neutralized with veggie juice. If you wait a solid hour, takes 20 minutes to absorb the veggie juice, and another 20 minutes to alkalinize the stomach. Start the day with veggie juice. Wait 45-50 minutes before meat. You can wait a shorter time in the morning, because in the morning you’ll reacidify the stomach faster. In the book I talk about having eggs with juices, but I’ve found over the long run that causes too much detox, makes too many solvents and impairs digestion of the protein. Some of the protein is getting into the blood without proper digestion. Have eggs with milk or cream or meat, but not veg juice or even with fruit. Algae is poisonous. Algae utilizes a lot of heavy metals. When you dehydrate it and put it in your body, it’s a free radical. So it works, it makes people feel better, because it’s poisoning the blood, so the body creates adrenaline and other hormones to deal with that poison, but people get high on the adrenaline. And they think they’re better and they’re not. When they dehydrate the algae, and you eat it, you’re like a cow trying to eat dried matter. He can do it, but you look at his fecal matter when he’s eating dry hay, and 50% of it comes out undigested. And you put in a human body which is mainly carnivore, you don’t digest much, and what you do get out of it is going to be poisonous free-radical metals. Always a good idea to have fat with meat. If you don’t, the body is going to convert a lot of the protein to an acetate which is a fat. Why make the body do that? You want the meat to turn into matter that will regenerate cells and help them become more alive. You don’t want to waster your proteins by having them made into fat. So I recommend you have at least 3 tablespoons of fat at every meat meal, preferably butter. Coconut cream is 60% solvent reactive. It will help get rid of certain decay and inorganic substances, but you don’t want to do it all the time. Avocados will turn the protein into a fuel. If you need high energy, it’s a good combination, or a lot of sexual energy. Oils are 90% solvent reactive, so only once a day or every few days, unless there’s a condition that needs a lot of olive oil, like MS, to get through it quicker. Avocado.. the liver has a difficult time with avocado. Can be difficult to digest. I recommend for people have been exposed to radiation, eat a half to whole avocado with a small orange, to help get rid of the radiation.

Q: Is there a difference between raw meat and dried raw meat? A; Yes. Anything that’s dehydrated loses enzymatic activity. That means you’re going to assimilate and utilize a lot less the protein and fat, anything that’s in it. The pancreas has to synthesize hormones, send them out to every cell in the body, to tell it to give up some of the body’s innate vitamins, minerals, enzymes, proteins, carbohydrates and fats, to go in and digest the food. It isn’t as bad as cooked foods, because in cooked foods you have all the toxins that are formed from cooking like heterocyclic amines and lipid peroxides. Dried meat you don’t have that, but still you’re lacking the vitamins and enzymes. The North American Indians like in Alaska and Canada used to make pemmican. They would dry the meat into jerky, then beat it into a mince than roll it in blubber and let it sit in the sun allowing the meat to lipidize itself, to rehydrate it, meat is 55-60% water. A wild deer is only about 55% water, a domesticated animal can be 60-70% water. So they’d make pemmican, take a 90 lb block of it and go ocean to ocean on one brick of it. They’d eat 1⁄2 cup a day and drink water, but they would only do that periodically, not regularly. So if you want to do it once in a while, for backpacking, fine. The American Indians would make it every year to get through the winter. They wouldn’t use it unless they had to. It was an emergency food. And that was making it raw, without boiling it like people do now. In the book I say never drink fruit juice. I said it’s okay to blend banana in drinks, and I still think that as a transitional diet it’s a good thing, and I’m not going to chance some of that stuff in the book, but as you get more into the diet you eliminate more of that fruit. Eggs alone are much better than mixed with other foods. For some reason when people were eating lots of eggs with fruit, they’d have more detox and depression, because it creates more solvent activity. When the eggs are raw by themselves Rocky style, they help maintain cells that already exist, although they don’t help make new cells. (Story of emphysemic patient who ate 66 eggs over the weekend and recovered).

Q: I have my eggs with milk and it makes me tired. A; If you’re mixing cold milk with egg, it will interfere with digestion and make you want to go to sleep, to use all this energy for digestion. A lot of people will have lethargy from milk. Just like a baby that does most of its growth in sleep. 90% of cellular development in sleep state. If you’re very ill, you should sleep more. I’m only eating raw meat on a daily basis 20 years, which is half way to optimal health, and I sleep 4-5 hours a day. When I was so ill, I slept all the time. Much better to warm the milk first. Otherwise it passes out of the duodenum before it’s properly digested, and undigested proteins get into the blood. Organic is probably a bad designation for an egg. The organic farmers I’ve questioned, the feed is 75% processed soybeans. Who gives a shit if it’s organic, this is garbage, poison. Find out what’s in the feed. So I went back to eating eggs from hens fed 75% corn, and only about 25% soy. Better that they eat non-organic corn than organic soy. In my experiments, when we ate inorganic meat and tested for pesticide concentrations, and for hormones and inorganic fertilizer residues, all from the same side of beef, the fecal matter showed that 98% of the residues that were in the raw meat passed out of us undigested. So those poisons passed right through the body and out and weren’t absorbed. But when the meat was eaten cooked, only something like 6 or 7 percent passed out in the fecal matter. That means that cooking the meat causes the pesticides to be freed and absorbed into the body.

Q: How about eating raw eggs blended with honey? A; The problem with blending raw eggs, there are 3 enzymes in the egg white which are destroyed by oxygen. So those oxidize. A Massachusetts researcher found that when those three enzymes were high in the blood, cancer could not progress. And the only place he could find it in that concentration was in raw egg whites. He said they’re destroyed within seconds of whipping it. I did lab tests that show that if you have milk or cream or something that coats it during blending, that doesn’t happen. However, if you whip the egg with honey, the enzymes are destroyed because there’s no fat there to coat it. Either milk or cream will work. So you can blend eggs with some fatty food. Commercial feed for chickens is always byproduct of some other manufacturing, always the garbage. Give them meat scraps, they’re omnivores. Sometimes we get old and rotten eggs, excites sexual energy. The Chinese call them century eggs, bury them in clay and keep them 5-25 years. You open them, they’re all black powder, $1,000 an egg. If you’re high in energy and hyperactive, I recommend eating two meat meals a day. If you ate 3 meat meals, you burn it for fuel and nothing’s left to regenerate cells. Two larger meals of meat so it takes longer to digest it, so the body has more than it needs for fuel, and a lot will be protein for healing. People who are low in energy need 3 smaller meat meals that digest quicker. The best cycle I’ve found is juice, meat, milkshake or egg, juice, meat, milkshake or egg (or fruit meal with fat), juice, meat, lube formula or milkshake or just eggs, then another juice before bed. Those are the safest and most progressive eating patterns I’ve seen. And they work for almost everyone. Juice Meat Eggs or milkshake or if you’re very dry, lube formula Juice again Meat Fruit with fat Juice Meat w/ lube formula or eggs Juice before bed (Lube formula: 1-2 eggs, 3-4 oz butter, 1-2 tbsp lemon juice, 1-3 tsp honey, blend at room temp) For someone who’s hyperactive and thin, load that protein up with a fat, so you don’t burn all the protein but keep it for strengthening and stabilizing the body. Example: fellow who was eating 1-3 lbs meat a day, slender, on diet 2 years, feels great, wanted to body build so he ate lube formula with meat, built so much muscle he was accused to using steroids. You’re not burning up the meat, utilizing the fats to burn and using the meat to build muscle. Lube formula is better than plain fat. I wanted to find a way to get fats deep into the tissues, because the organs and glands and structure of the body is so dry and deficient from being on a cooked diet all your life, that it’s so hungry for fats. You can never eat enough to get to the skin and bones and connective tissue. I would eat a quart of raw cream and 2-3 sticks of butter a day and my skin would still be dry. So I needed to devise a way to get fats pre-broken down so they’d rush into the system and the immediate area couldn’t absorb it all, so it would get spread out to the whole system. When you eat cream and butter by itself, it digests slowly and absorbs a little at a time, and like orphans, the ones in the back don’t get the nourishment, unless it’s more than they can consume. That’s what the lube does, gets so much fat into the system so rapidly that not all the cells can absorb it before it gets all the way out to the outer tissues of the body. (description of how to make cream into butter in the blender) if you’re using the big bowl with the blender, you’re destroying the nutrients in your food. The oxygen destroys up to 20-30% of your nutrients just in the blending. When you do it in the small jars, no more air gets in there, preserves 20-30% of your nutrients. You don’t lose the electrolytes. Sometimes the washer that comes with the blender is too thin and you need to find one that’s thicker, or just to make sure, you can put a washer on, the blades on top, another washer on top before they screw it on. If you’re hyper and thin and using lube formula, make sure you eat lots of fat with the meat meal, so you don’t have to put a space in between the meat and lube formula meals. You want to eat more food at one time because you utilize everything too fast. 5% carbs. I eat very little fruit, I get my 5% from honey. I’m diabetic so I do better without high carbs, but I eat tomatoes, that seems to quench my thirst. Poke a whole in egg, suck it out. That’s the ultimate fast food. Q: about water and mineral water A; Not all byproducts are bad; the carbon creates hydrogen peroxide as long as it’s the natural carbon that comes from the well. Water has no nutrient value; it helps dissolve compounds, it’s a solvent. It leeches, like a black hole, it will pull stuff out and break it down. That’s why when it rains it dissolves rock and soil so that plants can eat. When you put it in the body it will dissolve your intestines and digestive juices and your bacteria, it will dissolve it all. That’s why people who drink 2 gallons of water a day can’t put on weight, because they can’t digest their food and they deteriorate rapidly. There are these fads where women are drinking 2 gallons a day to lose weight, but then they can’t digest anything anymore, unless they go on a good diet and rebuild. The meat you eat is at least 55% water. Tomatoes, 96% water. Milk, 97% water, all electrolyte-bound, all ionically-bound. When your cells go to utilize the H20, it does it by ionic attraction. There are 1-2 ions in every cell, that’s its gut. So when an ion passes and it’s ionically bound, it carries other nutrients with it, carbs, proteins, fats. The cell will attract it in and it eats. If you have no nutrients in it, and you have heavy metals and they clump, it causes clumping of ions. So when the cell opens up to magnetically attract that substance to get nourishment, the magnetism on the outside of the cell is so great that it pulls the ions out of the cell and the cell can’t eat again, shrivels up and dies. Water does that, it dehydrates the system. The cells can not utilize the H20 so it keeps fluid in the serum of the blood so you have bloating but no H20 utilization cellularly. If you’re thirsty, have butter. Your taste for water is a bad conditioning. Don’t go for water or milk. Butter, cream or coconut cream, especially within the hour between veg juice and milk. Butter coats the mouth and quenches thirst. The fats are really what the cells are needing. If your body really needed the H20 you wouldn’t piss out as much as your drink. But you do, because it can’t absorb it. 3 ounces of butter would satisfy your body more than a quart of water. It also relaxes. The water is addictive. The cells can’t absorb it unless it’s ionic bound with another nutrient. The only animals that drink water are camels because they’ve adapted to it, but other animals like birds will eat grain and then drink more water, but most animals will not drink much water. (discussion of containers for feeding animals water, should be porous not a fired substance) I have quite a few athletes on this diet. One is 6th in the world martial arts, 57 years old. His heart rate after a workout is 120. 5 breaths a minute. Amazing what you can do to build up. No wheat grass. Turns acid in the blood. The whole point of veg juice is to keep the blood alkaline because of the acid foods and of all the acids produced in the blood by a toxic body. You’ll digest and absorb most of the juice right in the duodenum so it doesn’t affect the intestinal tract. Q: what about alkalinizing the body with apple cider vinegar and honey? It doesn’t have all the vitamins and enzymes in it, and basically the ACV is on the acid side, good for the digestive tract and does help the blood go alkaline, but not much vitamins and enzymatic activity, in fact it destroys a lot of bacteria. Make juices for 3-5 days at a time. (describes his meticulous process to bottle juice perfectly so it will last up to 5 days). Some aged veg juice is okay, because you have lots of cooked vegs in your body that don’t have the bacteria, and high juice will help your body get rid of some toxic cellulose. The oxidation is actually okay unless you heat it, once in a while. Almonds are very difficult nuts to digest. If you soak them it just produces a different enzyme inhibitor. When a nut or a seed is whole and dry it has enzyme inhibitors in it, which means you won’t digest protein for 24-48 hours after eating them. When you germinate it by soaking, you’ve just created another form of enzyme inhibitor which is from a sprout. So I came up with the Nut Formula. You have 3-5 oz of nuts that are easiest to digest: walnuts, pecans, pine nuts, filberts, sunflower seeds and sometimes pumpkin seeds. Filberts are the most difficult of those. Pine nuts can be too detoxing for some people’s nervous systems. The safest are walnuts and pecans and sunflower seeds. Pumpkin seeds are difficult for liver and may cause gallbladder or spleen detox, too radical. You take the nuts, blend it in either 8 or 12 ounce jar, then you have about 6 ounces, add 1 egg, add 3 ounces butter and 2 tbsp honey, blend. The combination inhibits the enzyme inhibitors. Have it once a week. The body needs some starch, this way you can get rid of the cooked starch for most people. I came up with the nut formula to do what the starch needs to do and that’s to bind with neurological poisons. Every time you’ve had a traumatic experience in your life, there are certain hormonal byproducts which occur in the system. According to Elnora van Winkle who was a neurological biochemist with NYU Medical Center, she catalogued those poisons and found that they storm the tissues, and if they detoxify you will have an emotional experience that will be very similar to those times when you had the trauma. She found that residual hormones created during trauma are high in the blood during the detox experience. She wrote a paper called The Biology of Emotions. So the nut formula helps bind with those so you won’t suffer those flashbacks as much. And if you’re going through them, you might have up to 2 a week, but be careful, the formula can cause a neurological detox, it will be difficult to sleep between 12:30-5:30. Best to find something to do at that time. Make that time active. Then sleep at 5:30. People stress out because they think they need to sleep at particular hours. The neurological system takes 4-5 hours after the sun goes down. I have several clients waking up 2AM and going back to sleep 5AM. I’ve had that last sometimes for 5 months. But I have lots of neuro damage because of radiation. If you have nuts alone, the enzyme inhibitors that prevent you from utilizing protein, can cause a terrible neuro detox. Q: eating almonds with honey would be a strong detox, right? Yes, but because you won’t be able to digest protein for a while, you won’t be able to get rid of those toxins. You’ll stir them up and reembed in your system and cause more damage. Have the butter there to arrest those poisons. I’ve seen people gung ho about detoxes and destroy a relationship. I don’t tell anyone to push a neuro detox. They say they feel so great, but so what, what are you going to enjoy now. You have to be careful. Coconut meat—sometimes I’ve used it to make cakes for children. Blend fruit with honey for icing. Once I made one with carrot pulp and one with coconut pulp, made two smurfs. Blended blueberries with granulated dates, made a blue icing, kids loved it. May have been high in carbs but they were going to eat that anyway. Q: what do you use on your skin for going in the sun? A; I just came up with one, the new skin formula is 1 part each of coconut cream, butter and raw cream, half tsp honey, 1/8 tsp royal jelly, blend. Has to be that combination. One by itself, you’ll burn. Great tanning agent.

Jasmines are in blossom, I took 30 flowers because there’s collagen in them. I did a test with them, blended the flower petals (with?) and the wrinkles started going away. Those are the only blossoms I’ve used, but you can use any flower petal. Q: What about using cilantro in juice? A; Cilantro pulls the metals out very rapidly and doesn’t allow for binding with it. I started suggesting people eat 1-2 tablespoons raw cream in juice if they’re using juice that pulls out heavy metals rapidly. If you don’t have cream, eat a tablespoon butter before you eat the juice. If you have coconut cream, eat it before you drink the juice, then you won’t have that kind of problem. I like using zucchini better because it isn’t as radical as the cilantro, however some people are so toxic in the heavy metals that I suggest they eat cilantro but no more than 10% of cilantro in juice, and they have to have cream or one of the fats. Q: What about eating comb honey and swallowing the wax? Wonderful. The hydrochloric acid dissolves it, and it’s a good skin protector like a collagen. Q: I’ve heard that they take the honey out of the comb and pour it back into the comb processed. A; What they do is, the center slab is heat processed and that forces the bee to build it out just the way they want them to build it in exact uniformity. So when I’m eating comb, I’ll scrape off and leave that center slab untouched. If you get it from one of the places I have in my product list, Pure Living honey, they don’t use those wax centers. So when you buy their chunky honey with all the wax in it, it’s all edible. I eat tremendous amounts of it. I once went through a 6 pounder I a week. Send $15 and an email address (for a product list https://www.primaldiet.net/shop/primal-diet-tm-raw-food-list-2020/). Sometimes not all the comb will digest, but most will. It’s all mixed up, the honey, wax, propolis, all mixed together. Q: Sometimes honey seems to ferment. Is that harmful? A: No, they make honey wine. The bees will make these long channels, so if the honey stays long enough in the center, it will start fermenting. READINGS

Q: After I had the spinal meningitis, one of my tonsils grew back. A: Blueberries will help get rid of some of the heavy metals. Blueberries and cream. To give the pancreas a chance to cleanse, only fruit once every other day. Everything looks good except you’re full of bile. Bile is a substance the body uses to dissolve fats. It’s a very caustic substance. You’ve utilized bile instead of fats to bind with poisons all these years, and now it’s discharging all at once. Look how yellow your hands are, that’s bile coming out and it’s burning your nerves and everything. Bile is nasty; it’s a caustic substance. I’ve seen it burn holes in intestines. Lots of cheese, lots of cream, lots of butter and eggs. You just have to really do it. Lube formulas and meat. Lots of eggs on their own; eggs are great to bind with that. Carrot juice is also helpful, but only a little bit of carrot juice, because carrot juice also causes more bile to expel from the system. When I was getting rid of my bile, I was drinking half carrot and half cream. It was heavy on the stomach, but it pulled the bile into my stomach instead of going into the tissues. so I would vomit sometimes, but it’s better to come out that way than debilitate the whole system. I rarely see people with that much jaundice. Jaundice is a sign that bile is working where fats should be working. Bile is very caustic and dangerous. People say you get orange from carrot juice, but it’s not the carotene at all. It’s the bile that the carotene pulls out of the system. If it were the carotene, everybody would be turning orange, but it isn’t. I took skin scrapings on people who were getting very orange, and I found bile components but no carotene. High vitamin A byproducts, but lots of bile byproducts. Lots of lube formulas, lots of eggs, lots of meat, just focus on that for about 6 weeks. Milk is also helpful to bring it to the stomach, but count on vomiting. Unless it’s already at the end and you’re just expelling the last remains of it through the skin. Sometimes you’ll go into a detox then stop for a while then start again. If it does that, pile on the fats, lots of eggs 12-20 a day, 2-3 lube formulas a day and a pound of meat a day. Don’t drink a lot of milk, but a couple of cups a day. Green drink, continue, but stay away from fruit like the plague when you’re going through that. Bile helps the body digest fats. When the proper fats are eaten, then the bile can utilize fats where it’s supposed to. When the body gets deficient in fat, thin people don’t have enough fat in their system, they don’t have enough fat to bind with poisons—byproducts, inhaled pollution, any of that—so the body uses bile in place of fats. And that means bile stores in the toxins in the tissues and it causes a battery acid type reaction, worse than the advanced glycation end products. But usually bile will bind even with AGE’s and cause that kind of reaction he’s having, the detox from having too much bile in the system and not enough fat over the years. This is from 35 years of eating a bad diet. He’s only been on the diet 2 years. It takes 40 years to clean the body out completely. According to Howell’s and Pottenger’s work, it took sick cats 5 generations (of cells) to get well, but he let them procreate and would autopsy them and not let the cells regenerate and find out if they could reach it in their own lifetime. But my progression of watching people goes about 2.5% of improvement a year, which is pretty good. You figure if the body is like NY city and you have a collapse of the twin towers, it takes 20 years to take care of those two organs. Tear down, haul that garbage away and rebuild it? Twenty years. So our body is able to do 2.5%, and our body can cleanse and regenerate itself once the liver gets back together, if it has a problem. So he had 37 years of garbage collect in him, and now in the last 2 years he’s been on a good diet, now he can start getting rid of it. Seth. 1/3 of your liver is poisoned with metals. Because the liver has to digest fats and fats are so important to the body, that can debilitate the body by 50%, just having the liver damage. With the juice, have 3 tbsp of cream or 2 tbsp of butter with each juice. 12 or 16 oz at a time, just don’t glug it. Take about 10 minutes to drink it, otherwise you’ll piss out most of it. If you allow it to absorb a little at a time, you’ll use all of it. The swelling you have is you’re holding onto all this water in your tissues. I prefer you use fats than water. The water is causing you to be more dry inside and more thirsty. You need the fat. Cheese won’t give you fat. Fat from cheese is a sponge. High in minerals and attracts the poisons and holds onto them. Very little of that is utilized in the body. It’s for binding with poisons and keeping you from getting nauseous and vomiting. It helps pull the poisons out of the blood. Very little of that fat is absorbed. Some minerals will be absorbed, but little of the fat. 1 1/2 to 2 lbs of meat a day. 75% red meat, 25% white. With lots of fat. That will help you lose the water retention. Every other day 5 oz pineapple with 3 oz butter or 5 oz raw cream or coconut cream. Under-ripe fruit is better, more enzymes and less sugar. Benjamin. Tremendous amounts of bile in the system, creates all kinds of problems. Sores on face, very frequent, bile prevents proper healing, gets into the cells, ruptures them, prevents proper healing. One of the results of too much bile is impetigo, crusty yellow serum that can spread, a condition of very bile toxic cells. That will make you irritable. Adrenals overactive, leads to irritable nature. Pancreas is working only 10%, consider yourself diabetic and stay away from fruits, only once every 3 days. You only need 5% fruit in the system. Your body uses mainly the alcohol and Vitamin C from it, to help utilize fat as fuel. Some people can use it to make more solvents to detoxify, but it can be too aggressive. For someone who hasn’t been on the diet, in a situation like this, I recommend not eating much fruit for the first year, getting stabilized and strong, neutralizing some of the bile, then start eating fruit once a day to help create solvents to help eliminate other poisons in the body. Indications of 50% anemia, very difficult combinations of problems. The bile, pancreas, indications of anemia, all difficult to move out of. With diarrhea and vomiting I don’t see a way out of this. Make sure you’re close to the floor when you start feeling like vomiting, in case you go into a diabetic blackout. Lots of meat, lots of fat. Because you have signs of diabetes, often that will cause nausea from meat, especially chicken, but the chicken will help clean out the bile quicker. But you have to push through it, allow yourself to vomit and get it over with. It could go on for 2 1⁄2 to 3 years. I don’t know any other way to break through it. One side of your system is very trapped in a difficult situation. You need to build your blood and liver. Eat chicken 25%, 70% red meat, 5% fish. Make it ocean food like swordfish, tuna, yellow tail, things that are heavy in oil, except for escalar. Tastes like lobster with butter, causes diarrhea if you have too much of it. 50-60% celery, 20-30% parsley, a lot of parsley, you need all that vitamin E and chlorophyll. That will help you use the sun properly and you won’t need as much red meat. But it looks like you’re not utilizing the sun’s rays in your skin properly, and the bile is preventing that. Lots of fat with your meats. Work up to a pound a day, then 1 1⁄2. The more meat you eat with lots of fat, the more you’ll be able to regenerate cells. When you’re this thin, you can’t afford to get rid of dead cells unless there are cells ready to replace them. That’s why I like people to be overweight rather than underweight. You have to gain weight, lose weight, gain it, lose it. For me, 15-30lbs over their normal weight, and for women I’m very kind, only 10-12 lbs over normal weight. It works, because you put on the extra fat and then the body can do deep tissue cleansing, can take those fats and go deep into the tissues and start pulling them out. Just like in a car, oil grabs the carbons and shavings, the metals, turns black and gunky, you get rid of it and put new oil in. The experiments I’ve done over the last few years, the individuals who were gaining in 2 weeks and losing it in 2-3, it wasn’t good. They were showing more signs of toxicity as well as losing toxicity. The weight has to stay on longer. So I suggest that people gain the weight, hold it for 5 weeks minimum, then lose it and take your time in losing it. Take your time in putting it on. Faster doesn’t mean better. It was more harmful. They still improved, but I saw more toxicity or toxicity added to areas that I hadn’t seen before, as compared to people who did it slowly. Wait about 30 days after you’re on the diet, then get in the sun. That should help a lot. Have 12 oz juice at a time, with cream, which will fatigue you but you need to rest a lot. You have to go in slow motion for maybe 3 years. then once that breaks, you’ll have all your energy back, which used to be a lot. Mikhail. (adolescent). Glands are spongy, nothing’s developed properly. You find this in people who are raised vegetarian. Were you raised vegetarian? (He says yes). The right side of the thyroid looks like it could come back if you start eating meat. Looks like it could take you 5 years to catch up, which isn’t bad. If an adult had to catch up from being a vegetarian, it could take 10 years. so if you go on a good diet and eat lots of raw meat, you could correct it within about 5 years. There’s a girl in Hawaii 18 years old, raised vegetarian. Only had a period once, very pale and anemic, mainly a fruit eater, very weak and swollen all over. She got on the diet, within 3 months started having periods regularly, everything starting maturing within 3 months on the diet, it was amazing, her whole life has changed. Children have the ability to react quicker, they have the growth hormones already working for them. Joint problems because of lack of protein to utilize the minerals properly. You’d be going into rheumatoid arthritis in about 10 years and be crippled from it if you don’t make the change to get onto a good diet. Eat lots of fat with meat, at least 1 1⁄2 lbs a day. For about 2 1⁄2 years, about 80% red meat, 15% fowl, 5% seafood, then you can cut down the red meat. When you have fats with your meat, wait 10 minutes, then have 2 tablespoons of honey which will help rush heat into the body, get the circulation going better. But you have to wait 10 minutes, can’t let it go beyond that, very precise formula. You’re very creative. You have to do something creative for your livelihood. Francesca. You are dried out, like a prune inside. Have lube formula throughout the day. When you get enough fats and proteins in the body, things will start making you happy, otherwise with this kind of instability in the body, nothing will make you happy. Even if you had the greatest guy and had the most money, nothing would make you happy. Because the whole body is so dry inside, everything irritates it, no matter what’s in the blood, it’s irritated. You just don’t have the fats to do it. You need to gain about 35 pounds. Fat and happy. Look at Marilyn Monroe. You don’t see anyone swooning over Twiggy! The minerals are not being utilized properly. It looks like you’ve been a vegetarian or just not eating meat (she says yes). Indications of severe anemia, dehydration, bile everywhere in place of fats, irritability, cells can’t even relax. You need lots of sunshine once you get the fats in, take about 3 weeks eating lots of cream and butter, coconut cream. Lots of metal poisonings all over. You haven’t been able to detox metals your whole life, so they’ve collected in your system. Have 40% celery, 40% summer squash, 20% parsley. Eat a teaspoon of butter with that, or a tablespoon of raw cream. It may make you feel tired, metals coming out, and your body has to not do anything but take care of those metals. You have to go through a period of feeling like a baby, eat and sleep, eat and sleep. Not going to be easy, because you have all that irritations to the tissues, the bile and the metals. So you’ll want to sleep but then not sleep easy or relax well. Have to eat eggs and meat, eggs and meat. Have the lube formula regularly. At least a pound of meat a day. Pancreas is working only 5%. Stay away from fruit, it will just make you overly emotional. Well, you can have 4 oz of berries as long as you have 5 oz coconut cream or raw cream with it, only in the afternoon. If you can get some bone marrow, that would be very helpful to help reverse some of the joint damage. You’re very self-critical. If you could get the physical together, you could work with people very well, but you have to be happy in yourself first, and relaxed and calm. You have good lymph glands making up for the lack of tonsils, and they protect the brain. That’s what tonsils do, protect the brain, dissolve toxicity that would get into the brain. When you have the tonsils removed, instead of having sore throats to expel it to the throat, guess what, it’s all going to the brain. Her lymph glands all in her neck have substituted for it. In her situation with her dryness and lack of protein, she probably would have been in an institution if the lymph glands didn’t work in the throat. Eat some liver once a week minimum. You can take liver and blend it with milk and honey, easy way to get it down. Or put it in a food processor with onion like a pate, chopped liver. I used to hate it. Now I love it, ever since I had that milk and blood. Brian. All your glands are like mush. Means you’re very protein deficient. Heavy metal poisoning. Fillings wouldn’t cause this much; you have to be exposed to pollution, metalworking, soldering, or live near a factory or grow up in a toxic city. (he says metal shop). If you don’t detox metals well, even anything from canned food would just stay in the system. Juice: 40% celery, 30% summer squash, 20% cilantro, 10% parsley. 12 oz in morning, then 8 oz at noon, at 5 13 oz, before bed 8 oz. Summer squashes are zucchini, crook neck, sunburst, cucumber. Have 3 tbsp cream with each juice, or 1 tbsp butter. Meat: 50% red, 50% white. Predominantly more fish will get rid of those metals better, 25% fish 25% fowl. In about 3-4 months, have berries with cream or butter in afternoon. Right now stay away from fruit for 6-9 months except for the berries in a few months. Honey is fine as long as it’s one of the approved honeys. Apple would be one of the worst fruits. You need to do something creative. Waking up at 2AM, means neuro detox. Give up water and tea. Tea will create more of those metals. If you drank a lot of tea and coffee, that could account for your metal poisoning. Circulation in spine in poor, could be the body is trying to shove the metal poisoning into the spine. Use hot water bottle on spine at night. Lube formulas 2/day for about 8 months, then go for more milkshakes. Whenever you get thirsty, lots of eggs. Q: You’re thirsty so you’re drinking butter? A; Uh-huh. Getting dry mouth. Just butter. Q: How do you get heavy metal poisoning from teas? A: Any time you cook anything that has metals in it, you cause the metals to become free radicals that are no longer nutrients. They’re poisoned. To get your herbs, juice them, then you get liquids that you can utilize. Even sun tea, still you have heavy metals in it. Dried herbs, you have dehydrated substance, no electrolytes or ionic activity. The water breaks the herbs down more for plants to eat than for humans to eat. Better to just put some mint leaves in your juice. Q: I was looking for a tea alternative. A: That’s what your vegetable juice is, your tea. If you want mint in it, just put a few leaves in It. Whatever herbs you like, fresh and raw, just no more than 5%. Because anything more thanthose I normally suggest are medicinal, and they will cause reactions in the body. You can have them fresh, but small amounts. Also kale, leeks, spinach with the oxalic acid, more than 10% of that and you’re asking for trouble, for the kidney anyway. Carol. Lots of metals in your brain and throughout the whole body. Pancreas edemic, thyroid not very operative, tonsils gone, all scar tissue. The greatest stability you have is along your spine. Severe protein deficiency, bile throughout the system. Again, what I see here is a person who is too thin and doesn’t have enough fat to bind with the poisons, so the poisons get embedded into the tissues. and it’s hard for those people to recover. Better to be fat and happy than skinny and considered fashionable. Very self-critical, poor circulation in intestines, esophagus scarred, kidneys anemic, liver 50% anemic, liver has scar tissue. Looks like you had a liver infection, body tried to clear it but didn’t have the proper nutrients to finish it, so it scarred as if you’d been an alcoholic. Fruit would destroy you. Sometimes I find fruitarians have this liver damage because of too much sugar, turns into alcohol that hardens the liver. (she says she had a high sugar diet). 80% celery, 20% parsley, not going to worry about taking the metals out with the juice. You need to just relax the whole system. You’ll probably pull metals out anyway, so take 1-2 tbsp cream or take it off the top of milk. 3/4 lb meat minimum, work up to 1-1/4 lbs. With all the metal poisoning, it damages the red blood cells, so you need to eat 70% red meat for a few years. To clear up the scarring and lack of circulation, use hot water bottles. The intestines, tissue is scarred and poor circulation. The heat will help that relax. Usually dancers and joggers have this kind of thing. Eat fat with meat in equal amounts. Not easy, but you really need it. Use the various fats, vary the type of fat to make it easier. Continue exercising, walking or jogging, but not on an empty stomach. Down 3 eggs first. Tomatoes important for you, a cup a day. Inani. Adrenals overactive, very aggressive nature. Lack of pancreatic function, low blood sugar level with high adrenaline, creates an abrasive nature. Lots of metal poisoning in the brain. Glands up here are pretty good, others are overactive or debilitating. If you had been raised healthfully, you’d be a person who didn’t need to eat a lot of meat, but it didn’t work that way. Very self-critical, and you extend that out to the world too. Use hot water bottles. Q: Is it okay to put a bag of rice in the microwave and use that for heat? A; No, because there are minerals in the rice that will hold onto radiation, and they will irradiate you. They have about a 46 hour radioactive life. Better use a hot water bottle. Will probably take about 6 years. I recommend you do some walking, not jogging. Maybe some stairs. Circulation is very poor. We have to get metals out. They are using up the fats, so your body keeps calling in water, and it’s just making it worse. So you keep swelling with water, and not having enough nutrients to handle these poisons nor to utilize in the cells. Juice 50% celery, 40% summer squash, 10% parsley, 2 tbs cream. Have nut formula twice a week, not two days in a row, at least 3 days apart. Q: How can I get my sinuses to stop being swollen? A; You can’t. with this much metal poisoning, guess where it has to go. Out the throat and sinuses. You have to eat lots of fat to let it flow more easily. It could take 20 years. your sinuses are a drain for it, just get used to it and know it’s a good thing. Unless it comes out the gums and your teeth will be damaged. Sinuses are a little stronger even though it doesn’t feel like it. What did you do to get this metal poisoning? Q: used dyes with fabrics. A; Definitely. If you’re using yellow or blue dye, you have cobalt or cadmium. Make sure you have a mask on. They vaporize. If you use wax, even worse. The vapors in paraffin are strong in heavy metals, lots of alkaloids in them. Red meat 60%, and just down 6 oysters a day, scallops even if they’re frozen, just to get rid of some of this metal. Lots of eggs, going to pull this metal out. A pound of meat a day, 1 1/3 preferable. Q: How about the eggs in the milkshake? A: They will help you feel more relaxed, and help create more mucus so you can discharge and drain better, that’s a good thing, just add more cream to it. Let’s say you’re having 5 oz milk with 2-3 eggs, you need about 3 oz cream added to it and 1-2 tbsp honey. Q: I find that having cream or milk separately is difficult for my sinuses. A: You’re not digesting the proteins properly. Are you drinking it cold? That’s the problem. Toxic proteins are getting into the blood without digesting. Try letting it sit out at least 12 hours in a dark cupboard. Can be a cool cupboard, just not cold. You came in with some metal toxicity from your mother, or maybe it was from formula. Once a week have 4 oz pineapple with 4 oz coconut cream or whipped cream and a tsp of honey. Right now your tissues are so vulnerable, so weak and so dry, everything looks fatigued. I wouldn’t force a detox until you can stabilize the tissues. The pineapple blended with the cream, or 4 oz butter blended with the pineapple. Lots of eggs Rocky style. Just keep downing them. Will help stabilize the sinuses.

Steve. Adrenals overactive, highly sexual nature.. Whole area around throat toxic, debilitated, metal poisoning, full of bile, causing lots of adhesions..Heart, liver, metal poisoned. Swelling in right kidney. Normally you wouldn’t need a lot of red meat, but red blood cells not forming as they should and not transporting oxygen as they should. 40-50% red meat, 50-60% white meat. In your creative side you’re very critical, but in your analytical side you’re not, which is the reverse of what’s usual. You’d be a great comedian, because you have an unusual sensibility, perspective. Use cream with juice. Cream is always best; if you don’t have cream, can use butter or even once in a while 2 tablespoons of avocado. You don’t mix the cream in when you make and store the juice; you only put the cream in when you’re ready to drink it. Work up to a pound and a half of meat a day. Very poor circulation, lots of scarring in intestines and stomach. Hot water bottles help relax that whole area, start getting rid of the scar tissue. You’re on the thin side and haven’t been able to produce many new cells, haven’t been able to let go of the scar tissue, so you have adhesions all over the body. Once you start replacing the cells, once you start eating the meat to allow yourself to regenerate cells, you’ll have that disappear on the inside first. Then it’ll happen on your face and throughout your skin. The reason it’s in your face is that all the metal poisoning is going at your skin instead of the throat and sinuses as it normally does. Have 1 piece of fruit in afternoon with equal amount of fat. Have a whole avocado with 5 oz. pineapple once a week. Blueberries twice a week, 6 oz with 6oz cream or coconut cream or 4 oz butter. Rotate the different fats. You have difficulty digesting the same fat repeatedly, so alternate them. Cream in morning, butter in afternoon, coconut cream or avocado in evening. Honey helps protein digestion, but that 10% of sugar will help the fat digest. Because sugars are needed; vitamin c or alcohol is needed, so that 10% will give whatever your body will utilize at the time, 10% of the honey. Honey will help protein digestion more, but the fats a little bit. You need the protein to digest the fat, that’s your problem. You haven’t been utilizing protein properly, so your fat hasn’t been utilized properly. So once you start getting the proper protein into your body, everything will turn around, probably within 2 1⁄2 years. Adrenal glands severely overactive. If you were on a good mellow diet, that would be good, but otherwise it has a tendency to make you overly sexual and irritable. Tonsils are not active, not protecting your brain. You can rebuild them. A lot of heavy metals in the brains here, never seen a group like this before. Not absorbing oxygen well. 40% celery, 40% parsley, very rich but it’ll be very good for you, 10% cilantro, 10% carrot. Also cream with juice. Meat should be a minimum of 1 1⁄4 to 1 3⁄4. 50% red, 50% white. Without white, you won’t replace the tissues as well, with those metal damages. You definitely need some seafood too. Get ocean fish, swordfish, tuna. If it’s freshwater fish, consider that 33-35% of fresh water is contaminated. Ocean is only 2% contaminated. You make the choice. High country trout, as long as they’re not feeding it garbage. Big difference between hatchery trout and wild trout. Oysters are great. Better to get them live and active. Shellfish like oysters, clams and scallops are all farmed. But when they farm those, they get to legally put a fence around a part of the ocean. So it’s not like hatcheries where they feed them garbage. They can’t do that with the shellfish. All they can do is husbandry, spread them out so they’re not on top of one another so they’ll develop larger. So they don’t poison them. They still get fed from the ocean naturally. So shellfish farmed is okay. You could use 2 quarts milk a day, at least 2 lube formulas a day. Pineapple would be good, not two days in a row, to remove scar tissue and for your impacted lymphatic system. Thick circular slice of under-ripe pineapple, and 6 ounces cream. Once a week chew parsley and then drink your juice. Something about having the pulp helps utilize the chlorophyll a little bit better, so the red cells will transport oxygen better. Coconut cream is a lot more cleansing, more solvent-reactive than cream. Cream will help bind with neurological toxins, force metal detox out of nerve tissue. Q: When you’re using cream and berries, is it better to used the cream whipped? It depends on the liver’s ability to digest. Yours is rapid, and you could digest cream too quickly. If you whip the cream, it will digest more slowly. When you have cream with berries, the berries will pull out the metal, and you want the fat to be with the solvents that are produced from the berries. If you have it fresh (not whipped), it’s absorbed and digested too quickly and you won’t have enough fats in the blood. Anyone who would digest and absorb the cream too quickly, I suggest they whip it. Adam. 50% of pancreas working, which is pretty good!..heavy metals in the brain again. I wonder if it’s local? You’re not from around here.. (he says he used to be a welder and is now a hairdresser). So you get it from both professions. Hair spray is one of the worst, and nail polish, full of alkaloids, same as solvents used in metal work. Think you need to change your profession?! Do you get severe pain like headaches? When that metal starts pulling out, you’re going to have it. Usually it goes down, but yours is going forward to go out the sinuses. It’s rare that I ever see it go this way. This is a mercury spot. They use mercury in metal work. You need 1 1⁄2 to 2 lbs meat a day just for the proteins to bind with those toxins. Meat to fat, 3 to 1. Minimum of an equal amount of fat to berries. Intense signs of anemia because of metal poisoning and poor circulation in intestines, so 70% red meat and 30% white. With this kind of neurological poisoning in the brain, don’t expect to sleep much at night. If you’re not sleeping at night, know that your neuro system is detoxing. If you’re sleeping, great, that’s healing, but if you’re not sleeping you’re detoxifying. Being awake when that’s happening, is very important. When that’s happening during the night, lots of eggs. You can have 6-10 eggs during that period during 12:30 or1AM and 5:30 in the morning. Q: What causes the poor circulation? It can be a lot of things. It can be adhesions, scar tissues, it can be hardening of the tissue because there are not enough fats in the area; some poisons got in there, or even minerals that are not utilizable, like water, get planted in a certain area, and keep drawing the fats out of the area and dehydrating there. Because most people eat cooked fats. So it dried out the area and hardens like sclerosis. Q: I stayed away from fat up until last year A: That’s your problem. That’s why I pointed you out as my focal point when I talked about lube formula. Q: You didn’t define which kind of meat I should eat. A: Lots of signs of anemia, but you also have all this acid. So I suggest you eat just until you stabilize, about 50% red and 50% white. You need more red, but right now more will make you too acid. Every time you have beef, have to eat at least a few bites of fish with it at the same time, or else you’ll get too acidic or maybe too irritable. Q: On the live-food list they’re talking about people who after going on a raw foods diet, after a year or so begin to incorporate some cooked foods. A: There are about 4 people who are very boisterous on the mail list. It’s only about 4 people. That list does not reflect my way. Q: Is ground beef okay? That depends on who grinds it. If it’s ground in a store, they use high-pressure grinders. It homogenizes the fat, so the protein gets locked into the fat, so you can’t use it for regeneration. It’s good for detoxification and good for fuel, but it’s not useful if you want to get younger and healthier and stronger. If you put it in a food processor and grind it that way, there’s no homogenization because there’s no pressure, so that’s fine. Store-bought ground beef is a big waste. North Star bison is mainly grazed, more organic and wild. Coleman is mainly grain-fed so it’s much fatter and high in carbs which cows aren’t used to so it weakens their tissue. Q: Should I focus on North Star bison then? It’s so expensive. A: When you become wealthier, do that. I lived on Coleman for 20 years before I could even get anything else, before the New Zealand grazed beef came in. Deer is wonderful. As long as it’s on your private property. Don’t even touch Rosie’s chicken. I had it for 6 months and started getting fogged brain and problems related to fowl. I told them they have to find a different feed source. I take my meat, cut it up into slices and put it in the food processor. I liquefy my meat so it’s just pate. You can do that in a processor without pressure. With my swordfish, I made a sauce with butter, ginger and honey. Q: Is there any benefit to garlic? A: It all depends. It could cause high blood pressure or low blood pressure. For me it make me so horny I can’t sleep. For most people it lowers their blood pressure and settles them down. I suggest people take little slices, not much. If you’re on a cooked diet, a lot of those medicinal herbs are appropriate. But on this kind of diet, you’re dealing with poisons that are detoxed, so it’s not as concentrated. Q: When I first started eating raw, I wanted to eat a lot of garlic, and now I hardly eat any. It was sort of a transition. A: Right. If you were putting out a lot of toxins that cause high blood pressure, and for you the garlic lowers it, it’s an appropriate thing to eat, as long as that’s happening. All right folks. It’s been a good day. Thank you.