Q&A Of August 17, 2003 (Full)


Protein allows the fats to be utilized properly.

Fats can't be utilized without protein, and protein cannot be utilized without fat.

So that's why I like to put them together.

That's why I advise having most of your fat at that meal.

Whenever you have a fat with a fruit, it will be for detoxification, not for building or strengthening.

Know that when you put fat, no matter what kind of fat it is, you put it with a fruit or a vegetable juice, and it will cause detoxification.

as far as trying to hydrate yourself with all that fasting that takes years to rehydrate or

re-lubricate every cell. We're at such an extreme point, it's going to be wild until you feel

balance. You just have to make it through. What about the tomatoes? Tomatoes with a little cream would be a little bit better.

I'm thinking like small cherry tomatoes, I just pop them in. They're easier to eat. Can you eat them all day long? All day long.

We have a quarter of a day if you like, or more.

And some of this cream.

Just put it on there, and you can blend it, and have it together, or drink a sip of cream and eat your tomato.

Okay. And then the coconut juice, like, is that okay?

Well, the coconut, you're talking about coconut milk, right?

Coconut milk, yeah.

Okay, coconut milk, in my experiments, has been a little funny.

You can get the Thailand or the Chinese coconut that tastes very funny.

there's some kind of a chemical in it and it causes cramping in the tissues in some positions.

It has a high alkaloid reaction.

So those are not good.

If you have Mexican, Costa Rican, any of the South American or any of the island,

stay away from the Thailand coconuts and the Chinese coconuts.

You're putting something in the fields or doing something with it that's not making it very good

causing a pancreatic problem.

Diabetic type reactions in some people.

So, don't advise that one.

But otherwise you can drink the coconut milk in this bottle.

The water. The water is the milk.

The cream is the wheat juice from the meat.

There's another spot out here if somebody would like it.

Okay. Hi. Okay, next question.

Hi, my name is Ellen Frank and I'm a mother.

When I was three I had hepatitis.

My mom told me she was a nurse. She did.

And I never had any problems, but I had migraines my whole life.

And recently they've gotten better because I went off hormones.

Like the menopause, it's getting better.

The only time I haven't had one is when I was pregnant and nursing.

No, no migraines.

But I was reading about what you said about hepatitis and pineapple

and what you said about the migraines and not having to eat the dairy

and having them honey for five minutes.

I'm wondering if the migraine, do you think the hepatitis is connected to the migraine?

Usually, not unless you're eating a lot of fats that can't be digested, that can cause high blood pressure from blood toxicity, which causes a headache.

That's a toxic headache.

But mostly it's salt.

Mostly salt for the migraine.

Some people are very allergic to salt. If they have one grain of salt in a meal, that's enough to set off a nightmare.

I tried to tell my father that for years, and then when he went to the doctor, and the doctor, you know, he started having a heart...

You're, you're with me? Yeah.

And, um, the doctor said, Well, stop counting and stop eating. Stop counting your heartbeats. Don't worry about it.

to have, which is common sense, things I go to the doctor and say.

Stop eating salt. Stop eating salt if migraine is one of them.

You know, wait until you're 67 and they're gone.

Even with Celtic salt?

Even with Celtic salt. Any kind of salt.

A salt with a sodium concentration in the sodium is not bioactive.

What about when it's clean then?

It doesn't get to the skin easily.

Sodium doesn't absorb to the skin easily.

None of us are bioactive with enzymes. There's not a lot of enzymes in salt water.


Well, it destroys bacteria. And you eat lots of bacteria when you have cancer.

So as soon as you blow the salt, the salt will destroy the bacteria all the way to the connective tissue.

Now it won't get to the lymph system, but it can destroy it.

People who have skin cancer, melanoma, lymphatic cancer, they need that bacteria.

Let me give you an example.

Okay, I don't know if those of you remember, I had those injections when I was 12 years old for peritonitis.

I gave him 12 shots in this arm.

About two-thirds of them were penicillin, so there was lots of thimerosal.

So it's stored in my bursa and this joint, and that was part of my blood and bone cancer.

This was the worst arm.

Well, then, at the end of April of this last year, I started detoxifying.

the day before I had to drive up to Nevada City to do a lecture and workshop and see patients for five days.

And then go directly from there to San Francisco to do the same thing.

By the time I hit Sacramento, I was in so much pain that I had to buy a sling to keep my arm in.

And I could only stand or sit without excruciating pain with my arm in the sling.

So that night and every other night I'd sleep in a bathtub with milk and vinegar and sea salt in it

to make my body buoyant enough to where my arm would float without pain.

Six weeks after that a whole scab opened up.

Now what happened was after five days my hand turned black.

It was a charcoal gray.

After getting out of the bathtub for about six hours sleeping in it.

It smelled just like mercury.

So I knew it was the thimerosal from all the penicillin that I got when I was 12,

because it was the same situation.

I kept, while I was in the bath tub, I kept dreaming of being back there

as that child of 12 years old, being injected,

and all that pain that I had in my arm was identical.

Six weeks after that, a whole scab appeared here.

And then about six weeks after that, a tumor appeared.

It got twice as big as it is now.

and then I took some phaco matter from a deer and put it on it and it stopped it right away.

Sorry I did that because then the detoxification started going to the elbow and the hand,

you know, so it was more pain. I should just let it run its course,

but the bacteria works very quickly, that is my point here.

Put the phaco matter, the E. coli on this and it turned it into a wart within a week.

And I only put it on twice.

It'll work that quickly.

Get rid of the tumor.

Bacteria is very important for the body, so if you have a solid water, it can destroy the bacteria.

Anyway, salt is an ingredient.

So you have to stay away from salt, like it's a plague.

Because it is a plague.

And hepatitis is always the very last ditch savior for the liver.

Any of the hepatitis, whether it's viral or bacterial,

goes in there to break up the extreme toxicity in the liver.

And if you have hepatitis and you're eating properly, lots of red raw meat,

you'll reverse that liver condition faster than any other way.

So the hepatitis is almost like a bacteria, a parasite, it will work that quickly.

Consumers dissolve that much toxic liver tissue.

So it's a good thing to have hepatitis.

If I was trying to save a liver at three, that means you've got very toxic very young.


Well, I wonder if I passed any of that on to him.

well he's got a weak condition.


anytime anybody has a bad liver, the liver, you know, breaks down fats.

if you don't have a good liver, you're going to be weaker, the body will absorb the poisons,

the poisons will go intracellular instead of entering the lipid,

instead of entering the fat, it will enter the cell,

Dems the RNA and DNA and all the other structures within the cell.

And that's what poisoned the body. That's why I say don't be skinny.

Skinny people are the ones who have the worst conditions later on.

If you have a healthy liver and you're, say, in the ocean and a sewage spill comes along or something, could you contract hepatitis?

Not likely. People don't get hepatitis from getting in the ocean.

The medical profession loves to blame anything natural, bacteria.

Their theory is the bacteria theory. Bacteria is responsible for all disease.

Bacteria is just the response of disease.

Bacteria is there to help get rid of the toxicity, just like vultures and crows eat decaying flesh.

Well, how about like surfers that contract hepatitis from, say, surfing in a sewage spill area or something.

Would you say that they already had a toxic liver?

They already had a toxic liver, yeah.

They don't contract hepatitis from surgery.

Like I say, doctors and medical profession love to blame that,

but there's no scientific proof of that.

They've taken animals and put them in solutions like that,

and they've never got a hepatitis.

So, the medical profession gets away with saying a lot of BS.

Nobody holds them to it.

[Bell ringing]

[Bell ringing]

[Bell ringing]

Raw oil.

What raw oils?

[Bell ringing]

I have a friend who's working with a young man,

who has to work with his son.

He had brain surgery,

and a man,

Hichin Oksutapen


is working with him with a raw food diet,

and he's trying to regrow his brain.

brain, like he was talking about oil, raw oil.

Well, you don't want to use oil to regenerate brain tissue, it would be just the opposite.

Oils are there to, oils are 90% solvent reactive, that means they act like soaps, they act like

dissolution compounds, they go in there and dissolve toxins.

So if you were, maybe I'm saying it wrong, but I'm asking you, I'm hearing this by the hand,

that there are raw oils that are like raw foods, but maybe they're not, like not coconut oils.

Coconut is the closest to an animal fat, but it's still 60%, 60 to 40, 60% solvent reactants.

So you really want to go with raw blood?

but the raw cream for the brain raw cream is a little bit more important

lots of raw eggs, lots of meat

what I do is I go to a lot of breakfasts like early breakfasts like 7 a.m. and

you know what I've generally been getting is salad you know the romaine lettuce and

tomatoes with lemon then I have to according to you know once I need a

salad I shouldn't eat for five hours just thought that's pretty good now it

doesn't get nasty get far enough ahead then nothing else okay first of all I'd

like to know a little bit more about that because sometimes you know I'm

coming out of that meeting and I only time I'm gonna have to eat is then so

I'm eating maybe I'm asking myself whether I should eat at the two or three

hour point and if I do choose to eat then what kind of damage am I doing

rather than if I wait to five hours that's the first part of my question the

second part of the question is what kind of a salad can I start eating at these

7 a.m. breakfast meetings where I can not have to go to this five-hour thing

I'm thinking like avocado tomato onion

can I use how much farther can I go like a cucumber with no skin or is that

getting into five hours that thing green onions regular onions can you give me

some shit some insight on how I can create this salad look what's a little

information about the about what it just more more information about the five-hour

and what I'm pushing and what I'm doing if I'm eating before the 5 a.m. period.

See this leaf here in this stalk? We're not made to eat this stuff.

It takes a vegetarian animal 48 hours to pass it through their system.

It goes to less than 24.

They have 60,000 times more enzymes to disassemble the cellulose molecule.

But then you still look at cow shit and deer shit and it's still full of fiber.

Not even they do it well.

So what happens is it slows everything down and also over alkalinizes the intestines.

And the intestines have to be acid in order to digest animal product.

If they start mixing it up, acid foods catch up with it,

they neutralize each other and neither of them digest properly.

that's why you want to make sure that if you have a salad it's the last thing

before you go to bed so you wake up five hours later you stop down an egg or some

milk it's not going to catch up with it and make sure your meat's eight hours

later so it won't catch up with it. So meat has to be eight hours after a salad?

Should be eight hours. Wow. What particular is avocado and tomato is that not a salad?

no it's not itself what else can I add to that to make it not stop onion onion is a cellulose

and you're going to have small amounts of it even with me but it's uh you know still it's still

fiber can I add anything there's a little bit it's okay but I can have as many tomatoes and

avocados is there anything else I can add to that at all a little bit of cilantro or not much not

much you can you know if you do that and if you have a salad down a lot of eggs

about three hours later two and a half three hours later okay and babies are

going to absorb you know a few minutes after they leave the job but no more

than an hour no more than three or four hours out earlier than three or four

hour ago two and a half hours four eggs for a boy for a four meaning eggs for

egg as a product you can eat eggs two and a half hours after eating a salad

we're gonna have to worry about as many eggs I want to but no meat for eight

hour really how about milk and butter depends on how much you eat butter butter and fat don't

depend upon the intestines for digestion most of that's digested in the liver

could I have like my fruit in my

in my buttermilk, in my animal fat meal.

Four or five hours after that.

If your animal meal is conducive to the fruit...

I'm just butter, cream, and fruit.

The fruit is. If you're having red meat,

you don't want citrus with it,

unless it's a little bit of pineapple.

you know, fish or some kind of seafood or a fowl, then you could have almost any kind of fruit, right?

As long as it's fat-free. Fruit and fat-free yogurts.

The reason for that is, like I said in the book, if you mix fruit with red meat,

it usually turns it into a detoxifier or a fuel, instead of for regenerating cells.

Most people don't like to eat too much meat.

So if they eat it, then why waste it?

It's fuel, and you can regenerate cells,

and you can get it to make you younger, more vital, and stronger.

Use your fat to burn this fuel.


I'm going to have to bring this up in the consult.

I was wondering, I have like extreme pain in my lower legs.

Especially the lower legs of my feet where at night it's just throbbing.

And it's hard for me to go to bed because of it.

And I have to raise my feet literally off of it so it doesn't touch it.

Is that from a forced ventilation or just everything I've been said or?

Remember I said you had the indications of bone cancer all at the bottom of your body?

in the cemetery, so that's the worst part of it.

Your bone marrow is so toxic, your bones are so toxic

that when they go into detoxification, the nerves at night, that's when they drop.

Hot baths, like I say, they alleviate that.

When I had my glen bone cancer, I practically lived in a bath because I was in constant pain.

When I get in there, for some reason, the electrical impulses of pain

pain just get diffused in the water. Takes it right out of the body instead of going up to the brain.

And the bath would be the milk?

The milk, yeah. Two cups of milk, two ounces of vinegar, and two tablespoons of sea salt.

But even sometimes when I've noticed when I would take baths, it would just make me feel more exhausted.

It's because you weren't putting the milk, vinegar.

Because in San Diego you have about 152 chemicals in your water.

In LA we have 192.

So you need to... and let me tell you, they just look for bacteria.

They don't look for the poisons.

They call the bacteria poisons.

They don't want to blame industry for polluting your water.

And that's what's really killing you and causing the problem.

But that's the fact.

How much vinegar?

Two ounces. Whenever you take a bath, you should use the vinegar and salt.

Vinegar, salt, and milk.

So it can be raw milk?

It has to be raw milk, absolutely.

So it's salt?

It's salt.

Any sun-dried sea salt.

Yeah, so the sea salt's not going to be chloride, it's going to be milk.

No, no. When I talk about a sun-dried sea salt, it's always a mixture of minerals.

It's not sodium chloride and isolate.

But what I'm saying is, they sell it as such.

They would sell it as sea salt because it's optimistically, but they put it on the same

as the calcium sulfate that's been equipped with.

Well, if it's sun-dried, never.

Because when they bleach it and chlorinate it, it'll stick it out in the sun.

They're kelp-dried.

No, they make glass here, they do it outside.

The lake grass snares, New Zealand, they do it outside.

They chlorinate it, bleach it, and then put it outside?

They separate it from one pond to the other.

This thing separates out salt and that connects it to the other.

Then they run it through the next pond, and it's all around.

They've got these huge ages of lake in the pond,

and the next pond out comes sodium chloride.

They then take the little off, send it to another pond,

upon and think that thing, and they take up,

but it's hard because they want to think that.

Because maybe in the other mineral,

which is calcium sulfate, it's gonna fit them.

And maybe they have to worry about it.

And also, I remember people saying to me,

Oh, I don't know, I know it's not.

So that's just great.

dirty looking salt. - Exactly.

If you have to do raw milk, you can't.

I think a cheese is probably faster and cheaper.

It just causes diseases in the bath.


Even in the bath.

What kind of vinegar do you use in the bath?

The best vinegar is Bragg's apple cider vinegar because they age it in wood instead of metal.

So the bacteria grows better.

Ferments better.

way to measure some of the bacteria content easily like you could test

things out?

The more aromatic it is, even if it's not foul, the more active it is.

Can you do that with honey? Because I was reading your book and you mentioned that

some manufacturers that sell raw honey have actually heated it a little bit.

yeah can you smell that or would you just say you can smell it it tastes like

a heavy smell heavy and flat instead of

my nose it causes an opening of the pores when it's flat it's and you smell

it there's not doesn't open up the pores in the same way flat or dull yeah okay

it's a heavier smell. Sometimes Tupelo is even and it has that same fragrance, but it's a heavier smell.

So on that one we don't. But Tupelo when it's raw is very thick like syrup.

You know, the skin, you don't really need it.

So, I should use this milk?

Maybe, you know, bad milk can be brought into your skin.

Then should I avoid the salt, since I have salt in my migraines?

No, usually it will help pull salt out of the skin.

As long as the bath is hot.

If the bath were cold, like in the ocean, it could absorb into some people.

Okay, so hot.

I can still use the salt.

How hot?

and I'd be 105 on the evening call.


Just don't cook yourself, don't get up to 108 and stay in for 10 minutes.

Keep it about 104, 103 and stay in for a couple of hours.


What we do is, unless it's about the same exact subject,

we go around and take everybody.

I was just going to ask about the individuals when you were talking about how they can digest it.

Well, they have, you know, they stay on pretty raw diets.

They don't have the same combination of the time frames that we have.

So they are on a raw diet.


They can be delicious.

But they don't cook food.


They don't spoil their intestinal tract and all that kind of stuff.

because it brought all life through.

Even though they're all old things now,

we have ruined it for being all these things.

Thank you.

The present line of elements cannot get more and more

efficient than the end of the salt and the fresh green clay.

And I was wondering if you might answer that.

I mean, this was just something she intuited.

That's fine, but it still won't work quite as well as the milk.

Because the milk has a little bit of fat in it, it'll seal the skin properly, it'll leave the skin, it'll perspire more.

Clay has a little bit of oil, and it will work to an extent, just depends on what kind of clay you use.

French clay, Greek clay, it's okay.

So in a situation like that, you use the alcohol, and you still get a stickle, and you can't get it off?

coconut in it. Coconut mixed with the clays.

About how much coconut cream? Coconut cream I would say, I'd say four tablespoons.


Well, I would say for about five years you should not play those with frisbee.


Anybody who plays Ultimate Frisbee has to play.


Yeah, you probably just coincidentally started detoxifying at that time.

Okay, that's never happened before.

Well, it's time for you to clean it out.


Like this, I've sat in there for what, 40 years?

years 44 years.

The cream is a little bit better than the pine.

I got that in the book so I'm not going to answer that one.

okay she asked what you use for poison ivy poison oh for you or your daughter

for you?

You mean like PMS symptoms?



Well, most of the time,


when the body's getting ready to go into

menstrual, menstruation,


you're gonna throw off a lot of hormones.

And with that,

there's a lot of red blood cell

loss, so the whole, um,

fat level gets very low. So does the bacterial level because along with those

toxic hormones from neurological impulse and psychological trauma, when that's

certainly toxifying, there's always alkaloids along with it. And the alkaloids are like an

antibiotic and they will destroy bacteria. So the bacterial level gets low,

then the body has to do everything with solvents and fat. It has to do

everything on its own. And if you were given a whole week's work to do in two days, you wouldn't like it either.

So the body gets depressed, and you get depressed along with it. The bacteria helps you break down these compounds.

So then the body feels lighter. That's why when people eat the high meat, they get silly. You know?

99% of everybody who eats the high meat gets high within about 10 to 20 minutes.

They start giggling, you know, and start feeling good because the body all of a sudden has a lot of health.

It has all those bacteria that deal with this degenerative matter that's in your body.

So, that's why.

Okay, so eat high meat, lots of high meat,

and make sure you need lots of moisturizing formulas during those periods.

So you have enough bacteria and fats, in other words,

and that'll mitigate those problems.

You might even have, you know, two moisturizing formulas a day, one with each meal.

Or make a large one and have half of it with both meals.

Susan. Suzanne. [Laughter]


I did a question about natural mineral spouts or mineral springs, and the only one I have access to at this point is in the circumstances.

The circumstances is the Beverly Hot Springs in Los Angeles, and I hope you've been using it when I can.

And would like to know more about that.

Well, you know, it's, you know, the well that's right, they get it right out of the ground in LA.

And that LA river that goes through there is pretty polluted.

And it has radioactive material in it, it has everything. So it's not the best.

I stopped going there, you know, when I started getting the old reactions in the 70s.

It's best to go out to, you know, Glen Ivy.

[Unidentified female speaker] We have Marietta.

[Unidentified male speaker] Marietta Hot Springs.

But they haven't been open for a while.

[Unidentified female speaker] Well, you'd be going to Marietta on certain days.

And then there will be Christian organizations.

They're just the property of St. Eugene.

So it's exclusive.

[Unidentified male speaker] Right. Yep.

[Unidentified female speaker] But they will let people just in the middle of the week.

[Unidentified male speaker] I went there in the early morning.

Maybe it was me.

[Unidentified female speaker] I know someone who wants to share a membership

if anybody wants to get in on that.

[Unidentified male speaker] Marietta?


Well, they only have that one in the worst year that I know of.

The pool is from the spring.


The pool is not from the spring.


Huge pool that side, huge.

Well that's fine, it's just not hot.

Well the water went in.

The pool, that's heated?

No, it's very hot.

Do you say Warner?

Warner, she said.

I don't know where Warner is.

I don't know where Warner is.

I don't know where Warner is.

It's at Santa Isabel up there.

I don't know that.


I don't know where Julian is.

I didn't know there was a hot spring up there.

It's a huge big pool.

You turn left into Santa Isabel

and you go out in the lower section.

Is that okay?

Yes. Beautiful spot.

It'll be tonight.

You have to stay a night because they are a private home.

You have to stay a night, so you have to have two people.

But you can have a sauna as well.

And the people are sort of plummy and a bit straight.

I just kept to myself.

I told them I was going to turn the music off.

And they were doing the regret.

And there was this horrible single, you know, mouth stuck out.

It might have been the guy who did the newspaper called Fifth Eye

who was effectively the father of this stuff.


Go to Glen Eyre.

We also have a friend of mine who has, who I just interviewed in San Diego,

has a tub, a pipe-like spy tub.