Primal Diet Workshop Of February 24, 2001

Primal Diet Workshop

February 24, 2001

(A)I want an applause: I got a cold this year! (laughing and applause)

Actually, my first brain detox in probably 10 years. And, I like a cold but I

usually only get one every 5 years. I like colds because they are a natural

face lift, you know, they take about 3 years, give me back 3 extra years

on my appearance, so they should come every 3 years instead of every

5 years, that way I would stay the same age! I guess I will run through a

little bit of my background. One thing that I didn’t talk about in any

great deal before, was my autism. You know, I said I was borderline

autistic, but maybe I shouldn’t say I was borderline autistic like I said in

the book, because I was grossly autistic. I just didn’t appear to be

grossly autistic because there was an entity that allowed me, that

channeled through me, to protect me, and to give me, uh, some

reality…grounding, in this particular existence. That may sound a little

strange, but here’s how it went. I was born into a violent household. I

was abused the day I got home. And that already set me up to be very

afraid of this reality. I continued like that. I stayed on a psychic level.

Then when I was 3 years old, my parents had my tonsils removed. For

some reason they decided to give me a tetanus shot at the same time. I

got a tetanus shot every 6 months. Now I don’t know how many of you

know what thimerosal is? (Audience responds: mercury) Exactly, it’s in

every single vaccination. It’s 20 times the amount that the FDA says is

poisonous, of mercury. And every time you get a flu vaccine, tetanus,

shot, any kind of an inoculation, you're getting thimerosal. By the time a

baby has his first shots by a year old, he’s had 200 times the amount.

The rate of autism in vaccinated children, is astounding, something like

12 to 17%. Usually it was like 1 in 100,000 got autism, now it’s like 60 in

100,000. That’s a lot, that’s a great increase. I started getting the

mercury poisoning. It made me recede more and more, because I

always wondered why, from the age of 3…I don’t know how many

people comprehend…I remember the day I was born. I remember

seeing the venetian blinds, I remember seeing everything, when I was

born. I don’t know how many other people have that kind of

comprehension, I’ve only run into a couple. So, that does exist if you’ve

never run into it and don’t have that particular awareness or

consciousness yourself. But, from the age of 3 to the age of 5 was very

pronounced for me because I only parroted sounds. Language I could

not put into any kind of a relative format to be able to understand, how

could you take the sound “apple” and identify with the apple? The

sound had nothing to do with it, I couldn’t relate them. Then when we

got into words, somebody showed me what “apple” spelled, and that

was even more bizarre for me, I just could NOT at all grasp that. And

that went on all the way through college. I had to have my exams done

orally. And many times the things that came out of me I had no idea

where they came from, because I didn’t know. I figured that my brain

may have been parroting my parents and all the other intellectuals that

I was raised around. My father was an inventor and scientist, my

mother was an RN, every one of my mother’s 12 brothers and sisters

were all degreed, 3 of them doctors. My grandparents were very

wealthy, very educated, my grandfather was a professor at Pratt, taught

music, art, and theater. So I thought all of these years that I was just, my

brain was just responding, I would use words that I had no idea what

they meant. And my body would talk, but I had no comprehension

about what I was saying. So to me this was even more bizarre, because I

was even more afraid of myself. By the time I was 21, I finally learned to

identify the word ‘the’. And that’s how bad it was about reading. And

then when I started drinking carrot juice, when I was dying of cancer and decided

I would just die after the doctors gave me surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation (not in that

order), um, they cauterized my spine with the radiation. Within a year after the radiation I

couldn’t touch my knees if I were standing. I had to go through severe cases of bacterial and

viral detoxifications to reverse those conditions. Most people think that bacteria and virus

and parasites are awful things, and that’s because of the bacteria theory…that bacteria, virus,

and parasites are responsible for decay, and degeneration in the body. It’s not true. They are

the symptom of toxicity and degeneration that already exists. If we take a look at all forms of

life that are natural and healthy, they all are loaded with bacteria. Take a wild deer that’s

healthy… loaded with bacteria, loaded with parasites… but never bothered by them, never ill.

They work in conjunction. These creatures

are natural to the environment, and they help life. That’s why I say I

wanted you to celebrate my colds and flus with me, because 70% of my

brain for the past 20 years, has been scar tissue, mainly from the

mercury poisoning from all of the inoculations that I had. In the last

year I’ve gone through the roughest year I’ve had since the accidental

mushroom poisoning. I was crippled for almost 3 months out of the last

year, in the year 2000, because I had a viral and bacterial detoxification

that was in the spine, and also in the bone. Now, I had multiple

myeloma which is cancer of the blood and bone, and, on the left side I

never had had a detoxification like I had had on the right side. Now,

when I had multiple myeloma I was so crippled that I had to drag myself

around the house on my elbows like a worm. Sometimes it would take

me 30 minutes to go from here to the front door. I lived like that for

quite a few years. It wasn’t constant, but whenever I would go into a

bone detox, the pain would be so excruciating and so severe that if I

even I were like this, this slight of a motion, I would fall over in pain, and

I would have to lift my leg. Well that never happened to the left side of me until this year. So

finally my left side started detoxifying. My elbow,

my shoulder, my hip joint, and my knee were like somebody was taking

swords and just stabbing them in. Now, when I detoxed the right side it

took 2 & ½ years to go through that severe pain. This year it happened

for a month on this side, but it was only crippled for about 6 days

altogether, 4 days on a couch, and then 2 days on crutches, and that

sure beat the 2&½ years. And then, January of last year, I had a

detoxification in the lower spine area that was very painful and put me

in bed and mainly in the bath, I would float and sleep in the bath

because the pain was too difficult. And if you have a lot of pain, a lot of

joint pain, soreness, or anything like that, if you go into a tub, a very

warm tub with some sea salt and some skim milk, raw skim milk, suck

the cream off and enjoy it, and put the skim milk in the bath you will

actually create a float tank, and it makes it very easy to remove the

pain, and feel a lot better and ease the pain, almost ease the pain

entirely. Didn’t feel like I had any pain, and most people have the same

experience. So baths are very nice. You don’t want it too hot, because if

you get it too hot you’ll destroy the bacteria in your own body, and then

you have to eat some nice high meats to replace it. Does everybody

know what high meat is? (asks the audience) Who doesn’t know what

high meat is? Most people know! High meat is the… Eskimos gave it

that name… they take fish or caribou, and they roll it in hide, and bury it

between 2 and 6 inches under the ground and they let it spoil. It

doesn’t really spoil, it sours, and gets full of bacteria. And then they

consume it. About a year and a half ago, almost 2 years ago, I tried to

get 2 of my patients to eat this high meat, because they were always

depressed, one of them had been on medication for 26, 27 years,

Prozac was the one, if anybody knows what are the side effects of

Prozac, they are kidney damage, lung damage, all kinds of

things… neurological dysfunction. So this keeps people in a cycle of using the drugs but never

gets them well. This woman, whenever she

called, and had her for a client for about a year and a half. She would go

on and off the diet with her moods. Anytime she would get frustrated

she would go out and abuse herself, and eat and eat and eat the worst

things…coffee, anything chocolate, anything with theobromine and

caffeine in it that would make her crazier, she would eat. And you have

to understand when somebody is in that kind of condition, the can’t

help it. You’ve got chemicals damaging the system, disturbing the

person. So I had learned that, according to John Monroe’s work, that in

the absence of bacteria and virus in the body, a clinical depression

arises. Sure, you get rid of colds or flus, but then you have clinical

depression. You reintroduce the bacteria and virus, again, you have the

colds and flus, but you don’t have the clinical depression. So, this one

woman, she would call me up, and this is how she said “hi”...”HI”

(spoken extremely abruptly and bluntly). “I’m feeling fine, how ‘bout

you?” (blunt and abrupt)… this is how this woman’s temper was, her

mood, her attitude! So after a year and a half I said, listen. You’ve got to

do something about this. I said you’re not helping yourself, you’re not

helping me, you’re not helping anybody. Eat this high meat! So finally

she did. So I get a call that day, and she wants to talk to somebody. And

I’ve already been through this before, so there’s no way I’m going to

answer the phone. “I just ate the high meat, and I just need to talk to

somebody”...and I knew she just wanted to be babysat for 4 or 5 hours,

so there was no way I was going to answer the phone. I don’t care if I do

get paid $120/hour, there’s no way! So, I only allow the message to take

2 minutes of messages, so that cut her off 5, 6, 7 times, so, finally the

next morning she says “I can’t believe it!”...and she’s happy! She says “I

went for a walk this morning, I listened to the birds” entirely

different disposition. And she said it worked in 20 minutes! And guess

what…”I chewed it!”, she said “I chewed it until it was almost all absorbed into my mouth!”.

She said “It was going to work, I was going to make sure it was going to work, that the

hydrochloric acid in my stomach wasn’t going to destroy it!”. I thought wow, I’ve never even

done that! I thought if I taste anything, if it smells, there’s definitely… I don’t wanna chew

this stuff! But it’s effervescent in the way in the way it tastes, it tastes sparkly! A little bit of

alcohol,it’s just the odor, so, I tell people now to chew it, it will work a lot better for you, it

makes more sense, it lasts longer, it’s a better high. In fact, I even have a clinical

psychologist who also has a degree in psychiatry, who I invited over to

try it. And he’s there really scared, but he’s heard, you know, the

testimonials from these two individuals that finally did it. So he tried it,

and he said yeah, I definitely get a high, within ten minutes after eating

it. Now he uses it in his practice, and this is a clinical person. And it’s like

magic! Because I tried everything in the past, and those were my

hardest clients, with all the people who had psychological disorders

because of the toxicity in their brains and in their nervous systems. And

that is such a wonderful key, if any of you have experienced depression

at any point, you can get rid of it within minutes. But you have to have

the rotten high meat ready, first. And the way you do that, you take a jar

that is twice the size of the amount of meat that you’re going to put in

it. Now, it can be chicken, it can be beef, it can be lamb, it can be

anything. I even do a glandular tissue. It can be absolutely any kind of

meat. You let it sit in the jar at least 4 weeks, and you take it out every

3rd or 4th day, preferably, it takes about 3 and a half days to use up the

oxygen. So the bacteria has about 17 plus stages, some of them have ‘a’

and ‘b’ stages. So the bacteria will grow, transform into a different type,

and do this 7 changes, complete changes, and in 3 subdivisions…there

are minute changes within… 3 of them, of those 17 changes. So you

want all forms of those bacteria. So to keep them going through the

stages, every 3 and a half days (or every 3rd or 4th day), you take it outside…don’t open it

inside your house because it will smell like

somebody had some bad gas! And it will linger in your curtains and

everything, so take outside, open it after you get outside, and then waft

it in the air like this…just one motion like the sign of infinity will put

enough fresh air in there, and just close it, and stick it in your

refrigerator, and do that for 4 weeks, and then have a large marble sized

amount once or twice a week. If you have severe depression do it twice

a week.

(Q) Keep it in the refrigerator? Or room temperature?

(A) In the refrigerator. If you do it outside at room temperature it goes too fast. It

will go through those stages rapidly and then you won’t get the

enjoyment of having it, unless you're going to eat it every day, then it

will be fine, it will move through rapidly. But that might cause…I haven’t done it that way

with anybody… (audience member speaks up) “I have”... (Aajonus asks the member) You’ve

done it on a daily, eating it on a daily basis? (female member responds) “I’ve left it out of the


(A) I don’t know what it would be like to have that much bacteria in the body on that

immediate of a basis of having it more than twice a week. I mean, if anybody wants to explore

and experiment with that, let me know.

(Q) Are you eating from it in those intermediate stages, or only after the

4 week?

(A) No, only after the 4 weeks

(Q) And what happens if you leave it in the sealed jar for too long, is it

interrupted, or is it…

(A) It’s interrupted. It stops right there.

I took a steak and put it in a jar, in a quart jar, and of course there was

probably a fifth more air than there was meat in the jar. I sealed it, I left it in the refrigerator

for 1 year to the day. I opened it and it didn’t even

stink. Once that oxygen is used, it stops right there, if it’s in glass in a

sealed container. In plastic, it’ll rot, I mean it won’t rot it will just decay,

because plastic is porous, it will allow air and gasses into it.

(Q) Will it resume…?

(A) As soon as you open it, it will resume

(Q) It will resume…you can use it?

(A) Yep. It will even go quicker.

(Q) I’ve got some stuff that have been in glass jars that I haven't opened

them up and I’m wondering if I should start again or whether I should

just open them all and figure that…

(A)No, you just open them again, start from there. They’ll probably be

ready, you can go ahead and start eating it right away then, instead of

waiting for 4 weeks.

(Q)Can that be dangerous, uh, for someone to try this that’s not already

on a healthy diet?

(A) I don’t know. I haven’t tried it with anybody that hasn’t been on a

good diet, you know, for at least a month.

(Q) How does that work, and what’s actually doing it?

(A) Well, there are many theories on it. And the one that I think makes

the most sense is that most people are so full of poisons and toxins,

that it destroys the bacteria and virus in their body. The body cleans

itself in 3 ways. It uses solvents, which are made from fats, usually 80%

fats, 15% proteins, and 5% carbohydrate…that it turns into alcohol in

the body and it makes a solvent, just like we have cleansers, and

compounds which will dissolve matter. Put it on metal…Coca-Cola, you

put it on metal and it will eat the metal away. It’ll take rust off. You know, so we have

compounds that our body makes. This is a very slow

process of cleansing, to dissolve dead tissue, degenerative tissue, other

toxins that are in the body, and the byproduct is almost identical to

turpentine, and it is as toxic. So the body has to go through a slooow

detoxification that is debilitating to itself. So it creates like a lethargy.

That’s the way the body responds, lethargically. When you have

bacteria and virus, well, bacteria is an actual organism. It can go in and

eat like a parasite. It can go in and eat degenerative tissue, and it does it

rapidly…quicker than your body can dissolve compounds with solvents.

Plus it’s half as toxic, so you don’t have all the side effects that you do

with the solvent process. Then you have parasites, they work five times

faster than your body can use the solvent process plus their toxicity is

anywhere from 50 to 100 time less toxic than the bacteria’s byproducts.

Plus these byproducts of the bacteria and parasites is and anticancer

agent. They are using them today to dissolve cancer. Vion Products, a

new pharmaceutical company, has manufactured biogenetically, a

remade salmonella, so they can sell it at $8000 a shot. Eat it, and you

don’t have to pay a thing! What this salmonella does is it isolates a

tumor, cuts off the oxygen to it, and then eats it. Do you know what

they did…what Vion Product did with it? It took away it’s eating

abilities. So what you do now is, you use the salmonella to choke off the

oxygen to the area, and then they pump chemotherapy into you, to

dissolve the tumor. Why not just let the salmonella do its work? Why

attenuate it? Ridiculous. The University of Toronto for 22 years now has been using the

verotoxin produced by E. Coli to dissolve brain tumors in 5 to 7 days, including the vessels

going to it. Bacteria is pretty good! We are so ill and so contaminated, that bacteria and virus

and parasites do not live easily in the body. This is because of chemical poisoning. If you

didn’t have any chemical poisoning, virus and bacteria and parasites would thrive in your

body, because you’d be giving them a lot to feed on. But because of the chemicals in the

system, they cannot thrive. It’s the same reason that I can eat tons of

parasite infested salmon, calves brain, and chicken tripe, undulating

with worms, and could never get one. Because I had had chemotherapy

and I had had enough thimersol in my system from all the inoculations

to prevent my body from being able to germinate bacteria and

parasites. I am just now beginning to do it, so I don’t have to go through

the slow process of getting well. I can get well faster. So I’m very

delighted to say I had a brain cold and (unintelligible) cold. My

bronchioles have been 90% scar tissue since I stopped smoking, and let

me tell you I was one of those smokers who loved to smoke and I would

still be doing it today if it were good for me! And I would take a

cigarette and I would burn, I would puff on that thing and I would fill my

whole lungs until that end of that cigarette was this hot, burning red,

and my mother would say “Stop it! You look awful! Do you know how

disgusting you look?” It felt good! But anyway, my bronchioles got very

burned from that because sometimes that smoke would get up to

about, if that tar, you get a lot of tar in cigarettes and that heat carries

all the way to the lungs, so sometimes that tar was reaching my lungs at

about 900 degrees. Because it gets up to about 1250 degrees when you

puff like that. So, and I smoked 2 packs a day, Lucky Strike non filter, so I

really damaged my lungs and my bronchioles. Now, I’ve gone through

enough pneumonia and spinal meningitis to clean out my lungs and

they cleaned out pretty well…90% clean. But my bronchioles were still

90% toxic. Now, I went through a cold and a flu, took a picture of my

irises and guess what? Forty percent of the scar tissue went away in a

month. Pretty impressive. I’ve got bacteria helping me. A virus is not an

organism. A virus is a particle that gets into a cell and turns it into a

phagocyte, which means it becomes cannibalistic, it eats ‘like cells’. But

it only eats degenerative cells, so they’re like a parasite they can eat a lot of tissue, and get rid

of a lot of decay in a shorter period of time.

Your best helpers. The only time that people have trouble with parasites

is they’re not eating the proper protein for their body to be able to

regenerate cells, so they ulcerate, they have gut exchange, lots of white

cells collect which is called infection, and then you have peritonitis, and

then possible death or paralysis. But on this diet NO ONE who has

gotten parasites, and A LOT of people have parasites, don’t have a

problem. Don’t even notice it. It isn’t like having a bacterial

detoxification or a viral detoxification. Those you know it, you’re

dumping the mucus, you can feel it. But when a parasite does it, the

secretions are so non-toxic, that you don’t have to dump out the mucus

membranes. You can just dump it out the bowels and out the skin

freely. So parasites are the best thing you can have. So take Hulda

Clark’s book and have a burning festival, because she is way out of


(Q) What’s the (inaudible) on Candida?

(A) Candida?

(Q) I know the population of Candida (inaudible).

(A) That’s the thing, Candida is like bacteria, only it’s a yeast bacteria.

Yeast feeds on sugars. The human being is not equipped to eat sugars.

New York City Medical University did research on advanced glycation

end-products. Advanced glycation end-products are the end-product of

using carbohydrate as fuel as glycogen. That is a waste product just like

in a car we have carbon monoxide as a by-product of burning fuel.

Advanced glycation end-products are just one of those toxins resulting

from using carbohydrates. Now the carbohydrate, the advanced

glycation end-product according to New York City University, stores at a

rate of 70% in a healthy body, 90% in an unhealthy body, so you better

believe that if you are under 20 years old you’re storing anywhere from

70 to 90%, 80 to 90%, 85 to 90%, advanced glycation end-products,

called AGEs.

(Q) Two questions, number one, is it possible that the (unintelligible)

could actually help clear that number too?

(A)That’s what they’re doing.

(Q) That’s what they’re doing, and the second thing is it possible

to eat any whole, raw, basically off the stalk grain, and not have

this problem, or is that…?

(A) Completely over the border, even if it’s raw, doesn’t matter.

Now of course if you’re eating it cooked, you’ve got other toxic

compounds that go along with it that will make it plaque in your


On a raw diet you will have those form in the body and they will

be irritants. And of course you have yeasts, yeast formations,

candida, any kind of a yeast will feed on them, to help your body

get rid of it.

(Q) Or even some of the raw grains which are supposedly

alkalinizing it doesn’t work?

(A) Grains are never alkalinizing. They are always an acid base.

Grains can never be alkalinizing. As long as they are high in sugar

and they are grain based, they are always an acid. So, I don’t know

who came up with that one.

(Q) I’ve done a lot of reading on vegetarian grains, I used to for

years, but they always claimed that millet is the big one that is

non-alkalinizing…and buckwheat too.

(A) Non-alkalinizing? OK, when I read that in back in 1972 I think it

was, I did an experiment with cattle, especially goats, and goats will eat ANYTHING. After 4

days of eating days of eating just a cup

of millet in their grain they wouldn’t touch it. They would STARVE

to death. They would not eat millet, whole millet. So then, I cut it

down to a few tablespoons and they still wouldn’t eat it. They

wouldn’t eat ANY of the grain, because it had the millet in it. So I

had to leave the millet out.

(Q)They must have really smelled it because they’re really good at

picking things out

(A)Yeah, but millet is so small, and it like salts everything. Yeah,

but they wouldn’t, it’s very difficult to get the millet out so, it

looked like the cows had the problem with it too especially the

milking cows, and it was like it was too toxic for them after eating

it for so many days, and they would just avoid the grain

altogether…all of the grain, all of their feed, and then they would

start eating the rails, and the wood, and everything else.

(Q) It is very bitter, though, millet is, unless you rinse it.

(A)Well, I germinated it, I did lots of things with it, for me, yeah,

and didn’t have that problem but I certainly didn’t feel good. Even

germinated. Well then it’s even trickier because then you’ve got a

cross between a grain a vegetable, so you’ve got cellulose involved

and it’s very difficult to break down.

(Q)What about, have you tried to let, like grains and stuff rot?

(A) Yes, I used to use those a lot like I do the high meat, but I was

having hallucinations because I was getting ergot in it and

everything else, you know, so, I was having hallucinations, and you

can’t have good conversations hallucinating, so. But I’m sure it did

help get rid of some of that, but it still added more advanced

glycation end-products in the eating of it. Maybe if I had strained off the molds, and just ate

the molds, but I didn’t, I ate the whole

moldy grain in my explorations and experiments.

t anyway, to finish the conclusion of that is that those sugar

based products have to be removed somehow. The body will form

whatever it can to get rid of those to help you be as well as you

can. And yeasts are the thing to do it. Since we don’t handle

starches, the human body does not handle them, because it stores

at least 70% in a healthy body and an unhealthy body up to 90%,

that is the strongest argument that I’ve ever heard that humans

are NOT supposed to eat high carbohydrate food. Now, I was

editing back in 1971,72 I was editing a major motion picture. And

an editor in the editing room right next to mine was John Goodall.

He was the father for Jane. He had made a movie called The

Beginning. It was…it won the academy award for I think 1971 or

  1. And in that he showed a group of apes, who normally ate all

fruits underripe, green. All green fruits are 90% enzymes, very

little sugar. Once a fruit has ripened, it’s 90% sugar. You see birds,

they always pick at green, green fruits, nothing’s ripe, all

animals…the apes…green bananas. So what he did was he took a

big shoot of bananas, cut it down, let it ripen so they were yellow,

and then he threw it out to them. Anybody guess what happened?

(audience: “they threw it back”) No, they ate, and then they

started killing one another, one of them even got killed, because

they went sugar crazy. Sugar crazy! They started fighting over

them. Little chimps…(audience: right away this started?)...oh,

within a half an hour! They were crazy! They went and ate one,

then went away, then all the sudden by the time they finished it

they were back there eating them and eating them, and they were

fighting over it, and there was plenty there, and you know, the big

ones trying to fight. And this one that was probably a year old, just a small one, and he was

going to have his, he was going to protect,

and he was going to have all those bananas, and he went up to

the big one and the big gorilla killed him. High sugar. It’s not a

good thing for any primate probably.

(audience member comments): That’s funny, I read a story a week

or so ago about, there’s a gorilla at a zoo, and he broke out of his

container, or the little place where he was staying, and he went

straight for like the snack cart! (laughter)

(A) He went even crazier, right?

(Q) If in fact it’s unhealthy, what is then the craving that evolves

for people as well as obviously these animals?... and it’s obviously

bad for them, and yet, once you consume it there’s a craving so

that you want to almost consume only that, and you see that in

kids, you know, they’re drawn to the sweets to the point that if

you didn’t monitor them, that’s all they would ever eat…is that a

chemical thing that happens?

(A) Yes, like I said, once the body gets chemically imbalanced, it’s

neurologically impaired, that means the brain won’t function, your

cognitive abilities are removed.

(Q) It’s just weird, you know, there are some things, you won’t eat

them, because, you would think you’d know they’re bad for you in

some way or another you’re repulsed by them, and sugars are not

that way. It turns you to eat to the point where you binge on


(A) Right, because you keep getting low blood sugar. And low

blood sugar can cause all kinds of problems in the system.

(Q) So it kind of sets up a cycle?

(A) A cycle, right.

(Q) Almost like being drunk on it.

(A) Yep, being drunk or being addicted to some other drug. You

know, you can’t do without it because you’re going to go through

pain. Why do you think smokers do, why do you think chocolate

eaters eat what they do? Because they will go into a withdrawal,

that’s painful, psychologically and emotionally and sometimes

physically. I was a diabetic. After that bout at 10 years old with

peritonitis, now that was after my 3rd polio vaccine, that was from

my 3rd polio vaccine, that I went through anaphylaxis from it, and

it perforated my intestine. So I went in the hospital and they

thought it was apendicitis. It wasn’t, they took it out anyway, and

then injected me about every few hours, in the hips, and in the

shoulders, and in the arms. I was crippled with pain from that. But

what that did was, it set up a whole chemical imbalance in my

body that threw me into diabetes. But it was not diagnosed,

because you know what I did? I would go into grocery stores and

steal boxes of chocolate covered cherries. And I would eat them in

private. You know, I wasn’t sharing with my brothers or anything.

And I could go through a whole box of chocolate covered cherries

in about an hour. And this went on, and I mean I was called Fatty

Arbuckle within a few years. And I was very fat from it. And I just

couldn’t stop. Finally I got so ridiculed from being fat, you know

being called Fatty Arbuckle and…ridiculous, and my brothers had

a great time with that…so I just decided that I would just stop

eating, and I stopped eating. And that was difficult, very difficult.

But I stopped eating sweets altogether to do it, just instinctively

did it. So, yes, they are very helpful, and you need them, but the way

to allay it so you don’t have to feel so badly is you have the

lubrication formula, and the lubrication formula is $5000 a bottle.

(Q) Each one! (laughter) (inaudible)… I spent $5000 worth of tests

and they couldn’t find out what was wrong with me. I started out

with fever, nausea, depression, psychologically, I mean not

psychologically, the chemicals. It’s like PMS all the time, and they

couldn’t find out what’s wrong with me, finally the day after

Christmas this last year, ten months after I had begun being sick,

appendicitis, my appendix was taken out and it was found very

scar tissue and everything, so my next question is, what causes

the appendix to become inflamed and infected? I assume that I

had a Candida problem because my immune system was so,

having such a hard time dealing with infection that it couldn’t

handle it and Candida didn’t keep it in check.

(A) hmmm…you’re trying to mix apples and oranges. They’re two

different situations. The appendix is the part of the body which

registers all virus and bacteria that you’ve ever had in your life.

Any disease, it’s a memory bank for disease. It has a trigger that

lets you know what particular bacteria needs to be given to the

body, any virus, anything like that so that the body can adjust it for

the present time. The changes that have gone on in the body. The

appendix is a very important tool for immunity. So, when that gets

toxic it means you’re storing other poisons in the body, maybe

sugars, but mostly the appendix does not accept sugars. It’s

usually toxic heterocyclic amines, which are protein toxins. And

they get in there and they start dissolving the tissue, the actual

appendix, and it causes it to swell up. And the white cells go in

there and try to pull them out, and it can’t do it, because you’re

not eating properly. So what happens is it just keeps swelling up,

the body keeps throwing in more nutrients, more blood, more circulation in the area, more

white blood cells, trying to clean it

out, and you don’t have the nutrients and it just gets

compounded. It bursts.

(Q) Why do I have Candida problems when I got the appendix


(A)Well, you just got 2 compounded problems. One’s got nothing

to do with the other. It’s as if you were so sick from one, of course

it was taking all the available nutrients there was, and of course

the other one would get worse. Because you’re just nutrient

deficient, you’re not going to be able to handle anything. And if

you go into double detox, you’re in trouble. Pain wise and


(Q)Well I went on a Candida diet as soon as I found that I had

(unintelligible) Candida, and the diet I suppose changed. I wasn’t

eating so much sugar, carbohydrates, (unintelligible)… more

vegetables and meat… pretty much that’s all you ate… and that,

my nausea, I quit throwing up, a lot of my symptoms backed off

from just doing that.

(A) That was a sign that you’re allergic to the carbohydrate

compounds to an extent where you’re badly affected. Anybody

who has Candida, yeast infections, you’re already too toxic with

advanced glycation end-products and other sugar compounds.

The only way to get rid of them is yeasts. Bacteria mainly feeds on

cells, organic tissue. Yeast feed on undigested or poorly digested

or the by-products of carbohydrate. Yeasts are just as important as

bacteria, but if you don’t want the yeast, and the human being is

full of yeasts, because he eats all the breads, and the cakes and

everything, you’re going to be a body plagued with yeast your

whole life as long as you eat any carbohydrates, including fruit.

(Q)So what are we supposed to do?

(A)Cut out the fruit. For somebody with Candida I say just forget


Somebody who has allergies, that exhibits allergies to sweets, cut

out the fruit. You don’t need it, all you need is 5% carbohydrates

to function as a human being. Five percent in the citric acid cycle,

which burns fat as fuel,15% protein as pyruvate to help that work,

so the major nutrient you need as a human being is fat. Next,

protein, very little carbohydrate. Solvent process, again, only 5%

alcohol from 5% fruit. And you don’t need the fruit, really,

because you have a little bit of carbohydrate in vegetable juice,

you have carbohydrates in meat. Hydrate just enough in all of

those foods. I use fruit to help break down scar tissue to help

make solvents. Sometimes in people…or, if I give them berries, it

helps break down and dissolve metal. Take a little bit of berry

juice, whether it’s anything but strawberry. Take that juice and put

it on metal, and I don’t care if it’s any kind of metal, gold will

happen less with, but any metal you put that berry juice on there,

and you’ll see it’ll start taking it off, just cutting it, it’ll turn black.

Then it’ll just start eating up the metal. So, I like to eat berries in

conjunction with raw cream, raw butter, avocado, some kind of

fat. So that when you start dissolving that metal toxicity in your

body, that you have fat there, ready to harness with that toxicity,

or it will damage your system, it will start eating away at your own

tissue. And then you have ulcers, and all kinds of problems.

(Q) What about green fruits, for enzymes, is that acceptable?

(A)That’s good, I eat green papayas, green bananas, all leave those

to the apes, there’s just so impossible to digest, you know, even

for healthier humans.

(Q) … but papaya would be one main thing?

(A)Papaya would be a good one, very unripe, green pineapple.

And I always eat it with fat, never eat it alone. So you’re going to

have 10% sugar and that’s 5% more than you need. So you need

to buffer it, so that if your body needs to get rid of any excess it’ll

have the fats to do it, or it will use it as fuel, and give you more


(Q)What about honey, I mean you talk a lot about honey, and it’s

high sugar, and in the diet there is very little of it, I’m not sure how

you deal with honey in a different way?

(A) Well honey, when the bees collect the nectar they swallow it.

They manufacture an insulin-like substance which converts 90% of

the carbohydrate into enzymes to digest, utilize and assimilate

proteins. Once you heat it above 93 degrees it starts altering that

insulin-like substance. By the time you hit 99 degrees it is

destroyed. Honey under 93 degrees most diabetics can eat

without any problem and can go off their insulin, because of the

natural insulin from the bee. Basically, honey is vomited nectar, is

basically what honey is. It’s an animal product but it’s a great

product as long as it isn’t heated. So you only have 10% sugar left

in it. It’s still a little bit much for some people. Because we

shouldn’t have no more than a 5% ratio, and that’s 10%, so you

better have it with something that’s fatty…or have enough fat in

you already to deal with it.

(Q)Some honey makers state that the honey is warmed to the

same temperature it would be like in a hot summer day in the


(Q)Yes I heard that bull. But those bees fan that hive and keep it

below that temperature. They honey actually never goes above 93

degrees or they’ll abandon that upper layer and start going for the

lower layers and they will not go back up and eat that honey from

that area unless they’re starving. Then if they go up there, have

you ever seen bees that are fed from that honey on top, they are

crazy! They get very erratic…nuts. And especially you see bees

that are fed the sugar syrup that they give them. Those poor bees,

you know, during those months of the year, it’s horrible. There

months out of the year they’re fed syrup, sugar.

(comment)They take away their food supply they created for


(A)yes, exactly.

(Q)Is it possible for somebody with type 2 diabetes to replace

their insulin with natural honey but on the other half, be on a

cooked diet?

(A)I’ve never seen it. You know I worked with people years ago,

who were partially on somewhat of a good diet, you know, even

10 to 30%, but I don’t work that way anymore. I like for people to

be at least on it 60-70%, it’s just too difficult.

(Q)Yeah but at the least you could say, or you may be able to say, it

would cut their insulin?

(A) Well, yeah, I’ve helped do that with some people, but you have

to remember, that’s still 10% sugar, and that’s too much for a

diabetic, they should have zero. You know, in my book if they’re on

a diet I said you should have a half a cup a day. But that’s if they’re

on a good diet. They’ll have the raw fats there to deal with any

excess sugar.

(Q)What are the sources of raw fat?

(A)Avocados, raw butter, raw unsalted butter, raw cream, coconut,

coconut cream, raw cheese, meat fat.

(Q)Only organic, if it’s the meat fat?

(A)Preferable, but most of the toxins store not in the fat, as they

say, unless you’re going into the glands.

The glands are 60-80% fat. That’s where the toxins go, the glands

and the bone marrow.

(Q)… but you did talk about the fat in the inorganic meat, you’d

rather have people eat the organic?

(A)Of course, yeah, because then they’ll have more good fats to

bind with toxins.

(comment) It’s hard to find organic meat, you know.

(A)Yeah, you can eat that fine, but I wouldn’t eat non-organic

glands. Now there’s a group that was an offspring of my raw food

eaters who eat…they ate up until a year ago I think, or six months

ago…they ate nothing but inorganic glands, and you know my

warning about that in the book. Now, these people had energy,

how much of it was toxic, and mercury, and all that other stuff, I

don’t know. But they all looked like, all of them, all looked like

vampires. They looked white, they looked sallow, but they had

energy and they said they felt great. You know, so, I couldn’t knock

it except that they didn’t look attractive to me, but that may be

just my concept of what looks attractive.

(comment) vampires are very popular right now!

(A)(laughing)...wasn’t her name Ann Rice took care of that, right?

(Q)I have a question, going back to the high meat. After 4 weeks,

then when you do eat it, how often do you eat it?

(A)I said twice a week is the most that’s necessary. It may be more

medicinal, and better to have it more often, but I’ve not done any

experiments. So, like I say, if you want to have it more often, let

me know the results.

(Q)Twice a week, then till it’s gone.


(Q) How much are you eating?

(A)About a large marble sized amount each time, and like I said,

you use a swimmers clip on your nose it’s quite nice! You can

chew it all day.

(Q)Now, from the time that you start eating to to the time you

finish it, how….

(A)It could be 5, 6 months.

(Q)Oh, it might last that long?

(A)Well, it depends, on how much you make.

If you make a big batch, it may last that long.

(Q)I’ve noticed liver, as it turns into a high product, gets a pretty

strong ammonia-like odor, eventually becomes kind of

effervescent, that’s naturally what happens with that, and you

should just basically ignore the rather pungent odor?

(A)It’s already starting to decompose, which is good, it’s just


(Q)It feels good, it doesn’t taste so good. Alright, the whole thing about this diet is that, you

don’t have to worry any more about if you’re disintegrating. Because everybody on every

other diet disintegrates. On this diet, if you go through

aches and pains, colds, flus, no matter what it is, you will detoxify

properly, which is what those states are, and you will heal

properly. There is no going backwards unless you’re eating some

toxic stuff. Like say, like, you know, a month ago, I ordered a

buffalo brain. This woman assured me that this animal never had

an inoculation. Her cattle did not. I get this brain, I have some of

it, and I started having mercury poisoning reaction. So I get on the

phone and I said “hey, what’s this with this animal?” And she says

“Oh, well the animal has been in a herd for 3 years, it’s 9 years old,

but whatever happened before it got to me I don’t know”. And I

said “Well I told you, and you assured me that I wasn’t going to

get any animal that had been vaccinated.” And she said “Well I

thought after 3 years it would all be clean”. I said “No.” Mercury

poisoning will stay in the nervous system an entire lifetime unless

you know how to get it out of the system. And a buffalo doesn’t

have that kind of a chemistry mixture fed to him to get it out of his

brain and nervous system. Mercury locks, thimerosal locks in your

tissues forever, unless you know how to get it out. So, here I was

going through a neurological detox, my brain, and I’m eating this

mercury poisoned brain. I thought, aww, great…but thankfully I

was on a good diet every other way, it did not poison my brain and

there was no residual that showed up in my irises and I was

actually was able still to clean my brain and it didn’t interfere with

it. But somebody that isn’t as healthy and hasn’t been on this diet

as long as I, I don’t know that they would have been able to

handle it as well. So, if you’re going through a detox, and you’re

eating properly, you’re going to detoxify and clean that area properly, and you’re going to

rebuild perfectly. So you get better

every time, you get healthier every day, instead of going toward

deterioration every day. So it’s a choice. That’s what this diet is

about, it’s about always getting healthier instead of degenerating

day by day as you do on the SAD, which is the Standard American


(Q)What about those new drugs, chelation for removing mercury

and other metals?

(A)Well, (unintelligible) and all those that I’ve seen, people who’ve

used those, they have very toxic metal rings around their eyes. I’ve

only found one case who took oral chelation, that did not have

that. But everybody who had injected, or consumed any one of

the chelation therapies, had poisoned skin, connected tissue, ad

lymphatic systems. Poisoned with metals. Because what they used

to detoxify you, is metal poisoning already. It’s a magnetic theory,

we put this magnetic stuff in you, it’s gonna pull the metal out of

your system, but where’s it going to put it if you don’t have the

right nutrients? It’s going to pull it out of your glands, and it’s

going to store it into your bones, lymph, and skin.

(Q)You’re supposed to puke.

(A)Sure! That’s the theory! And some will go out the urinary tract,

but from my experience, looking at eyes, it doesn’t excrete a

fraction of what gets relocated into the system. So that’s not a

way to do it. Like I say, berries, and raw cream, berries and

coconut cream is your best dissolver of metal, to get it out of the

system, but make sure you have enough coconut cream! That

saturated fat will just bind with it, keep it from re-storing.

(Q)So berries are the way to get rid of the mercury, or…

(A) Any kind of metal poisoning. Any kind.

(Q) I noticed that since I’ve changed my diet to more of your diet,

my urine smells very different, is that?...

(A)Uh-hmm. So, this diet has worked with everyone who’s done it

and tried it, and stayed with it. Not one person has it failed. That

doesn’t mean if somebody was in 4th stage complications of 5

different types of terminal cancer that they lived, but they got

better while they ate it before they died. And not many people

have died on it. About ten altogether, and all of them were in

pretty advanced stages. But, they got better, their lives got better.

Most of them that have died that I’ve been working with lately

have been chemo…people who’ve had chemo, radiation, or

surgery. When the book came out I’d only worked with 3 people

including myself who had had those therapies, so I stayed away

from them because I didn’t know what the diet would affect, and

what was affected by the medical treatments, so I stayed away

from those. But people who do this diet no matter if they’re going

to, they are at their end or not, or too far advanced, still, they feel

better, they have more strength. Give you an example: this woman

had what I had, multiple myeloma. She was 68 years old. She had

gone down to the Joseph Issle’s clinic in Mexico, probably the

world’s most renowned Swiss chemist… MD who dealt with

cancer. He would use immunization-type of cancer with a raw diet,

which included raw meat. He could not get this woman’s multiple

myeloma to turn around, so somebody handed her my book and

said get in touch with this fella! So, she flew right from Mexico to

LA, came to me for an appointment. In 30 days all of her markers

were completely normal. She sent them to, I don’t know, her son

sent them to I don’t know how many doctors. So, the whole idea

of the diet got around quickly. So, they all wanted to throw the worst clients to me, and let me

tell you, I got the worst

conditioned of cancer that you would ever imagine. After they’d

mutilated them, cancer’s already doing it’s job on the body, trying

to get rid of all these dead cells, trying to collect them, dissolve

them, and get rid of them, and the body doesn’t have the

nutrients to do it. So it just keeps collecting till the tumors get

worse, and they’re irradiating, I had one MD who her whole face

just cut away from cancer! And she’s talking like this (garbled

voice) and I said, “do you wanna live? I mean are you happy as an

individual like that?” Because I really needed to make that clear,

you gonna do this or not, because there would be no pussy-footing

around with the condition like this if she wanted to live. So, and I

do that with a lot with people who are advanced, I say listen, you

have to make a decision. You may have 3 to 6, 7 years of less

happiness, and a lot of detoxification if you go on this diet,

because it’s going to clean you out, we will gear it to clean you out

to make your life better, but for the first 3-6 years it may be tough.

First, a lot of people say “absolutely, absolutely”. And then they go

through the same stuff that they’d been before with the breaks of

feeling better and they say “you know what?, I think I’d rather

drop this body and take on another one, in another life”. And

that’s a perfectly acceptable thing because I certainly didn’t

wanna live. I mean at the Cancer Control Society when they asked

me to speak this year, I heard every speaker, and we’re talking

about 120 speakers over the whole 4 day period, say, “the most

important thing”...and you’re talking about people who are full

cancer out here, 500 people or more, in the audience, who are in

pain and sick with cancer, and these people without cancer are

standing up there telling them, “the one thing to have is the will to

live”. I got up there and I said “I’ve been listening to his every day all day long. You do not

have to have a will to live. I wanted to

commit suicide every day. I hated my life. I did not want to live. I

wanted to die. I prayed to die because of the pain I was in. And

the weakness and the… I had no life! But I just concentrated

because I had many reasons I wouldn’t commit suicide. Mostly

spiritual and other reasons, I believed at the time, that I wouldn’t

commit suicide, so I said I always did what I thought was best for

myself at the time that may reverse and heal it. And here I am

today. In the worst odds. You know, nobody has lived 33 years

after a diagnosis of multiple myeloma, blood and bone cancer.

Most people live 6 months at best. There’s been a few people who

have bone marrow transplants who have lived maybe 10, 12

years. But no one has lived 33 years, like I have. And most people,

99.9% die within 6 months. So I said, I doesn’t matter if you have

the will to live or not, just do what works. And you will recover.

But, there’s that plane, that state that you have to go through,

that shows you that this diet is not a magic bullet. It’s something

that will repair the damage and detoxify the toxins that are stored

in your body, and heal you period. And it’s work. But it may, every

day, gets easier. I’m only halfway, it takes 40 years to go from ill

health to optimal health, according to Pottenger’s work. It takes 5

generations of cells, and it takes us 7 to 7&½ years to replace

every cell in the body, one time. So you figure five times that’s

37&½ to 40 years. I’m only halfway, I’ve only been eating a raw

diet since December, 18 years. With meat on a daily basis. When I

started eating meat on a daily basis, that’s when I hit the right

diet. And I’ve only been doing it 18 years. I’m only halfway and if I

stopped right here I’d be so satisfied, it’d be fine. But I’m not, I’m

still getting better. Every day, I get better. So this diet is there’s an

option for those who want to get better every day instead of

degenerating a little bit every day. Alright. Thank you for coming!

What we’ll do is take questions and answers, and then I’ll start

reading everybody one by one.

(Q)I’ve heard that you’re doing some battle against California to

outlaw raw milk or something, can you like, at least help us maybe

some people that might want to help fight that?

(A)OK, the situation with raw milk in California is, the state since

1967 has been trying to get rid of raw milk. They couldn’t do it

blatantly, they couldn’t get away with it blatantly, because there

was too many people that were drinking it and fought them.

When they went after Altadena in the ‘70s...74 and 78, about a

hundred thousand people called and wrote the state. That put a

stop to it. They came after them in the ‘80s and it kept going. Then

what they did was started infiltrating the medical milk

commission. Now the state of California allows each county to

have their own medical milk commissioners, to regulate raw milk

in their county. What happened was the state of California started

getting in the American Medical Association and the American

Veterinarians Association, they nominate doctors to go on the

medical milk commission, that’s how it’s arranged. So they started

nominating anti-raw milk commissioners. Now in the state law it

says the medical milk commission is there not to ban raw milk but

to make it, uh, certify it, and make it a healthy product. Doctor

Lidam, John Lidam, who was nominated on, he’s a professor at

USC in Los Angeles, made a public statement, that when he was

on the milk commission, we would see the end of raw milk. And

we did. We saw the end of…they put, basically, he and all the

other MDs and one veterinarian, on the milk board…made the

restrictions so difficult for Stuyves Raw Dairy, that they were

passing, that by the last month they were in business they only

passed 2 milkings out of a whole month. They went bankrupt.

Altadena said we’re not packaging your raw because we have to

hold it for 2 days, and it never passes. So they had to constantly

make by-products of it. So they stopped doing it. So, Stuyvee’s

went out of business, that’s why they’re not in business. So, then

we found someone down in Los Angeles where he volunteered to

start hauling milk down from Claravale. Claravale had 26 cows,

something like that, like 18, 19 milking. Once two years went by

he’s up to 60 some cows. And he’s producing a lot of milk, and we

were selling it down in Los Angeles. And I got a meeting, I went to

one of the board of supervisors, they handle county law, and I said

you know we really need to stop the health department from

moving in on this dairy. So, I got a meeting with the COO of the

health commission of Los Angeles county, and the Director, and I

had a 45 minute meeting with them last February. They left us

alone until last August 8th. Then they went in and started pulling

it out of the stores. I organized a demonstration, and we finally

after December got them to put it on their ballot, to make a

motion to allow Grade A, and guaranteed raw milks, which the

state allows. That means that Claravale would be allowed to be

sold in the stores in Los Angeles. Right now basically, they consider

we’re bootlegging it. Because it is illegal in Los Angeles and it’s

being sold. But not in stores, except for a few that they haven’t

gotten to yet. They’re supposed to vote on this motion on

December 19th. They voted on it, but one of the, Antonovich, one

of the board of supervisors decided to make an amendment to it.

And he addresses his amendment like this: ‘raw milk is a serious

business. We should consider whether it is in our best interest in the

health of the public before we vote on this, to make it stand.

So, let’s go ahead and vote on it, but what we’ll do is ask for a

report issued by the health department, and the implications

involved in the risks’. So I was the first speaker, and I said “You’ve

had this issue for 2 and a half years before you, the first time I

brought it up was 2 and a half years ago. You don’t need 30 more

days to do this. And he got red in the face and put his head down,

and I said “And you know it’s not a danger, nobody’s getting sick,

no one’s gotten sick. And if you have the health department make

a report on it, they’re all MDs and they’re against bacteria, so

they’re against it, so you’re going to get a prejudiced, biased

opinion”. So basically when they came out with their 5 page report

there was nothing good in it. The last paragraph in it said “we

could find nothing in our records or in the research that raw milk’s

any good, that it has any benefits to health. There is a very large

group of very, motivated people, who eat it and think it’s good for

them”…that was their report. So, I got together, we had 2

attorneys who volunteered to work with us, one is on the diet,

one is not. One’s a vegetarian as a matter of fact, doesn’t even

drink the milk, but he’s volunteered. So, I would write all the legal

documents, all the letters, and then it would go under their name.

So we basically got them to stop the vote, until we make our own

report. So I just finished one of the reports yesterday morning, for

Dr. Douglas, who wrote the Milk Book. So I compiled all of his stuff

and wrote a 23 page report from him. Then we’ll have another

report from Dr. Priviterra. And then other researchers, we have

one from Yale who’s working on it. So we have probably about,

we’ll have somewhere around 400 pages including abstracts,

showing that raw milk has been proven good in experiments and

tests by MDs and by universities. And they said they had none. So,

right now, it looks like from what I can tell, a senator stepped in to

help us this week, and he said that “yeah I know all the board of

supervisors, is there any way I can help?” I said “Yeah, can you

visit each one of them and hand deliver the report, because

they’re not going to review that report, it’s going to the health

deputies, the health deputies are all paranoid about it because

they don’t know their butts from a hole in the ground. They’re just

the liaisons, they don’t know anything about anything. So basically

it’s not going to get to them. So what I need you to do is hand

deliver it to each board of supervisor, and talk to them about it. So

he said ok. But he said I want to let you know, Yarsloski is not

going to vote in your favor. I said well I figured that. And he said

you know why? And I said yeah, because all the doctors are in his

district. And he said that’s exactly why. But he said the other 4 are

likely to, if we get this report together properly. Also, I legally went

after, in one of my letters I wrote for the attorney, I went after the

bias and prejudice of the medical milk commission…and the

actual health department…that they are anti-raw milk…that they

are very prejudiced against it. And the report was evidence of

that. So, they said ok, well there is a commission that oversees the

health department, you know like they have a police commission,

who’s the board of other doctors who oversee the health

department in case there are incidents like this. So, finally I got a

hold of the chairman of that department, and he’s agreed to

review the information, all of the facts, he will make a report,

because their report is the only report that can nullify the health

department’s report. So, and they’re allowing me to pitch the

whole idea on the 8th, before it the vote on the 13th. So it looks

very promising. If it doesn’t, we will have so much data, and all the

reports necessary to get writ of mandamus, which means we stop

the law. It won’t be legal. And it looks like we’ll be able to do it. No

matter how it goes, we will end up with milk. The last resort and

we’ve already put this in place, is that we’ve constructed a

co-opportunity. So what we’ve done is leased the cow, the herd,

Claravale’s herd. We pay him monthly for the lease of the herd.

That means the milk belongs to the members. We just get our

share, and we’re not ‘buying’ the milk. So we’ve arranged that. If

it happens, you know the state has moved in on this. One of the

paragraphs, or one of the sentences, two of the sentences of the

health department’s report said “we would like you to put a year’s

hold on this, and let us get the state to conform to our

regulations”...which means there would be no raw milk. And it’s

really been from the state, all this problem is anyway. Guy’s name

is Ben Warner who heads the state of California’s health

department, he’s been in office about 36, 37 years. Time to get rid

of him. (comment from audience): Get him on some raw milk and

high meat! (laughter)

He thinks it’s the most dangerous thing in the world. He’s the one

that’s headed the campaign, basically. And he’s been found of

fraud…to make fraud against it. So, you know, if it happens, no

matter how it happens you can have your milk, it’s just that you

will have to go to Claravale, you have to organize your own co-op

like I did down there. All the contracts have already given to Ron

Graithwaite (sp?) who owns the Claravale. So you don’t own the

milk, you don’t own the land, you don’t own anything, you own

the cows. You’re a leaser of the cows. It’s as if you had a car,

leasing a car, you get full value use of it, but at the end of the

lease, you don’t own the car, nor do you own the cows. And that’s

how it works. But that would ensure that you have somebody get

our truck like we had down there, a refrigerator truck, and distribute

one day a week…to Northern California and then you’d

have everything in place. As long as you’re a member, which

means you pay ahead of time. So you pay, you know, a week in

advance for the milk you’re going to get the next week, basically is

what it is.

(Q)We had a set up to have Mountain People’s bring Claravale’s up

here, Mountain People’s is a local food distributor, so…

(A)But they can…they can do it here…it’s not illegal here, it’s only

in Los Angeles County…the snobs of California.

(Q)How many people here from Nevada City are there? Because

all the Nevada City people need to go to the local co-ops and start

asking for raw milk, and then they will get it.

(A)Yes, they will

(Q)They have to see that the demand is here, that’s all the reason

they don’t have it yet.

(Q)Yeah on that real quick, I know that Eric, the manager of Whole

Foods, he said he would do it if enough people came up and told

him that he wanted it, but he needs to commit to like a hundred

gallons, he needs a certain quota to guarantee, because he has to

pay for the shipping up here. So, people need to go there and tell

him, and he’ll get it.

What happens down in San Diego in some areas, where they don’t

deliver, they have one person go down and get for everybody. So,

once every 6 weeks, there’s 6 of them, one of those people goes

down and gets each week, so they rotate in a 6 week cycle, one

person goes down and gets it for everybody.

(Q)What county is the dairy itself?

(A)It’s in Watsonville, which is Santa Cruz

(unintelligible question)

(A)Like I said it’s only illegal in Los Angeles County.

It’s fine, it’s legal everywhere else, but not Los Angeles. But, when

I finish with all these reports. I’m going to issue them on the

internet, so anybody can use it in any state to go after raw milk, to

go after their politicians, whatever they want, and we’re going to

go after the state and then after that we’re going after the federal

government, we’re going after the FDA, which basically got Ronald

Reagan and Bush to sign no interstate transportation of raw milk.

So, we need to rescind that, revoke that law.

(Q) You know, one of the things that’s produced from you raw milk

is that you’re (unintelligible) among people who are quite

knowledgeable of health stuff, and all my friends have the same

reaction, it’s like “are you crazy”, you know… it’s full of bacteria or


(A)That’s all hype…

(Q)Right but what I’m saying is that the education is not


(A)Well that’s what I’m saying, these reports have the education

and the tests and all of the information, in it. Given objectively,

too, not favorable or unfavorable. It just gives the information that

milk has never had a case of death from it, yet there, theoretically

they’re attributing, like we got the report from UCLA, they did a

report on the “dangers of raw milk”. They never blueprinted to say

that it came from raw milk, they did interviews. And that’s how

they determined that raw milk was killing people. They did


(Q) So there’s nothing scientific, there’s nothing proven…

(A)Well, you have to understand, that the academic field loves to

bravado itself on all these intellectual formulas that they create,

so, when you’re talking about statistics, and that’s that they did,

they have these great formulas which they think are brilliant! But

they have nothing to do with reality.

So they think it’s brilliant. And you should read the report, it

makes you want to vomit because these people think they are so

brilliant, and they’re not right at all, because reality doesn’t show


(Q)I’ve been on the raw diet for about 3 years and I talk to

a lot of people about it. So it’s great fun when I tell them about

eating chicken, and people…”what about the salmonella in the

raw milk”, like, well I’ve eating it…what do you think?...after I tell

them it’s all hype.

(A)Right! You want to say something, Larry?

(Q)I remember when I was active in discovering health food in the

‘60s, that there were tests that were done on outdated dairies and

they kept getting in the papers, so is the Claravale Dairy have tests

on their milk products also, or…?

(A) Oh yes, well the state requires it, just not like the ones in LA,

see the LA county right now, if you want certified raw milk in Los

Angeles county… certified milk means certified by the Los

Angeles medical milk commission…it has to have zero, it has a

zero tolerance for E.Coli or Salmonella. It means that milk will

hardly ever pass. All other state, all other raw dairies and even

pasteurized dairies can have anywhere from ten of them existing

in 1 part per million part. (comment from audience) wow, what a bias!


(Q)So is that who’s county… that Claravelle milk which Mercedes

introduced me to…that does have Salmonella in it?

(A)Yeah, occasionally, yeah, maybe up to ten parts per

million…which is great…I mean, I want…I say “Ron, if it were up

to me, I would have you throwing horse shit and anything else

there you want in it!

But, let me give you an example, in Georgia in the ‘80s, Mathus

Dairy, was a big raw dairy like Altadena was here…when it was

Altadena then it became Stuyvee’s…he was asked, you know he

was a politician too just like one of the Stuyvee’s brothers was

politician, was mayor of Monrovia…but he was asked to go to a

prison, I think it was in Augusta Georgia, and take a look at their

dairy that was within that prison because this prison was

self-sustaining, they had their own gardens, their own cows,

everything. He milked them, and he said it was the filthiest thing

you could see. You couldn’t see the top of the milk from the flies

and the dung that went into the milk, and he said it piped directly

into the kitchen, and all they did was filter it and serve it to the

men, and none of them, not one case of salmonella or E.Coli

poisoning. And you know that the E.Coli content must have been

skyrocketed, and they did not pasteurize the milk. They just drank

it raw. Why wasn’t there any bacteria food poisoning? In all of

those prisoners? Not one. You know, I mean, I’ve got that in the

report. You start putting out information like that and they say

“WHAT?” But it’s there! It’s documented.

(Q) You write in the book about the raw, filtered butter. So,

yesterday I was meeting with the head of the dairy buyer for

Whole Foods in Mill Valley, and he said we don’t have it because,

apparently it’s from Claravale, they produce enough milk to

produce whole milk, and there’s not enough left to do skim milk

with the cream separation, so how do we…he gave me one

source actually, in apparently from Maine…is that how you got

the raw butter?

(A)That’s how you have to get it, you have to right away send away

for it.

(Q)Or… coconuts

(A)Yes! Coconuts. Not quite the same, but it’s, yeah.

(Q)That’s what I wanted to ask you about, when you talk about

coconut cream, what is that?

(A)When you take the coconut, I have a segment in my book that

talks about how to open it, and care for the coconut. When you

take the meat from it, and you put it through a juicer, like a

Champion or a two-gear, or a Green Light that’s also geared, the

magnetic one, that will press the fat out of the pulp.

(Q)Is that hard meat or soft meat?

(A) Well mainly, hard. But the jelly is fine, too, but then you don’t

have to juice it as much. Just scoop it out. Blend it with stuff.

(Q) But that has the fat in it too?

(A)Yes. It doesn’t have as much, but it does have, yes.

(Q)And then the milk part?

(A)The milk part, you remix that with the cream if you want, to

thin it out, or just drink it. There’s very little sugar in that even

though it’s so sweet. Those are minerals which make it taste

sweet, not sugar, in the milk. So it won’t cause a sugar

reaction...let me tell you…when I lived in the tropics for awhile, I

would drink 6 of those a day and never got a sugar reaction. And

I’m diabetic and let me tell you, if I had sugar, my toes, my whole

feet would be in cramps and my hands…

(Q)What about almond milk, what is the vitamins in almond milk?

(A)It’s cooked. The problem with almonds, is that, when you have

to germinate them, to get the enzyme retardant out of them, and

once you do that, you’ve converted it into a cellulose, it’s more

difficult to digest. If you have nothing else, it’s helpful. But animal

fats…very easy to eat, 100% assimilable, and the almond milk is

probably 30% assimilable. So there’s your difference.

And there’s lots of starch in it, which means carbohydrates. So,

then you have all those by-products to deal with, all that sugar.

And that increases candida, yeast, all kinds of things.

(Q)How do you do like I want to go to a Buddhist retreat and there

is no meat allowed…

(A)That’s not a Buddhist I’d go to. There are other Buddhist

retreats that allow it, because I have lots of clients that go on

Buddhist retreat.

(Q)There’s a place in Alima, the Vendanta Society, you can go…it’s

not Buddhist, you can do your own thing…

(Q)… but I mean, I Iike the one I go to, I mean my

Krishna…(unintelligible)...I mean if I can’t, how do I (unintelligible)… so I have like high butter and cream for a week and stuff like that?

(A)Well that would be helpful, but you’re going to get protein

deficient, and you might have some reactions from too much


(Q)What about raw eggs?

(A)Raw eggs would be helpful, but like I said, there’s not any

mature proteins, so you’re not going to regenerate tissue, you’re

just going to maintain. But that’s good, I mean, I have people who

have allergies and I start them off eating nothing but eggs for 3 or

4 days. That’s all they eat is an egg every hour.

(Q)You talked earlier about using cream and berries to remove

metal poisoning. If you have a lot of fillings, is that futile…if you

have a lot of old, very old fillings? Are you just, you know, unless

you remove your fillings are you just kind of removing what you

can but you’re still…

(A)Well, you’re still going to need to clean it out, if you have

fillings you’re going to be emitting what you call a mercurial gas,

and that’s you know, can be lethal because it collects as a

hardened, it rehardens within the system, as it’s absorbed, but if

you have the berries and cream you’re going to help remove that

so it doesn’t store in your body and contaminate you more.

Especially if you have fillings, you should eat that way..keep the

mercury…every day it emits gas. Every day you’ll get mercury

poisoning, if you have fillings. So you eat properly so it doesn’t

store in your body.

(Q)But then the right thing to do to have different kinds of fillings


(A)Yep, but then you’ve got the toxicity, you’ve got metal

poisoning, you know, in the glues, and even in the enamel, and in

the plastics, you know. There’s no way around it.

(Q)I would like to comment on that. I had 2 fillings replaced. They

drilled it so far up I had to have root canals on both of those teeth,

cost me $2000, plus now I have no root there. And that’s not good

either to have those roots removed.

(A)Well, the one thing to do is, if you never want them to go to far,

if you’re gonna allow them to drill, is never use Novacaine. When

they get into anything live you’ll feel it, and you’ve stopped them,

that’s what I did. I had mine removed in 1978, and I had 4 hours of

drilling on a Tuesday, 4 hours of drilling on a Wednesday, no

Novacaine. I ate a little marijuana, and I had some cloves that I put

in my mouth, sucked on them, it burns the hell out of everything

but it numbs everything. The trick is, though, it isn’t the drilling

directly into the tooth that causes the pain, it’s when the bit gets

hot. So anytime it got hot, my hand was on his leg. If it got hot, I

just barely squeezed it, he pulled it out, I hardly had any pain.

Hardly had any pain, and he drilled for 8 hours all together in 2

days, and got it all out. And he never went too far, because I could

feel it. When he was getting into live tissue, I stopped him.

(Q)What creates the, not craving the meat? I mean, when I was

younger I would eat the meat raw when my mom was preparing

it, and loved it, and then, I became a vegetarian around age 20,

and I would still have natural cravings for it and eat it if I wanted it.

But the last 3 or 4 years it’s like, there’s been like no craving at all


(A)Does it make you nauseous?

(Q)No, not that bad at all, but I’m not desiring it, I mean I know

what it feels like when you desire it, you go “gosh, some pink

meat”, you know, and I’m not that way…it’s been about 3 or 4

years and I’m not feeling that at all.

(A)Well you have to understand that we’re mainly anorexic… f

or good raw foods, especially raw meat, and that’s a

problem. So, let me give you an example, I had a client, J. H. that was

thinner than this beautiful young lady, and when

he walked in the door, he was so thin and he had been chronically

fatigued for 5 year, he walked like this… he had to throw his arms

out so he would have the energy to move forward. You see him

today, a year and 2 months later, and he looks like Samson.

Incredible. But he came in he has no appetite to this day… none.

And I said J., if you’re not vomiting, you’re eating. You force it.

And if you feel like you’re going to vomit, eat three more bites,

and then stop. And it works! He’s happy. He doesn’t enjoy his

food, but the rest of his life is great. And it only takes him a few

minutes to eat the food.

So, he has no problem. You know, he’s got all this energy, he’s a

student, he’s studying this now, he was studying Eastern Medicine,

he’s getting his doctorate in that, and here he is getting ready to

dump all of that, and to do this. But that’s one thing, if you don’t

have an appetite, it doesn’t matter. Even if you’re vomiting, if

you’re repulsed by it you’ve got a problem, because your system is

over-alkaline, or your blood is too acid. If your digestive tract, if it

gets over-alkaline, for me to eat vegetables, or too much fruit, you

will be repulsed by meat, you will not be able to digest it, so your

body says “I do not want that… I don’t have the acids to do it”. Or,

your blood is so acid that if you have any more acid in it, you could

cause a stroke, so, not that that would happen, but it’s, you know,

the body may fear it.

(Q)So if you begin to eat it your body will begin to crave the

acids… and …

(A)No, no…you have to eat vegetable juice to get rid of the blood

acidity. If you are repulsed by meat because you have blood

acidity, then you have to eat the vegetable juice… green vegetable

juice. If you are over-alkaline in the intestines, you need to stop

eating salads and you need to stop eating fruit. And then you’ll

have more of an appetite, at least most people will have more of

an appetite for meat. But like I said if you don’t, and you’re not

vomiting, you’re eating.

(Q)When I eat red meat I have bad reactions, like I get

hemorrhoids, so I’m not even touching red meat.

(A) OK, that means that her blood is too acid. You look at her and

you say, well, she’s white, you wouldn’t expect her to have, you

know, she’s not ruddy complected, so you wouldn’t expect her to

have acid blood, but that’s a sign of acid blood. So what you have

to do if you eat red meat, you have to eat 1 or 2 bites of fish with

it, and that will counterbalance it. At the same meal, with it, with

the red meat.

Some people, most people can do with chicken after they’ve

eaten the fish for a few days, so chicken or fish will work, but I

would say if you’re getting hemorroids, then eat the fish for about

a week, and then it could be either fish or chicken.

(Q)So, what is the acid in my blood?

(A)Your blood is too acid. There’s too many minerals which are

acid forming in your blood. Not alkaline-forming but acid-forming.

(Q)From toxins, or?

(A)From toxins, yeah. From debris, could be anything that is stored

in your body from a lifetime.

(Q)How do you get rid of too much uric acid? I have a touch of

gout in one toe.

(A)OK, uric acid usually comes from cooking meat… eating cooked

meats. And also from exercise and your body not having the

proper fats or the proper alkalizing minerals to neutralize those

and to eliminate them from the body…usually causes gout. Or

degeneration of the joints or muscles, that causes osteoporosis.

Best way to get rid of that is to have bits of pineapple with raw

cream, or cheese, that helps dissolve it and remove it from the

tissues a little bit better. Watermelon, but watermelon is awfully

high in sugar, unless you’re eating it very unripe, and that’s the

best way to do it.

(Q)How about cherries?

(A)Cherry juice is lower in sugars than most, but it’s still pretty

high in sugar, so, but if you ate it with cheese, or some butter, or

cheese and butter, it would help.

(Q)It has to be raw, doesn’t it?

(A)Of course.

(Q)You’re not talking about that stuff in the jar? …that’s not raw

(A)No, I’m not talking about that, that will just cause more of it.

Because of the high sugar content. You’d have to get your cherries,

and eat cherries and with raw cream and raw cheese, or raw


(Q)How does sugar and fat work together in the body, like eating

fruit and fat as you were recommending?

(A)Eighty percent of the best energy combinations, 80% fat, 15%

protein and 5% alcohol that the body makes from fruits, so if

you’re eating a small amount of fruit, if it’s high in carbohydrate

it’s ok, if it’s the low carbohydrate fruit, like most of your berries

and cherries, then you can eat more at a time, with the fat. But

the fruit is there to ferment, to give you, to allow the body to

utilize, burn fuel properly, utilize fuel properly in a 5% ratio or to

make into solvents to dissolve toxicity, also the same ratio.

(Q)So is that percentage by weight, or…

(Q)Caloric intake, which you can do it by weight, for every 1

molecule of fat, you have like 2 and ½ calories, for 1 of sugar it’s

only 1 calorie.

(Q)Raw coconut, green coconut, can you eat those?

(A)Yes, as jelly. Yeah.

(Q)Any experience with what will help restless leg syndrome?

(A)Restless leg? It’s high acidity. A lot of people have it, there’s too

much uric acid in the body, or there’s too much vitamin C…people

who take high amounts of vitamin C have all that energy and their

hands are in their legs, and their body’s constantly twitching. You

know, when they’re sleeping, sometimes it’ll wake them up.

(Q)What about the cramping?

(A)That’s because what it does is that vitamin C is, vitamin C is, the

job in the body is the citric acid cycle…it is only to burn fat as fuel.

But because it causes… it neutralizes things like free radicals…

they’re starting to use it mechanically. And what it causes is the body going to look for fat.

Vitamin C works on fat. You have to

have a tremendous amount of fat…5%, vitamin C, 80% fat, 15%

protein, to be used properly. If it doesn’t guess what happens?

People are taking mega-doses of vitamins, think what happens?

Their nerves end up becoming scarred. Because the vitamin C will

go in and pull out, make lesions in the neurological tissue or in the

glands, anywhere, and pull the fat out, and then leave a hole, a

sore, that scars over in your body. And that happens on people

who are thin and lightweight as you are, it just goes in and starts

havoc all the time…everytime you feel a lesion, you better believe

that’s vitamin C or some other acid going into the tissue pulling

out the fats, so you’ve got that jerking going on all the time.

Other people who have nervous twitches, it can just be from a

neurological problem, that may not be related to vitamin C, but

can be in other compounds that’s irritated the nervous system.

But usually it’s always some irritant to the nervous system.

(Q)I had a flu a couple weeks ago, and ever since then, I’ve had

lots of gas, and I’m wondering, if that’s the sign of anything if you

have a lot of gas, and if there’s any particular thing that’s good to


(A)Was this an intestinal flu?Where was it?

-no, it wasn’t, well, actually it was, I was nauseous and I had a

headache, and I was dizzy.

Ok, that is a sign that the intestines had been breaking down

compounds that are in the tissues, and dumping into the system.

So, it could be related to, let’s say, plaquing, in the intestine, and

dead tissue is there and it breaks off and as it breaks off and starts

dissolving, guess what happens? Like any chemical reaction, you have gas,

that’s a result of it. And it has to be, unless you’re having

a lot of cream. Cream is the only way that will neutralize those

gasses. Because what it does is, it doesn’t really neutralize the

gasses, the cream coats the compound that’s been dissolved, so

that it’s no gas necessary.

(Q)Would other fats do that too, like avocado, and coconut?

(A)Not as well as cream will. Cream permeates everything. Butter

can permeate everything but still not like the cream. They will

help to an extent. Sometimes what they’ll do is with avocado it

will make it worse. Because avocado is a great detoxifier. So, if you

ate avocado and cheese, it might have more of a soothing,

absorbing reaction. But if you eat it with avocado with anything

else it’s likely to make it worse.

(Q)I have one question but also, you reminding me to share the

depression thing. Can you direct what scar tissue you can heal at a

time? Can you choose an area of your body you know, and go for


(A)Uh-huh, but I charge $5000 for that. That’s a little problem,

right?! What you have to do, if you have to eat the foods that

dissolve scar tissue. And at the same time, you apply a hot water

bottle every night on the area where you want the scar tissue to

be removed. That will increase circulation to that area, and most

of the…more nutrients…will get into that area.

(Q)Alright, and then the depression thing you asked me, what I

mentioned to you, is, you know, I felt really good, I felt like I’d

been on top of the world for awhile, and then just right after

Christmas, I’m in one of the lowest depressions…I didn’t even

think I could ever feel that bad again. And so that was sorta scary

to feel that bad when you didn’t think you would, so…I wanted to

bring it and he wants to talk on that a little.

(A)So you feel sorry for her…(laughter)… I know that’s

(unintelligible)...well, according to, well think about it logically. If

you have toxins forming everywhere else in the body, and a

neurological reaction is a physiological process, in the body, then

wouldn’t it also have toxins related to any kind of trauma, that you

go through…any emotional reaction in your life?

If you look up The Biology of Emotions on the internet, by Elnora

Van Winkle, she wrote a paper on it. She was a biochemist at New

York City University. She was a researcher at New York City

University in biochemistry, dealing with neurological activity, for

something like 40 some years. She’s 70, she’s on this diet, or the

primal diet, I mean, more instincto…because she’s much too

thin…because she doesn’t eat enough fat, she eats what appeals

to her, but she eats the raw meat, the raw fat and everything, but

just not, you know, like I suggest. But in that, in her paper, she

talks about the actual chemical reaction during a trauma is a

physiological compound. She separated it. You can read the

complicated biochemical version, or her layman version, and it

actually showed that there are toxins presented during

depression, during trauma, during all those times, and that when

the body detoxifies those, you have the same occurrence of

emotion that you did at the time. So there may be no emotional

reason, no physical reason, no circumstantial reason, for you to

feel badly, but the depression comes up with those chemicals. So,

she recommends, like the primal diet, she recommends primal

therapy. You know, screaming, yelling, kicking, beating the shit out

of things, you know. That’s not my way. And she and I went round

and around about this. It’s the only thing we seem to differ on about this whole thing. I’m

saying that if you are continuing the

anger, the resentment, and all of that, you are continuing it, in the

present, as well as before. Wouldn’t it be nicer if you took that

energy, and then directed it into singing, dancing, something

that’s delightful, it will change the memory patterns. It’ll even

change the way the body reacts the next time it has that

experience. But if you’re kicking something, beating the hell out of

something, you’re going to continue that behavior every time it

comes out, and guess what happens if there’s no pillow around

and you’re there facing your lover? Not a good circumstance. And

that she talks about in the paper, so why would you want to do

something that continues that? I don’t know.

(Q)With depression, I mean, you don’t even have any energy to do

anything so you can’t even imagine singing or dancing, or…

(A)Well you’d be surprised. If you start listening to a beat, you

know, I’ve felt depressed…you put on a record that’s got a nice

beat that you really like at that particular time, and it starts

moving you in the other direction as long as your not fighting it.

You can reverse that, you can change it.

(comment from another member)You’re right, you FEEL like you

don’t have the energy to do anything, but if you can remember

that, whenI get depressed, it’s, OK, and you smile, you start to

change your chemistry. And if that’s all that you can get yourself to

do, you WILL start to feel differently.

OK, I need to start anyway, because we have a lot of people, so I

have a lot to read, so, OK, who’s first? It only takes 5, 6 minutes a

person, if that.

(Aajonus doing a personal reading)

What’s your name? T. ? OK, sorry I have to put his back like this

but I need the light. OK, both testicles are starting to debilitate.

They’re drawing up. It shows a (unintelligible)… from a very young

age, probably as young as 11 years old. It looks like it was a

reaction from a vaccine, you have, it looks like mercury poisoning

actually in your testes. Eat some blueberries, will help you with

that, blueberries and cream, coconut cream…a little bit of

pineapple, too, because you have some scar tissue all around it,

and you need to remove the scar tissue just to be able to get to

the mercury. You have some other toxic mineral compounds in

there along with it, but that is just trying to build some kind of a

shell around the mercury poisoning. The adrenal glands look like

they were also affected, and they’re enlarged in a fat way instead

of elongated. And they’re very jaundiced, they’re holding a lot of

bile. Eating coconut cream would also help with that, raw cream,

any fat to help remove that. Now if that’s starts dumping right

away since it’s connected so closely with the bowels and the

kidneys, you may get, your urine may get to where you can’t hold

more than 2, 3 ounces at a time, because it will start burning

you…burning the tissue in the bladder and the kidney. So you

may have to go frequently, and that’s a good thing because you’ll

know you’re eliminating something. It gets into the bowels it’s

going to cause diarrhea, and you'll just have to go through

it…probably won’t last for more than 10 days at a time, it’ll

probably go in cycles. (Tim): And that’s from the adrenals?

(A): yes, you have it going all the way up to the pancreas,

too, way up here. Basically you look like you have, your pancreas

looks like you’re diabetic. I’m not a doctor so I’m not diagnosing

for anybody, but this is the appearance of somebody who has…a

pancreas that looks like this it means it’s not functioning. At least the adrenal glands and the

testes are still functioning. , but the

pancreas doesn’t look like it’s functioning properly.

When we eat cooked food, what happens is, the pancreas sends

out hormones to the entire body and says “I need to leach from

every cell, I need vitamins, I need minerals, I need protein, I need

carbohydrates, I need all the good stuff… give it up, because we

have to handle this load of crap that was just eaten”. And each

time you eat cooked food, you take a little bit of energy, and a

little bit of nutrients from every cell. If your pancreas doesn’t

function, you’re in trouble. That means everything that goes into

your body that’s cooked, you will react twice as badly.

The right thyroid is OK, it’s functioning ok. The left parathyroids are

ok. The left thyroid’s OK, the left parathyroid’s very good. The

tonsils look like they’re gone. You have lots of metal poisoning in

the left side of your brain, in the center. Also some gangrenous

tissue in there, in through your sinuses. That may be the bruising

that’s going…what happened to you? (Tim) I bumped my nose


(A) You did a good one! How did you do that?

(Tim) (unintelligible). Well it’s not just that. There’s metal poisoning

in there actually deep into the sinuses. OK, normally you wouldn’t

need much red meat, probably 50/50, but you are clumping white

cells. Your red cells, because they’re metal poisoned are a little bit

weaker, so I would say eat 60% red meat and 40% white, and of

that white I would say 35% foul, and 15% fish, or seafood. You

need lots of minerals. Oysters would be very good for you…clams.

Swordfish would also help. (Tim): The oysters just eat raw?

(A) Yeah. You can make a raw sauce to go with any of these

things, you can take tomatoes and blend them with a little hot

pepper, fresh hot pepper, you know, some butter… delicious with a little bit of lemon juice.

Oysters are really nice if you just don’t

you have scarring, especially right around right here, so I

encourage you to put a hot water bottle on that area, and also

down here, because of all the contamination in the testes. You

have metal poisoning in both kidneys, and the liver. So I would

suggest that you eat 6 to 8 ounces of berries, a day. So you go get

Cascadian Farms at a health food store, they’re frozen organic

berries. (Tim): Frozen’s ok?

(A): Frozen’s OK… remember like

I said in the book, frozen berries are OK. Frozen fruit’s OK. It’s

already sugar and there are no enzymes in ripe fruit, so it doesn’t

matter. So freezing doesn’t destroy any enzymes that don’t exist in

the fruit anyway when it’s all sugar. But in the berries there’s very

little sugar, except strawberries, so don’t get strawberries. And

then mix it with some kind of fat, to help bind with that. And eat

that in the afternoon, not in the morning or evening. If you eat

berries in the morning, you’re going to cause a kidney

detoxification, and you don’t want force that. If you eat it in the

evening you’re going to cause a neurological detoxification and

you may not be able to sleep at night. If you have it in the

afternoon your body will spread it out everywhere and do it

evenly so it won’t concentrate in just one area. You need to eat at

least a pound and a half of meat a day. And eat fat with it every

time preferably 3 tablespoons of butter. Looks like your system

would be better eating 2 meat meals a day, rather than 3. You

could use, to help your testes grow back quicker, you could eat

from 12 to 18 eggs a day. And you need to put on about 40

lbs…everywhere. (Tim):And then take it off? (A) No, you

need to put on 40 lbs and then put on an extra 15 or 20, and then

take that off. But you need to get stable, but your juice should be

about 60% celery, 20% parsley and 20% summer squash. Summer squash or zucchini,

cucumber, crookneck. OK? And if they’re not

organic, take a paring knife, go over the top, and if it comes up

with a wax, it’s coated… peel it before you juice it. The summer

squash help absorb toxic minerals in the body and any

contaminated starches, help pull it out of the system. And you

need to drink 5 to cups a day.

Now I’m going to go over a few things.

(Q)Question on berries, are fresh better if you get them, or does it not


(A)Yeah, it does. There are more enzymes in fresh berries, so you

already have the enzymes active, but if you’re drinking your juice you

always have some extra.

Remember, 2 cups of vegetable juice a day, GREEN vegetable juice a

day. Doesn’t need carrot or anything like that because that’s too high in

carbohydrate. But green vegetable juice a day…2 cups will take care of

your daily needs. It means every time you eat something, it’s not

completely fresh, it’s not right out of the ground, it’s not off the tree,

anything, so there’s always enzyme deficiency. Drinking vegetable juice

2 cups a day will take care of all the daily need. Two extra cups a day will

help replenish all that that has been leached out of your body from all

the years of cooked food, but it takes time…years and years and years

to replenish all of that. So 2 extra cups a day will put you further on the

road to excellent health.

(Q)How long does veggie juice keep from the time you make it?

(A)Good question, that’s what I was going to go into right now. Ok, you

can make it for 3 days, but you have to preserve it in this way: you have

to get jars like this, 8 oz jelly jars, canning jars. Get lids, get the Ball jars,

and they have enamel lids with an actual rubber lining sealer. Kerr jars,

the metal is on the inside, it’s not enamel, plus it has some awful gray

matter that melts into your food. So Ball jars and Ball lids are the ones

to get, or if you get Kerr jars, throw away the lids and get the Ball lids,

they do sell those separately. And they even sell these fancy ones now

where the lids match and all that, at Target and places like that, and

they’re completely enameled inside and out. Most of them are just this

color outside, and enameled on the inside. So what you do is you juice,

so you’re eating 4 cups a day which is a quart. So you could make 3

quarts, 96 ounces. Divide that into proportions that I recommend, if you

need to have one recommended, when you’re up here, I will

recommend one. What you do is you juice the 3 quarts, then you take 3

ounces, and you put it in the 8 oz jelly jar. Then you put 3 and ½ ounces

of honey in here. Then you also have to have an Oster or Osterizer

Blender. And they’ve got that big bowl and at the bottom there’s a black

base, and you unscrew that. They what you’ll have is a washer, an metal

blades, and that black base. You take the washer, you put it on the top

of the glass, you take the blades, out that through down into the cup,

the glass, and then take the bottom and you screw that on, turn this

upside on the blender, and blend it for 5 to 10 seconds only. When you

do that, you prevent all the oxygenation when your blending. If you use

a big blender, it’s going to go all the way up all over the place and just

keep sucking new air in all the time. But when you blend in these, it

isolates it, the gasses from it’s own food will mix and neutralize the

oxygen. So it doesn’t oxidize your food. Then you pour that into your 3

quarts, stir it gently, and then take one of those Ball measuring jars that

has the little spout on it. Now if you use the one that comes with the

Green Life juicer, it’s so narrow that it goes everywhere except where

you want it to go. So I went out and got a Pyrex one with a bigger

mouth, and you just pour out of that. Then you pour the juice back into that, and then you

have 12 of these jars lying on the table. And you fill

them all the way to the top. And if you do it like I do it, you get it

bubbling, because as it sits, all the bubbles will come up to the top and

you have foam on the top. So I curl my tongue and suck the top off and

cap them and put them in the refrigerator. They will only deteriorate 7

to 10% in 3 days, in 78 hours, so you have a little over 3 days to drink it.

For some reason, in the lab, what happens is after the 78th hour, after 9

tests, it just for some reason, even though it wasn’t opened or exposed

to oxygen it just deteriorated fast. So, as long as you maintain it like

that, maintain it chilled, it will preserve for 3 days.

(Q) unintelligible

(A)Unless you have a serious sugar problem that even 10% of honey is a

problem, yes you should. It helps preserve it. It’s 1 and a half tablespoons of honey per quart.

(Q)Is more OK?

(A)It depends upon the individual

(Q)I thought I heard you say 3 ounces of juice and 3 and a half ounces

of honey.

(A)yes, but you’re blending that to pour into the big amount. That’s so

you blend it all into one so you don’t have to blend all of it, yes.

(Q)(unintelligible)Benny has been playing around with (unintelligible)

and I just wondered, you know, you mentioned that, what do you think

about that, is that a bad thing, a good think, should it be avoided?

(A)Well, you know, a lot of these people think that they are a lot better

than nature. And they think that they can outsmart and do things a lot

better than nature, and I say, I’ve done that a lot, I’ve screwed around

with different waters, I’ve screwed around everything. And let me tell you,

there’s always the side effect to it, always. And Benny’s going

through it right now. Benny can’t even move out of the house. I suggest

that it’s better that nobody fool with anything that’s made by man.

Except for the machines, and that’s it. And just mix your food, but mix

with good water, not anything that’s been processed.

(Q)If I have trouble with… I tried putting honey in my juices and I get

the taste for me is almost repulsive, is it I just have to get used to it?

(A)No. Use lemon. Take 1 small lemon or lime. Make sure it is not

waxed. They put in there “organic”, and yet I went into Whole Foods,

and I saw these coated everything…and I picked them up and it

smelled like petroleum! And I went over to the produce person and I

said “what are you doing labeling this organic? There’s petroleum on

these. He says, “oh, we’re doing that now” and he shows me the sign,

and they even brag about it. And they talk about how organically

minded they are. And there’s actual petroleum, so, one of the suppliers

gave me a call when he heard that I was bad-mouthing them and he’s

very conscious, and he said what are you talking about? I said take a

look at it…call your supplier! So he called the supplier and sure enough

on the organic we’re allowed to put this because this is natural wax but

it’s got [propyl?] in it, which is 3% petroleum product. And I said don’t you

believe that if it’s organic it should have nothing on it, nothing? He said

definitely, I’m going to stop carrying any of them and I’m going to notify

all of them. He’s one of the biggest suppliers in Los Angeles, greater Los

Angeles area. So, you just have to inform the people. But if it has it on

it, you have to peel the rind, otherwise, juice the rind…the whole thing,

in your juice it will help preserve it. Also you know the juice man, he

goes on “(unintelligible)”...sure if you process them with chemicals.

Yeah, and with petroleum you can make it into a solvent. But otherwise,

it’s a great biochemical solvent that will help you break down all kinds

of nasty stuff in your body. So it’s a good thing.

(Q) So orange rind and stuff, so I’ve heard some place that orange rind

can be a problem?

(A)Not unless it’s processed… not unless there’s petroleum on it. You

don’t want a lot, because it’s very potent. When I did the test with even

a raw form, if you used the whole rind of an orange in a juice it would

be too much. That’s why I say, you’re talking about a small, spread out

over 3 quarts. You know, a ping-pong ball sized lemon or lime per 3


(Q)I talked to you awhile ago about pressed herbs that I had pressed,

some mint and ginger, and some basil, and it’s been maybe like 3 or 4

months, and they juiced an awful lot, and they’re still in the fridge and

they taste just like, just like I just juiced them, you can hardly tell at

all..why? How do they keep fresh for so long, is it just a very small

enzyme content, and bacteria content in them? I don’t know if they still

have their healthful properties?

(A)Well they probably won’t have many enzymes left. But they’ll still

have the fragrant oils. Because any time that you’re dealing with an

herb that’s that concentrated, you have a high proportion of oils. So they’ll still stay organic.

And it’ll taste very flavorful. But if you do that

with celery, something that is mostly H20, it’ll break down very rapidly.

(Q) But will it retain all of it’s medicinal (properties)?

(A)Some, not all. Because it won’t provide you with the enzymes you

need. It’ll provide you with good oils and minerals and other things but

it won’t have the enzyme activity.

(Q)So, you’re better off combining them with the celery?

(A)Well it’s better not to do that. It’s better just to juice them fresh. And

if you don’t of course medicinally it can be good and medicinal, I mean

that’s how we got into the whole dried herb things because they weren’t

available year round, and yet people were getting sick because

they were eating cooked foods. So, instead of doing without, they dried

them and then boiled them, and got some nutritive value, even though

there were side effects, from even the medicine. But if you juice things

fresh, then they’re everything you need to heal without side effects.

(Q)What do you think about the herbal extracts, like ginseng or ginkgo,

or any of those… the tinctures?

(A)No, they’re all processed and distilled usually, or tinctured, which

means that there’s either alcohol placed in it or some other element to

cut and extract, and then you have the side effect of those.

(Q)I have one question about the juice thing, putting the honey directly

through the juicer…


(Q)To preserve it. To add honey to the vegetables, when you put the

vegetables through the juicer, put the honey through the juicer with it.

(A)You might do that but you might also get your whole inside very


(Q)And wouldn’t that oxidize more, than with the way you say with the


(A)Probably will. Well the thing I’m afraid of is that metal, even though

it’s solid and stainless steel, the honey could start cutting the….you

know with that kind of a grinding going on, the honey could start, you

know the 10% sugar in it could start causing the metal to come loose.

So I wouldn’t do it.

(Aajonus begins looking at a client’s palms and eyes.)

OK, relax your hands. OK, your left ovary is debilitating, and it looks like

it’s actually caving in. The right is better but it’s also starting to

debilitate. Oh, I just want to let everybody know… everybody is sick

here, so don’t be blown away with what I say, OK, Don’t get

upset. You’re all sick. You’re all diseased, that’s why you’re here, right?

To get undiseased. But you have to know from where you’re starting.

OK, your adrenals seem normal but they’re inflamed and overactive. It’s

just your blood may be a little overly acidic, irritating. Pancreas is about, 1

side it’s about 70% functional on the left side of the pancreas it’s only

about 10%. So you can handle 1 piece of fruit a day as long as it’s with

fat. You have metal poisoning from the chest all the way up to the skull.

A lot of it in the sinuses. Did you have allergies? (unintelligible) Are you

coating your hands with butter or something first? (vitamin E) Guess

what vitamin E is, folks? It’s a byproduct of Fuji and Kodak developing

film. It looks like a tocopherol, and a tocopherol is what a vitamin is. So

they just sell you that as if…that’s a waste product. Guess what, how

much money they make instead of how much money they spend on

dumping it? (on there they say it’s wheat germ oil). Oh, just from wheat

germ oil it’s d-alpha-tocopherol, it’s different, however it’s still solvent

extracted, which means they’ve just made it into the same thing that

Kodak uses. You can only extract wheat germ oil and get it stabilized by

a solvent extraction. If you cold press it, it gets it up to a hundred and

seventy some degrees and destabilizes it. But you’re still getting your

petroleum product when you get a distillation when you’re solvent

extracting it. Causes massive headaches in people and a lot of

contamination, so it’s better just to take some butter or cream, stick

your finger in the milk and cream up your hands, some other way to do

it. Coconut cream would be best because coconut cream has a little

sugar in it so it coats the hand. It actually stops it from breathing to an

extent, so it will not absorb the paint.

(I had an operation too, I had a tubular pregnancy). Uh huh, when? (‘82)

That’s probably what this is. (It was the right tube) Some people are

crossed, um, because it’s caved in, so it’s like there’s a little surgery

done. The parathyroid is excellent, thyroid is OK. Do you have your

tonsils? (Yes) Great! These are good. Parathyroid is good. Your right

thyroid, or left, whichever’s your crossing, one of your thyroids isn’t as

good. But it’s OK. But your glands are mostly working except for the left

side of the pancreas and both of the adrenals are not in great shape and the ovaries.

Your hands look much better from the last time I saw them. They don’t

have all that dryness that there was before. How much of the diet are

you doing? (about 25%) You see the, I don’t know, people can’t see

what I see, but you see this white marking in through here? That’s the

small intestines, and you see all the damage that’s happening in there

from the 30% that you’re eating? You’ve got to get away from those

breads. Because that’s what’s causing that. And you know, that just

interferes with everything else you’re digesting. That doesn’t mean

you’re doing, you know, not doing better…you’re doing a lot

better…because your skin is different, your eyes are very different. And

you know, your skin everywhere is different, so you’re doing a lot better.

I had a client who had breast cancer. And for 9 years she was on the

diet, had no problems at all, but she would eat her bread every day. Or

pasta once in awhile. And just a year ago, I showed her, I took

photographs of her eyes the first time that she had her eyes

photographed, and I showed her from one year to the other, and she

saw that she didn’t have the changes that other people who were on

the diet 100%. Because I showed her in comparison. She was blown

away. So she went a year without eating it and she says THAT made

such a big change, everything. Everything changed for her. In just that

maybe 15% of the diet, and she says “I will never eat that stuff again”.

And the changes from one year to the next were tremendous, from when she had her eyes

done. So, you may think you can get by with that

shit, but let me tell you… of course doing it at 70% is doing it better

than you were before, but there’s even better that you can do.

(client)Yeah I know, I paid for it, when I ate that…

(A)What is your experience when you do?

(client) Oh, I have a rock in my gut..

(A) Yeah, you can see right there… look at it… it’s even turned

rotten; it’s turning your stomach a little gangrene, can you see the

green? In both sides… not as bad as this side, but…

Let me see your eyes…

(client) (unintelligible…my liver)

Well, the liver is pretty white, I mean it looks like you had hepatitis or

something. I mean you may have hepatitis and not know it. Because it’s

very white and it’s very sallow. It’s not in the best of shape. But it’s not

full of bile like I would expect.

(client) You said it was dead last time, so…

(A) So that’s’s better. I mean it doesn’t look real alive

because it’s white. But it’s better than what it was. The liver is this area

right here, so you can see that this whole thing is still white but there are

some splotches of red in it, so at least it’s functioning to a point.

OK, what I’m going to suggest is your bones have cleaned up, which I

wasn’t expecting. And the skin, better in the eyes than what I expected.

Other than, except right around the ears you have a lot of congestion.

Lymphatic congestion, you’ve got a lymphatic rosary belt. For fruit I

would like you to eat maybe once… one cycle of 3 days having some

pineapple, the greener pineapple, only about a half inch circular slice at

a time with lots of fat. Do not eat it without lots of fat, and I mean twice

as much. Which means you’ll actually have more than about 5 times the

amount caloric-wise in fat than you will sugar, but that’s the ratio you’ll

need. And that will help break up some of that congestion in the

intestines, also break up some of that lymphatic congestion. And then

go 4 days without. Meat-wise you still need about 65% red meat, and

35% white. 20% of that should be seafood, fish, and the other 15% fowl.

Now when I give these recommendations, I’m giving an ideal. It

doesn’t mean that you have to be so strict that it has to be 7 days a

week, it means, you know, 4 or 5 days a week, try to do that. But that

doesn’t mean go out and eat bread and cakes and stuff like that. I’m not

saying that!

Unless we have a whole gallery, we could have the modern day Roman

gladiator thing, what’s that called? The auditorium where we can all

watch you suffer. Colosseum, that’s it!

Glands, parathyroid gland is great. Don’t remember it functioning like

that before. Juice combination: vary it. I’d like you to have some winter

squash, but no more than 10%, butternut or acorn squash…help get rid

of some of those, like the cadmium from the yellow dye that you’re

using in some of the paint, and some of the others that’ll help pull it out

of your system. So maybe a 3 day cycle using 10%, then off for about 10

days, minimum of 10 days, and then use that again, otherwise use

summer squash…zucchini, cucumber. But you should always use those, but in a higher ratio

when you’re not using the winter squash. So, the squash should be about 20%, spinach about

15%, and celery about 55%,

or 65%. ??? So what you’ll do is just when you have the winter squash you just cut down the

10% of summer squash. Use that. You could

definitely use berries in the afternoon with some fat, and that’ll help.

Now, you’ve got lots of bile stored out in your tissues in your lymph

system because of the ring you have. It’s the little rosary… the white

ring inside the darkest ring that’s right around the iris. There will be times

when you’re going to get really nauseous, and if you vomit, great; it’s

the best way to get rid of it. Otherwise it might be some diarrhea. You

can add a little bit of cheese and help absorb some of it.


(Q)Did you say her pancreas was 90% gone?

(A)Her? No. On one side it was mostly gone, the other side it was 60%

OK, so she could have one piece of fruit a day.

(Q)what if she eats more than 1 fruit, what kind (unintelligible)

(A) She’s not going to handle the sugar, she’s going to go up and down,

get angry, upset, emotional, cry a lot.

(Q)OK, even though (unintelligible)

(A)Well, the body can’t handle in her system, the body couldn’t handle

any more sugar then. Now remember then, if you get emotional, you

lay off of fruit for days. No high carbohydrates. No starch, no breads, no

any… you shouldn’t have that anyway, but anything that is made into

sugar in the body, you wanna stay away from, it will cure you within 24


(Q)One of your recipes in your book for cold, is oranges with eggs and

banana? And for those who, (unintelligible) I eat that for breakfast

every day.

(A)That’s for making solvents to help break down the mucus and all the

other garbage that’s coming out. But on a normal basis, fruit in the

smoothie is not a good idea, except once a day.

(Q)What about lemon?

(A)Lemon will do the same thing…if you have too much of it. In fact

lemon will start breaking down the bones if you have too much of it,

any citrus will.

(Q)So a 3 day lemon fast is out?

(A)There’s no such thing! Oh, I wanted to say one more thing before we

get started. I love for people to get overweight. This is an important

thing. I call it the weight loss/weight gain program. Weight gain first, but

even if you’re overweight and you haven’t started the diet, you need to

gain weight. Now I’m on my down cycle, I’m a little heavy right now. I

went up about 20 pounds. So what I do is put on the weight. The fat

goes in and leaches out old toxins stored in the tissues. That is the only way

you can get it out. Fasting does not get out anything, but it breaks down

your blood, it breaks down your liver and your glands, and they start

eating each other. Everything eats itself. So it’s not a detox that does

anything other than get rid of some cells and what it does is it gets rid

of the weak cells, the healthy cells eat the weak cells, because they turn

into phagocytes, and what are they eating? They’re eating the weak

garbage! Are they getting stronger? No, you’re just getting more

hyperactive, because of the hormones that will generate when you’re

hungry and starving.


(A)Yeah, that high is to go out and hunt, and eat.

So what I suggest people do, is eat a lot. And when they eat meat they

eat extra fat, lots of extra fat. And then when it’s time to take the weight off, women, I’ll give

you some flack. I suggest that people get 15

to 30 pounds overweight, but I’ve compromised… 12 to 15 pounds

overweight, what your normal weight should be. And then take that up.

You need 2 sets of clothes. Right now I’ve got my fat clothes on.

These are my 33/34 inch waist, and normally I’m a 31.

(Q)Can you explain why you do the fat?

(A)Like I said, those fats go in there and they will leach out the toxins

that are buried.

If you don’t have excess fat in the body it cannot leach out things that

are stored deep in the tissue. It will not happen. I’ve explored it for

years and it just did not happen. When I started using the weight

gain/the weight loss, I could get, like one girl had brown eyes, dark

brown eyes. Her mother had blue eyes, her father had green eyes, one

of her sisters had green eyes, and one had blue eyes, and she was born

with brown eyes. So, she was chronically fatigued from age of 20ish

years old, till I met her, she was 28. Chronically fatigued. Worked 1 day a

week, if that, 6 hours, that was it. That’s all she could do. Otherwise she

vegetated. Very weak, very unhappy, very unhealthy, everything

irritated her, and she was one of those twitchers, all the time, like this…

So, in a year and a half doing the weight gain, she was very bold, she

wanted to get well. She went from very thin, like you…gained 30

pounds, and she’s only 5’5’’. Thirty pounds. She all the sudden looked

strong and healthy. And she does it quickly, it takes her about 6 weeks

to gain, or 4 weeks to gain, and about 6 weeks to lose. Alright, some

people can gain the weight in 3 weeks and take it off in 3 weeks.

(Q)Now does it come off organically?

(A)No, I’ll tell you how to do the cycle. So, in a year and a half

her eyes went from dark brown to green. Then

the next year and a half cycle, one-third of one of the eyes turned blue.

Cleaning out! So I talked to her mother and I said, what was the incident

with her? And she said, well, I was in college, I got pregnant, I didn’t

know, I was smoking, drinking, partying, alcohol, and all that damaged

the placenta, the placenta couldn’t filter out the garbage from the

mother. So that’s why she got so toxic so young.

(Q)What happens to people who cannot gain weight?

(A)You can gain weight. Anybody can gain weight. If you eat extra fat

with your meat, you will gain weight. And you eat lots of eggs, you

know, I had people eating up to 33 eggs a day. You just eat, you eat and

eat! If you’re not vomiting, you’re eating. How many times do I have to

say it?

So if you like your depression you can stay there. If you like that low

energy, stay there. If you don’t, fight it! And then you’ll deal with

nausea, and it’ll make you forget your depression or whatever else,

then you’ll be moving forward.

OK, then to lose the weight, then it’s fun. You have a cup of juice, you

wait till you’re very hungry…that doesn’t mean stupid hungry or angry

hungry, that means hungry. Then you have an egg sized amount of

meat. Now I used to vacillate and give people different ways to do it,

but it was too complicated, people didn’t know what to shift, they’d

have to call me…so I worked out a formula (that) seems to work with

everybody. So, it’s an egg sized amount of meat. Then the next time you

get hungry it’s juice. Then the next time you get hungry, it’s egg. One

egg, rocky-style. And those who do not like it, just put a little half a

teaspoon in your mouth at a time and you can swallow it. Then, juice

again, meat again. Juice, egg, juice meat, juice egg. You’ve got the fat in

the egg. That’s enough to take care of your daily needs. And what it

doesn’t have it will pull out of this fat that is collected garbage deep in

the tissues, and will utilize that and get rid of it. Now, some women over

the age of 40, the first 2 times of the weight loss, it’s very difficult.

Usually it takes anywhere from 2 to 3 months to lose it. After the

second time, it usually goes in 3 to 4 weeks, 5 weeks at the latest. So

they whole response gets quicker. And these people are getting cleaner,

faster, getting healthier faster. This fella I told you about that came in

skinny…that did this…he can gain the weight in 2 weeks and lose it in 2

weeks. And he does 20-30 pounds. This guy is 6 ft tall, he was 132

pounds when he came to me, now he stays at right around 190 and

goes up to 210 and back down. And this guy is so happy. He still doesn’t

have any appetite for food, he still doesn’t like food, But boy it sure gets

him what he wants, so he just deals with that as his limitation now,

instead of everything being off.

(Q)You mentioned winter squash and does that have more

carbohydrate it it?


(Q) And, so in small quantities for some people that might be



(Q) And what about things like sweet potatoes, is that the same thing?


(Q)I heard that the yam that you talk about (unintelligible)

(A) Yeah, but like I said, anytime you’re using an herb or anything like

that, no more than 5% of the juice. Your 96 ounces, only about 4 ounces

of a concentrated herb like the wild Mexican yam, for women who have

heat flashes, things like that, it may help that a little bit in most women.

(Q)Why not sweet potato?

(A)Too high in sugar. Yams are sweet potatoes.


(A)Well, I’ve got a woman who’s trying to find it and she just got her

license from the state, I mean from the federal government to import it,

so we’re working on getting a source. But then I have to experiment and

explore it for a couple of months to be able to see whether it really

does anything or not on a raw diet, and what concentrations we can

utilize it to keep…because again it’s the yam…but there’s some

varieties of that particular (boscus?) plant, it’s called (boscus?). There’s

a first name and there’s boscus. It’s as hard as a marble. So to get it to

break it down and dissolve it I may have to put it in whey, you know, to

break it down.

You know pickling used to do pickling with whey instead of vinegar.

That is much more beneficial for the body. So I started pickling everything

inside of the raw and unpasteurized apple cider vinegar. I use whey

now, so I make some cottage cheese and I’ll take the whey, and use that

to pickle things with, like mustard, and whatever I want to break down

to be able to utilize it differently.

(Q)Will that break down really hard herbs?


(Q)Even my somewhat Chinese herbs and stuff like that?

(A)Yeah, like the hard mushroom…it just takes time.

(Q)Something like astragalus or something like that?

(A)Yeah it’ll break down, just takes time. It will not break down

unless you crush them. And then boil them. See some of them won’t ever break down properly, you know, to where you can utilize them.

(Q)Are dried herbs a benefit?

(A)Only medicinally, for people who are on a cooked diet. On a raw diet

they’re detrimental. If you’re juicing, you couldn’t get a more

concentrated… See back in the old days they couldn’t get vegetables to

juice because all they could do was grind and then wring, you

know…we have access to celery, parsley, all of this stuff all the time, so

we can juice! We’re doing much better than what they were ever able

to do, you know, a hundred years ago, and thousands of years ago.

(Q)What do you do with the fiber from the juice?

(A)I spread it on my garden. And if it’s summertime then I don’t. I put it

in a compost heap, and it breaks it down. Eggs break down so quickly you

wouldn’t believe it.

OK, so, the weight loss program. For some people, they can’t handle the

high juice content. It makes them a little crazy, makes their heart beat

rapidly. So I have them reduce the juice down to 4oz at a time, and only

4 of those a day, so that means they’re only getting 2 cups a day.

However, what I have some of them do, is they go ahead and eat the

8oz, then they’ll have the meat, next time they’ll have the egg, and then

they’ll have the juice, instead of having the juice between those two.

And for the first 4 or 5 days, you might want - since there’s such a

hunger that’s created in the first few days, for about 25% of those who

do it, for about the first 4 to 5 days – to eat every hour. So you can break

your juice down into 4oz. So it’s 4oz of juice, next hour an egg, next

hour 4oz juice, next hour meat. So you’re eating very often, so you’re not really getting into

the craziness. Juice, meat, juice, egg, juice, meat, juice egg.

(Q)And how many cycles a day?

(A)Just keep going until you go to sleep.

(Q)So how would you do that, like once in awhile you decide that you’re

gonna do that? How do you decide?

(A)I recommend that people keep on a constant vigilance of it. Up and

down, constantly.

(Q)I have an egg and I feel nauseous, so I should just like, what do I do, I

mean I may have to go to bed, because I’m like totally slowed down and

I don’t feel like anything and I have to wait until it passes. So is that

what I should do?

(A)It usually means that it is drawing out toxins from the neurological

system that are maybe mercury. Because from egg getting that kind of

reaction it’s usually some kind of chemical poisoning that’s affecting the


(Q)But make sure it’s at room temperature because what I found, like

you said about earthquakes throwing your eggs… I buy my eggs, I make

sure they are sitting out, for at least a week before I eat them. If they

have been chilled in the refrigerator at the store, they will make me

nauseated. So, be sure it’s not that…


(Q)Is it ok to just eat egg yolk, or do I need to eat the white too

(A)Oh no. Like I said in the book, the animals that I fed egg yolk only

were ravenously hungry. Those were animals on a raw diet though.Those people who were on

a cooked diet, an egg yolk would be fine, because it gives them extra vitamin A, extra

cholesterol, all those things.

But on a raw diet, egg yolk by itself will make you ravenously hungry, and egg white alone

will make you a little cranky.

(Q)Have you tried rotten egg?

(A)Yes! I actually will take the eggs and I’ll bake them in the sun for a

couple weeks. And they smell horribly! Horribly!

(Q)Do you eat the shells?

(A)No, I don’t eat the shell. Oh, the egg’s in the shell and I just put it in

the sun, right. And then I break them, and let me tell you, they taste

incredible, like the meat, you know, you just put a plug on your nose,

and it’s great!

And it makes, it’s an automatic lift like with the meat. Only it’s more of a

physiological lift. The high meat is more an intellectual lift, a spirit lift.

But the high egg is usually a physiological hormonal, you know, glandular lift.

(Q)How long? How long to you leave it?

(A)I got one guy who said “oh yeah? Well if it does that it’ll work for sex,

won’t it?” So he went out and had 6 of those eggs, rotten eggs, with a

cup of cream. That guy was crazy for 5 days. He has 3 girlfriends and he

took care of all of them, all day long. I’m not kidding, either, that’s a

true story.

(Q)(unintelligible) my bad breath?

(A)Well, you wouldn’t have (unintelligible) I guess it doesn’t matter.

Well, what you can do is you can always rinse your mouth out with

lemon or lime juice, and let it permeate so it gets up into the tissues,

you won’t smell it, that’s down here.

(Q)Is it (unintelligible)

(A)No. No, it melts, so its all very liquid.


(A)Well, it depends on how far you go. If you catch it at a certain point,

the egg white will be murky. And the egg yolk will be just liquid, but

very orange, sometimes even red. Sometimes if you let it go really far

it’ll turn black. And the old Chinese men will pay $1000 for a black egg.

(Q)Is that because it’s rotten?

(A)Yeah, well it’s so full of bacteria, that it brings them back to life. And

they’re called Century Eggs, and they’re anywhere from a year to 25

years old. And they come up with all kinds of white or black bacteria

depending upon the soil they’re buried in for that decaying process, or

degenerative process. And when they eat them, you know, they’re like

kids, like teenagers again, they go have sex for weeks, something like

that. And they pay $1000 for that. I’d pay $1000! If I were an old

Chinese man!

Ok, I’ve got to get onto these readings or we’re going to be here forever.

(Aajonus begins a client’s individual examination)

(A)OK, lots of bile in your system. Everywhere there’s bile. You’re going to

have bouts of diarrhea and maybe some vomiting. You’re whole genetic

structure is really good and sound. So, you’ve got good basic health, a

rarity in this country. Of course you’re not from this country, right? The

left ovary is breaking down tremendously, the right one’s in great

shape. The adrenal glands are normal, look good. The pancreas is

almost completely debilitated on the left side and on the right side it’s

about 50% active. No more than 6oz of fruit a day, and always with fat.

But I would I say recommend more off it than on it… maybe every other

day, having fruit every other day. Red blood cell count is very good. Of

course all the bile is not helping though, so I would say about 50-60%

red meat, and 40-50% white meat. Kidneys, you’ve got lots of toxicity in

the kidneys and right above it, and the liver. So I wouldn’t change the

program that I gave you earlier today. I’d stick mainly with that. Except

for the quantity of meats that I gave you, and ratio of meat. Spine looks

incredibly healthy on the right side and the left side it looks like it’s

scarred. But I remember looking at your iris, and both sides looked

scarred. But the basic underneath health of this side is good but this

side isn’t. So underneath the scar tissue there’s a good, remember we

couldn’t see it because of the scar tissue there? But this side looks very

good and this one doesn’t. So if you have a lot of pain it’s likely to

happen on the left side of your body. And most of the mineral poison is

on the left side too. OK, I wouldn’t change a thing.

(New patient)

OK I want you to have 5lbs of butter a day, 42 eggs, (laughter)...Let me

tell you a story…I had this woman who was about 72 years old, her

doctor called me. This was 2 years ago last January. And she said I’ve got

a 72 yr old emphysemic patient who’s going to die this weekend. He

goes, is there anything I can do? I said, yeah, well, you’re calling a little

late, aren’t you? And she said, “well, I’ve got my license to protect, my

family’s welfare, and stuff like that”…well, it’s your conscience. So I said

the only thing you can do is get her about 10 dozen eggs, put them by

her bedside, and tell her to eat an egg as often as she can. And if

anything is gonna help her, that’s going to help her. This was on a

Thursday, very late at night. She was calling from Maine, so it must have

been probably 11:30, 12 o’clock her time. And I got a call on Monday morning, early. From a

woman who was talking like this. (whispering).

This woman hadn’t been out of bed in 2 years. She said “I wanted to

thank you. I ate 66 eggs over the weekend”. And she said “This is the

first time I’ve been out of bed in 2 years what else can I do?”

Eat 66 more! And meat! She says I can do that if I’ve gone this far in 2


OK, relax your hands. OK, You’ve had very overactive adrenal glands all

of your life, which means you were hyperactive. That’s too much

adrenaline without enough fat. OK, it makes you too irritable. You do

have the signs which indicate that your pancreas doesn’t do much

anymore. So, sweets are not something good to have. You need some

good raw meat and raw fats to make you strong to give you your

energy. If you keep going to carbohydrates, you’re just going to keep

debilitating, and you’re not going to retain any muscle tissue. And

you’ve lost most of it already. You still have some in the ovaries, there’s

still muscle there, and a lot in your spine. Some in your thyroid gland.

But everywhere else your muscle tissue has dissipated. You still have

good genetic abilities so if you ate raw meat you’d still be able to

regenerate cells, and feel stronger and younger. Your right side of your

intestine is not in good shape. It means it’s very congested, stuff doesn’t

move through easily there. Eggs will help that, you know some

smoothies. Two eggs and about…

(Q)Do I have to eat them raw?

(A)Well if you blend it with some honey and 2 raw eggs and raw milk, it

tastes like a milkshake. You’ll love it.

(Q)I drink protein drinks everyday, should I not?

(A)well that protein drink is processed protein. It’s not healthy protein,

it can’t build muscle tissue, except much of the tissue that disappears

quicker than you can put it on. You know it’s like those body builders

that do that, they stop working out and 6 months later they’re all flab.

And it goes to flab because it’s a toxic protein. If you put it on with meat

you’ll be like me, I haven’t exercised in 22 years. And I keep solid, great

muscle on, and that’s because it’s solid raw meat, it’s stable in the

system. Left thyroid is in excellent shape, parathyroid’s OK. You have

your tonsils. Well you have some good lymph glands which have grown

there to facilitate the loss of those. See this side? They’re all flat and

scarred but on this side you see it’s nice and rounded? So it shows that

your lymph system took care of the missing ones, but not on the right

side. You’ve got good genetic health. You could live another good 10

years if you eat right.

(client) I’m aiming for 100.

(A)OK, then you better eat better, because you’re wasting away

everywhere else. And if you don’t have any muscle tissue, that

adrenaline, that high adrenaline you have is gonna go eat away at what

you do have, and then it won’t be easy to live. It won’t be easy to have

friends, either. But you have great recuperative abilities if you just eat

properly. A lot better than the 80 year old woman I told you about, and

she’s doing very well. She was supposed to die 2 years ago.

You’ve got lots of congestion in both ovaries, and some metal poisoning

there, so, berries would be good for you too. The reason you’re not

moving the lactic acid, you see all these redder spots all over? That’s a

sign that lactic acid is staying in your muscle tissue. That’s a lack of fats.

It takes fat to clean that out. With just a little bit of good fruit like

pineapple. But it would have to be 1 small piece to 3 tablespoons of

cream or butter, something like that to move it…. that would be the

ratio to move it out. If it’s canned it will do just the opposite. It will put

metal poisoning in there, make it worse. Celery juice would be excellent

to help relax the adrenal glands. A little bit of parsley. You still seem

to have a lot of vitamin D and a lot of sunshine that stays in your body. So, parsley isn’t as

important, but of course it would help, also get rid of the lactic acid that causes aches and

pains in your muscles and joints. So I would say 80% celery, 10% summer squash, and 10%

parsley. And I would suggest that you eat a

half a pound of meat a day, and that could be beef, chicken, lamb,

anything of course, raw. And eat some butter with it, lots of butter or

cream, or avocado, and raw unsalted cheese with it.

(client) I eat half and half on my cereal.

(A) That’s not the cream I’m taking about, I’m talking about raw


Pears would also be good for you, but again, have it with cheese, or

butter, or cheese and butter.

(Aajonus examines another client)

Robert, oversexed Robert. Great testes, you produce a lot of everything.

You have the hands of an athlete… an athlete who can spend 5-8 hours a

day in physical activity. However, you have all of this contaminated bile

all throughout your diaphragm, digestive tract, all the way up to your

neck, it’s almost like it’s poisoned you. Do you still do athletics,

anything? (client: I work at construction)

And are you breathing in anything that’s causing it, because it’s all, from

here to here. You cutting wood, cutting asphalt?

(client) I’ve been under a house for the last week

(A) No, this is old

(client) Oh, then I don’t know.

What do you do in construction? (client) concrete.

(Aajonus) Are you breathing any of that cement dust? You know while

you’re mixing it and all that I would definitely use a mask until it’s

finished and it’s settled in the water, because you’ve got gangrenous

tissue from here to here. That just usually means when I’ve seen it in

the past, lung cancer that comes so fast you’re gone in 6 months. Ok?

So, it’s hard to get rid of that, too. So, taking lime juice, funny as it is,

taking lime juice with coconut cream and mixing it with chicken, you

know like the Tahitians do, they take lime juice, and coconut cream, and

some diced tomato, and they’ll dice up either chicken or fish and mix it

together, and then you eat that. And I would say you need about a half

a pound of that a day, and then a half a pound of red meat. And

another quarter pound of fish, per day, minimum. You could have more

than that, but that’s the minimum. And with each time you eat any

meat you have minimum of 3 tablespoons of butter, or maybe 3 ounces

of cream. You should be going through 1 to 2 quarts of milk a day, to

help remineralize, because that cement has gone there and pulled out

some of those minerals just like it does with the sand. It just starts

locking it, binding it. And you’ve got it caked in there. So you need to

replace it as well as wait for the lime and the coconut to break it down.

You know the dust at construction sites, the dirt, is not going to bother

you, it’s going to make you better, but when you’re breathing cement

dust, mortar dust, we’re talking some serious congestion. On this side it

isn’t as bad as it is there, so your left lung isn’t absorbing it like your right

one is. But it’s still not a danger like this one is, from what I see. All

glands seem to be functioning very well except the left thyroid is a little

low. Parathyroid’s fine. No tonsils. But the lymph glands look like they’re

OK. On this side the lymph isn’t working as well there, where the tonsils

were. Thyroid is OK, parathyroid is OK there. Pancreas is fine. Basically,

you’re pretty well except for that cement damage that’s poisoning the whole system. Otherwise it looks pretty good. But what that does is it

clogs your lymph system. And when the lymph system falters, nothing

can recover. You know, because the lymph system cleans and feeds

everything. The blood mainly takes oxygen and gives it to the rest of the

body. That’s about all the blood does. The lymph system feeds

everything. And it also has to take the poisons out, break them down,

and then get rid of them, either out the skin, or the bowels, or the

sinuses, or the ears, or the eyes, anywhere there can be drainage. And

women have an asset, they have the vagina cavity, which has lots of


(Q)Is that why they ask you if cancer is apparent, has gone to the lymph,

if cancer’s gone to the lymph nodes that’s very…

(A)They consider that the end. And that’s the last thing that I was

diagnosed with after chemotherapy. They diagnosed me with

lymphoma and they wanted to me to go back for a biopsy and I said

biopsy yourself. That’s exactly what I said, I said biopsy yourself. Your

brain…is basically what I said.

I recommend that you have about 80-90% celery, we need salts in there

to break up some of that stuff. And also they can help us to keep from

going to gangrene because if it goes to gangrene while it’s in your body,

you’re going to go into a rapid pneumonia about every 6 weeks. I’m not

a doctor diagnosing anything, I’m just telling you what I see in your

system. So, 80-90% celery and the rest 10-20% parsley. It’s affected your

kidney, not your liver, but your kidney. All of your intestines on this side

and all of your chest, the lungs, it’s even gone into the pancreas. I guess

it’s protecting the heart. But then the tissue all around the heart is

drying out. And you need about 5 cups of juice a day to make that, to

facilitate that. I recommend that you have about a tablespoon of lime

juice per quart of juice. And if you can get the rind that’s organic, juice

the rind with it. So, basically what that means is like I said earlier, one

large lime that’s very green. And juice the rind and all when it’s organic.

That’ll help. Now I expect you to go into diarrhea once in awhile.

Because this gangrenous tissue is going to come out, and you’re going

to see black come out, you’re going to see all kinds of things. Different

colors when it comes out, but be delighted, because it’s a quick way to

go. Sometimes you might even vomit, and that’s a quick way to go too.

You have a bit of a salt ring, too, so that means you might have some

headaches. Some good, migraine headaches. What you need to do,

anytime anybody has a headache, remember that the brain is flushed

with nutrients. More blood, more circulation of all kinds. The skull is too

small, and the brain’s trying to expand, get more nutrients into it. Take

hot water bottles, put them against it but don’t press. Don’t lay your

head this way with one on top, lay on the backside with it on either side

or be sitting up to where you can keep the hot water bottles to slightly,

slightly back; you’re on like a pillow. And put the hot water bottles there

without pressure. Your head, your skull is all filled with lots of fissures,

where it can expand and open up. The heat, the hot water bottle will

then allow everything to expand, and it will get rid of usually 80% of the


(Q)So headaches are cause by the body needing nutrients, the brain

needing nutrients?


Well it’s already expanding when you’ve got the headache. It’s already

doing that.

(Q)So the heat is what relaxes the…

(A)The skull, so that the skull can expand and allow for the expansion of

the brain without it causing pain.

(Q)If you head into the hot bath, will that help, too?

(A)Yep. Well the whole body of course will expand the skull. But don’t

get too hot like I say, because then you destroy the bacteria in your

body and that’ll cause depression. Unless you’ve got a good plate of

high meat ready. Or some good rotten eggs.

(Q)So a sauna’d be no good, then? Too hot for the body?

(A)That’s really too hot, and that’ll fry the lungs. And if you’re in there

for 5, 7 minutes at a time, and you’re on the lower side of it, not way up

high, it’s OK, 5, 7 minutes at a time.

(Q)The kind of headache feels like making it hot makes it worse… to get

in a hot… ?

(A)Well it will for a few minutes, because it raises the water level again

and everything. But as soon as it gets to the head it usually alleviates it.

I mean to the skull. But like I say, if you have a headache, I’d put the hot

water here first. And then get in the bath after it mitigates.

I suggest you eat three quarters to an inch circular slice of pineapple a

day, but not every day, like one week on, one week off. And make sure

it’s very underripe, like white inside. So it doesn’t have a lot of sugar.

Otherwise you might get a little irritable. And teary eyed, you know,

very sensitive. Avocado is good to eat with it, too. I would say you

probably should average about 2 pounds of meat a day, you know, all

the meats together. Rather than just a pound and a quarter I suggested.

Go up to 2 pounds. I eat from 1 to 3 pounds a day. And you’ll use every

bit of it. So, not a problem. And then I suggest after about 3 months

that you go on a weight loss program, and take off about 20 pounds.

And then put it on again, and take it off, put it on again, take it off.

(Q)I have a question. Maybe you said it earlier. I’m not sure if you

explained what system you’re using to read off of palms?

(A)That’s not my own. I developed it out on Venice Beach when I was

studying nutrition. I needed to lure people in to get them on the diet.

So I put myself out as a nutritional palm reader. And what I did was, I

would ask them about their conditions, and I would see what

corresponded from person to person. And then I was able to tell what

part of the body was reflected in the hand. You know there’d be people

who’ve mapped out the feet, and the hands, and everything. But I

found that they weren’t, they didn’t relate exactly as it should, because

you know, that wasn’t working as well. So when I let the body tell me,

people tell me…

(client) The symptoms told you and looked at the..

(A)Correct, I looked for the corresponding changes in tissue.

(client)What vein, or is there a tissue?

(A)tissues, everything. Color, tissues, I read about 7 things, sometimes pulse.

(client) Wow. thank you.

(Aajonus begins reading a new client)

OK, your right ovaries are very overactive, that usually means very

sexual. The left is slightly less than that but very prominent. Pancreas is

almost completely gone, non-functional. It means stay away from fruit if

I were you. I would stay away from any carbohydrate if I were you. Like I

do, I have 1 maybe every 3 days, if that. The right thyroid is excellent,

the left is functioning, but it’s starting to break down a bit. Parathyroid

on the left side isn’t functional, the right’s fine. Doesn’t look like there’s

tonsils. There’s some lymph glands on the right side which are

facilitating that area, but not well, it’s really congested and dark. The

sinuses are quite congested and jammed. Some gangrenous tissue

there. Kidney, the right kidney is not in good shape. Left kidney is a little

bit better. Ovaries, wow it’s rare to see that strong of ovaries. At our

age. It’s very good. Looks like those might be secreting enough

hormones to be able to substitute for the ones that you’re absent in the

other areas. Quite anemic. I’m not diagnosing anemia, but the tissues

look very anemic. I have to be so careful, somebody asked me about

that, was the FDA was going to come after me, who was that that was

asked that? Well, the AMA came after me in the state of California.

They came after me for practicing medicine without a license. And they

were very nasty to me over the phone and very accusatory. I said “Did

you take an oath of office? To, you know, protect the Constitution of the

United States?”...”Yes… And I said, “Well, isn’t it innocent until proven

guilty?”… ”Yes”… ”Well, then why are you talking to me as if I’m

guilty?”He said “Well that’s my job, we’ve got to interrogate”. I said this

isn’t your job, your job is to take up your oath. So you investigate and

find out the information, and then if it sounds like I’m guilty, then take it

to court, you’re not the judge. I said let me tell you something, if you’re

going to talk to me rudely, you just talk to my attorney, we’ll set up a

meeting, it will be videotaped, and we’ll have a nice, good meeting. So

he did. So we had a meeting, they were very nice, over the videotape!

Very nice! And I said, OK, now what is your problem? “Well, we have this

complaint here, that you’re practicing medicine without a license.” I

said wait a minute, what did they say I prescribed? “Well there’s no

medication, you just tell people to eat raw chicken”. And I said “Well,

we know that they do that in other countries, is that wrong for me to do

something culturally legit?” “Well, you’re going to get people sick.” And

I said “Wait a minute, this is a whole conceptual thing. I’m not dealing

with them, you’re talking about me, accusing me of practicing medicine.

What medication have I prescribed?” “None”. “Ok,” I said, “I only

handle food. I don’t tell anybody to take any vitamins, nothing”. “Well,

you’re going to be dangerous if you’re telling people to eat raw meat.” I

said “That’s just your opinion…do you have any backing for that?” I

said it doesn’t even matter, here I only deal with foods, I’m not

practicing medicine, and I don’t need a license to do that. The state of

law said that anybody can be a nutritionist. They just cannot diagnose.

So that’s why I’m reiterating, I’m not diagnosing here. I’m analyzing.

I would suggest that you eat 70% red meat. If you really want to feel

comfortable and relaxed, you know, feel like everything is so much

better, stay away from fruit. And high sugars. It will just make you

weepy and upset, and nothing will satisfy you. You have lots of bile

stored throughout your torso, that also irritates you. And if you eat

fruit, that’s going to churn it up without being able to discard it, so it

will just keep irritating your system. Coconut cream will help remove


Coconut cream and lime juice will help that. You don’t need a lot

of it, but you need some. Also you need lots of sunshine. And if you can

go swimming, go to a tropical place, sometime, all that stuff would be

excellent for you. You have all the ability to handle fats to absorb

vitamin D regularly, and it would just change everything. And then you

would feel more satisfied all over and more thrilled, and you’d be able

to really enjoy that sexuality, and all of your sensuality, because this is

major. You have some metal toxicity in your sinuses and brain. If you

make a sauce like guacamole, with… OK, this is a little unusual. I

recommend for everyone to have a nut mixture once a week, because it

gets rid of appetite for - craving for - starches. So you have a nut butter

mixture. So what you do is take 4oz of either walnuts, pecans, pine

nuts, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds, or any combination

of the 6, blend it into a powder in one of the 8oz jelly jars, and then add

1 egg, 2 tablespoons of honey, and 3 to 4 ozs of either raw cream, raw

coconut cream, or butter. And you need to eat that, eat about 3oz of

that at a time, (blend that for about 30 seconds into a paste, nut

butter). (yummy!) It is! (you call it candy, rather!) (laughter) You call it

candy! (what were the 6 nuts again? walnuts, pecans?)

(A)Walnuts, pecans, pine nuts, hazelnuts, and sunflower seeds and

pumpkin seeds.

(Q) Could you use flax seeds?

(A) No!

(Q) And how much of the butter?

(A) Three to four ounces

(Q) So 4 oz of nuts and 3 to 4 oz of butter or cream?

(A) Butter, cream, or coconut cream

(Q) But no vegetable oil?

(A) No. I used to use peanut oil, but Spectrum is doing their number and

cold pressing toasted nuts, peanuts, so I mean, that doesn’t make any


(Q) Can you add any other vegetable oil?

(A) If the peanut oil is very light yellow in color, and clear, it’s probably

the good peanuts. But if it’s amber, or red or orange, then it’s not the

right peanuts. But any other kind of oil with it, whether it’s olive oil, or

flax oil, you’re likely to cause a neurological detoxification and you

might find yourself not able to sleep at night between 12 o’clock and

5:30am for sometimes weeks or months.

(Q)Does this solve carbohydrate needs?

(A)Yes, well starch needs. Not carb needs but starch. So if you take that

with a half of an avocado, mix that together and eat

that with any kind of meat that you like, more often fowl, like chicken,

then it will, that will help your system be a little bit stronger in the

upper glandular area.

If you don’t have a mate you better take care of yourself, sexually I

mean. But you’ve got very good, it’s very odd, over on this side of the

body, you have cells which are very strong, very resilient. On this side,

they are very dry and very weak. So, I recommend that you have a

lubrication formula. Lubrication formula is egg, 3 oz of raw butter, 1 tsp

of honey, 1 &½ tablespoons of lemon juice. Blend that into a cream,

takes about 30 seconds or less, 20 seconds… and then drink it. And that

will actually get into those tissues where it’s not getting on your left

side. Did you have a stroke at all? (no, not that I know of).

Because it’s mostly dry in the brain, so, it looks like you did. Anyway,

that lubrication formula will get in there and help you resolve whatever

caused that burning, and help you clean up, hydrate that area, and then

clean it out. And I would have that every night. Juice formula… a good

one for you, would be 60% celery, 20% parsley, 10% white or green

cabbage…not the red cabbage. There’s little ulcerations in this. And to

help get those to close up and stop the seepage, the cabbage juice will

help that, and then 10% parsley.

(Q)Where are the ulcerations?

(A) In the brain, and in the sinuses.

And it’s causing bile to move up into the brain, which can be irritating.

What is your name? (Deborah) Deborah what? (Deborah Judd) Deborah

Judd, nice name! Sounds like a movie star! Deborah Judd! Because of

the heavy bile you might go into a lot of diarrhea and nausea. So eat

small amounts of cheese all day long except with your juice. I would

suggest that you have at least a pound of meat a day, a pound of meat a

day will probably be fine. But that’s of all kinds. Now, it looks like you’re

going to be able to use a little campylobacter infection to be able to

help that. And that’s maybe a little bloody stool a little bit, but just ride

it through, if you have it. You get the Aztec Secret Clay in the

health food store in the cosmetic department. Just put a little bit of that

in a smoothie, and drink it, and that’ll help heal and relax the bleeding

in that area if it happens. But I’m just afraid it’s more not going to

happen on this side although there’s more bile over here, but this side

is so dry that it might happen. I would like to prevent it for about 6

weeks until the lube formula hydrates everything, then you

probably won’t even have to think about it. Sometimes you can’t tell what the body’s going to

do when you have that much bile in everywhere, irritating everything. Bile is very caustic,

that’s why when you get diarrhea, you have diarrhea because it has to move it out quickly.

OK, thank you!

(AV examines another client)

What is your name? (my name is Carol) , Hi Carol.

OK, right ovary is in great shape, right adrenal gland is fine, it’s

debilitating a little bit, the pancreas is starting to debilitate, not

starting… it’s halfway there on the right side. Um, it’s very congested on

the right side, on the left side it doesn’t look like it’s working very well.

The left ovary is also debilitated and very weak. Adrenal gland is

exhausted over here. Thyroid looks good, parathyroids look good, looks

like you have a tonsil over here on the right side but it’s debatable on

the left. Did you have your tonsils removed?

(Carol) I did, yeah.

(A)You may have some lymphatic gland that’s a scar tissue right here, but there’s some good

lymphatic activity. Parathyroid is in excellent shape here and

thyroid’s in good shape. But, you’re dehydrating everywhere. Your inner

tissues are dehydrating everywhere, so you’re just shriveling up inside in your tissues. Water

will make it worse, do not drink water unless you have to… it just leeches… there’s no live

nutrients in water, unless you’re drinking rain water full of bacteria. You need a lubrication

formula, I would suggest 1 in the morning for your smoothie, in the morning like I said, juice,

meat, smoothie, juice, meat, smoothie, juice, meat, smoothie, it always works the best, no

matter who it is. Not

always, 90% of the time that works best. For your smoothie I would

suggest juice, meat, lubrication formula, and then the same pattern

formula at the end of the day, it’s lubrication formula, juice, go to bed.

So 2 lubrication formulas. The lubrication formula I just gave, would be fine

for you, the 1 egg, 3 oz of raw butter, or raw cream, or coconut cream,

with… you could have either 1 and ½ tablespoons of either lemon or

lime juice. And 1 teaspoon of honey, blend that together. And that’ll

help get everything…”hydration, rehydrated” is the wrong word, it

should be re-lipidized. Because what you need to do is hydrate yourself,

or coat and protect everything with fat, not water. Water just dries

everything. I haven’t had any water in 2 weeks. And when I have it, a

week before I had that, so I was going through a detoxification, I had 2

oz for the week. Go for milk, go for juice, go for things that have

electrolytes in them that you can utilize your minerals and food

properly, because the minerals - when they’re in food - carry

nutrients with them like potassium may carry carbohydrate. The sodium

ion carries H2O, of which little is needed, and, other fluid that comes with

it… enzymatic fluid. And when the cell opens up it attracts it in, and

that’s how it eats. But waters, are empty minerals, there’s nothing

attached to them. So what they do is they go in your body and start

leaching it, out of the nutrients out of your body. So, water is not a good

thing. Do you drink a lot of water?

(Carol) No, I just drink milk, or as much juice as I can up to a quart.

(A) Great, OK. Now, what I remember is, that you were - your cells last time were – very

vulnerable. And now at least they are strong, but you’re still not getting

the fat into the tissues. Were you eating the lubrication formula at all?

(I didn’t get the butter or the cream, so… ) OK, that’s the problem. (Is eating coconut the

same as having coconut cream?) No. No it’s not. You cannot, you know, the fiber is too

complex to get enough fat out of it, so

you have to wring it, really. I mean it’s still, you’ll get some out of it. She

asked is eating the coconut as good as coconut cream. No, because

there’s lots of fiber in coconut, just like in any kind of a cellulose. That’s

why I prefer people juicing the coconut rather than eating it. But still it’s

OK to eat the coconut, but you just won’t get as much out of it. And a lot

of people who eat a lot of coconut lose their appetite for everything

else because it’s so complex to digest. (Where can you get coconut?)

Any store. (Most grocery stores have them?) Yeah. And just

remember… the whole coconut is about like this… yeah, just the nut inside.

I recommend about 25%… I know this is really high and will be really

rich… 25% parsley. What kind of a juicer are you using? (champion). OK.

So 25%, because that really doesn’t get the juice out of it like an Omega or a

Greenlife, so use a full 25%, you know, of volume of parsley. I know

that’s a lot, but you need that vitamin D, you need the vitamin E, you

need everything to try to get the oils to be absorbed into your skin. Your

skin looks 100% better from last year. Last March is was, wasn’t it?


So, you’re doing a lot better, there’s a lot more strength there. Still have

lots of bile, have you had any diarrhea in the last year? (Yeah, I have,

and headaches, migraines...) Well like I said, put the hot water bottle on

so it expands the head. And you’re going to have to deal with more of it

because there’s a lot of bile everywhere, because you’re so fat deficient,

your body uses bile in place of it. And it caused everything to be like

salt. Intensively H2O attracting, but not utilizing. That sentence was

terribly structured… I hope everyone understood it! The bile attracts

lots of fluids without being able to utilize them. (what is bile exactly?)

Bile is something that the liver produces to help digestion, and it’s for

digestion only. And when the body starts using bile to deal with toxins

that are in the system in place of fats, then everything gets irritated.

(Does the bile get into the liver, into the intestines?) To the intestines, to

the blood… goes everywhere. Sometimes it will dump directly into the

blood. And then that usually causes vomiting and instant diarrhea.

About ¾ to a pound of meat a day. Did I tell you the percentage of meat

yet? (no) That’s 70% red meat, 30% white…10% of that could be fish on

an off and on basis. But mostly fowl and beef. (last time you suggested

swordfish, um, I couldn’t find anything but frozen and I didn’t eat it

because you recommended not to eat that, so, I haven’t been eating

swordfish. Do you think I should have some frozen swordfish?). No. No,

because swordfish is very high in mercury, it’s my favorite, but once you

freeze it or cook it, it turns the mercury into a poison. There’s 3 kinds of

mercury. There’s organic mercury, there is stable mercury that you find

like in rock and in nature, and then there’s toxic mercury. In food, like

when the swordfish goes around eating the plankton and gets its

mercury, it’s a healthy organic mercury, and it helps it be able to fly and

jump and be more buoyant. So it’s useful. But once you cook it, as soon as

you cook it, it becomes the lethal kind of mercury. When it’s raw, it’s

beneficial. (If it’s been through a body, then it’s organic?) Yes, correct.

(so, you’re saying that if certain ?? that Hawaii that the tuna has a lot of

mercury, but that if it’s raw fresh tuna then you’re saying it’s not toxic?)

It’s fine…it’s non-toxic. You can have a very high mercury level but what

it will do it will usually cause toxic mercury in your body from

thimerosal from vaccines to start discharging, because remember that

the organic mercury has an attraction to the toxic mercury and starts

throwing it out to the skull, and then the skull builds it into the hair. So

you have a lot higher mercury content in the hair… but that’s a good

thing because you’re getting rid of the poison mercury in the body. But

it will cause graying of hair, it will cause some damage, it will cause like

me…balding. You know, like the chemotherapy did, and it won’t

recover. (So what’s the frozen factor relative to this?) Well, frozen it

unstablizes the molecular unit, turns it into rock. It doesn’t turn it lethal,

but it turns it into like the rock variety of mercury rather than the

organic. And then if that works in detoxing you, you’re going to have

some pretty ill reactions. I mean for somebody who isn’t high in

mercury, high mercury poison, that wouldn’t be a problem. But there’s

high mercury poison in your system. Did you have lots of tetanus shots?

Lots of vaccines at some point? (I used to be a potter, and I lived where

they were graveling with mercury tailings, and…) Ohhh, wow! OK. Yeah,

I usually don’t see this except in young children after they’ve had a lot

of vaccines, to this extent. That probably has a lot to do with your

headaches, not only the bile. So like I said, let that skull expand. And the

pain formula. The pain formula is, 2 eggs, 4-5 (depending on your size)

level tablespoons of bee pollen, 3 -4 oz of raw cream, raw coconut

cream, or raw butter, 1 and ½-2 tablespoons of lemon juice, depending

on how much cream, and butter, or coconut cream you use, and 1

teaspoon of honey. Blend for 30-50 seconds. The reason you have to

blend it that long is because bee pollen has a shell like a nut. It’s very

difficult to break down. (and use small jars instead of large ones?) Yes. I

always recommend using small jars, get rid of the big bowl on your

blender. (So if that’s a long time, with most things you want to blend

fast, like 10-20 seconds? Not do them too long?) Yes, not do them long

at all. Unless you have to. This takes 30, 40 seconds, something like

that…50 at max for this. And for the nut butter, 40-50 max, also. (I have a question about bee pollen. It’s supposed to be soft?) Soft, so it

disintegrates if you rub it. If it’s hard and pellety, it means it’s kiln dried,

and you will never break the shell. It’d be just waste. And it always

should be kept refrigerated. (That’s been really helpful when I have my

headaches…the pain formula) Good! And eat that…if you don’t have

migraines, you can eat it with any kind of cheese including the cheddar,

no salt added cheddar cheese. But if you have migraines, then you use

the Monterey, and you have, you know, the bricks are about 3 inches

wide by anywhere from a quarter to ¾ of an inch thick…just go down

about an inch. For somebody who has migraines, you might just take it

down to a half inch, and then eat that with the pain formula. It’s a tonic,

I call it a tonic/pain formula. Everybody should have it one day a week

in place of a smoothie. And then, not 2 days in a row, but also have your

nut butter once week. So you might let 3, 4 days go between each of

them, but have one each week.

It would be a great idea if you can, find a source for glandular tissue. I

don’t care if it’s liver, I don’t care if it’s brain as long as it’s organic. If it’s

brain, it doesn’t have to be organic; if it’s liver, as long as they don’t use

hormones and antibiotics. But the brain has to be because of your

mercury poisoning. Oysters are very good for that too. Just remember

oysters and clams and shellfish build the poisons into the shell, not into

the soft tissue. (They’re frozen too? It’s ok to eat them?) No, it isn’t. No.

It’s better that they’re not. I mean if they’re chilled and on ice, it’s ok,

but if they’re frozen solid. (They got them into the meat market frozen.)

Yeah. (What does it mean that they built the toxin into the shell? I

didn’t get what that means?) Well a lot of people worry about mineral

poisoning, mercury poisoning and stuff like that because oysters and

clams live on the shores, and lots of the mercury poisoning and

everything comes up, and they consume it when they consume the

water, but they build it into the shell, and it’s not in their meat. So

they’re OK to eat, is what I’m saying. Unless they’re frozen. (What about

mussels?) Mussels are good too. Any of those shellfish are good. As

long as they’re not frozen or cooked.

Green papaya would be great for you. Because it looks like the part of

your problem I’ve been trying to figure out ever since I looked at your

hands… there is a problem you’re not absorbing your fats properly. Of

course you said you didn’t have the butter or the cream. Now you know

you can get it. But also there’s a protein deficiency that seems to be

involved in that. And green papaya will help give you the nutrients that

you need to break it down. (OK, thank you). You’re welcome.


(Aajonus examines another client)

(OK my name’s Larry.) OK! This man’s oversexed. Great, great

testes! High adrenaline. Pancreas is about 40-50% OK on the left side.

On the right side, it’s very debilitated. Probably only about 10% active.

One piece of fruit a day may be too much. A half a piece of fruit is

probably OK, so 4 ounces. Always with fat. (Pancreas is related to

sugar?)Yeah. And also it leaches out enzymes everywhere if you eat

cooked food. So pancreas is very helpful in a lot of ways. Relax your

hand. This hand right here, it shows that there’s a lot of water

saturation, and a lot of weakness due to that, up in the chest area all

the way down to the small intestines. The bowel doesn’t seem to be too

affected. Sometimes I find this in people who’ve had colonics, or drink

too much water. It’s even debilitating the spine on this side, so it’s

starting to tear down the system. Causes severe protein deficiency. So I

would suggest that you eat 3 meat meals a day. About 5 oz at a time,

which is just an oz less than a pound of meat. But it will stabilize you.

(Are you defining… is it beef, poultry or fish, either one?) Any one.

When I say meat, it’s all flesh food. I recommend 60% celery, 10-15%

parsley, about 5% carrot juice, and the rest summer squash. (By

summer squash do you mean the crook-neck?) Crookneck squash,

zucchini, cucumber, any of them. You could also use the lubrication

formula twice a day. Get rid of that water, that water’s retention

everywhere is causing a problem. It looks like everything’s going into

fatigue, because there’s all this water and no electrolytes, there’s no

activity. Are you suffering fatigue? (I have for the last 5 days, I say it’s

because of a flu and cold. I’ve been sleeping a lot; normally I’m

energetic.) Yeah, because of the adrenal glands and the testosterone,

but here, this is showing all this fluid retention. So, the lubrication

formula that I just gave I suggest you have that twice a day, until this

resolves. Because you’re just not having enough fat. Your body’s going

through this cold, this detoxification to help clean you and strengthen

you, and it’s not getting out the wastes. It’s just causing water retention.

(I feel dehydrated.) Well, you should. You need the fats in there, because

you can drink water forever and it won’t hydrate it.

(And no salt for him, right?) Yes, no salt.

(I never have salt, probably because I have hypertension.) Let me see

your eyes. Well, there’s no salt ring. So you probably have hypertension

because you have overactive testes and overactive adrenals. (How can

his testes be overactive? I mean is that like a malfunction? Or is that like

a natural thing?) That can be a natural thing for people. You just,

usually, if they have other glands working properly, that’ll mean they’re

oversexed. But that’s not a bad thing as long as you find that somebody

else is oversexed to have fun with, then it’s great. (That’s my training,

teacher). Well that’s a good one for you, wow. Thyroid gland looks good

on the left side. Parathyroid is not active at all, looks like it’s completely

dissolved. (What are the two?) Thyroid/Parathyroid’s are alongside.

They back up the thyroid if it goes weak. The thyroid controls adrenal

function, all kinds of glandular functions below the neck. The right thyroid

is OK, not great. The parathyroid’s not so good at all. And then

looks like you have a tonsil here, but over here it’s scarred, so it looks

like your tonsils were removed over here but then you have lymphatic

function replacing it here. (Tonsils were removed when I was very

young.) Yeah, because here you can see it’s all scar tissue all the way

down, in fact, they poisoned you and it scarred you and it went all the

down into here, so, whatever fluid that they used, iodine or something,

got all the way down into the tissues, all the way down along the vagus

nerve, all the way down to the stomach. And usually on children that

will cause cramping or indigestion, or belching, anything like

that… heartburn. Yours is in the left side. (client responds “I used to

have very severe heart burn.)

So that was the medication that they used to coat it, didn’t stop it from

infection. Could have been iodine, could have been mercury poisoning,

could have been anything, because it’s all scar tissue all the way down,

still. And the reason that you don’t have any pain anymore is because

it’s all scar. You don’t feel anything there anymore. Now this side it

didn’t do…it went just so far on this one and then stopped.

A good food for you is, when you do eat it, and not dried, should be

fresh… is under-ripe apricot, under-ripe pear, and medium-ripe papaya.

You’re just missing an array of certain enzymes that you’ve lost the

ability to formulate, so those will help provide that when they’re in

season. And I’ve given you those 3 that you can usually get all year

round and have some. Like I said, I would limit the fruit to 4oz a day as

long as it’s with other fat. (client: Other fat like? Avocado?)

Avocado, cream, coconut cream, cheese, butter. Keep it simple.

(client: About my throat, I had an undiagnosed disease for 4 years called

GERD, and I have a hiatal hernia, so, that scarred up my entire

esophagus which became the size of a pencil, and to cure it… )

That wouldn’t have happened if that poisoning hadn’t happened from

your tonsil removal. That was the response of that. It’s just the later

side effect.

(Thank you!) You’re welcome

(audience discusses who will receive their consultation next)

(Aajonus talking about having a problem with the lighting in the room)

Name? Katherine

OK. First of all, you’ve got to stop being hard on yourself. This shows

that you’re very self-critical. So, be a little bit more nurturing. You have

the mind for it. Your ovaries look like they’re in pretty good shape.

Nothing is out of proportion. The right ovary is just debilitating a little

bit. The adrenal gland is full of bile, and it looks like it’s malfunctioning.

The left one looks OK. It’s also collecting more bile, so you’re - looks like

from what I’ve seen before, it looks like you’re - heading for chronic

fatigue syndrome. Thyroid, parathyroid is in great shape. It looks like

you have your tonsils…(uh-huh)..great! This one’s excellent…this one

isn’t as good but this one is excellent. All these glands are excellent.

Finally a good left hand! The thyroid over here is not so active, and the

parathyroid’s aren’t very active over here, so these are the only two

glands that are having major problems. And that’s this right side right

here. But all of your other glands everywhere else are in pretty good


Your spine looks like it’s in a little danger. Because there’s no fat on it,

and it looks like anything could irritate it. And if you had an injury, there

would be no quick recover, and you’d end up probably like Christopher

Reeves. So, I suggest that you eat lots of fat with your meat. Every time

you eat meat, you eat lots of fat. Never eat meat without fat, no matter

what kind it is; I don’t care if it’s an egg, you know, butter, cream,

coconut cream, avocado, anything. Probably egg will be a little bit more

stabilizing with it like they make steak tartare. Have you ever had steak

tartare? (no) Well steak tartare is nothing other than raw egg mixed

with raw beef and they’ll usually put, like chop a little bit of cilantro for

flavor, red onion, and some hot pepper. They usually use black pepper,

but it’s better to use fresh hot pepper, chopped. You appear to be very

anemic. So, probably 70% of your meat, 70, 75, even 80 at times should

be red meat… beef. (I love the white). Umm, well you’re very cold, you

have all the signs of it. If you had more sunshine, you’d probably be able

to handle the white better, and it would be fine for you. But right now

you have signs of anemia. And when summertime comes around, it

might be different. But right now, it shows that you need a lot more red

meat. What kind of white meat are you eating? (chicken) Raw?

(uh-huh). What happens when you eat beef? (I don’t eat very much).

Eat some beef and chicken together. But make meat (beef) the larger

portion. Now you can use lemon or lime with chicken or fish, but not

with beef, because if you use lemon or lime with beef, you’ll turn it into

a fuel, a pyruvate, and it’ll burn and won’t help build your blood or

muscles or glands. You’re very very creative. Do you do some form of

art? (I am an artist.)You have to. Basically, your glands are in pretty good

shape. You’re in pretty good shape except your blood isn’t good, and

you’ve got bile and a little debilitation in your adrenals. But otherwise it

looks like you have a good constitution, and need to eat lots of fat and

meat. For your juice I would say, you have a tendency to eat

over-alkaline, which is unusual. Which also means more red meat. But

the thing is, do you just not like red meat, or do you have some kind of

block against it? (It’s more like we’ve just started experimenting and I

just took to the chicken). Most people start the other way around, they

don’t want to go near the chicken first. (Yeah, I can’t get enough

chicken). Well it’s probably because you just don’t get enough meat, if

you ate the beef you might see a difference, have you tried the beef at

all? (A little bit; I just felt like I had puppy breath). Well, yes, that is going

to happen! And you’re going to have to live with your puppy breath!

(laughter) And that’s OK! (One thing actually I would like to ask,

something that I kind of really come a long way with: I had like really

severe dysmenorrhea… ). Uh-huh, and what were your symptoms?

Incredible pain in my ovaries and back every month, just like, too

intense, so I’ve been on hormones to cut the severity of it, because it

just would create a toxic reaction like vomiting). Oh, you did have the

vomiting, and diarrhea… along with the pain? And did it happen on the

same day that the pains would start? Or would it be 2 or 3 days into it?

(same day). OK, right, that’s a severe toxic protein deficiency.

Heterocyclic amines store and collect in the ovaries and in the fallopian

tubes. And it just starts melting and poisoning the area and then it has

to reject it instantly, so it dumps it into the blood. Dumps it everywhere

to get rid of it. And when it dumps into the stomach, there will be nausea

and vomiting, quickest way out. Because when heterocyclic amines

collect like you have, collecting along with bile, it will just burn holes in

things. That’s why you’re having the pain and the cramps. (It’s not as

bad as that now, but ??). But that’s hormones, yeah, which basically is

giving up more fats. If you have the fats, then you won’t have to worry

about the hormones. (Actually it hasn’t been painful since I started

eating the raw chicken). Yeah, it’s raw fats, and raw meat, and raw

protein. So it’s working very well.

(unintelligible conversation)

Do you like hot things at all? OK, good. Because watercress, my

girlfriend absolutely loves it and I can’t stand it. Alright, you need about 5% watercress, 60%

celery, 15-20% parsley, and rotate summer squash for the remainder, and winter squash and

carrot… rotate them all. It looks like you can handle fruit, but I’m not getting that you should

eat much fruit at all. Do you get very emotional, very weepy? (I love fruit). Yeah, I know, but

it’s just going to make it worse. You know, you can handle it biologically, but emotionally

you’re not handling it at all. So basically you should stay away from it. I mean if

you got lots say green papaya, something like that, it would be fine. It

would still taste sweet but it would be full of enzymes and very little

sugar. Some underripe fruit might be very fine, like pear. But getting into

sweet food you’re going to find yourself weepy and emotional,

unsatisfied, and all that stuff. (Sometimes it’s satisfying to be weepy and

emotional). Yep, it clearly is… yep…especially when you’re used to it!

(laughter) You have the catch-22 in there. Yeah, definitely there’s a

scientist that proved that when you cry, it changes the toxins that are in

the brain, and actually converts them into endorphins, and it comes out

the tear ducts, so, crying actually transforms neurological proteins that

Lenora Van Winkle talks about and allows them to be dumped, you

know, in a nice, favorable way as far as I’m concerned. It’s better than

beating somebody up. But still, I mean, you don’t need to go through

that. You don’t have the normal kinds of toxic chemicals in your brain

that a lot of people who go through a lot of trauma, do. For some

reason your body has been able to resist that. You’re harder on yourself

than anybody else. But, you know, that may be why you need that

release but it isn’t necessary. And I’m seeing that if you just cut out the

fruit, everything will be much better and it won’t harm your artistic

ability. A lot of people think that they have to suffer, to be an artist.

(no…) Good. (Tell me I need to eat oysters!) Well I’m perceiving that

would be very bad for you. (Oh no!) I’m teasing you! Avocados and oysters together would be

good. Avocado and beef would be good. You’ve just gotta get the beef in there, you know, all

those white meats are fine for you, but you do need a lot of red meat. The only problem is -

that you have with the red meat - that you have a lot of acidity in your brain. The rest of your

body is over-alkaline and anemic. It has anemia symptoms. I’m not a doctor so I cannot

diagnose anemia.

So you’re not anemic, you have these anemia symptoms. (laughter)

Signs of anemia. So, if you were to eat, let’s say, a half a dozen oysters

with a quarter pound of beef… wonderful! OK? Just mix them. And then

you will enjoy the meat more. (Did you say oyster and beef?) Oyster and

beef, yeah. I might make you a little horny… and then you have an egg

with it, then you’ll really be flying! Any of those are good for you

because you do have metal poisoning. Do you paint, also? ( I painted for years.) Because you

have metal poisoning like the last artist… all, everywhere in the hands, and gone to the brain.

(I also did photography chemicals). Oh, so you did the photography, that’s why - you inhaled


So that’s why you have the white meat thing, to aid your brain. White

meat aids the brain entirely, not red meat. (white meat aids the brain?)

Aids…helps it. This is probably just protecting it. The more fats you get,

the more you’ll be able to do a lot of things. So always eat fat with your

meat, no matter what kind of meat you are eating, to stabilize everything

in your body. You’re way too thin, way too thin. You need to gain at least

7 pounds, and then add another 12, and then take it off. And add 12

and take it off. OK? Because you’re a beautiful girl, but you could even

be more beautiful if you put on some more weight. I mean emotionally

and every way, your temper and everything. Pretty nice already! (laughter).

There’s a lot of damage in the kidney here. It looks like some scarring

and some congestion; that can be from the hormones you’re taking. If I

were you I would go onto the RX list - - and take a look at that and see if that

causes kidney damage, the hormone you’re taking.

Because that looks pretty severe. That’s the only danger that I see

besides the metals causing some brain melting, detoxification. And

there you can have berries, you know, raw berries, but no strawberries.

You know, lots of raspberries and blueberries will help that–blueberries

more than anything. OK. But no more than four ounces at a time with

about six ounces of cream or a whole avocado. You need a lot more fats

than the berries because those berries start pulling too much – not a lot

of your brain at one time - and you don’t have enough fat. You know, it

could cause you to feel anxious and irritable and, you know, nauseous

and all the side effects of metal poisoning.

“I hate everybody and nothing is good enough” (laughter). Yeah, you need to eat at least a

pound of meat a day, believe it or not, as small as you are. (Responding

to client Andy) OK, lots of testosterone, here’s another hot boy

(laughter). Adrenal glands are normal and calm, which is great. Pancreas

is probably only about 25% functional on both sides, so that means 25%

all together, that means 4 ounces of fruit for somebody your size a day,

preferable to go a few days without it. Almost no fat anywhere on the

body causes low heat level . You should probably have [honey], not only fat with

every meat meal, but about 10-12 minutes–and if you keep it that close,

it’ll be a little bit better, I mean you can have it within anytime after, but

I am perceiving that if it’s between 10 and 12 minutes after finishing

your meat with a fat meal, it’ll help you utilize the proteins properly to

help generate the heat in your body. Because you’re very cold. (Eat that

after the meal?) Yes, yes, not with it, after. Always after. I mean you

could do it and it would be okay, it won’t be harmful, but you’ll get

much more of a favorable result for heating the body. And getting

circulation going if you have [honey] between 10 and 12 minutes after you finish

the meal. (Audience: “For everybody or for him?”) This is for him. For

most people, it’ll work… it was 10-20 minutes after. (Audience: “But it’s

better after than with?”) Yes. If you want to raise the heat of the body.

Yeah, because what happens is it starts… the honey helps protein

digestion. Helps start breaking it down in many ways. When the honey

comes in after… it changes it. It rushes it some, when you have it in

later, it rushes the body with some pyruvate right away and that usually

elevates the body temperature. And a hot flash will come over.

(Audience: “Fat or honey? Or mixing here? Are we talking honey?”)

Honey. I’m talking about honey. (Audience:” What about fat with meat?

If you have fat with meat or fat right after meat.”) Well he’s having the

fat with the meat and then after he finishes the meal. The honey after

you finish. Fat with the meat, honey after the meat-fat meal.

Well, I think I need to take a break and eat something.

Okay, the thyroid gland on the left side is excellent, parathyroids are okay, tonsils look like

they’re gone. The thyroid on the right side is okay, parathyroid is very

good. Tonsils are completely gone, not even the lymph glands are

working good in your throat. (Client: “Yeah, they’re pretty regularly

swollen.”) Lots of fat, you need. You know, for that lubrication formula

once a day at nighttime, in the evening. You know, late evening. To help

lubricate that, protect it. Basically, you have fat in two places of your

body. In your balls, in your spine, and a little in your pancreas. Basically,

those are the only places you have fat to protect you. Everything else is

very vulnerable. And isn’t very protected. So you need lots of good butter and cream. So

maybe for a while, that 6 weeks, you should have

the lubrication formula in the morning and in the evening. And then you

can cut it down to once in the evening. Lots of metal poisoning around

the ears, especially the right ear… in the sinuses. OK, I recommend

your juice–let me take a look in your eyes. You’re scarring everywhere,

which means that you’re not eliminating poisons from the system,

probably a lot of heterocyclic amines and other poisons. So the fats are

gonna be very important for you and the meats, because you can

replace scar tissues without providing new cells. So basically, it’s full and

he has a lot of scar tissue filling his body because it doesn’t have the

raw protein to replenish it and change it over. It’s like, you can’t tear

down the walls until you have new material to put up or else the whole

house will collapse. (Client: “As far as the metal poisoning with the

berries and…”) Yeah, berries again. The normal stuff. I don’t have to…

probably by now I don’t have to repeat that stuff. But berries, you know,

any berries for you, except for strawberries. You need all of them;

boysenberries, probably a little bit more. You know, it’d be healthy if

you can ever find them, you know. Probably during the summer you

might be able to. Juice formula…celery, about 65%, this is unusually,

but this is what I’m perceiving, 15% carrot juice, and about 5-10%

parsley, and the rest summer squash. Now, what I’d like you to do is

when you can, put a tablespoon per cup of cream in your juice. And

hopefully you can do it whenever the carrot is in it (unintelligible).

You have a writer’s hand. Do you write at all? (client: Um, yeah, not

necessarily with a pen, but (unintelligible)).

Well it has to do with your health is what I’m perceiving, so do it. You’re

very creative. You need the nut butter twice a week. You have for some

reason you have a protein that’s not assimilating and usually, nuts will

cause just the opposite, they’ll cause a lack. I made that formula so you

will be able to… everybody can digest it, it neutralizes the enzyme

inhibitors, that formula, but still I never looked at it to facilitate a blood

impairment like I see here but it looks like it will work. Don’t do it more

than twice a week though. I know that you may crave it, but just twice a

week. And never 2 days in a row. Have it no more than 3rd day, once,

then two days, then the third. Anywhere from a pound and a quarter to

2 pounds a day of meat. About 50/50, maybe a little bit more on the

red. You could have more red than that, you could have up to 70% for awhile. (audience

question: I doesn’t seem like there’s a lot of variety

with this diet).

I used to make it a lot more varied, and then less people stayed on the diet that didn’t do as

well with the diet. Now that I’ve made it

limited, the body functions so well, that most people don’t

care… because they function well, so you know it depends on what you

want. But you can take, the sauces are the key. When my book comes

out, probably around June, about a hundred and fifty recipes and they

will mainly be sauces. To give you all that change in variety. Because

that’s what it’s all about, it’s just…everybody has the same

foods… grain, whether it’s made into pasta, cereal, breads, no

matter… it’s the same stuff. It’s just they coat it differently. They serve it

differently. It’s the same garbage. This is just lots of meat, you just have

to learn how to eat lots of meat and lots of fat in different ways. And

there are numerous ways to do it. So does that answer your question?


Now I can’t concentrate at all! (laughter etc)

I’ve gotta eat something folks! Can somebody get into the kitchen and

there’s a torn box of eggs? Can somebody bring me an egg out of that

please? Just one.

(question: How did you eat that egg, I noticed that you didn’t crack it,

did you suck it out of there?)

I break it, a hole on each end with my eye tooth, and suck it out. Rocky style!

(Aajonus takes a new client)

OK, say your name please. (Amala)

Amala? (yes) What a great name! Ovaries looking in very good shape. Look a little

underactive…left one’s slightly shrinking. The pancreas on the left side is completely

debilitated. On the right side of the pancreas is about 60% operational.

It’s pretty good. Thyroid looks OK on both sides. Right is a little bit more

functional than the left. Parathyroid’s OK on the left, very good on the

right. Looks like the tonsils are gone. (no, I’ve got my tonsils) On this

side you don’t, you see how flat is, it must have melted away. Put your

tongue out and say ‘ah’...they just disintegrated over there, let me see

the other side. There they are. Sometimes they just disintegrate

because they take care of so much garbage, because they have to

protect the brain. Tonsils protect the brain. There’s so much garbage

that goes into the brain because of all the vaccines and everything

because it’s one of the highest concentrations of fat is the brain. A man

brags about the great brain that he has, but most people have 80%

toxicity in their brain, so it looks like man had to get a fat head because

he got very fat headed. He started polluting everything, cooking

everything, and his brain got very toxic. And he had - for it to keep functioning - he had to

keep expanding it. Because he only uses 5-10%,

gee, I wonder why that is. But he is full of toxins. So the tonsils are so

important to protect the brain. But most people lose them because of

vaccines. And you notice the amount of tonsils that have started to be

removed after vaccines started. Everybody started having them


(Aajonus continues the individual consultation)

OK, you have a lot of congestion in your small intestine. Scarring in your

right kidney and your liver. Your blood’s not circulating some of the

oxygen well, so you need about ¾ to 5/8th of a pound a day five days a

week of meats. And about 60% red meat. And 40% white…10 to 12% of

that can be seafood. It looks like you’re handling fat OK. You’re just not

handling protein OK even though you’ve been eating cooked fats. But that’s not... I’m not

saying go ahead and continue eating them… just

because you handle them better than most people. But it’s just

stabilized your system better. (what has?) Fats. You’ve been able to

handle cooked fats better than most people can. So your body is pretty

stable in that area, but lack of protein, because the fats haven’t been

able to utilize to digest proteins properly. There’s a shrinking of tissue. I

suggest that you have a lubrication formula in the morning, 36 hours

later you have it at nights, and then 36 hours later in the morning, so

you will shift, like that. I suggest that you eat lamb at least twice a week.

Did I give you a juice formula? (No, not yet.)

When you get a cold, or a flu, do you have (?) constantly running down

your throat? (I don’t get colds or flus very often.) That’s too bad. You’ve

got a belt of scar tissue that goes all the way down into the stomach,

and it’s like your esophagus is pretty much scar tissue. And you know,

that means it doesn’t secrete, it doesn’t make mucus very well. (too

many hot drinks) Probably. Or smoking. (no I never smoked). OK, it has

to be hot drinks. So at least 3 cups of juice a day, and I suggest that you

have a full 2 cups and then 2 half-cups at a time, so you can get the 4 oz

jelly jars and fill those. You definitely need the nut butter every week.

Papaya’s good for you, cherries, but again, no more than about 4 oz a

day. You don’t have a lot of metal poisoning. Did you stay away from

vaccines and the flu shots and stuff? (Well, no, I haven’t had flu shots. I

did have vaccines when I was a kid.) You didn’t seem to have stored

them like other people did. (great! thank goodness!) You basically just

haven’t been utilizing your proteins properly which made a problem

with certain fat utilization. (So how could I utilize my proteins?) By

eating raw proteins with some raw fat. Because it looks pretty stable.

You just need to eat good combinations of fats and proteins, and a little

juice… very simple. If I were you I’d have a cup of juice in the morning

and the next time you have a half a cup, and then a cup again, and then a half before you go

to bed. Because with a kidney like this you might be

up urinating during the night if you have it right before you go to bed.

(Sure enough! That’s for sure!) And once in awhile, have a little

pineapple, not a lot, because it will make you emotional but you need it

to break up scar tissue. You have scar tissue aligning all of your glands,

and the kidneys, and down one side of the esophagus, the other side

looks good.

(Aajonus takes a new client)

Hi! My name’s Mary Carol.

OK, Mary Carol. OK, good sexual activity here. Ovaries are good, the left

one’s starting to debilitate. The pancreas is almost completely shot on

both sides. It shows a diabetic-like nature. I would suggest no fruit, or

maybe one every 3 days. And always with fat, cuz it’s necessary. The red

blood circulation looks excellent in your extremities. But there’s just

dehydration everywhere. I shouldn’t say dehydration, I should de-lipid.

And I suggest that you have a lubrication formula morning and night,

…the next day only at night…the next day morning and night, so

rotate…once a day in the evening the next day twice a day. And if that

for some reason that makes you too hungry during the night, put an

extra egg in it when you have it at night. And when you put an extra egg

in put an extra half of tablespoon of lemon or lime juice. (Is it every OK

to leave the honey out of it?) Yes. The honey doesn’t have to be in that

one. Now you have the signs of having yeast all over the place. Do you

have a candida problem? (not that I know of.) Well that’s good because

you might once you start getting rid of that dried up tissue as it passes

through the skin, may cause a drying and itching. And then the yeast

will work on getting rid of the carbohydrates, by-products of

carbohydrates. They will feed on, ummm…it looks like you have some

pretty good cells, they just need lubrication with the right foods, rebuilding. There is

debilitation going on in the digestive area, this

whole area, it’s just breaking down. The rest is pretty stable except that

the brain and face all the way down to about the clavicle is starting to

dry up and shrink up. And the lubrication formula should help there. I

suggest that you eat at least a pound of meat a day. And I would say

you’re pretty intuitive regarding that, but eat more red than white.

You’re a person who could go on a binge for a very long time of eating

only white or red and it wouldn’t be bad for you. But I wouldn’t let a

week go by without having 1 of the other that you’re not eating more

frequently. (And can white be also fish and not just the fowl?) Yes. (OK. I

haven’t quite accommodated the fowl yet.) Well as you heard it’s easier,

and people, especially women, love the chicken more, once they get it,

it’s like you can’t stop them. (I haven’t been able to do it. The fish is

fine, and the beef or lamb is easy.) Let me tell you the chicken is easier

than the fish. (I eat chicken and every time I eat it I just… ) Yeah, it’s

probably starting to break up this congestion here.

(Another audience member comments: Lucky showed us how to do the

chicken marinated in citrus, so it’s like ceviche, so if you like fish, the

chicken I did for the last week for the first time ever, with blood

oranges, and a little mint…incredible…really great)

I don’t suggest you have the blood oranges though, way too much

sugar. (Yeah, and it’s fine to use a little bit of vegetables if it’s like for

flavoring?) Yeah, onion and garlic are fine in small amounts. (...but I do

crave vegetables.) Oh, you just need the juice. Once you get the juice

you won’t crave the vegetables. (Want to suggest a juice formula?)

Yeah, OK, I’d like you to have 60% celery, 20% parsley, 15% summer

squash, and 5% either lemon with the rind, or about 3 ounces of pureed

pineapple. Dispersed through a whole 3 quarts of juice. You have some

lymphatic congestion, which is not protecting your skin very well, which is also causing your

skin to dehydrate. I mean, your skin to draw up and dry.

And this left kidney, well this whole area, may be related to it or

maybe just local to your hand. (I hadn’t noticed it till I started looking at

everybody else’s hands.) Well it doesn’t look like it’s related to the

kidney, it looks like it’s related to itself, except in this eye there is some

metal poisoning in the kidney that could relate to it, but usually is

shows up differently. But none of your poisons are fluid, they’re deep in

the tissues, which means you may go a year and a half feeling really

great on this diet, and all the sudden the poisons will start coming out.

And then you will wonder what happened, you know? Just know that

your body is very wonderful, that it, you know, that you got to

experience that much time without much detoxification. But usually

that’s what happens. I don’t know that that’s going to happen, but

usually that’s what happens when the toxins are so deeply embedded in

the tissues. And of course eat cream and butter every time you eat

some meat, no matter what kind it is. And of course you need to gain a

lot of weight, and take it off, and on and off. OK?

(Aajonus takes a new client)

Wonderful hands! Your name? (Renga)

You’re glands are debilitating everywhere, especially the testes. And the

adrenal glands, you have very active adrenal glands which makes,

usually it makes somebody hyperactive. However it’s not likely to make

you hyperactive unless your testes are also producing a lot of

testosterone. So, what happens usually is your adrenal glands are

overactive in a situation like that, the adrenal will replace the missing

testosterone so there won’t be any hyperactivity. So usually it makes for

a calm person but not helpfully calm. It’s just debilitatively calm, you

know, it’s like a lot of vegetarians who are weak, you know because

they’re unhealthy, they don’t have a lot of proteins and stuff like that,

they are calm and all relaxed because they eat more vegetables and

more of that kind of food, however if you eat fruit it’s just the opposite,

then they become crazy. Hitler was a fruitarian/vegetarian. Cain,

also… Cain and AbeL: vegetarians. Most of the people who come after

me the hardest are the fruitarians like David Wolf. I mean, they talk

about being peaceful people, and it certainly does not come out of

them. It’s insane. I mean they get vicious. And I get, when they

approached me down in San Diego when I was doing the Whole Life

Expo, drooling with anger… drooling! And I’m not kidding… spitting and

drooling! You know, and this is calm. They don’t realize it. They think all

of that hyperactivity is good energy, when it’s really sugar irritating the

hell out of their nervous systems.

(What about Hannibal? That movie Hannibal?)

HaHa! Well he’s a cooked meat eater, that’s a problem! Chianti and

liver! haha!

You have very good artistic qualities, you should do something very

creative. OK, you have bile collecting everywhere, a very weak system,

and weak tissues everywhere, but your genes are excellent. You

have excellent genes but no good nutrients in your body. And already

you’re still very good looking, healthy looking person, but from the

looks of this, you’re not even a slight bit as healthy as you could be. It

shows you don’t have enough fat, you don’t have enough protein, you

have too much bile all over the system, when I’ve seen it this bad I’ve

seen men go into diarrhea for up to 15, 16 days at a time. And you just

have to go through it. And sometimes that can go on and off for years.

And just go through it, and even vomiting sometimes. If you eat a little

bit of cheese all day long except with your vegetable juice, you’ll be able

to absorb some of it, you know, that way. Yes it discards into your

stomach or bowels. Also clay, if you ate…do you have any trouble with constipation? (Not

actually, you know Cornish? sitz bath? I do them

pretty regularly, so they keep your bowels…) But otherwise you do

have it? (probably) That’s what I thought.

I still recommend that you take about - when you’re having any kind of

diarrhea or bowel movement like that - you take a heaping teaspoon of

powdered clay. And if you got the Aztec Secret Clay from a cosmetic

department of a healthfood store, just use a teaspoon of that in

anything, one especially in a smoothie, or in water, or in milk. Anything

to get it down, or even with an egg. That will help encourage your

bacteria in your intestines. Because right now there’s not a lot of

bacteria in your intestines, and people are mostly constipated because

they lack bacteria in their intestines. 60-80% of fecal matter is supposed

to be bacteria. If we didn’t have the bacteria we’d have fecal matter the

size of marbles, and it would be the texture of granite and always rip us

to pieces. (That’s because there’s not enough bacteria?) Not enough.

Because the bacteria feeds on it, we should have 3-5 pounds of bacteria

in our intestines. Colonics, all kinds of things like that, rips it apart.

(What about taking acidophilus?) Acidophilus helps sugar digestion, it

doesn’t help movement. And Acidophilus is mainly in the small

intestine. And if you’re drinking milk you get plenty of natural

acidophilus bacteria. For some people I suggested if they have

constipation, they eat clay, you know anywhere from a half a teaspoon

to a teaspoon a day, until it resolves, and/or take 5 ounces of clabbered milk, that means milk

that you let sit out for a couple of days, and you

take it in a bulb syringe, and you get on all fours like a dog, and then you

inject it in you, and you roll your stomach, you get to move all around

you know on all fours, put your face down on your hands on the floor

with your buttock up in the air on your knees, roll your stomach like a

belly dancer, get it to move up into the colon across the transverse,

then lie on your side for about another 3 or 4 minutes, and roll your

stomach again, and that will get it all over there… and then the bacteria

will have something to grow on that won’t be poisoning them. Because

most people when they’re detoxing stuff like bile, the bacteria can’t

feed on it, and they just don’t procreate, and they don’t sponge out the

fecal matter, and you’re constipated. And I have some people they’re

trying to pull it out with their fingers, you know? So, if you’re taking the

clay and you do that, you don’t have to be concerned. (Wouldn’t the clay

be a binding agent?) No, it isn’t. Only if you are using heated clay, will it.

(What about Sonne’s?) (the liquid one?) (yes, S-O-N-N-E)

I don’t know what’s in it; I’d have to read it and see what’s on the label.

If it’s just clay, it’s just bentonite or something. (It’s bentonite in water).

Well, I wouldn’t trust anybody’s water, you know. I would use my own

water and mix it myself, if I were going to go that. (I think you need to

take that clay for quite a while).

Well, yeah, probably good idea if you took it every day for about 6

weeks and then had every other day for about another 6 weeks, and

then maybe twice a week for maybe 6 months.

Green papaya would also be good for you. Aloe vera would be good for

you, so if you’ve got some aloe vera leaves, if you can, get any fresh

juice, get some leaves and just scrape it out, and just down it. It’s gonna

help his intestinal tract, his bowels. Because of the high bile in there, it has

burned and scarred his bowels to an extent. That will help soothe it, the

aloe vera. I did a juice for you, right? I got sidetracked. (no) I didn’t? OK.

About 5% watercress. There seems to be a lack of peristalsis even in the

small intestines. Watercress will help that. OK, I’m just making sure

there’s no sodium ring. 70% celery, 5% watercress, and the rest parsley.

Do you have questions? (Yes, I’ve been eating a lot of fruits, carrot juice

is the only one I like the taste of, I continue eating a lot of that…) Yeah, you’re so used to the sugar cycle, you just keep drinking the sugar cycle

and just take a look at this. Just relax your hands. You see all this

breaking up like this, I mean this is actually going like this… It means

your tissue inside is being eaten away because of all the fruit, all the

sweets; it’s just melting your tissue. Sugars just tear things apart, melts

it, in the human body especially. It takes the bones and starts

demineralizing the bones to get the fats to try to deal with that much

sugar. And you only need 5% of sugar in the body and you can just see

what is happening. You’re awfully young to be dealing with this kind of

a deterioration. (So what kind of meat and what kind of fat

recommendation for me?) Any kind of fat, any raw fat, and lots of

butter, lots of cream, you should be drinking 1 to 2 quarts of milk a day,

you know, but never with the vegetable juice, always keep that

separate, an hour away. Coconut cream, a small amount of coconut

cream, but you need more animal fats for your fat. How tall are you? (5

ft 10 inches) You should be having about a pound and a quarter meat a

day, minimum, OK? And it can be 50/50. So I mean, you have some

anemia-like symptoms for having dark skin, because mostly dark people

aren’t anemic. They’ve absorbed the sun; they’ve utilized it for

lifetimes, and it’s good; they don’t need as much red meat. Some do.

The Masai still eat mainly red meat, and they do fine with it, but it isn’t

that it’s necessary, but you can do it with any... basically, but you still

need at least 50% red meat for a while. and then you could probably -

in about ten years - you could eat anything, any kind of meat you want

and feel the same. But for about ten years I would say, at least 50% red

meat. (I have this belching and mucus problem… if I say my main

health concern is mucus, what would I eat? Basically from India we used

to eat a lot of rice and rice in our tradition, so there is a lot of mucus

and I have to give up the starch family, and…) Wonderful! Give it up!

Become a meat eater. (Yeah?) Meat and fats… forget all of that. Just

remember that in India, the ruling class ate all fat and meat. The

lackeys, they fed them all the grains to keep them emotionally crazy, so

they could not overthrow, and China did the same thing; Egypt did the

same thing. They feed them carbohydrates to make them crazy. So what

happens, they’re always emotionally in a turmoil, so there’s always

conflict within the family, nobody could overthrow the government

because they’re too busy with their own turmoil. And basically that is

the science, exactly the science. (My mucus and belching problem will

go away once I…) Oh, yeah. But like I say, you’re deteriorating

everything, your body’s eating your own flesh. That’s the belching. You

know if you had a good mucus coating and you weren’t eating all the

fruit, your body wouldn’t have to be eating itself. (I have this hair falling

problem, do you think this will slow it down or…) Definitely. Well,

getting the proteins is what usually stops it, unless you had

chemotherapy, you know, poisoned yourself. (I haven’t taken any

medication.) Then yours should reverse very quickly, stabilize. Because

usually people who haven’t had that, I’ve had clients who were going

bald and their hair thinning, they got on this diet and now they look like

Pascal. And I mean they will go around like that too because they’re so

proud of it. And go around with these bouffants! (laughter)

(I had an infection, inflammation, something, so I took a penicillin

shot. Well, about 2 weeks ago I had a detox crisis, kind of, under my

tongue, even larynx little bit swollen, it started swelling pushing my

tongue back, and I started excreting some kind of saliva, bad

smelling… It was happening for 4 days so I had to keep a bottle and

keep spitting, spitting, spitting. I guess it’s kind of penicillin started

coming out of something). Probably, yeah, or it’s another kind of poison.

It’s always poisons when it’s coming out. (I want to show you I got… )

OK. Well it’s already completely healed. There isn’t even any scar tissue

left. (OK, little bit swelling.) Yeah but it’s not much. (well inside my

tongue there seems to be a scar all the time, it may be an acid

indication or something). Yeah, well everybody’s going to have that all

the time, because you’re going to be detoxing until you’ve been on this

diet 40 years. So everybody should have a coated tongue. If they don’t

they’re a miracle.

(Another client asks a question: why can’t you mix milk with juice?)

Because the vegetable juice is alkaline, and the milk is acid, and they

neutralize digestibility. Everything on this diet is acid except the

vegetable juice. (Can you have meat and milk together?)

Yes. Those are all acid. Anything you mix together that’s acid is fine.

(What about cream and juice?) Cream and juice is the exception,

because cream is a neutral substance that’s not digested with

hydrochloric acid, it’s digested by the liver. (You mentioned to have

eggs and vegetables juice together.) That’s only for people who are

constipated and for a quick… see, they don’t digest. My instant bowel

movement constipation formula is mixing foods that don’t digest at all.

And that constipation formula is 1 egg, 3 to 4 ounces of milk, 2

tablespoons to 4 tablespoons of raw apple cider vinegar, and let me tell

you, none of that digests. So, it just pushes right through. You won’t

digest anything from it, you may flush some nutrients through, but you

usually have a bowel movement withing 24 hours or less. Some people

who’ve happened to have bricks, and pry it out with a crowbar or

something, it’s taken 2 times in 2 days, but, that’s rare.

(Aajonus takes a new client)


OK, put your hand over here. OK, lots of anemia-like symptoms here.

Lots of water retention. The right ovary is very good. The left ovary is

debilitating. The adrenal gland is very swollen and edemic on both

sides. It’s usually normal, it’s usually not too overactive, maybe the left

side is a little bit. The pancreas is slightly edemic and most of that is

from the adrenal gland. But there’s some swelling and very much

debilitated. It looks like we have... this is what I see in people who have

advanced diabetes and lots of water retention and swelling. How do

you do with sugar? (I…I…) You don’t know! That’s a diabetic! (I don’t

know.) Looks like a diabetic, you just have no clue. Juice… have only 4

ounces at a time. You’re already over-alkaline. When you start

detoxifying, you have the vegetable juice to keep the blood alkaline, just

to keep the mind clear and the body clear. You’re already over-alkaline,

however you still need enough to deal with the acid poisons that are

going to dump into your stomach. And into your blood. So a half a cup

at a time would be fine for you, 2 cups a day. You need to eat very little

eggs. And I would just eat nothing but meat and fat. I mean even, eggs

are a fat, but with a system like yours, you’re so protein deficient and so

water retentive, so edemic, that you will have a tendency to swell and

explode, if you do a lot of eggs, and a lot of milk and eggs together. So,

milk is fine, lots of meat and fat. And the juice. And then after maybe 3

or 4 months when you stabilize a little bit then you can have eggs, and

smoothie mixtures and stuff like that. But for you I would try to

concentrate on having nothing but meat and butter, and cream, and

milk. (How much meat?) Um, because you’ll be eating mainly meat,

you’re going to lose a lot of water weight and get awfully skinny, but

then you can build up with the fat from there. Hopefully you’ll be able

to eat enough fat with your meat and you might get acidic in your

intestines a little bit or in your stomach and not have a craving for meat.

So mix a little tomato with some butter, some way to put something

with the meat, then you’ll be able to eat a lot. And I would suggest

about a pound or a pound and a half a day. And as much butter and

cream as you can eat. And you know, about at least a quart of milk a

day. I’d keep it very simple for awhile. And then when you come around,

you may be 6 months, do some berries in the afternoon only with lots

of cream or butter, or coconut cream, because you’ve got the metal

poisoning in your brain, too. It’s deeper into the tissues, though. Do

you take any kind of medication at all? (no) And did you for awhile? (do

vitamins count?) Yeah, if you’ve taken a lot of them. (I’ve taken MSM,

and I still have been taking MSM) Yeah, that’s one I see that causes

water retention and deterioration of tissues. Did you ever take any

chelation minerals or anything? (no) Because you have, it looks like you

almost are still on some kind of medication and a vegetarian. (well I’ve

changed my diet… different ways… with working on vegetarian going

towards…) For how long? (um, probably 6 months. I eat some meat,

but not much, then I’ve been trying to eat raw.) And what kind of

vitamins have you been taking? (the MSM, the chondroitin) How much?

(I take 1 tablet of each a day; I don’t remember how many milligrams

that is). And the glucosamine? (the same… 1 capsule a day basically)

And that’s something you can’t even utilize, it’s all a by-product. (I do

that just because of the arthritis.) Yeah. That’s just because you have

toxic waters just stored in your tissues, in your joints. And it almost

looks like a chemical compound like your taking medication, well, like

insulin or something. So the MSM I’ve seen do this. It seems to work

with some people, but some people it does just the opposite. Lots of

meat and lots of fat, that’s what I’d concentrate for about 6 months.

The left thyroid and parathyroids, they look wonderful, but it may be

because they’re just so swollen with fluids. So, your juice, I recommend

80% celery, 15% parsley, and 5% summer squash. And you could have a

little bit, you know, one of those lemons or limes per 3 quarts. But like I

say, you should only have a half a cup at a time, so you’d be making 1

and a half quarts for 3 days. So that would be a half of one of

those… lemon or lime. (And probably no fruit, huh?) Like I say, you have advanced diabetic tendencies, but because of the MSM it’s screwing up

the ability to be able to see exactly what’s going because the MSM will

go in and maybe clean out the joints, but it doesn’t do it positively all

the time, and it could be causing aberrations or even deterioration of

your - which is basically one of the things that it does, it deteriorates - scar

tissue built up in the joints. But, you’re not discarding the wastes if it’s

doing it. If it’s staying there. You’re going to have the proteins and the

fats to remove it.

(Aajonus take a new client)


All these ‘Rashes’. (I’ve got the whole family here!) How did you do

that? That’s good! (My brother’s been watching me for the last year.)

Well, your blood sure is good now! Wow. Everything looks like it’s

rebounding pretty well, except for the missing tonsils, and the debilitated

pancreas. You may be like me, just not able to rebuild the pancreas.

(Would you mean ever, or, it would take a long time, maybe?) Well, I

don’t know, I’ve just never seen anybody, my pancreas has healed

maybe 15%, but it was zero, you know. But I still don’t do well with

sugars, so I just stay away from them. I have fruit maybe once every 3

days, and it’s always green fruit. (So sugar’s really hard on the

pancreas?) Uh-huh. (What about bread?) sorry Mike! (…glycation end

products?) Yes! You definitely have some storing, especially in the lower

part of your body. This large intestine at the bottom, in the ileocecal

valve, in the kidneys, so… are you eating breads? (Oh, yeah) You need to

eat that nut formula, so you can stop having that craving. (I crave bread.)

Yeah, so you need the nuts. So maybe you should have the nut formula

2 or 3 days a week. And you’re not eating enough fat with your protein

if you’re having that problem too. (I drink a quart of milk a day.) That’s

nothing. I drink 2 quarts of milk a day. That’s nothing. And you should

be eating a half a pound of butter a day, quarter to a half a pound of butter

a day with your meats. It looks like you’re burning them

up, you’re blood is like rich. (Rich with what?) Rich with protein. Like,

pyruvate. (That’s what I eat the most of is raw meat). But without the

fat. (Right…) OK, you have all of this pyruvate going on driving you

with all this energy, yeah, it feels good… it’s a sugar high! But, you

know, you won’t be stabilizing the system. (Well, butter is so hard to

get!) (audience: not anymore!) Not anymore! Nope, it’s very, very

available. Just write them, Nezinscot Farms, you can get it, easily. They’ll

even ship you raw cream. (Do they ship it temperature?) They pack ice

in it… tell them not to freeze it. Just pack ice in it and send it. Gets here

in 2 days. (What happens to cream if you freeze it?) Well you lose some

of the value if it’s frozen for very long.

OK, you have a little bit of a salt ring. So I’m going to say 80% celery,

10% parsley, and 10% summer squash. (I take about 5 heads of celery,

and about 3 bunches of parsley. Is that about right?) That’s about right,

and then throw 2 zucchini in there or 2 cucumber, medium. Cucumber

is a summer squash. (Oh, good, I’ll have to eat some, I used to eat some

cucumber and then I stopped doing it. I just did it because it sounded

right.) Good intuition! You should be having anywhere from a pound and

half to two pounds of meat a day, minimum. I eat a pound, and I’m

smaller than you are. And sometimes I eat 3 pounds a day. (I put on 20

pounds.) You look good! That’s what I’m saying, you look great! (I’m 175

now, and holding). And how tall are you? (6 foot). Yeah, I’m 172. I hold at

172 and I go up to about 185, and then knock back down. But you’re

looking a lot better. (I feel a lot better.) Just eat more fat with your meat.

(Leave the fat on the meat? I was afraid to eat the fat on the meat). No,

it’s good fat. It’s fine, leave it. As long as you’re not eating glandular

tissue, you’re OK. If you’re eating glandular tissue that isn’t organic, you

might have a problem. Because most of the toxins do not store in the muscle fat. It stores around the kidney’s and the suet, and all the other

patches, but not in the marbling. OK, and in the glands, and bone

marrow. (So liver, kidneys, and adrenals are backed up, then?) Yeah.

Thyroid looks good. Parathyroid looks OK; parathyroid over here is

excellent; thyroid over here is OK. And I would say 50/50 meat, you

know, you could have more red meat if you wanted. You don’t look like

you have that kind of a problem that it makes much difference. You can

eat red or white. (If I get fish I don’t get the same energy, so I stick with

the red meat.) Well, red meat stimulates the adrenals and the muscles.

White meat relaxes the body, comforts it, soothes it, calms it. So usually

it’s better not to have, that’s why you’ve heard me say today, red meat

in the morning, red meat with a little fish or chicken in the afternoon,

and in the evening, no red meat, just chicken or fish. I guess you didn’t

hear that because that was my consults, I didn’t do that in here. Now

you know! (You know when you first talked to me you gave me a real

liberty on eggs, like 6, something eggs a day. And a while ago,

somebody said stop with the eggs…) Stop eating eggs? (yeah, is that…)

You’re just low on fat. And probably not doing so well. But just that high

amount of protein without fat with it… and if you’re eating a lot of eggs

at the same time you might have a tendency to get over-acid. You haven’t been eating your

juice. (I do, like I said, 5 head of celery and 3 parsley every 2 days.) Every 2 days? (Every 2

days…) How much juice is

that though? I mean how many cups? (A gallon.) That’s a gallon? You’re

drinking a gallon? (Sometimes I get it on the third day but I’m drinking a

gallon of that at least every 2 days, 3 days maybe.) That’s too much.

(Why?) Because you overalkinize the blood. (It keeps things moving

around though.) Yes, I know but I’d rather you drink… you know. Not

the way to do it. It’s better to eat more fat, that keeps things moving.

And the juice is just there to make sure that you keep the alkalinity

going and replenish the enzymes. Other than that, it’s gonna start ripping your body up a

little bit. (When I eat too much fat I get really

congested and then I just feel cloggy and then I get…?) Yeah, well that’s

what it’s supposed to do; it’s supposed to clean you out. You’re

supposed to have some cleansing going on. (I don’t like that congested

feeling I get.) (From the audience: Yeah , what is that cloggy, congested

feeling?) That’s toxins being dumped, usually out of the brain and out of

the neck going out the sinuses. Quickest way out. (Does it happen that

fast?) Some people it does. (I spit all the time…?) Good! You know how

many poisons that is? Being able to spit like that? (I have to walk alone.

It just looks gross.) (laughter). Would you rather be walking with

somebody and hacking like that? (laughter). I would do it. Yeah,

definitely. I mean if you were perfectly healthy, you’d be like the

messiah… never worry about that, you know. (Thank you.) You’re


OK. The bile is still all over in your system. But we already

talked about that, didn’t we? So that’s why you still have the ? It’s just

all throughout your tissues. (I guess ?) Yeah. The thyroid is working

better. The parathyroids… (Gosh, maybe I’m gaining weight. My hands

look kind of fat, don’t they?) Yeah, that’s good! Remember how skinny

you were? The ovaries are starting to lubricate. The adrenal gland looks

OK and the left looks ??. Still congested but when it becomes active…

you have a tendency to be overactive. With that adrenaline. (???) But

right now, it looks like the bile is causing the fatigue. And of course your

pancreas isn’t working. (Yeah.) So you just need to stay away from

sugar, like you’ve just started doing. How long has it been now, since

you’ve been off of sugar? Sweets, fruits. (4 or 5 weeks.) Yeah? You feel a

lot better. (Oh, much calmer!) Yeah. So now it’s a matter of cleaning out

the bile. (So the bile is like in everything?) Every… it’s everywhere. In

your bones, in your lymph. You probably will feel like you have arthritis

and rheumatism at times because you just have soreness everywhere.

(Sometimes I feel like I can barely lift my… ? like God, what happened?

But I feel the most muscular.) Yeah, there’s more there than anywhere

else. Skin’s quite loaded too, in your lymphatic system… connective

tissue. So I wouldn’t change anything that I told you earlier. (OK, so the

thing I was asking…) But coconut cream is gonna be something that’s

gonna really help you get rid of that bile. (Oh really?) Yeah. (More than

the other cream?) Well the other cream will help but the coconut

cream, especially the coconut cream or raw cream together will help

you quicker. (Really?) Yeah. (OK.) It’s just that if you get too much

diarrhea then you just have to back off for a while. (Ok, I don’t really get

diarrhea. About the eggs… because if I have an egg then I’m like… you

know I need a break. What should I do with that?) I would do it. But you

know it’s time to take a nap? Just have an egg. And take a nap. (OK.)

Because it’ll help pull it out. Usually that means it’s pulling it out of, you

know, some particular gland that’s pretty toxic, and pulling it right into

the stomach. Could be out of the nervous system. It’s better to get it

out of there because then you get out of depression sooner. You know

that depression is caused by poisoning of the nervous system. (Yeah,

yeah that’s true like when… Well actually if I have an egg then I get like

so sluggish. The depressed thing. Thanks.) You’re welcome.

(Aajonus takes another client)


OK, you still have those hands of a mechanic. You still have the

overactive testes, and the adrenal glands, very overactive. (What can he

do for that? For the overactive adrenals?) Well, because he has all those

petrochemicals from the work in his body, see, normally he doesn’t

have overactive testes. So, it usually means that someone wouldn’t be

overactive sexually. But when these kinds of poisons get in there and

irritate the glands, and get into the glands, like the testes, it makes

them overactive because the body wants to ejaculate, and to discharge

it with the fats and proteins that are in the sperm. So, it makes some

people overly sexual even thought they’re not normally oversexual, and

you would not normally be oversexual, you’d be normally very

hyperactive, you’d be a great farmer, because of the amount of

adrenaline you have. You’re not oversexual, but you’re overactive,

physically. But because you have all those poisons hitting the testes,

that makes you overactive sexually. Now the left one shows that the

actual left testes is breaking down, or it has been breaking down a long

time. So that one should be underactive, but still with the poisons in

there it’s going to force it the other way. Just to be active to remove it.

The thyroid is working OK on the left side. Barely on the right. And all

the glands are poisoned. The rest of the glands are poisoned, so,

basically, your coffee is all that poisons that are in your system that are

driving you. You just keep up with all the things that you’re going right,

stay away from the fruit… you know now. Phillip was a person who

looooved his fruit, and I mean, what did you eat…15 mangos at a time?

(Yeah, it would say one piece of fruit a day, so I would have 1 pineapple

a day…that’s one piece!) (laughter) Yeah, and he was crazy with fruit.

And now he’s learned to back off of it, and he’s done better, the same

with Pascal, you know, it’s taken him a year to realize what the fruit

would do. It’s just a matter of getting off of it to find it out. (It’s an

addiction). Yeah, it’s definitely an addiction.

(What does the ejaculation do as far as attacking the testes there?)

Well, when the poisons go to the glands because that’s where most of

the fat is, in the glands, it stays there. And if it’s a toxin that will actually

cause the gland to break down, the body will try to reject it with the

hormones that it makes. And if it gets in the testosterone, it’ll run his

whole body like he’s on speed. And also excite him sexually because his

body will want to throw it off by building it into the sperm. Just like we

take toxic minerals out of the brain, build them into the skull, and the

skull builds them into the hair, and we get rid of them. That’s why we

have so many metal poisons that come out of the hair. (So then if he

ejaculates in me I get some poison?) That’s right. You know, I’ve got lots

of toxicity in mine so I do not ejaculate into anybody for that reason. So

I pull. It’s a good idea, especially with your toxic stuff. I had

chemotherapy, it’s probably no worse than what you have.

(Aajonus takes a new client)


OK. Alright, here’s a very sexual man. Right teste,

usually looks like it’s overactive but it’s debilitating. The left one was

already debilitated. Adrenal glands very overactive. Very hyper, strong

nature. Pancreas is about 70% debilitated on the right side and about

90% debilitated on the left. So you have like a diabetic nature. Thyroid

gland is OK, parathyroids are underactive here, scar tissue at the tonsils.

Underactive thyroid here, parathyroid’s OK. Lots of scarring here with

some congestion, where right tonsil’s supposed to be. Still a lot of signs

of anemia like the blood isn’t transporting oxygen well. Skin looks a lot

better, basically, so everything is starting to lubricate a little bit. I would

stay with eating 70% red meat, and 30% white. You do need the fish, so

I would make fish 10-15% of that. You have an overalkaline system, but

usually when the testosterone and the adrenal glands are this excessive,

it usually creates an acid over-hormonal nature. So you have like the

conflict going on, kind of like a body schizophrenia. So a lot of

hyperactivity but yet with a lot of sallow nature to the body, so it’s more

difficult to balance that. So you might want to have, when you have

some beef, you might want to have a few bites of white meat every

time you have it. But, you know, 70% of the meat should be red. (That’s

mostly what I eat, when I eat meat.) You don’t eat enough. (I eat every

day, sometimes half a pound, sometimes a pound and a half.) So it

averages out to about a pound a day? (Uh, yeah, about ¾ of a pound a

day.) Not enough. You’re a big boy… not enough at all. (I probably need

to eat more fat.) Fat with the meat, yeah. Since you have a diabetic-like

nature, you have a tendency to absorb fluids and sugars, and not be

able to handle them. So the more meat you eat, the better off you will

be, or the better on you will be. So like when I get like this, when I feel

like you look, I eat 3 pounds of meat a day. And fat every time I eat it.

(Now does the fat help with the sense of ‘God I cannot eat another

bite’?) No, it actually takes it away. It allows you to eat more. (I get that

way and it’s like ‘ughh’). Yeah, well I can eat half a pound of meat and

say, I just don’t feel like any more. Like in the kitchen you saw how little

I ate, but if I have butter with it, or cream, or anything else with it, I can

sit there and eat 2 pounds at a sitting. So when I eat it just by itself it’s

difficult. (Why?) Because the body is getting too acid to quickly, and I’ve got that

acid/alkaline imbalance because of the diabetic nature, so it’s

confusing to my body. So I give it something that’ll absorb the

overalkalinity / acid effect, which fat does because it’s neutral, it

absorbs either, then it changes it. And then I can just eat and eat and

eat the meat. Otherwise I just can’t eat much meat. You have lots of

congestion along your spine. I would definitely use a hot water bottle

on my spine at night to get that circulation going, also in the intestines.

Are you eating cooked starch? (no, no cooked at all.) At all? (at all… I

stopped at the end of last year. I was eating a cooked meal maybe every

2 weeks or a month, going out to eat or something, but I stopped at the

new year.) Still, you’re eating a lot of pineapple, is that it? (Yeah, have

been for quite a while). Must be dissolving the system. Because it

almost looks like, you know, I can see that you have better coloring, but

normally when you eat pineapple, a lot of pineapple, will start

disintegrating scar tissue, but it’s not disintegrating the scar tissue, it’s

disintegrating your blood. (Are you having pineapple with fat or just

pineapple?) (Avocado or coconut). Coconut or coconut cream?

(Coconut) The fat doesn’t get released from the pulp easily. (It’s called

being tired of doing all the work.) Yeah, yeah. I would just get off the

fruit. Like I said you’re near diabetic. (Does anyone know about that

spectrum coconut?) It is rendered, 200 degrees. (So it’s useless?)

Absolutely. No, it’s harmful. Not just useless, it’s harmful. And they put

on it ‘raw’. (Well I saw it and was just wondering.) Yeah. Well I went

around and around with them 3 years ago, and I said, ‘no, I want

you to tell me the exact process’… well it’s the way the natives do it’,

and I said ‘the natives where?’, and they said ‘the Philippines’, and I said

‘I know how they make it in the Philippines’. I had a roommate who was

Filipino, and he rendered it by boiling it, they just keep boiling, they will

press it, they’ll boil the pulp, press it again, boil and press the

pulp. They just keep doing that. (Are you convinced some of them

make that stuff cuz it’s a real hassle making it, if someone could

manufacture it…) Yeah we have someone who does it but in LA, but

you just have to get there every day to pick it up. You know, buy…the

juice put on Mondays, and Tuesdays and Fridays, but you go and pick it

up and if you put it in small jar containers it’ll last for 10 days.

Otherwise it goes very rapidly. That’s why you can’t render it or make it

into any form that won’t debilitate it. It’s one of the quickest at

deteriorating fats there is.

So that could your be your big change, it’ll make your blood

better. Right now you just keep dissolving everything. (Richard, how

you doing with coffee?) (I don’t drink coffee.) He doesn’t need it with all

that pineapple, it must wire him! (I’ve been doing herbal tinctures like

ginkgo and ginseng.) They will also make you acid and create. (I noticed

the ginkgo takes away the sense of mental cloudiness and fogginess so I

can function better at work.) Yeah but if you get rid of the pineapple,

that will take care of itself.

(Aajonus takes a new client)


You have very overactive ovaries, very sexual lady here. Very overactive

but right adrenal gland, left is somewhat overactive. So it just shows

that you were probably a very high energy, active child. The pancreas is very

edemic on both sides, going to break down. It’s moving toward a

complete breakdown. So if you weren’t just swollen, it would already be

breaking down instead of functioning at all, but it’s like you forced it to

stay functioning. Thyroid on the left side is OK, parathyroids are very

good. Do you have your tonsils? Wonderful! Some of the best ones I’ve

seen. Thyroid’s excellent over here, the right thyroid is not so good. So,

overall your glands are pretty good, on the better side than most

people. But the pancreas and the right thyroid are very debilitated, and

the ovaries are starting to break down. This one’s a little bit stronger.

The left one’s a little stronger even though it looks a little bit smaller, shrunk. Lots of psychic ability, in one hand that you came in

with, you’re not utilizing a tenth of what you have. Probably because

you’re denying it. Bodily needs, as we all do when we think spiritually,

without considering the body is part of it. Lots of creative energy, good

touches. The red blood cells look like they’re very good, when they get

fed properly, it’s going to, you have a lot of magnetic good energy. Lots

of bile everywhere, though. It will have a tendency to make you feel like

you wanna be a little irritable, but you won’t allow yourself. By allowing

yourself just drink some raw cream. And that will calm the system

down. Raw cream is about the only thing that’ll calm it. Coconut cream

will help remove it from the system, and maybe some diarrhea and

some vomiting at some point. Again, this looks like lots of fruit and

vegetable diet for a very long time. So, you need lots of meat and fat,

more butter than cream. (But butter isn’t attractive to me at all.) Yeah,

that’s because it goes in there to the skin and the deep tissues and will

start cleaning out the bile. Enjoy the cream for awhile, but eventually

you’re gonna have to bring it out. How much meat are you eating? (Half

a pound a day). That will never be enough. You need to go for even

more than a pound. How tall are you? (five ft five inches.) Because

you’re so protein deficient, you may have to go for maybe a few ounces

over a pound, you know, 18 ounces maybe a day to really rebound, to

stabilize the system. But, mix tomato, make some kind of a sauce with it

so you can eat more. (Can you explain more what you meant about the

psychic ability in my body?) Well, you were born with a connection here

to the psyche, very strong. And they don’t appear here… they’re cut off.

This is what you do with what you came in with. So, it shows intense

psychic ability here. And here you’re not utilizing it probably because

your philosophies get in the way. They’ve gotten in the way, probably

as to somewhat with physiology. I had the same thing, a lot of people

get that concept that vegetarianism is spiritual, and just all kinds of

abstract things about what spirituality is, and what psychic ability is and

all of that, but you’ll find out what yours is, eventually. Once you get

more stable, in your body.. take care of the temple first, is that what

they think? The gray recoverability in your system because you have

pretty good genes, just need to be fed lots of protein, good fat. You can

mix the butter, if you’re having chicken or fish, you could always put

some lemon or lime in the butter, and then it becomes delicious and

you can dip it. Right now you may have fat digestion problems. Because

the liver right here, is very, very white, which means mainly scar tissue.

It’s almost like you’ve been an alcoholic, and you know, burned the

tissue… alcohol burned. And it could be from your body manufacturing

too much alcohol from too much fruit, and too much any carbohydrate.

So it’s almost like you have like a cirrhosis of the liver. And, turn that around and everything looks like it’ll turn around quicker. Like I said, you

have good resilience, you just have to get rid of that one block, but

that’s a heavy block. The liver is the first big step. And it cannot recover

without protein, lots of protein. I mean, you could start eating liver and

that will be helpful. And I found that, you know I always disliked liver. So

I would have to eat a spoonful at a time, and I’d have to grind it up into

a pate with some onion. And I’d eat a spoonful, let 20 minutes go by,

and then I’d eat another spoonful, and another 20 minutes go by, and

finally I was so frickin’ hungry, and my body had had the liver and all of a

sudden it would taste OK. So I could go eat it. Then I had blended it with

butter, and onion the other day. And you know, buffalo liver is incredibly

powerful, so if you can eat it, the charge that people get is phenomenal.

But it’s so strong, so I blended it with this butter and onion, and I went

nuts. It was delicious! It changed it entirely. And so I was able to eat it

and enjoy it for the first time in my life, really enjoy it. So you’d be

surprised what butter mixed with something, but butter by itself you

may not do well with. (What did you say tasted like clam chowder?)

When I used to take either brain or thyroid and blend it with milk, and

red onion. (What does that do? Are you actually taking the thyroid…?)

You saw how little I ate today? Remember that little piece of brain that I

ate, about that much? It fueled me all day. And I was able to not have to

eat so much today. (And you started sessions at 8:00 this morning.)

Seven thirty. Well, I started setting up at 6:00, 6:15. I had no nap, I’m

just still going. (You blended the brains, the thyroid with butter and…)

The brain, no, that’s what I mixed with milk and red onion, to make it

like a clam chowder. But the brain is so delicious. I just love it alone.

You need about 20-25% parsley, 60% celery, 5% carrot, and 5% winter

squash for about 6 to 10 weeks. And then the rest summer squash,

yeah, so 5-10% summer squash. Probably you could get the liver to

recover a little quicker if you drink 5 cups a day, or 4 and a half cups of juice a day. You might speed it up a few months, to recover. It usually

takes 2 and a half years to get the liver to recover properly, so, you can

decrease it to about 2 years instead. (And how much at one sitting?)

Juice… a cup at a time. (And what about fruit? No fruit, any fruit?)

Unless it’s green, like green papaya. Coconut, you know, that just has a

small amount of sugar, lots of enzymes. Whenever you get tense, do

you get cold? (I don’t get cold very much anymore.) You’re very cold

right now. Is that because you’re hungry? (I’m tired. My hands may feel

cold to the touch, but I feel warm.) That’s good. So if you can get liver,

that would be very helpful with that condition.

(Aajonus takes a new client)


Put your hands on my leg here. How old are you? (16) All of your glands

are completely fatigued. Your thyroid on the left side is working OK, and

on the right side is under, but everything is under, it’s like you’ve got

chronic fatigue. Your testes, your adrenal glands, the left is completely

exhausted. On the right, it’s OK, but that’s not enough to run a young

man like you. How long have you been fatigued like this? (Um, a while.)

Years? (Yeah, years.) How many years? ( I don’t know, like…) Since what

age? (mother responds: I’d say like 9 or 10). Nine or ten, did he have any

heavy vaccines at that time? (No, he’s never done vaccination, ever.)

Great! Well, the only way that I can see he’d be like this is if he were

basically raised a vegetarian, had kwashiorkor. Which basically means

that he’s, uh, everything’s almost all scar tissue, and not active. For 16

years old, that’s rough. He needs lots of fats. Everything is just dry, and

that’s why the glands are just debilitating, everything is just

shrinking. And his glands are just shrunk, they don’t function. They’re

not enough fat to build any hormones. So, if you eat lots of meat with

fat, it will reverse that condition. (How much should he eat for his thyroid?) What’s your size,

how tall are you? (Like 5’7”) At least a pound

a day. Usually when you’re as young as you are and when you become

active, you can eat more, but until you become active, I’d say about a

pound. Do you do any sports at all? (Yeah.) And you’re able to do it? And

then you just collapse afterwards? (I don’t really collapse, I become

tired, but…) Yeah, you also have some severe liver complications. Look

right up into my nose… a lot of scarring in the liver. (He had jaundice at

birth.) And what did they do for it? (Um, nothing, I put him in the

sun… breastmilk.) OK, and what were you eating? (I was not eating

enough. I was not doing dairy, I was vegetarian, a little bit of chicken, I

was not eating enough food, I know that). OK, so probably, I have one

other fellow like him, it was a 13 year old, and he responded almost

immediately, so 16’s three years older and a little bit more

development, so, it took Aaron about probably a year to recover. It may

take John a year and a half. Of course, he may feel so much better once

he starts doing it, that he doesn’t even know how weak he really is, or

how much fatigue there is. (Yeah, I know he doesn’t get it, I mean, it’s

become a real issue, and that’s been really frustrating for me, very

frustrating.) Well, when you can get your glands going you can be a

great athlete, because you definitely have athletic ability. Although

you’re much more mentally inclined, you just don’t have that working

very well either. You have interest in everything. That’s good. I would

say, just to help the liver rebuild quicker, needs about 70% red meat,

and probably in about 2 years he could go more to white meat. But

maybe 6 years red meat, 60%, after that. And lots of eggs. Lots of

milkshakes. Have you had any of those yet, those raw eggs and milk?

(Yeah.) With fruit or without? (Like with a banana.) Well see the banana

has to pass through the liver once it’s in conversion, so it’s not a good

one to give him. (So stay away from some fruit altogether and do…)

Does he get irritable? (Well we just started recently.) Do you have a

natural disposition toward irritability? (Kinda, sort of.) OK, then fruit’s

better to stay away from unless it’s green fruit… green papaya. Like you

could make him a custard if you want, you know with green papaya and

just a touch of honey, and eggs, and butter or cream… delicious. Even

when papaya is unripe it’s still very sweet tasting, but it’s only the

mineral content that makes it sweet. And the enzyme content, it’s not

the high sugar. (And what about juice… proportions of juice? I’ve been

doing carrot, so stay away from carrot totally?) Yeah, he should have

about 80% celery, and 20% parsley, make it very plain. Do you like

lemons? Put some lemons in it, lemon juice, make it more like a tea.

(How many lemons?) And only a little bit of honey, maybe a tablespoon

per quart. And you could put some cream in it if you like, so it’d be

more like a tea, cream and the lemon in it. Let me see your hand again.

Was he taking supplements? (We’ve done them on and off, yeah). How

much vitamin C? (Oh, I don’t know, we’ve done it all now for years, we

stopped now of course.) And what dosage? (a thousand, five hundred, it

varies.) Because some of his scarring is due to vitamin C. Vitamin C

scarring… not enough fat in the system, it went in there and started

ripping things apart for the fat. And that broke his glands down. Well,

everybody’s misled, so it wasn’t really anybody’s fault except for the

maniacs out there selling the vitamin C, because they’re suppressing

some of the data. Even Linus Pauling was suppressing it. Because he

wanted his work to be received so well. (Should be not be doing orange

juice, then? We’ve been doing fresh orange juice.) No way, no way! (Oh

God, OK! no fresh juice, lots of fats.) Yep. Lots of milk shakes! Get rid of

the fruit. He’ll respond much quicker. I didn’t realize you’re still doing

that kind of a thing to him till I saw his nails. (What’s going on with his

nails?) Well it just shows high vitamin C, unnatural vitamin C content.

And it’s still in the system, still in the tissues, and if it comes out it looks

for fat again. If he has the fat there, do deal with it, then you’ll never

have a problem. You won’t experience this fatigue. But when you’ve got

vitamin C like that stored in the body and it comes out, it’s like a

complete sugar down. It just rips the fat out of the system, it has none

to burn, and there’s no fuel. If it were good vitamin C, it doesn’t

obstruct like your orange juice. Probably would be fine for him, as long

as he had lots of eggs and cream with it. However, he’s got all this old

toxic vitamin C, that the fresh stuff is going to pull the old stuff out and

he’s going to bottom out. And if I were you I would eat 12 eggs a day.

Three smoothies, 4 eggs at a time. But only with honey, not with the

fruit. Once in awhile you can have it with berries if you wanted, you

know, something low in sugar. (We did a hair analysis and I have no

idea, it came back high, high aluminum, and I’ve been aware of not

cooking in it for years, you know that kind of stuff, for years, so I don’t

know where he gets that, I didn’t have it.) (another audience member: It

shows it’s coming out of the hair.) Yeah, it shows it’s getting rid of, but

where did he get it in the first place, because you never gave him food

out of… (It wasn’t high for me, in my system.) Yeah, well, you know

those contrails that we get, do you know what that is? That’s aluminum.

Liquid aluminum. You know why they’re doing it? Boeing has a contract,

$2 billions a year, they’re doing it to reflect the sun, to reduce global

warming. (unitelligible) And the government. So there’s lots of

aluminum in the air. More alzheimers, all kinds of problems from it. (Is

carob ok? It’s not considered a carbohydrate.) No, it’s usually not

digestible at all. Because it’s mostly pectin, it’s not absorbed.

(unintelligible) carob powders unless they’re toasted. And the only

place that you can get a raw carob powder is from Jaffe Brothers. (So

carob powder is not good unless it’s raw?) Correct. Even if it’s toasted

you’re not gonna digest much, but you will get some carbohydrate

reaction from it if it’s toasted. (But you can get raw carob powder, can’t

you?) That’s what they tell you. But unless you’re getting it from Jaffe Brothers

I bet it’s not. Let me smell it, if it smells like dirty feet, it’s

good. Literally. If it tasted at all toasted or roasty, it’s not good.

(Aajonus takes a new client)

You’ve got so similar hands to his, only you don’t have all that dryness

that he has. OK, your ovaries look pretty good. Lots of, boy you

grew up in lots of cynicism. Wow, it’s almost like your parents were the

principals of the world. (Uh-hum.) I’m surprised you’re not so cynical.

(Cynical parents (unintelligible)) I had menorrhagia for ten years, quite a

large uterine fibroid, and an (unintelligible) size of a grapefruit, and I

think I lost so much blood ten years ago because of that… it’s better,)

Your thyroid right side is working OK, parathyroid’s not. It doesn’t look

like you have tonsils. (What do you mean, gone?) Yeah, it doesn’t look

like, it doesn’t look scarred, but it doesn’t look like you have them. Do

you have them? (Yes, they weren’t taken out.) Say ahhh. Definitely

there, just not active, they’re so flat. But they’re not scarred, that’s why

it doesn’t look like you had them removed. But then it looks like your

parathyroids don’t exist either. But there’s no scarring there. But your

left thyroid is working OK. It just needs better nutrients. Right is OK too.

The parathyroids aren’t working and the tonsils aren’t working. Lots of

congestion in your ovaries, in the whole uterine area. Your kidneys are

very scarred. Your liver is scarred. (unintelligible). It could be sugar

damage, it could be poisons that dump into the liver, because there’s a

high concentration of fat. Toxic fats. For someone as dark complected as

you, you sure have anemia, or anemia-like…(Well yeah, I bled

buckets… I lost a lot of blood, with the uterine fibroids… a lot.) Most

people don’t bleed with that, you were bleeding with it? (Oh my gosh,

yeah, like sometimes 10 days, very, very heavy.) OK, if I were you, I

would eat 90% red meat for about a year and a half, two years. 10%

white. It just doesn’t look like you’re going to rebound very quickly

because of the red blood cells are so weak. Lots of bile in the chest area, so you might get

some rashes, as that exudes. Lots in the lower

spine, you might get soreness in the back, around here a lot, probably

that was from the menstrual problem and a lot of bile went down there

to protect, to try to protect it, and burned it instead. Odd, though, your

constitution is really strong and stable. (Yeah, I agree. I go insane, with

the bleeding, sometimes, because I chose not to have the surgery.

There’s no way I’m going to let anybody cut up my body.) All you would

have had to have had was raw white cabbage juice. (I tried, well, I

didn’t, white instead of red?) Red will CAUSE bleeding. (Really?) White

stops it. (When I do it again, I did the red last time, but I read in your

book, and I did the red, but you said do white?) White cabbage, not red

cabbage. White cabbage. (It’s like 4 oz or something when I’m actually

menstruating, then?) You should be having 8oz a day…4oz in the

morning, 4oz in the evening. (Just when I’m bleeding, or all the time?)

I would say, how long have you been suffering this? (Ten years.) I

would say every day for about 6 weeks. Once a day while you’re not

menstruating, and then when you are bleeding, twice a day, 4oz. I’ll give

you a story. A woman flew from Switzerland, a vegetarian for 26 years.

Found out she had cancer of the uterus. She few here to get some

alternative treatments in Mexico. Nothing worked. She was bleeding to

death. She couldn’t stop bleeding. They tried everything and were

giving her transfusions. And she came to me, and I told her what to do.

She was so die-hard vegetarian that she couldn’t, she said spiritually I

cannot do this. I said then you will probably belong with the spirits,

because that’s where you’ll be soon. And that’s fine, if that’s where you

want to go, and if that’s where your heart is, if your heart isn’t on this

planet. And she said but I’m not ready to die, I’ve got things to do, and I

said well, there’s a choice, then. You have to do something about it. She

bled for 2 more weeks. She called me, desperate. And I said, listen,

there’s nothing I can do. You can either try it, and see it it works for you,

there’s nothing else I can do. So, one of my clients, went and get her

some of the meat, butter, and everything, because at this point she was

crippled in bed, couldn’t get out. He took her the meat, took her

everything, and some cabbage juice. The next morning she didn’t bleed.

It stopped it, just like that the next morning. So then, this went on for 3

months, she started getting better, and looked good, and then she went

back into her spiritual attitude again and stopped eating it. Started

bleeding again. Started doing it. But she got it into her mind that it’s

really anti-spiritual. And I said there’s nothing I can do for you, I mean,

you don’t do what I say, so I’m sorry, I can’t take you as a client, and she

died a week later. But she’s with spirit, you know… she definitely is! And

that’s OK. The cabbage juice would stop her from bleeding, but to help

make her recover so she could get out of bed and function, she had the

meat. And fat with the meat. (Do you remember when, when I had a

little incident with my internal bleeding? The cabbage juice really does

work. I went on one of those rides that drops you like 50 stories and

you stop at the bottom, well, whatever my weakness was basically

caused me to bleed a little bit, and I rode it like 3 times in a row. It was a

lot of fun! But the third time I felt like someone had stuck a knife

through my gut, and so, I went home and there was like a lot of blood in

my feces, and it was still hurting, so I called Aajonus and he said no, no,

shut up and go drink your cabbage juice… and it worked, it did!) I’ve

never seen it not work within usually 12 hours. Works that quickly. (I

mean, kind of internal bleeding?) Any kind of internal bleeding. (And

only green cabbage.)Red will CAUSE the bleeding. (Why?) Because

there’s a high vitamin C content. (White or green or both?) White and

green are the same. Some people call it white, some people call it

green. (What will shrink a fibroid? Because that’s what supposedly

creates the bleeding, or is that coming from the spleen?) No, that’s

coming from a lack of protein. To be able to heal properly. I have tons of

women, in fact I don’t have a client who’s a woman that doesn’t have

fibroids. About 90% of them have fibroids. And very few of them

bleeding on this diet. In fact I don’t know anybody who bleeds anymore

on this diet. (Oh my gosh, that would change my whole life.) It’s just a

matter of binding the cells together right, and you’re not in those

wounds because you’re not healing. Probably your vitamin K and

vitamin U deficiency, which you restore with the cabbage juice, that’s

why it stops right away. And then if you’re eating the meat to allow the

regeneration of cells, you heal that. But there are lots of ways to get rid

of fibroids, but you can’t go that way right now. Because that helps

remove scar tissue, and that also causes areas like that to be

desensitive, you need to stop that area from being ulcerated so that you

can stabilize the area before you go trying to remove the scar tissue,

that’s what I suggest. So deal with that another time. To get rid of all

this bile in your system you need to eat like 6 to 8 eggs a day. Lots of

milk, and that means lots of eggs Rocky style. Just downing about 4 of

them that way, and then maybe 2 to another 4 in smoothies. And lots of

meat, just stay away from fruit. If you’re bleeding do not go near fruit. A

little bit of honey, but never alone. (Something with a fat?). Yep,

something with a fat or a protein and fat. (I have it with cheese, I love it.)

OK, if you’re eating cheese with your system, make sure that you have

an equal amount of butter. Because you don’t look like you’re absorbing

your minerals too well, especially if you’re having bleeding. (How much

juice should I be drinking?) Well, you should have about a quart a day,

and 4 ozs of it will be the cabbage on the days that you’re bleeding,

then you want to have a whole cup of it to be the cabbage, you know a

half a cup at a time, morning half a cup and half in the evening; the rest

of the juice. No sodium ring, so I would say 60% celery, 15% parsley, and

15% summer squash. And then the extra 10% that will go toward

cabbage, you know sometimes, and then half of it will be toward

cabbage, and then other times you can add either another 5% of

summer squash or parsley, whichever you choose. Or even celery. So

we can change the taste of the juice just a little bit. I suggest no lemon

or lime in your juices for awhile. Later when you want to get rid of

fibroids you can start adding 5%, like 4oz of unripe pineapple to it, and

that’ll help start breaking down the fibroids, but you don’t want to do it

now. Don’t do it for about 3 to 6 months. (OK. I wrote a lot of that

because I had met (?) and she was selling Asea. Should I take that,

would that be OK?) No. (Just do what I’m doing now?) Yes. (And how

much meat should I eat per day?) At least a pound. (And eat it with

butter, to help it go down?) Yeah. Butter, cream, coconut cream,

avocado, any of those, you’ll be able to handle. Avocado will help it but

it cleans the liver a little bit more, it’s harder to digest but it helps

detoxify it. There’s a little bit more vitamin E along with the fat in the

avocado so it helps break down some toxicity in the liver a little bit.

(What creates the bile, why is there so much bile in my

system?… gallbladder?) You didn’t have good fat. Gallbladder only holds

the bile, it doesn’t create it. The liver creates the bile. (Because I did not

have good fat? With, all my constant body weight, I just almost never

ate. I mean, I ate very little, put it that way, which is to say that I need to

gain weight? I mean I feel like I’ve gained a few pounds since I’ve been

on the diet.) Well, like I say, it’s good when you’re in a condition like you

are to get overweight, you know 12-15 pounds overweight, and then

take it off after a few months. And then once you get into that cycle the

first time, you only have to stay heavy for a week, and then you can take

it off. So when you get to the high end, you stay there, when you get to

the low end, some people like to stay there for a month, you know,

because they like to be slender, you know. I don’t suggest it but some

people like that feeling, so, that’s OK. But then get back up. (Thank you

very much.) You’re welcome.(Aajonus takes another client)


OK, here’s another young man that’s very dry in all the glands. Your

right teste is not shrinking or debilitating, the left one is a lot. The

adrenal glands are fatigued over here. Right looks OK. Pancreas is pretty

much debilitated, probably only about 20% active. So, half a piece of

fruit a day if you’re lucky, with some fat. Everything is just drying

out, everything is drying out. Your glands, everything. It means that

basically you look like you go into chronic fatigue too, in any minute, like

that young man. (Uh-huh.) I would concentrate on a lots of lubrication

formulas. Because he’s young, you are not. That makes a big difference. For you I would suggest 2 lubrication formulas a day, one in the

morning, and one in the evening. Now, in the morning, I don’t mean

have it first thing, you have the juice, you have the meat, and then you

have the lubrication formula. And do that pattern,

juice…meat…lubrication formula, juice…meat…lubrication. You could

use the berries, you have metal poisoning all in your kidneys…so, were

you vaccinated? (Yeah, as a kid.) And did you have tetanus shots? (

Uh-huh,) A lot of them? (Ummm, I’d say probably 4 or 5.) That’s a lot.

Because there’s a high amount of metal poisoning in each one. And

usually one is more than enough, and if you had 4 to 5, that’s a lot.

Because you have metal poisoning in the kidneys, and that kind of

metal poisoning usually only comes from vaccination. And you’ve got it,

there. So it looks like what’s happening is that mercury poisoning just

keeps pulling the fats, depriving yourself, so you’re going to have to eat

a lot. Lots of eggs will help soothe those kidneys and get the cholesterol

in there and attach to it, and help neutralize it until the body can melt it

and get it out of there. It doesn’t want to turn into a gas, because if it

turns into a gas, it hardens like when it solidifies again it hardens like a

stone or a crystal. Then it’s even harder to get it out. So, lots of fats. Even though you’ll be

having a lot in the lubrication formula, a lot of

butter, you still need some fat with your meat meals every time you eat

it. And basically stay away from fruit. Unless it’s green papaya. And still

eat that with a little cheese. Because you have a little bit of spinal

contamination from that. And if you have too much papaya without

cheese and some fat, it may cause a spinal detox, and that could be

painful. Do you ever have any back problems, any sciatica, any

soreness? (No.) Well, you might if you have even too much papaya. So if

you’re going to have a piece of papaya, let’s say you have a whole

papaya about this large, and you cut off a third of it at a time, a day, you

could get by with that. (OK.) As long as it’s a green papaya. (And will the

eating a lot more fats help with the acidic in the legs?) Everything.

You’ve got contamination everywhere because everything is just dried

up. You have no fats to carry any of the poisons out, whether it’s lactic

acid from moving your leg like this, or whatever, you just do not have it

available. It’s all being absorbed and dried out so you need to really

focus on just fattening up, basically. Just loading the body with fats.

Butter’s you best bet in a situation like yours that’s why I want you to

have the lubrication formula twice a day, otherwise just follow the

pattern, lots of meat to regenerate the tissue, because you’re obviously

going to have tremendous amount of scarring, because of that, because

of the body… and you do. If the body can’t get rid of those wastes, they

just kill the cells, they’ll burn it. And then those cells are dead, and just

more scar tissue. So you have a lot of fill, without live cells. And that just

makes for more soreness. More and more soreness and weakness. So,

there’s no strength in the body at all. Meatwise I suggest, now normally

you’d be a person who wouldn’t need to eat but maybe 50% red meat,

but right now you need to eat 70-80% red meat and 20% white. Juice I

recommend 50% celery, 20% parsley, and 30% summer squash, and

winter squashes, to get rid of those metal poisonings. And because of

the high metal contamination, I would like you to have a couple of

tablespoons of cream, could be coconut cream, or raw cow’s cream,

when you can get it, per cup of juice. Now if you do what I do when I

can’t get the cream, I’ll suck the cream off the top of the milk with

straw and put that in another jar and use it as I can, and then I take the

skim milk and put it in my bath, like Cleopatra did. She always would

suck the cream off, and then put the skim milk in her bath, and it

helped her levitate and feel wonderful in the bath, and it does, I love it!

And then I would say in about 6 months, start trying to get rid of it,

actively start trying to get rid of it, once you stabilize, start trying to get

rid of that metal poisoning by having the berries. Especially

boysenberries for you, and blackberries. Boysenberries have a little too

much sugar, so don’t have it too often, blackberries have less sugar, and

the other berries have less sugar except for the mulberries. White

mulberry is very high in sugar, like boysenberries. So, if you’re going to

have those, only have those, maybe, you know, 4 oz every 3rd day if

you’re going to have a berry that’s high in sugar. And stay away from


(New client)


Lots of testosterone here, lots of adrenaline. Debilitation on the left

side. Pancreas is about 50% operative. So you can definitely handle a

piece of fruit a day. (That’s better because a year ago you told me the

pancreas was almost gone.) Well then that’s improved, great! I haven’t

seen a pancreas improve like that. I guess your body feels your pancreas

is important. Thyroid is very weak over here, parathyroids - the whole

tonsil area - are very scarred. This one looks like you have tonsils,

though. (I do, both pair.) Well see, this one’s all flat, it’s not operative.

There’s even scarring there, so probably enough throat infections,

caused it to turn into scar tissue. But this one right here is in excellent

shape. This parathyroid is in wonderful shape. This thyroid is in very

good shape, this side is still debilitated and glands in the throat anyway,

it’s the left side. The glands all over the entire left side are very weak

and debilitated compared to the right side. Tissues look a lot better, I

remember how dry they were. In fact your hands were very much like

that gentleman who was just sitting here. So you’ve come a long way.

Still, though, you have signs of anemia. Yeah, your red blood cells aren’t

real strong. (I had a live cell analysis and what happens is the red blood

cells look OK, but they show a kind of a cellular dehydration, and it’s not

from not getting enough fluid, I don’t think.) No, it’s lack of fat, because

you were just so dried before. All your tissues, so, you still need more

red meat, and you need the butter or cream with it, now that you can

get it. (I’ve had cream but not butter.) OK, more butter, you really need

butter, because you can’t get to the glands deeply nor the bones or

lymph deeply without the butter. So I would say, every other day have a

lubrication formula, at night to help that. Or you could run a 36 hour:

night, 36 hours later…morning, night, 36 hours later…morning, night

36 hours later. Because every 2 days just might not be enough, or ideal.

It’s keeping it in the glandular tissue, because it must be that to cause

the pancreas to…(??? liver and hearts, and gizzards, and I’ll be trying

the lamb kidneys now.) So that must be it because I’ve never seen

anybody else’s come together like that. So that’s terrific. (I remember it

being like 20% on one side and virtually gone on the other, so that’s

significant.) Now 50% is pretty amazing. (Yeah, someone actually has

good news!) So you’re doing very well except the anemia, it’s still the

dryness and fatigue on the left glandular system. Juice, you have a lot of

metal toxicity on the left side, so I suppose that that’s the problem. 60%

celery, 15% parsley, and 25% summer squash. (No winter squash?) You

could have a little bit, maybe 5%. (Or every once in awhile maybe?) Well

you could have it 5% as long as it’s, so 20% of the other squash and 5%

winter squash only up until probably first of May. (I sometimes throw

other things in my juice and maybe I should stop, so every once in

awhile some kale, some collard greens, some burdock roots, some

celery root…should I quit that?) As long as the totality of it is not more

than 5%. (It’ small…like 2 leaves…) That’s fine. That’s fine. It only

becomes… those herbs are very toxic, very medicinal in a way that they

will force some major change in the body, and unless you know what

you’re doing you can be in real trouble. And 5% is usually just

alleviative. You know, it’s just enough to do good things without doing

anything too hard. So unless you really know what you’re doing I would

never have more than 5% and by utilizing 5% nobody’s every had a

problem. Utilizing 10%, people have had problems. (Does burdock root

have a function? Because intuition told me to put that in and I’m

putting typically a piece about the size of my index finger in.) Well

burdock root is very good for the immune system especially the

lymphatic system. (Right, and that’s another thing the live cell analysis

said that my immune system was a little sluggish). I don’t go along with

live cell analysis because how the blood reacts in the body is very

different once it hits oxygen. A certain amount of a high sugar content

can cause coagulation that doesn’t happen inside the body once the air

hits it. So, it changes everything, so I don’t support live blood cell

analysis for the final analysis. (It’s just information.) Yeah, that may be

misleading. (But it did, I’m trying to get at why it is that I still tend to get

tired a lot.) You’re anemic. And, well, you’re not anemia… you have the

signs of anemia. (But it means I am not getting energy where I need to,

and it’s fats that’s going to solve that, huh?) Well the fats with the

proteins, lots of them, and also, like I say, you were very dry in your

glands, the glands are still dry, they’re not hydrated yet, and may take

the lubrication formula to get in there and feed it properly. And what’s

your height? (I’m five ten.) So you need about a pound and a

quarter, pound and a half of meat a day, minimum. (Yeah, I’ve been

eating between a pound and a pound and a half). Great. Good. Keep

that up and more if you want, just as long as it’s with butter or cream or

something. (I have been making a concoction where I grind flax seeds,

add some flax oil to it, and egg, and some honey.) OK, the problem with

that is, it’s going to dry out the glands. Just remember that oils dry the

skin out. The body makes solvents with them. They talk about them

being… they break down cholesterol, they dissolve cholesterols, they

get rid of free radicals…why…because they are a solvent. And they dry

out the skin. They will dry out the glands. So people who are dry I say to

completely stay away from pressed oils until the glands are hydrated.

Unless you have scar tissue somewhere else - then I say olive oil to help

get rid of the scar tissue - but don’t have it with egg. If you have

vegetable oil with egg, or a pressed oil with egg you can better believe

it’s going to be a solvent, and it’s going to dry out wherever it starts

cleaning. (I do olive oil with a little tomato, cheese, and avocado, is that

OK?) No, only with meat. That way the olive oil will be used to get rid of

scar tissue, and you have meat there to replace it. (Good to know). You

could use a little bit of horseradish. If you take horseradish, and you

grate it unto a 4oz jelly jar full, and then you pack it with butter, with a

quarter of a teaspoon of honey, melt that down… you have to have the

butter out, it may already be melted - but you could immerse the

whole thing in warm water to soften it - and then blend it for about

30-40 seconds, and make a little horseradish, and just take a little bit,

and take it whenever you have meat. It’ll help stimulate some of this

glandular activity and detoxification of it. And it also might help absorb

fat a little bit better. (Percentage of meats. We didn’t talk about percent

of red vs white.) I thought I did, I thought I said 80-90% red meat, because you still have the

signs of anemia. (OK, thank you). You’re welcome.

(Can you tell the type of olive oil you recommend?) Well the most

delicious one I like is Oliflix, that’s my favorite. (Is that the brand name,

Aajonus?) Oliflix is the brand name, right. (Organic cold pressed?) Yes.

It’s from Portugal. (You mentioned Spectrum, do you have beef with

their olive oil?) No. It’s still good as long as it’s the organic, cold pressed

one. (Some of their other products, like the peanut…) Peanut’s OK as

long as it’s the clear yellow in color.

(New Client, Nancy)

It looks like your system’s finally hydrating a bit, but you’re still very,

very… you still have a lot of anemia signs. So I suggest 80-90% red meat,

you should be eating at least a pound a day. (What about 2 steaks,

or…? A pound…I guess I need to read...) Yeah, 2 steaks is about that,

about a half a pound each, right. You do need some fish. So oysters, or

fish, you know, whatever you like. (Tuna?) Tuna’s fine. (Because I go and

I ask them what’s not farm raised, and not much!) That’s right, there

isn’t much! And look, you have a big fish market that has a lot in LA we

have a huge one, so, lots of selections. But I still go back to my favorite

all the time and that’s a swordfish. But if it’s frozen, no. Oysters are safe.

(How about sea bass?) Sea Bass is good! It’s a little salty. A little salty for

me, but still it’s good. Mix a nice lemon and butter sauce. Umm!

(Baracuda’s really good!) I’ve only eaten that once, but it was cooked, so

I have no idea. (I love shark. But at Whole Foods ??? is endangered.) Oh,

that’s right, it’s become endangered. (Like the sea bass, ???) Swordfish

is supposed to be endangered. (Northern Pacific halibut is a really clean

fish, but it’s only seasonally available.) Right.

Well, your ovaries are looking better, because they’re hydrated and

they’re full, and everything’s much more relaxed in there, so you don’t

have all that tightness and rigidity you had last year. Because it was just

like this… so everything is much calmer, much more relaxed. But you

still have a basic anemic-like activity which means low in energy,

tiredness, lethargy, because your blood isn’t real strong. So that’s why I

would like you to eat still a lot more red meat with butter, with cream,

then you won’t be so cold, too. OK, right now, it probably you’re just not

eating butter with your meats and enough fats with your meat, so your

red blood cells are not getting any stronger. (All I’ve had is cheese, but

now, we’re going to have a steady supply of red meat, I’m sure.) So,

that’ll help a lot, and I think that’s about all that you can do to change

anything. You have some metal toxicity in the left kidney and in the

liver. And you can take care of that with the berries and cream. Berries

and cheese. (When I saw you in May you wanted me to stick to the diet

for about a year before I started any berries, because of all the colloidal

silver I took.) But now this looks fine, like you can start doing it, but just

make sure you start eating the butter with the meat. It looks like your

right ovary has gotten fuller, and fine. The left hasn’t, but this is also full

and fine. So it’s actually you’re creating more female hormones, so your

skin should be improving too. It definitely is. Gosh, you were so dry last

year. (Well I put goat cream on it.) Yeah, but I can still, I’m looking at the

neck, too, and I’m looking here, and there’s an oil that wasn’t there

before, so your skin is changing because it was very dry. And all around

the eyes. (You have a good memory!) Yeah, it’s my work. And I don’t

have to put it down on paper and then the FDA and AMA come after

me because they’ll turn anything, when somebody tried to give me

medical reports, I don’t take them. I’ll look at them, but I will not take

them. Because all I have to do is have them in my file cabinet and guess

what? I’m practicing medicine…just by having them in my possession,

it’s ridiculous. And an MD that went to jail taught me that one. (You do

keep notes on said patients?) (NO!!) No, I keep them all in my head.

Well I have files, yes, and I have their histories, but they’re hand written

histories, or typed history, so they’re just a history. There’s no, I put

nothing on there that you have this illness, nothing like that, so I just tell

them to give me history, somebody has given me their medical history,

it’s not a medical background. (???) Absolutely, yeah, anybody can get

that. Your pancreas can handle about 1 piece of fruit a day, maybe a

little less this side, it’s still debilitated completely. (I crave a lot of honey,

and I eat a lot of honey, is that OK?) If you’re eating enough meat, yes, if

you’re not, no. Because then what it will do is you’ll crave more protein.

And if you’re a stable person you’ll go for the meat, if not, you’re likely

to go one for a cooked starch, or just more honey, and just keep the

cycle going again. But it will create a protein deficiency because the

honey looks for protein to digest. Now whether it’s taking care of old

protein compounds in your body, that’s another thing, but you’re too

thin to have that happen. So it could start tearing your body apart a

little bit. (So, keep honey down?) Yeah, take butter, and mix 5-6 parts

butter to 1 part honey, you know, say 1 tablespoon of honey to 5 or 6

tablespoons of butter. And then use that as your “candy”. And then

you’ll get the fats you need to take care of how you need things to be

taken care of. Because that will be about the ratio and then all it has to

do is you’re eating the proper amount of protein, and the body will

keep the honey with the fat until it finds a protein, the meats, to utilize

it with. (Is it still OK to put the honey in the juice? And a little honey in

the eggnog?) Right, yep. (Eggnog?) (Well the milk and egg.) Milkshake. (I

call it eggnog.) Do you mind if she calls it an eggnog? Do you mind?

(laughter). (Use bourbon in it or what?) (laughter) (Alphia used to make

an incredible honey flavored raw eggnog about 15 years ago, ahhh…from Thanksgiving to January 1st.) Right! It was delicious! Yeah

and they used raw eggs, they did!

So that’s all I would do is just keep the formula that way and you could

start the berries now. The berries with coconut cream or the berries

with cream. And maybe a little cheese too if you like. (OK, I’ve gotta get

a cream source.) The cream source is the same as the butter source. Good to see you again! I

almost didn’t recognize you when I first walked indoors because you were so colorful! And

you, you know you were so light a year ago and you’re skin was so dry. And your eyes were so,

in so much pain, suffering.

(New Client)

(Savoring my last few minutes of ignorance.) (laughter)


Portugese? (No, it’s South Indian). Shaman’s hands.

OK, everything is very balanced. But the left adrenal gland sometimes

has a tendency to be overactive. And the left ovary is slightly shrunken

compared to the right, but it doesn’t look like such a problem except

that there’s some metal poisoning in it in the left side. So it must have

been very young because this looks like it’s been a long time. So it

could have been from the vaccine. It looks like you have very good

genes. Lots of bile is storing in the system. So you may have some

rashes when that starts coming out. (I’ve been having rashes the last

few weeks. My feet, and ankles, and my hands, and behind my kidneys,

and in my shoulders.) You’ve got it just everywhere and it’s just

permeated. Especially your shoulders, especially around the kidneys,

the kidneys are right here and it’s all around the kidneys. I am surprised it

doesn’t have a lot in the liver, but it doesn’t. All along the spine, all in

the feet, even in the face and head, and here in the sinuses in the left side. Thyroid looks

excellent over here, parathyroid’s fine. Looks like you

have your tonsils. I don’t see any scarring there anyway in either of

them. Thyroid’s OK here, parathyroids OK. So everything is in good

shape, but just not resilient. And quite poisoned by the bile. (Why is

there bile all over?) Your body didn’t have the fats that it needed to

bind it with the toxins necessary to do that, so it would use bile in place

of it, and it’s very caustic. It looks like you have a lot of scar tissue

around the right ovary. On either side of it there are pools of bile. (The

ovary?) Yeah, both sides of the ovary. You’ve basically become plaquing

it, probably about ten years ago, how old are you? (37.) So, probably

about 27 you started plaquing all over the place, did your life change at

27 very much? (Kind of, I did a lot more traveling and a few years, I

think, that was when I first went to India, and I’ve just been doing a lot

of traveling back and forth there, and Europe, and crazy kind of stuff.)

Yeah, so ever since then you’ve been plaquing and not getting a

balanced form of diet. Are you starting to get varicose veins in your

legs? (Yeah. They have Harrington Rod in my back too because I had

that surgery that they do for scoliosis.) Yeah. What a way to make

money, those people…crazy. Well I can see it over here but I don’t see

it affecting you on the left side, but it definitely has affected your right

side. You’ve got some ulcers in there that still aren’t healing plus you

have some metal there. Probably from Iodine or something they rubbed

on the area, keep it an antibacterial. Oh, that’s what they used the

mercury in vaccines for, they called it an antibacterial. I beg your

pardon? I’d rather have the bacteria than mercury poisoning. Coconut

cream is about the best way to get rid of that plaquing. Coconut cream

with just a little bit of pineapple, maybe 2 oz of pineapple at a time.

Putting a little bit of coconut cream with your vegetable juice, and I’m

going to recommend your vegetable juice be about 65% celery, 20%

summer squash, and 15% parsley. (How long does coconut cream last?)

If you put it in the small containers it will last about 10-12 days. If you

have it all in one and you keep letting the air get into it, it goes very

quickly within days. (What about if you stored it in juice?) It’ll last a little

longer. But it still will ferment more rapidly, unless you separated it into

smaller containers. (Can you eat it when it’s sour?) Yeah, it just becomes

more of a solvent, it will clean you out much faster. (Should I have a lot

of eggs?) Yeah. That’ll also help get rid of the bile. (Like how many?)

What’s your height? (5’3”.) Six to eight a day. And if I were you because

of where the bile is located in some areas in the shoulder then I’d have

it with meat, you know a little steak tartare. You don’t have to eat it

actually in the meat like steak tartare, you could always down it. But I

wouldn’t have a milkshake with the meat. Because that may cause you

to detox the bile too quickly and then you’ll get nauseous. You’re still

going to have to deal with nausea. And when you’ve got this much bile

in the system there’s just no way around it. And it’s better it dumps

there than go all the way through your skin because if it keeps

going through your skin it’s just going to make scar tissue in your skin.

That’s why the rash is all over. So if you can take a mixture of what I just

played with in the last few weeks is, take a mixture of equal amounts of

raw cream and raw butter, and blend it into a little salve, and put it on,

it works so much better. Put it on locally. Topically, and it just soothes

those areas. Just like, I used to use butter or cream, but it was difficult

to tell which one was going to work with the particular rash, so I put

them together and it’s working for everything. So, it’s obviously that

there’s some cells that absorb, like neurological cells absorb the cream

better, and some that absorb the butter better, and when you have

both, everybody’s satisfied: all the cells are satisfied, so, it seems to be

working very well. (What about taking mineral water? Like sometimes I

feel…) Well that’s because you’re so, you need so many fats. See the

body never is thirsting for water. It’s always thirsting for something to lubricate the system, and water just dries it out more. So the more

water you drink the more fat you need. I need here, somebody like me

talking all day, usually people are downing water like crazy. I just go

over… I haven’t even consumed a liter of milk today, you know, and it’s

basically all I’ve had. Besides a couple of eggs, and that’s very

nourishing and so called hydrating better than the water. But the water

will just make you crave more and more water. Now I’m a person who

used to drink 2 gallons of water a day. And I always used to be thirsty

and crazy… I used to be. (Is milk, ????...because I have been craving

oranges.) Yeah, well, you know, that helps break down bile, but, if you

start eating the proper meats and fats, and you have your juice, then

your body won’t need the high carbohydrate fruits like orange. If you

have the juice you’re going to see that you don’t even crave it. But if

you go off the juice for a couple of days then you’re going to find

yourself craving the stuff that isn’t as good. Because if the sugar starts

breaking out the bile, you’re going to have a lot more rashes. It’s going

to make the rashes worse, too. Because it’s going to dry, it’s going to

burn the fats and not leave them for you to lubricate your skin and take

care of your skin. So what I also suggest is that you have for maybe 5

months, have a lubrication formula in the morning and the

evening… just to get everything good and saturated. And you’ll

lose the thirst for water and you’ll also stabilize your system. (My

pancreas?) Well like I said your pancreas isn’t active, I mean it just

doesn’t even look like it exists basically. It’s not debilitated, it just looks

like your pancreas never really developed as a child, it’s like it was

slightly deformed or something. Usually I find that in people who have

DES (diethylstilbestrol) or something, or their parents had DES or

thalidomide. You have a lot of characteristics of people that I’ve seen

that have had that, a lot of characteristics. But it could be either the DES

or the thalidomide, I see it in both like this. (Should I just try not to have

any fruit?) Are you very emotional? (I can be.) Then I would stay away

from it unless you know you’re really stable and you eat lots of fat with

it. But usually that might get you into a spiral of having more and then

you end up there anyway. A little self-control may be… (Green papaya

maybe?) Green papaya’s good. Green papaya is good for anybody.

Because the sweetness is the mineral content and the enzyme content,

it’s not sugar. (What do you mean by green papaya? Means not to get

ripe?) Uh-hum. (The skin is usually green.) Completely green, right. (The

Mexican papayas have a green skin.) Those are still very ripe, very

ripe. (But you’re saying you should cut through it and the inside should

be green?) No. It should be whiter, just slightly colorful inside, but not

intense. It should be more on the white side and dull. (Can the one

end of the papaya..???) Those are all usually very ripe by then, Mexican

and the red papayas usually get ripe very quickly. (How do you find a

good green one?) Well it’s the variety, if it’s the Hawaiian ones that are

red inside you have to get them very young, very green to where

they’re shiny green on the outside. (So that’s like it’s greenish yellow?)

Greenish yellow is good, I mean it’s better… that variety is the one that

stays greener inside longer.

So you need about a pound of meat a day, and you have some

anemia-like indications. I would go to about 75% red meat, sometimes

even 100% a few days a week. But balance it out to about 70% on most

days. I would say 3 days a week you could do 100% if you want red meat

and then the other times balance it out with some chicken. And fish if

you like. Did you take birth control pills? (A long time ago.) For how

long? (About a year.) What I’d like you to do, well it’s not likely to, it was

just from the, the varicose veins that you’re developing and the spider

veins, I’d like you to take the citrus, and if you juice some once in

awhile, you juice the white as well, and as it goes through the juicer

pass it through several times till you can get dry, OK, because those

bioflavonoids could really help you reverse that condition because it’s

moving fast. And then you might find your legs are very weak and

bleeding a lot, and thrombosis, it looks like it could go that way, from

varicose veins to thrombosis… and the bioflavonoids in the citrus pulp

will help reverse that especially if you juice it until you get a lot out of it.

(Like several times a week, you said?) Yeah, I would do it about 3 times

a week. So you’re talking about a lemon or a lime about this size, if it’s

organic, great, if it’s not, then just peel just the rind off and leave the

white, because that’s the bioflavonoids, very necessary. The oils in the

rind when you can get an organic and not waxed, will help melt some of

the old varicose vein-type conditions and will help reverse it. But the

citrus tissue will actually stabilize your system so it won’t necessarily

continue to develop varicose veins. Cabbage is good for that too, so

you could make 5% of your juice…white cabbage…cabbage juice, also

help. Lots of bioflavonoids in white cabbage. (Should she eat it with or

without fat?) The citrus, well, it’s going to be in the juice, there'll be

some oils from the parsley in it, so I would just leave that alone, just

make sure you get your fat in other foods. If you were ultra-skinny I

would definitely say put some fat with it, but you’re to me a perfect

size, you know, this is where you should pretty much remain. I mean, on

your downside, right now you’re the perfect size, you can gain 10-12

pounds, and then take it off, on and off… if you really want to get rid of

some toxic stuff in your system, start getting rid of that plaque and that

bile quicker. It speeds things up. Also, by doing the weight loss and

weight gain, there’s a lot less symptoms of toxicity. There’s a lot less

detoxification that is forced by the body, and it just makes things so

much easier, and people feel more in control with their body when

they’re helping the body. Because the body feels more relieved, it

doesn’t have to do all the thinking and have to force you to do

something. So, let me tell you, working with hundreds of people now,

and doing that system, I get so many fewer calls, desperate calls, very

rarely do I have any desperate calls anymore. And those are people who

are really sick. So, that weight gain and weight loss is such a wonderful

tool, and always take advantage of it if you want it. (OK, thank you!)

You’re welcome.

(New client)

(It’s Rog’s birthday today!) (It’s my birthday!) Well Happy Birthday! I

think I have to suck some milk here! (I’ll make her a birthday steak!)

(laughter) Took me a minute to get steak and cake, but good! (What

brand of milk is that?) That’s Claravale. I put it in these bottles. If I put in

those other ones, the cap flies off and get all in my bag, so I get these,

yes. And these are wonderful. I get those at Sur la Table, you know the

kitchen store, really nice. (You mind if I ask, when you go on an airplane,

do you, do they have you put your food through the xray?) I do not. I go

up there and I start taking everything out and they say ‘what the “f” is

this guy doing’? (I travel every week, and it depends from airport to

airport, some of them will just say OK, fine, whatever, and they’ll look at

it and pass on. Atlanta is an example of one that’s really bad. They’ll look at everything, open

up everything ask you what it is, look at it, sniff

it.) Yeah, and some of them make you drink some, they did that with my

juice I said if you open that there’s going to be a mess and you’re going

to have to drink it! And he put it right down and put the lid back on!

(laughter) (In Atlanta for example, plan like an extra ten minutes, they’ll

look through everything.) In LA they look through everything. (So it’s

not good to go through the machine regardless of what they say, they

may say ‘Oh it doesn’t hurt it’.) No, I always say, have you ever had an

xray? In your life? You say “I had radiation therapy I can’t afford to have

any more radiation”. They don’t even question you if you say that.

That’s it. They don’t even want to screw with you if they think there’s

going to be a health hazard. So they’ll let you through. But when I go up

there I just automatically take everything out of my bag and let me tell

you I came with like 5 things of vegetable juice, and 2 things of milk,

and my honey, and the brain! (laughter) And they were 2/3rds of the jar,

the 12 oz jar, and then all this cut meat, and I’m laying all this stuff

down and the guy’s like “what is this?!” And I said “buffalo brains”. He

??... I said “yes, you want some?” He saw that, he got so repulsed, he

didn’t even check anything else. He just said OK, that was it. (How big of

a check in bag do you check in with?) It’s a carry-on. I’ll pull everything

out of it, and then they’ll run the empty bag through the scanner, you

know, through the radiation if they want, but I won’t let the food go

through. But most of the time, when they’re going through they just

take the bag and look at it, and then just, then I put the food back in.

But I don’t even give an opportunity, I don’t even let them give me an

answer, I automatically start pulling it out, all out…’what’s he doing,

what’s he doing?’ …I say “I had radiation therapy, I can’t let any of my

food go through it”...they never say anything, they just investigate and

inspect it, and that’s it. Boston is the only place I had a trouble, and

that’s when I learned to say the radiation thing, and Boston was

terrible. They were awful, they got the head of security there, he

wouldn’t let me go through, so what I did is I just said, OK, I’ll get you

buddy! So I put it down on the other side of the grate, and I stood there

and I stood there and talked to him, and he said no, no, no, and I said OK,

I’m never coming through here again…so I walked right through, picked

my bag up, and walked, and didn’t even notice. Didn’t even notice!


(New Client)


Young’s oils must be popular here, a lot of people are using Young’s oils,

right? (Really? I was in the bathroom, whatever was in there.) OK, the

ovaries look pretty good. The left side is debilitating, there’s lots of

metal poisoning in the left ovary. The pancreas is pretty debilitated on

the left side, probably about 15% active on the right. So you have signs

very much of a diabetic nature. You’re so dry inside, your tendons are

starting to buckle. It’s even happening in your fingers. When that

happens is usually when that shrinks like that it causes the joints to go

together and cause arthritis and rheumatism, or rheumatoid arthritis,

and it just starts forcing the joints to rub and grind until they become

infected. Deteriorating. So, you need a lot of fats, and a lot of meat to

help regenerate cells because right now you just keep losing more and

more cells and everything gets tighter and smaller. Until you’re going to

have a tough time…be in pain everywhere. So that’s what it looks like

it’s leaning. So you need lots of fats and lots of meats together to

regenerate the cells and to lubricate everything. Are taking a lot of

supplements, anything that’s causing the fat to deplete that much in the

body? (Yeah, I take supplements, yeah.) Vitamin C? (I mean, just what in

general, but not extra.) Well that is extra. So any kind of chemical is

going to cause a problem, and vitamins are a problem, because they’re

really not natural. 99% of all vitamins are all by-products of food. And

what they do is they say “it's from food, it’s actually from food”. What

they’ve done is they found a company that has a food waste product

that they can extract the waste from, but almost 99% of the extraction

is solvent extraction. If they’re taking it from the wheat germ it’s usually

because they made some cereal, or pasta, without the germ in it, but

the germ’s already infected and already rancid, so the vitamin E isn’t

even active, it’s already become a solvent process where it’s breaking

down. So all that stuff is all hype. They’re just trying to sell you their

waste and saying ‘this will nutrify you’’ll be extra…and it isn’t. And

vitamin D they take a toxic petroleum or a toxic vegetable oil and

expose it to radioactive light or ultraviolet light and call it vitamin D,

because it changes the form. Just like the vitamin E is tocopherol from

developing film. Because it has a chemical structure that’s

similar… here’s vitamin D, here’s vitamin E, and it’s really just poison;

it’s a waste product that’s a poison. And Merck is one of the biggest

offenders, and they get all the publicity on this, public radio stations say

‘Merck, the supermarket to the world…we care about you’. (Archer

Daniel Midland) Yeah, Archer Daniel Midland. (Vitamin E through soy.)

Yeah, genetically, yes, genetically processed soy, which is toxic, which

not even any animal can eat without poisoning them, unless it’s

processed. Soy is the biggest ploy. I know, my father grows it.

OK, the parathyroid is in excellent shape on the right side, left side is in

very good shape. The thyroid on the left side is pretty good, not so good

on the right. Do you have your tonsils? (Uh-huh.) Looks pretty good.

Little bit of scarring on this one, but it doesn’t look like a surgery type

scarring. Looks like just deterioration scarring. I recommend that you

have a lubrication formula every 36 hour pattern, you know, morning,

night, morning, night, but when you have it, have it with 2 eggs, with 4

oz of butter, only a teaspoon of honey, and 2 tablespoons of lemon

juice. And blend that together and have that every 36 hours. About

every 7 days, I’d like you to go through a 3 day cycle of having pineapple

with either whipped cream or coconut cream. (How much pineapple?)

About 4 oz. So it’s about maybe almost a half inch thick circular slice.

Not much. I hope that’s going to help break down some of the scarring

in the tendons and so you can start rebuilding cells in there right away.

Because unless some of that scarring is removed, you’re not going to be

able to build cells in there, and we need to get those tendons expanded

as soon as possible. How long ago did this start, do you know? (I noticed

that my right wrist and my right knee hurt more like the ligaments.)

Right. Well what’s happening is they’re just pushing together. You’re

starting to… every time you move, you’re starting to just eat away at

your joints. So lots of fat with your meat and, you know–how tall are

you? (5’5”) 5’5”, so at least a pound a day. And if I didn’t say, about

70-75% red meat. The rest white. Without that white meat, you’re not

gonna rebuild those tendons quickly. So you’re gonna have to have that

30% white meat. Chicken is a little better for that. Some fish is helpful.

You know, because of the high mineral content. Because the higher

mineral content in tendons and bones and cartilage… yeah, so that’s

much more helpful. So I wouldn’t do without it. And then let’s say 6

months down the line, 7 months down the line, you could have a cup of

olive oil a week. So 2 ounces at a time. One day have it with red meat, 2

days later have it with, you know, chicken and then 2 days later have it

with fish. So that basically is 6 ounces right there and then start the

cycle over again, so it’s not quite a cup. Pardon? (What do you mean

the cycle over?) Start over with the red meat, having the 2 ounces with

the red meat and then the foul and then the fish again. Just keep

rotating like that. That olive oil will help you break down scar tissue that

will be particular– for that particular meat. And you have lots of scar

tissue everywhere in your system. Yep, lots everywhere. Juices should

be 4 cups a day, you know, a quart a day. Did I give you a juice formula

or not? (Nope.) I was just about to and then I got sidetracked. 55%

celery. 30% summer squash. And 20% parsley. There looks like there

may be some hemorrhaging in there, a little bit of (????). Do you have

any soreness in the shoulder, in the neck? (Uh huh.) It looks like you’ve

got open internal sores there, so make it 5% cabbage. Yeah. Of that

summer squash. Cut it down to 30… what was it, 20… 25% percent

and make it 5% cabbage, white cabbage or green cabbage, whatever

you want to call it. What does everybody call it? What do you call it?

White or green cabbage? (Green.) Green? (audience: The one other

than the red.) Yes! Exactly. There’s only other one but people say white

and say ‘you mean the green,’ and then if I say the green, ‘you mean the

white?’ (chatter from audience) I never explored or experimented with

it. (audience) Yeah, I know, but I never used to experiment with it. Oh,

you mean the white one? (audience laughter and chatter) Pardon?

(from the audience: There’s Chinese and Napa cabbage as well). They

seem more elongated like a lettuce. (Yeah.) Yeah, I’ve never used it. So I

don’t know. I don’t know something, uh oh! (laughter) I don’t have a lab

anymore so I can’t experiment like I used to, you know. No animals.

Except for humans. Let me see your eyes again. Do you like tomatoes?

(Uh uh.) Yeah, they would really help you but they have a tendency to

make your lips really dry. And make your mouth sore and give you

sores. (Where else can I get that?) What you can do is make a little

sauce with it. Put some cheese and tomato together and put about a ¼

teaspoon of lemon per half of a medium tomato and a chunk of cheese,

about inch by inch by inch and blend it together and make a sauce. Put

that on white meat, red meat, fish, anything you want. You can put a

little bit of, you know, any kind of like bell pepper in it, hot pepper,

anything that you like to go in it because that tomato is gonna be pretty

important for you. You know, to soothe the skin because you have too

many signs like you're going toward rheumatoid arthritis and tomatoes

are a great reverser of that. But also the people who have it, have a

tendency to get acid mouth and start breaking out all around the

mouth. So, blending it with cheese might help prevent that. (I thought it

was too acid so that was why it’s not good.) Well, usually what it’s doing

is getting out the acids, minerals, and the acid toxins out of the mouth

area. It’s not the tomato doing it directly. It’s the tomato relieving the

acid poisons out of the system. And they have to be gotten out, it’s just

with concentration of the cheese, the minerals in the cheese it might be

able to keep it from coming out the skin and just come out through the

gums and the salivary glands instead of out the mouth. It does it to me,

but I have to do it. But that’s because they did the stomach surgery, and

screwed me up. Use the lubrication formula and eventually you will

lubricate everything, but you're dry everywhere. That’s a lack of fat in

the tissues. (How many eggs a day?) Six to eight. But don’t eat the eggs

alone. For you they might dehydrate you and dry you. Because it’ll start

pulling out toxic cholesterols and then you’re going to get more dry, so

have them in with a smoothie, and make sure that there’s some extra

coconut cream, or cream, or butter in it. (And there’s one more

question I have, about 2 years ago, I got very sick and I lost my sense of

smell. Is there anything I can do for that?) I’ve had several people

who’ve had that and it’s taken about a year and a half to come back and

they had lots of the lubrication formulas and it comes back. Yours may

not take a year and a half, because most of those people were in their

60s, late 50s or 60s, so…yours may not take that long. (thank you.)

You’re welcome.

(New Client)

Hi guy! How’s it going? (Detoxing! That’s what’s happening.)

How’s Shockty? (Shockty’s doing good!) Yeah? Better than you?

(laughter) No? (Thanks for asking.)

OK, you’re not eating the butter I can see. You’re not eating enough fat.

You’re not eating enough eggs. What are you eating? (Like 10 eggs a

day) Yeah? (Almost 2 quarts of milk, pound of meat.) OK, a pound of

meat, but not the butter, not the cream, and not the coconut cream.

(Unavailable). Yeah, coconut cream is always available, it’s time… but

your system doesn’t have the fat. You’re completely drying out. It’s

almost like I saw you 2 years ago. I mean it’s what it all looks like, almost

2 years ago, and it’s created an anemia, you’re not even handling your

protein properly without it. You’re one of those people that you could

eat all the protein in the world but if you don’t have a good solid fat

with it, it’s not going to do you much good. (You mean the milk and all

that stuff doesn’t…eggs and milk…?) Milk won’t do it. In a situation

like that it won’t do it. I have the same problem. I went a year without

it, and I started going right in the reverse…drying out quickly. I started

having more problems, more detoxifications than I’ve ever had this last

year without the butter. I’m so glad that people got on it and got it

going, one particular fellow started flying all around the country and

found it… you know, found different suppliers now. So we’ll never be

without it again unless somebody goes around and creates a little war

here in the state. But yeah, you need lots of fat to reverse this

condition, and I would suggest that you eat, that you get the butter,

that you eat the lubrication formula even with your meats. So make a

good batch of lubrication formula, like 2 in 1, and just have it with your

meats for about a month. And eat the meat 2-3 times a day. Just keep

spreading it out, feeding it to yourself, a lot and gradually. You are a lot

like me in that way, and you didn’t even have chemo or radiation or

surgery. So, you must have had some exposure to a chemical to have

this reaction… medications, or anything? (I used to clean pools.) Oh, OK,

muriatic acid… yeah, there you go. One of the worst. And that’s a gas

that turns into a solid matter that will actually turn everything into scar

tissue. (Yeah I remember reading that). The people who are use

muriatic acid that I’ve seen, their bronchials are complete scar tissue.

Not a live cell in them. Muriatic acid. And then parts of their lungs are

damaged too. But I’ve never seen anything like it except the children

with asthma that have been on inhalers and prednisone have that same

kind of scarring. But only with muriatic acid have I seen that without

people who have been exposed to other harsh chemicals, drugs. How

long? (Ten years.) Wow, OK. So, that way you and I are like, just live with

it… just lots of butter. The butter people! It’s gotta have butter or else

I’ll deteriorate. I can eat cream all day long. I can eat cream every day

and I’ll still just dry out, because it doesn’t get into my deeper tissues.

And you have the same kind of system. So now you know what to do

about it, now you know your limitations. You know, when I found out

after 8 months of not eating butter, I was eating cream and that was

happening, and I thought that would never happen to me, and it started

happening, so I started sucking the cream off the top and making my

own butter. It was a fricking fortune and time consuming, but it stopped

it. Within about a month it stopped that regression. And I was

wondering, why am I going through detoxifications that are actually

crippling me? And were actually putting me out of commission and

severe pain for weeks at a time…even a month, six weeks at a time. (So

you get so bad, that’s what it is?) Yeah. (How is butter made?) Butter is

just churned cream. (A lot of work!) No, it isn’t… I found a way… you

take one of these jars…I take a 12 oz canning jar that’s about this size

and this narrow. And I will put the cream just a half inch in the top of

the jar, and then I’ll put the blender blade on, and I turn it upside down

and turn it on. And I’ll turn it on whipped speed, which is about

medium speed. Now when it turns into whipped cream, there’s not

enough room for it to expand as it normally would, so it stays hard, so

as it churns, it never stops. If you leave it like this, this much air in it, as

soon as it turns into whipped cream it stops churning… it’s just

there… it stops. But without enough air for it to expand it just keeps

blending and blending, and you watch it and in about a minute and a

half you’ll see it go from white to an off-color cream to a grey, and then

you’ll see all of it just separating, and then in about 2 minutes you have

butter. Just like that. (Any air space at all?) No, I said a half inch. Just a

half inch! And that doesn’t leave it room enough to expand. But let me

tell you, if you don’t leave any air, it starts coming out the bottom.

OK, so all that drying’s happening everywhere, in your glands, just

everywhere in your tissues. Are you drinking juice at all? (Yeah.) To help

you reverse this for about 6 weeks I’d like you to have 95% celery, and

5% parsley. You’re going to need a lot of natural sodium to reverse this

quickly. Because this looks almost like a year without butter. (It’s been a

year without butter!). If it ever gets that situation again, like I do, you

make it. I don’t think it will come to that again, but make it if you do.

Are you eating white meat? (Not too much.) You really need white

meat. (Now I need white meat? Last time it was the red.) Yeah, mostly

but you’re seeing… you don’t even look like you’re eating white meat at

all, so you’re just hanging onto the red. I think I told you, eat 70-80%

red? (Yeah.) and you’re not eating any white. (Not too much.) I think

you should be eating that 80% red and 20% white. But you’ve got to do

the 20% white. Because from what I can see here it looks like you’ll go

maybe 2 weeks of only eating red meat and then maybe once every 2

weeks/once a month, you’ll have some white meat, and that’s not 20%.

So that’s what I would concentrate on, and don’t have eggs alone for a

while, Rocky style. If you have them with milk, have a little extra cream

or throw a good slab of butter in there. A good slab of butter will be

better. Butter with everything! When I first got it I went through a

pound the first day. A pound the next day! And then a half a pound

every day for a while. (This can be reversed though?) Oh yeah,

definitely, yeah! Well you definitely have tissue change, but it’s causing

you to be anemic because you’re just not digesting your protein

properly without a solid form of fat. It’s what chemicals do. Cream

doesn’t cut it. Only butter will cut it. And you know, chemotherapy’s

just as bad as your muriatic acid, or I should say muriatic acid is just as

bad as chemotherapy. Just remember that other fats won’t cut it, not

even coconut cream will cut it. (I actually sucked it once… it went down.)

The muriatic acid? Oh my God! (It went down, and …) You’re lucky you’re alive! You ever see what muriatic acid does? (Yeah.) It’ll eat the

paint off of concrete, anything, I mean it will just eat it off. Nasty stuff.

At least now you know a limitation.

(Aajonus can I ask a question about meningitis? Because I’m a parent,

and when, for my daughter in her high school days recommended that

everybody got their child meningitis vaccination because a football

player had died, and all the sudden now there’s a lot of kids in Placer

County who’ve gotten they say meningitis.) Because they’re getting the

vaccine for it. (Well, that’s what they’re pushing…but, is that…I

mean…) Well I’ve gone through meningitis 2 times, about 3 times

now… and it only happens to me once every 9-10, 11 years…and it is

the best thing that ever happened because it frees up all the scar tissue

along my spine. You know, like after the chemo, after the radiation

therapy, when it finally solidified, I couldn’t touch my knees. I had to sit

down to be able to touch my knees. And then after the first meningitis I

could touch my shins. Then after the next meningitis I could touch the

floor. (So how come the kids…they’re finding I think one of them,

they’re taking it, and ring around their neck, and they go to the hospital

and they’re dead.) …because they go into anaphylaxis shock. When

you’re going through a severe detoxification…(Well how come you

didn’t have that?) …because I didn’t go for treatment when I had it.

(Oh so it’s the treatment that they give them?) Yes. That’s anaphylaxis.

It’s an allergy to the treatment. (Oh!) If you just leave it alone it will be

just like a pneumonia, you’ll go through it. If you’re strong. If you’re on a

terrible diet and eat nothing but junk, then you won’t. (Well, a lot of

these teenagers that… ) Yep, they live on soda pop and stuff, and a lot

of them are going to die. Because they have nothing to recoup from

such a neurological detoxification. But you have to understand, usually

when that happens, kids will eat the same things because they are

going in the same groups, they’ll have the same deterioration in certain

area of the body, and then they call it an epidemic. It’s an epidemic of

junk food. It’s not an epidemic of one gets the virus, somebody else

gets the virus from. (It’s an epidemic of peer pressure.) Yes, yeah. (What

is your research, or opinion or feelings about the effect of the milk,

cream, beef, etc…on cholesterol? How it affects the arteries and the

heart?) That’s in the book. I cover it quite extensively in the book. (I

read about 160 pages, I don’t think I got far…) Yeah it says it further in

there, yeah, when I talk about fat. So it talks about that pretty

extensively. It lowers it actually. (Lowers LDL?) Yeah, unless the fat is

cleaning out old toxic fats and cholesterols, then your cholesterol may

rise, but then they’d have to do a test that costs around $6200. The

difference between it’s been a cholesterol that’s been in the body and

it’s old for year, or two, five, ten, twenty, thirty years… or if it’s a

cholesterol that’s freshly made. See, they don’t make that distinction

unless you’re going to pay $6200, and no insurance is going to pay for

that, and the doctors don’t do it routinely. So they just see a high

cholesterol level and say ‘Oh, high cholesterol level’. But there’s a

difference between cleaning house and then the present new


(New Client)

How you doing? (Better than I was earlier today.) Good.

Well, you look a lot better! (I don’t understand why.) You just don’t feel

it? (No, I haven’t been very good since December, of sticking to things.)

But you’ve built up enough health before that, yeah. I mean, there’s a

lot of dryness here, but I can see the tissues are much better than they

were last year. Whatever you’ve been doing lately though has created a

lot of anemia. Because see, your face doesn’t look like there’s an

anemia reaction, but here in your hands there’s a lot of signs of anemia.

So it’s a lot of weakness, a lot of depression. The ovaries are OK, there’s

still massive debilitation and weakness in the adrenal glands. The

pancreas is still just about shot, maybe 10%, 15% functional. So I

wouldn’t have much fruit. Of course you should be eating fats with your

meats. (Yeah I don’t think… that never sunk in before. You know

sometimes you can hear information and it just doesn’t stay. And I don’t

think I ever got that. I mean I do the milk, but now I’m realizing the milk

is not enough of a fat.) Right, no, it isn’t. (So I’ve really missed the

butter. I’ll have to get it.) Good. (I tried to make it and it would come to

much sour.) Well like I say if you blend it like I just instructed it will

work. But now we have butter. Butter was always sour. It was never

fresh and sweet and all of that unless you lived on the farm. But when

all the dairies made butter, up until about 1940-something, before

there was regular refrigeration, when they had the old ice boxes, only

the people who could afford the ice had refrigeration, so everybody’s

butter was sour. There was no butter that was not sour on the market.

So, sour butter is good butter because it’s just predigested to an extent.

So it’s not a bad thing. OK, the thyroid’s in good shape. Parathyroids in

great shape. The tonsils look good. Thyroid over here is a little weak.

Parathyroid’s OK. So the glands are in better shape. Probably the ovaries

are OK. But the adrenal gland and the pancreas are your weak glands.

Those two that create depression. Along with a lack of bacteria. And I

suggest you have a very low bacteria level. I don’t know what you’ve

been doing. (Well, I had been making the vili(?) but I thought vili helped

a lot and it got messed up when I was traveling. So, I thought that that

always helped me a lot with the bacteria and I haven’t had any for a

couple weeks and I’m really noticing a difference.) You mean the grains

that you put in to help solid milk? (I’ve tried the spitting as well? but it’s

like the flavor of the one that I got from Jill I really…) If you let the milk

sour on its own, it holds all the latest bacteria in it. Even if it’s been

refrigerated, you take it out and it will sour on its own, it’ll even turn

into yogurt. Kefir first, and then go to yogurt. It’s always your best

because they’re not processed. Any of the grains that you buy have

been washed, have been washed, and washed… they have no

relationship to what happens in the body and presently. (You make

yeast when you use those grains?) Yes, right. It’ll make a yeast type

effect because the sugars don’t break down. Nothing of it breaks down

properly because they are such violated organisms, they’re actually

mutated. But when you have your fresh raw milk, just let it sour on its

own and there are all the bacteria: you have the bulgarius carcasicas, and

acidophilus all right there. (How long do you use it, I mean how long

does it take?) It takes about a day and a half, two days. (You just leave it

out at room temperature without a lid?) No, I would usually drain about

a cup out of the Claravale bottle, and then that’s enough air right there.

(This guy here sets his oven temperature to 93 or something like that,

and lets it sit in there.) That’s fine if it only gets to 93. But see, there’s a

lot of people that think it stays at 93 but it may heat up to, you know,

200 degrees at a particular time, and the actual air space stays on that

average, but if you touch the bottle, you find out that that sucker is 130,

140 degrees. So, it depends on what kind of a… you know, if you tell me

oven… I say there’s no oven that regulates that way, but if he has a

particular dehydrator or particular machine that will always shut off as

soon as the highest temperature reaches 93, I’ll say great. But

otherwise, no. (You pour all the milk but a cup in your bottle?) No, I take

out a cup out of the bottle, and leave the rest, three cups in the bottle

and let that sour.) (OK, OK, with the cap off?) No, with the cap on. (Cap

on, just leave it off?) Yeah, you know, your flies can get in there… not

that I mind, really, but if I knew that the flies weren’t eating my

neighbors garbage, then I wouldn’t mind the fly, but I don’t know where

that fly’s been.And also for you to be able to absorb the fluids again in your system, 90% celery and 10% parsley. I would go 3 days of eating eggs, 3 days

without, 3 days on, 3 days off, keep doing that. (OK. You mean eggs by

themselves or eggs in the smoothie?) Any way. (OK. 3 days on, 3 days

off.) You just want to make sure you get enough butter in you. Because

you may have a tendency not to eat as much butter as I think that you

need if you’re eating the eggs. All the time, OK, and 3 days won’t be

enough to make you deficient. (I think for me, a big part of the

challenge is the strong sense of taste and I’m needing more variety or

something for it to be satisfying. I’m finding that that’s becoming my

challenge now. And the one thing that I’m always good at is I like to

make my smoothies and have the sweet taste in it because that is

satisfying.) Continue on, that’s what I mean, I want to deprive you of

that so you’ll be so hungry you’ll eat the butter. (Oh, if I had had the

butter, I would have it easily.) But I’m saying right now I want you to be

so hungry that you’ll eat more butter. (I have to get a hold of some.)

There’s a lady sitting right there she’s going to sell some! OK.

(unrelated conversation continues till end).