Formula for a Healthy Baby

V = Videographer, M = Mother, F = Father

V: So this is his liver, this is chicken liver here isn't it?

M: Chicken and the beef.

F: Put some beef in it. Okay, so it's chicken liver, beef liver, organic of course, and raw milk. Everything's raw.

M: And the egg.

F: Oh, a raw egg too.

V: Egg, oh.

F: A lot of times we throw eggs in there too.

V: Yeah, sure.

F: And this, I tell you what, the first time he had this, I was kind of surprised. I go, what can we, you know, she was starting to run a little bit low on milk, well she was going to Florida for a month or so, and so we needed to come up with something else. And I wrote to Aajonus and got this recipe, and I fixed it, and it's like, I smell it, and I go, that smells so good. And I go, well, you know, I'll give it to him, and I figure, well babies, they decide, whatever you give them, that's what they decide tastes good, you know, to some degree. And I gave him a bottle this size, he was what, eight, nine months old, I think? So he wasn't nearly as big as he is now, and he sucked that thing down in what seemed like 30 seconds.

V: Wow.

F: I mean, he took it, and he just started sucking, and it was the most amazing thing.

V: Oh, yeah.

F: And he just did really well with it. And so, you know, we just, that's 95% of his diet, you know, sometimes he gets a little bit of fruit or, you know, I was giving him vegetable juice, and Aajonus says, don't give it to children, I'm going, I mean, he loves vegetable juice, he likes everything, he loves raw food.

V: He'll get into it, you know.

F: Yeah.

V: Oh, that's interesting. Well, you know, I, without the bottle and all that, that's one of my favorite things, because we mix up liver, put in onions and honey in milk, so, you know, it's a small amount of liver.

F: Onions would help a lot with that. Yeah, because liver and onions is always one of my favorite, you know, I just never had it raw.

V: Yeah. Yeah. I mean, we don't take huge amounts of it, just, but, you know, we probably could. I mean, I love his enthusiasm.

M: He drinks four bottles so far today.

V: Really?

M: Yeah.

F: He'll drink another one or two.

M: Another one or two.

V: Oh, fantastic.

M: And later, nine o'clock, we'll have one bottle, and the middle night, one bottle. Five or six bottles a day.

F: So, you know, it's like, he never gets sick. I mean, he had a runny nose a little bit for an hour or two here, and he had a little bit of diarrhea. I think we had some liver that just didn't look right, and so he had a little diarrhea, but that might just be a detoxing too, some old toxins in his body just coming out, you know, but he's, you know, he's generally pretty cheerful and strong and he's a good boy.

V: Yeah. And I missed at the beginning, I would like you to introduce yourself, give me your name and your permission for this to end up on the internet or something like that.

F: Okay. Oh, my God. On the internet?

V: Possibly.

F: Okay. So, my name's Jeff Cantley. This is Max Cantley, and this is my beautiful wife, Laine.

V: Oh, yeah.

F: And when we found out she was pregnant, we talked about, you know, well, what's the best thing to do? Well, she agreed to try, you know, Aajonus' diet.

M: Yeah, I can understand it. I didn't eat the raw food before, but I heard this idea, I said, I can understand.

V: Yeah.

M: I want to try.

V: So, you did, huh?

M: I did, yeah.

F: So, she's very, very healthy the whole time, and, you know, her skin looks great and everything.

V: Yeah.

F: I mean, she looks good. So, anyway, so she did that for the whole pregnancy, and then after he's born, she did it the whole time that breastfeeding, and then after that, she goes, I miss my Chinese food too much. And so, any time she starts to feel a little sick, she goes back to it, and she goes, I know this is the right way of eating, and, you know, it's really funny.

V: Yeah. Yeah. Well, the whole idea that I'm aware of is people make up their own minds, you know what I mean?

F: Right, right.

V: It's the best.

F: Yeah, it works.

V: Anyway, so, yeah. How old is he now?

F: Sixteen months. Sixteen. So, he just, he just whacked himself. I mean, another nice thing is he'll climb up on the table, you know, and it's just like he'll fall or something sometimes, and he just gets, I mean, he cries for a little bit, and he just gets up, and you never know what happened. He's really tough.

V: Yeah.

F: With a lot of energy and good nature.

V: Was it a natural childbirth then?

M: Yeah.

F: Yeah. It was actually hard labor. It was two pushes, wasn't it? Two pushes, and he was out.

V: Fantastic. Yeah. Well, maybe we'll watch him. He wants to. He wants to.

F: Oh, yeah.

V: He'll be on the other end of this.

F: Oh, yeah.

V: Maybe he can climb up on his little ladder over there. There's somebody you guys have to meet. He's got a baby about maybe two years older than Max, with a natural childbirth, and his whole life, you know, completely raw. Just like he is, you know, just happy, healthy, you know, it looks at you, and you know he's right there. You know what I mean?

F: Well, that's one thing. Aajonus said to, you know, when he wrote me about the formula, he goes, listen, you know, the babies that are like this, he says, like he's got one of them that's five years old in fourth grade. I'm going, well, that's what we want.

V: Yeah. Right. I saw that kid, too. I saw that kid. Yeah. I know which one he's talking about. This kid is amazing.

F: Right.

V: He lives on the East Coast. We went there. We visited there to get raw milk when we were in Manhattan, and we just took a little bus across to New Jersey, got some raw milk, and I saw this kid sitting there playing, completely content with himself. He was about two then.

F: Right.

V: Yeah. Yeah. I'm going to have to edit you, Max, because, yeah, it's pretty fun, yeah.

F: So this is what we have to put up with all the time with this guy. He's just, you know.

M: He just has so much energy. I just, sometimes I just couldn't make, like, he sleep one or two hours during the day and that's it. All the time running, you know, I have to play with him, I couldn't make up.

V: Wow. You've had other children before, right?

M: Yeah. Not as healthy as him.

V: I see.

M: I have to say. And my daughter said, okay, now, when I have a baby, I have to feed my baby raw milk, raw liver.

V: Yeah. No kidding. All right.

F: Okay. Back off now. Yeah. That's it. Grab it. You're going to come up here?

V: All right. Well.

F: Not getting it?

V: No, I am. Yeah. You're the star, my man. You're the star.