Cancer Control Society September 2011

Aajonus at Cancer Convention (5 September 2011)

Aajonus – Remedy to Reverse Cancer

Aajonus live, addressing the Cancer Control Society.

Thank you. Now how many of you are biochemists? How many of you understood all of the language that went on here during this entire entire weekend about what nutrients you have to have for your particular condition or whatever? I want you to throw all of that out.

Get rid of all of it; you are just going to be confused. I am a biochemist and a very adept one and I can't even keep up with it.

Know that any time you are taking any kind of medication or supplement, even if they are called natural, how they are made is: the producer, wanting to make a very good product, goes to a laboratory and says 'I want a natural vitamin - all completely natural, all completely natural. I don't want you to use anything unnatural in it. And the laboratory says "Oh, I can do that!"

Do you know how they do that? They go to General Mills, General Foods, Purina and they buy all of their left over food waste. And that is what they take the elements from. It has been subjected to 60,000 chemicals, highly processing and full of toxins.

Then that company will use a natural solvent and that natural solvent is kerosene. And they use kerosene derivatives to extract the nutrients that will be put into your pill. or liquid or whatever it is. How many of you would soak your food in kerosene for 30 minutes, rinse it off for 45 seconds and eat it? That is what you are doing when you are having any supplement.

I gave this particular information to a group and a big famous natural supplemental company. They filed a lawsuit against me. I showed them all of my research with all laboratories and told them about the kerosene and where they got the stuff. And this company said 'No, we provide our own... we grow our food".

I said "But if you grew your food and just used your food, you would still have to use kerosene as the extractor, or a kerosene derivative. Plus you would be charging a thousand dollars a pill."

They have to go get waste product to make it viable, profitably viable. So that company backed off. No one has been able to sue me because what I have to tell you is correct.

If you want good healthy nutrients, the only place you are going to get them is raw food.

Now you have to consider what we are. We are bacteria. You are a half a percent human. For every one human gene, you have 150 bacterial genes. So you have to take everything the pharmaceutical and medical industries say, no matter who it is, whether it is an alternative or what, and you have to question what they say, based on the theory of the bacteria theory of causing disease.

Bacteria does not cause disease. E. Coli 157H7 may because that is a man-made one. The only place I've been able to collect one 157H7 is from laboratories that were given it by the FDA or the CDC. And when I put a fractionating enzyme on that particular bacteria, it does not fractionate as normal bacteria fractionate into 5 parts. It splices. That means it is man-made. Only man-made bacteria are able to be spliced.

All of the nonsense about E. Coli being a problem is all because Monsanto and Dow want your dollar for fertilizers. They tried to outlaw last year manure as as fertilizer because of the E. Coli 157H7 threat. So what would be left if we outlawed natural fertilize? Dow and Monsanto.

So you have to take a hard look at what is going on out there. They are trying to get rid of our farmers. They are trying to get rid of our natural farms. And that is the only way you can get pure whole natural vitamins. Once you heat food above 105 degrees, you have destroyed the bacterial activity. And remember that all functions of any animal are bacterial. If you took an antibiotic for 5 days, you have destroyed one percent of the body's functionality. Think about that. Then you wonder why people who take antibiotics for extended periods get weaker and weaker and weaker and more susceptible. Take my mother for example. She got breast cancer about 9 years ago. She called me and said 'I know you are entirely against this but I am going to do it.' She is a nurse; caught up in the whole thing. I said 'well, what are you going to do?' She said 'first I am going to have the lumpectomy and then I am going to have pinpoint radiation'. I said 'OK, Mom, let's take a look at those. Lumpectomy. They are going to remove what, eleven of your lymph glands? What do lymph glands do in the body? Lymph glands are your immune system. There really is no such thing as an immune system. The pharmaceutical idea of an immune system is just to confuse you. You have a cleansing system in your body. The lymphatic system is responsible for cleaning any waste and toxin out of your body. It has to break down cells and dissolve them into compounds that it can put under the skin so you can perspire them out of the body. 90 percent of toxins are supposed to leave through the skin. 10 percent to the other tracts – digestive, bowels and urinary tract. But 90% are supposed to be through the skin.’

If you have rashes, if you have pimples, if you have cancer, expect it. Be happy you have it, because it is going out through the skin. Imagine the damage you would do to the intestines. and to your digestion, if it were going out the intestinal tract. You have to think about all of those things. When you reach 112 degrees, you have incapacitated all enzymes that help digestion. When you reach 122 degrees, you've destroyed most of your major vitamin, including vitamin A. By the time you hit 132 degrees, you have destroyed all of those natural vitamins vitamins, enzymes and all those sub category

nutrients. When you get up to 141 degrees, which was the old pasteurization temperature - and for only 15 seconds - you've cauterized 50% of your calcium. That means you are unable to utilize 50% of your calcium. Now, the higher the temperature goes, you reach all kinds of points of destruction - protein destruction, fat destruction that causes lipid peroxides, heterocyclic amines and all sorts of compounds. There are 32 known toxins produced from cooking. All of those cause build-up of toxins in the body. When you reach the point of cancer like I had, you are in really bad shape and I was 20 years old.

My death sentence was [at age] 21. I first got an ulcer. The treatment for that gave me a tumor on the ulcer. The treatment for that was a vagotomy pyloroplasty. They removed the tumor, sewed up and stretched my duodenum into 3 times the normal size, completely starving it and severing all the vagus nerves to my stomach so I would no longer secrete hydrochloric acid. If I had no hydrochloric acid, I couldn't have an ulcer, right? But how about protein digestion? They put me in the category of the octogenarians who can not produce hydrochloric acid digest their proteins.

So, basically, how was I to live? They also told me, because I did not produce hydrochloric acid that I would be in danger of death if I ate anything raw. I had to steam apples, bananas, no matter what it was , everything had to be cooked. You take a look at that. If that destroys all the nutrients, then how am I going to benefit? I did what they said. I ended up a worm on the floor. I was so painful on my back because the radiation was so intense, they cauterized 5 inches of my back. It was solid. If I made even a bit of movement, I was in excruciating pain. I lived on a floor, crawling on the floor like a worm. ... so much pain I couldn't urinate into a vessel, I couldn't defecate into a vessel. I vomited, urinated, defecated all over myself and just traveled around the wooden floor of the living room - dining room combined, just doing that.

And then a couple of volunteers from a hospice came to help me several days a week and they would clean me up and the whole house. One of them was an 18 year old African American boy from Watts. He said "if you drink carrot juice and raw milk, you probably will reverse your cancers". I lived on powdered doughnuts and RC Cola. What's this about carrot juice and raw milk? At that point - after the radiation therapy within a few weeks, 6 or 7 weeks,- all the bone deteriorated around my gum, because why? I had damaged the blood and bones so that I developed multiple myeloma - cancer of the blood and bone - and then developed lymphoma from the chemotherapy. So, their therapies give you cancer. Nowadays, they make about $289,000 per cancer patient. That is a lot of money. Back then, they got $160,000 for me. They were still doing very well. They do not want a cure for cancer. And a cure for cancer, as Dr. Samuel Epstein who was a doctor for several presidents, said "The only cure for cancer is diet. All of the medical profession's treatments for cancer are only harmful and will not get you well and will promote more cancer."

Now let's take a look at what cancer is, from my perspective. When I did autopsies and did my research, what I found was mainly 98% of a tumor was always dead cells. Dead cells the body couldn't clean, dissolve and eliminate from the body. Why? Because the lymph system didn't move.

Now how did we go from - 6 years ago, one cancer in a thousand - to one cancer in 2 if you are a male and 1 in 3 of you are a female - according to Dr. Samuel Epstein? How did we go from that? We went from that because we went to trans-fatty acids. Trans fatty-acids are vegetable oils or mineral oils or petroleum oils that are hydrogenated. When you hydrogenate an oil, you turn it into plastic. That is how plastic is made. So you are eating plastic fats. Now, what do these plastic fats do? They dehydrate and solidify in the body. ... mostly in the lymphatic system because the lymphatic system bases 60 to 80 % of its work on fats. So you have this waxy hard fat in your lymphatic system. You are not going to clean the body. You are not going to take those dead cells and dissolve them. So the body is going to start building them in little fibroids all over the system.

If you are a lucky female, you've got all that tissue down there to build it. That is why women live longer; they have a repository down there and can get rid of a lot of the tumors with dead cells without forming into tumors that will block the functionality elsewhere such as the heart, lungs or liver. Dissolving the dead cells is the main focus of cancer. How do you dissolve dead cells? I found it very easy. Now I am a 44 year cancer survivor. As of December, I was supposed to die in December of 1968. And here I am today almost 65, speaking to you today.

I don't cure anybody; food does. And when people go on my diet, they have a 95 percent success rate. Not only cancer but everything else. The esteemed Dr. Nora Van Winkle, who is the chief neuroscientist at Columbia University in New York City challenged me, so I gave her - this was in 2002 - she challenged me about that record and then I gave her the 242 cancer patients that I had worked with up to that time that had been on the diet for at least 6 years. She called every one of them and found that 96% of them were still alive and well. And still doing the diet about 90%.

The ones that passed away, guess how much of the diet they did. 40 to 50 %. The ones who died, they were very thin people. I t ell everybody in my books "Get Fat". Fats are what dissolve toxins in the body. Your body gets the best energy from fats, it will dissolve toxins from fats and it will protect and strengthen the body. So, fats are the most important. Now you can say "Aajonus, you don't look so fat", right? That is because I have been eating nothing but raw since February of 1972. And when you research and look at fats under an electronic microscope, especially after they are broken down in the stomach and in the area where the bile dumps, you will find that these molecules are very very tiny. When you take a cooked food and you analyze that, you will find that these swell 5 to 50 times their normal size. So you take fat back, like the pork rind - and it is very very think - then you cook it - what happens? It is this big, swollen. Right now I am 19% body fat and I look like I am 7 - 10% body fat. That is because all the fat in my body has been made with very tiny raw molecules. I eat at least 2 pounds of raw unsalted butter weekly and a quart of raw cream and I mean heavy heavy thick cream which would be like 2 quarts of thin cream. I eat a tremendous amount of fats. I tell all of my cancer patients that they get should get - at least women - - at least 23 pounds overweight. And men should get at least 35 pounds overweight. Those fats are responsible for absorbing the toxins that are killing your cells.

If you have already collected a lot of cells, dead cells in the body, and you had cancer, you have to stop your body from collecting more. You have to make sure that it dissolves those dead cells so the body can eliminate it, perspire it or dump it out the intestines. Now you are not going to discharge it out the skin as the main organ unless your lymphatic system is working properly. So, let's get to how we do that.

OK, we have all the fats in the body, we have the protection. When any more toxins break down, we inhale any, anything comes in our environment, any that may be in the food… We have organic food but they lie - the FDA allows them to use 15% toxic substances even in organic food. So, to protect ourselves from this, we have all these fats. So, now we have the fats to protect us and to also dissolve the toxicity.

How do we get that lymphatic system moving? HOT BATHS. Saunas don't do it because they are too hot. ... even the infrared ones; they go up to 137 degrees. What temperate starts destroying the enzymes in the skin? 110 to 112 degrees. So we have to keep a constant temperature of about 108 degrees. ... for 90 minutes is what I found. I've seen tumors dissolve overnight if someone has been in a hot tub for 6 or 7 hours. It doesn't happen in every case. It does in most cases, if the tumor is deep. If the tumor is on the skin, that is a normal process. So, dissolve it with heat, water heat. Now if you have municipal water, you have a lot of contamination and if you are in L. A., proper L A, not in the valley, your water has been used 3 times before it gets there. It contains 196 chemicals. 'But it is bacteria free'. That is what the government tells you. 'Oh, it is bacteria free; it is safe'. But you have got all the industry here in the valley and up in Saugus before before it gets to L. A.. So you have 196 chemicals in the water, if you live in L. A. Here you've got 141 in the valley. So take a look at that. You need to protect yourself. I recommend putting about a cup of raw milk in the bath with about 3 tablespoons of raw apple cider vinegar and some sun dried sea salt. That will neutralize the poisons so that they don't get into your tissues and cause more problems.

Now when I used to get into the L. A. water, without those ingredients in it, I would be shaking like I had 5 cups of coffee, in just minutes. In 6 minutes, I would be a nervous wreck. So, I've had to experiment and learn how I can diffuse these toxins that were in the water. Just think about it, all the people who use paint thinner and in the industry they use all their solvents and muriatic acid. All of that is in the water and not filtered out well. So you have to protect yourself. So you get into... The hot tub is the best, like an Ofuro - a Japanese hot tub. I think you can get them for about $1850 now; they used to be $6,000. And then the works, if you get those in parts and have a plumber come and put it all together, you can have the whole set-up for about $2500. And let me tell you - that is the best money you will ever spend besides good nutrients. So you dissolve those dead cells. You make it so your lymphatic system can dissolve dead cells on a daily basis because you loose a tremendous amount of cells every day. And if you don't dissolve them, they will collect. That is why cancer can grow so quickly. And it isn't the growth of the cancer cells, as the cancer cell is the remedy. The cancer cell is the cure. Why, then it is that? Because when I fractionated the cancer cell, what I found was… it had a fluid in it that would dissolve anywhere from 50 to 200 dead cells that surround it. And, like I said, in any tumor, you will only have less than 1 - 2 percent cancer cells in this whole dead mass. So, the cancer cell, when it dies, it sends all of its fluid to dissolve all of this dead tissue around there.

Your body had better be fat and prepared to deal with that kind of dissolved toxicity because whatever has killed that cell, whatever industrial chemical has killed that cell, or compound - whatever it may be - will cause more damage. It can dissolve your whole tissue.

And it is very easy to take the hot baths and eat properly. Reversing cancer is that easy if you know what you are doing and you understand it. You don't have to have this vitamin supplement and that vitamin supplement and you hear all this stuff... iodine, iron... We are not plants. Plants eat rock. We don't eat rock. We only digest minerals properly and utilize them properly when they are a composite of food - raw food.

And salt is one of the worst things a cancer patient – anybody - can do, next to cooking. Why is that? Because sodium is an explosive. It is more volatile than nitroglycerin. If you take pure sodium and put it into one block about the size of a football, it will take out New York City and all of its buildings - just one block that size. My father worked on... he was an inventor... he worked on the first bearing computer, he worked on jet engines for the military and General Electric. They were given 2 million dollars to make sodium into a weapon. Well, it was so volatile that just 1 1/2 degree temperature change would set it off. They couldn't control it anywhere like nitroglycerin and they still don't use nitroglycerin as a weapon because they can't control it. Sodium is worse.

So what happens when salt… it has other minerals bound with it unless of course unless it is sodium chloride or sodium iodide which is manufactured. So that neutralizes it. While it is in your mouth you can hear it popping and you can hear it cutting into the mucus. When you gargle with it, it breaks down mucus. It is an explosive.

So what happens when it gets into the blood? Your body separates the sodium and all of a sudden it starts exploding. Now when a cell eats, it eats 93 to 117 nutrients - every nutrient on this planet - in a smorgasbord. And a cell opens by ionization and it absorbs that smorgasbord in and eats a balanced diet. When you use salt, even just two little bitty grains at a meal, you will kill 2 million red blood cells and make every cell in your blood deficient. It will break that molecule... it starts breaking up those clusters of smorgasbord and the cell may get anywhere from, 23 to 70 nutrients instead of 93 to 117. So your body goes under constant deficiency. because you use salt. Salt is the big way that the king and queen of England use to subjugate a lot of people for a very very long time. And the king and queen of England, that family, owns almost all of the salt manufacturing in the world. And it is not a good thing. Sure, it helps preserve food; it will help mummify you... of what... dead cells. What is cancer? ... a collection of dead cells.

And again, like Dr. Samuel Epstein said, one in every two men gets cancer, one in every 3 women - today. That is a horrible rate. How can that be? OK, we look back and we see where the start of it began after world war two. Now what was world war two? In my research, I found that world war two was used to bring in canned and preserved foods, industrially canned. What happened immediately after the canned foods came in, after world war two? Tonsillitis and poliomyelitis, two metal forming diseases that dissolve the spinal cord and the tonsils. The tonsils protect the brain from any kind of toxin that is in the food that you eat. And it started rotting and deteriorating the tonsils exponentially. They didn't blame it on the canned foods. What they did was... starting in '61, the king and queen of England - who ran 70 percent of and owned 70% of all the food manufacturing in the world - started lining the tin cans inside with plastic. That is when plastic came in the fold. They didn't tell you. They didn't want to tell you why they were all of a sudden plasticizing the inside because people would have linked a lot of diseases - like tonsillitis and polio - to that. And then what happened in 1958: the drop in polio... down to less than 1 percent. And that is when the vaccines came out the year after. But they cured polio. Nonsense. No vaccine has ever cured anybody of anything and prevented anybody of anything.

When I did research from '93 to '96 at the Sorbonne institute in France, three months of the year for those three years, a little over three years, I have translated... I can read a lot of French but I can't do all of that, not in technical form. so I had a translator with me - and not ONE of the animals, not one animal ever survived Pasteur's vaccines. They all went into anaphylactic shock and died. You have to take a look at that. Why did they die? Because when the body has that kind of toxicity in it, it supposes that it is going to die. That's it; it is going to die. So it goes into anaphylactic shock and dies. So, what did the pharmaceutical industry - Rockefeller and them - decide to do? They started putting formaldehyde in first. And they found that fewer animals went into anaphylactic shock, then they went into putting mercury and other substances in it, liquid aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde, ether and detergent were the main ones. No ingredient in a vaccine is safe. They are all toxic on their own account. And when you put them into a soup, what do you have? So, don't let anybody ever tell you that you are a bad parent. Just say to them 'OK', I have the research - I think you can go to my website; I think it is there. []. I don't run the website but you can go to [aka] and get what is in the vaccines. And you take that to a doctor or your school or whatever it is and you say 'can you explain to me how these can be safe and good when they are toxic; they are known toxins?'. And then you get them to sign a waiver that they take responsibility for anything that happens up to a million dollars and they won't do it and you won't have to have vaccines: [].

If you want to reverse cancer, you have to stay away from doctors, you have to stay away from medication, you have to stay away from anything that is going to cause damage to cells in your body and collect dead cells. It is that easy. My diet, the Primal Diet (TM) works very very well in removing cancer pretty quickly and other diseases along with the hot tub baths.

Thank you very much for everyone coming and I hope I have helped you.

[Comment from Jim: I was there and here is what I saw: immediately following Aajonus's talk, he walked off stage and up the side of the room leading outside of the auditorium. Immediately, approximately 20 people stood up and followed him outside. There was a very intense Q&A (the recording has been lost over the years) with all kinds of questions. Aajonus was talking to an audience of people who did not know about the Primal Diet. Outside of the hall, We Want To Live: the Primal Diet books were available. I mention this because you may introduce people to the Primal Diet with the above transcript. After the above introduction, Aajonus would have them buy and read We Want To Live: the Primal Diet then pursue it if they wish.]