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Aajonus devoted the greater part of his life to researching in the field of health. From his research he developed the very effective and workable Primal Diet, writing two books and 31 newsletters on the subject, as well as making 2 DVDs. He also gave thousands of consultations to his many clients and taught workshops all around the world. And he devoted a great deal of his time to answering people’s questions. People would phone him or email him and ask about their health problems and he would answer. To our tremendous loss, he died on Aug 28, 2013 from an accidental fall.

After his death, it was discovered that his computer and his backup drives held a tremendous number of his email responses to people’s health questions. Unfortunately, most of the backup drives were damaged and could not be accessed. But one of the top companies in the field of data recovery was employed and they were able to recover the data on all but one of Aajonus’s hard drives. It turned out that the recovered drives contained thousands of his invaluable emails wherein he answered almost every conceivable health question.

Aajonus wanted us to have access to all of his knowledge and information so that each one of us would be able to achieve and maintain optimal health. This is what he said to a group in Los Angeles on April 4th, 2011:

"I will have all the information in books. ... They won't need me when I have all
the information; that's what I'm working on. Everybody will be able to take care
of themselves if I give everybody enough information."

Accordingly, we are publishing his email answers to many of the health questions posed by his followers. They have been edited for clarity and to preserve people’s anonymity. They are presented in date order.

Jun 25, 2000

Re: Salted Cheese & Smoothies

How bad is it if I eat cheese with salt in it sometimes?

Very bad.

And how bad is it if I were to have 1/3 or 1/2 a banana a day in my smoothies?

If it causes you sleepiness, it is very bad. If not, it is fine.

I find the berries (all types) still give me a bad stomach (pain and discomfort) when I have them in the smoothies.

The berries should pull toxins into the stomach. As the toxins pass through the stomach wall, cramps or other discomfort sometimes occurs.

So, I wondered if I could try a little banana?

If it does not make you sleepy.

And how about half an apple sometimes with bits of cheese as a convenient snack?

Then have your smoothie without fruit; just milk and eggs, and honey if you can tolerate it.


Jun 25, 2000

Re: Weight Gain and Loss

When I explain the diet to others, and the weight gain, I never know the precise reason for the weight gain and loss. Could you explain that to me? That would be very helpful. I have been passing on information about this diet to a lot of people ever since our consultation.

The body cannot properly remove embedded toxins from tissue, including bone, unless excess fats are present to be utilized as solvents and binders for toxin removal. After the excess fats have dissolved, neutralized and chelated with some of the embedded toxins, the compounds must be eliminated, just as dirty oil must be replaced in an automobile engine.


July 17, 2000

Re: Weight Loss

Is there anything else I can do to keep my weight down? My body composition is already about 30% fat.

Don't mix any fruit with beef, except tomato.

Most bodies need to gain fat to absorb toxins that have been stored in the tissues for years. I now use a

technique that involves cyclic weight gain and weight loss.

I suggest that people gain from 12-30 lbs. over what their normal weight should be. Then they go on a

weight-loss regime to lose it. Most people are able to do the cycle in 16-30 weeks. For example, they may

take 10 weeks to gain it and 10 weeks to lose it. Some people do it in as little as 6 weeks; mostly these are

men: 3 weeks to gain it and 3 weeks to lose it.

They continue to utilize this technique for 15-40 years. It takes 40 years, approximately, to detoxify and

reconstruct the body. There is not a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. You receive the benefits as you


You may do the weight-loss regime in whatever time frame is comfortable for you. I strongly suggest,

however, that you do gain at least 12 extra pounds each time before going on the weight-loss regime. The

controlled weight loss and weight gain is an effort to maximize detoxification with maximum clarity and


The program varies per the individual, but here are two examples:

Example 1)

DAY ONE: Throughout the day, alternate drinking 8-9 oz. of green vegetable juice and 1 whole egg, eaten

Rocky-style. Do not drink the juice and eat the egg together. After each time that juice or egg is eaten, wait

until very hungry before consuming the next juice portion or egg. Always begin the day with the vegetable

juice; it will alkalinize the blood after a night of turning acidic.

DAY TWO: Throughout the day, alternate drinking 8-9 oz. of green vegetable juice and a golf-ball-sized

amount of meat. Do not drink the juice and eat the meat together. After each time that juice or meat is

eaten, wait until very hungry before consuming the next juice or meat portion. Red and white meats should

be alternated but any one of them may be consumed more than another. All meats should be consumed

regularly, i.e., beef, lamb and/or buffalo, seafood, and fowl.

EVERY FOURTH OR FIFTH DAY: Consume 8 oz.. of raw milk before bedtime to help calm and relax the

nervous system.

Repeat this cycle throughout the 90 days of this regime.

Example 2)

This suggestion is for people who are more inclined to be emotional and/or suffer insomnia:

DAY ONE: Throughout the day, alternate drinking 8-9 oz. of green vegetable juice and 1 whole egg, eaten

Rocky-style. Do not drink the juice and eat the egg together. After each time that juice or egg is eaten, wait

until very hungry before consuming the next juice portion or egg. Always begin the day with the vegetable

juice; it will alkalinize the blood after a night of turning acidic.

DAY TWO: Throughout the day, alternate drinking 8-9 oz. of green vegetable juice and a golf-ball-sized

amount of meat. Do not drink the juice and eat the meat together. After each time that juice or meat is

eaten, wait until very hungry before consuming the next juice or meat portion. Red and white meats should

be alternated but any one of them may be consumed more than another. All meats should be consumed

regularly, i.e., beef, lamb and/or buffalo, seafood, and fowl.




EVERY FOURTH OR FIFTH DAY: Consume 8 oz. of raw milk before bedtime to help calm and relax the

nervous system.


Repeat this cycle throughout the 90 days of this regime.


July 17, 2000

Re: Food in Taiwan

FYI, in Taiwan we can get:

  1. All kinds of fresh meat: beef from Australia, local pork, chicken and goat. I don't know where the tuna and salmon are from.
  2. Raw goats milk (took me 8 months to find). 1.5L/$4 US.
  3. Organic free range eggs (non fertile) 9 eggs/$4US.
  4. There are a couple imported brands of honey, but not sure if I trust them. All Taiwan honey is pasteurized???!!!!
  5. Coconuts here are worthless - too young.
    1. All kinds of fresh fruit, mangos, papayas, guava, watermelon and avocados (summer only).

Young coconuts are great for digestion and improved fat utilization. If you want older coconuts with plenty of fat can you simply ask for some?

Fruits cause much water retention and emotionality. Since my book was published, I considerably reduced my intake of fruit and drink mainly green vegetable juices (consisting of 60% celery, 20% parsley, and 20% zucchini or other summer squash).


July 22, 2000

Re: Sunburn

I tried your suggestion of putting oil on the skin the night before, not washing the next day and sunbathing and got somewhat burnt. Why is this?

I was out for 3 hours in the hot sun and got burnt after 1 ½ hours, so then I had to put some normal sunscreen on, on certain areas, to avoid further burning. I am burning today, the day after all this.

The first outing without sunscreen of each year might result in some burn with peeling. Some people seem as if they burn because they feel burned, but within a few days it eases without peeling. After the first burn of each year, a burn is rare. If you continue to burn and peel on the next two outings, it may be an indication that you already have enough oil in the skin to prevent sunburn. In that instance, as it is with me, you may not be able to sun with any other fats on your skin than those that are transported naturally inside your body -- that includes the butter or cream/ginger mixtures. I cannot put any oil on my skin for 24 hours, and I cannot bathe for 24 hours prior to sunning. I always feel burned for a day and then it fades to a tan without peeling. The first outing should be regulated with no more than 20 minutes per side per flip.

Raw cream on the skin will soothe and nourish the skin, and help the skin absorb the sun that has been captured in the skin.

A client with red hair and very white skin who has been on the diet for almost 10 years, but has been afraid to sun because she had cancer and has always had a problem with second+ degree sunburn prior to the diet, came to LA last week and spent a few hours on the beach without putting anything on her skin the night before. She thought she had burned. She turned bright red and was very sore. She put raw cream on her skin to soothe the burning feeling for 36 hours afterward. She called me Thursday and said the redness and soreness disappeared after 3 days and no sign of peeling at all. The first time in her 42 years. Now she will be able to utilize the sun more easily for the rest of the summer. I have not known any clients with your coloring who continue to have sun problems that cause peeling.


Aug 15, 2000

Re: Detox on my toes

It is very itchy with blisters and sometimes dark red scabs.

Applying a blended mixture of 5 parts raw unsalted raw butter to 1 part juice of ginger root, or 6 parts raw whipped cream with 1 part juice of ginger root, usually reduces itching and irritation.

I have been soaking it in urine, sometimes twice daily, to relieve the itching.

Urine is acidic, so even though it is healing it is not as soothing.

My only question is: do detoxes normally last this long?

That type of detoxification is usually from mutant molds growing in the joints. It lasts up to six months, depending on how many antibiotics you have consumed and how many vaccines you have had.

By the way, how long did the nose-epoxy detox last?

Approximately 6 weeks. The scars are still healing because the epoxy detox manifested as cancer and ate

1/3 of my nose, 1/5 of my left brow, and a quarter-sized area of my forehead.


Aug 26, 2000

Re: Viruses

Are all viruses produced by the body or can one get them from other sources, for example: this virus that is meant to come from the mosquito, or malaria or any other disease?

In a person who is in a very weakened state of health, it is possible to propagate an introduced virus if the body needs it. How the body handles it and the aftermath depends on the condition of the body and what that body is fed.

What are they and how do we get them?

The study of viruses is extensive, but basically they alter cellular and/or serum conditions of the body. Some even eat entire membranes, but with much less aggression than parasites. Man-made viruses can be dangerous to a weakened immune system in someone who does not eat properly.

On tuberculosis, did people get this from milk in the past or is this also a fallacy?

Mostly, when milk was contaminated with tuberculi, it was contaminated by the milker coughing while milking the cows. Since milk was somewhat predigested in the mammary glands, sometimes the tuberculi passed through the mouth, throat and/or esophagus where it could be propagated if the body wanted to utilize it for cleansing the pulmonaries. Only people who were very weakened in the pulmonary area experienced severe symptoms or, in some cases, death.

Sept 27, 2000

Re: Colostrum & Questions

I believe that colostrum should be consumed on an empty stomach.

Or with any meat.

Q1. On my specific program, am I allowed to have colostrum?


Q2. If so, then when in relation to my program, how much and with what other food, if any?

In place of milk. I recommend only one cup per day. The colostrum should be consumed after it reaches room temperature. If you are drinking colostrum within an hour after eating a meal, the meal that precedes you drinking colostrum should be meat. If you are drinking colostrum within an hour preceding a meal, the meal that succeeds you drinking colostrum should be meat.

I realize that because of limited availability, colostrum is not a regular part of my program. Someone said that colostrum should be sipped over a 5-day period, but they weren't sure.

See above.

Q3. Regarding smoothies: at my consultation with you, you said that I should have 3 smoothies/day. The 1st smoothie comes between my 1st and 2nd juice. The 2nd smoothie comes with my 3rd meat meal. So I assume that the 3rd smoothie must come after my 3rd meat meal and before my 4th juice?


Do I have the orange + 1/2 an avocado in lieu of a smoothie, between my 2nd and 3rd juice?

Correct. Therefore, on days that you consume the orange and avocado, I suggest only 2 smoothies a day.

Q4. Regarding weight: I am still at about 195lbs and I am barely 5' 8". I can hardly fit into my clothes; most I cannot. When can I get onto some weight reduction program that you would prescribe?

How long have you followed a strictly raw diet?

Q5. I have been drinking the juice combination on the following schedule: 10 straight days of 20% summer squash group, 20% parsley and 60% celery; then, 3 straight days of white/green cabbage in lieu of the summer squash group; then I repeat the 10 day/3 day pattern, etc. Is that correct?



Sept 27, 2000

Re: Wheat Grass Questions

Q1. On my specific program, am I allowed to have wheat grass in the ratio of 3 oz. of wheat grass to 28 oz. of milk, i.e. "wheat grass/milk combo"?

Yes. I suggest that you drink it at least 1 hour from any other food, and no more than 1 cup per day.

Q2. If so, then how much at any one time of wheat grass/milk combo?

See above.

Q3. Can this combo be used in smoothies?

It is not recommended. It can create digestive difficulties.

Q4. Can this combo be consumed with any other food on my program, e.g. at a meat meal?

It is not recommended.

Q5. Should this combo only be consumed on an empty stomach?

See above.

Are there any other comments about this you'd care to make?



Oct 21, 2000

Re: Testing

I want to get a list of the tests you give during a consultation.

I do not use blood tests because they change by the hour. I examine and analyze irises by photographing them on a digital camera and enlarging them on my computer screen. I also evaluate glandular activity from observing the palms, and the blood by observing the skin.

And I want to know if the ones I am getting will be worth anything as far as a consultation with you is concerned.



Oct 21, 2000

Re: Kidney

I have a question about the kidney. Do you think that having one kidney in any way would limit my potential for good health?

I have known several people who have donated kidneys to family members or lost a kidney. It is a tremendous sacrifice, because one kidney has to filter the blood without rest. Normally, one kidney will function at a time while the other rests and re-balances itself. Ammonia production in the kidneys is impaired if only one kidney functions or only one exists. This is a tremendous loss to people who want to be physically active. Challenging sports are most often very difficult. Lifetime and life quality are sacrificed.

Also, is there anything other than being on a good raw food diet I can do to prepare for possible invasive surgery?

As I stated in my book, consuming at least 9 eggs a day prior to and following surgery is helpful. Eating a lot of meat helps to regenerate cells for proper healing.


Dec 12, 2000

Re: Acupuncture, Homeopathy & Herbalism

When I talk to people about the diet and you, etc., it would be helpful to have some statistics on reversal rate of illness from acupuncture,

Acupuncture does not cure; it is a temporary fix.


I stated the statistics in my book: about 27%.

and herbalism.

About 22%.

Do you have any reasoning as you did with the body's own natural reversal rate versus the medical approach and macrobiotics. Why do some people report improvements from these?

In most cases those therapies create toxic and/or traumatic conditions that cause the previous detoxification and its symptoms to either stop or diminish.

And why have the Chinese been using acupuncture and herbalism for thousands of years?

Only the peasants and aesthetes, who were all poor, could not afford meats and dairy. They had to do whatever seemed to cause distraction, whether actual or conceived.


Dec 12, 2000

Re: Bone Cancer

Dear Aajonus,

I have a father and son who are over here from Houston getting treatment for the 21-year-old son who has bone cancer. They are staying in my building at the moment.

The son had chemo and consequently his kidneys are bad and he is on dialysis. He must be in a bad way.

It sounds like he experienced anaphylaxis to the chemo. That means he is in terrible condition.

Dec 12, 2000

Re: Reading your book first

I feel that some people are put off by having to read your book first before making an appointment. Or some people do not get around to it or are in a rush to do something quick. I feel it is better they book an appointment with you and then you ask them to read your book before the appointment. Instinctively, I feel it is a deterrent to making an appointment.

Best wishes.

Your view is very compassionate and true. But it is a great drain on my life. When people do not read the book first, I spend an enormous amount of my time and energy explaining my approach and then they don't act on it. I wrote the book so that people could decide for themselves, without usurping my life. I believe if their spirits are in favor of and have chosen that their earthly manifestation is to live, then they will read the book first. I can only work and help so many people. I have made my life as efficient for this purpose as possible. One of my efficiencies is that people read the book before contacting me.


Jan 12, 2001
Re: Flu
(See also 20010112-0739 Re: Kidneys)

I am having a horrible flu with fever,

Do you mean a wonderful flu? A flu is a bacterial detoxification. Fever is a way that the body lowers its bacterial levels to slow down or end the detoxification processes. Fever is also an indication of healing, that is, regeneration of tissue, so that you may become 30 again.

a lot of pain in the spine (a lot, to the point of agony),

Do not eat garlic. It often causes more swelling and sensitivity.

nausea, vomiting,

Indicates that the poisons being detoxified are caustic and dangerous, usually consisting of caustic bile. When toxic bile is removed, the body is much freer to heal and become more energetic. Vomiting is the quickest and best way to eliminate dangerous poisons. Next is diarrhea.

extreme emotional sensitivity,

Normal, but garlic can increase it.

coughing up a lot of stuff, bleary eyes, etc.

Good. More toxins expelling through the mucous membranes bound in the mucus where it cannot escape and damage other live cells.

Never had it so bad and it cycles over and over.

This is the season when bacteria are able to grow to high levels and help us detoxify. It is the cooler temperatures and atmospheric conditions that allows for greater colonies of bacteria to help us.

But you will be proud. I would not touch an Aspirin

I am very proud!

and am doing fresh-squeezed OJ and Gerolsteiner, raw milk

I recommend that you eat egg and/or raw cream with OJ. I hope that you can get some raw cream and/or unsalted raw butter.

with fresh-pressed garlic juice, which just really indicated to me,

You may want to eliminate garlic if you notice that garlic increases sensitivity and swelling.

raw honey and bee pollen, but I can't keep the bee pollen down. Ha.

The bee pollen allows for the removal of more toxins. Reduce the amount of pollen and be sure to eat cheese with it.

Should I do the green drink?

No. But I recommend that you eat 6 oz. of chicken each day while your body detoxes intensely to make sure that you are healing properly.

My daughter has the same, except her excruciating pain is all in the throat and head, while mine is in the spine and kidneys; so we are sharing the pain. Ha.

You are detoxifying from the neck down to the coxic and she is detoxifying from the top of the skull to the clavicle or ribs.

She, too, is being a very good girl.

Give her my love.

I have lost so much fat on my hips and thighs the last few years it is baggy. YUK!

As I said, you are detoxifying down to your coxic, so some of that extra skin and connective tissue is dissolving.

Maybe it is beyond repair.

It will simply take time, in stages.

So, what to do for estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, HGH, etc???

Eat lots of fat with your protein, after your detoxification settles. That is, eat eggs, raw cream, unsalted raw butter, avocado, etc. with meat.

How do you feel about a colostrum powder that is not heated over 115 degrees, as they claim?

Not helpful on a raw diet.

I can take herbs but wanted to know what you say about any raw food. I do get a lot of fat from avocados, flax seed oil, meat and whole milk, but I think I need more help making the body mind.

I suggest that you do not ingest flax oil during your intensive detoxification. As I suggested, get some raw cream and/or unsalted raw butter.

I know this diet makes you younger, as look at you; but considering my age, I just wondered if you have any more suggestions.

You are doing wonderfully. Every time I got the flu, which was not often enough, the detoxification took 3 years off my appearance.

I have noticed my flesh is much more dense, which is great. I am basically not willing to grow old gracefully, but don't feel ready for a new model, yet.

Then keep up the good work.

In two more weeks I will be ready to start up the fat diet, again.


Jan 12, 2001
Re: Kidneys
(See also 20010112-0630 Re: Flu)

I realized since last night that this severe pain is a kidney infection, especially on the right side. The only thing that worries me is I am not urinating hardly at all, though I drank several glasses of Gerolsteiner in the night – I hope it is not all blocked up or something. I haven't turned yellow yet, I don't think. Now I'm drinking some warm regular lemon water as that's all I have. If you have a suggestion for this, please let me know. I don't think I could eat much yet, but will try. Thanks so much for all the great data and encouragement.

It’s probably not a kidney detoxification. Probably toxins that have discharged through the kidneys causing irritation to the kidneys. However, that may have caused some kidney tissue detoxification. Better to drink smoothies with many nutrients than nutrientless water.


Jan 21, 2001

Re: Symptoms – detox or from cooked food?

I am still confused as to whether my symptoms are a detox or a reaction to cooked food.

Since I have been on the diet, I have had very few days when I am not exhausted and very wiped out with a fluey feeling. It seems like a never-ending cycle. Over Christmas, I was aching for days and days with a bad head and was very very tired. Now, I am not aching but feel very hot and swelled up and fluey and washed out, and I have felt like this since Christmas. Overall, I feel I have improved since September in health and energy levels, but I do get a lot of symptoms and the above. Other people on the diet seem to go for 6 months with no detox symptoms, and then they might have 2 weeks of being out of action. I am in action but with an awful lot of symptoms and exhaustion and extra symptoms of flueyness and a funny head, like at the moment, which just goes on and on for weeks. I might have relief for few days, and then it occurs again. Right now, I just want to sleep and sleep and yet, at night, I lie there awake for hours. I get very cold in the day. I look very tired and have spots and have swelled up and my hair is limp. Everything seems an enormous effort.

Is this a detox or a reaction to cooked food?

Both. There are some people, like me and you, who cannot afford to eat cooked food.

In an ideal world, a recipe for health is created when the effects on a person’s well-being are considered first and taste second. I considered both within all of the recipes in the recipe book. However, appetite for food is either habitual or instinctual, or both.

When conditioning prevails on hunger, we eat what we are used to eating and may not consider what helps our bodies to function best. Most people are conditioned to eat processed food that lacks enzymes, vitamins and unadulterated minerals, proteins, fats and carbohydrates, even if enriched with supplements.

Supplements are always drugs and not food, even if derived from food. Most supplements are not derived from food. The worst case of this is the fact that 99% of the Vitamin E manufactured is a waste byproduct of developing film. Because the chemical waste has a similar structure to Vitamin E, film-developing companies and/or waste-disposal companies and marketers sell this chemical waste as Vitamin E and make huge profits instead of paying a fortune for its hazardous disposal. Virtually, most supplements are derived from waste products. In other words, profiteers are making industrial polluters rich by getting people to purchase and ingest toxic waste. Vice versa, foods rendered into waste products, after vitamins and other supplements are chemically extracted or processed, are then made into foods, such as chips and cereals, or animal fodder. That subject alone is a volume of books that I am not going to go into here.

The concept of extracting nutrients and consuming them to balance deficiencies produced in cooked and processed food is futile. Organisms in all of nature have thrived on the ability to propagate, grow and live disease-free with the ingestion of the raw food that is complete with particular combinations of enzymes, vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Our bodies have evolved for millions of years digesting foods that are complete within themselves.

If we were healthy beings that allowed pure natural instinct to answer hunger, we would eat what is best for our bodily functions. Instinct, in a natural world without pollution, is when animals thrive on eating raw food, rich in nutrients, that appeals to their sense of smell and/or taste. But, when we eat from the muddled combination of instinct and habituation in this industrial-food world, we eat in a turmoil that creates disease, as you know.

Often, our instincts are not pure and cannot lift us from realms of disease. Most animals who thrive on instinct eat only one type of food at a time. Our nutritional deficiencies and toxicity are so great that, most often, we need to eat concentrations and combinations of fats and meats that contradict our conditioning that fats and meats are bad and cause obesity and a myriad of diseases.

There are two factors in the cause of our rampant diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity and heart disease. The first factor is eating cooked and/or processed food void of live nutrients and full of toxic byproducts of cooking, such as heterocyclic amines and lipid peroxides. The second factor is the industrial and chemical revolutions that have created bizarre foreign chemicals that our bodies must try to process as food and air, but have failed, causing toxic accumulations within our bodies.

Our bodies have innumerable chores to complete every minute. Each eats, digests, transports, utilizes and assimilates food to generate energy, lubricate membranes, regenerate and reproduce cells, and replace dead cells that it must then collect, transport, dissolve or disassemble, sort through for usable substances, and finally discard; and collect, transport, and finally discard the byproducts of metabolism. The innumerable raw enzymes and vitamins found in raw food are the helpers necessary to accomplish these tasks to avoid disease. When we eat raw food we have zillions of helpers to accomplish all of those tasks. When we cook and/or process the food, we have massacred our helpers, causing our bodies to have to do all of the chores on their own, as well as clean up the toxicity from the massacre. Our pancreases must produce and distribute hormones that leach vitamins, enzymes, minerals, fats, proteins and carbohydrates from every cell to clean up the massacre and perform all of the innumerable tasks. Over many years, this leaching causes, in most people, the gradual but marked decrease in strength and ability of each and every cell and the increased toxicity that produces diseases of all kinds.

A plain and simple analogy is: We have a mansion (our body) in which we live. We must run it and keep it clean. Our maids, gardeners, food preparers, handy persons and house managers help accomplish all of the chores necessary. If we massacre the help (cook and/or process our food), not only do we have to clean up the massacre, we have to do all of the chores of the mansion ourselves. As we can imagine, that would be impossible. We will not properly accomplish any and all of the chores. Garbage will collect and create a toxic environment within the mansion, and the mansion will deteriorate.

To further encourage the consumption of raw food, take into account that the tribes that have been, or were, disease-free ate abundantly and primarily unsalted raw meat, unsalted raw fats and/or unsalted raw dairy products. Raw-food fats are the primary substances that can dissolve toxicity and bind with toxicity, protect our cells and immune systems, and deliver the greatest strength and energy. In an ideal world we wouldn’t need as much fat as we do in our polluted, disease- ridden, human world. We are not living in an ideal world, so we need to eat plenty of raw fats. Most people cannot regenerate cells to either reverse or prevent the aging process of deterioration without eating plenty of raw meat in combination with raw fats. Because we are so conditioned to eating burned flesh and fats, our taste buds have been conditioned to like burned flesh and fats. Eating non-burned (raw) meats for some people is nearly impossible, unless it is made into a familiar, flavored recipe. Therefore, most of the recipes I present in the recipe book are to increase the appetite for raw meat. When I refer to raw meat, I mean any flesh food, whether it is seafood, fowl, beef, lamb, venison or buffalo. Other recipes, such as raw cheesecakes, demonstrate that wonderfully delicious raw recipes can be created and reproduced.

Fresh raw foods are not spoiled and usually have delightful tastes. They do not require seasoning for their enjoyment; however, because we are accustomed to certain flavors we may want to combine and season our raw food, creating familiar tastes. Each raw food tastes uniquely different, especially if heirloom rather than hybrid. One tomato may taste slightly different from another tomato from the same vine. Therefore, each time a recipe is made it will have a somewhat different flavor. This is the ultimate dietary variety that is the spice of life. You may have noticed that most processed food when chewed loses its flavor and palatability within 5 or 6 chews. That is because the flavor is artificial.

Most processed foods are from spoiled, rancid, and repulsive-tasting vegetable, grain, dairy or meat products. For example, ninety-nine percent of all store-bought tomato sauces and tomato soups are made with spoiled tomatoes, robust with fermentation and molds. Food processors season the spoiled tomatoes with “natural” and artificial flavorings to hide the rotten tastes and make the spoiled tomatoes taste appealing. But, basically, we are eating rotten tomatoes and paying a fortune for them, and they make our bodies toxic and advance our bodies toward disease. A little spoiled, raw food has been proven to be beneficial to health, but diets resplendent in spoiled, cooked and processed foods have proven to create disease.

Since taste is in the palate of the masticator, the desirability of recipes depends on each individual. And, since the health of an individual depends on what she or he eats, the benefits of recipes depend on an individual’s needs. So, the foods necessary for us to regain or maintain good health may not appeal to our palates. This is the conundrum that I faced when I developed recipes that please our adulterated processed-food-craving palates. Some of us have retained some of our natural instinct and easily appreciate raw food without palatal conflict. However, most of us live in palatal conflict.

I have raw food every day – I eat about 80% raw. I do still, unfortunately, get cravings for sugar and eat it, especially when feeling this low in energy and fluey. I was eating more cooked food over Christmas but less now. What do you feel my symptoms are? Are they detox?

Ill symptoms are always detoxification. When you eat cooked food, you will spend plenty of your raw nutrients detoxifying the cooked. When you eat raw food, any cleansing is the detoxification of old, stored toxicity. I prefer to cleanse the old and make my body healthier every moment, rather than delay my progression toward the best of health.

Am I just someone who is detoxing at a more intense rate than others and therefore feels it more, or someone who is reacting to the 20% cooked food?

Both. I just looked at your irises from June. Although I have seen a lot more toxicity in individuals, a lot of seriously toxic compounds have stored in your glands. Without proper hormonal function you are likely to be fatigued until you discharge enough of those compounds from the glands. Your pattern is to move the toxicity from the glands through the muscles, rather than through the lymph. That causes aching and fatigue. Your lymph system is congested and cannot stay ahead of its chores of detoxification.

Another question: my gums bleed an awful lot. What would help this, and why is this?

I suggest that you stop using your nutrients on detoxifying cooked food by ceasing to eat cooked food. And drink ½ - 1 cup of green cabbage juice per day until it stops.

3rd question: Before my period, for 7-10 days, I get constant indigestion and reactions to a lot of food. Before, it was cooked food, but now it is some raw food too. This time I reacted to bananas and unpasteurized goat's yogurt with the same bad indigestion and stomach pain. In the past, I could eat both without reactions; now it seems I cannot. What is this?

The female body utilizes menstruation for detoxification. Many toxic substances will pass into the blood stream, causing a need for more nutrients and enzymes to enter the blood in order to dump the toxins through the uterus. Difficult foods, like bananas and cultured dairy, require complex enzymes and white cells for proper digestion. Since the blood has required and taken so many from the digestive tract, complex foods are more difficult to digest. I rarely eat banana because of that problem. I never eat unnaturally cultured yogurts or kefir because the bacteria on which they are cultured need a lot of enzymatic assistance from the pancreas. When I want to eat cultured dairy, I simply let it stand until the natural, fresh bacteria, that naturally exist in raw dairy, predigests it.

4th question: my nose seems blocked a lot of the time – not fully, but enough to notice I never seem to breathe well. What can I do about the nose?

The air has been drier than usual; many people have been complaining of the same thing. Foods that help produce lubricating mucus are most important, such as the Lubrication Formula made with unsalted, raw butter.

And is this lack of oxygen causing some of my fatigue?


Is this a common problem for ill people?


Thank you. With best wishes.


Jan 26, 2001

Re: Iridology

Where is the best place to begin to learn iridology? There are many books on the web, and I found a guy in Australia that has a correspondence class. He emails you pictures to diagnose and then critiques your diagnosis, for a fee of course.

I do not know. I began my training 32 years ago and, honed by clinical experience, developed my truths of the science. However, I studied several books on the subject. The best was a translation from a German doctor named Ann ???? who created her version in the late 1600s.


Jan 26, 2001

Re: Algae Supplements

You have mentioned many times that you feel any supplement would be a detriment to the raw food diet and I understand why anything not completely raw and living would be; but do you know that there is a line of products, not spearheaded by, but greatly influenced by Viktoras Kulvinskas? They all have a nutrient- rich, enzymatically active algae in them, and all are claimed to be totally enzymatically active and "living." And with someone like Viktoras as the consultant, I would think it would be worth checking out. I have taken the algae supplement and loved it. In fact, it was an article written by Viktoras called "Don't Dine Without Enzymes" which put me on the path that led to your book.

Of course, I was taking 5-6 times the daily recommended amount. But there was a real energy there. I think that as a living, enzymatically active source of trace amounts of vitamins, coenzymes, minerals, and amino acids, it would be a wonderful compliment to the diet. I am not currently a distributor and in no way would make any money from you. I just believe that it is good stuff and you should be aware of it, that's all.

Vegans, such as Kulvinskas, are frightfully enzyme deficient because of protein deficiencies. When I tried the algae, it was so potent that I had a THC detox. More likely it was because our systems are not designed to digest algae.

Certain fish are adapted to eat algae. We are designed to eat creatures that eat algae. Eat fish and you will receive more than Kulvinskas does when he eats the algae. You will gain more for your body's needs by eating one pound of fish than 30 bottles of algae, and without all of the toxic byproducts of improper digestion, utilization and assimilation.


Feb 6, 2001

Re: HGH-effect – Wheatgrass

In my search for eternal youth, I heard a couple of things you were supposed to have said about the HGH effect, and wondered if they were accurate and if you had any more tips. I heard that you said 2 ounces of wheat grass juice in a glass of raw milk works to release HGH. And if so, how often?

I suggested 3 ounces of wheatgrass in 28 ounces of raw milk. I suggest consuming 1 glass per day for four days. Then, off for a week and on for 4 days.

Then I heard fat on meat works towards that end. I put flax seed oil or avocado or cream with my meats, as it is so good.

Flax and olive oils will not work to that end. Pressed oils are mainly used by the body as solvents to dissolve toxicity for removal. Animal fats with meat help regenerate tissue.


Feb 8, 2001

Re: Hormones, Herbs

I have that loss of estrogen feeling with the hair on the chin and some other familiar symptoms.

That is not an indication of low estrogen. It indicates high testosterone.

So, I am looking into herb roots like wild yam and licorice that I might be able to juice, as I don't take the herb tinctures anymore. They helped, but they are all cooked, I'm absolutely sure.

They are.

I am trying to find where to get these roots and tubers, as they would be juiceable and I hope to find how much to take, too. If you have any data on this, let me know.

Herbs are medicinal and should constitute no more than 5% of your juice and no more than 2 ounces per day unless suffering severe illness.


Feb 20, 2001

Re: Paralysis, Fasts

(For more of the story on Jacob see also: Feb 21, 2001 Re: High Blood Pressure & Stroke May 11, 2001 Re: High Blood Pressure Medication Dec 22, 2001 Re: DETOX – Vomiting Blood – Nausea – Rough Massage Apr 27, 2002 Re: Jacob – chronic depression – mental problems Jun 24, 2003 Re: URGENT – JACOB)

Jacob has, since yesterday morning, had his left side go numb. He does not have control over it. It started with the hand, then the leg. Today it is also the face somewhat – the face is lopsided and one side is drooping. He had the liver from the last buffalo the night before, if that has anything to do with it.

Raw buffalo liver could not cause such an effect unless contaminated. I ate from the same buffalo and it was wonderful.

The only thing he has done differently, recently, is that he went on a fruit fast: dried fruits and no liquid for 2 days and then another day of fresh fruit. This is a fast according to Professor Ehret in the 30s. He does say it is a horse fast.

There are side effects to fruit feasts. Advanced glycation end products form and collect, blood-fat levels drop dramatically causing lesions to the nervous system, muscles and sometimes glands. Dried fruit is all sugar with few, if any, active enzymes, and severely taxes the pancreas, kidneys and nervous system. Collectively, this causes dryness of tissues, creating lesions in all tissue which can result in temporary and partial paralysis, especially if it occurs in the brain.

Is his condition detox, something to worry about or not, do you feel?

Yes, it is a detoxification, but probably as much a detoxification of the sugar feast as old toxins.

Secondly, I wanted to ask if it is normal or expected that my sex drive should go ever since I went to that fasting clinic last January and did the Mayr Cure, which was a fast of an air-dried bread roll with a bit of milk or yogurt, twice a day, and then nothing after lunch until the following morning. I did this for 3 weeks and then continued a reduced diet on the same food with some processed fats (cheese, sour cream, butter and yogurt) for another 5 weeks and lost 30lbs in that period. I would not do this again and now know it is not a nutritious fast. I lost my libido and have not got it back since then (one year now). Is this usual or not? How long do you think it might take on the raw diet to get it back?

That is the worst mono-style fast/diet of which I have heard. It clogs the intestines and plaques the heart and glands. If you want to regain your libido, you might have to gain some excess weight to afford the hormones necessary for sex drive. In many women, if the body does not have enough fat and protein, hormones will not be afforded for extracurricular activity, if you know what I mean. In the future, if you want to lose weight be sure to ask me about my latest weight-loss program if you do not already have it.

Thirdly, how have supposed experts on fasts done so well with their health. Example: Shelton, Ehret and Fry. They have all written on it extensively and have helped and healed thousands of patients this way, with fruit fasts and then a lifelong diet of green raw vegetables, fruit and nuts and seeds. How have they managed to do so well and look so well and get rid of their illnesses like this?

If you knew them in person, you would not want to have been around them. They were hyperactive, impatient, often irritable and sometimes extremely scattered thinkers. They had no fat on their bodies to allow natural relaxation and too much sugar in their systems that over-excited their nervous systems. They all had forms of osteo-degeneration.

I know you say fruit diets make you hyper and very hungry and detox the body too rapidly. Are fruit fasts OK for a few days?

If you have enough fat to prevent lesions in the nervous system.

I have done 3 days of a fruit fast, just now, and feel good, although I can feel a detox going on. Is this bad for someone with diabetes?

Fruit overtaxes and stresses the pancreas. Raw fat and protein are the only foods that allow the pancreas to rest.

I will go on to raw eggs and juice shortly.

Raw juice and raw egg together cause severe detoxification. Milk and egg, with a little honey, is a preferable combination.

Look forward to hearing from you. Hope you are well.


Feb 21, 2001

Re: High Blood Pressure & Stroke

(For more of the story on Jacob see also: Feb 20, 2001 Re: Paralysis, Fasts May 11, 2001 Re: High Blood Pressure Medication Dec 22, 2001 Re: DETOX – Vomiting Blood – Nausea – Rough Massage Apr 27, 2002 Re: Jacob – chronic depression – mental problems Jun 24, 2003 Re: URGENT – JACOB)

Jacob went to the hospital today on the insistence of people at the church, as they are all worried.

That is a shame because they will prevent him from proper healing as they explore him. X-rays can prevent proper healing for up to 18 months. Since he has had some neurological damage, that was not a good idea. If he scars, rather than heals properly, he will be slightly paralyzed for a long time.

At the hospital, they say he has had a stroke. Is this true?

Any paralysis is a break in the flow of neurological transmissions from the brain to the body, whether caused by a clot that breaks off from a wall during detoxification or the temporary shutdown during detoxification. Regardless, the only proper way to address the condition is to nourish the body so that it may continue to detoxify the brain and properly heal.

And they obviously feel it is from his high blood pressure and that he has not been taking his blood pressure medication, or not all the time (he does sometimes when he feels his blood pressure is bad).

A half to a whole grapefruit normally resolves high blood pressure. How much does he follow the diet? As I mentioned, a fruit feast (fast) is counterproductive, especially during fall and winter.

There is no clogging on the brain, but they want to do a neurological test tomorrow. Do you really feel it is from the fruit fast of dried fruit and no liquid, not his high blood pressure or stress?

Sugars, natural or not, clump together when dried. High blood pressure is necessary for people with plaquing in or on the arteries. It stretches the arteries. If they weren't stretched, very little blood would pass through them.

He feels it is pressure and stress. How can he get off those high blood pressure pills safely forever?

The pills are more damaging than the high blood pressure. The blood pressure is high for a good reason.

He is on the diet 85% and has been for 2 1/2 years.

For his condition, I don't think he should do anything less than 100% until his arteries are clean enough.

Would he need to do it 100%, or have more of something to get off them completely?

Whether he gets on the diet 100% or not, the pills could cause neurological toxicity that can cause the problem he now faces. Go to and enter the medication that he is ingesting and discover the side effects.

And what about those crippling headaches he has DAILY? He can't get off the headache pills as the pain and effects get too bad. He says the pain formula did not work when he tried it. What can he do??

That is a very long answer. I will have to give it to him when he calls.


Feb 22, 2001

Re: Dehydrating Food

A quick question: Is it okay to dehydrate meats to make jerky as long as I keep the drying temp below 100 degrees?

No. It destroys the enzymes and adds to conditions for constipation. The North American Indians made pemmican every year for emergencies, but buried it if they didn’t use it that year. Jerky was only for emergencies.

Mar 29, 2001

Re: Deodorants & Breast Cancer

Dear Aajonus,

I was sent an email, which said that deodorants are the leading cause of breast cancer. What do you think? It is inaccurate is it not?

Yes, it is accurate. This information has been available to me for over 26 years.

Healthfully, Aajonus

Yes, I know deodorants are toxic, but I thought the reason breast cancer occurs by lymph nodes is because that is where the toxins build up, in piles so to speak, over time, whether using deodorants or not.

Deodorants advance and accelerate that buildup. In some cases, the buildup would not have occurred and caused breast cancer if it were not from the toxicity of deodorants.

Does that apply to crystal deodorant? I thought that was natural and OK.

Not completely. The mineral crystal somewhat clogs the pores. It is better to apply lemon or lime onto the armpits and wipe.

Mar 31, 2001

Re: Mammograms & Breast Cancer


I have heard that mammograms cause breast cancer. Is this true?

Mammograms have been proved to be cancer-promoting. See the work of Dr. Hardin Jones of the University of California, Berkeley and in The Healing of Cancer by Barry Lynes.

Mar 30, 2001

Re: Failed Kidneys

My dad (age 59) has two failed kidneys. They are infused, or crystallized, with kidney stones that he continues to pass on a regular basis. Urine still passes through the kidneys and he still urinates, but apparently they don' filter anything because he has been on dialysis 3 time a week for more than two years. He also has Crohn’s disease of the intestines (he has had a few sections removed over the years) and hepatitis B. I know in your book you said that if an organ has failed, it can't be revived, so I wonder if you consider his kidneys failed and if it is worth it to come out to see you. He takes all kinds of medications to counter the fact that his kidneys don't work, and has been under the knife a few times for his intestines and had all kinds of ultrasound treatments for his kidneys. He has just started your book.

Well, what to you think? Have you ever had anyone with this kind of kidney problem before?

Yes. The diet has always improved health, but it is not a magic bullet. I have seen kidneys that have malfunctioned begin to work again.


Mar 2, 2001

Re: Hunger on Weight Loss Diet

I have been on the Weight Loss Diet for two days, and besides fatigue, which I am guessing is detox, I have been really hungry and craving crunchy bread like french bread or pizza a lot.

I ate a little french bread with butter and cheese today and still felt hungry.

Is this just psychological for the first few days as my body adjusts from stuffing myself to eating a restricted diet, or should I be eating more?


Eat every hour for 3-5 days, then reduce. Usually, hunger lasts 5-7 days, unless you eat every hour.

Creating more poisons while trying to lose weight will create a need for more nutrients and cause more hunger.

Healthfully, Aajonus

Mar 30, 2001

On the weight loss cycle, the cravings for pizza and bread were so strong I gave in a few times. And I have been using a little soy sauce, wasabi, and toasted seaweed when making sushi. Smoothies and green juice are no problem. It's just that the raw meat gets a little bland, so I am doing my best to make it palatable and trying to reduce the amount of soy sauce and other cooked ingredients as I become more adept at making sauces and condiments that taste good.

It is best to break the fast with raw butter and cheese and milk rather than cooked stuff.

There is lots of salt in soy sauce, plus soy is toxic and promotes cancer.

I gave you recipes to make condiments to enjoy raw.


Mar 31, 2001

Re: Spiritual Healing

Dear Aajonus,

I have been introduced to another perspective on health and the causes of illness by Dharma King Dechan Jueren Master Yu Tianjian. He is an advanced Master from China to whom I have been going for spiritual healing this year. He is a realized soul or, in other words, has attained enlightenment. Master Yu does have control over his body and mind and can choose death and incarnation at will. He runs a mystery school here and has come over from China to heal and preach Hanmi Buddhism, which could be said to be the original or most pure form of Buddhism and predates Tibetan Buddhism. It went underground in 700AD and was only passed from Master to Master. He is the first to bring it into the open.

He teaches that our emotions cause imbalances in our internal systems and that if you want to attain health and beauty, you have to first learn to adjust your inner emotions. And that you have to change your own mind and heart, the way you are thinking and your lifestyle. He says that meditation can aid the human body return to its natural functioning and regain its regulatory ability; and that you will then have health and you can help others regain their health.

With best wishes.

I observed for the last 33 years that people, who did not change anything in their lives when they were injured or diseased, continued to heal regardless of what they did, unless they took a deadly poison like cocaine, speed, other drug, or food with concentrated processed carbohydrates, especially table sugars. From this I learned that the body always tries to heal itself.

I spent from 1969 to 1981 exploring and believing the concepts presented by Master Yu. I found that blaming disease on emotional states and trying to correct the physical via the emotional state rarely affected natural healing time. The rate of reversal of disease, and healing, while practicing emotional disciplines, was little different than when people changed nothing.

The father of medicine wrote, and I will paraphrase: The greatest healer is one who can entertain his patient while the patient's body takes the time to heal itself.

Through experimentation and observation I learned that the degree of reversal of disease, and healing depended mostly upon what a person ate. If a sufferer ate cooked food, reversal and healing of disease averaged 45%. I discovered that feeding the body in the principles I advocate on my Primal Diet affect reversal of diseases, healing and prevent progressive degeneration properly and considerably faster and more efficiently than if an individual changes nothing, or does other diets or disciplines.

From the truths within the four paragraphs above, I learned that if you can teach a person to distract her/himself from her/his disease or injury, as Master Yu does, or convince her/him not to worry and trust the body, as I do, while her/his body heals itself, the person is not likely to panic and consume harmful medications administered by medical doctors, homeopaths, herbalists and nutritionists, or seek harmful surgeries. If s/he eats a diet abundant in raw fats and meats, and some vegetable juices, her/his diseases will properly reverse and heal, and progressive degeneration will cease 90% of the time.

The Buddhist and Chinese Dharmic disciplines are extremely similar. They were established when dynasties only allowed the lackeys to eat grains and little or no meat. The high-carbohydrate food kept the lackeys (slaves) emotionally unstable with sugar imbalances so that they would always be in turmoil within themselves, with family members and with neighbors. They would never be clear-headed and emotionally stable enough to overthrow the government, even though they vastly outnumbered the ruling and guarding classes. Royalty, rulers, guards and warriors ate mainly meat and fat for clarity and strength.

Dharmic and Buddhist masters created disciplines that would allow lackeys (slaves: everyone who was not royalty, rulers, guards and warriors) to live somewhat happily or, at least, with disciplined inner peace. If masters were caught teaching that meat-eating was the way to health and spiritual attainment, they were put to death. Healers were allowed to use meat in the worst diseased conditions only, and only for as long as healing was required to put a person back on her/his feet. Refraining from eating meat became part of Dharmic and Buddhist disciplines, except in crippling diseases. Masters taught the people to develop and use psychic powers to help themselves, but with the brain obstructed from diet, it was very difficult for people to achieve the goal sought. That is why very few people ever achieve those supernormal abilities; there are very few truly healthy people following those disciplines; and there is rarely a master. Here is an analogy: There are very few master athletes in this world because of physiological conditions. Billions may train very hard and diligently at it but never reach mastery because it is simply beyond their bodies' abilities.


May 4, 2001

More on HIV and AIDS

Hi, everyone,

Many continue to contend that AIDS is not a fatal, incurable condition caused by HIV. Most of the AIDS information we receive is based on unsubstantiated assumptions, unfounded estimates and impossible predictions. Symptoms associated with AIDS are treatable using non-toxic, immune-enhancing therapies that have restored the health of people diagnosed with AIDS and that have enabled those truly at risk to remain well. If you want to know more go to:


May 11, 2001

Re: High Blood Pressure Medication

(For more of the story on Jacob see also: Feb 20, 2001 Re: Paralysis, Fasts Feb 21, 2001 Re: High Blood Pressure & Stroke Dec 22, 2001 Re: DETOX – Vomiting Blood – Nausea – Rough Massage Apr 27, 2002 Re: Jacob – chronic depression – mental problems Jun 24, 2003 Re: URGENT – JACOB)

I take it it is fine for Jacob to stop his medication all at once and suddenly, and not need to do the gentle bit by bit approach the doctors always talk about to come off drugs.

High blood-pressure medications should normally be reduced over a two-week period. I suggest reducing it by half every five days until eliminated.


May 11, 2001

Re: Ill Plants

Do you have any suggestions for ill plants. I have a couple of large ones that always get sick in my apartment. Even when I buy new ones and put them in the same area where the other ones got sick, the new ones get sick too. They have sticky stuff and white stuff and hairy stuff all over them. What can I do to prevent this; and then once it happens, what should I do?

Per quart of good water, add 1 tablespoon of blood from a steak, and 6 oz. of raw-milk whey (milky water left after milk solids separate from milk); and let that stand for 48 hours before feeding it to your plant. Do this every 3 months.

Toxic environment no doubt?

Yes, toxic soil environment.


May 14, 2001

Re: Fish/mercury dilemma

Dear Aajonus,

So many people I have gotten on the diet are afraid to eat fish like tuna and swordfish because of the mercury that's being talked and written about.

I have heard organic minerals from plants are harmless and good for you, so I guess this is the same from the fish who eat the seaweed, but just wondered if you have something to send around with that data in it so I can calm their fears.

I presume the fish, especially the lower chain ones, eat the seaweed and it is not like having the fillings in your mouth. I don't know if the big fish, like tuna and swordfish, eat seaweed or little fish or both and where they get the mercury.

I just would love to have something in writing on email that I could send to them. It seems to be such a big issue right now, and even in health books.

I suspect the ADA puts this out to distract from the mercury filling danger.


Metal toxicity can be attributed to a childhood + of eating canned, processed and chemically treated food. My tests showed, 10 years ago, that if meat (seafood, fowl, white and red meat) were consumed raw, that 98 percent of the toxicity that existed in it passed through the body, contained within relatively unaltered fat molecules.

My tests also showed that toxic minerals from cooked and chemically contaminated food store in the bones. It takes at least 7 1/2 years to replace every cell in the bones. Logically, according to Pottenger's work, it takes at least 5 generations to cleanse all of the toxicity out of tissue. Since most toxic minerals store in bone, it is probable that it could take as long as 40 years to clean out all of the metal poisoning stored in bones.

The oceans are only 1% polluted, and that is usually within 1/2 mile from shore. Land is over 20% polluted. Mercury in fish I have not found to be harmful as long as the fish is eaten raw. Cooking of any kind causes the fat that fish bodies use to protect themselves (from poisons) to detach, resulting in the poisons (mercury) being released (free-radical). The mercury in swordfish is a natural element in that species that helps its mobility. Eating raw swordfish will educate a body on how to utilize mercury efficiently. I eat mainly swordfish without ill incidences or ill symptoms of mercury toxicity.

Foods that are high in raw minerals and fats help the body detoxify toxic minerals in bones. If someone eats foods that are high in minerals and fats, like seafood, s/he is promoting this detoxification.

While living on Jekyll Island, I consumed up to 7 pounds of raw seafood a week, including shrimp. The waters were known to have been contaminated to some degree, including mercury. The raw seafood helped me recover from the poisonous mushroom. It helped Owanza recover from 63 tumors.

The best detox a person could do to rid her/himself of metal toxicity, including mercury, would be to eat raw fish. I have observed that eating lots of raw cream and coconut (or coconut cream) helped soothe tissues disturbed during toxic metal detoxification. Those creams also protected tissue from mutation.

I wonder if we expect the body to cleanse and repair itself in less than the projected 40 years it may require to cleanse and heal to optimal. Are we too impatient? Instant gratification is not logical concerning the body.

The FDA publicizing the dangers of mercury in fish seems suspicious at best and conspiratorial at worst. What the story is not telling us is that the FDA has allowed millions of pregnant women and children to be poisoned with mercury from vaccinations and other injections. Does it make any sense that the poisoning from medications exceeds that of their estimate for eating fish by thousands of times, and they are so hysterical over food poisoning?

It appears to me that this "fish story" is a smoke screen to throw people off the track: that they suffer mercury poisoning from medical therapies rather than eating fish. Did you notice that this story follows the lawsuits filed in the last year regarding mercury poisonings from medication and the FDA's decades of approval of the medical mercury poisoning?

I hope that this clarifies the mercury/fish dilemma for you.


May 14, 2001

Re: Microhydrin

Aajonus, have you heard of the antioxidant supplement Microhydrin? I assume, in accordance with what you have already told me, that there is no need for supplements of any kind while on this diet. But, from other raw fooders I have heard that this is supposed to be good stuff and wanted to run it by you.

This was recently invented by Pat Flanagan. It has undergone no testing except in a laboratory. It is entirely based on chemical logic and no long-term empirical use. Many people look for magic bullets to speed the 40 year path to optimal health. Microhydrin is another. Again, it is not a food for humans, but possibly a plant food.


May 23rd, 2001

Re: Blood Analysis

Hi Aajonus,

Total cholesterol: 353 HDL: 72.7 LDL: 187.5

I was curious if those numbers are expected to go down as my body gets more acclimated to the change?

I do not give credence to the analysis of blood content. We do not test for quality, only quantity. Some people require very high cholesterol levels. I have an Olympic gymnast who has to maintain a 327 level or she cannot function as an athlete. When she maintained the 327 level on cooked food she got colds and/or flus every 3-6 weeks that caused her to loose training time. On raw fats, she functions very well.

Other people have high cholesterol levels because they have toxic cholesterol in transit (leaving the body) as well as the fresh cholesterol from daily intake of food. Most of the toxic cholesterol cannot be properly utilized and is drawn from tissues and discarded.

I offer you another experiment that will show you the correlation: I had a client concerned about his high blood sugar levels from a blood test. To demonstrate a point, I suggested that he stop eating all fruit and honey, and only have four ounces of nuts (in the nut formula) once a week, but no nut butter within 2 days of any blood test. Five weeks later his blood sugar level was just as high. When the doctor told him to stop eating so much carbohydrate, he told the doctor that he hadn't eaten any in 5 weeks. The doctor was dumbfounded. My client's high blood sugar level was from toxic sugars that were stored in the system.

One thing, however, I hope you'd comment on is the BUN (blood urea nitrogen), which is normal at 5 – 18, where mine is 21, and the creatine, normal at .9 – 1.4, where mine is 1.3.

These often indicate a detoxification and dissolution of degenerative kidney tissue.

These are kidney markers and if they continue to go up may indicate impaired renal function among other things. Now I don't believe protein consumption (especially raw!) can impair kidney function in a healthy individual, but since my BUN is slightly high and my creatine is at the normal limit (though a BUN of >50 is where one gets concerned) I was curious. Any experience with this?

Interestingly but not surprisingly my triglycerides were 47 and uric acid 3.7, both at the very low "normal" limits.

Yes, the blood, hormonal, urine, etc., levels discovered on a health-giving raw diet that helps proper detoxification are confusing to the normal test results.


May 29, 2001

Re: Sesame seeds in sauces

What sort of sesame seeds does one use in dishes with carob, etc? The ones I bought (Wild Oats' organically grown sesame seeds natural) do not taste of much. Is this the right sort?


How do people get that distinct taste from them normally?

Not easy. If you want a more distinct taste you must blend the seeds into a powder, then add the egg, cream and/or butter and honey, then blend again.


Jun 23, 2001

Action Alert! Fax the Senate Subcommittee on Agricultural and FDA Appropriations!

Hi, all,

Rep. Randy Cunningham (San Diego area) removed funding for the FDA studies on irradiation from the House version of the 2002 Appropriations Bill. Now, there is no unbiased research in sight that will resolve the issue of irradiation poisoning. The bill includes a requirement that the FDA use misleading language on irradiated-food labels, meaning that we will not know what foods are irradiated.

Please send a fax ASAP.

Urge the Senate Subcommittee on Agricultural and Food and Drug Administration Appropriations to provide clear and honest labeling of irradiated food!


Oct 5, 2001

Re: Spaced-Out Feeling

Is the spaced-out feeling and the brain not functioning as well, is this due to flying or detox or cooked food, or what?

It could be from a myriad of circumstances, such as: cooked food causing too much toxicity, resulting in low blood sugar; too low meat intake, resulting in the low blood sugar pyruvate...

Nov 3, 2001

My Research and View of Anthrax and Smallpox

While researching anthrax I discovered three significant facts:

1) anthrax microorganisms dissolve toxic animal tissue, especially nerve;
2) humans who got anthrax regularly breathed animal tissue, whether from farm or factory; and
3) it is a rare disease that is not contagious.

Animals who developed anthrax were from two categories:

1) poorly tended -- stalls were rarely cleaned and fresh vitamin-rich and enzyme-active food was
not available as feed for long periods of time; and/or
2) pharmaceuticals poisoned their nervous systems.

Conclusion: The animals affected did not have the nutrients to help dissolve their dead cells, especially from nerve degeneration, without the help of microorganisms. Some animals used the help of colds and flu (hoof and mouth). Others utilized the more aggressive anthrax. Anthrax is similar to meningitis or spinal meningitis in humans.

Mainly poor, overworked wool-and-hide factory workers were affected – people who lived on bread, cereals and potatoes, and who could rarely afford meat. People who were not affected were those who were healthier.

People most likely to succumb to anthrax poisoning are those who have animal allergies. Animal allergies develop when a person’s sinuses, throat, bronchioles and lungs cannot dissolve breathed animal tissue. The more the animal tissue accumulates in the body, the greater the reaction to it.

As people with allergies on the Primal Diet have seen, the body gradually eliminates the storages of contaminates, health is restored or developed, and allergies disappear.

The likelihood of a Primal Dieter succumbing to anthrax poisoning is not known. However, I survived three serious bouts of meningitis and spinal meningitis since 1977. I had only been eating raw meat for 1 year when I had my first meningitis. As a result of it, I regained 20% of my spinal flexibility lost from the radiation therapy I endured in 1968 for metastasized stomach cancer. Besides cauterizing my spine, the radiation therapy gave me blood and bone cancer (multiple myeloma). Although I was frightened during the meningitis, I completely avoided doctors and drugs. I was delighted, several months later, as my spine healed and I regained flexibility. After each meningitis, I regained more flexibility.

Is Anthrax A Real Threat? I suppose that it depends on us. If we continue, as we have, to allow our government to develop biological warfare, we set an example to the world. The laws that allow national security secrecy are our greatest enemy. Our government maintains a staunch double standard. It does not want us to have any privacy, yet they maintain that they should have complete secrecy. The Nazis, as well as all other fascist regimes, advocated the same.

If we allow ourselves to be overtaken with fear and act irrationally, we will succumb to whatever we agree to subject ourselves to, including harmful, unproved vaccines.

The articles below are examples of what might be occurring.

Re: Articles 1 & 2: Consider, also, that for the last 7 years the military has faced incredible embarrassment because it had forced military personnel to take the unproved and dangerous anthrax vaccine. What a coup it would be for them to conjure the image of vindication! Does our military have direct involvement in these anthrax events under the notion of national security?

Those likely scenarios should be investigated. The use of anthrax is a military weapon. How did anyone get the biological anthrax? It is not easily developed as a weapon.

Re: Article 3: The smallpox situation is similar to anthrax in that it has been fatal to people, especially children who maintained poor carbohydrate diets and/or were poisoned, environmentally or medicinally. Healthy people did not die of smallpox.

Note: I don’t agree with everything written in these articles; however, I agree in general and in principle.

Healthfully and lovingly, Aajonus Vonderplanitz

Article 1:

Wall Street Journal, Monday, October 22, 2001 (front page):
Of Microbes and Mock Attacks: Years Ago, The Military Sprayed Germs on U.S. Cities
...In Senate subcommittee hearings in 1977, the U.S. Army revealed that weeks before Mr. Nervins sickened
and died, the Army had staged a mock biological attack on San Francisco, secretly spraying the city with
Serratia and other agents thought to be harmless.
The goal: to see what might happen in a real germ-warfare attack. The experiment, which involved blasting a
bacterial fog over the entire 49-square-mile city from a Navy vessel offshore, was recorded with clinical

Read the entire article in the Wall Street Journal @ or, if you don’t want to subscribe to the Journal, you can also locate the article by searching: “Of Microbes and Mock Attacks: Years Ago, The Military Sprayed Germs on U.S. Cities”.

Article 2:
Doctor Reports Anthrax Attacks a Likely Cipro Sales Scam:
FBI Alerted to Possible Bayer Company Terror Financing.
San Francisco (PR Newswire)
Skyrocketing Cipro sales following September 11, and the FDA's unprecedented endorsement of this drug
over other more cost-effective alternatives, has at least one authority crying foul.
Harvard trained bio-terrorism expert, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, has officially requested government officials
investigate Germany's Bayer Corporation for suspected ties to recent anthrax mailings. The U.S. Government
once blacklisted the company for funding Hitler and the Third Reich.
On October 1, Dr. Horowitz, author of the prophetically titled book released last June, Death in the Air:
Globalism, Terrorism, and Toxic Warfare (Tetrahedron Press, 1-888-508-4787) delivered the urgency to
investigate Bayer to FBI officials, and to Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle's office. Ironically, Daschle was
one of the recent victims of mailed anthrax.
The FBI and Congress, currently investigating global terrorist financing, has learned that neo-Nazi terrorists
engineered PLO airplane hijackings according to a recent Oklahoma Bombing Investigation Committee (OBIC)
German neo-Nazis may have "masterminded" U.S. military installation bombings in Germany by Arab terrorists
as well, the report concluded.
Assembled by previous Oklahoma Representative, Charles Key, for a grand jury investigation, the OBIC stated
that "the post-war successors to Hitler's S.S. (leaders that escaped capture and Nuremberg trials), had
numerous documented meetings with representatives of various Arab organizations."
These organizations were linked to the PLO bombings of several U.S. military installations in Germany in
recent years.
Odfried Hepp, among the leading neo-Nazis suspected by investigators, was "found to have been financed by
Al-Fatah." The OBIC also reported that Hepp did his Ph.D. on "Neo-Nazi/PLO bombings of U.S. housing, cars,
and military facilities in Germany."
Seeing Cipro sales skyrocketing from a "wag the dog"-like media scare, Dr. Horowitz urged an immediate
investigation by the FBI, the U.S. General Accounting Office (GAO), and Congress. His petition ... includes
evidence the antibiotic is largely untested and dangerous.
Given the Bayer Corporation's historic association with Third Reich financing, and the unprecedented FDA
endorsement of Bayer's specious drug Cipro, Dr. Horowitz considers HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson's
upcoming congressional request for $643 million for mostly Cipro premature at best, and tragic at worst.
Dr. Horowitz concluded, "I hate to think American taxpayers are funding their own demise. For all we know,
those behind the recent anthrax attacks may be high level white-collar bio-terrorists, profiting, as Bayer officials
did during WWII, from terrorism blamed on one ethnic group."

Article 3:

The "Real" Deal about Nuclear, Bio, and Chemical Attacks
Since the media has decided to scare everyone with predictions of chemical, biological, or nuclear warfare on
our turf, I decided to write a paper and keep things in their proper perspective. I am a retired military weapons,
munitions, and training expert.
Lesson number one: In the mid 1990's there were a series of nerve gas attacks on crowded Japanese subway
stations. Given perfect conditions for an attack, less than 10% of the people there were injured (the injured
were better in a few hours) and only one percent of the injured died.
60 Minutes once had a fellow telling us that one drop of nerve gas could kill a thousand people; well, he didn't
tell you the thousand dead people per drop was theoretical. Drill sergeants exaggerate how terrible this stuff
was to keep the recruits awake in class (I know this because I was a drill sergeant too).
Forget everything you've ever seen on TV, in the movies, or read in a novel about this stuff, it was all a lie
(read this sentence again out loud!)! These weapons are about terror; if you remain calm, you will probably not
die. This is far less scary than the media and their "experts," make it sound.
Chemical weapons are categorized as Nerve, Blood, Blister, and Incapacitating Agents. Contrary to the hype
of reporters and politicians they are not weapons of mass destruction; they are " area denial," and terror
weapons that don't destroy anything. When you leave the area you almost always leave the risk. That's the
difference; you can leave the area and the risk; soldiers may have to stay put and sit through it and that's why
they need all that spiffy gear.
These are not gasses, they are vapors and/or air-borne particles. The agent must be delivered in sufficient
quantity to kill/injure, and that defines when/how it's used. Every day we have a morning and evening inversion
where "stuff," suspended in the air gets pushed down. This inversion is why allergies (pollen) and air pollution
are worst at these times of the day. So, a chemical attack will have it's best effect an hour or so either side of
sunrise/sunset. Also, being vapors and airborne particles, they are heavier than air so they will seek low
places like ditches, basements and underground garages.
This stuff won't work when it's freezing, it doesn't last when it's hot, and wind spreads it too thin too fast.
They've got to get this stuff on you, or, get you to inhale it for it to work. They also have to get the

concentration of chemicals high enough to kill or wound you. Too little and it's nothing, too much and it's wasted.

What I hope you've gathered by this point is that a chemical weapons attack that kills a lot of people is incredibly hard to do with military-grade agents and equipment, so you can imagine how hard it will be for terrorists.

The more you know about this stuff the more you realize how hard it is to use.

We'll start by talking about nerve agents. You have these in your house; plain old bug killer (like Raid) is a nerve agent. All nerve agents work the same way; they are cholinesterase inhibitors that mess up the signals your nervous system uses to make your body function. It can harm you if you get it on your skin, but it works best if they can get you to inhale it. If you don't die in the first minute and you can leave the area, you're probably gonna live. The military's antidote for all nerve agents is atropine and pralidoxime chloride. Neither one of these does anything to cure the nerve agent; they send your body into overdrive to keep you alive for five minutes; after that the agent is used up. Your best protection is fresh air and staying calm.

Listed below are the symptoms for nerve-agent poisoning:

Sudden headache,
Dimness of vision (someone you're looking at will have pinpointed pupils),
Runny nose,
Excessive saliva or drooling,
Difficulty breathing,
Tightness in chest,
Stomach cramps,
Twitching of exposed skin where a liquid just got on you.

If you are in public and you start experiencing these symptoms, first ask yourself: Did anything out of the ordinary just happen, a loud pop, did someone spray something on the crowd? Are other people getting sick too? Is there an odor of new-mown hay, green corn, something fruity, or camphor where it shouldn't be? If the answer is yes, then calmly (if you panic you breathe faster and inhale more air/poison) leave the area and head up wind, or, outside. Fresh air is the best "right now antidote".

If you have a blob of liquid that looks like molasses or Karo syrup on you, blot it or scrape it off and away from yourself with anything disposable. This stuff works based on your body weight; what a crop duster uses to kill bugs won't hurt you, unless you stand there and breathe it in real deep, then lick the residue off the ground for a while. Remember, they have to do all the work; they have to get the concentration up and keep it up for several minutes, while all you have to do is quit getting it on you/quit breathing it by putting space between you and the attack.

Blood agents are cyanide or arsine which effect your blood's ability to provide oxygen to your tissue. The scenario for attack would be the same as a nerve agent. Look for a pop or someone splashing/spraying something, and folks around there getting woozy/falling down. The telltale smells are bitter almonds or garlic where it shouldn't be. The symptoms are blue lips, blue under the fingernails, rapid breathing. The military's antidote is amyl nitrite and, just like nerve agent antidote, it just keeps your body working for five minutes till the toxins are used up. Fresh air is the your best individual chance.

Blister agents (distilled mustard) are so nasty that nobody wants to even handle it let alone use it. It's almost impossible to handle safely and may have delayed effect of up to 12 hours. The attack scenario is also limited to the things you'd see from other chemicals. If you do get large, painful blisters for no apparent reason, don't pop them; if you must, don't let the liquid from the blister get on any other area, the stuff just keeps on spreading. It's just as likely to harm the user as the target. Soap, water, sunshine, and fresh air are this stuff's enemy.

Bottom line on chemical weapons (it's the same if they use industrial chemical spills): they are intended to make you panic, to terrorize you, to herd you like sheep to the wolves. If there is an attack, leave the area and go upwind, or to the sides of the wind stream. They have to get the stuff to you, and on you. You're more likely to be hurt by a drunk driver on any given day than be hurt by one of these attacks. Your odds get better if you leave the area. Soap, water, time, and fresh air really deal this stuff a knockout punch. Don't let fear of an isolated attack rule your life. The odds are really on your side.

Nuclear bombs. These are the only weapons of mass destruction on earth. The effects of a nuclear bomb are heat, blast, EMP, and radiation. If you see a bright flash of light like the sun, where the sun isn't, fall to the

ground! The heat will be over in a second. Then, there will be two blast waves, one outgoing, and one on it's way back. Don't stand up to see what happened after the first wave; anything that's going to happen will have happened in two full minutes. These will be low-yield devices and will not level whole cities. If you live through the heat, blast, and initial burst of radiation, you'll probably live for a very very long time.

Radiation will not create fifty-foot-tall women, or giant ants and grass hoppers the size of tanks. These will be, at the most, 1 kiloton bombs – that's the equivalent of 1,000 tons of TNT. Here's the real deal: Flying debris and radiation will kill a lot of exposed (not all!) people within a half mile of the blast. Under perfect conditions, this is about a half mile circle of death and destruction; but, when it's done it's done.

EMP stands for electromagnetic pulse, and it will fry every electronic device for a good distance. It's impossible to say what and how far, but probably not over a couple of miles from ground zero is a good guess. Cars, cell phones, computers, ATMs, you name it, all will be out of order.

There are lots of kinds of radiation, you only need to worry about three; the others you have lived with for years. You need to worry about "Ionizing radiation," these are little subatomic particles that go whizzing along at the speed of light. They hit individual cells in your body, kill the nucleus and keep on going. That's how you get radiation poisoning, you have so many dead cells in your body that the decaying cells poison you. It's the same as people getting radiation treatments for cancer, only a bigger area gets radiated. The good news is you don't have to just sit there and take it, and there's lots you can do rather than panic.

First, your skin will stop alpha particles, a page of a newspaper or your clothing will stop beta particles, you just gotta try and avoid inhaling dust that's contaminated with atoms that are emitting these things and you'll be generally safe from them.

Gamma rays are particles that travel like rays (quantum physics makes my brain hurt) and they create the same damage as alpha and beta particles only they keep going and kill lots of cells as they go all the way through your body. It takes a lot to stop these things – lots of dense material; on the other hand, it takes a lot of this to kill you.

Your defense is, as always, to not panic.... These weapons are made to cause panic, terror, and to demoralize. If we don't run around like sheep they won't use this stuff after they find out it's no fun.... You've only gotta protect yourself, and by doing that, you help the country....

SFC Red Thomas (Ret) Armor Master Gunner Mesa, AZ

Nov 6, 2001

ACTION ALERT: Stop Food Irradiation

Hi, everyone,

Iowa Senator Tom Harkin, the Senate's primary food irradiation advocate, is at it again. He called for the "electronic pasteurization" of all imported food, and possibly all of our food, depending on how you interpret his words on "Larry King Live" (Oct 31, 2001). He used the term "electronic pasteurization", which was recently rebuked by the FDA. He revealed how shamelessly he will promote his nuke + food agenda. Please take a moment to contact him to remind him that food irradiation by any name is dangerous. Oppose blasting our food with ionizing radiation! Please cut and paste the following letter or write one and email it to him.

Subject: Irradiated Food Is Dangerous.
Dear Senator Harkin,
I was shocked and horrified by the statement you made on "Larry King Live" that all of our food
should be irradiated. That is no solution to bioterrorism.
Irradiated food has been shown in many studies to be harmful. The studies the FDA has cited
in the Federal Register often show harmful effects from consuming irradiated food. Please read
There is no legitimate and moral way in which the government can endorse a food "treatment"
that dramatically increases benzene and other toxic chemicals in our food. 2-
dodecylcyclobutanone, a unique radiolytic product that is only found in irradiated food, was
found in one of the only modern and scientifically adequate studies on the matter to cause
genetic mutations in the colon cells of rats that ate the substance (Federal Nutrition Research
Institute, Karlsruhe, Germany, 1998). The Institute actually has a pro-irradiation slant, so bias
cannot be claimed in these findings.
Food irradiation destroys significant amounts of vitamins. Many Americans will suffer from
eating irradiated food, since their nutritional intake is already inadequate. Do you want to be
responsible for more disease and suffering?
Radiation doses required to kill anthrax spores will be much higher than is currently allowed by
the FDA, and will cause more harmful chemical and nutritional changes in our food. The flavor
will be changed so as to make food less palatable. Irradiation will not kill smallpox. Your
"solution" is not even a band-aid.
For you to promote food irradiation, one of your pet projects, in this time of crisis has only
served to validate the cynical view that many Americans have of our government. What we
need now is a government that will work judiciously and cautiously toward solutions for national
security. Irradiating our food is not a solution.
(your name
Nov 27, 2001

Re: Papimi Machine

Dear Aajonus,

Check out the website It is a machine that pumps magnetic ion pulses into every cell of the body in microseconds, which brings the cell voltage up to 70 millivolts, which is the healthy range for cell gates to open to receive nutrition and expel waste. What do you think?

What a coincidence. Today I received a call from a Utah university professor who said that her mother received this magnetic therapy extensively for months, and reacted with decreased symptoms for as long as she received the treatments (in Germany) for systemic arthritis and indications of connective tissue disintegration. The magnetic therapy did not reverse the condition. She is still seeking help.

The nonbioactively-produced electromagnetic energy produced by machines only mimics the energy that has been bioactively produced by biological life. Lying on the earth, or grass in a yard, or sand on the beach, will balance the currents in the body holistically. Also, natural clays carry magnetic ions that correct cellular low-magnetic conditions.


Dec 3, 2001

Subject: Rationale During Crisis Hi, all,

Should we urge our Senators and Representatives to think and behave rationally, reasonably? Please write your Representative and Senators, asking them to adopt the thinking in Congressman Ron Paul's speech to Congress. You may cut and paste the letter below, or write your letter.

Healthfully and peacefully, Aajonus

December 3, 2001
Dear Senator (or Representative),
It is time for rapid healing in our country and the world. Please do your part, under your Oath of
Office to citizens, to adopt rational approaches to the crisis. Since the crisis, beginning 9-11-01,
Senators, Representatives, and George Bush, Jr. have waged a war against Americans'
constitutional and human rights rather than against terrorism.
What approaches can you implement that are not, in themselves, acts of terrorism to Americans
and the world? Please read the enclosed speech by Congressman Ron Paul of 11-29-01. It is long,
but the most poignant and important address made before Congress during our recent crisis.
Isn't it time that we originate, develop and adopt peaceful and nurturing approaches? Thank you for
your valuable concern and time. I await your written response.
(your name and address)
Keep Your Eye on the Target by Congressman Ron Paul
Mr. Speaker:
We have been told on numerous occasions to expect a long and protracted war. This is not
necessary if one can identify the target – the enemy – and then stay focused on that target. It's
impossible to keep one's eye on a target and hit it if one does not precisely understand it and
identify it. In pursuing any military undertaking, it's the responsibility of Congress to know
exactly why it appropriates the funding. Today, unlike any time in our history, the enemy and its
location remain vague and pervasive. In the undeclared wars of Vietnam and Korea, the enemy
was known and clearly defined, even though our policies were confused and contradictory.

Today, our policies relating to the growth of terrorism are also confused and contradictory; however, the precise enemy and its location are not known by anyone. Until the enemy is defined and understood, it cannot be accurately targeted or vanquished.

The terrorist enemy is no more an entity than the "mob" or some international criminal gang. It certainly is not a country, nor is it the Afghan people. The Taliban is obviously a strong sympathizer with bin Laden and his henchmen, but how much more so than the government of Saudi Arabia or even Pakistan? Probably not much. Ulterior motives have always played a part in the foreign policy of almost every nation throughout history. Economic gain and geographic expansion, or even just the desires for more political power, too often drive the militarism of all nations. Unfortunately, in recent years, we have not been exempt. If expansionism, economic interests, desire for hegemony, and influential allies affect our policies and they, in turn, incite mob attacks against us, they obviously cannot be ignored. The target will be illusive and ever enlarging, rather than vanquished.

We do know a lot about the terrorists who spilled the blood of nearly 4,000 innocent civilians. There were 19 of them, 15 from Saudi Arabia, and they have paid a high price. They're all dead. So those most responsible for the attack have been permanently taken care of. If one encounters a single suicide bomber who takes his own life along with others without the help of anyone else, no further punishment is possible. The only question that can be raised under that circumstance is why did it happen and how can we change the conditions that drove an individual to perform such a heinous act.

The terrorist attacks on New York and Washington are not quite so simple, but they are similar. These attacks required funding, planning and inspiration from others. But the total number of people directly involved had to be relatively small in order to have kept the plans thoroughly concealed. Twenty accomplices, or even a hundred could have done it. But there's no way thousands of people knew and participated in the planning and carrying out of this attack. Moral support expressed by those who find our policies offensive is a different matter and difficult to discover. Those who enjoyed seeing the U.S. hit are too numerous to count and impossible to identify. To target and wage war against all of them is like declaring war against an idea or sin.

The predominant nationality of the terrorists was Saudi Arabian. Yet for political and economic reasons, even with the lack of cooperation from the Saudi government, we have ignored that country in placing blame. The Afghan people did nothing to deserve another war. The Taliban, of course, is closely tied to bin Laden and al-Qaeda, but so are the Pakistanis and the Saudis. Even the United States was a supporter of the Taliban's rise to power, and as recently as August of 2001, we talked oil pipeline politics with them.

The recent French publication of Bin Laden: The Forbidden Truth revealed our most recent effort to secure control over Caspian Sea oil in collaboration with the Taliban. According to the two authors, the economic conditions demanded by the U.S. were turned down and led to U.S. military threats against the Taliban.

It has been known for years that Unocal, a U.S. company, has been anxious to build a pipeline through northern Afghanistan, but it has not been possible due to the weak Afghan central government. We should not be surprised now that many contend that the plan for the UN to "nation build" in Afghanistan is a logical and important consequence of this desire. The crisis has merely given those interested in this project an excuse to replace the government of Afghanistan. Since we don't even know if bin Laden is in Afghanistan, and since other countries are equally supportive of him, our concentration on this Taliban "target" remains suspect by many.

Former FBI Deputy Director John O'Neill resigned in July over duplicitous dealings with the Taliban and our oil interests. O'Neill then took a job as head of the World Trade Center security and, ironically, was killed in the 9-11 attack. The charges made by these authors in their recent publication deserve close scrutiny and congressional oversight investigation – and not just for the historical record.

To understand world sentiment on this subject, one might note a comment in The Hindu , India's national newspaper – not necessarily to agree with the paper's sentiment, but to help us better understand what is being thought about us around the world in contrast to the spin put on the war by our five major TV news networks. This quote comes from an article written by Sitaram Yechury on October 13, 2001:

The world today is being asked to side with the U.S. in a fight against global terrorism.
This is only a cover. The world is being asked today, in reality, to side with the U.S. as it
seeks to strengthen its economic hegemony. This is neither acceptable nor will it be
allowed. We must forge together to state that we are neither with the terrorists nor with
the United States.

The need to define our target is ever so necessary if we're going to avoid letting this war get out of control.

It's important to note that in the same article, the author quoted Michael Klare, an expert on Caspian Sea oil reserves, from an interview on Radio Free Europe: "We (the U.S.) view oil as a security consideration and we have to protect it by any means necessary, regardless of other considerations, other values." This, of course, was a clearly stated position of our administration in 1990 as our country was being prepared to fight the Persian Gulf War. Saddam Hussein and his weapons of mass destruction only became the issue later on.

For various reasons, the enemy with whom we're now at war remains vague and illusive. Those who commit violent terrorist acts should be targeted with a rifle or hemlock – not with vague declarations, with some claiming we must root out terrorism in as many as 60 countries. If we're not precise in identifying our enemy, it's sure going to be hard to keep our eye on the target. Without this identification, the war will spread and be needlessly prolonged.

Why is this definition so crucial? Because, without it, the special interests and the ill-advised will clamor for all kinds of expansive militarism. Planning to expand and fight a never-ending war in 60 countries against worldwide terrorism conflicts with the notion that, at most, only a few hundred ever knew of the plans to attack the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. The pervasive and indefinable enemy – terrorism – cannot be conquered with weapons and UN nation building – only a more sensible pro-American foreign policy will accomplish this. This must occur if we are to avoid a cataclysmic expansion of the current hostilities.

It was said that our efforts were to be directed toward the terrorists responsible for the attacks, and overthrowing and instituting new governments were not to be part of the agenda. Already we have clearly taken our eyes off that target and diverted it toward building a pro-Western, UN-sanctioned government in Afghanistan. But if bin Laden can hit us in New York and DC, what should one expect to happen once the US/UN establishes a new government in Afghanistan with occupying troops. It seems that would be an easy target for the likes of al- Qaeda.

Since we don't know in which cave or even in which country bin Laden is hiding, we hear the clamor of many for us to overthrow our next villain – Saddam Hussein – guilty or not. On the short list of countries to be attacked are North Korea, Libya, Syria, Iran, and the Sudan, just for starters. But this jingoistic talk is foolhardy and dangerous. The war against terrorism cannot be won in this manner.

The drumbeat for attacking Baghdad grows louder every day, with Paul Wolfowitz, Bill Kristol, Richard Perle, and Bill Bennett leading the charge. In a recent interview, U.S. Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, made it clear: "We are going to continue pursuing the entire al-Qaeda network which is in 60 countries, not just Afghanistan."

Fortunately, President Bush and Colin Powell so far have resisted the pressure to expand the war into other countries. Let us hope and pray that they do not yield to the clamor of the special interests that want us to take on Iraq. The argument that we need to do so because Hussein is producing weapons of mass destruction is the reddest of all herrings. I sincerely doubt that he

has developed significant weapons of mass destruction. However, if that is the argument, we should plan to attack all those countries that have similar weapons or plans to build them – countries like China, North Korea, Israel, Pakistan, and India. Iraq has been uncooperative with the UN World Order and remains independent of western control of its oil reserves, unlike Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. This is why she has been bombed steadily for 11 years by the U.S. and Britain. My guess is that in the not-too-distant future, so-called proof will be provided that Saddam Hussein was somehow partially responsible for the attack in the United States, and it will be irresistible then for the U.S. to retaliate against him. This will greatly and dangerously expand the war and provoke even greater hatred toward the United States, and it's all so unnecessary.

It's just so hard for many Americans to understand how we inadvertently provoke the Arab/Muslim people, and I'm not talking about the likes of bin Laden and his al-Qaeda gang. I'm talking about the Arab/Muslim masses.

In 1996, after five years of sanctions against Iraq and persistent bombings, CBS reporter Lesley Stahl asked our Ambassador to the United Nations, Madeline Albright, a simple question: "We have heard that a half million children have died (as a consequence of our policy against Iraq). Is the price worth it?" Albright's response was "We think the price is worth it." Although this interview won an Emmy award, it was rarely shown in the U.S. but widely circulated in the Middle East. Some still wonder why America is despised in this region of the world!

Former President George W. Bush has been criticized for not marching on to Baghdad at the end of the Persian Gulf War. He gave then, and stands by his explanation today, a superb answer of why it was ill-advised to attempt to remove Saddam Hussein from power – there were strategic and tactical, as well as humanitarian, arguments against it. But the important and clinching argument against annihilating Baghdad was political. The coalition, in no uncertain terms, let it be known they wanted no part of it. Besides, the UN only authorized the removal of Saddam Hussein from Kuwait. The UN has never sanctioned the continued U.S. and British bombing of Iraq – a source of much hatred directed toward the United States.

But placing of U.S. troops on what is seen as Muslim holy land in Saudi Arabia seems to have done exactly what the former President was trying to avoid – the breakup of the coalition. The coalition has hung together by a thread, but internal dissension among the secular and religious Arab/Muslim nations within individual countries has intensified. Even today, the current crisis threatens the overthrow of every puppet pro-western Arab leader from Egypt to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

Many of the same advisors from the first Bush presidency are now urging the current President to finish off Hussein. However, every reason given 11 years ago for not leveling Baghdad still holds true today – if not more so.

It has been argued that we needed to maintain a presence in Saudi Arabia after the Persian Gulf War to protect the Saudi government from Iraqi attack. Others argued that it was only a cynical excuse to justify keeping troops to protect what our officials declared were "our" oil supplies. Some have even suggested that our expanded presence in Saudi Arabia was prompted by a need to keep King Fahd in power and to thwart any effort by Saudi fundamentalists to overthrow his regime.

Expanding the war by taking on Iraq at this time may well please some allies, but it will lead to unbelievable chaos in the region and throughout the world. It will incite even more anti- American sentiment and expose us to even greater dangers. It could prove to be an unmitigated disaster. Iran and Russia will not be pleased with this move.

It is not our job to remove Saddam Hussein – that is the job of the Iraqi people. It is not our job to remove the Taliban – that is the business of the Afghan people. It is not our job to insist that the next government in Afghanistan include women, no matter how good an idea it is. If this really is an issue, why don't we insist that our friends in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait do the same thing, as well as impose our will on them? Talk about hypocrisy! The mere thought that we fight

wars for affirmative action in a country 6,000 miles from home, with no cultural similarities, should insult us all. Of course it does distract us from the issue of an oil pipeline through northern Afghanistan. We need to keep our eye on the target and not be so easily distracted.

Assume for a minute that bin Laden is not in Afghanistan. Would any of our military efforts in that region be justified? Since none of it would be related to American security, it would be difficult to justify.

Assume for a minute that bin Laden is as ill as I believe he is with serious renal disease, would he not do everything conceivable for his cause by provoking us into expanding the war and alienating as many Muslims as possible?

Remember, to bin Laden, martyrdom is a noble calling, and he just may be more powerful in death than he is in life. An American invasion of Iraq would please bin Laden, because it would rally his troops against any moderate Arab leader who appears to be supporting the United States. It would prove his point that America is up to no good, that oil and Arab infidels are the source of all the Muslims' problems. We have recently been reminded of Admiral Yamamoto's quote after the bombing of Pearl Harbor in expressing his fear that the event "Awakened a sleeping giant”. Most everyone agrees with the prophetic wisdom of that comment. But I question the accuracy of drawing an analogy between the Pearl Harbor event and the World Trade Center attack. We are hardly the same nation we were in 1941. Today, we're anything but a sleeping giant. There's no contest for our status as the world's only economic, political and military super power. A "sleeping giant" would not have troops in 141 countries throughout the world and be engaged in every conceivable conflict with 250,000 troops stationed abroad.

The fear I have is that our policies, along with those of Britain, the UN, and NATO since World War II, inspired and have now awakened a long-forgotten sleeping giant – Islamic fundamentalism.

Let's hope, for all our sakes, that Iraq is not made the target in this complex war.

The President, in the 2000 presidential campaign, argued against nation building, and he was right to do so. He also said, "If we're an arrogant nation, they'll resent us”. He wisely argued for humility and a policy that promotes peace. Attacking Baghdad or declaring war against Saddam Hussein, or even continuing the illegal bombing of Iraq, is hardly a policy of humility designed to promote peace.

As we continue our bombing of Afghanistan, plans are made to install a new government sympathetic to the West and under UN control. The persuasive argument, as always, is money. We were able to gain Pakistan's support, although it continually wavers, in this manner. Appropriations are already being prepared in the Congress to rebuild all that we destroy in Afghanistan, and then some – even before the bombing has stopped.

Rumsfeld's plan, as reported in Turkey's Hurriyet newspaper, lays out the plan for the next Iraqi government. Turkey's support is crucial, so the plan is to give Turkey oil from the northern Iraq Kirkuk field. The United States has also promised a pipeline running from Iraq through Turkey. How can the Turks resist such a generous offer? Since we subsidize Turkey and they bomb the Kurds, while we punish the Iraqis for the same, this plan to divvy up wealth in the land of the Kurds is hardly a surprise.

It seems that Washington never learns. Our foolish foreign interventions continually get us into more trouble than we have bargained for – and the spending is endless. I am not optimistic that this Congress will anytime soon come to its senses. I am afraid that we will never treat the taxpayers with respect. National bankruptcy is a more likely scenario than Congress adopting a frugal and wise spending policy.

Mr. Speaker, we must make every effort to precisely define our target in this war and keep our eye on it.

It is safe to assume that the number of people directly involved in the 9-11 attacks is closer to several hundred than the millions we are now talking about targeting with our planned shotgun approach to terrorism.

One commentator pointed out that when the mafia commits violence, no one suggests we bomb Sicily. Today it seems we are, in a symbolic way, not only bombing "Sicily”, but are thinking about bombing "Athens" (Iraq).

If a corrupt city or state government does business with a drug cartel or organized crime and violence results, we don't bomb city hall or the state capital – we limit the targets to those directly guilty and punish them. Could we not learn a lesson from these examples?

It is difficult for everyone to put the 9-11 attacks in a proper perspective, because any attempt to do so is construed as diminishing the utter horror of the events of that day. We must remember, though, that the 3,900 deaths incurred in the World Trade Center attacks are just slightly more than the deaths that occur on our nation's highways each month. Could it be that the sense of personal vulnerability we survivors feel motivates us in meting out justice, rather than the concern for the victims of the attacks? Otherwise, the numbers don't add up to the proper response. If we lose sight of the target and unwisely broaden the war, the tragedy of 9-11 may pale in the death and destruction that could lie ahead.

As members of Congress, we have a profound responsibility to mete out justice, provide security for our nation, and protect the liberties of all the people, without senselessly expanding the war at the urging of narrow political and economic special interests. The price is too high, and the danger too great. We must not lose our focus on the real target and inadvertently create new enemies for ourselves.

We have not done any better keeping our eye on the terrorist target on the home front than we have overseas. Not only has Congress come up short in picking the right target, it has directed all its energies in the wrong direction. The target of our efforts has sadly been the liberties all Americans enjoy. With all the new power we have given to the administration, none has truly improved the chances of catching the terrorists who were responsible for the 9-11 attacks. All Americans will soon feel the consequences of this new legislation.

Just as the crisis provided an opportunity for some to promote a special-interest agenda in our foreign policy efforts, many have seen the crisis as a chance to achieve changes in our domestic laws, changes which, up until now, were seen as dangerous and unfair to American citizens.

Granting bailouts is not new for Congress, but current conditions have prompted many takers to line up for handouts. There has always been a large constituency for expanding federal power for whatever reason, and these groups have been energized. The military-industrial complex is out in full force and is optimistic. Union power is pleased with recent events and has not missed the opportunity to increase membership rolls. Federal policing powers, already in a bull market, received a super shot in the arm. The IRS, which detests financial privacy, gloats, while all the big spenders in Washington applaud the tools made available to crack down on tax dodgers. The drug warriors and anti-gun zealots love the new powers that now can be used to watch the every move of our citizens.

"Extremists" who talk of the Constitution, promote right-to-life, form citizen militias, or participate in non-mainstream religious practices now can be monitored much more effectively by those who find their views offensive. Laws recently passed by the Congress apply to all Americans – not just terrorists. But we should remember that if the terrorists are known and identified, existing laws would have been quite adequate to deal with them.

Even before the passage of the recent draconian legislation, hundreds had already been arrested under suspicion, and millions of dollars of al-Qaeda funds had been frozen. None of these new laws will deal with uncooperative foreign entities like the Saudi government, which chose not to relinquish evidence pertaining to exactly who financed the terrorists' operations.

Unfortunately, the laws will affect all innocent Americans, yet will do nothing to thwart terrorism.

The laws recently passed in Congress in response to the terrorist attacks can be compared to the effort by anti-gun fanatics, who jump at every chance to undermine the Second Amendment. When crimes are committed with the use of guns, it's argued that we must remove guns from society, or at least register them and make it difficult to buy them. The counter argument made by Second Amendment supporters correctly explains that this would only undermine the freedom of law-abiding citizens and do nothing to keep guns out of the hands of criminals or to reduce crime.

Now we hear a similar argument that a certain amount of privacy and personal liberty of law- abiding citizens must be sacrificed in order to root out possible terrorists. This will result only in liberties being lost, and will not serve to preempt any terrorist act. The criminals, just as they know how to get guns even when they are illegal, will still be able to circumvent anti-terrorist laws. To believe otherwise is to endorse a Faustian bargain, but that is what I believe the Congress has done.

We know from the ongoing drug war that federal drug police frequently make mistakes, break down the wrong doors and destroy property. Abuses of seizure and forfeiture laws are numerous. Yet the new laws will encourage even more mistakes by federal law-enforcement agencies. It has long been forgotten that law enforcement in the United States was supposed to be a state and local government responsibility, not that of the federal government. The federal government's policing powers have just gotten a giant boost in scope and authority through both new legislation and executive orders.

Before the 9-11 attack, Attorney General Ashcroft let his position be known regarding privacy and government secrecy. Executive Order 13223 made it much more difficult for researchers to gain access to presidential documents from previous administrations; now a "need to know" has to be demonstrated. This was a direct hit at efforts to demand openness in government, even if only for analysis and writing of history. Ashcroft's position is that presidential records ought to remain secret, even after an administration has left office. He argues that government deserves privacy while ignoring the 4th Amendment protections of the people's privacy. He argues his case by absurdly claiming he must "protect"the privacy of the individuals who might be involved

It is estimated that approximately 1,200 men have been arrested as a consequence of 9-11; yet, their names and the charges are not available and, according to Ashcroft, will not be made available. Once again, he uses the argument that he's protecting the privacy of those charged. Unbelievable! Due process for the detainees has been denied. Secret government is winning out over open government. This is the largest number of people to be locked up under these conditions since FDR's internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II. Information regarding these arrests is a must, in a constitutional republic. If they're terrorists or accomplices, just let the public know and pursue their prosecution. But secret arrests and silence are not acceptable in a society that professes to be free. Curtailing freedom is not the answer to protecting freedom under adverse circumstances.

The administration has severely curtailed briefings regarding the military operation in Afghanistan for congressional leaders, ignoring a long-time tradition in this country. One person or one branch of government should never control military operations. Our system of government has always required a shared-power arrangement.

The Anti-Terrorism Bill did little to restrain the growth of big government. In the name of patriotism, the Congress did some very unpatriotic things. Instead of concentrating on the persons or groups that committed the attacks on 9-11, our efforts, unfortunately, have undermined the liberties of all Americans.

"Know Your Customer" type banking regulations, resisted by most Americans for years, have now been put in place in an expanded fashion. Not only will the regulations affect banks, thrifts

and credit unions, but also all businesses will be required to file suspicious transaction reports if cash is used with the total of the transaction reaching $10,000. Retail stores will be required to spy on all their customers and send reports to the U.S. government. Financial services consultants are convinced that this new regulation will affect literally millions of law-abiding American citizens. The odds that this additional paperwork will catch a terrorist are remote. The sad part is that the regulations have been sought after by federal law-enforcement agencies for years. The 9-11 attacks have served as an opportunity to get them by the Congress and the American people.

Only now are the American people hearing about the onerous portions of the anti-terrorism legislation, and they are not pleased.

It's easy for elected officials in Washington to tell the American people that the government will do whatever it takes to defeat terrorism. Such assurances inevitably are followed by proposals either to restrict the constitutional liberties of the American people or to spend vast sums of money from the federal treasury. The history of the 20th Century shows that the Congress violates our Constitution most often during times of crisis. Accordingly, most of our worst unconstitutional agencies and programs began during the two World Wars and the Depression. Ironically, the Constitution itself was conceived in a time of great crisis. The founders intended its provision to place severe restrictions on the federal government, even in times of great distress. America must guard against current calls for government to sacrifice the Constitution in the name of law enforcement.

The"anti-terrorism" legislation recently passed by Congress demonstrates how well-meaning politicians make shortsighted mistakes in a rush to respond to a crisis. Most of its provisions were never carefully studied by Congress, nor was sufficient time taken to debate the bill despite its importance. No testimony was heard from privacy experts or from other fields outside of law enforcement. Normal congressional committee and hearing processes were suspended. In fact, the final version of the bill was not even made available to Members before the vote! The American public should not tolerate these political games, especially when our precious freedoms are at stake.

Almost all of the new laws focus on American citizens rather than potential foreign terrorists. For example, the definition of "terrorism”, for federal criminal purposes, has been greatly expanded. A person could now be considered a terrorist by belonging to a pro-constitution group, a citizen militia, or a pro-life organization. Legitimate protests against the government could place tens of thousands of other Americans under federal surveillance. Similarly, internet use can be monitored without a user's knowledge, and internet providers can be forced to hand over user information to law-enforcement officials without a warrant or subpoena.

The bill also greatly expands the use of traditional surveillance tools, including wiretaps, search warrants, and subpoenas. Probable-cause standards for these tools are relaxed, or even eliminated in some circumstances. Warrants become easier to obtain and can be executed without notification. Wiretaps can be placed without a court order. In fact, the FBI and CIA now can tap phones or computers nationwide, without demonstrating that a criminal suspect is using a particular phone or computer.

The biggest problem with these new law- enforcement powers is that they bear little relationship to fighting terrorism.

Surveillance powers are greatly expanded, while checks and balances on government are greatly reduced. Most of the provisions have been sought by domestic law-enforcement agencies for years, not to fight terrorism, but rather to increase their police power over the American people. There is no evidence that our previously held civil liberties posed a barrier to the effective tracking or prosecution of terrorists. The federal government has made no showing that it failed to detect or prevent the recent terrorist strikes because of the civil liberties that will be compromised by this new legislation. In his speech to the joint session of Congress following the September 11th attacks, President Bush reminded all of us that the United States outlasted and defeated Soviet totalitarianism in the last century. The numerous internal problems in the

former Soviet Union – its centralized economic planning and lack of free markets, its repression of human liberty and its excessive militarization – all led to its inevitable collapse. We must be vigilant to resist the rush toward ever-increasing state control of our society, so that our own government does not become a greater threat to our freedoms than any foreign terrorist.

The executive order that has gotten the most attention by those who are concerned that our response to 9-11 is overreaching and dangerous to our liberties is the one authorizing military justice, in secret. Nazi war criminals were tried in public, but plans now are laid to carry out the trials and punishment, including possibly the death penalty, outside the eyes and ears of the legislative and judicial branches of government and the American public. Since such a process threatens national security and the Constitution, it cannot be used as a justification for their protection.

Some have claimed this military tribunal has been in the planning stages for five years. If so, what would have been its justification?

The argument that FDR did it and therefore it must be OK is a rather weak justification. Roosevelt was hardly one that went by the rule book – the Constitution. But the situation then was quite different from today. There was a declared war by Congress against a precise enemy, the Germans, who sent eight saboteurs into our country. Convictions were unanimous, not 2/3 of the panel, and appeals were permitted. That's not what's being offered today. Furthermore, the previous military tribunals expired when the war ended. Since this war will go on indefinitely, so too will the courts.

The real outrage is that such a usurpation of power can be accomplished with the stroke of a pen. It may be that we have come to that stage in our history when an executive order is "the law of the land”, but it's not "kinda cool”, as one member of the previous administration bragged. It's a process that is unacceptable, even in this professed time of crisis.

There are well-documented histories of secret military tribunals. Up until now, the United States has consistently condemned them. The fact that a two-thirds majority can sentence a person to death in secrecy in the United States is scary. With no appeals available, and no defense attorneys of choice being permitted, fairness should compel us to reject such a system outright.

Those who favor these trials claim they are necessary to halt terrorism in its tracks. We are told that only terrorists will be brought before these tribunals. This means that the so-called suspects must be tried and convicted before they are assigned to this type of "trial" without due process. They will be deemed guilty by hearsay, in contrast to the traditional American system of justice where all are innocent until proven guilty. This turns the justice system on its head.

One cannot be reassured by believing these courts will only apply to foreigners who are terrorists. Sloppiness in convicting criminals is a slippery slope. We should not forget that the Davidians at Waco were "convicted" and demonized and slaughtered outside our judicial system, and they were, for the most part, American citizens. Randy Weaver's family fared no better.

It has been said that the best way for us to spread our message of freedom, justice and prosperity throughout the world is through example and persuasion, not through force of arms. We have drifted a long way from that concept. Military courts will be another bad example for the world. We were outraged in 1996 when Lori Berenson, an American citizen, was tried, convicted, and sentenced to life by a Peruvian military court. Instead of setting an example, now we are following the lead of a Peruvian dictator.

The ongoing debate regarding the use of torture in rounding up the criminals involved in the 9- 11 attacks is too casual. This can hardly represent progress in the cause of liberty and justice. Once government becomes more secretive, it is more likely this tool will be abused. Hopefully, the Congress will not endorse or turn a blind eye to this barbaric proposal. For every proposal made to circumvent the justice system, it's intended that we visualize that these infractions of the law and the Constitution will apply only to terrorists and never involve innocent U.S. citizens.

This is impossible, because someone has to determine exactly who to bring before the tribunal, and that involves all of us. That is too much arbitrary power for anyone to be given in a representative government and is more characteristic of a totalitarian government.

Many throughout the world, especially those in Muslim countries, will be convinced by the secretive process that the real reason for military courts is that the U.S. lacks sufficient evidence to convict in an open court. Should we be fighting so strenuously the war against terrorism and carelessly sacrifice our traditions of American justice? If we do, the war will be for naught and we will lose, even if we win.

Congress has a profound responsibility in all of this and should never concede this power to a president or an attorney general. Congressional oversight powers must be used to their fullest to curtail this unconstitutional assumption of power.

The planned use of military personnel to patrol our streets and airports is another challenge of great importance that should not go uncontested. For years, many in Washington have advocated a national approach to all policing activity. This current crisis has given them a tremendous boost. Believe me, this is no panacea and is a dangerous move. The Constitution never intended that the federal government assume this power. This concept was codified in the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878. This act prohibits the military from carrying out law-enforcement duties such as searching or arresting people in the United States, the argument being that the military is only used for this type of purpose in a police state. Interestingly, it was the violation of these principles that prompted the Texas Revolution against Mexico. The military, under the Mexican Constitution at that time, was prohibited from enforcing civil laws, and when Santa Anna ignored this prohibition, the revolution broke out. We should not so readily concede the principle that has been fought for on more than one occasion in this country.

The threats to liberty seem endless. It seems we have forgotten to target the enemy. Instead, we have inadvertently targeted the rights of American citizens. The crisis has offered a good opportunity for those who have argued all along for bigger government.

For instance, the military draft is the ultimate insult to those who love personal liberty. The Pentagon, even with the ongoing crisis, has argued against the reinstatement of the draft. Yet the clamor for its reinstatement grows louder daily by those who wanted a return to the draft all along. I see the draft as the ultimate abuse of liberty. Morally, it cannot be distinguished from slavery. All the arguments for drafting 18-year-old men and women and sending them off to foreign wars are couched in terms of noble service to the country and benefits to the draftees. The need-for-discipline argument is the most common reason given, after the call for service, in an effort to make the world safe for democracy. There can be no worse substitute for the lack of parental guidance of teenagers than the federal government's domineering control, forcing them to fight an enemy they don't even know in a country they can't even identity.

Now it's argued that since the federal government has taken over the entire job of homeland security, all kinds of jobs can be found for the draftees to serve the state, even for those who are conscientious objectors. The proponents of the draft call it "mandatory service”. Slavery, too, was mandatory, but few believed it was a service. They claim that every 18-year-old owes at least two years of his life to his country. Let's hope the American people don't fall for this "need to serve" argument. The Congress should refuse to even consider such a proposal. Better yet, what we need to do is abolish the Selective Service altogether.

However, if we get to the point of returning to the draft, I have a proposal: Every news commentator, every Hollywood star, every newspaper editorialist, and every Member of Congress under the age of 65 who has never served in the military and who demands that the draft be reinstated should be drafted first – the 18-year-olds last. Since the Pentagon says they don't need draftees, these new recruits can be the first to march to the orders of the general in charge of homeland security. For those less-robust individuals, they can do the hospital and cooking chores for the rest of the newly-formed domestic army. After all, someone middle-aged owes a lot more to his country than an 18-year-old.

I'm certain that this provision would mute the loud demands for the return of the military draft.

I see good reason for American citizens to be concerned – not only about another terrorist attack, but for their own personal freedoms as the Congress deals with the crisis. Personal freedom is the element of the human condition that has made America great and unique and something we all cherish. Even those who are more willing to sacrifice a little freedom for security do it with the firm conviction that they are acting in the best interest of freedom and justice. However, good intentions can never suffice for sound judgment in the defense of liberty.

I do not challenge the dedication and sincerity of those who disagree with the freedom philosophy and confidently promote government solutions for all our ills. I am just absolutely convinced that the best formula for giving us peace and preserving the American way of life is freedom, limited government, and minding our own business overseas.

Henry Grady Weaver, author of a classic book on freedom, The Mainspring of Human Progress , years ago warned us that good intentions in politics are not good enough and actually are dangerous to the cause. Weaver stated:

Most of the major ills of the world have been caused by well-meaning people who
ignored the principle of individual freedom, except as applied to themselves, and who
were obsessed with fanatical zeal to improve the lot of mankind-in-the-mass through
some pet formula of their own. The harm done by ordinary criminals, murderers,
gangsters, and thieves is negligible in comparison with the agony inflicted upon human
beings by the professional do-gooders, who attempt to set themselves up as gods on
earth and who would ruthlessly force their views on all others – with the abiding
assurance that the end justifies the means.

This message is one we should all ponder.

Dec 4, 2001

Subject: Reverse and stop forced quarantines, medication and seizure of assets

Hi, everyone,

Please send the following letter (or write one) to your senators and representative in Congress.

December 4, 2001
Dear Senator (or Representative),
Please stop or reverse any and all legislation that gives broad police powers to public health
authorities, suspends the Nuremberg Code and forces the public to submit to medical
The Centers for Disease Control and "Prevention" (CDC) in Atlanta has advanced health-policy
legislation that dramatically suspends civil rights during declared biological urgency, whether a valid
biological emergency or not. With tax dollars, the CDC-commissioned attorneys drafted this
legislation that empowers states to force vaccines and medication under the Model State
Emergency Health Powers Act (MSEHPA) into effect. Isolation regulations in the Act provide the
state with the power to commandeer private properties, wherein individuals deemed infected or
exposed might be housed under quarantine, and assets confiscated as if he or she were a criminal.
Under section 502 of the Act, persons refusing to submit to medical examinations and/or testing are
liable to be charged with a misdemeanor, subject to police arrest, isolation or quarantine, and
confiscation of their assets.
MSEHPA gives public health officials and states' governors absolute dictatorial powers to arrest,
transport, quarantine, drug with ANY medication, and vaccinate anyone SUSPECTED of carrying a
potentially infectious disease, with little or no chance of legal recourse for people quarantined or
isolated against their will.
MSEHPA defines infectious diseases very broadly and public health emergencies as highly
subjective. An infectious disease may, or may not, be transmissible from person to person, animal
to person, or insect to person. One case of smallpox in a public school could trigger authorities to
urge a governor to declare a state of emergency. Once declared, the U.S. Constitution, Bill of
Rights, and most cherished civil liberties will be immediately suspended in addition to states
declaring ownership of private properties. These mandates grant public health authorities the power
to compel people to be inoculated and/or drugged with ANY medicaments selected by state health
officials (biased or prejudiced medical doctors). The legislation exempts the states and their political
subdivisions, including the governor, public health authorities, the police, or other state officials,
from liabilities associated with the death or injury to persons, or damage to property, as a result of
complying with, or attempting to comply with, the Act.
Furthermore, Section 807 repeals existing state laws that are in conflict with this Act. That means
that all laws granting medical, religious or philosophical exemptions to immunization are repealed
by MSEHPA. The fact that that legislation was pushed through Congress following the event of
September 11 illustrates how threatened the powers that be are by the populace waking up en
masse and saying no to allopathic medicine, vaccines and worthless medical tests. The truth
regarding the link between the MMR vaccine and autism; the conflicts of interest within the Advisory
Committee on Immunization Practices that creates the current vaccine schedule used in all 50
states; and the problems with the current administration of the Vaccine Injury Compensation

Program have ALL been the subject of three separate congressional hearings. To date, no legislation has been proposed that addresses the many serious issues raised in these congressional hearings. Instead, we have been treated to legislation that forces toxic vaccines and pharmaceutical medications on the populace.

Please stop or reverse any legislation that gives broad police powers to public health authorities. Thank you for your valuable consideration and time. I await your written response.

Sincerely, (your name and address)

P.S. In Dr. Leonard Horowitz's latest book, Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism and Toxic Warfare, he documented many cases of healthcare professionals, allied academicians, and research scientists whose humanitarian motives made them highly susceptible to behavioral management and who admitted that they unwittingly committed murder and genocide in the name of public health.

Dec 4, 2001

Subject: Cosponsor U.S. Congress Bills HR 1 964 or S 1378

Hi, all,

Please send the following letter (or write one) to your senators and representative in Congress.

December 4, 2001
Dear Senator (or Representative),
The Access to Medical Treatment Act (AMTA) bill is in the Senate (S 1378) and House of
Representatives (HR 1964). It gives us the right to use safe and effective therapies of our choice,
whether they have the blessing of the FDA or not, provided that we are informed of their side
effects and the fact that they are not FDA approved. It would free doctors to practice medicine as
they see fit, without worry of office raids and medical license threats, while including safeguards
that would protect patients from dangerous medical therapies.
The impetus for this bill was spearheaded by former congressman Berkley Bedell, whose personal
experience illustrates the importance of freedom of access to medical treatment. When Bedell
contracted Lyme disease, his health deteriorated and he was forced to resign from Congress. He
first tried conventional therapies for Lyme disease with no success, then turned to alternative
As he testified before the Government Reform and Oversight Committee in 1998 in support of the
Access to Medical Treatment Act, his Lyme disease was cured by a whey extract from cow's milk
that was developed in Canada. Yet, in his words, "while anyone can obtain rat poison off the shelf
that might kill them, persons suffering from Lyme disease in this country are prohibited from
obtaining the whey from cow's milk that might cure them." The Access to Medical Treatment Act
would change all that.
We have the right to make an informed decision about our health and treatment. Please cosponsor
these bills.
(your name and address)
P.S. Text of the bills are at and enter the bill number (HR 1964 or S1378).
Dec 11, 2001

Re: Carob Coconut Chews



Steamed between 160-220 degrees F.

malted barley syrup,

Cooked between 375-450 degrees F.

sesame seeds,

Hulled or unhulled? They contain enzyme retardants that prevent protein digestion for up to 36 hours, unless mixed with raw egg, honey and butter (or other animal fat).


Usually heat-dried between 115-160 degrees F.

pure honey,

Usually honey that has been heated between 140-175 degrees F.

soy flour,

Completely processed, chemically treated, and heated between 240-470 degrees F; promotes breast and uterine cancers.

natural vanilla,

Usually irradiated, solvent treated and heated between 190-220 degrees F.

carob coating (made of carob powder

Heated between 220-350 degrees F.

coconut butter

Heated between 170-240 degrees F.

sesame oil

Heated between 170-210 degrees F.

and honey)

Heated between 140-220 degrees F.

Presumably, the malted barley syrup and the soy flour are the bad things here.

Everything in it forms more toxicity and usurps more nutrients than I would consciously choose to endure and sacrifice.


Dec 22, 2001

Re: DETOX – Vomiting Blood – Nausea – Rough Massage

(For more of the story on Jacob see also: Feb 20, 2001 Re: Paralysis, Fasts Feb 21, 2001 Re: High Blood Pressure & Stroke May 11, 2001 Re: High Blood Pressure Medication Apr 27, 2002 Re: Jacob – chronic depression – mental problems Jun 24, 2003 Re: URGENT – JACOB)

Jacob was vomiting blood yesterday, in the night. Is this a detox? He had had monkfish the evening before.

Vomiting is always detoxification, but bleeding is often a tear from violent vomiting. I recommend that he drink 4-8 ounces of green cabbage juice daily for approximately 6 weeks. How much blood?

I also had a Lubrication Formula one evening and had acute nausea (almost vomiting but not quite) that night. What was this? I had had a brief but tough massage two days prior to this that included my head, which set off the most acute pain in my head, going on day and night (I could barely move my head), and I had a myalgia/fluey feeling for days. I take it this again was a detox. Was the acute nausea the next day after the head problems from the Lubrication Formula – i.e. a reaction from the liver (I found it very rich), or a detox from the massage?

Nausea, also, is always detoxification -- the pre-vomit stage that signals an individual that poisons have dumped into the stomach or have been eaten.

Rough massages not only disturb too many toxins stored in the body, they usually bruise and damage tissue, causing more toxicity. It is likely that the massage caused a massive detoxification that resulted in flu-like symptoms.

I recommend that people not suffer rough massages under any circumstance. I recommend gentle, healing, touch massage. I have seen rough massages cause detoxification resulting in long-term symptoms of myalgia/chronic fatigue syndrome.

What do you do for Christmas?

I will work on my recipe book.

Hope you have a good one!

Thank you. I wish the same for you!


December 24th, 2001

Re: Phlegm, mucus, congestion

I have been continually plagued for months with a feeling of phlegm in my throat and a need to voluntarily try to cough it up and/or clear my throat. My previous beliefs were to cut out dairy, as it is known to cause phlegm, and to treat with Chinese herbal formulas to dissolve this phlegm. I have resisted any self- treatment in the belief that it is possibly due to my naturally weak lungs going through an on-going healing crisis and the phlegm is how the body deals with the toxins coming out. Kind of like a protective measure.


As I mentioned when you were here, I have had terrible sinuses (too much mucus) and allergies for as long as I can remember (early childhood). These things improved, but never went away completely as I gave up dairy and began eating a mostly vegan diet for almost 9 years (I did eat meat a few times a week).

A decrease in mucus production does not mean Improved health. The body can easily make mucus from eating raw dairy, especially milk, that is used to eliminate toxins. More often, if the head, neck and chest contain toxins, the lack of mucus insures that the toxins remain in those areas.

My diet was of course cooked.

Yes, the body generates mucus to discard the toxins formed from pasteurized dairy and eating it. The body does not make mucus to discard anything from eating raw dairy. Mucus is imperative to discard toxins through the mucous membranes. Without it, toxins would burn, tear, rupture and scar mucous membranes; or as I stated above, without mucus, toxins would remain in the tissues.


Jan 20, 2002

Subject: Back-alley Abortions, Disease and Child Deformities

Does the possibility of a return to the days of back-alley abortions scare you?

Whether you are for or against abortion, women who do not want children will have abortions. The diseases, deaths and poverty that results from illegal abortions is not simply a moral issue. We are not the judges.

This summer, there's a strong possibility George Bush could appoint enough anti-abortion justices to the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade, the case that legalized abortion in all 50 states.

You may sign a petition asking senators to stop back-alley abortions. 1,000,000 signatures are required.


Jan 27, 2002

Re: Cyst & Fungus Infection

  1. A couple of months after I started the diet, around September 2000, I developed a cyst under my chin. It has not changed since then and it is just this annoying bump under the skin. I thought that it would eventually go away, but it persists. A couple of years ago, I had two cysts removed from my back with laser surgery and no more developed on the back. Short of laser surgery, what is the best way to get rid of this thing?

Time and patience, eating the most nutritious food. Also, I suggest that you apply olive oil on the cyst and surrounding area 3-4 days a week, alternating with the following salve on other days: 1 ounce each of raw butter, coconut cream and raw cow's cream, 1/2 teaspoon of honey, 1/4 teaspoon of royal jelly and 3 tablespoons of lime juice. If eruptions occur, it indicates that ingredients in the cyst are being discharged through the skin.

  1. I have had a fungus infection in the toenails for years. 8 of the 10 toenails are greatly affected. Around 1986, I took Nizoral which cleared up the toenails, but probably damaged my liver in the process and could have helped to precipitate the Hodgkin’s disease which I was diagnosed with in December
  2. Obviously, I'm not going down that route again. Any dietary or other solution for this?

The same procedure for the cyst would be helpful to discharge the toxins that damaged the cells on which molds feed. Applying a mixture of 1 part honey and 1 part naturally sparkling water usually stops itching immediately and prevents scarring (calluses).


Jan 30, 2002

Save A Raw Dairy Farm!

Hi, everyone,

Even if you do not live in California you can help.

Claravale Farm dairy supplied us with raw milk and cream for 3 years. It is a small dairy using old- fashioned, totally natural, time-honored dairy methods dating from the 1930's, before the more recent move toward large-scale factory farming. The market demand grew beyond what the owner of Claravale chose to supply. Without any advanced notice or explanation to the distributor, from October through December, Claravale decreased its production to less than half the amount that they had been supplying to its Southern CA distributor. Most of the consumers were devastated without the raw-milk supply. The distributor lost money and nearly closed his business.

Fortunately, another dairy interested in supplying raw milk contacted the distributor and Organic Green Pastures dairy was born. It is able to supply the present market demand.

However, Claravale raw milk products are unique, produced entirely from Jersey cows that are an old- fashioned breed that is world renowned for being naturally higher in cream, proteins, solids, and beta- carotene than other breeds produce. All other milk sold in California, including other raw milk, comes primarily from Holsteins and does not have those qualities of Claravale products.

Claravale must sell its milk or it is unlikely that it will survive. If they do not survive Claravale says that its Northern California customers also will be deprived of its products. That would be unfortunate. Claravale has engaged a new distributor who would like to supply Claravale products to Southern California. Claravale’s owner advised me that, unfortunately, stores in Southern California, especially the Whole Foods chain, are hesitant to restore Claravale raw milk to their shelves.

Therefore, I request that those interested in drinking Claravale raw milk, or to extend appreciation for having had Claravale, and in the interest of a choice of raw milk on shelves, contact Whole Foods outlets and ask them to carry Claravale raw milk in their Southern CA stores. For other stores please contact the dairy buyer at the individual stores.

Healthfull and appreciatively,

Feb 5, 2002

Re: Irritable Infant

Hi Aajonus, My 2-year-old is getting better. Her gums are still really swollen and bleeding occasionally, and there are still white spots in her mouth. We received milk on Saturday and she is taking a mixture of milk, honey and olive oil through an eye dropper. She has been taking about 8-12 oz a day. She has lost 4 pounds now.

The big concern/question I have now is that since she has been taking the milk, she has been very very irritable. We are talking about a child that has been a little angel that is now constantly hitting me and screaming at me and crying continuously. You should know that when she was born she cried and cried uncontrollably until at 4 months old my midwife had me do a food elimination diet to see if it was food allergies. It was. Once I cut out dairy, soy, wheat, corn, peanuts and chocolate she was fine. All rashes and irritability disappeared. Then, if I ate just a bite of one of those things, she would become irritable and develop a rash again within 24 hours. She would get it through my breast milk.

Thank you again.

The olive oil is likely to make her irritable. It is solvent reactive and irritating to infants. The raw dairy might be causing her to detoxify those harsh compounds that she received the first 4 months of her life. It is doubtful that it will last more than a month.


Jan 31, 2002

Re: Two-year-old – hurting after she urinates.

My daughter (2 years old) is now complaining that her vagina hurts about 1 to 2 minutes after she urinates. She is still not eating anything but is still nursing. Is there anything I can eat to get it to her? She is going through quite a detox right now.

Thanks again.

Raw vegetable juice to alkalinize her during her acrid detoxification: 70% celery, 20% parsley and 10% zucchini.

Healthfully, Aajonus

Feb 5, 2002


I have thought she has been allergic to all of these foods. Do you think the irritability is from food allergy?

Not likely to the raw food, but allergic to the compounds from cooked food stored in her body. As they leave the tissues they enter the blood and cause the same symptoms until they pass into the bowels, mucous membranes, skin, etc. The best would be for you to drink more raw cream and butter for you to pass them on to her. Her body will be able to arrest the compounds as they enter the blood.


Feb 8, 2002

Re: 2-yr-old’s tummy hurts after drinking raw dairy

I gave my daughter the raw goat milk (with honey) and a few hours later she complained that her tummy hurt and then cried all night that her hand and foot hurt her. Now, she had not hurt them and all I could think was that she had cramps in them.

Those are symptoms of allergies, but they are rarely, if ever, irreversible allergies to the raw milk. There

are 3 basic reasons those symptoms may have occurred:

  1. Her pancreas may not produce proper insulin to digest and utilize milk sugar. That is most likely a

temporary allergy. On this diet it may take 3 months to correct the pancreas' condition.

  1. The milk was cold, allowing the milk protein and sugars to pass from her stomach into the blood without

proper digestion. Some people are especially sensitive to cold substances in the stomach that restrict the

stomach's natural flow of digestive acids and enzymes.

  1. Toxic milk protein and sugar may have been and may be stored in her stomach, hands and feet that the

raw milk caused to recirculate, resulting in cramps. In children and adults, it may take up to 3 months to

detoxify the toxic substances. Eating unheated honey with raw milk may result in such an extreme

detoxification but are not the cause.

I suggest that you warm the raw milk by placing it in a jar with a tight lid and immersing it in a bowl of

warm water until it reaches body temperature, that you give her only 4 ounces per day until the symptoms

subside and then increase it by 1 ounce per week, and no more than 2 drops of unheated honey per 4

ounces of milk. I do not know of any case that did not resolve the temporary reactions when drinking raw


I really intuitively feel like she just cannot tolerate the dairy. What are all the possible good fats besides dairy?

I have never seen a case where those symptoms occurred by eating raw butter and raw cream which have

only trace amounts of protein and lactate (milk sugar). Raw butter and raw cream are the most effective

fats toward reaching better health.


Feb 10, 2002

Re: Milk/honey binge

Dear Aajonus,

I have gone on binges of drinking nothing but raw milk with tons of honey, like about equal amounts. I have felt guilty about this but couldn't stop as it was all I could think of. (Well, almost. Ha.) Claravale milk is the one I'm most obsessive about, maybe because it seems creamier. I've been on a binge like this for the last few days since Claravale came back on the market. I have to force myself to do the juices or anything else and am not always successful. So, the result is I have a lot of energy and feel great EXCEPT for A LOT of burning, stinging nerve pain and some numbness, as well as stinging in my tissues, mostly on the left side of my body, and especially at night. My muscles are tight and ache, too. But, as I said, my energy is real good. Well, just thought I'd let you know.

Thank you as always.

Too much honey will cause a protein deficiency if you continue the binge too long. If you begin getting easily irritable, get the shakes or lose concentration, you have symptoms of protein deficiency. There is nothing wrong with an occasion milk/honey binge.

On your burning: milk often causes chemicals to be removed from the tissues and dumped into the stomach or intestines. If the chemicals are abrasive or have been stored with bile, they are caustic and most often will cause burning and/or stinging, followed by numbness until the cells regenerate. But meat is needed for cellular regeneration.


Feb 15, 2002

Re: Allergies

Dear Aajonus,

An old friend of mine has terrible allergies and is on a regular vaccination program to get rid of them. Can you explain, in a nutshell, what the reason for allergies is?

There are two basic reasons for allergies: 1) A person lacks enzymes to properly digest one or more constituents of food, and if it(they) pass(es) into the blood, the blood is poisoned; 2) a person has an inability to utilize one or more constituents breathed, eaten or absorbed that accumulate to a very toxic level in the sinuses or blood, and introduction of any more of a constituent causes severe reactions.

In either case, the body often tries to eliminate the constituent(s) through the mucus in the respiratory system. For people in either case, they should eat foods that are easily digestible, that is raw food. Be cognizant that a person may continue to experience allergies as the toxins stored in the body detoxify for years. I have always seen the symptoms of allergies mitigate over time, most cases being insignificant within 3 years.


Feb 22,2002

Re: Sagging skin under eyes

I forgot to ask you today on the phone what you would recommend for aging and somewhat sagging skin under the eye, or just below under the eye, as it were.

I answered that question, unasked, when I said that your skin and facial muscles were sagging and that non- ground meats provide for more healing so that the common aging symptoms do not occur at the same rate.

Can I use the same moisturizing cream as the rest of the body? Will that help the aging and marks that have appeared?

Yes, but without the fresher meats, it will not help as much.


Feb 22, 2002

Re: Dry Brushing

What do you think of dry brushing the skin?

It damages skin cells. When looked at under a microscope, the brushed cells are scratched, oozing and sometimes bleeding. It is best to place the hands to where they barely touch the skin and allow the electromagnetic field of the hands to gently massage the skin and lymph. Results prove to be better.

Mar 5, 2002

Re: Sprained Ankle

I sprained my ankle on Saturday and applied a hot water bottle to it for a period in the day and again at night. Is there anything else I should do to help the recovery? Should I continue with the heat daily?

I suggest that you apply a hot water bottle as often and for as long as possible. Also, I suggest that you combine 60% chicken, 30% beef and 10% seafood every time you ingest meat -- that means eaten together. That is likely to speed healing of the pulled tendons and muscles.

Mar 5, 2002

Re: Mercury in Vaccines

Note: mercury will be allowed in vaccines for 4 more years, so that pharmaceutical houses can empty their coffers of already manufactured vaccines. Also, pharmaceutical houses are selling vaccines with packaging that says “no mercury”. However, when a consumer group had the vaccines tested they found mercury, although a smaller proportion, in them.


Apr 2, 2002

Re: Water and weight

Please see the following email.

Why would one lose weight on this?

Water is indigestible and unassimilable. It leeches nutrients from our blood and intestines, and dilutes digestive juices so that when we eat we do not digest or assimilate our food properly. A fraction of the H2O in water is cellularly utilizable. That also applies to the water in cooked food. However, 100% of the H2O in raw live food, ionically and electrolyte active, is cellularly utilized so little or no water is necessary.

Other comments below.

Subject: Re: Water and weight
Date: Mon, 1 Apr 2002
Dear Friends:
Recently I was informed of a more definitive way to look at water intake and what the benefits
are – beyond the obvious need we all feel to be more hydrated. The following formula was
given to me by a reflexologist who is mostly deaf, so talking to him was not particularly easy,
but since he is 88 and in excellent health, and he uses this daily, it is worth consideration.
He claims that the following process followed faithfully will cause an individual to lose 30
pounds in three months. He also notes that we lose 2 quarts of water during the night in
respiration alone.

Only people who consume cooked food and processed drinks and/or water perspire 2 quarts of water at night. Most people who consume raw live food, including milk and vegetable juices, may perspire only 1 to 2 pints throughout the night.

Upon waking, drink 16 ounces of water immediately.
One hour later, drink another 16 ounces of water.
2 hours later, drink another 16 ounces of water.
2 hours later, drink another 16 ounces of water.
This takes you to 64 ounces of water before noon. While this sounds like a lot of water, the
schedule is readily doable.
The first set replaces the water lost during sleep respiration.

Water is never a good replacement for body fluids spent during perspiration because cells cannot absorb it. Only H2O that is nutrient-bound in food properly replaces fluids spent in perspiration because it can be 100% cellularly absorbed.

The second set lubricates lungs and sinuses.

Water cannot lubricate anything. Fats lubricate. Try lubricating any mechanical device with water and it will disintegrate. Water also disintegrates the human body, causing weight loss.

The third set goes to the arteries and the entire circulatory system and the final set works on
the lymphatic system and provides a jump start for the entire body for the whole day.

He has quite an imagination. The water circulates in the blood serum but very little is absorbed cellularly, causing cellular dehydration and bodily swelling.

I have personally been trying this for 9 days and have observed the following results. The
first week or so acts as a detox for the body and you will feel it and may see blemishes on the
face or body.

Many toxins have to leave through the skin when the bowels are flushed with water consumption and the blood is diluted with cellularly unabsorbable H2O.

You may move the bowel as much as three times a day – which is considered optimum,
outstanding in fact.

The amount of bowel movements depends on the food, the health of intestinal bacteria and amount of toxins that enter the bowels. One movement every 1 to 3 days, or 7 movements in a single day may be appropriate for an individual at a specific time.

You may notice old emotions rise and leave and your skin changes.

Old emotions or new emotions? My experience, when I drank a lot of water, was that my body was upset because I was diluting and disintegrating it rather than nourishing it.

As for the weight loss, I have no idea if that will happen, but since this does not require pills,
potions, prescriptions or network marketing, hey, what is there to lose?

Losses are digestibility and poisons that will be embedded in body tissue rather than being discarded from the body because of blood and body fat deprivation.

For added benefit, for those who can use noni, one ounce of noni in the 64 ounces will act
as a homeopathic remedy.

Noni has been proved to be remedial for cancer on a large number of Native Hawaiians, only when eaten raw. Noni, processed and bottled, has proved to be relatively non-remedial for cancer and other diseases.

Also consider adding a couple squeezes of lemon juice. For some of you who like warm
water, heat it and add some lemon to this. All work really well and make for an alkaline body.

Only the digestive and urinary tracts, and blood can be alkalinized. The body is basically, and should be, slightly acidic.

Please share your results.


Apr 12, 2002

Re: Hyperthyroidism

I recently discovered that I have developed hyperthyroidism. It seems to have been triggered (per western medical thinking) by a recent severe and lengthy flu that I had from February 18th though about the 25th of March. Apparently, about 10% of cases are associated with a virus that causes a type of thyroiditis that creates a hyperfunctioning of the thyroid.

I have been diligently following your book as best I can. I have been pretty debilitated by this, suffering from most of the associated symptoms: rapid heart beat 90+ beats per minute at rest, feeling hyper/agitated and yet extremely fatigued, trembling, severe insomnia, heat/sweating, etc.


Hyperthyroid usually follows a cold or flu because the thyroid may be exhausted following that type of detox. The thyroid usually reconstitutes and rebalances within 3 months if thyroxin supplementation is not taken. Eating 5 ounces of raw chicken at the same time as eating 3 ounces of fish with 1/4 teaspoon royal jelly helps the thyroid regain its composure.

Some of those symptoms are indications of intense healing. As with infants, lots of sleep and frequent

naps helps the healing process.


Apr 26, 2002

Re: My father had a heart attack

Dear Aajonus,

My father had a heart attack yesterday and I wondered what this comes from and what would help? I heard today that it is a minor one, so to speak, and that he is coming out of intensive care tomorrow into his own room, and that he can speak and is not paralyzed. Of course, the doctors are doing tests and, in particular, a test up the arteries to get a view of the heart and any possible clogging. And they will then decide if he needs a bypass or whatever. Any comments?

He had prostate cancer two years ago and the prostate removed (via the stomach), as well as spinal osteoporosis and a collapse prior to that on a mountain when out climbing. His body can't be in a good state with all this toxicity and now, of course, all the medical influences. He has, however, always seemed very fit and healthy and has never been ill before all this, apart from some stomach issues and diarrhea. Since he has been taking digestive enzymes or something similar from the doctors all that has 'cleared up', so to speak.

Your father is likely to receive the cholesterol myth information about heart conditions. Heart conditions soared after people began eating processed vegetable oils and not animal fat. Tribes such as the Masai, Samburu and Fulani eat only raw animal fat, lots of it, and have no heart disease. Eating raw animal fat, such as unsalted raw butter and cream, will help your father reverse his condition. Martin Sheen had a severe heart attack 10 years ago and refused the terror tactics of medicine to receive bypass surgery. He eats the raw fats, including coconut cream, and is doing fine. Coconut cream helps remove arterial plaquing quicker. Animal fats properly lubricate the arteries without causing plaque.



Apr 27, 2002
Re: My Mother – trapped nerves – mental problems

My mother is doing badly. She has trapped nerves in her spine and is in pain and stooping. She had a pelvic fracture too, 2 months ago, and has been on crutches (she is always having accidents). She is certainly very overweight too (all the wrong foods). She would be resistant to changing her diet or following any new regime, but is there perhaps one thing she could do to help those trapped nerves so she does not need an operation?

My mother experienced the same degenerative symptoms 20 years ago. She agreed to eat 2 raw eggs with either a banana or orange juice every morning. In the afternoon, she agreed to consume 2-3 ounces of stone-pressed olive oil and 1-2 ounces of unsalted raw cheese with a salad. It was enough to stop her downward spiral into devastating health.

I am asking about mental illness and health and nutrition as my mother is psychotic and has elements, I would say, of paranoid schizophrenia; she is not a normal case. She feels she is being pursued by people and has great paranoia about all sorts of things that dominate her and her life a lot. She is very violent and has a lot of anger. She has been very abusive in all ways to me and very violent to me from when I was 17 to today, yet she is also obsessed with me. I am the scapegoat and yet the savior in one. She is very unstable. She did have a motorbike accident and concussion when she was 18 and was badly treated by her very over-dominant, controlling mother (never accepted, always made dependent, and so never able to forge her own identity – no violence from her mother, though).

It sounds as if she has a lifelong health and lifestyle problem that may not ever improve unless she changes her diet radically. Simply eliminating carbohydrates should help. But, most people who are carbohydrate-allergic are also carbohydrate addicts. Byron Katie's work could help her out of her conditioned dysfunctionality.

Anyway, certainly there were elements in her upbringing that would have affected her badly psychologically and emotionally, but not probably enough to cause such psychoses.

Yes it could, if she has a blood-sugar level problem.

Would the accident have done it as well or is it more from diet and nutrition?

Accidents only cause that kind of condition if a part of the brain was damaged, causing too much stimulus to the anger center of the brain, or an inability to buffer neurological impulses to the anger center.

She also has a problem getting on with things and procrastinates and spends hours dithering. She can't keep any time or appointment and arrives two hours late for everything. She also has no awareness of herself. She lives in a lot of fantasy. Plus she lives in the worst mess and living conditions and dirt you can imagine, despite having a nice home.

Sounds as if she is unhappy or has difficulty with organization. That is more often a blood-sugar/dietary problem and too low of a bacteria level. When the body has to rely upon the solvent process to dissolve and eliminate toxicity, the body gets depressed. When the body has bacterial, viral, mold and/or parasitical help, the body and mind get more organized, vital and happy.

I suggest that you live your life and shine your example as someone who lives richly and happily. Again, I suggest that you look into Byron Katie's work, and work at it.


Apr 27, 2002

Re: Jacob – chronic depression – mental problems

(For more of the story on Jacob see also: Feb 20, 2001 Re: Paralysis, Fasts Feb 21, 2001 Re: High Blood Pressure & Stroke May 11, 2001 Re: High Blood Pressure Medication Dec 22, 2001 Re: DETOX – Vomiting Blood – Nausea – Rough Massage Jun 24, 2003 Re: URGENT – JACOB)

I am concerned about Jacob. He has chronic depression, I think, and has displayed, for years now, a strong tendency to procrastinate and never get on with things – a lot of inactivity and passivity I would say (I did literally everything when we had a relationship, and had to push him to do things for himself to help his life). He also is very focused on the future and never what is (i.e. now), not in the way that most of us are, but in a very pronounced manner. And he seems to be incapable of getting out of his state and mess in life – i.e. changing and moving forward (he so needs to on so many levels). He gets very very down and inactive, and takes everything very badly and very sensitively, and much of what I say about him and his life in order to get him to see the reality of it, he takes as criticism.

Are you expecting a leopard to be a zebra? Is the potential you see for Jacob a true picture of him now?

Is anyone who judges that someone else should be doing something other than what they are doing, in the reality of that individual?

If you remind someone that s/he is not living up to the potential that you create for her/him, isn't that a criticism that is likely to depress and inactivate her/him?

He also talks and projects an image about himself that does not really match up in reality, or is how he would like to be, but is not.

He may be trying to think of himself in a way that motivates him to become that. Most yogis teach that you must first imagine yourself, and then believe in yourself, to be that which you want to become. His process may be slower than you wish. But, is that your choice to make, or his?

Anyway, I mention this as I feel he might have a mental condition; or is this all normal for his level of toxicity and health problems and the toxicity in his brain? Some of his behavior reminds me of my stepfather who had manic depression (and alcoholism which he got over), and also an ex-boyfriend who was alcoholic and had a grandiose way of talking during this phase that did not match up (he has detoxed since).

Those are symptoms of carbohydrate imbalances. He has symptoms of blood-sugar irregularities and imbalances, and low bacteria levels.

Are all mental conditions and ways of thinking, in your experience, related to health and the diet?

I have experienced that they are all affected by health and diet, but they can be exacerbated by concepts.

What would you advise for him?

Eating a golf-ball-sized amount of high meat, 2-3 times per week, would probably help him.

I pushed him hard to get him to a therapist recently. The therapist has said to him that he should see a psychiatrist. She feels he might have dysthymia (which is chronic depression, lack of concentration and a certain way of thinking).

If most of his problem is physiological, a psychiatrist's office would not be a place for him. Psychiatrists use drugs to treat people. I would suggest that both of you delve into Byron Katie's work.

What do you feel; and would the state of his toxicity in his body account for this? I did get back with him for 7 weeks recently, but have now ended the relationship for good. I am, however, still concerned for him as I did spend an awful lot of the relationship trying to help him.

Unless a person shares the same rhythm and reality you do, is it unlikely that you would be able to help her/him?


Apr 30, 2002

Re: Kidney Problems & Tonsils

My stepmother has had kidney problems for ages. Only one kidney works, the other is very shriveled. She has been ill with it, on and off, for the last few years with fever and kidney/bladder infections, etc. and a lot of white cottage cheese stuff coming out vaginally. She can look very pale in the face. The doctors are now saying it is connected to her tonsils – that is the origin of the problems (sounds nuts to me) and that she should have them out! It sounds to me as if, probably, it is not the kidneys at all, or perhaps one is overtaxed, but rather she is generally very toxic. Any comments?

It would be best if she ate lots of unsalted raw butter with honey, raw eggs and raw meat. A little pineapple once in a while might be helpful; but, normally, refrain from high-carbohydrate foods.

Healthfully, Aajonus

Thank you for all that.

I just wondered: you did not mention if the doctors idea of the tonsils being involved and needing to be removed were a silly idea or actually could have something to do with her kidney problem.

The tonsils are glands that protect the brain, eyes and ears. They help filter toxicity, harness it and dispose of it through the mucous membranes. If the tonsils are weak or congested, toxicity may spill out of the tonsils, allowing bacteria and viruses to enter other areas of the body for lymph to dissolve and dispose of the toxins. The tonsils are never the cause of problems.


May 1st, 2002

Re: Karl Loren article

Karl Loren wrote a very informative article about arterial plaque. Maybe you've already seen it. In the end, he mentions that only chelation therapy can remove the toxic metals he speaks of. And that no diet can do that (although I wrote to him to challenge that - waiting for his response).

I'm quite sure your Primal Diet would in fact do the same thing (as his claims for chelation therapy), over time, with less of a shock to the system. Is my assumption correct?

Yes. Chelation therapy, as I have said, is the most toxic alternative therapy I have seen, causing heavy metals to store in connective tissue, lymph, bones and joints. Coconut cream is the most effective way of removing plaque, especially when in combination with cilantro or berries. Next would be olive oil.

May 1, 2002

Re: CLA-rich Meat

A couple of times now I have gotten really iron-like or mineral-rich tasting meat from NorthStar Bison. I have gotten it in both round roast and sirlon tip. Not too much different than liver. Part of me is telling me that this mineral-rich meat is good for me, so I have been plugging my nose, the same as I do when I eat high meat, and eating it. Another part of me thinks if it tastes so bad (I gag if I don't plug my nose) I shouldn't be eating it. Have you ever run into this?

These particular batches of meat are so strong that I can smell it while I am cutting it before I even eat it. And I am assuming that all the meat they send me is mineral-rich. So why would I react only to a few batches? Because these batches are higher in CLA?

This is common for people with some glandular disorders/toxicity. When CLA-rich meats are eaten, the glands discard toxins that often include free radicals, causing a repulsion to metallic odors and tastes. I use a sauce to combat my repulsion.

The main factor is that your sense of smell is linked to your biochemistry. Our bodies smell the meat and know ahead of time that it will cause a metallic detoxification. For some reason, meats that are higher in CLA tend to cleanse the body of toxins, including free radicals and oxidants. Early spring meat causes more detoxification.


May 13, 2002

Re: Heart Palpitations

Dear Aajonus,

I have a jumpety heart right now. It feels as if it is missing a beat or jumps – very uncomfortable and weird. It started Wednesday night as far as I can remember and has gone on since then. I was very upset by some disaster on Wednesday night that could have set it off. I was angry and upset.

Or would it have been the exercise program I am doing, 3 times a week with a trainer for an hour. I find that real tough. We had done a session on Wednesday morning and it was tough as I had not done any since Friday (usually it is more often than that). And I do feel over-extended during the exercise, but later on usually feel good.(After the first two sessions I vomited and was dizzy, but since then I have been better).

Or is it I the heart murmur I had according to the doctors when I was a teenager – a scar, they said, left from chicken pox (sounds silly really).

Or is it the cooked food I have eaten?

Anything I should do? Is it serious?

Can you just tell me what to do about the heart problem? I need to know this asap as it is jumpety. It feels as if it misses a beat or jumps around on some beats, sometimes more quietly, sometimes quite vigorously. It is uncomfortable. All I can think of is the intense distress I was under when it seemed to start (some very bad news); or overstraining on the fitness I am doing with a trainer – I had done a session after a bit of a break on that day. Or eating cooked food/sweet things. Any of these and what to do?


The heart needs to palpitate when it detoxifies. The trauma simply caused the heart to dump, probably heavy metals. The best way to approach healing of the heart is to apply a hot water bottle near the heart. When you experience heart irregularities, it is best to sit and do Prana Yama - inhale to the count of 7, hold it to the count of 7 and exhale to the count of 7.


May 17th, 2002

Re: Refusal of Vaccines Documentation

Hi Aajonus,

I was talking to a doctor. His wife insisted on having their newborn vaccinated, even though he has studied the controversy extensively and didn’t want to do it. (He was at the workshop and is at least partially on your diet).

I told him that it is not an option for us and that I was surprised that he would not be stronger with his wife to avoid it. He did explain to me, though, that mercury has been removed from vaccinations. He also told me that the autism problem (and its link to vaccinations) has been linked to a problem with the "measles" part of the MMR vaccine and that it is supposedly being corrected.

Have you heard any of this or have any comment about it?

According to tests done by Dawn Winkler, President, California Vaccine Awarenes, the vaccines that have been claimed free of mercury, still have mercury in them. Your friend may contact her for the test results.

Is your friend not aware that the following ingredients are also in vaccines?: ethylene glycol (antifreeze), phenol (a disinfectant dye), benzethonium chloride (a disinfectant), formaldehyde (a preservative and disinfectant), and aluminum.

He might find the following press release amusing.

Healthfully, Aajonus

THE FOLLOWING OFFER is made to U.S.- licensed medical doctors who routinely
administer childhood vaccinations and to pharmaceutical company CEOs worldwide.
Jock Doubleday, president of the California nonprofit corporation Natural Woman, Natural
Man, Inc., hereby offers $20,000.00 (U.S.) to the first medical doctor or pharmaceutical
company CEO who publicly drinks a mixture of standard vaccine additive ingredients in
the same amount as a six-year-old child is recommended to receive under the year-2000
guidelines of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
The mixture will not contain viruses or bacteria dead or alive, but will contain standard
vaccine additive ingredients in their usual forms and proportions. The mixture will include,
but will not be limited to: thimerosal (a mercury derivative), ethylene glycol (antifreeze),
phenol (a disinfectant dye), benzethonium chloride (a disinfectant), formaldehyde (a
preservative and disinfectant), and aluminum.
The mixture will be prepared by Jock Doubleday, three medical professionals that he
names, and three medical professionals that the participant names. The mixture will be
body weight calibrated.
The participant agrees, and any and all agents and associates of the participant agree, to
indemnify and hold harmless in perpetuity any and all persons, organizations, or entities
associated with the event for any harm caused, or alleged to be caused, directly or
indirectly, to the participant or indirectly to the participant's heirs, relations, employers,
employees, colleagues, associates, or other persons, organizations, or entities claiming
association with, or representation of, the participant, by the participant's participation in
the event.
Because the participant is either a professional caregiver who routinely administers
childhood vaccinations, or a pharmaceutical company CEO whose business is, in part,
the sale of childhood vaccines, it is understood by all parties that the participant
considers all vaccine additive ingredients to be safe and that the participant considers
any mixture containing these ingredients to be safe.
The event will be held within six months of the participant's written agreement to the
above and further elaborated terms. This offer, dated January 29, 2001, has no expiration
date unless superseded by a similar offer of higher remuneration.
Contact Jock Doubleday.
* * * *
Permission is granted to all parties to reproduce all or any part of the above text in any
Jock Doubleday
Natural Woman, Natural Man, Inc.
A California Nonprofit Corporation
Jock Doubleday is author of the soon-to-be-published book "Spontaneous Creation: 101
Reasons Not to Have Your Baby in a Hospital."

Wow! Thanks Aajonus.

I must admit I'm a bit concerned with the possibility of mandatory vaccinations. My friend also mentioned that hepatitis B is now mandatory in NY. I don't know for sure if that is true as I thought it was unconstitutional to force someone to get an injection. I figure at this point one can get out of it with the right channels.

Freedom of religion can always be used to maintain constitutional rights. The worrisome pending legislation is that everybody in the USA may be required to receive the smallpox vaccine.

Healthfully, Aajonus

Hi Aajonus,

My understanding of the freedom of religion defense is that one would have to provide some sort of proof that they practice the religion claimed. A parent I know had some trouble with this, getting her child in school. She eventually won after some attorney fees, etc. I've heard of using philosophical beliefs instead. It still would probably need an attorney, though, to get a child in school.

Did you happen to catch the ER show with a Smallpox breakout last night (continued next week)? Pretty scary how the media can be used. I remember hearing of an episode where a child died of the measles. The parents were ridiculed for not vaccinating their child. It was sponsored by the company that makes the vaccine, of course. The whole thing was followed by a calling to boycott the show.

If a group of parents joined forces and hired an attorney to develop basic legal documentation, an attorney would not be necessary for each case. Parents could simply substitute their name for the name(s) in the documents. The fact that science cannot prove that anyone could get any disease nor prove that a vaccine prevents disease, is a sound legal basis. The written notarized statement from a researcher, biochemist or MD would be included in the documentation as testimony.


June 5, 2002

Re: Psychic Healing

What do you think of psychic healing?

I have experienced and witnessed only temporary relief from psychic healers.

Many people believe that they have been cured by psychics, although I have not witnessed one case. The

problem with proving that psychics can not only soothe symptoms temporarily but reverse disease is that, in

this period of toxic history, the average natural recovery rate of the population is 60% for most diseases if a

proper dietary regime is not followed. The body's natural completion of detoxification/symptoms sometimes

occurs simultaneously with a healers work. The only objective factor to measure would be to log the healer's

patient recovery rate and see if it were greater than 60%. If it were not, it is likely that the recoveries or

reversals of disease simply coincided with the healer's work, which was not responsible for it. The body's

healing powers, that are always working as hard and as well as we allow, facilitated the healings.

From my experience, I have concluded that healers assist with healing through the comfort of their

compassion and aural energy. In other words, they entertain the patient while the patient's body heals itself.

As Hippocrates said, I paraphrase: After giving the appropriate dietary food regime for healing, the best

physicians are those who entertain the patient while the body heals itself.

The idea of a psychic healer is empowering to some people. They feel that the healer has some particular

power and spiritual authority that will help them end the disease. They do not usually understand that it is

simply a detoxification process that will end well 60% of the time, even if they do not take care of themselves

properly. I believe that healers are helpful because they give people hope and distract them from the disease

while their bodies heal themselves.

I would be thrilled to meet and learn from a psychic healer whose healing ratio of reversing disease was

greater than 60% without dietary intervention. If you find any, and observe that the rate is higher, please let

me know.


June 27th, 2002

Re: Enzymes

I just read an interview with Edward Howell about enzymes which brought to mind something I've heard before. He said that vegetables and fruits are not concentrated sources of enzymes; and that when produce ripens, enzymes are present to do the ripening; and once the ripening is finished, some of the enzymes leave and go back into the stem and seeds.

The vegetables are not mature until they begin to seed. Celery, parsley and most vegetables are harvested prior to seeding. Produce companies know that if it goes to seed it loses the enzymes necessary to sustain it. Their produce would wilt easily. I suggest in my new book that people eat fruit unripe.

Sally Fallon made the same kind of statement a while back prompting me to wonder about the idea that our vegetable juices are not much of a source of enzymes and really not replenishing our systems of lost enzymes (2 glasses for today's needs, 2 glasses to replenish what has been lost over the years of eating cooked). Any comment on this?

Sally is more theory than experience. I have seen people not consume the juices and they progress much less than those who drink them.


July 31,2002

Re: Sun Lotion

I wanted to ask quickly about sunbathing. It is very hot. Is it better to wear no sunscreen lotion even if one does not put on oil the night before, or better to wear cream if one does not do the oil the night before?

It is better not to apply any lotion.

If you burn a little, here are two remedies: rub tomato on the burned areas; or apply a mixture of good water and a little honey (1 part honey to 10 parts water) – that is a little sticky, but it works most of the time.


Aug 2,2002

Re: Thread Veins and Aging

I have noticed a big increase in thread veins since I last spoke to you about this; and I also have veins coming to the surface. I refer to my thighs, legs and feet. Surely, being on the diet, these should not appear. They have gotten so much worse since on the diet.

The diet has no toxins to cause those symptoms. It is the result of a lifetime of eating toxic foods. Usually, those symptoms pass with time; sometimes it takes 16 years.

Healthfully, Aajonus

Thank you. So it is just a coincidence or aging that has made all this appear recently?

Aging and deterioration coincide when toxins have accumulated in the body, deteriorating it.

Veins have also appeared in the last month on the surface all over my legs and thighs. Reminds me: is it mainly the result of carbos?

Carbs progress it quickest.

Or the liver. So it comes from a lifetime of toxic foods, not from the percentage of cooked food I am eating with the raw diet?

Cooked foods now may add to it and use up the nutrients in the raw foods being used to combat the poisons in the cooked food.

i.e. does the raw diet make one more susceptible to these symptoms?

Less. The raw diet simply allows the body to detoxify and heal properly, in stages.

Also, I have now a lot of broken blood capillaries on the face that are on the surface or just below.

Alcohol and carbs, recent and stored, are the greatest assaulters of capillaries.

Everything has deteriorated of late – a lot of aging.

Between the ages of 12-15, 24-26, 29-32, 38-41, 49-55 and 58-61 years we experience major systemic detoxifications. Many of those poisons are sent through the connective tissue and skin causing damage to those systems and sometimes scarring. Most often, at least half of those symptoms reverse several years following the major detoxifications.

How are you doing with your life presently? HAPPY AND FULFILLED?

Very; the recipe book is being printed as I write!


Monday, September 30, 2002

Are we headed here?

Hi, everyone,

Many of you have asked my opinion of the future of and life in the USA.

I am reluctant to give conclusions because too much is unknown. I believe that I should be aware of possibilities that are likely to change our life styles so greatly that we have to accept a different comprehension of freedom. Several basic facts support what I believe is a probable scenario, especially with the present state of the stock market, certain government officials and certain corporate leaders.

What first must be understood for this to be plausible is that the US Government is a corporation. Legally, literally, it is a registered corporation. It is a business. We have witnessed the pillaging and failure of companies, such as Enron, that leeched the little wealth that is distributed among the masses. Life savings and retirement funds have been drastically reduced. The men who orchestrated these acts are businessmen who walk away with personal fortunes. Our highest officials, including Bush, have been closely linked and have profited. As we can see, any company can be purposely bankrupted by its leaders, including an incorporated country and its assets. Probably, you are starting to get the picture.

Second to consider are the holdings of the US government. You and I don't own any of it, even though our tax dollars paid for it. No sovereign citizen's name appears on any official US corporate document. We are led to believe that we own it all, collectively, as a country of people. Legally, that is an illusion. The office holders have all rights to its assets. We are supposed to have a say in the matter. We experienced recently that we don't have as much as we should when the US government's highest legal minds, the Republican Supreme Court Judges, eliminated our right to all votes being counted. Many of us were delighted because we wanted Bush to become President. However, with that legal decision, our constitutional right to have all votes counted was denied and we relinquished our right to a new government-by-corporation arrangement.

The third factor to consider is that the Federal Reserve Bank, World Bank and all banks are corporations. None of them are owned or controlled by the US government. They are owned by the most elite of the wealthiest families in the world. They decide when to foreclose or take over companies that have loans with them.

Two years ago, the US government had $5 trillion in surplus. It is gone. The proposed wars, "homeland security" and military machines and the current administration will put us in approximately $8 trillion of debt within the next 2 years. The interest alone would bankrupt the country unless you and I gave up all of our earnings. Most of us have already lost our nest eggs. Many company retirement funds were lost to investments in the stock market.

Who is going to pay for the expenses and debt of the US government? I have heard many citizens in the last two decades object to the IRS having taken 30% of their earnings for the coffers of the US government corporation.

I know a low-income family of four that questioned the legality of the IRS by letter and consequently suffered severe harassment and abuse from the IRS for 11 years; and it continues to this day. Originally, not understanding the forms properly, they incorrectly entered their income twice on the forms. The IRS demanded twice the taxes and enormous penalties and interest. The family asked me to take a look at the situation because I have had some knowledge of tax forms. I discovered the mistake. The IRS refused to communicate and respond with resolve to the family’s letters that explained and stated the errors. The IRS seized their wages and they are now on welfare. They are owed thousands of dollars from the IRS. For 4 years I tried to help them arbitrate with the IRS. Without money they have not been able to sue. Repeated pleas to US government officials produced no results. Every time an IRS representative or agent understood the situation, they enthusiastically said it would be easy to resolve the problem. When I called

for a final resolution, the agent was aloof and morbid sounding. Four times the problems resolution officers or agents were changed and we had to begin again. The IRS refuses to resolve it and the IRS continues to seize their wages and boost the interest of the nonexistent debt. There can be only one reason they have been so abused: They exercised their constitutional right to question the IRS about the US government’s authority to tax.

Is anyone who questions our present taxation a non-patriot? Will the heads of government call us anti-USA and criminals because we object to becoming slaves for the US government corporation that spends our money trying to usurp oil from other countries, from which we will not profit but be enslaved in debt?

The alternative for us not paying all of our wages to repay the national debt would be for the banks to foreclose on the US government corporation and legally seize its assets. First to be sold, to pay for several years of debt interest, would be our national parks and forests. To prevent it from looking so dramatic to the people -- us -- the deal would probably be arranged so that independent corporations could mine, build and usurp the land but the land would stay, by name only, as an asset to the US government. They would tell us that the country is in crisis, another!, and we have to sacrifice. The government doesn't but the people have to sacrifice. Government officials continue receiving higher salaries and benefits with unlimited tax deductions. I object to "officials" taking and spending my money on special interest profits that are not geared toward the health of people and the planet, especially when we don't have the right to elect the highest official in government.

Eventually, the "officials" would sell off all of the government assets. Everything would be owned by independent corporations. The armies, which are now separate corporations of the US government, would be sold to independent corporations like General Electric and used as private police for protecting mainly corporate interests. Basically, that seems to be the major focus now but it is camouflaged. If the corporations rule the world, we will not have a constitution to protect us from any abuse; whether mechanical, chemical or personal; whether in the workplace, public or home. Is that what Bush, Sr. meant by New World Order? What will we allow to become of the USA?

I may hold a very pessimistic view; but it is hard to be optimistic when so many of us are losing more constitutional rights, suffering from corporate abuses and government guns, prepared for major and expensive warmongering.

Thank you for caring about what I think and for asking. Are you sorry you asked?

Love and peace, Aajonus

PS I look forward to your opinions, but I probably will not have time to respond to them.

Oct 2, 2002

Re: Nanobacteria Article

Hi Aajonus,

Here is the next article regarding the nanobacteria: NanobacTX: A Personal Adventure. It's very interesting.

I finally got to read about nanobacteria. I have read testimonies like that about every drug that has been produced by pharmaceuticals. In the 1970's it was chelation therapy. This person has no direct knowledge of how and why it seems to work. His scenarios are all conjecture. That does not prove that he is wrong, but he has no concrete evidence that the mechanisms are how he has explained them. Usually, drugs are extremely effective for specific individuals and most researchers know how to select them as test subjects. Time will prove results.

Just because nanobacteria are present around "calcified" tissue does not mean that the bacterium cause the "calcification". They may be the body's response to root into the area and remoisturize and fertilize the area hardened by poor mineral absorption caused by poor diet. For instance, reforesting a desert would soften and re-enliven the soil. The agent that destroys the bacteria, as a byproduct, may cause "decalcification". If so, that method of softening the tissue is likely to cause eventual disintegration of the tissue.

As I have said many times, there are some people who will live life seemingly unaffected by illness even though they have what is an unhealthy lifestyle for most. They are blessed because they don't suffer as most others do. But because they do, their model cannot be held as proof that it will work for most people. This life, produced by the nanobacterial treatment as described by the writer, may give the ability to feel fantastic again, but will it be sustained and without ill consequences? At least, it does not seem to be as dangerous as antibiotics or chemotherapy. Again, time will tell. For those who do not want to be pharmaceutical guinea pigs, a proper diet is more likely to secure optimal health.


Dec 2, 2002

Computer Enigma

Hi, all,

I had hoped that changing to a Macintosh computer would resolve my computer problems. Rather than making my work less, it has increased. The programs and the way that I use them interactively is worse on the Mac. The Mac OS is less stable than Windows. I was told that once IBM bought Apple, the integrity began to diminish. The software development for the Mac is much less sophisticated than the PC format, causing me more time to accomplish regular tasks unless I train a voice program to take instructions. That would be very time consuming – months.

Also, the new PowerBook G4 Mac has such a high EMF that I must keep it 2 feet from me. I am very disappointed and unhappy with the Mac.

I have been without email for 6 weeks now. I hope to have my computer system up and running by mid- December. Because of those problems, I had to cancel my San Francisco trip and will reschedule later. Please be patient with me for a few more weeks.

Thank you.

Healthfully, Aajonus

Dec 6, 2002

Re: Computer dilemma - Apple OS vs. Microsoft OS

Hi, all,

I received numerous responses to my computer dilemma. Thank you.

Three of you said that IBM did not buy into Apple. Several years ago, I heard on KCET that IBM (I got an email saying that it was AT&T) bought a major share of Apple stock under a trust. I am not a follower of the stock market so I should not be considered a credible source for remembering company and stock information. I remember that the buyer’s board spokesperson said that they would not have any controlling voice in the management of Apple.

Sunday, AppleCare decided, after 5 weeks of failures, to correct my computer problems, that something was wrong with the hardware, causing software malfunctions. They insist that it is not software related and has nothing to do with the operating system (OS). I am inclined to believe them.

If it is fixed, my functional problem remains with the Mac. There are too few keystrokes and too much mouse dependency. It takes me much longer to stop typing, reach for the mouse, travel with it and click than it does to simply use keystrokes at my fingertips. For example, in MS Word with Windows, I can tap “Alt, T, E” to activate envelope and label functions in 1 second. With MS Word for Mac, I have to reach for and take the mouse, move it several inches to “Tools”, move it about an inch to click “Envelope”, let go of the mouse, and return my hand to the keyboard, requiring 5--7 seconds, depending on where the cursor and mouse are. Several of you sent me info on programs that will make it easy to create macros for my Mac. That will take time that I would not have to take with Windows.

The major problem that I still have is that the PowerBook G4, 800 MHz, radiates serious EMFs. I was feeling agitated to my bones, so I put a meter to it. The levels were from 50--100 milligauss (3 milligauss is considered safe in the environmental field). When the hard drive was accessed the highest EMF reading resulted. Even at two feet from me, using a separate keyboard, I felt it. For two days, since I stopped using the Mac and returned to my unstable old Windows ME OS computer, I feel no electromagnetic intrusion. I will have to test other new fast computers to see if any produce a field that does not agitate me from 2 feet.

Again, I thank all of you who wrote to help me. I will not bother you any more with my computer issues.

Healthfully, Aajonus

Hi Aajonus.

It would not be the most cost effective thing to do in the short term; but, based on what you are saying, you may actually want to consider getting rid of your new Mac and go back to a good Windows-based system. Dell, Gateway, IBM, Toshiba, Sony, and Hewlett Packard all make good systems. You have a lot of options to choose from.

I will admit to you upfront that I do not like Macs. I used them before. I still prefer a Windows-based system.

Do you really think the aggravation and concern about EMF emissions is worth it in the long run?

EMFs cause my hands, wrists, arms, shoulders and neck to feel too highly charged and sore. That is what creates most carpal tunnel. Secretaries typed for years on nonelectrical equipment and did not suffer carpal tunnel.

Dec 12, 2002

Sonnet and Landmark raw cheeses are NOT RAW

Hi, all,

Recently, I received an email stating that the Rumiano Brothers (cheesemakers) were pasteurizing milk to 135 degrees F. before making it into cheese.

I called and spoke with John Rumiano and told him the rumor. He was shocked but said he would speak to his brother Baird. He returned my call several days later and told me that Baird had changed the cheesemaking process a year ago and did not change the labeling.

I told John Rumiano that I was upset and that the label was false advertising. He stated that it wasn't because it wasn't normal pasteurization temperature. I told him that the state requires that if milk goes beyond 122 degrees F. it cannot be labeled raw; it can only be labeled "Made from unpasteurized milk". He said that his new labels would reflect that. I told him that changing their cheesemaking process but not their labels was gross negligence, fraud and lack of integrity.

Right To Choose Healthy Food is considering a class action lawsuit for healthy choice deprivation, harm and damages.

I suggest that anyone who has either Sonnet or Landmark brand cheeses, no matter how little left in a package, return them to Rumiano Brothers Cheese, 1629 County Road E., Willows, CA 95988 and demand a full refund plus your expenses for shipping and handling. If you receive a response back that has a release from damages on it, simply cross out the related wording, initial it and cash the check.

We will have to find or create other no-salt-added raw cheese sources besides those here:

Nature's Sunlight Farm, Pennsylvania – Mark or Maryann Nolt, 717-776-3417. They sell organic raw Colby and cheddar cheeses. Ask for NO-SALT raw cheese, not frozen, and to ship with ice only.

Wil-Ar Farm, Pennsylvania – Wilmer and Arlene Newswanger, 717-776-6552. They sell grazed raw unsalted cheese. Ask for NO-SALT cheese, not frozen, and to ship with ice only.


December 13, 2002

Re: Hybrid Cars

Hi, all,

My notes about Hybrid (combination of gas and electric) cars:

I test drove and gauged the ELF/EMF* on the Honda Civic Hybrid and the Toyota Prius Hybrid.

The Honda Civic provides 32-37 miles per gallon and had an ELF/EMF at the driver’s right leg and hip and the passenger’s left leg and hip of 35-160mG. (3mG is considered safe.)

The Toyota Prius provides 45-52 miles per gallon and had an ELF/EMF at the driver’s right leg and hip and passenger’s left leg and hip of 8-11mG.

The Toyota Prius is a far superior and electromagnetically safer car. As of last week, I am proudly driving the Prius to help a little bit more in reducing fuel emissions.

*(electromagnetic field that disrupts the calcium ions in humans when above 3mG.)


Dec 17, 2002

Comment on irradiation and school lunches

Hi, all,


Please, fax the following letter, or write one, asap to the USDA (faxes are more effective than email).

Healthfully, Aajonus

To whom it may concern:
I adamantly oppose feeding irradiated meat to children through the National School Lunch
Program. When meats are blasted with the equivalent of over 100 million chest X-rays, new
chemicals form, some of which have never been tested or described. Like cooking, irradiation
damages vitamins, creates free radicals and destructive chemicals, destroying the nutrition of our
children’s lunches.
Despite irradiation advocates' claims, irradiated foods have not been shown to be safe long-term.
There has been no long-term human testing, including with normal children. The FDA did NOT
perform the battery of tests suggested by the National Academy of Sciences adopted by the FDA
as the standard for testing new food additives. The studies the FDA used to claim safety and
approve irradiation are deficient. Some of those studies suggested ill-health effects; others were
conducted at lower than intended exposure doses. It is impossible to claim safety of that
Additionally, parents have the right to protect their children. The lack of labeling of irradiated food in
schools deprives parents of the knowledge to choose and refuse it for the health of their children.
Irradiation does not guarantee food safety. In fact, if irradiated food is contaminated during handling
and preparation, bacterial byproducts are more destructive and harmful (because of the damage to
nutrients and proteins by irradiation). Your responsibility, morally and civically, is to assure health
rather than promote disease. Stop the notion of feeding our children potentially dangerous and
disease-causing irradiated food. Please advise me of your decision in writing. Thank you for your
valuable time and consideration.
(your name and address)
Dec 17, 2002

Smallpox and its vaccine

Hi, everyone,

Recently, I received the following e-mail:

Your e-mail a few months ago regarding not taking the smallpox vaccination was
reasonable and convincing; however, do you know whether our raw diet would afford us
any protection against the worst of the symptoms? Would we be more likely to survive
smallpox? What can we expect if we do get this virus?

Smallpox is relatively nonexistent in the world. It would be a miracle to naturally develop it.

The strain of smallpox in the vaccine now being required/offered was created about 30 years ago and has no relationship to any smallpox bio-weapon created. The smallpox vaccine will inoculate you with puss and laboratory-developed smallpox. Injected into a human, it may cause severe reactions, including death.

The Primal Diet appears to be able to counter/reverse most diseases and neutralize many poisons.

Anyone eating the diet will probably be relatively unaffected with permanent damage if they were to temporarily develop smallpox from the vaccine (vaccines too often create the diseases that they are meant to prevent) or temporary poisoning from a smallpox bio-weapon. However, as I suffered 11 years from eating 15 times the amount of the "Death Cap" poisonous mushroom that would kill a human my size, some people on the diet might suffer from the smallpox vaccine.

DO NOT PANIC The danger to our lives would be to panic and seek medications that would poison us more.

Here are links to an article entitled "Vaccinia/Rabies Wildlife Bait Dropped From The Sky": or It describes a situation that could panic most people who might think that they were affected by smallpox or bio-terrorism.

Here is the link to an article: "SMALLPOX VACCINE RESULTS ARE IN" by the wry reporter Jon Rappoport:

And, lastly, here is the url to the L.A. Times article "Serious Side Effects, Deaths Likely From Vaccine":


Dec 17, 2002
Re: Cold Sweats

Hi Aajonus,

Is waking in cold sweats common while eating raw? For the past weeks I’ve been waking soaked in sweat and feeling cold. I have seldom ever experienced that unless I was sick, and that used to be very, very infrequent.

Many people who are not on my diet experience those symptoms. It happens infrequently. It indicates that you are reproducing cells and by morning you are fat and protein deficient enough to be cold.


Jan 7, 2003
Re: Neck and back

Dear Aajonus,

A new chiropractor I have seen recently did X-rays of my back and neck (I know they are very bad) and saw that I a have pronounced curvature in the neck, and nerves pinched and no space between the neck pieces (whatever they are called). Anyway, he feels this is responsible for a pronounced curve in my lower back and my long-term hip problem, as well as causing the over-pronation in my feet. He feels the neck problem is one that started when I was pulled out at birth or within the first two years and so all the problems have been building up. He also feels the neck problem would account for gland and muscle problems as well as fatigue, etc. In his experience, he says coming two or three times a week for adjustments will rectify the neck problem over time. I just wondered how much of this you feel is true or plausible? I do have a lot of pain in my neck almost constantly and it is out so much of the time, so am finding I have to have adjustments more and more frequently. Previous chiropractic regular treatment helped my long-term hip pain greatly and stopped me leaning more on one side by 20 lbs. But there is more to go on this, as I lean now about 8 lbs on one side and am askew.

Displacement and constriction of the vertebrae come from inflexible-enough tendons and muscles attached to the vertebrae, or toxins stored in the vertebral joints causing swelling accompanied with inflexible-enough tendons and muscles. A hot bath prior to chiropractic adjustment is very helpful. Without a hot bath, an adjustment usually does not relieve pain for long. If poisons are moving out of the bone marrow, bones and/ or cartilage, more joint swelling will occur accompanied by irritation to the tendons and nerves. That causes more constriction and the need for more frequent adjustment. The hot bath before adjustment is very important to allow the muscles and tendons to relax and expand, relieving the pressure on the nerves that pass through the vertebrae. Also, applying a hot water bottle to the spine at any time, especially while sleeping, helps to increase relaxation so that more nutrients can be delivered to the area for proper detoxification and healing. I experienced 12 years of back pain from the chemo and radiation before I was satisfied with my spinal health. I went from having chiropractic adjustments twice a day to needing only one chiropractic adjustment a year for the last 4 years. Eating lots of butter and/or cream with meat is very important for cleansing and healing the spine.

Healthfully, Aajonus

The inflexible tendons come from what?

Many toxins can cause the poor development of tendons, especially heavy metals (such as mercury from vaccines) and chemicals, including household cleaning compounds. They may poison the RNA and DNA, causing deformity.

Jan 8, 2003

Re: Coconut Oil


Have you heard of the centrifuge, no-heat-extracted coconut oil? Radiant Life is selling it now. They are calling it coconut cream.

The manufacturer told me that the coconuts are heated/steamed to around 170 degrees F. before being "cold-pressed” juiced.

Healthfully, Aajonus

Thanks for the info.

So, with this new coconut cream out there, it is actually heated to 170? That's pasteurized!! How can they claim no-heat extraction?

Because they heat the coconut before extraction. It is a deception.

I am going to talk with her again today. They supply Radiant Life. If this is true, then there is no difference from the virgin coconut oil from Tropical Traditions.


Jan 8, 2003

Re: Colostrum

Hi Aajonus

I have access to organic, unprocessed colostrum. This is raw colostrum right from the cow, thicker than cream. As a bodybuilder, I know how hot this stuff is, however in that industry it is all processed into powder. This is totally in a raw state. Do you have any comment on colostrum and how much to take on a daily basis?

Hope you had a good holiday.


In powdered form, colostrum is an unstable protein and does not promote stable cellular reproduction. Raw meat eaten with raw fat is most important for body building.

I have never seen or heard of raw colostrum being as thick as cream. How can that be unless it is cultured?

Healthfully, Aajonus

The first 3 to 6 milkings are colostrum and are very high in fat. The colostrum is thick and yellow, like very heavy cream. My farmer friend says that it is not cultured, it's straight colostrum. It tastes very much like cream also. I can get it every couple of weeks when it is available. Just had a quart. I pay $10 a quart.

I know what colostrum is; my father's parents were dairy farmers. I drink it weekly, but I have never found it to be thick as cream. What are the cows fed to create thick colostrum?


I know the cows were out on pasture late into the season, but I'll have to check on what they are being fed now or when they produced the thick, yellow colostrum. How much do you drink per week?

Colostrum provides nutrients for calves to develop digestion. If you have faulty digestion, 1 cup per day would be helpful. If not, 2-4 cups per week, when available.

Jan 11, 2003

Re: Update on my 2-year-old

Hi Aajonus,

Happy New Year! Hope your new year started off right!

My son just turned 2 last Saturday and my wife has him flying through kindergarten workbooks (age 5 and 6)! He will sit there for 45 minutes with her totally into it. I guess it's safe to say his brain is well fed!

Great to hear about your prodigal son! Every one of the children who is on the diet is advanced or at least exceptionally more advanced than before the diet. That cannot be a coincidence. Thank you for the update.


January 15th, 2003

Re: "High" Foods

Hi Aajonus,

I have noticed a problem I have with consuming "high" foods. Although I have yet to try to eat the cultivated ones in jars, I have had week-old chicken or fish a few times. And I just found a black egg and tried to eat it in some milk.

Each time, I immediately vomited, even though I really had no psychological problem with eating it. In fact, the fish and chicken tasted fine. I once vomited some week-old salmon about ten minutes after eating. No problem, no discomfort, just a reflexive rejection by my body.

What do you think about my vomiting reaction to nearly week-old chicken (or even 3 to 4 day old fish)? And the same reaction to the black egg? I know you said not to eat fish at 3-4 weeks, but is the early bacteria also too virulent (at least for me)?

Looking at your iris photos, I see that the bile throughout your system is not bound with as many solidifying compounds as with most people. Free-radical bile is very caustic. The bacteria and their verotoxins instantly dissolve and release the bile, making it a free-radical substance. Those poisons must immediately dump into the stomach or bowels causing vomit and/or diarrhea. Don't worry, be happy!!! The more you do it, the quicker you will release the bile from the tissues.


January 15th, 2003

Re: Indigestion

Hi Aajonus,

I have had a few questions come up from people with problems with indigestion and heartburn (sometimes severe enough to cause problems sleeping) after starting the raw diet. I have a few patients who started the diet and are having this problem. One turns to TUMS or Pepcid AC so he can get some relief and get to sleep. I can treat it successfully with Chinese herbs, but I was wondering what your approach is when clients have this reaction to the raw foods (some think it's the vegetable juice). I've told one to add some carrot juice (10%) since that is known to relieve indigestion. I've also recommended some cream with the juice and also cheese, but nothing but the Chinese herbs to promote digestion seem to help.

Indigestion is frequently alleviated by adding ginger in juice or with the food that isn't digesting well.

Healthfully, Aajonus

The ginger makes sense since that's in the herbs I prescribe for upset stomach issues. Generally though, dried ginger is recommended and "supposedly" better for that use for some reason.

Dried ginger is recommended by Chinese medicine because it is slow to digest and allows juices to be secreted throughout the digestive tract as the pulp passes to the rectum. Fresh ginger has a tendency to thin mucus. In people not eating enough protein and fat, mucus in the digestive tract will not protect the mucous membranes from irritation from fresh ginger.


Feb 14,2003

Re: Detox – Vomiting & Diarrhea Hi Aajonus.

I talked with you for 10 minutes last week. I am sending this to you to add to my file.

When I talked with you, I had been eating raw oysters. After I talked with you, I upped the frequency to 6 raw oysters a day, every 1 or 2 days. I bought them from a fish stand. It was my understanding that I did not really need to be too concerned by their source – wild vs farm-raised, etc.

Everything was going along fine. I loved the oysters – until last night.

At about 2 am, I started to throw up. It was much more forceful and much more prolonged than when the avocados induced me to throw up.

I also had some episodes of diarrhea. So, it was coming out of both ends at the same time.

It got to the point that I couldn't keep any water down. And, I was into dry heaves, which made it hurt worse.

By 3:30 am, after throwing up every 5 or 10 minutes since 2 am, I got worried. It wasn't stopping. I was getting very light-headed (which I assumed was caused by dehydration). I was afraid of passing out.

So, I did the only thing I could think of. I went to the ER.

I did not have a fever or anything. They asked me about food and I told them I had eaten some raw oysters around 5 pm. They told me that I had food poisoning and that the oysters must have been bad. I told them I still had 6 more left in the refrigerator. They told me to throw them out.

Anyway, they put 2 IVs into me to rehydrate me. And, they gave me two shots of promethazine to settle my stomach. I figured it was okay because nothing else was coming out anyway. They let me lay there until around 6:30 am, then released me.

I am assuming that this was a detox of some kind. The vomit was a very different color than the white color caused by the avocados. This vomit was dark greenish-bluish, best as I can recall.

I looked through your books again and couldn't see anything about the differences between the various kinds of detox. This one, I assume, was heavy metal related, since it seems to have been triggered by me reaching some threshold level with the oysters.

I slept, off and on, all day today. I am a mess. I am very very weak, very achy; and, my right knee is aching a lot.

I am a little unsure whether the oysters are bad and I actually had food poisoning, because of the violence of the vomiting. I guess I am going to toss them. I don't have a taste for them yet anyway. I don't really have the desire to eat anything yet anyway. I am getting hungry, but I don't have the desire to eat. Strange.

Does anything about my description lead you to believe it was food poisoning, or a detox?

Is there a procedure for me to start eating again. Right now, I am living on some water, some ginger ale (which I know is not good for me, but it makes me feel better), and some green grapes.

Anyway, I figured you should be aware of this so you can make a note in my file.


You must learn to trust your body and not panic. I have passed out over one hundred times in my lifetime from various symptoms.

Your description leads me to believe that you had a metal detoxification. Bacteria or viruses may have been helpful in that process, but not the reason. You should ask the hospital if thimerosal was in the injections you received. You may have replaced the mercury you so grossly vomited.

Food poisoning is a term that the medical profession uses when they want to blame the ill results of medical and environmental toxins on bacteria, parasites or viruses.

Healthfully, Aajonus

Feb 23, 2003
Re: Update

Hi Aajonus.

I know you are still away, but I am sending you this update in keeping with my desire to send you feedback when significant things occur.

It appears that I am going through another detox again since last Tuesday's forceful vomiting episode. But, this detox is very different than the previous two.

I had not begun eating oysters again. I was just eating the standard cream, beef, chicken, butter, etc.

Last night, I developed a severe stomachache, a severe headache, and severe aching in all of my joints. I had some diarrhea, as well, and some dizziness. I felt stomach discomfort, but no desire to vomit like a week ago. It was a rough night. I hardly got any sleep. I took a couple of aspirins for the pain.

Today, I felt weak, achy, and unsettled all day. I am really dragging.

Anyway, this is the third kind of detox. I am not sure what kind of detox this is compared to the other two.

Feb 24, 2003
Re: Update

Hi Aajonus.

For my file, I am feeling more normal again. I still feel slightly off.

The pain in the left side of my chest seems better.

My right knee is still bothering me more than usual.

Also, my right eye is still bothering me a lot (light sensitive, tired, and achy).

March 3rd, 2003

Re: Article: Metabolic Typing Diet

Hi Aajonus,

Have you had a chance to read this article on the Mercola site?

Sure, there's no mention of raw foods but Dr. Mercola is a strong advocate of the "no grain diet" (happens to be the title of his new book). Then, he is promoting this Metabolic Typing Diet. I haven't read the Metabolic Typing Diet yet so I don't know how varied these diets are but I assume there is some consistency with a no grain/low grain approach.

I remember you said you didn't find much value in much variety person to person (same with Weston Price finding consistencies - different foods but same basic principles adhered to all over the world).

Do you have any opinion on the article?

I read the article, finally. I found, as I said in my books, that certain types should eat more or less red or white meat until they are healthier. So, in a way, I agree with it in a small way. However, the supplement issue is a seesaw such that not even the most brilliant of minds can second-guess the body properly. Because people are so unhealthy and even a little change means a lot, and counterbalances may not show themselves for months or years, supplements and a Metabolic Typing Diet may be a temporary benefit. How long it takes to be worse than better would be according to the individual. I do not believe that it has anything to do with genetic predisposition. My experience and observations lead me to believe that the differences are deficiencies and accumulated toxins.


Feb 14, 2003

Re: Coconut oil

Hi Aajonus

I talked to someone from the coconut oil company about the 170 degree temperature used in steaming their coconuts. She says they do not do that because it ruins everything including the flavor. They use a superior process where there is no heat involved at any time, so she says. She told me to have you call her and she will explain the process.

It would be nice if this were legit, it would make things easy and available to more people.

If you call, please let me know your opinion.


February 14, 2003

I spoke with her today. She assured me that there are no heat and chemicals used before, during or after cold- pressing. As soon as she sends me the certified statement and sample I will let you know.

Healthfully, Aajonus

Thanks Aajonus,

I really appreciate you getting back to me with your schedule as busy as it is.

The oil is handy since we get a lot of rotten coconuts and it gets frustrating. The oil also works very well on my skin.

Mar14, 2003

I received the sample but it does not seem completely free from some process. She did not send me the statement verifying that it was not treated in any way.

It always makes me nervous when a company will not put its claims in writing. I found that they are usually false claims.


Mar 14, 2003

Update on Healing Clays

Hi, all,

I am reminding most of you with another email, and informing some of you for the first time, about the latest information on healing clay.

First, I must digress. When I was ill and traveled the continent on a bicycle, I learned that Native Americans used clay to absorb poisons and help healing. Pregnant natives ate a little clay daily to prevent poisons from the mother's blood from entering the fetus. I found that whenever I came across a clay bed and ingested some, my acne reduced or subsided for days or even weeks. My trust in the healthy attributes of clay were reinforced when I read the account of the famous man who had ingested enough arsenic, all in one guzzle, to kill several horses. Before his death, he revealed how he had survived the poisoning without harm; he had consumed an amount of clay that he knew would absorb the amount of arsenic that he drank.

Without scrutiny, I assumed that all natural clay promoted health. I have learned that my assumption was incorrect.

The rozzbod red clay that I had suggested is being treated with additives. If you are going to use clay, make sure that it is not treated with chemicals nor has additives.

After visiting Hawaii and being injured in the volcanic rock, I learned that the molten metals in it caused me pain and scarring. Subsequently, I learned that some popular clays are from bentonite from volcanic ash. The other clay that I had recommended was Aztec Secret Healing Clay that is bentonite clay from volcanic ash.

I recommend that any bentonite clay be avoided because of the risk of molten heavy metal poisoning. I experimented with it several times in the last 18 months on wounds and found that scarring was absolute. However, working with the French green clay and another untreated clay, I found they prevented scarring and pain.


March 19th, 2003

Re: Fiber and Appendicitis

Hi Aajonus,

I'm writing a brief article about my appendectomy/hospital experience. Many people have asked about it and of course there are those who ask, "Do you think it's that diet you're on?" To which I deny and chalk it up to their ignorance. However, in researching the incidence of appendicitis I came across an article that said that, internationally, the incidence of appendicitis is lower in cultures with a higher intake of dietary fiber. Dietary fiber is thought to decrease the viscosity of feces, decrease bowel transit time, and discourage formation of fecaliths, which predispose individuals to obstructions of the appendiceal lumen.

I thought it was interesting since we basically don't eat any fiber whatsoever! Is it possible that there is some truth to this low fiber intake/appendicitis thing? I guess we need at least 1000 Primal Dieters to track over their lifetime to see if there's a higher incidence than the rest of the population.

It is not proven that a lack of fiber/pulp is causative or partially causative of appendicitis. Every person I know that had an appendicitis ate vegetables. However, raw vegetable fiber may be helpful in preventing appendicitis in cooked-food eaters where food lacks vitamins and enzymes and moves very slowly with much putrefaction. Putrefaction of food never occurs in rawfooders. The incidence of appendicitis among the Masai, Samburu and Fulani is relatively non-existant. As long as we do not completely filter our juice through thick cloths, we have plenty of vegetable fiber.

I looked at your irises and found storages of heavy metals in and around the appendix, buried in scarring. The caustic metals probably burned the appendix walls which burst during an attempt to remove them. That is an indication that you did not have enough fat in the lower abdomen. That is why I like people to have big bellies during detoxification.


March 20th, 2003


Hi Aajonus,

I was wondering if you have any opinion about MSM (methylsulfonylmethane). A client you saw for a full consult the first time you came here handed me a book about it last night. She has been in pain for years (basically fibromyalgia), with fatigue. She still has the fatigue but the pain is gone since taking the MSM.

She maintains her own version of the raw diet. She's one who doesn’t like the weight gain so isn't willing to have that much fat. The meat is no problem for her. She couldn't drink the lube formula without feeling sick for hours (she couldn't work). I advised she sip it gradually and it helped, but she stopped taking it anyway. She does keep away from carbs.

She swears by the MSM now.

Every person who had cancer that I met, who was not on the diet and who took MSM, died. I have heard a lot of claims about it, but from people who had been taking it for a short time. It is not a naturally occurring supplement and probably causes many imbalances that would not show for years. The combination has an affinity for the thymus and thyroid and may cause long-term damage. I will re-investigate the drug in about 20 years and look at people who had taken it for many years.


March 24th, 2003

Re: Nuts

Hi Aajonus,

I was asked recently, "If we can pulverize the anti-enzymes out of nuts with a blender, then why doesn't chewing do the same thing?"

Pulverizing does not neutralize the enzyme inhibitors. Pulverizing merely exposes them. The combination of egg, fat and honey neutralizes the exposed inhibitors.

My only thought would be that it is not the pulverizing that inactivates these anti-enzymes but the fact that the surface area is increased so that the ingredients mixed with the nuts can inactivate the anti-enzymes.


If I'm wrong, then it seems chewing should do the same thing as the blender.

I wish.


Mar 31, 2003

Alternate Thinker or Simply a Peacenik?

Hi, everyone,

Happy Springtime!

Several people contacted me defending the war, arguing that Hussein has murdered millions of people. They said that my approach correlates with the anti-Nazi Germans who allowed Hitler to take power and commit genocide. I am not against the elimination of fanatical isolationists that would torture or murder its people and/or us, no more than I am for all of the crime that results from poverty. The way that I would go about changing them is radically different and much less hypocritical.

I object to bombing and munitions that contaminate land, water and air, and kill civilians. If we were to spend that $500 billion by giving 400,000 people $1 million each to live in Iraq and influence the youngest in the culture over the next 25 years, Iraq would completely change with a fraction of the deaths and destruction. Those 400,000 would provide jobs for the mostly poverty-stricken country. The Iraqi people would be influenced by the culture in which they would spend at least 8 hours per day. Comfort and pleasure appeals to almost all humans. The freedom to have and enjoy those comforts alters beliefs and concepts that favor acquisition of comforts and pleasure. Also, $1 million could be given to each of 100,000 paramilitary to infiltrate and eliminate Hussein's backbone military, any time that they torture, kill, or attempt to kill civilians. Our present Administration is not interested in that alternative because they would not be able to line their friends' or their pockets with the $500 billion and assure their world dominance.

People do not have to be professors to understand that the present Administration's approach to change is as barbaric as Hussein's approach. The Bush Administration commits the same atrocities but simply labels itself the good guys to achieve popular support.

I have read several emails from college graduates that claim common non-degreed people, such as most celebrities, are not intelligent enough to understand and make judgment on the present Administration's Iraqi war. Isn't that a kind of snobbery as juvenile as the present Administration's war is primitive? Does the fact that every one of the top administrators of the Bush Administration has a college degree or two allow them to think outside the box of greedy self-interest? Is a man with a degree more capable of being human and ingenious because of college degrees? Or is it much more likely that those who achieve fabulous degrees and privilege are more likely to think inside the box of greedy self-interest?

We have about 20 million doctors who cannot think outside the box of the "germ theory", follow the dictates of the AMA and its medical perspectives, yet fail terribly in their oath to do no harm to the public. They primitively go to war against the human body, and consequently the human race, because they cannot think outside their indoctrinated minds. The well-educated and privileged Bush Administration claims democracy while they rob us and the world of it. Does history bear the goodwill rhetoric of many of the government?

The only educational merits that I formally achieved in the educational systems were a system analyst certificate at a trade school and a graduate of the British-American Drama Academy at Stanford University.

Which of these countries that the US bombed since the end of World War II (compiled by historian William Blum) resulted in a democratic government, respectful of human rights, as a direct result of the bombings?

China 1945--46
Korea 1950--53
China 1950--53
Guatemala 1954
Indonesia 1958
Cuba 1959--60
Guatemala 1960
Congo 1964
Peru 1965
Laos 1964--73
Vietnam 1961--73
Cambodia 1969--70
Guatemala 1967--69
Grenada 1983
Libya 1986
El Salvador 1980s
Nicaragua 1980s
Panama 1989
Iraq 1991--99
Sudan 1998
Afghanistan 1998
Yugoslavia 1999


Right now, the US government is financing a coupe in Venezuela to overthrow the 3rd-time elected democratic government. Why?


April 21st, 2003


Hi Aajonus,

I had to contact you and get your perspective about this Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS).

The following is part of an email I just sent to a friend in Hong Kong:

Without going into a whole "alternative perspective" with you, let me say this: I seriously
doubt there is something to "catch". The internal health of the individual will determine
who gets it and who doesn't. Even the worst plagues in human history had survivors
helping the sick who didn't get sick.
Just think how polluted Hong Kong is. There could very well be something in the air that
is damaging at the cellular level, resulting in this condition. It IS a respiratory condition.
The virus that causes the common cold (or flu for that matter) can be found in any of us
at any time, but we aren't always sick are we?
A virus isn't alive so it cannot "do" anything. A healthy well fed cell will not be affected
(notice I didn't say "infected") by a virus.

Strange thing is how do we explain what is happening with those who do come in contact with someone "catching" it? They are not necessarily exposed to a possible toxic chemical from China by getting close to someone who has.

Here's a story on it titled "Two more killed by SARS disease in Canada:

What do you think?

My investigation tells me it is simply pneumonia by a different name.

I compare it to the difference between the "Swine" flu and "Pollock" flu. Mainly the heavily medicated/treated have died from it, therefore, it is probably the treatment (for pneumonia) that is the killer, that is, anaphylaxis.

However, Dr. L. Horowitz' investigation points to bio-warfare:


Hi Aajonus,

Many are fearing how "contagious" it is, i.e. the face masks and quarantines. Do you agree with my basic explanation to my friend in Hong Kong?

And if so, the following question applies:

Strange thing is how do we explain what is happening with those who "catch" it
since coming in contact with someone who has it? They are not necessarily
exposed to a possible toxic chemical from China by getting close to someone who

Do you believe in the possibility that one can be "exposed" and if their internal environment is optimal for that (any actually) microbe then the person will "contract" (or should I say facilitate) the same "detox" (which in this case may be resulting in some deaths if it is not anaphylaxis)?

In playing devil's advocate a little here, people have died of pneumonia historically without being treated medically with "poisons" have they not?

There are many variables. It could be that there is no contagion but exposure to the toxin in a given hospital. Normally, if it is a natural event, it would not be contagious. Bacterial and viral activity is caused by environmental, especially climatic conditions, like bears coming out of hibernation. If a certain location of people are exposed to the same toxin, when the climate is right, some of them might develop the same condition (symptoms) to detoxify the damage done by the toxin.

I agree that if a person has been eating healthy food for a while that if and when exposed to a "contagion" or toxin of that nature, her/his chances of survival would be exceptional.

Many people have died of pneumonia when they did not have access to good food and/or warmth. However, most often in the comfort of modern heating and comfort, medical intervention in the detoxification process is more often the cause of deaths.

Healthfully, Aajonus

Thank you. The only confusing part is how is this "toxin" moving from Asia to North America where the authorities are linking it directly to those traveling and then to those exposed to the traveler? I understand the possibility that it may not be natural, which negates the natural explanation. Otherwise, it really makes no sense based on what you and I believe.

Everyone involved with injection/spreading of AIDS learned that without circumstantial evidence of possible contagious activity, the hypothesis that it was spread sexually had no basis. However, people simply believed it, except for those who understood that there had to have been a chain of links to have spread it simultaneously to NYC, San Francisco, Houston and Los Angeles. The fact that there were not enough links to display a chain validates the conspiracy theory that it was man-made and spread by man-made means.

Let us say for arguments sake that a strain of bacteria became supernatural. The bacteria would have to leap through the air in clusters, withstand sunlight and oxygen that destroys internal bodily bacteria unless attached to a host, invade, penetrate the mucus lining of the respiratory system that neutralizes and smothers every form of internal life whether cell or bacteria, and survive the onslaught of white blood cells, eat and adapt to a new terrain of chemistry to survive.

The idea that viruses are contagious is the most ridiculous hypothesis because viruses are not alive. Viruses are solvents produced by the body.

Crabs are contagious because their natural environment is in the outer world. Yeast live in and on the skin and can be contagious. But internal bacteria do not thrive when extricated from the body without a host to carry it. Mucus from sneezing or coughing, or the moisture from exhaled vapor are not mediums that support bacterial life. Contrarily, they destroy internal bacterial life.

It may be possible that mechanical genetic alterations may have produced an internal bacteria that can cross those super barriers. I do not know.

I hope that all of that helps you to understand the nature of bacteria as I have found it to manifest.


I do appreciate your further explanation on this subject and for the most part I do agree with your way of thinking. I just can't help but think there is something to the possibility of "something" getting passed on from one to another and susceptibility has something to do with it. You even once agreed that it is not cut and dry one way or the other and that the truth lies in between somewhere.

I remember my wife used to work with young kids who were always sniffling and sneezing and so she would come home almost every other week with a cold of some sort. It became comical how often she was "detoxing" and people would say things like, "your wife’s sick AGAIN?" When she left the job the frequent colds/flus ended immediately. Interestingly, I never "got" any of it (susceptibility?).

Many children and adults have such symptoms in buildings with toxic materials. The school population in the entire school system in the San Fernando Valley and adjacent areas had similar symptoms because of the asbestos. After many decades, the schools had to gradually be reconstructed. I have one teacher/patient who still suffers from her past exposure.

And again, using the same logic, I could prove to you that bears are contagious because they all seem to come out of hibernation at the same time. In the Northern hemisphere, bears spread from the more Southern regions to the Northern regions. In the Southern hemispherethey spread in the opposite.

More below:

If you wanted people to believe a disease were contagious, how would you make it happen to produce circumstantial evidence? Follow those you have contaminated and contaminate those that they contact?

Isn't this reaching just a bit? Aren't there a few too many people involved to "pull the wool over" all of their eyes?

I refer to the AIDS epidemic, how many were involved? It did happen.

What would be the point? The people in Hong Kong are getting pretty messed up economically now too. Everyone is scared of exposure. To think that some group would go so far as to follow a traveler from Asia to North America and "infect" people they come in contact with really seems a bit outlandish.

As Dr. Len Horowitz said, it is to destabilize an economy so that another power may have greater influence after money is loaned and or diverted. The same was the case of AIDS in Africa.

As for AIDS (and the man-made hypothesis), couldn't that just be a natural breakdown of the body due to overwhelm? Drugs? Alcohol? Stress? Environmental toxins? Ridiculously poor dietary habits? Haven't many suffered with AIDS without HIV? (Then they just say the sicknesses they are suffering from are primary rather than secondary).

Food for thought?

You would have to read the Strecker Memorandum and Bio-Attack Alert, referenced in my first book to realize that AIDS was man-made, spliced not fractionated.

Some things I believe are communicable, such as crabs and yeast that live on the skin. Viruses are not communicable because they are not alive. They are a solvent created by each body, or man-made, to dissolve compounds in the body.


June 20,2003

Re: Wheat germ, Flax Seeds

Hi Aajonus,

Is there much value left in organic, raw wheat germ that has been vacuum-packed, but frozen?

For people on poor diets it might be of some benefit.

It would be of some value to us if it were not frozen.


I guess it would be tough to keep it fresh for any period. Do you ever grind fresh, UNFROZEN flax seeds?

Flax seeds are not digested properly (phytic acid, etc.) in the human system.

June 24, 2003


(For more of the story on Jacob see also: Feb 20, 2001 Re: Paralysis, Fasts Feb 21, 2001 Re: High Blood Pressure & Stroke May 11, 2001 Re: High Blood Pressure Medication Dec 22, 2001 Re: DETOX – Vomiting Blood – Nausea – Rough Massage Apr 27, 2002 Re: Jacob – chronic depression – mental problems)

Dear Aajonus, I wonder if you could do Jacob and myself a favor? I am leaving and have had to hand him over to his church to be looked after (he is in a retrace or neurological detox, as you said, and has not been functioning normally or well). Anyway, they have had him go to his conventional doctor and are worried that he has had another stroke, as indeed are the doctors (they think it might be the MS come back!). Anyway, I hear he is due to have a CAT scan tomorrow and that worries me, especially during a brain detox.

Could you kindly and urgently speak to the person at his church who is organizing the health thing right now for him and speak to that person about what is going on with Jacob, this detox, that it is not another stroke and the effects of a CAT scan, etc. Also, that he has been progressing over these last years and his main problem, and why high blood pressure is good for him (they and the doctors feel his problem all stems from the fact that he does not take his high blood pressure medication and high blood pressure causes strokes), etc.

I would be most grateful. He is not alert enough to make his own decisions right now in the retrace. And they would respond well to you, his health specialist for some years.

PLEASE. I would be most grateful of this favor.

Many, many thanks. I am worried about all this.

I spoke with the person. He is convinced from medical rhetoric that high blood pressure is dangerous and leads to strokes. I cautioned him that the scan could cause irreversible brain scarring and asked him to seek an ultrasound to look for brain scarring that might indicate a stroke, rather than a scan. He seemed very strong in his resolve to do as the doctors want. I am sorry that I could not do more. As far as his symptoms reflecting MS, it is highly unlikely, because MS rears its head via atrophy of nerves, then muscle deterioration. Time will tell.

Have a wonderful trip. I leave for Asia on Sunday for 15 days.


July 24,2003

Re: Body Temperature

Hi Aajonus

Do you ever monitor your body temperature? I was reading a book on the thyroid by Stephen Langer MD. I was curious and took my temperature because I have never taken it before. It was fricking pathetic. I can't get past 96 F. In most cases it's around 95.5. That is very low!!

I don't have any of the main symptoms such as cold hands and fat loss problems. I've gained about 20 pounds over the past 10 months since eating raw and I am still leaner than you like. I do have some of the milder symptoms, but they are symptoms shared by almost every condition.

Does your body temperature always need to be 98.6?

98.6 is the normal high, not the normal low. People on healthier diets do not have as high a temperature. Mine is normally around 97.9 when atmospheric temperature is cool. Mine is normally around 95.9 when atmospheric temperature is hot: my body's way of cooling itself.


August 10th, 2003

Re: Lymphoma

A 29-year-old woman that I know had a biopsy done for a mass that was found in her chest (which caused a blood clot) and was just given a preliminary diagnosis of lymphoma. They tore her trachea on the way out, by the way. She is leaving the hospital tomorrow, already fed up with their ways and going on the raw diet. She will see you in Sept. for a full consult, but in the meantime, what is a "basic" diet protocol that I can tell her to follow?

Anything extra from what my wife and I do or what the average person does? She's about 5'7" and 150 lbs (strong and solid!).

I suggest that she should concentrate on eating many eggs: 8-12 per day, 2 with or immediately after each of her 2 meat meals. And, as many tomatoes, for her fluids. No milk, unless it has soured to a kefir consistency, but very little. Butter is much more important than cream. The bowel and contents of a cow or buffalo is usually imperative with lymphoma, about 2 ounces every four days. It may be washed down with some water.

Healthfully, Aajonus

Hi Aajonus,

Thanks for the quick response. She's determined and as yet not swayed by the doctors’ scare tactics. How does she acquire the bowel and contents of a cow or buffalo? Have others had success with Northstar Bison?

How or what does she ask for (packaging procedures, etc.) so it is not dried up and useless after shipping?

I suggest that she contact an Amish butcher and try to purchase several pounds of the bowel with contents. Usually, a section of the bowel is tied like a sausage at both points where the cuts will be made. Then it is either placed in a ziplock bag that is placed inside another ziplock bag and placed in yet another ziplock bag, packed with frozen pack and sent; or it can be placed inside a half-gallon glass jar, packed with frozen pack and sent.

She could say it is for her pet that has cancer; she is her favorite pet, I assume.

I suggest eating 1 oz. a day every 3 days. It can be washed down with water. Not milk, because milk contains lactic acid which retards bacterial growth.


Hi Aajonus,

We are having a problem coming up with the "bowel with contents". The states don't let the butchers send it out without inspection. Do you know of any farms that are willing and able to ship that out? I remember the farm in PA couldn't even get me the hooves when I once wanted to make a "bone broth" before I started your diet. Same problem, the butcher couldn't /wouldn't give it to them.

Any suggestions?

She could buy a duck or chicken, butcher it and eat the bowel and contents. I got the bowel and contents of a wild turkey several months ago and sold it to one of my cancer clients. She ate about 2 oz. and felt considerable improvement the next day.


What's different from using the high meat? Could she eat that whether or not the bowel becomes available? If so, what would then be the amounts?

The bowel has lots of E. coli. High meat may not contain any E. coli. High meat usually contains bacteria that works much slower than E. coli.

Healthfully, Aajonus

Hi Aajonus,

I was able to come up with some sources of fresh-killed chicken for her. There is a local farm, but they are grain fed (including the usual soy).

I understand that it is "best" if still in the bowel, but if E. coli is the main ingredient, so to speak, wouldn't it be conceivable to immediately collect it upon defecation of any animal? It seems that it would still contain plenty of E. coli.

If the chickens eat soy, I would not recommend eating it. The processed soy could cause E. coli mutations. E. coli is easily destroyed once exposed to oxygen. Best to maintain it preserved in the colon. Also, eating the bowel tissue provides nutrients that will promote proper and healthier E. coli propagation in the person eating the bowel.


Sep 13, 2003

Re: Racing heart – Too much butter?

Hi Aajonus,

I have been craving butter and am eating a good 1 to 1½ cups a day! Is it possible to eat too much butter? Last night in bed, my heart was racing and I was wondering if it could have been related to all the butter I have been craving and eating. I had eaten about 1/3 cup before bed with some pineapple.

The pesticide that pineapple growers use has caused many people to having racing hearts. Be sure to scrub your pineapples with warm water before you slice into them.

Remember from my first book, I ate 1½ - 2 lbs of butter per day. You are not eating enough to cause any problem.


Oct 10, 2003

Re: Dark skin on toe

I have some rough, dark skin in the middle of my toe. Is it fungal or what? I got it doing a salsa course. Someone trod on me. It does not go and is not a bruise but rather rough skin and darker. What should I put on it?

It seems as if it could be a fungal attempt to cleanse the damaged cells from the area because of poor circulation to the area. Do you wear loose or tight shoes? I suggest that you apply the Primal Facial Body Care Cream (page 145 of my recipe book) after washing. For your condition, I suggest that you add 5 times the ginger and 3 times the lime that is specified in the recipe.


Oct 10, 2003

Re: Itching

I am suffering from terrible itching on my head, neck and for a longer period now on my eyelids (they were swollen before too), with red patches on eyelids. What is this and how do I get rid of it?

Sounds as if you are butter deficient and using too much pressed oils that dry the skin rather than lubricate it.


Oct 23,2003

Re: Fat/Muscle Loss

Hi Aajonus

I am finding it interesting reading the various approaches to losing fat while struggling to hold on to muscle. The honest guys are the ones who admit to being able to do it only using steroids. The bottom line in bodybuilding is to lose fat and gain muscle.

In any of your experiences where you bring your weight up and then down again to detox, have you ever monitored or measured in yourself or any of your clients just how much of your weight loss is fat and how much is muscle?

I am close to 40 pounds heavier than I was last year and come January I will take it off again as you instruct in your book. Your recommended fat loss diet is mostly protein with moderate to low fat. I am anxious to see what happens to me.

When eating protein without fat, stored fat is burned readily with some muscle loss. However, if someone is bodybuilding on this diet, it is almost impossible to get fat unless tremendous amounts of fat are eaten with meat and at other times. If a bodybuilder can get fat on this diet and wants to reduce fat before exhibition, they must continue the full course of their regular diet of meat and fat together, but reduce or completely eliminate fat at other times.

Eating carbohydrates for weight loss will destroy muscle, causing muscle loss. During fat loss, vegetable juice should be consumed to keep the blood from becoming too acidic, and to prevent headaches and dehydration. Lots of tomatoes should be eaten to soothe the nerves and hydrate the body properly so that the bodybuilder does not become fatigued.

Nov 20, 2003

Re: Vomiting, pain & swollen eyes

I have a question: I was nauseous and then was vomiting all day last Monday of last week. Nothing would stop it. No relief – just green liquid coming up, with a very bitter and horrible taste. Was it a chemical?

Then I got neck and shoulder acute pain and this has lasted 8 days now. On some nights it was so painful I could not sleep. I could not move my head hardly. Now I can move it, but it’s painful.

Plus I have red patches by my eyes and itching and very swollen eyes and face, which kept happening regularly in the last 2 months. I know you said it was chemicals coming out or lack of butter. It started when I took some sleeping pills.

What do you suggest? I did not feel like any raw meat/fish or any raw food for a week after the vomiting. What’s going on?

It sounds as if you have a neurological detox centered in the brain, dumping into the lymph glands in the neck and some out the tear ducts. It’s best to try and eat as many eggs as possible during and after vomiting.


Dec 6, 2003

Re: Best Juicer

Dear Aajonus,

I'm re-reading your books and now want to buy a Green Star or similar juicer as a result of the advice you've given. Is the Green Star still your first choice? The Samson looks good as well. Any comments would be appreciated.

The Samson is a single auger, pressing plastic to plastic causing BPAs to gas.

The Hippocrates is a good juicer, but too small and it takes longer to juice the same amount of food than the Green Star 1000.

The Green Star 1000 is a double stainless steel auger system. It juices wheat grass as well as everything else. The amount of time you save with this machine pays for itself.

If you juice for a family, I suggest the original Green Power Juicer (not Hippocrates). It is a larger version of the Green Star.

The Juiceman and other centrifugal juicers use air (containing oxygen) to press the juice from the pulp. Oxidization of 1/3 of the nutrients occurs. The Green Star crushes and presses the pulp in a hermetically sealed environment where little, if any, oxidization occurs during pressing. You choose: quality or 5-10 more minutes.

The tests showing scientific analysis on juicers was done in Korea. The original company that manufactured the Green Power Juicer printed and distributed it. The lab tests showed oxygen attaching to vitamins and enzymes, rendering them relatively useless.


Dec 8, 2003

Re: Teeth

Your last email about your injury sounded pretty bad and sent a disappointed tone through me. You sound like its no big deal and that's great. But did you lose 3 teeth?

Two dentists said that I definitely would, and they wanted to pull them. I said, “Let's try and save them first”. There is a bit of pain in all 3, so they are not dead. I hope the nerve to them mends properly. The dentists said it was impossible. If my body saves them it will be another testament to the diet.


I hope you succeed. That will be a great testament to the diet indeed. Your eyes in the photo of yourself on the back of the Recipe book are amazing. They look like they are transmitting light. Have you had your irises change in structure or color over the last five years? If this photo is an accurate representation of your true eye color, then it would appear you are genetically altering your body to the point that you could grow new teeth. I'm in hopes that with this diet and these mono atomic minerals this might be possible some day.

The fact that my eyes have become luminescent may have nothing to do with the ability to grow new teeth, considering that the damage to dental DNA is extreme from chemo and radiation therapies. Time will tell. I simply hope to be healthy enough to remove all of the bruised and dead cells from the injury and regenerate cells to save the teeth.


Dec 17, 2003
Re: Flu
(see also Dec 19, 2003, Re Flu – Part 2)

Hi everyone,

I received inquiries about "the" flu from many of you. I will make it as easy to understand as possible.

Flus are viral. Viruses are not living creatures like bacteria and parasites. Viruses do not self-replicate as believed by academia. Viruses are solvents, manufactured within the body. Saying that viruses self-replicate is like saying laundry soap self-replicates because it is found in most homes throughout the world.

Viruses are produced when bodies need to cleanse, frequently when dying and/or decaying tissue is too toxic for bacteria and parasites to consume. The difference between bacteria and parasites consuming dying and decaying tissue and viruses dissolving dying and decaying tissue is this: Bacteria and parasites reduce the matter to tiny waste - just as we consume 5-10 lbs. of food in a day but discard as feces only 1/2 - 1 lb. of waste. Viruses are solvents that do not reduce the waste but dilute it and spread it throughout all circulatory systems. Viral detoxifications are more debilitating, are longer and result in more symptoms than bacterial or parasitical detoxifications.

Vaccines have never been proved to stop or prevent disease, but have been proved to cause many diseases and death. Vaccine-success is simply myth propelled by billions of dollars a year income for pharmaceutical and medical-related industries. There are many non-medical and non-academic sources for this information on the net if you search for it.

Suggestions to facilitate flu detoxification and reduce and/or mitigate symptoms: Daily, consume foods that bind with and absorb the enormous waste produced by viral detoxification, such as: 12-30 raw eggs, 9-20 tablespoons of unsalted raw butter (with at least a little unheated honey) and 4 ounces of no-salt-added raw cheese. Often, the protein in eggs is not enough to build long-fibered mucus. Eating some raw meat daily, especially poultry, is recommended. Eggs may be consumed as smoothies, that is, blend together raw eggs, raw milk, cream and/or butter, a little fruit and, optionally, honey.


Dec 19, 2003

Re: Your accident

So sorry to hear of your accident and jaw. How is it and how are you after this?

I am healing rapidly. Suffering some discomfort with the wired jaw and teeth. Thank you for inquiring.


Dec 19, 2003

Re: Canning Jars

Any idea where I can get Ball jars? I have tried Savons, Rite Aid (where I used to get them), and Vons. Nothing.

For canning jars, check your local grocery stores for Ball canning jars in 4, 8, 16 and 32 oz. jars. Always use Ball canning jar lids.


http://www.candlesandsupplies. net/Candle-Making/Ball-Mason-Canning-Jars
Phone: 800-819-6118 or 215-538-8552
Dec 19, 2003

Re: High Meat

I have some high meat in production in the fridge. I left it for 3 weeks and it is a little slimy. Should I continue to air it? Can I eat it like this – i.e. slimy?

Continue to air it and you can eat it slimy.


Dec 19, 2003
Re: Flu - Part 2
(see Dec 17, 2003, Re: Flu)

Hi everyone,

Many people responded with: “If flus are not contagious, how do you explain that when someone is around a person with the flu, s/he ‘comes down’ with the same symptoms in 3 days?” and “One member of the family gets it and it most often spreads to most of the family members.”

First, let me explain again that viruses are cleansing agents, solvents. They fractionate cellular structure while causing swelling. After cellular structure is compromised, the swelling causes a cell to appear as if it explodes. Some say that viruses attack healthy cells but not decaying cells. I will attempt to explain in simple terms.

Cells that have biological integrity are easily cleansed with or without bacteria and parasites. Many cells that are poisoned by unnatural chemicals from industrial pollution, including processed food, are toxically preserved and mutant. Because natural auto-bio-eco-cleansing substances are void in those cells, they seem to be sound in structure and are therefore interpreted as healthy cells. They are not. And, as I said in the last email, they are too toxic for bacteria or parasites to consume. Since the body does not need to use viruses on cells that are auto-bio-ecologically sound enough, viruses work on cells that seem to be healthy. To get an idea of the probability, look at many of those seemingly healthy individuals who never had a flu, had boundless energy and looked great. Yet, they dropped dead in an instant with an aneurysm. If they were truly healthy, they would not have had an aneurysm and died.

The medical profession and science are extremely deficient in diagnostics. They usually cannot determine disease until it is advanced. When they try to diagnose disease in advance, they look at criteria which have little to do with any particular state of disease. They are always trying to link a particular biochemical to disease. That is the result of the pharmaceutical industry preparing to produce or market a drug that will be advertised to alter that particular biochemical.

Viruses are manufactured in the cells. When a cell seems to burst, it releases all of the virus into the bloodstream and the body can use them to work on other seemingly healthy but damaged cells. This is diametrically opposed to bacterial and parasitcal detoxifications wherein the waste products are minized. Viral wastes are greater and produce more discharge from tear ducts, ear canals, gums, tongue, salivary glands and mucous membranes.

In the laboratory work I directed and observed, there was no evidence that viruses were produced (self- replicated) outside of cells. That is theory without proof and poor science. The increase of viral substances in the blood directly correlated to the amount that was released into the body with "bursting" cells. Since my discoveries proved to me that viruses are not alive and do not self-replicate, they cannot be contagious.

Now, I will present an alternative to the idea of viral contagions: the idea of cyclic detoxification by bacteria and viruses. Since society, in general, eats the same foods that are high in waste and toxic byproducts produced from cooking, processing and chemical argiculture, it is only common sense that many people will produce similar symptoms concurrently. Climatic conditions often affect which bacteria and viruses are utilized by the body for detoxification during seasons, yearly, bi-yearly, tri-yearly, quad-yearly, etc. If the body and its natural cleansings were not cyclic and happened all at once, we would be extinct. If we want to know how magnificent the body is, we must spend centuries studying its cycles. We must study which tissues are detoxified at what cycles - monthly, yearly, every 2 years, 3 years, 4 years, 5 years, etc. Since viral and bacterial detoxifications are cyclic, many people will get them within months of each other and then they disappear after about 3 months.

If they were contagious, as the profiteering medical and pharmaceutical industries want us to believe, and not cyclical, it would take at least a decade to spread one virus to affect 30 million people. In the present 3- month-flu periods, there would have to be at least 1 million spontaneous eruptions to produce 30 million cases of flu in that 3-month period – 3 days per individual being the least "incubation" period. If we are

going to write off 29 million cases as spreading from other people, what about the orginal 1 million cases? Therefore, contagion proves to be not only a flimsy but almost ludicrous theory.

Common sense: Because roosters always crow before the rising sun, does not mean that they caused the sun to rise, nor that the sun would not rise without them crowing, nor that they only crow before the sun rises. The cycles of the body are not absolute. Many bodies react differently and need viral and bacterial help at times when the masses don't and vice versa.

Some very well-meaning people wrote in favor of some vaccines, citing several historical changes to prove vaccine effectiveness, with added scare tactics. I will illustrate with only one of those examples. One of them wrote: "The polio epidemic of the 1940-50's all but disappeared after the Salk vaccine went into widespread use in the sixties, but not before hundreads of thousands, mostly children, died or were permantly disabled." That is myth. As I wrote in my first book in Appendix D: the following table lists the reported incidents of polio in the year 1958, before the compulsory polio vaccine law, and the year 1959, when the law was adopted. Only four states and one city kept records. The statistics show that the polio vaccine actually created the disease that it was purported to have prevented.

Number of Polio Cases Reported in 5 areas, Before and After Polio Vaccine became
1958 1959 % Increase
Compulsory Vaccination? NO YES
Connecticut 45 123 273%
Los Angeles, CA 89 190 213%
North Carolina 78 313 401%
Ohio* 17 52 306%
Tennessee 119 386 324%
*Ohio had an escape clause and many people declined inoculation. Therefore there were
fewer incidents of Polio.

Eighty-two percent of all of the people who had polio in 1959 (listed above) had been vaccinated with one or more polio vaccines. Twenty percent had at least three polio vaccinations. All cases had had at least one vaccine. Most cases reported as dead-by-polio were medically treated individuals.

The decline in polio cases had bottomed by 1958, so the polio vaccine had nothing to do with the elimination of polio. The same is true with the statistics of smallpox. Often, statistics have been twisted to seemingly confirm success of medical technology. As you can see by the table above, polio vaccines created polio and did not eliminate it.

Most often today, cases of polio symptoms are diagnosed as some other disease. Everybody has poliomyelitis. The question should be: Is is active? If it is, is it serving a beneficial purpose? How do we improve the body’s condition to withstand and heal such a spinal detoxification? As I stated in my first book in Appendix C, a polio patient showed improvement only when no medical intervention was accepted and raw foods were ingested.

I hope that this opens some conditioned minds to at least explore the possibility that viral contagions are myth, and removes much fear.

Healthfully and lovingly,

Dec 27, 2003

Re: Mad cow

Hi Aajonus,

Just wondering if you have any suggestions regarding the mad cow thing that has just been announced. I eat a large percentage of red meat and wonder if there is any way to look for specific meats? For example: grass-fed.

No need to be concerned unless, maybe, you eat the brain and spinal cord of an affected animal. I ate mad cow meat in Paris, for 3 months a year for 3 1/2 years over 10 years ago, and did not suffer any ill reactions. Of course, at the time, I did not know it was mad cow.


Dec 27, 2003

Re: Herpes

Thanks for this very informative email (Dec 19, 2003 Re Flu – Part 2).

Prior to 1991 I never had herpes. After using a lip balm over my cracked, wounded (opening in the skin) lips, I got a herpes sore in the area where the cut on my lip was, within 24hrs. I also came down with a fever and fatigue for over a week. The fever left but the fatigue stayed with me for over 4 years. It has improved partially but still is with me today. Every time I travel, the stress of flying causes the herpes to come out on my lip. It takes a week to heal this sore. This, I see, is having a direct infection occur from an outside source. The virus has continued to interrupt protein synthesis in my body ever since, creating fatigue, hair loss and lowered libido. I'd like to believe that the herpes will some day have run its course; but it does not seem it will ever go away unless every cell of my body could be made perfect, which according to your other email is 40 years on a perfectly pure raw meat, milk, egg, etc. diet. Unless you are aware of others who have seen their herpes disappear completely as determined by titer blood tests or something better, then I'm still inclined to use the anti-herpe herb "Shegoi" along with continued Rife treatments in the hopes that I will some day shatter the consciousness of herpes in my body, permanently eliminating it from my tissues.



The salve may have caused a little poisoning and may have triggered the final development - detoxification - of your systemically poisoned nerve endings, just as acupuncture does not create a disease but may bring disease to fruition. Nerve and bone detoxifications are the most prolonged and debilitating cleanses because nerves and bones contain concentrations of metals.


Jan 1, 2004

Re: Cravings for cooked meat

Dear Aajonus,

Any explanation as to why, after being on the raw meat diet for a period of time, that I crave cooked meat again?

Happy New Year to you.

t usually means a person is not eating enough fat with it to digest the raw meat properly. Add more raw butter and/or cream to the raw meat meal.

Jan 5, 2004

Re: Dizziness

I have been dizzy the last 10 days. Yesterday and today has been worse. What to do?

Sounds like a protein deficiency that may be produced from not eating regularly enough or consuming too much fruit. I suggest that you eat a lot of meat with a lot of butter.

Jan 8, 2004

Re: Aplastic Anemia

Hi Aajonus

There is a 10-year-old Amish girl who has been diagnosed with aplastic anemia, and a bone marrow transplant and chemo have been recommended, as usual. Because they are Amish, they are outside of our health care, and they are looking at $1200 a day.

I mentioned your success with leukemia. Is this girl’s problem in along the same family as what you defeated?

These people would have access to most all foods necessary. They don't have electricity, so juicing may be a problem.

Aplastic anemia is not as bad as my ex-multiple myeloma (cancers of blood and bone). She would most likely recover in about 2.5 years on the Primal Diet. Children should not have vegetable juice.


Jan 12, 2004

Re: Intestines & Cellulite

You didn't mention how my intestines are doing and at what percentage the liver and pancreas are now working. Are they working at a higher percentage now that more has been cleared up? Usually, you look at the hands.

Also I have cellulite on my upper stomach area. Is this heavy metals in there and how long will it take to remove that?

They are working about the same. If you were to reproduce more cells in the next year, I am sure they will gradually function at a higher rate.

It’s heavy metals in hardened vegetable oils.


Jan 29, 2004

Re: Pains around heart

Hi Aajonus,

I have been getting a mild pain (dullish) in my chest area around my heart off and on for a couple weeks now. Today it was much stronger and lasted longer. I have had absolutely no history of any kind of heart problem. Of course, everyone that I tell, tells me it's because of all the butter and red meat I eat every day. And, because of my programming growing up not to eat this, I second-guess myself and wonder if it is causing a heart situation that I never had before. Could this be some sort of detoxing that is going on? Or any suggestions as to what to do? I really do not want to go to the emergency room or my doctor if it is not necessary.

No need for concern. The body must increase circulation to the heart and surrounding areas to help cleanse and heal the areas when toxins have stored there. The swelling and cleansing sometimes causes discomfort, pain and fatigue. It has always been transitory.

The people who panic and relate chest pain to high cholesterol are simply parroting others' unscientific claims. All tribes that eat mainly animal meat and fats, and lots of it, whether cooked or raw, do not have heart disease. The fat that causes hardening of the arteries and heart is pressed vegetable oils, especially those that have been hydrogenated. Pour them into dirt and it turns the soil into rock over the next 6 -10 months. Place animal fat into dirt and it molds and becomes healthier, rich soil.


Jan 29th, 2004

Re: Blood - acid or alkaline and thoughts

Hi Aajonus,

I recently heard someone state that when the blood is more acidic, 75% of one's thoughts will be negative; when the blood is more alkaline, 75% of one's thoughts will be positive. They also mentioned this is why treatments such as lithium are effective, as lithium makes the blood more alkaline.

I've been trying to back this up with some sources but I've had no luck yet. I have found numerous sources discussing how negative thoughts create an acid environment, but not the other way around.

Do you know anything about this?

My experience supports that belief. I do not know about the percentages, but I do agree that when the nerves are irritated, because the blood supplying them is overacidic, negativity, hostility and irritability are common. An alkaline mineral supplement is not the answer because it causes imbalances. The green vegetable juices alkalinize the blood, rarely causing imbalances.


Feb 4, 2004

Re: Hand injury

Dear Aajonus,

I had a heavy suitcase with books fall on my right hand 11 days ago and it is still painful in the bone and when I move my fingers. How can I heal this quicker?


The Pain Formula eaten with meat meals and resting it on a hot water bottle as often and long as possible.


Feb 4, 2004

Re: Sagging flesh

Dear Aajonus,

I have sagging flesh and it is very orange-peel-like if I touch it. Example: on legs and arms. Is this all cooked food or carbos? Will it go on the diet? How long does it take?

The sagging and dry thick flesh indicates that toxins from cooked food are stored in the muscles and that the muscles are deficient in vitamins and enzymes. Removing the toxicity and rebuilding with healthy cells takes a lot of time, but it happens on the Primal Diet.


Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2004

Subject: Another Thailand Mishap

HI, all,

I am writing this email with mainly my right hand and while suffering minimal pain.

After looking at a probable site for my first Primal Diet health center in Thailand and having a raw salmon tartar dinner, I was riding to the hotel in the third seat (holds 2 people only) of a very sturdy new Nissan SUV when we were hit broadside by another SUV traveling very fast and without lights. Our SUV rolled and slammed into a pole. Since we were broadsided and the impact was opposite to my harnessed shoulder, I was thrown out of the seat-harness and slammed downward toward the opposite window. My head broke the window and my shoulder slammed the panel. The ribs must have been broken after that. I was unconscious at the moment my head and shoulder broke.

I came conscious about 40 minutes later when they were ripping open the door to remove my girlfriend and me from the rear of the vehicle that was upside down. I could not get clear-sighted. Images were askew and auditory perceptions were confused. Those symptoms lasted about 1 hour.

I suffered a concussion, broken left collar bone and two ribs. I refused all treatment but let them take 2 X- rays. I went straight from the hospital to the hotel after viewing the X-rays. Nothing was dislocated. That amazed the doctors because I had hit so hard the broken clavicle went through many of my neck muscles. I accepted a cloth brace.

I slept for 36 hours, waking every 2--4 hours to eat butter/honey mixture with either meat or a 3-inch section of banana. It was impossible to move without excruciating pain. Some Thai friends bought my food and cut the meat into very fine slices and put it by my bedside. I had taken enough butter to consume 1/2 pound per day.

After 36 hours, the pain had subsided enough for me to return to Bangkok. I headed for the airport in Ubon Ratchitani (where the property was located) for Bangkok. It is now 57 hours since the accident and I am able to move with little pain as long as I don't use my left arm and get up and down from the bed very very slowly. I actually worked 4 hours this morning. The doctors said I would not be able to work for one month.


I look at these two accidents that were just over 3 months apart as evidence that recovery from severe accidents is quick when medication and intrusive medical therapies are not utilized when on the Primal Diet. I hope that this encourages everyone to feel more confident about the diet.


Apr 13, 2004

Re: Mad Cow

Hi, all,

I include all of you in the following response because so many people have asked about it.

There is no medical evidence that folded prions cause Mad Cow. The symptoms of Mad Cow are similar to mercury contamination that occurs from vaccines. There seems to be several reasons for creating a new disease. Firstly, it is a smokescreen that prevents pointing the finger at the pharmaceutical industry for using mercury in vaccines that causes the nervous system to disintegrate.

Secondly, my research and that of reporter Jon Rappaport shows that the major genetic food industry is behind the scare with agents in the FDA, USDA and CDC. The business plan seems to be to destroy all faith in natural animals and replace faith with fear. Presenting genetically altered "safe" animals that are patented would mean that the manufacturers would receive royalties for every animal, if they wish, and completely control the food industry. It seems they are doing the same with agricultured food. So, for Monsanto and Dow and others, destruction of unpatentable animals is not only good business sense but a must. If we discard the bacteria theory, they would not get away with it. But, as you can see, everyone follows the postulate that we should fear the bacteria that humans and all animals have been living with for millions of years and trust 600,000 new chemicals that create "clean" living. Those chemicals are causing most of the diseases that exist today, not germs.

If you think that that is a far-fetched conspiracy theory, you might miss the boat to good health.

I ate Mad Cow meat for 3 1/2 years while I lived in Paris, off and on, from 1993-1997 and suffered no ill effects.


Nov 1, 2004

Re: Shaving

Hi Aajonus,

I'm just curious. What do you recommend for shaving? I used to have a beard and I've since shaved it off, but electric razors give me heat burns. I've resorted to using the Primal Facial Body Care Cream as my shaving cream and using a normal razor. Even with this, I need to reapply the cream for 1/2 hour after I shave because my face gets pretty red. After that, my skin tone goes back to normal and any nicks heal quickly, so I guess it is working; but I thought you might have some advice. What is the best way to shave for a sensitive face?

First, I moisten my face with coconut cream about 5 minutes before I plan to shave. Then I whip an egg, apply it to my face over the coconut cream and shave with the egg on my face. I rinse the razor in clean water frequently while shaving to remove hair in between the blades. Then, I dip the razor in the whipped egg again before I continue shaving. I drink whatever I do not use.


Feb 2, 2005

Re: Hybrid Car

Dear Aajonous,

As I recall, you had gotten a hybrid car. Which one did you get? Do you like it? I believe you said the one you got emitted lower EMFs than others you tried.


I got the Toyota Prius. I have had it for over 2 years and love it; it gets 40-45 miles per gallon, even with the mountains of Malibu. It handles well and has the lowest EMFs of any vehicle (5-15 milligauss in the front seats at the legs, and 1 milligauss in the rear passenger's seat), hybrid or otherwise. The Honda hybrid has extremely high EMFs in both the front and rear passenger's seats (25-75 milligauss). Honda put its huge battery under the rear seat.


Sep 20, 2006

Re: Sore throat

Hi Aajonus,

I just signed up for your newsletters and have read all of them. Awesome information. I’m so inspired and filled with the hope of future improvements in my health. Thanks for these masterpieces of newsletters. I’ve know much of this, but your providing new facts and details really crystallizes the whole microbe subject for me much better.

In the recent past I got tired of the raw regime and ate a few meals of cooked fish, steak and chicken. Then I bought and tried pemmican that was dried at 120 degees and the tallow that dripped off was added back with honey and cherries. I ate a few helpings of this stuff, then I got a sore throat. I returned to 100% raw, except for some bread and slowly have improved. Now, 2 1/2 weeks into it, the sore throat is about 90% better. It has taken a longer time than normal to clear. I’ve implemented some of your suggestions in the book. My question: have you ever had a sore throat or cold or flu symptoms on this program that lasted for weeks at a time?

You talk about how people with chronic fatigue syndrome are always skinny and irritable. Yep, that has been me. And it all makes so much sense. I’ve never been able to build muscle. I must have been really poisoned from mercury fillings, vaccines and dead chemicalized food in the 60’s & 70’s. By age 16, I woke up and began my exodus from the land of disease.

I ordered some Terramin. I’m excited to use it to grow back the bacteria necessary for good protein digestion and improved elimination. On red meat my bowels slow up way too much. I need more E.coli for sure. I look forward to the day when I’m healed enough to feel tremendous peace, happiness and strength.

Thank you for your appreciation for my work. Through childhood and adolescence, I suffered sore throat and cold/flu symptoms for up to 3 months. Since I have been on my present diet, while several times detoxifying my jaws and teeth, I experienced sore throats for up to 10 days; colds or flu for only 7 days. I suggest that you eat at least 20 eggs daily until symptoms subside.

In order for you to gain weight, you must force yourself to eat when not hungry. Once you gain the weight, your appetite will increase to feed the new cells and you will not have to force yourself to overeat as often.


Sep 20, 2006

Re: Traveling to Mexico

Hi Aajonus,

I’ll be traveling to Mexico for a week and wanted some advice from you on eating raw. I’ll bring a three day supply in my suitcase, but what to do on the other days? Do I order raw steak or fish in restaurants? Have you ever eaten in Mexican restaurants?

When I travel in Mexico, I order "carne crudo" at restaurants. Most often, I find a butcher store where I purchase the meat. If you are flying to Mexico, do not store your food supply in your checked baggage, because the radiation it will suffer is enormous. The carry-on X-ray is mild and if your food passes through only once, it will not be too ill-effected.


Jan 7, 2007

Re: Fish Question


I ate sushi a week ago. I was obviously not thinking and ordered the salmon. For some reason I assumed it was wild. At the end of the meal I asked the waiter and he said yes it was wild.

I found out yesterday after calling the manager of the restaurant that it was farmed salmon. I am/was upset to discover I ate farmed salmon with all of its pollutants. How much damage have I done after two courses of sashimi? I never eat any kind of farmed fish. Unfortunately, I was not thinking.

Thank you.

You probably used about 2 meals of good food to contain and detoxify your farmed-food poisoning. That type of poisoning is unlikely to cause any permanent damage as long as you ate and continue to eat a healthy diet. I suggest that you eat 10 eggs per day for 10 days minimum to ensure that you will not store any of those toxins.


Jan 19, 2007

Re: MRIs

Hi Aajonus,

I was wondering about the safety/risks of MRIs (Magnetic Resonance Imaging).

MRIs may loose too many heavy metals in people and cause serious damage. The magnetic field is about 75,000 gauss and can cause heavy metals in the body to pierce tissue.


Feb 15, 2007

Re: Raw Food for 15 Month Old Baby


What raw foods are safe for a 15 month old baby to eat? I am just now introducing some food to him.

I know you say meat and milk. What about butter alone, butter and honey together, kefir, raw cheese, raw cream, raw egg or raw egg yolk?

I have tried very small amounts of all of the above foods on our little boy and he loves all of them. Any problem with them?

Is there absolutely any raw food that he should not have? I don't want him to detoxify in an unhealthy way.

I make your Steak Tartare with 1-1.5 pounds fresh raw ground sirloin meat (I grind myself), fresh grated red onion to taste, 1 clove fresh grated garlic and 1 raw egg. Is this okay for a 15 month old to eat? Or should the raw meat be plain?

Thank you.

All of those foods are helpful to most infants, however cream and butter require large amounts of minerals and proteins to utilize them. Milk is most often the perfect balance, if cream content is satisfactory. Small amounts of cream and butter will not cause imbalances. If trying to counterbalance a large consumption of cream and butter, more protein and cheese should be consumed.

Because of children's delicate digestive systems, it is always best to feed infants and children plain meat.

Healthfully, Aajonus

Is raw avocado okay? Our little boy loves it. Thank you.

It is good for infants, but not as a staple fat. It does not build or heal the body; it mainly causes detoxification.


Feb 17, 2007

Re: Ultrasound Treatments

Hi Aajonus,

I was wondering what your thoughts are on the safety and efficacy of ultrasound, commonly used in physical therapy for reducing inflammation in musculoskeletal injuries. Is it dangerous, risky, can it help?

After my cancer therapies that damaged my spine, I received ultrasound treatments regularly and they did not help my condition. In fact, when I started taking them, the marijuana that I took to reduce back pain made my pain worse instead of better. It changed something in my body that caused me suffering with no relief. I am just one experience and have not conducted any experiments with it to know the effects on other people.


Feb 24, 2007
Re: Oil Pulling

Dear Aajonus,

Some of my friends are all excited trying this new thing called “oil pulling” to detox their whole body.

You get some sunflower or sesame oil and swish it in your mouth for 20 minutes on an empty stomach and then spit it out, and it’s filled with toxins.

I'm skeptical. Have you seen this before or given it a try? What do you think?

I have heard of it. To know, someone would have to have the oil analyzed for toxins, before and after swishing it in the mouth. I have seen no such tests. However, since the brain dumps most of its toxins through the gums, tongue and salivary glands, I would conjecture that probably it would work.


May 8, 2007

Re: Salt in Cooked Food


In your book you say that cooked food needs salt to help process the cooked food. When eating cooked chicken / cooked food is it okay to put salt on it?

Also, Wild Copper River Salmon is just now coming into season. Is Copper River Salmon safe to eat?

Thank you.

Cooked meats of any kind do not need salt.

I have not investigated Copper River in several years, so I do not know.


May 10, 2007

Re: Eye Color

Hello Aajonus,

During our eye visit you said that my eyes could possibly be blue and not green like you thought a year ago. Currently they are brown. If my eyes turn out to be blue, why did they turn brown from all the toxins? My husband's eyes are blue and his did not turn brown from toxins. Other people's eyes are blue and they stay blue even though they are full of toxins. I am confused by this. I don't think I am any more polluted than other people. So why did my eyes turn brown? You said around the pupil you can see intestinal impactations: that is why there is so much dark brown. Why did they turn brown in my eyes? Other people with blue eyes have intestinal problems that are much more severe than mine, but their eyes do not turn brown. I hope this makes sense. Would you please clarify for me.

Thank you.

People store their toxins intracellularly (inside cells) or extracellularly (on cellular walls). Intracellular is more often worse than extracellular.

Healthfully, Aajonus

So, since my eyes are brown, do I store my toxins intracellularly or extracellularly?

I think last year you said I was outside the cells – extracellularly. Would this be right?


People store their toxins intracellularly (inside cells): normally colored eyes; or extracellularly (on cellular walls): discolored eyes. Intracellular is more often worse than extracellular.


May 24, 2007

Re: Ear eruption

I just returned from Chicago. For your girl’s ear problem, apply lime juice (not lemon) 2--3 times daily. After 3 minutes, apply non-fermented coconut cream with a little honey.


June 6, 2007

Re: Tobacco

Hi Aajonus,

Our friend came to see you. Thank you for helping him. He thinks you are the greatest thing right now!

I talked with someone at Mother Earth tobacco last week. She said someone else has called them about the green tobacco and they are trying to figure out how they can do this for us. She seemed very receptive to doing it, but says that the tobacco will turn brown very quickly and begin to have a horrific odor. And even if they overnight it to places in the US, there is really no guarantee that it won't get stuck at the border, and then be brown when it arrives. Just wondering if you have any thoughts on this? Would it still work as long as it could be juiced, even if it is not green anymore? If this would still be beneficial, then I think they would be willing to work with us.

I did find a farmer not too far from us who is willing to let us come and get some of it, but he does not want us to give his name out and he does not want to do it for other people because he's worried about tax issues. He said he didn't know if there would be tax on "green" tobacco, or if it would just be on the cured stuff. I am also not all that sure that he will be willing to do it for me when I call him back in August to go get it!

Thanks. Hope your travels are going well!

If it were brown for several days that would be fine. You will ferment it anyway. The requirement of green tobacco was to ensure that it was not dried tobacco. Only cured tobacco is taxed.


July 21, 2007

Re: Whole House Water Filter

Hi Aajonus,

We are interested in installing a whole house water filter. We like the Aquasana filter. It takes out everything except the minerals.

What do you know about whole house water filters?

Thank you.

I would use a three-tier system: paper - charcoal or carbon - sand, in that order.


Aug 15, 2007

Re: Aching, Vomiting, Fever

Dear Aajonus,

My son started aching all over with a fever of 101.0 this morning. He has had very little intake today: water, carrot juice and orange juice. He has no appetite for anything else. Tonight he is vomiting with a fever of up to 103.4 and continues to ache all over. What should I do with him now? He does not want the carrot juice or orange juice.

Any suggestions?

Thank you.

It would be best if he consumed the tomato drink in my book We Want To Live (page 263) for fever. The fever is good; it indicates that his body is ending a long detoxification and entering a healing state. The healing state usually results in lethargy for 1-6 weeks while the body uses all of its resources to heal and regenerate itself. Juices usually cause more detoxification. Besides the drink for fever, drinking smoothies and milkshakes are best. Follow the instructions for colds and flu in my recipe book on page 147. Eating a little cheese often helps to absorb poisons that cause nausea.


Aug 23, 2007

Re: Frequent Colds

Hello Aajonus,

How many colds a year are good to have when on this diet?

The reason I ask: I have had 1 sinus infection and 4 colds since last August. I am currently having my 4th cold as I write this. The first cold was in Nov. 2006. The colds are coming like clockwork every 3 months. Is this okay?

Thank you.

You are very lucky to have such frequent detoxifications of that kind.


Sept 12, 2007

Re: Raw chocolate

Hi Aajonus,

Question: What is the truth about raw cacao? I read in one place that chocolate is believed to boost serotonin and endorphin levels in the brain and is good for us. Then in another article I read this:

"Chocolate and raw cacao are outright health hazards due to the chemicals,
contaminants, and additives they contain. The chemicals within chocolate are called
methylxanthines. They can be further classified as theobromine, caffeine, and
theophylline, all of which have deleterious effects on the body. Theobromine is known to
cause a host of symptoms including abnormal glandular growth, nervousness, depression,
anxiety, insomnia, gastrointestinal problems, and itching. Caffeine is highly suspected of
being a carcinogen, and is directly linked to heart and circulatory problems, glandular
difficulties, nervous disorders, osteoporosis, birthing abnormalities, and so forth.
Theophylline causes stomach problems, nausea, vomiting, and nervous disorders."

You talk about caffeine and theobromine being bad for us in your book.

What is the truth? You eat some of it. How much is too much, or is it really the best not to have any at all? Are there any people that should not have any at all? What do you think?

Raw chocolate made with raw butter and honey is fine in small quantities. I wrote about it in my soon-to-be- released newsletter (Volume 7, Oct 30, 2007).


Sept 27, 2007

Re: Takara Detox Foot Patch

Have you seen this? What do you think about it? I was totally skeptical until I read it. I am curious. Do you know anything?

I have not experimented with it but it could be well utilized in emergency cases. Whether the mined and sterilized tourmaline, not bioactive from plants, can cause tissue destruction if absorbed has not been addressed. Whatever else is in the patch that may be absorbed into the body prior to toxins being attracted to the patch has not been addressed. Since feet normally heavily perspire, the acidic perspiration will dissolve some of the patch and absorb it. Does any of it remain in the body, and if so, what are the effects long-term?


Nov 6, 2007

Re: Powdered Sun-Dried Clay


Hello sir. Real quick, thank you for your tireless efforts for the nutritional health of humanity.

I'm looking for the best powdered, sun-dried clay. Do you have a recommendation?

Thank you for your time and effort.

P.S. - Love the books.

Go to for Terramin clay.

Thank you for your appreciation for my work.


Dec 18, 2007

Re: Smoke Inhalation

Hi Aajonus,

Just emailing to see how you're doing. And to see how you made it through the Malibu fires. I hope you're doing well.

I missed you this summer in DC. Will you ever be coming to New York again?

I escaped fire damage but not the smoke. Thank you for your concern.

At present, I have nothing scheduled for NY or NJ.

Healthfully, Aajonus

Hi Aajonus,

I'm glad you're OK. Enough butter and lubrication formulas should help with any internal smoke inhalation, I think. Correct me if I'm wrong.

What's your upcoming schedule look like?

Also, a bit of coconut or olive oil with help.

I am in Asia. I return in March.


Jan 7, 2008

Re: Pork & Liverwurst


I'm about half way through "We Want to Live" and have already put "The Recipe for Living Without Disease" to use. I wanted to ask you about organic, pastured, raw, ground pork. There isn't much that I've seen in the books about pork, which leads to a bit a reflexive 'fear' about the 'safety' of eating it.

I was recently told by an acupuncturist that beef and chicken do not serve my present constitution and that fish and pork are appropriate, which is also why I'm asking.

I look forward to your thoughts.

I ate pastured pork this morning, enjoyably. The bad info about health-giving pork is myth. As long as an animal eats what is natural in its natural state, the animal, as long as it is not a poisonous toad, is good to eat.

Healthfully, Aajonus

Hello again Aajonus.

Thank you for your response as I know you're extremely busy.

I'm on the search for a RAW ORGANIC LIVERWURST (BRAUNSCHWEIGER) and was wondering if you knew of a producer.

Thanks again for your time. My family is now beginning to reap the benefits of your work. I just got off the phone with my sister who has been eating raw for almost two weeks now and her latest menstrual cycle was effortless/painless as a result - a monumental event for her.

It is illegal for any prepared meats to be raw; they must be blanched (partially cooked). I do not know anyone willing to cross that regulation for raw meat.

Thank you and your family for your appreciation for my work.


Jan 11, 2008

Re: Frozen Organic vs Fresh, Non-Organic Meat

Hello again Aajonus,

As it is not always possible to get FRESH, NEVER-FROZEN, organic meat, and in light of your research suggesting that the flesh meat of NON-organic animals is really not so much of a concern, my question is this: In a given circumstance, is it more healthful to consume PREVIOUSLY-FROZEN, ORGANIC, or FRESH, NEVER-FROZEN, NON- ORGANIC????

THANK YOU AGAIN for your time. And thank you for taking on the government in your raw milk/dairy battles.

It’s best to have some of each. Be certain to have some butter with previously frozen meat.


Jan 25, 2008

Re: Kidneys

Dear Aajonus,

I am very concerned about my kidneys.

Kidney History: May'07 at my 2nd consultation: left kidney burned with sulfur; right kidney waterlogged. I called you in August or September about red circles on my back over the kidneys after wearing ice packs strapped on while doing yard work. Also I've had a lot of back stiffness all summer upon rising. You started me on lymphatic baths and the stiffness went away.

Presently, my urine output is decreasing: my body continues to retain fluid, as usual. I don't know if my cystocele is worse and causing a backup of urine or if the kidneys are malfunctioning. I will try to get a urinalysis. During the summer, I had 14-16 ounces of urine upon rising. I just started measuring again and now get half the amount. I have cut mineral water to 2-4 small sips per day instead of cups per day. I continue to get liver spots all over my face. It used to be just my right side.

Please advise. I'll be most grateful. And thanks for all your milk work for all of us!

Since you drastically reduced your water intake, your urine intake should be greatly reduced. I do not see a problem. However, wearing ice packs on your back would have burned many nerve cells in your skin and kidneys. That may take a while to cleanse and repair. During a kidney detoxification, the kidneys will have reduced function.

During a kidney detoxification, it is best to eat a little pineapple and more grapefruit. Applying a hot water bottle to your kidney areas will help cleanse and heal them faster.


Feb 12, 2008

Re: Sperm stem cells

Hi Aajonus

I’ve been reading one of your previous newsletters regarding stem cells from sperm (newsletter #7). I've been thinking of stem cells from sperm directly applied to the eyeball. What do you think?

I applied sperm several times to my damaged eye and it seemed to make it worse for the first two applications. After those, I applied it to the corner, very thinly to the lids only, twice weekly. After a month I stopped, but I noticed some favorable results which did not last more than 3 months. Since I need all of my eyesight that is available, I have not experimented further. When I have time off, I will experiment with it again.

Healthfully, Aajonus

Well, I've put everything else in there. Raw honey did not work well. I may give the sperm a try.


With patients, I found that applying honey to the eyelids produced more favorable results than application to the sclera.


February 27, 2008

Re: Testing to ensure milk is really raw

I have some doubt (admittedly small, due to the presence of an employee at an organic dairy who is opposed to selling the stuff raw) whether the milk, cream and butter I have been getting is really raw.

Is there a reliable test or indicator?

Yes, it is a relatively inexpensive test where a laboratory tests for the cauterization of phosphorous.


Mar 12, 2008

Re: Cheese & Eggs

(See also:
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Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions this morning. I don't want to take up more of your time, but after our conversation I was left wondering about a couple of things.

You recommended eating cheese throughout the day for my nausea. Does it matter what kind of cheese? I have raw unsalted cheddar. Will that do, or does a different kind of cheese work better?

You also recommended eating eggs when I lose my appetite and don't feel like eating. In your experience, does this cause people to detox more or should it help with the nausea?

Thank you again for your kindness and patience with my many questions!

Any type of no-salt-added raw cheese is fine, including cottage. Eggs by themselves rarely cause more detoxification; it depends on each body.


Mar 22, 2008

Re: Lung infection

Hi Aajonus,

Have you ever had anyone else have a lung infection problem that got worse on the high meat and finally cleared up?

Yes. They should not sleep prone until the detoxification is finished.

Mar 27, 2008

Re: Severe rash on chest

Hi Aajonus,

I sent you two photos of a rash that came out of nowhere on my chest 2 weeks ago, and is spreading down my body and onto my arms and legs.

My mom has Morgellons and has had it for several years now. She thinks it is that, as the websites on it state that it is a sudden onset of a rash that itches and hurts. Then, after a few weeks or months, it is gone as fast as it came. Then some sort of incubation takes place for anywhere from 3 months to 3 years before the sores start, where the fibers start coming out of the body. It also said stress and sweating can set it off. I do hot yoga and sweat a lot and have been under HUGE stress the past 3 months.

I have no idea if it really is the Morgellons, or if it is some sort of detoxification I am going through. It is excruciatingly painful and itches like crazy. I have been putting coconut cream on it for two weeks and it has not helped. In fact, it is getting progressively worse.

Please help!

No matter what, such a detoxification is toxins passing through the skin and irritating cells. To help arrest the toxins, so they cause less irritation and cellular damage, I suggest that you rub lime (not lemon) juice on the area. 3-5 minutes later, apply coconut cream.


March 26, 2008

Re: Olive Oil & Fermented Cod Liver Oil

Is this an olive oil that meets and exceeds your standards?

California Heritage Olive Oil from Living Tree Community Foods

California's olive country is full of pesticides and herbicides, therefore this oil MAY be affected. Is there any type of solution used to help separate the oil from the pulp? Many oil companies claim cold processing, but use solvents and/or separating solutions instead of heat. I think that Living Tree is a reputable company, but I do not think that they understand some of oil processing. Someone will have to speak with the chemist to ensure that nothing is used to cure or separate the pulp from the oil.

I worked with Green Pastures to create the fermented cod liver oil about 1.5 years ago. I tried it and it was good, but they did not sell it at the time because it would only remain stable for 6 months. Then the company decided to change processes to make it last 1 year. They did not contact me about their new processes or whether they changed the processes at all.

I do not have time to call Living Tree right now, but I will put them on my call list. If you would like to call them be my guest, but get whatever they claim in writing.

Healthfully, Aajonus

March 28, 2008

I emailed Living Tree and I got a reply from their president, who stated that their olive oil is made without using any chemicals or solvents and that it is raw, unfiltered, unheated and UNPRESSED - produced in a water-jacketed centrifuge at room temperature.

Their flaxseed oil is cold-pressed, without chemicals or solvents, below 120 degrees F.

Both are certified organic.

Thank you for being so diligent and prompt. In the past, I have found that most executives of companies are not reliable sources for confirmation of processes; that is why I asked you to speak with the chief chemist for the company. If the president is also the chief chemist for the company, then his confirmation is probably accurate.

Healthfully, Aajonus

I think I will double check to see who the chief chemist is.

I also spoke with Green Pastures and they will email you to confirm that the fermented cod liver oil product has not changed processes in any significant way since you were aware of it. They only add a small amount of organic virgin rosemary oil as an antioxidant in minute quantities, but they are going to re- establish the product without same this summer.

The rosemary oil is distilled and very toxic, solvent active.

HOW toxic? I've been consuming a lot of his cod liver oil. How should I detox it?

Probably, the amount of rosemary in it is bonded with the cod liver oil and it did not cause you any problem with storage or injury.

March 28, 2008

Re: Flaxseed Oil & Forced Detoxes

Hi Aajonus,

I just purchased your guide of approved products and have been checking on availability and making comparisons to some of the stuff I have been using.

Flora flaxseed oil is on your approved list, pressed at or under 90 degrees, but it comes in a plastic bottle which they claim has been tested to ensure against leaching of various chemicals. I have been using a local, dark-glass-bottled, organic flaxseed oil, pressed at about 98 degrees. Which do you think is the better bet? Are you OK with plastic containers of the quality Flora claims?

And on this subject: I have been consuming what I thought was the highest quality of organic cold- pressed olive oils as a staple for over 20 years now, only to discover their real temp was in the neighborhood of 120 degrees F. What, if any, damage have I likely done with these oils, and what, if anything, can I do to reverse it? I ask because I noted with fascination your green tobacco detox for smokers included in the guide, and wondered if a similar approach might reverse any detrimental effects of a lifetime on phony extra virgin olive oil.

The best flax oil is Barlean's. They press it the day before they send it. You can put it in glass as soon as you receive it. I agree, oil that sits in plastic for very long dissolves the plastic; as oil sits, it becomes more acidic but not rancid, unless it is heated over 96 degrees F.

Any time you would like to force-detoxify anything, ferment or age the substance and then take it in very small amounts.


Mar 29, 2008

Re: Rabies Vaccine

Hi Aajonus,

We need to take our dog to a trainer. She has been on the diet you recommended since soon after we got her. She is very spirited and I wouldn't dream of squashing that, but she is a little out of control not listening to us! Anyway, she had the puppy shots at the humane society before we got her, but has had no shots since then. I don't plan to do any of them, even though we cannot kennel her anywhere because of it! The trainer is definitely on the side of as few vaccines as necessary, but he says he cannot get away with overlooking the rabies one. In our state, it is law that they must receive the vaccine once and then once more a year later. After that, they can go 3 years. So, I only have the record of the one she received just before we got her. So, now either I have to give it to her or I cannot take her to a trainer. I have read that they can titer to find out if she still has enough antibodies, but the holistic vet here says that there is not enough evidence that the titering works with rabies to make this legal in our state. So, do you have any recommendations about how I can make this the least harmful to her?

Thank you.

She is not receiving enough bones, or is not digesting the bones you give her because the puppy shots damaged her digestion. If you are feeding her plenty of bones, you may have to crush them with a sledge hammer in the future so that she will digest them better. Once she has enough of the minerals from the bones, she will behave.

As far as shots, including rabies, they only cause harm to her and profit pharma. To protect my dog, I would falsify documents if I had to, which might be easy to do with the phenomenal graphic programs available.

Healthfully, Aajonus

Oops, I didn't mean to give the impression that she is having problems. I think she is OK. We do smash the beef bones sometimes when she is unable to do it herself.

But, I do want to take her to a trainer to learn how to stop her from dragging us down hiking trails with the leash. So, I either have to do the shot or falsify the documents like you said.

Unfortunately, I am not always as resourceful as you with things like this. 95% of the time, we make the choices that you would suggest. But, sometimes, we sell out because we do not know how to get the things done that will allow us to go around. This may be one of those times. Plus, I would hate for her to get bitten one of these days when she takes off through the woods.

So, in case I don't find another way, could you please tell me what I can do to make the shot the least harmful as possible? Is there something I can give her before and/or after that will help?

Thank you.

Rabies vaccine does not prevent rabies but causes it. The mercury, formaldehyde and aluminum usually cause crippling MS in the rear end of dogs after age 9. Usually, it is temporary if the dog is on the PD but sometimes it is not.


Apr 1, 2008

Re: Bone Tissue Remedy

Hi Aajonus,

Re your tissue healing remedy of:

1 cup fresh pineapple
3/4 cup coconut cream
1/2 cup raw honey
1 cup raw milk,

I take it this was to be consumed all in one day. How long did you stay with this particular concoction?

That was for bone tissue; 6 weeks.


Apr 3, 2008

Re: Nausea, Thirst, Egg Diet & Cheese

(See also:
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20091031-0701 Re: Difficulty Gaining Weight)


When I spoke to you on the phone you mentioned that I should eat eggs alone when I lose my appetite. Well, that has happened and all I want to do is drink water. Food or fat is not appetizing to me at all.

I'm worried that the eggs alone will make me continue to detox but I won't be eliminating the toxins into my bowels and I will just start vomiting. However, I read in your book that eggs help capture and eliminate toxins into the bowels. Is this true? Do any of your patients start vomiting when eating eggs alone? How long do your patients usually have to stay on the eggs before regaining their appetite?

Aside from the nausea, the unquenchable thirst is probably the most miserable part of being on this diet. What is causing this? What can I do to reduce this? I've spoken with others who are on the diet and none of them seem to have experienced this kind of thirst for as long as I have and I'm just wondering if I'm doing something wrong. I guess the one difference is that they were all on a specific diet that you gave them and I'm just kind of doing this on my own until I can come and see you.

Thank you for your time.

Yes, the eggs help pull toxins to the bowels. They are the easiest food to digest and give the body plenty of nutrients for healing. Usually, if someone vomits after eating anything, they will be able to keep food down the rest of the day. One vomit daily is usually all that the body needs to dump the worst poisons of the day.

When you think that you can tolerate it, try drinking a Moisturizing Formula throughout each day. For thirst, I suggest that you continually sip on raw milk or the Hydration Formula in We Want To Live , on page 253.



Thank you for speaking with me this morning. I had to put my cheese in the freezer a couple of months ago so it wouldn't spoil. Will it still be effective for my nausea or will it no longer work since it has been frozen?

How long do you think I will need to stay on the eggs and cheese only? Several days? Several months?

Thank you.

When cheese has frozen, the minerals are altered and may be more readily absorbed rather than binding with toxins and being passed through the body. It is better than none. It is better to simply skim the outer molds from the cheese than to freeze it.

You may have to use the egg and cheese diet periodically, depending on your body's cycles.


April 16, 2008

Re: Raw Milk and Weight Gain

I sense my raw dairy consumption of late (as opposed to a few years ago with a different supplier) has resulted in considerable weight gain. Granted, I have been consuming a lot more, but it got me thinking.

When I want to quickly gain weight, I drink lots of raw milk.

April 19, 2008

Re: Flora Flaxseed Oil

Hi Aajonus,

FYI, Flora's flaxseed oil is a cold-pressed oil that makes your list of approved products but, upon direct inquiry, it turns out that it is pressed at 98, not at or below 96. They say they use NO heat, but that is the temp at which the seeds are ground. I get the same story at a local flaxseed oil producer here. They say NO heat is used, but the gauge at the press is 98 degrees. I am going to enquire about the others on your list, but thought you'd want to know Flora does not meet the 96 advertised there. How bad/less good is having consumed these 98 degree flaxseed oils?

98 degrees F. for flax oil is okay, but not for olive, peanut or coconut oils.


May 9, 2008

Re: Cucumber Puree Directions

Dear Aajonus,

Many people had questions about adding the cucumber pulp to our juice when we make it when you said to chew it. So, should we keep the cucumber puree separate and chew it with our juice, or just eat it in the juice?

Many have told me to tell you "Thanks for coming!" I saw how many hugs you got.

Do not separate the cucumber pulp, chew it in the juice; that way people will not gulp, and they will build more collagen.

Tell everyone I appreciate their appreciation more than they may realize.


May 19, 2008

Re: 2-year-old eating soil


Why is my 2-year-old eating soil? I'm sure soil is contaminated with who knows what. What is best for him to eat? Thanks.

He eats soil because it has many nutrients that aid digestion. However, if the soil has been contaminated with herbicides, pesticides and chemical fertilizers, it could cause anemia and, at worst, leukemia and possible bone or other cancers. It would be best to travel to a clean state or federal forest and harvest about 2.5 gallons of top soil (no more than 6" deep) and pick a spot that he likes in your yard for him to grab and eat it.

Healthfully, Aajonus

Hi again,

I had one more thought. My 2-year-old has only eaten the top soil twice and I don't think he has ingested very much. I am hoping that your reference to leukemia would require him to eat larger amounts over time. Please calm my fears on this. Also, is there anything he can eat now that would clean him out of the possible contaminants in the soil. The soil was top soil from the large 40 pound bags you buy at the store; there was nothing added to them. Just plain top soil.

Thank you once again.

In a child that young, even a small amount could cause anemia, but probably not cancer. One drop of vinegar in a tablespoon of raw milk, twice daily 5 days weekly for about 6 weeks, should remove all such toxicity.


May 20, 2008

Re: Cucumber in juice


When you came here you put all the new people on cucumber for their juice. One person had 50% cucumber. What does cucumber do for the body? My juice drink that you gave me 2 years ago is 75% celery, 15% carrot for sulfur, and 10% parsley. Do I need to change my juice and add cucumber to it? If so how much?

Thank you once again.

I experimented with cucumber puree for about 6 months with 50 people and the results were very beneficial for skin, connective tissue and other collagen-related needs. New people on it is a broader experiment. You may add 45% cucumber puree and drop 45% celery if you like. However, since you are doing so much better, I am reluctant to suggest the change for you. I will not be able to distinguish how much your skin is affected by fat absorption if you add the cucumber. I do not want you to forget the need for fat and think that because your skin may improve so much with cucumber puree that you do not need as much fat.


May 27, 2008

Re: Back of teeth coming off

Hi Aajonus,

Have you ever experienced almost an entire layer of the back of a tooth come off like an egg shell, but literally grow back within days? I've been very strict on the Primal Diet over the past 5 months – more so than ever. But I do have a lot of toxicity.

Three weeks or so ago, I had the backs of my 2 lower teeth feel like they almost came off entirely. As mentioned, it was like chomping on egg shells. It was rather alarming, but no pain or discomfort. The major divots grew back in within about a week.

Now, on Saturday night, another lower tooth right beside the other 2 did the same, but as mentioned, no pain or discomfort and it is already beginning to fill in.

Have you seen this before? I know you have written about detoxing the brain through the tonsils and gums and I am wondering if that is what is happening.

It happened to me only once but was reported by only 3 other people.


Healthfully, Aajonus

Congratualations on what? A detox?

On healing your teeth after detox.

May 29, 2008

Re: Nature's Sunlight Farm raided

Hi Aajonus.

I expect you have heard that the farm in PA was raided and he is being charged with selling without a license. About $30,000 worth of dairy products and some equipment was confiscated. He was arrested and later released. His case comes up in early June, I think. It would be a damn shame to lose him as a supplier.

I met and spoke with him last August and advised him to take the lease-herd route to protect him from the jurisdiction of any government body. However, he wants to stand on constitutional principles. That is a good stance idealistically, but taking such grounds puts you at the whim of judges. If worst comes, he can always adopt the lease-herd programs and be out of government jurisdiction.


May 29, 2008

Re: Gerolsteiner in plastic bottles

Hi Aajonus.

I read your latest newsletter (May 23, 2008) and saw your comment about not drinking Gerolsteiner water because they switched to plastic bottles in the US.

I have noticed the change in the taste.

I used to drink Perrier, but you stated before that Perrier was artificially carbonating their water and that their natural sparkling water was no longer natural.

So, I stopped buying Perrier and bought Gerolsteiner in bulk.

Has Perrier returned to being all natural sparkling spring water?

Does the harm of plastic bottles outweigh the less than true naturalness of water bottled in glass?

Yes, Perrier began buying natural carbon dioxide from another mineral spring company whose wells had excessive gases. That was about 2 years ago.

Yes, the plastic BPAs and other toxins outweigh the health value negative.

Healthfully, Aajonus

Hi Aajonus.


I sent Gerolsteiner a message stating that I will not longer use their product because they switched to plastic bottles in the US. They have an online form on their website that anyone can use to send them comments. I don't know if it would be worth putting the word out. Maybe we can pressure Gerolsteiner to return to glass bottles. If enough people respond they may begin to feel that they will lose too much business.

May 30, 2008

Many of us contacted Gerolsteiner and they don't seem to be moved.


Jun 3, 2008

Re: Butter wrapped in parchment paper

Hi Aajonus,

What's wrong with parchment paper? I get my raw butter from Grazin' Acres in Wisconsin. They wrap their raw butter in parchment paper. Is that okay? The other alternative is number 5 plastic from Amos Miller in Pennsylvania. Which is better: parchment paper or #5 plastic?

Thank you.

When I got butter wrapped in parchment paper, I trimmed 1/16" of butter from all surfaces, because toxins that are used to make paper are easily absorbed into butter. As long as the butter is not frozen, plastic will not leach into butter. However, there is a slight toxic film on plastic surfaces that will be leached into butter. From plastic containers, I scrape the surfaces. It is my understanding that Grazin' Acres freezes all of their butter unless you ask them to send non-frozen.


May 29, 2008

Re: Egg regimen for digestive problems

Hi Aajonus.

I am trying to increase my egg intake. I still don't have a supplier that I can get enough eggs from to consume 24 eggs a day. Am I supposed to do this for just a short period of time, or on a regular basis?

I am trying to get ready for summer training camp. It is tough. My body is getting very sore, and I am experiencing a lot of aches and pains.

Because of your long-term digestive challenges, I suggest that you eat as many eggs as possible for at least 18 months. Miller’s Organic Farm has wonderful eggs.

Your aches and pains are indicative that you are not cleaning lactic and uric acids from your muscles, tendons and possibly arteries. For about 10 days, I suggest that you consume 2 tsp raw apple cider vinegar daily, that is, 1 tsp twice daily with vegetable juices. Continue that for about 6 weeks. Thereafter, I suggest 1/2 tsp twice daily, for 3 weeks on and 3 weeks off, for at least 12 months.

Healthfully, Aajonus

Hi Aajonus.

I started the apple cider vinegar twice a day. My aches and pains seem to have lessened somewhat. They are still there, but not as bad.

My groin injury is still bothering me.

I am leaving for summer camp in Baltimore. It is going to be tough, I think, with all of the issues I seem to be having.

One other note: My weight is up to 151 lb. now. That is high for me. Unfortunately, it still is not evenly distributed. It seems that it is more in the lower abdomen. I’m not sure if this is from the diet, or simply lack of activity due to my groin injury plus getting older (I am 57 now).

I will let you know how camp turns out. I plan on taking the vinegar with me, plus a lot of eggs. There is no refrigeration available at the camp.

Jun 9, 2008

It takes time to gradually clean the system of uric and lactic acid crystals that cause stiffness and soreness.

There is a membership in Baltimore called The Essene Church of Peace where you can get some food including raw dairy: 301-654-4899.

Happy camping.


June 9, 2008

Re: Lungs, Pneumonia

Dear Aajonus,

I realized we forgot to see what state my lungs are in. I had pneumonia for the first time last year. The doctors saw something on the X-rays. What do you see?


I mentioned the lungs. The right lung improved with removal of biological waste, but accumulated metallic toxicity. The left lung improved by waste removal and healed some (more cellular life), but also accumulated metallic toxicity.

Pneumonia is a radical method of detoxification.


Jun 24, 2008

Re: URGENT – tumor – request for guidance


My wife's tumor in her left breast has slowly been growing bigger over the last 6 months, from a small plum to about the size of her fist. Also, in the last few months, the surrounding lymph nodes have all gotten bigger and painful. In the attached photo, the entire #2 group is palpable, all the size of grapes. The # 3 area, on the breast, is the largest, double the size of a grape, like a date. # 8, on the top of the sternum, is the size of a silver dollar and raised out about 3/8 of an inch. The one right at #7 is small and painful. There are some smaller ones in the vicinity of #4 and #5.

To make things worse, her shoulder/breast area is now so stiff and painful, it is as if she were recovering from a car accident or some other injury. She has to walk slowly, conscious of her arm movements, and I have to be careful if I hug her. If I squeeze too hard it hurts her. The lymph nodes are very itchy inside and painful. She also gets a very painful itchy feeling inside the tumor that she describes is like little worms moving around, but that pain in the tumor has always been there (on and off), just more intense recently.

A dry cough has been developing slowly over the last few weeks. She says that her lungs are very itchy in the sternum area and she just needs to cough. A couple of days ago, she mentioned that if she bent forward, it was as if blood would surge to the lymph and they would throb. And then, when she coughed, she could feel pain in all of her lymph. Now, she is just so sore everywhere that it is painful all over the area and in the lungs when she coughs. She has started to cough up some mucus.

She is really having a hard time and is really scared, especially after last night when every time she lay down and tried to sleep, she would start coughing and it was really painful. She finally fell asleep and appears to be breathing normally but coughs slightly and moans a little every now and then.

She has been taking hot baths and using a hot water bottle on the breast area and that has been helping with the pain a little. She is all raw (100% and no salt for 2 years). She gets in a lot of cream every day, eating ice cream; plenty of milk, about a quart a day; usually, at least one meat meal; not a lot of juice lately, but a little green juice yesterday; a couple of spoonfuls of butter; and a bit of cheese before the meat meal. Other than that, she has been eating fruit like mango (from the neighbor's trees) which is in season and some organic apples, and one or two small apple bananas from the yard (the fruit has been replacing the other meat meal and a snack). She has been taking some organic salads to work with pine nuts and flax seed/honey/ACV dressing. She has not been drinking smoothies, but we have had chickens for about a month and she drinks one to two eggs a day. They did eat some commercial feed when we got them but we have weened them off and they are now on wheat/corn scratch and the rest is grass, bugs and worms from the yard.

We look forward to your reply.


I am confused why I was not kept abreast of her progress.

Juice is very important to remove waste, especially minerals that have bound with her body's cancerous discharges. If she does not have juice, those toxic minerals will remain in tissues, hardening the area. Fruits cause mineral imbalances and add byproducts that are likely to cause more stiffness.

I suggest that she drink 3 8-ounce glasses of vegetable juices daily: 25% carrot, 25% celery, 10% cilantro and 40% cucumber puree. Juice all but the cucumber. Peel the cucumber until all the dark green is removed. Slice the cucumber into circles and add it to a quart jar. Fill it with vegetable juices and a little honey and blend. Mix all the juices and the cucumber puree together and bottle it for each serving.

When she drinks the juices, I suggest that she drink 1 tablespoon of raw apple cider vinegar with the first juice, 1 1/2 tsp vinegar with the second juice, and 1 tsp vinegar with the last juice. I suggest that she drink that 6 days weekly for 6 weeks. On day 7, weekly, I suggest that she drink the juices without vinegar.

Keep me posted.

Healthfully and lovingly,

July 1, 2008

Re: Follow-up to our consultation

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Please verify:

Upon waking: cheese. 10 min. later: 1/2-3/4 c. papaya. 20 --3 0 minutes later: more cheese. 10 min. later: egg. 10 min. later: egg. 10 min. later: egg. 10 min. later: cheese. 10 min. later: protein meal (1st choice meat/ milkshake/ milk with honey & coconut cream). Every hour: 1/2-1 tsp. cheese w/1 Tbs. Moisturizing Formula, followed 5–10 min. later by an egg. 12:00 PM: cheese, followed 10 min. later by 4 oz. cucumber puree and carrot juice drink. Every hour: 1/2-1 tsp. cheese w/1 Tbs. Moisturizing Formula, followed 5–10 min. later by an egg. 5:00 PM: cheese, followed 10 min. later by 4 oz. cucumber puree and carrot juice drink. 6:00 PM: 1/2-1 tsp. cheese w/1 Tbs. Moisturizing Formula, followed 5–10 min. later by an egg. 7:00 PM: protein meal (1st choice meat/ milkshake/ milk with honey and coconut cream). Every hour: 1/2-1 tsp. cheese w/1 Tbs. Moisturizing Formula, followed 5–10 min. later by an egg.

Should I eat anything different right before I go to bed?

1/2 cup milk or milkshake.

You recommended eating in the night. Should I eat a little cheese followed by milk & honey?


Do I eat the papaya all by itself?

Cheese 10 minutes prior to, but papaya alone.

It's hard for me to tell the difference between nausea caused by toxins dumping into my stomach or from food not digesting and just sitting in my stomach. Is there a way to differentiate between the two?

If you are eating the PD, no nausea is caused by food. Often, as soon as food enters the stomach, the body dumps toxins into the stomach; that is the reason for eating cheese frequently, and 5--10 minutes prior to eating.

I have such a hard time gaining weight, especially with a lot of eggs. Will I be able to gain enough weight on this protocol?

Probably not, or very little. This regimen is to help heal your digestive abilities to the extent that you will be

able to easily gain healthful weight.

At our consultation you said that eating honey with cheese caused it to be digested by the body rather

than it acting like a sponge to absorb toxins. There is honey in the Moisturizing Formula so how does it

not do the same thing?

When honey is premixed with another food/fat, it is not used to digest cheese.


July 6, 2008

Re: Remedy for Hydrogen Peroxide

Hi Aajonus,

I seem to have rendered unreadable my note on your suggested remedy for having consumed 15 drops of "organic, food-grade hydrogen peroxide" daily for the last 8 months. You said coconut oil/cream and _____ together. Can you please remind me.

2-3 ounces of coconut cream and 1/2 cup tomato with a few drops of raw apple cider vinegar. Blend all together.

July 8, 2008

Re: Food-Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

Hi Aajonus,

I just wanted to clarify something from our Saturday consultation: as I mentioned, I have been taking (I stopped since Saturday) 14 drops of food-grade hydrogen peroxide daily for the last 8 months, as per the recommendation in the first edition of WWTL, as a way to boost oxygen and aid my hair/eyebrows. The funny thing is, I believe there has been some improvement. How do I verify if in fact the H2O2 that I have is of the kind you originally recommended in your book, or is in fact dangerous?

If you paid $300 for 2 ounces, it is probably natural. The cost of obtaining and packaging natural H202 is very expensive. If you paid anything less, it is definitely not natural.


July 11, 2008

Re: Bladder Stone Removal Remedy

ITEMS NEEDED: Small picnic cooler 1 hot water bottle Glass jars: 4 ounces to hold vinegar 4 ounces to hold lemon juice 8 ounces to hold olive and coconut oils 16 ounces to later combine the above ingredients 16 ounces to hold sparkling water

Ingredients: 3 ounces of olive oil 3 ounces of coconut oil 3 ounces of apple cider vinegar 2 ounces of lemon juice 16 ounces of sparkling water

Place the ingredients in their respective jars as mentioned above. Place all jars including the empty 16 ounce jar in the cooler. Place the hot water bottle that is about 110 degrees F. in the cooler to heat the ingredients and keep them warm. Place the cooler near your bed or floor where you will mix and consume the ingredients later.

BEGINNING THE PROCESS Follow the instructions for Lymphatic Congestion and Lymphatic Baths. Drink the Lymphatic Formula (pineapple/coconut cream mixture) as soon as you enter the bathtub or hot tub. Soak for 60-90 minutes in water that is 101.8-103 degrees F. After leaving the tub, bundle warmly. Go to the bed or the floor and remove the jars from the cooler. Pour the lemon juice, vinegar and both oils into the empty, warm 16 oz jar. Sit on the bed or the floor and drink 4 ounces of the formula at a time, alternating immediately with 4 ounces of water. Repeat until the mixture and water are consumed.

Immediately, lie on your back. Place one hand on top of the other and with the top pads of your fingers in horizontal alignment with your pelvic bone, press slowly and deeply into the lower abdomen just above the pelvic bone downward toward the tail bone. While pressing as deeply as possible without creating too much pain, slowly move your fingers toward your navel about 5 inches. Do this 10-15 times. Roll onto your stomach and roll your abdomen muscles up and down until you must urinate. Try to hold it until you absolutely cannot hold it. Holding your urine will force the bladder to expand as much as possible and allow the ingredients to begin dissolving the stone(s). Also, it allows for dissolved stone fragments to flow outward with the urine upon urination. Use a jar to catch your urine and check for stone fragments.


July 15, 2008

Re: Bladder Stone Removal Remedy # 2


1 hot water bottle 1 glass jar - 32 ounces to hold all ingredients 1 quart Sports Formula

Stone Removal Formua Ingredients:

4 ounces of olive oil 7 ounces of apple cider vinegar 2 ounces of lemon juice 7 ounces of sparkling water

Start drinking 1 quart of Sports Formula 3 hours before drinking the Stone Removal Formula. Finish the Sports Formula 30 minutes before drinking the latter. You may also drink juice instead of Sports Formula if desired. Do not eat anything during this time.

Prepare a cold bath ahead of time. Mix all the ingredients together in the jar. Then lie down on the floor or bed and place a hot water bottle on your abdomen for 20 minutes.

On the way to the bath, begin to drink the formula and finish it while lying in the tub on your back. Rest your head on the hot water bottle.

After 5 minutes in the bath, as relaxedly as possible, roll your stomach up and down for 20 minutes. If you have to urinate before the time is done, get up and catch your urine in the quart jar. Then lie back in the tub for the remainder of the time. When finished, get out, but try to hold your urine for as long as possible and go to the bed or floor, lie on your stomach and roll your stomach for about 5 minutes. Use a jar to catch your urine and check for stone fragments.


July 17, 2008

Re: Hothouse Tomatoes

Hi Aajonus,

I just discovered that ALL of the tomatoes we have been buying and eating from the local community organic grocer are hothouse tomatoes.

Am I right to assume that such are somehow deficient, and/or possibly dangerous?

Is it better to eat non-organic tomatoes if they have been grown in sun and soil?

Not only are they deficient, they are not truly organic. It is always possible to get organic cherry tomatoes that are not hothouse year round.


July 20, 2008

Re: Spoiled/Rancid Raw Butter

Hi Aajonus,

Is "spoiled"/rancid/fermented butter harmful or beneficial, in any way?

Raw butter does not rancidify or putrify. It simply tuns into moldy butter-cheese such as blue butter- cheese. Like cheese, molds have predigested the butter, making it more digestible.


Jul 24, 2008

Re: Coconut Cream Concentrate

Hi Aajonus.

I was wondering if this would be an acceptable substitute for making coconut cream by hand:

With all of my traveling, I am finding it very difficult to make the coconut cream on a regular basis.

Would this concentrate be acceptable?


It reaches very high temperatures during processing and it is full of cellulose (fiber) on which you will spend a lot of digestive energy, without extracting many nutrients. When I am in such situations, I eat the coconut meat.


Aug 26, 2008

Re: Hot Springs Temperature

Hi Aajonus,

Would soaking in a hot springs pool with a temperature of up to 114 degrees be too hot for the body and the lymphatic system?

Soaking in such a high temperature will destroy enzymes in the skin and connective tissue and damage them. It will also cause dehydration in those tissues.


Aug 31, 2008

Re: Questions About Diet & Penicillin Destroyer

Dear Aajonus,

I have attached the diet you created for me. Please review it for me and make any changes necessary. I will be working hard to adhere to it. I want to make sure I am following the best eating plan, and I am determined to feel better and get healthier.

A couple of unanswered questions:

You mentioned you wanted me to eat bone marrow. When, how much, and how often?

You mentioned "Penicillin Destroyer" being important for me. We didn't discuss it further. ("Penicillin going wild in my body.") Can you tell me what you want me to do?

You suggested cherries and dairy cream 2 times a week. What time of day, where in my eating plan, and what quantities?

You didn't mention butter following my evening meat meal. Do you not want me to have it, or did you forget to mention it, and if so how much?

Thanks so much.

Bone marrow should be eaten before meat; have 1-2 bone-marrow sections per day at your evening meat meal.

The Penicillin Destroyer is 3.5 tablespoons each of lime juice and coconut cream, 1.5 tablespoons of honey, and 1.5 teaspoons of lemon juice. Blend all of these together and pour it into 2.5 ounces of naturally sparkling mineral water. Sip it over 15 minutes in the afternoon as your fruit meal of the day, once weekly.

Have 1/2 cup of cherries with 3 tablespoons of raw cream as your afternoon fruit meal, twice weekly.

Temporarily, have no butter with your evening meat meal for weight loss.

To thin mucus, mix 2 tablespoons of butter, 1 tablespoon of coconut cream, 1 tablespoon of honey and 1/2 teaspoon of ginger juice.


“To thin mucus, mix 2 tablespoons of butter, 1 tablespoon of coconut cream, 1 tablespoon of honey and 1/2 teaspoon of ginger juice.”

Is this a gargle, or do I swallow it, and how often, and when if I swallow it?

Have 1 teaspoon kept in your mouth for about 4 minutes and swallowed gradually over that 4 minutes, as often as once every 2 hours.


Sep 15, 2008

Re: Artificial knee

I was asking you about my father and you felt he has Crohn’s with his leg infection, swelling and pain (plus general spinal osteoporosis). It turns out they are going to operate to give him an artificial knee as the bone, etc. are too damaged in the knee and he can't walk. What advice? Is there any hope without this? He is bedridden right now and can't walk. And they are waiting for the readings of the infection to come down so that he can be transferred to another centre to do the operation and the 6 week recoup process.

What advice do you have for my father? His knee and bone are damaged and no good apparently, i.e. he cannot walk. It is worn through. Should he get an artifical knee as they want to do at hospital? Could it be prevented?? And is this bone/cartilage worn through part of Crohn’s? Is it ageing/wear and tear or what?


At this late stage, to cleanse and heal his condition could take 2-5 years. If he gets an artificial knee, he could be walking painlessly in several months. However, if he does not resolve the problem that caused his joint deterioration, he will have problems elsewhere and pain in the replaced knee. Many people with replacement joints suffered unending pain until they began eating raw meat. Most sufferers completely eliminated crippling replacement pain within 2 weeks of consuming raw meat twice daily. Others required 4-5 weeks. In those situations, it did not matter whether the sufferer consumed red or white meat for healing. What should be considered is if red meat is causing the sufferer to be more anxious. If so, then s/he should eat white meat. After surgery, meat and the Lubrication Formula are most often imperative.


Sep 15, 2008

Re: Airport letter

Dear Aajonus,

Just writing to request the letter from you for the airport to take raw food on a flight. Does this mean that the one piece of hand luggage we are allowed to take is then taken up with the raw food bag or is this seen as an extra piece allowed?


Airport document attached. This will be a carry-on only, usually the food you take in your bag. However, if you take a lot of food, if you state that your extra carry-on is medication, they will not stop you and usually not charge you. Thus far, I have not been charged.


Sep 15, 2008

Re: Tsunami

Dear Aajonus,

Can you remind me of the nuclear explosion explanation of the 'tsunami' in Thailand. Why could it not have been a tsunami? I know you said there were submarines below from UK and US parties and there was only one picture of the water/wave.


An earthquake causes large waves to ripple and crash onto shores. All of the testimony from eyewitnesses described the water swelling with no waves -- that the water swelled three times. That kind of physics can only be produce with underground explosions. Also, the USA-owned island that sits between India and Myanmar posted a notice 24 hours prior to the event to evacuate to the top of the island.


September 17, 2008

Re: 10% of Brain Myth

Aajonus, I was at your event and it struck me as inaccurate when you said we only use 10% of our brains. So I did a Google search and found lots of articles saying it was a myth.

My iridology exam showed lots of detoxing in the brain. So I guess that is a good thing after all!

In gratitude for your work.

The estimation of brain usage was issued after Einstein's brain was examined. Like muscles that are active, certain chemical byproducts are present in active tissue. Only 12% of Einstein's brain had those chemicals. From that, it was deduced that other people of less brain activity used approximately 10%. Just because there is circulation to most areas of the brain does not mean that they are utilized.

Healthfully, Aajonus

I believe the brain falls into the same category that, in years past, tonsils, spleens and appendixes fell into. Science doesn't understand how everything works and concludes that we must not need/use them. What year was Einstein's brain examined? Humanity's knowledge base increases astronomically every year. I think you are holding onto a piece of data that doesn't serve your message. That's all.

Einstein's brain was examined from the time it was donated several days after his death and up to 3 months after his death. I do not see any signs that we use much of our brains except with advancing harmful although convenient technologies. Animals with small brains do not kill for greed and pollute reality on all levels. My argument was that most of our brains are utilized to hold metallic and other toxicity, but not much for intellectual use. That is why our brains are so large; they have grown exponentially ever since we began smelting to make and preserve tools and convenience objects all the way to our present level of industrial pollution. In my perceptions of experience, there are no indications that prove we are wiser than other species holistically. I think that I present a huge argument that supports my message that we have large fatty brains to store toxicity that aligns with our rate of pollution, because we well know that bodies store toxins in fats when fats are available. Should we agree to disagree?


Sep 22, 2008

Re: Re: Emergency!!!!!! Nausea

(See also:
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I spoke with you yesterday morning about the cheese issue and I tried what you said: to eat a piece of cheese every 20 minutes until the nausea subsides. However, with every piece of cheese I got more nauseous and it gave me TERRIBLE stomach cramps. The nausea never went away and I was never able to eat anything else because of the terrible nausea. I just felt like my stomach kept dumping toxins all day. I was awake all night with horrible nausea and stomach cramps. I am at a complete loss as to what to do next. Before, when I would eat a piece of cheese and then my meal, 10 minutes later the nausea would get worse with the cheese and then get a little better when I ate/drank something. But, eventually, that went away and I was nauseous all the time and spitting up a little food every time I ate. I'm wondering if I need to eat fat with my cheese to help contain some of the toxins that I'm dumping, or will that just make me more nauseous? Do you have any thoughts/ideas regarding this? I really don't know what to put into my mouth next. I tried drinking a little water with Terramin clay but that made all of my symptoms 20 times worse.


I wonder what toxins are in your stomach walls. Try sipping some lemon juice mixed with honey and naturally sparkling mineral water before and/or after eating cheese.

Healthfully, Aajonus

Aajonus, Can you tell me what proportions of honey, lemon juice and water? How will this remedy help with the terrible nausea and stomach cramps? Should I try to eat other foods or only if I'm not having any nausea?

Thank you.

It is a remedy in my book (page 295) for nausea.

Healthfully, Aajonus


Thank you. I found the remedy in your book.

One final clarification before I give this a try and I will leave you alone. If I sip on the mixture of mineral water, honey and lemon juice, do I need to wait a certain period of time before I can eat an acidic food (meat or milk)?

Thank you again.

Yes, if you sip and not gulp, please wait about 10--15 minutes.

Sept 24, 2008

Re: Cat Vomiting – Now Won’t Eat

Dear Aajonus,

Our 16-year-old family cat has not been able to keep any food down for 10 days now. He attempted to eat and threw everything up. Now he won't eat anything. He is getting extremely thin and dehydrated. He doesn't drink either.

His usual diet has been raw for five years: raw chicken, meat, tuna (doesn't like salmon), periodically he drinks raw cow's milk, and eggs. He's finicky and eats only these foods. He's an inside cat and hasn't been ingesting anything harmful.

I tried a little cooked chicken, with raw butter added after cooking, a raw egg blended in milk, and mashed potatoes with raw butter. He can't keep anything down. His stool is usually very hard and now what little there is, is runny, yellowish and gray, and he's defecating outside of his litter box. I'm cleaning up vomit, cat urine and diarrhea whenever he tries to ingest something.

Maybe his organs are shutting down. He will certainly starve to death if this continues. I may go get a saline IV from a vet to hydrate him.

What does your expertise and instinct tell you? I instinctually don't believe he is dying yet, but I am scared he will starve if I don't help him in some way.

Cats and dogs who have had vaccines and other injections usually endure such detoxifications between 9 and 10.5 years of age. Mercury, formaldehyde and aluminum cause the symptoms. The symptoms often progress to rear end paralysis.

Trying to feed him tiny amounts of raw cheese frequently helps to absorb those poisons. To give him enough strength to survive the detoxification, I suggest a 2 parts butter to 1 part honey mixture.

Of at least 16 cats that I have helped through that detoxification, only 2 died. However, at the end, their keepers took those 2 to veterinarians and they died within 24 hours.

His stools should be hard because he is not eating anything that remains in his digestive tract.


Sep 25, 2008

Re: Pearl Powder as a Food

Dear Aajonus,

This is something you do not want to miss. Read this and then sign up and get on board. This is going to be the biggest and best nutritional supplement of the century. I'm not one to ever get involved with MLM but here is a unique and optimal situation. Please do take this seriously.

Pearl powder is rock. We do not digest rock. We could feed it to plants and derive minerals from it, but in rock form, we will get mineral clumps throughout the body. There are no magic bullets.

Healthfully, Aajonus

Oystershell is rock. Pearl is in a matrix with proteins and trace minerals. This is a food and it has regenerated collagen and skin health, it can support bone density. Pure rock would not mend itself into a cavity and fill a tooth, but the Mayans used pearl power successfully to fill teeth. Only a living mineral with proteins could do that! I know your high standards and I would not begin to think I could persuade you onto something that would be a rock only. Really this is a food and is worth looking into.

Pearl is rock also. It is not a food source for us. Dogs and cats might be able to use a little of it, but not humans properly. Pearl powder as a filling makes it a good hard substance, but can we digest teeth? If you swallowed your tooth it would pass whole through your digestive tract.

Here is what I suggest that you do to test your belief. Have someone consume 1/4 cup with only water -- drink water and eat nothing else for 48 hours. Have a laboratory liquefy feces passed for the 48 hours and see how much pearl powder remains and in what condition. That is, has it been etched by intestinal acids or not?


Sep 26, 2008

Re: Toothpaste

Hi Aajonus,

Do you recommend any other toothpaste besides clay/butter, cream/ginger or mint solutions?

Yes, once or twice weekly, a mixture of 1 tablespoon coconut cream, 1 teaspoon clay and 1/2 teaspoon raw apple cider vinegar. That will clean plaque from deep under the gums.

I presently use Doctor Burt's lavender and mint toothpaste. Should I discontinue using it? If so, what should I use daily?

I suggest that you discontinue it and brush with the following mixture once daily that is best kept in refrigeration: 1 tablespoon coconut cream, 1 teaspoon Terramin clay and 3/4 teaspoon raw unpasteurized apple cider vinegar


Oct 1, 2008

Re: Obsessive-compulsive disorder – anxiety

Hi Aajonus,

Have you had any experience in healing someone with obsessive-compulsive disorder – extreme anxiety? If so, is it a lack of raw fat, or something else?

Would there be an article on this in one of your newsletters?

Thank you.

90% of the time, anxiety is from the body creating many hormones for physical activity, but failing to exercise. Enough exercise usually resolves the problem.

I may discuss the subject in an upcoming newsletter within 3 months.


Oct 1, 2008

Re: Custard Formula

Hi Aajonus,

As of Monday, I'm happy to say I will have done the custard formula for 5 consecutive days.

3 questions:

(1) How many days should I take it for this urinary situation?

(2) Happily, my urine remains light and clear, but there is a small prickly feeling every time it collects in my bladder, as well as when I relieve myself. Any thoughts?

(3) Does having E. coli in my urine have anything to do with how it feels? Any recommendations?

Custard was to help correct damage by antibiotics. I suggest having it 2-3 times weekly for 10 weeks.

If the doc lasered your bladder, it will likely cause discomfort until it is completely healed: 3-6 weeks? E. coli in your urine indicates that you consumed antibiotics. Yes, do not ever take antibiotics again.

Healthfully, Aajonus

Hi Aajonus,

Thanks for stating the purpose of the formula. I need to clarify about the E. coli. I had my last urine analysis on Tues 9/24 and they found "bacteria" in the urine. This was BEFORE I took any antibiotic, not after. Hence, I gave in briefly. My apologies for not saying earlier when they noticed "E. coli".

I seem to be improving well. Urination is freer and clear. Much less discomfort. I will continue taking the custard formula. Do you think I still have any bacterial infection from that one pill I took?

Also, is it enough to put 3 Tbs of kefir and yogurt in each quart of milk I consume?

The E.coli is never a problem anywhere in the body. Probably, the antibiotic has been completely arrested but damage done may take several months to resolve. That is why I suggest that you continue consuming raw custard. Also, you could consume about 2 teaspoons of wet clay (see my book) with a vegetable juice once daily.

3 T. of kefir or yogurt per quart of milk.


Oct 3, 2008

Re: Artisana Coconut Butter Hi Aajonus,

Whole Foods has a product called Organic Artisana Raw Coconut Butter. It's the pulp and cream together. It tastes delicious. It's nothing but 100% organic raw coconut. Costs about $9 for 16 ounces. It is found in the raw food section with other sun-dried fruits and foods.

I know honey must remain at 93 degrees or less. 110 degrees does not seems very hot.

Also, under 110 degrees does not mean that the Artisana coconut butter ever reaches 110 degrees. It just means that it remains under that temperature. So it could be that it's being juiced at a far lesser temperature than 110 degrees. Maybe 100 degrees or 98 degrees.

What do you know about the Organic Raw Artisana coconut butter?

I would think that it's better to eat than nothing or other worse alternatives.

Thank you.

96 F is the top to which coconut can reach and still maintain all of its nutritive value without producing toxic byproducts. Coconut is so fragile when pulp is maintained that there is usually a chemical or mechanical process used to prevent fermentation and produce shelf life.

Healthfully, Aajonus

Hi Aajonus,

I was told today that Artisana dehydrates the organic raw coconut at a very low temperature before they juice it. By taking all the moisture out of the coconut, the Artisana organic raw coconut has a very stable shelf life. So the dehydration is the process used to prevent fermentation. No chemical or mechanical process as stated by the company.

When it is dried that way, machine temperatures reach as high as 175 F. Someone is not telling the truth. Many people who sell products have no idea of the mechanics involved and do not know all of the questions to ask their producers. I suggest that you insist on speaking directly with the chemist who oversees the process at the factory.


I can't imagine that a company who is selling a product as raw would dehydrate their coconut at 175 degrees and than label it USDA organic and sell it as raw. As a company, they have a lot to lose and are risking a lawsuit for false labeling. I know when I dehydrate, the temperatures in my dehydrator are below 100 degrees since I've measured them. I will call the company again and ask more questions.

Sorry, I did not make myself understood. After dehydrating any substance, then the process to transform it into a gel or oil or butter takes a process that reaches as high as 175 F and usually nothing less than 128 F. You have to go to the manufacturing plant to discover.

Oct 16, 2008

Re: Food preserving

Hi Aajonus,

I am preparing food for us, in preparing for a crisis. Of course we will be hunting, and growing foods in a greenhouse, but we want to get some foods for an emergency if we have none, such as freeze-dried and/ or canned. Although all are severely depleted in nutrients, which has the highest nutrient count: freeze- dried foods or canned foods (for example, if I buy organic peaches and can them myself in Ball jars)? I can also get a dehydrator and dehydrate some organic foods and vacuum pack them but I don't know their shelf life. Do you have any thoughts on this?

Anyway, hope all is well. Thank you for your suggestions. We are trying to get this ordered in the next week or so.

Soft nuts are very good. Coconuts can stay a long time at cool temperatures, even if there is some mold. Preserving meat is a must. Cut fresh meat into 1"x 1/2" x up to 4.5" and coat with olive or coconut oil. Pour about 3/4 cup of oil into wide-mouthed quart jars and stuff the meat slices into the jars to eliminate air pockets. It will preserve for many years. I preserved some venison in December 1999 and it is still good. I would store some rice, to eat in small quantities weekly, to absorb excess hydrochloric acids that cause excessive hunger, in case you need it. Dried fruits would be an asset. And have tons of honey to replace enzymes lost in nuts and dried fruit.


Oct 16, 2008

Re: After Bladder Stone Removal

I urinate freely and comfortably from what I can tell, i.e. I "pee like a racehorse".

My last visit (hopefully) is this Thursday. I want to be prepared for possible scenarios. (1) Suppose they don't like what they see in my urine sample. Do I just acknowledge? (2) Suppose they ask if I took the antibiotic. Do I tell them what they want to hear ("yes") or do I tell them the truth (only for a day or two)?

They will probably tell you that your urine is too acidic and builds stones, and that you should eat or drink a lot of fruit. Acknowledge and thank them for any advice that they give. Tell them you took the antibiotics; you do not have to tell them how much.

Healthfully, Aajonus

I had my last visit today. On the plus side, I'm free to go--literally. I wasn't charged for the visit.

I got a copy of the surgical report. In answer to the question if my bladder was cut, he said the stone fragments have a sandpaper effect until washed out. They made the bladder bleed.

Of course I had one more urine test. He found infection saying it is "not quite" what he wanted to see. Bottom line: I was released with no further obligation and given a free supply of an antibiotic called "Cipro" (how sweet of him). Don't worry, I won't take it. I'm free to exercise, ejaculate and whatever I want to do.

I'm guessing that I simply follow your remedies and let the bacteria and nature take its course.

Congratulations. Cipro causes HUS (hemolytic-uremic syndrome), that is, dissolving kidney disease. How wonderful of him to want you to damage your kidney to get rid of a detoxification of the damaged tissue in your bladder.


Oct 16, 2008

Re: Stainless Steel Knives and Utensils

Hi Aajonus,

Wise Traditions / Weston A. Price just came out with an article in their latest journal (October 2008) about knives, cooking pots and utensils.

They advised everyone to stay away from and to throw out their stainless steel. Broth is a big diet ingredient to Weston A Price people so they need a non-reactive surface. They suggested glass pots or Le Creuset enamel pots for cooking.

What do you know about cooking surfaces?

They recommended titanium knives for cutting.

What knives do you recommend? What eating utensils do you recommend?

The majority of forks and spoons are stainless steel.

What is safe to use?

Thank You.

I addressed stainless steel in my last newsletter (Oct 7, 2008).

I do not cook, but if I did, I would cook in glass (Pyrex). I use wooden or bone utensils, and pottery for plates and bowls.

What knives do you recommend for cutting meat with? Is a titanium knife blade safe?

You said you eat out of pottery. How safe is pottery? What about plain glass plates?

If your cold-to-room-temperature raw food sits in pottery for 1 hour, it is not going to leach from the glazes. I use Cutco surgical steel knives to cut my food. Glass plates would be wonderful.

I've seen bamboo wooden spoons and forks at Whole Foods. Some are glazed with a food-grade oil or something like that. Safe?

Bamboo utensils and plates are all made from bamboo fibers that are glued together like particle board. Very toxic, not to mention the toxic oil applied to them.


Oct 21, 2008

Re: 10th cold in 26 months

Hi Aajonus,

I'm on my 10th cold in 26 months. Not fun. I must say that I feel miserable.

I've had the current cold for 12 days now with lots of coughing. So my chest is starting to hurt from the coughing. I also feel tired. I've had a low grade fever of about 100.4 to 100.6 for a week.

I just drank one of the drinks in your "We Want To Live" book from page 155: 2 eggs, honey, butter and an orange, all blended together. You say in your book that this drink speeds detox, cleanses and binds with toxins and helps you feel better through the detox.

How often should I drink this drink or is it a one time drink?

What is the best food / drink for me right now? I know what your book says but what would help me with my particular cold?

Thank you.

I would like you to try something: eliminate honey from your diet for 30 days and see if coughing is reduced or eliminated. You may have as many of those drinks as you like.

Healthfully, Aajonus

My green juice in the morning has honey in it. Should I stop putting honey in my green juice? I also put vinegar in my green juice as you stated: about 1 TBS of raw cider vinegar.

Eliminate honey. Vinegar is good.

Oct 29, 2008

Re: Equine skin cancer

Hi Aajonus,

I purchased a horse in May due to the fact that I am feeling quite well since eating raw, and I have a lot of energy. Well, this guy is quite a dilapidated little fellow but has an incredible personality, so I decided to try to rehab him. From looking at him, one can tell he had been fed poorly, mostly sweet feed (molasses) and cheap hay, and not much fresh pasture. He is 12.

I changed his feed to what a horse would eat naturally: oats, pasture, some probiotic culture and a couple of other supplements that have not been heated, but mechanically pressed to supply minerals, etc.

I noticed a small hard mass in his right ear, about in June, and it continued to get larger. I decided it was probably skin cancer. So I started putting stabilized oxygen on it and it started peeling off but was also bleeding. Finally, he would not let me at his ear anymore, so I called the vet.

The vet came out today, sedated him, cut it off and cauterized it, and of course gave me more pharmaceutical agents than I have ever been handed in my life! He said it is skin cancer (looked like fungus to me), and gave me a systemic antibiotic, nystatin to apply topically, and something else for muscle pain that I just tossed in the trunk of my car (can't wait to get the bill). Since I am not going to do what he prescribes, it will just destroy him further, I need your advice. I am thinking all I need to do is apply something topically where he removed what he could, and wait for his overall health to improve. The cancer is still growing there (what he did didn't cure it or help it except that it is not bleeding now). So should I put something on it like coconut cream and honey, maybe with some lime juice? Or nothing, or what? I put coconut cream with honey on all his battle wounds from the field and they healed wonderfully.

I know your experience is with people, but I'm sure what you suggest will work better than the advice I received today. There are no holistic vets here and I am on my own.

Thank you.

It is very difficult for herbivores to recover because digestion is so slow and they cannot process enough protein quickly enough. However, your horse will become stronger and healthier every day as you feed him as you are. Supplements will not benefit him in the long run. They all have to be heat treated or solvent treated to accomplish extraction and isolation using either ethyl alcohol or a kerosene derivative. Would you soak your peaches in either for 25 minutes before eating them?

I suggest that you apply these 3 substances but in this order: lime juice, coconut cream and honey. Apply raw unpasteurized apple cider vinegar on cancerous skin in the future, once daily only. Oxygenation will cause a complete breakdown of all tissue, even the surrounding healthy tissues.


Oct 21, 2008

Re: Vision Problems

I am having problems with my vision. Anything 12 inches from eyes becomes blurry. This is something new. I have never had any vision problems before.

What do you suggest for my vision? Why is this occurring with my eyes?

Sometimes, consuming a lot of coconut cream causes many toxins from the brain to discharge from the tear ducts, and that affects vision temporally. As I stated in my books, putting a little egg white, once daily, in the eyes helps vision, especially before bedtime.


October 24, 2008

Re: Water System Questions

Hello Aajonus,

I am trying to purchase materials to install the four tier water system you recommended: Stage 1: Whole House Water Filter (Paper) Stage 2: Whole House Water Filter (Carbon) Stage 3: Whole House Water Conditioning Stage 4: Whole House Water Filter (Sand)

Could you please review the information and correspondences? I don't know how to respond and get the information I am asking for. I have explained what is needed according to a proposal from the company you spoke with for me months ago. Parts of the proposal have been cut and pasted and passed on to the salesperson I am trying to purchase equipment from. We are going to install the system ourselves. We were quoted over 10,000.00 dollars to have it installed for us.

I think that we had a miscommunication. I suggest a 3 stage water system with NO Whole House Water Conditioning. I suggest that you find metallic joints to couple the sand filter because the pressure is going to cause leaking. If the units are installed outside, leakage will not be a problem.

Remember to place the filters in this order so that water flows first through the paper filter, then carbon, then sand.


Oct 24, 2008

Re: Diatomaceous Earth & Sodium Chlorite

Good Morning Aajonus,

I have read several articles on food-grade diatomaceous earth and was wondering, in your opinion, if there was any benefit to taking this daily, if you already eat raw. Is it similar in action to the Terramin clay? Is it unhealthy to take?

Also, what about sodium chlorite (the main ingredient in stabilized oxygen)? Safe, beneficial or unhealthy?

They say they remove parasites/unwanted microbes from the body, but I am thinking the parasites are beneficial to us and will leave when their food supply is gone. So if you get rid of them before the waste in the body has been eaten by them, you will forever have the dead debris/toxins/waste in you and therefore will be sickly.

Both of these substances claim to improve your health, but I am skeptical and don't have enough information/experience to sort through it myself. Your opinion please.

Thank you.

Diatomaceous earth consists of single-celled sea creatures' shells. If it was mined, and sold exactly as mined, it would be a clay substitute, but it is subjected to high heat temperatures that turn the shells into glass. After transformation into glass, it can kill anything that inhales or swallows it because it will cut their innards to pieces and they will bleed to death. Our mucous membranes are relatively protected, but once it enters the blood stream, it lacerates cells. When it enters any other system, it lacerates.

Yes, we want parasites, bacteria and fungus that are our janitors.

Sodium chlorite is the explosive sodium molecule combined with chloride molecules. It is toxic. It is not found in such an isolated combination in food.


Oct 25, 2008

Re: Down syndrome


What are your thoughts on Down syndrome?

Why do you think it happens?

Is it preventable?


Industrially produced chemical disrupters entered DNA chains, altering normal development. It would be preventable only if we were not subjecting people to so many chemicals that cause such chain disruptions. Any industrial chemical, especially medical, could cause Down syndrome. I have never seen a case reversed, but have seen great improvements. However, very few people with Down syndrome would eat the food. Most refused and would starve and throw tantrums rather than eat it.


Oct 28, 2008

Re: Heavy metal detox rash

Dear Aajonus,

The rash on my face (that you told me is from heavy metal detox) is back after going away for several months after I had a personal consult with you. You changed my green juice recipe by adding cucumber and zucchini, and cutting down on the celery.

I really need your help to see if something will make the rash disappear again. Normally, I don't mind it too much, but on November 20-22 my business partner and I are putting on a ceremony, and I would like to look my best for it.

Below is my current nutrition routine.

Daily: (all is 100% raw, unheated, no salt, unrefrigerated eggs, etc.) 8 oz red meat/5 oz white meat with 4 oz lube formula split between two meals Green juice 8 oz in am and 4 oz in pm with 1 egg in each (total 2 eggs/day) 1 oz cheese with 1 t honey 2 times a day ½ t Terramin clay that has been soaked in mineral water for 5 days 1 pint milk with some honey added 1 egg with 2 t butter/honey mix (8:1 ratio) taken 10 mins after egg 1 egg with 1 t butter at night after about 5 hours sleeping Weekly: High meat (a little of each: beef, chicken, fish) 2 times a week 1 T olive oil 2 times a week Lymph bath 2 times a week with pineapple coconut cream mixture Carrot juice mixture 2 times a week

*Green Juice Recipe: Celery 40%, cucumber 40%, parsley 10%, zucchini 5%, pineapple 5% **Pineapple-Coconut Cream Mixture:** ½ C pineapple, 2 ½ oz coconut cream, 1 ¼ T cow cream, ¾ T butter, ½ T honey ***Carrot Juice Mixture:** 6 oz carrot juice, 1 ½ to 2 oz coconut cream, 3 T cow cream, 1 T honey

We must draw the toxins out of the body in another way other than through the skin, or we must neutralize the toxins passing through the skin so that they do not irritate the cells as the toxins pass through the skin. We can draw more toxins into the stomach and the intestines by eating a sugar-cube-size amount of cheese every 30-45 minutes and increase clay to 1 t per day. We can try to neutralize toxins by consuming 1 T raw unpasteurized apple cider vinegar (Solana Gold or Bragg's) with your afternoon juices mixture. To strengthen the skin so that it is more resilient to irritation, you can reduce celery to 25% and add 15% carrot juice in the juices mixture. A tomato, weekly, will help strengthen the skin. That is the best we can do. Sometimes the toxins are more toxic than we can control, but it should help a lot. However, there is one more thing: one teaspoon of lime juice mixed with 1 T of coconut cream, gently rubbed into the skin and left for 3-5 minutes maximum, will help neutralize toxins in the skin as they pass through; do that once daily.


Thank you, Aajonus. I'll try these things.

One clarification: is the cheese eaten by itself? Usually I eat it with some honey. You recommended that at one time for me, and I find it makes the cheese taste better.

Also, is Eden organic raw apple cider vinegar okay? The label says it is raw and unpasteurized. I could get Bragg's, but it costs a bit more.

The cheese/honey combo that you eat is cheese you will digest. The cheese you eat without honey will not be digested and will absorb toxins, drawing them into the digestive tract and holding onto them. If you have honey with the cheese, you will simply re-absorb the toxins. Continue to eat honey and cheese together after the meat meals, but at all other times, cheese should be eaten without honey.

Solana Gold and Bragg's are aged in wood, not stainless steel as Eden's is. The prior are much more useful.


Nov 2, 2008

Re: Blood Work – Doctor alarmed

Hi Aajonus, I just got my results back on my blood work and my total cholesterol was 431, LDL was 321, HDL was 90, triglycerides were 98, and VLDL was 20. I know you said high cholesterol is good. I've been on your Primal Diet for a year now and I weighed 127 lbs before I started your program. I'm female, 57 yrs old, 5'4", and my cholesterol before I started your program was 285. I gained 15 lbs on your program and dieted down to 135 lbs, and I still have about 7 more pounds to lose. Should I be alarmed by this cholesterol number, or am I okay?

One of my Hall of Fame athletes has double your counts and plays ball better than many 40 years younger than he. Many people have very, very high levels until they clean many of the old fats from their bodies. Much of the fat they detect in your body is old fats on their way out of the body. Medical does not test for that and are therefore academically and analytically juvenile. You should be cheering that that amount of toxic fat is leaving so quickly.


Nov 4, 2008

Re: Emergency – Intense Detoxification & Nausea!

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Once again, I desperately need help. I seem to do okay on the diet for awhile and then I start getting very sick. Then I end up stopping the diet completely and going back to eating homemade chicken soup until everything settles down again.

I am eating three meat meals a day with a Moisturizing Formula with each meal. In between meals I drink a milkshake and at 5:00 PM I have 4 oz. of veggie juice. That is, basically, my daily eating plan. Like I said, I do okay for a while and then I get so nauseous that I literally cannot put anything in my mouth without dry heaving. I eat cheese all day but it doesn't help. I start getting terrible shaking throughout my body and I know you said it was from a severe fat deficiency, but I don't know how that's possible when I'm drinking so many Moisturizing Formulas and milkshakes. And, if that's not bad enough, I STILL cannot put on any weight. If this is my outlook for the rest of my life then I cannot take any more of this. I know Maxine was really miserable for the first 18 months, but at least she was putting on weight – I can't even do that. Am I drinking too many Moisturizing Formulas? What do I do when I can't even look at food without dry heaving? I can only eat a few bites of meat at each meal, which is far from the recommended 1 pound you told me to eat per day. I just literally cannot put any more in my mouth.

I'm just not sure if I'm strong enough to take this much nausea and discomfort. My body needs sleep and I just cannot sleep with this much nausea. I'm to a point where I feel like I am outside of my body. I am so dizzy and my eyes cannot focus on anything.

Sad to learn that you are as miserable as I was. My nausea was from chemo and radiation.

You are simply not eating enough protein to gain weight. Most bodies need as much protein as fat to gain weight. I suggest that you eat as many eggs as possible: alone, in milkshakes, and in Moisturizing Formulas, since you do not do well with meats. When you eat meat, I suggest that you eat only fish. If you can drink more milk, that might help.

Continue eating cheese because it is removing toxins that cause nausea; you simply are dumping those toxins constantly.


Thank you, I will try those suggestions. Hypothetical question: If I don't gain weight will I always be this nauseous or will it eventually improve either way?

Thank you,

If you do not gain the weight, it will take longer to reduce the poisons that cause nausea.


Do I remember you telling me that I should cut the meat into small pieces and swallow it whole instead of chewing it up? I'm not sure if I'm remembering that correctly or not.

Yes, but also try it ground in a food processor to see if you digest better. Also, add 10% beet juice to your juices mixture and reduce celery proportionately.

Healthfully, Aajonus


I've been speaking with Maxine lately about my situation. She's been a great source of comfort for me. Anyway, I was mentioning my difficult time gaining weight and she mentioned that I might try the eating plan that she was on that helped her gain 80 pounds.

8 oz. veggie juice.
One hour later: meat meal with 2 Tbs. honey/butter.
1-2 hrs. later: 2 eggs followed by 1 Tbs. honey/butter.
1-2 hrs. later: 2 eggs followed by 1 Tbs. honey/butter.
1-2 hrs. later: 2 eggs followed by 1 Tbs. honey/butter.
Then repeat the above and go to bed.

Would this help me gain the weight needed to relieve some of the pain and nausea I'm experiencing?

What is a reasonable amount of weight gain per week that I should expect if I follow this eating plan?

Thank you.

Usually, Moisturizing Formulas will allow faster weight gain, but certainly you may try that diet. Let me know what happens.

Healthfully, Aajonus


Well, you wanted to know what happened when I switched over to Maxine's diet. I should have known how it would turn out because I've tried this before. The more eggs I eat the more I detoxify and the less of other things I can tolerate. So, after only one day on Maxine's eating plan I was up most of the night in painful detoxification. I can't eat enough fats when I eat that many eggs and therefore I cannot sleep. The eggs cause such intense detoxification that veggie juices and milk cause terrible acid reflux and heartburn (even with cheese before them). Then the next fat that I can eat I vomit up. Maxine said that she experienced this too but persisted through it. I don't think that I'm strong enough to do this and take care of my family. However, I know that my body is using those eggs to detoxify terrible poisons that are in my digestive tract. I want those poisons out but I can't handle this much pain and nausea. The eggs actually help with the nausea during the day but cause terrible detoxification at night.

Is it okay for me to go back to my original eating plan which consisted of 3-4 eggs per day in milkshakes and Moisturizing Formulas? I still have terrible nausea during the day (even with tons of cheese) but I am able to sleep a little better at night.

Will it take forever for my body to detoxify all of the poisons in my stomach this way? Will I be able to gain weight without detoxifying with the eggs first? Maxine said that all of those eggs cleaned out her system and allowed her body to gain all of that weight. I'm so afraid that I'll never gain weight unless I eat all those eggs. I think it might kill me!!

Will milkshakes help with weight gain or just Moisturizing Formulas?

I suggest that you weave in and out of all of those diets to create a type of balance that will allow you to detoxify and function most days. Do less days of Maxine's diet as you can handle it, maybe one day per week or bimonthly.

Even if you do not gain the fat, eating some fat including the cheese every 30 minutes will allow you to heavily detoxify without causing death-like symptoms.



Last question: Maxine said that your recommendation to her was to wait 10 minutes after her eggs before eating the honey/butter. But in your cold/flu remedy you say to eat the honey/butter or Moisturizing Formula immediately following the eggs. Which one do you prefer?

For you, I suggest waiting 5 minutes. Your digestion is faster although not thorough.


Re: Lost a Filling and a Crown

November 12, 2008

Hi Aajonus.

I lost another filling on my right rear lower molar. The tooth has a huge hole in the top that is exposing very sensitive tissue inside.

I had also lost the crown on my next to the last left lower molar. I have been living with it for months and thought I could continue, until the right molar went.

My teeth and gums are extremely sensitive to the presence of any food or pressure.

I have no choice, I need to go to the dentist to either to have one or both of them pulled, repaired, or replaced with an implant.

I am not sure what your advice would be, except that pulling them does not introduce any toxic elements into my body but leaves gaps back there that might affect chewing.

Repairing with a ceramic crown/filing is an option. Or, if they are unrepairable, I guess an implant is an option.

But, I am not sure in these later 2 options what the risks are and if it is worth it.

I am trying to decide what to do.

When your body starts rejecting fillings, there is a lot of detoxification occurring in the bones, nerves and gums of the mandibles. That is a good thing, except that concentrations of heavy metals are usually involved and cause a lot of discomfort and often pain. Usually, abscesses occur where white blood cells surround and encapsulate the toxins, causing puss. Do not be concerned when those occur.

If the molar hole is very large, it would be best to have a porcelain inlay. However, a composite filling will allow the tooth to heal a little better than porcelain, if healing can be accomplished in a given tooth.

I had 3 crowns that, when they popped naturally, I did not have replaced. I lost all 3 of those teeth within 9 years of the crowns popping. If you want to try to get more years with those teeth, I think that it would be best to re-crown a once-crowned tooth.


Nov 20, 2008

Re: Vomiting

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20081104-1024 Re: Emergency - Intense Detoxification & Nausea!
20091031-0701 Re: Difficulty Gaining Weight)


I'm very confused by something that I've noticed over the last couple of months. It seems like if I eat a meal and am extremely nauseous afterwards (even when I eat cheese before the meal) then I won't vomit after the meal. I will just continue dumping toxins into my stomach until it decides to empty into my bowels. Then I end up with loose stools and then I will lose weight. However, when I eat and don't feel all that nauseous then I will start to dry heave and vomit, but it's never the food that I just ate. It's more like some white stuff that I'm assuming is toxins. I can't understand why I would vomit when I'm not as nauseous but when I get extremely nauseous I can't vomit and it causes diarrhea instead. The sad thing is that I can't seem to control this at all. I would much rather continue vomiting and not suffer from as much nausea rather than be extremely nauseous with the diarrhea.

Have you come across this before? Do you know how I can keep myself in the vomiting mode instead of diarrhea mode? Just so you know: I ALWAYS eat a bite of cheese before I put ANYTHING into my mouth. I think this helps with the nausea and actually makes me vomit instead of having it empty into my bowels. I just wish I could figure out how to keep it going instead of it all of a sudden switching over to the diarrhea. If I vomit only and have normal bowel movements then I am able to put on weight fairly quickly, even up to 5 pounds a week! And then when it switches over to severe nausea and no vomiting but diarrhea instead then I lose all the weight. It just seems like if I had more nausea then I would vomit but the opposite seems to be true in my case.

Any thoughts?


Nausea indicates that you are dumping a lot of poisons/toxins into your stomach. The more cheese you eat,

your body will be able to dump more toxins into your stomach, and cheese will absorb it and sometimes

cause vomit. When you have diarrhea, many toxins were dumped into your intestines. If your body dumps

more toxins than you have cheese to absorb, you will have diarrhea. Endure the nausea, vomit and diarrhea

as you can and you will get healthier faster.

Your body uses tremendous amounts of nutrients on detoxification, not leaving much for rebuilding and

regeneration. During diarrhea, you lose so much more. I do not know any way to regulate whether toxins

dump into the stomach or intestines. Try to eat more cheese to absorb the toxins in your intestines so your

body will not have to flush them out to reduce and/or prevent intestinal damage.


Nov 20, 2008

Re: Drinking Water for Dogs

Dear Aajonus,

What is the best drinking water source for dogs? I am still struggling with and spending a lot of time searching for materials and water technicians to install the three-stage water filter system. I am coming up against a lot of challenges.


Until your water system is installed, you could fill half a bucket with sand and a cup of topsoil, then fill the rest of the bucket with municipal water (if you do not have well water) and let it stand for 24 hours. Remove some of the water for the dogs to drink.


Nov 20, 2008

Re: Herpes

Hi Aajonus,

The idea that viruses produce acids which help to dissolve unhealthy tissue makes wonderful sense. Yet, why is it that my herpes virus only expresses itself when I'm the lowest? I fly from one location to another and the stress of flying causes the virus to come out. Ever since I got infected, I lost my hair and energy and it has never come back. I've been doing the fresh grass-fed cow dung, 3 tablespoons per day, and it helps digestion and elimination greatly. However, I've not noticed any difference in energy.

The analysis that all pathogens are nature’s recyclers makes abundant sense and I've subscribed to this before I ever met you. However, having dealt with what I've dealt with, I'm considering that perhaps it is a combination of both the microbes being recyclers and that some microbes being perpetual disease producers. Even if you eat raw for years, they are still there and will continue to poop their toxins into one's body until the immune system is strong enough to eliminate them or some technology like Rife can eliminate them. What is your opinion on this? I'm considering getting another Rife device that may eliminate the herpes bug.

Most healing happens during sleep. Most detoxification happens during wakeful states, especially during mild to stressful activity. We must maintain a good blood-fat level to protect us the less we sleep. That means consuming some or a lot of fat every 1-2 hours. However, it is always better to break a detoxification with a long or short sleep.

With better digestion comes better assimilation and absorption, eventually, usually energy increases. However an increase may depend on your fat level. Are you still very thin?

Pathogen means disease-causing. Industrial chemicals are pathogens, not microbes. Viruses are not microbes; they are not alive. Viruses are solvents that detox when tissue is so toxic that microbes cannot do the work. Herpes is metallic-based toxins in the nerves being cleansed from the nerves. Swelling and abrasions are merely symptoms of the caustic toxicity that is damaging cellular tissue when not enough fat or white blood cells cannot harness the toxicity being removed.

Rife and other such therapies do not reduce or neutralize toxicity and therefore are unlikely to assist the body in nerve-ending detoxification. They may stop detoxification temporarily. Fat is the best remedy.

Healthfully, Aajonus

So are you saying that the herpes only expresses itself in nerves that are toxic with heavy metals? That stress causes detoxification?

Yes to both questions.

It does not seem logical that stress causes detoxification.

More stress hormones and neurological metabolic waste accumulate during and after stress. (The Biology of Emotions by Dr. Elnora Van Winkle, neuro-scientist.) Therefore, greater neuro-detoxification, if you are fortunate.

It seems that the explanation of the immune system being overtaxed and unable to keep the virus in suppression is more accurate.

Viruses are soap (protein particles not live). How can you suppress solvents?

It is these types of details that I'd like to understand that I would like to talk with you on.

Nov 20, 2008

Re: Chlorine, and air fresheners

Hi Aajonus,

My 5-year-old daughter takes 2 hours of dance class a week. She takes 40 minutes of violin once a week. She also takes 30 minutes of indoor swimming classes once a week. This comes to about 3 hours total once a week. She has been doing these activates for about 1 year, skipping a few sessions here and there. She always drinks milk before and after each lesson. We eat very healthy at home and our home is environmentally safe.

The dance studio and the violin place both use Glade air freshener plug-ins in their outlets. I wrote the owners a very well researched letter on the hazards of air fresheners but have not seen any results re them pulling the plugs.

I am concerned about my daughter breathing in this toxic air freshener air and also taking in chlorine from the pool. Like I said, it totals about 3 hours a week.

What food do you suggest before and after she visits these toxic places?

I could tell her that she can't do these activates because of the chemicals, but she will not understand and she will then be isolated from the people and activities she loves. I do not want to hide her in our home for fear of all the chemicals in the world.

I also don't want any harm to come to her because she is breathing in toxic air while doing her dance, violin and swimming.

Thank you.

Yes, a dilemma. A milkshake would be best, but plain milk is also very helpful, 45 minutes prior to and immediately after each exposure. Cheese with butter and a little honey, or avocado and orange together are alternatives.


Nov 24, 2008

Re: Populating meat with E.coli

I've inoculated some beef with grass-fed cow feces and have incubated this stuff in several mason jars at room temperature for 3 weeks now. I've aired it out about every three days. The stuff has fungus and I'm sure plenty of other microbes growing on it. The goal being to inoculate my gut with more E.coli and whatever other protein-digesting bacteria my gut will benefit from. Would you consider this stuff healthful to consume?

There is a problem in your methodology if you want E.coli. E.coli is made dormant and usually killed by too much oxygen/air.

If you want to populate meat with E.coli, I suggest that you start the bacterial decomposition with little cubes of meat, as you did for 3 weeks, but without feces. Then, baste the cubes of meat with feces and place them in a jar that has little airspace; keep the lid tight and keep it in a warm place for about 3 days. You will have a lot of E.coli to introduce into your body.

If your intent is to feed your nervous system more, you might want to baste chicken or fish rather than beef.


Nov 27, 2008

Re: Mother just had a heart attack. Help please!

Hi Aajonus, My mother of 82 just had a heart attack. She has read most of your book and eats most of your diet, but does still eat cooked food too. She has been on your diet for about a year now. She has 1 100% blocked artery, 1 artery that is blocked 90% that they put a stent in, and 1 artery that is 60% blocked that they put 2 stents in. She still experiences sharp pain in her chest area on occasion with shortness of breath and heaviness in her chest. The doctor is insisting on Plavix to prevent blood clotting and also aspirin. He is insisting on 2 blood pressure medications as well. I am so anxious to get her off the medications but I wanted to hear from you first. I want to make sure I'm doing the right thing. What can she do to keep her blood running thin to aid the stents naturally and to prevent her blood from clotting? Will grapefruit keep her blood pressure in line to assist this situation? Any suggestions you can offer for this overall health of the heart attack will most gratefully be appreciated. He also has her on 400 mg of magnesium (mag- oxide). Thanks for your time and all that you do for us!

It’s sad to learn about your mother's condition. Consider that rationale of the doctors. If you had blocked arteries and the only way you could get blood to circulate was to develop high blood pressure, wouldn't high blood pressure be appropriate? Doctors make no sense.

To thin the blood, I suggest that your mother consume 1 tablespoon of raw apple cider vinegar with 3 tablespoons of unheated honey, mixed together and poured into 2 1/2 ozs of naturally sparkling mineral water, 3 times daily between 6-8 AM, 1-3 PM and 9-11 PM. That much vinegar should be consumed for only 3 months, 5 days weekly. After 3 months, vinegar should be reduced to twice daily for another 3 months. Finally, I suggest that she consume 1T of vinegar once daily for the rest of her life.

You may use grapefruit to lower blood pressure but if her veins are clogged that much, it is likely that her blood pressure will remain high; SHE NEEDS HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE because it is part of the remedy. The high blood pressure will propel the vinegar and honey through the veins to begin dissolving the plaque. I suggest she eat lots of eggs.


Dec 2, 2008

Re: Marijuana

Dear Aajonus, Can you please tell me what effect taking marijuana has on someone if they have taken it regularly over 20 years, every night or several times a week.


Marijuana has approximately 16 times more tars than regular tobacco. Because the tars are cooked at temperatures between 500-1000 degrees F., they may crystallize and harden in various parts of the body. There can be an array of unhealthy conditions that could result, depending on individual weaknesses. If an individual makes excessive bile, they may not have as much tar congestion and therefore less hardening.


Dec 20, 2008

Re: George Hale

Dear Aajonus,

A few weeks ago on PBS there was a program done on George Hale (1868-1938). He was the genius behind the creation of the 100 and 200 inch telescopes at the Palomar observatory on Mt. Wilson. But what was interesting to us was the fact that he had mental health problems with vertigo attacks weekly, and near or actual nervous breakdowns. A doctor said he was using the right side of his brain so much that all the toxins collected on his left side and this problem affected his colon. He hallucinated and was tormented. The doctor sent him to France to rest and told him to drink WARM MILK!

Do the mental geniuses verge on mental illness?

It was probably the other way around. He used one side of his brain because the other stored all of the toxins and caused his headaches. Raw warm milk would supply many alkalizing minerals to attract and bind with the toxins in his brain that were irritating his head.


Jan 24, 2009

Re: A few more Questions about Thailand


More questions about Thailand:

We will mainly be hanging out in Chiangmai but may also go up to Chiangrai for a few days, and if we have time, down to Koh Samui to see a friend to learn some raw Thai food prep from his partner. We'll be there about 10 days.

  1. Do we need a juicer, or are there places we can get greens juiced while we are there?
  2. Are the greens in the markets sufficient, or are there reliable places selling organic?
  3. Same for eggs and meat.
  4. Any milk sources (Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai), or is like with the Amish where you just have to ask around until you finally find a guy with a goat or cow?

Thanks so much.

There is a large outdoor market at the north end of downtown Chiang Mai, along the west side of the river. At the south end of the market, at an alley road at the east corner, there is a coconut cream maker. Ask her to make nam kati (coconut cream) without adding water (mai nam, that is, nam kati mai nam).

At the meat section, in about the central area, ask any Muslim-looking woman for raw milk (nom dip), usually it’s goat's milk.

Thais use an outrageous amount of pesticides on their crops.

The only juice I buy there is fresh sugar cane that only lasts about 2 days in refrigeration (nam oy). If any local sugar cane is in season, you might be able to find someone who makes it; ask around at the market.

Usually, I eat only green or bland fruits to alkalinize my blood, in many places in Thailand, such as rose apple (champoo) and pomelo (some O'). However, occasionally, you will find a tiny food stand that has a juicer and will juice celery and carrots.

None of the outdoor market people can afford to feed cows chemical feed and there is always vegetation for animals to eat, so the meat is fine. Eggs are okay and duck eggs are best.

There is a wonderful 10-tier waterfall about 40 minutes north of downtown Chiang Mai in a national forest that is worth going to in Thailand, if you love waterfalls.


Jan 24, 2009

Re: Source of Coconut Cream

Hi Aajonus,

Do you recommend the coconut cream from Original Living Coconut (

Thanks in advance for any info.

Yes, they are on my product list.

Jan 25, 2009

Re: Brazilian Model Who Died of Urinary Tract Infection

When people have so much money, they have a tendency to go to medicine for all complaints/detoxifications, and rather than letting it run its course they search for the magic bullet. All of her symptoms toward death resulted from overmedication that resulted in anaphylaxis. A septic urinary tract is most often caused by antibiotics, especially Cipro.

Feb 9, 2009

Re: Right To Choose Healthy Food Club


I need clarification on what it means to be in "The Right to Choose Healthy Food" club.

Please explain very clearly what it means to be a member of this club.

I believe you are charging a price for this service, but I do not know what service you are providing to me as a person who buys dairy products.

Where does the $25 go? What does my $25 buy? What am I getting in return for my money or is it simply a donation?

Also, If I buy from several different farmers and each farmer wants me to sign this club membership and pay the $25, then I am paying $75 or more to you every year. Is this correct?

Thank you.

Cow share programs have failed in many states. In fact, laws have been enacted to outlaw them. That is an outrage. However, 3 years ago, I wrote a lease agreement that membership clubs have between them and farmers. Our courts uphold leases of all sorts as legal entities. Also, I wrote a legal membership agreement that eliminates all health department jurisdiction for food, packaging, labeling, sanitation and distribution. I was successful in the courts and bureaucracy of California, Los Angeles County, and Pennsylvania thus far this year. My Amish farmers in PA do not even need a permit with these contracts because the herds are owned by the members. Therefore, the milk is owned by club members and not the farmers. The farmer is an agent to take care of, board, milk, bottle and sometimes deliver our milk to it members.

If you want to be under the umbrella of not-for-profit Right To Choose Healthy Food with your membership club, Right To Choose Healthy Food will receive $25 of each member’s yearly membership fee. If you are ever approached by any health department, including the FDA, Right To Choose Healthy Food will handle all correspondence for your membership club. I have not taken any of those moneys for my personal use. They are and will be used to change laws in state and federal governments. For protection, most clubs need your signed membership agreement at their location. If you can make a copy of your canceled check to the club or RTCHF and make a copy of the signed membership agreement (membership form must be the same) with a letter of explanation to other clubs, probably you will not have to pay but once. However, it is up to whoever runs the club.


Feb 12, 2009

Re: Farm near Pittsburgh

Greetings Aajonus,

I have searched and found out about a farm near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that is willing to ship fresh wild chickens that are not fed any soy. He also has beef, pork and goats which he can also send fresh. He brings all his meat to the Amish and has them butcher it.

Pittsburgh has one of the highest toxic soils of any city. It was the site of major steel foundries and other smokestack-bellowing industries. Discover where he is in relationship to present and old foundries. Rather than call him, check his address online.


March 10, 2009

Re Article: Experts uncover cause of grayness

Your response?

They did not tell the cause of too much hydrogen peroxide buildup. It is a result of toxic metallic minerals

being discarded by being built into the hair, damaging the follicles and destroying PABA.

Mar 19, 2009

Re: Your books


Thanks for taking the time to read my email. I know you're busy so I will be brief. Thanks for writing the two books. I bought them about a year ago and I am coming up to my first anniversary of being on the raw diet.

I have a 'dissolving' jaw, loose and falling-out teeth. Within one week of starting the raw diet, the dairy and fish took the pain completely away. I still have the problem and lost another tooth last month, but there is no more pain. Those burnt-looking sunspots all around both irises have completely disappeared. The spider veins on my legs no longer have that screaming loud black-light color. My doctor informed me that my blood pressure dropped a total of 50, that's right, fifty points in less than nine months. Its down to that of an 18-year-old. I am 47!! I am very calm and mellow as when I was a young boy, and can't get enough sunshine and fresh air. After a year, my jaw, teeth and gums are still bad, but hopefully the fish and milk will kick in and reverse the problem before I lose all my teeth.

Again, thank you for writing the books!

Take care.

Thank you for your interest in and appreciation for my work. I am delighted that it has improved your health and life.

Degenerative jaw is usually from dental injections deposited in the jaw and brain, and vaccine toxicity that deposited in the brain. Usually, when detoxification occurs, toxins pass through the gums, salivary glands and tongue. When those chemicals are dislodged, the body requires tremendous amounts of minerals to bind with them to prevent Multiple Sclerosis. It is literally impossible to digest enough minerals to prevent jaw bone and tooth loss under such detoxification. However, you can mitigate it by consuming about 1/2 tsp raw, no-salt cheese every 30 minutes of your wakeful hours, and 1 tsp Terramin clay (moist as I suggest in my books) 1-3 times daily with milk or vegetable juices. Always have an egg with your vegetable juices; whip it into juices immediately prior to drinking.


Mar 31, 2009
Re: Emergency – my girl is ill

Hi Aajonus,

We are in the Bahamas and my girl has been ill for 5 days now.

Symptoms: Severe diarrhea, SEVERE abdominal pain (screaming non-stop, in pain), a fever of 102, cold sores and cancer sores. Even a tiny sip of water causes severe pain and diarrhea. She is on her 5th day with it, with no end. She is a walking skeleton right now and I am concerned.

A friend said her husband had the same symptoms and had appendicitis, but my girl’s cousins are experiencing the same symptoms, and they had spent a day together the day before we left.

Tried: raw egg, banana and honey mixture. I only have with me: raw cow’s milk and raw eggs.

I will tell you is she is going through a severe viral detoxification. Feed her only an inch of banana, every 30- 60 minutes for 24 hours, then the next 24 hours, 1 inch of banana with 1 T. raw milk. If you can get avocado, you could add 1 T. avocado on the second day to the banana and milk. If you can find any fresh aloe vera leaf, you could scrape the inside gel and give her 3 T. every 3-4 hours for the next 2 days.

Healthfully, Aajonus

Apr 3, 2009

Hi Aajonus, Thanks. She is feeling much better after an intense 6 day detox. Found out it was salmonella from some chicken that she and her cousins ate. Wow! Major detox. The eggs, bananas and avocado helped a lot.

Happy to learn that she is better.

They did not have a case of salmonella that caused their detoxification. As I have stated many times, people in a given location will go through detoxification from toxicity when climate and bodies are ready.

How was it determined that salmonella was one of the janitors?


Apr 3, 2009

Re: New Honey Pacifica Info

Hi Aajonus,

FYI: Honey Pacifica uses an antibiotic paste in their hives to prevent foulbrood. I did not know this. I only asked because I went to a bee lecture from someone who practices biodynamic gardening and raising bees without chemicals at all, and he does not use them and has never had foulbrood in something like 30 years.

What do you think of the honey from Honey Pacifica, who uses the antibiotics?

Thanks, again.

Yes, it is near impossible to find beekeepers who do not use antibiotics to prevent mite damage. I was able to convert them to cold pack and all, but I could not convince them that they did not have to use mite protection. We always do the best we can.


Apr 24, 2009

Re: Chest, throat and nasal congestion


I called you a few months ago regarding a terrible detoxification I was going through which caused chest, throat and nasal congestion and infection. I had green mucus coming out when I coughed and blew my nose. You recommended two moisturizing formulas a day and an orange smoothie with 1 cup orange juice, 1/2 cup milk, 2 Tbs. coconut cream, 1 Tbs. cream and 1 egg. Within 2 days I was feeling a lot better. Well, I have the same thing happening again, except that it doesn't seem to be getting any better. I immediately started eating the same things as last time, but it doesn't seem to be helping this time. Now I've run out of coconut cream and won't be able to get more until next week. So, I've had to put all dairy dream and no coconut cream in my orange smoothie. I feel like the coconut cream helps me dump some of those toxins into my bowel. The other thing is that I am STARVING!! I feel satisfied immediately after I eat, but then I feel really fluish and then I start getting really hungry, even if I have another 2 or 3 hours before I can eat again. Of course, the more I eat the more I detoxify, so I don't want this to become so painful that I cannot even bear it anymore.

Should I continue with the 2 moisturizing formulas and an orange smoothie, even though I no longer have the coconut cream and I'm hungry in between these meals?


I suggest 1 moisturizing formula, 2 milk shakes and 1 orange smoothie. However, only drink 1/2 cup of substance at once, except moisturizing formula; have that 2 tablespoons at a time throughout the day.

Heatlhfully, Aajonus

Thank you. I will try that. I completely trust you, but my only concern with the milkshakes is that the milk will cause more mucus and make the ear, nose and throat problems much worse. I definitely have strep throat- it feels like needles in my throat when I swallow. The milk won't make these problems worse??? I'm actually wondering if the milk might help coat the throat so it's not so painful??? I don't know. I'm just talking through it.

Thank you.

Milkshakes help build mucus that will bind with the toxins exiting through the throat and sinuses to protect the throat and sinuses. When mucus binds with toxins, mucus prevents much damage and scarring to mucus membranes. Mucus is GOOD when built with good raw foods, especially milk, combined with eggs and a little honey.


May 9, 2009

Re: Infection

Hi Aajonus,

On Monday I was transplanting some veggies for my garden and decided to mix some of my compost into my dirt by hand. I have numerous cuts on my hands (20 or so) and the dirt and compost mixture got into one, on the end of my finger. I developed a pretty good infection. The entire area is so painful to the touch, hugely swollen and the skin is pulled taut. One small area has turned a bit greenish, but the rest is bright red and inflamed. It has been 5-6 days now and the tip of my finger is getting numb and it is beginning to radiate up my finger and it is throbbing. Someone told me it could be staph, or botulism or a number of bacterial infections that are dangerous, and as they said, "life threatening” if not attended to. The numbness thing that just started is what worries me most. I have not taken an antibiotic in as long as I can remember, but the pain is so excruciating and now with the numbness, I am getting concerned. Please help. Thank You!

The rhetoric that infection is life-threatening is medical terrorism. I suggest you take that as you would Hollywood horror fiction. Okay, let's deal with the issue. When probiotics - bacteria from your compost - entered your cuts, your body took advantage of the bacteria and started a detoxification of your hands. Often, it is fungus from antibiotics taken anytime in your life that live in the joints. To ensure that your body detoxifies thoroughly and heals properly, blood flow to the areas increases exponentially - swelling. To help your body not work so hard, I suggest you coat your hands in lime juice for 5 minutes. If you squeeze a half cup, you can continuously gently massage it into your hands for 5 minutes. Let it stand, absorb and dry for 20 minutes. Dry-wipe your hands with a cotton or silk cloth. Wait 30 minutes. Pour a quart of raw apple cider vinegar into a flat pie dish. I suggest you soak your hands for 15 minutes. Rinse your hands with good water. Cover the vinegar and pie dish to keep. I suggest you soak your hands in that solution twice daily until the swelling subsides. If your hands become dry, apply coconut cream or my Primal Facial Body Care Cream. In cases like yours, nerve numbness is the result of high pressure on them from swelling. It is not nerve loss. I have seen such detoxifications last for up to 6 weeks. However, with my recommendations, usually they last no longer than 2 weeks from beginning my suggestions.


May 10, 2009

Re: Anthrax Threat

Is there any such thing, or is this scaremongering?

If real, is there a Primal response?

Only if it is man-made; and injected, or blown into your face and inhaled.

So, could anthrax bioterrorism be considered a real threat in your view?

And what would the Primal remedy or protection or precaution be?

It could be, for people unhealthy enough to cause a major sickness; but the antibiotic and chemotherapy treatments for it would be the ultimate killer.

If you are on a 100% raw diet, it would be unlikely to cause more than a flu.


May 17, 2009

Re: Dehydrated Food for Puppies

Dear Aajonus,

I was thinking of getting a dehydrator to make raw snacks to use as reinforcers to train our new puppies. What is the scoop on dehydrated food?

Dehydrated food has no bio-activated enzymes. Most of the nutrients are difficult to digest.

It is best to give the dogs lots of chicken bones and some beef bones. They need phenomenal amounts of minerals as they grow. They will likely eat everything, even your furniture, to get minerals. Cheese, although dehydrated, with a little honey will all add minerals to their fast-growing bones.


May 17, 2009

Re: Ear Problem

Dear Aajonus,

I'm concerned about losing my hearing.

We were visiting the toxic houses of my daughters. Wednesday, I had one bout of diarrhea and by evening my lower throat by the clavicles felt quite swollen. Thursday, I awoke with the right side of my neck and ear all swollen and painful, and my teeth coated with white frothy stuff. The fluid in the eustachian tube has not decreased since Thursday, but the swelling in my neck is down. I've been in bed sleeping much of the time.

I went to an M.D. on Friday, mainly to get pain pills. Levaquin was her answer, though I had no nasal drainage nor fever. She gave side effects of nausea, diarrhea, and hormonal changes, and suggested Tylenol or Motrin for pain. None of those appeal to me, but I would take a narcotic for pain! I took one last night.

The pain goes to the back of my ear into the skull and below the ear now; sometimes the forehead and back of the head more lightly and some low back ache. I've been doing your book's suggestions, but I have no bee pollen, nor did I have meat yesterday. I wonder if the fluid needs to be drained with a needle through the eardrum. I'm afraid that those toxins sitting in the tube could be damaging the hearing mechanism.

I’m concerned.

I suggest that you not panic, and tackle patience. Place a hot water bottle at your affected ear, and let the moisture evaporate. Place a silk cloth over the water bottle and the side of the head to tent the heat into that area.


May 20, 2009

Re: Emergency – MRI

Hi Aajonus,

I have a herniated disk in my low back, L 5, S1. It herniated 10 years ago in May of 1999. I have lived with it ever since, however, the last 3 years since my second child was born, I have lived with excruciating back pain. The back now is more painful then it was 10 years ago.

I have gone to many doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists. No one is able to help with the low back and disk pain. As I write this, my lumbar disk 5 is throbbing and my low back hurts terribly. My daily activities have been altered because of this low back pain.

The current chiropractor is asking me to get an MRI so he can accurately see what is going on in my low back.

I know you do not like MRIs and do not recommend them.

How bad are they for a one time visit?

What can I do or eat that would stop the negative effects of an MRI?

I really am at the point that I am considering getting an MRI. The low back pain is awful.

Please advise. Thanks.

An MRI is likely to cause more pain within 2 weeks of the MRI. Probably, I can give you several suggestions to reduce back pain as I did from radiation treatments that damaged my spine and gave me blood and bones cancers. Please call me.


May 30, 2009

Re: Eyelid droop

Hi Aajonus

Have you ever seen an eyelid droop during an aggressive detox, complete with massive diarrhea and headache?

Yes, I have seen eyes and mouths droop during a brain detox through eyes, mouth and body. In the worst case I witnessed, the droopy eye remained droopy for 3 months after the detox ended. I suggest that you eat about 4 T. raw cream daily with carrot juice and 1 T. lemon juice.


June 10, 2009

Re: Room Temperature Milk

Hi Aajonus,

You said to store milk in the fridge at 52 degrees and then take it out and let it come to room temperature before drinking it. Do you mean like 70 degrees, or what? Once it is at room temperature, is it OK to drink it then or does it need to sit out for a day or so before you drink it? I am trying to say that I am doing well with it at room temperature, but not after it has been there for more than 8-10 hours. It starts getting the sour smell, or cow smell -- yuck!

Thank you!

70 degrees F. is okay, or warmer, but not colder. Let it stand for at least 4.5 hours. Don't let the cow hear you say that! :-)


June 10, 2009

Re: Eyes

Hi Aajonus,

My husband wants to know if he should expect his eyes to get worse before they get better. He says they are getting more blurry. He has had no coconut cream since our visit.

Thank you!

His eyes may get worse before they get better but not necessarily, unless he consumes more than 2 T. coconut cream daily.


June 10, 2009

Re: Dog’s loss of appetite

Hi Aajonus,

Our dog has lost his appetite for almost everything. I cannot get him to eat anything at all in the morning. I have managed to get the cream and cheese in him sometime during the day, but sometimes I have to mix it with hamburger or something like that and sometimes he will only do a tablespoon at a time. Is this OK?

Thank you!

Sometimes dogs and cats go through periods when they will not eat anything or much of anything. They do okay with fasting, whereas we do not. I would not be concerned with him not eating unless he were only skin and bones. You might try giving him 1/4 cup papaya. If that does not work, then he is detoxifying something very radical. If it works, he was simply too enzyme deficient for digestive activity.


June 17, 2009

Re: Pancreatic Cancer

Hi Aajonus,

I have a friend who was just diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I think he is about 62 years old. The doctor said it is a good sized tumor and too advanced to operate on. He gave him about 6 months.

He pretty much already told them that he does NOT want chemo or radiation.

Is this something that you think you can get results with? If so, where is the next place he can see you?


Any cancer can be reversed, but 5% do not reverse. Whether he would be one of the 95% who do or of the 5% who doesn't, I can rarely tell.

I am in Dayton, Ohio until Sunday afternoon. Then I return to Los Angeles and begin a tour in Asia and ending in Australia the first week of September.


Jun 17, 2009

Re: Raw cheese and hot plastic

Hi Aajonus,

I just ordered $100 of raw, organic cheese. My cheese was delivered warm, very, very soft and looked almost melted. If the cheese had not been wrapped in plastic it would have melted onto my counter top.

I am concerned about the plastic heating up and going into the cheese.

How far does the plastic penetrate the cheese after the cheese has gotten hot?

Should I throw all the cheese in the garbage?

Would cutting off 1 millimeter or 2 millimeters around the outside of the cheese be safe?

Thank you.

Was the cheese ever frozen? If it was, throw it away because the cheese would be very acidic and dissolve some of the plastic. If it wasn't, cutting off 1 mm will be enough.


July 15, 2009

Re: Fermenting Green Tobacco

Hi Aajonus,

I've just received my order of green tobacco. In my notes from your lecture in Viroqua, WI, I didn't write down how long to ferment it before putting the 2 drops/day into my veggie juice.

I hope your travels are well, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks Aajonus.

Here are the specs:

Green Tobacco

To dissolve and cleanse the hardened and crystallized tobacco tars from your bodies.

It would be best to juice the green tobacco through the Green Star (or other Green model) until you have 12 or

30 ounces. Light and second-hand smokers may consume 3 drops per day; that will be 12 ounces over 9

months. Heavy long-term smokers may consume up to 7 drops per day; that will be 30 ounces over 9 months.

Keep the juice in a glass jar. Add 1 or 2 ounces, respectively, of good water from a well, or of glass-bottled

water (if carbonated, shake until the carbon evaporates); 3 or 6 drops, respectively, of raw apple cider

vinegar; and 3 or 6 drops, respectively, of lemon juice. Blenderize for 20 seconds. Then let it ferment in a dark

cupboard for about one week, or longer if necessary to produce gas in the jar. Refrigerate it after a week, or

when it gases.

Remedy: I suggest adding 3 drops of the fermented green tobacco juice mixture to a green vegetable juice,

once daily, some time between 11am and 1:30 pm. Consume that every day for 6 weeks, stop for 1 day,

resume for 6 weeks, stop for one day, resume for 6 weeks, stop for one day, resume for 6 weeks, stop for 1

day, resume for 6 weeks, stop for 6 days, resume for 8 weeks.


July 23, 2009

Re: Mineral Water / Kangen Water

Hello Aajonus,

I know you recommend mineral water such as Appolinaris. However, I have heard from several people that mineral water leaches calcium from the body. Is this true?

Also, I am interested in the Japanese water system known as Kangen water. What do you know about this purified water with a high alkaline content? I believe the Japanese government is subsidizing the people of their country so all homes will have access to the Kangen/filtered water with high alkalinity. I have heard that Magic Johnson drinks Kangen water as part of his health regime.

Thank you.

All water leaches nutrients, not just calcium. That is why I suggest that people drink very little water. I suggested naturally carbonated waters because they have natural cleansing and dissolving preterites and increase nitrogen in intestines and oxygen in blood.

Kangen water is no better than any other processed water and can cause just as many problems as distilled waters if drunk. However, using it for household use is beneficial.


Jul 28, 2009
Re: Puppy with a Limp & Spaying a Female
(See also Aug 17, 2009 Re: Puppy in Pain)

Hi Aajonus,

  1. One of the 5 month old golden retriever puppies has a severe limp. One of her front legs has an injury or defect. It is hard to keep her from running around. Upon pressing on bones, tendons, and muscles, she doesn't wince, but the limp is progressively getting worse. She eats lots of bone marrow and raw bones; raw lamb, beef, chicken and all kinds of organs; goat and cow milk; butter; honey; and beef fat. The other 2 pups and mom are doing fine.
What should we do? Should I have it looked at without getting an X-ray? Will she be okay if we
don't do anything?
  1. We are approaching 6 months with the pup.
When should I spay a female?
What questions should I ask of a vet and what requirements should I insist on for the procedure?
Does she need to have a general anesthetic? What should I allow and what should I resist in
terms of medications?
  1. Do you know a veterinarian in our area or someone who might have this information?

Probably, the pup's mother transferred mercury from vaccines during gestation. That is a frequent occurrence. Usually, it takes 6-18 months to remove mercury toxicity. If the pup will eat a little fish, chicken or beef with about 1/2 tsp vinegar and about 5 cilantro leaves, 5-6 days weekly, that would help remove mercury without much scarring and permanent damage.

Rather than have organs removed for birth control, I suggest tying her tubes. Gas is always less damaging than local injections.

I suggest that you search the net for alternative vets.


Aug 3, 2009

Re: Diarrhea & Nausea


On Thursday I woke up in the morning and immediately started having diarrhea. My first mistake was not eating anything during the next several hours and I kept proceeding to have diarrhea over the next several hours that just got more and more watery. With each bout of diarrhea my nausea continued to get worse and worse and I finally decided to sip on some sparkling water and I immediately felt better and the diarrhea stopped (temporarily). The nausea came back but the watery diarrhea got better. Instead of continuing on with the raw food I panicked because we were leaving the next day for vacation so I started eating some homemade chicken soup. It's been several days and I can't seem to get rid of the nausea. Not surprisingly, I can't stand eating the soup. I eat a couple of bites and then I feel like I'm going to throw up. In the middle of the night I wake up around 1:30 a.m. and I can feel the toxins dumping into my stomach even after several days of not eating any raw food. I can't figure out why I am still detoxifying when I haven't eaten any raw food for the last 3 days. The detoxification process usually stops pretty quickly when I stop eating the raw fats but this time it is taking such a long time. I'm afraid to eat the raw fats again because I know it will just bring back the intense diarrhea. I would like to get rid of the nausea and start eating anything again but I don't know what to do. I am wasting away because I cannot eat anything and that makes me even more nauseous because I am so malnourished. I know you do not agree with the cooked foods but I am at a loss of what to do. My last resort is to go to the local urgent care and get some medicine for the nausea so that I can try to eat something and hopefully get some nourishment.

Can you give me some advice? If your advice is to start eating the raw foods again then can you tell me exactly what to eat and what to eat when I have such bad diarrhea? I don't want to spend my whole vacation in the bathroom, but I also don't want to spend the whole vacation with such intense nausea and unable to eat anything. I am pretty close to passing out every time I stand up. Help me!!!


Nausea is always an indication that very caustic poisons are dumping into the stomach. Diarrhea indicates that very caustic poisons are dumping into the colon. Eating cooked food only keeps those toxins in the body and adds to the toxins, so that eventually no matter what you eat, you will detoxify those poisons. More people eating cooked foods have nausea and diarrhea than people who eat Primal Diet foods.

I suggest that you eat lots of unsalted raw cheeses, some every 20 minutes, to absorb the toxins throughout the digestive system. I suggest that after one day of eating cheese and 1/4 cup papaya 4 times daily, you begin eating a good Primal Diet.



I did as you said. When I got home from vacation I started eating Primal Diet again. I sip on Moisturizing Formula and milkshakes all day. Within a couple of weeks I was back where I started. I'm either STARVING with terrible hunger pangs or, when I eat, I am nauseous followed by severe stomach and intestinal cramping and then diarrhea. The cheese would probably help with the cramps and diarrhea but eventually makes me more nauseous because I don't dump toxins into my bowels, instead it kind of just sits in my stomach but I never vomit.

This has been going on all summer, pretty much the last 2 months, and it is wearing me down.

I've entertained the idea of eating eggs all day but it frightens me because they cause such intense intestinal detoxification, but I'm wondering if that's the only way for me to climb my way out of this. Would eating eggs make my symptoms better or worse? If I eat eggs should I also eat fat with them?

You told me my intestines were one of the most toxic you've ever seen and I'm wondering how long I'm going to have such intense digestive detoxification. I still can't gain weight because the more fat I eat the worse the diarrhea gets.


I wish that I could presage your journey through this toxicity. All we can do is experiment and explore. To help you reduce toxicity and diarrhea, I suggest that you eat 1/2 tsp cheese every waking hour, maybe with an equal amount of butter. Yes, the eggs are a good idea as well as the cheese and butter or other fat. Probably, eating 1/2 to 1 tsp butter with egg would be more agreeable to your body. Experiment.


August 6, 2009

Re: Swelling in Legs


I have edema in my legs. I have probably had this swelling for some time now. I have been noticing it since two days ago because I feel the pressure of the swelling and my ankles are blown up like balloons. I am scared. I am elevating my legs now when I sit to see clients.

What do you suggest?

Swelling is always an indication of cleansing and healing, as long as you are on the Primal Diet. Since 90% of toxins are supposed to discharge through the skin, I suggest that you elevate your legs and apply hot water bottles to speed perspiration that will help discharge toxins through the skin. Eating a little grapefruit or pomelo will help, also orange.


August 6, 2009

Re: Irritability


I am very irritable.

Have the Nut Formula, or a little cooked rice with an equal amount of butter.

Aug 6, 2009

Re: Eye Lubricant

Hi Aajonus,

I thought you may have some interest in what I am doing regarding eye lubricant. I had mentioned to you several years ago that I was using my urine as a tear since I have no tearing and my cornea is totally scarred over.

I tried the egg white but found that it dried it more. I used an oil and herb concoction for the past 2 years that worked well and brought back some of my sight. I was totally blind with a white wall. The oil, for some reason, stopped working a few months ago. So I was also worried about what I would do if the supplier ever ceased making her product.

So, I thought I would try cold-pressed virgin coconut oil. It is actually working better. It feels very good on the eye and refracts light or settles the cornea since, once again, I don't need my white cane all the time. My friend just commented yesterday how less red it looks. My eye is usually bloodshot from irritation. I still use a bit of urine later in the day to clear out a buildup of oil at times.

I look forward to seeing, or listening at least, to your new DVD.

I have been experimenting lately with raw yellow butter in the eyes, and it is working wonderfully. Sometimes the coconut oil can be too cleansing for the cornea and cause thinning.


Aug 12, 2009

Re: Frozen Bones

Hi Aajonus,

Is it OK to give dogs bones that have been frozen? This would include chicken, pork, lamb and beef.


When I fed animals frozen meats including bones, they all developed severe skin problems.


Aug 17, 2009

Re: Bleeding Gums


I have gums that bleed. This started happening after my son was born about 3.5 years ago.

It seemed to subside for a while, but in the last week or two I can taste a little blood in my mouth almost every day. I do have receding gums, if that matters.

One dentist said it could be an abscess but doesn't know unless he takes x-rays which I refused. Otherwise he said my teeth looked very good and healthy.

My diet is mixed raw with cooked, and cooked is about as healthy as I can make it. We do eat lots of raw all day long except for 1 cooked meal in the evening.

What's going on with my gums?

Thank You.

Probably, the pregnancy caused a major brain detoxification that has not stopped. When heavy metals from the brain detoxify, it is mainly through the gums, tongue and salivary glands. As the metals pass though the gums, they take most of the vitamin K and U with them. Those deficiencies cause gum bleeding. Even if you replace them daily, you still might have some gum bleeding and recessed gums. When it stops, you can reverse the recessed gums to a great extent.

To reduce or stop bleeding, I suggest you drink 4 oz. of raw, fresh, green cabbage juice every 4th day. Also, to control toxins discarding from the gums, I suggest you brush your teeth once daily, only with a mixture of 1 T. clay, 1 tsp coconut cream and 1 tsp vinegar. Also, consume about 1 T. clay daily with veggie juice or milk. Eating fish helps, especially oysters.


August 17, 2009
Re: Puppy in Pain
(See also July 28, 200 9 Re: Puppy with a Limp & Spaying a Female)

Dear Aajonus,

This is a follow-up from our previous email to you about our dog.

Note: Her parents have never been inoculated or medicated and have been fed the Primal Diet since
they were born.


Our 5 ½ month old golden retriever's limp is getting worse at an alarming rate. She is now using 3 out of
her 4 legs. She has high energy and passion for life. However, she is now obviously in pain and not
acting like herself. She wakes later and sleeps more than her 2 brothers and her ability to cope worsens
throughout the day. We have been careful and have limited her exercise.
We have read that it is common for large dog breeds, especially golden retrievers, to develop a limp. The
most common reason being that the bones at the elbow joint do not fuse properly, or the cartilage can
break off and float around in the joint capsule and thus, stress, irritation, and edema can cause a limp
and/or infection.

Note: We are already feeding her cilantro and vinegar for mercury toxicity.

What else can we do to strengthen her fascia and immune system?

Should we have an X-ray done to rule out something that should be attended to, to prevent permanent
deformity or incapacity?

She is in pain. What can we humanely do to attend to the pain?

Also, I have chosen to spay her with a vet who will cooperate with our instructions. What should be done
to prepare her for anesthesia? And pain? And infection prevention? Is is better to spay her before her first
heat and before her uterus becomes more mature? Is it okay to spay her now while she has leg/hip pain?
Unfortunately, it will be easier for us to spay her than tie her tubes, because we have two male dogs.
We want to utilize the necessary services, while maintaining the integrity of our beliefs and enlist your
support in the process. We are hoping to give her some relief soon from her discomfort. Thank you for
your support!
However, the parents' parents were vaccinated. According to the experiments of Pottenger and Howell, it
took 5 generations of offspring to become free of such toxins.
I suggest that you feed her about 2 ozs of beet juice one day and 2 ozs of red cabbage juice the next. Do this
cycle twice weekly for 7 weeks and continue my other recommendations.
Aug 21, 2009

Re: Scrotal Hernia


My husband has a very sore bulge in his scrotum. A doctor said it is probably the beginning of a hernia and would take about a year for the full hernia to form. The doctor said to relax over the weekend and see if the soreness in the scrotum goes away.

What are your suggestions for curing a scrotal hernia?

Thank you.

Scrotal hernias are extremely rare and usually happen in children. Probably, your husband’s testicles are discarding some toxins stored for a very long time. 90% of toxins are supposed to pass through the skin. Often, they can congest just under the skin, but then can be dissolved gradually (sometimes up to 2 years) and eliminated through the skin. To help dissolve the congestion faster and protect the skin that will bear the brunt of toxicity, I suggest that he or you apply my Primal Facial Body Care Cream on and around the area. When the PFBCC is not made, simply rub butter on it one night and olive oil on it the next, alternating every night 6 days weekly until the lump dissolves.


August 21, 2009

Re: Eroding Teeth Dear Aajonus,

I have deep pockets that have developed where I have porcelain from 2 root canals, unfortunately. Within the next 2 months, I have been told, I will experience pain from infection because the teeth are disappearing and debris is lodging deep down in the areas of the teeth that have cracked more.

It was recommended that I have the teeth removed. I know you are familiar with these consequences from root canals and porcelain.

I am looking for a dentist that is sensitive to my needs. Do you have any referrals? What should I request for myself during this procedure? Should I refuse an X-ray which I am told will be required? How should I have these teeth removed? What pain killers or anesthesia? What kinds of things should I refuse? Pain killers, X-rays, antibiotics, etc.? What kinds of toxic things should I allow? Pain killers, novocaine, anesthesia, X-rays? What other instructions should I give the doctors? What specific foods should I eat before and after the procedure to counteract any toxic substances? Should I have a bridge made or get an artificial tooth? I will be loosing the largest lower molars on both sides of my jaw, the second-to-the- last teeth.

Thanks very much. Always with gratitude and love.

Please do not acquiesce to medical alarmism. It is designed to make you so unstable that you will do anything doctors dictate. From your email, I do not see you following your dentist's dictates, but you have fallen for his alarmism. I have seen that always calmness and patience during such detoxification while on the Primal Diet changes life for the better. I suggest that you refrain from dental work, pack you gums with soft room-temperature cheese and/or thick clay, apply a hot water bottle to your face without applying pressure and allow the body to adjust. If the cheese is too acidic, it could cause excessive heat and more pain. If after 10 minutes of having applied cheese, the area feels much hotter, then remove it and apply thick clay only. I suggest that you consume the Pain Formula with bee pollen and cheese from my book, We Want To Live, rewritten in 2005. Whenever you have pain, it is always swelling from detoxifying industrial chemicals from the area. Swelling provides increased nutrients to the painful area to allow for proper detoxification and healing. Heat applied to the area allows tissues to relax and expand with swelling so that less pain is experienced. When toxins have been removed, swelling reduces. When healing has been properly initiated and balance restored, pain subsides. The objective should be to manage and endure pain until the body finishes its tasks. Otherwise, toxins remain in the tissue and diseases progress.

The body can do its own root canal and limited repairs. I suggest that you wait. Remember that all disease is caused by collections of industrial chemicals, including your tumor. Also, when the brain detoxifies, it usually sends most of the toxins out the gums, tongue and saliva. When heavy metals detoxify through gums, the metals attach to dentine and damage the dentine. Bacteria then occur to eat the damaged dentine so that we can regenerate and heal. Once your body has settled, I suggest that you get composite fillings or crowns, rather than extractions. If your body wants an extraction, it will do it on its own, as long as you eat the Primal Diet.

To absorb the toxicity being discharged from your brain that is causing your tooth decay, I suggest that you sip milk often and eat cheese with a little butter every hour. Minerals in the dairy will bind with the toxins being eliminated through the gums that damage dentine. Brush once daily with a mixture of 1 tsp. of vinegar, 1 tsp. of clay and 1 tsp. of coconut cream.


Dear Aajonus,

You suggest in your email that I could "get composite fillings or crowns rather than extractions". I already have crowns that are porcelain from two root canals. My body is trying to dissolve and remove nerve and bone toxicity around the teeth with a porcelain crown already in place on the top of the eroding tooth and root.

I am confused by what you mentioned on page 316 of your book about tooth and gum disorders. You mentioned in your book:

"EVEN ON A HEALTHY DIET, the toxicity around the teeth may require more nutrients
than most people can eat. Therefore, if persistent infection occurs, it may be preferable to
have a root-canal tooth extracted."

I am willing to endure the pain of this process if an end is in sight in the near future. However, I cannot endure more fatigue for years.

Knowing all this, my questions is: What effects will the porcelain crown have on this process of infection and the dissolving teeth underneath the crown? Underneath the crown is a stump of a tooth without enamel.


I don't know how much of your fatigue is caused by oral detoxification. I can take a look when I see you.


Aug 28, 2009

Re: TV Show: The Doctors & Cracking eggs

Hi Aajonus,

I finally was able to listen to your appearance on The Doctors. I certainly wasn't surprised at their conduct. What I found amusing was how they continuously and specifically stated that the Primal Diet was good or unique to you. Nevertheless, they absolutely abandon this biochemical individuality concept when it comes to dispensing their drugs.

The feeling I got while listening was that in order to illustrate an accurate picture to the public in terms of knowledge of health and diet was to have had you sitting there in a white lab coat and the rest of them in furs holding clubs.

Good job under the circumstances.

P.S. my friend said you cracked the eggs off your teeth. I never thought of that.

Thank you for your appreciation.

Yes, I crack the fatter end of the egg flatly against the side of an eyetooth without making a hole, then I crack the thinner end with the top of an eyetooth, creating a hole from which I suck the egg.


Aug 25, 2009

Re: Stepped on something and foot is swollen


I stepped on something 2 nights ago while barefoot. It was on the concrete and felt like a very intense sting in my middle toe. I did not see what it was, maybe a tiny spider. I put a clay pack on it all night and it seemed to be good in the morning. This morning, it was swollen and the foot up to my ankle is hot. Please advise, as I'm frightened as someone I know got very huge and swollen and went to the doctor and said it was a mess.

Please asap.


August 25, 2009

A spider cannot bite through the callus of a foot. You probably stepped on a fine piece of glass or metal shaving with something toxic on it. When something happens like that, in the future, apply lime juice immediately and let it sit for about 30 minutes, then apply moist clay that you keep moist. Probably, you still have the fragment of metal or glass in your foot.

I suggest that you try to find the tiny slit in which it entered and reopen it and follow my instructions above. Otherwise, your body may take weeks to work it out of the foot through the skin.

Healthfully, Aajonus

Sep 3, 2009

Yes, it worked well. A huge blister formed on the toe and it finally opened by itself in about a week. The clay worked to about 80% overnight. I thank you so much for your fast response to my concerns.

Sep 9, 2009

Re: Juicer

Hi Aajonus.

We have been watching your DVD. We want to buy the juicer.

You recommend the Green Star 1000. I went to their website, they list 3:

Green Star 1000
Green Star 2000
Green Star 3000

Should we just get the 1000, or are the 2000 or 3000 better for some reason? Which would you suggest?

We already have the Osterizer blender.


The 2000 and 3000 have attachments for making things like pasta and bread sticks, and ground meats. They are all unnecessary, and meat ground/pate'd in the juicer is not best. The 1000 is perfect for our needs.


Sept 23, 2009

Re: Rabies

What is Rabies a detoxification of?

Rabies can result from any detoxification that involves extreme metallic or other poisons that affect the brain. Those poisons are sent to the brain to be arrested by fats. If fat in the brain cannot immediately arrest and contain those poisons, and if potent enough, massive cerebral damage occurs.


Oct 3, 2009

Re: Dog – weight loss, loose stool

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Hi Aajonus,

I need help with my male shepherd.

Here is what I feed my dogs daily:

I give them both a piece of raw cheese when I get up. Then, maybe a cube of some kind
of raw meat: pork, hamburger or stew beef. That's the morning "treat."
Then breakfast is 3 raw eggs with 1 tsp Terramin Clay mixed in. I pour in some soured
milk – either kefir stage or almost curds and whey. I also add a small amount of vegetable
pulp left from making my juice.
Dinner is a large serving of raw meat: my male gets about 2 to 3 pounds of meat and the
female about  1  pound. Usually, it is chicken so they get the bones. If I can find lamb or
pork that’s reasonable, I'll add that.

The female is 100 pounds and has very few issues: some dandruff and an occasional loose stool.

The male used to weigh 130 pounds, now is 115. He has been having a large amount of eye discharge daily and lots of loose stool for about 2-3 months. He is never incontinent in the house, but when he has a bowel movement it's an explosive watery stool. I have no dog stool in my yard from him – it's water. And he always has what I would describe as a gray mucous on his anus. His anus was very irritated – the tissue swollen and red, almost open; but today it looks healed over and reasonably normal.

The skin on both dogs is itchy on their lower backs; they occasionally have small crusty sores there also, which heal over. Sometimes I put honey on the areas if they get too irritated.

They were given vaccinations when puppies, but nothing since then. They do not get yearly rabies vaccinations. Both are 6 years old. They were plagued with fleas last year and did get the topical flea control junk (I was desperate), along with baths in Dawn dish soap and a holistic flea spray.

My daughter took the male to the vet, concerned about the weight loss and the loose, watery stool. He said his diet wasn't balanced and gave her some Chinese herbs to give him and an antifungal cream to put on his bottom. I threw them all out.

He has great energy. What to do about the explosive watery stool and weight loss? And why/what is the gray mucous on his bottom? Do they need anything else added to their diet? I was wanting to ferment the vegetable pulp for them. Is this necessary? And how to do that? Suggestions please.

Thank you.

Since both dogs had puppy shots, they have concentrations of mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde stored in their rear parts. When their bodies discharge those toxins, they cause severe skin dryness. Usually between ages 7-9, dogs discharge those toxins from the nerves. Sometimes that causes temporary paralysis, lasting up to 7 months. Gray mucus discharged from the bowels indicates that metals, such as mercury and aluminum, are discharged through the bowel lining. Mucus grabs the toxic metal and prevents more intestinal harm/damage. Watery stools indicates that too many toxins are exiting through the bowels. I suggest that you feed him lots of cheese, or allow the watery discharges.

Everything you feed them is good, unless the meats are frozen. In my experiments with cats and dogs, they all developed skin disorders from eating frozen meats.

I would change one thing: do not give them vegetable pulp with any other foods, except cream or butter. Vegetable pulp will neutralize some of the acidic digestive juices and bacteria, lowering digestion and nutrition.


October 19, 2009

Re: Aromatherapy/Essential Oils


We recently took our dog to a session where the therapist used Essential Oils (Young Living Grade A therapeutic oils). They were very effective in calming and soothing her, as well as recommended for their healing properties for her limp.

What do you know about Essential Oils? Do you know the oils that have the best extractions methods and are the most stable? Can you recommend any brand/company or human that you resonate with?

Your thoughts about this would be much appreciated.

Essential oils are distilled oils that penetrate cell walls, even if the cells do not want it. Like any distilled oil, Young's essential oils are radical solvents, but they can help arrest heavy metals. Oils that are heated above 96 degrees F are not living. The word "living" is a fraud. Young even admits in his book that nature distills plant oils between 57-62 degrees F. Essential oils are not easily removed from the body with the toxins and they damage many cells by thinning cellular walls and organelles. They cause people who are very clean, like me, to sneeze and have headaches. You could try Green Pastures cod liver oil with some flax oil. If she continues to be hyper and anxious, something is irritating her nervous system and/or brain. She may not be digesting well. I have some blue butter that might work (blue butter has been predigested by blue fungus, like in blue cheese).


Thanks Aajonus!

How do I acquire blue butter?

Blue molded butter, that is. You can get it from me.
October 23, 2009

Re: Cars

Hi Aajonus,

I am looking into buying a new car. Do you have any recommendations for things to look out for? Hybrid or gas? Leather or cloth? Particular things to eliminate or request to reduce toxicity? I am planning to get a large enclosed truck or van to cart around things and dogs.

Honda, Ford, or Toyota?


I suggest that you test all hybrids for low emissions. However, you must consider the EMFs that are emitted in the driver's seat. I suggest that you take an EMF meter with you while someone else drives before you test drive a vehicle. Okay EMF levels are 3 milligauss, but you will find that all vehicles are much higher. My Prius hybrid (Toyota) has an EMF of 8-50. The faster it goes, the higher the EMFs. So, most of the time when I drive, I place my feet on the mound between driver and front passenger where the EMFs are rarely over 18. However, if the CD player plays, the EMFs are 50-100. It might be best to install the CD player in the back of the car. I had leather installed in all of my past cars because fabric upholstery is plastic and lints. It is unhealthy to breath plastic lint. It must be dissolved into the body to eliminate it. After you buy the vehicle, there will be many noxious toxic fumes in the car. I suggest you open all windows and doors and let it bake in the sun for up to 30 days. When driving it during that 30-day drying period, leave all the windows down.

Healthfully, Aajonus

What about a car that is not a hybrid? Is it much more toxic? I am considering a Ford Expedition or Chevy Suburban.

As I stated, I have no idea about present cars.

Oct 31, 2009

Re: Difficulty Gaining Weight

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Thank you for speaking with me on the phone the other day. I know you get A LOT of emails so I am going to make this quick. I just received your workshop DVDs and listened to the first two. They are very inspirational and I am going to go 100% on the Primal Diet again. This time, no matter how sick I get I will stick it out until I am fat and healthy again. No matter how long it takes.

Knowing my case, do you have any indication of how long it will take me to gain weight?

Would 1 Tbs. of honey/butter be better, or Moisturizing Formula, after my eggs and with my meat meals?

After listening to the DVDs, one part sticks in my mind and is scaring me quite a bit: the story of one of your cancer patients that made jewelry for a living and died from cancer because she couldn't gain weight and got too sick. This terrifies me because that sounds a lot like me. I get so violently ill when I start detoxifying and I find it hard to put anything in my mouth when I get this way and I have such a hard time gaining weight. I am so afraid that I am going to die in the process of detoxification. This is causing me great anxiety (whether reasonable or not) and I was wondering if you could give me any words of encouragement as to why my situation is different from hers. You said that you could not say for sure if I had cancer because my lymphatic system was so congested. Basically, I'm really scared.

Thank you.

I suggest that you consume as much honey/butter and honey/butter/cheese as possible between meals.

I do not think you should be afraid because 95% of my patients who were as toxic and had difficulty gaining

weight eventually gained enough weight.


Oct 31, 2009

Re: Inguinal Hernia

Hi Aajonus,

We spoke yesterday about my husband's inguinal hernia. After speaking with you, he decided to cancel his surgery for today. His doctor did not want to use the pig skin mesh saying it was for special cases and his hernia was very routine and did not require the pig skin. The doctor also said the pig skin costs thousands more. Anyway, he is trying to find a doctor who will use the pig skin mesh instead of the Marlex polypropylene mesh.

My question to you: you gave him a recipe of berries, cream, coconut cream and honey to drink daily, taking 1 day off each week. What does this recipe do for him and his health regarding his hernia?

Also, inguinal hernias over time can cause strangulation of the intestines and blockage. How do we know this will not happen while we search for a new doctor? What do you know about the blockage aspect of inguinal hernias?


The berries formula will help him remove metals from the hernia so that it can heal. Without seeing his irises, I would not know how long it is likely to take to remove the metals that prevent healing.

I know of only one person with a hernia that had intestinal strangulation and that was an eighty-eight-year- old man, who was not on the diet. All of his tissues in his lower abdomen were distended, flabby and hanging with no muscle or tissue strength. That is a scare tactic that pharma/medical use to frighten people into surgery.


Nov 3, 2009

Re: Ceramic Knives vs. Stainless Steel


What are your thoughts on non-toxic knives to use? Are ceramic knives safe? How about the ceramic knives made by Raw Star? What about surgical grade stainless steel? It supposedly does not leach heavy metals. Thanks.

There are two arguments against steel: one is leaching and two is it disturbs the natural electromagnetic fields of food cells. Ceramic knives are safe, but could leach if left in an acidic solution for several hours. Surgical stainless steel does not easily leach, unless left in an acidic solution for many hours.

What Knives do you use and highly recommend?

Both ceramic and Cutco.

Why Cutco knives? Do they leach? Do you use Cutco and Ceramic?

Surgical steel grade steel and best quality knives. I bought these long before ceramic knives were made. But I prefer ceramic unless I cut pineapple or high meat.

Why do you use surgical steel-grade steel on pineapple and high meat?

Pineapple and high meats can dissolve ceramic enough to slightly leach.

Wow I didn't know that about pineapple and high meat. Are lemon, lime and tomatoes okay since they are acidic? Will they leach the ceramic?

None of those contain the bromelain/citrus combination that pineapple has, nor the dissolving proteins that high meat contains.


Nov 4, 2009

Re: Wood utensils and mineral oil finish


Some companies finish/brush their solid wood utensils with a mineral oil. Is mineral oil okay on solid beachwood spoons? The company says it's non-toxic, but I don't believe them. Does the mineral oil from the wood spoons release into the food?


Yes, it leaches especially with fermented or acidic foods.


Nov 4, 2009

Re: Eye Problem

Hi Aajonus. I seem to have developed a problem in my right eye.

It has started really bothering me for about the last week or so.

It gets easily tired. That’s aggravating when trying to read small print.

I can feel the eye. The best I can describe it is: it feels a little like the aftereffect of someone poking you in the eye. Or, like someone is constantly blowing a light stream of cool air into the eye.

I don't feel my left eye at all.

The right eye seems more light sensitive than it has ever been.

It is a little weepy. It tears more than my left eye.

Far vision works fine. But, with close vision, I seem to have a little focusing problem in a small circular zone.

I have a small wart on my left cheek that I started putting the lemon peel on a few days ago. It is going away. Could I have contaminated my right eye with some of the wart virus by unintentionally touching the wart then brushing my right eye?

I’m not sure what all this is. Can my eye be going through some type of detox? I can't recall ever feeling anything like this.

I haven't seen an eye doctor, or any kind of doctor for that matter, for many years.

My eyes have definitely weakened with age. I haven't changed my eyeglasses for many years and it is getting more difficult to see things sharp. I’m doing a lot of shifting of the glasses on my nose to bring things into focus.

I was going to wait to see you to talk about it, but it seems like it is not going away.

Any advice/suggestions? Do I just need to put up with it until it resolves? If I have one phobia, it’s about losing my eyesight. It makes me nervous.

It sounds as if you are detoxifying your eyes through the cornea. I suggest that you pull your lower eyelid downward, look upward, rub a dab of raw butter onto the lid, lift the upper eyelid along with the lower eyelid and roll your eyes like a circus master. Leave it there and do not rinse. Do not be afraid of doing this; hundreds of people have done it and it works wonders – better than egg white.


Nov 15, 2009

Re: Emergency – Woman with advanced cancer

Hi Aajonus,

A new client was sent to me for food. She is 54, with advanced cancer of the appendix that has spread throughout her body. The doctors took out her appendix, spleen, part of her liver, part of her diaphragm, rectum, colon, large intestine, part of her small intestine (has 2/3rd of small intestine left), peritoneal lining and part of her stomach. She has a colostomy pouch. When you look at her, she looks healthy. She can go for walks. She is about 5'7", 125 lbs, but is losing weight quickly.

She was sent home from the hospital and told to eat nothing but strained soup broth, jello and Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN). The TPN makes her sick, so she stopped it. They also have some mix that has 5000 calories in it for her to eat. She is losing weight quickly. If she tries to eat anything else, it clogs her up and she is in such excruciating pain that she has to go on morphine for three days. The doctors said if she gets clogged again it could kill her. She has been sent home to die. She clogs up when her intestine gets inflamed and the tumors press on it causing blockage.

To get her going I told her to stop everything she had been eating. I wanted to get her going on raw and give her raw fats that would keep her system lubricated so she would not back up. She started on butter and honey throughout the day, then added a milkshake, then added a lubrication drink, then added raw fish last night (small amounts about 2 oz twice) and today she has added green juice of celery and cucumber only. The first two days were without the fish, only fats. Then, last night, she added fish (2 oz only once for dinner). Today she added juice and more fish (twice a day today). She has had continual diarrhea (good lubrication so she won't back up). The smell is rank she said (toxic crap dumping I am sure). She is also very nauseous. Today, I gave her no-salt raw cheese to try, but did not want her to eat too much as I did not want her to back up. That is what they want to prevent at all costs. I told her a sugar-cube size of cheese, twice a day, for nausea. You don't think the cheese will back her up, do you? She cannot seem to do fruits, only fruit juice like apple juice.

Now she is doing:

Celery and cucumber juice upon waking
2-4 oz fish with lube formula
2-4 oz juice
Fish, 2-4 oz with lube formula
Juice, 2 oz
Butter/honey between meals
Fish with lube formula
Milkshake if hungry
Milk before bed
Milk at night

Nausea: I told her to shoot raw eggs or try cheese. I want to get weight on her but she is still losing weight. After a few days, she feels full but she is not satisfied.

She came to me initially just to get foods that she could eat, but when she left, she said, "Tell me exactly what to eat and I will do it." Do you think it is too late for her to survive?

Any thoughts or suggestions? Do you think adding more fish per day plus a little bit of cheese will back her up? Should I have her husband, who is taking care of her, contact you?

No one is dead until they are dead. Diarrhea should not be a problem. I had someone in her condition that had diarrhea for 2.5 years. That is not a worry. What the concern is, is to eat foods that require very little digestion for at least 6 weeks so that her body can cleanse, heal and strengthen as quickly as possible. I suggest that she eat 23 eggs daily. She has lost too much of her digestive system to wait for other foods to try and digest. Also, honey and butter. I suggest that she eat 1 egg, then 1 T. honey/butter mixture (1 honey to 2 butter) every 30 minutes of her waking hours. Meats of any kind will likely make her nauseous. I suggest that she continue on that diet for about 6 weeks. By then, she should have strengthened enough to survive and maybe recover.

For nausea, I suggest she make a mixture of 2 ounces of lemon juice and two ounces of honey. When she gets nausea, I suggest that she mix 1 ounce of the mixture into 2 ounces of sparkling mineral water only and sip it over 3-5 minutes.


Nov 22, 2009

Re: Allergy to Dogs and Cats

Hi Aajonus,

We have noticed that our 6-year-old daughter, who has a raw diet along with a cooked diet, seems to have an allergy to dogs and cats. Her diet is very clean and totally organic. She has never been immunized / vaccinated. You saw her when she was 3 years old and said her eyes looked good and that you did not have to see her again.

Her symptoms around pets are: sneezing, watery eyes, coughs, stuffy nose, breaks out in red bumps and is itchy.

I am confused as to why she is having a reaction to dogs and cats. Please explain.

Also what foods would be good for her to eat to possibly cure her of her allergies to dogs and cats? Is it curable? I know her grandmother and cousin both have allergies to dogs and cats as well. Is it hereditary?

Thank you.

Since your daughter is eating some cooked (processed?) foods, she has toxic chemical byproducts. Many times, children will discard toxins from mucous membranes, causing loss or thinning of the mucus protecting the mucous membranes. Dander from cats and dogs, even if they have not been vaccinated and are on raw diets, have processed food and vaccine toxins from the mother throughout gestation. When those are detoxified from the body of dogs and cats, 98% discharges in and through the skin. Therefore, the dander from those animals will be highly toxic. When inhaled by a child (or adult), dander penetrates the mucus and irritates the membranes.

A child with little or thinning mucus will not be able to protect itself from dander irritation to mucous membranes. Since most toxins are supposed to be eliminated through the skin, absorption of dander toxins often results in skin rashes.

I suggest that you restrict your daughter's cooked and processed foods and have her drink more milkshakes to increase mucus production.

Feed the dogs and cats moist Terramin clay to help those animals neutralize those toxins better so that the toxins are not so caustic in their dander.



My daughter never eats processed foods of any kind. Everything she eats is from the earth and in its whole food form, whether raw or cooked. Some of what she eats is cooked, in the healthiest way possible, and the rest is raw. I just wanted to mention this to you since you spoke of keeping her away from processed foods in your response to me. We never eat processed food of any kind.

I am still puzzled as to why someone like her, who eats a healthy food diet, gets an allergic reaction to dogs and cats, while other children who never eat organic or fresh food of any kind and who eat highly processed foods from fast food restaurants have no allergic reaction to dogs or cats. Please explain why other children on extremely poor diets eating cooked food are not allergic to dogs and cats. Also, it's hard to believe that cooked food is the culprit since everyone on earth eats cooked food and not everyone has allergies to dogs and cats.

Is it true, based on your explanation, that if my daughter where to come in contact with a completely wild dog whose mother was wild and other generations were wild, she may not have an allergic reaction at all since no toxins would be present in the dogs lineage?

So she needs to increase her mucus to protect her membranes from being irritated by toxic dander from cats and dogs. Is this right?

I forgot to mention that when she comes near a hypoallergenic dog, such as a Wheaten Terrier, she has no allergic reaction. Wheaten Terriers apparently do not have fur but hair like humans and do not shed like other dogs.


If you try to compare one person’s health to others, you will always be confused. Your daughter has problems because her body contains caustic toxins in her body, especially near the throat and lungs. I suggest that you be thankful that her body tries to eliminate the toxins and that they do not easily store from dander. Cooked food is not the greatest culprit. Medical and industrial pollution in everything is our main culprit. Since you did not grow and live on an exclusively raw Primal Diet and did not live in a clean environment, you have a lifetime of toxins in your body. You passed many into your daughter’s body while she was gestating. Why her body stored them where it did, I cannot say.

Yes, she would not have reactions to wild dogs as long as she produces protective mucus that prevents dander from irritating and penetrating membranes. And, yes she needs to increase mucus production.

It is not the hair but the skin - dander - that causes rashes.


Dec 7, 2009

Re: Coconut oil

It seems like this coconut oil uses the same fermentation process as Wilderness Naturals. Look under virgin coconut oil and how they make their oil. Is the Gold Label Standard Oil a good one?

It's the same process, but they let the oil get to a much higher temperature than what is beneficial. is the only oil that is not heated above 96 degrees F.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Nov 16, 2009

Re: Flu

Hi Aajonus.

It was good to see you.

I caught a flu on the drive back. So, I have been miserable for the last 2 days. But, it is resolving now.

Thank you and have a great Thanksgiving.

November 17, 2009

Probably, you had a detoxification from the car EMFs you were exposed to for so many hours while driving so much. Learn to drive with cruise control as much as possible and keep your legs as far from the gas pedal as possible to reduce EMF exposure.

Healthfully, Aajonus

Hi Aajonus.

Okay, thanks.

I am still sick. I am running a temp of 99.5 F. I have a bad cough and sneeze a lot and have a lot of nasal congestion.

I seem to have strained my right groin/pyramidalis and my right lower back from coughing. I had already aggravated them at the workshop on Saturday. So, they were already sore and weak to begin with.

Always, in this situation, I begin to wonder about the possibility of appendicitis on top of everything else.

Is there a way to be sure that I do or do not have appendicitis when I get the aching in my right lower abdominal area?

I am eating tomatoes and drinking lemon juice, just in case.

I still have an appetite. I have no nausea at all. But there is constant aching. There is no pain if I casually press around that area. I can create pain if I take my thumb and really dig down deep though, which also happens when I do it on the left side.

I think I just sprained it again coughing, but am not 100% sure.

November 19, 2009

To reduce symptoms, you need to gain at least 25 pounds. For now, take hot baths to relieve the tightness in the spine that causes your pain.

Don't worry, if you had an appendix problem, you would know it by now.

Healthfully, Aajonus

Nov 23, 2009

Hi Aajonus.

I am sufficiently back to normal.

I still have a cough, feel tired, and my right groin still aches from the cough aggravating it, but otherwise I seem to be over the worst of it and am returning back to normal. I haven't had a flu/cold like this for a few years.

Dec 7, 2009

Hi Aajonus.

Just a note, I am surprised that I still have my cough from my Thanksgiving flu and feel very tired.


Dec 7, 2009

Because you are still very fat deficient in tissues, your body takes more time to remove waste from detoxification. Coughs that force toxins that were removed from deep tissues may persist for months. The more time it takes, the greater the indication that you removed lots of toxins during that last detoxification.


Dec 8, 2009

Re: Deworming

Hi Aajonus,

We are about to get a puppy in a few weeks. Right now it is 2 weeks old. I asked the person who has the pups to not vaccinate them and she said okay.

However, the person who has the pups right now wants to deworm them with a strong dewormer called Drontal Plus.

What do you know about deworming puppies? Are their safety issues with it?

The pups are nursing right now on their mom but will be weaned soon to a kibble diet. I do not like the kibble dry dog food diet but I do not have control over what the puppy eats until I get the puppy in our home. Once we get the puppy, at 8 weeks old, we will feed it a raw diet.

Let me know about the dewormer. Any suggestions on what raw food the puppy should eat?

Thank you.

Dewormers cause much neurological damage. I suggest that you strongly recommend that she only use dewormers if the pup has signs of worms. I do not ever believe that they should receive dewormers but that is just to placate her so she does not deworm your intended pup.

Or, you could tell her that a pup on an excellent diet will never have worms and that when they have worms, it is to detoxify toxins from an insufficient diet with additives. If a pup eats an excellent diet, that is its natural raw, bacterially infested diet of raw meat including hair, when it has worms, the pup will survive and thrive rather than get sicker and die.


Dec 10, 2009

Re: Cultured Butter

Hi Aajonus,

It seems that the farmers which I get my unsalted butter from all freeze their butter, especially in the winter. The only exception is the cultured butter which they never freeze. Is the cultured butter OK? I asked how it was cultured, and was told they use a sour cream culture and leave it for a few days, then they make the butter. What do you think?

Thanks in advance for any info.

Cultured butter is fine.

Dec 11, 2009

Re: Walnuts and Dates from Jaffe Brothers

Hi Aajonus,

Recently, I found out that organic medjool dates are picked from the tree, and if they are too wet, they are placed in a room of 130-140 degrees to dry them out. Are they raw or not?

LLC DatePac is the supplier to Jaffe Brothers. LLC DatePac states that dates must be dried in a room to take out moisture. LLC DatePac states that they try to mimic the high temperature of the desert environment; that's why they use a room of 130-140 degrees.

Also organic raw walnuts from Jaffe Brothers, their supplier is Ferrari Farms, are dehydrated at 110 degrees before selling them to the public. Jeff Ferrari stated that this is the industry standard for preparing raw walnuts, because if they were sold off the tree directly to the public they would be too wet and mold would occur. Jeff states that the walnuts need to be taken down to 8 percent moisture level and to do so they must be dehydrated at 110 degrees. Jeff also stated that above 110 degrees the oil in the walnuts would go rancid.

I don't know if you were aware of this information.

My question to you is: Are these 2 products still raw by your standards since you recommend that people on your diet eat them? I believe you also stated that anything above 100 degrees kills the food. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Thank You.

LLC DatePac has given you incorrect info. Nowhere in the desert where California dates grow does the temperature reach 130, except the sand a few hours of the day. Dates are 15-60 ft above ground and do not reach temperatures greater than 110 for more than 1 hour daily. I worked for 3 years in dates in the Coachella Valley in the late 1970s. Please send them a copy of my email and ask how long they dry medjool dates at those temperatures.

Regarding walnuts: are they dried at 110 in the shell or shelled? In shell is okay, but out of shell that temperature destroys many enzymes.

Thank you for your research; it seems as though my worker is not being thorough enough. I am disappointed in my paid helper and those companies.


Hi Aajonus,

Walnuts are dehydrated in the shell by Ferrari Farms and Gibson Farms at 110 degrees. Both Walnut farms are considered reputable and have been around for many years. You said in the shell dehydrating is okay. So walnuts must be okay.

The organic medjool dates dried between 130 and 140 degrees concerns me. Are they being cooked? Are the enzymes dead? Are we eating pure sugar? Are there any nutrients left?

Please let me know what you think about the nutrition level of dates?

Would you still eat them knowing what you know?

And yes, your paid helper / researcher should do better research. It's not hard to ask questions.


I would not eat dates from that source again. I assume that is why I always need to eat more fat with medjool dates.

My product list is 10 pages and there are literally hundreds of producers to call each year. In fact, it is so costly that I only verify every two years. I lose $6 on every product list sold, but it is an expense that I must afford.

Again, I am very appreciative of your diligence.

Healthfully, Aajonus


What is a good source for organic medjool dates? Jaffe Brothers gets their organic medjool dates from LLC DatePac. LLC DatePac dries the dates in a room with temps of 130-140.

If we don't get dates from Jaffe, where from?


There are other types of dates, not just medjools. I will look into a medjool source when I return to the States in March. Ask Jaffe what other kinds of dates they carry and if they are heat dried. Others that I know that might be heat-dried are honey dates and barhi dates.


Dec 15, 2009

Re: Daughter vomiting

Hi Aajonus,

My 6-year-old daughter will occasionally vomit, out of the blue, for no reason at all.

Yesterday she woke up and said her stomach hurt. Later in the afternoon she ate guacamole and she vomited. A couple of hours later she ate something else because she was hungry and she vomited again. About 7 pm she had some mineral water and she vomited. Finally, at 10 pm last night she was fine and wanted a tangerine. So she ate a tangerine and drank Gerolsteiner mineral water and she was fine. No more stomach pain no more vomiting. This morning she said her stomach felt good. She had a strawberry smoothie with a raw egg in it and her stomach did not bother her.

She has vomited before out of the blue. About 2 months ago she woke up one morning and said her stomach hurt. She vomited whenever she ate something, off and on for two days, and then the pain in her stomach went away and she was fine.

Two years ago we were at Whole Foods about 8 pm at night and my daughter (who was 4 years old then), out of the blue, vomited at Whole Foods in the Produce Dept. We came home, she slept for about an hour and she woke up about 10 pm, was hungry, ate a bunch of food and everything was okay. No more stomach pain and no more vomit.

Why is she periodically vomiting out of the blue? What is causing her stomach to hurt to cause her to vomit?

Any food you would suggest for her to eat?

Thank you.

As I stated in my books, the quickest way to get rid of the most concentrated toxins stored in our bodies is to vomit them. In laboratory tests, vomit has been measured to have many times the lethal quantity of a particular or combination of toxins; yet, when the body dumps them into the stomach and vomit occurs, there are no long-lasting ill consequences. I pray for days with vomit. Rejoice, because your child will have very little ill symptoms.


Dec 16, 2009

Re: Urgent – Cousin in Coma

Hi Aajonus,

My cousin fell into a coma with a rare form of meningitis yesterday. He is 14 and his parents were told that if he wakes up from his coma there will be very serious brain damage, and so they have decided to take him off of life support once all of the family arrives.

I was asked to contact you to see if there is anything that can be offered as an option to the parents at this late hour.

Thank you in advance Aajonus.

There is no late hour until he is dead. I suggest you rush my book We Want To Live to his parents and ask

them to read it. If they are inspired, they will do something about it.


Dec 29, 2009

Re: Ionizing Footbaths

Hi Aajonus,

What do you know about ionizing footbaths? Safe or not safe?



Dec 29, 2009

Re: Blood cancer

Hi Aajonus,

What causes blood cancer? How can 3 siblings, all in their 80's, have blood cancer?

I was just told by my father that 3 of his 1st cousins, all brothers and sisters, died of blood cancer this past year within 2-3 months of each other.

2 siblings lived in Columbus, Mississippi their entire lives and one of them lived in Utah from the age of 22 until she died in her early 80s.

Is blood cancer / leukemia environmental as I would suspect? If so, how can one sibling who lived in Utah be exposed to the same toxins in her environment as the other 2 siblings who lived in Mississippi?

Any genetic component in blood cancers?

What is even more interesting is that my mother's sister who lived in Germany her entire life died last April of leukemia / blood cancer as did her husband who lived with her in Germany. He died 10 years earlier with multiple myeloma. They lived a half-a-mile from a car factory where large haystacks of smoke spewed toxins out every day. It seems reasonable to assume that a husband and wife living next to a factory might get blood cancer. But what about the 3 siblings I spoke about above? How do you explain them getting blood cancer?

Please let me know what you think.

Cancer is always the result of industrial chemicals. They are in everything everywhere. The more they accumulate, the more damage is done in the body to the point where the body stops dissolving dead cells and collects them: cancer.

Utah has more hospital beds per capita and more cancers. Mississippi has been the military’s proving ground for biological-warfare experimentation.


Jan 1, 2010

Re: Emergency – Detox still going on

Hi Aajonus,

I am not fully recovered from the detox and it has been 2 weeks now. Next week, I must get back to work. I've been off work 2 weeks and have already lost a lot of income.

I will summarize my symptoms and perhaps you can steer me in a faster recovery direction.

It started 2 weeks ago with intense vomiting for about 8 hours, every hour or so, with diarrhea until my stomach was 100% empty. I could eat nothing without feeling like I would puke it up. I drank water and puked it up.

I slept around the clock, but only 1.5 to 2 hours at a time for the first week. I would eat something that I felt would go down, such as fresh-squeezed orange juice, papaya, pineapple and cultured milk with honey after the curds and whey separation. I had the runs all the time in small amounts as well as blood coming out of the anus for about 5 days.

The symptoms of this eating was nausea, the runs, blood coming out of the anus and severe intestinal cramps every time I went to the shitter. I mean severe cramps. I was also drinking a lot of sparkling water with honey to try and handle the upset stomach.

This continued for about a week and then the cramps subsided after I was so hungry I had to eat meat. I ate cooked chicken as the thought of raw made me nauseous.

I kept up with avocados and papaya, orange juice, sour cream, cooked chicken, raw fish, steamed mushrooms with butter, goat yogurt (honey with everything), cabbage juice along with parsley and celery, and fresh milk. I've been on this a week and then after the meat, my energy level picked up some each day, but my energy level is still VERY LOW. I’m too tired to do much of anything but light administrative work and a bit of walking around.

I sleep now for 3 to 4 hours at a time, but still wake up with my stomach being unsettled and I have to pee or shit. My shit is not a regular firm stool. It is soft, but not the runs. It is still bleeding a bit. I still have cramps, but not severe, just uncomfortable.

Now I am getting pain in my penis before I pee, like when I sleep and I have to piss. But I get up and piss, and it comes out slow and not very much. Prostate?

I slept last night, for 1 to 3 hours at a time, all night from 9:45 PM to 9:45 AM. It was a VERY knocked out super deep sleep. But I still wake up needing to handle my stomach, as it is upset, or to pee as it kind of hurts.

I have eaten raw eggs now, about 4 a day, starting a few days ago. Again, most all things go down well. But the digestion on the other end is so wired.

I also tried this EM stuff they sell at Rawsome - Effective Micro-organisms - along with clay and Green Kamut stuff. It does not seem to make a difference, but it does seem to empty my stomach.

My energy level is very low and I get tired easily. Last night, I packed myself with chicken and fish and some lamb - partly cooked - like warmed or seared on the outside just a tiny bit as I just don't like the idea of 100% raw. And the warm food is very soothing. I must have eaten a pound I was so craving the protein.

I am very concerned as this is the longest detox I have been through and I don't have the money to just not go to work and produce. I've got to get to work next week on Monday.

Please advise.

Firstly, I suggest that you stop eating cooked meats. That is for elderly people just to maintain their status quo. You are unlikely to recover if your protein is being used to detoxify cooked protein; you will not get enough protein to give you strength.

Secondly, I suggest that you eat 1/4 cup steamed organic rice with your raw meat meals, for 3 days only. The raw protein is helping you detoxify, so when you eat it, it makes you nauseous. When you eat cooked rice with it, the rice will absorb the toxins that make you nauseous. Also, have a little honey, periodically, during meat meals.

Cramps and bleeding indicate that you are discarding very caustic toxins that completely usurp all of your body's energy at times and for long periods. Removing them now makes for better energy for the rest of your life.

If you can, eat watermelon as your fruit to help perspire the toxins so all does not dump into the intestines. Continue papaya and avocado in the morning when juggling cramps. Eat lots of cheese and 1 T. of moist clay, 2-3 times daily in 4 ounces of milk each time, to help arrest the toxins in the intestines so they are not so caustic.

I have been experiencing a 3-weeks-long mucus detoxification with grayish-green phlegm as thick as putty. The grayishness is probably elimination of injected metals, and maybe other metals stored. I am looking forward to increased health.


Jan 10, 2010

Re: Raw Honey Corrupted with Corn Syrup

Hi Aajonus,

How does one know if raw honey has been adulterated with corn syrup?

I have heard that some bee keepers / companies will bottle corn syrup in with their honey to save money.

How do we as consumers know if corn syrup has been put in our honey?

Thank you.

Usually, the taste will differ from pure honey. It burns my tongue, especially the throat and lingers for about 10 minutes, consuming only 1/4 tsp. to test. However, if the bee keeper uses corn syrup or sugar at any time, I do not buy honey from him/her.

Healthfully, Aajonus


Would you ever think that Honey Pacifica would corrupt their honey with corn syrup?

I know they have confessed to feeding their bees corn syrup as of last winter. I do not know if they have done the same this winter.

I am asking because we eat the sage honey from Honey Pacifica and, as consumers, we would never know if it has been corrupted. Just like we never knew they were feeding their bees corn syrup.

Do you trust Honey Pacifica to keep their sage honey clean and pure?


Honey Pacifica promised never to do it again and that it was the first and only time. They did not expect that the bees would run out of the honey they left for them last year; that is why they gave them corn syrup. I stated that they should always dip into their bottled honey to supply the bees in case of emergency and they agreed for the future, including this year.

Healthfully, Aajonus

Are you going to continue to buy Honey from Honey Pacifica?

Yes, this Spring’s crop. I didn't buy any last season because they used syrup. I had 4 gallons stored.

Jan 10, 2010

Re: Kefir strained in stainless steel mesh strainer

Hi Aajonus,

Does kefir react with a stainless steel mesh strainer for the few seconds that it is in contact with it? Is there metal being released into the kefir?

My 4-year-old son has lived on kefir for the last 3 years. It is one of his favorite foods. Is he eating small amounts of metal?

I just learned at a yogurt making workshop that a plastic strainer should be used instead of a stainless steel strainer. What are your thoughts on straining kefir in a stainless steel mesh strainer? I have been making kefir for 3 years now and I use a stainless steel mesh strainer to press the kefir through once it has turned into kefir. Cheesecloth won't work. So it's either stainless steel or plastic. Plastic has it's own issues.

I do not use stainless steel for anything else.

I always use glass bowls/plates and wooden spoons for all our food but there is no such thing as a glass or wood strainer.

Thank you.

Any time any food comes into contact with metal, radio waves affect the food. However, if you are surrounded by more solid walls, less radio waves will affect food. Consider that radio waves pass through almost everything and your radio will play as long as there is a signal close enough.

Stainless steel takes at least an hour to begin to dissolve and enter acidic foods, so I would not worry about using a STAINLESS steel strainer for about 2 minutes or less.


Feb 16, 2010

Re: Urgent: Chicken pox?

Hi Aajonus,

I’ve been eating Primal for almost 12 years.

Symptoms: I’ve had a headache for about a week straight. All headache remedies from WWTL worked only temporarily. At the same time, I had a slight fever, and had much muscle and joint aching. After a not so good sleep yesterday morning, the headache and other aches were almost gone, but I looked in the mirror and had spots all over. I put lime juice on them at first, then later yesterday and this morning, I put on clay with mineral water. What is it and what do I do? I've never had chicken pox or measles before, as far as I know.

Thanks in advance.

Chicken pox is nothing other than a metallic detoxification through the skin. 90% of all wastes and toxins are supposed to leave through the skin. Fungus, bacteria, parasites, fats, white blood cells, and viruses are methods of detoxification employed by our bodies. Each reddened spot indicates cellular irritation from toxins secreted through the pores.

The plan of care is to prevent damage to the skin as much as possible from the toxins discharged through the skin. Antibiotics only add to toxicity and prevent detoxification. Rubbing any healthy raw fat into the skin helps prevent cellular damage, however my Primal Facial Body Care Cream (page 145 of my recipe book) is probably best.

In addition to the normal Primal Diet, I suggest that you eat 1/2 tsp. no-salt raw cheese every hour, alternating 1/4 tsp. butter and 1/4 tsp. honey with each cheese consumption. Also, I suggest that you consume 1 T. moist Terramin clay, mixed in 6 ounces of raw milk, twice daily.


Feb 23, 2010

Re: Iridology Training

Hi Aajonus,

Say, if you were to train me to do iridology as well as you do, what would be the runway? Like read a

book or two and get some apprenticing from you? Can you do this? What kind of exchange or money

would you want?


I tried teaching it outside a clinical environment and it did not work. When and if I have a clinic/spa, I will accept approximately 40 students for a 3-4 years course on everything I do and the human body. Students will live day and night with patients to learn food results, changes and timing, as well as analysis and decision making. That is the only way it will be properly used.

Every student will have to know all the information in my books, DVD and newsletters backwards and forwards prior to acceptance. Fees will be approximately $16,000 per year, room and board included.

There will be 10 in each of 4 groups. Each group will write a book on either my iridology, palmistry, disease analysis, and my version of biology and biochemistry.


Jun 13, 2010
Re: Plastic card for Emergency
(see also Primal Diet Newsletter: 24th Edition, December 31, 2010)

Below is the wording to be printed on a 3" x 6" card, front and back sides. After it is printed on business card thick paper, have the card laminated to protect it and prevent changes to it.

Healthfully, Aajonus

In Case of Injury or Unconsciousness, The Following Medical Procedures Apply
Absolutely NO medications of any kind, except those mentioned permissible herein, can be
utilized on or in my body.
Absolutely NO antibiotics, vaccines or antiseptics are to be used, applied, administered or
injected into me at any time for any reason.
If unconscious without severe injury, NO medical procedures are to be performed on me. I am
to be left alone until I recover consciousness. Once conscious, I will decide if any help is
Alcohol (non-wood) may be used sparingly, applied to wounds only and not used internally.
Pain relievers and narcotics may be utilized only upon my conscious request. Absolutely NO
injected or IV anesthesia. Gaseous anesthesia may be used for emergency surgery in cases listed
If bones appear to be broken, only 2 X-rays may be taken; and in case of bone fragmentation,
the least surgical repairs may be performed but only with my conscious approval.
If dismemberment occurred, surgical procedures to reattach member may be performed,
excluding tetanus, antibiotics and antiseptics except non-wood alcohol used sparingly.
Blood transfusions must be kept to minimum and at least one or more of the following
donors' blood only is to be used in me unless donors are unreachable in reasonable time:
Name Phone Number
Name Phone Number
I declare that is it my inherent and constitutional right to accept or decline any and all medical
Printed name
Signature Date
July 31, 2010
Urgent – Senate Bill S 510 Will Allow Government to Put You in Jail for Growing, Trading
and Sharing Homegrown Food

Dear health-giving food lovers,

Please send the following senators listed below my sample letter below, or write one and send yours.

Healthfully, Aajonus

Dear Congress(wo)man,

I am deeply concerned with your sponsorship of Senate Bill 510. That bill represents another hideous attempt to place more power into the hands of centralized government and robs individual citizens and states. The greatest danger to mankind is that this bill allows complete manipulation of America's food supply and threatens to strip us of our freedoms to grow, sell, and buy food and makes doing any of those natural things crimes punishable by imprisonment. It would be a crime to grow food and share it with my friends and neighbors. The act of generating and supporting this bill is in itself criminal to our Constitution to which you are not immune. Not only remove your sponsorship from Bill S510 but defeat it. Thank you.

Sincerely, (your name)

Senator Richard Durbin (D-IL) is the sponsor of this bill.

Co-sponsors are: Lamar Alexander [R-TN] Jeff Bingaman [D-NM] Richard Burr [R-NC] Roland Burris [D-IL] Saxby Chambliss [R-GA] Christopher Dodd [D-CT] Michael Enzi [R-WY] Kirsten Gillibrand [D-NY] Judd Gregg [R-NH] Thomas Harkin [D-IA] Orrin Hatch [R-UT] John Isakson [R-GA] Edward Kennedy [D-MA] Amy Klobuchar [D-MN] Ben Nelson [D-NE] Tom Udall [D-NM] David Vitter [R-LA]

Write these senators today and tell them to revoke their support of Senate Bill 510!

Aug 2, 2010
Re: Addressing the paragraphs in the bill

HI Aajonus,

I received a request from one of my clients who is more than happy to write, but would like to make

references to the exact sections of the bill that we’re in disagreement with. I've included the link to the

bill below, but couldn't find where it forbids all the things that have been listed.


That is understandable unless you have been at the mercy of health departments.

The entire bill is written so that ANY health department under USHHS may conduct searches and seizures without warrant, simply on belief. What that does is give the power to the FDA, CDC and all to bankrupt any companies or farmers they want eliminated. That could be anything from a seed to a cow. Search and Seizure without warrant is their entire goal to help corporations control all food, including seed. They will completely control and dictate how food is to be grown, prepared and packaged.

The only reason that the FDA and CA State Agriculture do not raid Rawesome again is because they have no evidence to prove felony charges to get a second search warrant. If S510 were passed, Rawesome could be raided every day until it went bankrupt.

Healthfully, Aajonus

(b) Regulations-
(1) IN GENERAL- Not later than 18 months after the date of enactment of this Act, the Secretary
of Health and Human Services (referred to in this Act as the `Secretary') shall promulgate
regulations to establish science-based minimum standards for conducting a hazard analysis,
documenting hazards, implementing preventive controls, and documenting the implementation
of the preventive controls under section 418 of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (as
added by subsection (a)).
(2) CONTENT- The regulations promulgated under paragraph (1) shall provide sufficient
flexibility to be applicable in all situations, including in the operations of small businesses.
(3) RULE OF CONSTRUCTION- Nothing in this subsection shall be construed to provide the
Secretary with the authority to apply specific technologies, practices, or critical controls to an
individual facility.
(4) REVIEW- In promulgating the regulations under paragraph (1), the Secretary shall review
regulatory hazard analysis and preventive control programs in existence on the date of
enactment of this Act to ensure that the program under such section 418 is consistent, to the
extent practicable, with applicable domestic and internationally-recognized standards in
existence on such date.
(c) Guidance Document- The Secretary shall issue a guidance document related to hazard analysis and
preventive controls related to the regulations promulgated under section 418 of the Federal Food, Drug,
and Cosmetic Act (as added by subsection (a)).

(d) Prohibited Acts- Section 301 (21 U.S.C.

Aug 30, 2010

Re: Plain grain pasta


I have started translating WWTL into Chinese Mandarin. It will take a while, but it is in the works. I have a question so I can make sure I am translating properly:

On pg 184, under "COOKED STARCH", I’m just confirming that "plain grain pasta" means pasta made with one kind of grain only as opposed to multi-grain pasta.

How wonderful. Wow, that would allow 1/4 billion people to have access to better health through PD knowledge. Thank you.

Good question, however I meant only grains without salt and additives.


Jan 19, 2011

Re: Drug Withdrawal

My mother has been sick since 31 years ago of Parkinson’s disease, that now is very advanced. At that time (1980), I was a young man and I suspected drugs were not the solution. I had very little knowledge of the body and natural therapies, so I told my mother not to take medicines, but I did not have much information, only the translated book How to Get Well: Handbook of Natural Healing by Paavo Airola. He recommended high doses of vitamins, especially B6, which my mother's doctors refused.

She believed in the doctors and I had neither experience in the matter nor a proven solution, and I was uncertain to contradict doctors based upon a single book. To make the history short, her family placed her in a residence under the total control of the Social Security and now she is totally invalid, she trembles almost all day and is barely able to speak without trembling about 2 or 3 times of 20 minutes some days. All those years I had my own personal and health problems and I was unable to help her, and I didn't know how to help.

Last week I was able to handle the neurologist with the side effect sheets of some drugs and she took her off of:

  1. Lexatin: was taken out the same day of the visit to the Neurologist.
  2. Orfidal: is progressively decreasing the daily dosage and she will be free of it in 2 weeks.
  3. Seroquel: the doctor eliminated the morning dosage, but not the night because my mother sees people in the room at night (hallucinations).
  4. She still takes the Parkinson’s medication and other 2 medicines.

She improved in 3 days. I am giving her, once a day, the Nut Formula, recommended by Mr. Vonderplanitz for Parkinson’s, and a shake of kefir with 1 egg, honey and butter or the Moisturizing/Lubricating Formula. I give small quantities of these to her 1 hour after lunch behind the residence nurses' back, when I visit her. She has difficulties to eat and swallow.

But I am afraid of drug withdrawal effects that my mother could suffer. I have read a lot in these 31 years and I understand that calcium and magnesium in a ratio 2:1 and in an acid base (i.e apple cider vinegar) helps with spasms and nerves, also a high dosage of B Complex vitamins helps relieve the withdrawal symptoms, especially B1 in dosages of 300 to 600 mg helps with nightmares and hallucinations.

Unfortunately Mr. Vonderplanitz, you do not recommend supplements, but I cannot give my mother raw food; she eats what it is cooked in the residence, no salt but cooked, and with carbohydrates also. And I am not allowed to take her out of the control of the Social Security with her delicate condition and her family was very angry with me when I suggested the idea of taking her with me. They think she is fine with the "help" of the Social Security and that with me she will die very soon.

Question: Just to help her with the temporary effects of the drug withdrawal, can you suggest a "good" brand of calcium magnesium in an acid base and also a vitamin complex for my mother?

Thank you very much.

Medical drugs are designed to lower but continue the problems they are treating. Therefore, since your mother was on those drugs a very long time, she will likely continue those symptoms for the rest of her life. However, the foods you are giving her will help tremendously. In your mother's state, at this late age, she may not live very much longer. You have the choice of making her life a lot better by doing what you are doing and being blamed for her death if her body decides to pass any time soon.

1 tablespoon of Terramin clay, or any NON-VOLCANIC clay, made as recommended in We Want to Live on pages 181 and 182 and mixed with 3 ounces of milk will help drug withdrawal. Raw eggs are very helpful also.


Jan 22, 2011

Why is Gerolsteiner One of the Worst Waters?

Hi Aajonus,

Have you seen this Water Quality Report? Why is Gerolsteiner one of the worst waters to drink?


Gerolsteiner received an F, because it does not treat its water at all and does not remove any bacteria that naturally exists in its completely natural water. Rainwater is especially abundant with bacteria. No other water in the world can foster agricultural growth like bacteria-rich rainwater.

According to Environmental Working Group (EWG), who made this study, bacteria in water is bad and therefore Gerolsteiner water is bad by its standards. However, the major reason Gerolsteiner got an F, was because Gerolsteiner did not disclose on its label that it was not treated and may contain bacteria. Any company, calling itself Environmental Working Group, that gives its safest water endorsements to 3 of the most polluting food companies in the world (Gerber, Nestle and Penta), must have its values scrutinized and its roots should be tracked to those companies. Many such so-called environmental groups/organizations are bought, paid-for and even established by corrupt companies for the purpose of falsely elevating their products and/or motives to desirable status. Notice that the word “purified” is in all of Gerber’s, Nestle’s and Penta's products. “Purified” means that some industrial chemical process was utilized to alter the water.

Remember that we have only 1 human gene in our digestive tracts for every 150 bacterial genes. We have 100-150 bacterial genes to every 1 human gene. I have not found one natural bacteria that is a pathogen in the human body. Consider that I have consumed more "pathogenic", bacterially rich foods than any man in modern society, but I am vitally healthy in my 64th year, when, according to medical pseudo-science, I should have been killed by them. It has been my empirical experience that the only pathogens are industrial chemical toxicity and fraud.

I want natural bacterially rich water that is life-promoting, untouched by industrial manipulation and contamination. What do you want?


Feb 1, 2011

Re: OK to Eat Conventional Pineapples?

Hi Aajonus,

Is it OK to eat conventional pineapples, if organic are not available, due to their pretty thick skin? I

unfortunately can't find organic pineapples anywhere at the moment.

Yes, but you have to scrub them with a vegetable brush and warm water before you cut into them.

Feb 2, 2011

Re: Oysters


You mentioned, a little while ago, consuming oysters. Do they have to be New England oysters, or are

North Florida (Atlantic side) oysters also OK to consume?

Any oysters north of South Carolina are good.


Feb 27, 2011

Re: Dead Tooth

Hi, Aajonus!

I've had a dead tooth in my mouth for 10 years. I've realized it's a bad thing, reading W.A.Price. I'm improving in health with the Primal Diet for 4 years now and it works well, but there's still lack of energy and some lethargy (without detoxifications). I suspect it could have something to do with the dead tooth.

On I've read an interview with Dr. Meinig (The root canal cover up), here: should-avoid-root-


The debate is about bacteria being a problem. Since it's quite obvious to me that bacteria came to eat the dead tooth material, I found it easy reading between the lines and ignored the "bacteria" debate.

But one thing still puzzles me. Should I really do this? Dr. Meinig said that just pulling the tooth is not enough. He said that Dr. Price found bacteria in the tissues and bone just adjacent to the tooth's root. So he recommends slow-speed drilling with a burr, to remove one millimeter of the entire bony socket. The purpose is to remove the periodontal ligament, which is infected with toxins produced by bacteria living in the dentin tubules, and to remove the first millimeter of bone that lines the socket which he says is usually infected.

Since I worry about dead material in my mouth (and not the bacteria and sterility) do you think I should really find a dentist to drill in, remove 1mm of my bone and the periodontal ligament, not just extract the tooth??? Any experiences?

Thank you.

I have had up to 5 root canals at a time in my mouth and it has not caused the symptoms that Price and Meinig claim happens with root canals. I prefer my own bone, dead or not, to any dental prosthesis. Most alternative dentists want to make their work more important than it is.

Of course, having surgery and undergoing all of the chemicals involved is going to distract the body from its other problems for a long while, up to 5 years. So, the claim that removal and scraping into the root corrects disease is basically false.

If you are not feeling energetic, there is some other problem. I would have to photograph your eyes to determine what is now limiting your energy.


If I read you right, you have dead teeth yourself and decided to keep them.

Yes, I have 4 dead teeth in my mouth at this time. I lost 2, in the last 19 years, that simply released from the bone.


Mar 5, 2011

Re: Sexual Release During Heavy Detoxification


When detoxing hard, is sexual release of any kind a good idea or rather does it take away too many

nutrients for the effort?

Depends on how your body reacts following ejaculation. If it is favorable, do it. Sex creates many

wonderful hormones.

Mar 7, 2011

Re: Dark circles under eyes

Hi Aajonus,

What causes dark circles under the eyes?

Have a good time in South Africa educating everyone. Wish you were taping it.


Thank you for your well-wishes for me.

Usually, unless you are a boxer or other fighter, darkened areas around the eyes indicate a toxic liver.


Mar 7, 2011

Re: Gray Hair

Hello Aajonus,

What do you recommend – my hair is turning more gray? I would like to stop the gray and return it back to its

natural color without coloring my hair.

Aluminum is mostly responsible for graying hair. With all of the aluminum in chemtrails, I do not see a reversal is likely. However, consuming raspberries with a little raw butter and a little raw cream and some coconut cream will help reduce the level of aluminum.


Mar 10, 2011

Re: BPA in Ball Lids

Hi Aajonus,

Did you know that BPA is in the interior lid of Ball and Kerr canning jars? I just found this out. I know a

few years back you said to stay away from the lids that had the gold interior and suggested using the lids

with the white interior.

Apparently, the lids with the white-coated interior, the part that comes in contact with food, is lined with


What are your thoughts on this?

Does BPA go into raw milk?


The distributors of Ball and Kerr are supposedly the same when I spoke with them. They claimed that both lids were sealed with plastic. However, when I scraped the Kerr lid, the plastic coating was apparent. When I scrapped the Ball lid, there was no plastic. So, some people do not know what they are talking about. However, since I am not in the USA, I cannot verify that that holds true 2 years later (since my last purchase of Ball lids and scrapings).

Scrape both and you will know.

Healthfully, Aajonus

Hi Aajonus,

If you Google “Is there BPA in Ball canning lids” you will get many responses that say Yes.

My raw milk lady made me aware of the BPA in the canning lids yesterday and advised her customers to

switch to a different lid.

An alternate lid made by a company called Tattler states that their lids are BPA free, but the problem with

Tattler lids is that their lids contain a small amount of formaldehyde which the company says will not leach

out unless heated over 250 degrees. Either way, not good as far as I am concerned. Check out Tattler

lids at:

One option is to use the Ball plastic storage caps which are either a #1 or a #5 plastic. I am having a hard

time finding out what kind of plastic is used on the storage caps. The problem I see with these caps is that

they don’t seal as tight as the metal lids with rubber rings.

Also, as an alternative, there is a German company called Weck that uses glass lids, rubber rings and

glass jars. They look good but don’t know much about them. Check them out at:

Let me know what you think.

As I stated, there are hundreds of would-be experts who do not know anything because they do not do their

own research. Take a sharp paring knife and scrape it across the white enameled lid. If you find a thin

transparent or translucent product, it has been plastic-coated. Let me know what you find.




The comment below is from my milk lady:

“Apparently its now an FDA policy that with food containers made from metal, that any areas that come

into contact with food must have a layer of plastic containing BPA to prevent leaching from the metal. How

silly is that! Typical FDA.”

I will try scraping the lid to see what comes off.

Ball lids are enameled.

Hi Aajonus,

I was finally able to talk with a person from the Ball Company about their rubber-rimmed lids with the white

interior and their plastic storage caps.

The person looked in her data sheets and confirmed that Yes the white interior lid does contain BPA. She

said it is a small amount. She said it would take a 150 pound person 2,400-4,300 jars with the BPA in

them to reach the maximum safe daily limit required by the FDA. She went on to say that the BPA must

be in the lids according to FDA rules to prevent corrosion. The lid with the white interior is made from a

modified vinyl and is not enamel. She also said the modified vinyl does not have PVC in it but definitely

has the BPA.

The Ball plastic storage caps are made from polypropylene which is a #5 plastic. There is no BPA or PVC

in the storage caps.

She further stated that the Ball Company is researching a new lid which would be BPA free.

Wanted to share info with you.

All my best.

Because the plastic coating is enamel-like, I found that it does not leach into food. If you scrape the metallic- colored lids (Kerr) you can peel-roll the plastic. With the Ball lids, that does not happen. Also, notice that the plastic coating on Kerr lids dissolves rather quickly and the lids rust quickly - evidence that the BPA in the plastic is absorbed into food.

I would be delighted if Ball were able to make a coating that was BPA-free for the environment. Let's hope that the new technology does not produce something worse.


Mar 12, 2011

Re: Pain in side

Dear Aajonus,

I have been in great pain on my right side, but particularly the right hip. It was bad last year and again

this year. My left one aches too but not as acute as the right. Plus the area where the legs meet the

pelvic region feels inflamed or painful too. I have been told I have a slight spinal rotation which seems to

mean my right side has the muscles more built up. I also have a rotated right hip or sacroiliac joint

problem, which I have had for 24 years. Plus I have bad posture so the right seems to be overstrained.

But would this be enough to cause such aching, or is it those toxins in that right side which you said

have worsened? My neck always seems to go out of alignment too plus much aching, and I know you

said I have more toxins in the brain stem than before.

I have just spent one month in Desert Hot Springs using the hot mineral water three times a day –

temperature around 105. Would that be just as good as those detox baths that you recommend?

All health issues result from industrial toxins stored in the body. Sometimes our bodies build more tissue around those toxins to harness and confine them. Discomfort results when our bodies are unable to contain them without local cellular irritation and destruction. In such cases, our bodies want to rid themselves of those toxins whenever they can. Damage results from that process as the body mines, dissolves, harnesses, neutralizes and eventually discharges caustic industrial toxins from our bodies.

The hot springs is better than a hot bath in municipal water, unless the hot springs water is treated with chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride.

To help remove toxins, I suggest that you consume 1 T. moist Terramin clay blended in 3 ounces raw milk, once or twice daily. If constipation results, I suggest a suppository of 3 T. each of raw butter, raw cream and raw coconut cream every few days as needed. Place in rectum before sleep.


Mar 12, 2011

Re: Raw, Lightly-Salted Cheese

Hi Aajonus, I have been out of raw cheese for 4 weeks now. I have been waiting on Organic Pastures' cheese to age. I just called them today only to find out that the cheese they are making is only lightly salted and they won't have unsalted for two more months. I get a considerable break in price from them because I buy their scrap cheese in bulk. Would I get some benefits from the lightly salted raw cheese? Is lightly salted not worth the intake?

Salted cheese is not beneficial. Salt forces the body to re-digest and absorb the toxins that the cheese absorbs. I suggest that you contact someone on my Product List and have them send you raw, no-salt cheese.


Mar 14, 2011
Re: Newsletter Article about Chemical Burn
(Newsletter #25)

Hi, I wanted to tell you that the swab on my burn the doctor took 4 days ago came back positive for

Staphylococcus Aureus. What does that mean to you? Or, what does it mean to me?

Staphylococcus are responsible for consuming dead and damaged tissue by chemical or heat burn, or

abrasion. If you did not have them, you would probably have leprosy. Congratulations, you have the correct



Hi Aajonus,

I noticed I made the Primal Diet Newsletter. I feel important :) Too bad it had to come at the price of lots of

pain and discomfort.

Also, the doctor did say at my last visit that, yes it is infected, it’s very red with green pus coming out and I

need to take an antibiotic. And me saying, “No, why should I take an antibiotic killing all the good bacteria

in my body when this is a localized wound on my back.” She agreed and shut up. The doctor went on to

say that she is trained in using chemicals and she does not have holistic knowledge and although holistic

alternatives might work she doesn’t know how to use them. That was my last visit to the doctor. I used the

clay from then on out, working with you over email and following your directions.

The clay worked wonders taking away the red infection and the green pus the doctor saw! Amazing about

the clay, the raw food and your knowledge for treating it! Very appreciative!

One other thing I thought was good information that I never shared with you was that the doctor’s only

knowledge of treating the burn was to peel off all the dead skin that was still attached to my body. She

wanted to peel off the black skin too, but didn’t because of the amount of pain it would cause me. Her

reason for doing so was to expose the new skin underneath. She said if she didn’t do that the infection

would continue. I would then have go to a wound center where they would give me a shot for the pain

while they debrided the area by pulling off all the burnt skin exposing new skin underneath and then

washing the new skin with antiseptic and giving me an antibiotic. The thought of that whole process was

horrifying. The clay method was much more appealing and non-invasive.

Just a few thoughts after reading the Newsletter.

Thank You.

You were the first to document it from the worst stage and describe it well, and continue through the process with me via email. Most of the times that I have dealt with such a detoxification have been on the phone without a written record. Your bravery and follow through will help thousands of people. Thank you so much for making this possible and for your appreciation for my work.

Do you remember my wounds from my chemical burns that scarred lumpy? They are all flat and even now but still discolored from the aluminum, barium and mercury.

After all wounds healed, I used bone marrow on the scars and, every 5-7 days, I rubbed, lightly, either pineapple or papaya on them. I will include photos in my update of my scars in Newsletter #26.

Because there are still toxins in the skin, you will have sensitivity, off and on, for some time, even up to 3 years. The detoxification that you experienced was probably from an infant vaccine such as tetanus in the thigh. Usually, only infants are injected in thighs. The medical poison traveled from the thigh to your lower back and stored. Some of the poisons deposited in all of the passages through which they were transported. Normally, they all detoxify simultaneously: the reason for your sensations emanating from your wound to your leg.

The butter-honey will help strengthen the new cells which are exposed to the poisons or still have them in them so they do not turn into dead scar tissue. I suggest that you apply it daily for several weeks after all wounds have sealed; then after several weeks, apply at least twice weekly.


Mar 14, 2011

Re: After Fukushima

Something very clandestine is transpiring in the world. First the Gulf leak to sicken and destroy the Gulf and

Florida and now the HAARP-generated earthquake centered at a nuclear plant at a time when the currents

lead only to the West Coast of North America all the way to Illinois. Trillions of fish will die and many

humans will fall to radiation poisoning and cancer.

Communications have been purposely downed here, in Thailand, with no physical disaster. Any internet

search for “NUCLEAR fallout”, “disaster” or whatever is aborted and the internet has been disconnected

since last Friday. It is spooky. It took 2 days to get my newsletter announcement sent. I had to buy a

different SIM card for my internet stick to do it. My cell phone would not work all Friday night and Saturday,

and has only worked periodically since.

Mar 15, 2011

Re: CT Scan

Hi Aajonus,

I hope your time in Thailand is proving to be healing and productive, and that your new venture is moving along at a steady pace.

A question: As you know, my breathing has been very restricted this last year. Peak flow in morning: 150, and later in the day: 180. 14 months ago, it was 190 in the morning, and 180-300 later on. I have been concerned and decided, against my better judgment, to see a lung specialist to see what he had to say.

I had seen a specialist 10 years ago. He wanted me to continue on prednisolone, Ventolin and Serevent daily, after the lung function test and the X-ray. The X-ray said, “there are changes of basal emphysema present, otherwise the lung fields appear clear”. As you may know, I am always trying to lower, and get off, the drugs.

I started the Primal Diet in Aug 2003.

I got another X-ray in Nov. 2005. I was two years on the Diet. I did not visit a specialist. The X-ray said “There are some changes of emphysema at the bases”, as previously. Compared to the previous film of 2001, there were well-marked bronchitic changes present throughout the lung fields. No segmental collapse or consolidation seen and there was no evidence of scarring.

Now: X-ray of Feb. 2011: The lungs are clear but mildly hyperinflated. No pleural or chest wall abnormality is evident. There is no mention of emphysema.

This new specialist said that he could not see that I had emphysema and thought it may only be blocked bronchioli. He said I had been very poorly managed and said I should have been off prednisolone and only on Ventolin and Symbicort.

Anyway, to rule out emphysema completely, he wants me to have a CT scan because he said that It is almost impossible to see this in an ordinary X-ray.

I know there is much radiation in a CT scan and some say it is worse than an MRI. At this stage, I am so fed up with my severe lung restrictions I will almost do anything to get past this. I do know that my chest circumference has expanded by about 4 inches and it is hard to blow out because of trapped air.

Do I have the CT scan? Is a CT scan extremely bad for my health? If it showed that I had no emphysema, that would be a bonus.

If it is only blocked or maybe collapsed bronchioles, how can I change this? I have been having almost daily hot baths since July.

I believe that all the inhalers are bad for lung tissue, but if I don't take them or prednisolone I am unable to function and work. I cannot walk up hills, lift heavy objects or hurry.

I always want to rest and sleep and now, after 18 months of that, I want to move on.

Sorry to be so long winded. What to do?

Thank you.

March 15, 2011

The X-ray was a good indication that your constitution is good. If you have to seek a CT scan to find something, what you might find isn't that bad. However, the radiation exposure from CT scans is enormous, enough radiation to cripple already weakened lungs and bronchioles. Seeking a quick fix is no answer. Tolerance and persistence will prevent more toxicity.

Remember that we do not get sick because of microbes. We get sick because of industrial chemicals stored in our bodies, period. Medicine does not look for what is stored in your lungs and bronchioles.

Getting a CT scan would vastly add to your toxic situation and weaken you more. If movement toward ending your life is desirable rather than continue to suffer with your health limitations, then a CT scan would be appropriate. I have no judgment about ending a life you do not enjoy. I entertained ending my life, when I was so pained, weak and diseased, thousands of times. Your life is up to you how you want to live it and if you want to live it.

You are doing all I know to detoxify and heal properly, and I suggest that you continue if you want to live and gradually progress toward better health.

Healthfully, Aajonus

Do you think that the hot baths will gradually open up the bronchial tubes that are either collapsed or filled with old mucus?

The baths will help remove lymphatic waste and congestion throughout the body so that the body can

clean itself more efficiently. Hot water bottles applied to the upper chest while you sleep will help cleanse

and heal bronchioles.

What I am saying is this: Is heat the best method? It is hard to breath out due to the blockages/trapped air and I am sure that the inhalers harm the lung tissue, but I cannot go without unless I take more prednisolone. I’m caught both ways.

Localized heat is the best method.

Be certain to consume an egg and a little cheese 5-10 minutes prior to using any medication.

Whenever I cut or knock my legs (had no balance) there is always blackened exudate forming (lead & mercury) for the first 2-3 weeks and then pale yellow/clear liquid oozing for 2-4 months. Last 2 times, large & very deep contusions (ran into a tow bar, then later a car door pointed edge sliced into my leg) healed with lime juice (at first to clean) then butter and honey 2 times daily. I used clay a few times, but this hurt the tissue. However, next time maybe I will follow your given protocol.

Seems your body is busy discharging very toxic stored matter from a lifetime.

Since taking an oxygen supplement (liquid Royal Manna – yes one of those crazy miracle things) my brain and balance is better and I do not knock into obstacles anymore. Yes, I was even knocking into doorways and corners all the time, and had blackened elbows and other bruises.

Usually, high levels of barium cause such imbalances. If you have a hair analysis, we could see how much barium has been discharged through your hair for the last 3 months.


March 14, 2011

Re: Pain from excessive coughing

Hello Aajonus,

I have excessive front rib and stomach pain due to excessive coughing – it is hard to cough. It is hard

for me to breathe. What do you recommend?

Are you consuming moist Terramin clay regularly?


Hello Aajonus,

Just for morning juice – ½ tsp of Terramin clay.

Mar 15, 2011

I suggest you consume 1 T. moist Terramin clay, blended in 2 ounces of kefir, twice daily – once about 10 AM and once between 8--10 PM.


Mar 19, 2011

Re: Kangen Water


What is your stance on Kangen Water? So many people report a big improvement in their health,

disappearance of symptoms, a leaner body, etc. No doubt you are against it, though. For what


All water is devoid of any nutritional value. Water is a solvent. It may help some people dissolve some compounds in their intestines, kidneys and bladders, but if they continue it, it will dissolve more than they know.


Mar 22, 2011

Re: Healing Crisis: Painful Rash

Hi Aajonus,

We met at a personal consult in October 2010. I'm the one with the inguinal hernia, but I have NOT had any surgery for it.

My sore back has been an issue for many years, and I believe that I have instigated a very beneficial detox with your diet (which I have been on 100% since May of 2010, off-and-on for a year or so before that). I have been doing my best to deal with the symptoms, but it is uncomfortably painful. Attached are pictures. I am having trouble sleeping. I took two hot baths in one day because it was the only relief I could find. After the two baths, however, I was left with a splitting headache and had so many muscle cramps that night that my back pain paled in comparison. My back is so tight and painful that I feel I'm on the verge of developing some sort of paralysis. I hope this is just my imagination running away with me. When I am able to curb the muscular pain, I am left with a very uncomfortable rash-pain which is akin to sleeping on razor blades.

The attached pictures illustrate how the rash is around the right side of my body. It appears that the rash is following a trail of some sort. If the "trail" were to continue down my inguinal canal, it would meet my herniated region (you noted the appearance of sulfur and iodine in my iris coordinating with my hernia).

Your rash looks like iodine mixed with something but it does not look like sulfur. Whatever the combination is, it is doing some serious damage to your skin. Thank the universe that it is no longer doing the damage internally. You could use the same clay pack that I suggest for Doris in my Newsletter: 25th Edition, March 11, 2011 (also in 20110401-17 00 Re: Emergency -- 2nd-Degree Burn on Back).

The pain that I am experiencing reminds me of when I took LSD in college and had a bad experience with back pain afterward. I don't remember specifically how that pain felt, but I remember it being difficult to get out of bed (this was back in 1992 or 1993). I am not having any sort of "acid flashbacks" now, however.

Pure LSD could not have caused your bad trip. You must have taken something other than LSD. I was part of the UCLA LSD experiments of 1966--68 and no one had bad trips on it in hundreds of cases. Some, like me, had no reaction to it by itself.

Other than my LSD experience, I assume that many other toxins could, can, and do store in the spinal area of the lower back (I read your most recent newsletter on a day or two before this started to happen to me). I have had the standard barrage of vaccines and injections over the years, so I assume there's much from which to detoxify. I gave you a write-up of my personal history when we met; you did not have time to read it at our consult, however.

My question to you is how should I proceed to deal with this uncomfortable detox?

What else can you do? Your body is trying to make the inside a more hospitable healthy environment.

If taking baths is OK, do I just moderate the temperature so that I can take them more often?

I just went through a similar detoxification 7 days ago – back pain, nausea and vomit without the rash --

from the radiation treatments I had in 1968. If I had not taken hot baths up to 5 times daily, I think I would

have sought morphine. I was unable to sleep during nights and slept as much as I could during days (about

4 hours). Finally, after 4 days, I was able to sleep more and eat again, but very little at a time.

What should I put in the bath water?

1/4 cup Terramin clay, 2/3 cup raw milk (soured is best), 1/2 cup tomato puree and 4 T. raw vinegar.

In my last two baths I used 1/2 cup of Terramin clay each (along with some coconut cream), and in the two before that I used 2 cups of Epsom salts each. I have also been using rubber hot water bottles for temporary relief when I try and sleep. I also have an inversion table. In the past, I used the inversion table a bit too much and my esophagus began to get irritated. Is a little of the inversion table to help stretch my back OK in your opinion?

Using an inversion table might send the toxins to your brain and headaches are almost assured. I would

wait until you are past the back pain.

I have been eating raspberries, blueberries, and coconut cream once a day rather consistently as of late (sometimes the berries were quite moldy). I have also been eating Honey Pacifica's Natural Chunky honey fortified with royal jelly, bee pollen and propolis (with raw cream and/or butter from Miller’s Organic Farm). Could either of these items be directly responsible for the harsh but beneficial detox?

It is possible that the propolis could have initiated it. It is a hardened vegetable oil and should not be eaten

but rarely.

I figured the moldy berries especially could be to thank.

Moldy raspberries could have helped initiate the iodine detoxification, but not likely.

I have not been eating berries for the past couple of days just in case.

Raspberries will help to harness and neutralize some of the iodine. Continue as you are but with frequent

hot baths that are at least 45 minutes but not hotter than 102 F. Congratulations on removing those

harmful chemicals from inside yourself.


Mar 22, 2011

Re: Back Pain and Numbness in Left Hand

Hi Aajonus.

I appear to be over the worst of the back pain episode.

I took as little of the anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxant, and pain meds as possible. I only took 1 pain pill the first day. I didn’t take any more after that.

A day after stopping all of the meds, I experienced some light diarrhea.

Over the last 2 weeks, I have been having a lot of trouble sleeping, though. I am still not sleeping normally. I ran out of honey, cheese, and milk.

My lower right back still is stiff, weak, and gets sore very easily. I still have the numbness in the lower 2 fingers and palm edge of my left hand.

This severe back pain episode was triggered by the chiropractic treatment I took to try to relieve and help heal the soreness in my lower right back. Was this a mistake on my part? I can’t remember you commenting specifically about any of the available hands-on non-invasive treatment methods.

I, too, just finished a heavy radiation-treatment, back and stomach detoxification. I had to take 5 hot tub baths daily to endure the pain.

Congratulations on making it through yours.

The back pain was not directly caused by the adjustment. The toxins were there and your body was trying to remove them more gradually. The adjustment probably bruised the area and caused a more intense detoxification.

I know you recommend hot water bottles and warm water soaks (not hotter than body temperature).

It should be from 102 -- 107 F. for you. Perspiring profusely helps the body eliminate toxins quickly through

the skin.

Are any of the following therapies okay or not okay, for future consideration for me?

Physical exercise (like my Ba Gua Zhang martial art training)

Good, as long as you are not in serious pain.


Good, as long as you have applied heat to your back prior to an adjustment and the adjustments are not


Deep massage (Rolfing, etc.)

Never good. Always gentle massage that does not break veins and capillaries that is bruising, visual or not.


Never, unless it is the choice between medication or needles. Acupressure, when done gently, is very


Cold applications

Only good to numb pain, and never exceeding a 2 minute application. Heat is always the method to

increase circulation of nutrients to an area for increased detoxification and healing.

Cycling hot and cold showers for increased circulation

As stated above, cold application for only 2 minutes at a time.


Very damaging to sinuses and lungs.

Placing permanent magnets on the skin at a problem weak/sore area

I worked with the technology in 1970--71 and again in 1992--94 and found that it was not very effective,

but it did help alleviate discomfort at times. When applied for more than 2 hours daily, usually, it caused

more harm.

Infrared heat

It is damaging in any form because it is an isolated ray.


Like magnetic therapy, it may be good in small doses.

Mechanical vibrators – vibrator with or without heat to mechanically stimulate muscles, etc.

If the machine is against the body, emitting EMFs into it, it is toxic. If you have a Jacuzzi, and the motor is far

enough from the tub, the jet action against the body with the heat of the tub can be helpful.

Electro-muscular stimulators – skin pads connected to a pulsator that causes muscles to contract and

relax in programmed patterns with low-level electrical triggering

EMF problems.


Mar 26, 2011

Re: Coconut Cream


Do you have an updated product list with new suppliers of coconut cream? I've heard there is a lady that

is doing it now, but I have no idea how to get her information.

Mar 28, 2011
Radiation Fallout Protection
(See also 20110420-1938 Radiation)

Hi, mutual natural health lovers,

As the radiation fallout cloud moves along the eastward-bound jet stream to the USA and Canada from Japan, the flurry of information on radiation protection has moved with it. Most of it is focused on protecting the thyroid with an iodine supplement, that is, an iodide or iodate. If you will investigate the Chernobyl crisis of 25 years ago, the consumption of iodine did not prevent thyroid cancer, leukemia or bone cancers but promoted them. Blocking radioactive iodine from thyroids sends it to the bones and bone marrow, increasing the risk of leukemia and bone cancers.

Appraisal of iodine Any form of iodine that is not a natural part of fresh food is an oxide, that is, it is a rare natural element, but part of rock. That includes any iodine supplement, even if the iodine were taken from a food source. Once it is processed into an isolated element, it is again an element of rock, not food, whether powder, pill, or liquid. Animals cannot digest or utilize rock intercellularly, only plants can.

All iodine is radioactive when combined with other radioactive isotopes to varying degrees, not only iodine-

  1. That is why all forms of iodine, once exposed to radiation, are radioactively charged for as long as 80 million years.

When animals consume iodine supplements, it collects with mineral deposits somewhere in the body. Most often, I have found it in the intestines, nervous system, brain, bones and bone marrow. If it were true that iodine supplements protected the thyroid, trading thyroid cancer for blood and/or bone cancer seems ill-advised to me. It is easier to affect thyroid therapy than bone and bone marrow therapy. The thyroid is close to the skin, but bone marrow and bone are very difficult to affect directly because lymphatic circulation into those areas is extremely limited and slow. Blood flow into those areas is also limited.

Having experienced iodine radiation treatments along with mechanical radiation treatments for metastasized stomach cancer, and having suffered the side effects of blood and bone cancers caused by radiation treatments, I can tell you that radiation poisoning is terrible.

I suffered constant nausea, vomit and often diarrhea for years following those treatments. For my body to try and counter the radioactive iodine, my body ate its own bones to obtain the minerals calcium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus to neutralize radioactive iodine and other radioactively charged minerals such as barium. I lost all of the bone around my teeth – my teeth dangling in my gums. When I closed my jaws and pressed my teeth together, I bled profusely. I had up to 2 transfusions weekly. I had to drink all of my food. Everything had to be made into a liquid and consumed through large straws. After one year of consuming lots of raw dairy, my mandible bones restored and I could chew with very little gum bleeding. However, my gums remained purple (indications of radiation poisoning) for decades and bleeding has continued during teeth brushing to this day, although very little, 43 years after the radiation treatments. I suffered other radiation poisoning symptoms for years.

Later, I was instructed by alternative doctors to consume a colloidal iodine supplement. I did and it caused nausea, impotence and anxiety, the same symptoms as radiation poisoning. I stopped after 10 days. Iridologically, the supplemental iodine appeared in the areas relating to my stomach and intestines, which I associated with nausea. Our bodies try to dump many industrial chemical toxins into the stomach because our bodies use HCL to neutralize many toxins. Nausea causes and is an indication of HCL production, if your vagus nerve is attached to your stomach.

Non-bioactively-bound iodine, that is, iodine that is not a natural part of fresh raw food, is toxic to varying degrees. It is rarely ever beneficial. The risks far outweigh any benefits, except to those promoting and selling iodine supplements.

Generally, foods from the sea contain the most iodine, followed by other animal foods, and then plant foods. Of all foods, seaweed, like kelp, is the most famous source of natural iodine, however humans digest about 2% of kelp because it is a hard cellulose-based substance. Therefore, humans get almost no iodine from kelp. When it is cooked, humans can derive much more from it, but all of the minerals are cauterized and relatively free-radical. Raw eggs and raw dairy products are the best sources, followed by raw meats.

The USA government obviously wants us sick and/or dead. The HHS, FDA and CDC have campaigned against empirically and scientifically proved-to-be-healthful raw milk for decades. Why? Is it because they know its high mineral concentration and soothing, nerve-protecting fats counteract just about every toxin on earth? Their scientifically unsupported claims that raw dairy is harmful and dangerous are as prejudicial and unfounded as any support of apartheid was. If raw dairy were harmful, it would not have helped heal me from the myriad of diseases I suffered. I would not be alive and well today. Raw dairy is 60% of my diet. The Masai, Samburu and Fulani thrived for thousands of years eating predominantly raw milk products. If raw dairy were dangerous and harmful, they would have been extinct thousands of years ago.

We must be logical and sensible at all times or we will fall prey to pharmaceutical chemistry-based nonsense. If the risks of environmental contamination are bearing down on us, we must be more resolute and cautious.

Remedies for Radiation Contamination Here are the things that effectively helped me reduce radioactive toxins and symptoms in my body:

Happy survival, Aajonus Vonderplanitz

Mar 29, 2011

Re: Bath Stopper


Do you think the Better Bath Deep Water bath stopper on Amazon will be a good option to block my

overflow drain? It is made from vinyl.

Also, should I stick a plant in the bathroom while bathing to absorb any potential outgasing of the tub still

left as the room steams?

Bake the stopper for 11 minutes in 211 F. water (almost to boiling point). It will cure after drying for 5 hours.

A plant in the bathroom would be very helpful for oxygen absorption. You are not going to get much or any

toxic vapor with the ingredients in the bath.




This vinyl stopper I got says it has a fungicide layer to prevent mildew. Will the baking procedure

eliminate that chemical?

No, it is made to outgas for years.


Feb 26, 2011

Re: Emergency – 2nd-Degree Burn on Back

Hi Aajonus,

I have attached 4 photos of my back taken 2 days ago. The burn has lots of honey on it. Most of the white areas that you are seeing in the photos have now been peeled off by a doctor, as of today.

I burnt my low back using a hot rubber water bottle. I did not know my back was getting burned. I had 2 shirts on between my skin and the rubber water bottle. The rubber water bottle felt good on my muscles and it took the muscle pain away. But what was left was a 2nd-degree burn. Very bizarre, I don't know how to explain it. I've used hot water bottles many times before.

Anyway, the burn happened on Wed. February 16th. It was initially very, very red with a big blister. I did not know the extent of the burn, so I opened your book and read about burns. I used kefir on it for relief, then switched to fresh aloe vera from a plant, and then to some homemade body care cream from your recipe book.

After about 3 days, I switched to raw honey. By this time the burn was very sore, sensitive and red, with some black-looking dead skin areas and other areas with white-colored dead skin. At one point, I tried the red meat like your book said, but the burning of the red meat was too intense and I switched back to raw honey.

I have been using raw honey on my back for 1 week now, up until today. The raw honey always initially burns when going on, but within 30-minutes the burning goes away and my back feels better. The honey seems to provide some relief, but it's been 10 days later and nothing much has really changed. It does seem to be getting a tiny bit better each day.

Today, I finally decided to have a doctor look at it just to see what the doctor would say. I know doctors have their own chemical approach, which I do not always agree with.

To be honest, I just didn't know how to treat a 2nd-degree burn.

Anyway, the doctor said that it should be healed much more than what it is after 10 days. The doctor said it doesn't look good and that she needed to get off all of the dead skin to expose the new skin underneath so healing could start taking place.

So the doctor pulled the white dead skin off with tweezers (OUCH) to expose the new skin underneath. After pulling off the dead white skin she said the burn looked a lot better. She continued to clean the burn and then she bandaged it. She wants to see me in 2 days to check it.

The doctor is concerned about the black-looking areas since they are receded into the skin a few millimeters. She could not pull off the black areas right then because of the amount of pain it would have caused me. She said she might have to cut out the black areas to expose the new skin underneath.

The doctor, of course, is concerned about infection, so she cotton swabbed the area to culture it to see if anything grows. When she first looked at the burn she thought it might be infected. (Actually when she first saw it, she thought it might be shingles and not a burn.) I had to laugh and explain to her that it was a burn.

The doctor wants me to take Cipro, 2 times a day at 500mg each tablet. I argued against taking Cipro. So far, there is no infection that we can see with the naked eye. I do not want an infection. I do not want to take Cipro.

What can I take in place of Cipro that will fight an infection in my body if one happens to take place? Is there anything I can take orally to preempt an infection if one should start?

What can I do?

Thank you.

February 27, 2011

That does not look like a hot water bottle burn. It looks as if it were a vaccine burn. I have seen them

before, however such responses usually occur within 4 weeks of a vaccine. The black looks like mercury

and the white tissue looks like it is full of aluminum. The faint greenish cast to it looks like formaldehyde. It

was probably a detoxification of tetanus injection(s) at some time in your life. That would explain why your

body cannot heal it. The mercury is still in the wound.

I suggest that you apply moist Terramin clay to it, but you must keep the clay moist. I suggest that you

apply the clay as a poultice and cover it with a wet washcloth, cover that with a piece of plastic so that it

does not dry, and wrap an Ace bandage around to keep it on yourself. After it has been on for about 12

hours rinse it off with good water. Reapply unheated honey only. This will take about 8 days. And repeat

the clay every day.

I suggest that you eat lots of unheated honey, raw no-salt butter, raw milk and raw no-salt cheese. I

suggest 1 part honey to 5 parts butter, taking 1 1/2 tsp. every hour, followed immediately with 2 ounces of

raw milk. Every hour, 10 minutes before the honey/butter and milk, I suggest 1/2 tsp. of cheese. Also, I

suggest one meat meat daily – no honey/butter and milk for one hour before and 1 hour after the meat.

Avoid the doctor like the plague. Notice she did not respond to the black as a toxic substance, but

ignorantly was going after bacteria. Bacterial infection is the body cleansing dead cells damaged by an

industrial toxin in this case. That is not a bad thing. The medication would take you further from health.



Hi Aajonus,

It really is a burn. I have had no vaccines in many, many years.

I left the hot water bottle on my back overnight as I slept on the couch. I had the flu 2 weeks ago and

could not lay in bed as I was too miserable so I slept upright on the couch. My back started hurting me

from sleeping on the couch so I used a hot rubber water bottle on the low back to get rid of my back

pain. After sleeping with the rubber water bottle overnight, against my low back, with a T-shirt in-

between the skin and the rubber bottle, my skin had gotten burned. It was very, very red and blistered.

Would your treatment for a burn be different than your treatment you suggested I use?

If it is a burn, do I still use clay and then honey and still eat what you recommended?

If it is a burn, and I am trying to avoid an infection, would I need to take lime juice by mouth?

Thank you.

February 27, 2011

The physics of a heat burn from a hot water bottle would not be 2nd-4th-degree variations like yours. You

have a chemical burn that coincided with your use of the hot water bottle. The hot water bottle could never

have caused that without your knowing it. If you want to know the truth to that, simply apply a match to your

back that would cause a burn. Would you feel it? That much heat that would cause 2nd-4th-degree burns you

would know. However, chemical burns are much more insidious. Because they damage nerves, often people

do not know that they have chemical burns until they are apparent.

As I stated in my last email, this kind of burn is consistent with vaccines, especially tetanus. I had such a

detoxification several years ago and I had not had a tetanus shot in 35 years prior to that detoxification. If the

doctor had had common sense, she would have had the tissue she removed checked for toxins rather than

microbes. Then, you would have known what caused your problem.

There are toxins in that wound that do not come from a heat burn. Therefore, you must remove them or not

heal. The clay and other suggestions apply.



Hi Aajonus,

I would like to get my chemical burns tested for toxins. How do I do it? What do I ask for at the doctor’s


Do I wait to put on the clay and have the back area tested for toxins first? Then, after the back has been

tested for toxins (tomorrow would be the soonest for testing for toxins) then can I start using the clay?

Is the clay 12 hours on, and then honey for 12 hours, and then clay again for 12 hours? Off and on with

clay and honey for 8 days straight?

Please let me know.

Thank you.

February 27, 2011

You would have needed that first layer to be accurate. Did your doctor save it or discard it?

Doctors Data Inc. or Chemir Labs: about $8,500.

Clay for 12 hours, honey for 12 hours, clay for 12 hours, etc.


February 28, 2011

Hi Aajonus,

What does the honey/butter mixture do followed by 2 oz. of milk every hour?

They provide multiple nutrients, but basically: fats to protect cells, harness and break down toxins, and give

energy; and minerals to neutralize toxins and help heal.

How does that help my chemical burn?

See above.

Also what will the 2 meat meals do to help my chemical burn?

Provide you with nutrients to heal.

When I make the clay poultice, do I make the Terramin clay wet with Gerolsteiner water and then put the

wet clay in cheesecloth?

If you use Gerolsteiner water, you must shake the water until there is no carbonation in it. Carbonated

waters are antibacterial by virtue of being a type of hydrogen peroxide. Therefore, carbonated Gerolsteiner

would inhibit the probiotic effects of the clay. As I state in We Want to Live on pages 181 and 182, a large

batch of clay should be made so that you will have a highly active clay for 1-2 months. The clay should be

made into a fresh plaster-of-Paris consistency and let stand for days. However, in your situation, you cannot

wait; I suggest that you begin using it immediately. Do not refrigerate clay, keep in a cupboard.

After 12 hours of clay being on the burn, is it okay to rinse it with Gerolsteiner water?


Thank you.


March 3, 2011

Hi Aajonus,

When I apply the honey for 12 hours to the burn, do I cover the honey with gauze or something like that?

Cover honey or do not cover honey on the burn?

If it were me, I would cover it with a thin slice of meat with a damp cloth over that and a thin piece of

plastic over that and an Ace bandage to keep it in place, the same as with the clay poultice.

Also, why no honey/butter 1 hour before meat and 1 hour after meat?

I want your meat to easily digest quickly. Butter with meat slows it some. Honey/butter with meat sometimes

causes the body to make energy nutrients from the protein rather than cellular-regenerating protein.

Can I eat other foods besides cheese, honey/butter and meat, such as kefir or yogurt or some fruit?

When can I eat them?

If healing progresses, I suggest unheated kefir and/or yogurt. Berries would be the only fruit I would

recommend at this time. However, if healing decreases when you consume it, then I suggest you forgo fruit.

Is it okay to leave the clay on a little longer than 12 hours? Reason I ask is if I put the clay on at 2 pm

then 12 hours later is 2 am and I am sleeping. Will it hurt for the clay to be on burn longer than 12 hours?

No, that is simply a minimum; the maximum without honey would be 17 hours.

Thank you once again.



March 3, 2011

Hi again,

I want to make sure I am doing it right.

So, eat meat by itself 1 time a day. I like it in the lunch time or dinner time. Is that okay?

Whenever it suites you.

Cheese, and then honey/butter every hour – I’ve been doing it.


Wet clay is on the burn right now, with a wet cloth over it, with plastic on top and an Ace bandage. Just wet

clay on the burn for only 12-17 hours?


I am using the eatable clay from California Earth Minerals; or can I use the TerraBath Clay that I have from

California Earth Minerals? Is the eatable clay better to use than the bath clay?

It does not matter which you use, when using it on the skin. I found there is no difference, except price.

When I use honey, do I put a thin layer of raw beef on top of the honey, then a damp cloth and then plastic

and an Ace bandage for 12 hours?

Yes, for 7-12 hours.

Is kefir okay to eat 30 minutes after the honey/butter? Then 30 minutes later do honey/butter again?

It is best to have kefir soon after the honey/butter mixture, for the minerals.

Thanks for helping me with this.



March 3, 2011

Hi Aajonus,

I have a couple of other quick questions.

In the past, you said or your book said, if I have it right, that raw meat (beef is what I eat) should be eaten

with butter for rebuilding cells, and if you eat raw meat alone it goes toward energy production. Do I have

this right or wrong? I know you told me that I should eat raw meat alone, and I have been eating it alone.

You are correct, if you are not eating butter all day. Since you are eating butter all day, it is better not to eat it

with your meat meal.

Also, I heard that raw bison on a burn will heal better then raw beef. Is that right? Are thin slices of raw

bison on top of the honey for the burn better than raw thin slices of beef?

I have utilized both on myself and others and did not find any difference as long as they were both organic.

I appreciate all your help.

Thank you.



March 4, 2011


I attached some pictures I took this morning of how the burn looks 16 days later. Let me know what you

think. The black spots from the initial burn have turned to a light brown while the outer rim of the burn is

still pretty red.

Also, do I rinse the burn with water after the honey has been on the wound for 8 hours? I know I rinse it

after the clay, but do I rinse it after the honey and meat? Or, do I apply the clay directly to the burn right

after the honey and meat have been taken off?

When I put the honey and meat on the burn, it stings and burns like crazy for 1 hour afterwards and then it

calms down. It really hurts for that 1 hour after the honey and meat have been applied to the burn.

My burn is extremely itchy right now and I want to scratch it, but it is still very tender. I am assuming the

itchiness is a good thing.

Do you think I got most of the toxins out from my tetanus shots, or are there still more in my body?

Why now, out of the blue, do I get a chemical burn in conjunction with a hot water bottle? I have been

using rubber hot water bottles for years and nothing has ever happened before. Just curious. I know

friends who let their children sleep with the hot water bottles in their beds all night and the kids have been

immunized but none of them are getting chemical burns associated with the warmth of the hot water

bottle. Can you explain why some people and not others? I am very curious about this.

Thank you.

Mar 4, 2011

Wonderful, it looks the way it should after 6-7 days of applications.

Do not wash or rinse it after the honey/butter and meat.

The sting is some sugars, honey and bacteria from the meat infiltrating the areas.

Itching indicates that all of the fats in the area and in the cells are not enough. I suggest that you mix 1 tablespoon of unheated honey to 1 tablespoon of raw no-salt butter and apply that instead of just honey before applying the meat, etc. It is okay to gently press and hold the area when it itches.

When it happens: there is never a rhyme or reason. I detoxified an injury and injections from 1963, just 6 weeks ago out of the blue. I had cut the end of the finger off in shop class that split two finger bones. The finger is as deformed as it was when the accident happened, but is very, very gradually improving in appearance. It turned black at the corner of the nail, indicating the tetanus injection into the finger was detoxifying.

I do not know if the hot water bottle application had anything to do with the detoxification. However, with the location and concentration of mercury, formaldehyde and aluminum stored at your spine, you should be ecstatic it removed when it did. Owanza's (from WWTL book) spinal tumors were caused by that when she was 33 years of age. Your detoxification without tumors is a much more desirable method than cancer.

Healthfully, Aajonus

March 5, 2011

Okay, the stinging/hurting from the honey/butter and meat is not going away this morning. It’s been over

an hour and it still stings like CRAZY. I want to wash it off. 6 more hours of this is going to be miserable.

What do you think?

Also, after washing the clay off this morning, I wanted to leave the wound open with nothing on it or maybe

with a light piece of gauze. It wasn’t hurting too bad, but when I put the honey/butter and meat on: ZOWIE

with stinging.

If you let it dry, you are in for many more problems.

I suggest that if it does not itch to make you crazy with the clay, simply apply and leave the clay on for 24

hours, rinse and reapply.



March 5, 2011

Hi Aajonus,

You are right. I have noticed that when it dries in between me applying the honey or the clay, it can hurt

badly, but in a different way, like it is going to crack or something. So, leaving it dry has its own


Leaving the clay on for 24 hours, then washing it off and re-applying the clay for another 24 hours is

okay? How long do I do this for?

Thank You,

Until you see the skin is pink without seepage that causes scabs.


March 9, 2011

How is the burn? I would love to see present photos.



Re: Chemical Burn on Back -- Day 21

Hi Aajonus,

I will send photos of the burn when I wash the clay off tomorrow morning.

I must admit, when I wash the clay off, it burns with the water hitting the new pink skin. Old dead skin is

coming off and new pink skin is underneath. Then I put the clay on the new pink skin and it burns

intensely but goes away within a few minutes.

It has been difficult living day in and day out with a washcloth and plastic and bandages. The burn is

healing, but is sore. It definitely has more healing to do.

I am hoping to stop the clay and washcloth application soon. When you see the new photos tomorrow

let me know what you think.

Once I stop the clay, what else can I put on the burn to help it heal that won’t sting?

Thank You.

Mar 9, 2011

As long as the wound stings longer than 20 minutes after applying anything, there are more toxins being

discharged through the same skin.

When you think that your body has finished detoxifying through that skin, I suggest applying honey and then

a thin slice of meat for 2-3 days. Afterward, I suggest rubbing honey, then a little butter or coconut cream,

alternating, until the redness disappears. However, if the skin becomes dry and tight, I suggest you continue

to apply a tiny bit of honey, then alternate butter and coconut cream on alternating days for another 3-5


I look forward to seeing the photos.



March 9, 2011

Hi Aajonus,

I just took photos of my burn. I decided to wash off the clay this evening and not wait until morning.

The photos are attached. The lighting seemed to be a little off in the bathroom. The middle photo is

probably the most accurate for color, but not as clear as it could be.

It did sting when the water hit the burn, but when I re-applied the clay tonight, surprisingly, it did not sting

at all like it did this morning. I cannot explain it. It was almost uneventful putting the clay on tonight.

Overall, it looks better, even the kids think so. It’s a lot smaller then it was. It’s receded quite a bit. It’s still

very tender and sore.

The brown spot in the middle used to be the big black spot that you said had mercury in it. It looks like it’s

getting ready to peel off because it’s loose and very gooey looking in person.

If you look at the original photos I sent you, the burn has changed a lot. The clay is amazing, I think, in

healing it.

Do I continue to put clay on it, based on what you see? What is my next move?

Thank you.

March 10, 2011

It looks very much improved: 80% detoxified and 30% healed. You have no more second-degree tissue

exposed, only first-degree. That is the reason for no sting when clay is applied. It stung when rinsed because

some of the tissue that was removed exposed sensitive new skin. After it aired for several minutes, the tissue

firmed and sealed itself.

I suggest that you apply the clay 24 more hours and then proceed to what I stated in my last email: applying

honey and then a thin slice of meat for 2-3 days. Afterward, I suggest rubbing honey then a little butter or

coconut cream, alternating, until the redness disappears. However, if the skin becomes dry and tight, I

suggest you continue to apply a tiny bit of honey, then alternate butter and coconut cream on alternating

days for another 3-5 days.


March 10, 2011

Re: New Photo From This Morning of Chemical Burn on Back -- Day 22

Hi Aajonus,

Thanks for the good news. A new photo from this morning is attached.

I am leaving town in a week for Florida and I am hoping I can improve even more in the next week so I

can function out of town. The last 22 days have been difficult and painful. It’s hard to be ecstatic during a

detox when the pain is very bad. But I do understand that detox is better than a more severe illness.

Between the very nasty miscarriage I had in January, the flu, and now the chemical burn, I am missing

what it feels like to feel good. J


I put a fresh layer of clay on this morning and will leave it on for 24 hours. Then, I will start the thin layer of

honey and meat for 2-3 days. Do I cover it with a wet wash cloth again? If the honey and meat burns,

what do I do?

After the honey and meat, I will start the honey and a little butter or coconut cream. Do I mix the

honey/butter or honey/coconut cream together before applying it, or just put the honey on the burn and

then rub on butter or coconut cream? Does it matter if they are mixed together or not?

Do I rub with honey/butter, and an hour later rub with honey/coconut cream? Is that what you mean by

alternating? Do I cover it?

Thank you.

When I saw the photos from last night, I thought that the raised skin was scar tissue (fused dead layers of

skin), however on this morning's photo, it looks as though it is some form of scab (non-fused dead layers of

skin). As long as you have non-fused dead layers of skin (scabs), your body is still discarding/detoxifying

industrial chemicals and you should continue applying the clay.

My answers to your questions:

I put a fresh layer of clay on this morning and will leave it on for 24 hours. Then, I will start the thin layer

of honey and meat for 2-3 days. Do I cover it with a wet wash cloth again?

Yes, cover it but use damp T-shirt material (easier to keep in place) rather than a thick, heavy, damp

washcloth, and thin plastic (it only covers the meat and does not touch the skin) and, finally, held in place

with an Ace bandage.

If the honey and meat burns, what do I do?

If they burn your wound more than 20 minutes, return to the clay application.

After the honey and meat, I will start the honey and a little butter or coconut cream. Do I mix the

honey/butter or honey/coconut cream together before applying it, or just put the honey on the burn and

then rub on butter or coconut cream? Does it matter if they are mixed together or not?

It has been my experience that layering is better than mixing but you may experiment and see for yourself.

Do I rub with honey/butter, and an hour later rub with honey/coconut cream? Is that what you mean by

alternating? Do I cover it?

By alternating, I mean use honey/butter one day and honey/coconut cream the next day, etc. Please do not

cover it other than with your clothing. However, I suggest that you let the mixture absorb into the skin for 20

minutes. After 20 minutes, pat with a very lightly dampened cloth and don your clothes.



Mar 14, 2011

Chemical Burn on Back -- Day 26

Hi Aajonus,

I will send new pictures after I wash the clay off. I am still using the clay since one area has not fused into

scar tissue yet. That's the area that was the big black spot. It still has old dead skin on it and is still the

most tender and sore. It is considerably smaller and does not hurt the way it used to. It is definitely

getting better, but slow to do so – it was the worst area because of mercury in it. The rest of the burn has

gone to scar tissue. I think it will leave a noticeable scar behind. It’s funny because now I am thinking

about the scar left behind when just last week and the prior weeks all I could think of was the pain,

infection, and it hurting terribly, with many sleepless nights lying only on my belly. I still must sleep on my


The hurting and pain I had the last 4 weeks has diminished greatly. When I look back on it, it was a

terrible experience causing lots of suffering. Since I do not use pain killers, I had to obviously endure the

pain the best I knew how, with patience and at times with yelling out, especially when the honey and raw

meat hit the raw burnt skin.

Another thing I have noticed is that the burned area and the spot that used to be black is sending out,

what I think, are nerve-related sensations down my right side and into my legs. It feels tingly and like I

have a cold shiver. They come and go, sometimes very noticeably and other times I do not feel them. I

can be standing and feel that tingly shivering sensation or I can be lying on my belly feeling it. They are

not constant and they come and go at random whenever they want. What is it? What can I do about it?

It seems to be originating from my burn.

Also, the skin around the burn, when I scratch it because it is itchy, hurts due to its sensitivity. What can I

do about it? Is it part of the nerve thing I described above?

What can I use to minimize the scar I have left over? Because the burn receded into my skin a few

millimeters, the scar will be very bumpy and not smooth. Does the combination of honey then butter or

coconut cream help with the scar tissue? How long do I use this application?

Also, I juiced a fresh coconut this past weekend. I was able to get a few ounces out of it. How long will it

last? Can I use coconut cream that is 1-2 weeks old on my burn/scar tissue?

Thank you.

March 14, 2011

Re: Newsletter #25 Article about Chemical Burn

Hi Aajonus,

I noticed I made the Primal Diet Newsletter. I feel important. :) Too bad it had to come at the price of

lots of pain and discomfort.

One thing I didn't see in the article was the mention of the swab the doctor took testing positive for

Staphylococcus aureus and your reply:

Email of Thu 3/3/2011 7:39 PM: "Hi, I wanted to tell you that the swab on my burn
the doctor took last Saturday, 4 days ago, came back positive for Staphylococcus
aureus. What does that mean to you? Or, what does it mean to me?"
" Staphylococcus are responsible for consuming dead and damaged tissue caused
by chemical or heat burn, or abrasion. If you did not have them, you would
probably have leprosy. Congratulations, you have the correct bacteria."

I thought the email info about Staph was good information.

Also, the doctor did say at my last visit that it was infected, that it was very red with green pus coming out

and I needed to take an antibiotic. And I said, “No, why should I take an antibiotic killing all the good

bacteria in my body when this is a localized wound on my back.” She agreed and shut up. The doctor

went on to say that she was trained in using chemicals and she does not have holistic knowledge, and

although holistic alternatives might work she doesn’t know how to use them. That was my last visit to the

doctor. I used the clay from then on out, working with you over email and following your directions.

The clay worked wonders taking away the red infection and the green pus the doctor saw! Amazing

about the clay, the raw food, and your knowledge for treating it! Very appreciative!

One other thing I thought was good information that I never shared with you was that the doctor’s only

knowledge of treating the burn was to peel off all the dead skin that was still attached to my body. She

wanted to peel off the black skin too but didn’t because of the amount of pain it would have caused me.

Her reason for doing so was to expose the new skin underneath. She said if she didn’t do that the

infection would continue. I would then have to go to a wound center where they would give me a shot for

the pain while they debrided the area by pulling off all the burnt skin, exposing new skin underneath, and

then washing the new skin with antiseptic and giving me an antibiotic. The thought of that whole process

was horrifying. The clay method was much more appealing and not invasive.

Just a few thoughts after reading the newsletter.

Thank you.

You were the first to document it from the worst stage and describe it well, and continue through the

process with me via email. Most times I dealt with such detoxifications on the phone without a written


I had a computer crash and lost some emails. Those 2 must have been part of my loss.

Your bravery and follow-through will help thousands of people. Thank you so much for making this possible

and for your appreciation for my work.

Do you remember my wounds from my chemical burns that scarred lumpy? They are all flat and even now

but still discolored from the aluminum, barium and mercury. After all the wounds healed, I used bone

marrow on the scars and, every 5-7 days, I lightly rubbed either pineapple or papaya on them. I will include

photos in my update of my scars in the next newsletter (#26).

Because there are still toxins in the skin, you will have sensitivity, off and on, for some time, even up to 3

years. The detoxification that you experienced was probably from an infant vaccine such as tetanus in the

thigh. Usually, only infants are injected in thighs. The medical poison traveled from the thigh to your lower

back and stored. Some of the poisons deposited in all of the passages through which they were transported.

Normally, they all detoxify simultaneously: the reason for your sensations emanating from your wound to

your leg.

The butter/honey will help strengthen the new cells which are exposed to the poisons or are still in them so

they do not turn into dead scar tissue. I suggest that you apply it daily for several weeks after all the wounds

have sealed, then, after several weeks, apply it at least twice weekly.


Mar 17, 2011

Re: New Photos of Chemical Burn -- Day 29

Hi Aajonus,

Here are some new photos I took this morning. I wish the resolution was better.

I added one photo of how I attach the clay, plastic, wet cloth, and dry cloth to my back using a leather belt – a belt seems to work the best and is not itchy like an Ace bandage.

I'm still putting clay on the burn since there is one area where the brown scab has not gone to fused scar tissue yet. I'm waiting for the brown scab to go away. If you remember, this was the same area that had the big black burn spot where mercury was being detoxed.

Am I right to wait until the brown scab falls off and then start alternating between butter/honey and butter/coconut cream for 30 days? And, I am not supposed to cover, right?

I'm leaving tomorrow morning for 10 days. I will return on the 27th. I will bring my laptop along if I need to reach you by e-mail.

Thank you.

March 20, 2011

In the photos, the dark spot looks more gray than brown, however it could be the mercury decaying from the

clay, which is what we want. You may be detoxifying more than one injection.

Yes, continue until all closes to scar tissue. Then, 30 days of butter/honey and butter/coconut cream,

withOUT covering it, but allowing for 20 minutes absorption prior to wiping and donning clothes.

Have a wonderful trip.



March 31, 2011

Re: Chemical Burn -- Day 43

Hi Aajonus,

My burn has gone to scar tissue. No scab left behind.

I am glad to stop using the wet washcloth and clay as I was getting a rash from the belt around my waist

used to fasten everything on, plus the wet cloth was starting to cause me to have red itchy bumps. Once I

stopped the wet cloth the red itchy bumps went away.

I have started the thin layer of honey followed by butter one day, and the next day a honey layer then

coconut cream.

As the day goes on, the honey/butter layer seems to go away. My tendency is to want to put just butter on

the scar and rub it in well. What is best to do? Is just one application of honey/butter in the morning good

enough to last all day? The reason I want to put more butter on it is because the scar starts to hurt and

the butter feels good on it -- almost like it needs moisture.

The scar is tender but I can touch it so it’s not too tender. The scar seems to feel the most sensitive when

clothes rub against it.

The scar itself has pink areas to it but also it is surrounded by brownish-gray skin. I can’t tell if it is brown

or grayish skin. What does this mean?

You said I might be detoxing more than just an injection.


Apr 1, 2011

Congratulations on trouping through your detoxification without panic!

I would love to see photos of it now.

Yes, rub raw butter on it as needed; your body will need a lot of fat for healing the area.

If the area were mainly scar tissue, you would not have any feeling there. Sensation indicates that many cells

are alive there and that many cells are new/young and tender.

The discoloration is metallic toxins that have temporarily (sometimes permanently) tattooed the cells.


Apr 1, 2011

Re: Digital Iris Photos


I have scheduled to meet with a digital iridologist. Would you mind then afterwards looking at the

pictures and determining just a general progression? We can do a more detailed look afterwards when

you visit.

Most digital iris photos do not show true color, but I will take a look.


April 1, 2011
Re: Vaginosis
(See also: 20120611-2003 Re: Pain in Vagina and Uterus
and 20130326-0429 Re: Vagina Problem)

Dear Aajonus,

My vaginosis returned and it's worse than before (I've been real diligent on the raw diet and keeping up with it!). It's not a yeast infection, but a bacterial infection. Since the vagina and anus are close, when I passed gas some of it went into my vagina (I immediately felt it). At this time, my vagina, hips, legs, and bladder are hurting me a lot. I need to know what the best solution is for this problem. I very much appreciate your assistance.

April 1, 2011

The gas is an indication that you are discharging chemicals. Gas does not transport bacteria. Whether a fungus (yeast) or bacteria, any discomfort is the result of detoxification. You have a tremendous amount of toxins stored in your body and it takes about 40 years to remove all of them on a perfect diet. I am still detoxifying chemo and radiation from 42 years ago.

I suggest that you consume 1 T. moist Terramin clay blended, for 2 seconds only, in 3 oz. of soured milk (kefir or yogurt), twice daily until your body resolves the issue. I suggest that you consume very little fruit and, when you do, I suggest citrus in a smoothie.

Healthfully, Aajonus

1 Apr 2011

Hi Aajonus:

Thank you for your quick response.

I have a question in regards to moist clay. Could you please explain to me what you mean by moist. Do I put a little water in it to make a paste, or do I soak it for a while? How much water do I soak it in?

Thanks a bunch.

Apr 2, 2011

As I instructed in We Want to Live on pages 181 & 182, you mix the clay in good water to a fresh plaster of Paris consistency (about 1 cup clay to 3/4 cup water) and let it soak for 4 days. However, in your case, I suggest that you begin consuming it immediately.


Apr 4, 2011

Re: Epsom Salts in Bath


Over the long haul of the last few weeks I've developed mildly penetrating acne scarring which extends

all across my back. While I realize this is beneficial detoxification, I'm wondering if Epsom salts in my

baths will not possibly enter my blood stream via these openings in the tissue and thus cause high blood

pressure; or is that not a consideration as the skin in the acne scarring is still thin enough to avoid it? I

get some itching now sometimes when in the bath or getting out, though mild. I use 3 tbsp of Epsom

salts currently, but I think I will reduce this in any case.

I prefer sun-dried sea salt to Epsom salts. However, to offset any drying effect from and possible absorption

of salts, I use 3/4-1 cup milk.


Apr 5, 2011

Re: Solar Panels


My kids' school is putting up solar panels around the school. Are they safe?

Very safe and better than the grid.

Apr 9, 2011

Re: Diarrhea


I just had a diarrhea dump that was mostly yellowish and incredibly foul smelling, very chemical in nature.

It looked like butternut squash soup almost. Any insights into what this was?

There are several things that cause such fecal formations: penicillin, aspartame and chemical flavorings that

attach to cauterized metals. The puree consistency may have been that your body used some fruit pulp like

cucumber to help move it out of the bowels safely.


Jan 25, 2011

Re: EMERGENCY – Horrible Detox

[The following is only part of the conversation.
Much of the conversation was by phone and was not recorded.]

Will you be in Thailand later in the week at another number?

Tue, Jan 25, 2011 Try to call me in 5 hours. I will be in Thailand with a different number on Thursday. I will not know if my old number there will work until I get there.


Regarding our conversation, I’m not sure how much effect the clay is having. Does it take time to balance me out? I have had it twice so far and will have it again in a few hours. I will also try the Nut Formula today and rice tomorrow. The same horrible detox is starting now, as it did yesterday at the same time. I am hopeful it will at least be not as bad. Should I be having high mercury fish like swordfish now? I'm guessing it could only help the chelation?

Jan 26, 2011

When first used, it takes time to attract and chelate toxins from blood and neurological fluid.

I suggest that you not eat high mercury fish; but oysters would be good.

Feb 3, 2011


Are you still in Thailand and if so what are you best hours for phone calls?


Can you recommend some good books to read on the alternative historical view of illness and nutrition in

the past? I am curious to learn more.

Feb 4, 2011

I do not think you will find much in health-related books but in political and government-related books,

especially on strategies implemented to acquire control of resources and people.


Feb 14, 2011


I've entered my most violent detox ever, some kind of horrible mind-altering chemical is leaving. Please, if

you see this let me know so I can call. You are unreachable right now and I need some reassurance.

It has been going on since 11 PM now and it is not allowing me to sleep or relax for 1 second.

Feb 14, 2011


It's really an emergency. What I describe has been going on for 12 hours now. My nerves are jumping and

firing all over my body in a super-agitated state. The sun has come up and they are still going. I have

done clay twice, hot water bottles, 25 min exercise throughout the night. Nothing has calmed my nerves.

It is no longer panic, it is more just very aggravated, jumping nerves. It is so aggressive. After I woke from

my pathetic 1 hour of sleep, it immediately kicked back in. It is terrifying because my body feels

exhausted and severely affected and I have no control to be able to relax. I will try a bath soon and hope

that that will finish it off, but I am not hopeful. Please respond at your soonest opportunity. I will try calling

in your usual morning hour times.


I am going to take your advice, but what should I do if the detox returns tonight anyways?

Feb 14, 2011

Simply continue the honey/butter/milk cycle.


My energy levels are very very low right now, even more than before. Are you sure this is what is most

helpful? Or did you anticipate I would be extremely low in energy? I can't even stand up without feeling

like passing out now. Before, I didn't have that problem so significantly. I think my body really wants more

protein intake. I started to crave meat a few hours ago, but the craving stopped once I began dumping


Feb 16, 2011

I have been in an area without any phone connection and will be most of the day here.

Yes, but your 3 days are almost over and you may begin eating meat. However, please continue to eat 4 T.

honey/butter mixture daily.



Feb 18, 2011

Hi Aajonus,

I have begun an extremely painful and crippling fibromyalgia symptom - stemming, I believe, from my

spinal cord. The pain is excruciating, and even while resting, I am in severe distress. I will call you today

for advice and hopefully my bath today will ease the sensation. My blood sugar doesn't seem to be too

low anymore but this pain is almost paralyzing.


My apologies for calling you while you were driving, I calmed down anyways about 45 minutes after we

hung up.

I thought you might like this quote by Nietzsche; it applies to the Primal Diet pretty well, at least for me it


"One has to pay dearly for immortality; one has to die several times while one is still
Feb 25, 2011

Excellent quote.

Mar 7, 2011


I think I realize now I may be suffering more because I forgot to go on the nerve fat restoring diet as you

recommended. In any case, I would prefer to discuss it briefly with you this afternoon before starting

another round.

Mar 9, 2011

Hi Aajonus,

I've had a re-occurrence of an old intestinal pain problem and want to discuss it briefly. Are you available

at your Phillipines number?

Hi Aajonus,

Unfortunately, today I've had, and probably am still having to a lesser degree, one of my worst episodes

ever of nerve detox to an extremely crippling degree. The bad thing is I think I may need to go on the

nerve fat diet again for a few days as my nerves are jumping, but I am not sure I can handle an

increased detox. I've been trying to call you but had no luck so far. I would appreciate any insight you

might offer or just let me know when you are reachable.


Mar 14, 2011

Yes, resume the butter/honey/milk regime. It won't cause more detoxification if you do it for only 1-2 days

every 10 days.



Mar 14, 2011

Hi Aajonus,

In the last hour I went through the scariest moment of my entire life. It was so horrible I can't accurately

describe it in writing. Are you available for a call? I very much hope to speak to you very soon about this

as it has given me total doubts on everything I am doing.


I want you to know I appreciate your incredible patience with me in these hard times. What happened to

me yesterday still weighs heavily on my mind and worries me tremendously, as I do not want to experience

it again. Thankfully, bathing twice a day in the near future should offset any such reactions, but I am

hopeful you can tell me what I can do in the next 2-3 days while I wait for the bathtub to arrive to avoid the

likelihood of it happening again?

In other words, the best time to use my 1 allotted bath per day, and the best time to have clay in advance?

Yesterday's horrible reaction happened right at nightfall so I can only assume the same will happen again


Mar 15, 2011 Also, such low-blood-pressure symptoms coincide with low blood sugar. Therefore, I suggest that you

consume an egg or honey/butter mixture along with applying a hot water bottle.



Hi Aajonus,

Please give me your best calling times, I do not want to disturb you at the wrong hours.


Fri, Mar 18, 2011

I’m still at a difficult location to get good reception. I hope to return in 2 days. I’ve been going through a

devastating detox myself.


No worries. I will call you on Sunday then. Please let me know if you happen to return before that time. I

hope you recover from your detox quickly. Mine have been very intense this week. Even when bathing

everyday, I have had only a minor mitigation of symptoms.

Mar 19, 2011

My detox is ongoing but mitigating with at least 5 hot tub baths daily. I hope to return tomorrow. That would

be Sunday morning your time.



Mar 19, 2011

Hi Aajonus,

I’m glad to hear you will be back tomorrow. I have also been bathing daily to avoid that horrible

symptom I had Monday. My bathtub arrives Tuesday.

Mar 26, 2011

Sorry my phone battery charge spent. Call me in 2 hours.


Just to confirm something we talked about yesterday, my overall organ health is decent and comparable

to a normal person, except for the pancreas, gall bladder and intestines. Correct? Also, does the

iodine/iron toxicity extend throughout my brain as well?

Mar 31, 2011

Yes, to both questions.

Mar 31, 2011


Since I'm so prone to emotionally despairing lately and will probably continue to do so for the next 2

months before your visit, can you tell me if it would be worthwhile to buy myself an iriscope such as one

of the ones on Amazon, and that way have a suitable iris photo for you to analyze and get just a vague

sense of good progress and not the reverse? Do iriscopes work for this purpose or will the resolution be

very poor?

It would give me a lot of confidence and reassurance if you could help me in this regard. In any case I am

going to try high meat also to help me with my overemotional responses, as my parents’ visit along with

probable loss of E. coli due to toxins has really affected my emotional stability lately.


Disregard this email. I have scheduled to meet with a digital iridologist next Friday. Would you mind then

afterwards looking at the pictures and determining just a general progression? We can do a more detailed

look afterwards when you visit.

Apr 1, 2011

Most digital iris photos do not show true color, but I will take a look.


Apr 1, 2011

Thank you Aajonus,

I just want to have that extra bit of reassurance so I can keep from getting swept up emotionally.


I just had a diarrhea dump that was mostly yellowish and incredibly foul smelling, very chemical in nature.

It looked like butternut squash soup almost. Any insights into what this was? I detoxed hard last night, it

took 1 hour of bathing at high temperatures to finally allow my body to relax enough to sleep.

Apr 9, 2011

There are several things that cause such fecal formations: penicillin, aspartame and chemical flavorings that

attach to cauterized metals. The puree consistency may have been that your body used some fruit pulp like

cucumber to help move it out of the bowels safely.




Unfortunately, I did not continue my flu-like symptoms last night after my bath. I am disappointed and discouraged as I think I still have a long way to go before the symptoms start to taper off. Rather, they seem to be accelerating now as it seems I have no choice but to bathe twice a day now, rather than do so voluntarily. Would you say it is not a coincidence that the intensity has taken off since I put in my bath but rather a choice my body is making? I am just scared by the fact that I seem to have less and less periods of low detox now as I progress.

Apr 11, 2011 You could be accelerating the detoxification if you continually bathe at temperatures above 105 F. Healthfully,

Apr 14, 2011

Re: Fukushima & Fish

(See also: 20110414-1835 Fukushima & Oysters and

Hello Aajonus,

Is Ahi Tuna from Hawaii OK from the nuclear meltdown in Japan?

Would I need a Geiger counter?

I suggest that you get several people to buy one or two very efficient Geiger counters and test ALL your

food each time you shop, especially if it came from an area where the jet stream carried nuclear

contamination; Hawaii is in the jet stream.



Hello Aajonus,

What about Ahi Tuna from Fiji? Is it contaminated with nuclear?

The winds change and shift even though there is a main jet stream. I am experiencing radiation in both Thailand and the Philippines. YOU HAVE TO TEST THE FOOD.


April 13, 2011

Re: Fukushima & Oysters

(See also: 20110414-1748 Fukushima & Fish and

Hello Aajonus,

Every week I buy 24 Oysters called Hood Canal which come from Seattle. Are they OK since Japan’s

nuclear meltdown? Please let me know.

I would not trust anything from the West Coast or Florida or the Gulf, unless I had it tested. You can test

the oysters with a Geiger counter.

Hello Aajonus,

What brand of Geiger counter? They range from $125 and up.

April 14, 2011

Get a Geiger counter that reads all three types of isotopes gassing from Japan. If your oysters and milk,

and any food, do not read any radioactivity, they are good to eat.


Hello Aajonus,

What 3 isotopes are you referring to? What about Blue Point oysters from the East Coast? Does that

also refer to milk from the Amish? What food?

April 14, 2011

You could run Yahoo or Google searches on this stuff.

Cesium-137, iodine-131, strontium-90, and plutonium-241 (also plutonium-241's decayed waste


ALL food.


Apr 15, 2011
Re: Decaying Filling
[The following is only part of the conversation.
Some of the conversation was over the phone and was not recorded.]

Aajonus, See the filling in question in the photo attached. It is of poor quality but the best I could do taking it

myself. Please advise if the tooth is in fact decaying and also if the size is indeed small enough to not be

hugely damaging to my brain at least.

Also, could the sourness in my mouth not also be from leaking out the gums?


It is not as small as I had imagined and it looks as if it has been decaying for years. I would have it removed

if I were you, the sooner the better.



I will do so, but there is no risk of coma or serious brain damage from a filling still at this size, correct?

Also must I 100% refuse any X-ray, even just a single one of that tooth?

It is unheard of, dying from a filling decaying. As I stated on the phone, tell them they can have one X-ray only of that tooth and it has to be the tiniest X-ray-exposure possible. Aajonus

Hi Aajonus,

Are you taking calls tonight? I have an appointment for tomorrow morning and just want to make sure I

prepare properly for it with your help.

Yes, in about 17 hours.


Can you just tell me if you think it's a good idea for me to bathe early in the morning before going to the

appointment? I want to have my nerves relaxed as much as possible of course, but at the same time I

don't want to somehow accelerate my midday brain detoxes either.

I would suggest a milk 102 F. bath only.


Attached are some photos of these rashes I have developed which are definite signs of intense detox. I

would like to discuss them when I call.


One follow up question, is green more decayed than black or is green just a fungus eating at the

chemicals on the filling?

Green is usually the mold that helps decay the metals. Black is the color of decayed metal.

Thanks Aajonus,

As long as my vital organs are protected from the mercury vapors, like you say, then I will not worry.

Should I limit exercise to small windows at a time to keep from inhaling any in the lungs?

If you put a wax cap on the tooth before, and keep it while exercising, you do not have to limit your exercise.


Aajonus, This is purely for curiosity, so feel free to not answer if you don't know; but how much overall health improvement do you think I will achieve with the fillings out? Would you guess around 25%?

As for the beeswax from the chunky honey I had, it was invaded with ants and the entire thing is full of dead ants. I'm not so sure I should use it anymore for that reason as I'm not sure why the ants died inside of it to begin with.

They probably did not want to leave such a great stash of food and decided that living and dying there was heaven. Get to the bottom of the jar and use the wax. Healthfully,

Apr 4, 2011

Re: Eyesight Deterorating

Hi Aajonus,

Other than putting egg white in my eye, what should I do daily? And using pinhole glasses and eye

exercises and perhaps looking at the sun a bit.

Do you know what I could do to prevent my eyesight from getting worse? It’s getting worse and I don’t

want to wear glasses, as the last time I started to do that they for sure got worse. I can only focus and see

out of one eye due to damage to the other one. You mentioned something about cataracts, or something

stacking up on our last consultation and were surprised I could see as well as I did, if I recall correctly.

What do you suggest?

Red meat helps maintain eye muscles, so be certain to eat at least 4 oz. of red meat daily. Also, some people have had eye improvement by putting a little raw no-salt butter into their eyes daily before sleep and egg white, mornings. Bell peppers, especially yellow, help improve eyesight, best eaten with a meat meal.


Apr 20, 2011

Re: Heart pain

Hi Aajonus, Over the past two years I have been getting chest pains on my left side very off and on. But, in the last few months, it has been getting progressively worse and worse. It is to the point now that it is continuous, it never goes away and I am getting really scared. It is a pain that feels like it is my heart. I feel it from the front of my chest to the back of my chest, all the way through. I also often get radiating numbness that radiates from my chest up the left side of my neck into the left side of my jaw and, sometimes, also into my left shoulder. It is really bad now and is really freaking me out and I am not sure what to do. Am I having a heart attack? Stroke?

I just checked your irises and you have a load of vaccine-related toxicity stored in your sternum slightly to the right side, and on the left side you have metal deposits just outside your heart that look like some type of inhaled exposure. The lymph around your heart and left chest area all the way to your neck is very congested. It will take 20-30 years to remove that congestion unless you apply heat (hot water bottles) to the area almost nightly. Your heart is in great shape, although you have some scar tissue in the right ventricle, but not enough to cause cardiac arrest. The lymph in your neck is assisting the poor congested lymph in your chest. As I stated above, it could take 20-30 years to relieve the discomfort and pain in that area. I suggest that you apply the hot water bottle(s) nightly to your chest to help facilitate detoxification of lymph so that the lymph can properly remove the vaccine and metallic toxicity from your chest. That should relieve pain through each day until about 5 pm.


Mar 4, 2011

Re: Congestion in lungs

Hi, Aajonus,

I continue to have lung congestion and wheezing. Will the Chinese herbal remedy called Clear Lungs conflict with my diet or do you think it could give me some relief? I am hesitant to take it without your input.

If the herb were fresh and you juiced it, it might have some value, but dried it can be toxic and create problems.

I have had congestion and wheezing from all of the chemtrails since January. I am happy it continues because it is a detoxification. I suggest that you consume 1 1/2 tsp. of honey/butter mixture (1 part honey to 3 butter) immediately followed by 2 ounces of milk, 4 times daily until resolved.

Healthfully, Aajonus

Mar 15, 2011


My good health is all due to your knowledge of our bodies and how they function. I am now 79 and in glowing health, thanks to you – aside from lung congestion which I attribute to the doctors collapsing my left lung during by-pass surgery.

I have no indigestion or constipation no arthritis no Alzheimer's no joint pain no vision problems no diabetes or hypoglycemia no nervous disorders no skin problems no heart problems.

Need I say more?

Apr 20, 2011

Dear Aajonus,

Your remedy for lung congestion worked perfectly. As soon as you sent me the remedy, I began using it and now, while still a little congested, it has mostly cleared up and that is a big relief.

Happy Easter!

May the dear Lord watch over you and keep you safe.

Apr 20, 2011
(See also 20110328-1404 Radiation Fallout Protection)

Hi, mutual natural health lovers,

As the radiation fallout continues to rain on the world, governments hide the truth about the severity of radiation poisons, and the nuclear energy industry continues to rule governments, and so we must all do the best we can to care for ourselves.

What is being admitted that we are being exposed to is:

We know from experience that governments only harm us as they claim to protect us from insane panic. It

is their insane panic against which we must defend ourselves. They think that they are the only sane and

rational people on earth and that most people are idiots. Are they correct? That we must change by ending

our present industry-controlled governments.

From my first email, Radiation Fallout Protection, I got a few chemistry-related criticisms objecting to my

stating that iodine was a rock mineral when it is an element. The objectors are not incorrect as far as it

goes. We are grossly miseducated about chemistry because the chemistry industry must make itself

respectable and profitable. Who do you think makes decisions about what books are used in schools? It

will always be the people who believe what they are told and who fall in line with the industrial class that

rules the world rather than those who challenge and criticize skewed science.

Notice that chemistry wants you to believe in absolutes so that they can claim safety. However, if we

evaluate the so-called simple chemistry of iodine, we will be confronted with many contradictions which

have convoluted chemical explanations that don't make sense.

Take for example iodine-131. It is said to have an 8-day half-life and complete dissolution in 40 days.

However, there are always byproducts of either liquid, gas, solid, or combinations of all three, that occur

with decay. The byproducts of decayed iodine can be more dangerous than non-decayed iodine. The

medical and nuclear industries will deny that, but it is a fact. Take for example a bottle of iodine used for

antiseptic purposes. If it is said to be completely decayed and ineffective after 40 days, it should have no

reaction after 40 days. However, if you take a bottle that has been opened several times and is 2 years old,

it will have a stronger antiseptic effect than a fresh one. Often, it will be so caustic that it will cause rashes

after some usage.

Therefore, I do not believe much of what academic chemistry teaches because it is so biased to protect

polluting industries. Those industries break elements and minerals down into tables that you can see and

that give you the sense that they can be directed and controlled. For example, this was written about my

first email on this subject:

”...the amount of radiation from a given isotope during its half-life is roughly proportional to
the amount of that isotope divided by its atomic weight. Thus a pound of iodine-131 with a
half-life of 8.04 days is far more radioactive [by a factor of 1440] than cesium-137 with a
half-life of 33 years, (33*365*131/(8*137) =1440). The good news is that in 80 days,
99.9% of the iodine will be gone!”

Another comment from someone who works for a major nuclear energy provider:

"It’s very simple. All atoms and molecules interact chemically using their electron shells.
Whether acid on zinc, chemical reactions in the body, or burning wood, all these reactions
start with some number of atoms and the same atoms are on the other side of the reaction;
no atoms are made or destroyed. Nuclear reactions occur in the nucleus and nuclear
reactions can result in new, combined or different atoms. Atoms are radioactive because
their NUCLEUS is unstable. For example, tritium is a hydrogen atom with an extra neutron in
the nucleus. Tritium decays by ejecting a beta particle (a high speed electron) from one
neutron converting the atom into helium. Therefore, the idea that “oranges and avocados
eaten together help neutralize radiation” is pure fantasy because these chemicals can have
no effect on radiation emitted from the nucleus of other atoms."

I am living proof that that conclusion is untrue, and the fantasy is that chemists have everything

understood, categorized and under control. If they did, we would not have suffered the Three Mile Island,

Chernobyl or Fukushima aftermaths. The variables from person to person or animal to animal are

extraordinary, so much so that no one can erect a chart for it as they do their elements and minerals. I

reiterate, chemists are trained with blindfolds, biases and prejudices that do not allow for practical and

rational variations. The idea that chemical reactions are fixed and controllable is the big fantasy of those

postulating and profiting from nuclear, chemical, food, fabricated products and pharma/medical, and all

related industries.

Since I was the victim of cancers caused by radiation treatments and worked with at least a hundred who

also suffered radiation treatments, and found that eating oranges and avocados together lessened the

symptoms of radiation poisoning time after time, especially nausea and burn, I had to conclude that it

helped remove radiation from the body. It is true that it may have only ameliorated the symptoms, however

when taken regularly, radiation symptoms eased dramatically.

Since I experienced those high doses of injected iodine immediately preceding radiation treatments 43

years ago and still have occasions, averaging once yearly, of intense radiation nausea and an iodine taste, I

must conclude that the radioactively charged iodine has a much longer life than physics books explain.

Every time I go through it, I experience the very pain I had for 2 years following the treatments. My latest

episode lasted only 36 hours but was as painful as 42-43 years ago. Each time I have an episode, the

episode duration reduces. When I vomited during those spells, tests of the vomit showed high doses of

iodine (non-decayed) as well as barium, as recently as 6 years ago. Since it was always the same, I stopped

having my vomit tested. Atomic charts are not accurate when biochemistry is involved and may not be

when biochemistry is not involved.

A nuclear physicist told me that, in animals, the HALF-LIFE of a nuclear-charged isotope can have many

times more years than normal. She is purported to be expert on bio-nuclear physics. She gave a half-life of

radioactively charged iodine of up to 25,000 years in cases of entombed animals. I know nothing about

nuclear physics and have never been in a nuclear laboratory.

I think that the half-life measure is not so intelligent, but that may be a lack in my intelligence. Why not

just give the total years? Is it because the last half-life is much longer than the first half-life, five times

longer? Is that a physicist's way of making the life of radioactive isotopes seem less threatening or

harmful? And rarely is there any mention of decayed isotopes’ byproducts and how lethal or disease-

producing they are.

Four years ago, I was conducting private consults in a USA city. My first day was filled with people who had

been successful on my diet for 2-6 years. Eight of them showed high levels of supplemental iodine stored

in their bodies in various areas that had not been there in previous years. Also, mostly the iodine was not

stored in the thyroid but in the intestines and nervous systems. On the second day, the first 3 clients were

also long-term Primal Dieters. They too had large amounts of supplemental iodine stored in their bodies;

only one had it in her thyroid.

Finally, I asked if there was an iodine manufacturer near who had an accident. His response was, "Frank

used his pendulum with all of us and suggested that we take his liquid iodine supplement that would vastly

improve our health." Was taking dosages that were way beyond their bodies' capability to utilize common

sense? Was trusting a pendulum a smart practice? To the point, of the 11 people who were taking

supplemental iodine, only one had indications that it stored in her thyroid.

Who has proved in test after test that bodies tend to store it in the thyroid? Could it be utter nonsense

produced by manufacturers of iodine who jump on the radiation bandwagon for profit, and politicians who

want to give people some kind of false sense of security? The only tests I have read were done or paid for

by the nuclear industry which has nothing but a vested interest in nuclear industry.

Even worse is the fact that few have ventured to explore the results of combining toxins. Researchers at the

University of Bristol in the UK claim that electromagnetic fields (EMFs) can intensify the carcinogenic effects

of radon gas. By measuring the concentration of radon decay products and EMF strength in homes located

in regions with high background radiation, the researchers concluded that strong EMFs attract radon decay

products and cause them to vibrate, thus making them more likely to adhere to human tissue. We are likely

to have similar effects on the radioactive particles coming from Japan in our industrialized electromagnetic

living styles.

However, preventing and mitigating radiation poisoning is the issue of this email. Here also, we find skewed

science, but medicine is known for that now. Paid-for and free advice in the mainstream and "alternative"

health fields continue to parrot the pharmaceutical, nuclear and chemical industries. They purport the

particular chemical (element found only in rock when not bioactive) iodine will protect you from thyroid

cancer. They claim, with skewed scientific data, that the thyroid is responsible for all sorts of functions.

There are no case-study facts that are not skewed on the subject of thyroid functions that could draw such

absolute conclusions. The same is the case for iodine.

Iodine is always poisonous when isolated. Isolated, it is used as a bacteria killer (antiseptic) in medicine

and dairy farming (teats are "cleansed" with iodine wash to kill bacteria). Isolated iodine has many

industrial uses, and all are toxic. Animals that do not ingest foods high in iodine do not have higher rates of

thyroid problems or thyroid cancers. Animals whose diets are low in iodine do not suffer all of the diseases

that chemistry claims are the result of thyroid problems. What does that mean?

Studying biochemistry is not the study of isolated substances in living creatures. That is industrial

chemistry and has nothing to do with life except how life reacts to non-biological agents. Biochemistry is

the study of living creatures’ actions and reactions to natural substances which are always complex and

predominantly symbiotic. Studying animals that were able to procreate and survive after being subjected

to radioactive particles at and near Chernobyl can give us truth about protecting ourselves from enough

radioactive harm that could cause disease, unless you are in the danger zones of Japan, which is most of

northern Japan. Although they have deformities, the animals of Chernobyl seem to be functional and in

relative good health. I reiterate, since we are forced to be in the same situation as they, we must act for our

best health and prevent as much deformity, disease and death as possible.

The big DO NOT in the media today, including the internet is “do not drink milk”. If milk were the great

radiation-contaminated killer, there would be no animal life within 700 kilometers around nuclear

disasters that would be healthy. Yes, milk can be contaminated with radioactive particles just like any

other food exposed to fallout. However, milk in its raw form, contains more assimilable minerals than any

other food for humans and most adolescent animals.

Our bodies use high concentrations of minerals to neutralize toxins, including radioactive particles.

Therefore, raw milk is not a food to avoid. It is a food to embrace and consume. However, we can help

nature by doing what other animals do that helps them reduce radioactively caused health problems. We

can eat dirt, such as clays that are NOT of volcanic origin. Clays formed from volcanic activity grew in

molten metals and are extremely deficient in assimilable bio-rich minerals such as calcium, magnesium,

phosphorus and potassium. I suggest Terramin clay which is mined from an ancient thermal spring.

To help our bodies defray, contain, neutralize, and remedy any nuclear particles in milk, we should add 1

tablespoon of MOIST Terramin clay to every quart of milk and shake for about 30 seconds. Let it stand for

about 3 hours. Shake it again for about 10 seconds and let it stand for another 15 minutes. Then, without

disturbing the milk, siphon the milk above the clay to approximately 3/4 inch above the settled clay. Keep

and drink the milk as you would if it had not been contaminated. Make yogurt, kefir or cheeses with it.

Discard the milk settled with the clay. You may add another 1 tablespoon of moist clay to the milk you are

drinking for your peace of mind, but consume the clay with the milk or you may lose too many beneficial

minerals. If you have large quantities of raw milk, simply do the same with each gallon, adding 4

tablespoons of moist Terramin clay to each gallon and follow the same instructions. (Instruction on how to

make moist clay can be found in my book We Want to Live on pages 181 and 182).

My Remedies for Radiation Contamination

Here are the things that effectively helped me reduce radioactive toxins and symptoms in my body after

frightfully excessive radiation therapy in 1968 that gave me blood and bone cancers (multiple myeloma)

and bone degeneration:

  1. Organic no-salt raw cheeses eaten frequently will help absorb and neutralize free-radical radioactive


  1. Aloe vera gel eaten directly from the plant (do not eat the green skin) helps soothe and heal radiation


  1. Oranges and avocados eaten together help neutralize radiation.

  2. Pineapple and no-salt raw cheeses eaten together help dissolve cellular radiation damage and harness


  1. Papaya eaten with no-salt raw cheeses helps prevent scarring.

  2. No-salt raw butter eaten with no-salt raw cheeses helps prevent radioactive substances from entering

cells and buffers nuclear exchanges.

  1. No-salt raw butter eaten with unheated honey helps digestion and healing.

  2. One ounce of raw milk consumed once hourly helps protect intestines and nerves.

  3. Clay bath (applying wet clay over the body) helps draw out and neutralize radiation and radioactive

particles through the skin.

  1. 1 tablespoon of moist Terramin clay blended in 3 ounces of raw milk helps draw out and neutralize

radiation and radioactive particles through the intestines.

Happy survival,

Aajonus Vonderplanitz

Apr 22, 2011

Re: Chicken Pox

Hi Aajonus,

Do you recommend having children who have chicken pox get together with children who have never

had chicken pox so they can catch it naturally?

My children have never been vaccinated.

Is it okay for me to bring my children in contact with another child who has chicken pox to share bodily

fluids to give the chicken pox to my children?

Pros and cons?

Your thoughts on the topic.


Chicken pox is not a biological disease. Children who are not exposed to industrial pollution do not get

chicken pox. The abrasions and lesions that appear on the skin are the result of caustic compounds being

exuded through the skin, damaging the skin as it passes out of the body. Resulting scarring depends on the

child’s or adult’s body and diet. The bacteria that assist in the detoxification are blamed for the resulting

skin rash, but not responsible for it. Therefore, it is unlikely that anyone can "catch" the detoxification. The

detoxification depends on many individual factors including environmental, such as: season, humidity and

temperature. Therefore, many children will detoxify at the same time and appear, to the miseducated, as

contagious. Pharma/med make a bundle on the myth.



I believe what you are saying and it makes sense. All children and adults are exposed to industrial

pollution as a result of our polluted environments and toxic world. So everyone should be getting some

type of detox in the form of chicken pox. Right? I know I had chicken pox as a child, as did my


Yet I know a mom who let her little girl share a lollipop with a boy who had chicken pox and two weeks

later the little girl came down with the pox. Apparently, it’s a 2 week incubation period in the body.

Same with another family I know. They played around with children who had the pox and sure enough

they got the pox. It appears that kids are getting the pox when around other kids who have it. I am


I am also wrestling with the whole idea of getting my kids purposely sick (although you say they can’t

get it through contact). It doesn’t seem quite right to get them sick on purpose. The whole idea behind

it is to have them have immunity against the pox throughout life.


When the sun rises, roosters crow. Does that mean that roosters cause the sun to rise or that the sun causes roosters to crow and that crowing is contagious? As I stated, the climate and environment are what determine detoxifications. Therefore, many people should get similar detoxifications simultaneously. I know of hundreds of children who played with "smallpox"-diagnosed children who did not get smallpox. I also know of hundreds who did. It is not an immunity if it is truly not contagious. If a hundred bodies decide to run a marathon, is it contagious or a choice? When many bodies decide to detoxify during a 6-10 month period, it is most often when climatic and environmental factors exist that are most beneficial for that type of detoxification.

I think you would be helped by subscribing to my newsletters and reading all of my past articles on contagions.


Apr 23, 2011

Re your e-mail: Apr 20, 2011 Radiation

Hello Mr. Vonderplanitz, thank you for your valuable information.

I can see from your "Remedies for Radiation Contamination" that Raw Dairy is the fundamental element. But what can be taken by people like me that cannot take raw dairy in order to protect from radiation?

Before the Primal Diet (April 2010), I was on the Blood Type Diet and Genotype Diet. I am blood type O Rh+ and a non-secretor. It seems that non-secretors are more sensitive to certain types of food and conditions. Anyway, I feel much better with the Primal Diet, but if I do not take raw dairy. Since I can remember, I never took dairy in my life, except salted cheese, and I was frequently sick. I experimented with raw dairy from November 2010 to March 2011. Raw dairy makes me lose appetite and decreases my number of raw meat meals from 3 to 2 or even 1 a day. And I get indigestion, heartburn, insomnia and candida proliferation (by the candida spit test).

I had used Niacin in the past and I observed about 5 to 10 minutes after taking 100mg of Niacin the effect of the swimsuit – I mean, no rash in the body that was covered by the swimsuit (no sun exposure), the rash is only in the rest of the skin (exposed to sun). The rash disappeared in 30 to 40 minutes, depending on the intensity of the burn by the solar radiation. I also used Niacin with my kids with similar results.

I have seen amazing results with the use of Niacin.

In the Primal Diet, for those that cannot take raw dairy, my second question is: Can we use 100mg of Niacin and under what precautions?

I know you do not recommend supplements. I used to take 100mg of B complex almost daily in my last 14 years, with a multi-mineral tablet (chelated minerals) and other vitamins. I stopped all of them when I read your recommendation last year.

Thank you and best regards

Secretors: In a simplified sense, a secretor is defined as a person who secretes their blood type antigens into body fluids and secretions like the saliva in your mouth, the mucus in your digestive tract and respiratory cavities, etc.

Non-Secretors : A non-secretor, on the other hand, puts little to none of their blood type into these same fluids.

Thank you for your explanations. However, I think that what is necessary for you to become a secretor is to take very hot baths from 35-90 minutes daily, or as often as possible.

There is no substitute for dairy, for protecting the body and removing radioactive elements or isotopes, other than clay in vegetable juices, especially carrot. I suggest 2 tablespoons of moist non-volcanic clay blended in 4.5 ounces of carrot juice, twice daily, if you will not consume raw dairy.

Appreciatively, Aajonus

Hello Mr. Aajonus,

Thank you for the information. I didn't know the non-secretor status could be reverted. I had the data that it was a genetic characteristic (chromosomes 11 and 19) and I did their test in 2009, so Dr. Peter D'Adamo is very wrong.

Best regards.

I have learned that, most of the time, genetics are more affected by nutritional differences than heredity. Genes that are missing are missing because of toxicity or nutritional deficiencies. If non-secretors eat watermelon and take hot baths or sleep with many hot water bottles, they become secretors.


April 26th, 2011

Re: Itching

Dear Aajonus,

My husband had a heart attack in June of 2009. I have listed below the medications he is taking and the lifestyle changes he has made. I find when I am physically close to him I have trouble with itching. I have been using butter in my private areas to help manage the problems there. When sleeping, we try to stay 1-2 feet apart from each other. This has helped reduce the amount of itching for me. When I am apart from him for sleep, in the other room or out of town, my itching goes away. Now he is having trouble with itching himself and has a large itchy rash on the front of one leg and another spot starting on the back of the other. He easily is chilled and gets blue fingernails periodically. As of yet, he does not see the wisdom in the Primal Diet approach to biology. He is planning to go to his doctor to get some help with the itching and the rash he is experiencing. I am wondering what you would recommend for this and also what would be involved to have the rash area tested for chemicals, and cost, procedure, etc. He feels that what is causing the itching for both of us is something in our environment more so than the medications and medical procedures he has had done. I feel otherwise. We are able to openly discuss this. Is there anything more I can do to reduce my itching and protect myself from the drugs, etc. that are coming through his skin? I do change our bedding almost every day. It is my desire to respect both of our choices and understandings on what to do with our bodies. The side effects of the drugs are affecting our physical expressions of connection, especially with the itching problem. I even feel something weird going on in my throat at times, as well. I sometimes feel like I am being poisoned by what is coming out of my husband’s body. Am I being over paranoid?

Lisinopril 2.5mg/day
Metoprolol tartrate 12.5mg/2x’s/day
Plavix 75mg/day
Niaspan ER 1000mg/day
Lipitor 20mg/day
Aspirin 81mg/day

Nuclear stress test given in August of 2009 and 2010

He was about 5’11” weighing 185 lbs at the time of his heart attack. After his heart attack, he lowered his salt intake to under 1800mg, started exercising, cut back on cooked fats, stopped drinking sodas, added whole grains, and increased his vegetable and fruit intake. He now weighs around 155 lbs.

Thank you for your help Aajonus!

I suggest that you both sleep in another room to see if it is him or the bed that is causing the problem. Many beds contain products that outgas when they are new and when they begin to break down (decay), especially plastics. However, with heart-related drugs, there are trace amounts of nitroglycerin that can cause dryness and itching to the consumer and those near him; or nuclear substances in medication, diagnosis or treatment that do the same.

Ninety percent of toxins are supposed to leave through the skin, so when taking medication of any kind, rashes should be expected. If you do not have rashes, the toxins are stored in the body and are likely advancing disease. Consuming more raw no-salt butter in the form of a Moisturizing/Lubrication Formula (page 14 6 of my recipe book) will help protect the skin from toxins as they pass through the skin. Hot baths help remove toxins through the skin as long as 3/4 cup milk, 3-4 T. raw apple cider vinegar and 4 T. coconut cream are in the bath water. Applying bone marrow or no-salt raw butter to the skin will help protect the skin directly. To help him understand my Primal Diet, I suggest that you get my Workshop DVD set.

Tell him that this was sent to me in March 2011:

"Aajonus. My good health is all due to your knowledge of our bodies and how they
function. I am now 79 (9 years on the Primal Diet) and in glowing health, thanks to you --
aside from lung congestion which I attribute to the doctors collapsing my left lung during
by-pass surgery. I no longer have: indigestion or constipation, arthritis, Alzheimer's, joint
pain, vision problems, diabetes or hypoglycemia, nervous disorders, skin problems or
heart problems. Need I say more?"


Apr 26, 2011

Re: Diarrhea from coconut water


Does too much coconut water cause more diarrhea and is this beneficial or harmful?

I have never seen a case of diarrhea caused by too much coconut water. I have seen and experienced diarrhea caused by consuming too much coconut cream, or too much coconut cream mixed with coconut water. I have seen many cases of bloating, especially in women, who drink too much coconut water.

Apr 27, 2011
Re: Ketogenic Diet & Honey
(See also 20121009-0042 Re: Moldy Berries for Child with Autism)

Hi, Aajonus!

I'm writing regarding my 8-year-old son with autism (Asperger syndrome) after vaccination. We talked a few months ago via Skype. He's doing fine and improving. His diet is OK: berries are molded, he takes one a day.

Could you please explain to me something on another issue: I'm wondering about the positive effects of ketone bodies on his brain. What is your position on this?

He likes unheated honey a lot. Does that mean the ketogenic diet is not possible with 1-3 tablespoons of unheated honey a day?

What would you suggest: liberal amounts of honey in his diet (which is otherwise usually quite low on carbs, all milk is fermented, no grains), or lowering the amount of honey for his body to start producing ketone bodies?

If I understand the issue, he should be taking very little fruit and also very little carb vegetables like carrots to work on ketones, right?

Thank you for your thoughts.

As I stated in my books, honey that has not been heated above 93 F. is mainly digestive agents. When bees collect nectar, they swallow and partially digest it by producing an insulin-like substance that converts 90% of sugars into digestive enzymes. Once heated above 93 F., the insulin-like substance is altered and the honey transforms back into high carbohydrate. The only harm eating too much honey can do is cause a protein deficiency. Honey has proved to increase healing up to 5 times. Your son needs that, at least for now.

Ketones implies protein. In order to produce protein easily, you must eat raw meats. A high cooked- carbohydrate diet is poor in nutrition to reverse brain damage. 1/5 cup of carbohydrate foods daily with raw fat is not going to cause a problem unless he becomes irritable within 1 hour after consuming them.


May 5, 2011

Re: Clay

Hi Aajonus,

We are going to pick up some clay at the place that Glen Ivy purchases from: Pacific Clay in Corona. It's a red clay and is used to make bricks. I had some concerns that the guy didn't seem to know anything about the "medicinal use".

I just wanted to get the word from you that we're getting the right stuff for application on our bodies.

That clay is fine for baths and poultices, but Terramin is for internal consumption.


May 8, 2011

Re: Bowels

Hi, Aajonus,

For the past several months, I have had a noticeable change in my bowel action.

Ever since I have been on the Primal Diet, my digestion and elimination systems have worked normally, but lately I have become very constipated to the point where I don't eliminate anything without using your butter formula for a small suppository. The feces look tan, ropy, and have strange white blobs attached. They come out in small pieces or long strings. When I try to eliminate, my anus muscles contract shut, so the stools cannot be eliminated. Reverse peristalsis? Are there two different things going on here?

I am following the usual diets you gave me, depending on how I feel, with about 5% outside eating when I go out with others.

I would appreciate any advice on this.

What I have done so far: mixed the formula consisting of 3 tbsp cream, 3 tbsp butter and 1/2 tsp honey and used this for a suppository. It works, but there is something going on, which I don't understand.

Thanks, and come home safely.

There are several scenarios that could apply: your body is dumping toxins into your colon and those toxins are destroying the digestive bacterial colonies; your bowels are detoxifying and peristalsis is limited; and/or toxins are mixing with your food and bacteria are reluctant to digest the food.

I suggest that you continue as you are, but eat a sugar-cube-sized amount of cheese every hour to absorb toxins and continue the cream-butter suppositories until the issue resolves.


May 21, 2011

Re: Blood Tests – Polycythemia

Hello Aajonus,

I eat 100% raw and healed from ulcerative colitis thanks to you, but I haven't been able to convince my ex-wife to let me feed my sons 100% raw.

My middle son's blood sample now has indicated he might have polycythemia which they say is caused by a mutation in the bone marrow causing too much red blood cells in the blood (supposedly incurable, but I don't believe it). The treatment is typically just giving blood to reduce the count.

I personally believe the non-genetic mutation or the symptoms are likely caused by toxins. Can he heal from this condition on a raw diet? If so, are there specific foods indicated for this condition?

Thank you.

I am glad that my work was helpful for you and that you no longer suffer regularly from it.

All doctor's tests were created by Big Pharma to sell medical treatments that always mean drug consumption. I disregard all tests. If your son has symptomatic problems associated with too many red blood cells, the condition can be food-remedied. Mutations only happen from industrial chemical toxicity. Once the stored toxicity is removed or contained, the condition will heal, including RNA and DNA (genes). However, some people require higher red or white blood cell counts for their particular bodies.

Symptoms are the key. What are your son's symptoms?


May 26, 2011

Re: Tooth Decay

(See also 20121220-1059 Re: Tooth Formula)

HI Aajonus,

I recently had another cavity filled and I've been subscribing to the mailings of Ramiel Nagel, author of "Cure Tooth Decay". Besides my sticking to the Primal Diet and eating good eggs, what products of his do you endorse?

Unwashed egg shells blended until they are powder and fermented in raw milk for 7 days outside of refrigeration. After fermenting, add 1 T. shells to 2 oz.. fresh or fermented milk (kefir or yogurt) once or twice daily.

As you know, I do not endorse any supplements.

Healthfully, Aajonus

Hi Aajonus,

Thanks for the remedy. What are the respective amounts of egg shell powder and raw milk being fermented? Also, is the 1 T. shells referring to the completed fermented blend? How long do I continue doing it?

Equal portions of powdered eggs shells and milk. The 1 T. refers to the whole fermented mixture. Stir it and immediately extract 1 T., beginning with spoon at bottom of jar.


Hi Aajonus,

My Osterizer blender makes a sandy, gravel texture of the egg shells. Is that good enough or does this require a true powdery texture?

Yes, most of it is sandy and that is why it has to be soaked/fermented.

Healthfully, Aajonus

Hi Aajonus,

One last question on this. How long should I take this formula?

For at least one year, or for as long as you can get unwashed eggs.

Hi Aajonus, Point of clarity: I've been consuming 1T of the fermented formula each day after I added 2 oz. of old milk to the batch. This makes a batch last about 3 days. Did I do it right?

Yes. However, you can make as large a quantity as you like so you will not have to make it so often.


Jun 3, 2011

Re: Ingested chlorine


I accidentally ingested a minute amount of chlorine in my mouth. I did not swallow it, and as soon as I realized that I had done this (when I tasted it) I rinsed out my mouth with water, then with whole milk a couple of times. Then over a period of an hour I ate three raw eggs, and drank about a quart of milk. During the night, I took about three tbsp of cream. Today, I remembered that you gave me that Solvent Formula* on Sunday. I had some mixed up, so I drank that slowly during the day today.

My heart beats rapidly periodically, my head feels like it is swelling and I am sort of dizzy. These symptoms come and go.

Is there anything else I can do to get my body over this, or do I just have to wait it out?

Moist clay is always the best first step: mix 1 T. moist Terramin clay in 3 ounces of raw milk. Swish 1 T. of that mixture in your mouth for 10 minutes and then expectorate it. Drink the rest. Afterward, eat 3 eggs, and later, the Solvent Formula*.

Since time passed, I suggest that you consume 1 T. moist Terramin clay blended in 3 ounces of raw milk, three times daily for 3 days.

Healthfully, Aajonus

*Solvent Remover ( from audio recording 20120311LA at 01:52:38)

For most people I use ½ lemon and a full lime,
a tablespoon of vinegar,
2 oz. of honey,
3 tablespoons of coconut cream,
and 2 tablespoons of dairy cream.
Then you blend all that together.
And then you pour that in either 3 or 4 oz of milk or sparkling mineral water.
Do not pour the water into the mixture. If you pour it into the sparkling mineral water it will distribute
evenly. If you pour water into the mixture it won’t distribute it.
It’s delicious! Do not suck it down quickly. You sip it. Otherwise, a lot of it will move to the kidneys.
June 8, 2011

Re: Storing Meat

Dear Aajonus,

We would like an alternative to packing meat tightly in glass jars for storage. Some people say you recommend using whey to store meat (both red and white), but we have not read it in your books. Is it true you recommend using whey to store both red and white meat if it needs to be kept fresh in refrigeration longer than about 10 days?

Thank you.

Personally, I do not use anything. I cut meat in strips the length of a 2-cup glass jar and pack the strips in the jar until full. I have kept red meat very fresh for as long as 10 weeks, and white meat for as long as 2 weeks. Whey is a method of predigesting the meat while preserving it, but it will not make it taste fresh. If you want to store meats for months, I suggest storing them in olive oil. I have kept raw meats fresh for up to 10 years when kept in olive oil.


June 26, 2011

Re: Painful feet

Hi Aajonus,

I need help. My feet HURT! I can hardly walk at times. I have just been suffering with this pain and try to walk very slow and softly. My whole foot doesn't hurt. It's the inner front of my heels – like the base of the arch, but not my arch. It hurts if I just barely apply pressure to the areas with my fingers. My left foot is worse than my right.

I started noticing this around the first part of May. I thought maybe it was my boots, but I'm not comfortable in any shoes. I have soaked my feet in hot Epsom salt, apple cider vinegar and clay. It felt a bit better, but it's not an outside thing, it's inside. I am just getting worse.

Any ideas?

Thank you.

Stop the Epsom salt and use sun-dried sea salt and 2 T. Terramin clay. The symptoms indicate a very caustic compound collected in the bones in the area. Sometimes it takes up to 12 months to remove such compounds. I suggest that you soak your feet and half of your calves in the mixture for 2-3 hours daily. You will have to warm the water at least every hour to as hot as you can stand it without burning your skin. The long foot baths are because the toxins are in the bones. The toxins could be from food additives or vaccines.

Healthfully, Aajonus

Oh gosh, thank you so much. The problem is I am mob grazing the animals and have to move the electric fence daily. Walking around 8 acres every day is so painful, and I have to walk so slow to make it.

I'll start soaking them right away.

If you are using municipal water instead of well water to soak your feet, you must also add 1/4 cup milk, 1 T. raw apple cider vinegar and 1 T. coconut cream.

July 5, 2011

Re: Article: Couple eaten alive by tiny worms

How would this happen, and is it likely to happen more often?

It will put people off eating raw fish.

When I am asked, I would like to know what to say about the incident.


Sounds like fake news. In 1980, I ate 3 lbs. of salmon that was infested with those worms and did not get one parasite.

You would have to investigate the couple and see if it is real.


July 10, 2011

Re: Rock Minerals

Hi Aajonus,

I know that you believe that we cannot absorb rock minerals in their raw state. What is amazing is that plants also do not absorb these minerals in their raw state. The microorganisms in the soil moisture around the root hairs change them into soluble ions and chelates so that they can be transported through the root hairs and into the xylem and phloem to other parts of the plant. I have used fine rock dust on my vegetable plants for over 15 years and find it very good and strengthening.

The bacteria and other microorganisms do the same in our intestines and allow certain minerals to be absorbed in a similar fashion. I'm sure this is why many people have had quite good results with taking very fine, powdered rock dust. In fact, there are many accounts of this. Many mix it with a probiotic liquid.

Now, we are reading about radiation being reduced in the soil and in the human body with this dust.

Thought you may find it interesting.

July 12, 2011

It takes the organisms around roots about 30 days to convert rock into substances that plants absorb, and then it takes plants days to convert those minerals into plant cells. We have only 24 hours to do that, and it is impossible.

What many human bodies do when people consume rock dust is to utilize the magnetic properties of rock dust to attract and absorb toxins from blood, lymph and neurological fluids into their intestines. That is beneficial, however rock is abrasive and often reduces mucus production and flow. In people who already have mucus production problems, the rock dust acts like glass because of the sharp particles; long-term, that causes leaky gut and other problems, especially reduced digestion. The side effects could last for years. Rock dust is good for plants, but the benefits long-term do not outweigh the harm for humans.

If moist non-volcanic-based clay were consumed instead of rock dust, the coarseness and sharpness of concentrated dry minerals would be eliminated. Such moist clay accomplishes the benefits of rock dust without the harm.


Aug 2, 2011

Re: Heart Murmur

Dear Aajonus,

A friend’s 5-year-old has a type 2 heart murmur. Do you think a mini consult is good enough or should should she get a full consult?


Aug 3, 2011

I would not know what causes her heart murmur without seeing her eyes.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Aug 5, 2011

Re: Eating Clay

Hi Aajonus,

I hope all is well.

As you know I am pregnant and in my 29th week. I have this really strong craving for clay. I bought some at Rawsome and I can't stop eating it all day. Is it okay? I read in your book it provides minerals but I just want to make sure it's safe and not hazardous for the baby.

What brand of clay did you get? Call them and ask if it is bulk Terramin clay. If not, ask which brand.

Hi Aajonus,

I asked him but he did not know where this one was from. He said the guy who gets it is out of the country, but that he eats it daily and the guy who gets it is a clay expert, whatever that means. The problem is I ate most of a small sandwich bag size. I crave it all day long. I feel fine and I am pretty sensitive to stuff, but it still concerns me. Where can I get the right clay? I can't stop eating it.

Also, I did a home inspection with a client whose house had just been tented for termites. The tenting was removed 2 days ago on Tuesday. I was probably there for about 20 minutes and left feeling horrible. What are the risks if I was exposed to gas fumes, and what can I do now? I'm feeling really worried.

Terramin for the nutritional clay or Terrasilk – your choice.

A tented building will be hazardous until all surfaces, including the ceiling and cupboards, are cleaned. Eating clay and cheese, not together, help to rid the body of insecticides.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Aug 20, 2011

Re: Inhaler recipe


Thanks for the consult.

You recommended instead of an inhaler: 4 cups of mint 1 – 1 1/2 wedges of ginger 1 cup of comfrey or camphor???????

Can I do cabbage juice if still using an inhaler?


You juice enough of each to get: 2 T. mint juice 1 T. ginger juice 1 T. camphor juice.

You place that mixture in a 2 ounce bottle. Open and inhale it as needed.

Cabbage is for internal bleeding and ulcerations.

Healthfully and appreciatively, Aajonus

Thanks Aajonus.

No one seems to know where I can get fresh camphor leaves. Would camphor oil work?

Call a horticulturalist in your area and ask where there is a camphor tree. Get about 20 leaves, they do not produce much juice but 20 leaves will give you what you need. If you cannot find a camphor tree, you can use eucalyptus leaves instead.

Oils are highly processed and the vapors are toxic rather than healing.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Aug 23, 2011

Re: A2/A1 Milk

Hi Aajonus,

I have been asked several times about A1/A2 milk. Recently, one of the people here on the Primal Diet found that when she gave the milk from one farm with 3/4 Holstein (black and white cows) to her son he became hyperactive and difficult to manage. After returning to get the milk from the other farm here (all brown cows) her son settled down again about 7 days later. Maybe children are more sensitive to the changes. Anyway, I spoke to the farmer and he is slowly changing his herd to Jersey/ Guernsey as some people are avoiding his milk.

Maybe you have read this interesting article which has come through again today.

Aug 24, 2011

The change in the child's reactions to the milk may have simply been the variation in cow's feed, including types of grasses. However, I have not had the time nor opportunity to study the matter in depth, that is, to discover for certain by experimentation by myself and others.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Aug 28, 2011

Re: Berry Mixture

Hi there,

When my children are doing their blueberries, coconut cream, dairy cream, vinegar and honey mixture, how often do they eat this?

Can they eat it every day? Is it okay to eat coconut cream with berries every day or will they detox too much?

Yesterday, one wanted a second helping of the blueberries, coconut & dairy cream. Are 2 servings in 1 day too much?

7 days a week or every other day? Not sure how often to give coconut cream with berries.

Thank you.

Did I suggest another fruit on other days? If not, they may have it once daily, 6 days weekly, but it would be good for the summer to have watermelon and cream once weekly while watermelon is available. Not good twice daily except occasionally.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Aug 30, 2011

Re Article: Dairy Farmers Fight Radiation with Boron

Hi Aajonus,

Is this true about boron? I know potassium iodide is bad.


Partially true. Feeding the cows sodium borate is not the best source of boron because of the high sodium content that can cause other harm. I prefer moist-active clay that contains boron.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Aug 31, 2011

Re: Psoriasis and the Liver

Hi Aajonus,

For the last 16 months or so, I seem to have developed serious skin itching and what appears to be psoriasis that comes and goes.

A health promotion for a liver & kidney cleanse makes the case that it could be the result of liver stress.

Do products like this have ANY value in your view?

Could this be a temporary liver detox I am experiencing?

Do you have recommendations for liver detoxification?

For about ten years prior to starting the PD, I drank between 500 ml and 2 liters of carrot juice a day, which I believed to be good for the liver. Would resuming doing so help?


There are many reasons for skin disorders. Ninety percent of toxins and body waste are supposed to discharge through the skin, ten percent through the mucous membranes and intestines. We should expect skin disorders such as rashes, acne and hives.

All skin disorders are caused by industrial chemicals. I have seen skin disorders caused by raw meat, when frozen. Freezing in a machine is an industrial process that causes many chemical byproducts. Do not eat meats that have been frozen. But I have seen all skin disorders reconciled by raw butter consumption.

Skin disorders result from industrial chemicals secreting through or built into the skin, damaging cells as they make their way to the skin's surface and evaporating and/or shedding as dead skin. The best way to harness the toxins and mitigate skin disorders, preventing them from causing ulcers, such as psoriasis, is to consume lots of animal fat, especially no-salt raw butter and raw cream.

If the liver is not producing bile that digests fat, then you have a liver problem causing a fat deficiency. If you eat lots of butter and cream and your fecal matter is very dry, your liver is working fine. If your fecal matter is very oily and often liquid, your liver may not be producing bile. Eating no more than 3/4 cup pineapple with 4 T raw butter or 4 ounces of raw cream daily for 10 days, and afterward every other day for as long as it takes, helps the liver produce bile.

Most raw fat is absorbed and utilized prior to reaching the skin. The skin gets very little of the best fats. You can feed your skin directly by applying/rubbing a blended mixture of equal parts raw butter and bone marrow into the skin to help strengthen it, reducing skin cells' reactions to toxins passing through the pores. The best remedy I found for psoriatic tissue is the Moisturizing/Lubrication Formula on page 146 of my recipe book. I suggest that you consume 1-2 daily until symptoms resolve.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Sep 1, 2011

Re: Lymphatic and Skin Concerns

Dear Aajonus,

I am very discouraged about my (frozen) lymphatics, death circle and thick skin. You have not used that term before, so I assume it was not there before. Are you saying that my baths for the last 10 months did not help the lymphatics and that my skin is not perspiring out the toxins? Did the baths help with anything? I wonder if I have gotten worse with the house cleaning.

It is still hard for me to stay in the tub after one hour. I did an ice pack for 75 minutes straight on top of my head. The coldness did not seem to go through to my brain, even though I could feel coldness there the next day.

I have an idea! Since lymphatics are a major problem with both of us, do you think going to a hot springs for a week (no chemicals in them) and doing the springs 3-4 times a day would give us a real boost? I suspect the water there is 108 – 110 degrees. I looked into hot tubs. I can’t do the expense right now.

We are so grateful. We are all so blessed by you, love you, and I plan to encourage others to pray for you as I do.

Fondly and gratefully.

To unblock the skin, I suggest that you rub a blended mixture of 3 ounces of raw butter, 3 ounces of bone marrow and 2 ounces of pineapple juice (squeeze with the hands) into your skin every other day.

Your lymphatics were a little worse in the head and legs, but the above should remedy your skin’s ability to perspire heavier compounds through your skin with the hot baths.

Spending a week at a hot springs, bathing often throughout each day, will help boost your lymphatic system and skin.

Thank you for your appreciation for my work.


Sep 5, 2011

Re: Question about Chronic Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis?

That is a condition in which industrial toxins are stored in those tissues. Because most of those tissues are hard, it is more difficult to remove toxins. However, the quickest way is to apply a moist clay pack, cover it with a moist sock to keep the clay moist and cover the sock with plastic so they do not dry, and cover all that with another large sock (not tight) or other cloth. Put a hot water bottle at the bottom of the affected foot and wrap a towel around the hot water bottle and foot to keep the hot water bottle against the foot all night. Once every three days, soak the foot in hot water with raw milk, raw apple cider vinegar and sea salt added, for 90 minutes or more, keeping the water hot enough that the foot feels the heat, sometimes as hot as the foot can stand without harm.

Eating the Primal Diet is important to proper cleansing and healing.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Sep 6, 2011

Re: Hot Tub

Hey Aajonus,

I got a hot tub, but it’s not hooked up yet.

When I return, I will get an Ofuro hot tub, only $1850 plus plumbing and heater.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

September 7, 2011

Re: Kombucha

Hi Aajonus,

Do you approve of kombucha tea in any form?

No. It feeds on dead cellulose sugars. So the host for it is cooked.

Some people claim that they can make it with honey, no sugar and no cooking, but I do not know how. Honey is not dry or dead.

I have seen it cause severe hair loss and terrible gastrointestinal issues.

Healthfully and appreciatively, Aajonus

So the culture itself is bad even if it is added to raw juices?

It is mutated and diseased.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Sep 13, 2011

Re: Food Shipments

Hi Aajonus,

I hope you are doing well.

I have a question regarding the food that I get shipped. The gel packs that they pack the food with always explode and end up all over my food containers. It takes me 30 minutes each time I get a delivery to clean everything up from those gel packs. Along with the mess and how time consuming it is, I'm concerned that some of that gel is getting inside my food. I'm also concerned that the food that is sitting directly next to the gel packs is getting too cold. As it gets shipped a long way, I'm not sure if they will even send my food without the gel packs (at least maybe not in the summer time). I cannot afford to pay for overnight shipping so I was wondering if you had any recommendations. How do you have your food shipped?


Very simple solutions. Tell them to insert the cold packs into Ziplock bags and place doubled cardboard between the cold packs and the food.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Sep 15, 2011

Re: Pineapple Mixture

Hi Aajonus,

We plan to head for the Saratoga WY Hot Springs next week. How often should we take the pineapple mixture if we do the hot springs 4 times a day?


Have fun!

Pineapple mixture: only once daily.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Sep 23, 2011

Re: Terramin Clay

Hi Aajonus,

I would like clarification on Terramin Clay (California Earth Minerals) which I have purchased in the past. You say in The Primal Diet that you shouldn't use bentonite clays, and yet I read on the terramin clay site:

that this product is made from that. Do you recommend a different product these days?

Do you know anything about Sacred Clay (pyrophyllite clay)?

Do you know anything about this type of clay? Do you recommend it?

Thank you.

Normally, when a clay is termed bentonite, it is supposed to be clay from volcanic ash beds. Volcanic clays are full of heavy metals. Terramin clays are the best I have studied and are what I consume (Terrasilk) and use in the bath (Terramin).

Sacred Clay appears to be the same as Terramin. Terramin clays are from ancient thermal beds. I know that the clay from Terramin is mined at a level where the thermal pool was not above 98 degrees F, at which temperature phosphorus begins to cauterize. Therefore, Terramin clays have stable phosphorus and all other minerals. I do not know the temperature which Sacred Clay reached when the thermal pool was active. You could call them and ask.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Sept 26, 2011

Re: Newborn

Hi Aajonus,

  1. I have not found any 100% rubber nipples except ones made by a company called Natursutten, which appears to be discontinuing the rubber nipple. Everything else that is rubber is made of latex rubber, which I read is toxic. The other option is silicone. Are there any other alternatives for bottle nipples or specific brand names to use?
  2. Do I only use raw milk? No colostrum, cream or butter as something additional to feed the newborn?
  3. What should I use as a "soap" to bathe the baby once a week in addition to the milk baths?
  4. Name brand recommendations for real unheated coconut oil.
  5. Do you highly recommend I buy only organic clothing, blankets, etc?
  6. Any baby resources (mom groups, individuals or websites) with info I can tap into who follow your diet and have had or have babies?

I assume you have not given birth yet. Latex rubber is less toxic than pure latex and silicone. You simply have to cure any nipple in lemon and water for 24 hours, then set it in the sun for 2 days and wash it with coconut cream and water.

It is best to bathe your son with 1-2 tablespoons coconut cream once or twice weekly, unless he has rashes, then every day until rashes stop. Usually, babies have rashes because they detoxify most everything through the skin.

You may feed your baby raw colostrum and extra cream with the milk. You could put a pea-sized amount of butter on his tongue once daily.

For coconut oil:

Of course, organic clothing and bedding are always better. Never use synthetic fibers, the lint which he will inhale and which will damage his lungs little by little. You will have to search the internet for organic baby clothes; there are many now.

Also, see my product list with baby items at the end, available from the website.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Sep 27, 2011


Aajonus, I sent your article: to the dentist here, thinking it would be of value to him as he does protocols for mercury removal and uses animal protein, butter, hot baths, etc. to detox.

He disagreed and said methylmercury doesn’t just disappear and that you are looking at the wrong markers, and that assessing urine mercury for an organomercurial is invalid.

He said that you may want to review the discussions at:
September 28, 2011

The facts are true regarding mercury in fish that are higher than mercury levels of 14 μg/g. In people on cooked diets eating cooked fish, the rates are similar. However, in my singular test animals and people on a raw diet, 92% of the mercury passed in the urine and feces.

Healthfully and appreciatively, Aajonus

Sep 29, 2011

Hi Aajonus,

Does that mean that it is still safe, at this point in time, to eat fish (RAW) from large fish species that accumulate more mercury, i.e. swordfish and tuna?

Sorry to bother you but it is an important matter and we will be meeting in 2 days time for the potluck, so want to be reasonably accurate with this detail. I have recently sent them the article on the experiment you did 22 years ago. Many thanks!

Sep 29, 2011

Ocean wild-caught fish is still okay unless it is from the China sea from the Philippines to Northern China. The mercury levels in freshwater fish would be high enough to store and cause cellular damage, or they have been farmed with toxic food waste. Therefore, generally, no freshwater fish.

You can always eat a little no-salt raw cheese with fish to insure that any free-radical mercury is absorbed and contained in the cheese.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

October 8, 2011

Re: Greenhouses

I read about the food club investing in greenhouses. Do you not oppose greenhouse produce?

I do not. What I oppose is hydroponic greenhouses. If everything is grown naturally in soil with a non-toxic artificial environment to help plants remain warm and growing, I am for it.

Healthfully and appreciatively, Aajonus

You don't believe that light wavelengths are lost in greenhouses, distorting plant growth?

About 40 years ago, science developed near full-spectrum glass, however plants do not seem to be ill- effected by fractured sunlight. It is still sunlight. Do you think that you are ill-affected by glass in your home? If so, how? And how do you prove that glass is harmful to you? I have seen healthy plants grown in many modern hothouses.

Healthfully and appreciatively, Aajonus


I believe it is Mercola and a few others that say burning/damaging wavelengths penetrate glass, and wavelengths stimulating vitamin D production are weakened, creating an imbalance.

Similarly, I also read long ago that sunlight through glass contributes to depression. I come from a city and now live in another city where there are HUGE amounts of sunlight in winter, but where depression, and diseases like MS are highest, per capita, in the world.

As I stated, there is plexiglass that is more full-spectrum oriented. The problem with Mercola is he is a think tank man with little varied experience and not a scientist.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Oct 18, 2011

Re: Shaking after hot springs

Hi Aajonus,

We have done 11 hours at Hot Sulphur Springs. This morning, I was shaking like I did last month at the Springs as well as having many periods of being short of breath, like last month.

Any suggestions as to the source of the problem? Last month, I just thought it was the toxicity in my kitchen.

Oct 19, 2011

Shaking indicates that high levels of cadmium, aluminum and ammonia are being detoxified at the same time.

Please eat 1 tsp cheese every 10-15 minutes until the shaking stops.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Oct 22, 2011

Re: Extracting Bone Marrow

Hi Aajonus,

I ran across a surgical steel ice pick on ebay and thought you may be interested. It can be used to get

bone marrow out of those long bones and perhaps other uses too.

It would poke right through bone marrow. I use chopsticks for pushing bone marrow.

Looks as if it would be a good weapon!

Healthfully and appreciatively,

October 22, 2011

Re: Pet food & kitty bowel movement difficulties

Hi Aajonus,

I have gotten my 2 Tonkinese kittens with no vaccinations for 2 generations on the mother’s side – the

father did have.

I have been feeding them the following recipe:

3/4 cup of NorthStar Bison round roast that I grind
¼ cup ahi tuna or yellowfin
1 free-range, no-soy to low-soy organic chicken egg
1 t raw grass-fed cow butter (from Miller’s Organic Farm)
¼ t honey
¼ t bison bone marrow from NorthStar Bison sometimes
1 t raw no-salt cheese (from Miller’s Organic Farm)
sometimes 1 t of cream

I divide up this amount of food, or a little less, to feed them 3-4 times a day.

I have them off all clay litter and am using non-chemical, all natural, Douglas fir wood pellets mixed with a

natural wheat litter for more softness on their paws and clumping. We are hoping to teach them how to

use the toilet so they will not need the litter.

The first kitten we have had for 7 weeks now on this diet. She has had some diarrhea, which I expect

now and then as she cleans out her system from her past diet. She then started having some bowel

movements that are difficult for her to have – sticky like. I started noticing long strands of string in her

bowel movements over the past several weeks and, just today, I think I have figured out where this has

been coming from. She was clawing up the thin synthetic covering material under our box spring, so I

am guessing she has been ingesting that material. We have put the box spring/mattress combination

on the floor so that will hopefully take care of that problem. We are planning to get a natural fiber

mattress that will be on a platform in the near future. All our waste baskets have lids on and most of our

floors are wood. I vacuum more often now to keep the floor free of miscellaneous clutter because the

kittens seem to eat that stuff.

I am concerned about the bowel movements: the odor is horrible and with the sticky problem it has

been dragging around our home. The kitty has been real conscious of her bathroom habits but having

difficulty now because her feces will stick to her and not fully come out of her bottom at times. I have

experimented with lowering and raising the cheese amounts to see if that is the problem with the

stickiness. Should I try including some moist clay or high meat?

You recommended chicken, but as of yet I have not found a source of chicken without soy at a

reasonable price. I just started feeding them the NorthStar Bison pet food today. NorthStar is willing to

send it to me fresh, not frozen and it includes all the organ meat together with some bone dust. I want

to care for our kittens. Do I need to do something different or is the healthy food just cleaning out the

past? Help!

The second kitten we have had only a week.

Oct 23, 2011

You picked very difficult cats because they have been so inbred and not on good diets for more than 100 generations.

You were most likely correct that the synthetic fibers caused the fiber-in-feces problem. It is plastic with polymers and adhesives. It could take several years to rid her system of the dissolved polymers, bisphenol A and adhesives. Those would account for the sticky and stinky feces. Adding 1/4 tsp moist Terramin clay to her diet would help. If she will not eat food with the moist clay in it, then sprinkle dry clay into one of her meals. Cats need lots of bones, so they will need at least 2 T. bone daily. Bone dust is usually from a hot saw creating hot bone dust; but because it is not subjected to high temperatures for more than a second, it is better than no bone.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Oct 24, 2011

Re: Frozen wood frog comes to life each year

The North American wood frog is an amazing animal that can actually stay frozen all winter until it thaws out in the spring. (There are videos on YouTube on this.) The process is not completely understood by scientists.

One is reminded of people who have been cryonically frozen in the hopes that medicine will advance to the degree that they can later be revived.

Oct 24, 2011

There are African frogs that completely dehydrate and harden in mud that turns to hard clumps every year and, after a few days of hard rain, they come to life again. Another scientific anomaly.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Oct 24, 2011

Re: Urgent – Sick Baby, Please Help

(See also: Oct 28, 2011 Re: Urgent – Baby Liver Formula Follow Up
Nov 12, 2000 Re: Baby Skin Rash and Formula Ingredients
Nov 30, 2011 Re: Baby with Cold, Diarrhea & Vomiting – follow up
Mar 3, 2012 Re: Baby’s Diet
Mar 15, 2012 Re: Urgent – Baby throwing up
May 18, 2012 Re: Baby’s Diet)

Hi Aajonus,

My son is having health issues. He is a month old today.

Sequence of events this past month:

His symptoms are:

  1. Cries a lot.
  2. Stomach appears to be bloated on one side.
  3. Cries when I put him down, is relieved when I hold him up.
  4. Cries and is relieved when put over the shoulder in burp position.
  5. Spits up and has been vomiting the last few days.
  6. Severely gags when he drinks the bottle or breast-feeds.
  7. Wheezing when he sleeps.
  8. Grunts a lot, even while sleeping, and appears to be struggling to push out.
  9. Breaking out with small little zits on his face as of the last few days. 10.He struggles to push out and poop, as if in pain. 11.His poop when we first put him on milk was bright green florescent. It is now a soft green-yellow.

Questions and comments:

  1. Please help! What do we do?
  2. Could he be allergic to dairy? Should we try goats milk?
  3. Should I stop breast-feeding or stop the raw milk?
  4. Is the gripe water OK to relieve the gas and make him burp?
  5. If not, how do we dissolve the air bubbles?
  6. How do we neutralize the acid in his stomach?
  7. Why is he gagging and having difficulty breathing?
  8. Should we keep or stop the rice cereal?
  9. Is there a blog or phone number of other raw food moms who have gone through this or put their babies on the raw milk this young that I could contact?

Aajonus, I will be honest, it is a bit scary doing the raw milk when everyone around is telling/warning me otherwise. I completely trust you but it is very different to go from trying things on myself versus on my one and only tiny little baby who is suffering in pain. Please help.

Thank you.

As I stated, I suggest that all women raised on SAD (standard American diet) foods do NOT breast-feed their babies. Toxins will always be traveling into the mammary glands and contaminating the milk. Also, the mammary glands are defective because of their development on SAD foods.

Any baby with such symptoms has a low intestinal bacterial count. The body is relying upon digestive acids instead of bacteria to digest food. Digestive juices produce a lot of gas.

Additionally, any milk will be used by the body to attract and dump poisons into the stomach. So, it may seem that babies, children and adults have allergies to milk, but it is the toxins dumping into the stomach, into the milk, that causes the problem. The problem is not milk but toxins stored and stirred up from storage in the body.

I suggest that you make the liver baby formula in my recipe book under “Baby Food”. Be sure to cut large holes in the nipple or he will struggle to get formula from the bottle.

Sodium bicarbonate will destroy more of his intestinal bacteria and ensure that his digestion deteriorates. It will not remedy his situation, but continue it.

Yes, when in the prone position, food has a tendency to not move through the intestines, and gas will build where food is halted. Babies can easily sleep sitting. Gravity will help move food on its way through the intestines when his torso is upright.

Neutralizing stomach acid, which is his main source of digesting food at this time, is stupid and very harmful. Gripe water will continue the problem without resolution.

Rather than the rice cereal, which is heavily processed and full of processing chemicals, masticate 1/4 tsp. no-salt raw cheese for him and feed it to him once or twice daily.

I suggest that you also continue to give him the butter and honey, but it is best to put them in the liver formula.

Regurgitation and vomiting are methods to rid the stomach of very toxic substances that have dumped into the stomach.

Apply a small hot water bottle to his stomach to increase peristalsis and digestion.

Until his digestive bacteria increase and are predominant, he will have those symptoms.

90% of toxins are supposed to leave through the skin, so expect zits and rashes; you transferred a lot of toxins into his body during gestation and are now when breast-feeding.

I do not know of any blog or website because government agencies watch and could take children away from parents.

Your friends are not advising you for you or your son’s best interests. They know nothing and simply parrot the panic that is instilled in every doctor during internship in emergency wards. People survive such symptoms all over the world where medical intervention is unavailable to them.

When I was autistic and suffered 300 heart attacks from age 15 to 22, I did not die. However, the medical profession tells everyone that 95% of all heart attacks are fatal. That is not true when you know what to do during a heart attack.

I refused to associate with anyone when I went through my cancer ordeals for the reason that my cancer- unknowledgeable friends tried to force me to panic along with their panic. The same is true for your baby- unknowledgeable friends. Please read this to each of them.

Healthfully and appreciatively, Aajonus

Thank you for your prompt response.

I need clarification:

  1. Which baby formula do I use? The infant glandular, immune or nervous system booster?
  2. How much should he be eating of that liver formula in one day?
  3. How often per day? And for how long?
  4. Approximately how much should a 1 month old baby be drinking total per day?
  5. Are there any symptoms we should expect as a reaction to the formula, such as changes in his poop, more vomiting, etc?

Thank you again!

Liver, milk and honey, but add a little butter – the glandular formula.

He can eat as much as he wants. There is a YouTube video of an 18 month old who drinks 12 oz bottles of it daily.

As much as he will eat at once and as often as he cries for food. I have one child who, at age 7, still makes that his main food.

How much depends on the baby.

I would not presume to know your baby, so cannot predict the changes through which his body will want to maneuver. However, I suggest that you never panic and never treat him with medical stupidity.

Healthfully and appreciatively,


Chicken or beef liver?

Do I give him this as his only source of feeding, meaning no more plain raw milk bottles?

I saw the video and loved it.

I do not trust chicken producers. It's better to get beef liver.

Let's see how he takes to it. He may or may not need one or two simple milk feedings, but may not want them.

Healthfully and appreciatively, Aajonus

Sorry. One last question. Do I heat the whole formula to lukewarm, or just the milk and butter, or not at all? And, is it OK to give him a bottle that's been sitting out for 6 hours, or should I always use refrigerated milk?

Always feed him lukewarm food, no matter what it is. If you feed him cold food, some will pass through his stomach wall and cause blood allergy. Food left out for 6 hours is okay.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Oct 28, 2011

Re: Urgent – Baby Liver Formula Follow Up – Still Throwing Up

(See also: Oct 24, 2011 Re: Urgent - Sick Baby, Please Help
Nov 12, 2000 Re: Baby Skin Rash and Formula Ingredients
Nov 30, 2011 Re: Baby with Cold, Diarrhea & Vomiting – follow up
Mar 3, 2012 Re: Baby’s Diet
Mar 15, 2012 Re: Urgent – Baby throwing up
May 18, 2012 Re: Baby’s Diet)

Hi Aajonus,

I fed him the liver formula this morning. He drank about 4 ounces, 2 in the am and another 2 ounces around 12pm. Then he puked after that feeding. In his vomit there was a big chunk of clustered-up milk, almost like what you would find in an old bottle of milk, all clumped into one piece. He did not cry after puking. He has been sleeping since. Do I continue feeding him the liver formula?

If you had that cluster analyzed, you would have found some toxins such as chlorine or fluoride. He did not cry, because he was able to totally discharge the toxins. They did not remain in his stomach to cause gaseous swelling. I suggest that you continue with the liver formula as much as possible.

Healthfully and appreciatively, Aajonus

Hi Aajonus,

My son has been drinking the formula since Tuesday morning. He threw up that afternoon (as we discussed). He was fine Wednesday. Today he has thrown up throughout the day - 2 major times. He will have a full feeding of 4oz, but hours later, will vomit. The first vomit today had a few large dairy clumps again. The second major throw up was all liver formula. What do I do?

He is fine. He is vomiting some very toxic substances that could seriously harm him. He is not vomiting all of the food, only enough to carry the toxins from his stomach out of his body. That will happen frequently if his body wants to get rid of the toxins that could damage his growth and development.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Hi Aajonus,

I understand what you are saying. He is continuing to vomit an average of 2 times a day and has some very loose black stool. I am continuing with the formula.

Some questions:

  1. Could his digestive system also be having a difficult time digesting the raw liver since he is still so young?
  2. Is there anything lighter or additional that he could also eat?
  3. After he vomits he seems dehydrated or thirsty. Can I give him mineral water (Perrier)?
  4. My mom suggested giving him "Yerba buena" (fresh mint) tea from time to time to soothe his belly which is commonly given to babies in Mexico. Would that be OK?
  5. I am having difficulty finding the raw cheese in unsalted. Would lightly salted be OK?

If his stools are black, you transferred a lot of heavy metals into his body during gestation. Vomiting twice daily is no problem.

After vomiting, let him sip on a little Perrier water, without the carbonation, mixed with some raw milk, about 1:3 respectively.

He will not need any additional food and the drink is fine for his system. It is only 1/3 of the formula; 2/3 is milk.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

October 28, 2011

Re: NOT MILK – The Staff of Death


The Staff of Death

"Without health, life is not life; it is only a state of languor and suffering – an image of death." – Buddha

A few weeks ago, I drove by the town of Hauppauge, Long Island. After returning home, I learned that a Hauppague High School student had become infected with a form of Staphylococcus aureus that is immune to antibiotics. One year earlier, a student in that same school died from the exact same bacterial infection.

On October 7, 2011, an Abington High School student in Massachusetts was diagnosed with the same disease for which there is no cure.

On October 7, 2011, four David Crockett High School football players in Tennessee were diagnosed with the same disease. This is a national epidemic receiving little or no publicity. Has nobody but Notmilk put together the connection?

The most common pathogenic organism found in raw milk is Staphylococcus aureus. Cows often get ulcers or sores on their udders. That bovine condition is known as mastitis, and the average cow being milked in America requires $200 to treat that mastitis condition each year. Multiply that by 9.3 million dairy cows, and America's dairymen have a collective $2 billion annual expense.

Staphylococcus aureus is the most common infection of dairy cows. Bacterial toxins are easily passed from cows to humans in milk, and are sometimes not destroyed by pasteurization.

Very few Staphylococcus aureus bacteria in a glass of milk are needed to make a consumer ill – it's the most successful of all bacterial pathogens and the number one cause of hospital infections in the world.

Cases of diarrhea from E. coli 157 or Guillain-Barre syndrome from campylobacter can be traced to the diseased body fluids that we drink and infected flesh that we eat. The authors report a CDC study revealing that 60% of the 9.5 billion chickens sold in America each year are infected with campylobacter. Three out of every five chickens.

Some 1.4 million Americans get salmonella each year, and 2-3% of those so infected get arthritis caused by the infection.

Staphylococcus aureus infections are the leading cause of acute otitis, or earaches, in children. How many cases per year? About 6 million, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Earaches are the most common reason that children visit pediatricians.

In 1994, the Food and Drug Administration sent a message to dairy farmers: more drugs in milk was permissible. The FDA arbitrarily increased the allowable level of antibiotics in milk by 100 times. The decision to do so was made by Dr. Margaret Miller who recognized that cows treated with the genetically engineered bovine growth hormone would develop more cases of mastitis than untreated cows. How did she know this for certain? Before leaving Monsanto for the FDA, Miller worked to develop the bovine growth hormone.

The old protocol called for no more than one part per hundred million of antibiotic residues in milk. The change permitted antibiotic levels to be as high as one part per million. Consumers Union tested milk

samples in the New York metropolitan area in 1992 and found the presence of 52 different antibiotics.

During that two-year period, cows were overdosed with antibiotics and new strains of bacteria developed.

If an imaginary cow had one billion bacteria in her system and she was treated with streptomycin and that antibiotic killed all but one of those germs, that one survivor would be immune to the drug, and then would reproduce a new population with total immunity. Doubling its population every twenty minutes, it would take 10 hours for a new strain of bacteria to grow to one billion in number. Multiply that by 9 million cows and 52 different antibiotics, and it becomes clear to see why antibiotics no longer seem to work when they are needed.

The average American drinks milk and eats cheese containing new strains of bacteria that are immune to the 52 different antibiotics which are also present in milk.

Children die, and scientists do not have a clue why.

Milk and dairy products should carry a warning label. Forty percent of the average American's diet consists of a product that is always infected with bacteria in its raw state. Raw milk usually contains blood, feces, bacterial and pus cells.

Pasteurization does not kill all of the bacteria in milk. Many cheeses are not pasteurized. Rod-shaped bacteria form a spore (spore is the Greek word for seed) at the first sign of heat. When the milk cools, the spore "blooms" and the bacteria re-emerges into its toxic state.

Does pasteurization really work? On day ten you might pour out the offensive-smelling milk in your refrigerator, and on day nine, you drank it.

Got Sick? Got milk!

Robert Cohen

Hi, health-giving food lovers,

In this email, I respond to Robert Cohen's rhetoric that all milk is bad and that raw milk is dangerous. Mr. Cohen is as biochemically savvy as molten lead. Cows have thrived for centuries without mastitis and Staphylococcus aureus. That class of bacteria is not found in naturally husbanded cows. It is found only in cows whose udders are treated with chemicals such as with liquid iodine, antibiotics and other industrial chemicals. Industrially produced iodine is used because it is poisonous; it kills bacteria on anything, including teats, every time a cow is milked, which is usually twice daily. . The course of nature is that if bio-waste, byproducts and dead cells cannot be dissolved and eliminated naturally through lymph, the body will generate microbial janitors to accomplish the tasks. When an udder is treated twice daily with an antibacterial, the cow's body must produce a bacterium that can survive the iodine and other antibiotics. Thus you have an industrially generated class of S. aureus bacteria.

Staphylococcus aureus is found in many people, including non-dairy consumers. As in dairy cows, humans are consuming, being injected and are exposed to hundreds of antibacterial industrial chemicals. Their bodies must produce thriving resilient bacteria that will withstand the industrial chemical assaults and do the janitorial work intended. Despite Mr. Cohen's claim that it is an epidemic, several deaths a year associated with S. aureus is not an epidemic. It is not only an extreme exaggeration but ludicrous. He is a biochemically inexperienced alarmist.

Hundreds of millions of people have thrived on raw milk for thousands of years without causing illness or death. In fact, raw dairy has reversed death in countless cases. In my case, I was dying of medically produced stomach, blood, bone and lymph cancers at age 21. I was given weeks to live. I had been a regular Standard American Dieter and consumed lots of pasteurized processed dairy, coffee, cereals and sodas. When I was told about raw milk and began drinking it when I was supposed to die, my life turned toward health instead of death. I have outlived my medical death sentence for 43 years on a 65% raw dairy diet.

Just 4 days ago, I was in a tiny village in Thailand. An 84-year-old man who had spent a month in the hospital in a neighboring town for numerous pains, was sent home to his family to die. His ailments were never diagnosed.

I had met the man over a year before. He had been an organic rice farmer his whole life in a pristine environment. When his sons grew, they managed the rice crops. Still his musculature was sound and reflected good tone and his skin had rich red tones to his tan color. I was asked to say goodbye to him.

When I entered the room, about 30 people were seated on the wood floor around him; most cried. He was laid on the wood floor with a few cushions under him. His limbs were very thin, with large bruises on his arms and legs. The doctors had had IVs in him constantly and, I was told, injected him with something or blood was taken every 2 hours for 32 days! His daughter cried as she held one of his hands. A fan was directly blowing at his bare feet towards his head. His breathing was labored and his body was tight with tension.

I rested my hand very lightly over his weakest-looking arm with the largest medically induced black bruise. His arm was still relatively well-toned, but his pulse was weak. I rested my hand very lightly over his his chest at the heart area. The heart was strong as were his lungs, even though his breathing was shallow and weak, and he moaned painfully with every breath. I rested my hand over is carotid arteries (neck) and they were strong without impedance, but his neck was cold, stretched and tight with tension. I wondered how stupid the "well-educated" doctors were that had declared he would die within hours.

I could see that his body was tense because the fan was making him very cold along with the medical chemicals that had lowered his blood pressure and body temperature. I asked for the fan to be removed and for blankets. After the fan was removed and blankets covered him, his body began to relax. No one there could fathom that in 91 degrees F. and high humidity anyone could be cold. He was so cold that he was wrenched with tension and shivered every 30-90 seconds. Everyone thought he was experiencing some kind of death shiver. Within 10 minutes of warmth, his breathing eased, his moaning decreased 80%, and the shivers stopped.

I had some no-salt raw butter, unheated honey and sugar cane juice in the my truck. I asked my Thai girlfriend to get them while I tried to relax the old man more with light touch and the warmth of my hands on the areas where I could see he was coldest.

When she returned minutes later, I mixed the raw butter and a little unheated honey, about 6:1 ratio respectively. We opened his mouth and I placed a teaspoon of the mixture in his mouth. His faced winced at first as if he had tasted something too rich. He was barely conscious but I could see there was some. However, within seconds, his face relaxed and his mouth enjoyed the lubrication in his intensely dry mouth caused by medical drugs, water IVs and nutritionless hospital food.

I had made the sugar cane juice several hours before. Six month before, I had sprayed the field with 30 gallons of completely unheated coconut oil produced by fermentation, to experiment with the nutrient value of some crops. I took a straw and put it into the juice, covered the top of straw with my finger,

passed it over his mouth, 2 people opened his mouth and I let the juice flow into his mouth. His mouth sucked it up although he was barely conscious.

For the next 2 hours, I fed him the mixture and juice every 10-20 minutes. He was conscious and talking in less than 2 hours. When I visited him the next morning, he was outside the house on a hard bamboo platform with no cushion under him. He was weak but improving every hour while consuming the butter/honey/sugar cane juice regime. He lifted his head and sucked the sugar cane juice through a straw. His voice was completely audible and loud enough to hear about 1 meter away. He smiled and said that when he was well, he wanted to buy food from my garden.

The rhetoric from Cohen, the CDC and the FDA that raw dairy is a health hazard should be understood as the superstitious myth that it is. I can present over 3 million people in this country who have testified that their and their family’s heath problems resolved or majorly mitigated by the consumption of raw dairy.

We need to educate raw milk producers that they poison teats by cleaning them with iodine, and convince them to clean teats with diluted raw apple cider vinegar. Life is so simple and rich when we extricate our minds from industrial conditioning that blames microbes for disease when it is industrial chemicals and cooked foods that cause disease. We have 150 bacterial genes to every one human gene. I reiterate, microbes are not our problem. They are our solution.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Oct 31, 2011

Re: Cilantro

Hi Aajonus, this might be a newsletter item re: herbs:

I am not concerned with food poisoning on the Primal Diet, but “preserving meat” and “aphrodisiac” piqued my interest. A concern I have, however, is if the oil can kill some bacteria I would have to assume it can kill all bacteria. I want all my bacteria for my health, especially E. coli.

Love that cilantro!

The problem with most people is not that they have bad bacteria, which rarely, if ever, causes food poisoning, but the industrial chemicals which store in the stomach and intestines. When certain bacterial janitors clean the stomach and/or intestinal walls, they will have detoxification symptoms. When they take any concentrated oil, the janitorial as well as the digestive bacteria are destroyed. For some people that is a big relief, however they grow weaker and more toward advanced disease resultantly.

However, juicing some cilantro and consuming it can be very beneficial to tissues, but in very small amounts: no more than 1 T. daily.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Nov 3, 2011

Re: EMF Article

Dear Aajonus,

This EMF article below may not be worth your time. Do as you wish, time and interest permitting. But I do know that EMFs are a concern to us all. Maybe it is newsletter material.

Nov 5, 2011

I agree with the findings of the article. EMFs can cause the body to malfunction in many ways.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Nov 10, 2011

Re: I stopped taking ginger & my mucus is thicker

Hi Aajonus,

My cold-type detox is a lot better today. The mucus in my throat and nose (sneezing) – and very little from the lungs – with a hot and pressured head is all calming down. It is the 1st cold-type detox as such for over a year, despite all the ginger I have been taking. My other detoxes have been diarrhea now and again. I always have a little liquid mucus from the lungs, which I believe is good, as I take those horrible inhalers to keep the bronchiole open. However, without the ginger, the mucus is getting lumpy and sticky already – maybe no connection.

Nov 11, 2011

Glad your cold has finished and you feel better. Yes, ginger thins mucus, but when taken too much too often, it can thin it so much that the mucous membranes become damaged. When ceasing consumption, after taking a lot for long periods, mucus will get inordinately thick for about 10 days; then it should settle into normal mucus. If it does not, then add a little ginger rather than lots.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Nov 12, 2011

Re: Baby Skin Rash and Formula Ingredients

(See also: Oct 24, 2011 Re: Urgent - Sick Baby, Please Help
Oct 28, 2011 Re: Urgent – Baby Liver Formula Follow Up
Nov 30, 2011 Re: Baby with Cold, Diarrhea & Vomiting – follow up
Mar 3, 2012 Re: Baby’s Diet
Mar 15, 2012 Re: Urgent – Baby throwing up
May 18, 2012 Re: Baby’s Diet)

Hi Aajonus,

Questions about my son:

Rash on face, neck, ears, chest: His rash has gotten worse in the last few days and is beginning to spread to his ears, neck and chest. I have attached two photos. One from a week ago and one from today. I kept him on the liver formula but since he was throwing up so much I experimented with doing more of the raw milk without the liver with a little butter, a dab of honey, raw cream and whey raw kefir (since that was one of the ingredients in a baby formula in the Organic Pastures website).

Could the whey have caused the rash?

I have been putting on him your vinegar and mineral water mix. He has continued to throw up but has gone down to once a day 4 times this past week. I am going to add the liver again today.

Blister on his penis: He also just got a blister on the side of his penis. I have been putting on the honey and mineral water after his poop diaper changes. Any thoughts on that?

Additional Formula Ingredients: The Weston Price infant formula recommends to add the following. Do you agree or recommend any of these?

The rash on your son’s face is bile based. It is an adult-based bile so he must have gotten it from you while gestating. It will take some time for his skin to discard it. 90% of toxins are supposed to be passed through the skin.

I suggest that you apply no-salt raw butter and/or bone marrow to his skin to help strengthen his cells from bile burn. Before applying the butter/bone marrow, I suggest rubbing fresh-cut aloe vera or rub fresh-cut cucumber on his skin and allow it to absorb.

More is not necessarily beneficial. All he probably needs is the liver formula, not butter and honey. Kefir may cause him to detox very fast because it has a lot of alcohol in it. Kefir may also cause him to bloat.

Oils are extremely solvent-reacting and may cause more skin rash and burn.

Gelatin prevents absorption of foods and causes brittle bones or too-dense bones.

Other forms of bacteria that are not of human origin will compete with his digestive bacteria and may interfere with his overall growth.

Milk is full of utilizable lactose when raw.

Acerola is an acrid substance that could cause him more rashes and burns.

I suggest that you trust his body to do what it needs to do without panic and with patience. The liver formula is incredibly rich in everything he could possibly need to clear bile and anything else, while it grows and develops his body and brain wonderfully.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Nov 13, 2011

Re: Fed Ex and X-rays

Hi Aajonus,

According to a friend, all foods shipped through Fed Ex are subjected to an X-ray scan. Is this true? If so, is it harmful to eat such foods?

Any shipment from any company is subject to X-ray inspection. Yes, it would alter the food and if I knew it was irradiated, I would not eat it.

However, a notation on the box that states, "For Medical Reasons, Do NOT X-ray. Hand inspect if necessary" would eliminate any danger of X-ray.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Nov 15, 2011

Re: Ozone Therapy

Hi Aajonus,

2 members of my food club are urging ozone therapy as a remedy for a client of mine who has retentive fluids in her legs and feet. They are very swollen. What is your take on ozone therapy? Would it help the client?

When I studied ozone therapy about 14 years ago, I found that it oxidized fats in the body causing more free radicals and toxins, and forced severe detoxification after several months of treatment. I decided that it was not a protocol that could create more benefit than side effects. I refused to use it.

Healthfully and appreciatively, Aajonus

Thank you. I presume that you don't recommend it for a person with retentive fluids or congestive lymph in the legs?

As I stated it is not a therapy I would use, period.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Nov 15, 2011

Re: Water Filters for Hot Tubbing

Hi Aajonus,

I did some research on water filtration systems for my hot tubbing and found some info I wanted to check with you.

Aquasana is rated by Consumer Reports as the best water filtration system for household and drinking purposes, evidently.

Basically, it’s the 5 micron paper filter, then KDF 55 mineral to get out chlorine before it goes to an acid washed activated coconut carbon. There are 3 separate stages. No sand, but perhaps you don’t need it with these other filtration systems - the sand being about 14 to 20 microns for particles.

On my other system, I found that when I put the clay in the hot tub, it clogged the paper filter badly making a need for a paper filter change very much sooner, which is expensive (like $60.00 every 3 months to change the filter, when the filter should have a life span of about 1 to 2 years). I put in a bypass of the paper filter for this reason, using the paper filter only when I put fresh water into the hot tub once a month or so, and then using the sand filter with carbon the rest of the month.

I suppose skipping the clay in the water and just having the water recirculate through such a system should be enough.

What do you think?

Any additional comments or suggestions?

Since producers of filters have a medical view on microbes, I do not trust them to produce water as I would

like it. The Aquasana whole house system certainly looks good, but I would still add a sand filter to that. Sand

introduces soil probiotics that are not allowed in the Aquasana system.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Hi Aajonus,

Thanks! That’s great and makes sense.

One other question, what about the pH balance of the water? I just learned today that the KDF 55 filter has 8 lbs of KDF 55 and 1 lb of some mineral that is supposed to help the pH balance – I think from becoming too high acid (too low pH).

Also, I found that with the reverse osmosis drinking water machines, they can get too low pH where things rust much easier, etc.

Do you think adding a reverse osmosis water cleaner on top of this other stuff would be good? Or is that just not needed and overkill?

Also, the UV light is probably not good as they use it to kill bacteria or algae.

I also learned that PVC schedule 80 (the grey stuff) is better than schedule 40 (the common white stuff). The grey PVC has a much higher temp rating and Culligan, who custom design whole house filtration systems, says that’s the best to use to ensure plastic does not get into the water after filtration. Schedule 40 may get a small amount in, I guess, but insignificant I would think – just a guess. I’ve used that since

  1. But to use copper piping after the filtration, that gets toxic metal and copper back into the water. So they re-pipe your whole house with schedule 80 PVC when they install a system.

But for our use in hot tubbing, with this new data, I will just use the schedule 80 when I get new stuff. It’s more expensive which is why I did not get it before.

Almost all municipal water is alkaline with the chemicals they put in it to preserve pipes rather than peoples health. Our skin is 5.5 and dries more with a forced high pH. Adding sea salt and other ingredients I recommend resolves pH issues no matter what the pH. If the KDF 55 adds minerals to soften water, that is not good. That is the same as adding potassium chloride or chlorine. The sand filter resolves any other issue.

Osmosis destroys microbes, as you stated; that’s not beneficial for bathing.

I use stainless steel plumbing.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Hi Aajonus,

No, I don’t think KDF 55 or 85 soften water. It never said anything like that. Just filtering out chemicals.

Since I already have a sand filter with activated carbon, I decided on not going the Aquasana route. I am just getting another sand filter. So I have 2 sand filters: one with rock, sand and activated carbon; another with rock, zeolite (like a salt that goes down to 5 microns) and then the KDF 55 and KDF 85 and more sand. But I will have to cope with schedule 40 PVC for now.

Stainless steel plumbing? Whoa !! Nice!!! But what?? 10 bucks a linear foot? Nice idea for my future planning though.

Then it is like sand. KDF85 may not be necessary if using sand, however; sand does not kill bacteria. I do not know what in KDF85 kills bacteria. Do you? If you were to use it, I would put a sand filter last to help replace bacteria.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Nov 19, 2011

Re Your email: Oct 28, 2011, NOT MILK – The Staff of Death

Hi Aajonus,

I consider myself most fortunate to be on your email list. Thank you for all the information. I just have a couple of follow-up questions please:

1) I was wondering what is the function of the sugar cane juice in healing?

2) What is the ratio of water to apple cider vinegar for dipping the teats? My husband seems to quite frequently have an issue with mastitis and yes, he uses iodine for dipping.

I hope you are healing rapidly. Your last newsletter (#26) was amazing, of course. I'm sorry you must endure such suffering. But you seem to be the one handpicked to figure out all the lies they have smothered us in. You just keep learning more and more about healing and for that I am so grateful.

Thank you again.

Sugar cane juice was to give him lots of electrolytes and some carbohydrates with the concentrated oils (absorbed from the coconut-oil-fortified soil) to get his entire body functional again. He went 32 days without any nutrients and was inundated with medical chemicals which robbed him of everything and which almost killed him.

1 ounce raw apple cider vinegar to 1 quart water.

Thank you for your appreciation for my work.

Healthfully and appreciatively, Aajonus

Hi Aajonus,

My husband wants me to ask you a couple of questions:

First, what to put on the cows’ udders in the winter after milking. They seem to get chapped and some had frostbite last year.

Also, he is looking at feeding sprouts to his cows for the winter feed. Here's the link: He wants you to check it out and tell him if it would be a good winter feed for his cows.

Thank you.

Applying butter or coconut oil to teats will help them stay warm in winter. However, if he stops using iodine that burns the teats and causes fat deficiencies in teats, his problem may be resolved the following winter without application of butter or coconut oil.

The Amish farmers, with whom I work, feed grains sprouted in skim milk to chickens and pigs; I do not know if cows will eat it but they probably will. They found that feeding grains sprouted only in water did not help weight gain but caused weight losses.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Nov 20, 2011

Re: My dog is in bad shape

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20091003-0913 Re: Dog – weight loss, loose stool
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Hi Aajonus,

Remember my dog? Well he is in bad shape as of this week. His hindquarters are so weak, sometimes he just falls over. He walks like he's drunk. He also has inflamed elbows, with a lot of degenerative changes to the bones in his elbows. My family insisted I X-ray them, so I agreed to one elbow and just two shots of it, and that's what they found.

I guess I want you to tell me he will be fine. He still eats well. He wants to play and gets up and catches a tennis ball but can hardly move. I believe he would run through the yard and play all day if his legs would allow it. I am giving him cheese frequently through the day, and butter. I give him eggs, cream, fermented milk products, Terramin clay for breakfast; and raw meats for dinner.

What to expect? As long as he eats I think he has a chance of healing. I'm not going to put him down unless he stops eating. How much longer will he decline before I see improvement? What else should I ask you? I don't even know what to ask so I can tell if he is getting better or I should give up on him.

Thank you for any suggestions/opinions.

Nearly paralyzed hindquarters are normal after vaccines in buttocks. Damage to the joints ensues when vaccine toxicity goes to the joints. His mother could have passed a lot to him during gestation.

Too much fermented dairy products too often can cause degeneration of bones and joints in canines and felines. He needs raw meats to strengthen and heal his joints, and bone to heal his bones and joints. Most dogs go through that between ages 6-9. Only 15% did not live through it. Your dog seems as if he will be of the 85% to survive.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

I just gave him a bath. He is shedding so much hair and that darn fine shiny dander that I couldn't stand him any longer. He also has, what I thought was a very large draining hot spot under his tail. It’s difficult to see under all the dried drainage. And he is constantly licking under his tail.

I put 2 gallons of raw milk in the tub and filled it with warm water to above his elbows. I was afraid to put in the salt and vinegar, I thought it might burn his open areas. Of course he collapsed and I was able to soak off most of the dried matter. Seems it is just a constant gray discharge from his rectum. The tissue around his anus is pink and not real irritated, but I guess the drainage burns. Actually, the area looks better than I expected. I was afraid to look. It is better than earlier this year. No open bloody areas are present now. I guess there could be inside.

Can I put butter around his anal tissue and the underside of his tail to protect the tissue back there? He would lick that off with the drainage and maybe that would protect him from what he ingests. Should I be offering him a bowl/dish of warm raw milk every day?

I cleaned the room where he stays last night, and woke with a headache and congested head. He is pretty deadly to be around right now.

Thank you so much for all your suggestions, words of hope and continual support.

The grayness is a combination of deadly metals such as mercury and aluminum from vaccines. If he is less sore than earlier this year, he is improving.

Vinegar and sea salt are not necessary with that much milk. I have taken a few baths with that much milk and they were heaven. I am sure he feels much better.

Please apply a mixture of 1/2 bone marrow and 1/2 butter to his anus and under his tail. They will help protect his hide. A warm bowl of milk will help his nerves and brain. Also, I suggest 2-3 T. butter/honey mixture (6:1 respectively) daily.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Nov 20, 2011

Re: Tooth Symptom

Hi Aajonus,

No aches to write about. For the last couple of days, however, I notice that when I stomp or thump my foot, I feel a throb (reverberation) from that vibration around my upper right molars. Is that anything to be concerned about or to have checked?

You must have some swelling in your upper right molars, detoxification and/or healing. Probably healing because you do not have pain.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Oct 23, 2011

Re: Tremendous pain on right side

Hi Aajonus,

I'm suffering, in tremendous pain on my right side in line with my belly button. It's been about 42 hours. It started after I took a hot bath treating a cold. I also drank a huge shake of yogurt, strawberries and honey. I tried to throw up many times and got almost nothing out. I did defecate.

When I awoke yesterday, I felt somewhat better. I tried calling you but had no success. I talked to a nutritionist, who told me to take baths, ginger tea, and avocado and papaya.

The first time I did the avocado and papaya I felt a great deal of relief, but since then nothing.

I have not been able to sleep and feel messed up also because of that. The pain was so bad that I was ready to go to the hospital; I needed relief from the pain.

I can't take it any more and hope you have some suggestions. Also, the hospital would ask questions about what I ate and such. I don't want to cause some investigation crap.

Please do help me.

October 23, 2011

As my message stated, I will be traveling until March 2012.

Your pain, as stated, appears to be the liver when the gall bladder is not involved. Apply a hot water bottle to the area constantly until the pain subsides. Eat only honey and butter (1:2 respectively) with 1/4 tsp soft bee pollen for at least one full day, 30-60 minutes of every waking hour until the pain subsides. The only other food you could consume is a mixture of 2 ounces lemon juice, 1 T. lime juice, 2 ounces unheated honey and 2 T. raw cream, blended together, and adding that to 6 ounces Apollinaris water, sipped.

Avocado and papaya are for intestinal pain, not the liver. Since it worked once, it may be your bowel intestine and not your liver. If honey/butter works, it is your liver.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Oct 23, 2011

Thanks for your promptness. I think you know what a fearful babe I am when it comes to these things, and I want to be sure I gave you accurate information in my state of despair.

The symptoms I have seem to be similar to those of appendicitis. I had vomiting, nausea, a bad sharp pain on the right side which is right at my appendix, I think, and pain around the abdomen. And people were warning me of imminent doom if I didn't get to the hospital. Believe me, with the pain as bad as I've ever experienced, I was ready to go when I couldn't get you on the phone. I am nervous about the heat in that area bursting my appendix. My temperature just went up to 99.6. I am eating the honey/butter. I'm sipping a little water. I'm miserable.

The pain is just about at the top of the pelvic bone. When I cough, sneeze, burp, blow my nose, it hurts. Finding a comfortable spot to rest in bed is difficult.

Let me know if this changes anything you told me.

October 24, 2011

In your first email, you described the pain as being to the right of your umbilicus; the appendix is far below that. However, the appendix is approximately at the top of pelvic level and to the right. If that is where your pain is centered, then you should continue the honey/butter but also consume the tomato mixture I suggest for appendicitis in my book, We Want To Live (page 225).

All detoxification can cause nausea, vomit, pain and fever. Usually, if the appendix or peritonitis is involved, the fever will reach and stay at 105-107 degrees F for several days.

Regarding everyone warning of imminent doom, are they experts on the subject or are they just parroting pharma/medical terrorism that creates panic that causes people to accept those harmful and expensive treatments that have nothing to do with the reality of detoxification, illness and cures?

Healthfully and appreciatively, Aajonus

Oct 24/2011

Yes, that is what I figured, except I wanted to be sure from you. I did feel a bit better this morning after the honey/butter; so, that was encouraging. The pain duration is less, the intensity diminished, and the frequency less.

Thank you ever so much for your patience, understanding, and your wisdom.

It is more than tragic how people are treated and manipulated; it is certainly criminal. I just must believe that these people who perpetrate this insanity are victims of the system that helped create them. Maybe their fate in this life is to act just as they do.

I am forever thankful that I found you in this life and that my journey is much the better for it. May you forever be blessed.

Nov 23, 2011

A little P.S. to my earlier e-mail: As you probably figured out, I survived that ordeal you helped me with and of interest is that after about a week or so the pain had totally gone and my crotch had a strong smell of who knows. I suspect something metallic, but don't know. It would be interesting to know. At any rate, I'm certain that I had a pretty serious detox and glad for it, probably protecting me from some terrible something down the road. Thanks again for your help. Thought you might be interested in the process.

Nov 24, 2011

Although I have had thousands of personal and a hundred thousand patient detox scenarios, I am always interested in others' outcomes from detoxification.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Nov 30, 2011

Re: Baby with Cold, Diarrhea & Vomiting – follow up

(See also: Oct 24, 2011 Re: Urgent - Sick Baby, Please Help
Oct 28, 2011 Re: Urgent – Baby Liver Formula Follow Up
Nov 12, 2000 Re: Baby Skin Rash and Formula Ingredients
Mar 3, 2012 Re: Baby’s Diet
Mar 15, 2012 Re: Urgent – Baby throwing up
May 18, 2012 Re: Baby’s Diet)

Hi Aajonus,

I apologize for not explaining in more detail but I had already tried eliminating all of the things we talked about, one by one including the liver, and the symptoms had continued. While I was adding the liver, he was severely throwing up. Once I took out the liver, the throwing up lessened from violent vomits 2-3 times a day to once every 4-5 days. I did this over the course of the past two weeks. I was down to only giving him warm cow's milk with cream half the day and the other half only cow's milk. I was in the process of putting the liver back in because I felt concerned that the milk was not enough nutrition, especially since his growth percentile is high at about 93% and his weight is low at about 40%. That is why I wondered if I could try the liver formula with the goat's milk.

Since my last email, I transitioned him to the goat's milk. The first day I gave it to him he took it well and seemed to really like it. He slept longer than he had, for 4 hours, but then he woke up and had some of the same symptoms, although not as severe. Over the course of the next day he seemed to handle it better. He was not straining as much. Since I felt he was doing well with the goat's milk, I added in the liver the next day. However, he threw up that night and got diarrhea. The diarrhea persisted through the next day so once again I took the liver out and just gave him goat's milk. Once I removed the liver that night the diarrhea dissipated. I gave him a day's break and just gave him the goat milk. He did fine. A day later I added 1oz of the first cow colostrum up to 3 pm. He did fine. Then only the goat's milk after that. The following day I added 1 1/2 tsp of cow's milk butter with the colostrum and some honey up to 3 pm. No major changes.

I wanted to give him a break from the liver just in case it did trigger the diarrhea, and put it back in in a few days; but as of this morning, he woke up with all the symptoms of a cold, which I have had since a week ago. He is constantly coughing, has a very phlegmy cough, is having a real tough time breathing, is wheezing, sneezing, and has a low appetite.

What do you recommend? What can I give him to break up the coughing mucus? Is lactose OK if you have a cold? Should I put the liver back in and when? Should I continue adding the cow's butter, cream and colostrum, or should I use goat's? How can I boost his immune system? Can I add the 1 tsp of pineapple to just the goat's milk? Should I use the goat's no-salt cheese or stick to cow's? Anything else?

If he vomits persistently from consuming liver, his liver or pancreas is very toxic. His body dumps the toxins into the stomach for immediate discharge so toxins do not interfere with digestion. If they do pass through the intestines, diarrhea results.

Try just 1 T. liver with 6 ozs. of raw milk.

It is the season for many people to dump the fats and re-lipidate for winter. Colds are normal now. Flu season is usually January - March.

What do you recommend?

When anyone experiences a cold cleansing, it is best to not lie flat. I suggest that you do not place him in a prone position. When the body detoxifies the lungs, or through the lungs, the lung muscles are weakened. Gravity pushes the lungs closed in the prone position. I suggest that he sleep in a near-sitting position such as he would be if he were in a baby's car seat. He will breathe easier and cough less. Coughing keeps the lungs open and working. The lungs will not have to push open (cough) so much when he is in a sitting position.

What can I give him to break up the coughing mucus?

Normally, I suggest my Throat Lozenge formula with ginger, honey, butter and lemon. However, for an infant, I would not give him more than 1 drop on his tongue every 2-4 hours.

Is lactose OK if you have a cold?

The minerals that accompany lactose are most important during colds.

Should I put the liver back in, and when?

Try just 1 T. of liver with 6 ozs. of raw milk once daily. He may continue to detoxify his liver or pancreas for a while, but 1 T. of liver per day should lower his ability to detoxify his liver and/or pancreas.

Should I continue adding the cow's butter, cream and colostrum or should I use goat's?

Cow's cream, butter and colostrum will help him bind with more toxins and allow him to gain more weight. However, as long as his body tends to focus on detoxification, he will be underweight.

How can I boost his immune system?

There is no such thing as an immune system. The body does not need to defend itself in natural environments. The medical/pharma industries created the term immune system to brainwash people into thinking that their body has to always defend itself from nature and itself. There is only the lymphatic system that the body uses to cleanse itself when unnatural and toxic substances interfere with functions. It seems as if his body is already doing an intensely wonderful job of cleansing itself.

Can I add the 1 tsp of pineapple to just the goat's milk?

I suggest that if you add pineapple to goat's milk, you add 1 tsp of raw cream to the goat's milk.

Should I use the goat's no-salt cheese or stick to cow's?

Because raw no-salt cheese does not digest, unless unheated honey is eaten with it, it does not matter whether it is cow's or goat's.

Anything else?

Do not panic and do not worry. Most of his symptoms will disappear after 6 months. That is usually the length of time an infant's body will focus on detoxifying when it receives the nutrients it needs.

Healthfully and appreciatively, Aajonus

Got it. Do I use regular colostrum or 1st colostrum? By T. you mean tablespoon. Correct?

First colostrum has more butter fat. Regular colostrum has more cream fat. It is more difficult to digest cream than butter so a newborn is given about 5 days of various stages of colostrum until it can digest cream. Cream is very important for the brain and nervous system. If he consumes butter, cream and milk, and his digestion is good, he does not need expensive colostrum. If his feces are well formed and does not stink horrifically, he is probably digesting well.

Yes, T. means tablespoon; tsp. means teaspoon.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Nov 13, 2011

Re: Chemical Poisoning Detox

Hi Aajonus,

I spoke with you on the phone this past Friday, November 11 about my husband who has severe formaldehyde poisoning from years on the job with millwork as well as many other industrial chemical (printing, finishing solvents, etc.) exposures. He was in the hospital at the time we spoke. He has further questions today and I hope you can answer them for us.

1) The protocol you have started him on for 3 months is: cheese, wait 15 minutes, more cheese, wait 10 minutes, and then egg whites, wait 2 minutes, and then egg yolks (all day). He wanted me to let you know that he has eaten the shakes (raw cream, eggs, raw milk and raw honey) in the past for 8–9 days and would get intense burning of his urine, cramping in all of the major muscles, muscles becoming rigid, and charley horses, as well as pain in all his joints, especially knees. He is getting these symptoms now again after starting the protocol. Is this to be expected now? What is his body doing?

2) He had done 2 liver shakes one day apart in the recent past and felt good, better than he has for a while. Is this something he should try again, or just maintain the eggs and cheese protocol? (He wanted me to let you know about this, as I forgot to, when I spoke to you.)

3) His urine is now dark orange as it was previously when eating the egg shakes, and he has intense burning when he urinates. Is this to be expected? Why?

4) Urine pH (when tested with pH strips) is 4.5 or less. Strips do not go lower. He is getting very fearful about all this. Is this anything to be concerned about?

5) He is intensely thirsty now after starting the protocol – tongue sticking to the roof of his mouth. He is allowed one cup of milk and one cup of water (tablespoon at a time). Is there a reason for the thirst? He said he feels like drinking about 16 glasses of water, he is so thirsty.

6) The ringing in his ears is so intense, it is difficult to stand. Why is this and will anything help?

He is 55 years old.

Thank you very much for all your help.

Nov 13, 2011

1) The body is detoxifying a little of the stored solvents. As solvents are moved, they may burn the tissues. Since the body is not reducing and alkalizing the acrid substances enough, there is burning in the body and urine. Often, cheese eaten frequently draws toxins to the stomach and intestines, holds them and the body passes them out with the feces.

Try giving him 1 T. raw apple cider vinegar, 2 T. unheated honey, 1 T. lemon juice, 3 T. lime juice and 2 T. raw cream. Blend the mixture together and add it to 4 ounces of Gerolsteiner water in a glass. Also, to move the toxins from tissues to stop the burn, I suggest long hot baths or lying under covers with many hot water bottles with at least 3 towels underneath him.

2) By all means, if liver shakes help him feel better, he should have as many of them as he wants.

3) All animals’ urine in the wild is various shades of orange up to and including brown, that is, dark amber.

4) Urine that is that acidic is going to cause problems. Drinking a vegetable juice should help: 30% carrot, 15% celery, 30% cucumber (peeled and pureed), 15% cilantro and 5% beet -- 12 oz. at once, but consumed slowly.

5) If he drinks much water, he is likely to experience more pain. I suggest that he sip raw milk and consume the Sport Drink. Did I give him the Sport Drink?

6) Ringing ears is caused by too much fluid in the eardrums. Place a hot water bottle next to the ear that experiences the most ringing first to evaporate fluid from the ears.

Healthfully and appreciatively, Aajonus

Nov 13, 2011

Thank you very much, Aajonus. I am printing this out for him and will give him these things. No, you did not give us information about the Sport Drink. What is that?

Also, I don't know what Gerolsteiner water is. Is that like a Perrier water or sparking water?

Sport Formula:

3 cups of at least 2 of the following foods: cucumber tomato watermelon raw milk and/or fresh raw liquid whey.

The cucumber, watermelon and tomato are to be pureed, not juiced. You may have any combination of the above to equal 3 cups.

The remainder of the ingredients are: 1 T. raw apple cider vinegar 2 T. lime juice 2 tsp. lemon juice 2 T. coconut cream 2 T. dairy cream 3 eggs.

That makes about 1 quart when you blend all the ingredients together. Sip throughout the day for hydration.

Yes, like Perrier and Apollinaris.

Healthfully and appreciatively, Aajonus

Nov 13, 2011

Hi Aajonus,

I had a few more questions.

In keeping with my wife’s prior email today, I just wanted you to know that I am in the same amount of pain now as I was when I did the milk shakes; however, before, I didn't realize it was due to toxicity. The pain I felt after the endoscopy and colonoscopy wouldn't allow me to eat solid food, and that is when I started the milk shakes on October 16. However, then the gastroenterologist called and said all looked well with the exception of Barrett's esophagus and I needed to be on acid reducers, which the person who runs our food club advised me not to take. Then I was told by another doctor to take them or risk cancer. So, being on a double dose and being taken off once again caused a severe rebound effect which put me in the hospital. The pain I feel now on the new protocol you gave me last Friday is identical to when I was eating the shakes, green juice, etc. Initially, I tolerated the shakes very well. However, 3–4 days after beginning them, I noticed all my muscles cramping and I was unable to walk up and down stairs.

My initial pH was 4.5 or less, but then I had some green juice and raw avocado and each day cramping went away and pH went back close to normal of 6.5 per the urine. Do I have to worry about my pH at this time or my kidneys?

Also, I was doing two 12 oz. glasses of raw milk per day. Sorry about this being left out of my wife's phone conversation with you – I was on the other line from the hospital but my connection got lost.

Also, I only had two MRIs in my life with a contrast agent – the rest were without contrast.

In my stool now, along with the hardened cheese, the liquid seems to be undigested egg when I move my bowels. It is yellow in color. Should undigested food be coming out in my stools? Is this to be expected?

Would any of this new information affect the protocol given to me last Friday?

Thank you very much.

Nov 13, 2011

Most was explained in my earlier email.

PH should be about 5.5 for saliva, urine and blood.

Eggs are the most easily digested food; it is extremely unlikely that it is egg. However, the toxins in your body that have stored in your intestines will be captured in yellowish intestinal mucus, yellowed by solvents.

Your body will detox in waves and cycles. Sometimes you will feel fine eating the same foods and other times when you remove solvents you will feel and experience discomfort and pain. Try to find what works of my protocol to mitigate those symptoms when they occur. The hot water bottles and hot baths may be an important tool.

Healthfully and appreciatively, Aajonus

Nov 15, 2011
Re: Question on acidity

Hi Aajonus,

I seem to be in pain in all my joints – knees, feet, wrists – and all the connective ligaments, especially behind the legs (very sore). My joints and fingers are snapping, it still burns a lot to urinate, and my rectum is extremely sore from what I am assuming is acid when I move my bowels.

I tried the green juice drink as well as the Sports Drink and, upon just taking a few teaspoons of it, my stomach started to burn quite intensely. Should I continue and drink more, or will it just make things worse?

Once before, when I did the protocol of just egg shakes, not knowing about all the cheese at that time, I became very acidic as well. At that time, I tried bicarbonate of soda and approximately the juice of one lemon and drank the mixture when the bicarbonate stopped fizzing. After one day, it brought my PH up to approximately 6.5 and my muscles began to release, and when I urinated, it was much less painful. Is that dangerous to do (taking the baking soda mixture), is it counterproductive? If so, is there any other protocol that you know to reduce the acid?

I also have burning in the skin of my hands, arms and lower legs.

Please advise.

Thank you so much.

Nov 17, 2011

Your symptoms indicate that your lymphatic system is not cleansing wastes, such as lactic acids, from metabolism. It takes 60– 90 minute long, hot baths and consuming pineapple and/or banana and fats, such as coconut cream, to help move the lymphatic system.

Bicarbonate of soda simply arrests the body's natural digestive processes and temporarily stops acidic burn; but without the proper digestive acids, you will not digest protein properly.

I suggest that you endure with the proper foods; however, you can eliminate the vinegar in the Sports Formula for several weeks.

Healthfully and appreciatively, Aajonus


I forgot to mention that my body seems to discharge large concentrations of static electricity at numerous times during the day. I even need to be cautious when putting gas into my vehicle. There is no dry air here and no one else seems to have this problem. Is it somehow related to the acidity? This has been going on for about 3 months, sometimes worse and sometimes less.

Please advise.

Thank you.

Nov 17, 2011

It sounds as if you have a smart meter or some other electromagnetic issue in your environment. I suggest that you have it checked to eliminate that possibility. I do not know any other way of getting such a charge -- not meant in jest.

Healthfully and appreciatively, Aajonus

November 24,  2011

Hi Aajonus,

I've been eating the eggs and cheese as recommended.

I've tried the Sport Drink and other drinks you've recommended. I can't do them without going into severe pain.

About 2 1/2 months ago, my right leg went numb with foot drop; now the left leg is beginning to go numb and go into painful muscle contractions that you can see, and I am getting painful muscle contractions all over my body. I am worried I will not be able to walk at all by tomorrow.

I tried the hot baths, and after about 40 minutes my heart was racing; I almost fainted and wasn't able to walk for about 3 hours afterward.

All my joints in my body are now aching. I am getting terrible pain on both the left and right sides of my lower back. I am very concerned about my kidneys going out. Do I have to worry about this?

I was able to tolerate the milk shakes in the past, now cannot. I also could tolerate the liver shakes in the past – I cannot now, as well, without severe body aches; and food does not digest 12 hours later, when I vomit it. I have many areas in my shoulders, forearms, hands and in my legs that are intensely painful to the touch.

I was also diagnosed with advanced Lyme disease by the BioSET practitioner as well. I don't remember if my wife mentioned that or not in the initial call.

My symptoms keep changing from day to day. Are there any other recommendations to try and get the acid down? Any other recommendations for me?

Thank you.

Nov 25, 2011

Your symptoms indicate to me that your nerves and muscles have stored many toxins for decades. Sometimes that creates symptoms like yours that persist as the body detoxifies slowly; the body can digest only so much food to handle a limited amount of toxins in one day. When people do not eat a simple proper diet, they may move into multiple sclerosis (MS), lupus or muscular dystrophy (MD).

It has been my experience that as long as the symptoms move/change, the body is doing a good job. The fact that you vomit the food 12 hours later indicates to me that your body is using your stomach as the main dump site. That nutrient-deficient phase often happens in cancer patients and can last for as much as 9 weeks without death. However, I discovered that if you eat enough cheese before a meal or any food, and eat grated cheese in the food, often the toxins are absorbed into the cheese, and food other than cheese can digest.

Usually, when a cancer, MS or MD patient goes through such a detoxification, a lot of weight is lost and they become more weakened and recovery takes about 2 years. Any medical drug or supplement is saturated with solvents such as petroleum, ethyl alcohol or kerosene. The "natural" ones use kerosene because kerosene is natural, but would you soak your food for 20 hours in kerosene, rinse it for 60--90 seconds and then consume it?

Your wife mentioned the Lyme disease fiasco to me. It takes 5 tests to maybe determine that someone has Lyme disease, because there is really no disease that can be identified as Lyme disease, including spirochete activity that exists in many conditions. Scientifically, there is no disease that can be identified as Lyme disease.

All conditions are an accumulation of toxins. Ninety-nine percent of the time, they are industrial chemicals, not organic waste byproducts that cause disease. Cooking is an industrial process that causes at least 32 identified toxic byproducts to form (some of them are listed on pages 150--160 of my recipe book).

All I can suggest is to endure the process while your body tries to cleanse the toxins, causing pain, suffering and numbness, even temporary paralysis, until it recovers. That takes a great deal of faith, considering how we have been trained to panic and seek harmful medical treatments at the slightest indication of bodily discomfort. Remember that I was a cripple crawling on the floor for almost 6 months before I felt the slightest bit of spine paralysis recovery after radiation therapy cauterized my spine. It took 27 years for my back pain to return so infrequently that it was not a nuisance. I suffer back pain only about 10 days yearly and that is after doing something strenuous with my arms for a day or three.

I do not know if you can reduce cramps all of the time, but I will share with you my experience with self and others. Consuming any high-carbohydrate food without lots of fat, including milk without extra cream, can cause cramps, especially if consumed cold. When I had to eat some high-carbohydrate food to relieve pain or other symptoms, I always consumed it slowly and with lots of fat, whether butter, cream or cheese.

The food that I would use normally to reduce pain when I did not have ingredients for my Pain Formula was banana and butter, about 2.5 inches of banana to 3 T. no-salt raw butter.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Dec 1, 2011

Hi Aajonus,

My husband wanted me to email you. He is in very, very bad shape. He is feeling like he is going to

die. He said, in reading your book We Want to Live , that you mention at various times “IF your liver is

working correctly”. He doesn’t believe his is. How does that change things if it is not?

Here are some other questions:

  1. He doesn’t think his liver is producing any bile – his stool is white or sand-colored at best. Could

this be from eating all the eggs and cheese only?

  1. He was diagnosed with severe leaky gut syndrome – anything he eats (even a small amount,

including sips of water) gives him extreme symptoms and horrible pain, even the Sports Drink, banana,

avocado. How does he get through this? Will eating just the eggs and cheese resolve the leaky gut? How

soon? Would eating high meat help?

  1. He ate 2 ½ inches of banana with butter and, half hour later, was in severe pain for 4–6 hours

(muscles, thighs, calves, arms, butt, hands, wrist, and eyes burning). Is this to be expected?

  1. He is only urinating maybe once per day and it burns terribly. His urine is milky brown in the a.m.

and turns into dark brown later in the day. Are these signs of his kidneys shutting down?

  1. How can he hydrate himself and relieve INTENSE thirst? He drinks a 12 oz. glass of milk slowly

over several hours and it makes him more thirsty. Also his hands and lips are dry and cracking. He was

able to tolerate coconut water from the store, but now is having trouble with that. Is that OK to drink?

  1. He believes he is not producing acid in his stomach and is wondering if he will ever produce it


  1. A month or so ago, he had an endoscopy/colonoscopy on the same day and they took about 9

biopsies. Could these have caused holes in his digestive system and would they have sterilized the inside

of his digestive system? If so, how does he remedy this?

  1. If he eats beyond 6:00 or 7:00 p.m., he says his heart beats about 200 beats per minute and he

has to force himself to vomit to get relief of symptoms. He has had to do this fairly often. Will this cause


  1. A nutritionist that someone had call him said he needed to take silica to fix his digestion. Is this

helpful? What would it do?

Sorry for the lengthy email. I hope you can help. He is feeling pretty hopeless.

Thank you very much, Aajonus.

Dec 3, 2011
  1. If his feces float and are the same color as the food he ate, his liver is not working. When feces are white, that indicates best digested food and best working liver.

2 & 3. The painful symptoms after consuming anything indicates that he has little or no mucous coatings in his stomach and intestines. The quickest way to recover mucus production is to consume milk shakes, 1 T. every 5--10 minutes, and 1 T. no-salt raw butter mixed with ½ T. of unheated honey.

Leaky gut will be healed as soon as the intestines heal and produce mucus. The time it takes depends on what industrial toxins are in and around his intestinal walls. We will only know when the pain stops. Such pain should be expected when there is no mucous coating on the intestinal walls.

  1. Dark urine indicates the blood is rich in nutrients. Urine should be dark. Sparse urine indicates he is utilizing most of the fluids he consumes. That is a sign his kidneys are working well. Odor is horrific if chemicals are in his blood or kidneys.
  2. Dehydration should be relieved with the Sports Formula by adding 25% coconut water or good drinking water from glass bottles to it. Keeping lips coated with unheated honey and sometimes butter resolves cracked lips.
  3. Since his foods are liquid, he does not need to produce stomach acids. Digestive acids are to dissolve chunks of food to small molecules so digestive bacteria can consume them.
  4. Endoscopy and biopsies cause many problems, from lesions to ulcers and cancer. He is doing everything he can to begin the process of healing. Cleansing is primary until the toxins that prevent healing are gone.
  5. The rapid heart beat is not harmful, just like it is not harmful for marathon runners.

If he begins eating about 20 minutes after vomiting, he may be okay with eating. It could be that toxins load in the stomach around 6 PM and the body does not want to send them into the intestines. Try sipping and nibbling after vomiting. Vomiting is good exercise for the abdomen.

  1. Silica is mined sand, which is rock. Rock will not help heal his intestines. If silica were needed, consuming cucumber or strawberries would be helpful.

The condition that he suffers from was created from his lifetime of toxic diet, medicine and living. His body cannot resolve it overnight.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Dec 6, 2011

Re: Lung scar tissue


I hope all is well with you.

Are there any particular foods that would help break up the scar tissue in my lungs?


About 1 ounce of pineapple or papaya consumed almost daily with either no-salt raw butter or avocado, taken about 4 PM.

Healthfully and appreciatively, Aajonus

Hi Aajonus,

I am assuming I can use the papaya custard with papaya and raw butter. I hope that is correct.

Yes, but it will work faster if you have coconut cream in the custard along with some butter.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Dec 8, 2011

Re: Mixing raw and pasteurized milk

Hi, Aajonus,

I have a question: If I put pasteurized milk in a container with a little raw milk, will the raw milk cause its live enzymes to continue to act? I am trying to find a way to keep some live milk until the Organic Pastures milk is available.

Dec 9, 2011

Good thought, but the nutrients in pasteurized milk are already altered into toxins.

There is a new food club which delivers in San Diego. Go to

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Dec 11, 2011

Re: Help – Headache will not go away

Hi Aajonus,

I have been really struggling the last couple of weeks. It started with pain and stiffness in my body all over, especially in my joints. Then, it moved into my neck. It's so stiff I literally cannot move it, and it’s very painful. Then, a few days ago, I got a headache that will not go away. It is completely debilitating. I cannot do anything and cannot sleep. I still have the body stiffness and some pain, especially in my joints, but the pain in my neck and head is excruciating. Over the last couple of weeks my brain has been really foggy too. I cannot remember anything or focus on things. I have been saying to myself, “Something is going on in my brain,” to the point that it is scaring me. FYI: I went to Mexico over Thanksgiving week and stayed at a friend’s home. The food there was so disgusting, so I asked the help to get me raw milk and eggs from a local farm. I had that, but for meat I just ate the chicken and beef that the others at the house ate, but I ate it raw and they all ate it cooked. I have no idea where the meats came from. The house staff bought all the food at a local store. Someone has suggested that maybe there was a parasite in the chicken or meat that has migrated to my brain and is causing too fast of a detox.

Any thoughts? You know I only ask for help when I am desperate as I can usually get through a detox after a while but this head fogginess and lack of concentration and memory, and especially the headaches, are too much and is now starting to scare me.

Thank you.

Your detoxification indicates vaccine toxicity and/or canned food toxicity being removed from bone marrow and brain. The body uses a great deal of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium to neutralize those toxins as they move from bone and bone marrow into the lymphatic system to be neutralized more before being dumped into connective tissue and perspired from the body. Stiffness results from mineral buildup combined with toxins, more frequently heavy metals. Moving those toxins quicker will reduce symptoms.

Symptoms indicate an intense flu, not brain parasites. If you had parasites, you would not have symptoms because they are so efficient. They do not cause the intense swelling that flu causes that results in intense pain.

You are between a rock and a hard place when the brain detoxifies at the same time because it takes hot baths to help the body remove toxins from bones to lymph to connective tissue and through the skin. Hot baths usually cause headaches to worsen. An alternative to baths is to place 5-7 hot water bottles under the covers with you, heating the body without causing the brain to expand that would increase pressure on cerebral meninges, resulting in an increased headache. Since your headache is already intense, it is unlikely that your headache would increase with baths, but if it does, then hot water bottles would be easier.

I suggest that besides the baths and/or hot water bottles, you consume custard with a tiny bit of ginger grated into each one, daily. Also: consuming smoothies containing 2-3 eggs, 3 oz raw cream, 2 oz raw milk, 1 medium orange, 1 T unheated honey and 1/4 tsp raw turmeric 2-3 times daily.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Great. Thank you again. Will try anything and everything. It feels like a toxic detox of something serious for sure! Messing with my brain, memory and thinking. Not fun when your brain is not working. And, the pain.

Are you overseas already? Thank you again so much!

You are welcome. If the toxins dump into your stomach and you develop nausea, I suggest that you eat small amounts of cheese every 30-40 minutes.

I am in Asia and traveling until March. Just left Australia from a 3-cities tour, and that was very good.


Dec 16, 2011

Re: Sinusitis

Hey Aajonus,

Since I moved north, the clogged sinus issue has started up again. It's not gone away. It's persisted pretty intensely these last 5 months.

Do you think you can advise me to fine tune some things so I can breathe through my nose better?

I finally got the hot tub up and working and it's been about a week that I have been going in almost daily. The sinus situation lightened up, but has not handled yet. And last night, it was back to being pretty bad where both nostrils were clogged and breathing could only be done via my mouth.

I was wondering if the cold weather or even the humidity level had anything to do with it, as it's colder than I have been used to. It's 26 degrees F out now. Last night in the hot tub, it was less - about 18 degrees!

I have also been needing a lot of sleep to feel rested -- 8 to 11 hours! I sleep for about 5 hours and eat and go back to bed after a while.

I would really like to be able to breathe through both nostrils so I can sleep better at night. And I would really like more energy, generally, for work and a productive day, not needing so much sleep.

Any suggestions?

Sorry for the delay in response. The government is out of control, suing my farmers.

When you live in a cold climate, your sinuses need 10 times more fats than normal. However, it takes many live cells in the sinuses to absorb and utilize that much fat and produce enough mucus to protect the sinuses. Your mucous membranes are severely scarred. You do not have enough cells alive to protect your sinuses in cold climates. It does not matter how much fat you eat.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Dec 23, 2011

Re: Pregnancy and FSH Levels

Hi Aajonus,

We would like to become pregnant naturally with our 3rd child, but it is not happening. I did get pregnant a

year ago in November, but it ended in a miscarriage.

Do you know of any foods that will stimulate the brain to make a normal FSH (follicle stimulating hormone)

under 10?

FSH is the brain hormone in a female that tells the ovaries to make an egg. For my body to produce a

normal healthy egg I need an FSH under 10.

Please let me know your thoughts.

Thank you so much.

Your body was engaged in a very toxic cleansing last year so I am not surprised. However, it is likely that it will

be another 18 months before your body will be clean enough from residues so that the fetus is unharmed; it

takes about 2.5+ years.

I suggest you be patient for that time and you will not have a problem. Then, consuming 2 milkshakes daily

10 days before ovulation usually will produce healthy ova.

Healthfully and appreciatively,


Hi Aajonus,

I have been patient since we have wanted to get pregnant with our 3rd child for the last 5 years now. For

some reason we cannot. The funny thing is, is that women around me are getting pregnant in their 40s,

but they do not eat healthy. I have a clean diet and am still not achieving pregnancy. I know there are

fewer eggs when a woman gets older. I am assuming it has to do with my age. I am 46. If I wait another

18 months as you suggested I will be 48. Sooner, rather than later, would be better. I know I am at the

end of my child bearing years.

Will try the milkshakes daily for 10 days.


Women on this diet have gotten pregnant all the way through 59 years old who had not been able to get

pregnant for years and some never.

How long has it been since your last child was born?

Healthfully and appreciatively,


Last child was born Nov. 2005.

We have used no contraception ever, nothing.

According to ALL tribes, it takes 7 years for the mother to completely recover from her previous child so that a new baby does not suffer any deficiencies except by the mothers diet. Therefore, if your body is following nature, you are due to get pregnant after November 2012.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Jan 1, 2012

Re: My dog – in pain and can’t walk

(See also:
20091003-0913 Re: Dog – weight loss, loose stool
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20120206-1123 Re: Dog unable to walk
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20130821-1339 Re: Dog with Cancer)

Good 2012 morning to you Aajonus.

I wanted to give you an update on my dog's condition and get your opinion on him and what to do next, please.

He is still eating, but is not consuming as much meat as he used to. He loves beef now and is not so keen on the pork and chicken. Lamb is OK. I was able to get some fresh beef heart and bones this week. Some days are better than others as far as his appetite goes. He loves the cheeses and butter. He drinks the warm milk, eggs and honey.

About 3 weeks ago, he pretty much stopped walking. He gets up now only with much effort and whining and drags himself outside, maybe two to three times a day to void or defecate. He leans against some tall grasses to void to remain somewhat upright. Yesterday he yelled out when he tried to get himself up. He walks like he is drunk, if one could call it walking. His hind end is terribly weak, uncoordinated and almost drags under him. Combined with his arthritic elbows, he is a mess. He has not been incontinent in the house.

He was having formed stools finally, then two days ago I saw he had a brownish yellow stool of pudding consistency. I have not seen his stools since then. He has minimal amounts of light gray-brown mucous from his anus at this point and it is not so runny, it is more of a gel consistency. Due to him being so weak and uncoordinated, I have started dabbing his behind with a warm moist gauze to remove the mucous (the mucous bothers him – he whines and he can't bend around to lick his bottom any more) and then apply warm butter to the anal skin and the skin on the underside of his tail. Overall, I would say this area exhibits the best evidence of any healing with him. The skin is pink, still slightly swollen but not bulging, no longer open and bleeding as it was for about two years.

He is so weak, it's difficult to watch him struggling to move. He seemed so miserable yesterday, I had decided to put him to sleep. Even though my family tells me I'm delusional when I say he can heal, they all opposed having him put down. They are hopeful that he can heal and are willing to carry him outside, if that becomes necessary.

It's difficult to determine if he is in pain or if he is just neurologically impaired. But the whimpering and whining is driving me crazy. So last night before I went out, I gave him 81 mg of aspirin in his piece of cheese. When I returned, he was barking and calling to me, wiggling around on the floor and wagging his tail. I have not seen him wag his tail in weeks. I thought he lost the ability. Now I believe he is in pain and am guessing it's from inflammation in his hindquarters which is causing the partial paralysis and pain. That’s my best guess.

You informed me dogs go through this type of detox between the ages of 6 and 9. He has been symptomatic for about two and a half years now and will be 9 on July 31st. With the healing I have seen with his bottom, I am puzzled as to why is he just losing his ability to walk now. I would think he should be pulling out of this now instead of getting worse.

I had bathed him some weeks ago to remove the shiny fine dander on him; it's back, mostly on his hindquarters, not so much on his head/chest area. It seems his chest has become larger, unless his hindquarters are just smaller. But it seems he is wider there than he used to be. Last Wednesday, I came in the door, I told my dogs I had to take the trash out. After putting my things down I returned to go out the door and he was standing at the door to take the trash out with me. How can that be? He did make it down one step and made it up and down the drive, maybe twice, before he laid down on the rug in the garage and waited for me. Then he had difficulty getting up to go back inside, up the step. I thought he had turned the corner and was expecting improvement, but he has not progressed. He did have one other day where he made it to the fence to void and actually stood on the back porch for a few minutes. And, one day his hind legs actually were almost holding his hind end in the normal position when he stood, but that was only for that day. Usually, the lower part of his hind legs drag when he walks. His toenails scrape on the cement as he pulls them forward to take the next step.


Is this typical of what you have seen in your experiments with dogs? Will he ever become strong and walk normally again or will he continue to deteriorate? If he should heal, how much longer till I see improvement? What to do about the pain? I know I can't keep giving him aspirin. Why is he partially paralyzed? What is going on inside that is making him paralyzed? Inflammation? (I would really appreciate it if you would explain this to me.) Any changes to his diet? I have given him Moisturizing Formulas after his meat meal. But usually just butter. Can he have coconut cream? Does he need any vegetables? I'm thinking not. Don't carnivores only get a small amount? Whats inside the stomach of their prey, if they even eat that?

Thank you for any suggestions or support you can give. I greatly appreciate your honesty and advice. Please tell me if you think he won't heal (too ill at this point) and I should put him down.

Many thanks.

Is this typical of what you have seen in your experiments with dogs? All of the symptoms you described are normal for a mercury and aluminum detox from vaccines in his hind end. The shiny coat reveals an aluminum detox. I have witnessed at least 30 dogs recover and only 3 that did not. According to chemistry, mercury is the worst neurotoxin to animal cells on this planet.

Will he ever become strong and walk normally again or will he continue to deteriorate? I have seen it take 3-4 years and the worst period takes 6-18 months.

If he should heal, how much longer till I see improvement? That all depends upon how well his body digests, assimilates and utilizes his food, then how well his body harnesses, neutralizes and discards vaccine toxicity.

What to do about the pain? I know I can't keep giving him aspirin. Butter, honey and cheese. The problem with aspirin is it will thin his blood and deprive his body of vitamins D, H and K. Those deficiencies may result in internal bleeding.

Why is he partially paralyzed? What is going on inside that is making him paralyzed? Inflammation? (I would really appreciate it if you would explain this to me.) The mercury dissolves nerve cells and neurons. Watch this video:

Any changes to his diet? None.

I have given him Moisturizing Formulas after his meat meal. But usually just butter. Either, but Moisturizing Formulas at least 2 weekly.

Can he have coconut cream? Coconut cream will help remove and harness mercury, aluminum and other metals more efficiently; give him 1 T. per 20 pounds of dog, but at least 1 T. daily.

Does he need any vegetables? A T. of wheat grass juice, 2 times weekly, might help.

I'm thinking not. Don't carnivores only get a small amount? Whats inside the stomach of their prey, if they even eat that? When they become overacidic or eat something toxic they will chew on grass.

Thank you for any suggestions or support you can give. I greatly appreciate your honesty and advice. Please tell me if you think he won't heal (too ill at this point) and I should put him down. You will have to ask him that question.

Healthfully and appreciatively, Aajonus

Jan 4, 2012 Hi Aajonus,

Thank you for the quick reply and video. I loved the video.

Jan 3, 2012

Re: Article: Death cap mushroom victims monitored

Thought you may be interested.

Why are you not being mentioned with all this milk discussion of late?

Jan 4, 2012

I am not mentioned because of my solid stand that bacteria cannot be pathogenic, unless man-made or genetically altered by poisons (which would also be man-made), and my advocating that consuming feces is beneficial in many circumstances.

I recently received an email demanding that I remove a person's name from association with me on a Facebook page blog. He stated that he supports what I do but cannot be associated with me because it would endanger his community’s views of him. I told him that I am not a member of Facebook and did not post anything anywhere with his name.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Jan 4, 2012

Re: Surgery for Bladder Prolapse

(See also: 20121229-1330 Re: Cystocele)

When I think back, my bladder started protruding into my vagina 4-6 weeks after starting daily hot soaks in the Ofuro tub during August of 2010. When you said, “Why do you exercise before the soak and not after?” I had to think why I had changed my regime which had been exercising after. After the full prolapse occurred, I must have subconsciously known that it was not helping me internally, as gradually I could feel the internal organs dropping after the hot soak and exercise or even coughing. In the past I had only soaked 1 1/2 hours once a week or fortnight, but exercised most days. It appeared the added daily heat and lack of abdominal tone was the problem.

Obviously, I do not want an operation but can see no other way round it. I have got a good surgeon and can get it on Medicare. I was told that it was a category 3, with 4 being the worst. It certainly cannot improve with the attachments released and I don't want more trouble in my 80's. I read what you took before your bladder stone removal (Newsletter #28); maybe I can do something similar.

Thank you Aajonus for all that you do.

Jan 4, 2012

You have pretty good sensibilities about your body. If I were in your situation, I would have the surgery too. Prolapses indicate that is where the body is storing a lot of dead cells that have no life energy to support themselves. To dissolve all of those dead cells could take too much time, almost like a benign tumor. Be sure and refuse any IV with anything but glucose.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Jan 11, 2012

Re: My dog

(See also:
20091003-0913 Re: Dog – weight loss, loose stool
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Hi Aajonus,

He is still alive and eating. He loves the coconut cream. His front end seems stronger (he is up on his elbows more, he was just lying on his side for days). His hind end is weaker than last week.

Thank you.

Just give the little creature time to mend. A pate'd mixture of liver and heart would help him.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Jan 23, 2012

Re: Strong Uncomfortable Urge to Urinate

Hi Aajonus,

Out of the blue this evening, I had a very strong uncomfortable urge to urinate, even though I had already gone to the bathroom. It feels like it did 20 years ago when I had a bladder infection. Keep in mind I have not had a bladder infection in 20 years.

A friend of mine reminded me that I had an emergency D&C (dilation and curettage) last January as a result of a miscarriage that had gone very wrong. Could the strong uncomfortable urge to urinate be a result of the D&C? My friend said they might have used iodine to clean out the uterus and now I am detoxifying the iodine.

What can I do to relieve this strong uncomfortable urge to urinate? It has been going on now for about 3


Is it a bladder infection or something else?

Please advise.

Thank you.

It takes 40 years on a perfect diet to cleanse the body completely. Remember that an infection is a cleansing. As I stated in my books, any part of the body where there had been a problem has not been properly cleansed and healed and will cleanse and heal periodically with old symptoms returning.

Additional harm to the area may have been caused by iodine used with the D&C. I would suspect that it was because, often, there is a cleansing of tissue following injury or surgery on the anniversary of the injury or surgery. To help eliminate toxins, I suggest consuming a small amount of no-salt raw cheese frequently with a tiny bit of no-salt raw butter, about 2 ounces of fresh pineapple daily and sip raw milk throughout days, along with your normal Primal Diet.

Apply heat to the area at any time with a hot water bottle, especially throughout the night.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Jan 31, 2012

Re: Dental Issue

Hi Aajonus,

In early January, the back half of one of my lower molars started breaking off. About 1/3 of it is gone now. It was sensitive to pressure and cold, but no longer. At first, I put lime juice on it for 2 days, and now I have been putting coconut cream on it. It is no longer sensitive to cold, but it shocks me if I forget and chew on it.

I had the exact tooth on the other side removed some years ago and never had a bridge to replace it. Now the tooth next to this hole is tender. So, now I have 2 big holes and a tender tooth, leaving me unable to chew on either side.

If I go to the dentist, they will surely want to fill or remove the 2 damaged teeth and put a bridge in the hole. I need to do something, but I know you will have some do’s and dont’s for me.

Can you advise me on how to proceed?

Thank you!

Sorry for the delay. I am in the jungles of Thailand and reception is frequently unavailable and my concentration is on legal battles for farmers.

Whenever you have a tooth problem, I suggest lots of cheese without honey; and thrice daily, 2 T. cheese with 1 tsp. honey.

Putting lime juice on a tooth more than once every 2 days could cause more deterioration to the tooth. If you apply it to a tooth, let it sit for only 10 minutes, then rinse it with milk.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Feb 3, 2012

Re: Candida albicans

Hi Aajonus,

My 8-year-old daughter has candida again. She had it last summer and was free of it for the months of

September thru December. The candida has come back.

Her symptoms are: stomach hurts, back hurts, head hurts and legs hurt.

A local chiropractor suggested warm baths in Epsom salt to detoxify and to relax the muscles.

Is Epsom salt okay to use? If Epsom is not okay, what should I put in her bath?

What should she be eating?

Any other thoughts from you about candida?

Thank You.

Candida is the big scapegoat for the last 1+ decade. Candida is a symptom and the cure for certain problems.

The object is to allow candida to work while mitigating the symptoms, which is usually intense itching. The

other symptoms of stomach, back, head and leg aches are not a symptom of candida but toxins stored in

those tissues. It is a symptom of poor bacteria and enzyme activity. My Sport Formula, sipped 4 oz at a time 5

times daily, will help this flu-like condition. Also, a 2 inch cube of semi-ripe pineapple helps digestion and

removal of lactic acid buildups that cause soreness. Raw milk helps soothe the entire body but also makes for

sleepiness that promotes healing.

Healthfully and appreciatively,


How often should the pineapple be eaten, 1 time a day or more? Any fat with the pineapple and what kind

of fat?

Also, what should we put in the bath water? We are currently on city water. We want to help my daughter’s

lymphatic system get out the toxins so a bath is probably a good thing.

What are your thoughts about Epsom salt for baths?


I suggest that she consume pineapple only once daily with a combination of 2 T. coconut cream, and 1 T.

dairy cream or 2 T. butter; alternating them would be best.

As I instruct in WWTL, at least 3/4 cup raw milk, 3 T. raw apple cider vinegar, 2 T. sun-dried sea or Epsom salt

and 2 T. coconut cream. Epsom salt is a high concentration of magnesium and sulfur rather than sodium and

natural chlorine. It does not matter which you use because, when in a hot bath, the salts are not absorbed

into the skin.

Healthfully and appreciatively,


Hi Aajonus,

Please explain to me what you mean by poor bacteria and enzyme activity causing the flu-like symptoms.

You say that these are not symptoms of candida, but my daughter feels this way when the candida is

present. When the candida is gone she does not hurt.

How can she have poor bacteria and enzyme activity when we eat so clean? We eat lots of good bacteria-

type foods.

Thanks so much.

When enough bacteria and enzymes are present, detoxification occurs without notice, or at least with

minimal notice. Did you have a laboratory test that showed unusual amounts of candida? As I stated in

Newsletter #11, candida is a detoxification process, part of the cure for toxins that have been stored and that

are problematic. It is not the cause of disease. As I stated in my email to you, the optimal-to-health approach

is to provide the right foods and heat.

Our environment is riddled with bacteria and enzyme-damaging technologies - anything from smart meters to

WiFi to EMFs and air pollution. I have one client who is so allergic to agricultural chemicals that every time her

neighbor applies chemicals to his lawn, she has to stay in a toxic hotel for 3-5 days. The toxic hotel is less

toxic than her home at that time.

When your daughter was gestating, you may have passed innumerable toxins into her that are now necessary

to remove; and her body is capable of removing them using candida. Candida is not her enemy; the industrial

toxins in any shape and form are her problem.

Healthfully and appreciatively,


How about clay for the bath? You mentioned raw milk, apple cider vinegar, sea salt or Epsom salt and

coconut cream. Any clay for the bath? We have city water full of chloramines, fluoride, etc. Will the milk,

vinegar, sea salt and coconut cream take out the toxins in the city water? I know clay is good for binding

with toxins. If clay is good for a bath, how much clay?

Clay is a good option, but the other ingredients will suffice to neutralize municipal water toxins, unless your municipal water is more contaminated than most. If it is, I suggest you use 2 T. It is up to you.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Feb 4, 2012

Re: Toothache – Intense detox

Hi Aajonus,

I am not sleeping tonight as I am in extreme pain from a toothache. It's the bottom row, on the right side all the way in the back, the back tooth.

My neck was out earlier tonight and I got a neck massage and did ice packs on it and, finally, it loosened up with some cracks when twisting it. There is still pain there, however. I've not been to the chiro since coming north and perhaps it’s time to go now.

I've been massaging the area of the tooth and the skin was "mushy" in the back of the tooth. No other signs of abscess or infection. The tooth is a bit loose and when you push down on it, as when eating, the pain increases a lot.

The whole head and neck have been in pain in various areas, coming and going. I've had left ear problems with what I thought was wax buildup about a week ago. I put in olive oil twice and it went away in a couple of days. Now I have pain in my right ear. It does not seem like wax, just pain.

The sinuses got better when I only drank kefir and went off cow’s milk. That plus more hot tubbing. The nose is still clogged up, but at least one side works well enough to get about 5 hours of sleep at a time. I am on small amounts of goat milk now, sour cream, kefir, butter and coconut cream. And since I made this change, the sinuses have been better, which means not totally clogged. Another change was when I came north, I started in on a lot of ice cream. I stopped eating this too. Perhaps the cold cream was an issue. I have also been on more juice generally. Over the last 2 to 3 weeks, I have been eating non-organic, no- added-salt crackers (but salt in the cooking mix, from Trader Joe’s) with butter and honey frequently. Not sure if this has anything to do with anything but it is a change.

I can't take a defeatist attitude and just consider it is the cold weather regarding my sinus problems and that there is nothing I can do about it. Yes, the cold weather is a change, but so were these other factors as above. But on the other hand, the detoxes from one to another with the sinuses persisting is a new phenomena. The weather does seem to have some effect as the body is not used to it.

I will see about getting clove oil to help the tooth pain and get some sleep.

But I figured I should go to the dentist Monday and I will have to get one X-ray shot and see what they say. The tooth may have been a root canal tooth with a cap, but I am not sure. If the root is dead and the pain persists, I should probably get it pulled. I have been going to Bio Dental in Tijuana and they don't think root canals are good as, eventually, they rot out and create infection when they do. The last tooth I had pulled about 10 months ago was like this - it was causing an infection and it broke. It was not painful, but I did have it pulled as it broke and had to be removed. The X-ray showed the infection. It was a root canal that did not last.

Please advise.

You are certainly exploring things I wouldn't recommend. I would never use ice packs longer than 2 minutes on anything, because it restricts and sometimes completely blocks nutrient flow to the area. I always advise to use heat.

Your symptoms indicate that you are experiencing an overall head detoxification.

Crackers of any sort are likely to be GMO based and contain many additives, even though not labeled. I suggest cooking organic rice instead.

I do not accept the neo-dentists’ views on root canals. I have had several root canals, some naturally made by my body and some dental. When an area around the tooth is detoxifying (infected), usually it is not the tooth, but the nerve going to the tooth, and the surrounding gums that are toxic. The nerve may be poisoned from the base of the tooth all the way to the brain, but will usually detoxify out the gums however, sometimes out the face or eyes. Having a tooth pulled only seals off the exit point of detoxification. If the tooth naturally, completely releases from the nerve and bone, then extraction is appropriate.

Cold is a major factor in many conditions and sinuses is one. It is not fatalistic to accept that and move to a climate that promotes better health.

Healthfully and appreciatively, Aajonus

Hi Aajonus,

Thanks very much! Yes, my eyes have also been sore too.

After 24 hours, and sleeping all day except for eating breaks, with a full meat meal about every 5 to 7 hours, the severe tooth pain majorly went away. I had about 3/4 of a pound of chicken 4 times that day, which is a lot more meat than I had been eating, plus other stuff too: eggs, kefir, butter and veggie juice. It was very interesting to observe the food being absorbed so fast and to be that hungry again so fast. It must have been a "classic" heavy detox! :)

24 hours after this, the pain was almost gone. I went to the dentist 24 hours after that and had 1 X-ray. He said the nerve is dead and recommended a root canal. There is also a cavity at the side of the cap. He recommended one handling of opening up the cap, doing the root canal and then waiting to ensure the root canal will hold and then filling the cap and cavity.

He also suggested implants if I wanted those and wanted to remove the tooth instead. I was going to get a bridge as I have an empty tooth between that tooth and the other one, but I am not sure about doing a bridge on a root canal tooth. The dentist said the root canal can last 10 to 15 years when done right, perhaps a bit more.

It is still sore, but I can live with it for a while; it is not excruciating like it was, but is still sore and somewhat painful. I can't chew with it at all.

How does a body naturally make a root canal?

What do you suggest about dealing with the tooth?

Update Feb 1st:

The tooth is back to normal. No pain at all and the infection is gone and the tooth sunk down to it's original spot. But the cavity in the side of the cap is still there. So at this point, I should at least get the cavity filled and, if I want, I suppose I get can get a root canal and bridge.

What do you suggest?

As I stated in my first email about your tooth: I do not accept the neo-dentists’ views on root canals. I have had several root canals, some naturally made by my body and some dental. When an area around the tooth is detoxifying (infected), usually it is not the tooth, but the nerve going to the tooth, and the surrounding gums that are toxic. The nerve may be poisoned from the base of the tooth all the way to the brain, but will usually detoxify out the gums however, sometimes out the face or eyes. Having a tooth pulled only seals off the exit point of detoxification. If the tooth naturally, completely releases from the nerve and bone, then extraction is appropriate. Or pull it out yourself when it is that loose.

If the tooth is dead as he claims, no root canal is necessary. The root is already dead and drying or already dried. If there is a cavity in the dead tooth and it can be reached without removing the crown, then have it filled. If it is under that cap, no digestive acids are going to get to it anyway so it will not get worse. I suggest you leave the tooth alone and let it eventually fall out on its own.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Feb 6, 2012

Re: Dog unable to walk

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Hi Aajonus!

I have kept myself from emailing you every week with questions about my dog’s progress, but I need to touch base with you now. He has not been able to walk since about Christmas time. He lays on the floor and moves himself about very little. He whines and whimpers if he does move. He does try to turn over but the rear end doesn't respond too well. I think if it didn't hurt he could move better. His legs are weak and too uncoordinated to walk, but if he has an itch on his head he can scratch it. So odd. He is not paralyzed, just so very weak. I try to move him about to give him something to do, but he is so heavy. I think he's put back on every pound he lost. His stools have finally been formed, but yesterday he was loose again, the first time in weeks. His eyes are bright, his coat is beautiful and his appetite is good for an animal that just lays about. He doesn't eat as much as he used to, but he doesn't do anything either.

I bought a flat snow sled to put him on so I can drag him outside for some fresh air. I take food and water to him and clean up after him. His urine smells like wet aluminum. How long do you think until he will be able to walk? Have you seen dogs get back up after this? I just feel so bad for him laying there, while my other dog runs in and out all day. But, I'm thinking when he can move he will, and he knows when that will be.

Two weeks ago, I came home from work and he was on the porch. No one was home, so no one saw how he did it, but somehow he went out through the doggie door. And from the position he was in on the porch, I'm thinking he just did make it out the door. I had to assist him back in and he was able to get up somewhat, the back legs just would not coordinate to walk. He has not gotten up since.

Thank you for any information you have.

I hope you are healing rapidly and are feeling well.

Thank you for your well wishes. I wish the same for you.

Aluminum is a huge nerve tissue disrupter, although not as bad as mercury. However, aluminum can paralyze without causing permanent harm. I have seen about 17 dogs and cats recover from rear-end paralysis not caused by an accident. I saw only one perish during such a detoxification, but that dog was 15 or 16 years old.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Feb 12, 2012

Re: Brain mold recipe

Hi Aajonus,

I lost my recipe for my brain mold. I had it in my recipe book but it wasn't there today.

Thank you.

4 tablespoons lime juice 1 tablespoon lemon juice 3 tablespoons coconut cream 1.5 tablespoons cream .5 teaspoon apple cider vinegar 1 egg 3 tablespoons honey

Mix and pour into 3--4 oz naturally sparkling mineral water or raw milk.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Feb 25, 2012

Re: My dog – hot spot treatment

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Hi Aajonus,

My dog has a huge hot spot on his left hip that I cannot seem to get under control. He leaves it alone for a day or so and I think he's done chewing it, then he starts at it again. It was pretty much dry today except for a small area about the size of a dime which was still oozing clear fluid, but minimally. The entire chewed area is the size of a coffee cup saucer. He just started chewing the area again and the whole area is red and bloody. I have put butter and honey on it and also some coconut cream. He licks all of that off. So I stopped putting it on, hoping not to attract his attention to the area, but that certainly did not work either. Suggestions please.

He had a better day today. He sat up on his haunches several times. I have not seen him with his head off the ground and front legs straight since Christmas. His hind end is still weak and he is unable to pull his hind legs under him, or he would have sat up longer I'm sure.

Also I found all the hair off of his hind end under his anus with scabs all over it. His tail is no longer swollen at the base, the anal tissue is shrinking and all the tissue under his anus is loose and flabby. It must have been inflamed all of this time. He is also having bowel movements now without "screaming." He just grunts so I know the pain is subsiding.

I am hoping he can take a few steps by the end of March. Honestly all this time, and especially these past 6 weeks, I wasn't sure if I was watching him die or watching him heal. I am encouraged today.

I was log rolling him to turn him, but now with this open area, I can't roll him onto it. I bought him a pressure reduction dog bed so he doesn't get a pressure ulcer on his other hip. Maybe he didn't need one since he sat up today, but I can't have open sores on both hips. I hope that doesn't happen.

What to do with this hot spot?

Thank you!

There must be some very very caustic toxins under and in the skin to cause him to chew it to remove it. Applying moist clay is the best. However, to 1 oz moist clay add 1 tsp dry clay and 1 1/2 T. raw milk; mix and apply. Cover it with a damp rag and cover that with plastic and hold it all together with an Ace bandage.

Sounds as though he is going to pull through this.

Healthfully and appreciatively, Aajonus

It WORKED!!! I did what you said and he tore off the covering off of the clay, but did not lick the clay off. It seems to be very soothing to the area. I got a warm wash cloth and placed it over the clay and he left that on. I was able to roll him onto his hot spot side with the wash cloth protecting the area. He is sleeping quite comfortably now. I have not put him on that side for a week. He is so relaxed now.

Thank you.

Mar 3, 2012

Re: Super Angel Juicer

Hi Aajonus,

Here is the website for the Super Angel Juicer:

That is the same one I have. It is good, but overpriced, imbalanced and harder to clean than the Green Star.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Mar 3, 2012
Re: Baby’s Diet
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Hi Aajonus,

Thank you for all of your help with my pregnancy and my son's health. He just turned 5 months. After we last spoke he got better, started sleeping through the night 10 - 11 hours, and has been doing great. He is primarily on goat's milk - 1 cup, 3/4 tsp butter, 1/2 tsp honey and 1 oz of cow's cream. The liver was too harsh on him.

I am getting ready to start him on liver again and slowly introduce it as you mentioned. He is growing a couple of bottom teeth. I am wondering if it's an indication of adding to his diet. Is there anything else I can start giving him? Or would it be better if you saw him during your next visit here to recommend a diet plan for him?

Thank you. I am delighted that he is better. Yes, cutting teeth indicates that he could use a bit more protein such as the liver. He does not need anything else other than what you are giving him now, with a bit of liver added.

If I were to see him, I could tell you what to expect in detoxification for the future.

Healthfully and appreciatively, Aajonus

At what age should I expect to start adding solids or when should I check back in about his diet?

Solids can be added about 2 months after all of his teeth are in and settled. However, he will always get more nutrients with less food if meats are pureed for him. He will not need much fruit or other foods.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Mar 8, 2012

Re: Bones that glow in the dark

Hi Aajonus,

I have been buying natural pork for my dog at Kroger – no antibiotics, etc. I gave him a pork chop last night and he didn't eat it. I got up about 2 a.m. and noticed something "glowing in the dark” on his plate. I thought I was just crazy and went back to bed. This morning when I got up, the same "glow." The bone in the pork chop glows in the dark!!! It really does.

What to do with this? What is in the bone and how and where would I get it tested?

I have the packaging and my receipt.

Thank you.

Natural does not mean anything in commercial arenas. The glow could be from radiation-treated meats or chemically fed animals. No laboratory that I know of checks for the types of radioactive material that would cause iridescence. You would have to get a Geiger counter that measures strontium and other such radioactive materials.

If you want your dog to get healthy faster, feed him organically grown food.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Mar 6, 2012
Re: Terrasilk Clay
(See also: 20130510-0848 Re: Clay)

Hi Aajonus,

I have been speaking to someone who said that you recommended that she take Terrasilk clay for internal use. I have always heard you recommend Terramin clay for internal use and Terrasilk for cleaning the teeth.

Also, I take it you do not like Living Clay Detox Clay Powder from As one does not absorb the minerals from the clay, I am at a loss to understand what is harmful about it. However, please say, as I do not want to give out false and harmful information. It has finer clay particles and absorbs/adsorbs more water and has more magnesium.

Many thanks.

March 8, 2012

Because Terrasilk is so expensive, I usually simply suggest Terramin. In cases where I think that the larger mineral clusters (Terramin) might cause some problems in the intestines, I will suggest Terrasilk for consumption.

Although the minerals in clays from volcanic waste will not absorb, when mixed with intestinal juices and bacteria, they outgas. To get an idea of the outgassing, see:

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Mar 8, 2012

Thank you Aajonus,

When I received the compositions of Terramin and Living Clay I found that they both had heavy metals, mercury, lead, cadmium, etc. in the formulas. So wouldn't both outgas in the intestines?

Yes, I have seen the tooth outgassing video many times and have sent it to many people. However, the mercury is in a different form.

Thank you for your time. I like to be accurate with my answers and knowledge, and I'm unsure about these facts on the 2 clays. I would prefer tests to be done on both clays to find out the results with bacteria and intestinal juices.

And yes I did find that the Terramin clay is not ground very finely compared to the Living Clay.

Thank you.

Mar 9, 2012

I would like to see updated tests also.

The clay is not ground to a finer form, the clays are sifted with fine, medium and coarse screens.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Mar 15, 2012

Re: Urgent – Baby throwing up

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I reintroduced liver today to my son. I put about 2-3 tablespoons of liver into his goat's milk with the usual butter, honey and cream. It's been about 3 hours and he threw up and has some diarrhea. I realize that is what happened last time and that it would be some form of detox but he has continued to convulse and can't stop throwing up. He chokes and can't breathe when he is throwing up. He has nothing left to throw up but he is continuing to try to. What do I do? What can I give him? I am hesitant to give him the goat's milk even without liver as I am concerned he is just going to throw it up. He will not eat raw cheese. Do I let his stomach settle without any food or does he need it to get out toxins?

Once his stomach settles, give him some raw cottage cheese, about 1 BB-sized amount at a time. His vomit will not last long.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Mar 21, 2012

Re: Daughter in pain and eyes have a bluish tint?

Hi Aajonus,

We spoke on the phone a few days ago about my 8-year-old daughter who is going through body aches

and pains. The worst pains are usually her middle to lower back and her stomach. She describes her

pain in terms of low, medium, and high. Just a few minutes ago she got out of a bath and told me I don’t

hurt anywhere, except my head is medium. Or, at other times, she will say I am medium hurting all over.

Yesterday there were about 6 hours in the day where she did not hurt anywhere. She seems to be going

in and out of the pain with low pain areas or medium pain areas and occasionally she will hurt high / bad

all over. When she hurts bad all over she cannot walk or do anything. It seems to be more normal for her

to have some pain than to have no pain. So when she tells me she does not hurt this is always surprising

and good news. You told me it is toxins in muscles and/or ligaments.

I looked in her eyes tonight and noticed that the whites of her eyes are bluish. My son (6 years old),

daughter and I stood in the mirror comparing the whites of our eyes. Mine are the whitest with some red

veins and my son’s are the next whitest with a touch of bluish, but my daughter’s whites of her eyes are

noticeably bluish tinted. Is this part of her pain / toxins she is experiencing or what is it?

What is causing the whites of my daughter’s eyes to have a bluish tint?

You asked me to give her cheese, honey and butter mashed together twice a day, and I am. Also, you told

me to give her the sport drink 4 ounces 5 times a day, and to eat fresh pineapple.

Is there anything else I need to be doing and how long should I continue with all of this?

Keep in mind that she runs and plays and danced for 2 ¼ hours tonight having fun. When she plays, runs

and dances she looks healthy with red rosy cheeks. She looks healthier than a lot of kids even though she

is having pain and has had it for months now.

Please let me know about the bluish whites of the eyes that she is experiencing.

Thank you.

Blueish sclera indicates that aluminum is in the bone marrow. Aluminum interferes with nerve transmissions and in combination with salt can cause much cellular damage. The only way to get concentrated aluminum is from vaccines, chemtrails, baking soda and some commercial foods. She obviously is not handling aluminum well.

When pain is transient, the body is handling detoxification well. When pain is constant, it means the body is not doing it as efficiently as it is supposed to with proper nutrients.

Once daily, you could give her the combination of 3 dates, 2 T. no-salt raw butter and 2 T. no-salt raw cheese for pain. Raspberries with fat, such as coconut cream, helps the body remove aluminum. I suggest maintaining the diet as suggested.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Apr 5, 2012

Re: Penicillin Destroyer Recipe

Dear Aajonus,

It was great to see you in Chicago!

One quick question: I wrote 3 oz lime juice for the Penicillin Destroyer Recipe. This is what I wrote for the recipe: 3 oz lime juice 1T lemon juice 3T coconut cream 1T dairy cream 2T honey

Did I write it wrong? Should it be 3T instead?

I enjoyed seeing you too.

3 oz. is correct, but you need to add to your list of ingredients: 1 tsp raw apple cider vinegar 1 egg.

Healthfully and appreciatively, Aajonus

Thank you! It's good I asked. Does it get blended in the blender?

Yes, blended.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

26 Apr, 2012

Re: Thyroid

Dear Aajonus,

I just wanted to clarify my thyroid issue. Last time I saw you (Sept 2010) you had said I did not have any thyroid problems, but different blood tests have shown that I have Hashimoto's, and I am sure I have had it for years. Why would that not have shown up when you looked at my eyes and hands?

Have you had other clients with this, and get over it with the right nutrition?

I must assume that you have not watched my DVD lecture. In it, I explain how the endocrine glands are for emergency purposes only. Because people are so toxic and low on nutrients, their bodies produce hormones for everyday help and not just for emergencies. Normally, the thyroid protects the heart and lungs. If you are in an accident, wherein your heart and lungs stop, thyroxines are produced to jump-start the heart and lungs. The thyroid does not normally have any relationship to normal energy or well being, however the medical profession profits enormously from their false claim that we need certain levels of hormones. If diet and digestion are correct, plenty of energy and well-being will result once homeostasis is achieved.

When people consume or are exposed to toxins, it causes their bodies to produce emergency hormones. I suggest that you focus on diet, digestion and lymphatic flow.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Apr 26, 2012

Re: Dental Care

Hi Aajonus,

Lately, I have noticed a discoloration in one of my wisdom teeth. What once was a gold crown now is partly black when I look in the mirror. Moreover, it feels a bit swollen in the surrounding gums. I believe it is time to have it checked (preferably tomorrow). Have you had any similar experience?

All of my teeth with crowns completely covered any tooth so I cannot tell if any are turning gray. I have had many teeth have surrounding swelling at times. I eat 2-3 T. no-salt raw cheeses with 2 tsp. unheated honey 3-4 times daily when that occurs.

Healthfully and appreciatively, Aajonus

Hi Aajonus,

Thank you for sharing what you do for swelling around teeth. It seems to work when I take more cheese and honey as well.

I have a formal checkup scheduled in a few days. My teeth have plaque that chips off when I use my fingernail. Are you against cleanings? I'm sure they will want to do one.

I am against scraping the teeth with a metal tool. Most dentists have an electrical tool that can clean them easily and quickly without scraping the teeth. If plaque chips with the fingernail, plaque will probably clean easily with brushing with vinegar, coconut cream and clay.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Hi Aajonus,

I had a cleaning today. It went well. They used an electrical tool, as you mentioned. The tooth formula must be working because the assistant said my teeth look good.

They offered to X-ray as part of the checkup. Of course I said "no". The dentist found nothing wrong. Yea! He said I "might" want to get a deep cleaning for the next checkup. I heard this years ago. In lieu of that, shall I simply keep using the tooth formula you gave?

Congratulations! Yes, continue to brush with the formula, but only once every 5 days with vinegar.

Healthfully and appreciatively, Aajonus


Lets see if I understand. Use all formula ingredients, but every 5th day brush only with vinegar?

Not quite. You can brush with coconut cream and clay every day but with coconut cream, clay and vinegar every 5th day.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Apr 29, 2012

Re: Amalgam Removal

Hi Aajonus,

Your bacteria information is fabulous! Thanks for all you do to help people.

I have a question about amalgam removal. Is there anything special one should do before or after the procedure?

Thank you for your appreciation for my work.

Amalgams should be removed by a dentist who uses a mouth/throat dam, and a modern drill with a water injector that will cool the bit as s/he drills. Most pain from drilling is the result of the bit getting very hot to the point it heats the tooth and burns the nerves. I had 16 amalgams removed in 2 sessions. I did not use any medical anesthetic, and there was no water cooling for drill bits in 1978. However, I chewed and expectorated cannabis leaves for 30 minutes before drilling began. Also, I had a signal with the dentist, when the bit got hot, I tapped his wrist that was not attached to the drill. He stopped, dipped the bit in cold water and resumed drilling. We did this for 4 hours the first morning and 4 hours the next. Much of the time was pausing to cool the bit. With the new water cooling technology, time could be reduced by 50%; although, the dentist must drill much slower when s/he drills near a nerve that he may nick. If the bit is not hot, the nick will be an instant flash pain and will be gone in seconds.

Also, I suggest that cotton balls, lightly moistened with unheated coconut oil, be used to plug the nose so that metallic (mercury, thallium, etc.) dust will not be inhaled while the dentist drills.

I strongly recommend that an anesthetic not be used. They cause solidification of facial bones and deterioration of gums and teeth, often blocking circulation into the bone that results in recessive gums. Many tongue, mouth and neck cancers are caused by dental anesthetics.

Dietarily, I suggest the typical Primal Diet™, but have small amounts (1/2-1 teaspoon) of no-salt raw cheese wIthOUT honey at least once hourly for 5 days prior to and after dental work. Also, I suggest that 2- 3 tablespoons of no-salt raw cheese with 2-3 teaspoons of unheated honey are consumed 3 times daily, especially about 30 minutes after a raw meat meal; and once in the middle of the night, with 2 ounces of raw milk.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Apr 29, 2012

Re: Doctor for elderly parents

Hi Aajonus,

My parents are 83 years old. My mom has Alzheimer’s and my dad is doing pretty well. They drink raw egg smoothies 5 days a week, and the rest of their diet is horrible. I'm working on that, despite opposition from my brother. Anyway, my dad has made a decision not to go back to his primary (medical mafia) doctor for himself or my mom. I know that drugs will only hurt them. Is there any reason that they should see a doctor due to their poor eating habits and the fact that they are old? Are there any alternative doctors that are good?

Thanks for your help!

Even alternative doctors offer only toxic therapies. I see no benefit in seeing a physician, unless you like terror stories.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

May 1, 2012

Re: Strep Throat

Hi Aajonus,

My children had contact with a friend who has strep throat.

Our children do not have strep throat as of this moment and they may not get it.

But, I would like to know: What food would you use to PREVENT strep throat and what food would you

use to TREAT strep throat.

I looked in your book and did not see any information on strep throat.

Thank You.

Since the weather is getting warmer, it is the season for throat detoxifications. Strep is not contagious. If your children get it, it is because their bodies want to detoxify the neck area at the throat. To mitigate symptoms, apply hot water bottles to their necks each night for about 9 days, then they will perspire the toxins and probably will not need to detoxify through the throat.

If and when strep occurs, consume 1 T. of the following mixture every 2 hours until throat detox is finished: 2 oz. lime juice, 1 tsp lemon juice, 3 T. unheated honey, 1/2 tsp raw apple cider vinegar, 2 T. coconut cream and 2 T. raw dairy cream.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

May 7, 2012

Re: Emergency - Lead Spill in Child’s Bedroom

Hi Aajonus,

My daughter had a mobile hanging from her ceiling in her bedroom. One of the pieces of the mobile was

a globe of the earth. The globe fell down onto a wood floor and spilled a black powder on the floor. I had

the black powder analyzed at a laboratory for heavy metals. The lab checked for the 4 top heavy metals:

arsenic, lead, mercury, and cadmium. Everything was negative except for the lead. The black powder

had a very high lead content.

What diet can we use to get lead out of the body, if we happened to take any in?

The room has been quarantined and I am going to have someone come in and check for any residual lead


Please tell me about food that will take lead out of the body if we happened to take any in.

Thank you.

2 ounces cilantro and 2 ounces carrot juices, 1/2 tsp raw apple cider vinegar and 2 ounces cucumber puree, once daily for 2 weeks and twice weekly for 10 weeks. Also, 3 ounces blueberries, 1 T. coconut cream, 1 T. dairy cream and 1/2 tsp. raw apple cider vinegar, once daily 5 days weekly for 10 weeks.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

May 7, 2012

Re: Arsenic in Eggs

Dear Aajonus,

You were saying that eggs are now contaminated with arsenic due to the hens eating commercial feed.

Does that include the organic free-range eggs from the farms that I can get here? Would that include

the eggs from the stores here in the UK that say free-range and organic? Please let me know as I

would like to get back into raw eggs.


May 12, 2012

Any non-organic feed fed to poultry is contaminated. Some organic feeds may be contaminated. The only way to know is to have food tested.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

May 18, 2012

Re: Baby’s Diet

(See also: Oct 24, 2011 Re: Urgent - Sick Baby, Please Help
Oct 28, 2011 Re: Urgent – Baby Liver Formula Follow Up
Nov 12, 2000 Re: Baby Skin Rash and Formula Ingredients
Nov 30, 2011 Re: Baby with Cold, Diarrhea & Vomiting – follow up
Mar 3, 2012 Re: Baby’s Diet
Mar 15, 2012 Re: Urgent – Baby throwing up)

Hi Aajonus,

My son has 6 top teeth in and two bottom. He drools every time he watches us eat. Is there anything I can start feeding him that's pureed?

Have you tried the liver shake? You can puree sirloin also.

Healthfully and appreciatively, Aajonus

Hi Aajonus, I have given him liver, and every time I continue to try it, he ends up throwing up for the rest of the day. I tried it again last week and put a tiny bit, approximately half a teaspoon mixed with raw milk, and he threw up for the next several hours. I keep going back to 1 cup of raw goat's milk, 1-2 oz of raw cow's cream, and 1 1/2 tablespoons of raw butter and honey.

I do not think he can handle the liver. I gave him half a teaspoon of eye of round beef; I ground it up and added milk. He did not throw up, but he did get a little bit of diarrhea.

What else can I give him mushed up? Bananas? Raw eggs?

Also, as you know, Organic Pastures was shut down again so we will not have cream and butter until next Saturday, if I can order it through Ra Healthy Foods. I can get raw goat's milk but is there anything else I can give him for a week until then?

Most infants live exclusively on raw milk up to 18 months of age. If the liver causes him to detoxify, then I suggest you give it to him only once every 10 days to help him cleanse more slowly.

Mixing and blending a little eye of round is a fine way to add more protein to his diet.

I do not understand why you are so adamant about feeding him much more than milk, cream, butter and honey with occasional meat.

Healthfully and appreciatively, Aajonus

Thanks Aajonus, I am only adamant to the extent that I feel pressured by everyone around me to feed him more. Children's books all talk about feeding them by 7 months. I want to make sure he is not deficient in nutrients, especially since we are now going to have limitations to raw butter and cream with this constant political nonsense that goes on every time they shut down Organic Pastures. It's also very difficult to see how he responds to liver, even the tiniest amount. I wish there were another way to detox him. It's very painful for me to see a baby throw up violently.

I understand, but you must force logic upon people who tell you that a baby needs other foods than raw milk until the age of 18 months. Most healthy tribal children get only raw milk until they are 24 months. After that, mothers chew meats and feed it to babies, but milk is still the major source of food until 4 years of age.

Violent vomit indicates that you transferred some very caustic toxins into him while he was gestating. It is better that he detoxifies one day every 10 until he has discarded those toxins. Hopefully, all or most are stored in the stomach lining.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

May 19, 2012

Re: Raw Cannabis Juice

Hi Aajonus,

Maybe you have read about the raw cannabis juice which is healing some pretty difficult problems. I am hoping I can grow some to see if the juice will be the final thing to get my adrenals and lungs right, so I can get off prednisone. with Dr William Courtney who has clinics in N California contains a good short video and has lots of other interesting material.

It all sounds very impressive. With the raw juice there are no problems or side effects and it appears to give results very quickly for so many difficult problems/diseases. I feel like starting it right away, but don’t know anyone here with fresh plants. I have asked William Courtney if he can send me seeds of the best variety to grow.

May 21, 2012

I have utilized the juice with many conditions over the last 20 years, but because I am not an MD and the illegality of it, I do not speak of it and rarely suggest it unless it is a matter of life or death.

I have found that it is not the miracle juice that Dr Courtney states it is, but it is very helpful. However, he may have a plant quality that may make the difference. I hope that he will send you seeds and you can try it. If it does make that much of a difference, I will have to get some of his seeds.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

May 19, 2012

Re: Clots

Hi Aajonus,

About my friend: She is still in a coma, which is not now induced. There are no more brain hemorrhages, but another small clot has gone to a kidney this time. They don’t seem to know where the clots are coming from. 3 areas in the brain were damaged before. The prognosis doesn’t look good. She moves her one side (not paralyzed) and opens and closes her eyes. But, evidently, she appears to be far away. I cannot do anything, so just speak to her partner every few days. He is not at all pushy, so not many answers. Evidently, they will be giving her blood thinners very soon. He has asked to give some nourishing liquids to her in the tube, but they have said it would be too thick and could block or cause problems.

May 21, 2012

First, you must repair the ulcers that are causing the clots to form, with green head cabbage juice. That is very thin and can be injected into her tube.

To dissolve clots that form – until the ulcer that creates the clots is mended with cabbage juice – I suggest injecting 1 T. raw apple cider vinegar with 2 ounces of raw milk or raw whey through the tube. The vinegar will have to be combined with the milk only minutes before it is injected. If the vinegar is mixed and sits for about 30 minutes, the milk may thicken like kefir and eventually clump.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Jun 11, 2012

Re: Pain in Vagina and Uterus

(See also: 20110402-1423 Re: Vaginosis
and 20130326-0429 Re: Vagina Problem)

Hi Aajonus,

My vagina and uterus have been in excruciating pain. I have a hard time walking and my body is bent forward. This has to do with the bacteria and gas (from the anus) which entered my vagina and I know is why I am in a lot of pain. I've been taking the clay internally but the pain continues.

You mentioned a couple of years ago about douching with lemon and lime. If so, what would be the measurements, and do I dilute it?

What should I do? Please respond.

Sorry you are experiencing pain.

I suggest that you consume the clay with milk as originally suggested. However, now, I also suggest implanting a mixture of 3 tablespoons each of no-salt raw butter, coconut cream and raw milk into both your vagina and rectum, half of the formula in each orifice. Make certain you are lying down on your back for this. Once you have injected the formula in each orifice, raise your buttocks in the air, feet and upper back on the floor or bed, and slowly roll your stomach like a belly dancer for about 4 minutes.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Jun 12, 2012

Re: Baby with Constipation

Hi Aajonus,

Should I give my son anything different for constipation? He has a real hard time pooping and strains himself. His poop is typically a mustard-colored ball or a few small ones.


Since he is on a perfect diet, most of the food he eats will completely digest and he will not make much feces -- not much undigested food or waste.

If he is straining, his bowel is not getting enough raw fat. I suggest that you give him a suppository of 1 T. each of no-salt raw butter, coconut cream and dairy cream. That way the intestinal bacteria won't have to hold the feces so long to get as much fat as possible. His colon bacteria will love it because it is fresh fat and not the little left over from the small intestines.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Jun 16, 2012

Re: Blocked Arteries

Hi Aajonus,

A couple of years ago my mother had stents put in 2 of her arteries. One was 80% blocked and the other 65% blocked. Afterwards, you suggested 3 tbsp honey, 1 tbsp of raw apple cider vinegar and 2 1/4 oz mineral water, 3 times a day for two months, then twice a day for two months, then once a day forever; and to eat plenty of eggs.

I'm 60 years old and have been on the raw diet for 5 years. I'm 143lbs and female. I've been having some heaviness in my chest, no cold or stress, but winded when climbing stairs, and pain in my left arm. Would this remedy be the fastest for cleaning out my arteries or would you suggest something else? Also, I have not been as strict on the raw diet this past 6 months, but I am back at it again, for the peace of mind and the healthy results!

Most likely, your system is not congested. Probably, your body is using your lymphatic system in the chest area to detoxify the stuff you were eating that added toxicity to your body. However, to help your body dissolve some of those toxins, I suggest that you consume 2 T. of raw apple cider vinegar in 4 ounces of milk once daily for 3 weeks only. Afterward, you may do 1 T. once daily.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

June 25, 2012

Re: Sport Formula

Hi Aajonus,

Can you email me the Sports Drink asap as I need to go out today to get all the products while I have the car.


Aajonus' Sport Formula (not Sport Drink):

3 cups of at least 2 of the following foods: cucumber tomato watermelon raw milk and/or fresh raw liquid whey.

The cucumber, watermelon and tomato are to be pureed not juiced; the whey is the liquid byproduct of making cheese; milk is whole raw milk. You may have any combination of those to equal 3 cups.

The remainder of the ingredients are: 1 T. raw apple cider vinegar 2 T. lime juice 2 tsp. lemon juice 2 T. coconut cream 2 T. dairy cream 2--3 eggs 1--2 T. unheated honey (optional).

That makes about 1 quart, after blending all ingredients together. Sip throughout the day for hydration.


June 27, 2012

Re: Lypomas

Hi Aajonus,

Have you ever worked with lypoma patients?

My friend has lypomas (abnormal large fat pads) over his body. He is full of them, and they seem to be coming faster.

Have you had success working with lypoma victims?

Hundreds, but they take very long to reverse because they are no danger to the body.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

July 7, 2012

Re: California Homestead

Hi Aajonus,

I want to get a small house for my daughter and I and set up a homestead for ourselves – a few chickens, a goat or two, bees, a garden, etc.

Question: We love the California weather and everything it has to offer and I would look around here to find a place to get, but realistically do you think California is going to make it through whatever is ahead for us in the very near future? Should I forget CA all together and look somewhere else? Or do you think it will survive the storm? What about Texas? I want year round warm weather but not desert like in AZ, and have to buy in the country. What do you think?

July 8, 2012

I would not buy anything in CA. The state laws are so stringent, all of our rights to grow what we want, likely, will be gone within a few years.

I am involved in a recently purchased farm in southern Missouri. It has a cold season, but certainly not as long. The cost of land there is extraordinarily reasonable. We are several families. We already have cows we milk daily. We have chickens and eggs.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

July 11, 2012

Re: High Meat

Hi Aajonus,

My high meat has been at room temperature for almost a month. In a matter of days, it will be ready for refrigeration. Once I put it in the fridge, do I need to keep airing it out every 3 days?

If you do not open it, the bacteria will stop digesting it.

Healthfully and appreciatively, Aajonus

Hi Aajonus,

Thanks for answering. I presume the dosage is the size of a ping pong ball once a week?

Also, do I eat high meat by itself, or can I add fats and other meats?

Eat as much as you want, but no less than a ping pong ball size. You can eat meat after eating high meat or eat it by itself.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

July 14, 2012

Re: Graying Hair

Hi Aajonus,

I have been on, and about 90% compliant with the Primal Diet since 2004. I have read both of your books, too.

Over the last 18 - 24 months, my hair has been rapidly graying.

We Want to Live talks about tomatoes, raw unsalted cheeses, celery and celery juice, Terramin clay, oysters and raw fish, as well as a fertile egg and mineral water drink, all of which I consume, except for the last item.

My father and uncles (on both sides) lived and died with their full natural hair color, despite eating the SAD and worse. All my siblings - within a few years of my age - have no gray hair, despite eating SAD.

1) What causes gray hair?

2) Is it reversible on the Primal or any other diet?

3) What is your PD protocol for gray hair and have you experienced any significant success with this problem?

4) If the above food items for mineral deficiencies are in fact applicable for graying hair, in what quantities and for how long?

As I stated in my books and newsletters, graying hair is usually caused by heavy metals, especially aluminum. However, some people are able to rid the body of aluminum by building aluminum into hair without causing graying. Over the age of 50, it is very difficult to stop aluminum from graying hair because of all of the toxins that have accumulated and deficiencies that result. However, I have seen gray come and go in my hair since chemo in 1968. Since I was abducted and injected in 2009, my hair has gone much more toward gray.

To help mineral imbalances, I now ask people to consume 3-4 T. no-salt raw cheese with 3 t. unheated honey, twice daily, usually 30 minutes after each meat meal.

Consuming 3/4 - 1 cup raspberries with 3-4 T. coconut cream, 1-2 T. dairy cream, 3 T. lime juice, 2 t. lemon juice and 1 t. raw apple cider vinegar helps to eliminate aluminum and reduce graying.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Would Terramin clay in any way contribute to detoxing the heavy metals causing gray hair?

I just turned 46, but have been following the PD for over 8 years. I was a raw vegan for nearly a decade before that. I only got my first gray hair about 6 years ago, but the last 18 months has seen a rapid acceleration. Is this a product of overly rapid detox on the PD?

WHEN and HOW OFTEN should this be followed: " Consuming 3/4 - 1 cup raspberries with 3-4 T. coconut cream, 1-2 T. dairy cream, 3 T. lime juice, 2 t. lemon juice and 1 t. raw apple cider vinegar"?

The only way that your diet can accelerate detoxification is if you eat a lot of fruit, and that is not what the PD is. I suggest only one fruit meal daily. If that is all you consume, then the diet is not forcing your intense metal detoxification through the hair. It would be your body’s choice.

I suggest that raspberry mixture every day for 3 weeks and then at least 3 days weekly for as long as your hair is gray.

Healthfully and appreciatively, Aajonus

Thanks again. But in terms of WHEN the raspberry mixture should be eaten: empty stomach, OK with or near juice, etc? Obviously not with meat.

As your fruit meal in the afternoon.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

July 16, 2012

Re: Waking during surgery

Hi Aajonus,

Interesting – your latest newsletter (#29). In my roughly 30 to 35 eye surgeries I not once but twice was put out, but not going out before experiencing the full body paralysis. It was the most terrifying and relieving experience I have ever had. On one hand I could not move a muscle or breathe, I also could not tell them this since I could not speak either. So, just when you think you are about to die, you feel them shove the tube down your throat and begin breathing for you...Ugh!!

I awoke during one of my broken-nose-reconstruction surgeries. I woke when he was chiseling the overgrowth of bone between my eyes. The pain shot up into my brain. I fell unconscious after about 1 minute of excruciating pain.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

July 17, 2012


Hi, Aajonus,

I started the weight loss on Monday, June 25, 2012. I was 160 pounds and as of today I am 152.4. I can’t seem to lose any more weight. Should I eliminate the one tablespoon of coconut cream, and one tablespoon of cow’s cream from the Sports Drink?

I am also eating one or two oysters with a golf ball size of ground bison twice a day. Should I cut out the oysters?

Yesterday, I did fast walking and going up the stairs twice.

What do you recommend?

Be patient, you have all summer to lose the weight. I suggest that you not stop the 1 T. coconut cream or cow's cream; keep them in the Sport Formula.

I want to be certain you have the latest version of my Sport Formula; here it is:

Aajonus's Sport Formula (not Sport Drink):
3 cups of at least 2 of the follow foods:
raw milk and/or fresh raw liquid whey.
The cucumber, watermelon and tomato are to be pureed not juiced. The whey is the liquid
byproduct of making cheese. Milk is whole raw milk. You may have any combination of those to
equal 3 cups.
The remainder of the ingredients are:
1 T. raw apple cider vinegar
2 T. lime juice
2 tsp. lemon juice
2 T. coconut cream
2 T. dairy cream
2--3 eggs
1--2 T. unheated honey (optional).
That makes about 1 quart after blending all the ingredients together. Sip throughout the day for


Hi, Aajonus,

I am also having 1/2 tsp bone marrow once a day with my morning meat meal, and also twice a day 1/2 tsp butter. I am drinking a cup and half of milk a day.

Is it OK?

Yes, those inclusions are my suggestions for your good health.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

July 18, 2012

Re: Cotton Mask

Hi Aajonus,

I just want to confirm that I am ordering the correct product for a face mask. Do you recommend the Organic Cotton Mask from I Can Breathe?

Is it useful for airplane flights and other chemical fumes?

I use the organic cotton mask and the silk one over it. I use them only on airplanes, not for heavy chemical exposures. Additionally, I exhale heavily from my mouth through the area of my nose of the masks to moisten them and make them more effective.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

July 19, 2012

Re: Consultation, medical tests

Dear Aajonus,

I hope your trip is going well. I take it you are now in Finland.

I have been over the recording of my earlier consultation with you in October 2010. You mentioned in it

that I had bone cancer from the pelvis down. Do you still feel that, in this latest reading? It is obviously a

big statement. I have had tremendous aching in both hips, the ankle bones and weakness and pain in the

legs, upper thighs and restless legs at night for the last two years. What do you attribute that to? Plus The

MRI last year showed the hip labrum tear on the left hip (labrum tear with a cam lesion or paralabral cyst)

but also bursitis on both sides of the hip and tendinopathy. In your philosophy what is bursitis and how is it


Various specialist blood tests one health specialist did on me last year, December 2011, showed reactive

hypoglycemia, problem with HCL, GI malabsorption, slight pituitary hypofunction, inflammation (from

monocytes and lymphocytes), low T cells and Helper, low calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, glucose and

low globulin. Any comment or worry about this?

These were very specialised tests – not the average ones in which everything looks fine for me except

thyroid. However, even the normal tests show slightly low T4 and slightly high TSH. Is that normal? Also a

depressed progesterone. Is this a problem?

Another test by an immunologist in June 2011 revealed my immunoglobulin G was low (770 whereas

normal was 694-1618) and another test showed my RNAA (R Nase-L Activity Assay) to be abnormal and

high ie 536, whereas normal was less than 50. This apparently reveals a virus or immune system fighting

something. Any comment? Also a positive result came up for antibody to CMV (IGG) ie Epstein Barr,

although the immunologist said I had had this in the past and it was well contained and not threatening the

system. Any comments? Could this however explain why I am so wiped out and sleepy a lot of the time?

Or do you think he is right, that it is not a problem and no symptoms?

In my October 2010 reading with you you mentioned I had a sign of Crohn’s. How does that look now?

And I also wonder when you say I am close to lupus now. What would that mean; what symptoms?

The specialist from last year talks a lot about my immune system being very weak and I do seem to get

every viral, fungal or bacterial infection around - flus, colds etc. constantly. You don’t believe in the

immune, do you? You feel they are coming due to my toxic levels and them working on cleaning things up.

Yes? So you don’t believe in the immune. You don’t feel mine is weak?

On another note, I am worried about you Aajonus. Your life has reached a peak of danger, stress, crisis

and every authority after you, whether in LA, Philippines or Thailand. So many battles. I know you believe

in truth and speaking truth. Could you not have a period of being cautious right now, keeping your voice

down e.g. in the Philippines or any of these non-Western countries where your life might be in danger. I

see you need to defend yourself in LA and that battle, but are the others so necessary right now e.g.

speaking against swine flu, etc. Just don’t want you to go through those injections again and such

danger! You did look harassed and stressed when I saw you. It is not a way to live. Take care and

perhaps lie low for a time.

I do not state that a person has cancer because I am not a medical doctor. I stated that you had indications of bone cancer. Most of those indications are gone as of your last visit. Your lower body symptoms indicate to me that you were detoxifying those bones that were moving toward cancer. Your body is doing its best. A better diet will result in less pain when detoxifying.

Anyone who claims that they can tell such symptoms from blood tests is delusional. Of course, that is the way medicine and pharma want it. Their tests and measurements are all geared to result in only one conclusion: you are deficient in some industrial nutrient that they want to convince you to consume. ALL supplements are latent with either kerosene or gasoline or completely constructed of industrial chemicals. Everyone who consumes cooked foods and exposes himself to industrial toxins will experience many bodily malfunctions. That is to be expected. Supplements do not remedy the condition long-term.

As I stated in my Workshop DVD and newsletters, endocrine glands are for emergency purposes. Healthy animals do not have high amounts of hormones in their blood or tissues. The body can and does utilize hormones to help arrest and control toxins in the body because hormones are predominantly fat. Eat raw fat regularly and your body will not have to create excess hormones to chelate, neutralize and dissolve toxins, which is now normal in our toxic society.

Crohn's is still a prominent indication in your irises. Lupus is the disintegration of connective tissue. The first symptoms are usually excessive skin sensitivity. Advanced symptoms are swelling under the skin and such sensitivity that a person cannot lift a pencil or be touched without severe pain. Your irises indicate that you have an abundance of very caustic toxins under your skin.

Again, all medical tests are purposely constructed to convince people that they are deficient in something that can be corrected with supplements or medication. Only the proper raw foods for your body will result in homeostasis.

As I stated in my newsletters, there is no immune system. There is simply the body's lymphatic system, which is endowed with the ability to cleanse every waste in the body. As I stated in everything I have written and spoken, parasites, bacteria, fungus and virus are merely janitors. If they are active, you are cleansing your body of toxic waste that has accumulated to a problematic quantity. You succumbing to those cleanses is a good thing. Instead, you could be crippled for life.

Thank you for your concern about my well being. I was attacked by Westerners in the Philippines. It was not Filipinos. I could not live a happy life if I did not help others, so I must endure what I must. I am simply doing it armed.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

July 31, 2012 Another attempt on my life Hi, health lovers,

Unfortunately for everyone, our liberties have narrowed to a frighteningly dangerous state. Industrial giants like banks, agriculture, pharma, oil and government are out of control. Some people who speak out against them are threatened and/or harmed.

Several of my clients have asked me to be more careful, to not speak the truth of food, industrial contamination of everything, and liberty. I just cannot sit back and keep my mouth shut or stop my pen.

It boggles my mind that people can accept, sit and watch injustice and assaults as if they were just unreal TV soap opera. I will die for my health and liberties before living as a diseased slave to this industrial oligarchy, protected by the bureaucratic oligarchy (our government) in this country and most of the industrialized world.

I cannot sit and watch 100s of millions of children being poisoned daily at birth to adulthood, if they live, by toxic potions called vaccines. There is nothing more sinister than 99% of our politicians defending the medical fraud of vaccines because they have stock and financial interest in pharmaceuticals.

It astounds me that parents can so easily be persuaded to allow their children to be injected with any vaccine that has no nutrient value and is full of only toxic ingredients. Most parents do not research and demand to know specifically everything that is in vaccines and how it might affect their children.

Because of my stance on vaccines and specifically my international and domestic broadcasts about the swine flu (H1N1) hoax from February through March of 2009, in April 2009 I was abducted and injected with three hypodermics full of poison. I am still affected by those poisons. I will probably be affected by them for another 40 years. If they caused genetic damage, I will be the effect for life.

On July 1st, just 30 days ago, I was riding in my Toyota pickup truck to my farm in Thailand. The steering wheel began to shimmy at about 85 kph (53 mph). Since I would be traveling to Finland in 3 days, I asked my girlfriend Pawadee to have the front end aligned while I was away.

I returned to Thailand on July 15th. My truck had had a complete checkup and wheel alignment at a respected Toyota dealership while I was in Finland. However, Pawadee was as surprised as I that between 95--105 kph (59--65 mph) the truck slightly shimmied. It hadn't for the few days she drove it while I was away after she had it aligned. Since I was going to be in Thailand for 5 days only, we decided that she would return my pickup truck to the Toyota dealership right after I left Thailand and have the truck's wheels and axle properly aligned again.

However, 3 days later, the day before I was to leave Thailand, we were traveling a narrow road with many sharp curves in late evening. At the seventh curve at about 25 kph (15 mph), the truck veered off the road, stopping about 2 meters from the roadway on a steep embankment. Even though we were not going fast, the truck traveled off the road about 10 meters (30 ft.). We should have stopped before the truck left the pavement, but the truck veered off the road. It should not have veered at all.

My truck rolled on its side and landed on its roof, crushing the roof a little and shattering the windshield. Pawadee and I were upside down, secured in our seats by harnesses and seat belts, uninjured. Water began shooting through the floor above us. I realized the truck was slowly sinking under water.

I released my seat belt and fell headfirst to the ceiling and shattered windshield. I braced my fall with my hands but cut my right knee on the shattered windshield; I was wearing shorts and tee shirt. Pawadee began to panic. I lowered her window. The water began pouring into the truck and the truck began to sink quickly. I released her seat belt and she fell into the water filling the truck. I asked her to move fast out the opened window before the water trapped us in.

I decided not to open my window because the water would fill faster and I might be trapped in swamp sludge or quicksand. It was dark and I could not tell where we were. Dashboard lights were all we had to

illuminate the cab.

Pawadee moved out the window and stood on the door’s window edge, keeping half of her body above water. I tried to follow her but the truck had sunk so far that the force of the intruding water forced me back inside the cab. I grabbed the edge of the top of the door that was upside down and did a fast and strenuous pushup. However, the force of the incoming water was too great.

I was trapped underwater where I could not breathe. I tried another pushup but was stopped partially through the window opening. I reached for the running board outside the truck above me, grabbed it with one hand and turned my body around facing the door that was completely under water by then. I wanted to breathe but was still under water. I felt an urge to panic but decided not to panic. I reached upward and grabbed the running board with my other hand. With both hands and great force, I pulled myself above water and caught my first breath.

Pawadee and I crawled on the underside of the truck that was still above water by a few inches. The truck did not sink more. We were in a swamp. Since we were so close to the swamp's edge, I leaped from the truck to the edge of the swamp. Pawadee followed. My suitcases and briefcase were all in the truck being soaked in the murkiest swamp water. I was thankful that those were all I had to worry about.

Several cars had stopped and shone their headlights into the swamp below. People had gathered and watched us emerge from the truck and swamp, alive. We climbed the embankment and saw only one skid mark, revealing that not only had the steering of one wheel been loose and misaligned but that the brakes had failed on the same side. That was the reason we did not immediately stop as we should have when the truck began to veer.

The possibility that the mechanic was so negligent that he did not tighten the wheel to the axle and failed to connect the brake was far-fetched. To me, there was no other explanation than someone had purposely sabotaged my truck, trying to seriously or fatally injure us. If the wheel had veered at a great speed, we would probably be dead.

A tow truck was called. It arrived within 20 minutes. It winched my truck from the swamp. Because it was not a crash accident, very little structural damage resulted to the pickup. Mainly, the roof and windshield were somewhat crushed from the tumble. However, my computer, camera, lenses, cell phones, numerous electronic surveillance equipment I carry for protection, and documents were destroyed.

Soaking wet, we went immediately to the nearest police station and filed a police report. Afterward, we went to Pawadee's family's home, only 20 minutes away from where we veered and toppled. It was her mother's birthday and we had missed the party, but everyone was happy we were alive and significantly uninjured.

It took 4 technicians and me 10 days in 3 cities to recover my email files and email address book from the hard drive of my unsalvageable laptop. For those who contacted me during the last 10 days and did not receive my help, please understand and accept my apologies.

Interestingly, just 5 weeks ago, I made a short video on the toxicity of all vaccines, appealing to parents not to vaccinate their children. The video was supposed to go on YouTube last week. The file was destroyed in the water. However, a friend has an unedited copy and it will go online as soon as I can edit it again

As I stated above, the last major attempt on my life immediately followed my international and domestic interviews about the swine flu (H1N1) hoax and the toxicity of the vaccine. Of the 240 million vaccines produced, less than 20 million were reported to have been injected. I feel happy that I was part of the H1N1 vaccine's failure.

I cannot keep quiet while children are being poisoned every day by the edicts of senseless medical personnel and lawless government employees. How can you?

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Aug 4, 2012

Re: Neck and Shoulder Pain

I just wanted to ask what you think the tremendous neck and shoulder pain I get all the time is about. It

feels inflamed and very painful, almost daily now. What should I do about it? Hot water bottles, etc. just

don’t help anymore.

Pain anywhere in the body indicates that enormous quantities of toxins are stored in a particular area. Localized heat with hot water bottles is best to help the body increase nutrients to the troubled area(s). Although hot water bottles may not relieve pain at very difficult areas, they do help mitigate the toxicity in the area. If you eat cooked food, your body uses a lot of its nutrients neutralizing the byproduct toxins caused by cooking. That deprives the body of nutrients that could and would go to mitigating health problems anywhere within the body. Diligence may not be easy; but it is always fruitful.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Aug 4, 2012

Re: Bursitis

What was the bursitis that I have been diagnosed with in the hips? Industrial chemicals?

Bursas contain more nerves than many glands, and when they are swollen with industrial toxins, the pain can be chronic and overwhelming.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Aug 4, 2012

Re: Reaction to cooked eggs

Dear Aajonus,

I am very sorry indeed to hear of yet another attempt on your life. Wow. Unless it was just part of

Uranus retrograde and the Pluto/Uranus T square, which began 4 weeks ago and has a very dramatic

effect on people: death, destruction, regeneration and unexpected events. I have had a real onslaught

myself daily for the past 4 weeks.

I wanted to ask what you think happened yesterday to me. I cooked three Amish eggs into a small

omelet at 2am; 10-15 minutes later I vomited several times; then I must have fallen asleep for an hour;

then I woke up with a feeling as if I had been bashed in the stomach (winded) but also in the diaphragm

area. That progressed into spasms and stabbings, lasting all night (lower abdomen and diaphragm

area) and the following day with a feeling of nausea, but no more vomiting. It felt as if I had poisons or

something toxic in me.

I wondered if that was arsenic from the eggs (although the eggs were from the Amish community) or

salmonella poisoning, although I did not smell any eggs being off. Or was it just a detox? However,

every episode of vomiting I have had before has not been accompanied by so much pain.

I wish you safety and much strength at this difficult time.

Thank you for your concern, well-wishes, and prayers. The planetary energies are always a part of what happens but, thankfully, with help from greater sources, we can bypass much of the negative forces. At least we were not seriously injured.

Eating anything cooked can cause instant ill reactions because at least 32 toxins are formed from cooking food. Most people acclimate to those poisons and are a-symptomatic until vast numbers of toxins are stored in one place. Bodies that can react quicker to remove the toxins (symptoms of discomfort) are healthier bodies.

Arsenic usually causes heart symptoms. Since you cooked the eggs, bacteria in the food would not have been a factor -- they were destroyed. If you had cooked the eggs and allowed them to sit for 24 hours, the salmonella that eats dead cells and its waste could have caused severe symptoms.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Aug 5, 2012

Re: Puppy leaking from vagina

Hi Aajonus!

My precious 1-year-old puppy (on Primal Diet mainly of Northstar Bison meat, with a little sour cream,

cream and cheese now and then) has a tan colored liquid leaking from probably her vagina. She has not

been spayed. She is leaking fast enough right now that she is not able to keep up with keeping herself

clean. She is irritated and growls, which is not like her at all.

I am guessing she has pyometra, an infection with swelling. I am so glad that the liquid is draining out of

her body and not stuck inside her.

What would you recommend to help her get through this as comfortably as possible?

What is most urgent for me is the care needed for her!

Safety to you Aajonus!

Your puppy is discharging some very caustic industrial toxins. Since dogs and cats only perspire through the

nose, lungs, ears and anus, their bodies have to discharge from the urinary tract and the bowels, not through

the skin. If female, they can discharge through the vagina. The vagina is the least important of body parts, but

it has many more nerves than the intestines, kidneys and bladder. Toxins that exit out the vagina will cause

severe sensitivity and carnivores will growl to indicate that they do not want to be bothered.

Feeding her no-salt raw cheese would help some of the toxins move to the intestines. The cheese will absorb

the toxins and prevent intestinal damage, but cheese would have to be regularly consumed, that is, 1/4 tsp

raw cheese at least every 30 minutes if she is a small dog. If she is a larger dog, she should consume 1/2 tsp

at least every 30 minutes.

Rather than fresh cream, she should have no-salt raw butter. Sour cream is fine, but she needs butter. If she

will eat a little chunk of pineapple and/or papaya, it would help her digestion.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Aug 6, 2012

Re: Lucite acrylic bathtub

We are putting in a new tub. The main ingredient is Lucite acrylic. I’m wondering if this material will

break down gradually, putting toxins in my body while taking my soaking baths. I am hoping not, but if

this is the case what brand or kind of bath tub would you recommend?

Could you just give me a simple answer on the Lucite acrylic bathtub?

A good idea or not? Guessing I should probably do cast iron or something solid like that.

I think that the Lucite would be okay if you let it cure in the sun for about 15 days prior to using it; 8 days filled to the top with water with 1 cup raw apple cider vinegar in it and 7 days dry, in that order. Thoroughly wash the tub, after 15 days, with Biokleen All Purpose Cleaner. The problem with ready-made tubs is that the motor is too close to the tub and the EMFs are much too high; they negatively alter the molecular structure of animal cells when exposed above 3 milligauss. You must move the motor far enough away so that the EMFs are not ill affecting you.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

Aug 27, 2012

Re: Hashimoto’s – Thyroid Cancer Risk?

Dear Aajonus,

I wonder if you can quickly answer an urgent question I have. I need to make a decision tomorrow. I saw a thyroid specialist on Friday who said my thyroid was rock hard and a bit visible. He did an ultrasound and found a nodule on the left, 1.3 cm I think it was. He said if they are over 1 cm I should have a biopsy done as there is a risk of cancer. He said my thyroid was typical of Hashimoto's, i.e. enlarged quite a bit with a goiter and lots of small extra lymph nodes on it (he said the lymph nodes were OK). My TSH is 3 and anything over 2 shows the body is overworking. He said the body was attacking its own thyroid, as in Hashimoto's, and I would need synthroid, the medication/synthetic hormone specifically made for each person, to reduce the thyroid in size over time and to produce the thyroid hormones that would stop working as in Hashimoto's.

I know you say my thyroid is fine but what about my enlarged thyroid/goiter and the nodule on it? How do you account for that? Does that worry you?

Should I have a biopsy? He seemed to think I was a thyroid cancer risk as people with Hashimoto's are. He says my having spent the first 5 years in Austria accounts for the thyroid condition/Hashimoto's as many from central Europe are iodine deficient (Chernobyl? I ask) and genetic (my Austrian family).

What do you think? Can you please tell me ASAP as I have to make an urgent decision TOMORROW.


Wed, 29 Aug 2012

My new computer crashed and I had to exchange it and start all over again, programming and reloading data. It was time consuming.

As I informed you many times, medical tests are designed to find something wrong that needs their treatments. Doctors are brainwashed to believe Big Pharma's tests are true and accurate. The idea that the thyroid is attacking itself is sheer Hollywood nonsense.

If you have any growth anywhere in or on your body, it indicates that, during a certain period, your lymphatic system was not dissolving dead cells and eliminating the waste. When lymph do not work properly, the body stores the dead cells somewhere.

The natural way to remove those dead hard cells is to gently rub pineapple juice to your neck once daily. 20 minutes later, rub no-salt raw butter into your neck.

To help your lymphatic system functions to dissolve dead cells regularly, I suggest raw apple cider vinegar daily, up to 2 T., but cheese must be eaten regularly to ensure you do not develop a mineral deficiency. The vinegar would be best consumed in my Sport Formula. Also, I suggest that you eat 1/2 cup pineapple at least 3 days weekly but no more than 4 days weekly.

Appreciatively and healthfully,

I know your views on conventional doctors and medicine, tests, etc. I just wasn't sure what you would say about an enlarged thyroid. So are you saying dead cells are causing the enlarged thyroid or just the nodule of 1.35 cm?

What has caused the enlarged thyroid? This never showed up in your readings.

Aug 29, 2012

When the body's lymphatic system can no longer dissolve all of the dead cells, the body will store the dead cells somewhere within itself, forming fibroid or various-shaped tumor(s) that may be either benign or malignant (cancerous). A hardened gland or organ indicates that many dead cells have collected there as fibroid. Nodules are small benign tumors that form when the body cannot store the dead cells as fibroid.

Cancer is the collection of dead cells with some cancer cells interspersed within the mass of dead cells that is the tumor(s).

The cancer cells are the immediate cure. When one cancer cell dies, it releases a solvent that can dissolve as many as 200 dead cells. As cancer cells die naturally, their waste dissolves some of the dead cells that constitute the tumor(s). However, the body must have proper nutrients and lymphatic function to handle the very toxic byproduct waste. That waste can irritate, damage and dissolve healthy cells if the body does not have the proper nutrients. When you see an open wound near a cancerous site, that is the body throwing the dissolved dead-cell waste through the skin without enough fats to protect the healthy tissue surrounding the tumor(s).

The lymphatic system is responsible for dissolving most of our bodies' dead cells and placing the waste under the skin to be perspired, eliminating the waste.

The natural cure for any tumor is to get the lymphatic system fed properly and working. Tumors always occur because the lymphatic system is not fed the fats it needs to make the biological solvents necessary to dissolve dead cells, and the lymphatic system and/or skin is blocked and malnourished.

Most blockages that cause tumors are from hydrogenated vegetable oils, and any hydrogenated oils. The hydrogenation process turns oils into liquid PLASTIC called trans-fatty acids.

The words "trans-fatty acids" should be stricken from vocabulary and the understandable term to all should be utilized: PLASTIC OIL. 99% of all oils are hydrogenated, turning them into plastic so that shelf life is almost eternal as long as it remains in packaging.

There is a falsehood about oils in everything. Labels claim food does not contain trans-fatty acids but, if it was fried, it is a lie. The food manufacturers that use the oils do not hydrogenate the oils but use oils that were already hydrogenated. Nearly every donut, chip, French fry, as well as every fried food in every market, even the health food stores, are fried in plastic oils. They are replete with plastic oils, plastic fat. To use truly natural cold-pressed oils would reduce profits to minimal.

Applying a hot water bottle to your neck every night will help, and anytime you are sitting watching TV or a movie, reading or anything sedentary.

Appreciatively and healthfully,

July 25, 2012

Re: Cancer

Hi, Aajonus.

When I had my last consultation, did you say I had cancer in my ankles? If so, what should I be doing for that?

I have been eating a couple of teaspoons of buffalo bone marrow a day. Is that good? But I am not sure about the dosage, if that is the treatment.

Be safe.

Aug 10, 2012

I never diagnose cancer. I stated that you had indications of bone cancer in your ankles and legs. If I were to judge the indications, I would say that it is a 6+ out of 10. The medical profession’s 1-4 is my 7-10.

2 T. bone marrow eaten with meat meals, and 1 ounce pineapple immediately after meat meals, are very helpful.

Eating 2 T. no-salt raw cheese with 2 tsp. unheated honey 3 times daily – twice 35 minutes after meat meals and once during nighttime – is most helpful.

Applying hot water bottles between your calves and thighs while you sleep is also very helpful.

Healthfully and appreciatively, Aajonus

Sep 2, 2012

Dear Aajonus,

You suggested that I eat 2 tbsp bone marrow with the meat meal plus 2 ounces of pineapple after, but you didn't indicate how long I should do it. Could you give me an idea about this?

Sep 2, 2012

I suggest that you continue the bone marrow and pineapple for about 16 months, near daily. After that, about 3 days weekly.

Appreciatively and healthfully,

Sep 7, 2012

Re: Stomach Problems

Hi Aajonus,

While I am not in immediate danger of death, I have some detoxification symptoms that have progressively gotten worse and I can't seem to figure out how to solve it myself or with the information in your books. I was wondering if it's possible if we could have a conversation over the phone.

Thank you for your help Aajonus!!!

(after phone conversation)

One more thing. When I had such stomach problems after stomach surgery, radiation and chemo, I had to frequently hang by my hands from a bar. Doing that stretched my vertebrae and eased the tightness.

Appreciatively and healthfully,

July 8, 2012

Re: My dog is improving

(See also:
20091003-0913 Re: Dog – weight loss, loose stool
20111120-1320 Re: My dog is in bad shape
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Hey there Aajonus,

Thought you might like an update on your canine patient. Below are pictures of his hot spot, when it first erupted, then the progression. Of course, it is all healed at this time and has been for about 4 months or more.

When I would put the clay mixture on his hot spot, he would eat all the clay out of the jar, which I had mixed according to your directions. I let him eat it all every time. He quit eating the milkshakes and Moisturizing Formulas around about March and would only eat meat with butter. So, he has lost lots of weight and his skin hangs loose on him. But, last week he started eating them again.

Two weeks ago, he started showing signs of wanting to get up. He would get all the way up on his front legs, but could not get his bottom up. I didn't want to hurt him so I took him to a canine physical therapist. She put him in a water treadmill unit and he could walk when the water had supported 50% of his weight! Imagine, laying for 6 months and he could walk when only 50% of his weight was removed. She was amazed at the tone of his muscles. He has atrophied but has good tone. (Picture below.) However, the chlorine in the water was so overpowering it made me physically ill driving him home. I had to give him a bath immediately when we got home. He will not go back there, the smell was awful.

He has been wanting to walk ever since. I help him lift his hind end and then he can walk a short distance. I just have to support him as far as the direction he is going as he has some right-sided deficit yet. He does not look to the right and therefore his front legs/body do not turn to the right. But he is supporting all of his weight now. He just walks short distances but is getting stronger every day. I know his deficit on the right side will eventually disappear, because his right hind leg was turned in to the left at first, and now is straight. It is just amazing!:-)

My family has been nothing but ugly and unsupportive through this whole process. I lost count as to how many times I was told to put him to sleep, and somehow I just didn't. There was always that slight improvement, if you looked for it. It has been extremely difficult taking care of a totally dependent heavy, heavy dog who whines all the time, but we have made it. I was told I was delusional if I ever thought he would walk again. My daughter, who works for a vet, said one in three dogs can't walk and they put them to sleep. She said he would never walk and I needed to put him to sleep. And if he ever did walk, she would eat her shoe. I told her tonight to pick the shoe she wanted to eat and she has requested steak sauce with it. Yes, I am going to make her eat her shoe. She eats everything else that's not good for her, she may as well take a bite of a dirty shoe.

In one of my desperate emails to you, you said, "Let the little creature heal." I did and I am so glad I listened to you. He's my buddy.

Thank you so much, from myself and my dog.

Sep 13, 2012

Hi Aajonus, I was awakened this morning by whines at my bedside. It was my dog. He has not been in my room since last September. What a wonderful morning:-)) He is still weak and wobbly, but day by day improving. He navigated the hard wood floors to get to me this morning. I expected that to take many more weeks.

Thank you!!

Very happy for him. Usually, with dogs and cats, once they begin to recover from such a nasty detoxification, they recover relatively quickly.

Appreciatively and healthfully,

Sep 18, 2012


Hi Aaajonus,

Is it safe for my four-year-old pit bull to eat raw organic RABBIT bones – neck, rib cage, etc.?


Are they truly organic? Are they fed any kind of commercial feed or are they grazed rabbits?

If they are truly organic, I would share them with your pit bull!

Appreciatively and healthfully,

Sep 19, 2012

Re: Bug Bites

Hi Aajonus:

I've been bitten by bugs last Saturday. I used lime, followed by clay, water and a drop of olive oil. For some reason it's in my clothes, and I will have to thoroughly disinfect my clothes also.

What else can I do about this situation? The bites are getting bigger and it hurts and new ones are popping up. Please help.

I sent you pictures of what my back and side look like.

I hope that you are well and happy under the circumstances.

Those are not bites. That is a caustic industrial-chemical detoxification through the skin. At close inspection, insect bites look nothing like that.

I suggest that you follow the remedy instructions in my book WWTL for hives (pages 145 & 146 and 281 & 282).

Appreciatively and healthfully,

Oct 8, 2012

Re: Dentist

Hi Aajonus,

A friend needs expensive dental work done. Would you provide the contact information for the dentist in Mexico that you used? Would your dentist give a cheaper rate?


Oct 7, 2012

Yes, he is about 40-60% less expensive. His name is Tomas Britton, DDS. His website is:

Appreciatively and healthfully,

Oct 7, 2012

Re: TED - Jill Bolte Taylor's Stroke of Insight

A friend sent this to me. He is actually reading the book.

It is a “Science” perception of Jill Bolte’s experience of her stroke and her “insight” of Left/Right brain functioning.

I listened to her years ago on TED. I do not agree with all of her explanations, but she is on a better track than most MD's.

Thank you.

Appreciatively and healthfully,

Oct 7, 2012
Re: Moldy Berries for Child with Autism
(See also 20110427-1633 Re: Ketogenic Diet & Honey)

Hi, Aajonus!

I'm giving my (soon not to be) autistic 9-year-old son one moldy berry a day (as you advised us 2 years ago). I have a glass of moldy raspberries in my fridge that have been molding there for over a year. Is it OK if I give these to my son one a day or would they be too potent or not potent enough? It would perhaps be much better to mold new ones for 5-10 weeks?

Thank you very much!

I suggest that it would be fine, although the mold is probably not active anymore. The most important factor is that the mold has already predigested the berries. So, the berries you have would be helpful, very helpful.

You said, "soon not to be", is he leaving you?

Appreciatively and healthfully, Aajonus

Oct 8, 2012

I thought the berries might be OK, but I was worried they might be too potent. Thank you very much!

"Soon not to be" was referring to autistic. Thanks to your consulting in 2010, his autism symptoms are going away and his health is coming back.

Thank God; I was frightened he might be taken from you. And I am delighted he's getting well! Keep me posted on his progress. How much improvement has he achieved?

Appreciatively and healthfully,

Oct 9, 2012

Thank you, Aajonus, for your interest in my child's health!

Compared to when he had several brain centers damaged, after vaccination, and having had many obvious symptoms when he was 2-3 years old (developmental regression, speech apraxia, constant falling, rolling on the floor, balance and coordination problems, motor skills impaired – like drawing and eating, aggressiveness and temper tantrums, constant attention disorder, occasional blurred vision, obvious memory problems, eye contact mostly lost, intestinal pain, constant loose stool, toxic smell in his stool and often diarrhea, not gaining weight and becoming way too thin, urine and bladder incontinence for years to come despite stool form, problems breathing at night, severe crying in his sleep, constant nightmares, concentration and social communication problems, lack of interest in learning and learning disabilities, etc.) he's almost fine. Now, he still has rather weak short term memory and somehow a bit slower speech than ideal, it takes him more time to organize his school work, his social communication skills still need to improve, but that's about it. In the last year we've noticed his concentration went up drastically and is no longer a problem, memory improved, he finally completely controls his bowel and bladder and his karate coach sees no balance and coordination problems (he noticed his problems when my son started with karate at 6 years old).

He started really healing and sleeping well when he was 4, when we introduced raw milk in our diet daily. Since, he's had several detoxifications a year, 1-2 stronger and many milder. This summer, he had a milder meningitis (not the first one). In 2010, he also had a post-vaccination measles rash, 4 weeks after starting with one moldy berry a day. In 2009, he had one summer of several ear infections in a row. He often has an eczema rash on his face and a white-coated tongue almost all the time.

Thank God I have your books and know what to do. We go through hard times smoothly and almost painlessly. I cannot thank you enough!

Oct 10, 2012

Re: Karen Kay & Prop 37

Do you think this is true about California Prop 37? I assume it is.

Notice Kay has your book #4 on her list. Yours is still # 1 on mine!!!

Subject: !!!!!!PRESS RELEASE!!!!!!
For 10-13-2012, I've got Karen Kay, aka Kay Bailey, joining me on this Saturday evening’s show.
Here's her bio:
For the past eighteen years Kay Bailey, under the name of Karen Kay
and Gen Bailey, has made her living as a Historical Romance Author.
Because publishing companies like to know that an author’s book is based
on solid history, Kay soon learned that research wasn’t the obstacle
that she’d thought it might be – rather, it was the icing in the cake.
In 1998, Kay read the early reports on Genetically Modified Foods
and decided to go strictly organic in an effort to avoid them. Because
avoiding them became more and more difficult to do, she began to study
and read everything she could get her hands on concerning food. Also in
1998, Kay met a man who had been sent home by the medical profession to
die of his “incurable” cancer. Five years later he was still alive and
when she asked him how he had cured himself, he answered her saying that
it was due to eating 100% raw foods – including raw animal foods. She
never forgot this answer and this began over a decade of intensive
research on her own part to learn more about food, its preparation and
what’s being done to it today.
She now has an extensive library of books that include but aren’t
limited to:
ENZYME NUTRITION by Dr. Edward Howell
WE WANT TO LIVE, THE PRIMAL DIET by Aajonus Vonderplanitz
POTTENGER’S CATS by Francis M. Pottenger, Jr., MD
THE MILK DIET as a Remedy for Chronic Disease by Dr. Charles Sanford Porter, MD
THE MILK BOOK by William Campbell Douglass, MD
THE LIBERATION DIET by Kevin Brown, CPT, NC and Annette Presley RD, LD, CPT
EAT FAT, LOSE FAT by Sally Fallon and Mary G. Enig, PHD
NOURISHING TRADITIONS by Sally Fallon and Mary G. Enig, PHD
LET’S GET WELL by Adelle Davis
EAT FAT, LOOK THIN by Bruce Fife, ND
Recently Kay read the fine print in California’s Proposition 37,
soon to be voted on in the next election. To her astonishment, she soon
learned that the fine print exempted many, many food carriers, and that
the bill could be looked upon as little more than an effort to crowd out
the small organic farmer, who would be forced to comply with new and
most likely extensive regulations, while the bigger corporations were
exempted. In addition, big government would once again have its hand in
the taxpayer’s pocket, stealing money for yet another regulatory agency,
manned by UNELECTED people.
Upon looking more closely at who wrote and originated Proposition 37,
Kay discovered that the organic institutes were part originator and
writer of the prop, which might account for why organic foods have been
named as being exempt from any of the new GMO regulations. There were
also many other institutions who would be exempt, including restaurants,
milk products, etc. Interestingly, she also discovered that the word
“organic” is claimed by the USDA as being owned by them. If one
connects the dots, he/she will soon discover that the USDA has close
ties to Monsanto.
This brought on more questions: Is Monsanto orchestrating this “show”
from behind the scenes, originating both sides of the issue? Is this yet
another example of Dialectic Materialism being played out upon an
innocent public? And if it is, what would the passage of this bill mean
to us?
Probably the biggest question Kay is asking is why aren’t more health
officials speaking out about this? It’s not possible that none of them
have actually read the bill. And it’s not possible that these people are
stupid and are so easily misled. Why, then, are we not being told the
truth? Are we being manipulated (again) to bring in another agenda that
will add another “check” to our king, now unguarded by his knights, who
should be protecting him? And if so, what agenda might that be?
And if this truly be the case, what can we do about it that doesn’t
include allowing big government to expand its powers even more?
Kay hopes to address these issues Saturday night on the Jack Bauer show
on TalkShoe radio.
Sincerely, Jack Bauer aka RadioRebel

Thank you for sharing that. The enzyme books are a good prerequisite for my books. They set the stage for validity of my work. The Untold Story of Milk removes people’s prejudice about raw milk and raw dairy so that my work is immediately acceptable. Therefore, I like her arrangement. However, she uses the case of a man who reversed his cancer on my diet, so basically, my book is number one in her mind.

Regarding CA Proposition 37, yes, it exempts a lot of companies. As now, we will have to continue to research beyond labels to know what food is fit to buy and consume. Proposition 37 is a start in the right direction. However, knowing the USA corporatocratic-government puppets, they will always find loopholes to get away with causing disease and murder.

Appreciatively and healthfully,

Oct 18, 2012

Re: Chemo symptoms

My uncle just emailed me to say his wife is having awful symptoms and terrible pain after the 5th round of chemo, having had surgery on her uterus and ovaries. I know it is an awful path to take, but what can she do about the symptoms (vomiting, exhaustion, etc) and the pain?

I suggest no-salt raw cheese to absorb the chemo poisons, and 1 T. moist clay twice daily; pineapple or citrus would be better than other fruits.

Appreciatively and healthfully,

Oct 20, 2012

Re: Nascent Iodine Supplements

What is your take on nascent iodine supplements?

Oct 20, 2012

ANY supplement which is a concentrated mineral is a form of rock, which is good for nutrifying plants, not people.

You may increase the iodine in your food by spraying some iodine in compost and fertilizing your plants.

There is no mineral that is health-giving, unless it is bound with other nutrients, as in food. There may be an instance for emergency one-time use of an isolated mineral, but continued use creates toxic storages of unutilizable mineral deposits that can cause many diseases.

Appreciatively and healthfully, Aajonus

Except for external use, and use of Terramin clay. Correct?

Oct 20, 2012

An isolated mineral used on the skin can be very damaging. Even the use of Terramin clay, if allowed to dry on the skin, is damaging. Clay must be kept moist on the skin or it will draw fats as well as toxins from skin cells and compromise their integrity, creating lesions and often ulcers in the cells’ epidermis.

Appreciatively and healthfully,

Uh, oh. Applying Terramin topically has been the only relief I have been able to get for what may be psoriasis, or hives – or what it is, I don't know. It seems to reduce it about 80% or more every time I get it and use it. How can it be used successfully without letting it dry?

By the same token, wouldn't going in the ocean, or drinking mineral water be damaging to skin and/or cells?

Have you written any of this down anywhere? I don't think I have seen any warnings about Terramin together with your recommendations for it.

Could/should Terramin be mixed with coconut or some other oil?

Oct 20, 2012

The way to keep it moist is to add some coconut cream to the clay, or spray it every 4-5 minutes with a mist of good drinking water.

The reason it has relieved your psoriasis by 80% is that it so deprives the skin of fat that the cells are killed at the site. They are no longer irritated by the industrial toxins that are so concentrated in areas of psoriasis because they are no longer alive, or so damaged that they do no longer react. The toxins are constantly eliminated through the skin at those areas.

Skin cells in those areas must be constantly fed and protected as the industrial toxins move past and abrade them, both internally and dietarily.

In WWTL, on pages 181 & 182, I say keep clay moist. I also explain it in Newsletter #14 of Dec 31, 2008 on page 3, and in Newsletter #25 of Mar 11, 2011 on page 4.

Appreciatively and healthfully,

Oct 22, 2012

Re: Fecal Transplant Article

(See also Primal Diet Newsletter #31)

Thought you might find this interesting. lite&ocid=msnhp

Read it several hours ago. Thank you for thinking of me. Eat shit and live!!!

Appreciatively and healthfully,

Oct 29, 2012

Re: Rash

Good morning Aajonus!

Yesterday, my husband commented to me that he had a rash on his back. When I took a look, I discovered it was coming around his body as well as on one side. I am quite sure it is shingles. He also has had a headache since Friday – he has hardly ever had a headache in the 10 years we have known each other. He has a low-grade fever and low energy. He is on the variety of heart medications that are usually prescribed for people who have had heart attacks. He is not on the Primal Diet, does eat and enjoy the smoothies I make for him with eggs, fruit, a tablespoon of coconut cream and raw dairy cream, and a tablespoon + of honey. He is somewhat open to doing some honey, as you recommend in your book, with banana. He presently eats a low-salt and low-fat diet, and exercises, which he started on after his heart attack in May of 2009. I so wish he would see the wisdom of what you teach, but so far light has not dawned.

I am using the salve I made up for my itchy vaginal area of 1:1 dairy cream and coconut cream. He does find this soothing. I am wondering if you have any other suggestions we could do for external treatments. I had wondered about adding some honey or maybe a clay bath with the coconut cream/dairy cream remedy.

Thank you so much Aajonus!

You are doing the best you can and I applaud your for it.

I suggest making a mixture of raw butter and coconut cream -- nothing else in it.

It seems he is detoxifying something from his brain and throughout his nervous system to his waist.

Consuming 1 tsp of cheese every hour would be very helpful.

Appreciatively and healthfully,

Nov 5, 2012

Re: Cavities

Dear Aajonus,

Thank you for my consult yesterday.

I think the most upsetting part of my consult is about my mouth – the cavities, and it taking you 31 years on raw to stop having cavities. Please respond to this email so I can give it to my dentist to show why this is happening and what your recommendation is for it.

Thank you.

I suppose I did not make myself clear. It took me 31 years before my body started to regrow tubules and dentine in unfilled cavities. In my newsletters, I give suggestions about dental care. (Primal Diet Newsletters 3 & 18)

Appreciatively and healthfully, Aajonus

Hi Aajonus,

OK, now I need to be clear so I don't get this wrong. Did you have cavities for 31 years because you were detoxing out metals and they destroyed the protection we have on our teeth? Will I continue to get cavities for an undetermined amount of time? I have started the cheese as you suggested.

And what do I tell my dentist? Is there someone he can talk to about how to handle what is going on in my mouth? He really doesn't understand why what is happening is happening, and he and I need to get a game plan. Did you have your cavities drilled but not filled?

Thanks in advance.

If you brush your teeth as I suggest in Newsletter #3, you will not have to suffer many, if any, cavities while you detoxify metals from you brain through the nerves in the teeth and gums.

The dentists in this country cannot do what I want because of the ADA laws. I go to Mexico or the Philippines when I want work done. I do not allow X-rays, and I do not use anesthetics. I instruct my dentist to scrape the softest tissue from any cavity without drilling so that when he glues in a composite filling, the glue does not adhere to the healthy tubule tissue. The fillings may pop out once every 2-3 years, but the epoxy does not touch much of the healthy parts of my tooth.

Appreciatively and healthfully,

Nov 28, 2012

Re: Article: Sorry, vegans: Eating meat and cooking food is how humans got their big brains how-humans-got-their-big-brains/2012/11/26/3d4d36de-326d-11e2-bb9b-288a310849ee_story.html? tid=pm_national_pop

The article’s conclusion is very very academic and shallow. Cooking food and breathing carbon monoxides from fires may have caused our brains to grow larger, not eating cooked meat.

Cooking causes 32 known toxins to form during and immediately after cooking. Fires cause carbon monoxides and other toxic gases and free-radical particles to form. Breathing and eating those toxins creates a load on the body.

Our bodies facilitate toxins with fats, predominantly storing toxins in fats if our bodies cannot discard those toxins. The brain and bone marrow are the most fat-concentrated areas in our bodies.

Our ancestors, unless they frequently ate seal, whale or elephant, were very lean. The only areas of their bodies for storing toxins were the brain and bone marrow.

It is a fact that cooking allows more utilization of minerals, but they are mostly cauterized and cause hardening and broadening of bones. We have many examples of that, such as John Travolta and Kevin Kostner. Both were very thin individuals until their thirties.

A larger-girthed body formed with cauterized minerals, lipid peroxides and heterocyclic amines would have reduced agility and speed, and made it more difficult for short-armed primates to evade predators.

As we have ample evidence, a large brain does not imply more common sense, intelligence or wisdom. In fact, a toxic brain that functions highly is likely to malfunction often. Such minds are likely to be short- sighted and invent conveniences that are destructive to the planet and themselves.

Appreciatively and healthfully,

Aug 19, 2012

Re: Fukushima

Are you concerned yet about the radiation from Fukushima?

November 27, 2012

Your email was lost when my vehicle toppled into a swamp, losing 3 computers, 2 cell phones and other electronic devices.

I am barely electronically recovered and getting to past emails.

I have been concerned about radiation from Fukushima since it happened. I do not eat fish caught in the Pacific Ocean from Baja to Alaska.

Appreciatively and healthfully, Aajonus

Nov 28, 2012 Wow.

Glad you’re OK now!!

Go online to Fukushima Diary (

You may want to check it regularly.


Dec 5, 2012

Re: I injured my back and I’m in pain


I fell on my patio step and injured my left lower back. It is excruciatingly painful to sit, stand, lie, or get up. I don’t know if it’s broken or bruised.

Is it okay for me to take homeopathic arnica for the fall and bruising?

Dec 6, 2012

Your bones are flexible enough not to easily break like elderly people not on the Primal Diet, or not long on the PD.

I suggest you apply hot water bottles to the area. A little grapefruit and banana with butter will help.

Homeopathics are made with ethyl alcohol and are toxic.

Appreciatively and healthfully,

Dec 6, 2012

Re: Glandular Supplements

Hi Aajonus,

Do you recommend a company for raw organic glandulars? I have tried dealing with Dr Ron's, but they took $900 from us and did not deliver and proved to be a nightmare when attempting to sort the whole thing out. They must, I assume, be getting their supply from New Zealand, so there must be others that do, too.

Dec 6, 2012

Who is Dr. Ron?

I get my glands from Miller’s Organic Farm and NorthStar Bison.

Appreciatively and healthfully, Aajonus

Dec 6, 2012 glands-180-capsules.aspx

You had advised a few years ago that I try glandular supplements as they would 'teach' my own glands to produce hormones.

I don't imagine Miller’s Organic Farm and NorthStar ship to Canada or anything other than fresh?

Dec 6, 2012

Fresh are the better way. Supplements are the long and hard way.

Appreciatively and healthfully,

Dec 6, 2012

I have spent YEARS trying to beat the Canadian system to get my hands on fresh. Nobody does it. Every producer is terrified of the state and its systems for preventing access to these kinds of animal products. I view quality glandulars now as the least bad last resort. Any advice on best products or sources would be appreciated. Fresh liver is the ONLY thing I have been able to access, and even then, the market itself is limited and so it is not even available months out of the year. So I have been getting large quantities and just letting it ferment in a jar in the fridge.

Dec 7, 2012

Miller’s Organic Farm ships to some of my other clients in Canada, but you can only use UPS and FedEx, not the postal systems.

Appreciatively and healthfully,

Dec 13, 2012
(Master Mineral Solution aka Miracle Mineral Supplement)

Hi Aajonus,

I was just curious re MMS and why they get such good results, when it kills all the microorganisms, parasites and worms in the body. It goes against all that we believe in, and yet many get positive results. One Primal Dieter here with an autistic son, with quite severe problems, has given it to him and he has gotten a little better (happier and more relaxed, better at school), while expelling many, many, worms and other debris. Of course, it is spoken about at our potlucks. All I can say is that it goes against all that we believe in with the natural healing of the body.

Thank you.

Dec 14, 2012

MMS is a dissolver and destroyer of long-term health. It seems miraculous because most of the body's nutrients stop being fed to the microbes that facilitate the cleansing and waste management of old debris and toxins associated with damaged tissues (detoxification).

Because MMS is made of chlorine and sodium, most bodies utilize it to form hydrochloric acid (solvent). Isolated and concentrated chlorine is a solvent. It dissolves most everything it contacts except digestive and lymphatic tissues. In the stomach and intestines, hydrochloric acids dissolve large protein-based food chunks so that intestinal bacteria can easily penetrate and eat them. Bacterial waste is our food.

The body can use MMS to help the lymphatic system dissolve waste jammed in the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is our main waste recycler and cleanser. MMS helps the body's cleansing system to function better with less nutrient expenditure.

However, MMS consumption eliminates most of the body's cleansing/detoxification helpers because they are spent and destroyed while trying to protect non-digestive and non-lymphatic cells from being dissolved by the chlorine/salt combination. MMS begins to permeate all tissues in the body and weakens every non- digestive and non-lymphatic biological process. An analogy is: the body is a craftsperson and MMS deprives her/him of all of the modern tools so that the craftsperson must make things primitively.

In summary, consuming MMS causes the body to lose its biological helpers in exchange for non-biological chemical processes. Bacteria is 99.9% of all bodily processes, even a smile. The energy to produce the smile is generated by non-lymphatic and non-digestive muscle bacteria. Gradually, energy sources within the body diminish. Live cells in the body will diminish quicker in most people who take MMS; cells cannot easily divide/reproduce. In most people who take MMS, deterioration associated with aging is ensured.

The Basic Details: Jim Humble (the inventor of MMS) points to academic junk science that has been handed us by those who control industry, especially medicine. He argues misunderstood conclusions based on assumption rather than true science. For example, he assumes that chloride (rock) and chlorine (chemical made of chloride) are the same.

He assumes that chloride and chlorine in isolation are harmless. He points to chlorine being used on meat to destroy bacteria, yet states it is harmless to good bacteria and healthy cells. If you look at meat under an electronic microscope, you will see that chlorine (bleach) will dissolve and deteriorate meat cells not just the natural bacteria on/in the meat.

Humble makes several false assumptions. He assumes that isolated minerals are digestible. Isolated minerals are in rock form (oxide). He assumes that we can digest and utilize rock. Plants eat rock and thrive, humans do not.

Humble states that it does not cause imbalances like other remedies, but he does not give any credible laboratory proof. Chlorine (chemical) that is not a natural part of plant or animal tissues and not delivered with other nutrients is not natural and causes blood and body imbalances.

He states that the chlorine in MMS is as safe as the chlorine in table salt. Once sodium and chloride are combined chemically, the minerals are no longer in rock form. Sodium chloride (table salt) is processed and is not safe. Yes, it will aid in digestion by helping the body produce more hydrochloric acid as I stated above, but not safe hydrochloric acids for the entire body. The long-term toxicity may not be noticed for decades.

Humble also states that MMS does not harm the body's good bacteria. He refers only to digestive bacteria. MMS will eventually permeate all tissues. Consuming MMS concentrates chlorine and sodium. It is an imbalance. If it were a balance, don't you think that the body would naturally contain such a solution? My assumption is that the body has been working wonderfully for millions of years because it knows how to balance itself when fed properly.

It seems harmless to intestinal bacteria because intestinal bacteria normally live in a hydrochloric acid (high chlorine) environment. However, taking blood bacteria or most non-intestinal bacteria into such an environment would be like taking freshwater fish and putting them in salt water.

Humble states that the non-biological sodium in it will dilute and be harmless. Any sodium that is NOT in a biological solution with other nutrients is destructive. Pure sodium is an explosive more volatile than nitroglycerin. Anyone who has a hard time conceiving that salt is an explosive, I suggest you watch this video where salt is sprinkled on DEAD frog legs:

(How Stuff Works explained it as:

"Because these are fresh frog legs, the cells inside them are all still intact. The biochemical
machinery still functions. There is still a source of energy for the muscles in the form of
unused ATP molecules stored in the cells. All that the muscles need is something to activate
them and they can still contract and relax (until they run out of ATP or something else shuts
down the biochemical machinery."

After reading that "scientific" babble, consider that, in a video by the same fellows on a skinned frog leg prepared at the same time, they sprinkled 3 times more pepper on the leg as they did salt, yet there were only 2 twitches. The twitches were because there was a little salt in the pepper. With pure salt applied, they twitched for about 20 minutes, until the sodium was spent. Additionally, sprinkling calcium, potassium and phosphorus separately did not cause twitching, only the table salt.)

It is possible for anyone to test the effects of MMS with 2 good electronic microscopes in a 98 degree F. high-humidity room. The person tested should not have consumed MMS for at least 45 days. Rub some MMS on a fingertip and prick that fingertip to extract 2 drops of blood. Spread the blood gently on a thin glass plate (slide). Prick a finger that did not come in contact with MMS and also spread the blood gently on a glass slide.

Watch and compare what happens to the blood cells in both situations. In the non-MMS-exposed blood, there is no panic, just a slow acceptance of the death that ensues when blood is exposed to oxygen out of the blood stream. In the blood exposed to MMS, watch the white blood cells eat the MMS, trying to protect the red blood cells from contact with MMS. Time the blood cells’ decomposition. In an hour, compare the coloration of the dried blood masses. Repeat the experiment several times. However, only compare blood taken at the same time because body chemistry changes every 20-40 minutes.

Appreciatively and healthfully,

Dec 19, 2012

Re: Tooth Formula

(See also 20110526-0948 Re: Tooth Decay)

Hi Aajonus,

Now that I'm doing the cheese, I believe you said I don't need to do the tooth formula with the egg shells. Did I hear that correctly?

Dec 20, 2012

If you are consuming honey with cheese twice daily, you do not need to consume egg shells.

Appreciatively and healthfully,

Dec 14, 2012

Re: Cystocele

(See also: 20120104-1726 Re: Surgery for Bladder Prolapse)

Hi Aajonus,

I really enjoyed your last Newsletter (#31) on bacteria and other microbes in the body. Your journey is certainly tough with many heavy learning experiences. Of course, everyone's is, if they are moving forward.

My cystocele operation was 2 weeks ago, after 2 years on the waiting list. As I had been doing many things to keep the prolapse more comfortable so that I could still function/work, including visceral manipulation, all they did was suture and trim the inside of the vagina. They had been over the procedure twice that morning – an hour beforehand and as I got on the operating table, i.e. to attach the prolapsed organ to the ligaments or to the sacrum. Anyway, after the operation, I was informed that they found that they did not need to do that as everything appeared to be in place. So my good work, and lying on my back with my legs up in stirrups of course gave the impression everything was in place. They are really idiots. If all was in place, why was the bladder pushing into my vagina anteriorly and dragging way down! I feel tired, worn out, and frustrated, with little more than cosmetic surgery having been performed. They hadn't given me a physical examination since September 2011. I still want to garden and lift reasonably heavy loads, but assume with the problem still there I will not be able to do so. Of course, at present, I am not to lift more than 2 kg etc. etc.

Thank you.

Dec 29, 2012

Thank you for your appreciation.

I suggest that you try a vaginal suppository of raw milk/raw meat soup while you sleep; try about 4 ounces.

Appreciatively and healthfully,

Dec 25, 2012

Re: My kitty is having muscle spasms

Hi Aajonus!

My 1½-year-old Tonkinese kitty appears to be having muscle spasms in her neck area. We noticed something not right a couple of nights ago. Yesterday, I fed her some butter & honey and she seemed to be fine, so we went ahead with our overnight Christmas plans. We got back mid-afternoon today and she looked fine, but within 30-45 minutes that changed and she clearly was showing more symptoms of muscle spasms than before.

I have been feeding her grass-fed beef coming from NorthStar Bison that is the scrap that is ground up for hamburger. I also grate a little of the no-salt cheese from Miller’s Organic Farm with a little of the butter/honey mixture. She will eat the butter/honey mixture right off my finger. I just discovered she likes the papaya custard. I am not so sure I should be feeding her that, (have done it only once) but have wanted to figure out some way to get butter into her more regularly.

My questions are:

What do I do to care for her having muscle spasms around her head and neck area? She appears to fine in other ways.

Is it OK to feed the kitties the papaya custard if they like and want it?

Is avocado OK to feed cats if they want it? Somewhere I am thinking I read that it is not good to feed avocado to cats, so have not.

Blessings to you Aajonus!

December 26, 2012

Her symptoms are those of heavy metal detox from the brain down her brain stem. Feeding her honey/butter is the best thing to do to help subdue them, however she needs more raw cream than honey/ butter mixture if she will drink more raw cream. If not, stick with the honey/butter mixture.

Because domestic cats have been exposed to so many toxins in food, medicine and the environment, up to the last four generations of her ancestors have transferred toxins into her. She must detoxify all of those and any she absorbed.

Papaya custard is wonderful for any cat. Avocado is fine, too.

Appreciatively and healthfully,

Dec 30, 2012

Thank you Aajonus.

I am guessing coconut cream is just fine as well! Amazing how similar we are to the animals, but then in many respects it does not surprise me – we are both carnivores! The more I learn from you and have my own experience learning, living in my body and observing, the more I understand why you have been angry at the whole system we have grown up with and that continues to be promoted to all mankind. It's unbelievable how sinister, deceptive and cruel it is. This is the kind of stuff revolution is made of.

Thank you once again Aajonus. These little fine-tuned things are helpful!

P.S. I went and made up a butter, cream, milk, and honey mixture and she licked it right off my finger, so we are good to go with her detox. She is presently running around with my other kitty having a great time. The good news is that I got her at 8 weeks, her mother had no shots, I have not and will not give her any shots, so hopefully this will pass quickly!

Jan 1, 2013

Re: Fracking near our farms in Pennsylvania

Hello Aajonus,

I just spoke to someone who knows that they are fracking in the county where our farmers are located. Our farmers get their hay from 5 different farmers scattered around the county. I heard that they have to add chemicals to the fracking. Do you think that this could affect our milk?

So far, the water tests do not prove that the chemicals have gotten into those wells.

Appreciatively and healthfully,

Dec 31, 2012

Re: Leaky gut, psoriasis symptoms, and kefir vs milk

Hi Aajonus,

I read in one of your newsletters (Newsletter #30, Oct 30, 2012, page 6) where you recommend against fermented foods when trying to repair leaky gut syndrome that may, I read elsewhere, be a factor in psoriasis, of which I have recurring hive-like symptoms.

I drink about a half litre of kefir every day, while you recommend milk for rebuilding mucus in the gut.

Should I cut down or eliminate entirely the kefir for a while? My understanding was that the bacteria in kefir was key to detoxing the gut.

I also read about the symptoms you experienced from your recent poisoning (Newsletter #29, July 7, 2012). Would any of them qualify as psoriatic?

Jan 7, 2013

Fermented dairy is fine as long as it is not tangy with alcohol. All other fermented foods have so much alcohol that the mucous lining membranes are thinned or completely lost, creating more gut problems.

My skin eruptions were similar to psoriasis but more extreme because the skin was beyond dry, red and flaky. My skin oozed with industrial and bio fluids, as if with constant low-grade explosions in the skin. Therefore, the toxins passing through my skin were more volatile than those that cause psoriasis.

Psoriasis occurs when industrial toxins are concentrated in one area and/or are discarding through a particular area. Often, joint areas are affected. That indicates that heavy toxins were stored in the cartilage or bone marrow, and are being discharged through the skin at the joints.

As well as consuming 1-2 Moisturizing/Lubrication formulas daily, I suggest eating no-salt raw cheeses hourly and taking long hot baths nightly to help decrease skin damage and speed detoxification.

Appreciatively and healthfully,

Dec 31, 2012

Re: Animal Cartilage, Bone & Eggs Shells

Hi Aajonus,

Is it advisable to get fresh, never-frozen animal cartilage or bone and run it through a grinder of some sort? Are there any benefits from eating egg shells?

Jan 7, 2013

Yes, grinding or grating some bone and/or cartilage can be helpful. I have experimented with eating egg shells but have found very few people who can digest them. I have not seen much, if any, improvement from eating egg shells prepared in several more digestible manners. Eating bone marrow is the key.

Appreciatively and healthfully,

Feb 23, 2013

Re: Red Rooibos Tea

I have been drinking red rooibos tea, steeped in the sun with filtered water, raw milk and honey, in addition to my usual beverages.

I’m wondering if this would be a concern for you?


I have never experimented with that tea, so I cannot give an opinion.

Appreciatively and healthfully,

August 4, 2012

Re: Granulomas – Extreme Fatigue – Poor Digestion – Diarrhea

Hello Aajonus,

According to the medical profession, I have granulomas on my liver and an autoimmune disease they call sarcoidosis.

I know that these symptoms and issues have developed since I have been eating the Primal Diet. Before the Primal Diet I led a very active life, walking 4 to 5 miles daily, swimming, playing competitive tennis and hiking. This is long gone as a lifestyle for me. I spend thousands of dollars paying people to do things for me that I can no longer do for myself. I have a full time dog nanny to walk my dogs. I have had to re-home one of the dogs, because it was impossible to keep 3 and have the energy to care for them.

Aajonus, unfortunately I have not felt good the entire time I have been eating a Primal raw Diet. I believe this is from rapid detoxification. My intuition tells me that I may have permanently damaged my body by detoxing too fast. I hope this is not the case. I am quite alarmed because I cannot get my health back in regards to having energy to enjoy my life activities that I love. I cannot and have not exercised in SEVEN years. It is impossible to drag my body through physical exertion. The kind of fatigue I feel is not from lack of sleep. My body cannot perform and manage the daily activities of life. Fortunately, by the time I drag myself through the routine of getting dressed and preparing food, I can sit in a chair and work with clients so as to make a living to hire people to do other things for me. Frankly, I often consider that my quality of life is not worth living anymore; however, I know that I would never leave my children.

Primary symptoms today:

I wake up in the morning feeling like I have been run over by a truck. Sleeping depletes me of energy and it takes me several hours to recover. It might feel like having a hangover, which I have not experienced before. Eating protein is the only thing that helps my body begin to gain energy. Most everything else exhausts me to digest.

My digestion is not regular. I have pains in my stomach after eating and throughout the day. I mostly have diarrhea.

I have lots of phlegm that constantly and relentlessly drops down from my nasal passages into my chest. I choke and cough ALL THE TIME. I sound like I have a smoker’s cough and I have never smoked. I vomit up phlegm about every three weeks. My stomach aches holding this. I take baths to try to sweat some of the toxins out and facilitate the process. So this, to me, is an indication that my body thinks it has a virus or infection to fight and it never gets resolved.

I am extremely lethargic. I have been depressed in the past, but have managed these symptoms and found ways to feel better.

I have periodic heart palpitations and tightening around the chest cavity on the left side with shortness of breath. I believe this may be muscular and anxiety. I don't believe it to be heart related.

I believe that my organs –- spleen, stomach, intestines and kidneys –- are stressed and working hard to support my body functions. I think they think they are in an emergency state, which is related to my high liver counts and granulomas on the liver.

In reading your books, I have tried supporting the liver’s job, as you write about in your book, by eating 1/2 raw unripe pineapple daily for 2 weeks to supply the liver and pancreas with the enzymes they need to remove hardened fat properly. My intuition tells me to eat more alkaline when I can, in addition to raw protein, tomatoes, lime and lemon juice with San Pellegrino, and plenty of honey to mineralize the liver. I have been doing this and much more.

My diet today is a raw diet consisting of green juices, butter, chicken, beef, pork, fish, tomatoes, cucumbers, fermented vegetables periodically as condiments, raw eggs, milk, honey, berries and some fruits. I also have been experimenting with some warm herbal teas, such as licorice and dandelion greens.

I have tried many different raw food combinations, to experiment, and notice what may help me feel better. I do notice that eating raw liver almost daily stimulates me and provides some temporary energy.

I am 59 years old this year. I have spent the decade of my 50's with a lesser quality of life. I am hoping that some solution unfolds to help me regain my quality of life so the next several decades include enjoyment of the activities I so love.

Thanks for any help you might be able to provide.

8 Aug 2012

Granulomas may contain various substances, but all tumors of all kinds are the result of industrial chemicals killing cells and the body mummifying and storing them. It mummifies them and stores them because the lymphatic system is unable to dissolve them, because the lymphatic system is either/all: malnourished, overworked or toxic. There is nothing in organic raw foods that can cause granulomas, unless they are of a poisonous nature to humans.

When eating my Primal Diet foods, your body has the nutrients and resources to move industrial toxins. If those toxins are extremely toxic, such as mercury and thallium, and had entered cells and killed them, the body can relocate them into tumors (granulomas) until the lymphatic system is working well enough to dissolve the accumulated contaminated dead cells.

Usually, the few people who experienced the extremes that you have were people who, as children, received ALL of the required vaccines and many not required. They are people who grew up with fluent-thinking parents who believed the medical industry was honest, forthright and correct. They received constant antibiotics throughout their childhood and even into adulthood. Not all of those who fit that profile are affected as you are. Those who are more sensitive are the ones who are most distressed; that is, those whose cells lacked the fat necessary to absorb the industrial chemicals and prevent cellular destruction and cellular death.

I have little control over the body’s choices. Bodies will cleanse at their own rate. However, in my books I state that excessive fruit will cause more detoxification.

Diarrhea ALWAYS indicates that you are dumping very caustic industrial chemicals through the intestines. Normally, the skin is supposed to expel those toxins after the lymphatic system has neutralized, dissolved and deposited them under the skin. However, when the lymph and/or skin is/are impaired, the body has to expel them through the intestines. It dilutes those poisons and diarrhea results.

Poor digestion on the Primal Diet occurs when too many toxins are expelled through the stomach and/or intestines. Eating 1/2 tsp. no-salt raw cheese every 20-30 minutes can absorb and eliminate toxins through the stomach and intestines without having to dilute and flush them (diarrhea).

When toxins dump into the stomach and/or intestines, intestinal flora and food are contaminated. Intestinal bacteria should be at least 90% of digestion. If they are poisoned with fresh or old toxins, they are destroyed and digestion will be damaged by varying degrees.

If toxins stored in the body are extreme (granulomas indicates that your body is in an extreme toxic condition), eating cheese and taking hot baths for the rest of your life may be paramount to your maintenance and recovery.

When most bodies are extremely toxic on any diet, the body uses most of its energy for digestion and detoxification, leaving little or none for other activities. The question is: do you trust your body? The medical profession and pharma spend billions yearly convincing you not to trust your body, that it is senseless and stupid, to attack it with industrial chemicals of their approval.

Daily, taking long hot baths away from high EMFs can help the lymphatic system function better. However, speed of functionality depends on the condition of the system. Always, hot baths will help in conjunction with a good diet.

Most people cannot go more than 5 hours without eating before it fatigues their body. That is why I recommend that everyone set an alarm to wake themselves and eat during their long sleep period. Your loss of enough blood proteins may occur sooner and you may need to eat every 4.5 hours, or 4 hours, or 3.5 hours. You will have to experiment to discover. Awakening in the morning as if you had a hangover is waking with a hangover, that is, a stupor from something toxic.

Note that when the body begins to dissolve granulomas, an intense amount of nutrients and energy are required. If the body uses the intestinal tract and stomach to dump those dissolved toxins, eating cheese very frequently is imperative just to maintain and progress digestion. You must treat yourself like a growing infant who eats, grows and sleeps mostly. However, you will be eating, detoxifying and sleeping mostly.

Fermented vegetables often cause radical detoxification. I suggest that you consume no more than 1 cup weekly. Most fermented vegetables are for cooked-food consumers.

The diet you described that you eat will not harm you, however to increase health, I suggest that:

you reduce vegetable juices to a minimum, maybe one daily or every other day;
reduce fruit to a maximum of 1 cup daily, maybe 1/2 cup daily and the only fruits I suggest for a
while are little pieces of pineapple and/or papaya, 2-3 times daily to help digestion;
eliminate cucumber, except in juices;
eliminate tomato, except for 1-2 days weekly;
mince or pate’ all of your meat to reduce energy spent on digestion;
do not use many vegetables in meat sauces, the simpler the better most of the time;
always have at least 1 T no-salt raw butter with meat;
and sip raw milk whenever you drink it, but no more than 2 ounces at a time;
25 minutes after finishing a meat meal, consume 1 tsp raw cheese and 10--15 minutes later
consume 2.5 T. raw cheese with 1.5 tsp. unheated honey;
and when you eat the cheese every 20--30 minutes, do not eat honey or fruit with the cheese.

Healthfully and appreciatively,


What about exercise? Should I force myself? Is it helpful?

Your body is going to utilize most of its energy on digestion and cleansing, however about 30-45 minutes of exercise every other day could be helpful psychologically and therefore physically.

Healthfully and appreciatively, Aajonus

“Taking long hot baths away from high EMF's.” What does this mean?

8 Aug 2012

If you have a hot tub and the motor is too close, or you have a Jacuzzi where the motor is too close, or you are too close to any electrical device while in or out of the tub, you will be sitting in a pool of electromagnetic field that could badly affect your body and mind.

You must avoid Wifi, use LAN.

Healthfully and appreciatively,

When I need a lot of liquid to hydrate myself, 2 oz of milk at intervals is not enough liquid. What else can I drink on hot days and during baths?

Aug 8, 2012

Sipping 2 ounces of raw milk every 30 minutes while you are not eating meals would be about 60 ounces daily. That is more than enough to hydrate the body. However, you may need more enzymes than milk, therefore I suggest that you sip on my Sport Formula. The following is a recipe for 1 quart, however half of that will probably be enough; but if not, drink a quart daily. Also, a variation for you is to add 2 ounces of whole pineapple and reduce the 3 cups of main ingredients to 2.75 cups.

Aajonus' Sport Formula (not Sport Drink):
3 cups of at least 2 of the following foods:
raw milk and/or fresh raw liquid whey.
Cucumber, watermelon and tomato are to be pureed not juiced;
the whey is liquid byproduct of making cheese;
milk is whole raw milk.
You may have any combination of those to equal 3 cups.
The remainder of the ingredients are:
1 T. raw apple cider vinegar
2 T. lime juice
2 tsp. lemon juice
2 T. coconut cream
2 T. dairy cream
2-3 eggs
1-2 T. unheated honey (optional).
That makes about 1 quart, after blending all the ingredients together. Sip throughout the
day for hydration.


Sep 28, 2012

Hi Aajonus,

Another question pertaining to the last paragraph, relating to the diet you are suggesting: There is no mention of raw eggs. Please advise me as to your opinion on including these in the suggested diet.


Now is a good time to consume eggs. The Amish farmers from whom we get eggs do not feed them commercial meal in the summer. However, beginning mid to late November through until June, it would be a period to cease consuming eggs.

Appreciatively and healthfully, Aajonus

Feb 22, 2013 Hello Aajonus,

Hope this finds you happy and healthy!

So, since our last correspondences, I have had a major turnaround. My body created an amazing rash covering 90% of my body, not much itching, looked like tiny blood spots on the surface of my skin surrounded by redness – millions of them, it was incredible, but not on my face. It subsided over a 3 month period and is still detectable slightly. I feel like a new person after 5 years of physical challenges. The chronic fatigue has disappeared. I have energy and a joyful outlook on life again. I think you might recall how I have been struggling physically and emotionally for many years. I know I have been detoxing and feel I have crossed over a big hurdle, thanks to your support.

So, my question is:

I have put on weight, about 25 pounds, because of my inactivity and lack of energy. The extra weight has settled everywhere and especially in my distended stomach. So I suspect that I still am detoxing quite a bit in my digestive system still. I work very long hours sitting with clients. I have been eating quite a lot of fat to manage my symptoms of the past several years.

Do you still recommend following the weight loss diet in your book The Recipe for Living Without Disease?

What is your current protocol for weight loss, also with consideration for something tailored for me?


Feb 23, 2013

Firstly, I am so very happy that your health has finally crossed the line to experiencing a joyful life again. I had to cross that line, after accumulations of toxins, 3 times in my life. Congratulations for continuing your journey to improve your health without getting trapped into pharma with no chance of cure.

My suggestions in my recipe book are still very good, however you could alternate days with a raw egg by itself every 2-3 hours and sip on my Sport Formula made with tomato, cucumber and whey as the base ingredients in between the eggs.

Appreciatively and healthfully, Aajonus

Feb 23, 2013

Thanks Aajonus for your good wishes.

I am confirming your instructions so I am clear that you are suggesting that I can alternate following suggestions for weight loss from your book; and alternate this with a day of raw eggs and the Sport Formula only.

In terms of the Sport Formula, tomatoes and cucumbers are not in season until May or June. Cucumbers are in the melon family and are a summer fruit. I would have to eat greenhouse-grown tomatoes and cucumbers with less nutrition brought here from warmer climates – in other words, not fresh, locally picked.

Do you still think this is the best and most nutritious option?


Mar 1, 2013 Yes, alternate as I suggest and as you replied.

I suggest that you use liquid fresh whey, tomatoes and milk as the base for the Sport Formula. In California, we can get organic vine-ripe tomatoes from Mexico that are not hydroponic.

Appreciatively and healthfully,

Feb 16, 2013

Re: Gelatin & Collagen

Is there any way to consume gelatin or collagen, or get their benefits on the Primal Diet?

Mar 1, 2013

You can grate bone and cartilage, and let it soak for a week in liquid, fresh whey.

Appreciatively and healthfully,

Mar 1, 2013

Airport Security NON-Scan Instructions

I wrote a letter and attached it hereto in pdf format. Please print it. Your foods/medicine must be in carry- on luggage/cooler. I carried up to 30 pounds of butter with me on transcontinental flights. After reading the letter I have, sometimes they nonthinkingly accepted my need for those items but started to pass them through the scanner. I ASK them to hand check them, as the letter states. However, some TSA supervisors require items that they cannot see through be scanned. It is slight radiation and, if your food passes once, it will not be harmed. In some airports, you have to pass the scan while entering the airport building and before boarding planes. Make certain you plan enough time for those processes. You must present your food/medicine as soon as you are at the head of the line to have your carry-on luggage scanned. Call a TSA officer to you and state that you need a "hand check for medication." Your food/medicine must be separate in one of their trays with your letter. Often, the TSA agent that will help you will seek her/his supervisor. It is best to step back and let other people pass their items through until the supervisor approaches, reads your letter and decides what s/he will do. Always smile and look happy but concerned about your needs. The letter is good for about 4 months.

If anyone tells you you have too much carry-on luggage, say one of them is medication and then they let you pass.

Healthfully and appreciatively, Aajonus

Dr. Aajonus Vonderplanitz, Hon. Ph.D. Nutrition
1735 Manzanita Park Avenue, Malibu, CA 90265
(310) 589-0589
Allergy and Nutrition

March 1, 2013

Re: Hereby, you are advised that ’s foods are medicine.

To Whom It May Concern:

’s foods are his medicines. He must eat every 1– 2 hours. I have prescribed that he and his food not be exposed to irradiation from any mechanical source, including airport security scanning devices. He is on a special raw food diet and must adhere to it for his well being, health and safety.

was exposed to dangerous levels of radiation and chemicals to which he developed multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS), hypoglycemia (borderline diabetes), fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue syndrome as well as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). He reacts hyperallergically from exposure to irradiation and chemicals of persons and foods. If he eats foods that have been processed or irradiated by security scanning devices, he may likely have symptoms, including vomit and diarrhea. must carry with him items such as 2 quarts of raw milk, unsalted raw butter and cream, unheated honey, raw meat and sauce, berry smoothie, and cheeses because airlines do not serve such raw food, and he must eat every hour; he must carry food for at least 32 hours.

’s foods are medicine. Please hand check his foods.

Thank you.

Aajonus Vonderplanitz

Feb 22, 2013

Re: Dr Peat Diet for hair loss

Are you familiar with Dr Ray Peat?

Not that I recall.

Appreciatively and healthfully, Aajonus

Feb 22, 2013

Peat is pro raw dairy and coconut, and is anti-vegetable, including vegetable juice. He favors liver AND a lot of fruit because it raises cholesterol.

Feb 23, 2013

I have been there and done that for 7 years and found it to raise and drop sugar levels causing hyper and low emotional responses. Also, it made me very hungry often, and I had feelings of not being grounded.

Appreciatively and healthfully, Aajonus

Feb 23, 2013

Have you modified your view that a lot of fat eaten with fruit protects against the sugar dynamics and boosts the availability of its nutrients?

Mar 1, 2013

I still suggest only minimal fruit – once daily, unless experiencing a cold or flu. Even with lots of fat, too much fruit forces too much detoxification.

Appreciatively and healthfully, Aajonus

Mar 1, 2013
Mar 17, 2013

Peat's theory on hair loss is that it is caused by estrogen/prolactin.

PUFAs (polyunsaturated fatty acids), mercury, thallium and lead can all cause hair loss.

He says our bodies store PUFAs.

Not only store but are made of them.

He says PUFAs produce estrogen and prolactin.

My guess is since I ate 90% margarine, vegetable oils, etc. for the first 20 years of my life, that I have a lot of PUFAs built into me.

True. With daily 90-minute hot baths, and cheese eaten frequently and daily, it may take as little as 27

years to remove all of it. Without those, it could take 60 years on a perfect diet.

Would detoxing PUFAs disrupt hormones leading to hair loss?


Peat and his main promoter, Danny Roddy, say coconut oil and butter displace PUFAs over time.

True about butter, but better coconut cream rather than coconut oil.

But they recommend sugar – Roddy promotes raw honey as an option – to fuel the liver to do its detox work.

Unheated honey is best.

They also recommend SALT to combat aldosterone and balance hormones.

The damage by salt far exceeds the benefits of "correcting" aldosterone and other hormone "imbalances".

Aldosterone is used to detoxify certain toxins and is beneficial, but not in excess.

They oppose all vegetables and vegetable fiber, except carrots which they view as a tonic for the colon, tying up endotoxins and being pro-progesterone.

Vegetable juices are important for many many years.

I thought I read that you had cut your vegetable juice consumption, of which celery is foundational; but celery contains aldosterone, which Peat and Roddy implicate in the hormonal problems that cause hair loss

I have reduced my intake of vegetable juices because more than a little was not beneficial. I reduced it by

one cup every 7 years and now consume about 1 quart of vegetable juices weekly.

I am interested in getting more sodium, without the aldosterone, and have heard that blood contains a lot of it; but I don't know how much or how it would fit into the Primal Diet as it does with the Masai diet.

When I am in Thailand and in the Philippines, I can get blood frequently. I mix it with equal portions of raw

milk. I have consumed up to 16 ounces per day without ill effects for up to 2 weeks. However, I suggest

that you stop trying to balance chemistry and balance your diet with food-logic.

Your recommendations call for a lot of sugar: honey, dates for the thyroid (which Peat and Roddy say is at root of the hair loss problem), and you recommend OJ and pineapple and papaya for various reasons.

Those concentrations are temporary remedies, not for every day throughout life. They are specific for

specific symptoms.

When I was a fruitarian, I was in the best shape of my life – energy, hair, muscularity. I wrecked my teeth as a result, but at no time in my life do I ever recall having energy or mood problems from fruit.

For most people who have tried a rigid fruitarian diet, mineral and protein imbalances result after only 3 years. Some make it to 6 years. Only a handful have made it beyond 7 years. Bone and hair loss results after, frequently with fruitarians.

I just wonder how I might Primalize the Peat Roddy recommendations, see if it stops the hair loss and maximizes detoxification.

To minimize hair loss, toxins must be neutralized as they pass into the follicles, and follicles must be

strengthened with raw bone marrow and no-salt raw butter rubbed into the scalp. It takes 50-200

molecules of fat to harness one molecule of mercury. That ratio is almost impossible to achieve with all of

the vaccines and other mercury sources in our society. Peat and Roddy do not have the whole picture.

I discovered that Alaskan king crab is very high in sodium but nobody locally sells it fresh or uncooked or often.

All ocean fish is high in sodium. You do not have to go to the extreme. However, one extreme that is

obtainable is oysters.

You say too much fruit, even with a lot of fat, would cause TOO much detox. During a period when I couldn't get butter and cream, and when I was lazy about making coconut cream, I got the psoriasis-like symptoms – you recommended butter, which appears to have eliminated about 96% of it, 90% of the time. I have now gained about 11 lbs as a result of the butter.

The Roddy Peat theory is that raw sugars are needed to feed the liver and balance hormones and stimulate the thyroid.

I recommend about 2 ounces of honey and one helping of fruit daily, unless heavily detoxifying.


Mar 18, 2013

Re: Glaucoma

Hi Aajonus,

With all the reading I am required to do lately, I am having issues with my eyes, especially my left eye. I believe this is the one with glaucoma. What issues? Mainly the decrease in my reading vision and my eye feels like it is congested, if that's possible. Also I have a lot of annoying floaters in my vision.

I looked up glaucoma recommendations in your book (page 266) and now I have questions:

1.) Should I stop eating cheese? I have one piece every morning as soon as I get out of bed.

2.) Should I be eating the olive oil, tomatoes, honey and fresh pepper once to twice daily with fish once daily?

3.) Why does my eye have hypertension in it? Is it to push out toxins?

4.) How long until it heals?

5.) Should I continue the brain mold drink twice weekly for my brain mold? (Feb 12, 2012, Re: Brain mold recipe)

6.) Any other changes or suggestions?

Thank you!

Glaucoma is more blood going into the eye(s) than leaves the eye(s). Applying a hot water bottle to the temple side of the face where an effected eye is, helps increase circulation in and out of that eye.

Do not decrease consumption of cheese, however do not eat Cheddar; Colby or Jack is preferable for the eyes. I suggest consuming 1 cube (sugar-cube-size amount, that is 1/2 tsp.) 10 minutes prior to eating meat and fruit meals and every 30 minutes at all other times, except while you sleep.

I have discovered that for meat meals, red meat with butter, egg and a little cheese helps the eyes quicker.

Fruit meals: Continue with the brain mold formula, 3 days weekly; and custard with a little fresh-grated ginger root, 2 days weekly; and 3/4 cup berry(ies) 2.5 T. coconut cream 2 T. raw cream 2 T. lime juice 1.5 tsp. lemon juice 1/4 tsp. apple cider vinegar 1 egg all blended together, 2 days weekly.

Appreciatively and healthfully,

Hi Aajonus,

Thank you for the suggestions. I have been eating Cheddar. I will order Colby and Jack tomorrow.

Thank you.

Mar 20, 2013

Re: Marine Phytoplankton

Is this bullshit, or are they on to something?
A FFID=111082&utm_source=TH&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=FS-03162013

The information is relatively accurate, except that we are not fish who digest plankton properly to gain the benefits of all of those nutrients. Eggs are plankton for humans.

Appreciatively and healthfully,

Mar 21, 2013

Re: Book

Hi Aajonus,

I wanted to ask you – Are you coming out with a new book anytime soon?

Mar 23, 2013

My publisher said it is too expensive to publish books. I have been writing all information that I would have written for books in my newsletters. They start in 2006 and there are approximately 1,500 pages of information. When you subscribe at to my newsletters, you get all back issues to 2006.

Appreciatively and healthfully,

Mar 23, 2013
Re: Joanne Unleashed

Hi Aajonus,

I just read your interview with Joanne. I can't believe you’re 64. After all the attacks on your health, you look great. You aged after the injections, but you have overcome that aging, and look so much younger.

You said you eat 50 eggs a day. I don't of course. How many should I be eating? I have changed my diet per your recommendations and feel better already and it has not been a week. I'm trying to eat raw red meat twice a day with the butter and egg. I have been able to do the custard and other fruit meals. My cheese came on Thursday and I am eating that frequently, as you said. The day gets away from me and it's late and I have yet to eat my second meat meal.

I noticed my brain is sharper. I can study with ease when I swallow an egg, and then eat red meat/butter, then study. The information just goes in, quite effortlessly. If I vary any, for example, choose to eat some ice cream, although raw, I am not as sharp. It's awful. I am stupid and struggling within hours. My body can't take carbs. It wants meat. I wish meat tasted like ice cream. But the results of eating meat are so well worth it. It's so nice to think. It's wonderful to be able to think! And the meat makes me positive, optimistic, happy and I feel more in control. I can think my way around challenges at work and at home, and I enjoy the challenges. Whereas, without the raw meat, I think “Oh now what!”

My eyes feel better overall, and I think I have some focus back in the left one. I test the sight by judging one eye against the other, and it seems somewhat better. They don't feel like they have a cold in them anyway, so that's improvement.

So thank you for all of your help and the sufferings you have endured to bring us the truth. I so appreciate all of your wisdom.

Have wonderful travels.

Thank your for your kind words, thoughts and appreciation. I am happy that I was able to help you.

Aesthetically, I too would prefer eating raw ice cream to meat, but my brain does not function as well, too.

I stated that I have eaten up to 50 eggs daily, but have done so only rarely. That was to make a point that eggs do not cause the biotin problem that many claim happens from eating egg whites and yolks at the same time. I eat as many as I need to achieve optimal brain function, between 7--18 daily.

Appreciatively and healthfully,

Mar 22, 2013

Re: Cataracts

|Hi Aajonus,

I have worn glasses since I was at least 13, and am 60 now. The eye doctor says that I have cataracts that must be removed. I wouldn't let him dilate my eyes. Anyway, I did read your section about cataracts in WWTL and have been faithfully having a tbs of olive oil every day for about six months.

Is there anything else that you know of for cataracts? Do you think the surgery is safe. Please help!

Thanks so much.

March 23, 2013

Cataracts are the result of waste products failing to leave the eyes. Usually, the problem is poor circulation out of the eyes. The exit passage is probably congested.

I suggest that you apply a hot water bottle, inserted into a flannel pillow case, against the side of your face, delivering heat to the side of the face including the eye on that side. The next night, I suggest place the hot water bottle at the other eye. Alternate the eye, each night.

Consuming a fruit meal twice weekly of: 2 ounces lime juice, 2 tsp lemon juice, 3 ounces of pineapple, 2 T. coconut cream, 1.5 T. raw dairy cream, 1/2 tsp. raw apple cider vinegar and 1 T. unheated honey will help dissolve blockages when a hot water bottle is applied to one side each night.

Appreciatively and healthfully, Aajonus

`Mar 24, 2013

Aajonus, Should cataracts be removed? That's one part of the question that you did not answer. If so, is there any safe way to do it? Do you still recommend the olive oil every day? Are there any safe doctors in my area? I will try the water bottles and food. I don't want to go blind either, obviously.

Thanks for your suggestions.

Mar 24, 2013

If cataracts are removed surgically, there is a high risk of causing scarring which will further diminish your eyes from cleansing.

Once you begin cleansing your eyes with heat and food, surgery should not be necessary. You will provide yourself with time to explore and think about your condition once you begin using heat and food regularly.

With the changes I suggested, one T. olive oil once daily every second or third day will be sufficient.

Appreciatively and healthfully,

Mar 25, 2013

Re: Vagina Problem

(See also: 20110402-1423 Re: Vaginosis
and 20120611-2003 Re: Pain in Vagina and Uterus)

Hi Aajonus:

Hope you are doing well!

I have a complicated situation in regards to milk and the vagina problem.

I have a serious sinus problem and I read in your book not to drink milk when you have this condition and at the same time my vagina problem returned and in addition I've vomited several times. My stomach has been acting up also.

My questions to you is: Should I continue taking Terramin clay with kefir while I have this sinus condition? I have started douching again with the ingredients you suggested.

The milk is the issue.

25 Mar 2013

I need as much detail as possible: I need the how, where and how much of the following: feelings of pain, itching and/or burning, coloration, rashes, odors, what time of day, any foods that negatively alter your experience, anything you experience I need to know, please.

Appreciatively and healthfully, Aajonus

Hi Aajonus:

How: Gas from anus entering vagina. Where: vagina and ovaries. Pain: vagina and ovaries. Itching and burning: Scale from 1 to 10: "9". Also redness & some odor. Coloration: yellowish. Foods that negatively alter my experience: milk, honey and possibly cheese. Sinus pain on scale from 1 to 10: "8". Experiencing vomiting.

Mar 25, 2013

Please describe odor. Is the yellow mucous-like or thin or granular or a combination?

Appreciatively and healthfully, Aajonus

Mar 26, 2013

I suggest that you peel an average-sized refrigerated tomato and one medium cucumber and blend them together with 1 T. lemon juice into a puree. I suggest that you get a turkey bulb baster and insert 4 ounces deep inside your vagina while you are in the shoulder stand yoga position. Gently roll your abdomen until you feel the puree seeping high into your Fallopian tubes. Leave it in for at least 20 minutes. Wear pads for the day.

Repeat that whenever the pain mounts but before it is incapacitating. It would not be harmful to do it many times daily.

Appreciatively and healthfully,

Mar 26, 2013

Re: Biokleen laundry liquid

Hello Aajonus,

I was just informed by a client of yours that the Biokleen laundry liquid has been using, since March of last year, sodium lauryl sulfate which Biokleen said is a plant-based surfactant. Is it still OK to use? If not, what can we use?

Please let me know.

It does not matter that it was once part of a plant. They use gasoline to dissolve the plant and a chemical process to render it. I bought about a 4 years supply and won't need to search for another product, and I do not have the time right now.

Appreciatively and healthfully, Aajonus

Hello Aajonus,

What do you suggest I do?

For the laundry, how about using fermented coconut cream?

You will make sure it is very fermented by adding 1 T. of lemon juice to one cup of coconut cream, letting it stand in heat for at least 2 days. Then, pour it into 1 quart of water. That means you will have 4 cups of water and one cup of fermented coconut cream. If you have a laundry ball, use about 1/4 cup of fermented coconut cream/water with each laundry load.

http s ://

http s :// smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&tag=pg-666-86- 20&linkCode=asn&creative=395097&creativeASIN=B000TXS64K

http s :/ / product/mls- l aundry -system/

Appreciatively and healthfully, Aajonus

Re: Fermented Coconut Cream (from 14 Dec 2008 Los Angeles Q&A at 00:38:05)

I wash only with fermented coconut cream. It’s the best soap. If you use regular coconut cream, it
won’t be quite as soapish because the fermentation – the alcohols in it – help make it a soap. I just
leave it out on the counter with no refrigeration for 3–4 days. I do leave a top on it. If you start, it’ll
have a bad odor. It’ll go through a period of a foul odor – not real foul, but a foul odor. After about 9–
10 days, it goes back to a nice coconut odor again, fragrant.
Mar 30, 2013

Re: How to wash a linen blazer

Hello Aajonus,

How do you wash a linen blazer?

Does it need to be ironed?

Wash it inside a large cloth sack, like an all-cotton huge pillow case, in a tumble washer with tepid water.

When finished the wash, hold it by its shoulders and shake to help the wrinkles relax. Take a very wide- shouldered hanger and hang the blazer to dry. If it is too wrinkled-looking after drying, take it to a cleaners for steam pressing only.

Appreciatively and healthfully,

Mar 30, 2013

Re: How to clean a suede jacket

Hello Aajonus,

What can I do to take out the stains and black marks in my suede jacket? Can I wash it in a pillow case in cold water? They said only dry cleaners.

Please let me know.

You can wash it in a tumble washer (not agitation washer) without a pillow case and in tepid water (barely warm to the touch). Cold water will not clean suede. Depending on the color of the jacket, any scrubbing of stains will leave a bleached look at that spot. If it is blood or any food stain, using Gerolsteiner water will help remove the stains. But be sure to rinse out Gerolsteiner water within 15 minutes because Gerolsteiner will act like peroxide and bleach the suede.

Appreciatively and healthfully, Aajonus

Hello Aajonus,

Do you put the suede jacket in the dryer? I also have air dry in my dryer?

No. You hang it to dry.

Appreciatively and healthfully,

Mar 31, 2013

Re: Baths for Detox

Hi Aajonus,

I got through the high point of a detox consisting of extreme mucus, weakness and a headache (hurray). I'm getting better.

My question is about the hot baths. Should I wait until my full strength and appetite are back before I resume the baths?

Baths will help perspire toxins, eliminating them faster and more completely.

Appreciatively and healthfully,

Apr 10, 2013

Re: The Case Against Detoxing
Apr 11, 2013

Most of what is stated in the ad is true, but contorted to sell the product. The two main elements of the formula are produced by dissolving pectin-dense and algae-dense produce in kerosene to make them dissolve into a soup from which the pectin and algae can be extracted.

Although many of the facts stated in the ad may be true, it did not state whether the supplement caused the toxicity. Does the process of dissolving the substances in kerosene in metal vessels cause the lead, arsenic and mercury levels to form, or does the supplement actually draw/detox those metals from bodily cells?

Another major problem with the Pecto supplement is that colloidal pectin and algae draw the poisons into the blood, instead of the intestines for secretion and/or the lymphatic system where all toxins are sent that are required to be reduced to liquid/water for secretion from the body. Normally, pectin is not digestible but stays in the intestines. There, the body uses pectin-related nutrients to draw toxins from bodily tissues to be carried to the intestines and there are bound in the pectin for excretion.

Pectin-rich foods are apples, berries and dates. Cooked apples, berries and dates will not facilitate detoxification very well because the pectin-related nutrients are destroyed. Also, the pectin is altered to the point where it is cauterized (sealed) and is much less able to absorb toxins in the intestines.

Another important fact that the ad failed to explore is that water-soluble fats are necessary to eliminate those toxins safely. It mentioned the need for the toxins stored in fat to be water-bound, but not that it was preferable to be bound in water-soluble fats. No one ever talks about water-soluble fats because they are destroyed at very low temperatures (92-105 degrees F.) and by all processing, except juicing.

Coconut cream contains the most water-soluble fats and that is why I stress it so much. Other sources of water-soluble fats are raw milk, avocados, durian, and jackfruit.

Also, pectin is not necessary when water-soluble fats are present along with enough minerals. As I suggest, eating lots of no-salt raw (nsr) cheese helps draw toxins into the intestines and binds with them. Additionally, eating nsr cheese 2-3 times daily with a very small amount of honey, supplements minerals dramatically.

Do people feel better because of the adrenaline rush caused by the kerosene and heavy metals from the supplement Pecto? All supplement consumers feel an increase in energy from the toxins, such as kerosene, that cause an adrenaline rush to assist the body in detoxifying kerosene and other toxic compounds in processed supplements.

Most biased ads proclaim super products by giving us distorted statistics and figures. If your blood contained 10 ppm of lead and, after taking Pecto, your blood contained 25 ppm, that would be a 250% increase. 25ppm is not a highly toxic lead level. The 250% increase mentioned in the ad makes it sound as if the lead was an enormous concentration.

Appreciatively and healthfully,

Apr 16, 2013

Re: Wireless MIke System

Hello Aajonus,

Is it OK to have a wireless mike system with an amplifier when I go out to protest the chemtrails? I would wear the mike on my lapel, and the amplifier would be on the ground.

Please let me know.

There is a decibel law, that is how loud a speaker can project. If you want to exceed that very low limit, you must get a permit. Otherwise, keep the volume low.

Appreciatively and healthfully,

May 9, 2013

Re: Coconut Oil in Plastic

Hi Aajonus,

I am concerned that the coconut oil sent in plastic jugs (rinsed out) will be contaminated by the plastic, and it is already expensive. Then, it would need to be re-bottled in glass and labelled – a time consuming, costly task. It is now not a pure oil after being in plastic.

Thank you.

May 10, 2013

The rinsed plastic containers do not leach into the coconut oil unless subjected to temperatures above 40 degrees C (104 degrees F) or below 4 degrees C (39 degrees F).

Appreciatively and healthfully,

May 9, 2013
Re: Clay
(See also: 20120309-0616 Re: Terrasilk Clay)

Hi Aajonus,

I really do not want to import Terramin clay. Do you believe that Living Clay, which I am able to get more easily, is inferior to Terramin/Terrasilk clay? I do not want to tell people the wrong thing.

Thank you.

May 10, 2013

Any clay from a clean source that is not from a volcanic deposit is OK.

Appreciatively and healthfully,

May 9, 2013

Re: Need Help to Set Up Legal Raw Milk

Dear Aajonus,

We have been receiving wonderful raw milk from a farmer here for the past 2-3 years.

Is there any way to protect our right to choose healthy food here? We thought you would have the best advice.

Please let us know what you would suggest and how much it would cost.

May 9, 2013

So far, Right To Choose Healthy Food, Charitable Trust has been able to create a legal umbrella wherein the farmer leases his animals to RTCHF/me, RTCHF club members gain ownership of the animals and the farmer cares for and produces the foods we want for us. Members are the owners of the animals and all of their products as long as the lease agreement is in effect. Therefore, there are no sales of any products. We pay the farmer to farm our animals for us.

We have one challenge presently in the courts – a case that I think we are certain to win, unless government completely sabotages the trial by loading the jury. The judge has already biased the case for the state, but we have our hopes and prayers that we will prevail.

Appreciatively and healthfully, Aajonus

May 10, 2013

Hi, Aajonus,

Thank you for such a quick response!

So what are the details and cost for setting up the Right To Choose Healthy Food, Charitable Trust legal umbrella?

May 11, 2013

Re: Setting up RTCHF, Charitable Trust

There is no cost to set it up. All members of your local food club must pay RTCHF a yearly membership fee of $35. You collect that fee and send it to RTCHF once yearly, even new-member fees collected throughout the year.

I will need the name of your food club and address, the name, address and phone number of your farmer and his farm.

Appreciatively and healthfully, Aajonus

May 12, 2013

Dear Aajonus,

Thank you for your time in answering our questions.

I think our farmer will not like to have to charge that high yearly fee, and his customers won't like it either. We don't yet have a local food club with him.

Here, we are used to much lower costs. I know in California you have to pay $8 for 1/2 gallon of raw milk. Here, our farmer just raised his price from $6 to $7 for a gallon of raw milk.

I belong to Farmer Bill’s buying club and paid a lifetime membership fee of $25. How is he able to set up for such a lower fee?

Having a one-time lifetime fee structure would be more suitable for us here and probably be less paperwork.

May 12, 2013

Farmer Bill is at great risk because the people he uses now for his buyers club have lost 2 cases out of 2 legal challenges. So far, I have not lost any. Farmer Bill will have no legal help if he is closed by governmental agencies. I write the legal briefs for my farmers and help them through the courts. Farmer Bill will have no one that has won in those legal fields. It is his high risk.

The money I receive from dues barely pays for keeping RTCHF alive and working. I do not take money for the time I give to RTCHF. It only covers expenses.

Appreciatively and healthfully,

June 12, 2013

Aajonus's Industrial-Chemical Food-Poisoning Theory

Hi, healthy food lovers,

I have been asked to direct people to research regarding raw milk. Now, there are very many books on the subject. However, I hesitate to recommend them because all raw-milk writers discuss the issue from indirect information that does not think out of the politically-correct box regarding bacteria. I list a few of them at the end of this email.

("All current raw-food writers and advocates have blackballed Aajonus and his work because he thinks completely out of the politically-correct box regarding bacteria as it relates to food and disease." Paul Cohen)

The problem with the entire raw-food poisoning theory and rhetoric is that they are based on a false premise. Bacteria in raw foods have never been proved to cause disease of any kind except through junk investigative science. Bacteria on all planes are necessary for healthful life on Earth. Killing bacteria in food by cooking, freezing or any industrial process does not facilitate vibrant health or prevent disease. Empirical proof demonstrates the very opposite is true in 95% of all cases.

The proper basis/premise for life is that we live in a sea of bacteria. We are 260 bacterial genes to every one human gene. Therefore, we are 99.996% bacteria. To properly exchange and transform anything, it must be prepared and rendered by bacteria. Bacteria are the reality on which life perpetually thrives on this planet.

Our digestive bacteria consume the foods we eat. Their byproducts, that is, their feces, urine and perspiration are our nutrients that we recombine and absorb. All raw food contains cellular and sub-cellular bacteria, some of which help our digestion and cleansing. Many facilitate proper absorption and utilization. Myriads are directly responsible for arrays of enzymes. Bioactive enzymes would not exist without bacteria.

Toxic chemicals produced by thousands of industrial processes cause disease. As I stated in my recipe book, The Recipe For Living Without Disease , there are 32 known toxins that form simply by cooking food, an industrial process. Add to that toxic soup, 60,000 industrial chemicals to which foods are exposed from seed to produce and you have a virtual smorgasbord of cell-damaging substances which cause diseases.

When eating processed food, food bacteria (if any remain after processing and chemical contamination) and digestive bacteria fractionate and release those industrial toxins that form together in assortments and arrays of toxic soups. When those toxins collect, most often they gradually cause cellular interference and damage that result in diseases.

Rarely, is vomit and/or diarrhea the direct result of immediate food consumption. However, sometimes that happens when industrial chemicals, such as caustic detergent, get into the food during processing, such as the Jack In the Box epidemic, wherein E. coli was the scapegoat. Occasionally, vomit and diarrhea occur from food-processing mishaps that add too much of one or more toxic additives. Vomit and diarrhea most often result from a body emptying a voluminous collection of industrial toxins into the stomach and/or intestines for detoxification.

Those detoxifying processes sometimes result in massive damaged human cells and debris. Because of those voluminous damaged human cells, janitorial bacteria that are wrongly termed pathogenic awaken from hibernation and rapidly reproduce. They feed on and fractionate those damaged human cells and wastes to help the lymphatic system cleanse the body of those toxins and wastes. Because all animal cells contain those various janitorial bacteria, it is only natural for them to be found in animal foods, including milk, and they can assist our bodies in detoxification.

However, they do not directly cause vomit or diarrhea, nor do they damage or consume healthy cells. They consume and fractionate the toxically damaged cells for elimination. The caustic array of industrial toxins that the natural janitorial and digestive bacteria release from toxic food and damaged cells cause vomit and/or diarrhea. Blaming janitorial bacteria for vomit and diarrhea is the same as blaming janitors for the waste that

they are employed to cleanse and help eliminate.

The medical and pharmaceutical doctors and "scientists" keep people thinking that bacteria are the main problem of disease, including in food. The huge food corporations make gargantuan profits by extending unlimited shelf life with processing. They also gain because nutrients are vastly destroyed in their foods so humans and pets are perpetually undernourished and hungry and so overeat, and they are confused and sick.

The bacterial food-poisoning rhetoric is designed to make and keep people thinking that food is safe only when all natural bacteria in it are murdered by processing. Corporate agricultural industries, such as Monsanto, convince health authorities to ingrain the myth by saying that bacteria in fields cause food- poisoning diseases and death, and therefore only chemically produced and GMO crops are safe for human and pet consumption. If that were true, man and other animals would not have survived for millions of years without detergents and antiseptics.

Those corporations feed each other. The processed-food industry causes diseases from their foods, and medicine and pharmaceuticals profit. Bought-and-paid-for politicians, and health department, university and media employees and executives brainwash people into believing that processed foods are the only safe foods. The medical profession prescribes that people consume mainly and ultimately processed foods as safe. Yet, it is well known that institutional food, especially hospital food, is most deficient in nutrient value. It is a never-ending cycle of profit for those companies and governments, but losses of health for people and pets.

Health department authorities are guilty of manufacturing false incidents of food poisoning for the sake of their corporate masters. It is not different than the politicians who help create enemies for the military- industrial complex to exist as one of the greatest rackets in the world. Just think what would happen if hundreds of millions of people began farming cooperatively and eating wholesome non-processed foods. Every industry would become the small industries they should be -- oil, medicine, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and food processing and distribution. People would become healthy and wise enough to know that the only ones who profit from war are imperialistic and fascistic governments and the corporations that run them, including and especially banks.

Regarding raw milk research: I recommend that you read Dr. Douglass's and my Report In Favor Of Raw Milk at

or as a free download at

The books that I recommend make a viable case for raw-milk freedom but do not stray from the status quo, politically-correct bacteria-as-pathogens theory:

The Raw Truth About Milk by William Campbell Douglass II, MD
The Raw Milk Revolution: Behind America's Emerging Battle over Food Rights by David E.
The Untold Story of Milk: The History, Politics and Science of Nature's Perfect Food: Raw Milk
from Pasture-Fed Cows by Ron Schmid

The latter three books will assist anyone with arguing for raw milk from a politically-correct perspective. However, I suggest that they be viewed for what they are: information based on beliefs, entirely of thought and concepts, without proper direct experience with investigative, empirical and laboratory experience challenging the bacteria theory, and without my industrial-chemical theory of disease.

Appreciatively and healthfully, Aajonus Vonderplanitz, Nutritional Scientist, Author, Lecturer

Jun 19, 2013

Re: Wheat Germ Oil

You once mentioned wheat germ oil was one of the few worthwhile supplements.
Jun 20, 2013

Cold-processed means that they dissolved the germ with either kerosene (“natural”) or hexane (gasoline). If you were to find one marked “cold-pressed”, it is not truly cold-pressed – temperatures reach as much as 176 F.

Appreciatively and healthfully, Aajonus

Jun 20, 2013

Hi Aajonus,

I will ask them about solvents and temperatures. You still maintain NOBODY produces a raw wheat germ oil anymore?

Are you still producing your newsletter?

Jun 20, 2013

I called one of the most prominent labs and asked if a new way had been devised to cold-extract wheat germ oil and I was told “No” by the chief chemist.

When you call them, ask them to give you a written letter describing the process, the temperatures – highest and lowest – to which the wheat germ comes in contact, and any chemicals used whether natural or not. And, if the wheat germ was processed in any way prior to their lab getting the wheat germ.

I am very behind in newsletters because of lawsuits since February. I will get caught up in July, August and September.

Appreciatively and healthfully,

Jun 20, 2013

I just spoke with them. You are 100% correct on all counts.

Is there no way people can make their own somehow? I assume you would recommend staying away from wheat germ itself?

Jun 20, 2013

I have not touched it since 1977.

Appreciatively and healthfully,

Jun 22, 2013

Re: 8 Days of Diarrhea

Hi Aajonus,

I have had diarrhea for seven of the last eight days.

I have not changed my diet or had any other symptoms, just 3-5 liquid bowel movements per day.

I welcomed this as an obviously needed detox, but seem to have lost 6 lbs, which I fear is mostly due to serious dehydration.

I have begun eating raw unsalted cheese per WWTL, and will begin the banana and carob smoothies tomorrow.

Should I be worried about this? This has never happened before in my life. Are there additional steps to mitigate this?

My concern is this is disrupting my daily life – I just canceled a business trip – and I am worried I may be losing nutrients both thru non-digestion and fluid loss.

Jun 23, 2013

Eating as much cheese as necessary to absorb the toxins so your body does not have to flush it with fluids is the best way to reduce diarrhea. However, as long as you eat the diet, there is no way that you will dehydrate.

I had one client who had diarrhea 1--2 times daily for 2 1/2 years. He cleansed himself quicker than anyone else, up to 3 years ago. That was before I created the frequent-cheese-consumption regime that does the same without much diarrhea.

If you feel that you have a little dehydration in the intestinal tract, I suggest that you have 1--2 Sport Formulas daily.

Appreciatively and healthfully,

Jun 10, 2013

Re: Double Urgent – Possible Heart Surgery Tomorrow

Dear Aajonus,

The allopathic doctors are recommending my husband have mitral valve surgery tomorrow because one of the two accordion flaps is torn, which makes fluid back up into the lungs. They diagnosed him as having mitral valve prolapse He has been at the hospital since Friday.

It is difficult for him to breathe when climbing stairs because of fluid in the lungs. His pulse rate is up to 100-110 beats per minute.

He thinks they are worried that the valve might tear more. The rest of his heart is fine. Right now, they do not think the mitral valve needs to be replaced. The cardiologist looked at his neck and saw fluid from the heart.

What would you recommend he should do?

June 11, 2013

I suggest that he consume 1/2 cup white (greenish) head cabbage once daily for 6 days and consume as many raw eggs as possible, some as milkshakes and many by themselves.

Appreciatively and healthfully, Aajonus

Jun 11, 2013

Dear Aajonus,

Thank you! The surgery is being delayed a day or two.

Jun 12, 2013

I am glad to help whenever I can. I suggest that you give him at least 6 more days to improve to where he will not need surgery.

Appreciatively and healthfully, Aajonus

Dear Aajonus,

Thank you so much for your further recommendations, however, I do not think he is in good enough shape to improve much in 6 days. If he would have followed your nutritional advice after he first saw you in 2009, I feel certain he would not be in the hospital right now, or at the very least, maybe he would have a good chance to improve with a little more time.

He has been in the hospital since Friday, June 7. Initially we thought he would come back the same day, after getting some tests done to see why he was so short of breath and his pulse was racing.

I am an hour away and cannot bring the eggs and other foods to him very easily. Even if I did, he probably would not eat them.

He is scheduled for surgery on Friday, June 14. He adores the recommendations in your book and thinks very highly of you and your work, but is blinded by his own beliefs. Also, he is very stubborn.

He always says he will try to eat fish each time he sees you, but he never actually does. When he started having the symptoms of shortness of breath and racing pulse, I was finally able to convince him to stop eating frozen veggie burgers and pocket sandwiches and replace them with some raw fish (he won't even consider red meat). His version of eating raw fish is about 1/2 teaspoon a day.

He refuses to eat plain raw eggs because the chiropractor he trusts for muscle testing says they weaken him.

He did have a milkshake during the week before going to the hospital, but he said it made his throat raw, so that was the end of that. He does not care that a raw throat is just a good detox symptom.

For at least a year, besides the frozen foods, almost every day he has had 8 ounces of the juice recipe you gave us last year when we saw you, 1/2 a nut formula (made mostly with cashews – unfortunately that is what he likes best), and 8 ounces of whole raw milk (with 1 ounce of cold-packed honey per quart mixed in).

As you can see, he is eating very little of the foods you recommend. When he feels like it, he will have nuts (usually cashews), a little moisturizing formula and homemade raw cottage cheese. He also ate raw tomatoes with the frozen food.

The week before going to the hospital, he cooked veggies (potatoes, carrots and Brussels sprouts) and ate them with a little raw butter to make up for the bulk he was missing from the frozen foods. He also had a little raw white-greenish cabbage and went to our local supermarket to have a few things from

their food bar.

It has been very frustrating for me and breaks my heart to watch him eat this way and then to see his health decline. He does not sleep very well, either, and has a high level of anxiety. He just says it's due to stress and will go away once he is under less stress.

Much as I regret to say this, I think he needs to go ahead with the surgery. At this point, a nutritional approach might be too slow, given his history and lack of compliance.

What do you think?

Jun 12, 2013

Yes, sad indeed. His worst food is the frozen veggie burgers. They create the very symptoms he is experiencing. Regardless, I wish for his better health.

Appreciatively and healthfully, Aajonus

Jun 13, 2013
Re: No heart surgery for now. Do we still follow your advice?

Dear Aajonus,

No heart surgery for now. He decided to try the nutritional approach, so he is back home now.

He came home with prescriptions for these 2 meds: lisinopril, for heart failure; furosemide, for acute decompensated heart failure.

Until we see you, should he still follow your nutritional advice?

Jun 14, 2013

That is good that he wants to try diet before surgery. I suggest that he follow my advice until I see him.

I suggest that he not take the medication, especially the furosemide. The doctor may not have done his homework: When lisinopril is taken with furosemide, there is a reaction listed in the medical data under side effects. Here are the side effects listed for furosemide alone:

Applies to furosemide: oral liquid, oral solution, oral tablet
Get emergency medical help if you have any of these signs of an allergic reaction
while taking furosemide: hives; difficulty breathing; swelling of your face, lips,
tongue, or throat.
Stop using furosemide and call your doctor at once if you have a serious side effect
such as:
ringing in your ears, hearing loss;
itching, loss of appetite, dark urine, clay-colored stools, jaundice (yellowing
of the skin or eyes);
severe pain in your upper stomach spreading to your back, nausea and
weight loss, body aches, numbness;
swelling, rapid weight gain, urinating less than usual or not at all;
chest pain, new or worsening cough with fever, trouble breathing;
pale skin, bruising, unusual bleeding, feeling light-headed, rapid heart rate,
trouble concentrating;
low potassium (confusion, uneven heart rate, leg discomfort, muscle
weakness or limp feeling);
low calcium (tingly feeling around your mouth, muscle tightness or
contraction, overactive reflexes);
headache, feeling unsteady, weak or shallow breathing; or
severe skin reaction – fever, sore throat, swelling in your face or tongue,
burning in your eyes, skin pain, followed by a red or purple skin rash that
spreads (especially in the face or upper body) and causes blistering and
Less serious side effects of furosemide may include:
diarrhea, constipation, stomach pain;
dizziness, spinning sensation; or
mild itching or rash.

This is not a complete list of side effects and others may occur. Call your doctor for medical advice about side effects.

Applies to furosemide: compounding powder, injectable solution, intravenous solution, oral liquid, oral solution, oral tablet.


Volume depletion may predispose some patients to deep venous thrombosis.

In a study of patients with congestive heart failure (CHF) due to myocardial infarction, furosemide has been shown to decrease left ventricular end diastolic pressure and decrease peripheral vascular resistance before a significant increase in urine output or decrease in arterial blood pressure is observed.

However, in patients with advanced, chronic CHF, the IV administration of furosemide may result in an acute vasoconstrictor response associated with an acute increase in vasoconstrictive hormones, such as norepinephrine, renin, and arginine vasopressin (AVP).

After central venous catheter administration of furosemide 125 mg, 3rd degree AV heart block was observed in a very ill patient (one case report). Because no other etiology was found, it was believed that the relatively high pH of furosemide and/or the rapid rate of administration caused the arrhythmia.

Furosemide may increase cholesterol and triglyceride serum levels.

Cardiovascular side effects have commonly included intravascular volume depletion and hypotension. Signs and symptoms of furosemide-induced volume depletion have included thirst, muscle cramps, weakness, dizziness, lightheadedness, syncope, tachycardia, palpitations, and dry skin. In addition, these signs and symptoms have often been associated with a hypochloremic metabolic alkalosis and increased serum BUN and creatinine.


Hyperuricemia is usually a benign side effect, but may be important in some patients with a history of gout.

Although less so than with thiazide diuretics, furosemide may induce a relative glucose intolerance, which may be important in some patients, such as diabetics.

Rare instances of hypocalcemia have been reported in patients with latent hypoparathyroidism, in which case both calcium and magnesium replacement may be helpful.

Metabolic abnormalities may be more likely and severe in patients with liver disease. If a patient has severe liver disease, frequent monitoring of the patient's electrolytes is recommended.

Calcium balance appears to remain neutral during treatment with a loop diuretic (i.e.,

furosemide, bumetanide). Although loop diuretics cause an increase in renal calcium excretion, this appears to be compensated for by a parathyroid-dependent increase in 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D levels, which increases intestinal calcium absorption. Bone metabolism does not appear to be significantly affected by loop diuretics.

Metabolic side effects including hypokalemia, hypomagnesemia, and an increase in serum uric acid, have been relatively common especially with higher doses. Although less common than with thiazide diuretics, mild hyperlipidemia and hypercholesterolemia have been associated with the use of furosemide. A single study suggests that chronic furosemide therapy is associated with clinically significant thiamine deficiency via urinary thiamine loss. This may be important in patients with congestive heart failure since thiamine deficiency may impair cardiac performance.

Furosemide has been reported to displace thyroxine (T4) from protein-binding sites. When administered in large intravenous doses (above 80 mg), a transient increase in serum-free T4 concentrations and decrease in serum total T4 concentrations have been reported.


Hypersensitivity reactions to furosemide have been uncommon. Rashes, fever, malaise, interstitial nephritis, and eosinophilia have been reported. Severe anaphylactic or anaphylactoid reactions (e.g., with shock) have been reported.

Furosemide contains a sulfur moiety, and may induce an allergic reaction in some patients with a history of sulfa sensitivity.

Rare cases of interstitial nephritis and hypersensitivity angiitis associated with furosemide have been reported.

Nervous system

The doses of furosemide in cases of tinnitus, vertigo, or deafness ranged from 0.24 grams IV given over 40 minutes to 3 grams IV in divided doses over 9 hours and 2 grams IV in a single dose. It is recommended that infusion rates not exceed 4 mg/min to minimize the risk of ototoxicity.

Ototoxicity may be more likely and more severe due in patients with renal insufficiency.

Nervous system side effects have included headaches and dizziness. Cases of tinnitus and reversible or irreversible hearing impairment and deafness have been reported.


Gastrointestinal side effects have included hepatic encephalopathy in patients with hepatocellular insufficiency, pancreatitis, jaundice (intrahepatic cholestatic jaundice), anorexia, oral and gastric irritation, cramping, diarrhea, constipation, nausea, and vomiting.


Cholestatic jaundice may be important in patients with liver disease.

Hepatic side effects have included rare cases of cholestatic jaundice and increased
liver enzymes.
Hematologic side effects have included eosinophilia.
Thrombocytopenia, aplastic anemia, and leukopenia have been very rare.
One patient experienced acute generalized exanthematic pustulosis, a few hours
after receiving intravenous furosemide.
Dermatologic reactions, such as bullous pemphigoid have been reported in rare
cases. Exfoliative dermatitis, erythema multiforme, purpura, photosensitivity, urticaria,
rash, Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, toxic epidermal necrolysis, and pruritus have also
been reported.
At least two cases of Sweet syndrome related to use of furosemide have been
reported. In one case, Sweet syndrome was characterized by low-grade fever,
tender, papular, erythematous, nonpruritic skin lesions on the arms and thighs, and
redness in the eyes with photophobia. Papuloerythroderma of Ofuji has also been
associated with furosemide use.
Dermatologic side effects reported postmarketing have included drug rash with
eosinophilia and systemic symptoms and acute generalized exanthematous
Renal side effects have included nephrocalcinosis/nephrolithiasis in premature
infants treated with furosemide, therefore renal function should be monitored and
renal ultrasonography performed.

Read more at ffects.html#eb6wqjjrRURHeYlT.99

Appreciatively and healthfully,

Jun 16, 2013

Re: Help! Lingering adverse effects from drugs given at hospital

Dear Aajonus,

He received a flumazenil injection before he was to have an angiogram on Wednesday evening, June 12.

Below is an excerpt from info about flumazenil we found on the internet, with his main reaction in bold:

Adverse Events in Clinical Studies
The following adverse reactions were considered to be related to flumazenil
administration (both alone and for the reversal of benzodiazepine effects) and were
reported in studies involving 1875 individuals who received flumazenil in controlled
trials. Adverse events most frequently associated with flumazenil alone were limited to
dizziness, injection site pain, increased sweating, headache, and abnormal or blurred
vision (3% to 9%).
Nervous System: confusion (difficulty concentrating , delirium), convulsions (see
WARNINGS), somnolence (stupor)

While in the hospital, he also received IV hydration, lasix, captopril 12.5 mg for one day, which was changed to lisinopril 5 mg daily. He had left and right heart catheterizations on 6/12/13. This is all that was listed on his record. They do not list the flumazenil injection, he wrote this down from what they told him.

Based on the findings from the angiogram, they recommended he have bypass surgery, along with the mitral valve repair. Because the bypass surgery would require a much larger incision, he refused that part of the surgery. The doctors did not want to do the surgery if they could not do both procedures at once.

We did not fill the hospital prescriptions as you recommended, so he has not had any meds since he left the hospital.

He has been knocked out for 12 hours a day since he came home late Thursday night, June 13; and for the other 12 hours he is barely functional.

Based on your recommendations, he has eaten the following since he has been home:

Friday 6/14: 3 plain raw eggs, 2 milk shakes and 1/2 cup green cabbage;
Saturday 6/15: 3 plain raw eggs, 3 milk shakes and no cabbage;
Sunday 6/16: 3 plain raw eggs, 2 milk shakes and 1/2 cup cabbage.

His heart rate has reduced from 105 to 85 beats per minute.

We are very concerned that he is taking so long to recover from the effects of the drugs he was given in the hospital.

Do you have any further recommendations?

Jun 16, 2013

He could eat about 1 teaspoon of no-salt raw cheese every 30 minutes to help pull the meds/chems out of his system. He had so much that it could take about 9 months on a good diet to remove them.

Appreciatively and healthfully, Aajonus

Jun 23, 2013

Dear Aajonus,

Could you please emphasize the importance of compliance to him? Just yesterday, he had a veggie burger. For years, he’s been having veggie patty sandwiches (probably frozen) and frozen veggie burgers and I think they are killing him. He just doesn't seem to get it, although I think he is starting to.

Jun 23, 2013

It is impossible to get someone to understand, unless they are willing to trust my work and information. My book, We Want To Live , usually does the convincing. If he did not get it from that book, it is unlikely that he will get it until he is very very desperate.

Appreciatively and healthfully,

26 Jun 2013

Re: Inhaled toxic dust

Hi Aajonus:

Hope all is well.

Yesterday I helped a friend clear out clutter in his basement. There was a lot of cat urine smell and dust. He turned on the fan in the basement and dust and cat urine went all over the place and I inhaled it. My lungs and lower back hurt a lot, I feel a burning sensation in my lungs and I feel something weird going on with my colon. I would appreciate your help.

Jun 27, 2013

My Sport Formula (with 2 T. raw apple cider vinegar) consumed daily, for at least one month, will give your body the nutrients to help it dissolve those inhaled toxins.

Appreciatively and healthfully,

July 2, 2013

Re: Diabetic Symptoms

Dear Aajonus,

I have developed what looks like diabetic symptoms: constant thirst (had that for years), constant hunger/ravenous feeling despite eating – so bad that I am hungry even after meals and often it wakes me up and keeps me awake half or all the night, constant urination (every 15 minutes – I will pee, then have the urge again almost immediately, often I have the feeling of a bladder cold), and cravings for sugars/sweet things, which I have relented to the past few years. Recently, I developed the shakes after exercise or just generally – usually in the late morning, but the other day it was in the evening. Three times now, I have had the strong feeling I was going to go unconscious with a rapid heart beat, feeling awful and just getting worse until I stuffed some food down me and then the feeling passed. I have googled “diabetes” and “insulin resistant” and “reactive hypoglycemia” (the latter two a health practitioner diagnosed me with from my blood work) and the symptoms are just the ones I have: constant thirst, peeing, constant hunger, sugar cravings but also itching, frequent yeast infections, visual problems, exhaustion, and weight gain – all of which I have. In fact, I have also developed lumps of fat all over the body and they are forever increasing as is my weight (I have gained 42lbs in the last few years). Surely that is a sign of insulin resistance.

Anyway, what do you recommend as a quick and easy remedy? We can’t get raw butter, raw milk, unsalted raw cheese (only salted raw) here in London or coconut cream. So, being realistic, what should I do? Would eating raw eggs help?

Also, I get a constant feeling of inflammation, fluey feeling, wiped out, exhausted, feverish and, of course, aching all over. The only time my symptoms improve is when I am doing juice fasting. I know you are against this but it is the ONLY thing I have found so far that actually improves my symptoms!!

July 10, 2013

Please understand my tardy response is because of the court events.

I suggest that instead of spending your money on "health" practitioners or doctors, take a trip to France and find the raw no-salt dairy products you will need. Once you make the connection, they can send products to you. I suggest that you spend at least 10 days there and drink nothing but milk, and eat butter/ honey (3:1 ratio). Hippocrates cured every case of diabetes with a milk-only diet. Since your milk will be refrigerated, milk alone will not do it. Your body will need the help of butter/honey.

When you are returning to London, I suggest that you take lots of no-salt raw butter and cheese. Remember that cultured butter molds (predigests) and non-cultured does not. If you do not react well with moldy butter, you would do better by obtaining non-cultured butter.

Fruits will cause great problems with your symptoms. I suggest that you drink raw vegetable juices rather than eat fruit except for some mildly ripe pineapple.

I suggest that you eat frequently but only one ounce of anything at once except for raw milk, if you happen to get it, and veggie juices. I suggest you drink those only one ounce every 2 minutes.

Appreciatively and healthfully,

July 20, 2013

Re: I’m sick

Hi Aajonus,

I am sick and need help. I woke on Sunday just feeling a bit sore all over, much like I had done too much yard work. But I have not had any exercise at all. As the week progressed, I became increasingly sore and weak, with a persistent throbbing headache. If I bent down to pick something up my head just pounded. Finally, yesterday I was so weak and sore I had to call off work and spent the day in bed. I really spent the whole day in bed because I was too was too weak to get up.

Everything hurts terribly. My whole body feels like someone scraped it with a sharp knife inside and out. Today my intestines are really sore, the headache is not pounding as much, and I am able to walk from the bedroom to the bathroom. I am not nauseated but feel like some diarrhea may be on the horizon. I have had an orange smoothie and a banana smoothie.

My neck also is very stiff and painful. I am up in a chair because it is too painful to lay anymore. Hot water bottles seem to help a bit.

Do you have suggestions? I'm guessing this is a flu.

Thank you.

Your symptoms seem so to me -- a huge industrial chemical detoxification from most every muscle in your body and a bit from your brain. I suggest that you attract as much of those toxins from the blood and neurological and lymphatic fluids into the intestines by eating cheese frequently and continuing to consume milkshakes and smoothies.

1 T. apple cider vinegar in 4-6 oz. of raw milk, once daily around 1 PM, could be helpful to neutralize the over acidity that causes muscles to be so sore. The loss of alkalizing minerals is due to the body using its alkaline minerals to attach to, bind with, and neutralize the industrial toxins.

Resultantly, your body does not have enough alkaline minerals to neutralize even your byproducts of basal metabolism. Also, I suggest that you consume 3 T. raw no-salt cheese with 2.5 tsp. unheated honey at least twice daily until this is over.

Happy cleansing.

Appreciatively and healthfully,

July 25, 2013

Re: Chlorella

Hi Aajonus,

You once mentioned chlorella as good to take. Do you still recommend it?

I stated that of all the algae people promoted that chlorella was the most digestible, but only by 7% as opposed to 2% for others such as spirulina.

To make it more digestible than only 7%, I suggest soaking it for at least 24 hours in vegetable juices, but only about 1/4 tsp per juice. You could add it when making the juices.

Appreciatively and healthfully,

Aug 2, 2013

Re: Juicing Raw Cannabis

I know I asked you about juicing this before. I think you said “just a little”. Would you comment again, please.

I watched the video. Pretty interesting. medications/

Aug 3, 2013

Here is the tobacco recipe from my Product List for the how-to-make recipe:

Seasonal and may be acquired from July-August but some years as late as mid-
September. Do not call sources except during green tobacco season.
This is a remedy for ex-smokers and second-hand smokers who want to dissolve and
cleanse the hardened and crystallized tobacco tars from their bodies. It would be best to
juice the green tobacco through the Green Star (or other Green model) until you have 12 or
30 ounces. Light and second-hand smokers may consume 3 drops per day; that will be 12
ounces over 9 months. Heavy long-term smokers may consume up to 7 drops per day; that
will be 30 ounces over 9 months.
Keep the juice in a glass jar. Add 1 or 2 ounces, respectively, of good water from a well or
of glass-bottled water (if carbonated, shake until the carbon evaporates); and 3 or 6 drops,
respectively, of raw apple cider vinegar; and 3 or 6 drops, respectively, of lemon juice.
Blenderize for 20 seconds. Then let it ferment in a dark cupboard for about one week, or
longer if necessary to produce gas in the jar. Refrigerate it after a week, or when it gases.
Remedy: I suggest adding 3 or 7 drops of the fermented green tobacco juice mixture to a
green vegetable juice, once daily, some time between 11am and 1:30 pm. Consume that
every day for 6 weeks, stop for 1 day, resume for 6 weeks, stop for one day, resume for 6
weeks, stop for one day, resume for 6 weeks, stop for 1 day, resume for 6 weeks, stop for 6
days, resume for 8 weeks.

Unlike Dr. Courtney, I found that it does have a mild psychotropic effect. I have not found it to reverse late stages of breast cancers.

Appreciatively and healthfully,

Aug 6, 2013

Re: Foot Tingle

Hi Aajonus,

For several days, I've had a slight tingly (nerve like) feeling below the lateral part of my left foot just below the ankle bone. Not always present but frequent. Do you know what that is, and should I have it checked?

The foot harbors more concentrated non-ion bound minerals per square cm than any other part of the body. Minerals interfere with neurological transmissions. When the body detoxifies it, or more accumulates, symptoms occur from tingling and/or numbness to rashes.

Unless you are eating cooked and/or processed foods, you are adding to toxicity in your feet and are not getting worse but better.

Appreciatively and healthfully, Aajonus

Thanks, Aajonus.

That's a relief, knowing there's nothing to change. I had suspected bone pressing on nerve. As always, the mantra is: stay on the diet and let the body do its thing.

You can apply hot water bottles whenever you can or at least during nighttime sleep.

Appreciatively and healthfully,

Aug 9, 2013

Re: Accidentally Ate a PLU Sticker off an Organic Plum

Hi Aajonus,

What are your thoughts about accidentally eating a PLU sticker off a fresh plum? By the way, it's the first time t