Q&A Of January 24, 1999


Q&A National Health Federation – Pasadena

Q: Explanation of how you got sick…

…I certainly will not let a doctor poke me and give me an x-ray me and give me something. So I just trust that I have none of those diseases. No diabetes, no nothing. Of course I do not eat any fruit to cause a diabetic reaction.

Q: I get a headache from eating fruit. I can’t take carrot juice, anything.

Well, I suggest most people do not eat much fruit because I found it nothing but bad all the way down the line especially for women and moods, men and moods too. It cuts way down on that moodiness. One chronic fatigue individual, she had been chronic fatigued from 16 until she came to me at 26. She had been on the diet for about 2 years. Very slow progress. Finally I got her moved to a warm climate from Oregon where it is always raining and she is well affected by sunshine. So I got her moved down to San Diego. She is doing better. She got in touch with someone else I work with occasionally who thinks this of any carbohydrate or fruit or anything: she says that it is poison. In the Bible the apple is the poisonous food. Fruit is the poisonous food. I thought it was a little crazy but then I started hearing stories that I had not heard before, getting to places that I had never heard before, by doing such a thing: fasting only on meat. That is feasting. You do not eat anything but meat and water. And it is working in some situations. So I could not deny it. I started cutting out most fruit and I find it works well - incredibly well - in most situations. You know, carbohydrates, even carrot juice – keeping it way, way down.

Q: If you balance fruit with some kind of protein like almonds will that help?

No it is very difficult to get any digestibility of the proteins and nuts because it takes a vegetarian animal to break the protein down properly even if you soak. Then it makes it worse because then it starts to react into a vegetable and starts to grow. Once you do that, there are enzymes that are prohibitive of certain digestive functions like if that did not react all birds would eat all seeds and there would be nothing growing. They would not be eating insects or anything else. And there are enzymes like that our in sprouts, there are books out on it now, that there is an acid that prevents other foods from being digested. And you develop an allergy to those sprouts for that reason. If you are going to eat fruit I tell everyone to eat it with lots of fat – raw unsalted cheese, raw unsalted butter, avocado, peanut oil that is pressed below 96 degrees F, raw cream.

Q: Many nutritionists tell you to eat fruit alone.

Most nutritionists come from a vegetarian/fruitarian background. When you are a vegetarian/fruitarian, you have very little protein; that means you will develop very few enzymes of an unusual nature. The longer you are on that kind of a diet the less you will be able to digest. So it gets to the point where you have to start eating mono meals. I know. I was there. But once you start eating protein then you can mix just about anything. I do not recommend to people to eat fruits of any kind with red meat because it mainly turns it into pyruvate which is a protein sugar and your body can not use it for regeneration. Red meat is very important for regenerating the glandular tissue, especially the liver.

This workshop is about living disease free so I am going to give you the clues. The body cleans out garbage with fats. It makes solvents, just like in industry we make solvents with fats mainly. We put a little alcohol in it or something to help break down the fat to make it more soluble. The body does the same thing. About 8 % alcohol. You can get 8% alcohol for the whole week from eating one piece of fruit. So you do not need much. The body uses about 8% alcohol to make solvents; 8% of the whole body and about 12-15% protein and almost 80% fat. In the fat utilization cycle for energy it is about the exact same proportion. But fats are the primary substance for cleansing and for fuel. They also chelate and bind, the body makes lipids and cholesterols to bind with toxins to break them down in the lymph system and discard them into the bowels or though out the skin.

Q: You mentioned in your lecture about eating a stick of butter a day?

No that was Daniel, I eat two sticks of butter a day unless I have raw cream. If I have raw cream, I may eat 16 oz of raw cream and eat no butter.

Q: Well, I did macrobiotics before.

I did macrobiotics for a year and a half.

Q: My impression of it was that it was too much butter and that it will eventually cause in woman ovarian cysts and clogging.

There is no way it could do that unless you cook it. It has to be raw. I am talking about raw butter that stays soluble and malleable, fluid at body temperature. Once you heat it to pasteurization temperature, it never exchanges ions and it will dry out and harden in the body.

Q: I thought raw butter looked like regular butter?

It does, except at body temperature it melts. At 80% it will get soft and melt. If you have been on a macrobiotic diet for a while, you are going to have a problem with any diet change.

Q: If we can not get raw butter, can we use olive oil?

Oils - no matter what they are - are mainly solvents. They will break down toxicity in your body, degenerative tissue and scar tissue. They will break it down. They will not lubricate you and protect you and make you strong. There was a Russian general that wrote in his journal in WW II, “As long as my men were able to eat the dairy, (it was only raw then,) their hair and skin stayed supple and resilient. As soon as we had to resort to olive oil and other pressed oils, their skin and hair dried out within 3 months.” They are great oils to clean out your system but remember they are remedial. They are medicines. They are not to be consumed too much at a time. Cod liver oil is an animal product. It is not a pressed oil. It is an extracted oil but not a pressed oil, not from vegetation or fruit. It is actually an animal fat. And it is wonderful wherever you can get it. But you have to talk to the chemist wherever it is made and make sure they extract it no higher than 82 degrees and they can not use a solvent to do it.

Q: Do you know of a brand that they do it that way?

Not anymore. I have not investigated because I do not use supplements any more. It is better to just go out and get the fish and have the protein with the fat.

Q: Bob Marshall might have it?

But I would still check in to it. Check with the chemist. When I ran a health food store from 1977-78, we had about 2,300 supplements on the shelf. I tried to whittle them down as far as I could get them. Of course the owner of the health food store was not happy because the sale of supplements was where he made his money. I talked with every chemist at every lab in this country and in all others where we imported and sold them. This is in Aunt Tilly’s health food store. There were only 9 products out of all of those that were good. Out of 9 products they only make 3 of them now. Everything else is a chemical. Almost 99% of the Vitamin E is a byproduct from Fuji and Kodak. The tocopherol is molecule that is identical to vitamin E only it is alpha-tocopherol not de-alpha-tocopherol. So it is a chemical. They are selling it as vitamin. If it is from de-alpha-tocopherol, it is from soy or some other source, wheat germ or something like that and they use a solvent to get it out of there and it causes headaches and degenerative thyroids and pineal glands.

Q: Where do you get the idea that it does this?

… from observation, watching in lab animals and in people.

Q: Do you have lab animals?

Yes, I paid over a 1.5 million dollars to have lab tests done in the last 15 years.

Q: Is there any way I can get some kind of copy of this?

No you can’t because at the time I was doing these, I was doing these underground and you were supposed to have a doctor’s supervision over it. I went before the medical board for practicing medicine without a license although I had nothing to do with medicine and they were going to use that evidence against me so I do not let it out. Nobody gets it. You just have to take my word for it. I have no reason to lie. What reason do I have to lie? It is absurd.

There is one company. I forgot what they are called. They take those same chemicals and feed them to microorganisms and call them natural. I do not know how they get by with it. That is the only thing that gets remotely close to being bioorganic reactive.

New chapter.

Q: Let’s see if I can understand what you are saying so far by breaking it down in a protein, carbohydrate, fat basis. Now you say fats provide fuel, purify, lubricate.

… strengthen…

Q: Now if I understand you the carbohydrates - except for the enzymes you get from the vegetable juice - are not important.


Q: What about the protein?

The protein is the only thing I have found that regenerates tissues and keeps you young. It is a building block. Unless you mix it with certain foods, then it will be used a pyruvate which is a protein sugar. So it uses it as fuel instead of a protein building block.

Q: So what is the problem with pyruvate?

There is no problem with pyruvate. You only need 15 % pyruvate in the citric acid cycle of utilizing fat as fuel. 15% is protein which is a fuel, 5 % - 8 % is citric acid or carbohydrate.

Q: I do not understand quite what you are describing there. I know it is the citric acid cycle but where are you starting? … with the intake of protein, 15% protein, that you put in your mouth?

No, that is in the breakdown at the cellular level. That is when it gets down to the cellular level. However it works out to about the same proportion calorie wise. The Eskimos ate 80% fat as their choleric intake. The rest was almost all entirely protein. They rarely ate any vegetable matter or grain matter except in the summertime.

Q: What did they eat?

… fish, lots of fish.

Q: What is a typical meal for you?

That is jumping ahead. …Well like I said those are difficult to digest in the human body. If I crave a starch I will go for nuts. I will eat walnuts or pecans because they are very soft and easier to break down. And I utilize the starch better. And most people I found can’t. Almonds are a little more difficult to break down even if they are germinated because the enzyme is created. … also pine nuts. Cashews are irradiated. They have the hardest shell on the planet. They fire a laser beam into it. Heats it on the inside and explodes it open. That is why most people who eat them can’t digest them. It just sits in the stomach. And they say raw and it is a lie. Macadamia nuts are great. They may heat the outside to 100-110 degrees. The inside usually does not get to over 105 degrees and that is okay if you can find a local farm, because they do farm them up in Santa Barbara. If you can find some local people it is even better. Most of these from Hawaii are put into kilns and dried at about 110 degrees.

Q: If they are high in fats, is that a good fat, a kind of fat that we should eat?

You can utilize it to an extent because as I said it is a difficult fat to break down. Animal fats I find are the safest and the best to eat in large quantities without puttying it on and properly digesting it. And I encourage people. Everybody that I help reverse a disease quickly has been those people who don’t mind, or swallow their vanity, to get fat. And I am talking about 15-20 lbs over their supposed normal weight. If they do that, they will heal so much faster. If you don’t you, you will never be able to keep up with the body’s needs. What you do is go into a cycle. You go up with that weight and you take it off. You go up in a 4-5 month cycle. It takes you a few months to put it on and it takes you a few months to take it off. What happens is they fill up with fats; it takes that toxicity and dumps it out. It is like changing the oil in a car every 6 months except you do it every 5 months.

Q: How long do you do this?

I suggest that people do this for the rest of their lives. Now I still do it and I have been eating the raw meat since 1976 not on a daily basis until December of 1982. Still I am right now 30 lbs over my chart weight. Most people my size, 5’8” should be 155 max. I go from 172 to 180. That is my normal weight because on the raw meat the density of tissue is a lot heavier. So you are always going to be overweight anyway on this diet with raw meat. You are naturally going to have that. Now my fat content is about 27%. When I had these people do the tests they said, “Oh my God. I can help you. I can help you.” This is mainly chiropractors that freak out when they see a fat level that high. They are there and they are not healthier than me. Now this is the mindset that since has basically put people into. The Eskimos did it. 80% of their caloric intake was fat.

Q: Maybe that was because it was so cold up there?

In the Andes, take a look at the Maasai tribe – blood, meat, milk. That is all they eat. At least it was this way up to 20 years ago. Now they eat the other crap that white man has brought in. But they had no degenerative disease and had tremendous amounts of fat and they are in a tropical place.

Q: Were they ever heavy?

No, the Eskimos were never heavy. They wore these coats with fir on the inside to keep them warm but they were never fat. They are fat now because they are on white man’s diet.

Q: Your aboriginals must be the same?

I just located a book. Someone sent it to me from NY that had books written in the 1700’s regarding aboriginals but I have not got to that chapter yet. So this is the first that I have gotten actually before they were really corrupted. Aborigines, from what I understand, mainly ate cooked meats. So they had degenerative diseases and a shorter life. Their life expectancy at the longest was 80 years old. You have heard storied about the Eskimos only living 50 years old. However Vilhjalmer Stefansson, the anthropologist who was hired by the US government to study cancer among the Inuit and other Eskimo tribes and North American Indian tribes found that there was only one colony that was reported to have a colony of about 51 years old. He got reports and studied and wrote to the doctors and the missionaries and all the other settlements of Eskimos and they lived to 105 years old, some of them died young. Just like every other place that was eating white man’s diet. But that is all they could do statistics on at that time because the British and Russians came in there in the early 1800’s and had brought caldrons to cook with. So that was up to that point. They say the propaganda is still out there that the Eskimos live to 51 years old – short life. There was only one colony that had that report. Now science and medicine love to take the statistics and ride with them to serve their interest. Just like saying you are living longer – no you are not. They are taking those statistics from NYC, Chicago, Houston, and Philadelphia. Those cities were cosmopolitan - lots of people, no refrigeration, no electricity, no transportation - so when they got their food, it was always rotten. They always overcooked everything because it was full of worms and everything else. The people who lived on the farms were 105 and 110 years old. Sure some people died younger. There were accidents on the farm. There were accidents with animals. There were miscarriages. There were bad births because someone did not know how to birth properly or they were eating too much cooked foods and it did not work. But there were lots of people that were living very old in farms. It was the cities that were taking the statistics and saying you are living longer; we are making your lives better. Only refrigeration has done that and transportation of fresher foods has extended the life in the cities. In the rural areas, there is no change. In fact it is worse.

Q: To what do you attribute the longevity of the life of the Georgian Russians and the Hunza’s? What do you contribute that to?

That is a good one. In 1973, National Geographic came out with article that showed the oldest man alive - 168 years old living in Georgia Russia. Another man was 148 and his wife was 122. And they had been together for 102 years. He had his arm around her, loved her, happy, great. I thought oh I wish I could have that for 2 weeks. I finally have it and have enjoyed it for 1 ½ years but the longevity there, I do not know. Nobody has given me any material on what they ate for long periods of time. I do know that the Hunza’s ate a lot of soured milk. When they ate meat, they usually ate lamb or goat and they usually ate it cooked. Really I do not know. I have not been able to discover those. This new book I have has some matter in it so I will find out. But it has references in it of bibliography of books that I would love to get my hands on - and I do not know if they are in existence - from the 1700s - 1800’s.

Q: What about soured milk?

You know, your body digests milk by souring it. … nothing wrong with it. It does not putrify unless you cook it. When you cook anything, it putrifies. When you let the meat rot… the Eskimos let their meat rot, the Turks let their meat get green before they eat it because it is predigested. It is naturally with its own bacteria.

Q: And they eat it raw?

They eat it raw. They used to eat it raw. They do not eat it as raw anymore. Kibbe – it is raw lamb mixed with bulgar. Steak tartar. Carpaccio. Every culture had their raw meat specialty.

Q: What about eating raw insects?

There are instinctos that do. Now I meet some people from Peru who lived in the jungles and that was their protein because in those concentrated tribes, animals were over-hunted so they had to resort to insects. I had one girlfriend from Peru who up to 10 years old lived in the jungle and she just takes caterpillars off the corn and just pops them. Down there in the Amazon she said they had worms this long and this big around and she just popped them. Those were considered a specialty. I am sorry I have not been able to do that. I have eaten red ants with dates and that is all that I could do and I did not do that purposefully. The ants got into my dates during a very hot time in the desert and I was sitting there chewing them thinking oh these are really good. They taste like caramel. Why do they taste so good? And I break it open and all these ants are crawling all over. But at that time of the day it was 140 degrees so the ants just kind of stay where they are. And I had taken them up to this old coyote den because it is cooler in the caves but the dates were still hot and the ants did not know until I broke it open. So I made sure I ate my dates at that time of the day because those red ants were delicious.

Q: You ate them again?

Oh yeah, every day that I was there. It seemed that when it touched the fluid in your mouth it paralyzed them. They never bit me once and I ate a lot of them.

Q: Do you eat pork?

Yes, if I crave it. But you can get organic pork. You can go to a health food store and get organic pork.

Q: And there is no trichinosis?

Trichinosis again is something you naturally have in your body. Whether you have pork cooked or raw you have trichinosis in your body. It is just waiting for enough decay of that particular tissue to become active.

Q: I would say if you are cooking it at 300 degrees that all the bacteria are dead?

It is dead for that particular period of time. But once the meat absorbs moisture and other fluids it goes into degenerative tissue again and it will create bacteria again, even trichinosis. I have seen this over and over again. If you cook at 700 degrees it will not. It will mold and degenerate after that. That is the highest temperature between 600-700 degrees that I cooked meat and could not get meat to re-flourish. And it is leather at that point. Who is going to eat leather? So you are going to get bacteria.

Q: So this is not some prepressed generation you are talking about? This is just that 212 degrees for 15 minutes really does not sterilize your meat?

It does temporarily. Once it is out, it starts to rot and decay again.

Q: So you are saying that organisms really survive the heat in some sort of state?

Either that or they are introduced.

Q: Introduced from where? You talked about …

That was one test. That was not cooking the meat first. The other tests that I did were not as extreme as that.

Q: So you are not sure where these organisms appear from?

Well let’s say that I go out and kill a goat and he rots in the field. We have worms that will show up. We have vultures that will show up and crows that will show up. The crows and the vultures are not indigenous to the tissue to that animal. But they will come and eat it. But do you blame the crows and the vultures for the dead carcass? No. That is why you can not blame the E. coli, salmonella, and trichinosis for the dead carcass. They just feed on it. It is their job to feed on tissue that is in degeneration.

Q: My question after you heat at 300 degrees for x number of minutes where does any life appear from?

It could appear extraneously.

Q: It could just come out of nothing kind of like fruit flies.

From what I understand a fruit fly is that they are spontaneously a part of fruit for some reason because you can hermetically seal that and have the fruit contained in an isolation chamber and never exposed to any insects and all of a sudden the fruit flies will just appear. So that to me is like the worms and the parasites. They are natural and indigenous to the fruit tissue just like parasites and bacteria are indigenous to animal tissue. But the crows and vultures are not but they will come and feed on it.

Q: Why not salt and any other spices?

Salt increases the sodium ions heavily in the blood and the body eats by the process of ion attraction. So let’s say that you have a potassium ion maybe carrying a carbohydrate or a protein molecule. The cell opens up and attracts that ion that is carrying that nutrient and gets to eat. If it is a sodium ion, most of the time it is carrying water. If you eat salt whether it is sea salt, Celtic salt, whatever it might be, it causes clumping of sodium ions. That creates such a magnetism outside the cells that often when the cell opens to get the H20 instead of the molecules being drawn in they will be ripped out of the cell and the cell can never eat again. It shrivels up like a raisin. So I even learned that in high school from my biology teacher. And he showed us that a grain of salt can kill 2 million RBC by that clumping no matter what kind of salt that is.

Q: Someone did a dark field and my blood cells were all clumping together. And I had no idea what that was about. I also had a feeling that this guy was generating an electrical field and that would clump cells that way.

That would happen too but there are many things that would cause cells to clump, thousands. It depends on what you ate, hours or days before. And even what electrical fields you have gotten into. Those blood cell analyses change every moment. How can you base anything on something that is changeable within moments?

Q: Dates and raisins – are they fruits?

Yes, they are fruit, however since they are not high fluid, they digest slower. Dates are great brain food. I had a lapse there a moment because my blood sugar got low and if it does not kick back in, I would go eat a date and butter together. 2-3 dates and butter together and I would not eat any more fruit for 3-4 days. And that will be enough to carry me through.

Q: What about figs?

Figs are great - dried but not fresh. Fresh figs are good too but have a tendency to alkalize the blood more than any other kind of fruit. That is not so good in my state of raw foods. So if I eat a fig I do not eat many, if they are fresh. I can eat more dried figs.

Q: So raw eggs, unrefrigerated eggs, salmonella…

Did you know the Chinese have the century eggs and they bury them raw and pull them out from anywhere from 5-25 years later. They are either white with mold or black with mold and you pay $ 100 dollars an egg and you eat those raw. They strengthen your immune system. Eat them. Great. Get some bacteria. Get well quicker.

Q: I have had an experience with raw fertile eggs. If I get one with a crack in it, I have gotten diarrhea from it on three occasions so I will not eat a cracked egg at this point. It is getting bacteria in here.

Yes, but that bacteria may be a good thing. It may be going in there and pulling something out of your intestines that is very good.

Q: Well, the diarrhea did not bother me but it was the 4 hours of sitting on the can. I did not say I felt bad or had a bad experience.

Then I would say you were expelling something from your intestines that needed to leave. Let me give you an example. It is in my book, in the appendix. There is a woman who had a daughter 14 years old that had polio. The doctors were crippling her more, more, more and more every day by giving her lots of antibiotics, lots of penicillin. Anything to destroy the poliomyelitis in the blood because it was eating the nervous system and paralysis was resulting. The woman came to me and said the daughter is getting worse. That they are keeping the poliomyelitis down and it looks encouraging but my daughter is getting worse. It comes to the old saying, “We cured your daughter but here is the bill and she is dead.” Cured her of what? How is poliomyelitis the problem? Again, poliomyelitis is in everybody’s nervous system just like syphilis. It is a known. You all have syphilis. You all have poliomyelitis. What makes it active? Degenerative tissue in those areas on which that particular bacteria will feed. I said okay lets take the other view point. Let’s jack the poliomyelitis up and give her as much bacteria as we can. Feed her the raw meats and see if it changes. Her daughter was up and walking around in 6 weeks. The higher the poliomyelitis in the blood, the more she healed.

Q: Like a natural vaccine effect?

That is not a vaccine. Bacteria goes in to eat up degenerative tissue so you can get rid of it to regenerate new tissue so you can have live cells instead of dead cells or sick and decayed cells.

Q: So you are saying that polio went in to fight the bacteria?

No poliomyelitis is a virus and it goes in and feeds on tissue, only degenerative tissue, nerve tissue. And if it cut something off to the brain, of course you are going to be paralyzed but it will temporary as long as you are eating raw meat. Or if you are a person who can not regenerate tissue from cooked meat, you will not have paralysis. But if you attack it - attack the body - then that degenerative tissue on which the polio myelitis was feeding stays there and rots then you cut off the channel forever and you have permanent paralysis.

Q: So you are saying you put more polio in?

No, all you do is do nothing to stop it from growing. Let it run its course.

Q: So nothing can regenerate tissue except fats and meats?

Well, fats do not regenerate tissue because in my experiments with people who have cancer and degenerative diseases, they did not get younger, they did not show signs of getting stronger other than the cleansing that was created. Only 60% of my clients with terminal cancers reversed on high fat diets without the raw proteins. So that tells me that in a situation with cancer, fats are the predominance of importance. When I added raw meats to it, 96-98% reversed. What I found is that - in a case of cancer - cancer is the body’s inability to discard dead cells. I found that in 90% of the cases that I looked at, that it follows a break down of the liver. If you are eating cooked foods with garbage fats with lipid peroxides you tax the liver. Day after day, year after year, you tax the liver. Finally the liver says I got to take a break and it is usually 13-18 months. The liver may stop forming certain lipids to take care of dissolving toxic tissue, dead cells. So then the dead cells will just start collecting in the body. But where does it take them?. If they get innundated in the tissues all over, evenly, what happens when that gets overloaded? … especially when you are eating lots of cooked meat. If you are eating cooked meat, you are putting dead cells of another animal in there. Your body can not even take care of its own. How is it going to take care of foreign animal tissue cooked on top of it? So what happens? It builds tumors in the system. Some people do not go into reversal right away because we have to regenerate the liver back to health to be able to make the lipids to break down the dead cells to eliminate them. But the concentration is on fats. Then you say ‘wait a minute’. The fats are the problem the liver is having – it is cooked fats that the liver is having a problem with. Eat a little pineapple with your fats and you will digest it. Your liver will have a fine time with it. Then over a period of over 6-10 months it will reverse and then you will stop building tumors.

I had a client that I addressed in my book that had 63 tumors in her body when she came to me. She had a week to live according to the doctors. And she was maybe 4 days away - when she knocked on my door - from that time limit. And she was 35 years old at the time and white as your coat. The flesh hung like I have seen people in their 80’s. And I told her that I could not help her. I have never helped anyone in that condition before. It scared the hell out of me. She said, “you got to. I have a 13 year old boy and a husband. I have a life to live.” And I said okay you will have to eat raw meat. She said, “No. I am a vegetarian. I have been a vegetarian for 14 years. I eat all the right things.” If said, “if you were eating all the right things, then what are you doing with 63 tumors?” She said, “I follow all the right protocols. I eat all the right things.” “Then why are you here? Why do you have all this cancer?” She thought it was her religious cross to bear because she was into this Buddhist religion that said that the woman is the servant that serves the man. So she had all this guilt and thought that was it. I said, “no your liver is broken and you are eating shit food and you need to eat right. But if you are not going to eat meat then there is no way I am going to help you anyway.” She would not eat dairy foods. She would not eat eggs, she would not eat anything. So I said, “I can not help you at all.” Then she said “okay, okay I will eat dairy and anything else you say but I won’t eat meat and I won’t eat eggs. That’s no chicken, no fish, no fowl, no lamb, no nothing.” I said “listen, I will help you if I can but I do not think it is going to work. So I had her eat 2 coconuts a day. Now she had been allergic to all foods when she came to me. She was even allergic to water when she came to me. She had been eating for 30 days only grapefruit juice. And the day before that she became allergic to that and water. She could not eat anything without hives that would just blister on her. It was horrible. I got the coconut out and avocado and some cheese and some nuts. I said eat. And she said, “I am allergic to all of those. I will break out in hives and I will have a terrible time.” I can not help you if you will not at least experiment and explore it. She ate for 3 ½ hours without a bad reaction. She needed the fats, raw fats, so badly. It took her 11 years to dissolve 63 tumors. She had 16 in her liver, 30 in her spine, 6 in her uterus the size of her fist and lots in her brain. They were all gone in 11 years. She is now a nutritionist, 53 years old and healthy as can be. She did not have any medical therapy.

Q: Does she eat the raw meat?

Oh yes. It took her a year and 3 months. It was a very interesting incident; we were in Kansas at the time. I helped nurse her because she was so ill. I was just so fascinated with the whole episode that I nursed her through it. And I had eaten the poison mushroom so she helped nurse me to a certain extent. I ate a death cap mushroom - enough to kill 15 people my size and it nearly killed me. It took me about 11 years to recover from it. We were in Kansas. I went to a Mennonite butcher. They grow everything organic. I got a brain, some liver and some beef for me. And I got a 7 lb. fillet mignon. I am eating away on the brain and she starts getting this craving that is taking her over. I said okay, okay go ahead. She ate 3 ½ lbs in 45 minutes of the fillet mignon. I am not encouraging people to eat fillet mignon because the hunter tribes think that it is dog food. Their folk lore was that fillet mignon creates weak tissue so they give it to the dogs because it is so tender. So they go for the tough meats like brisket, round, chuck. And in my experiments I was eating fillet mignon the brain in all of that and I had muscle tissue but nothing like I have now until I started eating muscle meats. Now this is what I have after no exercise in 20 years. And I keep solid muscle because I eat lots of muscle meats. Muscle meats are chuck. You go for the tough stuff if you want hard, solid tissue. She ate 7 lbs in 24 hours. Exactly 10 days later she went into contractions like labor. Every time she had contraction, blood shot out her uterus. I would say let me take you to the hospital. She said no way was she going to let me take her to the hospital. She got very psychic at that time. She felt very intuitional. She said I am not going to a hospital. I perceive it will take me 3 hours to go through this so let me be. Go get a bowl with a little water in it and a towel. Ring it up. Put a piece of plastic under me. Put a towel under me. So I followed her instructions. I mopped up in 3 hours 3 quarts of blood. You know how many quarts of blood people have in them? 4-5 quarts. I am here just trying to keep my cool. Thinking I am going to jail within any minute when this woman dies. You know, in the same house with her, because I did not rush her to the hospital. I would be negligent by anybody’s standards. Sure enough, 3 hours to the minute her contractions stop. Then she said, “ I perceive you should take me into the bath room, run a bath about 3 inches high and let me kneel in it.” I carried her and put her in it. Then all of a sudden, one more contraction. The blood spit and her squamous cell tumor spit right out of her uterus, right in the tube. It was about this long. I picked it up and had a lab check it. She did that 8 times in 6 years. Her body probably got rid of 50% of her tumors by building them into the uterus and sending them out. Amazing. The body is phenomenal. The body starts dissolving tumors everywhere else in her body, depositing tumors there and then she would pass them out. And if she hadn’t had that 7 lbs of meat, she could not have replaced that much blood. Her body just came over her.

I do not know if I ever finished answering the insect thing. Some people do very well with insects. I have such a problem eating insects. If I were starving and had no meat I might eat insects.

Q: You were saying that liver gets too toxic and then goes on strike, goes into a particular phase. Can you go on with that a little more? Also did I understand you to say that tumors have a purpose of enclosing all these toxins so they will not destroy you?

Dead cells. Collecting dead cells.

Q: Can you go over what the liver does again?

Let’s say you are exhausted. You are over worked. All of the sudden your body collapses because you are exhausted. You can not work another minute. Now how long does it collapse? Days, hours. Well, the liver never stops working like the heart. So when it fatigues and goes down it may go down from anywhere from a month all the way up to 18 months. It will literally stop anything but basil lipid formation.

Q: It is rebuilding itself at this point?

It is working on getting rest and regenerating itself and it is not taking care of extra hormonal but taking care of prostaglandin activities.

Q: So you need tumors to fill in for its function at that point?

No, the body uses lipids, certain kinds of fats to dissolve dead cells, and remove them from the system. And if the liver can not make those lipids - those solvents to break down those dead cells - the dead cells collect. The tumors are the dead cells. You see your cancer cell per 50 cells around there is only 1 live cancer cell and that is like a hermit. He does not have to eat. He can stay alive and stay in communication with the brain and the nervous system. A tumor that is malignant will dissolve. A tumor that is fibroid, that is non-malignant, will not dissolve easily. A malignant tumor you can dissolve easily. And I have seen them dissolve in 30 days to 10-15 years. A fibroid tumor that is non malignant is very difficult to dissolve and get rid of - so your cancer cells are your friends, not your enemy. The problem is getting your liver back in shape so they can get rid of the dead cells that are collecting in the body.

Q: How do you do it?

You have to feed good raw fats to that liver. Raw meat fat is the best. You get sirloin fat and call the butcher and say when you trim all the fat away today put it in a plastic bag. I am going to give it to my dog. Just don’t tell him you are the dog.

Q: That would not be my question but how do you handle your family and friends when you are eating this stuff?

Hey that is part of the social program you have to suffer through.

Q: My family thinks I am a nut.

It was 25 years that I did the things I did before my father said I am proud of you. You are incredible. You do not age. You get younger. And all I am doing is getting more feeble. I just do not know how you do it from where you have been. And it was just within the last 8 years that my father acknowledged that. Hey, you can not please people. You got to please you and your own health. The best thing you could do is say you mentioned the tribes the Maasai and you mentioned the Inuit - the Eskimos. Before white man came around they had no degenerative diseases and they lived on raw meat. They had no cauldrons to cook with before white man came. They ate 99 % raw meat. The Maasai - before the white man introduced toxic foods to them - ate nothing but animal matter. No vegetables at all - ever. No fruits at all - ever. They were the healthiest, strongest, most athletic people in the world; now they are skinny and getting sick. They were the tallest, strongest, fastest race there was. Let me also give you a story. My father and mother retired to an island, Jekyll Island, Georgia. And on this island all the in group had a party. Each couple would have a party for all the other couples. There are only 8,000 residents and 90% of those were workers from the hotels at the golf courses. It is the land of golf courses. The few well-to-do couples had parties. There were 1-2 parties a month thrown by these couples. I happened to be in town when my mother and father were throwing theirs. And my mother invited me to the ball room for the banquet. And she said what do you want. And I said what are you serving. She said roast beef and fillet of sole. I said I would have the fillet of sole raw. My father slammed on the brakes to the car and said you are not going to embarrass me. You are not going to do that to me. I said, “ Dad this is 1981. I said people eat sashimi. People eat sushi. It is okay.” He said, “you are not going to embarrass me”. I said, “Dad it is my body. I know what feels good and what helps me. I am not going to tell you what to eat if I invite you to my party. So please let me have mine.” I am eating this and my father is mumbling under his breath. And their priest that they had invited said, “oh you are having sashimi.” Then others chimed in saying oh you are having sushi. And then my father just relaxed. You just have to go through these things. It is part of people growing into you if you are thinking about exploring this particular avenue towards health. It is in a program that is out there especially with the bacteria and parasitic phobia that is out there which has no basis what so ever. It is a whole theory.

Q: What about children?

It is great. I have children born on it. I have a couple in Connecticut. They have a 1 year old and 4 year old. They are both girls. The 4 year old has been brought up on soda pop and all the regular garbage. The parents are now eating the raw meat, the raw milk, everything. They can get it there. It is legal to get the raw milk from a farmer. So they can go right to the farmer to get the raw milk and the raw cream which they do. They make all this available. The 4 year old will drink the raw milk only and it took her a few days to get there. The little one year old will go over to the refrigerator and you know what the first thing she gets. She goes for the raw meat. She wakes up in the morning, goes to the refrigerator and gets the raw meat. She will not eat the cooked food. She instinctively will not eat any cooked food. If you put cooked and raw food in front of her she instinctively go for the raw food. Some kids are just a little too corrupted to do it easily But she will eat lots of raw eggs blended with banana, the 4 year old. She loves those.

Q: Do you subscribe to the different metabolic chemistries and different blood types? What they will do well with and what they won’t?

The D’Adamo method applies to cooked foods. You have different enzymes and toxic reactions from that and their enzymes that bar the digestibility of red meat. I have 40 clients that are Type A and any of them tried it. We experimented. When any of them went off the red meat, they did not do well. So, that may apply to cooked but not raw. I have not applied it to cooked so I do not know. I can not say that his system works at all but it does not work with raw.

Q: The diet you propose is much different than Issels and Gerson. What do you think of them?

Issels and Gerson – a lot of people who have left the Gerson therapy and not improved have gone to my diet and gotten well. I would say that Ms. Gerson is in denial because of the last 17 people I have seen come out of the clinic, one of them became my client and the other 16 are dead. Now Max Gerson knew that the raw liver was an important factor. Raw glandular tissue reverses cancer quicker than anything seen. And it does not have to be liver but liver is a great tissue to eat to reverse cancer because it is 80-90% fat and hormone active. Contreras… I really do not know much about Contreras’ stuff. From what I understand it is mostly immunology. It is a chemistry lab again. I do not know any survivors that have come to me from that. He may do okay but according to Harden B. Jones research, professor Emeritus at Berkeley - of medical physics and physiology of Berkeley. He said after all of my research with cancer that people diagnosed with cancer who refused any treatments, any pretreatments that the medical profession utilized lived an average of 12 ½ years. The people who are diagnosed with cancer and had one or all three medical treatments (chemotherapy, radiation, surgery) lived an average of 3 years. That means 76% of your life gone because of medical therapies. And they tell you they are going to extend your life. It is a lie according to Harden B. Jones. If you extend the properties of that, if you leave cancer alone your chances of surviving are 76%. That goes along with my research which shows to wait for the liver to kick back in and it will go away. Those people who do not recover are people who are alcoholics or have been into excessive drugs and destroyed their liver pretty much permanently. It may not come back. So all these people taking credit for people being alive because they have not gone for medical therapy but have gone to the Gerson clinic or the Contreras clinic and say we are still alive because of this therapy, I have to say no-no. According to Harden B. Jones, if you do not do any of those therapies your chances of living 12 ½ years are pretty good.

Q: Well these people may drop dead down the road?

… exactly.

Q: I have a friend who went to the Gerson and is healthy as a horse but his comment to me was it is still there somewhere and it still may get me. And I said you may try some meat. I was not thinking about your thing but more than a vegetarian.

I waited a lot of years before I wrote the book and came out with it. I wanted to make sure that mine extended beyond the norm. The doctors say that if you live 5 years beyond the cancer day that you are cured. Bullshit. According to Harden B. Jones, if you live beyond 12 ½ years you are cured. Well I am 31 years beyond the time I was supposed to be dead so I can say yes I have done it pretty well. And I had just the multiple myeloma which is blood and bone cancer. .01% survive up to 5 years. And here I am 31 years.

Q: I read that cancer tumors shrink in the presence of a fungus. Can you explain that?

Fungus helps dissolve tissue. Fungus again is a property that helps decompose stuff and it does not necessarily go to necessarily healthy tissue.

Q: So tumor cells are like degenerative tissue and the fungus goes and eats that?

Most tumors are made of dead cells, degenerative or not. A mold will make them degenerative which means they can leave the body. Most dead cells become mummified. Scar tissue can not be broken down easily unless a mold is produced or salmonella or some other bacteria that will go in and cause it to dissolve and degenerate. But if you have a mummified cell it is hard in there. There are not many things that will do it naturally. That is why I introduce molds. That is why I introduce bacterias to make it quicker.

Q: As far as the meats that you consume, do you just take a meat grinder and grind it?

…If you like; I do not suggest a meat grinder because most of them are made out of pot lead. So take a Cuisinart or food processor, slice it up, put it in there and chop it up that way.

Q: What kind of water do you drink?

I drink carbonated water, naturally carbonated like Gerolsteiner or Perrier. The reason is that like hydrogen peroxide it will increase the oxygen level of the blood.

Q: I get a headache. Why?

You must have a lot of salts that could be pulling out. If you go to the book, look under headaches. If you put a little honey and a little lemon juice in there, it will arrest the salts and it will take away the headache usually within 10 minutes. What naturally carbonated means that in the well there is a carbon or carbon dioxide that is just above the water level. What they do is run a pipe out for the water and a pipe out for the gas and they shoot them both together back in to the bottle. If it is chemically done they make a chemical reaction with sodium carbide or some other chemical form and that causes on its own without pulling salts out into your body, out from the body causing high blood pressure.

Q: Where do you buy your meat?

I mostly buy NZ meat, because it is grass fed, from Whole Foods. It is not frozen. And I still buy Coleman from Wild Oats.

Okay let me go down the line. Let me see your hands. If someone would like to write these things down for each other it would be a good idea.

Okay relax your hands. Your sex glands are very overactive. Your adrenal glands are very overactive. Your pancreas is overactive on one side and debilitated on the other. You do no do well with sugars. I suggest that you do not have more than 1 piece of fruit a day. Most of your glands are over active. It shows that you produce RBC pretty well. You’re a person who would do pretty well on the vegetarian diet however you have lots of glyco-toxins stored in the body. They form in there and need to be gotten out. You need about 50% red meat for about 2 years and lots of chicken. Do not eat the skin. It has been dipped in boiling water to get the feathers off. You might need a little cooked starch if you find that you get temperamental or angry or impatient just because you have so many hormones dumping into your blood at one time, it is difficult for you to relax. You might have a little bit of cooked starch like half a baked potato with a whole stick of raw unsalted butter and a piece of meat fat with it. Try to eat soft nuts first like walnuts, pecans. If that does not work go for ½ of the baked potato with lots of butter. I suggest 50% red meat and 50% white meat for a couple of years. I would lean more toward the white meat after that - then fluctuate with your own instincts. There is quite a bad condition in your liver. Right now you have lots of bacteria throughout the liver. Encourage that but give it lots of fat to help it out. So eat lots of meat fat. And if you have to call the butcher to say put it aside for my dog then go do it. It would be very helpful. Your RBC count is very good but your RBC are not transporting oxygen well so I suggest that you drink about 1 cup of the sparkling water a day and that will help that. Again limit fruits and eat as much raw milk as you like. Your juice should consist of 60% celery, 20% parsley, and 10% carrot, and 10% cucumber. If the cucumber is not organic, peel it.

Your sex glands are overactive and so are your adrenals. Your other glands are underactive. Your parathyroid on the right side is overactive so that helps balance for the low thyroid on both sides. The right thyroid is okay but not very active and there is an infection in it right now. On the left side of your body, the circulation is very poor. Did you take birth control pills?

Q: no.

Did you take anything to stop circulation?

Q: I took niacin to boost circulation.

The problem with niacin is that it is the byproduct of vitamin B3; it is nicotinic acid. It is not really B3. It is used B3. It tells your body you have plenty of B3. It gives you the niacin rush but however it degenerates the tissue that relies upon B3. So you want to kick that back in if you can get some non-chemically treated tobacco, chew a little bit of it. Also cantaloupe but cantaloupe will have a sugar problem. You almost have a system like a diabetic so you have massive sugar problems. I would say if you are going to eat a piece of fruit it has to be with lots of fat – 3 times the amount of fat of the fruit that you eat. I suggest that you eat mainly red meat and about 25% white meat. You need lots of fish too. Out of the white meat the majority of it should be fish for ¾ of a year. And then after that you can have more chicken. You need some pineapple because you are missing some enzymes in the liver. So that is the fruit you are going to eat whenever you eat the fruit, with lots of fat and raw cream when you get it; try to have a lot of it. You need to gain about 15 lbs and then you will be stronger. It looks like you are going into massive chronic fatigue. Your liver is not bad but it is just not getting what it needs. You have been fat deficient for so long it is starving to death. It is not diseased or deteriorating but just weak from not getting fed what it needs. So that is not a problem. Now I am giving you what I can just from the glandular system. The iris can tell me whether you have drugs stored in the body or damaged tissue anywhere in the system. I am doing the best I can just from the hands which is part of this one. I can help you better if you do a full consultation. I am just doing what I can for the glandular system here.

Your pancreas is pretty active on the left side and the right side is pretty degenerated. It is probably a total of 40% active. So you are not doing too well with sugars and that includes cooked carbohydrates. You need to stay away from cooked starches. Oh anybody who has all those overactive sex glands if you do not have a partner enjoy yourself because if those hormones that build up it can create a hormone that makes you irritable and anxious. If you release them with orgasm they turn into endorphins and help you relax and feel better. Dr. Ellis back in the 60’s discovered that in his chemistry labs. That is why he said masturbate, masterbate, masturbate – get rid of most of the depression in the world. I did not believe him then but I do believe him now. Okay all of your glands are overactive from here up. So you are very mentally acute. You are probably anal retentive because of that. It means you always have to reason everything, always have to find explanations. Relax. Go out and enjoy some nature. Your body part is trying to separate the two. You need to integrate your mind and your sensuality. You’ve got them in conflict. Your RBC count is pretty good. I would not say incredibly healthy because your glands are overactive and they are not overactive because they are healthy overactive. You have got a lot of fat storage in there and if you do not keep active, they are going to solidify. It looks like conditions I see in M.S. So eat lots of fat. You also need the enzymes in kiwis and pineapple. Eat those fats, especially raw cream, help sooth those tissues get the toxic fat out. You need to eat a ½ to a cup of olive oil a week with red meat to help clean out those glands. You also need the other fats. If you really want to get well fast and reverse where you are going toward you need to gain, even thought you are slightly overweight now, you need to gain another 15 lbs. Not happy for you aesthetically for you but screw aesthetics for your health. You will need to do that for probably 3 ½ years and then it will start coming off. Like I say, cycles. Put it on in 2 ½ months and talk it off in 2 ½ months. One way to take it off is to eat 1-2 eggs blended with 5 oz of vegetable juice. The vegetable juice should be 80% celery and 20 % parsley. 1-2 eggs depending on if you are a male or female or large person. If you are a small person, eat one egg. If you want to lose more weight then 1 egg. The next day eat only meat and water - as much meat as you like with a sound mind and sound body. You need to put a hot water bottle on your tummy at night, not too hot, but you got a lot of congestion in there and the circulation is poor in your intestines and that will help put it back together. Watermelon is also good for you in the summer.

Okay another person with very overactive sex glands and adrenals. Pancreas is about completely shot. It is about 10% active. So you are also basically a diabetic which means it screws up circulation. Your RBC count is okay in your extremities only. In the rest of your body, the RBC do not seem to be able to work properly. It looks like you have a lot of improperly constructed insulin in your system. A good way to help remove that would be Jerusalem artichokes. Grate them and eat them with a little olive oil and cheese and that will help chelate them and break them down and move them.

Q; Cow’s cheese or goat’s cream?

Cow’s and the reason is that goats do not relax and they are not very calm animals and I have found that in a situation like yours they had a tendency to make people anxious. Not everybody, but why take the chance. If you want to take the chance and experiment and explore go ahead but if you do make sure that some objective party is doing the observing because diabetics do not have a rational about what is really happening. Your liver is not in great shape so I suggest that you eat pineapple also with fats. Eat mostly red meat - 60-70% red meat for about 3 years - and then the rest chicken and fish, mainly fish. Then after about 3 ½ years go in to chicken and cut down the beef to maybe 50%. You need to eat about 5 sprigs of parsley every other day for about 3 weeks at a time. And go into 5 month cycles. And also eat whole cucumbers. A little bit of zucchini is also helpful. Milk early in the day might give you a little CSF and give you difficulty getting your digestion going. So make sure it is after 1 pm and have your milk then. Stick with juice in the morning. You can have a few bits of cheese before you have your juice. And the juice I recommend for you is 80% celery, 10% parsley, 10% carrot juice.

Your parathyroid is active on the right side and on the left side. Your thyroid looks fine.

Q: I am on thyroid medication.

Yes, but what I mean is that there is no degenerative tissue in there and they are not inactive.

Q: But I am taking thyroid every day.

That means it will never work if you are taking supplements - never. Your thyroid may have just gone into a lull just like the liver does sometimes…. It may be toxic but they are not atrophying.

Q: Spider veins, varicose veins – is there anything you can do about that? I have been taking tons of vitamin C.

Vitamin C is the worst thing you can do for it. It robs the blood of fat and the calcium. It robs all the minerals. It is going to degenerate your tissues. Vitamin c is one of the worst things you can do – psychologically, emotionally, and physically, unless you are a fat person. And you are not a fat person. So vitamin c is the worst thing you could be taking. If you want to kick your thyroid in get some thyroid tissue. I had a thyroid problem since I was a child. I go to a buffalo ranch and get a thyroid of a calf or something and I will take the thyroid and cut it up into 3 parts. And I will blend it with milk and it will taste like clam chowder. Put a little red onion in it and blend it together. I only have to eat that once every 1 ½ years or every 2 years and it takes care of me for that whole time. It only takes eating one whole thyroid once every 1 ½ to 2 years. Q: What do you do for the spider veins because they are continually breaking? I take the vitamin C and it slows down. When I go off it more break. It is from a side effect of all the drugs I took.

What happens is it creates mutant yeasts and molds, antibiotics. And it normally goes into the bone but if the bone is not strong then it could go into the veins too. So they are constantly molding. They are deteriorating and they break. The best way to get rid of that is eat lots of fat with meat. Eat lots of chicken. The glands usually regenerate quickest with red meat. The skin, the tissues throughout the entire body mainly regenerate with fowl best such as chicken and turkey. The tissues throughout the system… except for dark glandular tissue. And the blood is very important with red meat in most people; in some people, not. But the white meat is the best thing you can do along with fat.

Q: What about fish?

It is white. The fish I found is great for the nervous system. It mainly rebuilds the constituents but not the myelin. Myelin is about 80-90% fat. So the fish fat can aid in the myelin but the actual epidermis of all tissues is helped by chicken the best.

Q: When you eat the chicken do you have to marinate it or do you buy it, wash it and dig in with your knife and fork?

Whatever recipe you come up with, you can do it. You put lemon on it. You can put lime on it. You can do with the Tahitians do when I was on the island of Mo’orea which is right next to Tahiti; they had a recipe. They would take coconut meat; they ring the fat out of it. They mix lime and coconut cream and dice tomatoes and roll it all together with either chopped chicken or chopped fish. It is so delicious. My girlfriend said, she was a neighbor, bought my book, and she had chronic fatigue…. She said one thing I will never do is eat raw chicken. I can not eat raw chicken. So I went by the next day and fed her that meal. She said it was so good. What is in it. I said I was not telling her until she finished eating it. And she has been eating raw chicken almost every day ever since.

Q; But you have raw without doing other stuff?


Q: Like the Japanese marinate the fish to avoid tape worms or something like that. Do you believe in that?

No. They do it because it will digest faster not because it gets rid of the worms.

Q: So you do not get tape worms or parasites from eating it raw?

Tape worms live in individuals who mainly eat grains only, third world countries and they are not fed any proteins. Parasites are there feeding on carbohydrates, all those AGE products that would melt their body. If they did not have those tape worms in there they would be in worse shape than they already are.

Your glands are overactive - your sex glands. Your thyroid glands are normal. Your pancreas is almost inactive. So stay away from fruit and carbohydrates, even carrot juice unless it is in very small amounts. Eat lots of red meat – about 70% red meat, 30% white – fish, chicken evenly. You can lean more on the chicken if you want. The chicken really makes the skin wonderful. You have some really severe intestinal problems… It is still leaking, it is still bleeding. You need to get cabbage, juice it, and drink a cup of cabbage juice a day. 4 oz at a time break it up. Be sure to put it in 4 oz jelly jars when you juice it and cap it. It is really 5 oz that fit in it. So you can put a little unheated honey in if you want it and it will preserve. It won’t oxidize. You need 8 oz a day to stop that because you are having leaking in your gut. That could cause peritonitis and all kind of serious problems. Lots of chicken but you also need the red meat. You really need to stay away from fruit. You could have carrot juice as long as it is no more than 2 oz at a time with cheese or raw cream or avocado or something like that. You have great recuperative ability once you get the raw meats into your system. That will heal very quickly. You just need to stop the bleeding. Use the green cabbage not the red cabbage. And you need to be creative – do something more creative, something as an artist or something like that for your own relaxation. It looks like your ulcer in your stomach came about because of tension. You’re burning up your b-vitamins and your proteins and you are not eating enough to supplement it. Lots of meat and you will feel more relaxed and then you can do something creative. Drink lots of milk too.

Q: Really overactive sex glands and adrenals…

The right side of the pancreas is starting to debilitate. It is edemic and swollen. The left side is mostly degenerative. All of your glands are very active except for the pancreas. RBC is okay. I would say 60% red meat and 40% white meat, mainly chicken and some fish. Your body looks like it is storing its dead cells in the skin which is a good place for it. It won’t cause much damage in the skin. I suggest that you have ½ - 1 cup of olive oil a week with either chicken or fish. You could have half a cup with chicken and half a cup with fish. And help get rid of, break some of that storage in the tissues and skin down. You could use 1 pineapple about every 10 days. But do not eat it all at one time. About a ½ “ circular slice every day. You can cut it circularly and put it flat on a plate and that will seal itself so you can keep it for quite a while. You can keep it in a refrigerator too if you like on the plate. You have a little bit of a mineral problem. So I suggest that you eat a lot of raw unsalted cheeses with equal amounts of raw unsalted butter. You should try work up to eat about 2 lbs. of meat a day because you are just not regenerating tissue very well. And this will help regenerate tissue and reverse the ageing process.

Q: And the pancreas too?

It looks like there is something in the left side of the pancreas which is causing a block. And there is some kind of toxicity in there. So I doubt that left side will clean out. But you do not need it. The right side is pretty strong even though it is a little inflamed and edemic. Just do not eat much fruit. 1 piece a day is fine.

Your whole uterine area is drying up. You are not breaking down fats properly to lubricating yourself properly in that area. Every where else it is fine but not there. So that tells me you are storing salts or some kind of chemical down there. Are you taking any medication that might be causing that?

Q: Synthyroid for thyroid and general depression and Zolo.

The zolo will be causing that. Lots of raw meats will help reverse that.

Q: What do you recommend for mild lesions? I have had a few fever blisters and mild acne.

That is usually toxicity coming out of the tissues like the byproducts of your hormone supplements. And there is no way you can get around that without eating lots of raw eggs, tons of raw eggs - maybe 6-10 a day. Your sex glands are just drying out. So eat lots of eggs and raw fats. Anywhere from 80-90% of your depression will go away as long as you are eating meats.

Q: Is that for everybody?

That is for most people. There are some cases with CFS that are not as high as that. Maybe 60%.