Fred Albach Interview On Supplements

Aajonus – How Supplements are Made

An interview by Fred Albach, Part 1

F: OK, we’re talking with Aajonus Vonderplanitz again today. Aajonus, I have noticed any time I go into a health food store, sometimes 90% or, in some cases, 100% of the store is supplements. You’ve got vitamins, you’ve got superfoods, your algae, your protein powders and I know from reading your book you have a slightly different take on supplements. Can you explain why and your position is?

A: Not slightly – a big difference on them. You have to understand how supplements are made. Now most of your supplements that are not “natural” are all chemically derived. They are a look-alike. It’s like you want a Rolls Royce; when you get a supplement, you’re getting a plastic model of a Rolls Royce. It will not do for you what it’s supposed to do.

Most people, when they start taking vitamins, are also changing their diet. That creates their biggest change. Of course, they’re poisoning their bodies because when they make a “natural” supplement what they do is they take a food. Now where do they get that food? To get it cheap, they usually go to some food manufacturer, buy their waste, dissolve that into a soup, and then extract what they want out of it.

So most of the time your natural supplements are highly contaminated and highly processed and cooked. Your supplement may say raw. That’s because the laboratory may make it raw but where they got the food from - their source - probably cooked it, cauterized it completely, with all kinds of chemicals in it. But the laboratory that took it from there didn’t put any more chemicals in it, didn’t do anything to it unless they had to dissolve it into a soup because the only way that you can extract anything from a solid substance is to dissolve it into a soup, a liquid, and then extract from there.

How does a laboratory that makes supplements that are natural dissolve a food so they extract what they are looking for out of it? There are only two processes – gasoline or kerosene. Would you soak your food in gasoline or kerosene for 72 hours minimum until it melts into a soup and then rinse it for two minutes and eat it? The food soup has gasoline or kerosene in it. Now it isn’t straight gasoline or kerosene. They’re derivatives and the most often used is hexane from gasoline. That just makes it a tiny bit less toxic. But if you drink it, you’re dead. You’re going to dissolve your body. And, these substances, whether it’s the gasoline or the kerosene derivative, are in every particle of what’s been extracted. So a lot of people think they’re getting high from supplements because they’re getting this charge of energy. It’s the gasoline or kerosene poisoning causing an adrenaline rush. They’re getting an adrenaline rush. That’s because the body will make hormones like adrenaline for emergency purposes. Because what is a hormone? It’s probably 60-80% fat, 15-20% protein and a small amount of carbohydrate structure. Now the body can use that to bind with poisons. So, you intake these poisons, you consume these poisons and all of a sudden your body rushes with adrenaline to try to save you from poisoning yourself to death. So every time somebody takes a supplement, it’s either entirely a chemical derivative or taken from a food that has been soaked in gasoline or kerosene. There is nothing safe about any supplement. Superfoods are a little different. They may be foods that are dry but, in my research with dry foods, you can’t digest them or very little. Why? Because they’re enzyme-inactive. Enzymes aren’t alive as most people think. Enzymes are protein structures. They can be active or inactive. It’s like you can have bubbly water or non-bubbly water and call the bubbly water alive and the other one not alive but it has nothing to do with life. It’s a chemical reaction. If you don’t have your enzymes active, you’re not going to be able to utilize the vitamins in it [in a food]. That’s also going to restrict your protein and fat use of whatever you’re eating. So, any dried food is going to be an inferior food. And, if you are talking about algae, you’re talking about vegetation and we don’t digest vegetation properly anyway. Then, if you dehydrate it, it’s just going to start becoming hydrated when it’s 19-20 hours into your digestive tract. And very little, I mean maybe 1/1000th of a gram, is ever digested of vegetation in the bowel. The bowel doesn’t digest anything but proteins and fats that feed the brain and nervous system. So, whole foods are the way to go. You can eat honey with superfoods and it will help digest them but still it’s going to take a while before they start hydrating and if it gets to the colon before you’ve begun to digest it properly, you’re not going to digest it.

F: What about protein powders?

A: Well, protein powders are made in the same way. What are they mostly using to get protein from these days, what do you read on the labels?

F: Whey and, I think, soy.

A: Soy… a hard bean. We’re talking about a rock-hard bean. How do they get that into a powder form and extract the protein from it and leave out the carbohydrate? They soak it in gasoline or kerosene. … into a soup. And then they dry it; they extract it - chemically or by process of heat - extract the protein from the carbohydrates and the fats. And, then they put it into a protein powder full of gasoline or kerosene.

F: The same with whey? I notice a lot body builders use whey.

A: Remember, whey is the liquid waste. So how do you get a powder from whey when it’s 99.99% liquid? They cook it at very high temperatures to get it to evaporate quickly and then they’ve got all these minerals on the bottom. And, there’s very little protein in whey. So, to me, it’s a false advertisement. Most of your protein stays in the milk curds. Very little protein is in the whey. What you’re getting is a lot of minerals with some protein.

F: Vitamin D?

A: … completely chemical. Let’s say to make vitamin D, they’ll take an oil, they’ll hydrogenate it to make sure everything is destroyed. There’s no bacteria in it or anything like that that can survive; they’ll ruin it, they’ll completely get rid of it. When they hydrogenate an oil, they turn it into plastic. It has the same molecular structure as plastic. So it’s a plastic oil. They subject that to radioactive material and call it vitamin D. It’s nothing like vitamin D at all. But they say, “Well, you’ve got fat on your skin, your body absorbs radiation from the sun into that oil – the fat on your skin, not oil - fat on your skin, that cholesterol, and makes vitamin D. So, if we take oil and subject it to radioactive material, we have vitamin D.” Hello? That’s the mentality of these people who just want to make money. It’s not vitamin D. Everything that is fortified with vitamin D is not true vitamin D. It’s a toxic - plastic oil subjected to radioactive material - a toxic substance. It clogs the lymphatic system, causes heart disease and clogging of the arteries with plastic oils. It causes multiple problems.

F: So, do vitamins have any beneficial use whatsoever?

A: If you’re talking about raw, unsalted butter, that can be a supplement because you’re concentrating the fat. You’ve separated most of the protein and the whey from it, so you have a concentrated fat that is a good supplement. Your vegetable juice is a good supplement. That’s a process, juicing, but because we don’t digest the cellulose but maybe 2-6%, 7-8% in some people; maybe 13% in some people who have eaten a vegetarian diet for a long time.

Part 2.

F: There are some companies that claim they produce supplements that say theirs are completely different from others, that they’re completely pure and completely healthy. Are they?

A: No. Two women in an audience asked me about one particular company. They use kerosene. Kerosene is natural so that’s what they use. That’s a natural supplement. I don’t care if your company grows the corn that they use or grows the beans that they use. They have to dissolve it into a soup in order to extract what they want to concentrate.

And there are only two things that laboratories use. No laboratory uses anything other than gasoline and kerosene. Kerosene because it’s natural is used for all natural supplements.

Those two women called the company and their attorneys called me on Monday and said, “You need to put an ad in the LA Times, the New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, and Houston whatever-it-was Enquirer, I think because those are places I’ve lectured and told everybody that their supplements were not good. I said to the attorney, “Have you been to the laboratory?” He said, “No.” I said, “You need to visit the laboratory and see what they use to dissolve the stuff, the foods that you grow, to extract the concentrated nutrients that you want.” It would have been about $500,000 to place the front section, full-page ads they wanted.

I didn’t hear from them again. I know what laboratories use. I’ve been in many laboratories. I know what they use to dissolve the foods from which they extract those concentrated substances, those so-called concentrated nutrients. It’s all toxic. People are getting high off kerosene and gasoline. It’s an adrenaline rush from the gasoline and kerosene in the supplements, not from the food.

As I started to say before, vegetable juice is a good vitamin supplement. That’s why I tell people to have vegetable juice. We don’t digest the pulp, as I mentioned before in another interview. We digest maybe 2%, 6%, 8% in some people, of the pulp … maybe 13% in someone who has been a long-term vegetarian. But, if you take the juice from vegetables, you get concentrated vitamins, concentrated minerals and concentrated enzymes. So, there’s your all around vitamin supplement. For protein, just eat raw meats and raw dairy. You’re going to get plenty of protein from there. Protein powder is not going to be safe. Look at your body builders that do all that. If they stop working out, they sag. Look at you. Look at me. I don’t want to exercise at all. This is what I do on my computer [makes keyboard movements with fingers]. I never exercise and I’m solid. Because I eat raw meat, I don’t have to exercise. I would exercise, if I needed it. People who are in anxiety need to exercise because they have a lot of activity hormones. I’m a lazy person. I have no activity hormones, unless it comes to sex. Then, I’m motivated to exercise activity hormones. That’s it.

F: Thanks, Aajonus.

A: Thank you for being interested.